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"van jefferson" Discussed on NFL Live

"With changing teams with moving on with signing with a new team with becoming a dad with all these things that are in store for you in the coming weeks. You're stop and think about that. What's the most daunting part about that, Mitch? I think if you sometimes I have and I think if you think about it all at once, it could be kind of crazy and overwhelming. There's just all these unknowns that you don't know. Like when's the baby gonna be born? Where are we gonna be at? There's all these unknowns, but I think for me, you just got to take it one day at a time and I was like, we'll figure out those answers. When we get there, with free agency coming up, we'll probably figure out where we're going. March 16th, hopefully. And then we'll get ready for the baby boy, get ready for OTAs and you just gotta take it a day at a time for me. And but I have the best teammate in my wife that I could possibly ask for. She's my rock and whatever's next for us. I know it's gonna be a great chapter for me and her. As you're explaining all that, the thought occurred to me, right? Most people, they're planning the birth of their child. They know their doctor. They know the hospital. Is your wife staying behind wherever you are right now? I'm not sure exactly where you are. Or will you be moving to a city and finding a doctor in a hospital at that point in time to have the baby? So we've talked about both scenarios. We do have a doctor down here in Florida that we've met with, but we've also talked about depending on where we go, would it be better for me to be an OTAs and then also have them right there to have a baby so I don't have to worry about possibly flying back if the baby comes early. So there's a lot of scenarios to work too. So we have a plan a right now for the baby to be born down here in Florida. So we'll see what happens and I can't miss it. So we might have to have a plane on standby for me to jump on. So the van Jefferson plant doesn't work for you, like in other words, you're at the training facility going through an OTA practice. You get the text that your wife's on the way to the hospital and you miss the birth and you're watching on FaceTime, that's not going to happen with you this year. That would not be ideal for me. I don't think my wife would be very happy about that. What is the actual due date, Mitch? May 9th. Okay, so you got a little bit of time. So it's not like you're going to be on a free agent visit..

Mitch van Jefferson Florida
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"I'm gonna say this right now. Is the rams new belly there do better and give him some type of contract. They better keep him. Yeah, 'cause he's coming back. He's coming to keep him. But he was on his way to solidify and saying the ethnic men look, I'm telling you he's on mission. He was gonna be he was going off for one 5th at the end another touchdown. Guaranteed. He got man to man. He was in man to man. They was doubling cup and they was like, who are we gonna guard? And they had no answer for Odell. Now, with Odell went out, they tried to start the van Jefferson van Jefferson couldn't separate like Odell Beckham junior. Let me say this too, bro, seeing him cry. Was not about the Super Bowl. It was about all of those years in New York when people branded him material teammate. He ain't a good guy for the locker room. Them tears were Cleveland when people say, oh, he didn't lost it. He don't have it no more. And obviously we didn't say that 'cause we knew who his quarterback was. And then you get the Los Angeles. And not only do not only do you become an integral part of what they do offensively. You become the focus. If Cooper Cup is taken away out of a game and Odell Beckham junior delivered time after time after time. Perk. His touchdown was the difference. The first is now he's scored in the Super Bowl, was the difference. And he was on his way to doing some more. So I want to shout out to my brother. I want to tell him to get well, get healthy. I know you've been through this journey before it's alone. But road to recovery, you're about to have a brand new baby and let me not forget this man big Andrew Whitworth, my teammate at LSU, burp. Use my teammate big wit. I got him a Super Bowl after school. We got him one. He got him one. And it had to feel good though. He did. It had to feel good. I don't know, listen, I don't know which child got down in that water down there in Louisiana when it comes to breeding. But bro, listen, boys for players that were from that are from Louisiana and plans that went to college and LSU. How many players I had on the field yesterday about 8 9 we had we had Joe Jamal, another guy named Tyler shelvin, Whitworth, OBJ, 5 total. In the Super Bowl, bro, 5 total in the Super Bowl between two teams. That's crazy. All right. Not to mention Clyde. It was he layer was on Kansas City Chiefs, Williams was on the chiefs team, tyron Matthew was on the chiefs team. Let's not get a tip and intraday is white play for the bills, but he was just injured all season alone. Let's not get it twisted now. We got them goons coming from Louisiana. Hey,.

Odell Beckham Odell van Jefferson van Jefferson Super Bowl Cooper Cup rams Andrew Whitworth LSU Cleveland Los Angeles New York Louisiana Joe Jamal Tyler shelvin Whitworth tyron Matthew chiefs Clyde Kansas City Williams
Oh baby! Rams' Jefferson wins Super Bowl, welcomes a son

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Oh baby! Rams' Jefferson wins Super Bowl, welcomes a son

"Van Jefferson won the Super Bowl on Sunday but that wasn't the best part of his weekend rams wide receiver van Jefferson not only won the NFL's top price he also welcomed a newborn son hours after Los Angeles beat Cincinnati Jefferson's wife attended the Super Bowl but left on a stretcher during the game after going into labour she'd already told the rams not to tell her husband if their second child decided to arrive during the game so after the rams finished off the bangles Jefferson rushed to the hospital to join his wife later posting a photo of himself holding his son I'm showing up where

Van Jefferson Rams Super Bowl NFL Cincinnati Jefferson Los Angeles Bangles Jefferson
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"Is absolutely crucial for them. Rams receiver Robert Woods suffered a torn ACL during Friday's practice and is done for the season. What's the team's second option behind only Cooper Cup? 556 receiving yards four touchdowns this season. So it just was a compounding of issues and it felt for a minute there like their heads were reeling like Sean mcvay's head was reeling. They did not know which end was up and serious change was needed. We've got to do a better job with our 11, putting them in good positions and then our players ultimately have to be able to go out and execute. It's just a cleaner overall operation. Otherwise, it'll be a challenge for us if we can't overcome some of the mistakes and some of the self inflicted wounds. Well, we'll come back to this rams offense in a few minutes, but first, we go to big splash number two for the rams, which was in early November, actually right before their three game losing streak when they dealt for von Miller. What were the expectations for him joining this star studded defense? Yeah, I think schematically one of the biggest things that they want to do is blitz less. And so I think what they really wanted with von Miller was they want a guy up front who attracts attention. Can we rush for consistently enough to where we can continue to keep that roof over the back of our defense? And so I think that with Vaughn, you're already sort of seeing this happen last week against Jacksonville, Vaughn acquired three blockers in order to help free Greg gaines up and they have expectations. They'd like to keep him around long term, especially the presence he brings and just a really positive guy. My first day I got to meet all the players man on me so I like my first day and a new school. You know, you get to meet the cool cheese you can meet Aaron Donald and you don't let it floor you Taylor and I'm in the locker room when you guys do Stafford. Now I'm on the same team. It really steal that if you feel real, but on my first day a really, really vocal leader and someone who was beloved in Denver for those qualities and is quickly becoming beloved in Los Angeles for that as well. Well, on paper, this is arguably the most talented defense in the league. But they have looked a little bit vulnerable at times, especially against some of the NFC's best teams. For example, they gave up 37 points in the week four lost to the Cardinals and 36 in a recent loss to the packers. In your eyes, is this group underachieving? Are they inconsistent? Is it none of the above? How would you rate this defense's performance? Yeah, I definitely think they're inconsistent. This is something that we kind of predicted a little bit. We understood that there was going to be some regression this year after they had the number one defense last year and sort of exploded onto the scene. You knew that teams were going to have counters for this. Green Bay understanding the rams team build and the roster that they had put together as well as San Francisco were sort of attacking the more inconsistent spots of the field picking spots away from jaylen Ramsey, scheming their blocking and different techniques away from guys like Aaron Donald and sort of keying in on inside linebackers, which is especially in recent history not been a place of high investment for the rams. And that's been a huge problem for this defense. They have put on paper where they have shown weaknesses. And I think, especially having things start to click up front with von Miller getting more and more snaps. And then changing their inside linebacker personnel as well to feature Ernest Jones in a lead share of snaps. That's something where now they need to rise to the occasion, because even if you are okay with some regression on defense and you believe your offense will sort of rise to counter or sort of cover up that regression, you can't be inconsistent as they have been down the stretch. No, let's go back to the offense. And to the third of three big moves we wanted to break down. This one happened about a week after they got von Miller. I'm sure early November wasn't hectic for you at all. Kid in the shopping cart makes it. Well, that movie now, as you know, was signing Odell Beckham junior after he was weighed by the browns. Now, as we know, Odell's a pretty polarizing guy. Why do you think the rams decided to add him to the mix? Yeah, it's interesting. I don't think that they think he's polarizing at all. This was a player driven effort. And you know, you've always heard good things from the majority of his teammates. And when Odell, obviously he was released and then he kind of was able to pick, essentially, where he was going to go. And so then a recruiting process sort of started. And the rams were quietly in the mix, understanding that he does have ties in a lot of different ways to Los Angeles. Some of his great friends, professional, athletes, and also personal friends, are in Los Angeles as well. Von Miller is a good personal friend of him, which just so happened to work out for him. And it was an interesting study in player empowerment in my opinion in a GM and a head coach that really do trust their players with this type of culture and with this type of understanding of what is needed versus what they can't have or should not bring in. And so they basically turn the keys over to the players. And does he want to come here, find out? And you guys figure out what the situation is. And so the whole process to me, as I sort of dug into it in talking with a lot of people behind the scenes, was Odell being so available and open and wanting to get the other rams receivers blessing for him to join the roster. You know, you want to be where you feel loved and wanted and welcomed. And I just got that feeling, you know, from Vaughn and Jalen Allen boys, the receivers when I got the call and it just felt it felt right in my heart. Jalen Ramsey bringing his cell phone into one of the team offices, one of the team buildings where all of the receivers were because Odell wanted to get the receiver's blessing for him to join the team before it was official. To me, that was a really, really telling move because obviously there are a lot of mouths to feed. This was obviously also prior to Robert Woods suffering the season ending injury. So at the time, a lot of mouths to feed. And then now moving into the expectation of filling some very, very big shoes, not just from a personal and on field perspective, but also from a cultural perspective and a guy in a leadership role. He's started already to take young guys under his wing, van Jefferson had a couple of drops against San Francisco, a loss, and the rams were in the thick of it. They were losing and they were unhappy. And things felt like crap. And van Jefferson felt he told me he felt lower than he has in a long time. And Odell sort of took him under his wing and comforted him and talked him up and said, told him about all the times he'd been there before and all of the things he'd heard negative people say about him and his game and how he responded and van Jefferson said that really, really meant a lot to him. He came out and had a great game a couple weeks later. Looking at this on the field, what are the early returns on Odell Beckham junior? How has he looked on the field? You can tell he's starting to get more and more comfortable. There were a few miscommunication timing things early on that I think were to be expected. And this last week, you saw him go up on what Sean mcvay called a very patient fade for his touchdown.

Von Miller rams Aaron Donald Sean mcvay Vaughn Greg gaines Robert Woods Odell jaylen Ramsey Odell Beckham Los Angeles Rams Cooper Ernest Jones Jacksonville Stafford NFC packers Cardinals van Jefferson
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"van jefferson" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

"Kyler is The X Factor. And I just think they're better than the rams. So, you know, we're going to circle back on that. But I'd be surprised that the rams won that game. That's what made really ultimately made me want to do it in a $1 million picks because I think you just take Cooper Cup out and you take the rams out. Just take them out. He's not doing anything. Oh, you want to beat us? You haven't beaten anybody in 5 years. Go ahead. Go ahead, do it. Gerald Everett? Gerald everybody. Who's their tied at? That show never cut that Kyle. No, no, actually don't get that. Leave it in. No, Jared Everett, who is he killing the other day? Was it Seattle? Yeah yeah. Who's the rams tight end now? I'm blanking. Yeah. Boy Gerald Everett had like one of those terrible, terrible terrible. It was like, season ended. Has to change his number when he goes home, kind of games. No, but I think you try to take out cup. Cops got there's some crazy cup stats about the hundred yard games and the hepatitis already. How about his explanation of his touchdown? You watched that with the replacement fire zone in a three dog nickel. I'm like, I love it. I eat it all up. Here's the thing. Cups will number one. Van Jefferson is a two or three and Odell is The X Factor. And if they can get Odell going, I mean, sure, I'll roll my dice. Look, again, we can talk. Goodbye Jefferson. Good fan Jefferson clip this week. Yeah, talking with me. David McVeigh, how much he appreciates him as a coach. I love that. A double hug. McVeigh went first hug, encouragement. Didn't Jefferson circling back for the second hug. NFL films was like, oh, yeah. That's it. You know, van Jefferson's dad is Sean Jefferson, the old NFL wide receiver. Charger patriot, sure. And he's now a receiver's coach in the league, but they love him. And they think, you know, that's why they can get rid of Desean Jackson. It's why when Robert Woods goes down, they're not losing the thought that they can't have a number two. They believe in van Jefferson. So let's see if he can step up in the house. Stop. That reminds me of the saint state believe marques Calloway. Take off the Michael Thomas snaps, Tony. Then I took him in my fantasy draft that didn't really work.

rams Gerald Everett Jared Everett Kyler Odell Van Jefferson Goodbye Jefferson van Jefferson David McVeigh Gerald Cooper Kyle Jefferson Seattle hepatitis Sean Jefferson NFL McVeigh Robert Woods
LA Rams snap 3-game skid, roll over Jacksonville 37-7

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LA Rams snap 3-game skid, roll over Jacksonville 37-7

"Matthew Matthew Stafford Stafford threw threw three three touchdown touchdown passes passes in in the the rams rams rolled rolled over over the the Jaguars Jaguars thirty thirty seven seven to to seven seven Stafford Stafford connected connected on on scoring scoring strikes strikes to to Cooper Cooper Kupp Kupp van van Jefferson Jefferson and and Odell Odell Beckham Beckham junior junior the the rams rams had had lost lost their their previous previous three three games games so so wide wide receiver receiver Cup Cup was was happy happy to to see see his his team team back back in in the the win win column column nothing nothing like like a a W. W. doesn't doesn't matter matter mmhm mmhm you you know know whether whether you're you're coming coming off off of of a a you you know know a a little little bit bit of of skill skill like like we we have have been been or or your your own own role role I I mean mean just just anytime anytime you you get get a a W. W. is is a a big big thing thing in in this this league league Sony Sony Michel Michel ran ran for for a a hundred hundred twenty twenty one one yards yards and and a a score score for for them them that that way way and and for for rams rams the the jags jags have have lost lost four four straight straight dropping dropping to to two two in in ten ten on on the the season season mark mark Myers Myers Inglewood Inglewood California California

Rams Matthew Matthew Stafford Staff Jaguars W. W. Stafford Stafford Cooper Cooper Van Van Jefferson Jefferson Odell Odell Beckham Beckham Sony Sony Michel Michel Jags Mark Mark Myers Inglewood California
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"Not the best blocker, but he certainly has the size and stature to be a decent one. The word is OBJ has some packages tonight, but not the full playbook yet. So just when you thought OBJ was a luxury, he's kind of become a necessity now at this point. But I still think I'd rather have Woods and Deshawn Jackson than OBJ, but we'll find out. I think or Ryan's has to go into tonight and you bracket Cooper Cup. You make van Jefferson and a guy that's been in the system three days beat you. And that's got to be the gameplay. We'll see if they can actually execute that. I'm sure the Raiders would consider trading Desean vet Jackson back to the rams if they needed a deep threat at this point. Would she doing? I'm not caught the ball. It's like a whirly dirty. Yeah. I've never been out there and had somebody try and take my lunch on a football field, but my feeling is that he got hit. He was a little bit disoriented and didn't know exactly where he was trying to gain his bearings because I figured he would have made a beeline for the end zone instead of kind of circling back and begin to run the wrong way before Rashad Fenton was able to knock the ball out of his hands. After you were done dissecting frogs, who was the guy that was trying to take your lunch in school? There was no gun, were you bullied? No. Absolutely not. I'm not this is safe space. No, it's a name. No, so there was nobody that there was nobody that bullied me. I mean, I always was an athlete relatively speaking, but I used to be the instigator. So if my buddies wanted to try and stir things up, they knew I could run my moth with the best of them. So they'd send me into a crowded chirp. They'd wait for somebody to try and get in my face and then they'd come in to kind of clean things up. That's what you get when you're a goal, you get defense when you get forward. Everybody comes to your defense if you want to run your app. I could actually see that happening. Does anyone call you a pipsqueak as a youth? Yeah, my dad. My dad calls me. Me and your dad are kind of in the same vibe on like 98% of things. Are you calling yourself a father figure pain when it comes to the bet the board corporate offices? It could be seen as such. It could be seen as such. Life at least underlying. The surface level stuff is you are certainly the more buttoned up human of the two. But that's just surface level. Motivator, investment adviser, pain insider. He checks every box you'd want somebody to do on their professional business card. Would you like to add anything else to your assessment of the rams in forty-niners? Should we discuss the number quickly before we call this podcast a wrap and take a 48 hour break from one another? So I will let the listeners do what they choose, but the number should be rams minus three -15 on a neutral. And so I think there are a lot of professional bettors. That will inevitably be on the forty-niners here. And they are waiting for a four. But if the four dozen pop they'll probably still value bet the three and a half? In general when we start to look at the schedule matrix and you circle spots weeks in advance. All of us were hoping and praying to pee down their leg last week because we would have had the forty-niners plus 6 in the spot. So you do lose some value because of that. But I think we will see if force pop, they might not necessarily last all that long, or they come extremely late. The rams continue to attract public money. And probably force the books to get there at some point. When you look at the market early this morning on a Monday, you see some of the sharpest shops out there turning to a soft three and a half. We'll see if books known to cater to recreational players can get to the four. And while it's rather cliche, we'll say it anyways. This is obviously the forty-niners season in the wake of their loss last week against Arizona. When here you go to Jacksonville, you have a chance to get to 500 with 7 games remaining in your aspirations of getting to the postseason at least remain alive. Lose this week, you go to three and 6. I think that's all she wrote for San Francisco. But in no way shape or form, do I want that to be conveyed as a reason to try and better game? If the numbers and matchups don't line up, you set it out. But as pain said, talking about where this number should be properly priced. You just have to try and figure out what home field advantage is. Actually worth in the Bay Area, given some of San Francisco's struggles..

Deshawn Jackson Cooper Cup van Jefferson rams Rashad Fenton niners Desean Raiders Woods Ryan Jackson football Jacksonville Arizona San Francisco Bay Area
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"van jefferson" Discussed on Paul Hickey's Data Driven Daily Tips

"Usc has a huge fan base. The lions of a loyal fan base if amman raw saint brown can have made a Like maybe even a good game on thanksgiving on a national televised audience. Coming up in a few weeks that will be my opportunity to flip the monroe saint brown but again may not need to spend thirty dollars on amman raw. It's more like the kennedy game. Well side of things. I feel better but the not n. And the judy in the canarias. Tony on the rishaad. Bateman side of things. Seeing as hell canaries. Tony's already materialized for me. But i'm ross brown looking good as a rookie. So far just in a bad situation and the detroit lions can figure it out at all and he has a good game coming up. He just needs to get into the end zone. Catch five balls for hundred yards in tv. Probably flip that thing for close to fifty bucks. Here's some more. Nfl flyers that. I got excited about. They all fit the same profile. So i'll comment on them. Just a little bit jalen rieger former first round pick twenty dollars and fifty seven cents for his panini origins three color pat ricky patch auto. Michael carter panini black number. Two fifty feel much better about that card. Great market for the new york jets. Even though the jets suck people really really like michael carter running back only paid nineteen dollars and forty five cents for this. Rpa van jefferson. I bought two van jeffersons. I'm banking on last year. Second round pick for the rams being the route runner that all the experts say that he is an playing with matthew stafford. And hopefully the rams making a playoff run this year that i'm targeting playoff time to sell might van jefferson. Rpa's thirty dollars and twenty three cents for one of them and then the second one was only sixteen dollars and twenty five cents all in with shipping. Low dollar investments safer than getting graded again with the grading. You're taking the risk of getting the good grade and the player doing well versus the rookie. Patch autograph all you have to do is the rookie play. Well and then you have the same increase in pricing from a percentage standpoint as you would with say a psa tanner and as she sees him couple of other prospects. Here thailand. wallace was a later round. Pick for the baltimore ravens. Another ravens wide receiver. All he has to do is a couple of games fifteen dollars and fifty cents for panini gold standard. Rpa number two only forty nine wrong. They'll moore was a guy that was high on earlier show his rpa's were going for over one hundred fifty dollars before the season even started. There was a lot of hyper on this guy. And then as is always the case. Rookie wide receivers rookie running backs. They're going to have a couple of bad games. Ron bail started the season hot with a good game. Had a couple of bad games. Bats when i got his. Rpa panini black number. Two one ninety nine for only thirty four dollars and seventy five cents got an bilo pocket after a bad performance..

amman saint brown monroe saint brown Michael carter ross brown jalen rieger pat ricky Tony Rpa van jefferson van jeffersons new york jets Bateman rams van jefferson Usc
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"van jefferson" Discussed on Paul Hickey's Data Driven Daily Tips

"He got benched and he's basically done nothing since he doesn't get the baugh scratch one week the last week given some injuries this guy had eleven carries didn't do a ton with them but was a part of the offense. Here's what we know about new england. You don't know anything about what they're thinking in terms of their running back position if you got space on your team if you can go get a card for a dollar maybe two. I like it man. I'm not and he's the next area and foster circuit two thousand nine to two thousand twelve. But here's what i do know. You don't know what new england's thinking they're still trying to figure it out. This guy dominated the preseason. He got areas fostered in his first ever. Nfl game fumbled it. Benched basically for five weeks and now. His situation yields a little bit of opportunity. What does he do with it. What do you do with paul on the card. I like it. I i like your calls. I liked them last week. I went out and got a van. Jefferson van jefferson eighteen dollars on extended to see what he does. I like the reminders stevenson. I was actually looking at my spreadsheet to see if i won any reminder stevenson's because i had bid on several romande stevenson far be as i have him on my dynasty i'm i'm aligned with you unromantic stevenson and i would like to now go out and find an rpa for under twenty five bucks of him or maybe just a pro uniform basic rookie card basic. Now here's dawson knocks. You can get there's bids on him that lead me to believe that he's an under fifty dollar rookie autograph guy which is great. I like to call for buffalo right now. And i'm still with you on queze. So you're riding macquarie's train your added dawson knocks yad reminders stevenson. You got a k. K. j. osborne and band jefferson from last week. You're bringing it strong. We've got issues. Be a little patient with these guys. The reason why k j reason why like quiz is because these guys couldn't even find an opportunity in the lineup year..

stevenson new england Jefferson van jefferson romande stevenson Nfl dawson queze paul band jefferson macquarie buffalo osborne
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"van jefferson" Discussed on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour

"I think i talked with this lab about this. You know how frustrating was it to see. davis mills. Look like joe montana. There and brandin cooks not being the beneficiary of that was that part of the reason is and we talk about this. All the time is bill. Belichick tries to take out your best offensive weapons When when he goes up against you and the best defensive weapons no question for houston was brandin cooks. And that's what we saw chris. Conley and other receivers. You'll never hear from again with career days so i feel like you know despite cook seemingly coming back which by the way the vikings aren't a by i believe next week so we'll get the week off next week regardless Even though you probably won't be able to play madison. This week ron Brandin cooks is a nice little consolation prize. So congratulations on that. It's all about building depth. And and you guys certainly did that here with this squad all right. Let's pitch Let's go with ron. Why don't you take this question sort of dale and boston. He writes as van jefferson. Worth keeping around on my roster. I'm gonna have some by week issues. The next couple of weeks congrats guys that dale and boston. So ron you look at Van jefferson right now. Obviously behind cooper cop obviously behind robert woods but you can make the case if either one of those guys goes down band. Jefferson could be a big beneficiary of the question. Is when you're faced with by week issues Over the next month month and a half whatever. It is How hard you have to work to keep. Band jefferson on your roster. I think he's definitely worthwhile keeping He's one of the players. When i was drafting this year i looked at as being a free square that had tremendous upside if if One of the two guys go down. the great offense stafford is there. He's a definitely a huge upgrade over. Goff so i was really targeting Jefferson at the end of the end of the draft for sure for them..

davis mills brandin ron Brandin joe montana Belichick van jefferson Conley Van jefferson dale ron vikings boston houston chris madison robert woods cooper Jefferson jefferson stafford
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"van jefferson" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"Ever in his first game for the rams. You had nine targets for cooper cup. Had three for van jefferson for robert woods. Cup was the man. My temperature check on robert woods quickly answer. This is totally fine. I mean robert woods is going to be heavily involved. If it wasn't a single game sample size you know you can pick one game out last year and decided it was a robert woods. Game are cooper cup game. They're going to use both players. I would be holding just like drafted a solid ninety. Eight point six degrees. I am the normal human body temperature. Whatever you drafted him to be. I still think he's very involved. I will say this had a nice touchdown goodness. I do have a fever for cooper cup but it does. It does not mean that it comes at the expense of robert woods. I think robert woods and you know whatever we believe in the rams offense with matthew stafford which i believe in neutral game scripts is going to be very pass heavy And i think it's going to succeed. So those things might benefit cooper more if he is indeed the full season target leader. But i i also think those things benefit woods and just a reminder. The rams opened the game with was that an eighty yard touchdown whatever it was vange van jefferson no more targets than means that. There's no more targets during that drive. That means the rams have already scored seven points. So that's a huge debts. An unfortunate opportunity. That is taken away from both cooper cup in robert woods and my note for for robber would be bro. You gotta get on all breakfasts. Oh yeah get in their early may uniquely it their five minutes before cooper drip wrong. The door for stafford have his have his trae. Ready bak- quiche during it in. Yeah key nice quiche. Because that's not that's not to go. That's not the norm cooper. Shown up without me. You gotta like quiches. Oh no disgusting. I think they're awful. You don't like it. good quiche. Now oh man. They're always how nine for pro anti keys brooks. What all right all right. All right as where i'd put. It is pro cash. Well done if my choices. No breakfast quiche quiche. Otherwise i'll choose anything else. Give me a bowl of zero. I love quiche really. Yeah so what's the what's the keefe fag eggs. It's like would you pipe. It's such a weird. Texture rather just have scrambled eggs right exactly but you wanted shape like a cake. Call it a quiche. I can pick it up his portable normally got some burn edges and stuff too. It's a little different little crispy texture all right. You can't pick up scrambled eggs with your hands. It's.

robert woods cooper rams van jefferson vange van jefferson matthew stafford norm cooper fever stafford brooks
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"Dog. Who is your first receiver. This week i mean when you when you have herbert as your qb one. Yeah you have to put in keenan allen yes you're wide receiver. One looking at the target distribution from week one keenan allen thirteen mike williams twelve jared cook eight guy in five so pretty narrow Gotta take keenan allen. I mean it seems like his floor is thirteen targets in this game. I feel like ceiling is like twenty to twenty five targets He he's gonna catch a lotta stuff he might not see all the red zone targets but who cares Love kina especially in cash plays. Hi four seven thousand. No i mean he is he is certainly up there and the and the outlier case for him to go off. You know opening up the stadium at home against the cowboys. Defense i think is certainly there. John what are you. What do you got for your first receiver. Yes so i'm gonna go start up the stack with stafford Two options cooper cup. Six thousand or robert woods fifty. Seven hundred I'm kind of leaning that that the woods. Maybe a little bit more popular because he's a little bit cheaper and so i'm going to go with cup at six thousand I think You know looking at the target share up had any got. Thirty eight percents Last week compared the us seventeen or something like that from woods. So i'm pretty pretty big difference. I was a little bit surprised when i saw that And i i think Love that six. Yeah what do you think about. Van jefferson i mean. Does that feel like an ally gain though. Certainly what he had like an eighty yard bomb he caught or is he you know he was. He seemed cute. Play last year does he. Does he kinda get some of that upside in this new. Look rams offense. Yeah i'm thinking. I mean he's thirty five hundred this week. So he's gonna fall into that bucket of cheap receivers that are probably pretty popular especially because he just had a big game. yeah so i think i think that's a pretty easy fade in in. I mean honestly. Like when. I saw that play. I immediately thought it was john jackson You know just just. That's how the shot jags words. He always goes wanted and it wasn't. It was van jefferson so thirty three hundred this week tucson bags i mean. That's a if van. Jefferson ends up being pretty chunky. That's like a super easy pivot in my opinion going. And just i guess pylon 'cause he's one of my receivers as well. I think to to the point of fading the colts Like just i see that tyler lockett down him. Just so i and real quick that be like that You know over the shoulder. Catch that lock it. Had i mean that was just a thirty ball by Danger russ just an awesome catch by the lock to track that ball. It looked way easier than i'm sure it actually was so awesome to see them get carved up. Yeah yeah i mean so. Yeah he's my. I've given out now two receivers. But the sean jackson just seems like the the gp d'arthur you gotta have in their agreed my My first receiver for the lineup here. Now maybe he'll be chaki because to me. It seems so obvious. This is the receiver. One i have is jersey looked amazing i catches an eagle devante smith fifty four hundred dollars at home. Certainly you normally don't want to take a guy who's prices gotten bumped up chasing points Chasing points but also like they're clearly have a massive role for devante smith and then forty niners. Just you know they who is it just got knocked. Just tore his acl. They just signed. Dray kirk patrick. So i mean i. I don't see how he's not gonna get again eight to ten targets. I think he's going to get involved and clearly. He has a chemistry with jalen. Hurts as you saw from week. One san francisco does have a tough defense. But i i. I really liked this situation especially for good for you and happy for you great. That's that analysis. What john john chase being a homer. You don't get credit for the points last week. I mean i know hate it. I i think i think smith stud i. I really think hurts is going to be pretty good this year. I think he was a. He was kind of that. That uh sleeper sleeper. But that running quarterback pat is a begin. End up paying off pretty well for people massively around so i hit massive upside kramer. Would he got. Who's your. who's your next one. The you act. Like i didn't have jalen hurts as my number eight quarterback. I'm i'm i'm in on on the idea of him. Being a decent fantasy quarterback surprised. he's winning football games. I will say. I already gave out my second one. It was the sean jackson so john. Yeah oh yeah. That's right john who's your who's your second receiver. Yes so i went with Michael pittman um to kind of bring it back against the rams He was kind of a popular play. this past week As kind of a bring back With seattle stacks that in a little bit of steam In the anzac paschal went out for two touchdowns and pitman didn't do a whole lot so I think the price tag down a little bit or stayed roughly the same pittman I still think he is going to be the wide receiver one He's probably going to be seeing a little bit of jalen ramsey which isn't great but i'll just go with that men as the bring back. He's actually cheaper than a passable this week. So yeah all lead into that. I looked at that game too. And i was going back and forth because i i thought pittman was the guy. But then it's like well they're probably gonna put ramsey on pittman and then paskal is still interesting because of the price point and clearly whence likes to target him but then he had such he had a two touchdown game. What are the odds. He's going to do that again. I'm with you. I think pittman is the call but i i was kind of going back and forth on. That couldn't find a good angle so in my in my denver stack. I'm gonna bring it back with marvin jones junior for forty seven hundred dollars. Nine targets five catches. Seventy seven yards had a touchdown. It seems like he's one of the guys that you know has some chemistry with trevor lawrence. I think denver could get up in the same way that the texans got up on the jags. I think it's kind of a disaster in jacksonville and marvin. Jones seems like the veteran. That's still going to be a big part of the offense so yeah marvin jones junior forty seven hundred. I i still think the volume. This guy should see Makes it makes sense. And i couldn't really afford chanel their chart but there i mean all of them i think are probably crapshoot. They're fun fact about dj char. He only only behind tyree kill. Darren waller air yards for week. One's really so. Maybe i should try and find a way. He's so much back on. The jags are kind of a disaster. Nearly overwhelmed that's more than a disaster. We were joking on the college of show. I mean i think there's a very real chance he finished before the end of the. Nfl season he takes the usc job. Yeah i mean it is. What's a better job jacksonville. Or usc in urban. Meyer's mind because you can. It's ways to get good players on your. I mean it's easier you're get more recognition..

keenan allen sean jackson jared cook Van jefferson van jefferson tyler lockett Danger russ robert woods mike williams chaki jalen devante smith pittman Dray kirk patrick rams john john chase john jackson
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"A 70 yard touchdown run to make it 27 to 7. Let's hear Dave Logan on the Broncos radio network. That's what it turns hands to Gordon Gordon thrice I did a big hole 40 45. Here we go. Linfield, Gordon 45 40 pulling away. 35 30 2015 10 5 touchdown Denver 70 yards for Melvin Gordon. Then it is all but over. And over. It was final 27 to 13 Broncos over the Giants. I've been critical the Broncos throughout the off season. I liked the roster. I don't believe in Teddy Bridgewater. I don't believe in Vic Fangio. I don't believe in Pat Shurmur. Yesterday was a good day, though. For that trio Teddy Bridgewater, 20 to 36 264 yards to passing touchdowns also had 19 rushing yards. But let's be real. You look at the Giants Daniel Jones. Turnovers has been the key. And that's been his biggest problem didn't have an interception yesterday did fumble, though, when it was still a game, and it costs the New York Giants Sterling Shepard the one positive for the Giants, seven receptions, 113 yards, and he did find the end zone. And finally The debut of Matthew Stafford with the Rams. 34 to 14 Rams beat the Bear Stafford, only six incompletions 2026 321 yards and three passing touchdowns. Let's hear one of them. This was the big 66 yard touchdown pass. To Van Jefferson.

Melvin Gordon Dave Logan Pat Shurmur Matthew Stafford Teddy Bridgewater Gordon Gordon Van Jefferson New York Giants Daniel Jones Vic Fangio 20 Sterling Shepard Linfield 113 yards 70 yards 70 yard Rams 66 yard Giants 7
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"A 23 16 win for Pittsburgh. Come from down 10 points to beat the Bills. Get a punch block for a touchdown along the way and hold Josh Allen the Bills offense in check Allen with just Uh, 270 yards and one touchdown on 50 attempts as the bills lose their opener, penalties, a problem as well. Holding penalties on the offensive line. Pass interference call defensive holding penalties as well. Just not the Bills day, They dropped their own one next up Miami who comes in at one and out to a talk about Lola. Through the go ahead Touchdown pass The Jaylen Waddle in the third quarter. Dolphins are in their second straight win over the Patriots. This 1 17 to 16, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs Rally from down double digits. Beat the Browns, 33 to 29, Tyreek Hill, 11 catches 1 97 and two touchdown Jameis Winston five touchdown passes. The Saints blow out the Packers in Jacksonville, 38 to 3. Matthew Stafford, a good first impression for the Rams. 3 21 3 touchdowns. His second pass of the day went for 67 yards score to Van Jefferson and the Rams are out to a hot start. Russell Wilson four touchdowns Seahawks beat the Colts 28 16 Eagles with a nice performance in jail and hurts first start this year. As their starting quarterback, of course, 30 to 6 over the Falcons. They just tear apart Atlanta in that game, Justin Herbert 3 37 and a touchdown the Chargers when at Washington and Novak Djokovic was awarded his bid for a calendar slam falls in straight sets. 6464642 Daniel Medvedev. Daniel Ricardo wins the Italian Grand Prix. Those your sports headlines visit paddock Chevrolet dot com for the best online pre own inventory headlines brought to you by Paddock Chevrolet. Next update Top of the hour. That's what got me motivated. I mean, you know, we got a great group of guys in there, man, guys that I noticed gonna come out to work. Like I said, we're gonna take a look at the film. We're gonna learn from him and I know we can get better..

Daniel Ricardo Russell Wilson Novak Djokovic Patrick Mahomes Jameis Winston Josh Allen Justin Herbert Matthew Stafford Van Jefferson Jacksonville Tyreek Hill 67 yards 50 attempts Seahawks 10 points Falcons Patriots Bills Allen Dolphins
Stafford Leads LA Rams Past Bears 34-14 in Dynamic Debut

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Stafford Leads LA Rams Past Bears 34-14 in Dynamic Debut

"In his first game with his new team rams quarterback Matthew Stafford threw three touchdown passes in a thirty four to fourteen win over the bears in the new place and and being able to come out you know we going I want to get a win and play the way we did feels good a lot of work to be done but it's definitely good Sir Stafford connected with van Jefferson Cooper Kupp and Robert woods for scores and he finished with three hundred twenty one passing yards Andy Dalton threw for two oh six in his bears debut but had an interception and a fumble LA lead just thirteen seven at halftime but pulled away with three second half touchdowns mark Myers Inglewood California

Matthew Stafford Sir Stafford Van Jefferson Cooper Kupp Rams Robert Woods Bears Andy Dalton LA Mark Myers Inglewood California
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"The only thing. I i didn't really you know i know the carriers are pretty even but was it. I think it was mostly even even for much of the game. It was williams the entire. I drive swift the entire second drive and they just kind of mixed and matched from that point on. Okay dave's winters are jomar chase. Adam you see. This van jefferson touchdown go on twitter. Jomar chase jalen hurts and mile sanders. You want to talk more about chase. i think it's pretty clear now that everybody recognizes that. They overreacted to what they saw in the preseason and the guy who was so talented when he came out of lsu and then waited a year to come into the nfl Is the real deal. And he's going to have good opportunities moving forward. I don't really think. I think everybody's ready to search march every week. One person on twitter told me. I knew there was a chance i was benched regardless i knew there was a chance he would go off. I had to see it first and that might have been the sentiment that a lot of fantasy managers had with chases they had to see it. I and now that they've seen it they're gonna buy in for awhile. He's bought himself at least three or four weeks. If he has three more bad games has a bunch of drops then people will worry but for now. No one's worried. Yeah i'll tell you should be wearing mile. Sanders really should have had a better game than he had he. I thought he looked good. He had no catches in the first half and the second half. He's getting targets. You had four catches in the game. I began a lot of nice runs. And you know gain well sole touchdown and hurts had some yards i i think mile sanders could end up having a pretty decent year after all. How many of gain wills carries came after the game was kind of out of control. I don't know i can look that up. But his touchdown came after a kind of long miles. I saw that but it would concern me..

jomar chase van jefferson Jomar chase jalen mile sanders twitter williams lsu Adam dave nfl Sanders sanders
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"It's on Westwood one. 21 yard line is for the Rams will start trailing 25 to 10 7 26 remaining in the third. James Loft and Rams defense got what they needed. They gotta stop after giving up some yardage. Now can they convert this opportunity into 0.79 yards away from the inside and the Packers in that last drive or very aggressive during the ball deep three times. Let's see if the Rams counter trying deep against the Packers, three receivers left to the line. Go off start in the air, low throw going down to get it at 25 yard line Is Van Jefferson very similar to his touchdown catch very low, had to go down to the turf to pull it in. The 25 picks up four. Yeah, but that one was 74 yards away from the end zone Yet you do not get six points for that catch but a very similar play and four yards. The result of that touchdown to Wei thought the ranch would be aggressive, throwing the ball at the end of the half. Kept handy. It cam acres. He was aggressive, running the football. Second six of 25 golf to the sideline awards with the catch and then falls forward, lunging the ball out with both arms to the 32 picks up seven and that will be a ram's first out. So Los Angeles moves the chains to the 31 yard line. Nice quick, passing my golf. Get the ball out of your hands. Now you've had a couple of past rushes bythe. Packer's defense. Get the ball in your hands again. Quickly. Shotgun staff the golf on first down Open receiver of the 48 yard line connects on that left sideline with Josh Reynolds. That'll be another first down. No, mark him out of the 47. It's a pick up of 15 at a first down for Los Angeles. There ran picking up their pace just a little bit. They're retreating to the huddles. But they are ready to go. Assuming they got the line and get it snapped in built. Let the Packers make those adjustments to the coverage by way of alignment. Shotgun snap to go off on first down three man pack A rush throws into traffic and catch made at the 49 of Green Bay by Tyler Higbee A four yard game But you're right, James. They get up to the line. And his golf gets up there. This ball snapped immediately. Here. They get set to receivers left single to the right golf in the shotgun, arms outstretched. Here comes the snap. Packers Rush five throws to the left sideline once with the catch and would still go out of bounds near the 43 yard line of Green Bay. Very close. First down for the rain's gonna be just short. It'll be third and inches inside the 44 yard line. They'll market on the left cash. 5 38 remaining third quarter rams down 25 to 10 crowd trying to make it rough. On Jared golfer. The crowd has been a factor of times today for golf. Robert Woods is in the game. It's carried the ball 25 times during the course of the regular season play action on third and short golf for throwing. He throws to a diving van Jefferson Crossing the middle of the field from left to right. Got to the right side and low throw is snared 16 yards on the pick up That's a ram's first out that jet sweet motion behind the line of scrimmage with Robert Woods and linebackers step up. You're allowed through right behind him on the play Action. Three receivers left too wide to the right and time out's going to be used. Green Bay. A little frustration on the Packers.

Packers golf Rams Green Bay Los Angeles Robert Woods James Loft Josh Reynolds Van Jefferson Westwood Wei Packer football Jared Tyler Higbee
Goff throws for 376 yards, 3 TDs in Rams' 27-24 win vs Bucs

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Goff throws for 376 yards, 3 TDs in Rams' 27-24 win vs Bucs

"Jared Goff completed thirty nine of his fifty one passes for three hundred seventy six yards and three touchdowns in the rams twenty seven twenty four victory at Tampa Robert woods van Jefferson the can makers grab short scoring passes from Goff is less Angelus improved to seven and three Cooper Kupp had eleven receptions for one hundred forty five yards and woods finished with ten catches for one hundred thirty yards when we had opportunities to go into corners we capitalized on the money and I will say we consistently basketball will grow the game with the rams didn't go ahead to stay until Matt gay kicked a forty yard field goal with two thirty six left Jordan fuller picked off two passes from Tom Brady Brady finished twenty six of forty eight for just two hundred sixteen yards and two touchdowns as the box fell to seven and three I'm Dave very

Jared Goff Robert Woods Van Jefferson Rams Goff Cooper Jordan Fuller Tom Brady Brady Basketball Matt Dave
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"Hey, Mike. Hey. Jordan Fuller horrifying Tom Brady picking him off twice tonight. During Monday night Football. The second one in crunch time. As Brady and the Bucks comeback chances fade away and the Rams hang on. 27 24 Matt Gay nailed to go ahead 40 yard field goal late in the fourth quarter. Jared Goff his stat line 39 for 51 3 76 through the air. Three touchdown passes, had two picks. Those touchdown grabs going to Robert Woods can makers and Van Jefferson, the rookie is first in a Ram's uniform. As for Tom Brady, 22 incompletions, just 216 yards, throwing two scores, two picks and years. Very Important stat line. Brady one for nine with two picks when he threw the ball 15 yards or more Yes, one for nine through the air and Leonard Fernet. His running back while he did have a short touchdown run did have three drops, according to NFL network the league starting this weekend, posing more aggressive covert 19 protocols. As players who are not in a game or don't have a helmet on must now wear a mask on the sidelines. Players will have less time to death each other up after games, a team's traveling party will reduce as well and if anyone overlooks the strict guidelines discipline Will be headed their way. Multiple outlets reporting the Bangles quarterback Joe Burrow tore his A C L M C l and encounter damage to his knee. Baltimore Ravens running backs Jake Dobbins and Mark Ingram. Contract It coronavirus and are on the covert 19 Reserve list. Nose tackle Brandon Williams as a close contact joints him or joins them on the list as well. And all three will miss Thursday's game against the Steelers. Let's get back to Jason Smith and my best friend. My.

Tom Brady Baltimore Ravens Jared Goff Brandon Williams Jordan Fuller Mike Steelers Matt Gay Robert Woods Leonard Fernet Jason Smith Football NFL Joe Burrow Bucks Rams Jake Dobbins Bangles Mark Ingram Van Jefferson
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"Evidence could be the number three running back. There could contribute on special teams doesn't have to move far. Yeah that works to A couple other receivers this. These aren't the ones I really want to say. Just late round guys that I saw at the senior bowl I liked John Jennings going to San Francisco. He's a violent and tall wide receiver Caja Hill Really good footwork Not The best for work at the senior bowl. I think that was van Jefferson but he might have been right behind him and he played with Justin Herbert all week and now they're on the same team in La with the chargers but if we can go earlier on day three. I think there could be something there with. Dj Dallas going to Seattle in the days being a home or card but his ICAL grinder type of running backs. You know that Seattle looks for those guys. If Rashad Penny ready for the first half of the season I think Dallas could end up being the backup to Chris Carson. Actually Dave I. I think it was a Daniel Jeremiah. It was on. Espn I he said that douses the best pass protector of all the running backs in the draft. I wouldn't surprise me one bit. So that's something that would help them. But if you know Chris Carson gets banged up or something like that. Dj Dallas could be the next. Chris Carson in Seattle can we? Can we talk about the Patriots? Just real quick. Do we have to who make Yo Harry like what in the world? I mean Keel. Harry may be but his quarterback Jarret Stidham right now. The Veterans Remember. Andy Dalton is still Bengal Cam. Newton is is out there. James Winstons out there right. I mean don't you feel like that's the direction they drafted four tight ends? A kicker stem team defensive players preparing for twenty twenty one. It seems that way as of now go. Bell checks cut rugged tee off. It's a good fourteen gigs. I don't understand it all what's going on there. I I hope that. They're just accumulating pieces and they're gonNA deal pieces and picks for any AJ Green. Because I do you keep hanging onto that dream because I like why in the world with the bengals draft higgins less because they know. Aj Greens out the door next year unless they push them out the door this year they should who who's trading up A. You know you wanted it to be a number one. Pick for green and Dalton. Who's giving up a first round? Pick for receiver. That's played one full season in the last four years. I was good as he is and I like them up. I if it was the second round pick in twenty twenty one Yemenis bengals one. I think the BENGALS WANNA keep. Aj Green for this year. I think if you get Joe Borough and then you trade away. Aj Green. That's not the kind of a downer. Not The best message to send to him but it's being their third see right away the kids it's going to get the curse God when treatment for the first couple years. Swear he's he's good limited time but he's just not getting on the field because there's good receivers ahead of him and that just kind of sucks but we'll get to see him like twenty twenty two unfortunately the track record. There's so many things that I want to talk about that we haven't talked about. We haven't talked about Mark Ingram with JK Dobbins there. We haven't really talked about the bengals passing game. We're going to do all of this next week. The track record for number two wide receivers with rookie. Quarterback's is off and I was really just looking at the rookie. Quarterbacks who drafted number one overall since Matthew Stafford. That's eight quarterbacks. I mean it is hard to find one that had a good year I think. Ty Elton had a pretty good year but he was the number two to Reggie Wayne. But you know it's like it doesn't look good for Tyler Boyd. At the same time could they're passing game be worse than last year? I doubt it so there's so many angles and so many things to talk about that. We haven't really gotten to the dolphins. Maybe if there's one team you think that did the best on the offensive line in this draft. The dolphins didn't have one of those top. Four offensive tackles but they did invest a lot and offensive line. So may they stand out? I don't know what kind of immediate impact that will have. Their offensive line's really terrible last year. But do you think when you look at the offensive line? Another thing we haven't really talked about. Is there a team that you say all right? Got a much better situation now than we did three days ago. The big four tackles is like the only you can start with that for sure. You know the jets. The jets continue to address. Their offense of line and getting Beckton was a good move for them. Will's going to the browns. Sounds like he's going to get moved to left tackle and they'll keep conkland a right tackle. The what the browns have done with their offensive line since the end of last season. Obvious and it's really good and it just another team telling you they're intentions. I think that they're gonNA try and use two tight ends a lot. I think they're going to run a lot. I think they're going to be you know a little bit more cautious than they were last year. But you know in. That same vein. They're also going to be much smarter about how they go about playing football than they were last year The giants protecting saquon Endanger Jones with the Andrew. Thomas Beck was big and the Bucks. Were smart to move up. Even if it did cost him a victim move up one spot to get worse and improve that offensive line to protect brady giants. Look like three or four three offensive. Linemen that the dolphins took three with their first within the first one hundred and Oh yeah they two more importantly they took two in the first thirty nine picks but again it's tough to get immediate impact on the offensive line. They have a lot of improvement to do. Good call on the browns Arizona's another one. They took Josh Jones early. Third-round a lot of people were mocking him. As a late I tackle yet. I thought he would be a late. I tackle for sure. I don't know why he slipped. But it reminds me if Butler because a lot not everybody liked hiking. Butler last year. I know heath and I did and when they got him as the topic on day. Three lascher without this is a great value and it feels like another great value. Pick for the cardinals but who knows if that's really what they got. Yeah well that's that's GonNa do it for our day three recap. Thank you today for cursing appreciate that. Thank you for listening to me. When you add direction we should completely dismissed Donald purpose. I was just trying to lightly dismiss. It ended up completely dismissing it to Ben and Heath as well to bench rag great work today. Five shows coming up plus eight switch event on Tuesday night. Still learning the twitch lingo. I'll get it by victory. Good-bye. Everybody we'll talk to you about that..

Chris Carson dolphins bengals Seattle browns Aj Green Dj Dallas jets Rashad Penny Josh Jones San Francisco Butler BENGALS John Jennings La heath Patriots van Jefferson Dave I.
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"So I think that would really was then the question is always going to be with him. Is he fast enough to win over the top? I don't know if it necessarily matter as the way that he runs releases though. So I don't he's not fast enough to win over the top. I think that like a straight line speed. It's not that song there and that's not really his game. It's not really what he would ask to do. Like you said, I love them on the boundary because of his ability to be press coverage his he's really Shifty. He's really like a loose. It comes to those out all movements can create separation installing his stem because he can move so explosive laterally and then on top of that he's really were fine with his hand usage. So as far as the stems goes and convenient, press coverage. I love his projection on top of that one of the more fluid nuanced route brakes and that comes on double moves, but it also cuz it comes on Signal moves creating separation understanding birth. The defensive back is how it needs to break and how answer alter is the angle of his break in order to get open I think is really special. I hear he's only you know, average sized probably average athletic when it comes to NFL wide receiver. But if you want that third-down chain mover who's going to play on the outside, I think he's going to do that for you. Not that not that deep thirds. Not the Deep third guy but intermediate presence and not you know, for whatever team that drafts and you're getting like a six six to eight year contract 3rd and 3rd Van Jefferson. Yeah, I think you know, that's a good way of putting it in a such a good route Runner, you know, like you said, he's almost as good anyone in this class when it comes to that and you know, you know, I honestly don't care if he's not a burner when he can get open like that, you know, they're guys who are faster than him that won't get open as consistently because he's there just not as polished as he is..

Van Jefferson NFL