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Kershaw the second Dodgers pitcher to reach 2,500 K's

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

02:03 min | 4 months ago

Kershaw the second Dodgers pitcher to reach 2,500 K's

"Dodgers pitcher Clayton kershaw keyed two, thousand, five, hundred career strikeouts. Got There yesterday the best left of his generation adding to his cooperstown plaque to be. Watching on ESPN news he's most guys down and It's just it's unbelievable. Just watch Kershaw just deal you know year or so ago back problems in and out of the lineup. But when he when he's on, he's on, he's got some stuff the only current guys debut in the two, thousand, five, hundred club, current guys, ver- landers, shirts or Grinky and Cole Hamels, and by the way this all came into dodger win the twenty nine wins the most of anybody in baseball and

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Is MLB's Wave Of Injuries About To Get Even Worse?

The Lead

02:41 min | 5 months ago

Is MLB's Wave Of Injuries About To Get Even Worse?

"So you know heading into this sixty game, just sprint of a season, what was the expectation around baseball as far as pitcher injuries were concerned, they're definitely wasn't expectation that injuries would be up this year. We had trainers inside baseball and outside baseball pitchers being worried about the start and stop nature of shutting down and then starting back up again when they would normally be midseason form and then just not knowing how much the pictures were doing in their own time and there's There's even a question of liability of how much you can tell a pitcher to do because what if you tell them, they have to do since we're throwing program and then they contract the virus while they're doing that. So there was this weird dance of like we want you to stay on top of things, but do only as much as you can and please do something, but we're not telling you to do something. So everyone's sort of saw this coming well, so now. Two and a half weeks into the season what has been the reality pitcher injury people might think be up over time. It's been fairly steady for the last ten years except for this year. Basically right now, three times more pitchers have been injured than the average year and twice the worst year on record in the last ten years. So we're talking about the second day of the season until the eleventh day of the season, and it's up three times. We saw the closure in Toronto Giles, the starting. Starting, pitcher in Chicago Lopez. Ver- lander, we're starting to see more and more injuries plus we all the payroll he wants to say, it's just kind of the ramp up and the slowdown, and the fact that we didn't have a real spring training. Those things are true and that's probably a part of it. But the other thing is also true I. Think the pictures, some of them are throwing harder because it's a shorter season. You see jake degrom who already through really hard now sitting like ninety nine. News after the fastball away and quickly it's. Ninety, nine miles now, some serious fair. From the ground when we started tracking velocity in a real way of and around two thousand and two, the average starters. fastball was eighty nine miles an hour flash forward to. The average fastball for starting pitcher right now is ninety, three eight and the party. You throw the closer you throw to your maximum personal maximum more stress. You put on your elbow on top of that. There's a reliever usage problem right now, relievers are getting half the winds in baseball. They're pitching half the innings. They're pitching more innings than they've ever pitched starters are coming. Coming out in the fourth inning now, and that's putting more onus on the relievers who the short ramp-up wouldn't have meant as much relievers. But Twenty relievers are now on the deal right now, that weren't on day two. So I think the relievers shouldering the burden is part of the problem too.

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The Rays Bullpen Their Way Past Justin Verlander and the Astros

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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The Rays Bullpen Their Way Past Justin Verlander and the Astros

"Start with what happened last night in the trump the raise in the Astros Justin Verlander Future Hall of Famer on the Mound for short rest effectively for the first time in his entire career and you know what he didn't look right from the get-go to Tommy Fam- drives on the left Centerfield this what is hit well it is just over the wall the right of three seventy eight Tommy van has put the razor head one nothing that of course Fleming on ESPN radio he's working with Imboden who was noticing that ver- lander just didn't look right he kept stacking back off the man he was having trouble with the signs you just never looked comfortable the raise continued to rally in the first two Grou- ball left side past the dive into left field Brantley will feel the joy around third there will be no throw joy comes into score d'arno knocks in run to nothing raise joey window into the plate in the bottom of the first pitch is light into right field asking to be a hit and it's GonNa roll all the way to the wall Garcia around Third Hill score here comes Dr no he gets to go sign the relay throw is there and DR no stops turns around and goes back to third yes so they had a three early and if you looked at Justin verlander space after that first inning it was like he got punched in the Chin the Astros going for legacy going another championship this year and they're down in game for trying to avoid a game five and the top of the fourth inning. The Astros rallied your Don Alvarez bonded the gap and what happened after that was amazing breathes out and throws line tried to the Cap right-center on moved here Myrick can't get it it's Short hops the wall glazed camel to bid at third is being way Dallas for the relay here's the throw domino's got it in a perfect relay as heard on WD troy how `bout that play how perfectly they did from Kevin Kerr Meyer to Willie dommage to Travis Dr no you can't do better than that and you could see in the face of Jose altuve after he was called out like are you kidding me with that throw that is a heck of a play that textbook like you learn that growing up and it cannot be executed better than that love with the rated there yeah on Espn Radio Jim Bowdoin was talking about how this series really has been Williams's coming out party that continued in the bottom of the fourth pitch for lander to the plate on Thomas drives one deep at center field that star is getting bigger and brighter it is going on that walk it was a monster home run four nothing lead for the raise and look the story in that game was about Justin verlander future hall of Famer not pitching that l. but the race pitching was outstanding they started with an opener Diego Castio and is the game went along and Kevin cash kept calling on relievers in the when he went to a starter Blake Snell to close out the game is one to pitch is a fastball hit right back up the middle and that's exactly where Wendell is playing he's got it on a backhand he throws the first for the owls and that ends the game we are going to get a game five in Houston

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 Astros defend decision to restrict reporter from clubhouse

Mason & Ireland

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Astros defend decision to restrict reporter from clubhouse

"Ago. The astros released this statement. There reporter who who vernon who has the problem with is a guy named anthony finch they say anthony finish was delayed temporarily from entering the astros clubhouse house following last night's game. This action was taken after taking into consideration the past history between finish and justin verlander ver- landers legitimate concerns about past past interactions with finish and the best interest of the other media members working the game. We chose to prioritize this when making this decision finish was that access to the clubhouse shortly after other media members and had the opportunity to approach verlander or any other player he needed. We believe our course of action. In this isolated seleted case was appropriate. <hes> greg you think earlier i actually side with verlaine ran this because we don't know his side of the story but you think that they should have let this reporter in with all the other reporters i think yeah he should have been leading with all the other reporters and no matter what he did unless it was something just crazy about his family than the free press journal of sent him down to houston if he was doing alice things greg obviously if he says some personal about his family we all been there. He should have been in houston. You know what what else might have happened greg though thinking why we're linda has a problem this guy maybe berlanda told us something off the record and this guy <hes> reported anyway we don't but that's not probably cost and not put him in there with every that would bother me and then he printed it. Oh come on. I would 'cause you the fact that he used the phrase. Unethical behavior makes me think this is not anything to do with baseball that he that this reporter was probably trying to break up in that he was marrying kate upton story and and did something personal to him but what i found odd is that that aspect of the story hasn't broken. We don't know i think if ver- lander word to say maybe the

Reporter Astros Justin Verlander Greg Verlaine Anthony Finch Houston Kate Upton Baseball Press Journal Linda Berlanda
"ver  lander" Discussed on Boomer & Gio

Boomer & Gio

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"ver lander" Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"Shore here's Ver- lander just intern he made headlines with baseball thing in M._l._b.. Doctoring it they own Rawlings Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah in terms of last night though he says all star game it never gets old. It's a lot of fun so once I got out there and start warming up got into a little bit of my routine is still like it was like two or three strikes total so I was just glad I was found strikes. It strikes me actually through a couple pitches around ninety seven miles an hour but he could still ramp it up. You know the interesting thing about this whole ball debate. Did you see all the bats last night there anything but Your Your Dad's Louisville slugger much lighter there'll be they're all they all have like color or coating to them and nobody's breaking bats anymore. I think I'm thinking that the ball's yes probably are as much a culprit of as anything else. Maybe maybe maybe it is as John's multiple saying last night the launch angles guys are always swinging for the fences the speed of the pitches I don't know but the bats also have to be in the discussion. I think is a lot of adult like coated yeah. There's a lot of factors go into it but when the commissioner basically comes out and says that the ball's traveling differently and there might be something to that everybody's going to gravitate to it and he did rob Manfred entered those questions it said he's got scientists looking at the balls and he said they've done nothing to alter her the baseball they did and they had meetings about it. It would be out. He also said the owners. Don't one all this offense. I'm just telling you what he said. The more home runs. You hit the more money you get paid right. I drew yes but there's more money you can make as a sport sport too if you think that it generates more interest now I don't believe that it does but others do that. More home runs more fans people watching in my opinion. It's become a great highlight sport. If that makes any sense yeah thank you you really interested in the condensed game and the highlights but for people to sit there and watch home run or strike out his boring while they do have a homerun Derby yes and that caught the fancy very this year and everybody <hes> lauded how good it was and how much effort the players put into the interesting thing will be willing to say whether or not Guerrero Junior and Peter Lonzo slowdown here in the second half because all the energy that they they put out there and hit all those home runs hope not Alonzo to two. She run single last night. You had Jacob degrom a one two. Three seven pitch third here was degrom. This has been a lot of fun <hes> last night watching <hes> compete in the home run Derby and went in the whole thing <hes> it's been a lot of fun and Pete is Alonzo Amazing Forty eight hours for him <hes> man I I. I was walking on clouds today yesterday and today I'm just I'm just so so dang happy about that kid. He gets it man you know he so he gave a portion of his winnings to the wounded warriors ears and tunnels towers foundations and that's a kid who gets it and he doubled his salary or triple this hour I guess five hundred to a million right okay yes so he doubled his salary and he gave a portion of that away to different charities hardy's locally here and I think that's pretty cool. No of course I mean you think about the mets having a guy like this that you know we can talk about glowingly a position player. WHO's a homegrown guy? I mean it doesn't happen a lot. Yeah you had right and raise many years years ago. Those careers worked out in different ways. Obviously David Wright one of the great mets but I mean it doesn't happen a lot so the fact that we might be on the precipice of having one of these guys for a really long time was his likable as Pita Lonzo. I mean that's just that's a silver lining in a season. That's gone to hell job. I Sandy Alderson. y'All yes sure Masahiro Tanaka through the second inning he was the pitcher of record got the winner. All this Chapman strikes out the side of the ninth earned the Save Cleveland Shane Beaver wins the M._v._p.. <hes> we mentioned the rob Manfred Stove there's some N._B._A.. News of Interest Adam Silver met the media. I think it was in Las Vegas but I'm not sure what Summer League either way he did talk to the media not a fan of players wanting out of their current situation and you know without getting into any specific circumstances. Trade demands are disheartening there disheartening to the team they're disheartening to the community and don't serve the player well stars Roger Goodell just about the same wasn't cadel. Oh same way that he spoke the same inflection sound just he's allowed his players to take over his league and that's exactly what's happened. He says if you sign somewhere then play there I mean you have a contract and it needs to be meaningful on both aside and then the last one he says maybe it is time to revise the free agency role. I think it's pointless at the end day to have rules that we can't enforce. I think it hurts the perception of integrity around the league. If people say well you have that rule so and it's obvious the teams aren't fully complying. So why do you have it sounds like Congress a little bit. Here's WHO's interesting one from Sean marks now. This goes back to the free agency thing. We've talked about how it's six. o'clock on. The day of the announcement was putting everything out at like at four o'clock right yeah but every at six o'clock it were like rapid fire. This guy's going here he son here. WHO's son in here and you talk about how these things are negotiated or not? Hear was Sean Marks. How did you find out that Katie was coming to Brooklyn the Instagram Post that he put out? That's the we were all sitting in the office and we'll got that in real time with you guys we. We weren't even sure if we were getting a meeting that night or <hes> it was gonna be telephone conversation with them and this goes to what you say. They basically basically dictate where they go. What you're GONNA pay but will choose you? It's amazing and you know good for the players. I mean you know they they've created this kind of environment with their power and with their leverage and they're the stars and David Stern way back when made Michael Jordan Magic Johnson Larry Bird had whole group they were the stars they were the ones that they were selling to the public and it's it's just continued to grow all the way to the point now or all a lot of these players are making you know four million dollars you know so it's good for everybody though it really is I mean there's certain franchises that gets screwed for sure I mean you look at the Pelicans but they were able to rebuild relatively quickly with some luck in the lottery but what's going on the N._B._A.. Right now I think is good for the one area where you don't have to worry about equal pay because everybody's getting paid sure getting paid a lot one of the thing <hes> a couple of things Marcus Morris might back out of his two year deal with the Spurs to sign with the Knicks. How about about that sports wants to come to the Knicks? It seems like it yeah and the Golden State Warriors are going Wave Shaun Livingston and I know you guys were out now. We talked about it Monday. Did did you see on Williamson. Just humiliate Kevin Knox just rip the ball away from and dumped in his face and then I think he formed when he I think he cropped us that a man just add some injury was wrong many banged his name now. He's done for the summer so yes. I'm sure it's going to hurt you by watching our guy so I watch a lot of this sliced troubled by. Maybe a little soft them. Just Oh my God you know Summer League game a half that was cut short with a class I wanted to see it up close and personal because teams that he is the League and Scouts of said he's not as good as we thought to have you do you like Bresnik is so far bay for Michigan. Yeah bad confident kid men's quarters at Wimbledon today <hes> of of note you've got Sam Corey and Raphael the Dow playing and yes. You have the parade in New York City for the U._S.. Women's soccer team. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Gianotti boomer and Geo.

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"ver  lander" Discussed on KTRH


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"ver lander" Discussed on KTRH

"Hail today. Police were in the third ward on Alabama this morning when they saw a young man approach a car when he saw the police see him. He took off on foot. Police chased him and the young men pointed a pistol at them police officers shot the young man in the leg. HP official T R finisher spoke with our TV partner channel two area. So bad that you think that you have the pack pistol go somewhere else. Nobody wants often involve suits. We want. Everybody going home in the the suspect is hospitalized in fair condition. Three new lawsuits filed in response to the recent chemical fire in deer park, the suits are on behalf of three people who live near the chemical storage facility that went up in flames last month. Each lawsuit seeks one million dollars in damages for negligence. The residents claim that chemicals released by the fire caused them to be exposed multiple times resulting in illnesses and injury the suits also name IT spokeswoman Alice Richardson, saying she failed to properly inform and warn the public about the dangerous levels of chemicals in the air after the fire Corey Allston NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. There will be road closures downtown's. If you have to be downtown be careful because right now, the art car parade is just breaking up. A local mother says she was turned away from a high school because of what she was wearing trying to enroll her daughter at Madison high school in Houston Jocelyn Lewis claims an unidentified administrator asked her to leave because of her close a t shirt dress with the photo of Marilyn, Monroe and headscarf because she was getting her hair done. Louis tells local media she would understand if Harir end or chest was exposed. But it wasn't. She claims when she asked for proof of a parent, dress code policy. No, one showed her any Madison's website doesn't list any guidelines parent appearance and the school has yet to respond Lewis says a child's education should be more important than what someone has on Christine Goodwin. Fox News national news last month that Trump administration announced it was supporting a judge's ruling that the nation's healthcare law the Affordable Care Act was. Truly unconstitutional, although President Trump later said of haute would be taken on a replacement health care plan after the twenty twenty election during an appearance this morning on Fox News Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said Republicans or working on healthcare related proposals. Republicans and meet by tell you personally or one working on policies, this congress price transparency, for example, you know, the price of an Ray before you get it as opposed to six weeks later surprise, medical billing. Oh my gosh. I went to an end network hospital. Look what I'm getting charged other things like that Senator Cassidy is a medical doctor as well. As a Senator and the Astros are in Seattle right now. And they won last night. They play again tonight. Ver- Lander will be on the mound, and you can hear it. All right here on KTAR H beginning at seven o'clock should be really good. And of course, tomorrow night. The rockets. I remember the name the rockets we'll be starting their NBA playoff season..

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"ver  lander" Discussed on View from the Cheap Seats

View from the Cheap Seats

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"ver lander" Discussed on View from the Cheap Seats

"Our friends house, we watched the Astros dodgers ver- Lander game with a bunch of dodgers fans and they were going. And I was just like, things were happening and I'm just like jumping on his back. I'm so excited. Garenne is the bags, dad's guy, welcome. My friend Sklar brothers, Laura brothers. Brothers has Denzel says the Skylab of as Brad destler who's who's on scorch. It was actually brand. Everybody Sklar twin, seven years old. And our parents just dropped us off in the booth. Is this your Christmas October is by the way you have been for those who don't know at at batting stance g on Twitter, but batting stance guy on g as the kids call it. That instance, cout Graham and posting the best video. If you are following him, if you're a sports fan of, you're not following him on Instagram, go do it right now. I want like ten thousand new followers immediately. It is funny your posting the best videos batting stances on October, the three Reggie Jackson, the Reggie Jackson swing, whereas adjusting constantly pushing the center of glass like he's the biggest book nerd ever. We have a good forty year range to work from whether Marlins ause pulling up his pants and the box every single time every time JD Martinez kissing his thumb. Have you been noticing between every pitch James Martinez will kisses thumb and hit it against his chest and then point. Up. I think that has got to do with Jesus one hundred percent of the time kissed the thumb. Yeah, it's it's, I'm going to. I'm going to guess it's. Venezuelan because there's like five people have seen do it and they all happen to be from Venezuela. Sounds like maybe he's saying Hello to kill burnett's daughter or grandmother or the hornicek kids. The Hornets? Yeah, the hardest kids, Jeff Hornacek one on the cheek. So you've been watching this these playoffs with eight with decidedly different attitude than rob Nyerere who would just had on. I know you heard that whole interview with him. Fascinating again, how much gets into the numbers of it all, and hey, the teams that are left are the ones who have sort of embraced sabermetrics. You kind of have the test of what you see is like, this is what I'm seeing this one on feeling guys ritual or this guy is in his pocket because because he's the most him he can be. And that's why you understand each player for exactly what they do when they step in the Bach. Yeah, it's it's, I enjoy October more than any other month because you see players play way more in baseball. Then in either basketball or football Hughes? Yeah. And so I was always fascinated as a kid by when my dad would say, son, you don't understand Tito land rooms, not this good. So somebody would just decide like Jackie Bradley Jr. last three, someone just decides have his best week of the season when everyone's walking. If you just went to Atlanta in the nineties and asked, who's one of the best players on your team? Is it Mark Lemke, the casual fan would be like that's one of the best guys on our team. Really. He like to twenty-five, but he just kept hitting triples when everybody was watching. And then conversely, the Pittsburgh Pirates which were better than the Braves at that time. Jay bell. Sid Sid bream bream. Baena bonds in Jay bell decided of the same bad week and a half one for twenty one that fascinating that like the cubs who were who do have like a killer might up granted, Chris, Brian, I guess we understand why how valuable Kris Bryant that team, but Schwartz and and Rizzo Rizzo. These are guys that can just knocked the cover off the ball in the playoffs had one of those weeks, shitty weeks. They couldn't score anyone's and it just it just defense does everything. One, God, we key cairn ended Keith Hernandez last year in the in the clinching game to go the World Series. It's three homers in the same game at Wrigley like he's never done that in literally right in Puerto Rico, right. That's right. Never. And some people step up into that moment. You think about what David freeze did in that game? Six in two thousand eleven for the cardinals. David freeze is he. The guy you really want coming up with two outs and two strikes and game on the line..

Sklar brothers rob Nyerere Jay bell James Martinez Reggie Jackson dodgers Keith Hernandez David freeze Garenne Graham Venezuela Twitter Jeff Hornacek Marlins Brad destler Astros Mark Lemke cardinals Pittsburgh Pirates
"ver  lander" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

WGR 550 Sports Radio

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"ver lander" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"What a crazy Saturday with all the football. But then you add in the AL CS game one. And it turned out to be a route Danny seven two final. Houston beats Boston. And I think there were some interesting moments in this game. But we've talked so much about the importance of pitching. I feel like Chris sale wasn't good enough and Justin Verlander was it. Exactly. What I wanted and thought he should be do you agree with that? Chris sale. Definitely wasn't what he needed to be to give the Red Sox a chance to win ver- Lander. I thought he was going to be better. And they'll give you. Wrong here. I know he was great. But the four walks is is uncharacteristic like of of Justin Verlander, he kind of had that one ending where he was just all over the place. But as most good pitchers, do they figure out how to get out of jams, and he was able to do that. I know I said this before ver- Lander haven't him on your team. You've got to have just this greatest feeling ever when he's on the mound. Yeah. Just being so confident that he's going to get deep into the game, and he could have gone deeper. I'm sure but AJ Hinch was planning smart. Thank you Presley who they acquired from the twins. As bullpen is. A huge reason why it was easy for AJ Hinch to take Justin Verlander out of that game. He's been so great for them. Well, let me ask you this bullpen. They've had in a while. Let me ask you about Burland Landers. Sorry to interrupt you there. But you're an eleven year major league baseball that you're a two time all star. You're a guy that started games you've closed games. Like you've pitched in every situation. Here's ver- Lander who people wrote him off. They said his career was over. And now he's pumping ninety seven ninety eight tonight with the gas. How hard is it to refined or re revive your your fastball? Like that. Well, I think what a lot of people don't realize when Verlinden was having those couple bad years. I believe and this is what I heard from lots of different people in in the business that he had a little bit of an injury that wasn't publicly known, and he was able to go out there and continue to pitch but not pitch effectively. Like he wanted to. He got healthy. He started pitching lot better with Detroit. And then when they traded him to Houston, they figured out some other things with him mechanically. And now all of a sudden he's ninety seven ninety eight consistently. From first pitch to the last pitch of the game. So I don't necessarily think that he lost his stuff. He just wasn't one hundred percent healthy. Well, and he tells a great story because his wife is Kate Upton the supermodel he claims that she saved his career, by the way, that's a Google search trust me, you'll wanna do Justin Burland earlier Kate Upton. Google search that there's a great story out there about that. But then I look at Chris sale, and I don't like to speculate that guys are injured, but we already know that Chris sale spent two stretches on the DL with that shoulder this year, his his v low his velocity is way down. He's not the same pitcher. He goes four innings a hit two earned. He walks for in the lose seven to to the Red Sox to the Astros largely because of the way he pitched how difficult is it to be healthy this time of year, and how difficult is it to pitch when you're injured. Well, I'll answer the second part of that. I is nearly. Possible to pitch effectively when you're injured and the way that Chris sale is in his demeanor on the mound has mentality is I'm going to go out there with everything I have. And I'm going to give you the best that I can give you and obviously it's not. His normal right now. You watch him struggling out there pitching today. He was all over the place. He was throwing breaking balls and counts that he doesn't necessarily throw breaking balls. And you mentioned his philosophy was way down. They say it's a mechanical flaw that is causing this velocity to go down. I believe it's something a little deeper than that. I believe there's some kind of shoulder injury possibly fatigue. Whatever you wanna call it. He's not one hundred percent healthy. But what I love about Chris sale. He's gonna take the ball do everything he can for you. And Chris sale. Not one hundred percent is better than a lot of people that one hundred percent. So you can't fault the guy for going out there. Maybe just fault them for leaving him out there too. Long Astros lead the one nothing seven two they win tonight over the Boston Red Sox. I'm Tim Montemayor Danny graves here as well. This is game night on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I gotta talk about this situation where Joe Kelley, I believe through at Alex bregman. He hits him and Alex bregman comes around to score. What eventually was the lead in winning run? Can you believe that Joe Kelley is throwing it a guy in game one of the AL CS? I mean does that happen? I mean, how surprised are you about that? I'm not surprised at all that he did it. Kelly. Right. If it was somebody else that I would be very shocked because of the magnitude of this game to me in watching Joe Kelley throughout the years, even when he was back with Saint Louis when he first came up he just had that demeanor of wanting to be the tough guy. And if you show me up if you do something, I don't like I'm gonna hit ya. And you know, the whole debacle with the Yankees in Tyler Austin when he slid in hard to second base in with Brock Holt. Brought Brockhall even said he didn't mean for it to get that Big Joe Kelley took it in his own hands hits Tyler Austin, getting abroad next thing. You know, he's got these shirts and say, Joe Kelley fight club. Yeah. If you want if if you're mad that Alex bregman bregman called timeout. Be mad empire James Hoy who gave him timeout. So late don't be mad at Alex bregman for doing it. He just wanted to step out. And he has that right to do it. So to me, it was it was a blatant. Throwing at him. Yeah. I I don't think there's any doubt. I think he absolutely through through Annan. But what Danny? Let's listen to two bregman talk about this. He was asked by BUSTER only if he thought that that was a purpose pitch. Did he hit him intentionally baseball? They're trying to.

Chris sale Alex bregman bregman Joe Kelley Justin Verlander Boston Red Sox ver- Lander Danny AJ Hinch Alex bregman Houston Astros Burland Landers Google Kate Upton football ESPN Boston Annan Tyler Austin Tim Montemayor
"ver  lander" Discussed on Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo

Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo

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"ver lander" Discussed on Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo

"I'm not quite sure about that yet. So maybe Bama runs a whole table here and I still don't think is good as LSU is on paper in the resume. And all these things have a really hard time believing. You never know the voodoo, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, old deal, probably be picking LSU minus a touchdown once I'm there for three days that's having to be before, but Notre Dame had Michigan that game was only score, but it it wasn't if you watched it, they beat up on Stanford Stanford team that just had beaten Oregon, and here's a little fun with rankings because Notre Dame again. As I mentioned, the schedule we thought would be tough. The go to Virginia Tech this weekend. That's not easy, but it doesn't feel as daunting after Virginia Tech lost to Old Dominion. So that's that's a real thing to to now pay attention to. I'm scrolling through bunch of stuff here. Yeah, that's right. That was stupid. Old Dominion game. Well, stupid of your Virginia Tech, but not if you're not if you're hold ODU that was ver-. Lander squad, right back in the day. You look that up, right? Ver- Lander was old Old Dominion. I don't know what it was, but like Old Dominion had like maybe they still do really good baseball. There's dominion baseball fans about four listings podcast right now being God damnit. He's getting it wrong. No, he's gonna. Right? No, I know he pitched there, but I don't know that and recently now I don't. I don't need any stats. You've done more than enough. Thank you so Michigan, Stanford, Virginia Tech bat, northwestern, maybe Florida state. They stink and then at USC so so Virginia Tech not. We thought they'd be right, commit, Lisa, that floor state. Not even close to what we thought they'd be health. Syracuse at home may be Notre Dame's toughest game the rest of the way, but I don't wanna you know, be saying average in Texas walkover even though they lost Oldman and so should do that at USC not as tough as it look before. So again, how are they going to go in a few runs stable when it starts coming down to angst and everyone clinging onto their resume and spinning at any way you possibly can. And I've heard from all of you all over the country for decades. I know your game. I know everything you try to do look at us, whereas the top twenty eight like, oh, interesting, you cut it off at twenty eight, but that win against Stanford. Again, Stanford team that came into south bend, ranked seventh in the country because why they beat Oregon, who's better than them Oregon is better than Stanford. They were better the entire game and they couldn't stop fumbling the football. It was a joke and I'm not taking that away from Stanford. But I'm comfortable in saying that had no business winning that game, but that turns them into a top ten victory for Notre Dame under- Dame team that may depending on how the rest of this thing shakes out because we're not talking about a conference. You're Notre Dame. That will be a resume builder. When in fact of Oregon finished out the game, like most teams would have statistically and not just fumbled away the whole deal. The Notre Dame wouldn't have that top ten win, and then people start knocking them. So I'm just telling you like, that's a weird little thing with the rankings. It's worth paying attention to and I'm not knocking Notre Dame. I loved it. When the book said earlier, I didn't see it in wimbush excuse me, wimbush but he was so good running the football. It's just something to remember unless they end up losing to. Yeah, they lose Virginia won't really matter much other teams. Lewis that'll do it for the dual threat podcast, mass, especially giveaways coming up, not sure what they are yet. Shit, either. Kyle Carla's even know Simmons, doesn't know. He may freak out Scotty doesn't know. Please describe rate and review and a really cool a really cool what what we've been able to do. It's been top ten episodes every week since it's come out, so we'll play coming soon play coming soon. All right. So, and I hope now for you the you out there that give trend deal for shit, maybe back off a little..

Notre Dame Old Dominion Virginia Tech Stanford Oregon LSU Michigan Baton Rouge football Bama Virginia Lander squad Louisiana USC ODU Simmons Kyle Carla Oldman Lisa baseball
"ver  lander" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show

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"ver lander" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Come on the, it's out like outrun somebody catch a pass or not catch a pass, but receive a pass and soccer, and then maye. A move, and then do this and then do this. And now they jam you at the line of scrimmage. We're not talking about that. Oh, okay. Like I said, I hold time out this guy's a former track star really play a whole lot of football. You can't jam him at the line of screw once again, not allowed. I said at the top I'm over simplifying it. I would just love to see you. Same bulled try to catch one long bomb. See what happens without the press coverage. I'm not saying it would happen. I'm just saying, I wanna see it happen. That's what got me thinking. You know how when you watch you sane bolt run how he would trail at thirty meters or forty meters, and then he's just simply faster. You know, by the time he got up the full speed, he'd be passed where the quarterback could throw the ball to. He'd be so fast that they'd have to throw it did have to throw it like within the first few steps. Yeah. And it's it's not worth. They have tried it before. Rinaldo skeets Nehemiah who is a tremendous sprinter-hurdler. He tried. It didn't work very well. Bob Hayes, learn how to play the position. There certainly have been others Willie goal to mentioned earlier as well. There's there's there's some legs too, but I don't think there's legs for a guy like you sane bolt to find his way to the National Football League. Then I also got me the other football anyway and also got me thinking basketball players playing tight end like bring up LeBron out jumping everybody in in an end zone situation, but tough, huge dude. LeBron James be pretty interesting to those are the things I'd like to see that. I know there are way more. It's way more complicated insane. Go out, jump everybody and catch the football. Go out run everybody. The football. I understand that it's just those are the things that I would love to just to get a taste off to see what it would be like for a guy like the Braun or you saying bolt. So back to the the conversation, the so we can get out of John's fantasy world of different athletes trying to play different sports. The Yankees agreed to a trade for the San Francisco Giants veteran outfielder and former MVP Andrew mccutchen. So he moves into the Yankees outfield to help boost their production while they wait for earn judge to make his return from a wrist injury. Ryan Madson is now formerly a Washington National. He is currently a Los Angeles dodger which cleans up some of the bullpen and some of the pitching work in LA. She got that going on. And I mean, there are a bunch of things that are going on where the were major league baseball in the waiver. Trade deadline are concerned, keep this in mind by midnight eastern time. Tonight you have to have somebody on your forty man roster who can appear in the postseason. So last year, this time we worked through the. The late late, late workings of Justin ver- Lander to the Houston Astros and the ver- Lander signing which happened just before the deadline won the World Series. You can. There's no doubt you can make that argument that that last last minute waiver tread trade deadline deal. That wasn't approved until the final moments won the Houston Astros a World Series. Yeah, it's pretty interesting to think about how late player acquisition actually goes and not only that, but impactful player acquisition. So when you see your team and you know that they need a certain piece here there, it, it's amazing that there's still time they mean it went up like you said right down to the last moment. So there's still time to make your team that much better. Then always work out. But the possibility is there sitting on that as we enter into a full college football weekend as well. The big games there were games last night, but the ones that I'm paying attention to as you get through the weekend, these six games, Oregon state at Ohio State. That's at noon eastern time tomorrow. I don't think it's a game, but it's interesting to watch what how state does without urban Meyer..

football Houston Astros Yankees Ryan Madson National Football League LeBron James soccer Andrew mccutchen Justin ver- Lander Ohio State maye Bob Hayes Braun Oregon Willie San Francisco Giants LA basketball John
"ver  lander" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

Mason & Ireland

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"ver lander" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"Houston that they would put him with ver- Lander and kaikal and those dudes World Series, right. That's what I'd much rather be in the American League than in the nationally, and the Astros by the way are scrap and just to get into the for all the for all the talk about the Astros there scrapping to get into the playoffs at this point. I think they'll get there, but for all the talk about, you know, kaikal and and ver- Lander and the the Charlie Morton in the rest of that rotation. That's been so good. The Pittsburgh kid who came over UCLA call Garrett Cole. I mean, they're, they're getting all they want a bra or the as took two out of three from over the weekend. Yeah. Might just mayor Kershaw to Houston like Durant to the warriors? No, because Kershaw would be not be in his in his prime anymore. He would be number two on that team. He'd be, you know, what's interesting, whose career would you rather have. Kershaw's or ver- Landers. They both won multiple Cy youngs have the each one in MVP or just for Lander Khrushchev ruin the MVP Kershaw an MVP. All right. So they statistically they both been incredibly dominant Kershaw better in the regular season. First, ballot hall of fame locks has Lander has a title Kershaw an MVP and three Cy youngs. And I think vernacular has that too. You know, it's interesting. I think it's an easy answer for me. Ver- Lander spent the first part of his career in Detroit, and now he lives in Houston Kershaw spent his whole career. Now gimme Kershaw. You you, you wanna his just based on where you get to live? No, it's a very hard decision who's I guess maybe the World Series title puts ver- Lander over the top. Ver- Linder has an MVP and won Cy Young. You only has one. Yeah. Oh, that's right. In Kate, Upton. Got all bent out of shape. When was Priscilla that wanted a couple of years ago? Yeah, one one side. So Kershaw better, regular season career, ver- Lander with that with that World Series win last year and both of them. It's how much it it really is a question about how much stock do you put in a title because that's the only thing for Lander has the Kershaw doesn't. Both have site Young's. They both have MVP's. They both have they both been great. They're both roughly the same age right? Verlinden thirty. No Verlinden thirty five. Okay. So you know kershaw's gets more time Burland IRS thirty five. His career ERA is higher. He didn't curse has never had the dip that Verlander did at the end of his running Detroit. Yup, I, yeah, I think I think kershaw's career is the is the one for the ages right now. Ver- Landers got the ring, but he's also five years older and he had to go somewhere else to to get it. Can't. He's married. He went at once in Detroit. He went to the World Series. They lost because car win. So as first World Series was in Houston. Yeah, Houston's my Houston. Orlando are my two least favorite American cities. Oh, God. You've obviously never been to Milwaukee Milwaukee home of the bowling hall of fame? Yeah, Schmil? Yes. Mazda rather go to Orlando for in Milwaukee. But no, I don't mind. Orlando are Houston, can't stand. Houston, can't stand Houston that that one year the Super Bowl was there that was brutal. Michael, you there for the Super Bowl was not, but I lived in Houston, four years. Oh, I forgot you lived in us and you. So you got out. How hard was it to get out. Build a wall, and you got to do when you live your like snake Pless skin, getting out of there, you know you do this. Did you produce sports radio, mouse? What's radio? Okay. And the job was going well. So it was hard for me to complain while I was out there. And I, I will say this for family man and with young kids, it was a play, a good place to visit..

Houston Kershaw Ver- Lander Houston MVP mayor Kershaw Ver- Landers Kershaw Ver- Linder Cy youngs Astros Detroit Orlando Cy Young Durant Milwaukee Milwaukee American League Pittsburgh Garrett Cole UCLA
"ver  lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"ver lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Today is the baseball trade deadline hoping they could improve their bullpen without causing friction, in their clubhouse you. Defending World Series champion Astros, did acquire Roberto Osuna from. The Blue Jays can Giles in a pair prospects go, the other way Osuna an all-star season ago finished with. Thirty nine saves there's no doubt he as the talent on. The mound but he hasn't pitched in the major since, may six he's been serving a seventy five day suspension under major league baseball. Is domestic violence policy ESPN major league baseball insider Tim Kirk should earlier on Sportscenter I'm a little. Confused by this and, I'm a little uncomfortable with this also look the Astros needed a closer and they acquired a young closer who has great stuff but that, is only part of the story here now they're gonna. Have to sell everyone in Houston on how they can. Go acquire someone who's serving a seventy five game suspension. And it still is you said not complete so this just speaks again to what, teams will do to win so here is at the crux of. That potential clubhouse issue the. Astros have a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence and released former prospect Dan Rae, Vasquez in March after. Video leaked of him hitting, his girlfriend Houston pitchers Justin. Verlander and Lance mccullers used social media to voice their, disgust about Vasquez action and the video became public and. Astros as Justin Verleger not to stick as well about adding. Owes soon as saying quote I've said some pretty inflammatory, things about stuff like this The pass and I stand by my words here's more. From ver- Lander, it's, a tough situation for us to remember here is that We don't know the whole story safe I've said some pretty Thanks Stay by my. Words I think with, an ongoing case says? Is this one. Here see what happens but interesting Shiites I think I think he plans to talk to us When he gets urine We'll see how. That one plays out Houston's closest. Competition in the west the Mariners also added. To their relief corps they got Zach Duke from the twins for a pair of minor leaguers and acquired Adam Warren from the Yankees for international bonus money do pitching to a three sixty two ERA in sixty five. Appearances for the twins the key here the left is limited lefthanded batters to two thirty seven.

Astros Roberto Osuna Houston Justin Verleger Vasquez Giles baseball Blue Jays Tim Kirk Mariners Zach Duke ESPN Adam Warren ver- Lander Yankees Lance mccullers Dan Rae
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Mason & Ireland

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"ver lander" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"They play great at home, and I think Chris sale is as good or better than anybody on the Astros staff. Why am I wrong? You're not wrong except how many games are sale gonna throw. So this is a thing. This is why why the Astros there. They can run out four legitimate starters, even five. If you know mccullers is probably put my colors the the bullpen, but the the thing about the thing about the Astros. So you're going into face you Astros, that's that's three, three legitimate guys where you're talking cold, ver- Lander and Morton of intimidation. It's not just, you know sale? Yes, intimidating, but you know, the rest of that sock staff. Okay. You know what? They might be good, but I'm not. I'm not just overwhelmed. I just this starting staff is so good, and then they, they compare, you know, defensively, there's not a better team than the Astros athletically. The Astros are great. They're, they're healthy. That staff before let you go you, you're pretty straight shooter. Do you put any stock in the theory that those Astros starters cheating? Yeah, that there's some how marketing all. I mean, it's everywhere. If you do an Astros game, I know you're probably not allowed to bring it up because you're working for a partner, but you hear it. You just did one of their games. Do you buy any of it? So I know. But what I will say is their analytics are sick, and so what they did with ver- Lander, they showed him some things and told him where he was most effective where he gets outs. Look at this pitch while you may think it's a good pitch for you. You get absolutely clobbered with it. And so we're Lander. Okay. Yeah, I'm stud pitcher, I know everything I've been dominant, but you know what? I'm open to some of this stuff. True and things change. And yeah. What about the spin rate? Why does the spin rate go up on these guys? So it's again, it's it's where you're holding the ball and there are things look at. I mean, I'm gonna say this is there are certain there are certain suntan lotions you can put on your arm that combined with some old, the Rosin bag. Certain certain motions are much better than others. And that is fact that is fact somebody. Darvish re this little rhyme at that is I mean, that's how far that's how far clubs. And that's, I mean, they test that now. Man, it's good stuff. So maybe they're using the right, suntan less, you know, they Brent Strom is a heck of a coach and again, analytics and where you're, you know, the spin rate stuff again, it you get into, you know, you can get into grips. You can get into how your grip in the ball you can. There's a lot going on this. That's for another show, but I'll tell you what go to hub. Go buy yourself a ticket. Go sit in the watch a game there and try and figure out spin rate. That is excellent. Excellent. Drop in work by you. I would expect nothing less man. It was good, not. Okay. Be well guys. Thanks. By the way, just a little nugget. I don't know if you remember this, but the Astros absolutely lit up Chris sale during the the LDS last year. In fact, you think by darted to games went nine and two thirds innings and allowed nine earned runs. You think the Astros pitchers cheating. How are they cheating? What are they doing? It..

Astros ver- Lander Chris sale Brent Strom Darvish partner
Yankees will see what they have in Loaisiga during Friday's debut

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Yankees will see what they have in Loaisiga during Friday's debut

"Nice sons lose an extra inning heartbreaker tonight seven five the final as they drop it to the las vegas fifty one parent club the milwaukee brewers not in action today they have the day off before resuming their home stand at miller park against the philadelphia phillies starting tomorrow night in major league baseball elsewhere the phillies we're taking on our neighbors to the north of colorado rockies nine three the phillies beat the rocks flirt with a no hitter as vince alaska's did not allow hit through six two thirds trevor story laced and rbi double in the seventh inning to end that but the phillies still come away with that nine three victory extra inning thriller in miami the giants beat the marlins six three in sixteen innings pablo sandoval broke the game open with a two run single in the sixteenth inning san francisco's early runs came on homers from andrew mccutchen and mac williamson miami had a ninth inning rally to tied at three and then six innings of zeros before san francisco finally broke through in detroit a late victory for the tigers over the twins lance lynn was great until the last batter he faced jacoby jones who had been in a difficult slump hit a two run home run in the seventh inning to put the tigers on top over the twins tigers win the series and are pretty solidly in second place in the al central the first place team in the al central the cleveland indians finished up their series in chicago against the white sox and they beat the pale hose by a score of five to two frankie door hit a leadoff home run jose ramirez with a go ahead two run shot in the seventh inning lifting the indians over the white sox in the finale of that four game set in oakland justin verlander continued his dominance for the astros beating the athletics by score of seven to three eighth win in a row for the astros ver lander while i guess this is an off day for him three runs allowed over seven innings he picks up his ninth win brian mccann hits a home run off frankie montas who gave up seven runs five earned over five and a third in the bronx the yankees win it four three over the tampa bay rays four runs all scored in the fifth inning are enough for the yankees gleyber torres continued his sensational rookie campaign with go ahead home run in support of domingo herrmann its first major league victory in atlanta the braves beat the.

Astros Atlanta Gleyber Torres Tampa Bay Cleveland Indians Detroit MAC Andrew Mccutchen Pablo Sandoval Colorado Milwaukee Brewers Las Vegas Braves Yankees Frankie Montas Brian Mccann Miller Park Justin Verlander Oakland Jose Ramirez
Rudy Giuliani booed at Yankee Stadium on his birthday

The Eric Metaxas Show

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Rudy Giuliani booed at Yankee Stadium on his birthday

"Nine seven zero nine sixty two you don't wanna get on board just sit there and drink another written rendition addition episode of the show so the yankees had nothing for ver lander at the stadium the astros scored three in the second tacked on runs in the fourth and the eighth and went onto a five one win over the yankees how good was ver lander in get what boy did i love what he did walking off the mound the yankees fans are boeing let me ask yankees fan something here you boot giuliani who is that the the game yesterday on his birthday here's rudolph giuliani arguably the best mayor that the city of new york has ever had and a more than positive ambassador for the yankees throughout the years i die hard yankee fan rudy giuliani and the yankees fans booed him on his birthday what the hell was that all about and then you burland rec came off the mound after pitched six and two thirds five hits a single run didn't walk a batter struck out five you know what vert landers earned run averages right now at the end of that game yesterday it sits at one point one one i'll tell you this yankees are not beating the houston astros in the postseason as as presently constituted they're just not i don't care that you took three or four earlier this season on the road in houston it you're not beating the astros and the seven game series with the pitching staff sandina.

Yankees Rudolph Giuliani New York Rudy Giuliani Houston Astros Houston Boeing
"ver  lander" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

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"ver lander" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"From houston and glad you could be with us whether it's still morning time for you back in the bay area or maybe lunchtime has started giants and the astros defending world series champs the houston astros ver lander pitches and mrs with a fastball outside it is one one berlin has been great since putting on this houston uniform particularly good in his last start his first complete game he pitched a shutout against the angels here's his one one gorgeous this went back in our direction right into the booth to our right and john is wanted to ten starts this year i one zero five he are a ver lander at sixty eight and two thirds innings has given up only thirty five hits only eight earned runs he's got eighty four strikeouts in fourteen walks the one to gorky dez fastball lose taken high at ninety five miles an hour the vast ball is the primary weapon and it's just been great berliner is probably getting more value out of that pitch than any other pitcher in the big leagues right now spotting it he's getting called strikes with the fastball is getting swings and misses due to is high and tight fullcount three and two so porkies having a nice at bat here to start this game with andrew mccutchen on and and buster posey burland gathers himself starts his windup three to pitch hernandez hits one foul off to the right out of play there are not many players on this giants team who have seen much of justin verlander evan longoria is the guy who stands out with the most experience he's had some success andrew mccutchen faced him a bit three two here comes swinging another foul off to the right out of play count remains full we started at one eleven houston time with the roof closed seventy three degrees indoors our game time and temperature sponsored by ucsf health redefining possible.

houston houston astros berlin andrew mccutchen evan longoria john hernandez justin verlander ucsf seventy three degrees
"ver  lander" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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"ver lander" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"This baseball tonight scoreboard officer only in this is the baseball tonight scoreboard for wednesday may second two thousand eighteen coming up walk off hits defined the night justin ver landers gem isn't enough of the astros and the rockies and cubs trade leadoff homers it wrigley let's get to it the first pinch houston the yankees playing the astros and before this game some brewing controversy trevor bauer the indians pitcher again tweeted some responses which he insinuated that some of the astros pitchers are using some sort of a foreign substance to enhance their spin rate in some of the astros responded alex bregman on twitter lance mccullers on twitter manager aj hinch we'll be talking about this on the baseball tonight podcast once the game got going justin verlander was on a roll to godley swing team these thirteen tickets through seven inning here's a want to cling starter goes down that's fourteen strikeouts for her lander it size his career high he's getting older he's getting better steve sparks robert four on kvm may but the score was tied zero zero is by ver landers excellence by the way ver lander in one hundred eighteen third innings since joining the astros a one point four five era but he had to leave ken giles came on for the ninth inning and this happened totally springer still back still back still backs three percent hickeys take three nothing second third one out pitch swung on at high air teach center away back springer that ball is over the set of feel the scent keno.

officer astros rockies yankees alex bregman justin verlander ken giles cubs wrigley houston twitter aj hinch baseball steve sparks three percent
"ver  lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"ver lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Astros coverage begins top of the hour cologne versus ver lander will see you then as we send it back over to you break you guys apparently have the only good weather in the country maybe outside of los angeles i'm looking at some of the pictures today because the games on espn television a great weather tonight but yes not great weather for a large portion six baseball games postponed today thank goodness hoops is played indoors celtics into bucks opened up the core of nba games here on day two of the nba playoffs game one was in boston traffic outlet rosier behind his back lost jaylen brown saves presented the court they run away from him so jaylen brown sixty three what a sequent timeout dobrusky outscored two bucks twenty nine seventeen in the opening quarter and then it was milwaukee sir key middleton is still out there with three thousand honest to the ram lay it up and go with a foul give it to the best player on the floor and let him go to work he powered up down the lane with a spin move to make it sixty one fifty eight nad said davis at the college wtmj in the jacket milwaukee outscored boston thirty to fifty fifteen the bucks lead by three going to the at the half forty seven forty four in the sec in the third quarter janas attended co start at the takeover milwaukee though they trailed in the fourth box made iran celtics saturday answer marched against middleton four on the shot clock more fall away monster shot by marcus morris with the shot clock winding down ooh ninety one eighty seven and then it got interesting you're on the right side now the motion starts away from the ball rosier switching to the right hand steps back good looking at three dear.

Astros los angeles celtics middleton davis milwaukee boston sec marcus morris espn nba iran
"ver  lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"ver lander" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"The game 7 because last night in addition to pass now candy couch will bar reactions and all that other stuff we did o by the way have game 6 of the world series last night trusted ver lander on the mound richil for the dodgers and a game that looked a lot more like early in this series before we got back to use the before the game five but what a stark contrast game 5 to game 6 where we had that run explosion in game five you saw all the stress on these ballpens without a ton of rast all these relief guys in los angeles that really just got battered around a we saw runs scored a clip that were making us ask a lot of questions we're talking she used balls we're getting all the conspiracy theories out while we still have the chance for getting the old by the way this is kind of just which used in does it home this is how houston was wins games and on the other side houston bought last night that if they were going to go in a row win a game on the road with the los angeles dodgers games trip burland there was going to be the guide do it now he was still very impressive for the most part of last night but between that between what we saw with jack peterson who has defied a lot of logic an expectation this postseason it's all fed into a series that is in most ways predictably unpredictable but don't take my word for it his why would you i'm not going to ask you to take the word of our favorite friend of the show does naturally no he's a friend of the show but were to call the friend of the show tip kirch in our espn major league baseball insider just when you think you understand that this is going to happen the opposite appetite it happened in game two that it abinet gave five with clayton kershaw he was supposed to win that game and then it was supposed to happen tonight with justin verleger as he just sailed through those first five innings and then they scored two runs in the six seeing the dodgers did what.

world series dodgers los angeles houston jack peterson clayton kershaw justin verleger espn
"ver  lander" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

Mason & Ireland

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"ver lander" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"Remember people forget the dodgers basically traded for world this chapman they hatem yes chapman had that offthefield incident where he was charged with domestic violence and the dodgers got nervous and backed out of the trade so chapman ended up going to the cubs yup they could have had him but he went to the cubs and in the postseason chapman help beat him beat the dodgers ver lander was on the open market dodgers certainly could adam they elected not to they thought it was too expensive this was an over given a prospects they weren't asking for anybody they were just trying to find somebody to take the contract right the astros took the contract and now or could help beat the dodgers ob two years in a row that the dodgers had a chance to get the guy who helped beat them and and they didn't do it so it it it sometimes in baseball the decisions you don't make infects can affect you about as much as the ones you do yeah we talked to cranston yesterday i mean i hate to say i mean i hope he's not right i hope he's not right i hope that in fact the dodgers are able to beat verlind or tonight because if they aren't then cranston we'll have been so so uncannily right it's ridiculous if it's not just that they didn't get ver lander but ver lander is the one that beats them in and elimination game right it makes cranston the right as well and with world inputs houston over the top but it's so they the astros went for the niger didn't now in defence of the dodgers at the time they were playing really well and they didn't think they needed him but now he's you know they're upping incident and he's patron item i mentioned the weather yeah there's a fifteen percent chance of rain tonight at first pitch so eighty five percent chance it's not going to rain but it is cloudy it is overcast and.

dodgers chapman domestic violence cubs astros baseball verlind cranston niger eighty five percent fifteen percent two years
"ver  lander" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"There's a lot of guys that we have faced in each other's lineups that can only help the pitcher's her shaw became the first pitcher all season a strike out eleven astros in a game martavis bryant said if i'm not going to be more a part of this offense at pittsburgh i've got to get out if he really wants out of their how do you get out of their the first thing to do is have a normal conversation the core here's mike in mind we are busy we are at a wednesday morning represented by progressive insurance terrific hour on the way on the shelf benzopyrene form sign prudent herbie backtoback plenty of football talk about football pro and then colleges college in herbie i gotta bondevik where you're going to get added with her we finally and and of course the world series last night clinton crucial sensational michael made two big mistakes and the dodgers made and pay the dodgers take a three one win and a two ice may one nothing series lead in two hours and twenty eight in it through mistakes by michael two home runs one mistake by kershaw you good good good pitching going on rich he'll tonight against ver lander we just had edwato peres anura thought hill will go maybe fortify five innings if that that was the expectation or they he thinks it would be then get to the bullpen bullpen had two two guys throw last night six up six down and how 'bout this the dodgers bullpen our last seven games 23 innings no runs allow twenty seven strike out and one walk they've been ridiculous so if you use them a little bit more tonight then you got to travel they the day off in order to get them refreshed a little bit on where'd you go so we'll see if you take a twonothing lead with you on the road as well obviously feel ridiculous that good about yourself if you've gotten through kyko enver lander and freelander who has been one of the great midseason trade acquisition to ever and with that but that congress asian can begin a little bit here too about the great pickups that we've ever seen at the trade deadline they don't beat the yankees without him as no way in the world they get through that series with advert lender being every bit as good as he.

shaw astros pittsburgh world series clinton michael dodgers hill kyko enver lander yankees bryant herbie backtoback football edwato peres two hours
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"Detroit tigers and they went up against one of the best pitchers in baseball today ver lander was on his game today is that mr upton tas justin upton visitor i think he he makes more money than he does you think yes kate upton is they'll mix more than tom he may be unable to go i think bernie sanders making a buck twentyfive million a year a believe he makes a lot of money theory and she may already makes twenty million dollars a year he's probably him as much as her italy's boy does it sucked to be him or her or her but i mean him in particular because he's nays mary to her yeah he's making twenty eight million dollars this year 28 next here twenty of the year after twenty two and twenty twenty failures may twenty eight million the previous two seasons his total cash earnings so far to date if we're doing this before taxes he's made a hundred and seventy three million already there you go so so do you think i don't i don't know anything about him personally do you think if he wasn't star major league pitcher making twenty eight million a year she'd be with the model now i'm just saying she made up them well yeah but he's on suggest invert lander he can get care is she does the need for you to need money take care of her so she obviously loves them for who yet anybody you're probably right tim probably right about that too rockies lose two out of three to a pretty bad detroit tigers team two tigers have been disappointed to sheer they have a huge payroll and they're not a very good team this year but they went up against burland or one of the best pitchers in baseball he was on his game and i believe i heard earlier that the brewers one today they did so the rockies lose a game to the brewers then but they're still up three games samir their seventy two and sixty or whatever seventy two and the birth at sixty nine games nine wins so three threegame lead currently dodgers in die in backs tonight the two and a half right now for the diamondbacks could jump to three and a half obviously if they beat the dodgers in arizona and then the dbacks come here they took tomorrow up.

Detroit tigers baseball kate upton bernie sanders tim brewers rockies diamondbacks dodgers arizona mr upton italy mary detroit tigers twenty eight million dollars twenty million dollars
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"With peterson is you're you're robbing peter to pay paul you you've got gotta get a situation there where you'd no offense from peterson and you don't get great defense from granderson but i think peterson has to hit a little better but they have options now have how 'bout this do you watching him yesterday yes okay how 'bout how could furlough berliners ridiculous yeah 100 and i wonder i wonder if we know that was the brian cranston plan brand cranston plan was to make a deal for justin verlander here that he would start for the dodgers yesterday as opposed to starting for the tigers here's when i'm worried about and by the way i think rain attacked a cooper cup coming up next from the rams cool but he may search and i'm worried about i think the whole league saw would ver lander did to the dodgers yesterday specifically to the dodgers right and now somebody's going to get all dodgers will you know who it's going to be the cubs or the john leicester got hurt the cubs are the ones that are going to mexico for just over land that's what i'm worried about yeah like cooper cup from the rams coming up may soon ireland espn elect rds a may soon ireland and so man we saw a tremendous performance from cooper cup uh the young wide receiver rookie wide receiver for the los angeles rams saturday night six catches seventy yards and a touchdown in the first half of that game against the raiders and cooper on lima this now congratulations man how are ya gray i'm very girth and chromium did you think you could make that much of an impact in just your second nfl game.

cubs nfl los angeles ireland espn mexico brian cranston lima cooper raiders john leicester peterson lander rams tigers dodgers justin verlander berliners granderson paul peter seventy yards