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"You in settle for a two star spin class a personal trainer, would you? So why settle for Bank that treats you just like another number? Ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that. And with ally Bank. You'll get interest rates up to twenty times the national average you can chat with real people twenty four seven, and they won't nutmeg you with hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money so go to A L L Y dot com for more ally Bank, member FDIC. No Dari noca- and Mel kiper junior on ESPN radio and ESPN radio dot com. There is Doreen rail ESPN radio ESPN app. Good to have you along. We're always presented by progressive insurance. August to an shell Pennzoil performance line. Hit us up by the way, what eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at ESPN radio at ESPN Dorie. Melwood is my voice different this morning. Yeah. I keep getting tweets that it sounds different. It's definitely does. Really sounds like. Does it? Yeah. Bent, bent, hit me up. Dude. You're doing a spot on impression of Wolfman Jack this morning. Scott going with the manly voice, I hear Dory. Hang in there. The mantle as opposed to my normal voice. Apparently. I don't just a little. Up does it. Yeah. I could be I could be maybe that is it. I I'm not sure. All right, Tori, by the way, always presented by progressive. Insurance. Cars homes boats, motorcycles, RV's and more progressive dot com. I am I final tonight here in Minneapolis, Virginia and Auburn South Carolina played Virginia and they played Auburn twice. Frank Martin head coach of the Gamecocks knows these two teams. Well and joins us now that shell Pennzoil performance line. Coach it's great to have you with us, man. It's you know, you know, these teams. Well, you know, Tony Bennett, you know, Bruce, obviously when you look at this semi final, and what you can gauge from these teams what older Bentley will determine which team goes onto Monday night. Doc about two completely opposite styles. Dari? I mean Bruce wants to press, and they're going to shoot a three from five different places in India should the first one they see Virginia wants to play three point line and defense and. And then all things you're three guys are gonna shoot the ball. And they each Tony tries to control that. So it's two completely opposite styles. And and it's going to be a an incredible thing to see now at the end, I think Virginia's so physical on the frontline that went out to mile KiKi to be major problem for proper when you look at it Frank you're in two meetings, you rent matches split with them. What were you able to do in the win against Auburn that you weren't able to do in the loss? We scored enough. I don't mean to be funny about it. We scored enough. We are my my best guard couldn't play the game. We lost in the game. We won he did play. And I mean both games defensively. We will pretty good. We're really physical. And then the beat Auburn you gotta get on the offensive glass that keeps him from running. That makes them stay in and have to rebound and kind of slows down a little bit. And we're fortunate in both times that we did that the second time we just couldn't score enough. South Carolina, head coach Frank Martin joining us story and Mel ESPN radio. I'm sure that you've watched enough of all for these teams to to to to have a pretty good idea of what might happen tonight and on Monday is it is there one team coach that you feel should be a significant favorite to cut down the nets. When it's all over. Wow. I just think it's Virginia. Turn this is my opinion the way they handled last year the way Tony handled. It the way that that team is stuck together. The, you know, Michigan state Virginia and Auburn they basically had to save team for three years. Texas Tech also has four fifth year seniors, but I just think it's it's Regina stern. I think the heartache of last year they're being down at halftime. The first game this year and the resiliency to to to just kinda smile at the situation and be able to move forward. And given the fact that they got two guards that are unbelievable. Tiger own gets does not get the credit. He deserved. And then guys like just an automatic three pointer. I got a feeling it's for Jimmy star. Yeah. You'll get hydro. You're right. Coach, thirteen assists. Compared to three turnovers is play making ability has been outstanding. And you look at that team. And we did a a hot list on the key guy. The guy in the term moving forward. The final four who is the key guy for Virginia. If this player doesn't come up big they would be vulnerable to Auburn. I think it's card your own. You know, Kyle guy's gonna make his threes. And and it's not that take away from him. But they're gonna have to handle all bridge pressure. That's gonna fall Taiji Rome and not just handle their pressure in the back court, but be able to get into offense and make the right plays in Auburn, not very big at the rim. But they're good shop lockers and tied your own was the guy that plays off the dribble for them which creates the open threes and the dump off to the bigs and the officer rebound opportunities because when you driving miss your shot, that's the officer rebounds common. I think it's it's all intact your won't chance. Just a couple of years ago coaches we chat with Frank Martin head coach of South Carolina. You guys went to your first final four here. You've got Auburn and Texas Tech in their first final four Virginia essentially there for. I mean, it's the first it's nineteen Eighty-four. What do you remember about doing this for the first time that might have been the biggest challenge just about the moment, the spectacle, and all that goes into this? Not not to make Mel kind of chuckle over here. But like a football coach, you know, basketball, you're trained to play every three days. And so there's a routine to season put you in all of a sudden you win the your region, and you got to wait seven days to play. And by the fourth day. I was jumping out of my shoes. I was tired of watching film. I'll started watching Zog on film. I was over analyzing things and just so anxious for the game to get here. But that that's the one I'm comfortable thing that that I felt there at the end. But I I built tower said to me enjoy the journeyman don't don't don't get. So wrapped on in in in the whole pressure of winning. He says you're already in it and your the journey because you can be very successful. And never be on this on this, right? And again, that's where it was over. Sorry. Melrose winner was over coach. Do you feel like you enjoyed it enough? Absolutely. I I it's a week. That'll be with me forever and ever. I have an issue. And I said this right after as a final four, I haven't it's now that there's only one way to that get that each to go away and that inches I wanna play on Monday down there. And that's that's not going to go away. It's it's something that there's only one way to fix it. And it's an it's it'll stick with me forever and ever if I'd never get the opportunity, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was an unbelievable week for me. An unbelievable moment for me and one that that you know, I could sit back and say I was a part of something and not too many people that are a lot better at distant me wherever they were able fortunate enough to be per coach before we let you go. We've been talking about about pressure and ten seconds which team is under the most pressure right now to win. I don't know. I don't think that once you get to this stage. Mel, I think all that pressure goes out the window. I think the the elite eight game is where all the pressures that you're going to say pressure. You know, maybe Virginia again because they've been number one in the country basically for two years in a row, and and they have to they don't have to. But for the world to completely forgive them of last year's game, this knowledge, the fact that they've been the number one team in the country. Always good to talk to you coach. Thanks so much for your time. This morning. Thank you guys. Great out. There is head coach of these South Carolina Gamecocks Frank Martin, by the way, coming up twenty minutes from now one of his best friends, not just in the businessman in the world, anti Kennedy gonna join us. Former ole miss coach AK is here with me in Minneapolis for the SEC network. But he's awfully dialed into Michigan state and Texas Tech is well, we're going to get all the insight we can possibly get leading up to these two final four games. And then when they're over make sure you catch the post game interviews and analysis of the final Ford preview of Monday's national title game. You get that game night on ESPN radio tonight at eleven o'clock eastern time. I'm here in Minnesota. It's cold, it's cloudy. It's dreary. It's a good thing. This thing ain't being played outside. Mel, man. But give you the buzz of the first few days here, and we'll dive into what we're most looking forward to watching tonight when these two games finally get going. I hear what Frank San. I mean it. I mean, I've been here since late Wednesday. It feels like I've been here a week talking about what we will see or what we might see before we've actually gotten a chance to see it is time to just tip. This thing off. Goodness. We'll go there. Straight ahead Dorian mill ESPN radio ESPN app. And now I fought from Geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now be dissatisfied and kinda sad about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant. Pop up ads. Can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Final four Saturday here where I am in Minneapolis story Mel ESPN radio ESPN app. You got us as well. Sirius XM channel eighty were always presented by progressive insurance. Guests till the shell Pennzoil performance line as Mel man, it is time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. There is no Duke. There is no North Carolina. There is no Kentucky the no Kansas. The blue bloods are out. Michigan state ten final fours now easily the most in the field Virginia's got three. But none since nineteen Eighty-four. There is no final four history for Auburn. There is no final four history for Texas Tech in your mind. Is there a a diminished level of interest because of the relative newness of this particular? Oh, four group. No. I think when you look at at the fact that we've had history with Regina Ralph Sampson watching the game you have Charles Barkley heavily involved with Auburn, though, you you have Magic Johnson heavily involved with Michigan state, obviously, Texas Tech. I don't see anybody there. But in terms of that, but you have the the prior stitch superstars routing on their team. You don't have in terms of number one sees outside of Virginia. Michigan state's a to Texas Tech three. Auburn's a five toes. You the match up with the teams in your regional is a lot more important than where you were seated too much time. I think is spent talking about where team is going to be seated leading up to selection Sunday. I don't think we worry about that as much as maybe some people think you should I think having a lineup dominated by freshmen who are elite high school recruits doesn't guarantee you anything Kentucky as one championship under. Cal one Duke landed the top three recruits in the US bien one hundred last year Barrett. Williamson reddish. They're not there right now, they didn't even advance to the final four Duke had the four of the top eight recruits in two thousand seventeen they all do advance to the final four as I say Kentucky with one championship with all their freshmen. So again, we get all hyped and excited about those teams with all those star power, and they haven't been able to get it done. And again, you get some of these veteran teams have guys who have been there for a while. They tend to to have a chance to have a little bit more success. I think we've seen that. I think it's great to see teams overcome adversity is Michigan state and Auburn have to get here. We have Cinderella's we have a team that it's amazing with auburn's been able to do just win last week without aqui was phenomenal. And I don't think we gave them much of a chance even to win that game. Let alone the win another game here tonight and then the championship. Are you kidding me? That would be three wins without a great player. That's unbelievable. Interesting though, we talked about this yesterday a little bit on TV that game. Auburn virginia. You got two coaches making their final four debuts in the last twenty years, and this just kind of goes to the newness of this little bit in the last twenty years. Well, man, this is only the fifth match up in the final four where you've got two coaches that have never coach in a final four game before going head to head. How about that? And none of the previous eight coaches in those other four matchups went on to win the national championship. So Tony Bennett, Bruce, Pearl tried to do something that nobody has done before, you know, here in Minnesota latte yesterday over the course of the day all four teams had open practices. There were. At least twenty thousand fans inside US Bank stadium to watch it. And they set they set one side of the stadium. It only once but that side the entire lower level and part of the upper level was full this twenty to twenty five thousand people just to watch the practice. So you say, okay, wait is there any buzz here? I tell you what I saw some opera people. I saw a lot of green as you would imagine geographically Michigan state's gonna people here. I saw some Virginia people. I didn't see many Texas Tech people. Now that doesn't mean they're going to be here. Anyway, maybe they will. But I there there's a great local interest in the final four. And that's the other thing, you know, you go to these cities. And I I mean, I'm looking around and in that building I see a ton of golden gopher stuff. A of Minnesota representation. Well, they haven't been to a final four since nineteen ninety seven. I think it was. But it still an opportunity for fans that don't often get to see this to come and see this before time, Minnesota's hosted the final four last time. It was in Minneapolis was two thousand one. So again, like I there's going to be a good buzz here. And you're going to see it. You're going to see it on TV the building will be full. But I was talking to overlay. You say, okay. Are they coming are the fans coming? I don't know if Texas Tech fans are coming. I assume that they will I've seen some but the Auburn fan I was talking to their sports information director Kirk yesterday. He said there are yesterday there were three planes full of Auburn people that were coming here yesterday. Another one coming here today, they sold their allotment of thirty five hundred tickets, plus a bunch more that they sold on the secondary market. You got this isn't a convenient. Final four, you know next year is in Atlanta. Imagine Atlanta extra with Auburn in Virginia. Right. You don't know Texas Tech, even this is out of the way. But you're going to see I think because of the newness of this a heck of a buzz in the building get Virginia thirty five years since they've been here. Auburn Intech never have before. I think that's a special thing. And I think that's gonna come across. Now, I wonder if. Let's say Texas Tech in Virginia win today. What's that over under going to be on Monday one twenty with away? Those teams wanted to fit will the buzz go out if there's not at least a Michigan state in that championship game. I don't know. I guess we'll find out if Michigan state doesn't beat the red raiders Michigan state has great defense as well. So you have three defensive teams. I think you're right. I think when you look at the the the fact that all the conferences, except the Pac twelve a represented in those prize pack, twelve isn't. But everybody is. So I think that from just a TV rating standpoint, you add big twelve big ten SEC ACC all involve you get the rooting interest for your conference pride standpoint. I've said it all along and Frank brought up Frank Morton brought up Virginia that the pressure's on because what happened last year. They almost got bounce early this year here. They are. Everybody told us the most vulnerable centime of the ones is Virginia one seeds and here, they are right. They're getting a great match up against eighteen that doesn't have their star. And has some guys who are battling illness right now. Three players, right. Pearl. If that doesn't say you're six point favorites. If this doesn't set up Virginia to get to the championship game. It never will. So the pressure to me a squarely on them to finish. This thing off. You got a great. You're all here. You're gonna team. That's kinda limp in. Yeah. Yeah. Finish it. Michigan state. Same thing. It Texas that hey, good basketball team known for defense. They got the star in Culver. But you're Michigan state. You've overcome things you're only a two and a half point favorite Dickey vs. Got Michigan state others have Michigan state it sets up for Izzo getting the championship, and finishing all then you would have a Michigan state Virginia which both chalk that I move on. And then we'll see what happens that could be active a defensive struggle as well. But I think if Texas Tekere Auburn or in that championship game either going to be some very disappointed cavalier and Spartan fans who've really felt that everything's set up perfectly from Michigan state in Virginia. I I think Michigan state more. So I think Virginia. After what happened last year gets you in BC what almost happened this year against Gardner Webb, and they were double digit again to a sixteen if they lose to an Auburn team the twin twelve in a row, they'd be disappointed. I don't think they would see that as a failure Dari. But it's like team that doesn't have a KiKi and has three geysers under the weather. That's huge. So it's not all burn team. This is a team that is not one hundred percent. And you're a six point favorite. I gotta believe Virginia now because at this forget the twelve wins. I throw that out. This Auburn got the victory last week. Give them credit get another one here. I think to me if I'm Virginia fan, I would be tremendously disappointed straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G L T networks mel's latest draft buzz next radio, you wouldn't settle for a two star spin class a personal trainer, would you? So why settle for Bank that treats you just like another number ally news, you deserve better. And their mission is to be just. That and with ally Bank. You'll get interest rates up to twenty times the national average you can chat with real people twenty four seven, and they won't nutmeg you with hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money so go to A L L Y dot com for more ally Bank member FDIC draft is approach is draft month. Officially Melman dorey fell ESPN radio ESPN app. We'll be in Nashville in less than three weeks for the NFL draft three weeks from Thursday day, one round one of the NFL draft in nationals read about. Issue some trees in Nashville, right? The NFL is how we're gonna. We're gonna move some of these historic trees along the riverfront Nashville, not well, okay? We'll replant a whole bunch of trees around the city. I don't know if they ever came to resolution there Melba, but they'll wherever they put us, right? Yeah. Exactly. We'll be getting ready for day three. Yeah. Amazing. How quickly this is sneaking up on us. But a lot of things have been happening. Dr pro days have been wrapping up. We're getting a lot of talk about the Arizona Cardinals and trading. Josh rosen. What are you? What are you hearing? You had people the Redskins. You had heard were could be interested. Then there was talk. Well early on bulletin New England be interested as narrow parents Brady. Now, it's more about the Redskins. It's kind of circle back. The Redskins like splash moves they have Colt McCoy case keenum, Alex Smith injured would they make that move up. The fifteenth pit isn't that hard to figure this thing out door? It just goes back to what you're scouting report was on Rosen last year now. What what he did with the cardinals? Roth Audie held zone. Look at the stats who as awful, bad bad. Okay. And he had his moments where he looked pretty good. Now. There's moving forward is it going to be durable? Is he he loved the game or just play because he can with a bottom line is. That's the case collar Murray says next Patrick Mahomes, it shouldn't be that hard from a common sense standpoint. To figure out why zone and Kingsbury would take Murray. And if you're fifteen are you gonna take Daniel Jones or you better off what rose when we talked about that? I would go Rosen. We'll see what the Redskins do. Or is there another team out there? It doesn't seem to be the giants. They don't everybody says they're lukewarm of I don't know if they are. That's what everybody says I don't get into that stuff. Because nobody knows for sure except they've Gettleman how they feel about the Wayne Haskins internally he loved Daniel Jones enough to say we'll pass on Haskins at sick. They Jones at seventeen. And is there a guarantee Jones would be there at seventeen will see the Redskins that they don't get Rosen could take Jones at fifteen that'll be intriguing. The other intriguing thing and Peter King. Brought this up I think it was Peter or the product up this week about. What happens with this whole trade is better than wait until draft night Thursday night to make a move just from just intrigue Sam because once that trades may Dr that trait happened today, you know, Murray is going there's no buzzers spent not remember the great suspense. We had last year Dallas hall with Cleveland. Would it be Baker could really take John Dorsey? Didn't anybody know Johnson? Good friend of mine. I don't think about Joe's John barren. I do John would tell me the morning. I didn't ask him. So he made sure you I'm not telling you. So don't even ask the gentleman gonna ask you anyway. I know you're not telling me, but he wasn't saying and everybody was still speculating all that stuff because he didn't allow it to be known. He could have because he had the number one pick, and he won trading it. Okay. So he could have very easily said three weeks. So that's going to be Baker Mayfield. He didn't. And it was suspense. What happens with Arizona? Do they make that trade that he then what happens there, then you get into pro days starry pro days now who are they important for well underclassmen because you don't have measurable on them or guys who obviously the speed thing is going to determine where they go. What's the conference story? We don't talk a lot about there's a conference out of the west coast. They've been a complete non factor in a couple of major sports of late. I don't even remember the name of that league. It's a search of the P eight and it was the pen. Now, it's a pact. Well, great s appearing super conference. Yeah. That's like a where are they? Well, they had JJ are Sega Whiteside. They cardinal. We liked them. Right. Three hires at Stanford. He's got one hundred and thirty five receptions over three year period. Average. A whopping sixteen point four yards a catch and he at twenty eight touchdowns during that three year period. He's six two two hundred and twenty five pounds, very long arms. Come to power forward mentality of a receiver. I had a GM say to me. Well, if the runs four five five or better could be a high second if he runs four six or slower late second third round. That's how important the forty time for JJ. Sega Whiteside was all counts he's right around four four eight four or five that's below four five five last time. I checked that means high second not third round. So that was big for him in a year where there's some really good second third fourth round wide receivers. He now is climate up now because of that forty at six to two twenty five and the production into. That early second round area. Maybe ahead of AJ Brown. Ole miss maybe had an Akil Harry, Arizona state or deebo Samuel, South Carolina or Paris Campbell, Ohio State or miles boykin Notre Dame. Okay. That's the group now that he may send a head of some of those guys because of this pro day for JJ Sega white great for him right for JV David show on Stanford. And we'll see if he in fact becomes an early to mid second round draft choice. Now, you got me thinking about the Pac twelve year Doria male ESPN radio ESPN app. I mean is they are sitting and watching the final four today all four major conferences of the power five. The other four are all represented. I mean, it just from college football to the lack of Pac twelve influence in the playoff to now in the final four. We've got the ACC the the big twelve and the big ten, and there is no Pac twelve represent. I'm telling you. My goodness. Larry Scott company out where are you where in the world? I just I'm not a pack twelve guy. Obviously. I mean, you know, but can we get some representation in the major of major college sports from your league? There's so much work to do out there right now. It's just if I'm a pack. I'm depressed ups. I'm able to watch the final four. I'm just so aggravated. You're not a factor in college football. You're not a factor in men's college basketball team in the women's final four Oregon today. Got knocked out last night. It's just my goodness. They need you know, what they need league needs some flowers mail. You never never goes out of style surprising friend, a loved one or the Pac twelve with buy one. Get one free multicolored Rosbach as for twenty nine ninety nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order gonna one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. By the way, I'm not trying to dis our friends the big east. I realized they considered a power conference in basketball. But you know, what I'm saying? Boy boil boy. All right. Here's I'm gonna tie the final four into what you're saying draft buzz. I want you to give me an answer. You can't sit on the fence here. All right. What would surprise you more? Auburn winning the national championship here or the cardinals not drafting Cuyler Murray. What would surprise me more? What would surprise you more Auburn winning title or the cardinals not drafting Cuyler? The cardinals not drafting Cuyler that would surprise you more. Yes. So you're saying you really think they're drafted collar. Well, what everybody I don't think. Aubert's went in national title. So it's kind of a push. But I have to give on put it went on record saying ninety nine point nine percent Cuyler ninety nine point five whatever it was. So I think it's I think Kingsbury Kingsbury to me will look at Cuyler as the Patrick Mahomes, and he'll look I think it Rosen as Alex Smith. And I think that's if you assess it that way, what do you do? It's a pretty easy thing. I've said from day one to if cliff doesn't draft Cuyler one it goes against everything he wants in a quarterback in an offensive system that he runs to it it it puts massive risk on the way. We will remember him, especially if Cuyler goes on and his success running an off in similar to what cliff would want to run with Cuyler three. It puts a bazillion pounds more pressure on Josh Rosen for for a bad football team that I don't think he did you don't need any other burden. Josh Rosen at this particular box office or there's no question. Yeah. I mean, there are you going to buy a ticket to go? See Josh Rosen or to go about this story when you know, you don't have a, but how about this? If the cardinals were picking two or three and not one with Kingsbury be sitting there and saying he's what we need to do to get to one. Can we get Murray? The say the team at one didn't want Murray the need Murray. And they were to somebody else was gonna would Arizona be sitting there saying she said, we only had the number one pick. I could head Kyle. They have it depends. Does that does that team at one are? They would they be in the market to trade down to. And then you've got to worry about somebody jumping. However, you'll slice it. They'd have been sitting there saying gosh would have been great to have number one and get Cuyler Murray. We're not gonna get well, guess what? Now you hired Kingsbury. Now you've got the perfect quarterback. Come on. Yeah. I agree. One hundred percent agree with you, Dr in male ESPN radio ESPN app. Always presented by progressive insurance. Straight ahead as you continue to take position by position your big board your focus today. Mailman is on Cornerbacks who will be the top talents to stop the high powered passing attacks in the NFL. That's what straight ahead Dorian, Molly ESPN radio ESPN app. Hut. Get you hooked dogs. Like, why is your guy selling hot dogs in here? I'll get tickets to the game. I want to see a hassle, but I missed that stadium atmosphere. So I brought the stadium atmosphere to work Michael vivid seats, make buying tickets quick and easy. Find a seat you want? And just a few clicks nice. I just got tickets to tonight's game ice cream, get your ice cream here. You guys can all go home. Now, we're good here. Dorian Malley SPN radio ESPN app. Top of the hour. Fifteen minutes from now former coach of the ole miss rebels ESPN college basketball analyst, Andy Kennedy who is here with me in Minnesota for the final four. Give us his take not only on Auburn Virginia. Of course, we've been here for the SEC network focused extensively on that. But also on his take on Tom Izzo and Michigan state Spartans against a first time. Final four team Texas Tech will dive into that with AK as well. Coming up in fifteen minutes after that at your next chance to ask Mel whatever draft question you want that coming up thirty minutes from now. All right. We go position by position we've done this for a few weeks now mailman with your big bore. We always see our big board. But you'll break it down by position today, the big board as we get closer to the draft three weeks from now, of course, we'll be day three of this NFL draft in Nashville your big board of Cornerbacks Cornerbacks. Let's start. We'll go five to one. I know you've always got a few. Honorable mention guys in there. So fire away. Getting was really. Oh, yeah. Wait forgot. We had this. Go ahead. Mel type he is the most fascinating intriguing choir in the history of the NFL draft. He's got the answers who you should take who you shouldn't take strappy Kuyper junior. Latest Mel kiper junior NFL draft board. All right. That's been what bill's been wanting to do that for years cut me off, man. And he did it. Got you. Got the all these years. No comment. Well, I'm out. All right. What are you got big a corner really close at number five the guys who are just barely off the five Julian love Notre Dame, Trayvon Mullen. Clemson Lonnie Johnson junior from Kentucky and Joon Williams from Vanderbilt Habet, Corey Ballantyne. We thought back guys aren't one. They players Corey Ballantyne from Washburn David long, Michigan right there. Okay. Close to five but not at five at number five is Justin lane Michigan state wide receiver turn corner nearly six to over one hundred ninety pounds long arms ran four five vertical thirty seven and a half had a heck of a year for Michigan state. He's a kind of guy you look at still learning. Kind of the nuances of the position highly skilled player on second round. I'll go Justin lane at number five out of Michigan state. All right. Justin, lay number five on the cornerback. Big board number four number four is Byron Murphy from Washington, you can have him at one two or three and nobody would. Argue Dori five minute ten and af one ninety four or five speed thirty six vertical which you love about. Byron Murphy only third year sophomore of the injury two years ago. Tremendous understanding of the position great ball skills. He can be a heck of a player. I mean, there's no question. He could be a late one early to there's a range there that he could go. But I think the bottom line is going to be a really a solid player because he has versus Hillary slot corner outside I'll go Byron Murphy Washington at number four. All right. You're number three on the cornerback big board. I like this kid. He was a Presbyterian. He had five picks dominated and he goes to temple for the one season rock you sin cornerback at temple steady rise. I had a good senior bowl week. Had a great year makes plays on the football. You talk about what is back to the quarterback or face Kim. It doesn't matter ball. Skills are excellent. He's not afraid to come up and make a tackle tough physical kid quick athletic rent four five one, but almost a forty vertical strong upper body. Sal. Alad compact five eleven and a half one hundred ninety two Pounder rockets sin. I could go late. I at worst early second round. All right. So Justin lane Michigan state number five. Byron Murphy, Washington number four rockiest sin temple number three about number two on your corner. Big. Here's the player you thought back in August. If he came out would be a top five pick and as the season went along, greedy Williams. Maybe he was thinking a lot about the NFL draft is covered skills weren't as locked down as they had been. He's not a big time tackler, not real physical. Please six two hundred and eighty five pounds around a four three and we granted him they had the great year. But he is a guy has tremendous opportunity to be a really good cover corner in the NFL, Dr ROY up the, greedy Williams. Do you want to be complete just throw your body around and make a tackle? I had a GM say, hey, when a big back a two hundred twenty five pound backs coming around that corner is gritty Williams going to sell out and make that tackle. And that's something that he only can answer that question that. That's why there's some skeptics doubters back reading Williams. That's why instead of being a top five top ten pick. He may still be there. When the Kansas City Chiefs are picking in the late first round, greedy Williams. And now, we're at number one who's your number one cornerback, and this is arguably the number one guy, I think it's no consensus effect. I know there's no built in consensus here, greedy Williams could be rock. Your sin could be Byron Murphy could be or it may be one of the other guys. I mentioned okay. I'll go the Andre Baker at Georgia. And I think the entree Baker while four or five two at the combine then improved the four four six. He's got good length. Even though he's five eleven one Ninety-three the long arms. He's a heck of a player. And I watched the Andre you think about in practice. You went up against meet Cole hardman a guest on this show a few weeks ago with Meco hartman's four three speed. You got Holloman a young receiver there who had a really good season. You got Riley. Ridley coming out you go up in practicing. And it's really good players. Same thing in the SEC like as like. Deebo Samuel and others about all. There's there's great receivers in the SEC always more than held his own impressive week after week. The measurable aren't great. There's other guys with better. But as a football player the feel for the position that completeness is apply there. That's why I just made the cost that I'm not gonna worry about the measure. I'm gonna go with the best football player of the most complete player cornerback that's going to be my number one guy. And for me. It's the Andre Baker from Georgia who could go anywhere really Dari from twenty into the late late part of the first round to the early second. It's the same with any of these top five corners, that's mixed opinion on all of them. But I'm going to go to the Andre Baker Georgia as my number one corner overall the Deandra banker, greedy Williams rockiest sin. Byron Murphy, Justin lane, your top five Cornerbacks under big how many are we talking first round here. We're talking a potential of I think four first round corners. I think three may end up going and one draw. Steady early second. And then I think door you could have seven eight quarters go in the second round. Wow. Really? Yeah. And the things would be joined love Notre Dame Justin lane. Michigan state Trayvon Molin. Clemson Lonnie Johnson junior Kentucky, Joe one Williams. Vanderbilt Omonia Roya from Penn State, David long, Michigan. And there's a host and we're going to get to it next week. That's why we didn't go the fence of backs together because it's not fair safeties. You could have more safeties in the first two rounds in corners. So we're going to get the safeties next week for that reason. There you go any Kennedy, by the way going to join us we're coach at ole miss current ES college basketball analyst, we'll get you back to the final four here in just a minute. Real quick. I didn't want to say this. Sure. Your level of happiness. With the Baltimore Orioles being above five hundred seven games in. I know it's not a line here. But Mellman there four and three and you're currently three games ahead of the Boston Red Sox who would have thought who would who in the family was the happiest and was gloating about this. Or do you think it was Lauren Kuyper? No, Kim, who's not a big sports, and we're sitting at dinner the other night. And she said, wow, you guys were all wrong. I heard with BUSTER last week. I hurt Lawrenson. It's not going to be a great year. And everything I said gonna lose one hundred ten games, you could still lose saying how about my order all of a sudden is Kim's order. How about my Orioles? I said you who didn't care too much now as happy she likes to under- dog. And she's happy Orioles are surprising people at four and three now. Hey, they may end up being four and twenty seven but for now, they're right there almost than first place and the Red Sox and cubs a combined three and through. Chicago can't pitch folks. The Cubbies have zero pitching don't forget. By the way, the the NBA is on ESPN radio. Make sure you listen to Morrow Monaghan Russell Westbrook. Three straight triple double seasons and the thunder. Visit Minnesota presented by indeed coverage begins at three eastern on most of your ESPN radio stations and foreign Winston it. That means I'm here tomorrow mailman. Why am I not working on thunder timber wolves tickets here in Minneapolis? Can you you gotta connections with the wolves. Hook up. Please. Don't forget also we get you back to the final four just a moment. All the post game interview in analysis. Eleven eastern on ESPN radio to be game night on ESPN radio. Tonight, Andy Kennedy college basketball analysts next it's been radio. Geico presents yet another voicemail from your roommate? Doubt the kitchen turns out when there's a grease fire. You're not supposed to throw water on it wouldn't own right anyways. The fire department is here, and it's totally cool can call back when you get a chance. Co insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected. Like if danger is your roommates middle name. Visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance.

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