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"van noy valor foundation" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"van noy valor foundation" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"All it's a race to the finish line to get to that game. And we knew we have the talent we knew we had the players the right coaches that had great game plans all year. We just kept added cut down and kept working. And eventually, you know, we we just crack the code and played patriots football here in the playoffs. I mean, if you watch that defensive performance, I don't think there's been you know, quarterback to have thrown that low or whatever, I don't know the stats. I don't really care about the end of the day. We just won another championship in people can't really say nothing right now, they can't nobody can take that from you. Let's come full circle on this. I think we have some listeners that would really be interested in what you have to say about this before. I let you go. And I don't know if you remember Kyle but back in the day years ago when you were at BYU, I did a streak of interviews with athletes named Kyle. And you were number twenty nine in that streak honestly out of their best only street. It was fun, man. It was fun. Would you look? How on your time at BYU what kind of thoughts. Do you have? Oh, man, that's a long time ago. Honestly, look back at those times. It is the man upstairs is blessed self much. You know, I I've been given so much, and that's why I give I think one of the best things that I have that my wife, and I have done since that time is brought on foundation, the vowel valor Vanoy Bowers foundation dot org. If you want to check it out. It's great. We work with foster care struggling youth in the community, and adoption, and we just try to strengthen kids for success. And whatever it is they want to do. And that's kind of you know, me to a t is always wanna get back. You know, I have people I'll give the sweat shirt off my back for someone. That's just the type of love. I have. I'm all about spreading loved in this world. And you know, that's me. I just want to spread love baby. And I've been living. I would say growing up. I I was just you know, trying to make my way. But now, I'm truly living life and love in life. I would say since BYU experience. Yes, I'm loving life. If you really quickly if the listeners want more information about the foundation, where do they go to get it van noy valor foundation dot org. He is a two time SuperBowl champion. He was an all American at BYU. And that right. There is the k v n show. I oh, man. We killed. We killed a man, especially you cal-. Congrats man. So good to hear your voice. Really good. Have you on the show? Kyle great job. Thank everybody. Tune tune the name Joe loved the jam all the time, man. He he's a beast of what he does. He's great to be a part of on his journey. Thanks for having me jail. Cal. You're the best. You're a beast of what you do. And it's great to be a part of your journey to the k v n show did I or did I not say at the top the program. It was going to be a good show. And then whenever a guest comes on and says, this is the cave N show their good shows when I'm on the radio. I know it's going to be a good interview. And it was awesome. Kyle Vanoy patriot champion two time champion Whoopi enjoyed that. And if you hear hate the patriots, you probably didn't how do you not respect that guy the way he approaches it the way it gets after it and that defense and the job that number. They did on the Rams. Have to respect it. And I didn't get into it. I wanted to there are so many guys in that defense. I'll get to a break in ten seconds. So many guys that defense they did things in that game that they did not do the entire year. Played positions. Didn't play the entire year did things some of them have never done their entire lives. And they did it on that big stage. That's the genius of those players that coaching staff. Nah, I'm done. Thanks to Calvin joined the k v n show tougher sports update. Here's the latest Andrew bogusch. Sorry about that take.

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