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"Dash wired my W local 26 now recruiting experienced electrician to join their ranks just ahead the UN General Assembly will hold an emergency session for the first time in decades to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the order to put Russian nuclear forces on special alert a special report is just ahead Have a beer A local beer garden raises money for Ukraine I'm Luke luker There are mixed feelings as prince George's county gyms prepare for the end of the mask mandate I'm Valerie Pong WTO news time one 31 CBS News special report Ukrainian forces are bracing for battle as Russia's military moves in closer to Kyiv Keith mayor vitali Klitschko says despite the violence he's grateful We're everybody proud of our army of Ukrainian who defends our city defend our homes defend our family But many people there are scared Many Ukrainians have been living a subterranean existence sleeping in subway stations to shelter from Russian missiles and air strikes And nearly 400,000 have already fled the country CBS Holly Williams in Kyiv The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency meeting Monday in response to Russia's invasion U.S. ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield We urge Russia to tone down this dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons President Biden is also said to talk to allies on a phone call over deployments CBS News special report I'm Monica ricks We continue to monitor the Ukraine crisis and we'll bring you the.

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