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"ver  lander" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

The Sports Reporters

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"ver lander" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

"Who's in first place in five bobby who you think might be in first place albeit by half game albeit tied in the loss column in the national league west. Who do you think. That is bob. The team with the most good player so any team. That's that that it's finally coming to foolish wishing yeah and they got they got six innings at max Sherzer and yeah. They moved ahead a half game. Head of the giants on the las com. Yeah this is you know. This isn't the i would say. It was inevitable because the giants have been you know not faltered really all year but This could be their destiny. Sure sure yeah. Nobody should be shocked at this obvious. And bob and i'll tell you something The sherzer thing if they repeat is will go down as is important a trade deadline acquisition as there has been okay because we baseball you go back through history. Yes there have been a lot of moves like that for veteran hitters and veteran pitchers. Okay but bob. I very rarely has pitcher funny. The last time it was this profound. I think you. Maybe i'm forgetting somebody was ver- lander. His max is former teammate. In detroit going to the astros and helping pitch them to a world series. At dave roberts is telling me the other day bob just profound affect not just shares. His talent has had on this team but his professionalism. Okay the way he takes care of his business and wh when when the manager of a team that just won last year is talking about a another former champion. they picked up in this these kinds glowing terms. You can see no move if they win is going to be more important than them. Get max scherzer for the national.

dodgers max scherzer baseball bob rick sutcliffe mookie cardinals Mookie bellanger mukhi tyler astros john jose lock granville Bob beller izzo garrett cole
Max Scherzer Pushes Dodgers Into 1st in NL West

The Sports Reporters

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Max Scherzer Pushes Dodgers Into 1st in NL West

"Who's in first place in five bobby who you think might be in first place albeit by half game albeit tied in the loss column in the national league west. Who do you think. That is bob. The team with the most good player so any team. That's that that it's finally coming to foolish wishing yeah and they got they got six innings at max Sherzer and yeah. They moved ahead a half game. Head of the giants on the las com. Yeah this is you know. This isn't the i would say. It was inevitable because the giants have been you know not faltered really all year but This could be their destiny. Sure sure yeah. Nobody should be shocked at this obvious. And bob and i'll tell you something The sherzer thing if they repeat is will go down as is important a trade deadline acquisition as there has been okay because we baseball you go back through history. Yes there have been a lot of moves like that for veteran hitters and veteran pitchers. Okay but bob. I very rarely has pitcher funny. The last time it was this profound. I think you. Maybe i'm forgetting somebody was ver- lander. His max is former teammate. In detroit going to the astros and helping pitch them to a world series. At dave roberts is telling me the other day bob just profound affect not just shares. His talent has had on this team but his professionalism. Okay the way he takes care of his business and wh when when the manager of a team that just won last year is talking about a another former champion. they picked up in this these kinds glowing terms. You can see no move if they win is going to be more important than them. Get max scherzer for the national.

Max Sherzer BOB National League West Giants Bobby Dave Roberts Baseball Astros Detroit Max Scherzer
"ver  lander" Discussed on First Things First

First Things First

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"ver lander" Discussed on First Things First

"That's game encapsulates. The excitement swagger and energy of the nba. it's a bold declaration understood by insiders and casual fans alike that the bar has been raised when it comes to the game of basketball and culture itself. The nba is always moving forward. That's game is all about capturing the league's most dynamic moments on and off the court whether it's through moments of iconic gameplay or giving voice twits community of players and fans the nba is always pushing new boundaries and athleticism style ideas. More the story of luca playing in slovenia. That's game steph. Last second win of the three point contest that's game signing a fans jersey. that's game donating three thousand meals to houston during their crisis. That's game russell. Westbrook making the cover. That's game setting the stage for the next generation at a basketball clinic. That's game the road to the nba finals on. Don't miss a moment. Hey first things first listeners. It's been ver- lander host of fox sports new baseball podcast flipping bats before today's episode. I wanted to share a sneak peek at the latest episode of and bats recorded live from course field in denver for the mlb all star week. This clip showcases my journey to meet the first two way all star in the history of the game. Angels pitcher and hitter shohei ohtani. What's up everybody. Welcome into another episode flipping bats with your host ben burland. We are live here from chorus field in denver. The home run derby just finished up. We have an incredible episode for you guys. Today was media day here in denver. We talked to a bunch of players. Got a bunch of great content. There also i am going to walk you guys through.

nba basketball luca slovenia Westbrook baseball shohei ohtani russell houston jersey denver ben burland Angels
"ver  lander" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

The Sports Reporters

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"ver lander" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

"Are you going to be writing about spider tack of said is that spider-man's younger brother spider attack. But now it is. The central story in baseball are pitchers using a substance that gives them a superior grip that enables them to have success that they have never known before. Garrett cole is getting grilled over this as if he's the face of it but this is not this is not. It's not fair. Bauer trevor and there are plenty of other ones. That are under suspicion of this. How did this happen. How did this get to be such a big story in baseball so quickly. Well it's interesting that you know. It's so many roads go through houston on these things. Okay and bob you know this. We started to hear about their analytics with pitchers a few years ago. Ver lander okay. Then cole gets there and his spin rate goes up now. Nobody at this point thought that everybody was cheating. It just thought that their their science was better than everybody else's sides. But i can't remember a story that has exploded this quickly the way this one has a lot of. It had to do with very fine piece in sports illustrated thick last week about everything that is going on but it baseball has reacted quickly to this. And it's gonna be very interesting to see when pires decide to check pitchers one on pires to elect to check balls and sidebar to. This is what it's going to do to pay supply the pressure the pressures on prices you. That and i was just thinking about that. Mike this last thing that certainly among the very last thing baseball needed was anything that would prolong the game. And it's going to have to happen if they're going to have these continual examinations question. Mitch was when it just. It's it's gradually come to where the the old saw everybody's doing it. You know people are saying. Oh everybody's doing it I it's interesting. I remember. I was thinking about this We haven't heard this a long time until this happened. But i remember mike. You remember and i remember whether it was the mets and dodgers a eighty six. It was scuff ball. Says mike scott and no no no not that one. No no mike scott meal jay. How do you remember the day. How controversy about tar there. Okay and i was eighty eight. That was i remember defending him at the time as a writer as a basis he was just getting a grip and cold weather. And i think there's anything wrong with that but okay but that was a controversy. Then but billy for between men. Mike and the recent time do we have any great controversy involving you know substances on baseball so you can call. I can't suddenly joe niekro. Cut joe niekro with how things with the thumb tack all these but in the grand but in the thirty thousand foot view of baseball from its inception. This is not new stuff. Being put a vassil lean spit. You know they were scuffing. Yeah i mean wh- every now and then like mike said you wait twenty minutes and there's another scandal about what they're doing the bats and what they're doing to the balls or and now we're on the balls now now. According to sports illustrated story there are several teams. That have chemists who are on the payroll. But this kate mitch. This is pretty sophisticated. And it's not just spider tech. It's it's the combination of what sunscreen and rosin and the thing that was shocking to me about. The sports illustrated story was that you could hear the friction as from the dugout as the pitcher releases the ball. If they're using this stuff or you can measure spin rate of with which is something that q magin babe ruth time you know. Well let's talk about the spin rate that you're facing on these tickets a big topic again. It's mitch you watched a burland lander his whole career in detroit. Okay but then there are all these stories written that. His spin rate improved when he got to the houston astros. Garrett cole was a very good pitcher in pittsburgh he gets to huston and his spin rate improves again. I just thought they had better science. But doing that. It's the astros. Maybe some else going on. Who knows know the fact that they can measure this thing in the thousands and a lower number. This is like golf by the way those of you were following along at home spin rate is better when it's lower and so they're saying that kohl's season average spin rate was had been twenty five hundred and sixty one. Now it's down to twenty four thirty six. Trevor bauer season average before his last start was twenty eight thirty five but on sunday it was two thousand six hundred and twelve. There is a point at which people's heads just spin off their shoulders. And it's rapidly getting to that. And i don't know where where this goes. I mean i think it's unfair for the pitchers to be scrutinized over this and have to sit there in a press conference Like we saw with coal. Well i'm not sure if You know. I don't know how to wrote his. Who always sounded like fumble his way through because to me. It was like an admission that he had used this stuff. He sounded like bob baffert. Sound like bob baffert. Of course of course it was. It was a non denial denial. Of course it was it was it was like a textbook example barrow pointing never really deny it. Bob closest was. I don't know. I don't know i don't know i don't know how do you mean let's How i love my. My favorite part was the pause. The endless pause and again is so bad bad. Just so people know we don't know didn't empty not all our listeners. May not but no let me just quickly to. Here's an excerpt from today's boston globe. Peter abraham in an interview with tom. Karen and lenny dinardo red sox outfielder hunter renfrow said he put a commonly use substance on his fingers and was able to lift a large hair spray bottle. It's a little absurd as far as having some kind of a grip info said so. This is what we're talking about folks. Well stick them in the nfl years ago ever shook hands with a with a with a wide receiver in the middle of a game. You wouldn't get your hand back to famous. It'd be raiders that had it all. I mike you remember the don nelson controversy of years. You know about the stick them on the post once patrol essay. I don't want to go deeply into garrett garrick. Okay before i do but i'm going to kind of go deeply okay. Four i do before i do that. We're.

Peter abraham Trevor bauer Mike mike pittsburgh twenty minutes cole Mitch mike scott Garrett cole thirty thousand foot lenny dinardo last week today kohl huston Ver lander boston twenty four thirty six sunday
Kershaw the second Dodgers pitcher to reach 2,500 K's

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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Kershaw the second Dodgers pitcher to reach 2,500 K's

"Dodgers pitcher Clayton kershaw keyed two, thousand, five, hundred career strikeouts. Got There yesterday the best left of his generation adding to his cooperstown plaque to be. Watching on ESPN news he's most guys down and It's just it's unbelievable. Just watch Kershaw just deal you know year or so ago back problems in and out of the lineup. But when he when he's on, he's on, he's got some stuff the only current guys debut in the two, thousand, five, hundred club, current guys, ver- landers, shirts or Grinky and Cole Hamels, and by the way this all came into dodger win the twenty nine wins the most of anybody in baseball and

Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Cooperstown Espn Cole Hamels Baseball Grinky
Is MLB's Wave Of Injuries About To Get Even Worse?

The Lead

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Is MLB's Wave Of Injuries About To Get Even Worse?

"So you know heading into this sixty game, just sprint of a season, what was the expectation around baseball as far as pitcher injuries were concerned, they're definitely wasn't expectation that injuries would be up this year. We had trainers inside baseball and outside baseball pitchers being worried about the start and stop nature of shutting down and then starting back up again when they would normally be midseason form and then just not knowing how much the pictures were doing in their own time and there's There's even a question of liability of how much you can tell a pitcher to do because what if you tell them, they have to do since we're throwing program and then they contract the virus while they're doing that. So there was this weird dance of like we want you to stay on top of things, but do only as much as you can and please do something, but we're not telling you to do something. So everyone's sort of saw this coming well, so now. Two and a half weeks into the season what has been the reality pitcher injury people might think be up over time. It's been fairly steady for the last ten years except for this year. Basically right now, three times more pitchers have been injured than the average year and twice the worst year on record in the last ten years. So we're talking about the second day of the season until the eleventh day of the season, and it's up three times. We saw the closure in Toronto Giles, the starting. Starting, pitcher in Chicago Lopez. Ver- lander, we're starting to see more and more injuries plus we all the payroll he wants to say, it's just kind of the ramp up and the slowdown, and the fact that we didn't have a real spring training. Those things are true and that's probably a part of it. But the other thing is also true I. Think the pictures, some of them are throwing harder because it's a shorter season. You see jake degrom who already through really hard now sitting like ninety nine. News after the fastball away and quickly it's. Ninety, nine miles now, some serious fair. From the ground when we started tracking velocity in a real way of and around two thousand and two, the average starters. fastball was eighty nine miles an hour flash forward to. The average fastball for starting pitcher right now is ninety, three eight and the party. You throw the closer you throw to your maximum personal maximum more stress. You put on your elbow on top of that. There's a reliever usage problem right now, relievers are getting half the winds in baseball. They're pitching half the innings. They're pitching more innings than they've ever pitched starters are coming. Coming out in the fourth inning now, and that's putting more onus on the relievers who the short ramp-up wouldn't have meant as much relievers. But Twenty relievers are now on the deal right now, that weren't on day two. So I think the relievers shouldering the burden is part of the problem too.

Baseball Jake Degrom Toronto Chicago
"ver  lander" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"ver lander" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Against the Vikings this will be played in Minnesota and this one could be decided by field goal it could and you know Minnesota did a few things differently USA and here's host. Ron Ben Glad you could join us for this hour of America's sports talk show Dot Com all one word so again I like to hear from you and if you're thoughtful have to email me and also sign it I'll be thoughtful enough to get back to you as well I don't know about you but one of the things that I enjoy doing particularly on the weekends when I'm off is I'll go a field and I'll see little leaguers playing I'll stop not only to watch the game because it kind of takes me back to when I played little league baseball but also just to watch the interaction between the players and their coaches and also the parents the kids who are playing baseball and even the coaches as well and you probably have witnessed it yourself firsthand were parents will get out of control sometimes they see their kids as an extension of themselves and therefore they'll be rate the kids maybe get angry with the coaches or even the umpires in a particular game and I really get upset about that we're GonNa talk about something and it's with somebody who has great portfolio to talk about it We're GONNA talk about that issue with Richard Ver- lander if the neighbor lander sounds familiar Justin verlander is his son Justin of course one of the great young baseball players a cy young award winner and MVP award winner as well he has thrown a no hitter and he has written meaning Richard Burland or a wonderful book tackling his son's upbringing it's called rocks across the pond lessons learned stories told and from the people who influence Justin both good and bad the tough decisions Justin had to make along the way in the past he chose Richard uses the book as a catalyst for conversation about decision making and the importance of child hood influences this is a story that you need to hear and if you have a young athlete male or female I hope you'll take it into consideration as you watch them Wpro in athletics when we come back Richard Verlinden joins us in you on America's sports talk show I'm pretty handy around the house but now the the kids I don't WanNa spend my Saturday installing toilet or fixing.

Justin verlander Richard Ver- lander baseball Richard Verlinden Vikings Minnesota Richard Burland USA America Ron Ben MVP Richard
The Rays Bullpen Their Way Past Justin Verlander and the Astros

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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The Rays Bullpen Their Way Past Justin Verlander and the Astros

"Start with what happened last night in the trump the raise in the Astros Justin Verlander Future Hall of Famer on the Mound for short rest effectively for the first time in his entire career and you know what he didn't look right from the get-go to Tommy Fam- drives on the left Centerfield this what is hit well it is just over the wall the right of three seventy eight Tommy van has put the razor head one nothing that of course Fleming on ESPN radio he's working with Imboden who was noticing that ver- lander just didn't look right he kept stacking back off the man he was having trouble with the signs you just never looked comfortable the raise continued to rally in the first two Grou- ball left side past the dive into left field Brantley will feel the joy around third there will be no throw joy comes into score d'arno knocks in run to nothing raise joey window into the plate in the bottom of the first pitch is light into right field asking to be a hit and it's GonNa roll all the way to the wall Garcia around Third Hill score here comes Dr no he gets to go sign the relay throw is there and DR no stops turns around and goes back to third yes so they had a three early and if you looked at Justin verlander space after that first inning it was like he got punched in the Chin the Astros going for legacy going another championship this year and they're down in game for trying to avoid a game five and the top of the fourth inning. The Astros rallied your Don Alvarez bonded the gap and what happened after that was amazing breathes out and throws line tried to the Cap right-center on moved here Myrick can't get it it's Short hops the wall glazed camel to bid at third is being way Dallas for the relay here's the throw domino's got it in a perfect relay as heard on WD troy how `bout that play how perfectly they did from Kevin Kerr Meyer to Willie dommage to Travis Dr no you can't do better than that and you could see in the face of Jose altuve after he was called out like are you kidding me with that throw that is a heck of a play that textbook like you learn that growing up and it cannot be executed better than that love with the rated there yeah on Espn Radio Jim Bowdoin was talking about how this series really has been Williams's coming out party that continued in the bottom of the fourth pitch for lander to the plate on Thomas drives one deep at center field that star is getting bigger and brighter it is going on that walk it was a monster home run four nothing lead for the raise and look the story in that game was about Justin verlander future hall of Famer not pitching that l. but the race pitching was outstanding they started with an opener Diego Castio and is the game went along and Kevin cash kept calling on relievers in the when he went to a starter Blake Snell to close out the game is one to pitch is a fastball hit right back up the middle and that's exactly where Wendell is playing he's got it on a backhand he throws the first for the owls and that ends the game we are going to get a game five in Houston

Astros Justin Verlander Famer Tommy Fam Kevin Cash Espn Tommy Van Imboden Fleming Travis Dr Third Hill Jose Altuve Grou Blake Snell Brantley Jim Bowdoin Joey Garcia Chin Kevin Kerr Meyer
"ver  lander" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

The Steve Warne Project - Sports

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"ver lander" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

"There's the other french kid on the men's side. <hes> who's the promising so <hes> canadian tennis has got lots to offer and roll niche of course has been great soul. There's lots going on in canadian tennis right now and i'm tuning in baby. Love it now. Let us change gears a little talk a little bit about on on baseball side of things and just inver lander clearly loves pitching in toronto another no hitter in toronto against the blue jays this ground ball occurred toro's man time justin bolander another point a hall of fame career so just a terrific scene in toronto and amazing to see canadian kind of in on the no hitter in toronto at abraham toro with an eight thousand eighty two run shot gave her land of the run support he needed he also made a really good play that you heard there in that clip and when the whole thing was over ver- landers basically shouting in where the f. is tara wear the and then any was over and gives him a big old hug so pretty special night for the houston astros tough night for the blue jays who struck at fourteen times against ver lander but <hes> obviously obviously for a lander is a big fan of pitching in toronto his second no hitter three in his career and not a lot of guys have hit that three career no hitter mark. I love the no hitter man. I don't care where it is who it is at any time not only that steve but but the the guy in the ninth inning the latter innings this guy was a movement on the guy because i watched the game the move on the guys pitch was incredible man incredible how much stinky kaput to put on it and i mean strikeouts were embarrassing the way that some of those guys struck out you know like i say somebody looked like they were. It was a throwback to. I and these guys were waving at it. You know it was credible. Pave credible performance man. I love the strike. It's almost as impressive as the no hitter itself but yet yeah third career no hitter for justin bieber ladder so good on him and <hes> well. It sucks to be the blue jays okay more to come in just a moment. I i want to remind everybody thirty. Lincoln.

blue jays toronto tennis justin bolander justin bieber abraham toro houston astros landers toro baseball Lincoln steve
 Astros defend decision to restrict reporter from clubhouse

Mason & Ireland

02:01 min | 3 years ago

Astros defend decision to restrict reporter from clubhouse

"Ago. The astros released this statement. There reporter who who vernon who has the problem with is a guy named anthony finch they say anthony finish was delayed temporarily from entering the astros clubhouse house following last night's game. This action was taken after taking into consideration the past history between finish and justin verlander ver- landers legitimate concerns about past past interactions with finish and the best interest of the other media members working the game. We chose to prioritize this when making this decision finish was that access to the clubhouse shortly after other media members and had the opportunity to approach verlander or any other player he needed. We believe our course of action. In this isolated seleted case was appropriate. <hes> greg you think earlier i actually side with verlaine ran this because we don't know his side of the story but you think that they should have let this reporter in with all the other reporters i think yeah he should have been leading with all the other reporters and no matter what he did unless it was something just crazy about his family than the free press journal of sent him down to houston if he was doing alice things greg obviously if he says some personal about his family we all been there. He should have been in houston. You know what what else might have happened greg though thinking why we're linda has a problem this guy maybe berlanda told us something off the record and this guy <hes> reported anyway we don't but that's not probably cost and not put him in there with every that would bother me and then he printed it. Oh come on. I would 'cause you the fact that he used the phrase. Unethical behavior makes me think this is not anything to do with baseball that he that this reporter was probably trying to break up in that he was marrying kate upton story and and did something personal to him but what i found odd is that that aspect of the story hasn't broken. We don't know i think if ver- lander word to say maybe the

Reporter Astros Justin Verlander Greg Verlaine Anthony Finch Houston Kate Upton Baseball Press Journal Linda Berlanda
"ver  lander" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

01:30 min | 3 years ago

"ver lander" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"I don't quite understand how you just win. Seven in a row by mistake you're GONNA lose one. Yeah I mean there's no way the nationally comes in there and looks at the talent in their rooms like hey you. They're better than US over there. That's just not what's happening. I think it's just kind of a lucky run for the American league and you're seven and rose a lot what you make the game well. The game was really well played. All we've been talking about. Lately is all we get is home runs and strikeouts nothing in between we got defense tonight. We got hitters looking to put the ball in play whitmire field was in the dugout saying nobody wants to walk tonight. We had pitcher saying go ahead. Try to hit this challenging someone so we had a little bit of everything tonight and it didn't take take four hours to play. This is the way the game is supposed to help you bring guys out ver- lander you see Barrios stuff. I mean the pitching tonight. Bieber another was unbelievable breaking balls at burland through to Freddy Freeman. WHO's one of the best pure hitters hitters in baseball were absolutely nasty and you had a lot of good options of who you could have started this game for the American League? Justin verlander was the right choice and I I was in that American League dugout and there were smiles all the way through the whole game. They actually enjoyed this oh to the N._F._l.. Guys that's what we're supposed to be doing. The All Star game cool story about chain Bieber cool moments over the days in Cleveland and Justin Berlinger was called into the principal's office. Let's get to it Bob. Nightingale covers baseball all for U._S._A.. Today and Imbaba Registry today about the cool event that we saw here in Cleveland.

American league Bieber baseball Justin verlander US Cleveland Justin Berlinger whitmire field Imbaba Registry Barrios Freddy Freeman Nightingale Bob principal four hours
"ver  lander" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

06:57 min | 3 years ago

"ver lander" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"This sportstalk. I'm Lance mcalister? Glad to have you here reds wind today. In the news keeps getting better. It has gone final the Padres beat the brewers. Eight two seven that is a sandiego sweep of the brewers. The reds are now count them just five games. Back of first place five games. Back of first place. The reds are headed to Milwaukee to deal with those brewers just got swept. They had scored just one run in the previous two games than lose today pudding seven on the board. They fall eight seven of the final score. Reg wind today. Three two in dramatic fashion. They pull off a sweep the improbable the Astros swept on the road for the first time since 2017 the reds rally to run with two outs in the bottom of the night stunned. The Astros to complete the sweep they have tied their season. I four consecutive wins. Now, they beat Miley ver- Lander in coal. They trailed two one to begin the ninth. Baraza hit the ground rule. Double to start the inning. And then Tucker Barnhart facing the closer Roberto Osuna. Oh not bunting struck out on three pitches. Joey Votto pinch it looked at strike three Nixon's L those steps to the plate. I mean, think of how much differently I called it a tone Shifter earlier in the day, I always a game unfold him always thinking about what it's going to mean for me to be selfish. How is this game going to impact my show in terms of what are people going to be talking about what, what are the talking points what will be the takeaways, and I'll be honest at that point, I was, I was feeling rather nauseous, because my sense was if the reds didn't win I was going to spend three hours tonight, fielding calls from people wondering why Tucker Barnhart didn't. But fortunately, Nixon's L delivers a single that ties the game ball gets away goes to second base that he scores on. Jesse? Winker line shot it past how does able to bay his third head of the day that delivers the winner? Reds win three to the final score. Jesse Winker is flat out, stinging the baseball the game winning hit was at a hundred think it was when I say, I just tweeted at it was at one hundred one hundred and two miles an hour on exit velocity. It was just over a tick over one hundred. It was one shot. Right at the edge of the dirt before they right were the outfield grass begins passed a lunging altuve ages back from an injury earlier he had singled on a ball. He hit one hundred two point seven miles an hour, exit velocity in the thirty he had another single at ninety seven. Jesse Winker hitting the ball. Jose Peraza is hitting the ball UCLA Puig is hitting the ball. What does that mean that lengthens this lineup makes it much more difficult to navigate? If you're a pitcher one through nine in that order seven different guys. Get hits three to your final score. While we talk in terms of that win in the comeback. Don't overlook I can't reinforce this enough? Just how good Tyler Molly was in the circumstances under which he delivered. Now some of those circumstances he created himself. But I had said earlier the game I thought it was going to be fascinating to see how he responded because we've talked since Friday night about Tyler Molly and man, a ninety six pitches in with one out in the fifth inning. And he's mad because he's taken out of the game in colder ridiculous ways being handled by David bell, David bell provided him. Some cover with his public comments downplaying it. I liked that had a good. Conversation with and he's aggressive he wants to win. I understand that I want my guys like that yet at the same time you know what the numbers are. There's a five man rotation. There's five guys right now in Alex wood is a bullpen on Saturday and probably three minor league rehab starts away from joining this rotation. It's not a matter of who is going if he's going into the rotation. He's going into the rotation. He was the key part of the deal when the red traded for Puig in camp and farmer and Alex wood, the central figure was Alex would a guy two years ago got Cy Young votes finished tenth on the Cy Young award voting. I bet you went sixteen and three in his throwing one hundred and fifty innings in each allies, two years, he was the guy they were plugging in to complete that, that call of the off season. We're going to get pitchy, and we haven't seen him yet, but at all that together, I said earlier, I don't know how it could be. I don't know what moment us to dispute. I think this was the most pressure pack. Start of Tyler malaise young career. How many how do you go to the mount Fagin? All right, man. If I if I get bombed again, what are they gonna Sammy after about me after I shot my mouth off about David bell the last time. And then whether it's that or not you're thinking. Well, if I don't pitch. Well, I'm certainly making their decision easy because anthanetis Cafod he's pitching. Well, he's made three straight starts where he's giving up three runs in sixteen innings Alex wood is going into the rotation. And my butts probably headed back to Louisville, if I don't pitch. Well, don't I honestly I don't know of him pitching well, can actually change the dynamics of the scenario. I just laid out, but. Ed all that up include the Astros in the mix include going for a sweep, and there was a big pile of stuff that Tyler Molly was staring at today when he took the mound. Any proceeded to stare down the Astros? Retired. What I say, I think fifteen twelve in a row, one point. May big pitches made one mistake. Seems to have trouble with that third out of innings and with two outs and an ode to pitch made one mistake and Michael Brantley, meaning pay and, and crushed it. And I mean, killed it four hundred thirty eight feet and yet. This team picked him up. And the reds win. Three two. All right. Later on coming up. Bottom of the hour. You know the the all star game is in Cleveland this year. It's the sixth time the Indians are hosting the all star game. We know the activities that took place here when, when the reds hosted they've kind of reinvented the all-star experience in since Cleveland is what three hour three and a half hours, three hours, forty five minutes away. We're gonna talk with a Representative of major league baseball from the all star game standpoint and kind of lay out the framework for the events in the activities that whether you're going to game or not, you could involve yourself in from an Ulster standpoint in the current and former players that are involved will do all that coming up at seven thirty five. We'll take some calls when we come back, I think, we're in search of Carl Cramer as well. We'll pick up day will pick up Bill. I still I have five lines open for someone who likes to speak about the reds today. So we'll Stirrup some reds conversation. We'll do it next sportstalk. Seven hundred wwl w with the radio app, you can have Bill Cunningham with you anywhere. When you're in the men's room. Hey, no meat gazing at the urinal,.

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"That goes this fast, everything you're going. Oh man. This is really cool. But this is real. And this article they go it has to have grass cutting capabilities to qualify. And then it says right after it, it isn't commercially available because I was like, oh, damn, I was thinking I get run down to over to ace hardware and, and grab me a Honda lawnmower. That goes a hundred miles an hour serious question. How in the world would even be able to have time for the blades to spin back around to cut the grass going one hundred miles an hour. And that's just it wouldn't it was also this is hilarious to they go. Well, it didn't actually set the record while actually cutting a lawn as well. So they feel the need to let you know, this it happened at a racetrack in Germany. They go on to say and then I'm saying to myself, I can't imagine going one hundred miles. In our on grass. Is there anything safer than that? Right. Why would you I think people have enough? You know whatever to figure out what's not a cutting a lawn going on hundred miles an hour and be that it happened on a racetrack stones to get on that thing because that's it's not like there's a lot of protection. If you flip that thing, right? Yeah. I mean you're just sitting on a he's got to have a belt. Right. It would have to have a seat belt. Well, yeah, sure. That would help you if it flips, going one hundred th the seat belt would just I guess hold you in place and beat you up as it was flipped over might be safer to just getting jetted at that point. Maybe clear of. Flip around that my luck of it did have blades that were gone. It would flip around and somehow land on me, while the blades were going and like chop. I dunno whatever anyway, it says it can actually reach a hundred fifty miles an hour. I'll calmly benefit not jumping on that death trap. So let me ask you this. You're you. And I are baseball baseball fans. We actually just watched the reds when one of the. Yeah, it was really cool. They swept the Houston Astros. And I don't know when the last time that actually happened Astros, not been swept all year. They're one of the best teams in baseball. If not the best. Yeah. Ver- Lander yesterday taken the, the bumpy, everybody was like, well, they're in trouble a disco gets the win last night. And then, again today it was, I can't remember who actually who started for them. But anyway, our point is this. We're baseball fans. Are you a baseball fan because the White Sox, Chicago White Sox? They announced that later this summer, they plan to extend protective netting, and this is all the way from home plate to the foul poles. So it's going to run the whole distance of what third and I, I mean it's going to go all the way. Yeah. Yeah. So they would be by the way, the first MLB team to, to do this. And there were I guess some of the players were saying the fans to be protected better. I gotta tell you. I say safety. I there are a lot of purist who are going to tell me that I'm high and that I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't consider myself a baseball purist. I love the game. I love to go and watch. I was even talking earlier how I love to go to be great American ballpark. I love to go there and I, I love to get a beer and a hotdog and watch the reds, I absolutely enjoy that. I can tell you this sitting there along those areas where foul ball can come and hit, you upside, the head, if you don't have your head on swivel, while somebody's up to bat and you have your little kids with you who may distract you during an at bat in something comes flying over there. I can't I one thousand percent say this, the protective netting should be in place. While it may create what people perceive as a barrier between them and say, they're, they're, you know, say they're like down close to the dugout or just at the, you know, the other where they are, that close to say, first base, Joey, vodka, or whomever. I understand that people will say this messes with my site, what I'm actually seeing, I think, after a couple of years, people get used to this, I think it's absolutely important. Because if you have your son there, I have my son there, and they get hit in the side of the head and God, forbid die. That's the last thing that we would want a macho man thing. But I'm sorry, you know what you're getting into. It's on the back of your ticket. It's on the back of your ticket. The you accept the lie. They, they have no liability. You accept all the risk. If this I love to sit down the first or third baselines because that's prime foul ball territory. I have yet to get a foul ball in my life. But when I go, I I'm, I'm a grown man nicely. Take your glove. I take a glove. You do. Yeah, Robert hasn't been to what Robert has zero interest in sports right now. Right, fine. So I haven't taken anything, but for me, I want that ability to get that ball and part of the fun. It also makes you pay attention. You have I get. Okay. Hey beer, guy or, hey, peanut guy or, you know, snow cone guy career, and then I get. But that's the inherent risk in. And you know it it's on the back of your tickets. So, right. I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I don't want my line of sight, screwed up. Well, I don't know, maybe eight to one WTVN, one eight hundred six ten WTVN, if I'm all wet, and I'm all wet. But I, I gotta tell you, certainly, if you have your kid there, they could distract you. I mean, I have a five year old if we're there, and he's standing up, and he wants to do something, or he's asking me, a question or my wife's asking me a question, or say you with a friend and you kind of turn your head away from. What's happening, right? That second. I always I hear the crack of the bat and I'm always, you know, whipping my head back around to figure out where the ball is. Because I that is one of my I mean, that's, that's something that, but here's the thing, if it were coming over towards you. If it were a kind of a line drive foul, you probably wouldn't have much time to react. But if it were a, you know, a high ball foul that's coming your way, you're going to see the people around you begin to react, and it would probably give you enough warning. I would think but I can't I mean you think back to what happened in. This is switching sports. But think what think what happened with the Columbus blue jackets, and the hockey puck flying up into the air in that horrible thing that happened with the little girl getting killed. And not that this is, you know, eminent, but I don't understand why people are freaking out about this. I get with the purest saying I it's a barrier, and so on. I just feel like. I don't know. I just feel like it's something I'm completely fine with it. It's not like if it doesn't happen a never going to go again..

baseball Houston Astros Honda Chicago White Sox Germany MLB hockey Ver- Lander Robert Joey one thousand percent five year
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"Living every station. There they that. Round. The right field. The great to hear lawn Simmons at the polo grounds calling Jim Davenport grand slam. That's giant's history folks. China would win the game nine to six oh. By the way, Willie McCovey homered twice in that game. Good stuff on June first nineteen sixty two and this has been Brian Murphy with this date in giants history. Thanks, Murph time now for a quick check on other games. Let's go places with it. So iota out of town scoreboard. Lot of action on this Saturday here. Red Sox Yankees today, poor Selo and her mind. That'll be the after noon comes in those Quintana and Jack Flaherty way gives a very few hits, I think six or seven games in a row with four hits or less for Flaherty Astros in as tonight. Ver- lander. And Brett Anderson twins beaten the raised five to one Kyle Gibson, just so in strikes. He's a strike machine in the White Sox. One one White Sox. Now tied in second place in the American League central later on woodridge and Kingham brewers and pirates. Woodrow has been terrific. Sirocco for the Braves against the Tigers, Feddie and roar. Roar first game against his former team reds nationals angels. Mariners Mariners sent day Damon, Bruce very good. Jay Bruce, Bruce Phillies have about that. That would be an interesting trade, right? Are you? Good. Blue Jays Rockies. John, Greg, for the Rockies today Marlins Padres marcher vessel and arena, uranium and Phillies Irvine and Kershaw. We've got crooked Kaik baseball coming up right now. Sponsored by Shane company. By your engagement ring risk free with the free lifetime warranty company, your friend in the diamond business on baseball. Giants baseball fees. Six.

White Sox Mariners Mariners baseball Giants Jay Bruce Kyle Gibson Jack Flaherty Willie McCovey Rockies Bruce Phillies Shane company Jim Davenport Brett Anderson Murph Phillies Yankees Brian Murphy Astros Simmons Selo
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"News brought to you by the twenty nine thousand Honda Civic lineup from the fun to drive civic assigned the versatile civic hatchback to the record breaking performance of the civic type r there's a civic for every enthusiasts hetch. Your Honda dealer today to find yours and before you get started. I do want to. Raise my hand. And give you the my bad hand, El Zorro richeisenshow researcher gave me the proper stat for old gen stat. I screwed it up. Oh, okay. It's not four straight losses for Justin ver- Lander with giving up just one run on a solo home run. He just happened to lose this last game one nothing. It's just four straight starts period in which he's giving up one run. And each time that's been a solo homerun providing that one row. Wow. So that sounds a little my bad, sir. Your information was spot on just blame the deliveryman just blame it on the delivery. Man. It's what I by the way. It's what I do every single time. I missed the shot before Calloway started sponsoring the rich Eisen show. Now that I raised my that. Are you gotta over? What are you gonna ask? Sure. So Josh Rosen as we know traded to the dolphins he met the media yesterday. And I kind of talked about what what it was like felt like I got drafted twice. They actually called me from like their draft room. So I talked to like GM had coach coordinated just as I was like actually normally drafted. I mean, it's just kind of another opportunity very rarely do get second chance to make a first impression. So trying to get off to the right foot with all these guys here. All my teammates chime breakdown his playbook as quickly as it. Can. Hey, you heard what Dilfer said he's in a good spot. It's a cerebral system where they provide. A lot of for the quarterback to discern. Disseminate figure out execute real time that he's going to be challenged. Jim Caldwell is a guy who's obviously coached the most cerebral quarterback that a lot of people will say that's play in the last twenty five years, so and paint manning. So it's a good spot for him. And he's got one year pretty much to stave off what happened to him last year. Or this year? Right. Yeah. Interesting spot because again, I think that they still and that's why I think he's going to start. They just a valuation. Let's see what you got. And Kenyan Drake back there. Kenny stills his outside. They have some of the high. Have a good team. We'll see he also much has been made about Rosen's public image. Coming from means the hot tub photos his outside interests. What have you and he addressed that? I think I was a little bit that a bad perception of I, but but I've tried to do is just not really say or do anything extra to kinda be me and continue on keep my head down. And eventually to the story straighten out. I think it has for the most part like I said, it's an oath and sediment control. What is in control of what I can do every day? And this try and be consistent. Do same guy of the same kind of energy every time I step into the separate locker facility. So that all my team is kind of know what guy they're getting. So I think time consistencies the best case to fest medicine almost to cure, the ill narratives who's really pissed about Rosen. More than anybody that I've spoken to or texted with on the subject is that my mother. Yeah. She's pissed. I can only think of what Josh Rosen zone Jewish mothers second, she's pissed. What's the matter with Josh Rosen? Why couldn't the cardinals hold on him? Why didn't they trade him sooner? She watches every day now on dial in. I don't know if she I mean, she's pissed. She doesn't understand why Josh Rosen such a nice boy. There's nothing wrong with them. A big big armed Josh Rosen. Only a second round pick for him. Why? Somebody's gonna have to account for Evelyn is in other than me. I'm. The colts. They should have Josh Rosen sent like record a mother's day wishes to my mom. If in a couple of weeks, that's pretty good idea. Okay. Along with her Sheri's berries. Notably did not draft running back. They did. However science Spencer ware. Okay. Today to a one year deal and colts. I still have a million one hundred million dollars left in salary cap Bronco in Las Vegas, really, bro. Yeah. They're in great McAfee, call them the hottest rising team in the last year. They today drafted to all pros this back Darius Leonard and big q. This year. They're going to draft ten in a future. Man ballots done a great job. And I know that they, you know, everything got screwed up with their coaching search last year, but they got the right guy in Reich looks like it what he's in didn't lost amongst the McAfee. Soliloquy was him calling. It the building around the Stanford nerd Angela. Andrew log Jamaal Charles announced his retirement after eleven years injuries derailed his career, but he signed a one day contract with the chiefs. Threes. Why Steve Smith wasn't on our show last week? And it would have been great to have him after his Rosen rant. Was he was asked by Jonathan Stewart to be at his retirement one day signing with the Panthers. I gotta tell you after I if when I retire whenever that is knock on wood, hopefully, not from many, many, many moons. I don't think I'd sign a one day contract with ESPN. I know I don't understand about the signing. The one tire as fill in the blank. What about a one day with severe to the north state KRC, our television and the advent of the Staten Island advance retire one day contract with with the publication now in advance I won't be signing a one day with target. Well, my first job I told you was cold calling New York. I is it true story. My first job I ever had was a telemarketer. Why this may not be true? My first job ever had was doing checkout for wall bounds and Pathmark. I think I still have the polyester smock with the Richard label that ahead there. Okay. Double coupon. Days was I was not in a good mood on double coupon days, but I called called Brooklyn and Staten Island residents to ask them to subscribe to the New York Post and my time slot was Saturday mornings eight am ten AM. Yikes. The colorful.

Josh Rosen Honda McAfee Civic El Zorro colts Justin ver- Lander Jim Caldwell Staten Island Pathmark researcher New York cardinals Calloway New York Post GM Brooklyn Dilfer Jonathan Stewart
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"Series. We rose on WCBS eight eighty five to four the final score Iglesias getting the w within Todd Frazier for the last out no decision. Zack wheeler. He gave up four runs over six innings all of them in the second Wilson Robbo Saudi Arabia double for the nets. I'm Ed Rosario. Drove him in with a single the Mets score twice on bases-loaded walks to Brandon Nimmo and Pete Alonzo. The loss dropping New York to five hundred again fourteen and fourteen they'll send Jason Vargas to the bound on Tuesday night against since. He's Lewis castio Robinson can likely to miss a couple of games with a swollen hand. After getting hit by a pitch on Sunday. An MRI was negative the keys off they opened a brief two game series with Diamondbacks out in the desert on Tuesday night. See Sebastian eating three strike strikeout to get to three thousand for his career. He'll go up against that Grinky. The DJ LeMay was called day to day with inflammation in his right knee. Checking the scores only game still ongoing in the National League in San Francisco. Bottom eighth giants. Hold a three two lead on the dodgers. Thanks to an Evan longoria. Go ahead. Three run. Double in the bottom of the seventh. Cardinals doubled up the national six to three the Braves down the Padres. Three to one brewers with a five one win over the rocky slugger. Hey, sues argue lar- picked up his first two home. Runs of the year. American league. The raise improved to a major league. Best nineteen thousand nine nine eight to five win over the royals Red Sox score. Six in the third on the way to a nine four victory over the as Tim Anderson yonder Alonzo, two run homers in the White Sox. Five three win over the Orioles. The twins blank the Astros one to nothing Jayco Teresi out pitching, Justin ver- Lander. We'll check the NBA NHL playoffs next WFAN twenty twenty sports time one zero three. Capital? One knows life.

nets Zack wheeler Jason Vargas Pete Alonzo Ed Rosario Todd Frazier Astros Evan longoria Saudi Arabia National League Sebastian Justin ver- Lander Brandon Nimmo LeMay Iglesias White Sox American league dodgers Jayco Diamondbacks
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"Hail today. Police were in the third ward on Alabama this morning when they saw a young man approach a car when he saw the police see him. He took off on foot. Police chased him and the young men pointed a pistol at them police officers shot the young man in the leg. HP official T R finisher spoke with our TV partner channel two area. So bad that you think that you have the pack pistol go somewhere else. Nobody wants often involve suits. We want. Everybody going home in the the suspect is hospitalized in fair condition. Three new lawsuits filed in response to the recent chemical fire in deer park, the suits are on behalf of three people who live near the chemical storage facility that went up in flames last month. Each lawsuit seeks one million dollars in damages for negligence. The residents claim that chemicals released by the fire caused them to be exposed multiple times resulting in illnesses and injury the suits also name IT spokeswoman Alice Richardson, saying she failed to properly inform and warn the public about the dangerous levels of chemicals in the air after the fire Corey Allston NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. There will be road closures downtown's. If you have to be downtown be careful because right now, the art car parade is just breaking up. A local mother says she was turned away from a high school because of what she was wearing trying to enroll her daughter at Madison high school in Houston Jocelyn Lewis claims an unidentified administrator asked her to leave because of her close a t shirt dress with the photo of Marilyn, Monroe and headscarf because she was getting her hair done. Louis tells local media she would understand if Harir end or chest was exposed. But it wasn't. She claims when she asked for proof of a parent, dress code policy. No, one showed her any Madison's website doesn't list any guidelines parent appearance and the school has yet to respond Lewis says a child's education should be more important than what someone has on Christine Goodwin. Fox News national news last month that Trump administration announced it was supporting a judge's ruling that the nation's healthcare law the Affordable Care Act was. Truly unconstitutional, although President Trump later said of haute would be taken on a replacement health care plan after the twenty twenty election during an appearance this morning on Fox News Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said Republicans or working on healthcare related proposals. Republicans and meet by tell you personally or one working on policies, this congress price transparency, for example, you know, the price of an Ray before you get it as opposed to six weeks later surprise, medical billing. Oh my gosh. I went to an end network hospital. Look what I'm getting charged other things like that Senator Cassidy is a medical doctor as well. As a Senator and the Astros are in Seattle right now. And they won last night. They play again tonight. Ver- Lander will be on the mound, and you can hear it. All right here on KTAR H beginning at seven o'clock should be really good. And of course, tomorrow night. The rockets. I remember the name the rockets we'll be starting their NBA playoff season..

Senator Bill Cassidy Marilyn Madison high school Astros rockets Jocelyn Lewis Alabama Trump Alice Richardson deer park Senator Corey Allston Lander HP Madison partner Christine Goodwin Ray
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"He'd. Retired. So milky Cabrera goes on to win the MVP of that game. Giants get home field advantage in the World Series. And then they sweep the Detroit Tigers. So you tell. Against the wall and Cabrera. There is playing what we what was it. Dave. I didn't catch the two thousand twelve all star game where Cabrera scored run. And then he got the MVP and all that on four zero eight on the milkman always delivered. Yeah. Man. That's that's an overlooked part of that World Series run. The fact that he made an impact enough to win an all-star game. MVP did not compare get the giants home field advantage back came the starter. Pablo? A starter BUSTER a starter public got to see ver- Lander actually Martin I last year at the Jeremy generation alive event sat with Pablo for about twenty minutes. And we'd asked him about that. I think people forget you'd taken for Lander deep twice. Yeah. Six thousand nine hundred public hit three homers not to homers copes six nine. I know what I'm talking about. Two of the homers Overlander one off of Albuquerque. Come at me, six one nine. I was in the ballpark. I'm talking about getting to see Justin Verlander. Thank you know, six nine wrong. He did not hit three homers off of her winter. They came back and said against Verlinden. No, no, no to against ver lender. What it gets Albuquerque? Dave if you wanna pull it up. I'd be happy to pump the six one nine yet. Again. It was Albuquerque the third one Verlinden did not get that deep into that ballgame Pablo hit three and joins fehb Ruth. Reggie Jackson and Albert pool says the only four guys to hit three home runs in a World Series game. What I'm getting at is. I think people forgot that Pablo had seen ver- Lander in the twenty twelve season with the basis juice and the ball he hit. I was sitting just up third base line. Just to the left field side of home plate to the third base side of home plate. So we could see straight up the first base line. I was sitting next to my little brother this ball got roped. And he, and I kind of did that thing where you know, when you're in the car like with your significant other with your mom, and you hit a bomb or your hip slam on the brakes your reach across the seat. You kinda grab them to hold them back. I think I think. George castanza's dad would call it the short stopping short. That's why move. That's my move. And then Kramer, did it could mom. It's got all. That's all. That's a classic stopping short. That's of course, with with Jerry using the whole the I did the swirl of the pinch. All I know the pinch. I know the pitch they've a we're sitting just to the left field side of it. And went public hit that triple in the all star game same thing. I kind of I did the stopped shore on my brother. I reached across his body. I thought it was a grand slam in the all star game. Instead, it was a free run triple that one worked out six thousand nine checks back in and says, you are correct. My bad six none. No problem. No problem. We forget that. We're all giants fan chairman not all of us but rooting for Pablo in twenty twelve you got some sound for staff Rollet.

Pablo Giants Cabrera MVP Detroit Tigers chairman Albuquerque Lander Dave Justin Verlander Verlinden fehb Ruth George castanza Reggie Jackson Kramer Jerry
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"What does this from I don't know seven farmer fight? But it'd be it'll be interesting to see what Kershaw caused back to the majors. What it what it is that he that? He gives us exactly I think you're going to go from Kershaw that was a plus for ten years to a guy that's going to be a B, plus which is still pretty darn good. You have a Travis might thing is the whole time. Is you see someone is what you'd see sherzer at thirty three thirty four you see ver- Lander. How does he thirty five five? Okay. And so I was okay. But seeing that we're Kershaw at that age. But he's only thirty. Yeah. Well, it's not it's not, particularly it's miles. Innings. It's pitches. It's and that's more important ver- Landers are I know he wasn't even there on the delivery. Okay. I got you baby. All right r I o. Knows always his his we are. You know? Win shares is war war. His base on ball key is back from Mexico, which means it's time for GM key. That is coming up next. What we got Chris. This is still a classic just too Good Friday song, you know, how it feels. Hi, matt. Hey, Matt thought maybe for a second. Is that lady who sings about food that we're not yesterday? Oh, this is Virginia slams candy Stanton like the cigarettes. Yeah. No. Like the other thing. What else is there Virginia? I know. I didn't know there's a person slams a little this is not this is not early in the party. This is not late in apartment in the middle. This is like right in the middle. When the food is still cooking. But it's giving me to come off the grill. So that that city oh, fifty four documentary with the in Schrager that's on. Netflix is great. And they use this at the end, and it's just awesome. So that's why it's been in my head. I love that movie. Imagine Chris studio fifty four oh, I would die. He's still trying to do studio. Fifty four now. Kgo eight fours inside of the mall. It's a little smaller. But same idea wondering do that would have come in and not come out. Yes. Studio fifty four studio fifty four China clout. You Tommy trying to club in New York. Maybe play studio fifty four good spot. Yeah. Yeah. It was just tamed down a little bit. That's all but the same sort of same sort of vibe by the time, I got to New York and could afford to do stuff are spot with splash splash. You look around as Madonna dance and smacked says and other stuff, blah doesn't sound terrible. You go downstairs find out. Why earned his name right on? It is time for GM key. Yes. The Arizona Cardinals. They have the number one pick. And according to Mel kiper, he knows who they're going to take number one. If you're the GM in the cardinals are you doing well, first of all I had a so-so signing in the off season, Terrell. Suggs, I picked him up for the Baltimore Ravens. You know, give some leadership on defense because I need to retool to my defense, obviously..

Kershaw GM Arizona Cardinals Virginia Chris Mel kiper New York Travis matt Netflix Baltimore Ravens Schrager Landers Kgo candy Stanton Suggs Mexico Terrell Tommy China
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"ver lander" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"You know, the MVP leadership has always been stuck on this idea that will pay the veterans. Well, we've seen the aging curves. Turn you know, we knew this three years ago, the older players weren't AG like they did in the steroids era older players weren't going to get paid. We could forecast this happening. They didn't anticipate it all now they've got to go to the table figure out how to get these younger players pay a little more money. I think. And I've heard from players this spring. They feel Tony Clark. The head of the union has been much more on point in the meetings with the players this spring, basically sticking with the facts and telling them exactly where they stand. That's a good thing. So big picture. It took them a long time to get here. But it does feel like that they're in a better place. Now, the trade deadline, it appears as if it's going to be a hard trade deadline of July thirty first which I personally love the whole waiver period. Besides effect now day, we don't have to try to explain what way they work. And that thing I think this is the right way to do this. And it certainly is going to be absolutely crazy now in those two weeks leading up to the July thirty first trade deadline. What do you think? Yeah. I'm with you. I love the rule. I don't like, you know, a couple of years ago when the Astros get a Justin ver- Lander on August thirty first and he's basically wins them a World Series after being with the team for what five starts in the regular season. So at least this way, you gotta make your decisions in July. Why if you want that impact trade acquisition excellent decision on this rule? Yeah. And I think part of the what we saw in the August waiver period in recent years was another form of tanking. Right. Yeah. Teams teams who determined. You know, what it looks like we're not gonna make the playoffs. Delicious start dumping players dumping as much money as we possibly can giving away players. That's what happened when the Mets. Unloaded. Jay Bruce to the Indians a couple years ago. You know, they feel like well, it doesn't look like we're gonna win ninety game. So let's try to win seventy games. I think that'll discourage some of this behavior, the homerun derby. Now, we'll have two point five million dollars in prizemoney, including a million dollars for the winter. I I love this. And as I said to Josh at the top of the show, Dave it's amazing to me that it took us this long to get to that. And I haven't been sitting there suggesting you, but when he think about it, the homerun derby is baseball's most watched the vet during the course of the year, and it's obviously very lucre. For the sport is lucrative for ESPN which broadcasts it we've had players in recent years, like Aaron judge basically say, you know, what I did it. I'm I'm going to walk away from it. Now, I don't know if I want to do that again, you put a million dollars on the table. It's a completely different feel to it. And the guys who do participate in this really lucrative event. They should be compensated. What do you think? Yeah. No. It makes a lot of sense. I don't even know soon. There was a small price fee before. But yes, we certainly didn't publicize that. So my question for you. I've always thought the league should have the right to make a player do it at least twice in their career then they can walkway like Michael Jordan when he was a young player. He did the slam dunk contest few times. He's been there done that Mike trout, for example, has never done the homerun derby should MLB have the right to tell young there. You gotta do it once maybe twice..

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"ver  lander" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"ver lander" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"That we have built here. In south Florida around our radio show starts with the written word many years ago. I do not have the words to tell you how bad Greg Cody has been today he has been shipped off to the therapy couch because first of all he he is pitching an imperfect game like we need to all we need to all be quiet and hushed around him. Because he can't get any more incompetent. He's on fire. You're having writer's block his first sound on the show today was just to interrupt me while trying to muffle either a call for throw up in his mouth who years away from coaching for less miles when he took acting lessons and audition. So that was his first sound on the show, then then when we throw it to him for a question a terrible. Question. I might add for Kevin arnovitz. Tell me the next super team. He knew it was coming to him. He was prepared. He was ready. This is the puppy on the floor in the kitchen not able to move while running in a hurry. Who's the next super team and not just a terrible question. But as an added bonus a terrible question poorly delivered. Forget about the fact that had nothing to do with what we were talking to aren't if it's about. And then then in the middle of another segment, I'm throw to him a question, and this is his light on his feet response. I do want to get your thoughts though on what ver- Lander said what's to God said about ver- Lander. And what it is that you've got for us on Kareem hunt. Cody right now. And then, of course, he takes out our sponsors. And he's been cursing the whole time because he just got sent out to the therapy couch out of out of nowhere. And it's been awhile since we just on my New Year's resolutions was not to complain as much because people who know me think I'm a complainer. I'm not, but they think I am. But we cut how much time I paying you to be my therapist, would you please laying on a motel six army caught that feels like it's about to accordion me to death. You still don't have a pillow. Can you? Get just annoyed a beautiful Naga hide that only ask for leather a beautiful Naga hide motel six another sponsor. Of course. He's just he can take out sponsors from any angle. Mike is terrified of him. It's why they have a very tense relationship. Mike, and Greg, Cody, they're always yelling at each other. Because Greg Cody gets it's been a little bit of a train wreck for me this show. I'm all right. I'm I'm not maybe as sofa where. I should be. But I know that it's been a little bit of a train wreck in back train wrecks or insulted by the comparison. I just got a call from Amtrak. They don't even call it a train wreck. Because then that's another sponsor sponsored by him track. I want to know, we're not, okay..

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"ver  lander" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

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"ver lander" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"More methodical and how things are done in. But now, it's gone. Well for me really has someone to shield Harper. I'm assuming embrace. I don't know if there's any Harper. Harper is out there. Obviously, everyone wants to have more talent the better for everyone. Teammates, managers coaches, were you surprised that it's taken so long to get this thing. It's not even done yet. But that it didn't seem like you get to go after big ticket free agent. And who knows how serious it is. When you meet somebody, I'm guessing it somewhat serious. But I was surprised that the opportunity was still there to go to meet one of or go meet Bryce Harper. I say I am a little surprised because of who he is in a talent that he is know a lot of times a club will just you know, they want him. They're going to go out, and you're going to get it done. As far as what he wants. But then again job you're looking at what's happening in clubs, or, you know, they're they're not quite in the rush seems like like they used to be they're trying to do what makes sense, whether you know, they're getting a little leery of that longer contract. You know, that's not quite as easy to get from the player. So so yes, and no on nap. But now, I'm not going to be surprised if something happens here this week we are with both of those guys two big guys. And and then I think you'll see things loosen up a little bit with the rest of them. There's a lot of good players out there. I mean, we we talk about Harper Machado. But I mean, there's a lot of good pitchers relievers position players, you know, they don't have jobs. Is there an answer to it? Because obviously you want to get these guys in spring training. They want to get acclimated. We were just talking about where you guys are living. I mean, how difficult would it be to not know what team you're gonna play for spring training? Just a week away difficult, really difficult. I think you saw last year with a lot of guys assigned late, Lance Lynn, Alex Cobb. You go on down the list of these guys came in late to camp never got it going. And and it's just that that repetition that your body's used to. It's used to pick up a ball December. I used to report in February thirteenth, and you know, you can't your body clock kind of turns into that. And once that changes everything gets thrown off, and you never quite feel like he caught back up. So you're always playing catch up in your brain. So that kinda seems like what happened a lot of those guys. So which then strengthens the owners cases to not sign guys. Right. Well, you know, because nobody's saying that they had tough seasons because they signed so late saying they're having tough because they're old, and and you know, this and that so it's a lot of the ways you look at it, my personal opinion is, you know, it's easy to take these quote, unquote numbers and devalue, very very expensive guys and compare them to guys that are five hundred minimum wage and. And bring a little closer together because you're not taking into account intangibles. You're not taken into account of filling seats and things like that. You know, it's just strictly the production numbers, which if you look at it that way, you might be able to understand by two guys might be able to fill the shoes of one Bryce Harper. And you know, and then when you add the money in that kind of makes sense to, but there's something to be said there's there is a value to bring in a guy like that onto your team. You know that you can't touch. You can't see on on paper. And and a lot of times those little things EDNA ver- Lander to your pitching staff late in the year is what propels your team. Above and beyond. And when you have a never ending pockets in your pocket book, you know, you should take advantage of that for sure, but it seems like they're all agreeing to slow down free agency. So they get better deals because the players are going to panic, and they're gonna wanna sign, and that's what they're all praying on on top of that they want these guys to sign early deals if they show that free agency isn't going well, and guys aren't getting getting paid a lot of these guys are going to feel like well, heck, I might as well sign a deal two years in signed my career way to one team. So there's a lot of positives to them doing what they're doing. And we need to make sure as a union we stay strong and understand that we need to do the right things for the players come in behind the setter in little league today and will be future big leaguers. Do you guys were to get Harper? Boy, give you a challenge for all hair team. You you in Crawford be stiff among other things, man. Heck, yeah. Bring here. Need a lot of talent. Man. I mean, that's what gets you know, people love to harp on what didn't work. You know, what dead money this and that? Well, you got to get the guy in your team. You know, if you wanna minor team, you gotta pay him just the bottom line. So you know, you can't you can't look backwards look forwards, and how do we get better today? Now, let me ask you about pitching in this era with all the analytics all the information. That's available to you guys. How do you fair it out? What's usable what I can apply? What I can apply. How do you stay out of your own head and still be athletic and have a feel for the game instead of just being a robot insane? Well, this is what it says. This is my sequence. Let's go out there and do it. How do you balance those two? Yeah..

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Yankees will see what they have in Loaisiga during Friday's debut

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Yankees will see what they have in Loaisiga during Friday's debut

"Nice sons lose an extra inning heartbreaker tonight seven five the final as they drop it to the las vegas fifty one parent club the milwaukee brewers not in action today they have the day off before resuming their home stand at miller park against the philadelphia phillies starting tomorrow night in major league baseball elsewhere the phillies we're taking on our neighbors to the north of colorado rockies nine three the phillies beat the rocks flirt with a no hitter as vince alaska's did not allow hit through six two thirds trevor story laced and rbi double in the seventh inning to end that but the phillies still come away with that nine three victory extra inning thriller in miami the giants beat the marlins six three in sixteen innings pablo sandoval broke the game open with a two run single in the sixteenth inning san francisco's early runs came on homers from andrew mccutchen and mac williamson miami had a ninth inning rally to tied at three and then six innings of zeros before san francisco finally broke through in detroit a late victory for the tigers over the twins lance lynn was great until the last batter he faced jacoby jones who had been in a difficult slump hit a two run home run in the seventh inning to put the tigers on top over the twins tigers win the series and are pretty solidly in second place in the al central the first place team in the al central the cleveland indians finished up their series in chicago against the white sox and they beat the pale hose by a score of five to two frankie door hit a leadoff home run jose ramirez with a go ahead two run shot in the seventh inning lifting the indians over the white sox in the finale of that four game set in oakland justin verlander continued his dominance for the astros beating the athletics by score of seven to three eighth win in a row for the astros ver lander while i guess this is an off day for him three runs allowed over seven innings he picks up his ninth win brian mccann hits a home run off frankie montas who gave up seven runs five earned over five and a third in the bronx the yankees win it four three over the tampa bay rays four runs all scored in the fifth inning are enough for the yankees gleyber torres continued his sensational rookie campaign with go ahead home run in support of domingo herrmann its first major league victory in atlanta the braves beat the.

Astros Atlanta Gleyber Torres Tampa Bay Cleveland Indians Detroit MAC Andrew Mccutchen Pablo Sandoval Colorado Milwaukee Brewers Las Vegas Braves Yankees Frankie Montas Brian Mccann Miller Park Justin Verlander Oakland Jose Ramirez
Rudy Giuliani booed at Yankee Stadium on his birthday

The Eric Metaxas Show

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Rudy Giuliani booed at Yankee Stadium on his birthday

"Nine seven zero nine sixty two you don't wanna get on board just sit there and drink another written rendition addition episode of the show so the yankees had nothing for ver lander at the stadium the astros scored three in the second tacked on runs in the fourth and the eighth and went onto a five one win over the yankees how good was ver lander in get what boy did i love what he did walking off the mound the yankees fans are boeing let me ask yankees fan something here you boot giuliani who is that the the game yesterday on his birthday here's rudolph giuliani arguably the best mayor that the city of new york has ever had and a more than positive ambassador for the yankees throughout the years i die hard yankee fan rudy giuliani and the yankees fans booed him on his birthday what the hell was that all about and then you burland rec came off the mound after pitched six and two thirds five hits a single run didn't walk a batter struck out five you know what vert landers earned run averages right now at the end of that game yesterday it sits at one point one one i'll tell you this yankees are not beating the houston astros in the postseason as as presently constituted they're just not i don't care that you took three or four earlier this season on the road in houston it you're not beating the astros and the seven game series with the pitching staff sandina.

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