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"van delano" Discussed on X96

"Today. Probably so tonight these on sorry will be a Kingsbury hall. Oh, really talking about this for awhile tonight is the night for that show. So if you've got tickets, set reminders, he don't forget is he calling the show anything to you know, is it got know a title bout that I saw. But tomorrow. Tweet for comedy, Bert Kreischer will be a wise guys. He does the voice for the statue elephant, probably his best known work. That's known for that. But he he's I would I would not sit in the first few rows, sweat he sweats. And he does it without a shirt off. A large man. Yeah. Fuzzy he's fuzzy. Yeah. So that's tonight. It why is tomorrow. Now, this shows are sold out. But as always hit the classifieds if you're looking tomorrow also Howard Jones trio at the Eccles theatre. It's an acoustic set spending thirty years spanning thirty years rather of being Howard Jones an intimate acoustic performance, it's your old friend. How you've been to his house. When when is it that's tomorrow night? We'll able to get a hold of Howard's people who reach out see if he wants to come up Friday me without you at the complex quarter celebrates their one year anniversary. It seems like such a long time ago. Celik was getting its very first arcade bar and see I'm just the opposite. It feels like it open. Just a few months ago seems to be like a year ago a year ago about a year ago. Yeah. We got it. All right. Okay. Good pinball auto Rama kicks off on Friday the amount in America expo center that runs through Sunday On Saturday night. You've got Liz fair metro musical. Really? Yeah. Adventures in guy Ville. Next exit to guy Bill was. Exit. Black audience will be an urban lounge that shows sold out as well. Of course, Davey havoc and Jade from fine. Yeah. That's them. Russell Peters will be at wiseguy Salt Lake on Saturday and Sunday night. There are tickets still available for that show. Flogging Molly doing their makeup date at the complex with face to face on Sunday night and on Monday. An evening with Jason Alexander. What at the UB event, you you events center. I saw him in Vegas. How's that really knows great? It was great great. It was great Gina. He'll what does he do? Stand up. He's not standard. Oh, this is something. It's great. What he does when it's evening. It's an acoustic set where he remembers being Howard Jones. Yeah. You're think I wonder what it isn't Art Van delay performance, art pieces. Art, Van Delano Broadway songs with the UV you Symphony Orchestra. So Bs on. That's great outdoing. Hugh jackman. No doubt. So that's what's going on this week. And just as good looking once again brought to you by the Loveland festival on.

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