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"venison serena" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"venison serena" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"So descended for for a while. Definitely close and successful together she won she won several. Double slums with annacone covers well, didn't she's relationship obviously recovered from the rivalry? The matches comment I. My sense, a little bit was Hingis soil the attention that Kona Kai if a Golz. And a didn't like it and be kind of wanted to have her share and probably lights hanging out with corner cover for some of the attention That's how it came across. The time, and I think that that also was probably a distraction. From? I think she enjoyed the life, I think she enjoyed the city of the Razzmatazz went around all. And I'm not sure that helps her achieve as much as she could have done. David, you interviewed Martina Hingis back in January of twenty fourteen when she was inbetween. We're cooling phases two and three of her career, she she'd had her singles comeback. And we'll talk about that in a moment of bit, she was it was before she made her turn to the doubles. Cool on which she had great great success most notably with Sunday Mirror. And you covered a number of topics he started off by. Asking her about success she had such a young age and asking her why why? That was so special that people on on doing what she was doing at fifteen sixteen. Thinking mainly part of it is also okay. The game has gotten more physical it's. The technology is different but also because the girls they're not allowed to play as many tournaments which I totally disagree with this alleged ability rule because I think girls should be open a free roof at the age of sixteen. I was already two years on the tour. I mean I had some rules as well, but not as strict as they are. These days that the girls that are only free to play the full schedule from eighteen so I think you know they losing away two years of time and. It's hard to to pick it up when you're eighteen or twenty. When you need that experience and. So. That's why we see champions for older these days. Of course. The you retired for the first time at just twenty two. It seems extraordinary when a lot of players are starting to to make their name of that sort of age. Did you feel that you missed out at all by playing as young as young as you did now not at all, actually because I felt like I had a little bit after myself. Already at twenty two and I had still grapefruit. Scher bright future ahead of me and. I mean still of course there's years of tennis and I mean headed a little comeback in which I'm still very proud of and I don't know it's I think sometimes also the priorities change, and it just I played. Juniors already when I was like yeah, twelve and thirteen so I had that experience and I. It was a different time i. believe as well because you know playing. Against, Steffi Graf Rancho Sanchez at that time. who were like ten years older than me? They all started the young as well so I wasn't the only one at that time, but Yeah. They had long careers I had shorter one, but still you know the ten year career is not like. Only, one one hit wonder. You, wouldn't you? I totally fifteen years ago. I mean not not long after that. You were playing against Serena Williams. Who is still dominating the tennis circuit today? That is extraordinary, isn't it? it is definitely but. It also tells you know how. Great assistance. We're when when they played. You know like in two thousand one and two and they were. At their best so and now still it's amazing, but she's always been very smart about their schedule. She never played as many tournaments I mean they had a lot of breaks and. I mean injury here and there, but they were very smart about it and I think that's why she's played. Like half of the matches at that time that I've played with the devils and everything play mixed doubles so maybe the age of twenty five. When I had my comeback, she only played like half of the dementia. The tournaments that I did so. She still had like the five years ahead of me. So that's pretty interesting. Implication there is that she she possibly suffered from from a playing, and yet she is adamantly opposed to the age eligibility rule, which is in place to to prevent burnout if young players, so it's not necessarily a coherent view, but it is, it is an interesting one. I also think it's a bit of an excuse that she's giving herself and probably a bit of a diss of Venison Serena. It by comparison as if she signed, what if I had only played the match I applied. It's still being going today but look. She decided around sheduled with okay with management company with her mother, and as we say, she won the calendar year. Slam in doubles in ninety eight. She was playing singles and doubles all the time she played over ninety matches in one, thousand, nine, hundred and one I think she lost about six or eight matches in the whole year. And her success was just. Crystallized into this very short period of time, and I've often thought with other prodigies I was thinking about Wayne Rooney's career that he was never more the English football of that he was never more devastating than when he was seventeen years of age same with Michael. Owen and I'm not sure necessarily. Certain players have longevity in them. I don't know whether Hingis hand that in her mentally you talked about whether she whether it was grit, and now she made comebacks, but I just find it quite interesting that it's almost like she. She turned her life upside down. To what most people have most people have childhood, Fun and Games, and then get serious and become something she was. Immediately, and then started to wish she could ride horses and do fun things and went and did them at the age of twenty two and then got bored. On say I think and and that's when comeback starts into in two thousand and six and I covered that and for the first month, or so it was joyous. I remember her. Her Australian Open Comeback. She beat Venus of. Ever in the first round, who was seated and absolutely took her apart, and it was just rolling back the years, glorious tenants, but She was never as good as she was before and yes, she found it difficult. I think to leave the sport. And yet she also couldn't hack it anymore. So. She ended up leaving the sport three times. Yes she had three three separate retirements will. We'll talk about each of these just in a minute, but let's I hear from Mary Carillo reflecting on well, Martina Hingis his career generally, but first of all on that Wimbledon triumph in nineteen ninety-seven. Matter a quote in his research from Hingis saying she hated Gross. That obviously coming before she ended up winning the title, his Mary Reflecting on why Hanks's game worked on the grass. People think that you've got to the overpowering to win, Wimbledon..

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