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"van dyke alexander arnold" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

"Else's like way. It's like TV shows Cav, you could do TV shows, and oh, oh, I would crush movies and TV shows and HP lovecraft. But I don't think they'd make that a category. All right. Let's go to PF a team of the year. I'm gonna I'm just going to read it out from the back. Are you ready from the back? If starting in the back now, we're here started. We're gonna hit it from the back. Okay. All right. Hit it from the back. Evan. Okay. So you got Edison and goal. You got Roberson on the left ports Van Dyke Alexander Arnold. And then we're going to go hop up to the midfield. We have central defensive mid. We got Dino the to center mids are pug by Bernardo Silva. And then on the wings, we have reams sterling saudi-omani and then as striker guero. So it's all Liverpool city, and then one Manchester United player, which this is the guy who's been getting the most hate on internet. Even though he's not the one who liked picked. I feel. Bad for Paul GPA because it's like he's not the one who put him out there. So everyone's like sending him Hateley. You don't deserve to be on this. It's like, dude, I didn't pick the be on this. You know? So what do you think of this? I only have a couple of changes. But I'll let you go first. I really think this is a pretty damn well done list. If we're if we're being completely honest. It just encompasses Manchester City and Liverpool, but those are the two best and by far the best teams in the pram. So working from the back. I think the Goldie talk was between Edison. And allison. And you have to look at who has a stronger defense between Liverpool and Manchester City to really tear those two apart from each other. And once again, it's by the slightest of margins in my opinion that Liverpool has a better defense. So Edison has a technically harder job than Alison. I also think Edison makes his job harder on himself. I talked about this last podcast. I think he takes unnecessary risks and positions him so very ugly. Obviously it worked out in the Manchester derby, but we'll get to that. But dev. Think Edison is deservedly the goalkeeper Robertson Alexander, Arnold and Van Dyke. You can't argue that there's been a better three in defense. They're low port. I think that's a bit of a stretch. Especially if you look at what LaPorte has done in the champion or not the champions, the the mistakes that LaPorte has made in in some of the big games, including the Champions League where his position this is the Premier League, we can't talk. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. But just looking at a personnel at a whole here as a whole defender. And I'm sure that goes through all their all the judges minds looking at their whole performances. So I don't know if I agree on that one. But then again, I I don't know who I would substitute in there for that Fernandina. Obviously deserved. I think he is crucial to that Manchester City team Bernardo Silva once again fucking crazy year for him. Pug, the I'm on the fence about here. I think his best performances of the year deserves an inclusion in the PFA, but the man has been pretty inconsistent this year. So I don't know how I feel about that. But at the same time, and I know all the Chelsea fans. Are pissed that hazard is an in an and making the argument that hazard should replace PA. But the fact of the matter is, and we talked about this a bit a couple pods ago. You can't force players into a position where they don't fit like in. No sense of the word does has our play pod buzz position. And no sense of the word is has already a true midfielder. So you can't bitch about Paul GPA being included, but hazard is not when the position has already been taken hazards position in this low four.

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