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Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line In Flux Due To Injuries

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

05:20 min | 2 years ago

Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line In Flux Due To Injuries

"Have lots of talk about as it relates the cowboys I just what I think of this team this year and the expectations after Jerry Jones finally made the gutting decision that led to Jason Garrett showing up the building every day with a binder underneath his arm and dutifully hoping that he would. Get a stay of execution cowboy fan celebrated not only the draft pick a CD lamb but a coach was skins. Mike McCarthy hasn't exactly translated into the season that they had hoped for, and we're expecting some of it has to do with injuries bobby and we'll get to those in a second but a lot of teams are having to deal with injuries this year. Yeah. I, mean, the team the cowboys have up here the browns they've got a lot of injuries to deal with I. Mean The seahawks had you know a lot of patchwork stuff that they were doing last Sunday against the cowboys and so injuries are an excuse they're not necessarily a good excuse though for this cowboys team I think they, they definitely are missing some guys. They probably feel a little bit like we're not gonNA know who we are for real until probably mid October when randy gets reinstated fully you get hopefully late and vander aeschbacher. Corner start getting healthy so. It may be a situation where the cowboys are kind of you know we're GONNA fight and we're GONNA get as best we can until we get healthy and that's not necessarily an excuse that they're giving. It's just this is the way it's gotta be, and we kind of make do a little bit because they are decimated in the secondary. They've had issues at linebacker they've you know had the issues along the offensive line they lost jar when they're starting tight end and So I, mean they've definitely. Had those issues the thing that they don't want. You, you can't really do anything about injuries. You just adapt as best. You can the thing they don't want his they can't have. Three drops and you know two and a half yards per touch from Zeke Elliott. They can't have Jalen Smith missing tackles consistently and still be sixty million dollar guy they can't have. Dak Prescott turning the ball over. They need to have him protecting the ball. They can't have you know some of these. Occasional Amari Cooper focus drops. You expect injuries you deal with those. What you can have is all of that and then along in the secondary, you can't have guys just making really low I q reads and busted covered just stuff that doesn't seem to be a factor of trying to learn a new defense. This just seems like flat out low I q stuff of not recognizing who's assignment is who's You know I think back to Jalen Smith's comment to a about. Throwing it out through a little bit. Maybe they need to simplify the playbook if our fans aren't familiar with that one, let's play that one real quick. People, find beams the defense could innocent the group. Absolutely. Absolutely. I. Believe. Allowing more allowing US more opportunities to Hound in on what? We're actually going to run in in our game plan. I believe it's important. That each and every player knows in and out what they have to do. With a smaller playbook, you you know gives us better opportunity to do that. And like I said this about as growing each and every week. On coaches are the same page, the players on the same page and we're just trying to do whatever it takes to get that much better. Each and everyone is that players that aren't capable of learning the playbook or is it possibly too complicated? I don't know but I, got to tell you for all the people that wanted Rod. Marinelli Outta here have been overly impressed with Mike Nolan's defense. Again, injuries are an issue, I mean you lose Gerald McCoy loosely Van Deresh. You lose your to starting Corner Anthony Brown, and Lucy, but even they were healthy in that first game. I didn't think this team look that good. No, and you know it's again it's one of those things where not even a mention he's been healthy for the season but Jordan Lewis missed all the camp. I. Sale. Yeah. Exotic Woods was a big part of your problem last Sunday against the seahawks but I think overall everybody's got to step up. You know it's funny. We had Had the funny line during training camp. When asked him do you think about opting out at all and he said, Nope, contract to your baby and there's a lot of guys back there right now in contractors Jordan Lewis Cheeto you've got exertive your woods is another one. And it's fascinating that they're seeming to have these issues not just with again, the adjustment or or or skill players opposite them it's they're just dropping the ball in terms of. Knowing really basic fundamental stuff that that should have been all ironed out already and and you can say, maybe that's a a an issue with you didn't have some of the same lead up time or some of the same work that you would normally get but everybody had those same sort of issues and and not everybody is having these same sorts of just busted coverage touchdowns. I. Think there's four already on the year that were just left wide open by somebody not knowing an assignment including three last week against the

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