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"vatikiotis" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"But there's a couple of chocks the beaten five thousand of the not my favorite race, the handicap, but take a little extra then we get the Gulf Dame. You gotta to Philly mayor race on long, sir. A regular rates. Good rates. I usually try to find the center of the rails at sixty feet. And I don't know. I don't even know what that means to tell you the truth, and they're on the insight course, the outside court. So I kind of try to that. Of course is so big but found a few horses in here battle of Blenheim, and then three of them on the outside the from Kelly green is going to have some speed loan speed might use him medal of honor and then siding spring with or cheese on their horses. Already won the condition. It comes back to the tag not a bad race circuit kind of narrow that down to three or four. Then we go back to Gulfstream. For the old Nate and twenty on the term and don't get a chance to see a whole lot of these out here. Although that's in the future is what I'm hearing. But couple of courses in there that that that I liked and look that were the droppers I seemed always to go the droppers Tony more God has a horse there that he's just got off a Pletcher second time back. There's a first time starter from George Weaver, which you know, what big first time started for the maiden twenty. But the field has so many you can taught that that most ride with Iran Ortiz getting on for the first time might be might be a play in there. And then there's the speed horse. I win ski wine at the beach. That's worth taking a look. I mean, there's looks to me like there's a half dozen throw out that just got it off. And you gotta hope that some of those don't don't get in there. The top rate, but those are the rates maybe you can narrow down get the Golden Gate gotta made Nate, which I I had. Laugh at myself last night. I'm watching replays of made Nate's which I don't do that often. You gotta be kidding me. But anyway, I wanted to particularly those big common rates in here. The daddies mistress rates, and I wanted to pick for attention, the horse ran second. There Princess run it the rest of them were kinda didn't do much this horses. I start ran a little green early but finished with the little guts, though. So I'm gonna try narrow this down for instance, run it, and I time or from Bill Delia culture Bouzo just because some of these are so bad, but Princess run it look good to be on film. And that. That's about as bad as best way to handicap that as I could. And then we come here to Dan in need it for the final leg down the hill for for Phillies allowance race and try to narrow that down because it looks like you're gonna have to go wide early. But to keep them from the bills far barn came back from a little bit of a layup with the lean got right down late. I like that time Vatikiotis looks live in here horse from.

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