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Top 5 Character Laughs with Clips

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Top 5 Character Laughs with Clips

"Welcome everyone to bill bolt. Remember your host today. Top five laps labs actual laughs from movies of rank them brought to us by a show contributor. Brian mcaulay yeah. She'll contribute show influence. There will be drinks. I wouldn't lines up like this. He said this back jug couple of weeks ago. It's been sitting in in in what we call the study which is just as weird off-shoot room to a my living room and my house and my four year old son has been very very obsessed with the box and i keep telling him do. There's nothing beer and booze in there is nothing to do with you yet. And he goes. Can we opened the data. We finally opened yesterday. Preparation addictive behavior and there will be drink so a brian mcaulay better. Brian was brian to not only support. The program by being at this week's decider which you may be a listener as well if you brian kendra scientists list. This is the second time he's been a decider. It's not not as i dance. Brian was the decider. Let's see how long ago was it. do i have it. He did top five fictional athletes. It was not that long ago. Dick was earlier this year. might have been last year. Think we're still doing our still. I think we're still doing it. The yeah anyway. it's not important. I've you decider you can go wrong over the patriarchal and We multiple different levels. Five dollars get you the keys. And you can You get the entire back catalogue of everything they archive and every show. We've done Up until now for the most part. I'm still filling out the archive but there's most of them are there robust and As well as all of our spoiler episodes that we do For for new movies we might even start doing for old movies. People do go spoiler discussions quite a bit. I really And then You can do twenty five dollars a month for six months will allow you to sinus. Any movie lake which many people have taken up on and then the fifty big fifty dollars a month for six months at the end of the month you are and we get together and figure out what your topic is going to be what topic you would like us to cover like. I said better brian Had us dues top-five fictional athletes Not too long ago and now this is the second dance whose evidence do five laps which i really liked to stop its guitar. But now we've caught a fide this whole thing where now your top five gets read along with ours if you have clips like it's always been the case where your top five is part of the program and also i go over your your either your movie pick or your top five as is the case here so. I got to talk to brian again yesterday. I've talked to brian a number of times. Think the first time i ever met him was in san diego from down south Gruber screen down with him. And is now lovely wife and they. Also congratulations are in order to brian. I said at the time when it happened. But he's a new father around beautiful Young future anaheim ducks fan thrash as his daughter's name and i don't know why the romans daughters out there is probably more than i should be sharing publicly but the point is going to be drinking. Boom and. Brian has an infusion early in the morning so he wants to start drinking. Sooner than later asap has given us five samples unlabeled. You needed mentioned us unlabeled. We have not what they are. They're in like little tincture bottles and we will open them. We'll sample them and then we'll find out what they are like to. I would like to know whether they are after. We still like one. Then reveal to then review. You know what. I mean on all at the end. I want to know as i'm tasting. I'm going to see the numbers when i read off the key. You see the the. There's and you're drinking booze. There's not a way that you can do without like blot. Like physically blocking. I'm and i guess. I mean i need some some paper some key but even when something similar drinking booze like you have to like jeopardized knowing the ending before the end is i'm that's a good point. Actually just love it all right to start number one. Let's do it. Let's get jesus. Christ that's kirby tallow toronto on the table here brian. I only spill liquefied This is from a few cubes vice carefully. And i don't want you taking more than half wanting to share with wh. Why don't we do it with their. Hey there's five of them. Why don't we do one whiskey per pick. How about that. Oh i like that. That's a good idea of mine. Oh this wonderful all right number five for you. Why don't you go rights most familiar. I like the sound of it. You know what we're gonna have leftovers because there's no drink five of these for me. Why i brought this to the program today. I'm being i'm brian. Keep saying whiskies are for me to me. So i send. I had to read the note that brian included which was a clearly stating that. The whiskies are for you and brian anderson and I don't know why would imagine that there for you. Mr greedy boy because you get the beer is true. I did get the beer. And you can't partake. Why don't you do your number five number five for me. I tried my best to avoid. If you the few more notable ones or maybe a little more obvious number five is my mo- close by the way number. Five is my most obvious Maybe most celebrated drop of mine not of yours as drop mine. Jesus i know what this is. I think you're blowing it up once again. Brian you your eps once again you give me your clips and you you do. The five of the tahu ryan. I do not. If you have to scroll brian. I use these for the show notes. And i've asked you numerous times. Who gave me five to one. Just make it a little. Why in the world would you have one of the top. Why would you talk to one of the top. Is that what you just okay. What's going to be number. One for me any crossover is on your list. I would imagine that if you're doing what i think you're going to do here i it's. I'm sorry i'm extraordinary. Ornery wanna hear the sometime laugh. I sometimes we'll hear the setup. I let's hear the left i i'm so confused. I'm now i'm looking at five point one. Why would you do it five hours long yet. It is when i cut and paste and one is where the five is and five is what you see what i'm saying. So i put up brian. Why would you do it backwards. This is a very good laugh. That's not as mortal bill. Paxton weird science only five so gary and wyatt come home for the night of drinking. Gary is not doing so well. As gary gary the one. It's your pick brian. Don't yeah oh. I'm already dealing with your. Barry's not doing so. Well and chat the older brother. The mean older brother decides torture of a little bit defender dirty brother that was kind of a staple around the house. It's time to pay the fiddler. Say to my sister. All the time tormentor and he would do a lot of chat. A lot of chat sheds chechen seemed like a delight to be around love. That was the first time most of us ever saw bill. Paxon not to last terminator can tell you not. Thanks brady so using terminator here here. You are here dark. i'm still yes near dark. Which is a movie. Brian still is not saying. Hey it's your loss. You saw allocated eight minute version on youtube. Because for the longest time catherine big lows near dr was not available and brian took the the only way i could go all right ten drinks whisky whiskey and drank to pick all right. That's got some spicy. And that's an american whiskey. I guess they're all going to be american whiskas bourbons. I guess we'll find out and it tastes like a bourbon to me. I'm wondering i'm i've heard of these us he'd be. I don't think he's just like maker's mark little tincture ripe more than do a little bit. I think just suburban is my guess all right number five for me. This is a movie that come up here and there but never really made a list for me before. This is a movie that i watched way too many times at too young of an age I don't know why. But this was just one of my go-to movies me and my My other siblings. Mainly my brother. And i watched love at first bite many many many times. I do not know it was a time. I was a different ticket watching with a younger sibling. It was because we had some movie. Channels we would. My mom would allow us to tape movies that she found to be somewhat Reasonable for for young children. This movie came out in seventy nine was probably playing on. Hbo b. o. Eighty-one so i was like eight nine years old watching love at first bite over and over again. A hamilton joy. What's his name george. hamilton. Mr tan ironically tanks. He plays a vampire in this love at first bite. How how the vampire these a lot of makeup to make himself not look so so tana's movies kinda hard to find. I did find it on youtube. F- anyone also Is familiar with love at first bite doesn't even show up on. Just watch for what really but my laugh comes from the character. R-enfield original r-enfield played by art johnson. Who was a bit of character and character actor back in the day but nineteen seventy nine love at first by seventy nine sounds. Good year for pittsburgh that pirates steelers diversion. Love love. I bite and here is the laugh which to me. I've heard hundreds of times from watching this movie over and over again R-enfield is of course Dracula's little side yes his underling his manservant and r-enfield is. This is the opening sequence in and rendered hield is bringing bringing some Naughty nudist magazines to his beloved boss who he sycophantic sycophant of george hamilton and areas. Lots of ladies in the altogether few drool over tha bash the left pretty good shit. He does that laugh throughout the entire movie. He laughs like that because the original r-enfield from eighteen forty two a little bit to messed lots of ladies in the altogether you drool over good so that Little art johnson there are take because he spills his name art with an e and the all right number five for better. Brian and then one. Brian thick has done. I want to hear his goal. Needs to know what the wisc is. Just going to forget jewelry. Forget by the time we hit three. Maybe not forgetting all right. I don't know how we're gonna go with the clips for the old macaulay over there. Watch this number. Five for brian. Mcaulay star wars creatures tied for five might be a basic pick but i had to go with some of my favorite favorite. He's off some of my favorites from the original trilogy. They're all distinct pretty iconic. There's a lot of creature laughter but these are the ones that immediately. Come to mind. When i think of laughing in star wars here we go. Let's see how smooth we can make this Chewbacca sound a little something like this up fuzzball or fuzzball fuzzball. Bitch very angry makes me. Here's i'll just play. Drew him great to him alien. Pretty sharing and then. Here's this is the i if i had to pick one from star wars this salacious in there because javelin salacious live together is fucking magic. And here's his final chrome keke monkey lizard. Brian didn't have sex until he was like mid twenties. All right Let's figure out this whiskey is that we're drinking. I know nothing Number one right yup cover burton's stone pink burden store pink. I can't read burton's store. Pigs blatant blatant store. Pick forty six percent alcohol away. It is la and tijuana's blanton's lands plantains store. Pick All right it's more solo animal. Look it up. Our wash. include more information about it. That is who is the check. It's an actual He's a good looking holy moly. That's a good looking bhattarai. They're like a two hundred dollar bottle soups and stuff. It's not like a boob. Actually look eric. Show jason careful drunk already. this does boob. I was making a joke. They're blue joke as it were a bright about boobs which is not like me now like you know what is blanton number five for you what you got there. I can do the show without your picks. You really do. His start blanche right number. Four hundred dollars chuckling sold out. This is this is. This is a highly sought after bottle. Good job ryan mcaulay. This is very cool. He's he's big on his beer. Cool not wine i. It's always beer and booze and this is a bourbon. God damn oh very single barrel. Bourbon i am. I'm psyched for this. This is This is really really good. Thanks bright that's very very cool. Shall we pour number two. I still have remnants of Blatant blanton's so. I gotta i gotta get your mistake. You went too heavy on the first. Poor half-and-half i didn't realize no we're gonna sip. Because we got to plow through the. I'm not mr taster boy. Okay every every week taster. Boy style like tastings world. Spit which i round on bourbon. No what i'm saying. You're much more adept to the the tasting. An hour how to go about it. Just pour a drink look even got a spit cup over. Well it's you. Why put over there because tweet us. But where do we get their own. You've got more ice. says all. Thank god it's a lifestyle brand better bryant. Better brian. this is all. You're all this is happening. Because of you i was thinking about that. What have we had a level where we just. I do like we do a show jet for one person doing this right. I think it would alienate. A lot of people is your. Let's go number. Four four for me is never obvious choice. But my god is just so good. Here's a compilation of wolfgang. Amadeus mozart's laughter as produced by tom. Hulse in amadeus. Nineteen eighty-four hesitating. This is after jedi to call your own. He annoys disturbs the aristocrats. Of course of kinda goes hungry. Hungry germany at the time austria the creators of the film. He just didn't like the idea of mozart. Why do you say that because it kind of seemed like such a buffoon. I would imagine that if we met the one. Yeah wonder historically accurate. That is mozart kind of clown chasing smooth smooth. All right number four for me ever go moving right along. I mean that's a bourbon to be ri-. I bet if we were to ask one hundred people on the street bribery. Especially if they're for a certain generation I would bet upwards of twenty percent twenty th those what would think of of this laugh from one thousand nine hundred. Keep here ex-caddie really me dollars. You won't all right. I got paid a score remake movie from the The fifty years prior there abouts and This is a scorsese. Take you know that he loves the cinema. So much and eat decided to have max catty do essentially the worst thing. You could possibly do in a movie theater. Which is a big fat cigar and be disruptive and loud loud and laughing like that. So max cat. He came to mind almost immediately when researching for this for this. This week's topic is good for spreading it around. Because i i. I long knocked off my list late in the game. Both max caddy and salacious crime number four for brian better bread. Macaulay this. it's from jurassic park. It's jeff goldblum helicopter growl. Which when i was talking to a better brand on the phone. I'll make you know. I'd have to hear that one myself. I can't picture. Because i it's not coming to mind. Jeff goldblum nail this character. This is brian better. Brian speaking jeff goldblum nailed his character and when he met l. e. in grant for the first time on the way to the island has laugh. Just capped off the weirdness that was in malcolm. Got the The booze you got shot loot filmed so you to dig up dinosaurs auto about that. Golden never met very engaging very engaging that must be exhausting. the. I wouldn't live with them for him. I bet but it's got to be real. He must have his downs. Must be really down. But he's like he's one of those guys he's not you know he's not derivative he's not a cheap copy of any of the one hundred percent original players color christopher walken in the sense like it's just there's jeff goldblum types and then there's jeff gordon nick nolte's kind of like one of those guys like just like there's nobody else is greatest hero isn't as many conic roles you know he's. He's reminiscent of cagney a little bit. And you know there's other actors or even a little brand no right but there's certain guys like character actors but like goldblum like there's just no replicating the cage. There's really no net replicating the cage. It's a good point. Yeah i like those guys. Is there a topic. They're tough. I've one of a kind of actors. Yeah abadan jack nicholson was. But there's people that are derivative of. We can't count the imitators come sense original in their time. That's a good topic. Actually all right here. We go number with. Reveal a reveal for the boost. Guess slow down buddy This is s'more small-r. I can't lie. God can you read. Can you better than me. Walk out the next one. Because i can't see very good smoke. Smoke wagon wagon on cut. It's uncut smoke wagon. That's what it says. Moore wagging uncut. Is that smoke wagon all right. You can see a lot better than than i can unfiltered as well. Ooh seven percent. Jesus christ better bryant settled license on fire to come to for to do something to really be celebrating drink so much. I mean you don't even worse down tons about something. I don't really do much number three for you very for me. Or they're already poor. Noonday fucking jesus. Are you ready. I guess we're taking a pause here to booze it up to refill Deborah mccawley was either one. Is that sergeant mcallister. I'm confused give you the money to gamble with mcallister. He's eighty fame he He's the one who's He asked us eighty vice a longtime a while ago many years ago and he wanted to know if he should he should come clean about his his lifelong dream to go and become a professional gambler in vegas. Or there's some kind of funeral coming up or he's gonna see grandma for the last time. I forgot how the original question was posed but it was like. Should i tell my family or to lie to them. Because he was in the military here i think he had a fifth going where he continued to Continues military career whereas in reality he given it all go all up. Get it and macao's the best owner how he's done. I'm mcallister and he put down. One hundred dollar bet on it was like a forty two one thirty. Two one for the dependents win the cup. They won the cup in. We all got paid out. Come grand each so we. I think it was three hundred one thirty one thirty one hundred three thirty one thousand dollars. Where are we where. I your number three ten to one it now. Thousands of st louis thousand and nice our number three booze peninsula. This is is this painful for everyone listening except for macaulay honor. Brien might be enjoying this. He hears us getting boozed up on on the he did he. This was like he did a lot of work to get all this going me. Made the labels cut out of lined paper yellow legal. It's very small. Small amounts burden to all right. Stop it with you all right. Can you number three which requesting for for quite some time never over me. I remember this being such a delightful part of this movie and it happened early in the movie where i was like. This is good to be good. This is this is fun. This clever i'm talking of course about the classic. The muppets from twenty eleven. This is the new as jason. Segel and of course. I'm talking about tex richmond tex rich man. he's an oil baron right taxes. Luminoso play that. Chris cooper so in this clip so walter. Our main character over here is oil magnate text. Richardson and his henchmen deadly and bobo. The bear they intend to buy them up at theatre from there in waldorf so they can drill underneath and get the oil they believe is underneath text level it. I believe you're gonna love the whole thing. Drake projects measurement is unable to laugh. So said let you know that he's evil he does he actually verbalize his maniacal laugh as such maniacal shuffle maniacal On a side. Marvelous my favorite Whisky so far. By far yes yellow. Smoke to smooth this spice. 'cause i used to be a little spice but it's like i don't know what it is. I don't how to identify it. But it's like the kind of kick you get jack daniels or something which i talked too many times when i was too young so when it has that kind of like american spice to it. This is like a smooth kind of aftertaste. I like stand. Smokey and it's got like an actual like authentic kind of Bite to it okay. I like it a lot too i. It's way different than the first two and a is by far my favorite thus far darn while they give me your number three eventually. We'll get to but it is whiskey and it is. This one is from a movie list on list before reminds me of when we did five Whiskey scenes all right when we did the whole like run down. What makes whisky and whiskey and bourbon. Bourbon wa nash Whiskey has got to be an american right But whiskey. Bourbon can be an american as well right. The burden is defined by the barrel. I mean the in certain bourbon could be a whiskey. Yes yes yes. All bourbons are whiskey out. West gives birth rice imagery for me. This comes from a movie that i did. I very much Do non joy also hard to watch so painful pressing. however there's one scene that stands out in it for me This is his character's name is wilson. Joel which is a backwards named to begin with. There's no his name should be joel. Wilson phillips you. More hoffman's character in love lies named wilson joel and until about depression. It's out trying to reassimilation into the to the world once you have gone through a horrific tragedy. It's about depression. It's about it's about many things and it's about me only seen once but remembering this scene forever so he's it to set up this team. He's sitting like a second conference room and their co workers His office who are having a little bit of a like a lunch break and this woman is sitting on a table. And she's explaining this story and phillips you more often is dead center is right in the middle of the scene. He's sitting on the table whereas everybody else's sitting down at a table in front of him and he's listening to her tell this tale and it's so creepy and funny at the same time. Because you know that thing where people laugh. Somebody lasts but they're not really sure whether laughing at to fit in it feels like it's like a time in human. Yeah here's here's what it sounds like people more often wilson. Joel you would like them to fake. Lafayette yeah i could see that depite laugh. Were you get on a lot a lot of laughs. Brian is two and a half hours. Later completely passed out on the couch. Joanne's contract right next to his laptop. Still legal gave a anyway so much. The two women are the ones left. I'm not telling you. That's that's telling you i'm thinking maybe you should. You made everyone at the very uncomfortable love. I recommended that only mahoney they i remember. I saw the both the same feeder. O'mahony is tough. They're both neighbor. Gamblers but like there's professional gambler gambler movies. Where like batch. It happens there's x. Your your owning mony like you are feeling. The pain dragged in his pets. Oh god what an experience that movie is i would not. I'm glad i thought. I would never want to watch it again. only mahoney was two thousand. Three in love is two dozen to liza. Jesus christ i guess these movies need to exist. But that's the only thing that i really remember about about love. Liza is laugh. All right hold on one second before we get to brian's number three here on it was two thousand two i. I knew that Directed by todd we so louis so number three four better. Brian goes a little something like this. Fight club tyler. durden slough lack. I love watching brad pitt. Come a little unhinged in the scene as he labs through getting the shit kicked out of them also fun to go back and watch the scene after. You've seen the movie and think about who is really doing the laughing. Is that a spoiler. I hope not. He writes in brackets. I'm sorry this is not better brian. Show and we can leave it there Speaking of like club it got a bit of a A bashing in that woodstock ninety nine. Peace love and hate this true. There are reaching with you. They were reaching with a lot of things. They're suggesting that entire year. And maybe the second half of the ninety s was populated with nothing but angry. Young white males. Which i guess it's it's you can make an argument for that now with the lens scope of all the problems are because of young white males fifteen years later twenty years at all that here we go. Here's tyler dirt aloe man. We really liked this place. Get it out. It's like a scene from pig. It's almost a very very similar to pig. Say movie degree nine pig. Too big letdowns over the last couple of weeks. This market john. Wicca the pig place. What remember that's how the people were describing john peg jong with the pig faced. Wicca john rookie pig. So thank you very much Ever go a better. Brian cabell. What's reveal for the for the booze. I'll tell you right now. Well actually you. Because i cannot read well let me see. I'm going to give it a shot. I don't give us very dark over their old scout store. Pick what is store pygmies lead. But it's the second so must be like Must be something like along the lines of it must be a thing in the In the booze us so it's old all that smooth ambler five year old old scout bourbon. Three for three. What store pick though. Is that like Opposite a well like Something high show. Maybe he must be or maybe like you know like Mukasa wine has reserve. Or you know. They'll they'll have reserve without growers selectors something vendors vintner's reserve basically. It's a way to say like oh. We held back special grapes to make you better line. All of it sounds good coming up next more. Picks more laughs after this over here. Take a drink. And i was going now. Gotcha how onions pay speaking professional gambling. Inspired me to notice that Someone clicked are amazon. Banner in got themselves a davinci monte-carlo set of five hundred fourteen grand poker chips nice. That sounds fancy. Those are pretty nice. Yeah fourteen grams. 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Pool floats one in white pines. I want anyways prom easy. Spa tub total care of water chemical treatment plant and anchor sound core motion buna speakers. More about this unsinkable. Say you'd probably just prove that pretty easily. Yeah don't don't challenge me especially after a few Whiskies over here now. All i wanna do. Brian is this just proves think it is on single. To hear the click through less. Attach going up the academy. What is that. What's up the academy. I don't even know if the candidates fantastic. Mr fox click through his walls. Mash mission. impossible pulp fiction batman. The devil daniels awesome for two years as elsie pug full mother. Four years kick ass to the for bed veiled get out who's through Edward scissorhands full to the seo. I my buddy sent me a a medium edward scissorhands serene hands and he's got ladies doing naughty things on his fingers look ryan dress. Five movie collection is all five drafts and their national app. Who's animal house. National brand their shit off friday. It makes them out for makes them out for riders of justice to a quiet place to writers of justice. English dub i outta here daughter. Bright you click through. Its roundabout over there at amazon. Where go through as well as touch of evil God i love that openness evils of leader who doesn't live dire. Toro's quite sure i. You almost got me again. Edge tomorrow is that Will not say the The alternate title the complete lady. Snow blood Criterion collection trash hoppers houses. The trash dumpers. There's no more being there. Iran ran was clicked through. I don't know what you ran. It was is the one that you had me watch or is it the present tense. I thought it was ran. Ran past okay so Waxworks if you want to say that as well as the man who laughs ooh that's time but let's go back to trash that's great 'cause i was listening to Animal it's great about it. But i'm not sure exactly why hold on. I was listening to a big big careful my computer but we do. I don't know distracting. Me helpers trash uppers yeah. I was listening to the big Am talker out here. News station kfi. Brian giant Stationed in la fairly racist. I used to give him credit and more moderate than Right but they're pretty fucking right and tim conway junior. Do it used to work with. In fact i ran a couple of shows. Yeah guy like that team comics universe of turn on the radio one night which is bizarre into an. Am talk station out here in la. E- never imagine. You're gonna hear tim conway junior. Say these words trash helpers kind of movie is that whole trash dumpers like before. The movie came out. Oh really this recent. I forget what the controversy was there. Some kind of controversy going on with somebody but Harmony koreans trash dumpers which is one of those rite of passage movies. I mean i'm a little too old for it. But if i was a teenager i could see like oh dude you got to see this. You gotta watch your breath trash versus actual dudes trashing humping trash tragedy. All shot on vhs essence edited to vhs. Machines breads fucking whore core old analog style from the fucking nineties fucking trashed trumpers backs talk liska number four body right there in front of. I'll be honest. Brian I'll tell this show that i'm not sucking up to the guy who sponsored the show. This is my favorite number four. Maybe you like it more than you have to have at least favorite saying anything bad about ryan with all this booze. I mean the ultimate sycophant mu would be like You know what i i. Five the other way speaking tied. I didn't even let you know. Let listeners know but i have a tie for number one. I don't like that at all. I know because i was so dead set on my on my list but then i was just going to have another one as also random like. I can't do it so well. That's good because my number two is also tyler jordan. Oh fight club so that matches very brian's last pick yes and fun fact. Always remember this because this was the this was actually on the dvd menu when you popped the dvd. And you know there's always like a little something that you know plays on the menu it was tyler's live tireless crazy la. I remember that. Is it the same clip that you have from a better brian. Six more or less this goes on a little longer funerals into it but the same court. Yeah crazy laugher. Do you know where i bit. Because doubles down at the end when he turns the tables on lou you know. I've been loo pin. Or is he bit. The drugstore is more metaphorical. I don't think it's actually the physical place thinking. This was like a poorly run carnival. Maybe you could have been. I mean that's a bit of a stretch but fairly particular very specific Your number five was weird science. I think you're gonna talk about some other movie When you were talking about drought which is it's assumed as a mine which is my number one. Which is the movie. That's ever come up and i don't know why i'm alluding to it now. Begun number two but He's looking at your list in front of me here and they got me thinking you have jets laugh. Is one of your drops at seems distracting. Criticize game for a long time. It is true. I've been very comfortably out of the game. I might number. Two is the only one actor drop man here. You ain't it only one act of this right okay. i got. I got a couple clips. Here one is long. It's like of course two minutes. Oh my but. I don't know if we're going to play the whole thing liotta. Doing henry hill. Laugh is fucking beautiful thing of beauty. I wanted to just still down to the one. Obviously when tommy telling his story being bang boom and goodfellow we're going to hear that but it's what he's going home and it's like five in the morning and cameron's mom salamis drop both laughing carrots. So they're all anier late. Let's see this way. Scalp dispersed walking back to the car. And you're just in time. He's giving him shit and he doesn't get a fuck to the point that he just started laughing in front of his wife and his mom. I can't imagine having the balls i'd be terrified of. I caught me coming in late. Our who's ever mom was. Turn my back laughing cargo. I understand it's so good it's so great. Let's just listen all of killed. And then we're gonna we're gonna hear the real henry. Ill his laugh a clip from when he was on stir before obviously before he died. I mean it goes without saying. They didn't posthumous pushing back report. The most thank you miki said jean rhys with him. The mother-in-law i'll say people don't act this way. I don by henry hills laugh is just a one of my all. My favorite lasts for movies. I absolutely love it and by every now and again. I catch myself laughing. That hard woman mouths open. I'm like i'm i'm channel and a little unreal here and you know what i didn't even realize. This is a little preview. A little peek into my dumb dumb fucking mind. Never made the connection that that hank hill and hank hill have the same fucking name and they couldn't be more different till i was doing research and i was like trying to get clips and it kept buying find eli king of the hill fucking clips alive. I mean that goes back a few weeks. And i think it's millwall lower. You lost quite really funny really also lost my number. One is anderson the show funniest retelling. Let's not get I am drinking whisky year. I might. I might lose myself again. I don't wanna do that. Pet peeve fake money and movies. i can't have a fucking fifty on that. That's very specific. Time looking at a picture and fucking movie every now and again like they do close ups to. It's like fucking five dollar. Bill thank you. Couldn't you couldn't just give a real five there are log instit- monopoly afraid you're gonna get busted for counterfeiting because you're taking a picture of it. The fuck props props. I wonder if it's like a union prompting. I'm sure there's a good explanation as to why they use money. Maybe we'll get to the bottom that one maybe one day we'll get to that Number two for better bride because a little something like this. Billy madison weasel laugh interesting. Because it's actually moral to laughs. It's called because it's the actual laugh and it's carl doing the laugh and he's got both so the inspiration for the topic was the actual inspiration for the top is day brian. Think of this as the topic. This is brian's words now. I still can't watch. Carl's larry hanging impression without laughing. Eric's bradley whitford. Actual weasel laugh is showing later in the movie and is almost as good. Yeah it's great because you get to the la. We're talking about billy madison. Of course you get the impression and then you actually hear the laugh later. It's a setup and a great payoff so here. He goes a little something like this. Like eric is up to something eric. He works for my dad to he gets company if i screw up. He's douchebag he made some medicine comments to me earlier today in any of their little weasel he. Does i go again. You know what i now. Here's the actual bradley whitford laughed at. That invitation was jesus christ. Hey hey did. I paid to draw fucking line somewhere. I have too many subscriptions right bleed me dry bright it really is a four hundred dollars worth delta plus no talk nice talking to you should heads liberties liberties. We're taking their. But i to agree with you. This is a number two Whiskey is my my least favorite of the of the. I'm dying to know what it is. Can you read the number four. We should have done this backwards. Like we do is is five to one number four but who knows how we arrange them. willett four year. Right i knew it all right moving right alone moving right along to number one's brand. What do you got here. Got a couple of ice cubes in my drink. Are you ready for number one number one but number one news. He should be built up. Orifice randomly one through five mice. Did he tell you. Have your number one. What's your number one number one for me in the for this beautiful. What does number five. What if what if you rank them and this is the least favourite. We need it all backwards doll. I'd be stupid. I think because the first one hundred mom. Where's where's where's the that the stopper the topper over this is getting messy to not throw things at me is the fact that we both land in their number one for me enter entering. This actually haunted my dreams as a ten year old. Because i heard this. When i saw the film. This is the the end of the movie. Talking about batman from nineteen eighty nine when i saw ten years old and the joker despite falling to death it's whatever the joker falls to his death and yet they're still laughter. He has a. He has his a laugh. Box in his pocket and The the the the the assumption is that this means oh the joker the joker legend would be will go on forever because as we zoom in on his lifeless corpse this is. We'll be here. Wait a minute. What are we supposed to believe that. Like in the dc universe like this was his end and all the other jokers that we see are just different generations. Is that what it is. I because he just he represents chaos smells good. Oh the types of people that i just wanna watch the world burn he. He can easily replace them kind of like dictators. Like you get the next one. Let's yummy is hot. Pockets off our still on my top. Ten sit here and laugh a you are making fun of you. I mean you're raised the way you should have been raised whereas i'm watching fucking love at first bite with all sorts of the movies. There's one giant sexual innuendo. And i'm like here's old nine years old watching this movie. Rentals laugh is funny inappropriate. So jack jack nicholson as the joker and batman eighty nine laughing in perpetuity. He might still be laughing today. And i feel like somebody would like a construction worker would have moved the body and we have a the but the but the vice box i. It wasn't willy wonka. i engineered. It's gonna stop at some point. He's going to run a battery for one minute of the millennium houses number five number five. Yeah a little flowery all right here we go number one for me. I mean this is the ultimate laugh. I think this was a drop of mine that i used many many times in in what i when i ran love line worthy of number one. However you'll see what my tie is I think we can agree on that one. Oh here we go. This is tom. Hanks movie called money. But i should say that the setup i it is an older movie they buy a house Houses get this money pit and every time they try and fix it or do anything. That's worse it gets worse and worse and worse. This is where he gets to the end of his rope breaking up a a little water into the air on the club footed bathtub that they have in the bathroom and upstairs and it goes right through the floor. Downstairs and just shatters we get the the obligatory slow motion over crane explained exploding of of the bathroom. And we've got a nice shot of Tom hanks and shelley long Looking down And through the al the now hole in the ceiling. And this is how i tom. Hanks reacts in the money recap used to play that at the appropriate. Like what example. I should have been fired the first week or two that i worked at job like somebody would be like pouring their heart about about something. Like gyco heartbreaking lasted necessarily but usually you know usually about somebody getting broken up with her something. Somebody was in real pain. How long that was my number one cruised money. I don't know if i like that one. Wow second thoughts but really. You can't do a top five laughs. At least i can be a guy from my era growing up watching it appropriate movies from the seventies easy sunny hooper in a movie called hooper. Sure we get to hear the sunny hooper's character laugh throughout but it's really just the It's burt reynolds. Laugh patent. laugh that we hear throughout hooper where he plays you know. Never come up he. He talked about smoking ban. You'll hear this laugh a lot. It's smoking the manitou but You'll hear that it's very high pitched to first and then the way. This is about a minute of of some of the best. Burt reynolds laugh. You're going to hear it's all through the same movie. Which is hooper which. I really like with same aunt. Michael vincent james san michael. This very good movie fun movie. I should antonoff good. I used to watch it all the time as a very young kid. But it's about a stunt driver car driver and he hit. His doctor told him if he did any more stunts he be paralysed forever and then he's like well. What's out there little yellow. Yeah the open. All actually as long days off burn started all right. I need to see that movie again because they do a lot of Fun like like james bond ripoffs and like you know. He's not man for all these movies. That are like Trophy recognizable a satire in some ways but In many ways. If i recall it's also just a ridiculous action movie from the seventies with probably very offensive humor fun. I want to say offensive tear. Brian mccauley's in one reading. Brian's number one goes a little something like this is. Brian and i was pissed when i was talking on the phone. And he told me his number one. Fuck they should have been on my list that just you know it's a pretty vast top. Yes definitive but he went with here. We go brian. Mccauley's words edged out. Billy madison thermes went to such language. Make jason nesbitt comfortable including their version of human laugh. That's bizarre laughs and the humans reactions are just so good galaxy quest the aliens the three inns in galaxy quest and it sounds a little something like this. I ghost. let's good. There's good picking up from sorry think of it so am i. I'm in like genuinely upset when when he said it. And i'm like my motherfucker all right. Let's get your answer for number five now. Whiskey wise it is. It is whistle fig whistle pig whistle pig. Oh nice that'll down. That's literally down fifty feet away as to how. How can you call it ten years. Because if you've had on your bar for two years plus tenants tell on the barrel dumb fuck me. I'm talking to me. I'm abusing mall. Whistle pig is awesome. You do like this. I liked number three the most side. Glass also yeah. This is one of my favorites. All right. let's let's move it along to the listener list. Thank you jordan wolf For putting together our listener list every single week as you do and this week with top five laps. It goes a little something like this. Tom hanks in money pit understood. Number four is seymour hoffman. Be more similar. Philip often philip seymour. Heaven jesus christ the booze and bigalow maske as brand. I guess comfortable life they suck dick also when he's trying to get the do not to touch the pictures and he's asking about is under all the children that the big lebowski and yes job in star wars number three of the listeners number two george make flying back to the future that came list that came up in my discussion with better brian to and i thought it was on his list but i think he said that he will he had are better. Brian lost it. Right there at the last Last minute i guess number one for the listeners. And this is good and i wish i had a little bit. Nfl is a better producer. I would that's louis in revenge of the nerds with ten percent of the overall vote. Twenty six percent of the top five a runaway and not even mentioned on our on our. I had to cut it from my list. Because i couldn't find a great clip but a great great great feel like you probably Find it. why can i q on this fucking bored. Sure she'd be able to listen. While you wax some a batch all right go ahead. What do you got. Thank you to looted bene- von van bacon as always what. Yeah well. why are you acting like you. You don't understand banner von. It wasn't look we we we got news for you. What's that. I know the score suicide squad not gamble on that. However we brian North carolina over here is going to be outta town for this next week. Prerecorded the episode. So let's gamble on the following weeks. Release well i mean. We didn't let go know any of that was not gamble. This habitat effectively now game boy. We'll pay off in two weeks in two weeks anderson. Don't breathe to free guy or respect or choice. That's pretty good lineup right there. Let's do free free. Got so much work. I know we gotta pay off last week. He's to the suicide squad. Which already on my ticket for. I will be doing my little minute little thing. Which is a video reviews. Every friday which is nice because i hate sitting on the movie that you know by the time we get to talking about. It's like four or five years old. I like to talk about it right away. So it's fun to be able to do that. And i will be talking about the suicide squad this coming friday friday morning. Money do that night when i get home. If i'm inspired. Eighty ninety six percents is finally. That's a the first good. Dc moving quite some time now. Since batman moving knows exactly what it is and james gunn is coming back. I would imagine he is Mojo motivated yeah. Yeah last week. We gambled on the green knight anderson guest. Ninety four seventy nine. Finish ninety and so anderson as the winner to sign me now. Yes okay. So it's early august. I was alerted. Thank you very much. Not just one to three different people alerted me to let me know that yes. Pink flamingos is available. Thank gallon on criterion. however it's going above the end of august and once again not be available anymore anywhere. Not even youtube. It's just it's one of those movies. It's just becoming very very hard to see. So it's it's a touchstone film a movie that needs to be seen by so you have some kind of Idea of what. May john waters john waters divine is and it is troublesome. It's it's it's upsetting your. I already know. I feel like i know what you're your reaction is going to be in disappointing pick. I know at the trash and they're just trying to be offensive for the sake of being offensive anna but assignment knowing knowing it's interesting because john waters. Yeah that's what. I can't wait for is to talk about shiva baby and again in a couple of weeks yeah. Let's do that. John waters knowing who he is now and then seeing the movie. In retrospect monkey a different appreciation for. I don't know people who thought they had no idea. Who's this john waters character was movie in a vacuum. Or you wanna gamble on free guy for next week. A poor chart for two weeks around the port chicken. Is i think you for your hard work. I should've give heads out. But you're once again on top of things so abbas gamble on was obviously the suicide esau. I would've guessed. I would guess probably ninety nine to ninety one. Vivo comes out to. I should let you know on netflix. Comes out this week of friday as this one's released actually Which is a musical kid. Family friendly comedy animation with manual stamp on it with music. Oh glenn lin-manuel than noel miranda. Yes manuel manuel manuel. Manuel linneman wilmer and things What do you think of free guy in summer. Yeah you do okay as do i. Okay yeah hold on is right. Let me ask you a question. How excited are you about this. Movie is number it was on. It's the first ever movie onto some reviews for me. Now you pray at the altar has been hard for you not to check in to see what the scores or at least i never check i. I'm pure to our game buddy. I never check him. I mean i was told the suicide squad score no actually on the corolla show. He's like was around tomatoes on suicide squad. Make he's like look it up. I'm like i couldn't really get into it and my want to. But i'd looked it up ninety six. Okay i got a number right on three yup one to eighty five eighty eight and i bet there's no score you. How'd you do higher than me. Like a very very self-referential movie. Wow eighty eight it. There's no score. I i can tell free guy is. It's one of these movies. That i see it on the horizon. I know ever it. I know is not made for me directed by shawn levy. Does it leave your levy real steal. Don't tell me love real steel. All right let's get. No reviews is very early very early. Face ludwig van bacon. We appreciate your contribution to the year Oh is this this on god or whatever the add swirl swirling issue or what do you have been bacon mask on your on. Your putty wasn't gonna ask Yes i. I'm not looking at it right now brian. So you always do this It's not like the days when logan throws your frozen. Yeah i'm the. I'm the white walker. Yeah it's i think it's on my on my now because baby bald personnels hair hold on. Hold on let me let me open it. Up a mass. Oh no as frank booth. Oh i got frank booth of a blue velvet on my on. My hoodie and brian is wearing a. He's all summer it out and he's wearing a shirt and he's gone optimus prime all over it in flower for. That's good lou. Van bacon very very talented artists. He makes a living Who through his art you'll say and You can you can find more work. I will link of think of it not too drunk by the time i post us. I will link to His webpage cheers uber. Hey joy your trip offer a we we. We prerecorded an episode. Oh good line is top. Five ra comedic grants. This is very size. You might think. Oh the prerecorded it's solid we've clipped so we have rants areas. We laughed throughout. Yeah it was. It was a good episode. Thank you very much bryan. Macaulay for giving us a sawyer allowing us to dive deep into all the various laughs in movies We could do that list again to we get update. Sure yeah a good one brian. Thanks for the whiskey to some great choices. Four out of five in you. The fourth one was still pretty good But i really like a lot of those and whistle pig. Oh one of my favorites big circus out patriot. Bill on wall check us on facebook or twitter vaults anderson ryan dot com the website where you can find out of the kids there official artist this week. Check them out and full disclosure. I'm not sure advocate was the same advocate from last. Sounds very different than the advocate. That i played last episode interesting different advocate. I don't wow. We have multiple advocate. Let's the film facebook and twitter. I mentioned that anderson and brian is the instagram handle brian. Mcaulay thank you very much for wonderful topic and for a good top. Five and the whiskey and beer for anderson awesome stuff man. Thank you thanks for patriot listeners also thanks gio of course as always thanks for coordinating gambling. Buddy we appreciate it jordan wolf mitch burns and of course my call for all your help. We appreciate you guys contributions and it's election and huh.

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