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"velez house" Discussed on Cardionerds

"Think publicize it however they can. I also want to add that. It's not just the people of color that our program has to recruit you have to recruit a whole class that is invested in mission. And so my class. I can shoot my classes on all day long right so we have. I believe eight blocks residents one latina in our class but the rest of the class. Who aren't you are. Ems are still people who came to university of chicago with understanding that they were going to be taking care of a poor southside population and saw that as boone rather than as a disadvantage right. And that's the thing is like you have to recruit a class that is committed to taking care of our population right and committed to actually like confronting issues of diversity medicine and confronting their own internalised buyers etc right if you make the environment unsafe and you recruit underrepresented minorities into that environment. They're not going to thrive there and the and we talk amongst ourselves there so few of us know which of those places are. So i think a program that wants to make themselves more attractive to underrepresented minorities has to do two things. First of all has to look within itself actually asked whether they're willing to make the changes willing to take back feedback to make themselves more welcoming and more safer. You are m.'s. Than the other thing i think is important is to also and this is going to be a little controversial right like is to also consider not necessarily just picking from the same pot of like the fifty or sixty black students who gone to like top medical schools and gotten great score than have studied. Cd's right like you have to also look and look at the applicants who realistically right like look at distance travel right look look at missions et cetera et cetera Actually read their applications. Because i i do think every time i've interviewed right i run into the same people over and over again because we're all kind of coming from the same pot. So do you think that programs are really invested in this mission. Really have to like actually take a step back and look at what they're willing to change or just about themselves to actually realize it. So dr smith. What do you enjoy doing outside of work when you're not in bangkok lab not seeing patients in the unit. How do you find that. Work life balance of interest and i think that's enables me to completely dive into work when i'm there but i did a lot of things i mean funny story shirley in about when i was a doctor velez house with my broken foot because i put my flippers i. I'm a soccer player. Or i was at least so you know so i i play soccer. I play on a sports. I'm really into music too. So i played guitar. Pretend like sometimes to. I'm not sure either. Surely invite on my outside hobbies and a lot of things. I write also so i think this whole narrative medicine is fascinating because somebody i've i've always done is especially in of heart failure. I mean there are so many incredible stories that you know. I never wanna forget so i i do right. Allow the stories of patients down sesame. I did my free time as well. So i think for me. It's work light balance extremely extremely important for mental health reasons. I think as providers in heart failure. Sometimes it's possible to burn out because you have to invest so much of yourself into your patients. So i'll have a little bit of separation just so i can. You know. I can sort of clear my head and put everything perspective before diabetic into work again. But yeah i mean i. It's important to have a real real balance. I mean just to make sure that we can do this long term funding once you start as an attending. You're like i have to do this. The rest of my life. But wow this is like thirty thirty. Plus years of my life so support to pace yourself had a wonderful discussion and we. We started out saying shirley. You've been planning this for such a long time. But you know i mean. Dan have this active chat going on silent about how incredible this has been so very much worth the wait as close. I'd like to recognize the gravity of the discussions that we've been having right about the very real inequities that we face in healthcare for our patients and in the professional opportunities for our colleagues as sobering as these issues are have to say. I feel even more hopeful hopeful because of the signs of meaningful change are all around us. Signs like dr smith your advocacy and promotion of junior colleagues like charlene. Assigns like charlene's own incredible work with activism this powerful use of narratives in mentoring junior colleagues and signs like the recent inauguration of our very first black and asian indian woman vice president speaking of the inauguration and of hope i have to say i had chills during a medic gorman's recital of her poem the hill declined and the following brought so much optimism in my mind for our future and al qaeda. But i've definitely won't do it justice. I think for these. If you're interested. Please watch the video along with a medical men's body language in cadence in the passion with which he says he's words she says we are striving to forage a union with purpose to compose a country committed to all cultures colors characters and conditions of man. And so we lift. Our gaze is not to what stands between us but what stands before us. We close the divide because we know to put our future i must i put our differences aside. We lay down our arms so we can reach out our arms to one another we seek harm to none in harmony for all you know. She may have been talking about the mission for this very narrative series so with that. I'd like to thank you. Both dr smith and charlene for helping us in recognizing these problems thinking about the solutions and sharing our hope. Thank you so much on it. I've been looking forward to doing this. Talk with you. Since the moment you brought it up months ago and on the topic of hope. let's disclose this discussion as amanda gorman closed her poem the new dom blooms as we see it for. There's always liked if only brave enough to see it if only were brave enough to be it. Oh my gosh. That was absolutely beautiful and this was incredibly important. Powerful discussion has gone from like laughs. Too crazy goosebumps to just feeling the raw emotion that doctors in shirley and have really brought to this discussion and i just feel very humble. That will be able to get this out to the audience that they can hear these perspectives important narratives and cardiology so dr smith's trillion. Thank you thank you. Thank you for elevating bacardi earth platform in this way with this incredible discussion. Thank you so much for including me. This has been incredible. And honestly all of you give me hope for the future you know with this digital platform. I think there's so much that you can do. And i think you guys are thinking creatively about how to move cardiology forward. So i'm really excited.

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