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"venezuelan agostino" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"So, you know, Trump's make America great again. And you know, people will see never voted though before Trump. What? Is it true that you never voted before Trump? No, Trump was the first time that I ever voted. Dude, I knew that the votes never mattered before. I was like, dude, I'm not going to vote, man. I know my vote, my one vote is not going to make a difference. They don't even take into account my vote. It always goes into, you know, the main political vote that they care about, you know, it's all right, man. It's all a work. Everybody knows that. There's no honesty behind our election, and there's no integrity behind our election. So who's tonight's girl, by the way? And I struggle? Yeah. I got a nice little Venezuelan agostino. I'm going to go see. And you know, we're going to get some good bedroom party, and then I'm flying up to Orlando tomorrow. I'm going to go enjoy my weekend and Disney. And I got a couple of tricks everywhere. Fuck Minnie mouse. Caroline, the Italians. So, you know, I like different flavors. I got to have a different flavor for each day. I got a Venezuelan tonight. I had a Argentine last night. I got a Colombian tomorrow. I got an Italian this weekend. So, you know, I'm making the rounds. You ever do pumpkin spice latte? Just a straight down the middle. White girl. No. I had that growing up. So I'm not really into the white girls. I like the mamacitas. I like the African girls a lot. I love a dark skinned girl, man. That's just, I'm drooling every time I see a light skinned dark girl. I've seen your pictures. I'm like, you know, Kobe definitely mixes it up, you know? Now, good for you, man. I'm so excited. Now, who do you like Conor McGregor Poirier three? You know, I think Dustin's sorrier is going to get it done. I honestly think con man McGregor has done Manny's cashed out. He made all that money with the Mayweather fight with his whisky company. He's not hungry. He's not the same guy. It was waking up early in the morning to go out there and accomplish his dreams. Now he's got a big bank account. You know, he's lazy. He's not hungry anymore. So he's looking for one more fight and I honestly, I don't think they're going to go very well for him. You said it all, Kobe. Have a go bacon, man. Yeah, dude, you're the best. You're going to make me rich, you're an X fight. Take care of your bank account great again. Only at my book you not AG. Thanks. I appreciate it, man. Thank you. Thanks, boys. Have a good one. Me too..

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