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"vanessa nisa kirby" Discussed on The Date Podcast

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"vanessa nisa kirby" Discussed on The Date Podcast

"Don't even know what that is anymore. Oh even recognize him and I was like the witch or has taken over my life anyway so we know how we got to got for Henry. Cow Henry. Cavill I I love him okay. So the Golden Globes were over the weekend and the Golden Globes as always like. It's the party award. Show the also down in Hampton and they drink and they just drink drink drink drink throughout the whole thing so it's a lot of fun and so a lot of times like everybody's like getting drunk especially they don't win they get real boost up so it's way to cope with exactly Zo. Libya Coleman was nominated for best actress. In a television series crown. I don't like her in the crown know you. I don't know why he's so good. WHO's the other one that I like her so much? So just side note. I was looking at so. If you notice like Claire. Foy and Vanessa Nisa Kirby both have beautiful blue eyes. Because it's reflective of the Queen and Princess Margaret Right rely. They haven't Blue Eyes. Olivia Coleman in Helena. Bonham Carter do not have lives. They have Brown eyes and so I was like interesting like what's going on so I started doing some research as to like well. How did it go from like clarify and Vanessa Kirby having blue eyes and then to Olivia Colman in Helena Bonham Carter having Brown eyes and so they said that they were actually like having them put right like blue contact lenses lenses but like it look like Olivia Colman and like it just kind of like masked they're they're acting acting like it made it look really like sorting fake and so they were like okay so no contacts anymore and so they got to keep their brown? Is I feel like Olivia Colman. You did a beautiful job oric and she won.

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