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"vanilli limerick" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

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"vanilli limerick" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

"Your over brave man's game. I just makes me even more excited for the condo star no this is Chase. That's going to be a cracking race. Because you know brave lens game is going to be favorite. Yeah, until all that northern money starts coming in from and then. That Ned Stark money starts to start rolling in. Not all. Links. Links start getting stuck in. Far out delay. So I'm a massive vanilli fan and thought he was absolutely brilliant in the potential race. And his down royal form has already been franked in the dream more last week. And of course, he's won his second start of offenses. Antarctic lane is the horse who beat vanilli limerick last year. And he got into the winters and closure for Gordon, as part of his 7. Beating blue Sari. So he looks like a chaser. Most of the gigant horses, that's exactly what they're built for everything and again, they have a juvenile hurdler in their midst, but it looks as though chasing is going to be the name of the game with him. He's beaten blue sorry. And in the end, did he do it comfortably enough for you? Yeah. Look closer. I really fancy him for I think a fancy name for the champion bumper a couple of years ago. He run really well and I think did he finish second in the champion bumper blue serum? Didn't he nearly beat envoy? Nearly London, didn't he? Is it yeah? So yeah, look, obviously garden had a great day. He couldn't do anything wrong. Don't know whether he. Spoke to any cheltenham prices or what, but look, it looked like it was only doing enough on me. He was just pretty serious in front and obviously blue Sari was at the switch and he was nearly getting there. But he was all well and I always liked blue sorry, so I think probably it was a good performance without being anything or excited about. It's important to point Gordon is adamant he needs not just soft. He needs it heavy. Yeah, that's the thing yet. It's like all this farm has been on heavy ground in this. Yeah. So he's mentioned limerick, which is the chase getting another mention. By the way, a big problem is that when the ballet, the potential race, the one of the. Massive, I've heard of the a from the point to point circuit. And I remember being told he was a stone cold, solid moral for limerick. And even though he was beaten, I remember thinking that horses are going to win a nice race. I didn't expect him to bolt up in the potato race, but I'll hold my hands up and say, yeah, it was on him. It was fantastic. Amazing stuff. But it's a horse that's been won by some good horses over the years. Black Hercules, ha ha ha, yeah, I know Patrick completely screwed me over that year. Jesus Christ. Owners of the new don't know oh crap. For those who don't know, Patrick insisted that I not say what the race was. He would tell me, but I had to bleep it out, which I did. So I kept my word. He said that he'd been told by Graham Wally. He was his right in the former. Then, yes, when he won over a shorter trip by panicked and backed him for the RSA. And, of course, he ends up rocking up on the jlt. So I had to I'd say I might have got my steak back by backing him at the jlt. But I was definitely operating at a loss. But not Patrick's fault. You place your you place your you put your own money down and you're responsible for your own money. Yeah, the only person who's responsible for the money that you place in the bet is you yourself. Gento. So the grade two Navin is another for Gordon Elliot, Jamie cart, the aforementioned. He was well backed beforehand. He's beaten Eric bloodaxe. Trashed him by 11 links. Prior to that, he won quite comfortably only seasonally appearance. He's not even beating the once, and that was a fairy house. And from memory didn't he cast or write fuke with his bike walk in the park? 400 and something, was it? A right few quid? You gotta fucking fortune. 470,000 pounds of the queen's finest sovereigns at the and it was trained by Garner. When he won his party, wasn't he? I think he was, yeah. I think he was. So the yard former yard sponsors, northern television, who obviously are still there. In the art, they have gone and invested more. And bought more. But this does look to be because this is one of the unique things about Gordon, according to a point of moisture as well. And Jamie was on board that day. So he would have known because there have been instances where Gordon train point to pointers who then ended up with Willie. Yeah, but were owned by Michael and eddy. So they could have ended up with him. But in the country the most good gray horse of any romance..

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