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"vannatter bush" Discussed on The Next Big Idea

"To this crazy. Scientists urologist a bunch of kooks. And they don't want to deal with it so vannatter bush who was in charge of that worked with them to get the sign. Get the pilots to try it out and they did. Nothing happened for almost a year. So finally he said the problem was transferred the other way so we got the scientists the crazy artists to get in the carpets with the pilot and they discovered when they were flying over the atlantic or when they were flying over battlefield the pilots when they were being shot at fine hundreds miles an hour. They didn't want to deal with in a thirteenth switches on these crazy boxes worked but there are so many switches there. We didn't have time to figure it out. They realized that technology was great. The user interface was lousy. They went back identified. This created this display the movies with the oscilloscope and sweeping line. Put it in the plans. Planes went out within thirty days to germany. Lost one third of ubud fleet two months later the german admiral sent a message. All the boats in the atlantic withdraw. The dallas lost. The lanes were clear to resupply england. The lanes were cleared for an allied invasion your so. That's how managing the transfer is so important. You need to be gardner. Not right they say you need to set up a loose shots to have in a business sense. Your soldiers are are actually delivering. The profits from franchises. That you've already established you gotta make sure that there is. They're separated but there's a channel of communication between the now you also write about different types of lucia. Some of them are more about strategy. Some of them are more about products tells about that why matters this is enormously especially today because there are these two types of it. There's a a product. Explain what i mean. But there's a product that everybody says will never work whether that was telephone where people sit out. It doesn't work that if it does is just going to be a toy the transistor you could never make stretch out of solid state devices or personal computers digital products and people said could never work. Small shifts in strategy are subtle changes in how you deliver stuff to customer. That had known technique. I'll give you an example sam walton. When he was a young kid wanted to open a retail store. So i want to do it where people are which is big cities so of course it turns out his wife didn't like big cities and said i'll sam honey support your dream but i'm not letting town with more than ten thousand people so he liked being married also liked clam hunting and he discovered. There was one region in the country whether these four states that are you know media points in four different quayle seasons. We said. let me go there. Because i'm not gonna quayle all year round and also remarried. Win win bentonville arkansas. That's where he opened his store new technologies. He just moved a slightly different place. Sold stuff a little bit cheaper white out the entire industry that was s title in child. No technology so the problem is most people have a blind spot to one or the other especially today in our culture today. We worship products. Brian product these product. Innovators myths subtle shifts in strategy. And i'll give you an example. I mean if you remember when ibm was dominant computer company. In the world. The industry was ibm. In the seven dwarfs it was so much bigger than any other computer company. And what happened to that. They're not even players in that in that computer business now. What happened to them. They had a blind spot what was by. They saw themselves as a company and that was true for thirty or forty or fifty years. People think the personal computer took out. Ibm not what happened. Ibm was the dominant product company. And they thought what we do. Is we make people buy our products. Hey personal computers and other product. Let's do it. And they went all in and personal computers and there were a little bit after apple a little bit after commodore and tiara and radio shack and they ate their lunch. They went to number one they at billions of five billion sales. In first three years they were the dominant personal computer company happened. They missed a subtle shift in strategy. They missed with customers cared about so in the course of building. This product is everybody buys. Ibm brand because we're ibm. We make the best products in another product by this stuff in the course of building that computer. They said the stuff inside doesn't matter slow stuff like oh i don't know. The operating system outsource that to at the time and thirty two person company in seattle called microsoft and other components that called the microprocessor. That also doesn't matter what matters is product in our brand because that's what people want the product. So let's we're going to outsource to a little Chipmaker company that's kinda struggling financially in silicon valley called intel fast forward. They didn't realize customers didn't care about the brand. They just wanted to send emails to their friends and for that. The brand of the box doesn't matter what matters is standards stuff like software microprocessor. Today the combined. Mike marquis of microsoft and intel is well over one and a half trillion dollars. Ibm is not even a tenth of that. So that's what happens when you miss your blind spot. What is a lesson from the book about how to be effective as a leader in a large organization. The three things you need to do one into set by since. I don't have a very good memory. I remember it. Visually i remember it as an ice cube a garden hoe and a heart ice cube separate your artists in your soldiers does different jobs different languages. You need different systems. Ice and water number to be a garden. Moses you gotta manage the transfer number three may actually be the most important anyways and it's not talked about as much and it's it's so frustrating people get so wrong number three. I mean love your artists and soldiers equally. I'll give you an example. A friend of mine is a well-known magazine and his putting is in charge of putting out an issue every thirty days and she was complaining to me. She said the senior management is just always in love with whoever squeaking the loudest about the the latest shiny penny in about others as we could deal with this purge blah blah blah blah and pays no attention to the people who are doing ninety five percent of the work of putting out a magazine every day. So how does it make. Those people feel like crap taken for granted. Why raining little scrapers. Getting all the attention from the ceo's what you find is truly great leaders have learned to balance and appreciate because you need just having an idea is getting the ball from your your goal to your five yard line. The next ninety five yards down the field is about turning that idea into a product about delivering product and then on time on budget. You need the soldiers for that ours for that and they both have to be appreciated. And let's go so for the many folks here who are at being worst building company. So they're at they're very embryonic stage. What are some lessons.

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