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"val valentine day" Discussed on 40 Going On 14

"Much but there is also in japan. After one month after valentine's day is white day Hell it it's okay. This is weird. Because in val- valentine day in japan. A didn't really start taking roll into like sixty seventy s and it turned into a thing where the women were giving the gifts to the men that they liked so then eventually southern japan white day. Yeah she i did there anymore. You racism out before we finish just know. That was the perfect amount. Okay good no but they. At that point. Valentine day women would give gifts to the men and then someone came up with the idea a month later..

japan a month later sixty seventy s southern japan Valentine day day valentine's day val- valentine day After one month
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"val valentine day" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Thirty two degrees at sunrise in Boston a pretty one good morning at six thirty on Laurie Kirby. Here's what's happening this morning. Big time trouble for Paul Manafort. He's accused of lying to investigators in the Russia pro. People consistently show. They want change. This is the time. We tried to through approaches out the strategy set. We know what it is Manafort there is the lead the Trump campaign back in the summer of two thousand sixteen will now a federal judge ruled that the former Trump campaign chair breaches plea deal was special counsel, Robert Muller. More on our top story this morning with CBS's Mark Liberman back in August. Manafort was found guilty of financial crimes which include Bank in tax fraud. He also pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy charges. Manafort will be sentenced on March thirteenth on those two felony conspiracy charges alone. He faces up to ten years in prison. Legal experts say the judge's ruling may have ruined manafort's chances for a reduced sentence. Come March and the wall deal crosses the bridge of political divide in Washington tonight. Congress is expected to vote on a sweeping package to stop another government shutdown. Tomorrow, it provides just a sliver of the billions, President Trump demand for the wall with Mexico. The president's signature is expected, but not guaranteed. He's lucky to be alive. I hit my head off the pavement and I woke up in the ICU the next day. Twenty two year old Chris Smith beaten to within an inch of his life in Boston south end last weekend. Boston police are on the lookout for four suspects wanted in this vicious attack. And Smith says someone in a scally cap tracked him down after a confrontation in a bar. He was found bleeding and semi-conscious at the corner of Harrison avenue face street. Emergency surgery over the weekend leaves him with Staples in his head. But he's on the road to recovery at his home on the south shore car versus plow in west Roxbury, the car got the worst of it here in Washington street. Boston fire using the jaws of life to get the driver out. No word on the extent of injuries. And it's Val. Valentine's day. And WBZ's Chris tells us love is already in the air this early.

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