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"vanessa zito" Discussed on Con Artists

"From the violence Winston separatist mentality of the Manson family to the all consuming codependent dynamic of the source family criminals have relied on a variety of tactics to exert control over their victims but perhaps the most fascinating methods of manipulation is one. The criminal uses on themselves. Denial and self delusion solution in our next clip from our show hostage we cover one of the most twisted cases of self delusion the abduction of Katie Beers kidnapped snapped in one thousand nine hundred ninety two nine year old Katie was kept in an underground bunker chained to the wall where she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her neighbor. John Esposito or big John but unlike Charles Manson or Jim Baker Esposito committed his crimes out of the belief that he was helping being his victim. Katie came from an abusive home so Esposito convinced himself that showering her with gifts and affection would make Katie. Happy Infield loved Vanessa Zito's mind. He had rescued Katie from her neglectful family. And it was giving you the care and attention. She deserved but in reality already. He had trapped her in a literal hell on earth. Sometimes big John would come into the bunker to give Katie eighty food or a toy and then suddenly the blank look would appear on his face and he would rape her one clue about big. John's mental state is how long he remained in denial about sexually abusing Katie. It took more than twenty years for big John To admit he molested Katie and even then he denied raping her. If Big John Really believed he loved children it would have been hard for him to reconcile that with the obvious evidence. He was seriously harming Katie which could lead to denial psychological coping mechanism on the other hand. Win John. ESPOSITO did finally confess. He blamed his lawyers for telling him. I am not to admit to touching Katie. There is one explanation that falls somewhere between extreme denial and willful cruelty Catherine Ramsland Glenn. Phd Co author of the book inside the minds of sexual predators. Says one of the most common types of child. Predators is the quote fixated fixated child offender fixated. Child offenders are stuck at an early stage of psycho sexual development and rationalize away. They're abusive abusive children as showing affection. They may know their actions are wrong but their fixation on children overrides their moral sensibilities. So John John might have known he was hurting Katie. But because he was fixated and felt unable to stop he tried to convince himself he was actually helping her big John's grand gestures like the promise of a car and a huge amount of money on her eighteenth birthday seem like further rationalizations of this abuse. News he was able to convince himself that kidnapping and sexual abuse were actually a net benefit to his victim. The John had molested children children. Before and in those cases too he cast himself as a helpful male role model in their lives among John. ESPOSITO's victims Katie's sixteen-year-old enrolled maternal half brother John Beers.

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