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"val ogden" Discussed on Biz4Good Show

"But you know if if someone I wanna ask you that question at least to say you know what I mean I know people are already asking what is that <hes> but you know there are a lot of people that I think are kind kind of mad at Bitcoin the Nike for multiple reasons. I'm sure but jog about it falls. This isn't even the biggest fall. That's the funny part yeah yeah but it wasn't as much money. Twenty fourteen seventeen was the biggest fall well yeah we can start podcast bitcoin. Come back <hes> and yet you know but also questioned so one of my biggest things too is questioned value in how value works exp because you know I I tend to yeah. I tend to believe that some things are kind of skewed education. You know money in itself this and that there's failure even failure can be valuable and we there's all these different things yeah so you know the question kind of have different perspective on things and be open minded so I think that's my take. I'd I love it. It's perfect. It's absolutely perfect and if you need if you have an old like we have you know plenty of resources here. If you WANNA reach out we're going to put a lot of links on on on the show show show nonsense and stuff so we'll get out there okay. You guys are awesome. You're off our houses right here. You guys are amazing an amazing thing in the world how token there you contact them if they want more information bobby yeah how can we what can you give us some leaks stuff on the show and then we'll put it on the Autumn Valley Balloon Festival Festival website has <hes> on my homepage on the homepage which your homepage Valet Balloon Festival dot COM DOT Com Valley falloon balloon festival. That's a different thing. I think it's dancing ballooning. She said it's wonderfully valley balloon the Balloon Festival dot yes so on my website. We already have doc yes Jon Allen. We have Michelle's link on the homepage now <hes> starting next week. We're going to be promoting how you can get free crypto currency so so that will happen through facebook. It's called it's cal- it's called- coin. It's a CALICO cat new no CALICO California coin. No It's actually a Utah Coin. It was created here. That's a local Utah Hunter you a newt so they have Indian corn have their own ecosystem American. They have have their own ecosystem that you can actually utilize the coin aunt so <hes> starting next week. If you go to my facebook okay follow start start to follow us on facebook Autumn Valley Balloon Festival Balloon Festival on facebook watch for for <hes> are up and coming post on the the the merchant series that were doing is. You're going to be an APP. Is it going to be an <hes> probably not this year. We're going to work on more things develop more for next year. Yeah we talked about. We talked about doing that. <hes> the resources resources and timeframe. We'll make it NAB. We'd like to make it happen next year with a will so you know have if there's somebody out there listening name that says hey I know how to make an APP okay my email address and it goes to the adamant is O.. V. B. F. as as an Auden Val Ogden VALLEY BALLOON FEST BE F- AT OUTLOOK DOT com so calm if you want to to ride on a hot air balloon if you want more information if you want <hes> to volunteer if you want more information on the the the presenters the merchants series is in the crypto the Cala all of it that goes that's the best way to reach us because we tried right putting my phone number out there good idea idea I have somebody that's very specifically tasked of just dealing with the the email so <hes> yeah it's it's a much cleaner system. It might take a day or two for them to respond because you know they they live in Seattle so so do balloons and Seattle they do but this is rained on Ray Assistant I have she she lives in Seattle..

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