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Gaining a higher perspective and making the impossible possible with Terry & Michelle

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Gaining a higher perspective and making the impossible possible with Terry & Michelle

"Welcome to the Biz for good show where we highlight misfits outcasts and renegades for that being good at doing good movement we spotlight people that are changing the world by having integrity and honesty and creating an environment of connection the showing the true secrets is excess and creating a life of greater impact so come on board and create your own phys for good life. Well do well to your host body Bobby James Along with Roy Bill Ladies and Gentlemen Right House. I'm I'm on fire today. We just got up are jumping episode. I'm on fire. I'm an entrepreneur. No is that legal. Can I even say that don't entrepreneur on we'll pay on fire and then I was running around. You would have to say dude. He's an entrepreneur off by Iraq. That's True Ryan. Tell us the show yeah buckle up and joined the ride when for another exciting episode Meles's out after it apparently I can't say episode not at this moment his wearing of assigning mode but join us for this great awesome sit down with some amazing awesome people go with his for good show and <hes> episode Captain House captain since we all in with he's going to go with it. This is great. We're not doing we lost guard. We're we're not doing a number but captain because we're not sure we decided to boat cares. What number is on cares cares. We've been doing this forever three three years so it's like our hundred thousand evidence any okay we have totally these ladies are going. Oh my gosh. These guys have no idea what they're doing well. They're they're in the studio making it up. That's right. We're run episode. Captain Egos Captain Eos episode gaining a higher perspective in making the impossible possible with -Tarian Michelle. Shell tell us a little bit about show we had. This is my favorite all right. Gerry Murphy is a chairperson of the artery burr fees. Sorry terrible never make your past. Terry aw I won't do it again. Have that website do Terry. Murphy Dot Co pays awesome okay. I'm sorry right right. You're terrible. You are on fire. I will let you on fire ch go ahead so apparently she is the chairperson of the Ogden Valley hot air balloon loon festival apparently she. It's twenty is twenty for sure going on twenty years and it's an it's a five oh one C. brand by the one C three three three the nonprofit and it's a multiple philanthropy endeavor philanthropic. Thank you really say that word traffic. I didn't even know it was a word and so she said it really philanthropic. You've never heard them news anytime you hear about it okay awesome. Michelle Michelle back and speaking Michelle Michelle Robinson's most recently claim to fame aiming Forbes with digital currency and is helping bring awareness and also with the world's first balloon festival in digital currency symposium zip by that really it's Forbes. Do that's a big deal so you know I'm supposed to go world claim to fame with full four. That's why Forbes magazine. We've just we've already been having so much fun but these guys that I think we it's kind of bled over and now they're all quiet it so much fun and now they're all sitting there nice agreement with ask. US questions well. We're doing the GONNA to do business all right. That's right. We got business right business okay. She's also an ambassador for bitcoin digital currency share major major producer of the World Crypto con in Vegas yes right right here last year and she does consultant work for Bitcoin and just think tank and the world with blocks. You're right yeah got out. That was all right very good. We will get to get really well. It's been a blast already so <hes> they're already good friends. We've we've known best going boating right now. Actually we're GONNA yeah yeah after we did the all right now on the boat. It doesn't take it away. Yes Sir yes Sir Ladies and gentlemen. No Not Ladies and gentlemen you out there in podcast podcast land you. That's right you guys land. The best frigate show is a fun and powerful podcast experience sharing stories of hope passion and the true. Oh secret to success the connections we make by loving that's right. I said loving and being good. There is so much bad noise in the world. It is time to rise against the noise and flooded with the good. The bids for good show is not just a podcast. It is a move thing. Follow us on all your favorite media things twitter twists in this instance. Feis facees Book Fate Nazis Book but that's a different one. We just had we had lighting issues is. God was bobby's on the show. That's bad. Don't stay here all right. It's time it truly on the Biz. Forget show you can ask the first question you would overall with him and I was out. It'll be so much fun. You ask the question. Well okay. We're GONNA go into the Internet interview section so so is this is a fun show today because you guys are you guys. Are I asked Ryan to ask the question now taking over yeah. That's sorry give you permission here. We we have two different folks that are doing different things but doing it together so that's why you guys are on the show together and it's really kind of interesting. I love it when we first started talking. Hogmanay like Balloon Festival bitcoin yeah <hes> CRYPTO currency blockchain balloon festival. I love it that these two are together other just because it's so rain not normal. It's not it's never. GonNa pop. Blockchain is going to change the world. We know that and we get a different perspective when we fly up in the air absolutely when we're <hes> in a hot air balloon and year rising up there and you're looking down on the world. I seriously you get a whole different perspective. <hes> your mind looks at things from a different point of view and as you're looking gene at things from a higher place you get better oversight and when when he would form incorrect. I went to this think tank that Michelle is putting on because I was really trying to figure out blockchain what is blockchain whenever I mentioned that my friends would glaze over so I thought okay have to learn more about this uh-huh and I kind of saw Michelle's brilliance and then I saw we went to lunch and within twenty minutes. We decided we're doing this. This is just no no-brainer. I have the event that has it's free people can come to this event. They don't pay for parking. They don't pay for the shuttle. They don't pay to get in how many folks we usually have their shuttle. There's a shuttle bus. I'm their powder. Mountain is one of my sponsors and they bring down shuttle buses and we have different parking. Lots of people drive up to the valley beautiful scenic valley. They park in a parking lot. The shuttle bus comes by picks them up. Take some right to the event and and how many thirteen thousand that's what you're expecting this year or maybe more it gets a little bit scary when it gets more but facebook says the balloons up facebook says we can possibly have over thirty thousand but all linked callaway that might be a little crazy h that's going to be really greatly yeah so I wanNA know how does blockchain and the the balloon festival connect and and how did you guys connect. I'm curious. It's either of you have. It's the perfect Petri dish for this experiment so basically what we decided as I have attendees and I have vendors and my attendees are spending money with the vendors all the time they're exchanging in different ways credit cards checks cash trade however however so why not introduce them to another form of exchange so we brought on a sponsor. Calla is an <hes> upcoming cryptocurrency that said hey guess what we'll do. We're going to give you free crypto currency for your attendees and we're going to give you free carefully cryptocurrency for are your vendors. We want them to exchange so it's the perfect area for people to come up and learn how to do exchange with cryptocurrency and it's a a utility coins so they're not buying the cryptocurrency they're just creating the wallet getting the Free Cryptocurrency and then they're going to the vendors that have created the the coupons and making an exchange so whoa you know when you take a look at that when we I wondered how this was working yes so literally I mean seriously blockchain is something that is so unknown when you mentioned it to people they they have no idea what it is so imagine this have a blockchain event and see how many people show up understanding what blockchain releases infelicity fats yeah understanding yeah where we can actually take people and educate them res Michelle. This is okay okay. I saw Michelle stunningly brilliant idea here okay and I went okay. This has got to happen so like I said we went out. We got some sponsors that bitter specific in the cryptocurrency rolled along with beakers from some museum along with all of my other sponsors said actually make this event happen happen and I'm. I'm GonNa take a quick second just to give them a shout out because again. Just kidding can okay 'cause we <hes> ramp. If you will crypto sure yeah okay cramp my ramp grant. If you live in the Weaver County you know that <hes> every dollar spent in the tourist industry a portion of that goes back into the community for the arts. They give us a nice chunk of money to put this event on Ogden regional bless you of Jose of they wrote me a ten thousand dollar. Check in the first time we without even knowing me now. We've continued this relationship in they have grown with the event and they've allowed the the event to grow <hes> powder mountain. I couldn't do this without them. They provide the shuttle buses in the parking. <hes> mountain luxury is also <music> a really nice real estate agency up there that also helps promotes this event and then we're also doing some other really cool things with the event like a we're getting rid of plastic bottles. I guess so water wellness is bringing in pure alkaline water all the time. I guess other one of my sponsors and so this is the cool part about this okay so for the balloon fest you know I have to jump into this cryptocurrency world you know I you know you gotta. Watch your talk right if I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this so so water. Wellness is providing us with the water now I.. I'm trying to eliminate plastic bottles right. We know what they do the ocean we know what they did yeah okay so my goal for the the balloon fence was to reduce getting rid of that. I saw my mic glow for the balloon. Fest was to reduce news or petroleum intake. Okay so plastic bottles was one of them so water. Wellness is bringing in the water and then the Autumn Valley Balloon Fest has was purchased religious. Go under the tap and you just suck the TAT now. It's better than that okay so it's better than that much better know. That sounds kind of fun so the kicker on this one is the balloon festival purchase water bottles that you can purchase using cryptocurrency okay so if you want a momentum something special from the event you can actually get a callow wallet. You can purchase the water bottle with your cryptocurrency. CRYPTOCURRENCY so basically you're who'll this is cool. We're stunningly brilliant here. You know we got up because because I ever since bitcoin has been out. It's been that I've been aware of it for the last three years for years. Whatever it's been I keep going well. How do we how do we get get awareness because nobody understands what to do here. Okay keep hearing about this bitcoin thing. But what do I do with it. You Save it you you experience experience. It and that's what it is is his right now. We're definitely in a saving mode yeah fifth but with the utility quite like what we're using. You're you're actually getting the experience of exactly what you would do with bitcoin but you're not buying the bitcoin. You're using a utility point so you're getting the wallet. You're getting being the free. Crypto your coupon. You're making the exchange okay so <hes> and we were. GonNa have <hes> buse at the event. Ain't that are actually going to be there. Educating Michelle has a great lineup of people that are gonNA come in to present the so that's how Michelle and I came together <music> but the actual balloon fest is it's huge we have yeah. We started you thirty thousand well. We start Friday morning running with seventeen hundred balloons being launched and one of the other sponsors that I have is remax coat. My goal with this event was making it so that everybody could attend without financial worry so we actually have a tethered balloon that comes in and everybody can ride that tether balloon for free. Aw Yes no no listen. We have twenty bucks to get free books. We get a free shuttle. We have free entrance. They have free music. Okay and the lines going to send the supposed seems free. Yes it's free so they'll be there. Be Square were the only time you'll spend money at this event is when you go to the vendors and you really find something really cool and you want to buy it or have really a big philanthropic endeavor okay so food dodd and rescue mission runs a drug. Rehab Program Okay and they actually Ashley come in with a whole team of people and they put on a community breakfast now that all of your money's going in to support the Ogden rescue mission and we do not touch a dime of that but we we support the event we provide them with the space we provide them with some of the things that they need to make this happen and so when we take a look at the philanthropic endeavor in the three days this mission makes over ten thousand dollars and that funds a good portion of their drug sure agree how programs for down the Fed and come by food because that goes right back into the community and it goes right back into helping others so you know when we take a look at doing business. That's good for everyone. You know. This event has so many good philly things behind it that the sponsors love it and they want everybody to attend. That's why it's free. It's free you know you're going to. You're going suspend your gas to get up there. I mean I would say throw. Fifteen people in the car strapped onto the roof drive up there. It's a wish we haven't heard from Sir. Let let's say let's up. So how does how. Where are you at connected with that example and I'm. I'm just curious how this is put together from on your end yeah absolutely so. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while like I so I'm pretty involved with at the blockchain community here in Utah and I've been to several conferences. <hes> elsewhere deal very very soft well. I've been working out. She needs a bigger ego bigger. We set forms you can you can own it us a little bit <hes> so my you know what I've wanted to do. I love doing events and creating experiences for people <hes> and so I really wanted to <hes> do something like this but I didn't want to start from the ground up so that it's been about since I've been in the crypto space which has been about two years. I've been wanting to do something similar to this and <hes> but I didn't. I knew I didn't need it to be. I didn't need to make it from the ground up right so this was perfect perfect to just have something that we've that's already been created and then we just kind of like infiltrate into it and make it happen so last year we actually did something similar with with a cryptocurrency called Dash. It was a small a smaller event here in Salt Lake and it worked really well. We have a couple of food trucks. That were accepting dash and dash thing do you were you there. Did you know I remember hearing all right. Yeah Yeah so <hes> so you know full circle. We were showing. Maybe that's what I was thinking so. Dash is actually a type of crypto. Yeah exactly yeah decentralized yeah so <hes> so it worked really well. We're really swimmingly so why not keep it going and so putting in the the speakers of of you know making it <hes> as as basic as possible as far as you know. I've really tailored the subject matter so that <hes> <hes> you know it's for easily understood for the general public and showing full like okay what's going on with like a lot of the fear of of losing crypto what if it gets hacked or what if the Internet you know shuts down and things like that so really trying to say okay well. These are things that you do to to prevent those things like you. You really should be keeping your wallet on your person or in your paper. Don't keep it on an exchange things like that so I she probably go run home and take your teaching so there's a lot going on. There's <hes> I also really passionate about <hes> you know finding people that aren't even involved or even have heard of Bitcoin that you know they might have problems in their industry with what they do this and that they're geniuses in their industry and all they need is just to be educated on how this technology is helpful for them. The industry survey interrupt you. How did you get this <hes>. Wouldn't it the passion for this bitcoin start with yours for good question junior <hes> so it's pretty common that you know we say we fall down the rabbit hole and there's there's always like inception layers of like oh my minds blown. Oh now I get it. Now I get I think one of the biggest ones for me was <hes> just understanding the decentralized nature of <hes> Bitcoin and it's <hes> it's not going anywhere as much as you say decentralized. Could you explain that to because I get it. I understand where you're going going at but yeah you lost me well. It's the coolest. Slow your mind right now. It is the coolest part. This is the coolest. This is what makes bitcoin or crypto currency so cool. Yeah Bank doesn't control it country yeah so basically if I can put the simple terms of we have several million <hes> servers that <hes> that work together to make bitcoin happen <hes> and it's open source and open source meaning. Anybody and everybody can do it if they want yeah so. That's what we call a fork. <hes> we can go into your uh-huh anyway. You may be going to know what you're GONNA go. That's fine but there's others that will I don't know what the hell no worries <hes> so <hes> it just means that it's controlled by people that that make it happen. <hes> you know so oh by the people for the people yeah and <hes> it's. Kinda the same idea like you know. I hear a lot of people. Ask Me what you know what happens if if the Internet get something happens to the Internet and it's going to have to worry about a lot more than what I say. That's what I always say is your. We've got bigger problems so much screwed and it's all know. Abbas yeah so does that help to. I think so yeah yeah absolutely different ways to kind of explain. What made you think Oh my gosh. This is good for the world <hes> well well. You know okay so we can get into like the the you know a lot of controversy with banks and let's go go go. Do this okay so you know. It's just really relax. It's really bank works. You'll know that yeah so and truthfully. The funniest thing is banks have been doing you know crypto currency in a form for one hundred years. I mean they as paper anyway. It's it's funny than we talk like. This is a new thing but the the technology is new but the concept is not a concept is many millions old so oh a cleaner exchange now any more balanced now too. I think that <hes> there's there's like a distribution of <hes> you know it. We we have an opportunity to kind of take control back because the banks rage against the machine's the banks are Kinda like the House wins wins right kind of like the casino when it comes to make Jones and stuff like that they they don't do things that don't work in their favor and that's she just works instead of what what's the best for everybody or if we all are kind of <hes> watching each other <hes> <music> people that don't really understand this bitcoin thing. That aren't aren't there yet. They just need people like you guys. It's a good thing I wanNA throw a weird question yeah part in my head. What's up the dark web darkwa in conjunction with Bitcoin the dark web <unk> dibble dabbled well. I mean so you could compare the dark web and it's you know everybody's always taste bad. It's it's made for bad things and it's like well so was other currencies in history like same thing with cash like when people will do bad things. Don't they usually pay for it in cash. What exactly they say currency. You can't keep track of it. You can't keep travel money either pay. It's I guess what I'm trying to secure. Wi security honoring dark web secure well. That's the beauty of the the blockchain well. That's the thing is you know. There's there's different. I don't have an answer for that. Sure 'cause I mean because there's so many hard core sign my hail for the dark web no you can't you can't stop. I mean there's got to be. It's just like the name we're GonNa have good things. We're going to have bad things things like that so you know as far as security goes. You know we're working. You know there are companies that are working on infrastructure security different and things like that a lot of things like that. Since since we've already went there we went completely off track because this is so fricking interesting and and you mentioned the dark web. I'm going to mention the dark web facebook. What's going on. What's going on with. Iran can't avoid keeps going up because isn't like Chase Jason. Everybody else connected with that <hes> well I.. I don't know to be completely honest. I don't I mean I've kind of been keeping up on a a little bit of the libra thing but completely honest to be completely honest. It's just it's not bitcoin it so I don't. I don't keep that was what whatever's going on with that drama to be honest. I should but I the movement at all or because talk. There's a lot of there's kind of you know. There's some people that believe that will it will kind of like help to at least gain the awareness fairness and Kinda give us a push in to what's going on but then the way that it is structured is definitely nothing like bitcoin force take control of it well well they <hes> they still have like a <hes> open source <hes> association and so but but in order to be a part of like a node or someone that's important in this association. You have to pay into it so that's typically yeah so. That's kind of what we're kind and like. It's all about the mood yeah so then. We kind of end up. Are we going to be in the same situation as before with just like a banks trip currency. Lindsay stamp on it. I don't know so go to Forbes. They wrote up a great article about it. What do you look for that. We should put that on facebook and stuff look. I'll have to simply yeah. That's cool. Let's do that. This is this is this is deep. I mean we don't usually get this deep yeah. This is cool man because I'm a bitcoin fan. I'm a blockchain fan. I've read up on so much stuff. I <hes> I been doing it. Since you know the guy put out what's his name wasn't in the Japanese guy. Oh A and yes. She told she yes the Tofu yeah and and I've I've watched been curious about it. Forever had buddy that had thousands and thousands of because he was mining back in the day and he was giving it to a charity. Oh he added going straight to a charity because he was cool he was just doing it was thousands and thou- that's charity must be pretty well right now. How did anything with it anyway what you should ask him what you're anyway. We're going to <hes> turn. The Boat Captain Eos to question number one. We not we roundabout. Lee Did question number number one. I mean you see both of them are talking about the good in the world and why you're doing it right while the question so there are no in perspective. Edward Okay go ahead go ahead to Ryan keeps us on track as much much better when I mean it's definitely the Biz for good good. Do Good Realm right now so I'm totally billing yes. You said you had a good story. Oh Yeah <hes> when when I I did this event with the balloon fest. People don't realize it's a huge endeavor to to put on a lot of work on little teeny. Events kills me for two weeks. We didn't Utah podcast festival. There was two hundred people there and it was a frigging awesome but yeah it's great right. UTAH podcast summit not festival but anyway. We totally disrupted you again. No problem no problem. I see we kind of have like a gunshot. Yes yes a shotgun approach listener. We'll get something in between all of the craziness so the the I mean the first time I remember doing something good. <hes> it was a long time ago. It's always been my desire that anytime I encounter with somebody or sure. I do some sort of exchange that there's a expansion that there's something that really benefits everybody in the process so when I take a look at the balloon fest the first time I did this. I was exhausted. I actually ended up in hospital after my first event with a kidney stone because dehydrated myself and I didn't know if I ever wanted to do this again and I was twenty years ago now. I've I've only been the chair for six years but I've been in involved with the event for twenty years but you know it had a hiatus for six years. We didn't have an event and I talked to sponsor into Nordic Valley. <hes> God bless you <hes> they wrote the first big check to bring the event back and I had never ran an event this big so I'm I'm like looking at this kind of gone. Okay cool here we go. Let's leap into the darkness and just do it and that's what happened and so <hes> nobody nobody really had a lot of information on a lot of the event and I dug through a lot of things and I figured out how to recreate the event and bring it back and it was a totally eighty per phase but <hes> really what made the difference for me is when I saw the people that we helped <hes> you know this is a nonprofit so oh it's not like I'm making millions of dollars doing this waiver go but the people that benefit from this you know they really they benefit it from this you know and it's it's more than just the Ogden rescue mission. There's so many things linked to this event and it just has such a feel-good event. You know we also work with young artists and performers musicians and artists and <hes> we have a small stage where we bring in New People that are just just learning to perform in front of people and giving them a really nice little performance area for them to actually see what it's like to perform in front of twenty thirty people then we have the big stage. It's forty five feet and oh it's massive. I love this. It's like it's like this trailer that just comes in and just pops up and <hes> so then we take again other performers have performed more but they're really ready to just jump out into the world and we put him on that stage h so the event does a lot besides just the hundred and one hundred balloons or the drop. How often do you get a chance to actually go up in touch hutter Berlin especially when it looks like an hour oh the our once great or even you know if if you wanted to volunteer and this is really cool because we get about got seventy five volunteers to come up and help crew the balloons so when you crew the balloon you get yeah. It's not like about the out so when you get to be a hot air balloon crew you actually help inflate the balloon and get the balloon up then you chase the balloon you hold onto the rope. Ah let me tell you on the ground that you can do that for the balloon gloves yeah oh the holding onto the rope is the balloon is coming up looking excellent idea. It's like okay. That sounds like it was does. She love your leg. Okay perfect so let me float away Ryan. Doing good is slow down exactly what this event does everything. You know that we do what we're talking about. You know we have at the end of the event. We have the good bad and ugly list okay everything of the event gets measured by the the good bad and ugly and I go back to my sponsors and I have to own my uglies okay and we've we've had though yeah also yeah and so we try to really strive each year to have a lot of goods you know like <hes> one example. We have these dance performers performers. They're amazing they dance they perform on Saturday night and they're all the performers are on the stage and the first time they did this. They scared me okay because they're all there dancing a lot of sun performance or coming off the stage and grabbing kids and taking them up on the stage the next thing I know the stage has been taken taken over by the audience and all the performers are the dancers for in the audience and this. I've you know as we were done. I was getting ready to walk. Walk up to the stage to make announcements and this young little autistic grow came up and hugged me and just said this was the best day ever and I went okay. That's it. That's why Oy I do this. That's why put myself through this is so that we can have young children perform on a stage. That would never have a chance to do it and it's just it's such an crate event and now we've got Michelle Dillon. You know something that's so leading edge just going to blow people's minds Tom. So when win on away tells the story well well. I you know I think I'm going to shift a little bit. I I really WANNA. Tell people people because you know I'm a connector. That's something that I enjoy. I feel like I do good with that and you know I do. I don't know yeah <hes> but that part. You gotta be really feel like I should talk about the think tank <hes>. It's something that we just started <hes> about five months on S- ago or something like that so we have once a month and we just meet up and we it's. It's a more engaging environment. We right you you know different ideas on the board and things like that and then we just go into just really fun brainstorming. It's Possum I love it. I love it. I love it so much and and you know we've had a couple people that have have come and they actually have projects that they're working on and things like that and we actually have solved problems for them. You know so much like and we go all over the place like you're you should come sometime. I think you really really enjoy as a matter of fact. Give a really cool even to do a podcast like. I figured it'd be fascinating. We're there because we like. We have so many different every month the same time it's the third Tuesday of the month and then you know <hes> we we usually capita about we usually have about fifteen people there Max and so I make sure <hes> evening around yeah we we start at six thirty and it's just it's fascinating fascinating and the only thing that I ask is that it has something to do with disruptive technology or some tile like so we got you know we talk about aliens or a the I this and that and it's just so much fun that that to me is you know von sits really cool next mind expanding yeah but we know I mean you don't have to whisper land. Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Burn Ladies and gentlemen is the think think-tank is a higher perspective. The first time I went I walked out of there and just oh these are really brilliant thoughts you know and some of the solutions that they were coming up with it was like Oh wow I one of my favorites actually was <hes> so it's <hes> <hes> so in the blockchain we have what's called a seven twenty. One else sits a non fungible token basically what it means is. It's <hes> a way to write contracts wchs and and put it on the blockchain. Okay so it with me. I guess you can't go there. I'm kind of their contracts. Drink not quite the same as the contract with the lawyer but it's similar it could be it could be could be so very good <hes> so we came up with an idea to do like like a donation base where where <hes> like for example one of the things that I thought of after we had the think tank was because I ran into this lady that does <hes> <hes> coral reef restoration or you know she helps with the coral reefs and so I thought Oh that would be brilliant to have you know an adoption a AH blockchain adoption <hes> system or protocol where somebody can adopt a coral reef and then we just <hes> keep people updated through the <HES> <hes> through the contract and then that way we can see the growth of the of the <hes> coral reef anyway anyway. I know it's really it's really really really fun so that's that was. I think that is the that is the essence of this. Show is taking the technology that we have in making it for a better. Eh that is used for a better world beautiful yen betterman signing up for the world yeah you guys definitely social weaponary and when when we have the next one sure absolutely it's August Twentieth Twentieth August twentieth. Were there were there Ryan. We got market down the calendar impact hub no <hes> sumner. I don't think so sumner sumner don't know is that that's like a name linked prince right okay. Let's get this is so fun. We're kind of running out of time. <hes> let's just jump straight to what's a what's something you could give our listeners to that. They can take take away and do or an action items in something that our listeners can our listener listener the peop-. The person that is listening out there that needs to hear what you're fixing to tell them weeks for that really work on we started out with the topic you know gaining perspective and making the impossible possible and and so I think a lot of people are really asking how do you make the impossible possible right and so I was in this yoga class and that's exactly what it was. Yes <hes> do those. Yoga instructor sat me down and said listen. You'RE NOT GONNA do it all at once. You'RE GONNA take small small steps and you're going to practice and you're going to have a discipline and each day. You're going to get closer and closer to making. And what was impossible today possible in several months and so when we take a look at you know it was impossible at one time time for this balloon festival comeback. Nobody thought we would ever have this event back in the valley and we made it possible and you know it was just really getting kidding really clear about what division was and what my hurdles were and to go through each hurdle and you say okay. Here's the hurdle and you don't do it alone. You do it with the team and that team is so strong that you have no choice but to succeed so you build a team around you and can you make the impossible possible. I love it. I love it love it that is so cool and going with the thing with balloons I I lived in Albuquerque for a little bit albuquerque small little bitty by farm right and <hes> one morning I woke up and I heard there was like ten balloons fried chest like it. Oh Yeah you're pretty good do that next to see what it does so anyways my window what does that and there's this blue Bam acid rain on my window and it was just amazing so and I I had a chance to go on a balloon was little tied or tethered and I was grateful for that because of ways though okay anyways so the experience is it you're you're providing is amazing is really all inspired by the balloon so frazier L. It is there's just nothing like it again. I just love this connection. Connection of Youtube is this disruptive new technology and taking something so unique and different from that world and meshing them mm together for awareness that you guys I'm telling you it's pure genius thank you that is amazing. It's cool. I thank you I love it. Can can you tell them excited thinking so cool here thinking for years. How do we get this out? There haven't had people to see that. It's not really that hard hard to do it. It's not that hard now. You're the have your bitcoin on a piece of paper. People don't realize it it can be a little piece of paper is the anyway we don't want him but it's about education and awareness you know. Where do they get the education? Where did they get the awareness? Where do they get the the knowledge of how so so why not make it real life? Yes exactly coolest part of what your mission is to make it more. You know I just want people to be more comfortable with it. Being around you know and it's you know it's not going anywhere so I think to answer the all answer the question <hes> real quick to <hes> so that not in the way. I'll sorry we're having some lighting leading issues yeah all right so I think that might my challenge for the listener would be <hes> you know have an open mind <hes> like I said you know things are changing quickly. This isn't going anywhere. BITCOIN already been around for ten years <hes> it's been through thick and thin and <hes> it's also worldwide and we're actually a little okay especially here in Utah. Were really really far behind. <hes> Zoli Yeah I saw behind well. Technology was well. I mean yeah well yeah and that's the thing that I'm always like why are we you know <hes> so again. That's I believe that we can kind of work nation. Yeah Yeah Knowledge Yeah exactly <hes> you know people in other parts of the world I mean when you talk about <hes> banking the bank I mean there's so many different different subjects that are just profound in this world in the space of so have an open mind you know if if I come up to you if your food truck who were your retail owner and I say hey do you accept bitcoin because I do ask that very often <hes> cow and Tuesday yes most of the time people say no or are they what surprised when they say you have. Have you ever been surprised <hes>. I think you know not necessarily surprised because I do know. I actually happen to know that there's like. I already cut coffee but you know if if someone I wanna ask you that question at least to say you know what I mean I know people are already asking what is that <hes> but you know there are a lot of people that I think are kind kind of mad at Bitcoin the Nike for multiple reasons. I'm sure but jog about it falls. This isn't even the biggest fall. That's the funny part yeah yeah but it wasn't as much money. Twenty fourteen seventeen was the biggest fall well yeah we can start podcast bitcoin. Come back <hes> and yet you know but also questioned so one of my biggest things too is questioned value in how value works exp because you know I I tend to yeah. I tend to believe that some things are kind of skewed education. You know money in itself this and that there's failure even failure can be valuable and we there's all these different things yeah so you know the question kind of have different perspective on things and be open minded so I think that's my take. I'd I love it. It's perfect. It's absolutely perfect and if you need if you have an old like we have you know plenty of resources here. If you WANNA reach out we're going to put a lot of links on on on the show show show nonsense and stuff so we'll get out there okay. You guys are awesome. You're off our houses right here. You guys are amazing an amazing thing in the world how token there you contact them if they want more information bobby yeah how can we what can you give us some leaks stuff on the show and then we'll put it on the Autumn Valley Balloon Festival Festival website has <hes> on my homepage on the homepage which your homepage Valet Balloon Festival dot COM DOT Com Valley falloon balloon festival. That's a different thing. I think it's dancing ballooning. She said it's wonderfully valley balloon the Balloon Festival dot yes so on my website. We already have doc yes Jon Allen. We have Michelle's link on the homepage now <hes> starting next week. We're going to be promoting how you can get free crypto currency so so that will happen through facebook. It's called it's cal- it's called- coin. It's a CALICO cat new no CALICO California coin. No It's actually a Utah Coin. It was created here. That's a local Utah Hunter you a newt so they have Indian corn have their own ecosystem American. They have have their own ecosystem that you can actually utilize the coin aunt so <hes> starting next week. If you go to my facebook okay follow start start to follow us on facebook Autumn Valley Balloon Festival Balloon Festival on facebook watch for for <hes> are up and coming post on the the the merchant series that were doing is. You're going to be an APP. Is it going to be an <hes> probably not this year. We're going to work on more things develop more for next year. Yeah we talked about. We talked about doing that. <hes> the resources resources and timeframe. We'll make it NAB. We'd like to make it happen next year with a will so you know have if there's somebody out there listening name that says hey I know how to make an APP okay my email address and it goes to the adamant is O.. V. B. F. as as an Auden Val Ogden VALLEY BALLOON FEST BE F- AT OUTLOOK DOT com so calm if you want to to ride on a hot air balloon if you want more information if you want <hes> to volunteer if you want more information on the the the presenters the merchants series is in the crypto the Cala all of it that goes that's the best way to reach us because we tried right putting my phone number out there good idea idea I have somebody that's very specifically tasked of just dealing with the the email so <hes> yeah it's it's a much cleaner system. It might take a day or two for them to respond because you know they they live in Seattle so so do balloons and Seattle they do but this is rained on Ray Assistant I have she she lives in Seattle. You get a good one and you have to keep them no matter where they live absolutely for myself <hes> you can go to M._S.. Robinson dot rocks again. That's DOT DOT rocks R. O.. C. K. as IMOs Robinson dot rocks yes exactly and K S and then for my email. It's Michelle shall am. I C. H.. E. L. L. E. AT M.. S. Robinson dot rocks again. It's not dot com. It's rocks rocks. Just thought that's cool cool. Did we gotta have rock email. We've got we'RE GONNA. I'm GonNa have arrangement dude. That's awesome. We learn something new. Every this is why we love doing the show because we knew from you guys also the Forbes article. We'll put that on a a link I'm assuming with the resources and everything right absolutely you give it to us and we will you give us we will you put all over the place. Kill an awesome Okay Ryan. Thank you so much guys. You're awesome amazing. Thank you so much for being on show so good. Thank thanks for coming in and run over here being in the studio so so good yeah. It's been fun. It's really been fun. It's really process like an interesting waiting for us. I takes those our A and B yeah. We don't know their whole twenty minutes that we talked before on because it was so good right and you're gonNA take us out again. Thank you for being on the show. I've been enlightened and we will be at the balloon fest and my wife will be Mike in hand in hand. I guess August Seventeenth Eighteenth symposiums on the seventeenth K. in the middle is at a Friday that Saturday so August sixteenth seventeenth seventeenth eighteenth. It's at Eden Park Park is Eden and yes. It is just like the garden of Eden. It's beautiful. There is no stop out lights. It's no stop lights nest cars. No fast food chain stores no Wifi Specific Wifi Company. That's coming in specifically just for us. Oh Wow so you guys are changing the world. I think it's awesome so thank you back in the Gulf. Fade Out Ryan takes special way. Oh Yeah I go. I go over get Christians Agency we have to we have to know where to cut the audio. So we yell we come in like a lion and leave like so you might have to love it. I'm ready all right yeah. We'll just leave

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