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"vanessa grimaldi" Discussed on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation

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"vanessa grimaldi" Discussed on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation

"Bachelor nation breakdown, we got a lot of baby. Announcements, babies, books, and bachelor in Paradise. It reminds me of the office. There's things battle star Galactica. Okay. Vanessa grimaldi just had her baby. I feel like we reported on this as we reported on this, like we're on the damn morning news. We talked about this. She didn't know. Later in her pregnancy, but she had her first baby with her husband the day before her own birthday. So she had the baby was born on Nick viall's birthday. Oh, very interesting. Wait, I'm wondering. Or how did you know that? Didn't they tell you that? I just did the next podcast. I talked about that. Interesting. I didn't realize that Nick and Vanessa's birthdays were wrapped back to back. Yeah, they are. Guys, my mind is blown. Oh no, alternate universe. Yeah. Wow. Interesting. Very happy. Yeah, they haven't shared the baby's name yet, so I'm sure we'll hear. More about this, but yeah, very happy for them. Nice. And then who else? Well, Sarah Herod. And now she's pregnant. She's pregnant. And she did egg freezing with doctor Amy, right? Yes. Doctor Amy is like the nice thing. Didn't you? Yeah, but it's not even like it's so much more than that. She is giving chances to women that literally other doctors have been like, yeah, but I'm sorry. I want to be the same. Yeah, Carolina money is like, doctor Amy's biggest fan. So that's so exciting that Sarah found out that she is pregnant through IVF. I know that's such a process and it's hard and challenging.

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