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"vatu bottas" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"vatu bottas" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Know, it's quite similar to Verstappen in 2019 at Mexico's incident there, the cost in poll. In fact, he passed Bottas crash. You would expect drivers of this caliber at this level to think there's probably going to be a yellow flag. It's tricky. It's very, very tricky. They have got that sort of tunnel vision of our we need to get to the line as fast as we can. But yeah, it's just I suspect this will be quite costly. And I think you said, you know, what sort of penalty could we be looking at? Well, there's sort of there's precedent already set, which actually is very relevant this week. It's Lewis Hamilton, 2020, Austrian Grand Prix passing a in that case, it was a yellow flag marker board, and when Valtteri Bottas had gone off ahead of him there. Well that was brought up in Mercedes appeal to have a right of review. You know, instigating, can we get a writer review into Verstappen's driving in interlagos? And they argued, you know, that it was additional footage that became available then that led to Hamilton's penalty. Now, that's where that thing mattering stops because then you get into all the stewards deciding, you know that he wasn't significantly strategic et cetera in the staff and case in terms of his on board. But why that's relevant is that he passed a single yellow flag on the market board, got a three place grid penalty. So you would assume Bottas and science will get a three place grid penalty. Verstappen, passing double yellow flags, that would be treated more harshly. You would assume at least 5 places. Possibly more, I doubt it. But yeah, that's what I would, that's what I would expect. I could be wrong, but yeah, that's what I expect. So that would definitely shake things up for tomorrow's race. And I'm actually quite intrigued about how things could unfold if that is the case, because there's been so much talk, of course, you know, if Lewis was to win this race in Saudi and max was to come home P two, then they would go into Abu Dhabi level on points. How much potential do you think there is for max to make his way through the park given that lots of the drivers have already commented on the fact that they think they'll be limited overtaking opportunities here because it is just the nature of the track doesn't allow for that. Do you think that this could actually throw a bit of a spanner in the works in terms of this championship battle and this idea that everyone has a bit going down to this final showdown in Abu Dhabi? Massively massively you got to say it has to go down as max's first major error of the season. If he is found found found guilty and things like that, you know, obviously, I know that these are broadcast on our social media channels on autosport in the mornings, maybe don't play out my verdict there before before the actual steward's decision is complete. But what I would say is, yeah, if it does come to it, it has to go down as a big error. And yeah, it really impacted his chances really, really, really does because Lewis Hamilton and I fully expect if it's Lewis Hamilton, Pierre gasly and Fernando Alonso at the head of the field, Lewis Hamilton will just disappear. The race is essentially already one. What's gasly in Alonzo? What are they going to do against the Mercedes at turn one? It's not their race. He's going to disappear off into the distance. Obviously does have to worry about his engine reliability, but if he's not being chased by Max Verstappen in a Red Bull, you know, he can just take it that little bit easier in terms of himself the way he's driving stressing that engine. So yeah, never write off Max Verstappen. Absolutely never write him off. He's very clever people, a Red Bull in terms of strategy. They may be able to use that to get him back ahead. As you say, Arianna, I'm fully expecting it not to be a particularly interesting race because it's such a technical majority of the track. It's corner corner corner corner. Where is the passing going to come? You would expect him to be able to overtake an Alpine and definitely an alpha towery if he comes up behind gas leaks, obviously, you know, there's a sister squads, but yeah, it's going to be difficult. It's going to be difficult getting there. So tricky, very tricky, I expect is the afternoon that matches up and we'll have. And unfortunately, in this instance, if he is found guilty, all his own fault. What we will keep an eye on the steward's decision and of course keep an eye on all of auto sports social media and everything they'll be bringing good news as soon as it breaks. But let's talk about the qualifying ses that we saw today because Lewis Hamilton took that politician and he did so in style with quite a big margin over Max Verstappen there. I mean, four and a half times. That was quite something. What did you make of that performance? Were you expecting him to pull out a lap with such a margin over his closest rival? No, I think even Louis said he was surprised that the gap, I think Red Bull struggling here. You know, we know that Verstappen went back towards a sort of wing setup that he had felt very comfortable with when he topped FB one, you know, he said he didn't feel happy in FP two or FP three, qualifying said it was all right. Just wasn't fast. I think the Mercedes is just hit the ground running. They're really, really nailed it. They've got things comfortable. They actually found this all out on vatu Bottas car. It's the setup that Bottas has been running for the start. The Hamilton went in different way. They deliberately try different things, putting back towards that. And you know, they naturally got together. I think when Bottas says, oh, I'm a bit confused. How can I be so far off when I was heading back to and I think, well, you're seeing the natural progression of if you put them back towards the same sort of setup, Lewis Hamilton is a faster driver. That is what that is what would happen. You know, historically, historically, we know that. And he's been unfortunate for us to end up behind Verstappen at least for the moment because yeah, you would expect that really should have been a front row lockout for Mercedes considering the pace of the car. But at the same time, what a lap for Lewis Hamilton. What a lap. I do wonder whether he's still he's still fueled by that he perceives as that injustice of being sent to the back in qualifying interlagos. These things, these motivational things who sports people can be so important. You know, Tom Brady and the NFL still annoyed about things that happened to him 20 years ago and uses that to bring out his best. So perhaps that's what happening with something. I don't know, but whatever. It was absolutely incredible. You know, three tenths up on his own already best lap. You know, any second running Q three, it was tremendous..

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