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"Staggering 65 More coronavirus deaths in Oklahoma, A new record. The State Health Department today reported that 39 happened in just the last seven days 14 were associated with long term care facilities. Deaths or spread across 19 counties, including 11 fatalities, and Cleveland County, 12 in Oklahoma County and 11 in Tulsa County. One state lawmaker wants to help out essential workers who have kept the state running during the pandemic. Here's Michael Board with that story. House Minority Leader Emily Virgin has filed a bill that would require a portion of any future stimulus money the state receives to be paid to employees of business is deemed essential during the pandemic. Hourly workers would receive no less than an additional $3 per hour and salary workers would get an additional $1200. Virgin says her legislation rewards Oklahomans who have continued to show up and keep our state alive and inmate from the Oklahoma County jail, was able to escape this morning as he and other detainees were being escorted out of the jail to be loaded. Onto a band. Here's Margot Murano vases. Rubio escaped out the garage door of the jail and later stole a van from a nearby business. Police spotted the van and chased Rubio, who was taken into custody after a brief pursuit. Rubio had been convicted of kidnapping and domestic abuse. A statement from the jail says Investigators are actively engaged in identifying all contributing factors to the incident and addressing them immediately in a lawsuit filed by Senate President Pro TEM Greg Treat, and House Speaker Charles McCall, the state Supreme Court has ruled Governor Kevin Stitt lacked the authority to enter into gaming compacts with the United Key to abandoned Cherokees and the Kylie G tribal town. The compacts were signed. Last July, and the mother of two Children who drowned in a Tulsa Creek after wandering away from their apartment is heading to prison for 10 years. It's a plea agreement. Venetia Willis pleaded guilty to two counts of child neglect. She had been charged with second degree murder, and the Belk Department store chain is filing for bankruptcy. North Carolina based retailer says.

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