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"valerie frizzle" Discussed on The Morning Toast

"Okay, thank you, okay. Next story is also some exciting casting news. It's really just taking the world by storm. Elizabeth banks has been cast as Miss Frizzle in the magic, school bus live action film. That is. The most perfect casting if I've ever seen it one hundred percent to the bus. The I live about. I I've actually magic school bus feature. Film is on its way with Elizabeth bit banks set to star as Quirky and adventurous science teacher. Miss Valerie frizzle according to the Hollywood reporter, the word Quirky was invented to describe. Miss frizzle and then. Emma Stone. Yeah, she's so quirky quirky. That also would have been a good casting actually but Elizabeth. Big Quirky also not to be like ages anything, but miss. fizzle is more of an adult and I, think of Elizabeth Banks I don't even know if it stretches. Singapore is an older woman than Emma stone yet miss. frizzle is actually the ultimate counselor. Yes, I know that counselor snitch will be right there in mind ticket. Honestly, she is the ultimate council like I would be calling the. The AFC the Association of camps, because she was very responsible at taking those kids on a flying the ACA ACA American, Camp Association. Yeah, I know, but like. She always got them home safely and Tsinghua choose doing. He belts or anything? It was kind of like a hazard. I know I feel like the live action adopt. Haitian will kind of wrong. And make sure that everyone is safely. Seat belted and feeling safe, and like the parents know the kids are going to be buying. This is just such an interesting choice to do as live action, because it's technically super irrelevant like in in modern times, but like for US kids. It was a formative experience watching that show and I think a movie or show. Book Magic School Bus. Book is a book into a TV show Oh. Yes I guess she's drawn here. Maybe is a children's book series. It was a TV show. The Film Abbott Adaptation is based on Popular Scholastic Children's Book Series Of the same name and follows accenture teacher Miss Frizzle, in her class on their field trips in a magic school bus. TRIPS into tissue. Each film marks the first big screen adaptation in the franchise's six year. WHO's putting it on? Is it a pixar? It's was with being says production company Brownstone. She does good work, but she does cartoons I. DO prefer to leave it to is a cartoon. No, it's live action. Oh I'm sorry I apologize told him it's understood the story live action to the buses, really gonna fly. Yeah, it's going to be fabulous Elizabeth banks is the person to kind of anchor this this whole project. Yeah, and I feel like she definitely has a lot of respect for the magic school bus franchise to begin with. She probably grew up with it so I think. Think. She'll really do it justice, and then she has a lot of fizzle in her. She does she uses fizzle. Yeah, she uses Frizzell for sorry..

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