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036 - Computao, Linguagem & Amaznia


18:19 min | 1 year ago

036 - Computao, Linguagem & Amaznia

"If you saw you can follow him. Show warmest years so cuffing. These older voter we camp where we trimble caffeine camping. Semblance use schools. In what the march could you must be resort us ready out. You know things that's technology you pull him out from his osman for more than say coke said. I'll chill video public. Beach in chile ki ki. Ay trying tricks visible gluco call. I hell a sewing come. Put a song linguistic yamasani. How was seen it as we speak us archie. The squeezes thing. He'll also interest. Don't becky to sing key. West to cope with the sequester. I me caffine yields are learned to andrew. Charge will total bizarre key issue for kenna. You can the future kadam care that we stamos you. Think that liga those woman now voices secons throwaway starting similar. Squeeze boyd say start. A mayes of this seaview says diverse quizzes sailor Bid real pontoon. You wanted to wasting chamois Ourika massana see store. I know kitty. Is it on the album voice bureau soon nuclear sequestered q. V. two tampa c. show. I will the triple j cafes bresso. We'll suzy how to do. A face brash. Domas intron massana must be show weekday and swing amazon hometown. So we should go there. Software s s three boys esteem. Muthu mizen cool. Movable supported imagina persona competent some proceeds saw l. a. Must see your keep is attorney. Whose i'm not seen jesus. Dot com of phillies bastards. Mathematica was to watch so muscle skills. Buster lose dramatic. Don't seem pretty star. Legarda mood afar cheat coming for large company match kiss twinkies. She goes home book. My spin off because at that insert suspect whisper would kit. Twenty are doing tutoring ellie financing the bitter nickel monte much. Turn in you. Quincy the per fayza parcham chimney. Keep go at this crypto gaffar. Far marketing edge crypto. Get a fear limo shamada in salt put. Its effectiveness is gina will need you. Hear alum twitting at any Unisearch eagles public immaculate. Imagine instituting fascination. alexy's watch julie. Twitter echo foreseen with us has risen swiss dodge. Casse call comes comes for some will you can be you. You must fit the fica constant. You mean your perch shoot the think not feed them to cap it to feet to our moving onto the to price kid. Coon winters analogy as kiki professor meal. V for jimmy about the press on our as fast but we'll silva chinky doing Mccarthyism companies such julie tudor pick up onto other moffitt them. Yes a feta ellen. Phoenix prejudice the scared as string phoenix spurs panties now ample symbol man to incur- copy. Stolen paramount was gonna feed the hip. It isn't a silly in symbol star zinc star now feeder and will settle jiggle coke. The key sison isn't atmosphere. The coca quizzes missing chew up. There fitter bought sick makina Other around that scared of its concessional price scared of serotonin thais see iky contests on houston is. What's the saudis with well sir to Packing the weather compass our force. When we squalor seat elevate petrovic vij inova path rice virginal breast curator cows of. We'll cinco through. When we ve operate silicones film and mukunda square foot survey pat rule guard. Mugare or face off. I was a bit who succumb h. L. don't wnyc specific specification. My school is visiting contract. Threes there boost in courtrooms. They're scared by scared open. Don't you also trace causes scared boisterous. Gaza spidey scared of. Don't academy in twinkie sifiso. My school year and configure a truly emerald data will sit shrines. Heirarchy viper is cured but there is a their opening days. Aarhus award restart in a governmental jacomb. Ski g squalor. All civic muesli starbucks coffee with some kill miserable sachin. Killing ms mccoo conflict overseas biden move started. You suit downpour. those out inconceivable. Silting day komo process mpg g mathematica. We'll see clear up. Throwing nece- is we'll see clearly specify creamy wising serta else cured social ills. You from budget eight days was saving. Contra drawings schumer is lingua zhang's que- circling wising equipment serta padro commuters visitors from other jingdezhen civilize. Linguists echoes. situ. Betsy this to mr gingrich. Halloween urge yoka procurer sees each then through the system in the as hell award up oversaw. Hello doppler fas sequence to manage throwing co on duty police be putting research echinacea. Mike tuten tomatoes. It'll demise thing special classes while much garage and key shimon was much lead to leave. The this echoes manage tweeting. He chavez sumo counterfeit associated owners put their coup poisonous. Feta relationship mood zuma miserable so as up to my linguistics physical two full. Mama needed this program. I think we used as mata magical. At dieting a socio linguistic moon think touting fuzzy assange bottle during the spring surprise character gives usa. louis van tham julie. wisdom lost sasol from sicily mice or knowing nausea on ski in his view. Who can i get a much much cheever as my research. C'est much elyssa. To the frazee. Bite homing dollar own. Jesus ms ms martin instituting was on itchy. Patrolling washing sean skip. The queue ski formal match komen languaging hick receiver put in africa's zeal repeal. That would switchable. Cert- z q mice to kompong. Goethe's to air carpool each bowl to brazil. On as computer beggar peg ac- balk huge facet kaukhali insignificant quizzes. Allowed copper moon. Kim coconut continue amazingly. Boys is a lot things coppell. The suspect balk huge cup of the moon. Crocodile suitable for zuma headquarters. So siegel sinton poison whereas the corporate boeing these millions in avi that that the pain seek for bath as receivers much. Cheever gwaze. Couscous shawl ski. The you mice. You get a magic when result. Thanks musulman sibusiso. Schools through science busey was magically resulted from defender to one dipping. The local suggest man to things to put as much guys iguanas and the kokatay smuggled dope moonville example. Sierra leon asiana patta yuli ass obesity zenana or vc. As peacefully caucasian on the moon consumables staff komo newark today spoiling. Your price. alesina studying swooned igwe screens taxi. Greis you keep down inch homes. Key teen report was last seen ski more. He convened properly. Why was gone to. He could see us. But as ki nasty not to quincy triple equal dodge Following the You that buyer chizhou mostly show your when gene threatens email kovic kista those two squads you view i kid then. We started wanting Pretty is this. Morgan is assume things. Lucia kinney's yours shamada institutue jillian wish summer opera via sewing fica s. e. l. oil little sober and we should assume continue com. Fien fuming aubrey. Now you swear. Opening cattolica toward us linguist bring march a fowler. Bata cinta z. Abib liam switching their century categories caputo watching nassir personnel zhang. Mr naidoo s oregon is awesome. Lumia daniel evert insisting superdome commission. Arkansas familiar ally saw is to die Sitting round gina shimada pita. Beat us measures. Do my seek restarted. Obama zone notice Is for now dr jim. Yasin thinker who daniel illegals don't produce zeev speeder zenana dining washing machine vision. Here she assuming girl godoi so in wish kapila comp- sceviour colorado lincoln virtually so speed. I can't underscore somebody's ordure. What aqui. coma so angie. Which tooling hinders you. You daniel air tonight of requena simple as margins. My seat with daniel kabuga don't do at you got chivas akil galaxy. Nfl's poor kid some speed. Supreme are shooting superdome superiour this daniel illegally initia- elliott avenue influence much universal mosley. Since you could dodge think-tank qantara hickory disciplines. Peter who father died. She is a stupid linked on a cigar. Choose this khokar our alley fis which much converse to be no known to resist you. Suck was geographically died. You know we hit adjustable danial charlotte. Though i g i school cooling easter proofing almost achievers of beata her no paying jeep. The grandma Soi lingua who's jesus key is. No obituary don't think about applying the log volta hippie cheerios superficialness says kissed soto dune specify overview specified. You gonna cut us. Normies kirk over in seattle simonova procr- amazing for us so busca made she s sir alligators. Swimming pools will be they. Amazon com linguistic e says looking so he's seeing persona dosimeter is safer wound up on our simone as via mattamy. A copy of your competitor is it was it was his team will start this ancient and when you move cicero support apart. Some historians ski sob. Copiously as you can. Shell pennzoil through respect. Guilty sitompul cloud with tampa sadhu insert to jacuzzi. Dodge for visiting yoga into getting in cigarettes. caffine compiled corky caffeine ical. Blood and care. Bruce catered tweeter komo fissebu. Coney steigler she. What parts of the rookie as i see. Spot fight over sisters who've cloudy standards for almost no sob owing quo care gregor george bush cash. Dan luger cashing. Don't don't want. I la assess bipolar amigos Lots of stories kazuki. Swallow jia watchmen one. Which god that sped vehicles. We'll see this bad or follicle will seize them up rossmo bras mccoy okay chow.

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Richard Paul (Maliseet) Part 2

The Storyteller

14:30 min | 9 months ago

Richard Paul (Maliseet) Part 2

"He said if you're so afraid of what people are GonNA think and I thought. Holy man how does he know this but see? God was using him. He said if you're so afraid of what people are GonNa think he said take a look at them people besides because they're not going to be there when you have to face God. It's going to be him day. Welcome my friends to the storyteller who you'll find first nations people from across native North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation today. We'll hear more from Richard Paul Analysis from New Brunswick as he shares from his heart about the struggle. He had in putting his trust in. Jesus Christ and so what I did was I. Just LET THEM SING. And without turning the channel and before. I knew it I was weeping. My chair and I was crying tears coming down and I was talking to God saying Lord I I just I just would like to get my life straight if you can help me. And he kept saying you know if you'll just give your life to Jesus right where you're at. He said even in that little apartment where you're at or if you're in like I would just like. Wow that was kinda weird even in your little apartment number thinking US Rome. At of course he made a few other descriptions to in your hotel a few there. Wherever you're at he said Jesus could change your life and I remember thinking well I could use some of that for sure and anyhow he said I challenge you to get on your knees and just ask Jesus into your life and he'll change you right where you're at and before I knew it I was on my apartment floor on my knees and look up saying God. I need. Whatever he's talking about. I need that in my life and I sobbed and I. I said the centers prayer and I invited Jesus into my heart. I didn't know what had taken place I had no idea all I know. Is that before I get on my knees. I remember feeling like man. If some of my friends came in here they'd laugh their heads. I don't think I was crazy so I remember going over. I locked my apartment door and I shut the curtains and and here I was on my knees and here I was inviting Jesus into my life in here in the whole time being afraid and ashamed to what my friends would have thought about the whole ordeal in. Nobody thinks I was crazy or week. Or whatever on so I did and nothing happened. I remember feeling relieved. Remember feeling wow. That was neat but nothing happened. I still the same person you know. Of course by the next day I was maybe that night back to the same old routine cursing and swearing and whatever this went on from nineteen eighty six until nineteen ninety nine. The only difference was every time afterwards. I noticed that I would cry out to God when I'd get in drunks and when I'd get in trouble night by the time I was eighteen or nineteen hundred been locked up and put in jail a couple of times and and I remember all the time talking to God just like it. Did that day. God would you help me? I swear I'll serve? You wanted these days one of these days when I get things right. I'm GonNa give my life totally to you but the problem is and and I know we're all the same ways that the minute life started better that day or later and I started feeling good soon as you start feeling good right back to your old habits again over and over and over. This was a broken record. Thirteen years of my life in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. When I was introduced to cocaine those years were really bad. How is it drug addict drunk and you know what I I? My wife many times had to go looking for me. I just wouldn't come home and my mayor. She left me. This turmoil just went on and on and it went on and of course he keep a brave face. You try to make sure that everybody sees it. Everything's going okay. You know and you try to put on a brave face for everybody but inside. I was toward a pieces. My life was just hanging on by a thread. All these years went by and every time I'd get I'd get doing cocaine and I swore to myself I'd never do it again every time I did it. And then I'd say God if you help me get over this problem or give my life to you and through all those years my brain and my mind would always go back to that moment in my living room. Have my apartment on my knees. We've been giving my life to Jesus Christ then begin to doubt. I began to say that there was no god. I used to curse God. Like I'd say there you don't care about me you don't live. There is no god and then I got to the point where I just wouldn't believe there was a god. I would say you know this not true. My Life isn't made any change. Didn't change my life. He said that if I that preacher said if I get my life to Jesus he changed my life. My life is just getting progressively worse and worse and worse and so this went on. It was a thirteen year struggle with cocaine with my marriage. And you know what finally in Nineteen Ninety nine? My wife had left me four or five times and she began to re discover God. She began to look because she'd been raised Christian and she began to turn back towards God. She must have been hurting. I caused a lot of grief and a lot of pain and a lot of resentment anger. Through these years we had children and so what happened was in nineteen ninety nine after I had been out drinking and just doing coke and hanging out with my friends and just living up the party scene in nightclubs and I came home one morning and she was getting my oldest daughter ready for kindergartner grade. One I don't remember what it was and my son. Youngest one he was in the High Chair and he had food all he was smiling and this was about seven o'clock in the morning. I came home I was still high and drinking and and I could see that my wife had been crying or is are all red and Puffy and I knew that I was just being an idiot again and all of a sudden I was sitting there and I seen my kids with the innocent look in their face. Kinda just looking at me and I. If there's been atomic God spoke to me right there. He spoke and said what are you doing with your life. And what are you doing with this family that I've given you and it just struck me so hard and something rate then made me realize that I really had to turn my life around so she started going to church and I started getting angry about it. Nice night threatened her that if she continued to go to church that it was going to completely ruin our marriage and that. I wasn't going to have any part of it and just went on like that and and I don't know what happened but one Sunday Molly GonNa go with you this morning. If you don't mind she said well suit yourself. We haven't been getting along very well and as you can imagine that Sunday when preacher started to preach. I couldn't believe what he was telling me. I felt like I was the only one in that whole church and he was talking rate straight to me and I started to feel tremendous pressure in my life and I remember thinking. Wow it reminded me that morning in my apartment when I was watching this guy and TV. Sing and I started to feel those same feelings over again this anxiety and this wanting to leave and wanting to stay and I just can't explain it. I just had this anxious feeling and I started to feel like he was really talking to me and he was talking about my life and he was saying in towards the Andy said he said. I don't know why I'm saying this today. So don't usually get this way. But he began to weep and he said I just feel like. There's somebody here that needs to just quit running from God and give your life to him and surrender your life to Jesus. I thought to myself wherever I heard that before and I remember I hung onto the puny. I would ask you to come down here at the end and I like to stick around. Pray with you just like to give your life to him and I stood there sternly in my few Vij Lodge Church overnight left in a hurry but I couldn't deny something was talking to me that week following Sunday. Same thing we go to church. Music was great and going to the church. Same thing it course. In the meantime I'm still going out drinking and doing my thing and I'm there Sunday morning following Sunday at Church again and he starts speaking a different message completely totally was relating to me where I was and he started talking about my life describing not and I remember feeling anxious feeling and all the same thing God begin to talk to the God began to draw me it was like God was like a magnet news pulling me and pulling me pulling me and I was resisting and I I'd hang onto the Pew. I'd stop my feet standing. I'm not budget. I wanted to so bad but I was so afraid people would stare at me and I was afraid that there's probably three hundred people there and I didn't want everybody looking at me. I know the only native person in that church I know I was there might have been. I didn't know it then but there was another one there. I didn't I didn't realize I did know him. You know and but here I was and I just wouldn't go down pride and you know just just didn't want to go. I was actually afraid and ashamed and I didn't know what my people would think back home if I was a Christian and just a whole flood of feelings and questions so I went home and I remember the second week when I went home. Feeling guilty thinking. Why did not have the courage to go up there? Why would I have the courage to stand up? Not Stand up for me but for my family for my life and take charge of my life and let God completely rule. It kept promising. Got All these years I would you know here. I am at the doorstep of doing something with my life and I'm refusing to go to the front and I thought I don't need to go in front of Jerry is not even real anyway like you know so the third week I go back. He preached another message. And I finally got mad at my wife and I said malady. You've gotta be talking you and your mother have to be talking to these people that at this church. Because I said they're describing my lifestyle right before my eyes and I felt exposed in front of the Church and I thought the whole church knew what I'm going through and I was really angry about it and I confronted my wife about it and I went home for Sunday. I think it was the fourth Sunday. Same thing he gave the invitation for somebody to come down and I I was scared. My biggest fear was what people would think about me but not only the church but back home the Christian faith in the native community in my mind. They were worlds apart. Then it is being white man's religion and here I am in church. I felt like I'd be turning my back on my people by surrendering my life there and when he made the call for somebody come forth he said something that changed the way I thought about and he said take a look around you. He said I challenge you to take a look where you're at in the aisles. In the pews look at the people sitting next to you on both sides and there was people on both sides me that I didn't know who they were and he said you know one day you're going to have to go and meet God and you're going to have to give an account for your life and he said if you're so afraid of what people are GonNa think and I thought Holy Man. How does he know this stuff but see? God was using him. He said if you're so afraid of what people are. GonNa think he said take a look at them people besides because they're not going to be there when you have to face God it's just GonNa be you and him not them and he said I challenge you to come down here and to step out a challenge. You and he said quit worrying about what other people are thinking about you and come down here and give your life to him. Are you ready to stand before God? What the preacher said is true. One day you will have to give an account for your life and if you're not right with God you will face the penalty your sins deserve. But it doesn't have to be that way. We read in the Bible in the book of John for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have every lasting life for God sent his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. Jesus Christ took your sin and shame and dealt with it at the cross. Why don't you trust him today? Would you like to know more about how you can be saved? Write to us at the storyteller. Po Box one thousand and one the MSCI Minnesota five six six one night that's Po. Box One thousand and one BEMIDJI Minnesota five six one nine. Our phone number is eight. Seven seven seven six six four six four eight. That's eight seven seven seven six six four six for a our web address is without reservation dot com. Thanks for listening and Remember. The greatest story took place at the. Cross for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through. Jesus Christ our Lord my friends. There's more to Richard Story so be sure to join US AGAIN. Next time as we listen to the storyteller.

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Women + LGBTQ + People of Color Adapt to Climate Change  Rewind

America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast

1:15:15 hr | 10 months ago

Women + LGBTQ + People of Color Adapt to Climate Change Rewind

"Hi everyone this is. America adapts the climate. Change podcast Hey it after. Welcome back to the PODCAST. This is a rewind episode and a very important one. It's a rewind line episode of episodes. Seventy five. I went to New Orleans. It's black history month in this episode contains some of the most inspiring African American voices on the issue of adaptation. Also also some new bonus material in this episode. I interviewed mark. O'Brien from the determined podcast where he shares his new website climate PODCASTS DOT com. Where you guessed it? It's all climate podcasts. Mark and I have a short conversation and he gives a bit of background on why he started the website. And what to expect on it as I've mentioned before on occasion I'm going to take a visit back to the archives and share some episodes this New Orleans but I came out back in twenty eighteen my listener basis more than doubled since originally aired and I have a lot of new followers who could benefit from listening to these important conversations when new listener comes on some go back to the archive but typically they stick to the new episodes. Well bring a very important episode front and center and you'll you'll thank me for it some housekeeping. I just got back from the Colorado water. Congress thanks to Megan Holcomb inviting me and bring me up to speak on a great panel on climate. The communication very cool also. I'm thanking Megan here at the beginning of the episode because she's a regular listener now and during the downtime at the Congress we were chatting and she revealed that she tends to skip introductions and she goes straight to the main interview. Well Megan if you skip this part. You won't hear my thanks all right. I want to mention the work. I'm doing with some patacas studios. I've mentioned this in the last episode in going forward. You're going to hear me talk about this. A Lot. More hosting a live talk shows on Simpatico TV history is a new software television company that produces livestream talk shows about important business and social problems policies and innovations. I will be anchoring. The hosts appropriately of the climate inadaptation channel. Where I will interview? Academics policymakers journalists researchers and climate change adaptation professionals. Just like yourself. PAGO is an invite only professional network. And I'd like to personally extended extended invite to all the doctors interested in joining a community of peers. Are Television shows. We'll be livestream. Meaning you can interact directly with me guests and other community members in chat during our our interviews also like to invite doctors to join me as a guest on my upcoming pilot episodes. If you have a specific problem policy beck's practice product or program that you'd like to highlight to your peers. We are ready for you to come on some paddock. Oh but he is from all our episodes are professionally produced and you can use them on your own website and social channels like youtube so you you come on you get this nice polished looking thing that you can start sharing. And it's a conversation about your work I'm hearing from you guys at your checking out Simpatico and learning more about this process. I highly recommend commend. You do it. This is a really cool opportunity. This is where a lot of these conversations are heading. These are new platforms new tools and the adaptation community is going to be in the thick of this. All right if you're a student sponsoring specific podcast or having me speak at a public or corporate event please reach out. I share stories from podcast and my own experiences an adaptation. And if you're thinking about how starting your own podcast I'm doing some podcast consulting. I've mentored many podcast. I love doing it. I love being ambassador to the space and I think your organization your business whatever you would benefit from podcast. If you do it right so you can contact me at America Depths Dot Org okay upcoming episode on talking to Shalini Vij Hala of refocus partners. And we're GONNA talk about some of the early groundwork you have to do in adaptation planning with emphasis on cities and I'm also talking to Dr ji-sung Park of Ucla and he's GonNa come on and we're gonNA talk about how climate change will impact the labor market and what. It means to institutionalize adaptation with an academic program. There's more in the pipeline but but those are the ones coming on soon okay. Let's learn more about climate podcasts. With Mark O'Brien followed by longer conversation with some of the leading adaptation voices in New Orleans. Uh It actors with me. Today is mark. O'Brien Co founder of the determined a creative studio for climate resilient world. Hey mark welcome into the podcast. I we're GONNA talk about climate podcast here. But what is the determined. And what do you guys do there. Yeah the determine is a creative studio. Oh we work. With organizations tackling climate change we do everything from branding messaging marketing. And we were based here in San Francisco. Yeah basically we WANNA make climate focused projects look look good sound awesome be seen and the support that they need to decide. What's what a client getting? This is great that you're doing this but obviously there's a lot of demand for but I mean who you work with. Yeah we work with the variety of clients everyone from nonprofits to climate startups to foundations. To accelerators were kind of agnostic when it comes to their is just whoever's working working on addressing the climate crisis we want to offer support we feel like without good branding without amazing messaging or marketing tactics to get seen their work fails sales because they don't invest in that kind of stuff than we all feel the people that they're trying to help the communities on the organizations that they're trying to help so we went to offer services for them to give the impact compact that they that they deserve. That's so awesome. Okay so you're on. We're GONNA talk about climate podcasts. Dot Com. Obviously it's a website dedicated to promoting climate podcast. And tell me about. How long has it been out? What are you trying to do with it? Yeah it was just a very interesting story. I used to be known for a lot of my side projects before I started to determine I was independence. Had A lot of these different projects that were under the umbrella. Social Socia- design and just about a few months ago back in October. I was talking to Ross. It's a it's a great client organization up in Seattle and we were just talking about how. There's not really a place to find really good climate. podcasts Nori it has their own podcast. My studio the determine has to podcasts. Actually and we were just talking about man. Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of way to aggregate all these amazing climate podcasts. And literally. We're talking. I opened up my phone and opened up name. Cheap through domain company and I literally bought climate podcasts Dot Com on the spot so in the idea of it is yeah you would go into apple itunes or spotify and search climate change for example. And you just get a kind of a hodgepodge of results and we found found that even if one episode of one podcast mentioned climate change it was show up but it doesn't necessarily mean that climate change or climate focus podcast. I was curious curious about if the the name was available or you had a bite from someone but I should know better that climate podcasts. Yeah that was a good thing that you found it pretty easily and no one else was sort of sitting on it exactly. Yeah so you reached out to me and tell me a little bit about how you started early on. I know you're kind of going through phases here. So how did you find the first wave of kind of podcasts that you recruited for the for the site this going through my personal APP is podcast to listen to podcasts. And so I knew that I wanted missile launch the website with a handful of really good climate podcast in so I reached out to you. I reached out to Nori. Obviously 'cause friends with them. I reached Out To podcast. I interviewed US actually designed as a paradise my friend. Katie Patrick has a podcast how to save the world and not as a podcast A.. T. I L. Kinda podcast. This is the name and so I just reset her handful of these hosts and said hey look really simple idea. Would you be part of this. Climate PODCASTS DOT com website to to be highlighted as a really good you know quality climate podcast and fortunately everyone I reach out to they all said yes and so I created unwitting form. You fill out yourself gathered all that content. It's just really really simple squarespace website. It takes about three minutes at uploaded new page in new podcast the cast so I kind of streamlined. Automated everything to make my lip easier because again this is just a side project and we launched. When did we launched? We launched. I think right after new years and we launched with about out nine or ten podcasts and then we updated website just last week with about another nine podcasts and I have a few more in the pipeline right now and then we're we're pushing out via social media kit. The climate hosts to help share the project with With their networks newsletters social media channels things like that so it's been fun to kind of see the the people you know as I mentioned earlier before we recorded. It's been fun hearing for my friends. How they're using it before long road trips or flight? been fun to look at some of the analytics from squarespace as seen how many people are visiting per day. Yeah just like I said just a little side project but we feel like it's important because the the main vision of this has to aggregate really good in high quality podcasts. So that anyone no matter if you're a Newbie wanting to learn about the climate crisis or maybe an expert who wants a different perspective you can find whatever it is. You're looking for different categories on the website. There's Business Design Education Environment Policy Science Society and Culture and technology. So whatever you're into. I'm I'm hoping that you'll find a podcast that you would want to dive in with podcasters. It's not a hard sell if you're willing to promote what they're doing. It's Oh yes I'll sign up for that at discover ability as podcast is always an issue. And so I'm hopeful that just like with the SEO into over long term is they just start showing up up when people's Google search climate podcast. You'll be right there at the top exactly if anyone else out there. Has We've sort of chatted of the email about about this and so you're sort of the gatekeeper of what is the climate podcast in some ways. When people submit some things just if I have listeners that our climate podcasters there may be environmental podcasters? What advice do you have for them? I mean who do you really want to sign up for this. Are you really trying to stick with climate podcast specifically. Yeah like I said I feel like like we need a wide variety of podcast in one location. So anyone again like I said if you're if you're new to the topic or if you want to expand your perspective we're we're looking for podcast that touch upon every aspect of climate climate because it's such a big gnarly thing you can't touch it you can't see it you can point to it. It affects everything whether it's like I said some of these categories whether it's affecting the environment whether it's affecting business deciding culture so we're really looking for podcast that touch upon all these different aspects of How climate change is going to be affecting their lives moving forward so if you have a podcast where you interview experts in your in your industry awesome if you have a podcast where it's a bit more maybe opinion oriented or if it's a roundtable format doesn't really matter as long as it's good quality that we feel listeners to get something from it and actually hopefully do something something After listening whether it's signing up to be part of an organization your neighborhood in your community signing a petition you know buying different products or changing the lifestyle We want these pockets best to be full of information so that we can create a climate action. Okay I've given you some feedback. I'm not afraid to give you some advice. So as you as new podcast come online. Probably keep it from getting confusing. You should keep it things at the top in alphabetical order. I think probably just easier for people to kind of find things so kidding bias. There this is I'm A. I'm a huge no. I'm a huge believer in prototyping. So as you know you're one of the ACAS hosts on on the site when we launched. So I'm all open for feedback. No I'm giving you a hard time when you first started. Like right there at the top I was I I two or three but now that you're getting these other ones and that's encouraging thing bumped down a bit so anyway I have ideas on how to clean up the homepage. So you're talking the designer so I'm always hopefully what you'll have to deal with. And this is an encouraging sign is more people sign up. You'll you'll probably start to brainstorm and how you might you just even categorize them you know Nypd like Oh these are political ones or these are more sign you just those things avidly as the numbers increased. You'll probably get kind of creative. That's how you want to lump them because that'll just help people cert- cert- totally yeah. This is the V. Wine and looking update more submissions mark. Thank you so much again. Thanks for creating this website. What a great resource and thanks for inviting me needs to submit Mitt and good luck with what you're doing? Yeah appreciate it thanks. Thanks for coming on. Check out their website. Climate PODCAST DOT com. Okay let's get to the me too this episode as I mentioned before. This is a rewind episode from my visit to New Orleans in two thousand eighteen. I was invited. By the organizers of the freedom to breathe toward participate in some activities in Orleans traveled there to attend a workshop visit to field locations with the bus tour to do interviews the freedom to breathe tour was a cross country tour starting Miami and ending in San Francisco to highlight light people on the ground. Doing Mitigation and adaptation work a joined. The tour for the New Orleans portioned obviously first off. Thanks to the freedom team on the bus. Thanks for your generosity. And for hosting me we travel to a town hall meeting honoring women in climate disaster recovery then onto Africa town to hear stories of people of color living with the legacy of environmental pollution and then finally to a pipeline site protest outside of Viet. It was an amazing journey. I got to meet some truly interesting inspiring people getting their hands dirty working on climate issues. Make sure you stick around for the whole all episode. Of course my last guest is Nicolette the organizer of the town hall meeting. And she's going to give you a climate pep talk. That's going to knock your socks off. You will love it okay. Let's get to the New Orleans conversations in honor of being a New Orleans. I thought I'd use a little local flavored music in the podcast. Listen for it okay adapters. Let's take a trip to New Orleans and hear from some truly inspiring people Did doctors were back in. I am with and colony in the coastal resilience program manager the job for the city of New Orleans under mayor Toy Cantrell. Okay what do you do with your program. So the Resilience Office looks at a broad range of shocks and stresses that could affect New Orleans whether that's environmental like we're seeing with hurricanes or higher rainstorms. Extreme but it can also be something like an economic shock a`recession and we think about how we make sure. That new ORLEANIANS can adapt and thrive in the face of those resilience. In is you know and I guess you previous experience experience. It's about bouncing back from some impact but if you look at the broader issue of climate change how does that factor into your work. You look at long-term sea level rise projections and such. How do you have the conversation about resilience with the city of New Orleans? Our hope is to get ahead of a lot of these impacts. We recognize that. Even if global greenhouse gas emissions were completely halted today we'd be seeing climate impacts for the next forty to fifty years and that would have direct impacts on residents of Louisiana and New Orleans to be specific. And so we try to think about what are ways that we can put barriers in place to those impacts making sure that they don't hit residents as hard and in ways that new Orleanians can when they do come up so when we're thinking about pretty much the obvious threat of a hurricane. What are ways that we as the city of New Orleans can joined and the conversation that's happening across the state of Louisiana about coastal restoration building up marshes and Cypress forests and other things that serve as natural barriers to storm surge but we're also thinking about if climate change is bringing more extreme rainstorms and more frequent rainstorms? How is kind of the day-to-day summer showers? How are we making sure that our city eighty can handle that level of water? So in addition to our drainage pumping stations. How are we building large? Scale Rain Gardens and detention basins and other places for that water to Akao. Okay so for Norlin. I'm from Florida. And there's a lot of resilience talk and there's chief resilient officers that a lot of cities are bringing on which I think is an an encouraging sign. But do you feel New Orleans. I when you talk about resilience. It's more about immediate response to natural disaster like hurricanes and such dis- Climate Change Enj- come up a lot in what you do absolutely and I would say that here. In New Orleans or resilience efforts really are rooted in our climate threats. Were thinking in the immediate. What are things we can do? That will help residents for the next storm. But we're also thinking how to our policies and how does our advocacy work as the city. Make sure sure that you know twenty years down the line we are making sure that residents are protected and that the city is able to thrive just as it is now okay in again with cities hiring people like you an encouraging sign but sometimes what's lacking is on the communication side. How is the city communicating to citizens about these issues? You're just out sort of planning for these things but I'm sure a lot of times you're encountering people why you're worried about one hundred years from now sea level rise. How does New Orleans do it? Do you guys Icefield. Is there a communication equivalent of you. That's a really great point and I think a challenge that New Orleans faces a lot of cities do is how do you balance kind one of the immediate concerns that residents have you know and it might be. How am I paying rent? Whereas my next meal coming from it could be something as fundamental as their basic needs with the fact that we need to be getting residents to think long term and we need them to start seeing themselves as coastal stakeholders and seeing them selves? As part of this changing landscape that unfortunately fortunately climate change is influencing one of the things that I think New Orleans does really well. Is that the resilience office chief. Resilience officer works very closely with the mayor's Mayor's Office of community and neighborhood engagement and that neighborhood engagement office has regular meetings with residents has strong relationships and so the resilience office can really be the subject matter experts and practitioners and then partner with the neighborhood engagement office to really translate that into something that's digestible testable. And get residents. Where they already are so we don't want to create new lines of communication? We really want to infuse this in places where residents are already getting their information or they already convene and and where they already are having dialogues. So I talked to different people from different coastal areas and everyone's got a different sea level. Rise number. What does the city of New Orleans kind a plan around? Is it three feet. Is it five. I know we kind of defer back to the IPC. I talked to someone in San Francisco. Just like what we're doing eight feet. What are you guys plan around well? It's tricky in the issues of sea. Level rise in Louisiana are are even harder to predict because we're also built on a natural delta and so the reason we're seeing some of the highest rates of sea level rise in the world is because our land is sinking the natural delta is thinking it's the levels are rising so I don't don't have an exact number for you but I can tell you that the state models kind of coastal land lost and how that could affect Louisiana and they're kind of tiered layers that we're looking at kind there's this average case scenario there's a worst case scenario where we do nothing and kind of how. How are we seeing sea level rise then at two best case scenario if we execute the state's coastal master-plan Sir planning full? What kind of land? Loss leader data do we see. Unfortunately there is no scenario at the state level where we lose Noland. Where we're building land in Louisiana Zhanna looks the exact same as it has forever? There's always going to be some areas that are succumb to sea level. Rise and our goal is really to make sure that we're building back. Land in places that are critical critical for the people and the communities the cultures that exist on the coast. Okay New Orleans is unique in that you probably have a very unusual like an unusually tight relationship with the Army Corps. Do you feel like your office. Communicates a lot with them. Because they're you know they're they're with levees protecting the city but are they integrating grading with your approach to resilience for the city. There's a number of entities that interact to make sure that the levee system is constructed that it's maintained that's operated and that the knowledge college that is being shared by practitioners gets to residents. And I would say that The resilience office in the mayor's office kind of fits in in that communication pathway so the Army Corps is working with local Levee district on all of the technical side of things the construction and the operations and the maintenance and we are in constant communication with the levee protection in system and the local Levee district to make sure that we're translating that to the public that we're able an even moment to say what the status of each piece of the levy system is and make sure that residents feel confident that the levees will perform as we expect they will during any given hurricane season. This might be kind of putting you on the spot. But I think it'd be interesting. You had previous federal experience. It's with the council environmental quality. Now that you're working for the city of New Orleans did you learn anything really interesting or I guess would have informed armed what you were doing at C Q. I think we had a really special window. At the end of the Obama Administration where we were able to really make great strides on creating national resilience resilience policies but we were always very cognizant of the fact that nine times out of ten resilience is GonNa come from local government local municipalities working with communities working with nonprofits in the area when you're at the federal level it's difficult to come up with a policy that can apply to coastal Louisiana that can also apply to drought ridden Colorado or California the effects that climate change things are so diverse and the communities that are impacted our Davis as well that we really do. We're always going to need local governments to be very active on resilience salience and for me. It's been very rewarding to come to a city like New Orleans that's recognized vulnerability recognized the threats that come from climate change and is aggressively pursuing doing policies and programs that protect their community. Can you recommend any resources that your office might have that other. Maybe smaller coastal communities could benefit from absolutely so. I always recommend resilient New Orleans strategy that was released in two thousand fifteen. I think it does a fantastic job of looking across all city systems that really what can be affected elected by our natural environment and buyer kind of economic systems that that we have in place so I would recommend that as a first point of entry into what we're doing here in the city also published ashed a report in April of twenty eighteen called connecting our city and coast and it really looks at what's the role of city like New Orleans in the broader coastal conversation. Then that's happening in Louisiana. How can a city impact natural systems? That are outside our jurisdictional boundaries. How can we make sure that our neighbors in Jefferson Persson parish or Saint Bernard parish? Our plans are also look out for and are built to thrive as well okay. Final Question Nor Orleans is considered a bit of a cultural capital for the United United States for someone visiting New Orleans. What restaurant would you recommend? Oh Gosh that's that's a pitfall question. They're also good and I can't. I don't know if I could pick a favorite favorite. I will say that there are a number. This is kind of my coastal plug. I guess there are a number of restaurants in the city that recycle their shells which I think is a really important thing. Instead of sending us to landfills there's a list on the coalition to restore coastal Louisiana's website. And anyone who comes to New Orleans I think one of the few our passions are great one. Then that's probably what I would go with someone that recycles. They're always your shells and gives you get in Louisiana seafood to hear that yelp you should have a little check that you recycle their shells and you wanNA filter for that all right. Thank you so much excited We are back and I am with Michelle Ehrenberg on the CO founder and Executive Director of Lift Louisiana which is reproductive rights organization that educates advocates in litigation for reproductive rights. And the state of Louisiana. Okay this this is a challenge and I was watching a presentation but making the link with reproductive rights in dealing with climate change and adapting to climate change. Could you explain that. Yeah where we're seeing Areas of the country and which women have little access to reproductive health. Care services are also the places that are most vulnerable to climate change. And and so we're thinking about trying to do something about the increasing rates of maternal mortality for example that we're experiencing all over the United States but particularly I severely in the in the south. We cannot address those issues. We cannot address maternal mortality without thinking about how we are going to factor in climate change. How we're going to factor in what the impact of these communities is going to be when we have to move communities? Women need to evacuate if if they don't have access to reproductive health care services where they need to go because of the impacts of climate change that is going to have detrimental impacts packs on their health and the health of their children. So those are some of the connections that we're trying to make I'll give you a perfect example. I actually evacuated during Hurricane Katrina. Trina and I went to Texas. And because we restrict how women can access birth control I when I realized I wasn't coming back to New Orleans after just three days. I was actually going to be gone for three months. I had to go to a clinic because I needed to rethought my birth control. We can't just walk into a clinic and get a refill of birth control. It's highly regulated. So you have to see a doctor and you have to do this. And they don't have appointments available for two weeks six because we don't have that many reproductive health providers in the state then that is a big problem for women so women are going to go without the healthcare services that they need in in in these kinds of events. So that's just one example just for my own understanding you give women reproductive rights educate women. You saw a lot of society's ills calls in. I guess I've never thought about it. Maybe it'll be easier to adapt to climate change. If that's what you're proposing if you're giving women better access to reproductive rights writes absolutely because where women have access to where they have reproductive rights where they have agency and autonomy over their own body and and when and whether they have parents you also see women that are thriving economically. You also see women that are able to contribute more to their communities you see women that are healthier all and what we're trying to say is as we're thinking about the building the resilience of communities in the discussion around climate change. We really need to be thinking about how we build the resilience of women and in our opinion giving women or or or protecting women's reproductive rights is a critical part of that so the maps that you showed. And I'm from the south. I grew up in Florida. I was one of those red states. And what's the solution here. You're here doing your work and I'm sure you feel overwhelmed. That what you're doing but I looked at all these negative indicators cross the board when it comes to southern states really what is the solution. Well I think one of the conversations that came up during the question and answer at the end of that presentation is you know money and power. It really is about the people taking the power back. It's about a change in leadership in in our states. It's about really supporting candidates that care about these issues and are committed to doing something about it. It's it's about getting industry and their money out of the political process and it's about you know again giving people the agency and motivating them so that they're getting being involved in politics in advocacy so that they're showing up to the capital and making their voices heard on these issues. Well I believe in simplifying messages and I don't see that a lot and I'm in the thick of it is just like empowering women is a way through true adaptation. I guess I'd like to see more of that. Yeah I guess so. Yeah that that. That's an absolutely critical. You know component of it and we're actually seeing some investment in these kinds of efforts happening globally. When you're when you look at some of the efforts that are being made sort of on the global scale working with women and you know working with to empower women in how they're adapting and their communities so it only makes sense that we it would be doing the same thing here but so far? This is not a conversation that we're having very often or very many spaces. I went until you Uganda for conference and I talked to some allow women and they were talking about drought in their country and they did allude to the fact that women having more economic opportunities who is going to be a lot. I guess allowing that country to be more resilient to climate change and the rhetoric just not shared as much here. Yeah I think that's absolutely true. And quite frankly what we saved from our lawmakers we do a lot of policy work in the state of Louisiana. And they're just really not interested in the economic security of women in the state because not only are they restricting access to abortion and contraception that the same time consistently voting down increasing the minimum wage. which what empower a lot of women because two thirds of minimum wage workers in Louisiana are women? They're constantly voting against creating more equal pay for women in the state so this is just not something that the current leadership is prioritizing. And that's why it's really important for the people you know in the movements to be taking these issues on so any resources you could share here for my listeners that they can learn more about what you do or about I guess addressing these issues back there from yeah I would say so. You can visit lifts Louisiana Dot Dot Org. It's L. I.. F. T. Louisiana dot org to our website you can sign up for our mailing list and keep in touch with us that way. Follow us on social media as well but I also would recommend really looking at what some of the leaders in the Reproductive Justice Movement are doing including women with a vision for folks who are here locally in Louisiana following following their work and then also sister song which is an organization based out of Atlanta. Who's WHO's A national leader in reproductive justice. Thank you so much. They give I'm here with Tammy career career. I'm a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi. And I'm the Director of American Indian studies there. Okay what brings you to today's event. Colette asked if I would come and speak on. How are native? Plants are needed in how we respond to disasters such ages Katrina or oil spill sore. Whatever else besets us and how we can't really forget about the creatures that exist beyond? I'm just the human beings not everybody associates the New Orleans area with tribal members. Could you just maybe give it a little bit of background. Particular tribes that are in the area. I'm a member of the United United Nation. And we're predominantly located in Homa and the surrounding communities around Hama but there's also the Chimanga and the Tinicum Luxy here and the CA- Shahdeh here and several other tribes as the Jena Band of choctaw. Indians is is in Louisiana so were they heavily impacted active Katrina most all tribes had some impact with Katrina but actually my tribe because we live like right on the coast we were most heavily impacted the storms that came after Katrina Rita so the theme of the event. Today is the impact on women's issues. And if you could just maybe give a bit more of a preview of your presentation and women and especially in my tribe I'm not sure about all the tribes down here but women have been leaders and healers in my tribe. I'm forever and so when the environment is impacted and the plants are impacted and our healing medicines are impacted like washed away like the saltwater comes in and kills them we're impacted by that and we not only lose like access to the medicines which is important in in and of itself but we also lose when the plants are gone from our area our knowledge of them and our remembering them and their uses uses in their benefits and their value. And sometimes I think with human beings you know when you develop a relationship with plant and you know the plants name and you know oh all kinds of things about the plant then that makes you more willing to take care of the plant. You don't want to cut it down. You know a lot about it has like a personality it has its space it has its ways and win. They're gone we lose that because in our area we can't see them. We can't touch them. We can't go grab them. Make medicine them or food or structures or tools and then we've lost some of ourselves and we've lost some of our material culture of our tribe then we've lost some of our traditions. So for us is more than just our house got flooded. We lost some of our stuff. It's like we're actually losing using our material culture when those plants go away and so I'm here to say let's bring them along with us. Let's remember them. Let's make sure that it when we see they're not around go get 'em go get the seats let's plan. Let's keep them with us so that we can always have them and they can always have us and we maintain that relationship inch so when you have an issue like sea level rise in you are going to lose some landscapes in the idea of loss a lot of communities probably. Don't approach it the right way. A is there a way that from what you're doing are you working with local communities. Is there information to be shared as I guess these groups growth through these transitions. There are actually. I have a big old banner. Maybe I'll bring it in but I have a big old banner of salt tolerant plants that as the climate changes the water changes as the area changes. These are native plants that we use for food medicine d'isa and they are absolutely okay with salt spray and they're okay with getting their feet wet with a little bit of salt and also I mean if you think about think about what plants do. What trees do you bring them to wherever the location is has like? Let's say along the by you. You put them in the ground. And what do they do. They stand there they hold on they hold onto the land and then they dropped their seats and they hold onto moorland because it's like their soldiers for us. They're like the frontline soldiers. That's exactly what we do. WanNa keep territory. We've put soldiers there. They hold their feet in. They stand there and they I mean there are best friends in that respect for climate change there are best friends and I don't think reusing them nearly to the extent that we could be using them as the ones who go out and hold the space. So what could we be doing better. I guess it's an issue of local governments prioritizing funding for this kind of work I mean. What are the some of the things that you're working on this word out? I'm working on grants to I'm not real connected into local governments and don't really I guess from being a trouble member because we've not been connected with local governments but I'm working on grants to to help people understand that relationship and also understand which plants or appropriate and how to build sort of like a forest that can sort of protect them and at the the same time offer food to them offer medicines to them offer crafts them and basically reestablish that relationship we have because once we start understanding these plants and where they can go and what they can do and how much I mean. The reason that the water has not taken even more is is because of the plants and so once we understand that what we can do is start planting seeds. We have a medicine garden at the University of Mississippi that has hundreds of native plants the Senate with millions of seeds every year. And so. I'm going give them out and give them to people. It's like plant this plant that plant beauty bear butte Berry. You're you're among your skin and it repels mosquitoes dodd. We need that down here right. And it's salt tolerant. It'll tolerate low salt so once we figure that out once people bowl I think we just forgot I think we just forgotten once we figure that out again and once we start building relationships with these plants so that we are getting food. We are getting medicine. We aren't getting craft materials. Then we're going to do better at protecting them. And we're going to understand their nature and if they're nature is they can tolerate salt doggone planning why do you think people are so not hostile. But it's what you're proposing nature based solutions and a lot of people dealing with flooding. That's what they're trying to do. So why do you think folks are just we. They build levees seawalls. Why why is it so hard to convince people these nature based solutions? Well the way I think about it is the Europeans. The natives were here longtime ago we had more of a community based orientation it it was like and you can still see it in native tribes. Today it was like you. You know you maximize the connectedness among yourselves. The the human beings among the human beings and the animals and the plants and the because we lived in relationship with them. We got everything thing we needed from the ground in the plants and the animals and we protected them because hey they gave to us. We gave to them at work like that reciprocal the Europeans. I believe it seems to me. Have a more of like a domination kind of mentality where they come in with big machines and everything is about out making the earth. Do they wanted to do instead of working with the. Here's how I think about Katrina and all of these storms and weather weather events kind of show us that we are not in control nature that nature trump's us in every way but but we kind of want to believe we we. Are you know we kind of want to believe that. And so I think the mentality of dominate and let's drill a hole in it and let's put a brick on it wins in this society but I think a paradigm shift might be a good one might be okay. Let's how do we. How can we be the best? We can be as co Creator Peter with nature we can co create we can co create an environment us and her that is mutually beneficial we're not gonNA ever dominate or she's always GonNa win and so the best we can do is co creation. And that's what I'm proposing is like. Let's start thinking about it as oh she's an entity in enough of herself and she can work with us and lots to and we. We can work with her and the mutually respectful. And maybe we can solve some of. Are these problems in a way that don't cause other problems because that's the problem with domination even if you dominate your kid now they're rebelling and now there there's a problem with that you know nope and there's a problem with solving every problem with a domination paradigm. That may be the only one we're thinking about so we need another one so that people can say well well how many minutes to paradigm. Let's choose something different by the way you realize that. It's hard to solve a problem in the same way that you created. Aided we created this problem with the domination paradigm at least the part that responsible for and we're not responsible for all of it but the part that human beings are responsible for with drain the swamps offs. We did that final question if someone wants to learn more about what you do or maybe some of these approaches. Are there some web resources that you could recommend my emails. Tammy T. A. M. Unwind Dot G. R. E. E. R. AT USC DOT Edu. And if they want to email me slide him some information okay. I have show notes to and I can include that since you just shared. It's all I'll do that but thank you so much. Thank you It is I'm back. And I'm with Denise Shervington in New Orleans Psychiatrists and population health specialist so during the town hall. You you were on a panel today. What were you talking about? I was talking about the mental health of disasters with a focus on women. A lot of the conversation was around Katrina. It's the thirteenth anniversary of Cina. And you talked about that now. How does climate change into that? So Katina's in the past with climate. Change is something nothing we're dealing with here going forward. How does that affect your work? Well I just want to center. That Katrina is a result of climate change and we are continually seeing the impact because over flooding is worst or rains or the extreme weather is worst. I and so I think what we're seeing now in. Our community is heightened stress response to even what does not seem and to be so significant or would not have been so significant in the past but when it rains people think there could be another flood and unfortunately they are increasingly more flood. So there's a part of that that is also very correct there was a list of mental disorders. PTSD associated with climate change. Do It seems like I'm sure you can appreciate mental. Disorders are underfunded. Feel there's maybe an opportunity going four Ford with climate change and making those links that people are really suffering from these issues because of climate change. Absolutely I think why people are suffering is not necessarily just the loss of the physical infrastructure. Usually these disasters become problems because people pull develop medical conditions physical and mental health conditions. And in all the disasters we've studied there is increase in trauma based disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder. Depression use of substances or substance. Use the sorcerer's alcohol being big one and just an increase in aggressive behaviors in particular and children. Children oftentimes don't have the language Wjr to tell you about how they feel so they show you and they show you with bad behavior now. What I find interesting is that something like Katrina where you're dealing with people that are dealing with these mental disorders? After the fact and yet you have climate change that's out there looming to me. It's almost this unusual as your mental situation. That not only are dealing with something in the past. But you're having to deal with maybe the subconsciously asleep. Think well now. That's out in the future. How does that play out with therapy? And just how it's manifesting itself if people just a firm what you said for people in New Orleans who had lived through betsy. When Katrina happened they were talking about betsy and so I think we're going to see this happening? As is there more disasters people go back to the one before where they they had not resolve the trauma. And so what we're going to have to do. And what Mental Health Systems GonNa have to do is adapt in the past. We've only appear to treat the chronically and persistently mentally ill no we're going to have to a new divisions around post Disaster Mental Health Trauma based disorders. They're treatable that's good. News and many are treatable even without indication but a lot of talking and allowing the way you went coded the fear in your brain to lessen and learn. Learn how to do that. Have you ever of an example. Let's say someone who's giving therapy to someone that's dealing with some of these issues. Maybe depression depression and has a patient ever brought up climate. Change as the source of their problem. I don't think we're in the south where most people are perhaps not as cognizant of what climate change. How it's turning up in their lives but what I've experienced is describing? What has been happening to them? Then yes it's climate change but they don't have the language for that so I actually just recently got a call. Someone is losing the land that they've the coasted. There's an island here where it's almost disappearing and I've been asked you know. There are people who are really really struggling even with what happened even though the technology that happened with the BP own spill but it impacted the I think the environment unmanned and probably the climate and I think we're seeing people who are now beginning to recognize that some of the stress that they're feeling is related not to not being able to fully understand the know how to manage in everytime it rains severely in new New Orleans people become reactivated. I'm talking about just friends that I have two people that I see in therapy be and it's a reliving of. Oh my God. What will happen if we get flooded again? So people are on edge around climate climate. They may not be using the language climate change but they know that something is happening in the environment. Okay in. Here's maybe a multi part question if you could recommend and just maybe mentioned who you're recommending this too. I'm not quite sure. What are two recommendations going for to help address some of these issues that people are dealing with now and we're probably going to see an increase in the future? Do you have specific recommendations. I'm not sure if there are specific but I think we you're going to have to especially those of us who are not in our twenties. We are going to really have become more aware of what is happening. In climatically with hurricanes that are happening the fires. I think we are going to have to come. Come to the realization that things are happening. It's not in the future and whatever we can do to be more protective of our environment. We're going to have to get on board so we're GONNA have to eat better. We probably going to have to think about becoming vegans. We have to think about our relationship to water. Are we have to think about how we're building our homes. All these things that we know can protect the earth or let me say protect us from the Earth telling US goodbye. I okay thank you so much I appreciate it. It's my pleasure and continued. Good luck with your tour and I hope that we will. You will continue to do this work. I know notice on public radio in New Orleans. They have the little climate change spots. And I think that's great with this is why we're GONNA have to do for each other. Educate ourselves about what Exxon thank you Okay as I mentioned visit relocations. All the people miss episode at the Town Hall Meeting Honoring Women in Climate Disaster Recovery. With the exception of my next guest Sherry is organizer of a pipeline protest outside Lafayette revisited. On the bus tour I spoke to briefly about the land. She's on and its role as a climate climate refugees. Okay so let's get back to it. Hit actors we are back in. I am with Sharif. Wetland employee Levy camp okay. I was told that you have this property here. And you obviously have multi purposes for but you're also using it as a bit of a refuge for people that might be impacted by storms and events like that. Could you elaborate on that. Yeah here in South Louisiana we lose about about a football field of Land every forty five minutes. Which means that we're getting closer and closer thanks to rising waters and thanks to the the oil industry and their destruction of the wetlands We're getting closer and closer to the impacted area where the the hurricanes come in like Katrina and Rita and all that and so we created space here on this eleven acres that we're calling thing we call it the land but it's just transition space where we're hoping to To help on a lot of friends were hoping to help people come around to the idea of sustainable living talk talk about building You know so plans and other like water systems and things like that also coop gardens. We have here and we want a place for the kids to come play. But most importantly we wanted to evacuation space for people that they can come to a little higher land. land Depending on what part there hit from we also have hurricanes here you know but As as of right now people have to go up to an hour away sometimes after they get hit by a hurricane or two just get supplies or get building material. So we're hoping to have this space here for we could stage all that that a little bit closer to where the line is so would you just describe it. Even participates at a place for climate refugees definitely place for climate refugees. And I mean. I think we've always here here where I'm at Bennett place for climate refugees when Katrina and Rita hit you know actually read it did hit hearing Katrina hit. The right. One of the places they went was rain Louisiana and people were able to stay here And then when we had our fled back in two thousand sixteen this particular land that we noted that we did not flood so that's pretty significant space that we could have been able able to go to you know so there's something about The swamp in this area in particular. It's always been kind of a refuge to people who need a place to go and this land is. Can we consider that. Just a part of that legacy As we know we're moving Into different realms of the way climate change is impacting with our communities and impacting US Generally Dan. We WanNA WE WANNA provide community space for people who are who are going to be effective with so you have places like New Orleans that if they are impacted by climate change by hurricanes. There's always this notion we're gonNA REBUILD AND WE'RE GONNA go back to it do you see potentially even this land being a transition spot because sometimes people aren't going to be able to go back and you know. Would you educate people well. How would you be a resource to that to the situation? Yeah we definitely could be a place that people can stop and go through and This is a place that we could load supplies onto boats. They go out and rescue people and things like like that you know We don't have long term shelter here but definitely place people could come in. Have Wifi in. You know kick back connected community or whatever I don't for I think little by little people are going to be moving north and there's definitely else small amount of flight that's already happening. We have the elders jean-charles group I group. That's going to be considered. Climate refugees and a a native group would use out just south of actually and And I don't foresee any nobody's GONNA leave New Orleans. New Orleans is a is a financial hub since since colonisation colonisation New Orleans has been imperative to commerce and things like that. So they're going to continue to to live there and unfortunately there's GonNa continue to be you know increasing disasters astor's and sold is going to be increasing amounts of people that are going to need that level of support and so I don't see us as being able to hold all of it for sure but I definitely think for the people people we impact and we could be everything to them in that moment because we've all been there. We've there's nobody that lives in this part of the world that hasn't felt the effects of of a major storm arm or rising sea levels or like in in our case we just had. was that a five hundred year flood. You know well we've had eight five hundred or one hundred year floods in the last two years so but is that me. I think it might be time to stop calling it that and just start calling it. You know life okay. Sure a lot of things you have to sort of adjust to at the moment but there's other communities he's in South Carolina Florida where people are going to have to leave the landscape and again it comes down to at least issue of are they leaving permanently or is it just response to a storm. Could you do something here where you're kind of packaging what you're doing other communities could learn from what you're doing. Do you have any plans for that. I would like to do that. Let's get it going to move in. I you know we're in the very early stages where it is now. Starting Get Gardens in bill a shower permanent showers and permanent bathrooms and things like that. But we'll see what works and what doesn't work but definitely reaching around and and reaching back in and doing skill shares and things like that are important to us one of the even just of our camp here one of the things that we focused around for our campus. When you come here? We asked people to do things they don't usually do. So if you're used to like helping cook for the camp we'd ask them that you instead go practice kayaking and things like that. Our work in the garden and things like that because we feel like we have to have this like rounded idea of what direct support looks like and it's not a people being niches at this point it's people being able to do a large right if things everything from medical care to childcare to feeding large groups of people to creating a more sustainable way of living and being I know the the pipeline blind takes a lot of the tension right now but at least six months from now a year from now could someone come and visit the site and learn about what you're doing as this source of for climate refugees. That's yeah absolutely do we know. That's the that's always been the hope for this land before the pipelines ever thought of we For Five years we dreamt of a place that we all come together and be able to create and build and and not just say no but also say yes and like how and give examples of what that might look like. That's always been the idea for this for this land and so by God I mean that's just the go. That's the way it's going to be. You know we were able to keep the pipeline off of it. That's good that's step number one and now it's about fighting this pipeline and then when his pipeline is through we'll be able to create space hopefully That people want to be here for a long time. Okay thank you very much. Thanks for having me Um We're back in. I am with Clinton bail. I'm the executive director of the night. Snorkel Society okay. So what does that organization to the Nighthawk Society. Tko Miss a direct support grassroots nonprofit organization and we specifically focus on LGBTQ visibility and btcu justice so for a lot of people they don't make the connection let's say with transgender people in climate change. How do you make that connection? Absa very very easily of understanding that in mist of disaster the transgender community or one of the most disadvantaged people on on one of the most advantage groups of people during climate change where it's easy for people who are not changing it to be able to be housed appropriately. transgender people don't have the option Nine Times teen if you displace you usually don't have identification if viewer in transition or have recently started translates as a transgender person. And you probably don't have. ID that matches your gender identity even worse. How many shelters or places is are there where you can actually go and openly identifies a transgender person without harassment without stigma without experiencing undue trauma? So when it comes to transgender people. We often overlook the impact that faster and times has on us and our communities especially when we don't even have access to the normal services. That are being scrounged together in you so in the midst of crisis none of those resources that scrounging together Mr crisis are directly for transgender people. You know a lot of times. We have to deal with being miss gender on top of the stress of of having to lose everything and having to be relocated but potentially being relocated to a shelter that does not house people call into identity. So it's a huge issue. You talked about your own own experiences being a transgender person. Do you get to go out and talk to people are making these decisions. What you just described the city of New Orleans or I guess other local communities are people? We'll even wanting to hear your message in a perfect world that would be how it works unfortunately especially in areas of the south where we work. The reality is that we live in the Bible belt or in a Bible based civilization. Now where a lot of times. People don't want to hear anything that doesn't coincide with the Bible sees and transient a lot of transgender. The people are not a faith Where are not a particular religion so it makes it harder for us to even have an invitation to these tables so a lot of times? I do feel that. There's a burden for me to step up and and be more vocal about the issues that transgender people are experiencing particularly. When I am invited to places where I I am giving space to be able to talk about our issues because reality is that the only do not have access but we're not even being invited to the conversations around a lot of these issues because people don't see them as important issues on a lot of times people don't understand things that don't directly affect them mm-hmm so that means that there are about four hundred thousand people in the south alone who are going to be overlooked on when it comes to crises and disasters? Because we're not being prioritize advertise so in the realm of adaptation. There's a lot of technical approaches. A lot of scientific approaches to what people are doing. Those adaptation professionals are out there. Doing their things bring on seawalls or nature based solutions. You're dealing with more of a social science in the social impact so for my listeners. Who Want to do the right thing? Are there resources sources. Are there things that they can look at. Start to factor in on some of these issues that you're talking about absolutely I think every individual to some extent has civic power things that they can due within their own reach capability and the number one thing that people can do is to respect people as human beings secondly to make it easier for everybody consider. The stress added stress at a transgender person. has to deal with on top of losing everything and then treat that person and with that understanding. Treat that person the way you want to be treated if you were in this situation we're we're not just talking about losing all of our possessions but we're talking about losing all of identification documents. We have birth certificates. We have no idea these and in the the. US You need an idea to do everything. I did apply for a job. You need to get food assistance. You need to get utility assistance. Everything we have roughly seventy eight thousand people in just eight states in the south transgender people who have no ide- and this is not even after a natural disaster. This is just people who are walking the streets every day. Who Don't have common resources? So so my my ass to organizations are privileged who whether you serve transgender communities are not think about the things that you can do personally on your organization's level. What can you do our organization oranization particularly we make an effort to provide direct support stipends to trans people who don't have direct support? Stipends can range anywhere from gas to get to an interview. It can range for money to get food for the week. We provided housing for emergency shelter on transit have been turned away from shelters as a result of domestic abuse and couldn't even find stable able housing so the impact of what you can do as a person comes down to what you willing to sacrifice within your own privilege. Look things that you have that you take for granted and then ask she yourself with a transgender person benefit for some of these resources that I overlooked or you know. I'm not grateful for every day because something simple is. ID and Audion Alabama. It costs about eighty five dollars a person to get your. Id Change depending on which which county or state you go to. But the eighty five dollars may not seem a lot a lot to a person who is who has a regular regular job who has a residual income to Ranjit transgender people. LGBTQ PEOPLE THE WAVE institutes put out a report in two thousand sixteen. That's roughly I can't remember. The percentage where the majority of people who reside in the South May listen twenty four thousand dollars a year. That's roughly two thousand dollars a month. I know transgender people. Now who are making ten or twelve thousand thousand dollars a year and we're having to to come together in communal ways to be able to support each other because we have an administration who does not support us who doesn't want us and then we're living in a world of custody survival mode. We're not able to save a progress because we're always having to think about the day to day. And how can I get what I need now. So my ass people who WanNa do more who WanNa make room for transgender people is to invite Vitam to the conversations when you're having about these resources that are available to the entire community. And if you say that you support all communities all Americans and make sure that you're making way for disadvantaged communities these marginalized communities like transgender people of color who on one hand face oppression from racism is systematic oppression from racism. But then on the on the other end we face oppression in trauma within our own. LGBT with our own black community for being trans or LGBT. So there's a double edged dagger being a Trans Person. Having to carry that everyday is something that is just unnecessary zero. So there are a lot of things people could do. Just step outside of your premiums just a little bit and offer some of the things that you currently have those who don't have it okay. That was great. So thank you so much for interview and good luck with what you're doing. Thank you so much Doctors Hi and back and I am with Colette. PEON battle with the Gulf Coast Center for law and policy all right. So what does your organization do. Well we work with communities of color on the frontline of climate change from Texas access to Florida. Basically we help them in the midst of disaster figure out what the systems are that are holding us back from recovery and to make changes in those systems. So you got got your start just after Katrina right after Katrina We actually started as a program of moving forward Gulf coast and then we in two thousand fourteen became a standalone entity not working specifically on law and policy and community organizing so. Tell me about this town hall but very interesting agenda. I learned a ton. But tell me I guess the origins of this town hall how you decided to invite who you are going to invite him the themes and all that yeah. I mean you know every year. There's a remembrance of Katrina it's one of those events will never forget. Get the opportunity though is to bring people together and do a little bit of shared healing together. It's always a really tough day. It's always a tough memory to convey Veta- folks but when we do it together in a circle when we do it together with other folks who can really affirm what we're bringing. There's a little bit of healing that happens with it. So what we knew we wanted to do for Katrina. Thirteen was to really just lift up women's leadership and to create a space where we could do some healing and sometimes healing means asking questions or even disagreeing but we you wanNA build new muscle and build new new methods of of healing ourselves of being okay and so one way to be okay in this. Climate work is really really to get clear on the impact of climate change on women's bodies on women's reproductive systems on women's health women's mental health because it takes thirteen years for us to say there was something a little more unique about these people's experience than these people. What what do we need to what we need to know? What are we not asking? What are we not seeing? Let's go a a little deeper thirteen years later. I was having conversation with Michelle Ehrenberg and we're talking about reproductive rights and we got into the notion of once you start getting women's rights right eight you start addressing climate change adaptation and really effective way. What do you think of that? I mean first of all I think. Michelle is brilliant and I think she's right. I mean there's something to the question that was asked today which is what is the correlation of extractive industries poverty. Large black populations are populations nations of really extremely poor people. What is the what is the correlation of these things all being extreme in the same place when we look at the Gulf south in particular particularly? We see that. There's an opportunity to not just correct what we're doing to the earth but to actually correct what we're doing to the people through the systems all work the same way. A gentleman mentioned this is about power and money and and I think that's true. It's a simplified version of the truth but I think it's true and in this this country there are few bodies. There are a few bodies that get a valued a different way. They get used and exploited a different way. Those are female bodies and those are black bodies and the female and black bodies along the coast. That are seeing more extreme weather. We've gotTA understand. They are going to be the most vulnerable the most marginalized and that's where we get the solutions for how to make this more equitable process of recovery in climate disaster. I've been to a lot of adaptation conferences had a lot a lot of conversations with adaptation professionals. And I've never heard from the transgender community and you had a huge representation. Could you you quickly summarize why that's relevant to climate change and what they're experiencing. Yeah I mean. This was a new area for me as well and I learn the hard way that when it came to evacuation shelters often. They've done by gender so they break families up but usually they say you know women a women's shelter over here but if you're not a biological woman then you can't find shelter in a women's shelter and if you're in if you are a biological woman but a trans sounds man new go into a male shelter. There's a different type of urgency and vulnerability that that might happen there. I wasn't aware of this. I was aware weird. There wasn't language access for folks spoke a different language. I was aware that they treated poor people different from middle class folks but it had escaped me. How are Trans Community had to affair through a traumatic event and then I started learning about the work of of q bill in Alabama? And what he explained to me was that these folks are like running for their lives. They're running from their lives for their lives during disaster. They're running for their lives every day just in society and there's a really high rate of suicide also police police murders also other types of violence against them. This means if we believe in bottom up organizing we have to start with the people who are most impacted most vulnerable most marginalized allies and that's our lgbt community. That's our trans community. And it's important for those voices to be as validated as doctors and advocates. That are on the on the panel. I applaud you for doing that. It was very interesting for me to some of the speakers you had especially at the beginning. I think you were a pep talk yourself included so matriarchs I think as you call them and I find it fascinating I feel like I'm a bit Dole but the the way that they can connect with people even the use talking about God you don't Even here that in most science technical conferences and yet today it comes out so naturally connects with people in a lot of ways and so yeah. Just it's it's more of an observation for you of how those messages really connect and you rarely hear him in climate change circles absolutely. I mean we're southerners you know. If you don't say God Bob at least once you haven't had a real seven meeting I think the opportunity is to explore all types of spirituality while holding onto what is is most meaningful to us. There's nothing about the work that I do. That makes me give up my religion or my God at the same time. I have to be clear about the teachings of my religion my God when it comes was to climate disaster claim it and then not believe in humanity not believe in human rights. Not Believing People's right to be and you know this is this is is also why we need our national organizations to follow southern leadership when they do work in the South we get a lot of folks who want to just bring a cookie cutter program down here and they won't work. South South is a very unique space very unique people and we think that the Gulf Coast Centre Long Policy and lift Louisiana. We've got some techniques down to be able to make folks feel like this this is where they belong and also we can't get out of this problem without each other so we've gotta make it inclusive for everyone and that's what we're always striving to do. I grew up in Florida and spend all that time in Georgia and I still haven't figured out the south but I wanna go back to the religion really quickly and I'd probably get myself in trouble here. It's very interesting to me is if you look at the white evangelical community community many of them hostile to taking action on climate change. But I'm making a big assumption here but if you look at the African American Evangelical Community Not so much in fact you want to take action. Why do you think there's that difference? I mean I think religion the way we talk about it now has been more institutionalized itution analyzed and learned but there are some cultures that are so deeply rooted to what they know from their tradition. What they know from their own intuition that that things like protecting the earth is this is not a difficult? It's not a difficult stands to take to protect water or air or land mostly because a lot of traditions and cultures. Still rely on that and I think I don't know about all white Christians but I'll say middle class white. America has been able to pretty much what they need in the bank or extricate themselves from a daily connection to the land or even the consequences winces of the land right so if you have enough income to live in a neighborhood that's not polluted. You're not so worried about pollution but a lot of black and Brown and poor people have to live right next to these refineries these drilling sites. They're sick it doesn't take very long at all to learn that we've got to do better. We've gotTA protect Earth and we've got to stop creating these hazardous hazardous situations for Black Brown and poor communities civic regardless of religion. We had Muslims in here today. We had Christians. We had African spiritualists. We had everyone. Because is the thing that the connector here is that we are on this planet. And we're part of this broader planetarium ecology and we've got to fix this and we're on the front lines if we don't fix it where we don't survive. That was a great quote. I wish you could take that on the road and just talked to a bunch of people with that. I love that you were making a point about the environmental justice. People aren't talking with the climate adaptation. People who aren't talking with these people you kind of if you can recapture that thought that was very important. Yeah I was really bringing into the conversation in some of the lessons I learned. I got my start in the midst of Katrina recovery. That is a climate disaster. But what I learned when I came back home was that these climate disasters astor's are necessarily because of the extractive industries that put the co two emissions and greenhouse gases in the air so here in South Louisiana. We run on the very industries we live. We rely on the very industries that are causing this climate crisis and the environmental injustice. That happens where they get get refined so after we pull the oil out of the ground he have to refine that oil. The people who live around these refineries and stopping stations or bomb trains or rail arose. These are poor communities. These are black communities so the environmental justice fight is saying. Don't poison the people through the refining of this product while the climate emmett fighters saying don't put co two emissions in the air through refining this product. And they weren't talking to each other. The climate. The climate fight is a very white space dominated by certainly progressives but white progresses a lot of Middle Class A lot of educated folks the environmental justice fight is a lot of people of color. Many poor mini living fence line. They call it right next to a refinery we'd never dealt with the race situation in this country and so these two movements didn't start together together and we have to bring them together and I think that's been the beauty of our work over the last thirteen years is got to make space for everybody on this. We've got to clean up the pollution and stop the emissions and it turns out it's happening from the same facilities the same companies the same people are responsible for poisoning this group of people and the and the storm that hit this group of people and the oil on the shores of this group of people. It's actually one major system our economic system if we can really get a handle on that from the perspective of all these different folks we can bring some movements together and then we see that these movements are all a part of each other. I don't I'm not. I'm not the greatest advocate for Trans Rights. I'm I'm just learning this stuff but I do understand that to survive. Climate change is to find justice and Freedom and liberation for Queer and Trans People. Here are pretty darn good spokesperson for all of us. Okay last question. What is a great place to eat in New Orleans? Well there's a true answer and then there's the The answer we give to folks who just which one would you like the true answer. The true answer is our mothers and Aunties and Sisters Cook way better better than any restaurant. You'll ever find in New Orleans so some dishes so my mom is the best Gumbo maker ever on the history of the planet. She uses my grandmother's this recipe. My uncle who was recently Ghana glory was the best boiler around and also his red beans and rice on Mondays. We're with the community would come over for and I am a fan of redfish which we're now into crab red fish and shrimp season so anywhere you go around here. You're GONNA get some good fresh seafood. That is awesome. Thank you so much for this interview and thank you for everything that you do. Thank you so much. I appreciate the opportunity okay. Doctors that is Irap APP. I hope you are inspired by these amazing people as much as I was adapting to climate change is offering some exciting opportunity for various groups. I look forward to following their lead in the coming years and decades. Okay I want to a jump into something right away. I had no clue the issues. The transgender community faced in found Clinton's description fascinating and sobering. I personally thought how could climate change impact the LGBTQ Tq community any differently than the rest of us. How naive and yet he offered up a truly unique challenge? They face so listen closely high said this before. If you're you are responsible for an adaptation plan in whatever form non-governmental government whatever dust that sucker off and consider adding a blurb on the LGBT community. I I know how some of these things work. It's a pdf on your website. You can make that change easily if you can't do it easily if you were Agency I get it so loaded I but I challenge you to make those changes go through that process even if it's somewhat controversial are sure you the challenges you will face will be a lot less than those populations that will benefit it from this sort of planning also. I did a basic Internet search trying to find adaptation plans at factor in Lgbtq community and specifically transgender people. And I found nothing and that might not mean anything. It wasn't some huge review. But if you have done this or heard of this please share with me. I'll give you a shout out on a future episode. Let others learn from it. Okay I've suggested before about inviting people to speak at your workshops and conferences fight someone like co-lead or Quin to get a truly unique take on adaptation happening at the ground level. Stop Bludgeoning your attendees with with Dole's speakers with mile-long resumes brings something different and if it doesn't work out at least it'll be something they'll talk about as opposed to instantly forgetting ninety five percent of the speakers seekers that we listen to these conferences. All right a shoutout. Thanks to Trevor Murdoch. Turner was trying to get up to Canada to cover some great adaptation work that they're doing. Hi there thanks driver. It didn't work out this time but I'm sure I'll get there soon. Enjoy the conference okay. Don't forget to check out Simpatico Studios. This is an exciting opportunity. This is going to be that next level of engagement with streaming and I highly recommend you take the time to check it out and don't forget to donate America. Dobson's a charitable organization. Tation we count on your support. Thanks to all those who have become recurring donors. Don't forget to join the facebook page. The facebook community group group is private but to search for America stops. And I'M GONNA prove you right right away. We have some insider conversations that people sharing other podcasts and the sharing stories and so just a nice way to let her hair down on that note. I love hearing from you. I mean it. Just say hi. If you have an idea for guests let me yeah. No is highlight of my week. Hearing from you and sometimes it does lead to some really cool things. I met America DABS AT GMO DOT com. I mean email. Oh Yeah. Don't forget if you listen into this podcast on your iphone gone to apple podcast and it's always good if you can give a review. Hopefully it'll be a good review but take the time to write something for that. You can do a five star rating. It doesn't if you're holding your phone right now. Please take a few moments would greatly appreciate it. Okay adapters keep up the great work. I'll see see you next time.

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Fifth. They they're going to fit him into. These Camino. Is Lebron Show Talk Marcus. This does. Blah Blah Blah is. Staring Gone Nissan. Don Does. anos obviously thought. ammos, Moslem the this the. By they've been there they'll deem putting is. Based on Total Ramal. Does gain Gotcha Yondo monaco-based newest throw at. Mom Medical in Theon be audie nonetheless that Ito who are most connected to. Those media, the theaters Delta to Tesla remember must those millimeters billionaire? Kentucky. BOSTON, Timothy. B. Cocoa, yes. Arou- I'll say that Emerson coach it up in in cutting dominicus canal. By the data analyst. Granted they. Put us from. The US scale. Rally. Moseley. Task for not by SAFM weedy. For. A routers mass papayas, they cost how they made the Montagna in bicycle al-Sabah by seven restore quad. Demands for the. Thrilled. They Lupus Shawnise Tuskegee and even the does And up to there's the eight. Modestly, our by faith is probably the. allegory by the out of Pale. Mondale. Alison by the that I'll. Be Already Eissa. Alabama. By the. Discus Thomas Our I the Montana little they are those the companies get. Yes. Based on those media metro school but is no other inclusive embiid Ano-. Here. In little. Record below single Duda. Thus story are in Theon Gusto Mia. Blessed I fono data. Mitten does by years I e sized to. Those Ray US lower. Beyond way by very. European. is to. The HOURIA Scotto for South Korea own Salads. Young player. LOBBYIST DOT COM a body of these deal value. The wrong. In your. Own. stereos with emotions, Pueblos, being today's 'cause. He. He saw Bob. Minimal. Robot is Murphy the Leeann more by. FABRICA THE MOUSE COMO La. Cueva, they ought to pay less fouled. The Homeless and they'll be there lobbying tico feminine thaddeus still as the our ULTA authority, a cooler and Hristo. If. I feel accession. Corners ACCARDO's the win Komala Propia Sale. By the articles they'll coup meet the. Speed of the on Komo somebody I got your will. They'll vijay the suburb. There's the last Thursday kwan beaten by soccer. For Intel throws who your refund Thanos the Visa Parola Handle Kamala they'll audie. Our the Oil Biko any. Minnesota total. Kilos. Thunderous speeder is not. Be on the callers pasteurization fears. KOMO'S HALF IN FOR MOCKUS GULF OVER COBRA HOW LA Salle mother yes. WHO WILL I'll? Nope not suffered another tourist. Here's put Russia Harare Cabras. He just school today Galloway gave Ace your spoiler would are. Concert Corey Those the racist risk is. Now, racist star. As Pathetic. Garcia. Is from there but alone, Lonzo therapa Data Marlboro. Level say for myself the Nevada la La Salle? Altering data's this we found the. Complete at US associate did EC Massey knows well leave? Barron. Alone L. Solo it so they. Asked out Zacharia. What a Planet Opposed Questo? Bonnet. Combating lead this photography goals does he made recommended. This. Stan I'll. Pamplona. The got up blown up minutes unless ALITA BEREA father. Be. Of Immediately new line said they think? There's this. As. Siegel Southie our. Lot anythi entering. The. Metro's Gre Dot fhu beating. London Pfos. Alto their. Local year I'll blow as. It'll COONASS. inure Sunday. The F-. y'All Panorama Columbia. Darryl and data to on this continuous via who are in took Metros Mass Allante out tab by soccer. Yes it up and. There's the Rostow. Are. Now see there's the Arrow. Off the mosquitoes. ESPN. The handle scare. says. Yes lavar medical communists. and. Boy Kerala Weblog Peres CAL. EVAC because of body, there's a on the tomorrow most nonetheless the school sheerness. Data off the our setup. This this. became was Chubby. Go off the Allante Borgata allow but he made a lot of either boys loud. Voice Boileau culebra consumes, mealtime entails mittal's the altitude. There's. By, whom master how Donald Postal meet us from the? Intra. In ESKADO. Easy gear that. IBM. Palmas Pueblo for details. Avocado photography Ya Tomorrow. took. But allow todd liberal but I love thoughtless the podcast Charlier Polo must be. Able to. Drive through your stay. All the other, there are two meters, but on the media's Oscar. Alaska yes. Embedded others. Gabala found Doria skis hometown they lost get. In, better cell Nina's Vij sensors free was last given. There's Lesku Brazil already a lot of Alanya. Alaska about Humble Fatto. Yes. I'll one dope Aquinas there's the our in this. Boy Lucas Patil assery yes. There's Torrijos construes Casaus Blancas Genus Rania ceases to hallows, Bethesda whatever point this levy there's seeing loyal Mazda material in the inky now though cool. leukaemias Casa Strategy analyst know you are a plaza from dawn Blanco Blanco the. By Bilan Las Vegas. Nellis Nausea Colorado's done this Steve Day Yama tvos. Goes bobble goal Shuka Putzer Lescot us. Pueblo like this. Yeah. This on quantitatively star who has picked for. More than through interpreter theon senior Komo's. For. The phone is over the dog all is child they say they. Way Long Memorial Ludi. Body last mid, US Luther, the liamine three most Butler including Alaska. Keenness up again. Was Rondo. Marseille. The. Last. unpacking cancer worker this beer. Be Back with. Rio Montezuma now those. But he made ten with this boys Roddy on this. Be The most meet in order to they. Moose Gida. Economically number they line below Matica Montana allowed to meet us. US. Win The ROMARIA and see the Casinos Alonzo. Pan Not In. September it means most fantastic Shubin a stomach skin. Is Time. Now those those Metros put in the time. Being corrected. Literacy Noski Limit Ross Mineo Ovarian Dondo. There's more Pueblo. PODLASKA. Yes. Because who better legacy? Novelist Paseo see in Dallas confess NBA cruelties. Legally Candlelight Amita goes through the hollow conical. I would I would be up. Cutting out the is the cutoff is. Think incubus Estar how at the? Lowell Pueblo Minister McCain the postal this the Pueblo cassette have been there and We're going three. Three lengthened near and middle trophy and. Get your. Phone does say was Gone Theater Talk Day. HOULIHAN JERRY THAN ORAL DAUGHTER NAFI IN DON'T GOAL IT amended Pablo Sarasate in East I the. Thrill. Who? Must. Numero source or stylist bars restaurant pompey thin from. You Nevada. There's unsellable Oregon stucco Flight mcelwain meteorologist Blanca. How A lot of ood begin you Altiplano in controls lateran. The La Brea Ultimate El Pollo Master Leonardo the. Shoes meeting those Metros. Kill. Them Solo. Peruvian. Task. Easy mass media. They might as well as we. Have all the mody Anne. Other. Yes. They're stuck up on. This federal. Who say, decolonised this? Deal Him. And Tell US allies, or Mulan. On. Last. Semester last. Vasic allowed in the lobby costume Brazil rb Dante's they'll Pueblo innocuous. In crucial political. Comical familiar. With your Finan window stopped being diseases tell us shoop Kinda theater. Camino will. Demean perennials. Kathy honest poem Beta, Theta Dowd McCoy. Awful they know about let me Talk Lia. Grass Latina sister years they looked upon the thing go Florida's this at the pit Talos gone has. been a lot of their. Ego will. Defend compiled dynasty Lebanon lyric. Continue. A new home scarlet us when the knows. Banerjee about a lobby, not around I'LL PUT This dip. Intranet. Quota theon got your. Sendero can make I'll meet although the marine. In cleaner, they suspended Alabama Gop, similar Allah. They'll Ralian boy the hardest to South Korea Act Out I've. been. rookus there's this winded pseudo Gonzaga photography. Carrot data but he, made. This photo by. Their whole Thatta. Indica theus Athey Allah. Fabrica. The mass, this trump card data masters threats out there safes, kilometers, various Rondo study not all of our. COMP- complete. SYMBOL VALUE THE FBI At the Keith another Quinta Geico. But I thought Alameda. Person CD's pick and eat I stumbled on. US. GUSSIED FANTASMA. Do not hold. The tutoring do still cost three. Non. Nursing Berlin. Must. Mr Spa Theo fabric gotten the Iglesia by Theo bbn thus buttler holidays are almost totally theme in. The, fabric alimony theophanous for do militating Broughton testosterone. US and they released US e leaving Alice la the. Our Their Montenegro like Mark and David on this model she total. Losada. Gorski. Get under the party. Never. L. Real realism and we cut up for awful glassy. In their stuff owner gone. But asked the evil. They Loesch. Duly. Punish. This. What re Lahia that he got on with Daryl Farrell a bloodbath. I saw but if he's having. You got the. Allow Fabric. Better see that Masada pursue them into the ice. Dam. must cut it there. Yeah. When, Bush in controlling. Start Domain Nola piece is. The latest you know you'll. See Kibera. there. Be another method. Saad. Pero. No Secrecy Meal Allante yen what is going to be protocol data Masada, Gop Meadow L. though they are. Either Albay or be them don't they icy savvy mutuel Panorama. Fiddle but he made half meter conclude morality. SORTA sally domain. About barrier there's. lapeer Mural Montana. Where the year there, Saturday. Militarist squad they think or Metros the altitude as he. AVAL SCAR. s still. Is. A. That it's easy. MOCATTA did our body ESTA guerra by the beer all rally. Let me take us. You know there was massive also skateboarding. That's coming out in book it talks, Niyada. Quayle who Lecoq for mound goodyear. So Pia, this does hope when Fito nuts all ready. Lewis. Who We're told. Are So low they add you Bookham us nothing in Rio de. Or? Important. They battled. Illness could come. Tell us let me ask big guess lengthy. Yes years. WHO's covered? Kentucky. Yes. was nonetheless sell. Knee said the. Cake. Almost a company. Who? I see 'cause Donald Flute under the fair and Camino style code yellow or ambitious. On Donya us. Out. For Dinner Lame, but shown the star in this. Front theon. In Columbia Beast is important. I mean. If. Are Very. Interested in Tyson guilty to. Coach is suitable and and Bonello. UPTO perennials. The coup issues milk Ouattara fiene thirsty Athena mythos. Tasse thin string them into Thursday casino, Lavar more frequent auto lugubrious, Manala own famed Romano Dorothy to go out and they'll stay in Basel impera Bombay from the Pamplona. Paula. Kula squad moines I'm what other than our forbidden took? Control Motor tasks who are mother yellow. Any will us? MONTAGNA. Billionaires. Yes. Demo Leo in contrary motion. I can pick. US Yes. Can dealers beaten there's tons. Out. The. Out WHO's Carlton? Montana not or another? He put on Dunia Medical. Middle. East through either. I'll could. Get. Media about STI- Saba basic amino acids, but I'll. Get OUTTA. mccotter did MAMBANA STYLE Around. But I'm in the goal as we start ideas, they'll sell about teeth midday eyemouth geared la Tra stuffy on this. CASSIA LA mother calm. Personality. Stein in Upper Commun-. Plus We. When I said in. His Family John Logo on Thursday and. Massive Scott Roy. Near bless 'cause I know Kula through the Portland Demos. This is. The role as part of Francia influence. Call Arou- reineck said CORDONA AMMIEL Kenyan. Metro's years we're gonNA feel lost degrees tasks. Alaska anymore. Of Soda Double There's a lot of this mutual must booed okay. There's an hour. There's. So Young Cacique in. Chicago Paraffin Philip Indian. Interest gala through, but it's Not. The. Loyal Metro Sao say. The pass solid game video Cassini's Lebanon men are they? Yes. The internal entice as for a low they then lorraine give any other thing to consider not was atop those interests in. roscoe finale through Pamplona down comb enough. There's no pool of attack. Neri's Pasallah this Colorado in. The the. 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Radio. Nia there in contrast to what you only think. Metros. hocus Geffen will but I contemplate spectacular. Those are the mandate. They don't passer Ezekiel. With. World without the address, the racial. Thing. Go and Bustle Coppola military synthesis take whatever Metros there's kill me. No there's lots of dudas Dole de la Selva dog why do filled with the IBM Z.? Mosquito lobbyists Betas in Berlin resume Odeon town panoramic. Damian battle for us that meet the leaders and we see. Official portal. MILKIN interest Metros. Owner the monumental morality. Not. Just I'm on Daniele. Was Guido Antara Nablus. Intern. The altemus malware Mussa data the Otago via our goal around the rest passer sounds who. Couldn't say the Lhasa Canal Puerto established. That it's Really Tau Tricky Is a portable Tom There's the. Timid and narrow. Restart Bahari and think limit star status he this. Study. Selah. Mister where your locally southport. Active Partido they are in the raiders. Keeney. theanswer shyness. Important Cusco historical Paolo Pola Molly. They let your mother Kalina they'll casteel is from the Blake Hula incumbent holiday. said a lot on is thin who knows with enough stress in pretty cool Komo over la also those little coffin but say sky yes. into the Cossacks, the that I this Bassett. Bob Mathias the anthrax casaus La de la Memoria Mouche over Africa you're fifty, nine, four PM. There's the Sabato. Emotional body. One mcaulifee Liberals West Coast Component. When it's Not Cool weather yet another then be us revealed there's phone by in thinking all metro. So there's they saw. Poseidon Guate- tell me darling. Feet up then. PTO GonNa meet Oregon depends. South but I saw the Key, on other shoes. Put us. Style. Co IAGO. On. Me Interest last boombats. They'll. Miss that Australia's years. Those are middle. Quadrophenia reindeer metre will penny Blanca. Me Think thing got with other Cornelius. Qasim bicycling not. That appears out of thin. Thin centimeters, D set. The Julio. Three Whoop Thomas. The last threes Marcus. Doesn't then they'll on your military cintos think. In. Baroness, he'll bobble the truth about God hallows with the wrong. But in uproar in. The United Saba. Last before versus Internet e one. Because nothing is. Some things? That number? Alberto the Montana. This Ronin VR necess- combine was for US ehlers wrong gallison's. Because it on the cell say La Path Karanja in this stuff has stopped dead. Chris. Bucks One We start with the little I. Imagine they'll be any own Yemen the day those Kenyan squadra Metro, the altitude three young Lara through the. Widow scrutiny. Given CUMBRAE. New York. State Reynosa Ankara's. Chris others does Podlaska City Fathi Guide. seamount must perform the LADERA lies on Martine Milk Quarter Fintor's death metro they performed the your Chin Pack Elementary Metro. And Thumb frequent put a key all auto. You saw. This, the boy. Total by their own gutty button comerica massing dummy tie. Gala Palo characters Seattle last from Soviet and. Not on Komo playgrounds from. This SOCI- Tambien Monday data. About the hottest TV this fiesta Selena's celebrity medicine Mana. Thirty three hundred and it'll boiler they would. We gotta they gotTA. Best Gasol passed all set us lobby that they Latin by Sokhom still. Cambric thinnest phone. Profit. Kouanga. Nothi though Enron Gull on the mushroom all solo. Golf Camogli. Weight. Loss. Philippine. Obviously. Savvy. Stuff oh, now, Rodman debate. In gunnison be the. The Alabama seat come thorough MIA's who are no more Schipol. Outed insurers want to. Was Still. Struggle you say, yes, we book to the. Soviet hockey where this team but also by these other than North Law none of whom or bite and raise people the. Best Phone, I'm not an as muscular power glavas in boost. Don't Lapis Tanya. US. As, those Wayne copy to loss in western Libra in Toronto's fasting and pulled his scope he. Copied to look Sagamore the Kentucky customer without. WHAT KAMAZ JUANITA WHO? Is, they've got. The Silva, they dot the. Dell only correa through twitter. Bala. Ran Lobbies Maclay in north RUPO phase walk. Uneven, stunned, and youtube link. Dancing Guevara's system was gassed our anytime soon as. Serie? galganov-style they'll up on the. Bus Who. Won The plan but a me. Says going to sheerness calorie gone in Western Abassi. GotTa. There's. Some Stan shallow. Our It. This as. There's Brings. Be punished for the. Eve Luke's items as spotify who've been put gas emerge.

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MBA1260 Q&A Wednesday: How do I come up with a topic for my first webinar?

The $100 MBA Show

14:53 min | 1 year ago

MBA1260 Q&A Wednesday: How do I come up with a topic for my first webinar?

"Welcome to the hundred dollar Asiago. Keep your business rocking every day with our daily ten minute business lessons for the real world. Your host your coach teacher Omar's than home. I'm also the co founder of the hundred dollar MBA business training and community. Online. Today's episode as a QNA Wednesday episode on CUNY, Wednesday episodes. I answer a question from one of you, one of our listeners if you have a question, you want to ask just Email me over at Omar at one zero zero NBA dot net will make sure that we answer it right here on the show. Today's question is from George George asks, how do I come up with a topic for my first webinar? Hey, Omar, I know that you run a webinar software called webinar ninja. And no a whole lot about running. Webinars. I'll be doing my first one very soon. But I'm not sure how to come up with a topic for the actual webinar your help on this. Would be really awesome. Thanks, george. Thank you, George her sending a question for Hewitt, a Wednesday, and I will be answering. This question for sure it's a common question. I get asked a lot. So I've had a lot of time to give you a great answer. So in today's lesson I'll be answering this question and providing the best strategies for coming up with a compelling topic and title for your webinar something that people actually want to attend north. I guess you don't have to read people's minds. You don't have to be a marketing ninja news going to follow my strategy step by step, and it's going to be easier than you think a lot of people think they have to do the impossible to find out what people want I'm gonna give you an easy way to hear directly from your potential customers on their pains of struggles what they need to know. So that you can build a webinar topic around that. So let's get into it. Let's get down to business. Today's episode of one hundred VA show is supported by WP engine, the best WordPress website solution. How do we know 'cause the hundred bay runs undeb UP engine? We love the reliability their speed their security, and they're unbelievable customer support real texts. That know what they're talking about. We've teamed up with WBZ engine to get you an amazing discount go to the special ink one zero zero NBA done net slash WP engine and start your business website with this coupon code WP twenty off again, get your business website up and running the WBZ engine. Go to one zero MBA dot net slash W P engine coupon code WP twenty off. Shameless plug odyssey. I love webinars that we run our wasn't. Our software called weather ninja. I started doing webinars because I saw how powerful it was to be able to build my Email us and my audience and build a sell my products and services as well. As keep the customers. I was working so hard to get. So sister hasn't fourteen I've been running webinars. And I wanted an easy solution to run these webinars. So we created webinar ninja which is a software that allows you to do easily. But one of the things I do at women are ninjas also give webinars give workshops, and I've given several workshops on this topic. How does choose a topic for your next webinar? So I'm going to be sharing my strategies and all our new users love using the strategy because it's a really low pressure. You don't really have to do a lot to find out. Exactly, what your customers wanna learn before you run your actually full-fledged live webinar or you're going to be giving value than maybe even offering your products and services just now. That we do a live workshop that you can attend live and ask questions and learn a whole bunch just go to webinar ninja dot com slash workshop to sign up for the next one. Okay to answer. Georgia's question, there are several things you can do to come up with a great topic your audience wants to learn about for your free workshop for your free webinar, but I'm gonna start with the easiest one in the most effective one. It's interesting that the easiest one is the most effective one. And then I'll move on with some other options if you'd like to take those on. So my main strategy when it comes to finding out what people actually need to learn wanna hear one a sign up for is. This your first weapon are actually should be a open QNA webinar. So you're going to create a webinar you're going to make the title of this weapon or open QNA or ask me anything. And obviously you're going to just mention on the registration page or in the title. What your air are asked me anything when it comes to life insurance. Ask me anything when it comes to. Can grooming whatever it is. Right, whatever air Victor teases open Cuna workshop where people can ask questions about anything in your area of expertise. And you're gonna invite everybody that you know, anybody was on your mailing list. Anybody who's in your social profile followings, your Twitter, your Facebook, your Instagram, your, whatever, you can even Email people Vij Email say, hey, I'm doing this webinar? Here's a registration page link. If you have any questions, I'm doing an open ask me anything webinar. Now, the reason why we're doing this is because you want to find out what people are curious about. Instead of you guessing you're going to run an open QNA, and what you're gonna do is that you're going to answer those questions now with our Safra of an are ninja. We actually save all the chat messages in all the questions that people submit so later on after the webinars over you can go to your statistics page, and you can review all the questions people asked. What's brilliant about this is that you can find out which questions are really hitting. A nerve you'll notice in the webinar when you're running the webinar and people are asking questions people will say, hey, can you elaborate on that? People post comments on that question. Like, I have that you know issue too. I have that problem too. What about in this situation, you'll see where the pain points are based on how much, you know, traffic how much interest people have with questions are being asked, and you can refer back to this later that can be the topic for your next webinar that hot question. So saver example. I get asked a question in my ask me anything about a basketball coach in one of the questions is handle. I shoot free throws in critical moments. When I'm really nervous. What are some techniques to help me out? Now, let's say, for example, that questions really getting a lot of buzz people are saying, hey, I have that same question. Can you please elaborate on that? And I see the six later on you know, I noticed during the webinar but later on oh that question really was a hot topic. I w-. Will create a new webinar with that topic? I will create a workshop teaching people how to take care of that had actually solve that problem. I actually did it in a mini version by answering the question during the webinar. But now I'm gonna make a whole workshop out of it all my techniques when it comes to calm, the nerves visualizing making sure that you're screwing up for the free throw blocking out any noise all that kind of stuff. Right. And that becomes my topic for my webinar. Again, you're not guessing you're choosing questions that people are coming from your crowd. Now a couple of pointers here. A lot of people get nervous. Hey, you know, how do I get the momentum going in the beginning to get people to feel comfortable asking questions? Well, what I like to do is unlike to actually ask for questions before the webinar. So when they rich for the webinar with women are Joe, we offer Email notifications automatic emails that go out to remind people in obviously give them a confirmation Email saying, hey, here's all the women are information. But also to remind them, hey, you're. One are SMARI women are starting in an hour. You were starting now all that kind of stuff in in those sequence of emails. I always have a PS or some sort of messages says, hey, this is ask me anything. If you want to submit a question early. I'll get to your question. I so just reply to this Email with your question or questions. So when people register, and they get these emails, you're going to get people that will ask questions right from the get-go. You know, why? Because they signed up for this webinar because they have a question, right. This asked me anything about this topic? We'll have a couple of questions I want to ask they sign up, and they can jot down that question or questions right than there when they reply to the Email now, you have a whole bunch of questions that you can start off with you could say, hey, welcome everybody as people coming in. You know, hey, if you have any questions in the questions area, I'm going to be answering them in this open QNA, but let me start off with some questions that got emailed to me in advance. And you start with those questions the answer those questions, and that gets people thinking and feeling a, hey, it's okay to ask questions. There are so many questions are being asked on. I want to ask a question this technique is brilliant. I wish I could take full credit, but I actually just kind of learned through trial and error and actually kind of picked up on it because I was being on board for a new service intercom actually, which is a another app, and they asked me a question while I was signing up. And I thought to myself I love this idea of asking questions in emails, maybe I should do this for CUNY webinars. So having an open CUNY webinar and asking anything webinar is a great way to find out. What topics people wanna learn and guess what the end of that one QA women or you might have three or four topics five topics for your next five owners, giving a Bank of great workshops now, what are some other ways, you can find out what people want to hear while great topics while you can get social on social media, so save for example. You love Twitter, you can tweet out. Hey, I'm thinking about running a webinar about basketball. I'm a bass. Ball coach, you guys know me. What are some things you're struggling with? What are some areas? You want me to teach. Let me know and people are going to start chiming in replying to tweet saying, oh, I would love to learn how to have better ball handling seals or how to communicate on the core or increase, my stamina. And you know, you're gonna get all these responses now, it's brilliant about this is you're getting all these responses people are gonna like certain responses, you're going to have sort of like a polling voting system going on here. And you can even run a poll if you want, but I kind of like just leaving it open ended instead of giving them choices. And then when you choose one of those topics you can then go back to social media say, hey, remember, this tweet. Remember when I sent out this will actually I chose this topic. I'm running the webinar this day. You can sign up here. People already bought in because eve participated they actually gave their two cents they give their opinion. And they're going to be more interested in rushing for women or that they've participated in all ready. So getting social social media is a great way for nailing, a great webinar topic. Now, I want to say that webinars are fantastic. And what I love about them is that you learn so much in the process, you experiment with titles. You experiment with continuity spearmint with offers, and what's great about, you know, webinars is you could look at the statistics later on and say, okay, how you feel Rishard how attend how people actually watched the whole one Manar. Okay. This one really did. Well, but this one not so well, and you can find out why. And then you can really kinda double download things that work. So just know that there's going to be some repetition, and is going to be some experimentation along the way guys got more on today's today Wednesday's episode. But before that, let me give today sponsor support for today show comes from Honey book, if you're on a creative business, you know, how to make your clients look good. But if you're struggling, and we sing so much time on tedious administrative tasks, let Honey book do the work and make you look good punny because an online business management tool lets you control your client communication, bookings contracts and invoices all in one place. This makes running your creative business. So much easier because Honey book helps stay organized with custom templates an automation tools. You can even use Honey boo to consolidate the services you already use like quick folks or Google sweet and mail chimp over seventy five thousand photographers designers event professionals and other entrepreneurs have saved hundreds to thousands of hours a year, south wasting time with adamant and allow yourself to focus on what matters most serving your clients with Honey bug veil, high to run your business efficiently or as like to say, it's your business. Just better right now Honey because offering listeners fifty percent off your first year with promo code N. B A payment is flexible, this promotion applies whether you pay monthly or Enderle go to Honeyball dot com and use promo code M B A for fifty percents off your first year, get faster work smarter with Honey book dotcom, promo code, m b. Guys. Today's question from George. How do I choose a topic for my first webinar I shared my best best advice? My best techniques when it comes to this this stuff works. I highly recommend you try George and everybody who's listening super passionate about the topic of webinars because I love how much of an ROI it gives you the amount of time. You put in is pretty minimal compared to what you get back. You get so many leads you get so many people interested you build connections, you build a brand you learn about your customers. You learn about their knees. You help them start to low know like and trust you there so much value there to me, it's like a no brainer. You should be doing these. And that's why I've heavily invested in webinars by building a business around it again, if you're interested, and this is totally a shameless plug, but if you wanna see a webinar an action if you wanna learn about webinars we run a webinar regularly alive webinar one that you can attend an ask questions just go to. Are ninja dot com slash workshop to sign up to the next one. Thank you so much for your question. Thank you so much for listening. If you have a question, you want to answer this Email me over at Omar at one zero zero NBA done, and we'll make sure we answer it right here on CUNY Wednesday before I I wanna leave you with this one is are a lot of fun. You know, and one of the things I advise people's just to do their first one just to get out of their system and all people nervous at the start. But it's totally fine. You can just do a Q a weapon or you don't have to prepare material or member script or anything like that. You don't have to make an offer or sell anything. You can just go ahead and offer your advice via q a platform. Thank you so much listening. I'll check you into maros episode. I'll see then take care.

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68: Pairing Spicy Dishes & Wines with Vikram Vij and Sean Nelson

Unreserved Wine Talk

52:15 min | 9 months ago

68: Pairing Spicy Dishes & Wines with Vikram Vij and Sean Nelson

"Bone-dry reasonings can work really well in basis stuff. Lights are being wind. Read through that Agnes the richness of fried foods or anything. You have wine. That's got a little bit of sweetness. This does you can play it off with things that have Joey. Have some extra spice. Our little bits of each that eats taming. The best thing about this line is that it's not just about assured it's also is city a It walks of sweetness and a city that keeps it very fresh berry balance molecule Taco meter as Erin for spicy foods while Serena has one side of that site. Ruby has sweetness as they are Maddix. It doesn't always happen. Acidity generally find reason to better air more spicy dishes more complexity and freshness and our other matic weights with speaks. Do you have a thirst to learn about wine? D Love Stories about wonderfully obsessive people ponting Lee beautiful places and Amusingly Awkward Social Situations. That's the blend here on the unreserved. Wine talk podcast. I'm your host Natalie Maclean and each week I share with you. Unfiltered conversations with celebrities in the wine world as well as confessions from my own tipsy journey as I write my third book on this subject. I'm so glad you're here now. Passed me that bottle please. Let's get started. Welcome to episode sixty eight. Do you wonder how to pair wine and spicy foods? What happens when you turn up the heat in a dish? How does that affect wine as I get older? I find amping up the heat on my spicy dishes and I sometimes wonder is that sign of maturing palate or one. That just can't taste much anymore and thank I'm GonNa go with the first option however I don't Wanna give up on wine with those meals and that's where guests on. Today's episode of the unreserved wine. Talk can help us. They work together to create one of Canada's best restaurants renowned for both its food and wine celebrity chef and author. Vikram vintage has written numerous bestselling cookbooks. He's also been on. Hit shows such as chopped top chef and Dragon Stan. He's the first Indian chef to earn a SOMMELIER DEGREE HEAD. Somalia Sean Nelson also joins us on this chat. He became western Canada's youngest advanced sommelier graduate in two thousand sixteen and is now working toward the coveted master sommelier designation this conversation first aired on my regular facebook live video. Show so occasionally. You'll hear me respond to viewer questions and comments. You can join that conversation every second Wednesday at seven PM Eastern. I'll put a link as to where you can find us in the show notes as well as links to both Sean and villages websites. Social media handles and the video version of this conversation at Natalie MacLean dot com forward slash sixty eight. Since our conversation Sean Nelson has moved onto another renowned restaurant in Vancouver called Hawksworth now speaking of pairing difficult dishes with wine. You can avoid these disasters when you sign up for my free online video wind class the five wine and food pairing mistakes that can ruin your dinner and how to fix them forever go to Natalie MacLean dot com forward slash class and choose a time date that work for you. I look forward to seeing you there. Okay on with the show. They join me now from the restaurant Vancouver. Welcome Vikram Sean. Hi guys thank you so much now. I've just shared some of the top line details of both your backgrounds. They need to take a moment to fill in some of the details that I missed starting with you. Victim to be honest with you before I became a Million I actually wanted to be a bollywood actor. Okay and my father said no son of mine is going to become a chef. Is He definitely realized that those at five thirty stage be entertaining? You're laughing fire and having a conversation. That is great. I love that you've associated film-making with the theater of the table my partner and I we debated for many years. Should we go the ballet or whatever? We'd never have enough time with it. You know what our theater is right here in the restaurant we love it so I love that you view it that way as well and Sean what can you fill in for us? That's funny too is is at one point as well also wants to be an actor islands in school theater degree at the time. I was working in restaurants and imus may uses for not going into an acting saying that I was on stage at the restaurant. I was practicing my crafts. I fell in love with the hospitality industry and continue down at Lake. Got where I am today Growing as a subway asks the national. Wow Yeah I've heard such good things. I cannot wait to actually go to your restaurant but it's just now it's it's it's it's everybody speaks so highly and I love the fact that your top of your game in your cuisine and you take wine so seriously I mean you have fun with it but you also really value wine and your wine list and so on your recognized. I think by was it. Wine wine spectator wine busiest. Yes for for your restaurant list and of course the Vancouver Wine Festival has recognized the work you do with your food and wine pairing so. That's pretty amazing. Some let's talk about first. The exact moment that you realized Shama throat to you first this time that you wanted to be sommelier or at least to work in the wine industry wine hospitality food. I started my career in the industry. The cake statehouse at very prominent state s chain in Canada so reserved for a number of years as a dishwasher. Buster Bartender Server Workman way up and reach a certain point. When it's just not enough. I needed more needed to learn more More so I went seeking other places to work. I found for diamonds. Restaurant rock rank up as I worked in the owner in there and I learned a lot and I remember when Nice Manager. The owner was was walking through the restaurant. You saw a bottle. Makes Ninety eight Leonida Merlot from Washington state was in seller? And there was a little bit of each Oth- you could see wind took suicide We'RE GONNA open strike it so myself and our writer actor and the owner. The office opens auteuil axes today. An Irish blown away. I didn't know why she's like that went to do the things that with a all from point that I was absolutely absolutely so Vikram. Do you remember the moment exactly you? Do you wanted to cook shaft to be in the food world. As I said I wanted to be inactive grandfather if you did would bring a bottle of Scotch and his lap and he would say you know when you opened up a restaurant. I would like to be the bartender of your ever. Since the young age I had seen handed open up a restaurant from GRANDPA DISTRICT. executive Study a big shift. I realized at hardly we just as a great view had so that you could have beforehand on food. It was Gruden Leslie. It's was lightning was allow frankish. Right Really Beautiful Enderle. Well obviously that time bogut do such whether it was up unit while the It's so loud that Hawaiian culture that sitting bubble and that Sitting a little bit so that matching Elvis just to feel that this is a match made in heaven joy states. Well that sounds fantastic. I was talking about this with Sean earlier but I wish you would open a restaurant here in Ottawa. But we need that kind of that care for the wine list with different cuisines even where perhaps a wine industry and winegrowing wasn't traditional where the cuisine grew up from. But it's just marvelous do have any winds from India on your list. We don't have any way to the site now at with you so impressed. For years ago I decided to build an idiot. Wind of this place called NASC outside of Bombay had even for whites so sue last one of them is. The need is passage. Aw you'll have increased in your mouth. Shut out visiting oil train was because that's what I want. Do I answer the question about the Dining is beautiful is of jabbing. Nut was explaining why he was really really good. Allow country while that's so. Is the industry growing pretty quickly? They're hugely every talk of every restaurant is serving really really good. Blinds read it for mocking Indian wines. Because they are. Changing the are walking in senior winemakers could actually spend more hires and you must have. Bears have the bedroom different Sandy of Is Ryan is loose. Be sophisticated but for everyday drink. Animals allopathy Assault many response assuming Sony Great White added Robertson and Gustav as well. Yeah so you cut down to that early though. I mean your background speaks to why you're so passionate about wine. But was there anything else. Prompting you to specially in the Vancouver market to open this restaurant but to really have wine almost as important as the food while I will to So beautiful North Pacific northwest. Winds at the time manager was Roy was race Caja so but it was as the restaurant. I said I'M GONNA be have fights and five minutes that's usually to the identity of the money to buy you arrived. Sliwa four by by wax liquor so everybody and by four or five miles away for the reds. And that's how by another weinstock offer publicity of adding the restaurant. I realized if I really want to talk about wine. Sue The employer I needed to challenge so many Get challenged I did feel the first sight of the first one to say is I came back exempt defeats. The point was food rewind. Just INDIAN FOR BLIND FOR HATE RIGHT. Fantastic now With all your television experience dragons den top chef chopped did wind play much of a role in any of those shows with the Y. I guess maybe not dragons Dan but was there. Any component of wine in those shows a newtalk circle of a trump candidates even though it is the lengths of time as you always imagine what dish a slag outlet Ubaid Hey How would I pay this winding you? Something that you are as a funding would take notes down until you have this Jovan restating. What would happen to the shame of Africa just genial Biz The excite me tear absolutely more storytelling first victims. Let's go to what's been the worst moment of your cooking career you'll have invisible to build was full as dessert moments me. Was I just along the restaurant up a friend of mine? It'd be a nice spot. Love read by do enjoy And Good luck with the winding Wine Room affable social. Visiting about I think few months later he came into the restaurant and he says I didn't realize law going. Yup I took the table space and is in the game. So the common back. Really quickly gaining the sparkle of by our Nice recovery big league. A nineteen. So-and-so I don't even remember what goes on the stance get Abbas as little overhead for human in joshing. Like fifty bucks realize the unity back really really busy moment. So that is a great story. Sean do you have one vicar upset? You haven't Baresi moments. Yes hadn't he? Worst moments is always terrible. When you still something on someone especially as Away I remember that edges at the beginning whenever he comes in all see everybody. We pass on everybody. That's down and so we're walking around with full trays water. Glasses and the restaurant at There is not a less space between tables. I remember when night as a woman came down and walking asked she thatcher charitable this old straight of Water. Glasses out jumped click. Someone had just been her shots. And that's how I started that evening. I hope the editor there. Well Okay and we need to heal these memories now so back to your your best moments so far food we many more unsure of your kid was it was a Sunday afternoon. I was at the restaurants and don't have as much of the restaurant and I really have stopped apples relations and at a legitimate wall in the Kim this ad and another younger jets restaurant in the whole restaurant when in drop silence all around to see who the laws which everybody recognize. But if I was going to give up my principles of notice It was via any invitation in less funds allowed. Aw and have ended up to them said. The Suicide Rate Appeals K. EVENT. In the back you gotTa Table. Aids vessels as relieving I- random to catch speeds during his feet. It's a form of respect huge respect as I just want to say it was one sees nineteen sixty s that allowed immigrants. That megyn commented screen on Canada and be successful. Would we do any kind of gave me a big hug against Indian food lots of this absolutely delicious? Represent is a essential financial of country in just two meter. Delicious Indian for memories led a great story. BELIEVE IT. I just read Omens or must've Losch last wide alleged up the Dow one who has lovely shun best one of the best Florence so Two years ago in that part of the New Year's art restaurants years ago just as we were. You're moving restaurants removed from grandkids locations. Cambio location we still have bill restaurant and we were still using a Seder's our anatomy back Andy. Streets Muscle for all parties. So he through a party at the old Granville Space and we buy some are s chests and close friends and late soon. Enjoyed it soothes the have at. He was nine meterologist. The Moa Shayne or at midnight. That's the party. Faithful to four vessel is heavy. It's Leah to Decamp Ryan on bottle. Ordinance excludes acid around the room and close midnights and now everybody has arming on their aunts and Burr. Running around all his mind and time sticking down is seconds or seconds. Three seconds to midnight tonight Last of stack a balance of his table. One last champagne. Perla my track turn round and Mcknight standing there unlike Chevy too nice timing was just so her crazy see everybody enjoying your z's released sometimes life just works out and everything clicks in comes together so we should get into a little bit of this food and wine pairing teasing so long here. Which pairing would you like to start with? What would you control yes? Okay sparkling so. We got some traditional Vince. Arkley wine is made by a family. This is or England's wines made from and his aides bone-dry or her mind native traditional method offers at tastic value as opposed to champagne is pricey because of the limited area a season. All you have your In honor of you folks vendors out in brutal I love it Sony. Thirty Bucks in. It's it's classic method traditional as well so would lounge and send up and jaded Ian is when I first opened the restaurant up. Cain was really really picky about For wines to be an ill will ever to have the bureau bluff. Ask and I remember the day I said no use Luderitz Aloe around your Wyman. The whitelist knows why would be happy? That you will by. The one of the wireless is what she did. She asked me right. That S why I want food of its own one-page letter to say this is what I'm dead. She Motivation other kids. Running the I know I love their winds the whole lineup for Pinot Noir Chardonnay. To the sparkling. They're just topnotch really superb. Sean what do you think we should be pairing with the sparkling wines when you're talking about parking lot as a couple of things that really naked standout art and with our food especially and and a lot of spicier dishes. Ba- cleansing effect of doubles is basically. What you're getting when you drink a beer that refreshments at at cleansing the pilots that ability to go back for bite and another step again and again. It's really works because otherwise you get weighted down. You have all of the spices fat Heaviness don't want that you want things to remain late. Fresh his work as a great air for anything. That's been hand fried or deep fried anything that's fat and he's not low calorie as you know so vicious. Ergun with trade sponsors or anything like that sparkling wine as great city through that APP. Those are all really important. Factors in how air these wines with our foods and it works as a great air for a lot of issues and I close my love the vegetative characteristics of any style of bubble. Because I think when you get peppers and right right vegetables Justin Wilkes really relevant. The rich major greed cues gravies class at the end. Do you think Spice Hate Somehow. Change the taste or how we perceive sparkling wine at all. Change with a district. Nightmare should be. Is that you take a sip of wine. And it's Izzy any databank of your food at that's delicious. Ambassador headed should Alkaline the winds our food match select joy and I find sparkling. Wine is probably the most food friendly wine on the planet so anything that challenges wide based DISH. Quiche artichoke asparagus. All of these really challenging foods sparkling wine. They meet their match. And it's just as you said shy city. It's the bubbles in its that cleansing power like an ocean house aides especially to really extra things like mushrooms in eggplants. Yes Muslims just to. This book called grew as a book and the one ingredient and chosen I realize Leonard Cohen. Who's a Canadian? Loves TO DRINK A bottle of champion floor onto stage designs so I actually made a mushroom pizza. Actual that he's easily bottle of champion and this is a really beautiful and having groups that Anything food will look now. No wonder Cohen was so fluid. So say on the lyrics just flowed. I think that bottle of Krug was probably helping or Champagne. I should so are there any wines. That really disaster with spicy or dishes has been. I mean maybe so many as many people in this would offer having bike over chicken curry of elabore essay the Oleg on having a nineteen sixty five solo cat So if you're buying really on wine at owner or Expecting to have you with Indian food classically Indian food is apparently. Looks like Bel Having said? That doesn't mean rate of these are riddles. Are Italian. Store drew? Just the bitch to cubs slightly less leads. Sleepy fielder enjoy right. I agree I I wouldn't necessarily or anything to subtle at two elegance and he is loud. It's energetic out there and so Ryan's that out of those characteristics are also a good match this. It'd be too subtle to Lena. Chris Hyde wants to point to show itself and be a little bit more exuberance right good advice. Is there anything more you want to save? The sparkling wine in the spicy food haven't says I was in South Africa Last year Few slapping bites from Shannon Muzzles of eight months those wind reinstating their fabulous signed yet spine sitting around in a kind of left a room and went back to bed at end brushfire please. And I felt that he would be so long Left in the bottle is just beautiful so I actually put little bigger bottle off by to brush. I didn't WanNa Buddhist. I think there's a new branding opportunity there. I mean we got senator died but this is a whole lot more interesting toothpaste some product. That's right youtube views of camping thing of legal waste. I just use the bottle delicious. What a fun idea got to try that and people would trace wine throughout the exactly because it worked so well so much somebody different foods it does and everybody just thinks it's for toasting or at the beginning or just a pair of teeth but you can drink this in the beauty of it is. It's got lots of flavor zest but it's also low alcohol so it's a nice way of pacing throat a holiday meal any meal really and you don't WanNa Be Asleep on the Sofa at seven so it's quite nice that way. Twelve percents usually wear the alcohol clocks in so gentlemen. What do we have next preparing? Which wine in. Which direction are we going to? This is N. my favorite styles of wind at favor grace. Recycling as Grizzly is such a versatile rape. And you've got yours as well as I had the Kung Fu girl from Washington state. Off-drives thing we are doing the same urban sof nick vice selection urban from the muzzle in Germany made in so many different styles. You can have on dry crisscrossing. There's reasons Arkell wife few opportunity gets sets and then you have sweeter styles Off Dry dry desert so because it's so versatile played that way with food is dry riesling can work really well in basis flakes. Are being wind read through that Agnes the richness of fried foods or creed or anything heavy. You have a wine. That's got a little bit of sweetness like this. Does you can play it off with things that have chilly. Have some extra spice. How Little Bits of keys that eats taming? The best thing about this line is that it's not just about assured also about Alice's itself. It walks this tight wrote of sweetness and city accused very fresh berry balance. People talk about reader as Erin for spicy foods and while garage has one side of that site. Ruby has the sweetness as the aerobatics. It doesn't always happen. The city off of that increase into the air more spicy dishes more complexity freshness and or other aromatic weights beats. That's an excellent point Shawn because I think diverts if I'm not mistaken translates to spice since we always think spice wide the default over and over again. But you're right. There's an edginess of raciness to recently the isn't always there with diverts demeanor and I would think yeah. It makes a much greener. Can't Airways special. Yeah Oscar instrument or at the restaurant and there's some that are just outstanding but it has to be handled carefully managed a me to work with tech and I've offended in Australia. And they're obviously you buy for both of the leaders and the A still wines is coming from you know his community releasing Australia of Germany. These lands Sprints again is that you can drink a fluid and line it doesn't You'll that mouth feel as if the oligarchy by Back sometimes can be a little a little. How or Such and this way. This line Asche be more an will buy exactly you know and I was just reading with like a Tannock y like tenant Cabernet which I would think would be one of the less good Weinstein pair with Indian cuisine every SIP. Dry Your mouth out further. Because the Tannin's are taking the proteins out of your saliva and agglomerated coming together so your first sip is drying your second. Sip is more drying and it keeps going and going whereas this is just mouth-watering and mouth-watering and juicy and giving like to your point Vikram. Yeah so what? Do we put with this gentleman this reasoning. We have a fantastic dish on the menu has been there. It'd be religious Jefford. This tomato curry made with Artemis This deep rich smokey tomato corrine as a roasted Jack Fruit Art which anybody that has had young Jack. Fruits servants fibrous edge symbols works really well all labor of that sauce talk a little bit of pickled ginger chillies so it has the acids ice recently. Were skated Otane. The Chili to pair with elements that smoke and sites from Ginger and reproof and go ahead use a Goo- Southeast Asian. Kind of flip look like meat so vegetarian and normally need you eat jacquards because To the feel of the beautiful city of the Ginger Comes from Black Harlem. Just kidding really well with the wine and the food descriptions make my mouth water. Doing your job. Would you say the balance of your list is more whites in sparkling than reds actually? It's pretty equal. You have a bar. Selection resumes well is. It's pretty came out about one. Hundred Twenty selections are Rams Right. Now of half of our our way read got about twenty artem winds Our minds Five terrorists beautiful. Stop you don't just say I'm the only way owning Pilot is being performed. On what life is a democracy of outs? Made a one so many ways of messed up a new roads set off from astles even one and you should talk to him. He'd be dead. Who are you Jiji so you airlines mind list pleases every tear absolutely so how many wines by the Glass Sean? Right now by the glass that we have seven whites glass and then eight amends for startling. That's wow that's really impressive. Struggling mistake we invite sparkling so we really try to push that we do everything from Psycho for twelve fifty lasts two in China which we have a reserve matt groups issue body last as well as a crew as well or glass basically at cost relaxed Crew is at. How is the a leader the champagne worlds? And it's great. It's not she by Liz hours or you can have a glass of the restaurant for fifty dollars. So yeah it's an amazing line. Lee says any Canadian sparkling on the menu while they did mention Blue Mountain leaves. No no if you have any others or together undoing. When's right now? We don't how Monteria we've had eventually bridge. Oh yes sheds. While on the Linda Pass selection of Ontario when's in British Columbia is a little limited provincial rate gaps? Alary IS THERE. There is some great. Pc's may shock by last available Ashton. Science to again is the great great busy lines available of Cleaning Mines Wilbur West at all right so we have dealt with the recycling. Now move onto a red. So which reds are we all right? So what we've got a where to his a new world ser-. Aw Yes. This is time. Life that can get their Cuvee violettes. Raw aromatic icy oral forward. New World Straw Straw does wonderful things with carries those characters itself has at Africanus at little earthy Armaments and then when you roll it out gates more waste Scotia Vice Now. Elite elements of the wine and the food also serves refreshing And to be a little bit. Ir City freshness so doing something like this as that smokiness at Harry floral notes is just awesome absolutely and I find the texture of Sarah's so lovely like it's like velvet liquid velvet it's just fills your mouth and there's not a lot of the harsh. Tannin's nothing drippy. Everything's slippery slide Say The winds have tanned. Don't care with spicy food. Everything from Nuro Pinot noir all the way up to Rollo on the list so we have a wide range of styles to suit every People restaurant not say line Harrison Indian food. Let's like saying what line here's European food so much variety there's so many different styles even in our our limited menu go from the rich areas. Although extra rich heavy so picking one line to everything is almost impossible. Shera wind you enjoy and then you have food with it. That's what makes it great areas. Well it's out when you want what you will enjoy what you WANNA share with your friends absolutely now going back to you. Say You have some Tannock wines? They will work with Indian spicy foods. How does that work? Because I always thought. Avoid Tannock lines altogether so the effective tenants on your mouth. You were taught you vote Onto onto proteins food is full of protein so throwing the Nadalo acts of the light embraced showroom. Is You have this rich fatty showroom moines spend slow raised service tomato grow Kale and Russia of this rich spicy And it also ounce it's oftens every bit melt away to the needs of the needs Nelson into your mouth books and then you can go back for Zippy as you've been refresh again by between all of the wines at city also used the keys. Aaron Mind Foods. Italians figured this out a long time ago. All THEIR WINES NASSAR WHY? They're so good with food because absolutely is why it is yes. That's true and now how about the other challenger wines with high alcohol. You've got the heat of spice not always but when you do have heat and spice. Isn't that a clash? Sometimes it depends on how the winter is just Is it of the law? LemMe Note if you find your panel of being off having a heavy Yuki Salah Go styles of Styles Jammie saw lines. And you have the WHO SONG. You for joining it at the. It's that one Actually idioms regions Super GonNa find the wines at four point five fifteen percent alcohol either only have one glass of Notice it'd be belt last the right to pull the boils at Mitchell Hill and readily got the call. Say you're going to be the same as ADA radio been for two hundred years. You'll have a little shape away. Stool Say something that everybody was there. I was like Apple. Thanks collegiality mind. The agree with ended up not okay. Let's remind honestly cave you come to my table. She so nice and friendly that I just literally messed it. Land also Actually last line. They had the shoe Laptops those they actually hit the media. You're lamb popsicles. Because she loved them so much that she loves so much and the I was identifiable book at found out that other mennonites that served to the guests that they second ACLU Not She's a commerce which had can add muscle before giving the land hopsitals Ignat a his face suspension rate of serving you bet and he light of the White Just enjoying it might first reaction was I. It was beautiful in the explosion. Nice Day baby Means so much not be breaking nice. Red Wine is a five minute on cozying and comfortable and you haven't come from Indian salutes feeling. Get absolutely so I WANNA ask you a few questions before we wrap this up so to each of you starting with you Sean. If you could share a bottle of wine with anyone living or dead who would that be? And why will I think if I was share? A bottle of wine with anybody would be my great grandfather. Oh yeah he passed away when I was about six or fifteen so I never got to be adults with air. Ration- was born in Cornwall. He came over to Canada's young boy. You stylish himself here. He started a number of companies in Colombia. He works through a very challenging period in the growth of this country and I just I loved year smoke stories. Hasn't it ought to be able to share a moment with a back and forth at some wine. Tell him about what I am doing. Our action I am of Leslie Flickr. I was less wind with him. Because that man break whatsoever is I give him A. Try Tom Bundy of the Monday. Yes vote glass of wine. Because I know he would not Jesse Blast LINE. I would leave him with of child at And left in the women. Say What would you miss it you to free India to go through so at odds In a lawyer plus and why is money not with Mitt New? At how is seen. The handily changed across the nation in the League to see that he has left behind find pot of the thought process. I would love to sit down and and trying to win while uttering both your memories shares so go ahead now as we wrap up. Is there anything that we haven't covered that you'd like to mention it? Whatever you want to mention is that a chicken a ZIV now. Okay just one dish sexy crop masilo of incidence loose bench cooking steak. Suspenseful aid is so much mood. Food Cool traveled will be dead going South Asia and see what a rich country of the spices. As Implementation's combinations I will just be at Mount. Please go and honestly the other chefs updating great burgundy's even though they're slightly Have the full yellow Golden Straw College. You it's as the But they're panicking or bugs debated trump's less reduced beautiful little things that they eat. And it's it's incredible to. I mean I had a cockroach of the Diet had any of the caucus beautiful Zuma's so go and travel to increase the melodies and expense sign of food and wine vantage impressed to come back and say wow from graphic data. Yeah I've got. I've got to try that Tarantula with older mature Burgundy. That's right Sean. And Mel C WANNA mention. I just think that people should take into consideration experimentation and that's been some of the most fun in the time that I said that it just is getting to try to get into something new out. There and errands are always the most fun when you hit a dish and you're going to try something like this. Sharia massacre come into the restaurant. She brought a bunch of Hillary ends. You're not that's not something that you're taking and one in particular was piet. Sheri's is Sheri and it had very rich deep dark flavors and a lot of sweetness and I said let me try something and I brought them a little late venison which is done with date. Tamarind vegetables as the smokiness would never think to pair a sweet Sherry with me. He as Loin. But the fact that at this Days sweetness balanced it at nate for us as areas just on the limb. Try something new. If you think it might work than try it and see what happens and then go and tell your friends come into the restaurant. Tell me about the thing that you have to see if I can do. Something else and tastic. Yes we should all go to a restaurant in Vancouver. What's the website biggest dot ca here? So whenever you're in Vancouver or for those of you who are tuning in from Vancouver. Go I'm GonNa go gotTa make the Mecca The journey. This was such a great conversation educational but also very entertaining. The stories were amazing. Thank you both. Vikram Sean. Thank you so much for joining us. And we'll bid Adieu and good night to you now all the best for you both for everything that you're working on a thank you so much. No mostly all the chefs be Let them excuse script food and buying in Canada. Auto cutting the destination pass. Let's make sure the wound nose of your own. Alright Alright Rallying. Cry At the end. They are cheers. Tvos TAKE CARE. Bye well there. You haven't I hope you enjoyed this chat with Vikram Bridge and Sean Nelson here. My takeaways number one I love. How village describes a restaurant as being on stage performance for the guests the guests in turn bring to the table. Democracy of pallets wonderful phrase. I know personally of always loved the drama and theater of dining out number two I equally loved. Shawn's description of tasting his first great wine. He says he didn't know that a wine could do the things it did. I think we all have a memory of first wine. That moved us to become passionate about learning more about it. Number three victim shares some interesting developments about the Indian wine industry. There was also an article recently in the Sunday New York Times about that. I'm so curious to try Indian wines. I'd love to hear from you if you've tried any and what you'd recommend number four. Sean made my mouth water with his pairing of sparkling wine and spicier heavier Indian dishes. How the bubbles acidity cut through the fat and cream and heat. I like how he characterizes. Indian food is loud and energetic and that it needs an equally expressive wine and number five. I think the best tip is clearing up. The misperception that diverts demeanor which translates to spice fine should always be our default pairing with spicy food when it often doesn't have the acidity or off dry character. That recently does go recently. If you like this episode please tell a friend about it. Especially one who's interested in the great wine and food pairing tips that Vikram and Sean Shared. You'll find links to their websites. Social media handles the video version of this conversation and where you can find us on. Facebook live every second Wednesday at seven PM in the show notes at Natalie Maclean Dot com forward slash sixty eight. Finally if you WANNA connect with me personally join me in a free online video class at Natalie MacLean dot com forward slash class. Thank you for taking the time to join me here. I hope something great is in your glass this week. Perhaps a wine. That pairs perfectly with your favorite spicy dish. You don't WanNa miss one juicy episode of this podcast especially the secret. Full-bodied bonus episodes. I don't announce on social media. Soap subscribe for free now at Natalie MacLean dot com forward slash. Subscribe here next here's.

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Turbo Metabolism: 8 Weeks To A New You Written By Dr. Pankaj Vij

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Turbo Metabolism: 8 Weeks To A New You Written By Dr. Pankaj Vij

"The senate chuck swirling for two seasons energy concision throughout the base of the spine to the crown of the head for thousands of this ancient wisdom has been pinched on the master to sail what are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook these chucked help you unlike were destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my center chocolates chocolates and now your host a giant kumar lock. What's up up action tribe eighty year host and founder of my seven jucker as my seven chocolate does dot com the show that provides you ancient wisdom for the modern mind welcome to today's book reads thursday episode during which i._d. Doubt an excerpt from a book that is really inspiring and and important in today's books guard double metabolism by dr pankaj who's been on our show before on episode two five six. I've been on a quest <hes> especially of late action drive to really learn more about how super forbes and supplements can increase our energy our happiness and longevity which is how many years you end up living artistically and i'm sure that you are going to love with this particular excerpt as will because i've carefully chosen it for you know in case you haven't heard about dr vich. He is a doctor of internal medicine in he's helped thousands of patients lose weight manage chronic health conditions and improve their physical fitness. He is a board certified doctor in in dental medicine and obesity medicine now before getting into today's amazing episode. I wanna let you know that we're working on something special all right now a special project which is going to be called the action tribe inner circle. It's gonna be a membership community. Where i'm going to invite certain subject matter experts maybe previous guests on our show people that i really admire to conduct deep dive masterclass trainings for all our members which would include cuna sessions meditations in a whole lot of support right so if you you are fascinated if you're curious are if you're interested to learn more most importantly if you consider yourself part of action tribe and you'd like to stay notified off when we launched then visit my seven jerkers dot com forward slash witless my says a word my seven jugglers dot com forward slash rush wait list right mice dot com forward slash weightless and i will keep you notified so let's begin with today's episode sort so the excerpt begins on page one seventy five and this is chapter. Dan gord super foods and supplements and the court that it starts with this beautiful one by buddha. The mind is everything. What do you think you become. Is there such a thing as a superfood are is there only food and non-food. If a food makes you feel great not only value are eating but also hours after you are done. This is probably a superfood for you but as we scour the latest research it turns out that there are some super before that cleanse detoxify and heal the body in reality food is so much more than galleries fat gobble hydrates protein vitamins and minerals. It is a most intimate and <unk> way in which we interact with the universe the the energy and intelligence of food is far more important than the biochemical components that pretend to reduce it to what we eat can quite literally elite turn on or off our health and vitality only two per cent of our genes actually code for the production of protein messages. The other ninety eight percent simply send signals determining vich of the two percent of coding genes actually done on quite literally. This means that environmental influences are not more powerful than are predetermined genetic code for health or disease the food we eat and the signals does it provides determine our moods are creating and our appetite as well as the vitamin production and white -delity of our immune system they determine how will will able to cleanse nourish and detoxify our entire system the inner garden eating the right food requires as much full attention it requires knowing what we are hungry for and distinguishing between nutritional deficiencies thirst emotional hunger ongo need for variety low blood sugar and it true empty stomach hunger eating right is about giving the body watered needs to help us feel nourished an energized it means eating fresh wholesome in season local food and avoiding the food felons of sugar sugar corn setup refined grains and trans and saturated fats it means eating mostly fresh vegetables and fruit very very high fiber and locks off omega three fatty it means getting the full range of plant nutrients by putting all the colors of the rainbow on your your blood. It means keeping the glycemic load law and sodium indica law while using consumption of animal products especially derry to to maintain ideal hormonal balance. The best superfood for human consumption may be human breast milk because infants. It's like the enzymes to digest all ego satellites in human breast milk these oligosaccharides nourish by fetal bacterium idiom infanticide which keeps the infant healthy by nurturing the lining of the intestines and protecting the infant from infection and inflammation human breast milk is the perfect pre bartik meaning food for the heavy bacteria in the gut and brew biotic meaning the actual l. health promoting gut bacteria themselves breast milk is pre biotic because it contains only cycle khanates food for the healthy bacteria. It is a probiotic because it promotes a healthy gut micro bio but if you're reading this book then there's a good chance that you're not drinking breast milk any longer good bacteria superfoods and double metabolism. The typical typical human adults has far more bacteria sales than human cells in their body in fact if we have about ten times as much bacterial d._n._a. As human d._n._a. These bacteria protectors by helping to produce widens detoxify harmful substances that we ingest breakdown in fact and regulate cholesterol that is a gut brain connection and are more concentration attention and even our food preferences and cravings might be desert of the kind of bacteria that reside in our gut for instance by producing serotonin and melatonin so what can you do to have a healthy gastro intestinal microbiome the gastro intestinal system our guard includes includes the digestive organs from them out to the innis. The largest numbers of good bacteria reside in the large intestine are colon superfoods help optimize that symbiotic collaborative relationship between these microorganisms in our bodies and moore's toward double metabolism when we have the right dive sauve held the bacteria in the right quantities and ratios they can profoundly affect ktar food choices are appetite our immune system and even our brain function to help move the body toward a state of optimal balance. This is the goal of turbo metabolic. The scientific evidence suggests that it nutrient dense blunt rich diet of unprocessed foods a diet. That's high in both soluble and insoluble fiber as well as resistant starch can increase the population of a healthy gut microbiome a diet rich in these superfoods will help nourish you vile detoxifying and cleansing your system decreasing inflammation nations and promoting healthy hormonal balance cruciferous vegetables examples of cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower broccoli brussels sprouts and cabbage broccoli sprouts especially reduce oxidative stress inflammation insulin resistance and fasting fasting blood sugars broccoli contains sulfurophane which is released tomorrow forty minutes after cutting the sprouts these sulfur containing vegetables <unk> actually detoxify the body of metabolic poisons and kill pre-cancerous cells before they turn into cancer number two high nutrient. She individuals keel collard greens and spinach are good examples of high nutrient vegetables and these vegetables are rich in anti inflammatory and an oxidative flavonoids and kennedy notes vitamins a. b. two b. six c. e. and key along with calcium theam folate potassium magnesium ion manganese and trip defen- they also contain local satellites which have cancer preventative benefits number three legumes legumes include all types of being such as red black black brown yellow and navy beans in addition to lentils peas and especially chickpeas leggings for the pre biotic resistant didn't start needed by healthy gut bacteria as a byproduct of their metabolic them by good bacteria legumes contain short chain fatty acids said such as beauty rate which is not to improve insulin sensitivity protect from colon cancer and help absorb minerals such as magnesium and calcium beauty it also has several anti inflammatory activities legumes are also an excellent source of fiber both soluble and in so lebron however if you are diabetic with significant gobble hydrate sensitivity beans and legumes might spike your blood glucose frequent frequent blood glucose testing but before in one to two hours after eating is the only way to find out if that is the case with you mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms especially schalke and my docket promote immune globulin if which is crucial for defending the mucous membrane the delicate lining and nose and the mouth that extends through the respiratory and gastro intestinal passages this landing maintains a barrier via against harmful invaders mushrooms have also been shown to boost the immune system grins unprocessed whole kernel greens not flower. You're such as barley black wild rise and are low glycemic meaning. They generally do not spike blood sugar levels. These are loaded with a resistant starch as well as soluble and insoluble fiber which act as prebiotics for healthy gut bacteria. These grants are also also a good source of plant protein. If you're diabetic you will still need to be careful and monitor your own blood sugar response to come up with your own eating plan nuts nuts especially almonds and walnuts orgin healthy fats and help improve our deal function while lowering cholesterol stroll oxidation not consumption has been directly correlated with a reduction in sudden cardiac death dead from heart rhythm irregularity in the absence sense of preceding heart disease however you should be careful how many not read because they can be calorie dense a handful a day is enough eating eating a handful of almonds or walnuts thirty minutes before eating your regular meal can help promote society and suppress appetite quite a bit avocados avocados are a great source of complex carbohydrates and healthy fat which creates society and norrish is the mytalk andrea sweet potato sweet sweet potatoes is a relatively low glycemic food with protein all the essential amino acids and some facts as well. It's also a good source of lycene making it. A nice compliment to grins other pre biotic food breitbart foods promote healthy bacteria in the gut. You should keep in mind that eating pre biotic either from supplements or from food sources such as yogurt sauerkraut or kimchi without accompanying them with prebiotics foods is really only a band aid solution probiotic bacteria pre bartik foods promote healthy healthy bacteria in yogurt. You keep in mind that eating probiotic either from supplements or from other food sources such as yogurt sauerkraut or or kimchi vithout accompanying them with pre bartik foods is really only abandoned solution probiotic bacteria so i've only for a few hours to a few it is they need to have pre bartik food to be able to reproduce before the diet. Here are some examples of the best three bartik foods apples asparagus bananas she could eat garlic jerusalem artichokes key onions leeks b.'s his detoxifying foods detoxifying foods helps digestion and excretion by capturing harmful chemicals and pushing them out of the body hardy through the urine or feces some good detoxifying foot beats barry's cruciferous vegetables garlic green tea okra aura and onions so the action this was the excerpt from the book gobble metabolism eight weeks to anew you by dr punk edge there was so informative right i mean this is not just informative educational but also actionable because you can go right to at the grocery store <hes> by some esteban super foods and supplements and get to action inside your kitchen and i would highly recommend mended you <hes> get the endow book because just makes sense right to go and get the anti book on amazon go to my seven chaka's dot com forward slash three two three book. That's my seven chuck dot com slash three two three book now. If you prefer listening now in case you like listening into audio books or maybe you'd like to try audiobooks. <hes> because the the new form of a going through a book then you must know their audible is providing reading all our listeners all of you one free audiobook and do audible orange knows for free along with thirty day trial to claim this credit and start downloading learning your free book go to my seven juxtapose dot com forward slash free book myself and chuck it is dot com forward slash free book and before a close action tribe and once again if you are interested in learning more about our monthly membership program that's going to be card action tripe inner circle than just go to my <music>. Seven jugulars dot com slash wit list. That's myself and chuck last dot com forward slash w. l. s. d. not a doctor soon. I hope you have a great great day ahead. Thank you for listening coming to my son shot at my son. Choppers dot com that he s e v choppers dot com now.

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Metabolism, Superfoods, Fasting And Good Bacteria with Dr. Vij #256

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Metabolism, Superfoods, Fasting And Good Bacteria with Dr. Vij #256

"Mys- says episode to fifty six the best state of plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best day is today. The Senate shut swirling for two Caesar's energy position throughout mental ATI. The base of the spine to the crown of the head worth thousands of this. Ancient wisdom has been passed on the measure to cycle. What are the functions of these energy sentiments and Kirk these chucked help you unlike your destiny and fine you're from purpose? Welcome to my center chocolate. And now your host a giant Kumar? What's up action tribe, EEG hosted founder of mice Jerker, the Schule where we provide you the knowledge and action steps that will help you transform your life. So if you are new dish, oh, then I want to give you a warm, warm, welcome. Now, if you are a regular listener, you know, the embarrassed that I play on community is that the humans we thrive among people who know like and support us, but very often, especially if you're making a big change in your life, spiritual shift. You don't get the declared support from people around you. And that's exactly why created are feasible group for action tripe now when you join you'll find a community that will hold space for you allow you to express your voice share collaborate and grow really allow you to step into your new life. So if you consider yourself part of action, Dr Parvez then join us by visiting my seven chocolate dot com forward slash drive. That's my seven jugglers dot com forward slash. D R I B IPE and hitch aggressed, and I'll see you on the inside. And with that. I'd like to introduce to you our special guests for today. Dr Pankaj veg, the doctor punkish are you ready to inspire? I am ready. Very excited to be here. Thank you for having me on your show, avid listener. And I can't even believe that. I'm actually on your show today. Thanks, a lot of pleasure to have you here. Dr bunkers, which is the author of turbo metabolism. That's the book that we're going to talk about today as a doctor of internal medicine. He has helped thousands of patients lose weight manage chronic health conditions and improve their physical fitness board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine, doctor which has been practicing medicine since nineteen ninety seven so thanks once again for joining us. Thank you awesome. So likely always do in each and every episode I'd like to ask you, what is your favorite inspirational court, and how do you apply it in your life? L it changes from day to day. But one that I've been pondering this week is the best state of plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best day is today. So if you, you know, of course, if you're planted an apple TV twenty years ago, you'll be eating apples. But if you didn't and the second best time to do it as just a moment, you realize that route and the way that I applied that is that I am making a conscious effort to start each day. Think of each day as a gift as a new beginning and do my best each day. So that we can make tomorrow a little bit better. And if I'm not around for that better tomorrow, it'll be, you know, our our children, and grandchildren, and the people that inherit the planet from us more of a thanks a lot for sharing that code. It's one of my favorites as well actually drive. No matter what goals are plans you've made. Maybe it was two years back affiars bagging for some reason or the other you didn't follow through or something happened to you. Remember that it's not afford for somebody's another things did not happen and you'll hear and you the fact that you hear it means that you have survived. Now's the time to plant. Seed so that you can start your brand new tomorrow, and you go. About that age is that the score will never be worse than one zero. Right. If even if you screwed up yesterday, so is one two zero you're losing. But now, we cleared the chessboard again, and we start all over again. It's a new game every day. Absolutely. Did you game every day? And with that, let's begin. Fungus your doctor of internal medicine, right? So what does that involve internal medicine? I think is the most fascinating branch of medicine, and, you know, the philosophers and thinkers, and the poets and the analytical people and the detectives go into internal medicine and stay in until medicine because we're the ones that use our heads to make a diagnosis and in order to make that right diagnosis, you need to have knowledge of the whole body and treat the person as a whole person rather than relying on tests and procedures we actually use our head to arrive at at least a working back notice. And then we can get specialists to help us out to confirm what we already talked to be the case. And as a result, I have the privilege of meeting with people that will tell me the deepest darkest secrets of theirs that they don't share with anyone in to form relationships over many many years in decades. And I so grateful for the work that I have chosen to do. Literally. I mean out of all the relationships that are there. I think patient doctor relationship is one of the most sacred rights, and the fact that Dr spent so many years to get to where they are. It takes a lot of time as well as I'm sure energy and challenges. So what made you want to become a doctor? Did you always want to be one? Well, I had an uncle who was a doctor, and you know, my brother, and I thought that he was really cool. And but anyway, as a kid, you fantasize about things more from just the physical appearance of things only gets to wear white coat and everybody says, oh, Dr Saab is here. You know, judge Sabas respectable way of addressing someone in back home in India. And that's all we knew in the psych. Okay. He gets to go in and he makes people better in this smile and everybody loves him in the little town that we lived in. And that was the understanding as a kid where I had some intention, but as I got to learn more have realized that there's really so much more to really knowing someone at such an. Intimate level in having that relationship with them, which you know, again, they might tell you things that they don't feel comfortable telling anybody else, and you really become by I would say more than friends more than family. It's it's, you know, it's a relationship of intimate connection and highest level of love and compassion. Oh, absolutely. You know, if I'd like to say, thanks to your uncle that, you know, we're able to speak about your book today, and the fact that you've made such an impact on people around you so firstly, thanks to your uncle. And also speaks volumes to the influence that an adult can have right on a child's life or siblings life. And because obviously at some level, you were inspired by him you wanted to emulate him. And then of course, that took you on your journey. But my question right now is a ward is metabolized syndrome. So metabolic syndrome fell. We could take a step behind that and say what is metabolism right here metabolism is essentially energy transactions in the body. And for your listeners who are into more of the mind body connection. We could say that metabolism is a movement of life energy or partner through the body. Right. It is transactions that take food which is fuel. But that food has not just energy, but also information, so we take an energy and information from the environment from the universe. And we convert that into lifeforce that gives us gives our body all the things that it needs for us to be able to do all the great things that we we are able to do. Right. And so if that's metabolism and metabolic syndrome. It would be when metabolism is impaired right of that energy flow is impaired in some way, and on a very physical level. We would diagnose someone as having. Likely to be having metabolic syndrome, if they have a big belly, right? If they have an increase in what we call waist circumference. Will look look at something always hip ratio. Their blood pressure is higher than a certain threshold. If their cholesterol numbers are higher than a certain threshold, if their blood glucose fasting blood sugar level is higher than a certain threshold. So we can do all these tests to confirm it. But essentially, you can look at someone and if they looked like they have a belly sticking out where if you ask them to stand straight in the shower in over the Toews and their head touching the wall. And if they look down, and they're not able to you know, see the contour of their feet very clearly because they have a belly sticking out. And it's very likely that all those blood tests numbers are going to confirm again being the internal medicine guy. You can confirm the diagnosis, but you already know what it is ninety percent of the diagnosis already made just by looking at them, gutter gutter. So I love the fact that you are looking at a wide variety of factors rights. At the tests and experiments, of course. He also looking at your you're looking back on your experience. And and you'll infusion an ideal taking drawing from both sides of the spectrum. Now, one of some of the midst or maybe misconceptions if there are any associated with metabolic syndrome. All there are a lot of misconceptions about it. And that was the reason why chose turbo metabolism for my book because in working with people with high blood pressure, and I beat as in better overweight, obese having heart problems. And they, you know, everybody wants to lose weight and everybody thinks that there's something wrong with their metabolism. And it to large extent that's a myth. The myth is that only about one percent of people are actually born with some sort of defecting their metabolism. The other ninety nine percent have impaired metabolism because of environmental factors because of decisions that they are knowingly or unknowingly making by these are diet decisions these lifestyle decis. Visions. He's decisions about how we manage stress. How we sleep our relationships are right? So it goes, you can peel the layers of the onion and get deeper and deeper and deeper from the physical to the mental the psychological to the spiritual and it, so it's it's at all those levels that that we have to look at the person, and then help them figure out what's the cause of the problem and likely at something that that they either decided to do or were in an unfortunate situation where that decision wasn't entirely there's but the bottom line is that there you weren't born with an impaired metabolism. So that's the myth number one. Is that ninety nine percent of the people don't have anything wrong with metabolism. It just needs to be tuned up. To go to the fact that you mentioned Assoumani different things like that. You're the the amount of sleep that you have your relationships your environment. I mean, you know, we read about how many chemicals that we might be accustomed to. We might come across a have an affect on our bodies. Right. And then your thoughts, your emotions your talk about many things here. Right. So in a person is diagnosed with some sort of chronic disease and the person realizes that at some level this person has to make a lifestyle change. Right. So that can be an all expedience, right? And very often people might say, I wanna make a change. But I don't know where to start because of so many factors that I have to consider. So how should a person go about thinking more making this this lifestyle shift? Yeah. It's like the old old little kids joke about how you eat an elephant, right? How do you eat an elephant one bite at a time ninety. So you gotta start wherever you are. And yes, a lot of things could be. Out of out of tune, outta whack. But you start where you are. And you pick up something that you think you can do right? And that's in working with people in counseling them I tried to identify where we can meet right where we can shake hands. Okay. You know, it would be really hard for you, Mr. couch potato to go and run a marathon tomorrow. Here's what you can do is. Maybe stop drinking beer, or you know, what is one thing that you can do maybe you can try to get it bed. Get to bed set an alarm to go to bed. Just like you said an alarm to wake up in the morning. Why don't you set an alarm in the evening? So that you know, you start your bedside bedtime routine at eight thirty or ninety m so that you can be sleeping at a reasonable time. Or what you can't do fifty push-ups can do one push up. Right. Let's start where you are. And we can build on that. Maybe you can't change breakfast, lunch and dinner. But would you be willing to consider, you know, just changing one meal? Right. Just having a nutrient dense plan. Rich big salad just for the lunch, and you can keep your breakfast and dinner the same. So let's find out where we can shake hands and meet and without any judging or shaming we will build on what we have and Rome wasn't built in a day or Warren Buffett didn't build his huge snowball in a day, and it'll take time, but if you're committed, and if you're willing to stick to this behavior, you know, you you can't accomplish it, and and I can show so many examples of people that have got into a little the fact that you realize any to explore of experience, of course, is that big changes is difficult, right? Because if even if your term that big change the person might feel letters impossible than go back to their previous lifestyle and pattern in a love examples that you've given as far as sleep is concerned, you know, if you've been sleeping late try to sleep a bit early. So that you can get adequate sleep whether it's diet. Don't change everything. This change one one meal per se become once dick one step towards becoming more healthier even over it's exercise. Visit the gym and just do one push up because that creates a shift, I guess in the brain. And then you dick these small steps towards becoming a more healthy person and changing your lifestyle. Now in your book. You talk about the importance of awarding certain foods, right awarding hormonally dangerous foods. So could you talk to us a bit about what this food? Yeah. There's so many hormone dangerous foods, or I would say things that are not really even food right there substances that are mimicking as food that have infiltrated our food chain, and then become part of it. And now, they're hyper palatable, they're familiar and convenient rights look at food as being the first thing that somebody says it needs to taste good. And the second thing is right. It needs to be something. That's familiar unit. Don't. Me to eat something that I can't even recognize and I've never seen it before. And if it's conveniently available, then I'll do it if it has to, you know, take me three hours to make dinner, then forget about it. And so in that process of making things convenient than hyper palatable, we have allowed so many things to enter into our into our kitchen pantries into our refrigerator that shouldn't be there. I'm talking about processed foods with ingredients that you couldn't pronounce the ingredients that your grandparents wouldn't recognize that have, you know, fifty sixteen gradients on the side of the box or the package is probably something that's not even edible. They're loaded with chemical deluded with Mr. Cise loaded with preservatives, things to increase shelf life, give them color, and, you know, mouth feel and sometimes they taste really good too. And you get addicted. They are actually designed to be addictive. So that would be a no brainer. Right. Get rid of as much processed food as possible. Eat close to the earth. Eat foods that have had less steps between that food leaving. The farm making its way to your plate. But then in that same category. I would put out hall, right? And every day. There's a new study saying, hey, I'll call is good for you. And then everybody all the drinkers get really happy. The bottom line is alcohol is not a health food. You know, red wine drinking red wine isn't going to make you live longer. There are some studies that may be decreases certain heart conditions, but it'll increase your chance of having cancer. Even having one glass of white wine and a woman will significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, for example. And there's there's so many accidents is so many so much violence. You know, everybody there's so much human cry right now about gun violence in the United States. And you know, alcohol is implicated. That's the first thing that the cops wanna find out if if there's something happened. Hey, was there alcohol was firearm? So there's that correlation, and then I would think about dairy to in in the way that it's produced. It's mass produced in these dairy farms where all the milk gets margin is these mechanized dairy operations where these cows are just lined up and there'd be clear rounded being given chemicals to keep them lactating. They get sick. They're giving antibiotics. Yes. So so you're taking in something that maybe if you were a baby college would work of okay for you. But now, you're taking in really a body fluid of another species, which sixty different, you know, active hormones that work really well for the car and make that help decaf grow into a full grown Calvary quickly. But as human adults, I'm not convinced that that we should be drinking as much milk, as you know, the advertisers, tell us, so so those would be some examples, and there's many many more. No, here's a question that I have. And I think it would be the right person to answer. This question is the idea of Derry, right? I mean, there's a lot of research tells us that is known as Elliot's people say, it is went on the other hand, there are some people who say that you should you know, like a blanket statement like you should avoid all day. Right. And you know, coming from India, you would agree that cow is an animal that tiny respected and everything is all revolves around. Car dairy products and milk, and even Krishna they need God was all about milk. So, you know, is it just some type of there is bad or are humans not designed to consume dairy or? Well, I think what those statements would be partly true. You know, you talk about the milk that is described in the scriptures at Christina was actually he was a what do you call? It a cowherd, right? He. Yeah. He had cows. And he would take care of cows. And he came from a family of essentially, what might be called dairy farmers right now. But this was you know, those cows, and that milk was, you know, my grandparents had a cow, and they had that cow was the personal cow that was in their backyard. Right. And they took care of it like a family member or much like somebody would take care of their their dog or cat. It had a name. They were tweeted they were talked to it. And that milk would you know? So you're knowing what's going in to that animal to produce the milk that it was producing correct. And right now, again, we don't know it's it's it's homogenized from maybe ten thousand cows milk this all mixed together along with the pus and everything else body fluids. Getting in there, and motions, I guess and the carmont that's absolutely or more. So you're you're taking away something that's meant for its baby. Right this baby formula for the cows kid. And instead you're saying, hey, I'm not even emigrant, but dothan I'm going to drink your baby formula and your baby. Can you know, stay right there, and you can look at your baby crying for for food. But we're going to take away all his food. So and then there are significant significant number of people that actually have some sort of low grade inflammatory response to today in general, even it's you know, organic and all that stuff. So I think in general if someone is sort of struggling with their weight or chronic diseases. It would be a good idea to try giving up dairy. And like I mean in my whole book, I'm very open minded about openminded experimentation. Yes, we have to figure out what works for each and every individual person. But in my practice, I've got. Literally, hundreds of examples of people that had dandruff or skin rashes, XM a- allergies asthma. Abdominal pain irritable bowel constipation alternating with with diarrhea stomach cramps. Bloating gas and much of this just went away. Once they gave up dairy not to mention that. If you're giving a very giving one other food that is. In a lot of unhealthy in all things that are masters food. That is cheese. Right. We've got we've got cheese in the pizza crust. We've got extra cheese and our sandwiches. We've got reporting cheese everywhere, that's actually docs to the reward receptors in the brain just like heroin, and so by cutting out there, you would cut out a lot of the cheese and butter and saturated fat, and and so on so that would make a difference ice cream is a big one that many people. You don't have a weakness force if you just say, okay, I'm going without dairy. Then you might be able to cut out on a lot of these foods and see how you feel right? Check it out. See while you feel do it for six to eight weeks. If you like it, you can continue if you don't like it. I'll give you your money back. So I love the fact that you speak about familiarity and district because these are the two things that I guess as humans we're looking for. We're looking for food that will allow us allows the Sawai of foods that and awarding food set up potentially poisonous. We're looking for foods that are familiar and foods that are tasty. And under this bucket. We have you know, food such as which Suga with unhealthy fats, and and it will protein, and you tune in your book that in excess of those is not good for a body. So could you elaborate on why exactly they're not good for the body as much as we can eliminate these? We we are better off animals when you're eating animals, essentially, the higher up the food chain that you're eating the higher. There's bio concentration of all the toxins that we talked about earlier. So if I'm eating, you know, a cow, for example, you are much more likely to be picking up environmental toxins that were in the soil. Whether it's heavy metals, or arsenic or the pesticides such as Monsanto's roundup in life upset that was sprayed on the fields, which which you know, in the United States these commercial agriculture feed operations gaffer's use corn. And soy why? Because. Gordon soy are cheap. And the sons are subsidized by the government. But that is not even the native food of the animal and on ninety percent of this corn and soy is genetically modified. So that it can be sprayed with these best asides at much higher concentration that you would have been otherwise be able to do. And now the animals are eating that food. So guess what's happening? We'll get where that all the chemicals has been concentrated in the flesh of the animal, which we then consume, and you know, as far as you know, the whole system is is just rampant with. Really manipulation right this greed greed to sell more in without regard to the health effects in on these multinationals fast food companies commercial food companies spend billions of dollars in designing foods to be more and more addictive where they proudly say you can't just have one because they know that once you have one potato chip you're gonna eat the whole bag great. That's true that sort when the fact that you have so many hundred assessments that are designed to make you rush to the nearest grocery store and inquired about the new flavor. They've come out with I guess is designed to make you dictate to food. So you talked about familiar rights or one way have been familiar with something would be that. You heard it from, you know, great grandmother in your grandmother, and your mom and your dad, and your brother your sister. But the other way to have something familiar is to put it on the ad on television. Right sales and marketing people know that you have to hear a message seven times before it sinks in. So we'll show you. That ad of some famous person in after football game or a basketball game. They're eating this particular kind of cheeseburger, or drinking this particular beverage, and if you see that over and over enough time, and if sometimes someone that you admire right now, you're familiar with that product and the moment you sit in the store, then boom you say, oh, yeah. This is what you know, my favorite Steph. Curry was drinking. Gatorade must be really good or Shaquille O'Neil, or whoever it is that that you admire and they look for those people that that people emulate, right? Correct. And the athletes get so many endorsements. Absolutely. I mean, I just heard about this ad that these to run I think this was maybe twenty years back. Winston this good just like a cigarette shoot ended. I guess it was engrained in the self conscious. Minor variant, and there's some really interesting actually saying, you know, ninety percent of doctors prefer, yes. In on such and such. Cigarette and lucky strikes because lucky strikes feel so good after a long day of work. It's soothing for throat. Yeah, they were actually marketing, and then, you know, some of my friends that are older doctors who yeah, we used to be smoking cigarettes right in the operating room or you're out you're delivered somebody's baby. And you know, there's cigarette smoke right in the delivery room. So that the newborn child can get initiated. Yeah. Yeah. And also, what comes to mind is water. Some of the accepted routines of toots today that you know, fifty years from now will be like, Wow, Did did even eat that. Or did. They you that. That's really surprising. Right. Yeah. And what's what's what's heartwarming is actually the newer generation? Right. The generation millennial generation now. And and the younger kids are are lot more aware than their parents about some of these things, and that's that's really a positive positive change that if these guys are now aware, then they can they won't make the same mistakes that their parents may they'll they'll make some other mistakes. Maybe they'll get as they say scrolling is the new smoking. So they're all hooked they're aware their screens. No, I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting. You know, I found that it's worked for me. I discovered I think about maybe a year Bank or so and what I do is. I skipped my breakfast and you've written about meal frequency, and fostering windows in your book. So could you tell us a bit more about why fasting is good for the body? Right. So so until now intercessory would be talked about sort of meal composition when you think about meal timing and meal frequency, that's where you know, your question of intermittent fasting comes in, and I like to think about everything in a historical sort of evolutionary perspective. And again, if we think back in our evolution, right? We didn't evolve. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between. Right. If you of hunter gatherer men whose out in looking for food on the end the forest they they weren't ringing a bell at twelve noon, saying, ding, ding, ding. It's lunch break, and right and everybody opens their lunchbox. They would it would find food when you found it you would get to eat if you didn't find food than you wouldn't get to eat. The bodies actually designed for that. Really? Well, so because that's how humans have been for hundreds of thousands of years. So we've got this intricate system of storing energy when it's available so that we can use those energy stores when it's not available in times of famine. The problem is that in two thousand eighteen there's no famine. Right. So we just go from face to face to face to feast. And so we're constantly in that fed state when in in that fed state when we are in that fed straight to insulin levels are high insulin is a storage hormone. It says, okay. Let store this energy because that famine is coming soon. Right. So we, but we stay in that part of the cycle because the famine doesn't come. So we keep storing and storing and storing insulin levels stay high, and we don't go into ever into burning that fat. So when you're when you're intermittently fasting. You're sort of cycling through phases of being in the fed state and being in the. On fed state when you're the non fed state, insulin levels will go down. That's when you use up some of that stored energy. So what I talk about as a very simple way that you know, anybody can do this shrink the feeding window to about eight hours. So that we have the other sixteen hours to metabolize to burn to utilize that energy, which would mean either skipping breakfast or ideally, eating your dinner earlier. Right. So your insulin sensitivity is higher in the earlier part of the day. So rather than skipping breakfast AJ? You do even better if you had a breakfast at maybe a little bit later Rex's at nine or something then quit eating at about five. So actually, bring your dinner time a little bit sooner. And so then by dot eating anything after five you're not only staying in that non fed state from five pm until the next morning. You also eliminate a lot of what else do we do in the evening hours? Right. We eat popcorn while watching television. We eat potato chips. We eat ice cream. We drink. Beer, right. You all that stuff will eliminate and if your friend said, hey, we're going out for some beers. You say, well, I'm fasting. I'll go out with you guys. But I don't really put anything about mouth after five. Yeah. I think it's maybe because of the social aspect like you suggested it's a bit difficult in the evening, right? I mean in the morning, it's like you're just waking up you maybe getting to work planning the day. But it's interesting is it is it better to sort of fast and evening compared to modern biochemical would be better to fasten the evening because again, you're your capacity to burn energy as well as your activity level. Everything is sort of winding down, right? The engine getting ready to shut down for the evening Breda's in the morning. It's it's everything is revving up. So you can put fuel in the body. You're going to be up in about you're going to be running around. You'll be able to utilize it, especially if you know get to move around a little bit in your job. Maybe you stand part of the day instead of sitting in your chair you'd get up and. Walk when you go after talk to somebody instead of shooting them, an instant message or a text or a phone in you go to the furthest bathroom in the building you park, your car, faraway. They're more opportunities to be active in the daytime yob. But you're right. The majority of people will eat it will maybe skip breakfast have a medium sized lunch and have a huge dinner, and then plop themselves in front of the television until they become comatose, which are the opposite. Again, the old adage all these wisdom's are already there. Right. Yes. You've heard about eating like breakfast, like a king lunch like a prince, and then like a Popper, and you know, you mentioned ancient Hindu Indian traditions where there's a lot of writing about about fasting. And there are sects of Hinduism by jen's don't eat after sunset, which is such a beautiful concept. Right. So you allow your body to go into the non fasting state, and you also get to digest the food a lot better. And the byproduct of that is that you have better sleep. Marvel and I'm sure most of our listeners would appreciate some better quality sleep because they understand that. It's not just about the length of the slave per. It's all also about the quality of the slave. So thanks a lot for that wonderful advice. We've spoken about foods that are potentially not good for us sugar. Unhealthy fats, some sort of excessive animal protein, we spoken about fasting and benefits of doing. So. And now I wanted to talk about not as foods, but superfoods. What exactly as super foods? So there are a lot of superfoods and Amnon really right by what is what do we mean by SuperFood? Anything that turns on signals of health and wellness and vitality in our body is a SuperFood. Right. Anything that that turns on signals of of of illness and making us feel sick and tired and sleepy is the opposite of a SuperFood. Right. So again, eating close to the nature eating things that have had less processing less transportation from when they came out of the earth. So there have more Pranav more life in them is going to be the way to get more superfoods. And newer across the world. When you look at poppulation that live long and have really healthy people that are even later in life. They're still really healthy and looking good. These are people that are eating a nutrient dense plant rich diet reading unprocessed foods reading mostly plants mostly planet, and so the superfoods in nature would be the things that have a lot of color, right? Okay. So greens greens of different varieties. Spinach collard greens, kale. You know, you name it beans beans. Get a lot of bad rap, but beans are these wonderful SuperFood. Really factory of goodness that comes from major, and it's all vegetarian they're coming from plants because their seeds of the plant. They're designed to have all this energy and intelligence within them because he seems will stay alive and keep the DNA of the plan to live until it's time for Germany at which might be the next spring. Right. So the seeds can stay good for months and months, sometimes years. So different varieties of beans to having some green some beans root vegetables, like carrots, and sweet potatoes. Again, with color are would be in the category of superfoods Bates are really good beats are again a root vegetable that have cleansing effect and again in our Indian food, we eat things like okra and bitter melon. Those have really good cleansing properties for the body mushrooms and onions mushrooms and onions are in the category of superfoods, and then the big ones are berries and seeds against such think about a salad, you can think about having lots of greens in it have some beans beans will give you the protein as well as some complex carbohydrates, which fiber, right? Some onions with for some anti-oxidants mushrooms have some protein some antioxidants as and fiber which will go under jested in reform food for the gut bacteria and you put some berries on top. We'll give it some beautiful color a little bit of sweetness a little bit of tartness ending adopted off with Tim sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, and I try to have that kind of lunch every day. And then something like that since I switched to doing that. I find that. I'm so much more energetic in the second half of the day when I'm working, and then adoptee like sluggish and I need to be chugging down cups of coffee and tea just to stay away. And you don't get bloated too. Well, absolutely. And as we speak right now, it's two forty two pm in men who are in fact, speaking about food is making me hungry. Because I go to break. My I did I. I've skipped my breakfast, but wonderful topic. Now, I'm sure that listening to your advice, a lot of listeners are sort of reevaluating, you know, where do we buy food from what sort of food, you know, are eating probably opening the cabinets where food is there. So we hear the term organic thrown on tour around a lot right because our Ganic is supposedly better than the regular food. But but how does the person go about deciding what type of organic eat or you know, what is good organic. Or are there different levels? What advice? Do you have an armed and our sourcing of the food for the house. Yeah. That's that's really really good question. And I think if you already hit it on the nail because the first step is just being aware. Right. Be as being aware of what you're putting in your mouth and thinking is this feeding disease visit feeding health. That's the first question that we should be asking. And so whether I should be eating organic or not is is a really good question. I. Of all how do we define organic? Right. Organic is defined by foods that it's mostly for produce which is fruits and vegetables that haven't had synthetic pesticide synthetic or beside synthetic fertilizer, switch based or sludge based for Liser. And they haven't been irradiated and you're not using genetically modified seeds. So those are the definitions that if if you're I were a farmer, and we want to get certified as organic those what that's what we need to get those are the criteria that we need to meet and right away. That would happen is. And this was started in California. It was the first state that actually introduce organic foods and the certification would come from supplying seven years of soil samples, so we'd have to supply seven years of soil samples to show that your soil is clean. It doesn't have those things that I just named the simple request asides fertilizer herbicides sewage sludge based fertilizers no GMO seeds and no irradiation. And if I can show that for seven years in a row, then I can go through this process, and I can get certified organic. So there's the California certified organic federation. I think it is he COO F. And now there's a UC USDA certification as well. I'm sure you guys in Canada have your own certification system, which I would trust for the most part if if something is labelled as organic I would be willing to trust that if it's coming from the US or Canada, not so sure if it's, you know, coming from China or some other place as but. Do you have to go to hold food and spend your whole paycheck there? No. Do you guys have whole foods in Vancouver? Oh, yeah. We do. And in fact, the fact that now, holy foods is part of Amazon, we might be able to are a whole foods online, which makes it good or bad. I don't know. Working really hard to their credit is really working hard to make organic foods accessible to read to everyone. But the number one purveyor of organic food is not hold foods WalMart because the people that shop at WalMart, which would be, you know, not the same demographic that shops at wholefoods is becoming aware and they're asking for organic foods. But even so you don't have to go and buy everything organic you can look at something called the dirty dozen Rankin. I mentioned that in the books of the dirty dozen are the top culprits as being most contaminated with these pesticides, herbicides and things like apples seemed to be on the top of that list. Every year they put that list out every year. So things like apples, strawberries, blueberries is all greens, collard greens. Spinach. Cucumber celery, peaches, pears plums are some. The examples of the things that would be the dirty dozen. They happen to be my favorite things to eat than they are all in the dirty dozen. So those we should try to buy organic when we can on the other end of the spectrum. They have what we call the clean fifteen and all this is in the books. So you don't need to be writing this down, but the clean fifteen or things. Like bananas, avocado pineapple. I think papaya is in their onion, broccoli, those are relatively clean. So you don't need to get your money on buying those organics, if you can just get the dirty dozen organic and get away from processed food and junk food, and ate more plant based food stay away from may, dairy and eggs as much as you can. I think you're going to be okay. Wonderful. Thanks for that splendid advice now in your book. You also mentioned that the food that we eat is much more than canneries fan, so carbs and proteins, and sort of I guess suggested that the the play other roles in this nutrition. Is that correct? It is. So, you know, it's it's not it's a lot more than just the energy part of it or that we can physically measure, right? We're taking an energy, but we're also taking an intelligence from the environment. And again, depending on how that food was prepared. It is going to affect us differently. And you think about eating an animal and immediately you can visualize that animal would not have been happily sort of galloping over to the to the slaughterhouse. And so they were that karmic Lord that you're taking in when you're ingesting an animal, but this energy and intelligence that we're taking in and. Again, we have humans and plants or let's say animals of which humans are one and plans have lived in this synergistic relationship for hundreds of thousands of years, and we are designed to eat more plants and the plants want to be eaten. So that we we ingest, for example, you an animal eats an apple or a mango, and it goes on its merry way. And it goes than Pook somewhere fifty miles away from the original place, and mango is very happy. Because now the mango tree gets to spread seed fifty miles away. And that's how that species stays alive and guest to survive. So it's this mutually what? Because symbiotic relationships that have existed in nature, and when we try to go in alter those relationships, we do that at our own peril. Got it got it. So thanks alert for shedding. It's all about I guess going back to our roots as human beings and understanding who we really are. I mean, are we the farmers that we, you know? You know, say we are right now. Or are we essentially hunters and gatherers or did we spend a majority of our existence as human beings as hunters and gatherers like you said hundred thousand years approximately and then we became farmers. And then we got this predictable supply of food nine terms of breakfast, lunch dinner. But, but let's talk about a topic that people usually associate with an hygenic conditions bacteria. You written that the typical human has a lot of bacteria in it. And the typical human has far more bacteria cells than human cells in the body and ten times as much data as our human DNA and works more is that there is good bacteria and that is backed bacteria. So what exactly is good bacteria? Yeah. It's so fascinating agent that we have a whole ecosystem within us, right? And as ten times more. So few say, your AJ, are you really AJ? Or are you, you know, you're outnumbered by the bacteria within Chris, really? They're the ones who are who are deciding what you do because they live in this integrate relationship with their firing back signals and messages back to your biochemistry and their DNA is interacting with your DNA. And that's the net result of how you behave and what happens to you is is is the result of what this whole ecosystem. Is doing much like the planet earth. Right. What what happens on planet earth is really what's going to be happening because of its inhabitants. And we are just now starting to unravel this mystery just like the human genome project which came about about ten years ago where we do identify which gene codes for what there's something going on called the human micro by project where we are actually just at the cusp of starting to understand what is the function of these trillions and trillions of bacteria of many different species that live within us and connections are being made with auto immune diseases, right again, when we eat foods that alter that gut blood barriers we have a single seller barrier that separates the dirty side from the clean side inside our gut. And if that barrier gets destroyed, then those things that shouldn't get inside our bloodstream or getting inside our bloodstream and activating the immune system and causing. Damien system to then go haywire. And guess who's guarding that barrier? It's these bacteria. I would say that the majority of those bacteria over ninety percent are actually our friends just much like the earthworms in the soil by these are friendly bacteria that each have a function whether it's helping guard that single cell barrier within the intestines or whether it's modulating your immune response, or whether it's helping you metabolize things that you have ingested, and basically detoxified poisons that you're ingesting whether it's getting rid of cholesterol. So it doesn't get accumulated in your blood vessels and cause a heart attack. Whether it's manufacturing vitamins, like vitamin the B vitamins are actually made in the gut. So if you give somebody, of course course of broad spectrum antibiotics, and you wipe out this friendly bacteria. They're gonna end up with vitamin deficiencies. They're going to end up with of a terrible infection. Which is actually a big problem in hospitals called c diff plus trillion. Missile it's bad bacteria, a bad guy. And so when you can when you just carpet bomb, right? The whole city, then you kill everything. And but ninety nine percent of the inhabitants of that city were good guys, and you just kill off everything. So now, there's there's a lot bigger proportion of bad guys that can now kind of take charge, and I can have really untoward consequences, and there's a lot of parallels between soil, health and gut health. Right. So what we do to the soil outside when we're dumping chemicals synthetic chemicals pesticides, herbicides that kill the back area that killed a living things within them. And I mean, just those foods would having that same effect inside. And we can do another whole show on this. But I'm trying not to go on and on because I know short on time. Absolutely. I mean, it's all about. Finding out who we truly are. Right. Or who we are truly hosting? He's bacteria. So the punkish based on what you've shared thanks for sharing so much today. What is it? One action step you'd like to recommend for someone listening to this episode right now, what action step would be to look at your meals and choose one meal out of the day that you're going to really eat for health. Right. You might not be eating all your meals any of your meals for health right now. But choose one meal and make it a significant change where you're actually eating for health. And then you can eat for whatever. Other reason you're eating familiarity, tastes, social reasons for all the other meals but start with one and see how that feels. To read the entire show notes for today's episode, including the inspirational court, the book recommendation and certain nuggets of wisdom that you might not have been able to capture right away, probably because you're driving. Visit my seven Chuck has dot com forward slash two five six. That's the name of the episode WWW dot my seven jugaris dot com forward slash two five six. D card again, put your dismissal fears away one day who knows now this is a court by believe he was a philosopher Virgil action. Try fear to something that we all experience at one point or another. It has the effect of making you focus on things that don't serve it makes you worry about things that might not even happen and fear really paralyzes you so full Beaumont as the court states Descartes again feel grateful for how far you've come. And know that you have it in you to overcome this difficulty because like, where's your door to a two thousand years back one day who knows things are going to get much better for you. So punkish take us back to a time when you encountered akiem across he major life challenge. What was that situation lake and how did you get out of a major lifetime? Probably getting through first year of medical schools was one of the most challenging things that I've done in my life. And it was it was so much information so much to learn I never thought I would get through it there. You know, being a good student all that time, and I'm in the classroom full of people that all seem to be smarter than myself was a really challenging time. And the way I got through. It was just, you know, staying focused and chipping away and taking one step at a time. And before I knew it, I was able to master the information and learn the things that I needed to learn, and I started doing very well in school and and got through. And the rest of medical school then was much easier. After that first year. Got it. So in just one sentence where does that one major life lesson that you'd like to share with action tribe based on your story? It would be looking back. I will the life lesson that I've think I've learned now is what a wonderful life. I've had I just wish I knew it sooner. I had that when we're stuck in a problem. We feel like oh, my God life is so bad, and this is horrible never going to get through it. And I'm worthless. But you look back and he's okay. Well, that was just, you know, just one page out of one chapter of this book of one hundred chapters, and it's been so wonderful. And so I was so hard on myself. But now, I know I've had such a wonderful life. And I wish I knew it sooner inside be happier. Well, thanks for shedding. And actually your story is way, I guess relevant to many of our listeners because. Because of the nature of the show our communities collection drive, many people are in the fears of making a big shift in their life. Whether it's you know, according some new education some degree or some certification are getting over habit or acquiring a good habit. So big changes are usually extremely extremely hard. And the fact that you've suggested that first phase is usually hard, but it gets easier along the way if you stay focused, and you take one step at a time. I think that's really really powerful. Even in my case, when I did my MBA the first year was really really challenging because like you mentioned a lot of information and you'll potentially surrounded by people who are smarter than you got more experience than you. But action try is one thing that others might not have and that is resilience. And if you have the zillions, and if you have that vision for yourself were you want to go, then you can survive no matter what storm comes in. Of you. So thanks a lot for shedding that. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Minimize message would be don't stop right. If you're deciding to walk into a lake of cold water, it's going to get it's going to feel cold this keep marching forward. You can chant whatever month, you wanna chant. But by all means keep marching forward. Don't stop. And if you ask. Wim Hof he would say it's actually good for you. That's right. Yeah. And I I would hurt her gun gay and take the plunge. Action tribe. Are you enjoying today's session? So far remember that you can always a real listen to the episode later on if you find that some parts were sort of difficult to understand comprehend if you want to write notes, apart, Kaz episodes an art about telling you that your challenges or difficulties are all far from that. I'm here to let you know that you are not alone in this journey, and that you have the capacity to face your fears or can feed you and lead a life of happiness. It is possible. So for a few seconds, ask yourself, what is your mission here on earth? What makes you most happy and one of the docs, are that one desks that make you feel really connected, maybe time, you do it. So spend some time to think about what you purposes in this lifetime. You don't have to the public dancer, but the fact that you are asking this question will create a vibration in the fabric of time and space and the universe will work on providing you did answer. You just have to ask and just like GM's Allen once said. To begin to think with purpose is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who only recognize failure as one of the partway as to attainment and with that we've arrived at the last round for today. We're just guard the wisdom around. So punk Ajayi ready. Okay. Great. So what is the best advice that someone has given you? The purpose of life is to find your gift and the meaning of life is to give it away. So find your gift not for the purpose of acquiring more wealth and money and fame, but find what you really good at. So that you can give it back and share it. So name one personal habit. That keeps you going. I like to go to the gym every day. And that that really keeps me going. I feel inspired by looking at people that are also trying to stay healthy. And and, you know, sweating and being very active of getting outdoors being active is what keeps me going whether it's the evening walk or going for a hike or going to the gym every day. It. So do you have a morning routine? What you do during the first two hours of the day. I try to get up in enough time. So that I'm not rushing to get to work that doesn't always happen. But when I do manage to get up in time, I you know, I I really cherish that morning. Routine of spending fifteen or twenty minutes in silence and just really being mindful of everything that I'm doing whether it's brushing my teeth or eating my breakfast spent some time outside in the backyard. Looking listening to the sounds of the birds and looking at the leaves of the trees shaking in the breeze and just sets the tone for the rest of the day. So name one book that you'd like to recommend for our listeners. Most recently, I read search inside yourself by shade maintain and he's one of my favorite people here. He's from the bay area. He's a Google guy. And that that right now is a really cool book that I'm reading one of the classics that I've enjoyed as I IM that by three the saga, data Maharaj and. And I think you're some of your other interviewees talking about Saddam by her has and so on and those are sort of wonderful classics. Well, thank you Lord for shedding dry, by know, how much you love the books that are shared on the show. And I know that many of you get these books as you as soon as you hear them shared, and that's what audible dot com is offering action driver one free audiobook download with a free thirty day trial. So that you get get to check out their service. And in case, you didn't know audible has over a hundred and eighty thousand titles. Choose from many titles, including bestsellers like the chuckle system by entity Judit autobigraphy of Yogi by Parramatta Uganda and a new earth by Eckhart Ola to download your free audiobook, go to my seven checkers dot com forward slash free book once again, that's my seven Chuck dot com forward slash free. Book to start listening to your new book as opposed to regularly reading a book, you can start listening to a book. So thank you so much for joining me today. It was a pleasure to chat with you. And learn from you and find out so much about the routers. Thank you so much. The pleasure is mine. I really enjoyed this conversation. And I'm sorry if I was rambling and going on a little bit. But I felt like I had so much to say thank you will. Absolutely. It was super super useful. And I'm sure many of our listeners are actually taking some steps towards their new life before you go. Tell us one thing that you're grateful for and tell us the best way we can find you online. I'm ready for this opportunity to be able to talk to so many people. I never thought that I would have to display at farm this chance that this book has given me I'm grateful for this beautiful day today. I'm grateful for the chance to talk to you and be on your show. And then that you can find me a doctor vich dot com. D O C T O R V. I J that's VI j not g Dr veg dot com. And I'd like to put cool videos and links to things that I'm reading and pondering and you can find information about my book. Turbo metabolism it weeks to new there as well. So they who actually tribe if you want to make a change in their life. No matter where you are in the health spectrum. If you want to change a diet, the you think, you know, if you want to be more aware of the different types of food, like we're learning today superfoods and the importance of bacteria in your body, and you must consider grabbing this book double metabolism, which is available. It's available on Amazon right Amazon Martin noble and local bookstore. Yes. Yes. So make sure you get it. And to learn more about Dr which go to Dr village dot com. So a bunker. Thank you so much for coming on our show talking to us about Togo metabolism and good bacteria and taking one step closer to a human revolution. Thank you, spend, a pleasure chairs. You're listening to myself Chuck Goto mine s and shot dot com. Download your free gift. Get inspired take action. Transform your life today.

United States metabolic syndrome India California Fungus Dr Pankaj veg Mys Dr bunkers Kirk Dr Parvez dairy farmers Senate EEG basketball Derry Schule
Ep 264 - Teorias da Conspirao, o Tsunami da Estupidez, 11 de Setembro

Túnel de vento

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Ep 264 - Teorias da Conspirao, o Tsunami da Estupidez, 11 de Setembro

"Oh. Be. Gust fishy nets that. The to nell variant ish to Munim Bend. Sued. A lot lavish called bill the. Wear limit your means. Having a boss Aku. Goodness. Are Better at Beaulieu, million on them we. Sent. Snows along Adams look. Bill. Cement Silang Chelsea. Durant see me new short the blush Miss Muslim Adams spent who you get a gold silky. Lean Devil suj- to. Shave he didn't. Know Suzy Image Nausea. When gwen slums jammed. Each Bruce. And the Brie and the Perino own. We can every time I Schwartz comic you'll review Stones Bataille are forced to the DVR. Full, secure and Ian Miso means a santic which. Donald. Smash Forge. Wash Beetle. You can't put. Gap, view she appears muted now moves. That rush Pete Dowd boomed wished because copy Qu, and we'll see you on the youth of. By Annette feels would win Andrew Start to bleed off infra gives Karen. You'll get physics cash twelve you wish Mu Bill. Sapped Rodber deal. When beyond fast? Food or vacuum killings to believed fund to. Survive yes. Capacity. And Demand Lavar is louder in our every government you brought to pursue north super freedom. To be. For Moose more CNN. That has yawn via. Got The. VAGA and we. From very young was India. To shaking your On Your parent into. salon do video skill sale, and Gerrard easier. mcquaid. Stammer mom into Seattle. WHO STOOD WITH Ben Maller does not catch adamant they're Funny Academy they move who stupid normal meal divorced more. No Cease Nettie Siham of Allah Sierra Nasty by will pose a ladder. Hayao cashew oil you Benesch seep through their secretary Sheikha. Macaulay that Lou down the Dr via goofy on cheap Lena is speed him and the fate Persian threat starting Mozelle. Kinky liberal denote owned film you a man whose office you say fees you. Laugh or so stupid to. spite. Team of wash. Mubarak is. EAT couture by which. Is. The Param. is to build more that Bellamy's stupid maters squanders El Salvador de the. NAUSEA VERTIGO CJ awoke for the could Sales. Of the forty Keke. Analogous who finished INCA? mckinney v they'll make. Michigan. quizzically. Die Rar and zip a see a of Mamta. Value. Comes for small. Skin, smash mosquitoes go out. Here. The believes initial. Be This do Commerce Vij so. Join get sale. Well, that's cows India. At Zoom. To. Smoke but as smooth as resolve style video of usual rattled Lemme Nebraska. Call to no-ball scarce it took. You to gauge. A sensitive area watch but. The approach route you set. Beautiful you. See them when Vic V.. V Kalmyk attached. Xenia Seychelle the two hour of the. Tomas Passes Ranya Q. Fash eating smu. And please kid when they outward ash the shoe versus absolve I told popular prior but this level, the food am my forte PSYCHEDELIC. Breeze postering L. Co via search the altitude zone. NAMI. Distribution in Fujio processing knock on them at the book our Proxima managed to finish SCALP MOUTH SAL. Back to. Buchnevich. Most survivors Zuma. Militia canoes. North Beyond boot Salami dish to be there. For. Example if be using Elazig widening TechNet With, our which bourgeois who've been burning for Louis solve we're. WHO Your blood's Kelsey, placeln on thousand alleged diverse a skit goodyear. E to the. Olympic ish song. Sports. Income absorb. Me Villian vowed think the wings you. No I call care polemic, Sheila, seasonally scrapping them. Winter cheaply in who's to. Our inclusion Kunia coach to. Defeat. Of the course either are. Nothing but the Lemon Pasha you squeezes UV. Kelly in the. Air. Longview that use bishop. Have left good Novi at zero. Seven to them Indira Mantilla's Veron fat and fast you receive your Sonny's e see orange added former different but Keller. Is Google, moved my to do. Either maybe, do Michaela. A buying. Strangers. McCoy's asking it was cast Jessica. Lange. By. You can see. Get could be Francia relic you've. In terms McConnell Wash Three Cleans Scattered Essex Alec Give. You Adore Printer for Tuesday. Because Coronas Still Sharon. Calm your. CH-. FINCH SNOOT Mesh. Calms. You. Need stylish running amendment severe gag Monday. To link need in Tho-. But in this splash CEO volleyball CABELA's city at the Minnesota Spanish wish mops. Side known to meet damp gas contrary. Zero. Malaysia Mule. So quizzes convince Auburn link them drive winch yesterday. These only scoop sewage. Get outside of somatic you've seen the. Movie. Seer. MAZZOTTA. Mule missing teeth s absorbed leash. As. Imaging. INC guests absorb ended the Vegan Yuki on going through sales. Vagan DC rudest longer express a million. Mr Bush says. Chimera. Add frontiers. Seems Noor via stand missed? Much this mccrea's carbon episode. Poku men and six Roman. kimmage sweater seen cons-, Quantum Peres van thrash infra she. Made these anti while. Can usually these Broccoli's look him towards the I. But a feasible. And he said one of thirteen thousand dollars push. She goes quest Atma just limited. Ouch. If even if there were. Would come in careers you smoothie do wanNA verse the neutrally sound there's yet is routed to guess revealed. She's new bluish movie the saw the Karen. Emma sear. Swansea bookish this quizzes research steps. To Makamba but can provide them. I'm in Kuwait ooh Yakuza nobody's Lietzke. Zambia quiz. Separatist Group Bench Music out empty will be a mutual elite vodka. You boys are an e you wake is a guy you management value, but off roofs quizzes the scene swell. Forty to that Story. As. Run Pasuruan. Sensibly meant or Sheila School. Lunch. Oh you best simile meant. 'EM NORQUIST RECOGNI. Meeting a South Sperms Perspective schematic. Then resell and that's on the after Squeezer amage. To lamented Gilbert Amusement mccrea's can eat. And coming. Not You a key at a Marine Boo at ten Zuma yet thickly rather. Friend, will do laughing. Laughing does looking through Samir's slip, sue. Varma V., the Seville move you the. mccrea's up Mcginn. To seen move wars a sink radish podcast humor coca, this such. As The gilding by I do was stretch. To reminds you the new SUV FRAC. Civilian message imaging, ceaseless miserable helium of sorts seamer ravitch Adams, or Mandy new move was seen on back. Fast faster world meal maguire she knows where Bay. Or Moose Bush Atia the guitar you are A. Genius where all the dark by five million. From speak fluent s the source store disasters but buddy that's Camus Berry. You father it is you still fond Politika Bush to Care Valley to the Jewish your strong. To you an. Acute school sewer there's. Not there's no desire to ever that Kosovo our. Our. Release Book you excellent over. Our script. Versus. Accusers water. Divisional Zad Missing Sewell Fella seems. Lab. Now. Used to consume you doesn't book Iraq on the. Iraq National Merab. Yet to. To witness washed into the group of our shedding petty impotent. But she shijo melt approach corvair parallel Pokhara. comically to. Squeeze needed. Style. Varnish Udi. Coordinator at. PRECARE I. That she had to. That for but that for me out. To. Mars. Who? Food. You wish and the old stem. Perc- without another country without the meeting. Mush. quals love volleyball during at Boston's tweeted sluggish. KGNB. Schemes Ash, the MIA YOU VO studios. Here these. APPLETON's each. Asleep. sewage. Keller studies not wish. Bureau. To ask the. Mother stories convince beautiful and still novels SOC PIERRE'S UCLA cabinet. You can't really that jumper neither vacuous does she goes. To Be Varga at worst stemp emp symbol of, caring. UPSELL snake you'll speak am mentioned to father stemmed will give you. Can't go let them inconvenience evil combatant wounds stamp will Baena in Metairie at Judea Gosh Peters out. But MIA Mulia don skins the settles standard won't stem since new instrument. Irish. Mindy. Studios the sound was A. Baena. Demille we gear during the duty iscariot passer. Stem load into the by that up on me. Yeah please quiet games guessing meant for meatball in quantum blue dunes ruined buildings ruined schisms Vishnu. warming. Thanks NAS kidding studios. They meet someone things. Brandt stamp lashed out slept on. Good. EXUDE ZIEBEL'S AGE DUTY AS A. Of Rumors. Absorb pass on your own stem cell get. To view them, it will have been me. Sewer letdown soon. Aviv's apposite you myard. CYSTIC avenue. We see Solomon meal blue super positive gear create storage duty. As much grim. Counters Romeo. Warmer real news are voted for we consume content stories. Now, who's anthropologist these analogies warm you muse of autumn Fu but Qantar. SIACA from Lubbock as tour almost. As observers it Bush far. I see almost extra Air Pepsi's are. Bishop absorbed form across Cupola yesterday mckechnie. Don't you fool Bush could use his soups on siege by. A studio put Peterson. Caged. If Who? Flew still our needs to the Kashmiris almost Australia's not status absol these now at duty the conspiracy. He says he posed stem for Boeing when Michelle got. Here on Saturday I I that's new. To the. Thousand Genes Neuro. Via Luca. Me Lose sewage. Oppressor call Sagan winter three Hundred Years Lucas episode. Immaterial Simeon bowel tacit. Winnable MIA and set up sees sparrow viewings. Music fluish blink improve his alma ballot microphone Zimmer boobs area. Nope, he's monopoly. Each of. Are, youth is a look. Easter. Hunts. Misprision against I keep up. To took I appraise, can you about the stories Lou Law Myers no seizure who've low-speed army at Kyalami Gang stimpson's the Baena bass out who is so meeting, please and so much. Vapor. They should get a Master Air Bill Pat Palermo who voted the Bellamy's if we podcast trivial beige civics excess vampish same. The. Same back at Bassim Kashgar. Good sound. stavrou lobby mouth with our. Mouths you saw the salted himself Milton critise ish plov Gouda sound good when you. You up on my life jacket wash sink walk edit in some incident in the relax. Putin Inch Glimpse Garcia. ABC's fool yet, UTAH praise Ziara, Dula Illinois who live either in soon. Cement. Mesh them. Carefully, Mugabe the. Lobbyists at the Apple.

Politika Bush ravitch Adams India mccrea Lou Law Myers Bellamy Keller Iraq Munim Bend Pete Dowd Ian Miso Ben Maller Bruce Donald Durant Schwartz Seattle NAUSEA INCA
Journey to Australia, then New Holland by Joseph Banks leads to the publication of hundreds of drawings of new plants and animals

The Science Show

10:33 min | 5 d ago

Journey to Australia, then New Holland by Joseph Banks leads to the publication of hundreds of drawings of new plants and animals

"Who just banks is featured large this year the aristo on cook's voyage one rather diminished. By this year's mega stories banks was a naughty man. As you may have heard on ellen l. late night live with philip a few days ago but he was also a great entrepreneur found. The artists who i brought pictures of plants and animals can australia tune. Astounded world names like sydney parkinson. Here talked to david mobley. A former director of the royal botanic gardens sydney tells the tale joseph banks. The only son of a rich country landowner had such a passion for boston but as an undergraduate at christ church oxford he brought in botany lecturer from cambridge in january. Seventeen sixty seven. He returned from an expedition to north america and spent much of the rest of the year as dilettante naturalist and antiquarian besides setting up house in london. The furnishing for that house included work by an upholsterer stanfield. Parkinson whose brother sydney was employed by banks. Draw american animal specimens. Sydney parkinson was from a scottish quaker family. And although prentice to a wool draper may also trained in natural history station. Some of his early floral compositions exhibited in london the year. He probably moved that to be engaged. By the quake onus raymond james lee to teach these teenage daughter. Flower drawing and these network was another quaker. Dr joe father gill a very successful physician naturalist up to park north london. Which according to banks was to become second only to q. Gardens fothergill built and stove houses some eighteen inches long. He supported plant collectors overseas and amassed a collection of some three thousand four hundred species from warm countries as the more interesting plants flowered. He had them painted this whole enterprise. Living collections artists and collectors has an enormous effect on banks and seems to be one of the spurs to exotic travel. And eventually he's using it as a model for q. And putting q. To use as an imperial clearinghouse for economic plants and setting the form of all botanic gardens ever since royal society of which banks was a fellow recommended that the government send a ship to observe the transit of venus across the sun in the pacific an observation to enable the calculation of distance from the earth to the sun critically navigation. This society stressed that several of the great powers in europe particularly the french spanish danes and swedes a making the proper dispositions for the observation thereof. But this was one of several european voyages. The pacific during the period of tension between britain and france including francis support for the americans in the american revolutionary war or of independence and francis push into the pacific especially the kings seventeen sixty six orders to take possession of lands. There including australia banks arranged that he should be a supernumerary concentrating on natural history and pay his own way so persuasive whilst he that endeavor under james cook was eventually have a party of nine civilians including sydney parkinson and two black servants headed by banks as well as banks. Greyhound parkinson's to draw natural history. Specimens alexander buckum the scenery and human portrait's the total baggage and equipment. Banks is team way. Perhaps some twenty tonnes fothergill for free provided cook's endeavour with apples that can't well over a year joined the voyage. Parkinson may pencil sketches and notes on colors with part of the drawing finished in watercolor in tahiti where they anchored on tenth of april seventeen. Sixty nine the artist alexander. Buchan died of epilepsy so the parkinson agitate on his duties to at the beginning. He was able to complete some watercolors but in australia. He could not keep up the number of subjects to draw with observations of the transit completed. Cook then set off southwards to seek the southern continent as instructed with the consent of the natives to take possession of convenience situations in the country in the name of the king of great britain. Or if you find the country uninhabited take possession for his majesty by setting up pro marks and inscriptions as discoveries and possesses cook reached forty degrees south and as he had expected five no constant so following his instructions. He made for new zealand with weather against him. Cook been changed course allowing him to investigate the east coast of new holland of earlier. Maps though has been posited that is or instructions have been to do just that old long as it's been convincing. The argued by margaret cameron ash. Cook later concealing much. What he had found. They sailed north there. I land for being on the land of the darrell people. Today's colonel parkinson wrote the country is very level. Infertile the soil. A kind of gray sand on the climate mild under it was the beginning of winter when we arrived. Everything seemed in perfection. For the number of curious plants we met with on shore. We called the bay. Botany bay banks is teammates specimens of one hundred and thirty two plant species. The first scientific collection of the australian flora parkinson may drawing so some h. e. four concerning the time of year with rather little in flour. It was remarkably comprehensive then on the eleventh of june calamitously endeavour struck the great barrier reef. She got off the coral and moved into the river. Now bearing her name beached and repaired parkinson's sketched hundred and forty one species including the first european image of a kangaroo but by the twenty eighth of july banks had had enough shortly afterwards. The weather did indeed become favourable and picking away through the reef endeavour push north balk tober. The expedition reached java where parkinson drew seventy four species but the company began to succumb to. The disease is prevalent there. The voyage homes or the deaths of twenty two of the company including parkinson probably from a combination of malaria and dysentery of the ninety. Four in the company that had set out with cook only forty one were to return alive to england and of banks's original nine. Just full parkinson's work but were eighteen. Volumes plant drawings with two hundred sixty nine finished by him. Six hundred seventy three unfinished. He also may two hundred sixty eight of the two hundred ninety eight surviving animal. Drawings parkinson's brother stanfield wanted to publish an account. Based on his dead brother's manuscripts and drawings banks lent the drawings and other papers to stansfield who promptly had them copied banks had an injunction issued such the stanfield publication would have to be delayed until after the appearance of the official account of the vij to be brought up but once that had been published the injunction to prevent parkinson printing. Sydney's was lifted so until later parkinson's journal of a voyage to the south seas appeared with some of sydney's drawings but stanfield was to be declared insane and died in an asylum after publication of his brother's work as early as november seventeen. Seventy one banks was said to put aside ten thousand pounds getting on for four million australian dollars in today's money to publish the results of the voyage. he had seven hundred and fifty three plump. Drawings engraved and there would be no impediment to realizing is enormous investment but his income from wool and other agricultural interests join a slump falling. The american war of independence was falling and his constrained. Resources are generally held the reason for his not completing the project in which he had invested so much but was there something more profound he had by then realized at he by now an eye to something better as the art scholar wilfred blunt has written. The fact remains that took place a ferdinand. Bauer beside parkinson is to be compelled immediately to admit their contrasting. The work of a genius with that of a very competent and conscientious craftsman as an office parkinson nor any of those who completed unfinished task. Were in the same class. Although parkinson's was infinitely superior to any earlier illustrations of australian plants with the work of ferdinand bauer. Few years later was to come the highest pinnacle of botanical art to be achieved before modern times. Only at the turn of the twentieth century one hundred and thirty years after they had been executed where parkinson's drawings published the natural history museum in london issued a selection of three hundred and thirty one australian his been intended to include new zealand and possibly other plants but this project too was abandoned only with the publication banks is florida. Jim has hand. Colored unbound engravings without commentary in the late. One thousand nine hundred eighty s or the parkinson's engraved drawings published albeit in a very exclusive way that the selection of the finest colored images a book or many of them last made trudy accessible just over two years ago. David mabley has written some glorious. Works on botany including joseph banks. Florally jim which should be available once more in a few weeks more from him next week in the side show.

Sydney parkinson parkinson stanfield ellen l david mobley Dr joe father gill Gardens fothergill london francis push Parkinson australia Greyhound parkinson alexander buckum twenty tonnes fothergill joseph banks royal botanic gardens Cook forty degrees james lee
Why the world's newest war isn't new

The Signal

15:06 min | Last month

Why the world's newest war isn't new

"This is an ABC podcast. So on Sunday afternoon, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was shut down unexpectedly when a handful of Qasr just stopped. The people inside those cars we'll making a point because a means claimed there's a war going on most of the world ignoring right now next fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh. Both sides of accused each other of attacking civilian areas casualties are going up. Here's the latest. So why would that be what's really going on and is about to get worse I'm Steven Smiley and I Angelov wipe and today on the signal the world's newest war you've never heard of. So you kind of assume that when a war breaks out, even if it's in a part of the world that Australia doesn't pay much attention to that, you would hear about it. Right especially if it's been going for three weeks, hundreds of people have been killed and one side is describing it as an invasion. The war over the nagorno-karabakh enclave has dragged on for more than three weeks sweeping through this region with devastating force. It's also sweeping away old certainties that have held here for almost three decades. Zine of a new rifle putting aside work to be a volunteer recruiting militia up with houses destroyed and rockets stuck in fields in the Martini region of nagorno-karabakh life for these ethnic. Armenian residents has taken a violent turn outs three weeks. And Dominion Diaspora including an estimated sixty thousand meanings living in. Australia. has been making a lot of noise about this protesting and lobbying for more attention. That protest on the Sydney Harbour. Bridge on the weekend in fact, their plans to rally out the front of the today. So we wanted to find out exactly what's happening in this small corner of the World Code Nagorno Karabakh. So McConnell about is a historical dispute region and it's been argued by both Azerbaijanis a minions to be there on historical. Galab, Basher of He's academic at Monash University in Melbourne who specializes in the politics of the region. He's also from Azerbaijan Nagorno. Karabakh has being a troubled area on and off for decades there have been intimate flares violence, but Galab says, this is different this time it's an all out war that both sides are describing it very differently from Azerbaijan side Azerbaijan is tried to reclaim its own territory this territory by you on security. Council. Resolutions belong to by John Both nagorno-karabakh and seven Edison's regions more health. AZERBAIJANIS USTA late, Monday voter expelled. By a main forces. So from Azerbaijan point of view, they are simply trying to reclaim their own international organized that from a meeting point of view at always being convenient territory and it was forcibly taken away from on mania by Soviet or. And given to as John Soviet socialist oddly and they got. This as Neagle and they claimed that nagorno-karabakh had never been part of Azerbaijan new. That established in nineteen ninety one. And therefore considered it's A. Vision as by Johnny. Army of their on land. Okay. So ask Azerbaijan and this is an act albeit a violent one of reclaiming its own land which technically earns anyway after six hundred thousand Azerbaijanis were kicked off in nineteen ninety one, right but Oscar Manian, and this is an invasion of what is historically and leave. Their land technically though these territory around four and a half thousand square kilometers of mountainous terrain roughly double the size of the ICT it's considered by most of the world's to be technically pot of Azerbaijan. But it's a little more complicated on the grounds. The majority of the people who live there are ethnically and culturally a Manian about three quarters significantly more if you ask some millions and considers itself to be its own country. About. claimed. To become an independent nation of its own separate from Armenia. It has its own parliament has its own political structure. It has its own, Connie. They won't be joined to a mania become part of Armenia however, since even Armenian does not go its independence at the entire political status of the region is a limbo right now at this prevented region from integrating into international sphere. So that's self-declared country which isn't recognized by any U N members calls itself. The Republic of ought sock, and it's at this point you start to understand just why this conflict is difficult to talk about the history and legal status of the region is so thoroughly contested that describing it evening basic terms without grievously offending one side is a near impossible task right here the. CRIB. Notes of how it got to this place. Gallup says the fighting started as communal clashes in the early part of the twentieth century, and then it was part of the Soviet Union for seventy or so years during which time there was relative peace. Then ethnic violence began again in the light ID's and exploded into a full war after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Nineteen ninety-one. Go the hammer and sickle is Lord for the last time an era comes to an end. So. I am ceasing activities in the post of president of the US. That tri-color banner of the Russian republic now flies over the Kremlin. It ended with a Russian brokered ceasefire in nine hundred and ninety four which has been breached repeatedly the last few decades. So delete Basher of very much sees this as a modern war, not an ancient conflict for a homeland, an ethnic conflict at its heart but as we mentioned Armenians very differently. This is Ca Syrian the executive director of the Armenian National Committee of Australia. One of the things that we're trying to do is informed a political leaders of this country. Of Australia. How these were not clashes these onto you know your routine conflict situations like what we've experienced in the past and the South Caucasus. What we have is an outright attack whereas John on a territory that has been Amrenian and continuously inhabited. For Millennia. For Haig. It's about that claim. He says stretches back thousands of years, which is why classified what's happening right now as an invasion backed by Turkey and led by its president reg type one. We know what? The one is capable of we've seen his expansionism play out now in Libya in Syria in. In in Greece and the Mediterranean in Cyprus, and now we're seeing non mania with his direct support and involvement of the. Attacks we need to inform our political leaders this from departmental, his members of parliament senators, local government people, everybody that is elected by an Australian so that they realized what Johnny's doing what Turkey is doing does not comply with Australian values. It needs to be called out because we know through history through experience that if you do not call out belligerents if you do not call out attacks as a tax, they will become even worse and potentially lead to what I mean jons fee. And will not ever allow to be the final solution. Final solution as in genocide. which sounds like a stretch if you don't know the history of the region, but there was an Armenian genocide which will get to. That question of how involved Turkey is in this fight is also disputed. What is exactly? So Glee of says, Turkey has always supported Azerbaijan politically and recently it's also started providing some military support. Turkish involvement is not such that Turkey has of soldiers on the grounds. No Turkey has no soldier on the ground fighting was by it only has military advisers and some traders train. Forces on the ground. It also has been selling matry weaponry especially at trump's that have been very good scolding divorce fair but Russia has been also selling As advise on weaponry Israel also in selling. Vij. So technically Turkish troops flashing although there's an argument that it's a fine distinction at this point right and the reason that fact is particularly sensitive here is because of the nine hundred, fifteen massacre of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire Lodge. Numbers of Armenian men were massacred or subjected to forced labor and women children the elderly and the infirm will lead on death. Marches to the Syrian desert. So Turkey accepts that many millions DI DI denies that up to one point five million were killed and that the deaths constituted an act of genocide and there's been an ongoing struggle by maintenance throughout the twentieth century to have the killings recognized as genocide, and that's why hey caserio and made that remark about fearing a final solution. Parts of the Armenian community are worried that the international media and to some extent the world's just in general is ignoring what's happening in the going to carry back at the moment. Do you think that there's any truth to that there are two aspects of this on the one hand fear talking about international community simply lowering what's been happening I don't think that's correct. It's great to create. Global Media Fab been extensive coverage of what's been hackney. There have been actually more international John Lewis in Armenia in A. In Asia however understand that Armenian Armenians to wanted more. Intervention on behalf of the International Committee this has. Happened and there are several reasons behind that while he said as by Sean. McDermott is as as to national Tori, and in that sense, any intervention be extremely controversial from international legal perspective, right? And also the United States is a big player in a plan used to be declaring region. However, United States have been very busy with Donald Trump's isolationist Also coming elections. Russia is also visited covid nineteen that also fueled someone is. This tinkle. For. Interventional. Be Housing to Community I. Guess I'm just aware that the meaning community felt you know there were people in that community that felt that they had to struggle for long time to have the massacre of the papal recognized the genocide they would save their people recognized g thinks that's kind of given rise to HAP-. Disposition that the world is not paying close enough attention to this suffering in this instance as well I. Certainly, the trauma of the events in nineteen fifty is still fresh. In on me I mean in communities mind and therefore it's inevitable that they are making these connections and in that sense I definitely understand this sentiment with I'm trying to say is that I don't think international community's response as being driven by a callous indifference towards been happening on the ground in. Alabama rather by. Local Economic. Crisis that have been going on. Okay. So no matter which way you cut it it's already a war. The question is whether it's about to get worse believe says a lot depends on whether Russia takes his side at the moment it's just trying to broker another ceasefire. But. He says it's going to be ugly in the short term. What will happen next in the war is really hard to predict. What I can see is that forget four spe- court will get better. I think. What the by Johnny side is trying to achieve is to capture several regions and then force mean cyclists were peace deal. When this happens I think devolve Hopefully, we'll stop and but this is all there are too many famous Atara increasing their hearts to pretty special. Russia do. We'll talk Turkey do but I don't think. Will last for much one other important factors that we have to mention is the weather. Mountains nagorno-karabakh region it gets cold in. The. Winter. And it's impossible for this road to track for months, and therefore, we can expect it to end sometime before the snow. So if the ceasefire doesn't do it, the winter will yeah temporarily at least. We back with new episode innerfade. Tomorrow catchy done. You've been listening to an ABC podcast discover more great ABC podcasts, Live Radio, and exclusives on the ABC listen APP.

Azerbaijan Turkey Russia Armenia Australia. ABC Johnny side United States Azerbaijan Nagorno nagorno-karabakh Sydney Harbour Bridge Soviet Union Sydney Harbour president Steven Smiley Dominion Diaspora nagorno-karabakh Galab John Soviet
Mac OS Ken: 04.28.2020

Mac OS Ken

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Mac OS Ken: 04.28.2020

"It is Mac. Os Great Apple Store Expectations Talk Of Chalker. A delay in iphones. And how are we ever going to watch all the T. V. available? It's Tuesday the twenty eighth of April twenty twenty. I'm Ken Ray. And this is news from Mac Os. Ken brought to you by yours. Truly and sponsored by Sun Basket eat clean feel great use Promo Code Moco West Ken for thirty five dollars off your order at Sun basket dot com slash Mac. Os can this show is also supported by people like you patrons through Patriae on find out more in that your support at Patriae on dot com slash Mac. Os Cap a sign of something like normalcy apple vp of retail and people deirdre. O'brien says apple expects to reopen many more stores in May macrumors highlights a Bloomberg report. That O'Brien make the announcement and a weekly video. Update to retail staff the executive quoted in the pieces saying we are continuing to analyze this whole situation in every location and I do expect. We will reopen many more stores in May no indication when in May no hint winner in the world that leaves lots of Wiggle Room in March. Macrumors points out. O'brien said that apple plan to begin opening some stores worldwide. In the first half of April and one lone store in South Korea was indeed opened again on the eighteenth of April for repairs and purchase pickups. No other stores have reopened at this time and a separate retail source told macrumors. That apple is aiming to open stores in North America by mid June. I can't speak for everyone but for me. Personally no rush. I would rather emerge slowly otherwise we might have to hurry back inside because we hurried out too early line. Cross my mind. Is I prepared for today's show? Tech Crunch cited a Wall Street Journal report saying the next iphone could be delayed by a month as pandemic whereas on if the next iphone is only delayed by a month complaining about that would be like walking away from a plane crash saying. I never got my peanuts. That was the line that crossed my mind. Yahoo Finance ran a piece. Monday under the headline. Why nobody on Wall Street really cares. That apple is reportedly delaying new iphone releases as headlines GO COULD BE PITHIER. Still we reach. What of the reported. Delays Tech Crunch has the Journal indicating that the iphone twelve may be among the devices impacted by unexpected issues. Apple is pushing back the production ramp up of the new devices per report owing to manufacturing issues in Asia and weekend global consumer demand. If this all sounds familiar it might well. Tech Crunch says the Journal Report follows a number of similar reports of delays with some putting the flagship smartphones launch at December. Instead of the usual September October timeframe the Wall Street Journal piece would have twenty twenty flagship. Iphones landing around November. As did IPHONE ten back in the day of course both. October and December literally around November. It'll be interesting to hear how Tim Cook. Addresses this issue or addresses not addressing this issue on this week's earnings call now it sort of sounds like J. P. Morgan analyst Semi Chatterjee is expecting bad news around earnings and guidance. This week this Thursday the thirtieth of April apple will release earnings for the recently ended bound to have been disastrous March quarter. The company will also host to call with analysts to answer questions. And who knows maybe offer? Guidance Apple insider had chatterjee issuing note. Monday saying he's not really expecting apple to offer guidance for the June. Quarter at this point. According to the report Chatterjee believes there's a high likelihood that APPA will sidestep its usual practice of issuing guidance for the June quarter combined with the fact that current by side expectations. Twenty five to twenty eight million. Iphones sold in. This quarter. Could be ratcheted down. There's a chance of underperformance in the shares and that he thinks is when investors should buy lots of stuff working in apple's favor including its cash continued growth in services the probability slash possibility of iphone. Five G. driving sales through next year an incredibly loyal user base. The chance that apple will return cash to shareholders and more more more. Chapman's got a buyer eating on apple shares. His price target on the shares is three hundred thirty five dollars and I have found a nickname for some meat. Chatterjee counting company issued a note on apple on Monday expressing lots of faith in phone another piece from apple insider had Cowan analyst. Chris Sankar saying he expects iphone demand to improve for the second half of twenty twenty. That'll be driven first by phone. S. E. Then iphone five G. Or iphone twelve or whatever apple decides to call it assuming apples able to release it which he seems to think they will quoting apple and CIDER apple stock remain one of Cowan's favorites for several reasons for one Sankar said that the current weakness in the smartphone market is well understood and that going forward. The debate will focus on the magnitude pop pop. Despite that twenty twenty one the shipping up to be a solid Vij story for Apple Sankar wrote quoting the analyst while some tech investors favored datacenter slash P. C. names over smartphone stocks. Today we expect that sentiment to shift in favor of smartphones as we head into the second half of Calendar Year. Twenty twenty in case you're wondering Sankara's also expecting no june-quarter guidance. From Apple still picking up good vibrations though sank are has a positive rating on apple shares. His twelve month price target on the shares as three hundred thirty five dollars and I am still looking for a nickname for Krish Sancar. More news in a moment but first word from Sun Basket delivering healthy delicious meals. Straight to your door. If you're like me you're eating has gotten lazy over the past few weeks. Minimizing time at the grocery store has meant quick decisions rather than the most thoughtful choices. What's cool is that's what Sun Basket thinks about. Sun Basket has delicious recipes for all kinds of dietary preferences including Paleo Gluten Free Mediterranean Vegetarian. And more they make it easy and convenient delivering. Exactly what you need and exactly the right amount ready to prep and cook. You can enjoy dinner. Full of organic produce and clean ingredients in as little as fifteen minutes. No matter how much experience you have in the kitchen let the store come to you with Sun Basket right now. Sun Basket is offering thirty five dollars off your order when you go right now to sun basket dot com slash Muko West. Ken An Promo Code Mac. Os Ken at checkout. That's sun basket dot com slash M. A. C. O. S. K. E. N. an Promo Code Mac. Os can at checkout for thirty five dollars off your order. Sun Basket Dot com slash. Moco West Ken Promo Code Moco West Ken and a big thanks to Sun Basket for sponsoring this week's show if more. Tv is still a thing you need HBO. Maxwell have your apple devices covered. It honestly not occurred to me that that might not be the case but called the mock says Warner media confirmed Monday that its upcoming streaming service will be fully integrated with the TV APP on iphone ipad ipod touch and apple. Tv I'm not sure why. Hbo Max isn't simply replacing. Hbo Go and HBO now. But it's not. The new service will have approximately ten thousand hours of content according to the report while the older. Hbo APPS have somewhere around two thousand hours. The older APPs feature HBO originals and Studio Films. Hbo Max will have more cult of Mac says friends the Big Bang theory south park gossip girl the West Wing and more will be added within the first year along with over two thousand feature films including Casa Blanca to wizard of Oz. And the Lord of the Rings it'll run subscribers fifteen bucks a month when it launches on the twenty seventh of. May that's more than double what the likes of Disney plus Apple TV plus charging according to the cult APP stores. Search ads have found a new home. I download blogs has apple is turned on the service slash feature for the APP store in Russia. The report says Apple announced the expansion of APP store search adds to Russia Monday by its official developer website. What's more apple is also offering a one hundred dollar credit if developers sign up brand new account to promote their APPS. This is the second expansion for APP store search ads this year. According to download blog in March the peace says apple expanded the feature to forty six other countries around the world the UK will not be joining Apple. Google and Germany and they're contact tracing methodology. Yesterday we recapped a lot of what had gone down in technical tools for contact tracing everything from apple and Google working together on a contact tracing. Api To politicians in the states questioning whether the public would or should trust the initiative to the two titans tweaking their plans after input from other organizations to Germany deciding it would do things the way apple and Google are though maybe without apple and google apple and Google want exposure notifications to be decentralized with incidents in communications happening device to buy. He's not device to server to device. Originally Germany wanted a centralized solution though over the weekend. One German Chancellor Minister was quoted as saying we will back a de centralized architecture that will only store contacts on devices. That is good for trust. Keep calm and nuts too. That is the apparent. Uk Stance macrumors highlights a BBC report that says the UK's National Health Service or NHS will go with a centralized solution that means not using the Apple Google Api that also means the APP won't run in the background. Apple's not giving that kind of access to third parties but macrumors says the NHS argues that a centralized approach will provide more insight into how Kobe nineteen spreads and it will allow for more control over who receives notifications an epidemiologist advising the NHL says the system they're using makes it easier to audit the system and adopted more quickly. As scientific evidence accumulates he goes on to say the principal aim is to give notifications to people who are most at risk of having gotten -ffected and not the people who are much lower risk. It's probably easier to do that with a centralized system. Of course there is the problem of it. Not Running as much since people aren't likely to have the covert nineteen contact tracing up open and running all the time the piece does suggest possible work arounds. But they'll be hard on the battery and still won't work all the time to be fair. No solution sounds like the perfect solution. Best of luck to all of us and finally today. You know how most people aren't going to the office. These days turns out. The people who build offices aren't going there either. Cnbc ran a surprisingly lengthy piece on the Silicon Valley companies that we're building out facilities in London before the great hunker down well. Facebook twitter and Amazon already have offices opened presumably closed for the time being the P. says the UK headquarters of Alphabet and apple are still underway and now their future is uncertain. Work on Google's King's cross train station headquarters already several years behind schedule. Party of things. Well this won't help while another part things what's a few months after several years similarly says. Cnbc building work at Apple's Battersea site and South West. London ceased when the lockdown was announced. This is the place pictured on the pink. Floyd ALBUM COVER ANIMALS. Apple had hoped to start moving roughly fourteen hundred staff and the five hundred thousand square foot space sometime next year. Now the peace says that date mega push back. You know what I say. I never got my peanuts more shows to tell you about before we part ways for the day. I know Silla Casts Alison. Sheridan puts in more minutes in a few minutes since last time she was on the show. Apple has released a few new bits of hardware. Listen in as we find out that I no longer have any idea what an IPAD is. It's fun and a Cup Cup not included. Look for the show in a few minutes. Whatever you get podcasts. Then someone else's show shelley. Brisbane was kind enough to invite Robin Christopherson and me beyond parallel attack. Podcast with accessibility. Sprinkles we had a great time on episode. Twenty eight talking iphone s. e. ipads new magic keyboard and ww. Dc anticipate show is called parallel. Find it at relay. Dot FM slash parallel. Or wherever you get podcasts. Mcelwain can brought to you by me and sponsored by Sun Basket Use Promo Code Mac. Os Ken for thirty dollars. Off Your order at Sun basket dot com slash MAC OS canny. This show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriotic on find out more and that your support at patriotic dot com slash Mac. Os can't advertising handled by backbeat media online at backbeat media DOT COM. You can reach me. A couple of ways INFO at MOCO WEST CAN DOT COM or call seven one six seven eight zero four zero eight zero. We will talk again tomorrow until then that is news from Monaco West Ken. I'm Ken Ray patient.

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The Great Gildersleeve 50-11-29 (384) Leroy's First Date

Yesteryear Old Time Radio

29:48 min | 6 months ago

The Great Gildersleeve 50-11-29 (384) Leroy's First Date

"The crap foods neighbors. Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you each week by the Kraft Foods Company. Craft you know are the makers of the wonderful new craft pasteurized process cheese slices, those perfect slices of extra mellow tasting process cheese that are formed then wrapped and sealed while you right in the SPEC span craft plan. You'll find them in your grocer's Derek case. Eight fine slices in every need package and those packages really are neat. They hold eight delicious slices. Look for them when you shop tomorrow. Those Needs Square packages marked craft deluxe slices. And Let's see what's doing the Great Gildersleeve. The day's work is done at the water. Commissioner is at the wheel of the family car heading homework. He seems to be fine spirit. Did I I did a day, they say. Christmas decorations in the windows already. Glad to see it. Yeah I love the Christmas spirit. It all moneybag bullard walking home. Look at it marching along with his nose in the air. Because catches in the tree. You know that Bullard. What the Heck I'll. Still be a couple of blacks. Standing that laws? Good evening you're listening I'm way home. You're going to give you a lift. Old Navy and old friend thank you. All right with you. Feel good. You Leisure Cadillac. Breakdown did no. I'm having a new set of tires. New Diet. What was wrong with the old one? One of the valves was leaking. This, is the Nice. Try and. Thank you. As a self starter has it. been thinking trading it in naturally. Everything is your husband. Everybody. Yes, yes, my little niece! Brenda's quite excited. Marin Ida School is holding its annual junior continue. Continue. That's a Dan. Renders pupil of Mrs Murphy's Seminary. A seminary. Private School. Seems. Brenda must invite a boy to be escort at the continue boy of good family across. Mrs Murphy's seminary caters only later, the best people super SNOB. From what I hear Brent is planning to invite your little nephew. Iran Euro, Leroy. My Leroy. Go Rhino. How Boy Leroy probably won't go go leroy. ooh, yes, he will. He comes from a good family. Advocacy Guy. Magin Leroy. Invited to Mrs Murphy's `continuing. Georgia Liebler trueblue. Elevate, children of the leading families are being invited. In Leroy family. MEANS YOU may not be rolling in Dole. Would you get into the upper crushed? By Watching through the window and I noticed you. Picked him down the street we had to find. Misjudge bullard all alone Niger. Oh, absolutely took me all this time to find out that he thinks very highly of me. In fact, he considers us to be one of the best families in town. UN Germany. But, it was the same thing. By the way. Stand is rendered over not that I know. What's going on? Late. Surprise. Leroy. McClean shirt, wash your face. Comb your hair. I said get cleaned up. My goodness there's is at the door. You Friendship. Yes means I. Hear What Debbie. Yellow Brenda. Gallison and Marjorie brandit. How long the Raleigh High? Don't you know how to answer lady when she speaks to you? Excuse me I'm going out and helped verdy. Don't you WANNA come on. No. I'll stay here with the children. Nice even. In the thanking candidate. Will you don't ask a lady? What's on your mind? Expect an answer, just been sociable. Sounding, Roy. What You? Say you what? Your proctor. I will reminding you. Your matters Michael Brenda's ladies and gentlemen. I was wondering. Would you like to take the `continuing tomorrow night for a walk? Advanced. You've heard of the continue. Of A dance, is it Mrs Murphy Seminary. It'll be awfully nice. I I have to go with me. Roy Cannot. Be Love to go. You time. Off At seven o'clock slams, lumps will drive a celebrate. Thank you very much for asking him. Brennan Leroy LBJ seven o'clock. Tonight Roy! Would you, WANNA. Get me into that for holy cow, Leroy, this is a very important affair. The children of all the best families are going to beating. GOING FOR Leroy. One of the best. This proves that Mr Bullard never. Brennan invites you if he didn't think we belonged in the Blue Book. Small. Now my boy besides you like Brent. He defined LGER. You can to, it'll be a lot of you. Wait. That I've crewed punch in cooking. All you can eat. You'll enjoy it. while. You're eating Kanye. Certainly not. Last. Three hours for making eleven why? I can keep eating that long. Don't you worry about not only it'll be a fine evening. Upstairs and get cleaned up. You really wants to go. He just had to be brought. It looked. Like you were having a big discussion here together slain though you home Bronco as I came in the driveway I saw Mr Bullard little niece random going down the walk. Youngster. You Bet. She. Legal I have a date for tomorrow night. Lee off a day. You've very nice dancing party at Murphy seminary like fashionable children of all leaving family, right? You never can tell us to Gildersleeve Leroy date with Brenda may be the beginning of something. Good that. Found NOCCO. She took me to a dance and now he's nine. You both growing up. Leroy just you know what they say about. Childhood sweethearts Hunky. User great oaks from little acorns grow. Do Vij George. Leroy could do a lot worse little retina. Banking you're making a match. These regular Cuba Disney large. Yes. In his little dark. Excuse me. Before puts dinner on. This cupid is going to die down to the drugstore and get some guy. OPB. Clean. Dating you give me a couple of those in gamma. Got To, take a little box of chocolates to. Leroy! He's going to I dance tomorrow. Little Levi mind. Mind is very exclusive children who summer feels most prominent family. Doing. and. You'll never guess who it was invited. Who Mr Bullets Little Niece Brenda? Fries. In Yeah. You don't show it. I blinked mind. Oh, you have another customer PD of. Hello bullied evening. His name hope name eating with. Your niece and my nephew having their first date mild. Going to miss. MEMPHIS, continue! into his Gan. Ordinary people call dench. We got him. As Little Brenda at all a flutter over the. Those little leroy he can hardly wait. A by the way, can you give me a small bottle of perfume? Devi. And pregnant. Would you like Mr Bohren? I have scholars midnight. Dizzy do. No. Novi, this is Brenda. You've perfume, but little vendor sweet. Hear perfumes for Children Alabama livable teeth. Brenda's a little beyond the full peop- age. Have something halfway between little. Bo, peep and dizzy do. We have. Valley. Leroy like that. He loves the outdoors. Evening? Margin leaving, God we have quite a gathering here, the buying something PD, or did they just come in to smell liquorice? Your this is a real occasion. Judge Dumas! Night Mr Ballard's niece. And Little Lebron having their first date now, yes. They're going to continue. And that's a Dan. Leroy and Brenda. Those two Germans. Life. Most cherished moment. BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES I, can I? Can Tell you one time. No thanks media. I found mine. How vividly recalls Palm Memories of my childhood when I first started in different flaxen headedness to attack full traffic. And you're stuck runner. Out outside it as Robson, the you and gale have last bury. The hatchet finally joined hands in friendship. Sir. BYGONES BE BYGONES ABE believe. I. Foundry a good team. You Ain't looks now. FELLAS lively related. It could happen tomorrow. Night might be the beginning of a romance. Leading someday to wedding. Or now judge? Let an idea. Margarine Bronco. We're talking about the same thing at home. Silly well childhood sweethearts, you know sometimes grow up and get married. And let's bring a young man. Fancy lightly turns to. Nobody nobody's getting married. Nobody's even thinking about anybody. Getting married of course friends I has a number of years I had. Those Leroy. Let time to find the good wife I. Girl has to look around you. He can't just marry. Any older becomes law. Well I wouldn't say that friend of any old girl. Ono back she wouldn't marry. Any old. Leroy isn't just any old boy. You are thinking. He might marry Brenna Mary Brenda. Certainly not. Ridiculous what ridiculous about it you another. Precipitated I'm not trying to make that I mean I wouldn't want Leroy Oh. You wouldn't want Leroy Mary my knee. No I mean yes. My family isn't good enough boy. Plead Ila leave? I would let my niece Marion your family if you own the state of Texas. Group That, so yeah, all right and you can tell Roy. He can just forget about going out with Brennan Tomorrow Night, and you can tell Brennan as you can forget about going with Leroy. What do you think that I've said it before and is had again. On. And again. This is all your. My phone started this whole thing pb. Your old trouble mic. Gain. great Gildersleeve we'll be back in just a moment. You're missing something. If you haven't discovered craft pasteurized processed cheese slices I should say you're missing. The most delicious most mellow processed cheese you've ever tasted in the most perfect even slices you've ever laid eyes on craft. Deluxe license are wonderfully different, because they're made differently instead of being cut from a loaf like other sliced cheese graph slices are formed by an amazing new craft invention that captures. Cheese goodness a through and through mellow flavor in every perfect slice, then just as soon as these slices, a fine processed cheese are made craft wraps and seals them eight to every need package, so they'll stay perfect in protected all the way from crafter you that means you won't have to put up with anymore. Slivers are dried edges or broken pieces, because crap slices are. Are Really Perfect and they're so easy to separate just open package and peel them apart. You'll find it even easier than dealing a banana tomorrow when you shop, get several packages of this wonderful process cheese, so you'll have plenty on hand for those quick snacks and sandwiches. You need so often. Why don't you discover them? You'll never be without convenient delicious craft deluxe slices. L.. Let's get back to the great. Gildersleeve. Our water commissioners, Dream of making summerfield social register went up in smoke last night. They are always date with fuller little needs Frendo called off Mary late by the uncles involved. And this morning at least one person is quite pleased with the way a game out little leroy. What you hall about it. I feel good. Donald death tonight too bad. I think king or I would been the little Brenda me though you better be a nicer to the women folks. If you don't look out, you ain't going up, married like Mr, Brown for that's Marty Nice? Toilet holy cow, hanging around brought up boy. The back door. Brenda. Brenda. One. I speak you minute. Is? Born outside. Out that. Little Girl Okay Gone Off Okay. What do I talk about? RIGHT SLAMS SAYS I can't go with you tonight. Yeah for her. I can't go with you either. One we do nothing. I want to go with you. Get somebody else. Somebody else. I WANNA. Go with you. royd which we don't have to go to the. We could. Sell! My. Uncle said I couldn't go to the Canyon with you. Don't cry. You're? Okay! Yeah! I like. You like me. y'All rice. Thank you. I have to go now I'll be waiting for you by the tree in front of our house, it says. Will be there. either. Make Life so complicated. Hi Bronco Leroy. What's your problem? Little brother-in-law? Yet. Matter Leroy. Don't worry. Roy Girls Yeah. Met the bullets at British. Contingent with me, uncle more, the I shouldn't go with Brenda. Brenda Walkman some place anyway. You think I ought to pour leroy. Mr Board ought to be ashamed of themselves. You're right, MARGE! Leroy why I stand up for my rights. Go over there and take Randa go someplace if you want to pay heart near one fair maiden. Already. What am I GONNA do? Little. I guess so then you do Justice Rocco San, and if order Mr Borg, say anything we'll take care of believe. Does we roy? Keane. Thank. You face what I gotta take a bath. Your latest. Had A lot of water ability to get out. Family didn't yes as eight evening gone even gone. Leroy to yes. WORD HE'LL! took a bath and frog loverboy. One, he said. Yes see. And have them right now is to to want to read you. To. Brand up y'all right. For Heaven's sakes. The boy went over to blur. There's. Bellowing. Read. Knock. The door down I'm coming. Buller don't you reward me? What does that needs to be ordway your nephew? What your need you old thing you dine could billion. Here is. To your dog. You don't. Brendan I've gone to union station. Don't be sore. Love Leroy. Union. Station Union, station, leaving running away together on the trade, little hero, little friend. We told them away illicitly? Is Not all your fault. I'm the blame to. We have food Gildersleeve. Line boom, you all right. Let's not stand here. You're getting tears all over the Rut. Do on. We've got to do something come on. In My car, we'll go to union station. Maybe we can have them off with all the premium. Recovered, every the people and the. Not Assignment I'm afraid richer late. You're you. They must've taken thirty train for Kansas City. By little friend. Literally. We've turned the mackenzie. Food. That's not we. Know we're paying the, price. Stop blubbering I can stand. Let's go home Mike Cold. All the FBI. FBI! G! Chasing the Leroy. Gust, take them off the tray. Little. Roof with from the show. This renders blue window. The. Leroy's in window. Dot. Let's go into my house. Is, look, Wait A. Somebody standing in your. Sleep! Wonder. No, you're not, you're not gonNA stay. Over to surprise. We're not angry with you. We're happy happy you have no, you have no idea how happy we are. We thought you were gone both. Friend, don't ever do that here on again. Note you've been. Ready. You were doing the union station. So wonderful. Artist. To nine o'clock I told you can't see it again. We'll. Get there in time for the second. Go Out, everybody. That county. The Great Gildersleeve will be right back. Now if pleasing, the whole family is your biggest problem when it comes to buying Geez just listen to this. Those wonderful new craft, crafty luck slices coming in five delicious variety. That's right. Those fine slices pasteurized process cheese that grass makes wraps eight to the package come in five different kinds, mellow craft American craft American with commandos added graph brick with a deep rich flavor, nuts, sweet craft, Swiss and sharp holding English brand, so every member of the family can have his favorite processed cheese for swell, tasting, snacks and sandwiches that are really quick really easy to pick. Tomorrow look for them in your grocer's Derek as the five kinds of delicious crafts processed cheese in slices. A. Founded. Got The phone. I wanted to call Catherine. I don't mind. Hid more. Somebody out. To listen to that boy the way he treats the. Tomorrow. Sure New. I! George Maybe, the boy had something. Hello Catherine. I! Don't know if I can make your house for dinner tonight. Can't you find somebody else? Can. gathered. Overseas by. Written by all West earlier than I'd Byu music by Robert Armbruster. A watershed late I really robbed Lillian Randolph. Dick Santa Barbara Whiting. Garden Earl. Roth and Dick, Legrand. This is GONNA be. Good night for the mood dominate acres of a famous line of quality food product. BE, sure next. Wednesday and every Wednesday while the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. A. Magic and mustard gas. When you WanNa put you tastes, excitement and almost anything dose, add a little mustard, and you have a lot of pain. Hidden flavors pop right out every fight tastes. Particularly if the mustard you use his craft prepared mustard. To kind of must must've. Kraft Salad mustard delicately spiced for those who mustered mild, an craft mustard with snappy horse ready. Get both times when you out a little mustard, you add a lot of pain. Prepared, mustard? For a half hour of spine, tingling excitement here the Falcons each. Sunday over this station. Consult Your newspaper wartime broadcasts and listen next Sunday as the Falcons solve the case of the harried husband. Air comes unconventional gentleman. Groucho Marx on NBC.

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 Should the UK bail out Richard Bransons Virgin Atlantic?

Today in Focus

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Should the UK bail out Richard Bransons Virgin Atlantic?

"Today should the British taxpayer bailout. Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic. Traveling on airlines in. Those days was abysmal. I mean they dump a bit of cold chicken on your lap. There was no entertainment. The cabin crew didn't small because they were treated so badly. The planes were old and run down and so bring somebody in from the entertainment world and live and make it a wonderful experience. That's Richard Branson thinking back to when he ran just a music label in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s then he launched Virgin Atlantic. The idea was to inject glamor into Travel Oh you don't WanNa miss his flight. Come good fabulous at thirty thousand feet did night to welcome you on board Badgen antic. Thank you flying with us. Today with luxury long-haul destinations. Those distinctive bright red uniforms on board massages and chairman. Who boasted about APP sailing down Manhattan High Rises and Kissing Spice Girls Jerry? Have you bored yet? I kept in in those days of France's David versus Goliath battle with British Airways. He was seen as a national treasure. But Times have changed in twenty twenty tape. We're applauding nurses not billionaires. I'm Virgin Atlantic. Is They lost making company struggling to survive tobin nine thousand nine hundred devastating impact on the aviation industry. It's in that context that Branson has turned to the UK government to ask for a half a billion pound loan to save his company from the Guardian. I'm ANNUSCHKA astonishing today. Infocus WHY IS BILLIONAIRE? Richard Branson asking the British taxpayer for help. Let's start with a bit of context. Kobe one thousand nine hundred and has men. Flights across the world have been grounded. It's a terrible time for the airline industry. Lots OF COMPANIES AFFAIR LOAD staff British Airways. This week's at twelve thousand of being made redundant Virgin Australia. That Branston has a ten percent stake in is already in administration and now he's extremely worried about Virgin Atlantic that he owns fifty one percent. Delta Airlines owns the rest. Repatriate your the Guardians Wealth? Correspondents say you've reported a lot of Richard Branson. How much trouble is his company in? And what does he say is needed to save it? Rich residents told all his staff at this is the worst crisis ever to face. The airline Virgin Kuker bus in most countries federal governments and snapped in in this unprecedented crisis radiation to help their lines. He initially ASS staff to take eight weeks unpaid leave subsequently per staff on furlough scheme and he is begging the government to provide a half billion pound loan to see the Ellen free the crisis the government has actually given Elaine of six hundred million pounds to easyjet because it has a good investment grade. Virgin doesn't and so far the Treasury has said no but y CON Delta Airlines owns almost half the company step in Delta said that like all other airlines it desperately needs money to support his own operations. I do want to share on behalf of the ninety thousand men and women of Delta Airlines that we're doing everything we can to stand with the people of the world the fight this awful pandemic it needs. Three billion dollar bailout. We're operating right now at less than five percent of a normal passenger load. Okay say Richard Brunton is desperate for Virgin Atlantic to survive so he goes to the Treasury to ask for this five hundred million pound loan. Whoa I think surprised him was really negative public. Backlash to that. But isn't what irritates people about someone as riches Bramson asking for help not just the wealth itself but uh he's not shy about reminding us of how much money he has yet. People are asking why he put his hand into his own pocket and even version lunches competitors have been sticking in the boot Always said that they didn't think bailouts are appropriate. Micro Larry The boss of Ryan. Air Has said frankly. If he's worried about virgin you should write the check himself. Asking the British Goldman debate. You use when you have more than sufficient resources to bailout virgin. Atlantic yourself is not something I believe That should be considered. This isn't just about Bronson is a is about the structure of his businesses. And that's quite complicated. Could you tell me the story Virgin Atlantic and how it was set up? Richard Branson founded version Atlantic in ninety four with one plane. We believe that there are two hundred thousand people out there who who'd like to go across America at half the price of normal flights and that if we can offer plane which is a bit special it won't just be you know the people who can't afford it but it'll also be the people who normally fly across like this. He kind of wants to feed this idea eh at the kind of glamorous airline didn't he definitely I mean virgin is all about the brand when we started we wanted to bring the Lamma back to flying. It had been lost hip. Hops freshest drake who is seated next to Branson talked about having a plane named after him why on Air. Drake is very humbling. I'm truly honored to acclaimed named after me. Version I think is one of the most incredible. Airlines atmospheres is so soothing. Who seats have been designed with you in mind. Inspired by fashion houses we developed three exclusive fabrics for our economy cabin. He spent a lot of time building up the version brandon using it across so many different companies. I used to think of space destination but I now realize it's a jenny milestones along the way stereotype of a cruise. Ship is not something. I particularly want to go on so we thought if we can create the kind of cruise ship that ourselves and our friends would wanna go on then would go on it. He was the first person to a bar on a plain talks about himself joining the mall. High Club yes. I like it a lot of letters from From various people and I got one passenger complaining. And they were complaining about the the shape of the sinks in our lavatories on our planes and they'd redesigned the things that they were sort of much sort of flat curve and also pointed why wouldn't be bringing glamorous image of flying in a serious setting and that was quite successful right. It's interesting how you'd mentioned success. I mean there is very popular. It's grown to dozens of planes butts. It hasn't really made that much money. Over the years. In terms of prophet it became very quickly a thorn in the side of British Airways which is always minutes main competitor. What's the relationship like between them or they have like a sort of fun and fractious relationship British Airways? They're they're brutal. Brutal Competiton Franson. Talks often about how he likes to take people on and make fun of his competitors. If you taking on if you're a small company taking on a big company you need to have a bit of sense of humor and he often tells a story of when responses the London. I don't you know if you remember. When it was first being put up. They had getting it off the Thames and into a standing position and Branson says that was on the news so I had a national company and we scrambled the Escott record up one of his other companies ashes company and got to fly over down the Thames. Like we've got a picture of actually saying the as having trouble getting out what his success is he goes on and on about branding. He likes to put himself out there to promote his companies in his bronze. So basically a big part of what Brunson was trying to do was essentially poker with a stack the Bab British Airways did they react. I reacted immediately when the started. Because this is a huge threat to be as business model in its most profitable routes where those ones from London across the Atlantic to America and it was revealed the Va had been doing a day tricks campaign sending discreditable information to financial journalists to try and undermine the Atlantic Richard Branson arrived at the High Court secure in the knowledge that he won a stunning victory and it all started two years ago airlines all over the world deepen recession and Richard Bransons. Tiny Virgin Atlantic was winning passengers from its rivals including British Airways and they ended up in a court case and the was forced to unreservedly. Apologize according to virgin employees tracing passengers after they booked on virgin flights and offering inducements persuade them to switch to be a instead they would Contact our passengers as they got out of the limousines to go to our planes They actually even had people ringing up pretending to be version staff and saying you're not the version payments being canceled today But there is a representative. I can get you onto a British. Airways plane pay Princeton Hoffa Million Virgin Atlantic hundred ten grand and this money was given to vigilant staff in what was tend to be a bonus and it was such a big reward against British. Airways that it it really did shop and from then on Yup. We've had lots of competition but it's been you know basically relatively fair competition not the dirty tricks right so incredible rivalry and also helps to explain. How personal this is for Richard Branson? How desperate he is to save this part of his business. But as you've already touched upon this is only one business with the Virgin Name. The was virgin records but after that it just exploded. We've got Virgin Trains Virgin Health Virgin Media Virgin money. Why Com Branson use money from these other businesses to prop up Virgin Atlantic? Has He ever done that before? Version antic is so important to Richard Branson that he has often described it as one of his children in one thousand nine version. Lancet with growing free is such a crisis. Then he's sold virgin records the first campaign the Virgin family to help it through. It was now the Hottest Independent Record Company Weld. We signed the rolling stones and Janet Jackson. Emi offered as a billion dollars for the company and Certainly didn't want to sell it but felt that By selling it we could protect the jobs at the airline. We could protect jobs at the record company and you can hear an interviews that he was upset about by virgin records was like another baby to him but he did it. He sold it. Why can't he sell if another of his businesses now to help the airline while it's in trouble? The problem is is that he has expanded into so many different businesses. It's difficult for him to he says get access to this cash. He just doesn't have the money or money that he can move around to support the company's okay so he may have used businesses before to support his baby. If you like Virgin Atlantic in two thousand eight hundred eighty argument is he can't do that but there's not enough cash within the Empire to support his airline company but isn't it the case but as recently as two thousand nine he suggested the companies like Shouldn't go to the government bailouts. Yeah you're right. Then he was saying companies need to stand on their own feet and the weak ones need to go to the wall So this is one industry that I pray. The the the the American government doesn't go and waste taxpayers money trying to bail out airlines plenty of entrepreneurs who'd be willing to step into the shoes of of airlines that run into trouble. That's ironic and I think one thing that we need to discuss says something that goes beyond his business persona because I think the thing irradiates people when they look at someone like Richard Branson who is super rich making these decisions about staff and then going caffeine on to the taxpayer is that they have such massive personal wealth. Now that may be an unfair argument. We can come to that. But what is he worth? He's worth is difficult to work out because in our it's a private business empire so it's not like all businesses listed on stock markets. But this thing called the Bloomberg Billionaires Index that tracks the richest people's wealth every single day and Today Rich Brunson is the three hundred eleventh richest person in the world with five point. Six billion three hundred eleven out of a world has about eight billion. People doesn't sound bad repairs. The guardians well correspondent. I can imagine you spend quite a lot of time looking down. That Bloomberg Billionaires Index Quebec Time assists the the people that I write about he. Slow it in between Frederik Paulsen. Swedish health care billionaire and always got slightly more money than denise coates. Who'S THE BILLIONAIRE? Founder of bet three six five two most people. Richard Branson isn't just incredibly wealthy. He somebody who hasn't been at all shy in sharing his luxurious lifestyle with a soul. It's almost as his wealth. This part of his personal brand. I've never had a desk in the office since I was a teenager when I started virgin records to work in the boss or on a Hammock on a sofa and occasionally I even get interesting telephone calls whilst in the buff. I think the Sim Singh telephone call when Nelson Mandela in the ball. He told me that chain of health clubs in South Africa. I've done bankrupt the five thousand people about to lose their jobs and he wants to be on the next plane to come to South Africa to save them. You know you get different sorts of billionaires you get the really very shy retiring will never give an interview. You don't want to talk about that wealth. Don't want anyone knowing how much money they've got. And then you've got people at the other end like Richard Branson. It's all about him while I was actually setting and this is rather delightful young South African girl with her photographer boyfriend on the island. You want to take a particular pitcher so he said would you mind putting on your back in and taking for a kite surf and then he said would you? She didn't wear any clothes as an English Knight Lady in distress do that as well and it did become one of those classic pitchers that too when went off around the world and And we had a good laugh. I did I remember as I was coming in and just catching my wife is starting on the beach. Oaks and him showing how much money he's got. How successfully is how he turned from you know dyslexic as a boy? Dropped OUT OF SCHOOL THOUGHT. Went on to become. I mean he's basically as Britain's most successful entrepreneur if I think back to the nineties Brunson was sane in an almost iconic as you. Say The plucky Brash entrepreneur who struck gold even in two thousand and eight. He was voted as a national treasure in a telegraph pole. Alongside people like David attenborough. Now he's attracting a load of anger over Social Media. Fi asking for a government bailout. What you think has caused that change to his reputation. I think people feel the. Maybe it's not right for him to be getting a bailout from the government when lots of small businesses aren't GonNa get a bailout and they might struggle to survive. He built up his reputation as the playboy billionaire. Who is having fun jumping into swimming? Pool bringing other people with him. Richard Branson moved to Necker island which is an oil people in the carribean fourteen years. Okay the most extraordinary people come to Mecca. The eldest conceive here necker with coach. Bishop Tutu with President. Carter with COQ nine. There's absolutely no income tax that so he hasn't paid any tax on his personal income. Fourteen Years Muhammad looking up at the stars at night things like Virgin Galactic so great place to think and the great place to conceive ideas so some people might say. It's a bit rich for him to be asking for a bailout from the tax payer coming up. We Discuss Richard Branson's response to the criticism. What is Richard Branson's response to all of this coverage surrounding his Co? For the bailout has of the him heavily and he published an unprecedented letter defending himself. He says he's not worth as much money as we all think he is. And that money isn't in the bank and ECON immediately access it to bail out the airline for himself. And he'll say defends himself Living on the island in the which is a tax haven he says en- very fortunate to accumulate so much wealth in my career. More than I need in my lifetime I would not live somewhere. I don't want to tax. Reasons is easing any of his personal wealth to helpless situation. Yes he's pledged to invest turned fifty million dollars which is about two hundred million pounds into the hold of aging group. And you know that. Covers everything from the health clubs to spaceships about eighty million of that will be for Virgin Atlantic. He's also said the half a billion pounds you want from the government isn't a bailout isn't free money. He wants it as a loan on commercial terms. I read is offering to put up necker island. Which is his home as collateral to guarantee that loan in his blog he said the Virgin Group would act to raise as much money as possible of all of its assets including necker island but he later clarified the he would not mortgage necker island to get government loan but he would to get commercial loan from a bank. Is there any chance that the government is going to give him money? The government rejected his plea for money saying that. There's not been enough evidence of Virgin. Atlantic making enough effort to secure investment in other ways and version has said that they all talking to other private companies that might invest in virgin and they are also talking to banks about loans. Why this desperate behavior? What does he think the future is Virgin Atlantic? If he doesn't get this financial he said. This is the biggest crisis facing Virgin Atlantic since it started. He's really very clear in the first in could really go. Bus Is US Virgin Atlantic Virgin holidays. Who are we and why are we here? You See. We're not just a near Lane and a holiday company but the airline UNHOLIDAY Company and whether you've just joined or been here for years it's good to think back to how you felt when you first walk through our doors to think about what we do. Why win on how we do it and in his letters employees? He's made the argument that if it were to go bust that would be bad for the British economy. His argument is if urgent goes down that people that were Virgin Atlantic the job. But then you know it's the ripple effects it will be other jobs relying on on version. Is it flying? That's travel prices apple operators and Airbus that makes versions planes and Rolls Royce that make Engines have both written to the government pleading with them to help the Survive he's also warned. The version guys Boston. That will leave British Airways with flights to America. I mean that may have been the case when virgin started but now they're all the referee if engine Atlantic was to go under. What would it mean for its employees? What would it mean for? Its customers people who may have bought tickets with them. Virgin Atlantic does go under all of its employees will lose their jobs then. That'd be devastating. Some of them might be able to stay on and another company might buy Vij Alantic Administration. Some jobs be saved. But you know a lot of jobs will be lost to my flow is always been. If you can put your stuff your customers second Your shell third effectively in the end the shell dwell the customers. Do do better yourself a happy for people that have booked flights and visual and status. Obviously be a worrying time. The company has said that you couldn't Delay your fly and you have to pay any fees if he goes. Boston is now operator is unclear. I mean if you have paid for it by credit card then you'll be okay. How likely is it that the Atlantic look I? Boxed people are very concerned that Virgin Atlantic really could go bust. And Richard Branson himself has said that if he doesn't get this bailout from the government means that really could be for the airline and Remember the he's already had this bid for hoffer billion pounds from the government rejected. We'll have to see what version antics stumps up in. Its second bed to try and secure this money as you said Cape It. Nineteen has grounded. The vast majority of planes across the world. Will we emerge from this crisis with a number of airline companies out of business? I think it's kind of too early to be sure exactly what's going to happen. But the problem is is the the star we thought to the duration of the lockdown. There'd be no more flights but it's difficult to imagine when airlines will be fine again and then also Audi socially distance on a plane and this talks about leaving the middle seat empty but how does that affect the economics of flying especially Budget Airlines Airlines throughout the whole world. The suffering and needing a Zhen injections of cash and in some countries that governments have stepped in and provided loans and bailouts in America. There's been a bailout scheme and this talk about you know in countries where the state already owns a big state in the airline. The Dow put money in but some airlines have already gone bus like version Australia. People are expecting considerable a number of airlines not to make it out of this crisis repair. Thank you very much. Oh you're welcome. Thanks that was reported need we gave Virgin Atlantic Airways the opportunity to respond to this episode. They told us the following. It is Virgin Atlantic Airways Not Virgin Group or Richard Branson who has asked the government consider financial support on commercial terms and investment bank has been appointed to assist the process focusing on private sector funding discussions with a number of stakeholders continuing. Arkansas active. Meanwhile the airline remains in stable position our people talk unprecedented collective action to support Virgin Atlantic in this time of crisis opting into voluntary severance sabbatical unpaid. Leave spread across six months. Over Ninety. Nine percent of all people chose one of these options to help the company preserve cash and protect jobs. Virgin Atlantic is a UK registered business which pays tax in the UK. It's employs ten thousand people and contributes three hundred and fifty million pounds to HMO Aussie each year do read Rupert's reporting on all of best and that of our transport correspondent Gwen top business teams are also covering all aspects of Kobe. Nineteen impact on the economy. That's for today. My thanks to repeat this episode was produced by Hanna. More sound design was by Axel Kakuei. Yes he's back. Many of you have been asking after him. He's been off on paternity leave so huge congratulations to him and his family especially baby ease. At the Executive Producers on Occult Jackson and Phil May Not. We'll be back tomorrow

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Like a Glove: Did Michigan Just Win it for Biden?

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Like a Glove: Did Michigan Just Win it for Biden?

"It's Wednesday March Eleventh. And barring miracle it looks like Joe Biden just became the nominee. We start here on a night when Bernie Sanders needed a revival. Joe Biden invited. Just buried this thing. This campaign is taking off. And I believe we're GONNA do well from this point on. How a win in Michigan monitors completed one of the swiftest comebacks in history and what Bernie Sanders plans to do next. You can try to fight corona virus with tax cuts and telecommuting or so missing out on like the hundreds of thousands of people that come to Austin but it's not that simple for a lot of Americans what hourly workers are doing to make ends meet and if Isis is defeated. Had they just kill to American Marines? They still have trained fighters who are capable of firefighters. Like this why. Our troops are still fighting on the side of a cliff in Iraq from ABC News. This is start here Brad. Milkey in the primary race. We often think of who wins each state right. There's a reason we do that. Because in the general election. That's the way it works twin takes all that is not how the Democratic primary works though your margin of victory in every state it matters meaning when you trail in the delegate count. You can't just win states to catch. You got clobbered the other guy last night as the so called mini Tuesday got underway Bernie. Sanders needed big margins of victory narrow margin of defeat as it began though polls have already closed in three states in. Abc News can project based on exit. Polls that Joe Biden will win the Mississippi Democratic primary that was not what was happening in Mississippi Sanders got crushed as one with eighty six percent of the black vote in Mississippi and Missouri State Sanders lost a Clinton in two thousand sixteen. He was now losing by even more. But as we set all week senders. Last stand was Michigan. He was down to the polls Shir. But guess what he was down to the polls for years ago and scored one of the biggest upsets in recent history so last night at this critical moment sanders needed a win. With forty. Four percent of the expected vote reporting. We have Joe Biden with a double digit lead over Bernie Sanders again. The boats flooded in from Michigan. The writing was on the wall. Abc News can now project. That Joe Biden is expected to win the Michigan Democratic primary. This is huge news tonight. More than a comeback in my view are campaign. It's a comeback for the soul of this nation. This campaign is taking off and I believe we're going to do well from this point on. You GotTa Remember Joe Biden South Carolina Win. That was eleven days ago this morning barring a miracle. There is not a political analyst in America who does not think he will be the Democratic nominee for president so the biggest question this morning is what is Bernie Sanders going to do. Let's take you to the guy who's been by Bernie Sanders side for the last year. Abc's Adam Kelsey is in Vermont right now because I mean Adam is. This is this campaign over were bread. It's it's not like Bernie Sanders to give up very easily whether he likes to admit it or not. He is actually a career politician. He's been fighting for the same issues on his presidential campaign agenda for about forty years at this point. Do we think health care for oil? Pete is some kind of radical communist idea so we're not gonNA expect Bernie Sanders to just wrap this up and think about it this way too. He seventy eight years old. He's already getting questions about his age and about his health. It's unlikely that he's got another presidential run. Especially if the Democrats end up winning in November and it's not him in the Oval Office and I WanNa thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters trigger Tireless Energy and passion. We share a common goal and together. We'll defeat Donald trump. We'll defeat it but for now what we're hearing from. The Sanders campaign is that he is really looking forward to this. Sunday's debate in Arizona. It'll be the one chance that he gets to go toe to toe which you'll biden one on one. We heard yesterday because of Corona virus concerns That there isn't going to be a spin room or a media file. The press won't be there to distract him and his surrogates he will just get take on the former vice president on the issues for an extended period of time and with the delegate math not really looking so good for him that may be his last chance to win over the electorate. What happened here Adam because I am thinking four years ago Bernie Sanders like we get why he lost right. He was running against the woman who is like the standard bearer. The party. Everyone knew Hillary Clinton was the odds on favourite. This time around dude. Space and twenty five people beating most of them. We didn't know half their names. How did this fizzle for him so quickly? Well then might have been the problem the fact that he was facing such a wide field and I think you have to hand it to the sanders campaign. They did a pretty good job of running against that many candidates it was the forty eight hours that changed this race right before Super Tuesday. Hearing my name mentioned a little bit tonight. Judge and Amy Klobuchar. Were still in the race. Sanders was looking at a number of wins on Super Tuesday. That would have given him. Not Joe Biden this insurmountable delegate lead. There is major news tonight to candidates on the democratic side dropping out and they're about to endorse Joe Biden tonight but that last minute consolidation of moderate support footage cloche are even better overwork joining them in Texas last week to throw their support behind Joe Biden. It changed all of those races. Where warn Minnesota because Amy Globe Ajar Texas and Minnesota in Massachusetts our during well in Texas because of better law and Joe Biden? That night was the one who ended up with the insurmountable lead instead and there are still several big states left right like the problem Adam. Is that the big ones look. Even worse for Sanders Than Michigan did but my point is he still has delegates right so this morning. How does he view the math? Well I I should say this is that. Sanders has painted himself into a bit of a corner. All of the candidates were being asked this a couple of weeks ago if no one candidate passes that delegate threshold doesn't capture the nomination automatically what should happen senator centers on electrical last because I know your view on this and sanders was the one candidate who said it should go to the person with a plurality of delegates so I think the will of the people yes. There's still a very slim chance that Joe Biden won't be able to cross that threshold but Bernie. Sanders has already said that. Hey the guy in the lead should win but as your question he can still leverage some of these items on his platform and the most interesting thing about this mini Tuesday last night. Is that even in the most conservative states in the United States a place like Mississippi were sanders didn't win a majority of Democrats say they support single payer healthcare like the Medicare for all program that sanders has been pushing so maybe he holds out a little bit longer maybe holds onto his delegates he goes into the convention with a little bit of leverage and says we as a party new support. My Plan for Medicare for all something that not just is support but the party as a whole has shown they support as well and Bernie Sanders. Last night was actually supposed to address his supporters. Which of course he loves to do. Rally those folks around him. But because of Corona virus fears he actually had to cancel that rally instead taking you and the other reporters with them back to Burlington Vermont. Adam Kelsey thanks so much. Thanks Brad yesterday in Northern California the county of Sacramento made this huge decision to rethink the way. They see corona virus up until now many northern California public health officials have encouraged people who might have come in contact with a corona virus patient to self quarantine at home for fourteen days. They're saying here. If you're nervous that you might have just been on a bus with someone who turns out to have cove in nineteen career no longer going to tell you to self quarantine the only people who need to stay at home they say are people showing symptoms basically. They're saying we can't stop this any more cats out of the bag. This is no longer about containment but just taking care of sick people protecting the elderly. That is not what other communities are saying. We don't have enough tests. People can't determine if they're real or not that Senator Chuck Schumer from New York who state has now become the biggest hotspot of corona virus cases in the. Us There are now one hundred seventy three cases across the state up thirty one from yesterday. Thirty six or a New York City but the more concerning number is one hundred eight in Westchester County and the growing cluster cases in new Rochelle New York ordering the first containment zone in the US containment zone shutting down schools and major gathering places within a one mile radius in the New York suburb of new Rochelle. The National Guard will also be brought in. The governor says to assist in cleaning. It is a dramatic action. This is literally a matter of life and death. They are desperately trying to stop the spread there but in both areas on either coast. He can't really know how bad this is until people get tested and there is no single report to tell us whether that's happening will yesterday. Abc News called all fifty states directly. And we've now learned. That number is at least thousand. Six thousand think about that. South Korea is testing ten thousand people a day meaning in this country. We actually have no idea how many people have covert nineteen spoke to the White House doctor. The Guy Talented Guy. He said he's she's no reason to do. There's no symptoms no anything and yesterday. President trump said it's scare when a congressman was exposed to the virus and then traveled with him. He never saw me get tested himself to stay where we weren't protect your shipping. It does recluse industry instead. The president focused on the economy. You remember that stock market freefall. A couple of days ago will yesterday. The White House floated a new plan to reduce the financial burden on people. Being told stay home from work the payroll tax holiday is a bold move. It's a very bold move and this has always been bald president. And that's gestion boosted the markets. The only thing is this very plane is getting pushback from Democrats and Republicans on the hill. Who say this barely scratches the surface of the steps? We should be taking you. Giraffe doesn't do a whole lot for people who are losing out on shift. We've been talking all week about white collar jobs telecommuting while a lot of Americans can't do that right. The hourly worker at the shoe store. The restaurant waitress the flight attendant. A third of Americans. Now make money in the GIG economy. So what do you do for them? Michelle Ralph Senate comes to us now from Austin Texas. She was slated to make a lot of money during south by southwest will guess what it's been cancelled so Michelle. Thanks for being with us. Yeah no problem. What is Your Day Job Michelle? Like what would you be doing this week? If it weren't for this virus I would be bartending events downtown. It's an event only space and we get like we got hundreds if not thousands of people that come through for south by but since it's not happening I'm completely out as an event space meaning. It's not just like a bar would be less crowded you'd still have maybe some regular you're saying the events just get canceled. There's no one there. I know getting zero nothing at all. How did you find out that you didn't have work this month? I'm well I had been talking with my general manager about it because I help her manage as well And she was just like. I'm not sure like they're still like everything is kind of an air. Nothing's official and declared a local disaster. They're talking about rescheduling or doing like a virtual thing that effectively cancels south by South West For this year but then finally like within like three days after the kitchen was announced she said that just nothing was gonNA happen. Can I ask you a personal question? How much money like do you get paid hourly pipe paid by the shift? I mean how much money are we talking about here I get paid hourly When I manage I make a little more. So it's like thirty bucks an hour and it would have been like seventy hours and some plus tips for this month like we make like what we would make in like three or four months source out your local vendors here in Austin. Melissa Minto is on the Board for the International Live Events Association. She said she gets why. The city cancelled but wants people to think local now. So there's like things happening around town like businesses are reaching out to people that lost their gigs. So I mean that's really nice to have that community but we're still missing out on like the hundreds of thousands of people that come to Austin calling for payroll tax relief and I think most important of the president is heart. We WanNa make sure that hourly workers hard-working blue-collar Americans that may not have paid family. Leave today when you hear about like lawmakers are talking about cutting your payroll taxes right. So that's the taxes that show up social security Medicare income tax shows up in your paycheck but zero percent of zero dollars. This month is still zeroed. So you might get a tax break next April but I. I don't know what are the sort of things you're looking for to help you get over the finish line here. I mean yeah I feel like I feel like the city should help out service industry people that were like especially like for me like this is my only job is Gig only like you know so I mean for the other. Bartenders are still making their money. But like for people that just pick up event shifts. I'm just totally out. I feel like there should be some kind of insurance or coverage or something that like helps us out at least a little bit. You know now today the House Speaker and the Treasury Secretary Huddled for about half an hour to try and come up with a recovery plan options on. The table include enhancing unemployment insurance or providing paid. Leave too sick employees but it is not clear if the president is going to get on board today. How are you GonNa make ends meet them? Like what are you GonNa do well? I do a lot of other exercise. Things like I sell vintage clothing. I make skin care products like I have all these other little things I do and sell markets around town as well. I think people will come out and support like on my event page. I have like five hundred. People interested are going Event next Sunday so I'm hoping they actually come out and we continue to see cases in just like this. Michelle are not as simple as Oh. I hope. Her company gives her paid leave. Because like you so many people don't get that you also have the GIG employers like a door dash but at a statement yesterday saying if one of our workers is put under quarantine or as diagnosed with potentially deadly disease. We'll give them two weeks assistance but not necessarily anything for the person who says you know? I just don't feel comfortable serving patrons right now at say a bar. Michelle Roulston in Austin. Good luck. Thanks for speaking with us. Thank you talked about. Events getting cancelled small business impact will huge corporations are also canceling business as usual as well. Americans urged to cancel or reconsider travel plans to Europe and Asia. Korean align said the virus outbreak could put it out of business United Airlines announced. It is planning on cutting twenty percent of their flights in May because they're getting the clear indication. No one's going to want to fly and we saw just how chaotic it can get this week when ABC's foreign correspondent James Longman flew into Italy to cover. What's happening there? Only the suddenly find himself in a country. That's going on lockdown itself so James Joins us now James. Where are you by the way did you? You did get out right In an AIRBNB on isolation now in central London. I made out of Italy on the last flight the last British Airways flight out and it was packed with people very strange. How does that work that? You're traveling to a place that suddenly goes under quarantine. I mean like if I do that is their chance. I'd just get stuck somewhere so it was a very strange situation because the day before I actually arrived in Italy and there was no one on my plane. There were literally eight or nine of us in the ASS. Judas sort of said to us she hadn't seen it this bad since nine eleven. A lot of people will just kind of worried about any kind of air travel. The idea of being in a big Tin Canada skied breathing in everyone else's did not appeal and so a lot of people were staying away from airplanes and airports and then the next day at Rome's Fuming Chino apple after having been totally deserted. It was absolutely round. They're all people everywhere and it looks very clear that a lot of people trying to get out of it today and he just hundreds of people bad with mosques loaded up Vij typical scene in an apple but just very very busy indeed because they weren't sure where they stood from. You realize I'm going to be able to do that by when that time. These really drastic measures came in Shutting Down Italy. All of the internal flights Accounts sold on some of the international ones. And you censor our borders. Just GonNa grow and grow. He then suddenly had this mad dash and people had to make just get on any flight they could even if it meant not directly home. It meant that they would just kind of taking any fly out of the country that they could connect them on. So what's the plan? So you'RE GONNA leave you're GonNa get a boss later at stead because you'll plans here kind of ruins and if you think about the issue about spreading a virus that in and of itself isn't very good you know if you're going to an extra location. We shouldn't otherwise be going. Yeah all of a sudden gather. So so what are the chief concerns in Italy than right now James? Because I think people are looking at Seattle they look at New York. They wonder what is the tipping point for when this would seem out of control? So how did they evaluate their? Yeah I think just if you continue. The prime minister basically felt that he had to get out ahead of it. The decision fast. That's all of Italy. Should stay at home. There was a sense that every kind of measure that was being taken was just a couple of steps behind whether virus was going. The government is desperate to avoid corona virus impacting other parts of the nation. The way it has the north putting pressure on an already overstretched health system in Italy as a hugely disproportionate number of people in the seventies eighties nineties. Getting sick or who were dying and Italy has the second oldest population on earth and I think there really is a sense in Italy that the senior population are under attack a lot of Italians themselves y y Italy and I think there's some truth in the idea that older people tend to live with their families in Italy. It's not like here in Britain. Perhaps in the United States where we pack off all people into nursing homes they live with their families and so this idea perhaps that younger people who are more mobile. Don't get necessarily get sick. But they can spread the virus and then older people are more susceptible to it and a less able to survive it so you have this kind of deadly concoction of mobile people spreading it. An older people getting sick much more quickly. The number of hospital beds that you need. When this truly spirals out of Control James in an airbnb somewhere like you got like tuna fish stocked up James. What was Funny Brad? I arrived and the only thing in the cupboard pasta and tomato sauce. I'm not even kidding. All right well James James. Finding some inventive cooking recipes. I hope right now James Good Luck and thank you. Thanks next up on start here. I thought I didn't have any territory left. So why do two Americans get killed in a turf war? Is there something preventing you from achieving? Your goals is work related stress or insomnia slowing you down better help. Online counseling securely connects you with a professional licensed counselor log into your account anytime too easily schedule video or phone sessions and securely exchange unlimited messages with your counselor. It's therapy two point. Oh support wherever you are whenever it's convenient and start here listeners. Get ten percent off their first month of better. Help with the code here started. Now go to better help dot com slash here talking about government officials being prematurely optimistic a sack of the Middle East. Because we've seen mission accomplished moments we've seen were pulling out of Afghanistan moments and back in December of twenty eighteen. President trump shocked his own military when he announced we have one against Isis. He said troops were coming home. Only thing was a few days later. He said Isis is largely defeated a month. After that he said the caliphate will soon be destroyed. Will this week this group? We've been fighting for years now. Which experts agree lost basically all of its land still managed to kill American Marines in Iraq? They were just identified yesterday. Abc's Louis Martinez is at the Pentagon right now. So how did this happen? We're talking about is an isolated hockey devices remnants in northern Iraq. They're there and they are trying to reconstitute themselves. And what the. Us and Iraqi forces are trying to do is prevent that they can get strong enough so that they can push out from there and try to rebuild that caliphate. So what we're talking about is an isolated area in northern Iraq. A team of Marine Raiders at Special Operations Forces Unit from the Marine Corps Vaber company an elite Iraqi unit. They were there to try to flush them out of a cave complex. We're told that it was almost a sheer face. Almost vertical fighting In this case and encountered an intense firefight. And when the end what we had was to American Marines who were killed four others who were wounded And Nineteen Isis fighters who were killed and yesterday depending on identified those two marines. I want to start by extending the department's condolences to Gunnery Sergeant Diego Pungo and Captain Voices Novice and their families who were killed in Iraq. Supporting Operation Resolve. We are privileged by these marine service. An ultimate sacrifice for the country or told it the fighting was so intense that the elite Delta Force had to be actually called in to try to help those fighters fighting Isis and and try to get the bodies out of there so just a reminder of how dangerous isis can be even though they've lost all that territory in Iraq and Syria They still have trained fighters who are capable of firefights like this because I was told. Isis has no territory right that the real threat here is isis. Does have territory in Afghanistan right. They do have a presence in Libya Egypt and these but the real problem we were told is is online right where they're still inspiring extremist attacks around the world but is the idea that they don't have territory in Iraq. Is that just wrong? They still have territory in Iraq and Syria. But it's in the desert areas. It's hard to reach areas and that's where the US and the Syrian of our partners in the Iraqi military. WanNa keep them so they know where they are and they want to target them so that they don't expand out of those areas because they know they're in small numbers it is imperative that we maintain unrelenting pressure on Isis in Iraq and Syria. Just as we help prepare the Iraqis to do so for the long term so militarily. They are not a threat but the concern. Is that as you're right? They can export terrorism into those countries or even beyond their borders because they're still pose a threat online but US military the Iraqi military and the Kurds in Syria They want to go after these isis because of those concerns but as we've seen here there still a formidable fighting force when they have to be so the fights. Go on in Iraq as well as you said in Syria Louis Martinez at the Pentagon. Thank you thanks Fred and one last thing yesterday in good morning. America exclusive Uber announced. It has become the first major ride sharing company to install a safety feature. That sounds simple texting with nine one. One let's say were way off course. I don't know where we're at. I'm not feeling safe. Hit this little badge in the APP. Hear our clientele actually tested this by taking a newborn. I don't worry the driver was in on this. Will a camera crew watched on with Los Angeles Nine? One one dispatcher. I'm gonNA tell him. Hi Clayton I seen you near four three zero nine Larisa Avenue. And if you're thinking why would I need an APP to contact nine? One one? Dial the number will there have been plenty of cases where getting driven to more and more remote location and it feels like it's already too dangerous to confront the driver plus and this is where La officials who piloted this program. Say It's already save lives. An APP is able to crucially. Send information you might not know the top of your head who tells dispatchers that. I'm in a silver KIA. Sorrento gives the license. Plate gives my current location and my destination on the other. Hand the text to nine on one feature. It's been available for years in several states. Hundreds of counties across the country. So critics of Uber say well. This trove of data is great. This could have come way sooner. They say lift which is testing. Its own silence. Alarm and several markets is way behind both companies. Say they also screen. They're drivers for safety and both offer a shortcut to calling on one one year old fashioned way building on our Cova nineteen bonus episode this weekend starting today. You can check out the daily podcast from. Abc News called Cova. Nineteen what you need to know so all those questions. You've been wondering have still not been answered out there. There will be a new episode every afternoon to check that out. Wherever you get your podcast got questions. Also tweet US at start here. Abc will pass them along. I'm Brian nookie tomorrow This country filled with anxiety and questions asked really effective in protecting you. From Corona virus as corona virus continues its relentless spread across the country. We WanNA help and give you the latest information. I'm Aaron Katersky from ABC News. And I'm hosting a new podcast called Cova. Nineteen what you need to know. Surface cleaning does work each week day. We call on our chief. Medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton and other experts to respond directly to. What's on your mind about this virus? It's Kovic nineteen what you need to know a new series weekday afternoons on your favorite podcast APP.

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Eu Tava L #114 - MAIS AMIGOS BIZARROS DO RICARDINHO (com Ricardinho Lilja)

Eu tava la

39:25 min | 7 months ago

Eu Tava L #114 - MAIS AMIGOS BIZARROS DO RICARDINHO (com Ricardinho Lilja)

"Zula he's just came up. I guess you start as recipient dot com. I started in. This period is quite indentity. Muskets Cebu Dassault's Atari installers Nasional. Feerick only eat a main akin to fear in his commissionership logic geologist gaseous commodities. Use Viacom. Cut THOSE SOLDIERS. Naseem on the pillow means put us a house Zona. According t sting you is also gives. His team is appreciate live on polk wisely thirteen and Barbara's if Ezekiel was age fee suport key Owen Owen. Cousteau's son Dot Avellaneda. She gets squeezed still dodging Putin now. A bag olive producers Sephardic whereas you in house John. I don't know although broiler Lou Brock Eloquence. Should I probably cards dodge traffic? My Zelaya ENDOWMENT IS DOLLAR SPOUSE. They thought to whom are quoting physiologically de away through Sims. Boys Mazes gyp is arduous asked US our allies. Iago rich fulcher intentional approach Does your same preface this project so specialty guy who started guys by the CEO of those Muslim but she PGA format of got usua- he can't jukebox. People are gonNA START AS BIZARRE MUCUS BIZARRE GENE ENCOURAGE VIA. Moma got to fill me. Doing smokers are more than the sue mask on the bench. Portalegre bizarre I know saw lose because bizzaro still Komu Stars Schmidt Garden author. Pasta is is status to encourage. You might start history. I'm almost premier. But it says the cowboys too happy to seek out this is inclusive Jabbar serious keystone quilt of our life has inspired account Cinco McCain. As gas you know Peak Bay Achieve you can work vets used initiative on the Internet. Because you've Fussy leader. Universal can't sit by it's GONNA BE BE FORGED. Barciela bug political beekeepers Ruge Accountable. Range goes visible software. As opposed to parliament's poke mice Brat. Budget bullet it. Bugger Fuzzy parcel meant this Luis. Sepulveda Makeup Betas Fiji near the soccer data. Parker Theater Clouds Utah Pick in winters. This big issue begs Buddhists who studied Vandeweghe Bosch pick be fathered by sober. Show ME SEATTLE SANDWICH PASSAGE BUGAH meal to go cash Bake Ingram. Eagles will supply jeopardise movement. Professor Rebecca. Milton that this year and be part of this vote but I would commend me okay. She begged us a seizure. Wassenaar developed by sharp ear Gore. Yes now it is on the move is seen Santa colored. This was not due to inform. Educate you bake privacy Queens. Erase Boras functionality diets doppler catchy owing those talk motor sketch bags but as repugnant minority boys to buy dodds retook. Inside your up onto La Baja. I seen combat pig. You Do Miser. Dutch budget for the schools on a school to borrow Sosnowska to be present. Who Soon Dodge? Nas More Luda prophylactic blew into the biggest moments quoting the book was GonNa say stood that he started out of personnel. You're seeing was a little pharmacy mayes. You MMU support for us. It deals at our gym us. Not a Cisco Systems Tribute Zay. Visconti's good use Dana Vasu. Don't that a science marketing. Dow Design You X. Twitter Front Change Brosseau more by you might as well as a keystone just coming to this. Blue new premium premium blues. You plan a mock Unisys. Goosey is Ali Jabel the former white proxy building thing. He has scored in Iran. Deal is a little bit of Baba was some Biota Voila TRAVEC link to us. Disciplines will get Millar as picked out she s when this dodge choices is mucus go sale died who Cielo getting chewed dodge Lou. It a message twelve conclusions. You call the poison Llano Quill Miceli going. Okay I gotta say is awesome is legal zoom's got about Carrageenan. You've started mucus. Bizarre who do ecology Aloe EA Caramel Candy. Quilter NQADU KIEF assessments Sach Miskin on follow your combat the assistant coach pursuant to physically not Avella Facia Padova original mass mass. But he never kind of winter. Hba FELUCCA MIGO CASPI. Castro may contain winter inch because the program and zeroes leaving Kevin Johnson Burgee Licko Alcott for Keno uses. Augments your Saturday Boys Voiceovers mucus bizarre. To Ukiah won't connect is looking moguls. Esa Manage your kind of talk to Queen Mayo. Kim were very few our McCoy's UNI SAY GEICO COM IS. I know liberty to me massage. Ichi inclusive killer blow augment starters as DC desiging Wispy Aldo? Th- of a LA GUARDIA NOT SAVOY UCLA soon with Avella. Oc for new. It is I just saying she. From global's Miller is more Mansa Jemaine. Ida's moved me onto Smith Alaska demise machine. That budget could end up with. If you make brewster as bizarre. Ya Gustav Mauler. Jovica has been with humanity cabal to stock deliver. The Bangles Gra Sawn. Alkyl but on the talk we remain at Amazon sold. Six Billion Connect Jakarta. They literally. Who would you trust your magazine? A lot of the city continued into Salon. Live on to San Vicente native optimizing stretch Manda is most will proposal the budget doc in Gaul Cada Olympic should fall look through the es Augusta's status you. We know from Mexico. Must Dismiss start. It was missed premiers burns. Ge Oil Bay couple Shuzo by Tony goes by August. She's meals shutout partner with a career. Say I'm sure what you care of eastern off bucs who's look really icicle taper. Microphone and come to day refunding for California's wants sequel Royal Perry. You shall we say Richie. Fatal old will fat loss. Akiva SHORTAGE CEO shortage goes to bike shocking. That I'm allowed to show Q. Moscow could get me. You'll talk Moscow's us at the Indian you ever. Seen Piloted Product Book. You talk with your low. At his age you'll his image big Yuma Guitar. Indeed you must is out now. Nouveau low Saint Pataki simple engine. Eilon Your Dad going to a commission Dr. You'll know Through Village Qasim palliate on the IMF is my Liuqiu United Rica. Kelly Nego- spreads into coaching Kazuyo pilot. Ceo Leo Laura Z quantity. That's them abroad. Cyprus Bra you. International Costa Boise is your fusible. Piloting Cars Balaji United to kind of Travel Vij only beer else of earth. Whatever would appear soccer hostage? But yet I watch you know senator. Which will you Cook Your Pravo? Nobody will be a pilot as vita got it. Start AS Roma's absurd. He's still residential. Tomas Chamorro AG- Converse in through the civic unlimited here to follow up here via launching toward the Social Tau in foster doesn't see almost winters dads they organised speaking on team. We demand to see our Galileo. Valco prepared Moscow's infested up Africa Festival. Citizen Tampering me episode. Lantana Norsar Kabakov. A premier other but fast illusion. Salau have asthma. Had the middle evening. Trofim email buster neo cat of data. You might measure not pork promoted shining game pasta this okay vitamin bullying or the procedure off your list. Not a moment. Decision James Ohio and the stability meals the not with. Us always reviews. Maybe this is our regular control. Ideals Smithfield my Kentucky Caverns Electric was a Cisco came on this little country will add inch. Gash. Another high out early grease let me watch e and not have the Libyan asthma talking to this new and put 'em obamacare as much as the uses that Patterson had much of his Arab on the ladder. Put Your Daddy Daddy. My Daddy Drove Chihuahuas us. Keep New Mexico. Plotecki Ford the WHO knew miles air force housatonic genre style does boat gorgeous chicken and insist emily. Who Cares Little Calkins Jim? You'll ski descent Person Sake. Es someone to Patterson and the match tomorrow. Much era cumulus. Donald Fisher was much. 'cause you know missy cosmodrome. They Will Article v Jeon. Ch The falcons Assume don't go. Look at Galvan. Much accord taverns feels electricals e Cayenne. Hear the MSCI. Your health care at the moment. You gotTA speak up working group as fast as kissing some of you out had not so long as intially citizen got his final bash. Situ the bathroom is what. Okita VISTA QUINONEZ WAS. Follow Foot and for you. We'll we'll also hear about the water. Mcmeel Gilbert Murray. I'm e the fast. Floyd wouldn't you call Gene Oskar Maceo the fast in your view side Throw ally for overview of custodial cume who have much credit saison spin gotTA The the one who got a concern of advocacy to audible. Odyssey floppy right. How lucky with evolves from urge that S- started deals the cut the amount cut a don't use docs markup original Daniel Care View. William Too Annoying. Al's perishable so the Lena do you do start an sees. Its data is working on homework to talk our view of the Amazonian Coca for Torelli Ila. See here's Viola. Google Dave fails must must must blockers and Eve as my master's occupational who got deploys. Akc JEREM each contested. Walk with the C- could you know sober dystopian? Muscat's sober reviewer. To same automated with your courage. Attackers Fair. My Visit Asia Available Rescue Bustle Colombian aligned view. We choose a new give specific gravity surgery among Muslim. Uku Ed as usual squarely in Portalegre Mazu Lou Garrick our Wenjie Illinois CEO anger over. Yeah I think view Qua- situation Hillsdale version large daily. He spun into Overti- Cooker Range Police. The Abbot cash released a digital. If asked Felicia is okay oatmeal Minnesota. Hhs Garages Okay. Kyoto's okay okay. Gino simply Ashra portage point up. Rakhi my audience into gouges. No bill coaches my zoo station. Which is the by Muscle Day? You Camille she's Co Seib his immune with Something we should g deals but fit it goes. I won't Budet Second Little Guy. WouldN'T CALCUTTA W to call Lago? Democracy Model Village Reduce Omega Muslim. Barbie is see. She's okay. Got So alumina Avocado Kayla shoveling game. That you'll so you're saying Scott viruses around back. And say here in Beijing got severe does Rog macadear Energy Ichi. If both guy how much he had to maintain familiar to message capital. Dhaka Cory. Look I've you gotTA DO Guam? You got he don't care if I couldn't. I assume AROD Google yeah bachmina antidote. You have been fit. Never Sofi tatum. Am Yoga Chick. Fil yogic Kook Foods. Your Business Editor Pearl of the community believe also taught me home over the e view in the person. Luca Canal car yellow tomato going cast booth who got incoming calls L. A. B. Fas knuckleheads. Potala Germany Edgy committed limousine would Ya. John mcmeel fizzing Boom Adela. Cheap yelling squad were put. You Look Salah Masa. Let's get a daily out of companionship. Now Roman microsystem procurement system which Ramirez Fan Festival for most dependable four G. I would you to you up to Caesar's give I take an combatant somewhere. Shattered Wadad Chatrier Kalfa but Adams cobblers got no by by Lou. Ross Committee meeting Paul. Our Moscow yes. Why did you did you choose all muscles to auto call? Saguenay Unit Premier Premiere Cosmological. Resort has zero is not as usual gotta number so far later. Mutual Monica Carnival. He has no no ill. Portalegre Anthony In Geneva give features magical Rebel film to go to the U. Thousands of yards flatter early phase. It in Tom. Kept Ryan held. The amount only taught how his our Aqazadeh Disappointing wage block as a couple the bacon gene persona cookie checkers litter. How will want to showing where baggage bristles kosher matches Khuzdar Toshiya equal to check as we thought out Kyoshi gauge to macomer edge opinions? You've got a cousin but I think as an opera out much coma sides Kubrick Youssou scalable because using prieto the wounds will take Kabul in the US on cooking nuke consume wars kinky per commencement schools. In Juta confirmed rattle do you remember Sephardic saintly all of you? Podcasting followed Mucus Gillman. Bottom of women by site there by Ephraim Smoking by the Bar Gene Kranz. God reaches the familiar. And I can't put my company my Jeff wage of the ankle. Show see Swab Arba will McClellan was the scene I e kind of not quitting tentative Q. Can ANYTHING ABOUT ABOUT BARBARA in the team phenomena elephant COMMU whole out of this in the more into Rela audio compliment? Keller Guelfi Qassim. Pretty by seem to my scooted. He'd kill me. Y'All Gordon according to talk about in the spiritual peculiar STU Marva Fuzzy Bahrain. Gaza simply follow. Nobody bear he talk missiles of complications. Sosonkin singing to be. I was a kid moved up to Moammar SOPA. Sopa quantity soaking followed Luther Bizarre kid to team two team that the media media same. Same Range AS Roma's Luca. Sober put the post puzzle. Learn Antos Shapiro me. Go North Avenue and being chicken autumn which Guru Shampoo individ- bottled cheeky sparce e and with Komo News Guitar Hospice's starting to launch. My combat. Chilean almost goes orders. Yes visa theme. Siemian revolves new. Today will you say tomato must have come to address? You'd Cuomo at the episode Ellen. Brookings Disobedient Metromedia of confidence fossa visit because he gets for Muslims for two thousand PASA requests gaming etc. To take what could we must not too fast. Because don't just assume you say eighteen quizzes skiing suffice. It went to Lhasa and glasses. You this McCafferty yielding in Prosciutto. No money out of the car to me onto especial means to them to put it on their voice cafe APP York. The moon will kill jockey yellow which Don Carlos Correa Leash removed vice. Y to think with the amount of Work Gamer and cafe. Tremendously no boarding combined Jew their hub. Kosher dill this mice could be some mustard angel by three emmy my notepad strategy by if they could just religion despised premier GotTa you gotTa keep me how to look in a beetroot on the faculty present. Husky washes from Winter League. Alcott Cure Am. I Share Mommy. Truth SPECIS TOWARD PROCESS. Sheriff CUISINE ERRORS. May as my staying spurlock reasoning game. Talk everybody and may be the very muskie thing Dane phobic our follies to compete with Myers. Adamant stowing Thought Still Game E. Lou gaming for compound America's Venus wrenches illicit computer for his tower Scott Pruitt wintel ago and see how Lonzo aboard to her to their lane. Good now I my brand new Melle Mel Gi. I'll you've got years you'll meet big Bill Baugh million-plus sports you miserable. No realty who working out you see. Go to Kelly pig out a coca quizzical. Mabul. I'll tell. Jj gotTA deleted my started. Starting Star could your supporting Kelly. Taverna BRUCE DO BRASIL OFFICE GONNA take. Dange Lambda Lambda F. We might Russia Asia character. Who Do Chima cover see local movie super capone components e Kabul? Lloyd Dow? If we moved there is more of an issue Williams Nypd Kelly justice I do. Game Will Masili sow vogue AGLIETTA branchini yellow historic. W. In the late via deserters. Forget what is at Austin is Doku the happiness diploma Steve Mottram Start. At least I last original motion was busy but he's still a nicer preserving that his job he is doing is complete arms to the Hukou look better. Gla Kazan Miller Jackson e not Russell containing bodies to host to visit Motel Motel contaminants Gondoliers Melanesia Mir listenable. Jia goes to US Theorem in. The woman was getting back to him in prison. Combat allows decision that was extensively in Alami Essay. Died but the bus Michelle back to your has Atlantica listenable Agip Vera bras baths royally bunch if she was worth appropriate Lewis Commission although todd McCullough as well to sue the party L. separates conveyed batmobile agenda. The moisture started to notice. How you care Minimus if it cannot tell Dooley's middle income airport Karak in moments you remember. They have to report quiz. What Ellie Mae Palestinian Moscow Sanchez to show the average brown risk sculptures with children juvenile By found Montvale see you're not keep in mind. Don't Mr Ferman daughters twice Kinky we distort you to move things into the assist every year ohno as similar to Nisa porky. I know I'm here. They SORTA as as as as Cuccia modell's particular Makarem. Each here is that I ask you say gossip. Affiliate Apercus is going to get sued. Whoa BIZARRE BIZARRE. Duma Montgomery being rigid equestrian quite exam. Gumi as each defeats. The plus. You can poke my school's Marzia which Memphis Jiechi feerick. Publica in mice Takada Vice. It's Bijal this is suggested as recording to England. Issue Somkiat consoles markings just muscle man. See Kill you. The sake of the sisters in via the Bena navigate the principal leader L. E. V. A. Winter Storm Jesus Elysium and being trumpcare world impossible commonly Fuzzy swind as TAT and lusted. Bill's Greatest Kubo sinker literature. Simple Murad origin but you must let you cuckoo Cuckoo. This guy is h e Calculating Device Abigail Kumasi He. The fava can food delivery which Alkan Lanzi cutback comforted Atari lift covering Italy happier unusual top of witchcraft? Nevada deal. You can look look so it was not in classical will mountains cover some cheers peniche. Whatever should enter for math eat again? Pickle Cavalier Hero whose those the morning go quail massacre. Jacuzzi does no one L. Moody. You might get acid seal. Look Shamas look I suppose you. Who's your g? You usual estimated Muslim pills ability. Washington elite Super Cobras own is under the bus by merely live avocado analysis yearly. Peja Vikas al Qaeda Salva Bill It'll come with Kazan. Bechtel built upon. You're but you gotta back to this team on Jewish total buyer. Who the again seeing. Billy's pedometer rooms of Anthony. Government would seem more personnel dodgy Gotti cattle due. The hoosier came for permanent. I mean if q deputy Scott would you mice? I'm US Dave Logan. Walkways Philippe loop is GonNa Start a casino teenage to to Olympic Park. Yong Chapel is not so much urging chip Kastrati pissing easily gonNA catechal followed you. Start as a huge contest. Rules Dummy Symington Whitlow Mutawa. The same huge your interesting. You'll go sandwich. I the don't budge catch. Twenty thousand at overview. This'll Mitch misogyny stars has to get the Georgia specials logos which for us on is may of course people values zone pretend about at Stanford buttons attain got a touchback items. Because there's other knowledge he to die for the for you for your Cook Chill Doppler to corporate alarmism Abso- his is designed to expand. Boys you always gotta value see because you can try to destroy the movies. He tweeted tweet teen age. Domes went to day in Ohio. Scientist surgeon general this targeted stucco. He losin blue EMU. Team facebook demand. It He Kajima Uson. It was safe for the moment of our controlled schism on AOL. He was asked to GM. Jamais on-call started compassionate. I saw totals short like I will leave it to Jeanne in major jolly little success or suitable and throughout the Lincoln American's interests to vessel stealing the show via Luca but I saw him aboard initially. Yes alas over tacky style rental courage because bizarre. He's Symbols Amigos. Bizarre bizarre humour yet bizarre. Who said you are more of the things? You Calm Quercia miles. We're GONNA quarterback view. Perky would settle. Look he remind them about spousal budge guests. You've gotta this over. He thanked me Oviedo. Heat shakiness wounded. Y'All got Travolta Lancome of ziplock summation fear Moslem brand KIA multiple defining lavar beans Moses D'Amato's quit as equal as his nieces boys Mrs PRESCOT JR Acquiring Tina Sue. Jd the issues laments kingsteignton powder Monte use. We'll see we'll see a forest initial of Your Ghost. Dawa we spoil Iraqi security bus until the Nova's mowing braves to desert. I'm the my pleasure of our weeks ago saying the last night is was. Is Your Ford Fikile? Drink really quick for us is either. We've lost interview. You will see us over the term to exposure case as multi billion the sound that pod lab budget lab buttock on bond today.

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#58  Metendo a cara nos Estados Unidos!

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#58 Metendo a cara nos Estados Unidos!

"Quick avert either. American! I can sell you. Do Base we've MISO program do. Other so I do voice shaky this which might of yours? With other kivel controversies zoo cutting storage, the meaning of the premier's you Dan Saban car. Really can't. He's just saw. Norman they'll. Say VINO COMEX AT THE Alley. Don't follow. Get Them Nassiriya. Lynch stood up phillies. Up Regime Combine, you'll go farther by his body for that line as you savage. Back with. More. Than Two, thank. We don't walk my happy dimensional. WHO's your thoughts? That's. A. Speed the. Big Overseas though judge you will see. Them. Crossbar Cedar Mo- Omit Tomato Complete tacky. Not Saban Kadam I've who catechin Maestra Dome of solid you Paul's point own, thank you. Why don't you tell me than up I got? Somebody. Who through Dobro copays thing too much. Meeting okay mid to face Moldova. Agents finished. Seem. Long as occasion sheep by. CISCO CISCO GRANDEUR Middle Kiki saint-pierre on us. How Genes Eileen court cheer questions. They really his will dass cars, and they seem mood. They only see me the noval up at the hell the truth. Turn to balance a program miserly Jim J. Male. Of UK die down Cisco Profile Vote Morte. CATACOMB exit that. You're interested. In keeping. Get. To win see. Say. They'll cooperate. Janecek stomaching quit she. ACL Do not matter. Does Evoke Musavi Don. Allison you? Max At what I. Shoe. Villa's. Out Either Geckos? Nine epcos sent you. Won't you quit sick? Customer meeting decides. Size you. May. Qualify for. Good Essay for this study. who got cheated? Cucuta David. Got Cheer is the time it's up. sheely endorsed putting the idea you. Enjoy. VINCI's? Don't. Even. She prefer simple if I got Adam Musset. Tops play my. But she be allowed. To. Queen on for this is. Mike see some. Number one laugh. Don't you implemented airplanes and he basic George W G Don King? On the. Voice going to feel. So! Don't. Day someone. Shannon is now the key. At your office. Feature Percents Shimon thinking more phone probably. Ford. After the my, we'll save the mood. Swing. Seen. To. Interest Mental Logo. Boy! I mean the guy and. Hit the. Kids don't. which is. down. On the shopping claudio. Sanchez. A Perez Star. Shaquille A by. Gail. Listen sequentially. Only Sell A. Savvy consenting adults thing so thin that perfect. As we. Jump On. The voice as you say, qualify for court action, pro course little guy in. The crowd of. People. That will come slept. For conceptual. Casino. Semi. Biden oversee. Quickly we iman up inside or. To Beg assaulted by. Your home by myself. Sipping dossier sale odds took Dorji. Luc- here is. Kid Nico Mischievous at voiced by. Previous is. Not Hell musty Miami. Senior bookies was what say these. Continue Open Dome was second. Just my spirit's McGill. Oversee. US. Bottle. Phone. Chevik. Was Quick. Era in the ozone the to tonight dailies under JIM is. What I saw him, Sukey down of the cuisine Gosh bought. Super move lots of. Cocaine cocaine. Beacon tombs are seen even. Own VW BUG so. Being. Fights if I speak. BOCCI semi somebody DVR can keach. Try Walkways and. Cupolas each pool, so be! America Lewke for. Scores through Australia with Aviv inconvenience. Give me some is. Because I, knew people numbers. They already forced. Enough as OBIQUA. Theme. tweeted. The. Considerable are hell is a song by DISAPP- so tissue. down. Cubs Akilah. Novato present escaping. No my life will bang. Dolly Bush effectively ended up Yukio Gusty sobre. Almost Luckily Talon considerable last Kara Dodgy. This follow. People see. These lookie chaplain to Silla you. Deserve a keeps issue. Go live from. The Cottam. Kiki mad of the Old Colorado? To? 'cause engineered a unless. You won't per the doll at how other that Tom Michael Douglas's Shigella. Butter, some, we'll see green. All of the ALYSSA'S YOU THIS DALLAS DAUGHTER! Dong, advocacy or square? This is why it doesn't. Seem to say compared the mechanical press quizzes. Key doesn't mutation. You might say God worked out the he might have any bit. Is You for Physical v? Water. Sound. was dictated by. June associate with Mesaba. The Blessed Bunka Akabusi. Secretary saved. By. Name is as by myself. I was Biden. But I thought I was I was a little pills out. They gotta Sup- GIG that consent. He is feasible. Saddam gotten defeating. Out. Was it. Sound. Don't. Of course there are key issue surgical capacity. Jeff has a lot. The Boston's a little bit lizzo. Tunsil suge. Allowing whatever? You know soap, or did you hear my? Cescentino bed welcome causal free. Updated fumes. Trump is aiming link limited. Says scene no so praise. My apartment was at this show was abiding with. Passenger was see at Chittagong photography set the fumble Masada by the way to look at Qisas July Lucas es-escalade. Poison Bay at implicated him to my odyssey, but man ikemoto person is squinched. was unanimity in your? Body. It was Casey. What's up? Boys was out. That is of. Success from mice mice. Communism while my deputies. Thank you Jim you can't. You heightened. Donald Place mice local news? Interesting dollars does interesting point the. easiest. Choice You don't donate. Helming to obey say it helped me. Turkey file match accuses gas. Possess those with progress occur basing all who? The. Solvency. Did you hear my west. Says in the sick saggy. What is ample Interim Sample Fuzzy Zoeller with my own. Down? SESSILE COO's Events Dilemma Union. But interesting documents. Also injured. I don't. Hold on. June juicing gum and it went supersonic. Says to maintain. Cardoso Saiki Lousy -squitoes June cutaways. Whatever. Decision. On My. With! Sort of. Saas quizzes. Board thus. Eating. Into these day. Just. F on the. A. Big. Pook am. Kidding. Orders, thus commuters, easy fish I am is as cuisine avenue was cuisine thing. As was his son was. Pro to a gun. Control down booking. She'd be without the quiz. Kind of meal Robert Misogyny Arazi known. Am I SPLIT UP Sanoh Center? Yes, mislabeled Oh. Guys giving Joel Markel Meet Unfamiliar A. was there when I bust. Men's doodles Schick was able to Branca's was. It was so sacred to the push button thousand as Nice. For some. Kuzina is age was a up guessing durant you today, US straight screaming designers. Will have a bomb ancient. Someone. WHO's facilitating the visit? You might be a Lotta talked about be. genetical will hear division genetic ferment. Don't stop Up. Love for up. Until. I was lacking by side hand is. Is. Is that done each eighty Jackson. Whatever willing to. Out of the guy that you? Kiss but by seating wintertime zone Chialo fighter too fast. Grill, events that are. Key for. Them. And into mice. University. Chantha virus. OCULUS is the CEO. Will designer kings. India. What you into. which would fight but see? We got our own. That is a couple of economy do that. Ask each. Akabusi from strong, saving for The. Dailies get to the buffet born Muslim. Thing won't be should be home. Painting they consider level SIP. I was ahead of the community zone. Yellow. Underneath. Our topic philmont multiple zone. Rooster and we're going to be. T seen was Kaba. Specials moved on lot. Monkey Moody accumulate, said almost seem always. Episode of the Major Change Your. Discipline. We're Musto now fees gusts we'll seattle. Into Eagles. Defending. Gals city as my Scott at least my way. Is involved those they city doing. Don't pull key visa. sessile. How. You present seen to key. We've gone through a seem my. Metropolitano was, it was if Camille Swing? By farmers, you put this summer simplistic massive cameras. Occasionally muckleshoot as soon as she did danger, Muslim to persona is a bad. Things sequel sociology. My Odyssey lava sharecropper. Crop up will put up some. Race Efficiency Seniority in the fails. SOCLEAN as FIA Sakaba. Fisher, muscles, CJ, legitimate. These mice. Almost immigrant. Is getting away. With other key or shall take started. My Lot was props blessedly funding. For the would reassess Kamara plans, but as C.. Classical I need super-deal misogynists in is appointed. I don't see it'll be. Thinks data maintenance. Naked alliances and keep parliament by putting came rather had put a UK them. Up to speed accuracy wildly in. Your. You. BIKI YOU'RE GONNA, pay so minimize North Olympia Godot cider for me. No matter. Don't depend nation. Association Stanford is able and was grabbed alone. was his saint you? Message of others. Being to no excuse flail. Seem. Vacuum mice known disciplined. Let's go business leakier and Meka. As Bandage. On. A. Mission nicely implement. Off Big losses out. Soundly. Reilly but includes. Tracy gift. Cars. Mega, Fidel faith. And My, there was some interesting, because not POW. Not Excuse me up with. Though the for me at Davis it along. Too deeply song CD. Rescues foodimals. Got Using We will make America great again. No. Coma soy essential systems view ESE air marshals. You might be to go forces singing in digital poisoning charge. Showing pretty equal equal. Hewlett vice-presidential wound thing. To give up. Photography of. Being accused don't waste couple Cammisa. Bottom envision me to since the reasons for Cammisa is reasons for seeing Arlene Joseph electrified signaled us as they Salvador tunnel tour. I his just wait the. BOOKIE SAYS Others, pursuant Schoenbach about up. Cheesy line again keep. Is Dementia guessing committed nope, a mirror maze tally. Mad Too. Little more someone who's just what's already the? Busing by John Shot about. Simple quota on. By. House Hola. For the I if we're Muslims banks muscle APP acute if we will cost less floyd. Yeah you'll, be caught up on character WANNA. two inch to, beach cow floyd they. Moss. A. As Long. He. was. For INJIA SEAMUS Muad. By the. Stat! ESPN? The I. Wanted a visa. USA Gain Share Gentleman John. Of that set. Sake news to edge MISO KATA, champion interviews announced specials. Sake is got in Boston UNIX. mybookie alias Illegit Chioma. Causing Wadham, colonial government Ghazeel governed. Guys don't choice. W is the mice youtube big was. Leading to those Jackal Tabata proper up catching she governmental edging Maiolica. Current in. La in Jessen Grenville Fifth. Feel really. Wanted. that. video inch ghetto my. He will have the. A. Squad to. Not In Kenya Kosgey number. E Go out. With I think I more won't pick on the tail adventure from genial mice by cashing checks short for. Seniority skype. classing by our forgotten. How come alone by faith. Bio meal. Is? He. Could Chevy Venison flavor? Shooting near the scene is amid. Michelle Obama Squad has into the. County Modena who? Allow vigilance unless G. broncos enables eggleston used bio bio biogen. Watson you. Know fighting kids don't see. The Canadian ship Cazar gyms three straight is other guys a chance to. Talk. I! What I don't what they're. GOING TO COLOR ABC. chiemsee dollar this year. A passage in Florida sensing. A. Pool? proflowers Florida if you want simply. Sima BEPPO. For Florida Championship. Look the. Original is that will do hugh thyroid soon without the pilot I'm. GonNa Guy Yogi. The flip book. Pushes. I've got. Up on the downs. Okay, let's see I wanNA vote. They use them capacity by game. On Persada blender. On. Divorcing. Quiet. In the bud. Joke Radio Promo. Ilbo Dave case economical. Genova see my switches because they complement. Ulan Rookie. Manager Joe. NAPA CPA says one of my cousin. Our. OUR BRAS MOGUL, Eligio! Zero building. Barrack. For longer discredit. He can be busy. Initiative pussies. Early and forgotten wasn't Guantanamo is A. The. Guys! And listen. What? Won't got family I if we just. August. It's gave. The. Company G Division. Too Busy my era. The Gaza you've. Got Got to going to see key. Off, said Visa said. Won't. Bring Jeep big you. Do you. Singing been to geopolitical Carol Scheme is administered. Finance was hoping to widows. Say Dallas going to me so Costa. Other measures to live on the issue. We'll see if fuzzy bottled Luigi. Benji harsh me to. Finish that you've. Got The quizzes. Balancing He. I don't mind or somebody says this is much. Powerful is name is played them. He said on Lonzo view through. See We'll see Alec. Alone. Is happened. Bizarre do question. Buyer might seem. Image Kuhlman. Me and squeezes got for. With other muscle. You gave magical mid Carlotta. Komo style shortages quote on Evita's Lapis only. Dollars. Is. I'm ancient ways. One reasons be thou- considerable days move us. April we. Could. Get them into that the pushing one. He was Obama Semi Stabiliser I. All buy the end to the other from when. I got. To. shown by the E W when Naib. Michigan. David. You Save the. Bones save me that the Florida the. Saints you put this year Khaza You of Georgia's a day as you sucking socratic mouth without. going. To put you WANNA. Tacoma. Kissel sort of. Seeing. Simple Today's told you meals. Ohio? For this. Is. Not The only thing I was who social security SIPA G got nominated. For Our profile compare Christ the mice. In the college you if you little mental recipients Dylan years, vindicates you. Guys. Zhang Cheer this Dana Floyd. Key away sand. Hand Gaza from. Views Petition Gino Magical Yorker budget on Ebay the. To. Photograph. Guys dating cuisine. Someone. Don't crash David Brock. Is Doubt as van der, saving? We will make America great again. No. Might as well so they don't have influence. You participate towery take. Much this the minimum studying situated. Paula Abdul, bookie Juliana this genesee, you little Sakai. One viewpoint on ice storage don't disappoint on Mars and pogue wines g search even preliminary. Key Rob Woman Colonial Kate was. WATTAGE is you comb simplicity attack SMS image. As of a proposal trampled. Seem Forgive Preliminary Tournament Which? Rather not loved signal system to Sally to me was one Beijing. SCIATICA the WANNA domain that. He shot. I, passing at John, do. Mice come about. Obama Simone announced. In Kobe for senator by last semester. I even Jewish again. GUYS OFFICIAL! That? Got, US in your questions my as Scott. Thurow's he caught off. I you again Maj as much, find myself here. He is on my on my coming. You'll messages don't frequently. Mom isn't the only. Simoni! Nuncio door at declamation. Dane choose to Houston with Carlisle income. But as the he of Juventus, but as you eat vintage gear and Don't. Say Angel. Investors on was sooner bungalow. them cut up then for just thirty for the so much. Thought! She was Japan. The US Open. For meet. For. Saying. That's obvious Oklahoma near now who will go from? Of the. Cease Squash Q., but actually since chew. Qat kinky breaking his infiltrate waterfall rushed. COMIC MAPRA doesn't fall from a hotel will save. More to Jane was. Spending. Isa Edge it ain't Yochelson Kiki will Safai. Yes. full-frontal nature cod. passably main. GECAS SINK you'll see. Edible C E G K per car he he kept the phonics. Gum you'll. Oprah montel forty feet. School said that He. Wants Fifty said Gee Duvida a part. The by cutting lease was potato message up record. Buys Goodbyes. CHAGALL. Will be just me. They won't people commando movie to keep. Wasn't Jeff come to Tampa in nineteen. Sonia delays peculiar fruitful, having lease, Danzig conversation when the shaggy allows. Thank you shocked mural scenic funding raise. Some kind. Of. A several of the percents equals vacuuming of McCain's file. Abu I Oklahoma so demise. If will give me Stucco Bus Textbook, AC character believe from your Acapella is a type of parameter. Don't from Tacoma Twain because you're following, lays down. With. The mice, your devotion damp. Wvu Gear. Medical colleges to. Monday con. Qui folkman stuck was seen bookie position allowed listen. To other intone about fighting push which is that you gotTA Say Russia? Ga Haggai. By loop is that there were sequence Jane She. Designed to know what there was sequencing. Missed W. Dodge but you. Don't mean. Why had I digest Nathan Peterman Foci Vibrant Palpable. Donovan cover them. WHO's Q. focusing lease with Sugar Elijah so Becsey COMMUNICA-. Escorts gave like the Meshes was seen whole lot them in. The follow on seeing seem. florida-based. Weapon Jacuzzi paint so chicken. Something school fear while. Picking. Him Is. Seeing. Wrestle! kickable decimal. Looking into bed Seaweed Salinas to Dazs. Kid Is. A bass in the band them whatever big gun outweigh! Being carried this couples carpenter. Alaska's. Pacific you helping? decided it was a little. The data processing pickup is. Justified Dialogue Essay sit on. Your video. Doku Usage Tile Bob Bruce Antonino, jere. Brand. What what the fuck got under! You. Go faster is that. The, you know the. Sea Quiz except. My splendor. Barely. Sabina. coys divide. By the cutaneous. Turned his instant guy. College. Looking bubbalicious. Stop on! Swear to. Be Kid. See is it animal idiom cuzner? Likud. Duties you, you. Up the. Cobra Apple, but in lower ormeau overstepping. So we'll what does not. Kill successful these parameters seeing. The former CO field today either. Don't the Buzzer Blue Eastern physical? Copies and we come is the g your? Veins participate forged Bluefin AFIA. Principal will say say tries metropole of. Cheese guess the main the commission shutdown. Keep vitamins picked. Come to an item equal. Cheek when they wanted. To US daily Lottery Kiko, equals. Prakash see it. She lost a lot of seeing. Out of them. Those loss Avi. CJ Thank you. His, other so. They got that year. Lots of times each booking booking you. Say. My l., flu. If he's got that I can remember a basin was a key data points no side to say that. This is the second one. The? Myth. Overtake has. been. Give us a coma saying. System allows you connect to the perfect who care teamed up with a Border Mason with with the. Just! Is My. Therapy the days. Start leader. Take. The meaning can have this is. All so Ashkenazi Keelan Emma. Will Acumen Bonus. Pleasure today's. The, it would bond coping Kobe's keeps going to freaking. Wool Keefer. On Africa IRA is this your for the Michelman to. Ross by. Doesn't and. We in. With a quick. Keep. Kind of? Get you know if we have to. Get up and. You look at all. I G pretty music from answer that humid a lot my show free Paris keep. Time? Also call Mapra Torah Data Malla Hathor. Or key to the past so polack keevil sit. Means coming. WHO's stood? You don't on I will say. To do set. Giving his. David Auto Porch affordable. You Honestly Temple told. You don't want you can't. Greg. School Aguado Brazil questions plans kicks it off as Zane branch. Shall Cayenne supplemental? Fish! This shock you. You start going to. Sony Secularity Michel. Kyoto quite Danta. because. I come inch Portugal your. Lives at. The the era. 'cause even put his episode. Kissing Kissing With Cinco job as you. Our. Possess domain playback economical car. Ally seem upsides. Biology Free Bites, coming. To represent website award eight. On my top. Producer orgies is missing Malaysia. Fee Put some your. Balance on your flies beach. Fees. On which Jesse's almost converse versus COOMBS congress. The president. Kees. Video. Poker producer. Taylor things in quitting syntheses overseas you can commits want from Pulitzer individual is. Zero Guam Quiz APR Speciale Tomato. vinnie dementia for the don't do them. Picking up the tour, the gingerbread you quote us at this subsidy. Visa Magic cash. Another says. By. WHO I Running the. It for me. A giants will. COMP road right prepared you. I knew Jacob travel tonnage. Apart to the fish to your did your engine Miami attacked people with the since you? Know Awesome. Prasada Yee Kuhn Chevydriveschicago. Busy to. Kind of push. To. Cisco Erica this winter give. Program we. New, six in stores went to causes. I, E. But as Comedic versus episode Vitamin Kissing as Kim went cave by my cyber key super-safe force with whom, with being invested in Japan was. Booth verticals comfortable car pro show off a million music tackle donald a month so on key mime. DEVALUE Might have for vibeke miserable discipline. Vij Spinning and Then saw key domain away. Big Devotional. Bible time. Off each. IS H. No Do. Sentiments could. Possibly can. She Do? We to equality speaks as you feed and clothe. She said you she. Is Jesse you, Fallon. Amir we are near? Disown the format which is open to ceremonies. Thank you by. Your New Year's. Viper was my new said. Don't change Gobbo chagall plants who I'm with of the Gaza your advice. SCARES, seniors! But some bad to seem but I do side the same same to him. For. Not of participants. My budget think wasn't quite different to see symbiotic was. Bad. I'm surveys today eaten. Shit. Credit. For Aug, doesn't he unions? By vibeke key. was. Bill! QUESTION GUYS! With you, obsession, talking to can able. Into Tomorrow. By Even, at that age. Give. Hundred. and. Just a Nice Guy I. Think you're, GonNa? See. Me You of. That Amelia procrastinator. Careful out if we went the one boy. I abuse? My campus is. The Way I. Was United Brennan which. This. Years and she'd been house it's. Schinkel Mala. Very unique voto. Thank. You stay. Safe died your. SAUVAGE. Gosh. Seem. This Guy's ninety gentlemen for coming clean is the. Gosh Go. CNN. On our home. Depot unlucky on. Vacation go home with Diversey Paddock keys panicky. La Father Candidates decision fruits Oh head door, no southern, easing savage in one thousand. Don't batters. Spirit exist. CJ. THEM AT OUR FORMER WAS A. Vigorous it. Personally sink rather is a civil suit. The incident Doodo is. This could be J. You may those key. So for work asking me on Mondays. Complete Brazilian initially to will be down. Guys Up. I'll say today you will time. Let me see I'm visual your house papers to government? or Secular Jetta Lethem to. Dome, as you said is to the quarter into personal program McKee Nossa Calvisano. Jews Morales. Untouchable similar though Dozo, Hey, catching fee, league, advocate, visit decision process program when he gives you a Philly mood, special a bowl. Of My. Job. Just the main method of Our. Viewers phase last. Pilots fussing booth. Transform. Say Live. You. What to sell off. Russky put him in key also. The Supernovae Authority that. Looms. been being. You don't empower. VR Oregon which I almost goes dowie ancient. Pizza. WHO. This senior. Moorefield. Seen. Silently Press Morpheus. Waiting. Allegation sneaky? Continent. As? Though so. I really. Awesome. ficials now he. He's typically coffee. Reverend. Just. took. If it is. Renault know. Will suggests gets. Programs. Google perch caches. Everybody cashes new Jesus. Newest Bushfire. East old grammars these. Lebron Safety Kissy program of it the MIMA. Whisper me have severe.

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#41 Homens no volante

"Quick role in China Mayes do Kuwait compare? Dr Educator can lead them out of yours does stored is Jay too suspicious over system aspartame the equal through Cinco mallards for a pathology same went overseas program. Accused you've quick. Data Simonis watchfully bid away hitter speech. Cheever scoot across parts in key to school tower. So how do they really care about gas amount of yours? Yours Yeah Tim Conway Spiezio or is your dv Kaufmann. Thank you Tsim programmers version. Pac man no solution to solve Petrozavodsk store keeper. Servini says it's tough Yanjia Zuni discuss mother. It'll stay my bitch version. Love pro through the Florida parts like he presented my stomach ulcer. Cali- advocate a main. Pay One one zero per day. Votto quaker annoyed as well. All of our people bookie Miami Khwaja can could jemma shoot over your mouse. Fared as deep on court for Achieve Winter Q. Moyer each. I've got to tell Oscar. Id Black Friday. And now it's like Friday. Each of you is your complete. Oh keeps it mom. Buick your my semi to desist. But I dunno yet you don't there's so many trade hell is age I do. I don't Follow the savage and she for education and for there to protect for tutoring fee. Ojt Me and which don't Saba Keith. Jan Rutta Cynthia's maintainable. Don't do for the Talladega. Years Saint Futile fellas Omen Nevada content. Dodge does Barbati dies as a kid. He Co contests you Coke Cavalcade. Gosden dunes is probably my Gina. Put Your Luna programmers. Any phones computers. You why don't the main in rental movie ideology cow with Story Chamber comparable say quite a bit bother your cat assab it. Then you file agents say Abra Bryson who would you follow kidneys follow? He had dodged lot of course Obama's Sorbo so there was no safe. Asana KIZITO save panel this caller by these. Iverson uncle say of course he is a waste US ON UP MONEY VS. That's GONNA go now no Seattle. Then of course about this. The moral stays insecurities rallies out killed then starts chasing Vancouver. Awesome powers has left us. I look at it but as long as the bill may be like you can scour ski fetal. Nato ample measure Z. Swim said we'll ill judicial hours. Go by does. The is is not game miserable because they don't cares danger. See God's job I cheated on me. Professional team we to SAC which vote so that equal car he might be able copied who of the sauna comb. Rumba vice guy would do any military. They're not get a car on a studio Cami is he got hit him. Saugerties COW BYE. Bye syncopal leg by. Song yes all for. Es Mile does stones with scowls. Mysore who was NICI mightiest saints? Go partcipate Gheorghiu date got. This is don't work I really faze veteran. Leonelli eight hundred. How do could she an like this? Nick make by even a lot of it. Was you smoke hookah even but hey spit on myself for Lordy footsie with put them on the the foyer which usually about dental college must see or quiz? Are you saying? Would THEY BE TRAUMAS? Cognitive Might Still Kata Kata keys north. he illegit issue superbeing Salk. And his deal. If he's includes Devier Posey Beijing Kid Cook to book your think. Assume offers you the Jason. We're just campus or put on how old Lisa she's a fairly who say Donald Glaze you quiz results. Also Vince Cage. Tolbert has consistently opposed this as a supervisor. A condo means ASIAGO. You wounded is as they wish managers. Fx is apples or our traffic several Boston putting love by the local scene. Thr and our don't see I don't don't need is you. Don't believe Joe. Big Doubt Miss Bleak. I don't privy if the U. S. communities thrive on my Those yours got lupus. The snake in a moment to sell the we buy your justice and a half ozone saying the Internet stuff for us tip you ms Mu Garza's who felipo six. We need some plain out sales nonetheless shelter nights up at his team adds quasi by the is that you forgot to poke my south contingency in thrown our who allow Moya jerkily Levy shoe educow- caught. You love us after the river in school kids and get you okay before three to follow Muslim more at all. I I will so Super Omega so fitted you fair. Who so I don't pay the they are especially the I follow Yeah Yukata winter it. Will they not offering to keep bro? How you turn it up whatever. We'd really love Civic Duties Review Care of June Scotland G la didn't return to stay south soccer. Who jumped on? Then you'd Sarci Gal don't Arc's stood author goes Yagi Porsche. Only no famous plows. Y- denying care keeping short of key much. Cal Ida cupcakery George so he. He's better go see gooder Jimmy. I wish you better keep Fights NO PT? Hold of the push sending our quality do the body own printer for the if to the voice she could lift. Movie Stars How Lucid Kim Win Apart? We'll You know very soon. He pretty much almost spot out. Those who got it'd be Living Kozel Washington laugh role throughout up some fall for the second day. Yorkie fossil will propose because fellow bus. This imaginary Sousa billions bus space. Yeah you can enter you. Killing three members cool took. Here's really pushing me numb. What a bill. Spinning holding sale fultz food through much. Now see Harry no see this. See See said was more my core restarted. They've cut essay five five days. Stop it by Gaza muscle lookout but young people is you don't VP level days Grass is you checkup for the car. Pro Tau Business. Remember different background. And he got sold for this unraced. Theoretically fat I suppose as being either. He put a whole other casualties broadening Spurgeon minimum in Florida's suburb Luminoso. Nothing if it's NASAL SWABS. Yumoto boy taught you do do kids. Do this metaphor esther. I is over somewhere in the League motocross Party B. B. C. Who say about trump by noon so you pretty much the last. She thought down at anybody else Bloomberg. It's over we don't flu zone. Consecutive suffers this out and we did go through this. Squeeze my speak. The good life would would then sit. Oklaho- not finish cut. Didn't Care Massad or Kim jong-il soft sculpture who we start. You've come up with a vendor. We did reform minded. If election coffees got Brazil. Nobody Disown Wish Kiki Foyer. Katayama hotpots coffee boom Silky. Keto you should get a partial. Thomas knew me you raising capable part of the push royal student which is now GM Saddam Saddam about me foods. You said Dr. Were both tops. Yeah we'll talk. We'll see able to feel the chill button underwater treasure epic I immigrants. Yeah Ye Portal to coast costal spot on do not salvage boom kind of going through my po through Electric Larimore Lsu boy for Sarah Breath afraid about the new car. Foll- you came. Novi folks on channing. One I o Pay Gay Car V. Food Intifada Obuchi NERD EQUITY TO THE POLICE. Ella do not hold of Karak town keep our gala party financial sookie. Philon voting if putting in school convicted of open car. Who put about him so car? So the vending machine. Also the with put me knocker Pigou framboise television. See the Oklahoma car. Will Deploy Missing Tomorrow. Patrizia do the wage. So we sage on my vase. We've got into cosell. Tonight's God holy the incorrect uniform tram only part two heads my who were precise gear that you know you doing. I'm yet board not to buy Turner who Luke you got a heck saw. This did before you saw Lion Bosch Motors key to all cafet- me Angie Buhl cutting peekapoos short workout. I do yeah you could despair. You don't Spit Rolex Junior Martinez rapper. Hsa Kinda hit up so through. Each committee chair does from other milk. Our new early Sukarno task you you might Hyun. They deserve north of Gina will do matter. You said we don't think quasi billy's Bukowski staller Virtual Bosch. We don't you don't cut into who say up. Yeah Caterpillar Ginola Legionella. Put Your company Fuji Legit Okara Characters. They have worded economic. She'll be she'll be cut sheets. These only bought the know. Yeah you Fuca stall senior career. Hege you've enough customink. Nobody Likes Watch. Knicks Hustle is serving controller la. Speedo got up to the certain female might scatter my knowledge. They say I'll say a kid. Can you sit in the zoo? Look at what they said. That look coca. Stoneman was wise to know a bullet kindle missy veloce Milania much oil you'll see you'll see what's your my did subdued vs about the Little Guy who something. I got your Labor Euro Retired Casey Cow. Komo hitter visit scholar. The fever news did they knew who I do. Not Milk Spiderman Orlando Com. Tonight's to recall issue would you will. They're going to win. Border The foot each in school police detach Michelle on balance is and she doesn't meet. You could alone very long. Bothers me quiz. Some medicines. They get up got edits. Nevada Lucielle Theraflu through Colfax. Plsy won't cut it with a bonus I started you can throw Macadamia Shea. Wash assume Obama no judicial being ill but you counseled Gio as a guy that Zora spothero meals food zone phase said you Jesuit everyday Shepherd Seepage Boston. Just a bitch. Because I support to determine your goose at West budget-conscious Budgie. She writes for the full follow. Portugal Davies came up with the crucial between Sunni Muslim. Turn key hopelessly bus service ninth cooler Kabul's list but I don't no Whitsun dot com come. My unit is good news next day. The WHITE WON'T PICK UP. Saint House bill odd minimum associated traumas teenage years. You'll satiated double cultural level. You can't use have got to solve the soil before Cao Cao Phuc reversal. Because of Power East up the couple count can't data team. Our team was motivated. You Judy seem the poodle order. I it doesn't quit off. Kara being scared you think twenty tantamount who calculus seems guy. Yeah you call the milk cow Brigitta mccown across the Assad Asia. Cimpor didn't Bossou thing to say. No COMBAT DEAL GOTTA. She Buckled Cable Mill. Seem to now. I don't know not the key words and hip Okocha. Why are you shaking your funding in those will Billion officially governor from your stomach La Cala Carlos allow loopy schools will last vehicle combat cheap boy. Marketing competes partisan wakes me. Is Your Muscle Newcomb Foot? The Jackal me for Jim Winston Cardinals. So including general with us our walk to. Let's say they kid. Because you're worth rookies like you coming through. The academy here is some keeps. You Recall on Sports. Boom boom found living in this curved. Dame Vij. You've got people as I mean Hit lascaux VINCA Mukul. Go Yeah you hold the what sorts of musical part of what I have you. G G G DONUTS. Sabine financial see severe mate copies of Anneli cuco thrice deliberate too County for more. You know it will do cow. Vio- shown took out of a July. Do from the deer hunt born July. Only Premiership if you show pool fully will increase. That book will give their will move port though you. Where'd you talk to pay for the upper made up with Michelle's the dupay? But obviously I'm Shepard Youtube in shock debatable. Thing we cut a viscous was a contentious Junji. He's me about the estimates will blow to corral income-related. We'll go see it's GonNa Confusion Gustavo Known That is a good move on books. Threats seem to come in his mouth vain tries. You told them. Cook losing big local. Since I across much shit I hate to cut keep sub guys. Sadeq suicide idea but as completely sensors using more mustard a little more donor bashing police. Okarma pulled up the CD. She's seven New Free Kara Q. Fees it okay. Could you school for System Day to the mood guy? Who Yeah he could. Scooby glide up Avala Kids Jackson contested washy dainty earth's secrets about each other Oklahoma's Mugabe. Jim Coca put your car pro police. Okay sorry to show up as Bill Joe. More through Sake Katayev this seal missile heavy FELUCCA change of of the more obvious car Numidian REVISTA visible guard visual without my key looking Amy Scott about race cows. This couple doors to help for you. Walk me through with it phenol. Kitchen for tick would who who are in Carr who had a double D don't GNC voted for the new. You'll squad runners-up of fog. I didn't follow follow. All why'd you gotTa do? They could be alert. Follow me follow those shoe to retire than they don't win. Dot G all meaningful level adults Spicer Chicago demise Zalmay Amazing Omit Coussidis improved ancient. Ruin Eve at Stockholm's amusing most strap and we'll Yankees most motors. You Trust to Sicily. To percents does motors Also me Artemisia moved to my skill civilized inputting system in each pool. Qassim does malaria traditional in Salerno mice. Yami Awami be stopped in Boston in the Nazi literally. Complete Mysore Archie got into was even. Asa God bore you got nor Selena. She's reports the Gore. These say to desert to those the pleasure. My Linda face covered you. Don't cover eligible bureau out to make now offsets the chicken offense plus on Any thrown up. What else you can see. How many Best Liska? Let's see if it was for narrow for if could you allow the Joe Com shop? Russ Mogavaro she would know Scott County Toy trapper Alexa Internet. How Cowboy dispiritedly liking is what for the cotton? We gotta put the said to be rich car tax on School Harlem about the government cheese tomato monogamy bid real still bliss. Trust the same physical pull decent Transito queasy before Sant China. We'll follow dodgy Tidiane We'll Seneca feel the love of Saint. Louis got those Kinda Quinn as the also fuqua. Look I do a musical? Who Carpool now with percents. Buddha Quelque Nas Theodore do my zero Siham Kosovars ancient other his pay to booking software with awards donor dorm or anything in Washington. Come you go on sale in a WHO des. Listen to tackle this Mr Narcolepsy C. But I took AFC going to cut. He said he'd he goes Bakar. More to your fault. Lewis beautiful is your mid. Thomas Obviously Feminine Lipsey. Ver- Gordon ill. Keith won't thank week in Saint because the Kabakov safe and say no they don't team Perkins wants to go to Yale Ambush by DAFA lukarco. Dour never flown a gonNa Couch. Because you want to see given Jacqueline media were full of coastal milk architect. Who Me Potter Talk. You WANNA lost government couple of the dining room cookie cutter demille cub. I Bet Scott's characterists usual by Energy Auburn or call for the movie. Thank you question locals blocked by call the surely learned lessons from no cooking every budget his job approval school you squint on. Awesome CUOMO own for a little. Poke out the coups fourteen dollars. Lucas Sylvia's kitschy roughly off for his victories fought to G. Peaks is no Gordo Things store that Cata Cinema Kunle. Swimming cude is border either. Single News the illegal for new themselves. No butter milk for Milan. Even though I prayed do not alleging she golah at when we saw in a corner booth coverage of tagger hours. We'll look out through portions or Animus knaw snowy so boom boom expertise. The me now. How old were Kinda slow? The seem awfully nope more cubicles as normal even give studying so carries at the Komo subsurface. Basically the Falcons artist Jim Lee commits burning up. Go Kawkab diplomatic care. David Kim with catching David work at a city to me. Those energy push up for Ranchi. Eighty saw the shadow. I don't try this so that the industry you don't check on day to the car who these started. You could save Chris. This is called billion infiltrate water funding approved. Overdoses two navy sake. Idiot Tornados early Saturday. The polls Johnny student on oppose will the oval the mini lookout. Because he was. Do we feed you. Just be at my little sheet. Rocks will be in our coverage on automobiles so that jobs. Sudan fought who killed off purchaser Soy Ice is thought to those days. Buddha stones in total despite a pariah later do not them south of Nashville. Most prefer I better. He fought to Inky Congress. Time movie me twice. Pose for Duca hotel may rescue. I am on over the course of which rather finisher twice in college price Sakata Dominating Basketball Games for the Macau off four to do due to ice up four our to me. You get smoothies. For the consummate positive mood tie spice plumbing and she just started you. Call him play. Jeff Author Carl Bruner. Who started to fail skill? Kids ENJOY DO FADO. A couple Couple of Saint Jude changed with your car. Through that I v. skew quasi volume of course Hoodoo calcuta apples to me Cheshire Cheshire veto. Utah Magician another study MS paint paint. So you can't open. Countable dubbing gossip South Rocca took a vote the deploys if relation addition in law firm AQUA regia domain mayes hearted Yakuza. Pitra Severa by your. Would you vote the mushrooms shoes to pies? No Heck Romanian listening zoo. You know kind of keen team nine odd the way. Madhu Mahal them with Georgia. Would you ever Filippini Sisters? Essie thing choice to just go through mild Helmich Keno Rather Democrat. James Polk mice for a cheap fuzzy Merida concentration analogy. How Daraga I KISSY WRENCH ISSUE GENEALOGY? Her she saw fascists saw vi- caffeine tell him in our young containing gus cows and what firms who they have boosted invasive autonomous came from. Saint put Audits Pass From Cal. Severe Louisiana viewpoint. Don't you really visual team? Pu L. delays is as key alcohol to give the life nerd that you're good. You might not think Vail Falanasi all zoo Pizano Seen Ball. But it's still a little bit off Patsy logs Turkey circus. Cova de la Ville Elk following milk. Changed me to search you to push the talk show. That should be number of normal. Mccown converts Profundity to push up at the Council Berry opposite for the Carolina. And we've come on one shown in your car bridgier up boy got a car. Indonesian marines. The was Donna. Has Your Vehicle Kit. Is He got a new penalty tries income levels. Tell comments on a lot of opinions. Do not free to pay cash. Grab Fees Gruber Yup. That wasn't going to see more cow. Who Call the Collagen. When does not have in Kahad his Kevin you not a CO production? Did that you do. But you never know these to the cell nucleus interlagos cross compiler to Walk Isa for justice. Thomas accused drifts. He's father my. He's watching the SOHO domains. Veal Tabacum in want to solve opinion. Lots of date just show. Dc united monkeys. Don't by God. Let of simply faucet designs deals talking speed deals. Fussell took that neither his Info Quick Benefactor gadolinium opinion peggy. How do my groove for chopping us? And don't be taken sequence in a show to show Vicki Necessity Mine of yours at KNOSSOS. Yaji spill name Brenda Got Ivanova's it lands you mice for input with me for a fiscal GAA. Taba killing the nephew wanted to Java Cabrillo College World Colorado Key Llanos just judicial killing few Maija. These young teams again repair super sugar. No not really music. But if you murder of income and my spicier Prescription do we have a quasi signing together beasted. Yukio over a vendor Masakadza mccreavy. The boys you diploma participated Cow Bouma holiday usually through your gauge voter fraud Privata with Nestle Geo cows off as you think to our Patio Car. Phychi COD is your do. No voice double boom. Cg Erica started else in Phoenix for you before the more you now order from quite awful Carpool Guy. Put the Soviet outing tissue throughout the Kahad. Do sit in a movie car. Who and a house the author Contra Petra Car Okara Latinos? Muslims must minimum by Jesus kickoff. Donna specialist device April. Predominate Tim. Yucai was par but I be talking door. Became civilized disease ally cycle car. Who Do tour tonight? You must love me to trust Sonetti. Three the NBA. Kobe Democra- Sheila Willis to start doing it. Authors owed shackled so converse as divorcees Fu Silesia. Haulage super can do US Shannon cousin. No SABINA CONSIDER GETTING ON BASE in new seats I say lovely beating accredit spoon films. Mommy or his. You Salena zhe-kai innovative you'll Saudi Sheikh CPAC also are so we're big boys. Big boozers be Java quantum no link coolmore Katina macabre. Stay cool as can the all the cosby also beat out the shuffle bidder who quit starting to see his. Saint Gallen say an issue. That kind of Indiana might do Corp. to the Beach Quattro sedan. We'll do yoga three start. Ups could make it foible on courtesy. Stock Assad Concerts Labor Make Fulton G do ultimately to forty. He could have other Cochran Jessica corrupt mature. She got in my flesh Maccabi. So Oprah FOR MATTEL EUCHRE COM TRYSOFI bar even asking new baby the program boom baby w sapient Gardai tournament which way you should go to go. Shopping is a big deal. You Come Phillips twice. Applied Local being how Bush Push Mitchell. Forty five twice look only able to do not just awkward Dave Folly manicurist initially Gaza shutting kick. I have you brought Ecuador Louise Juicy juice. You're seeing as you know. Give me nobody basic kinky middle boy of that. How loyd Mahdavi Laws Legal Moist Pillow Albatross thrice humor and will probably be few months? In winter band known judicial winter immovable. Dismiss a big guy. I own things that is acceptable. Commissioner Leo H as Rich Mission Guy. Moving the Needle Civil Lila. Bigger lead you're seeing from Poverty inch reported bid is sorted. She started mill fossil. Supposed about the east. You know somebody they started. You had a belittles me. Muslim coverage forgot his saint naval sixty percent data. By the JOE gain can another quest auto broker gotta Sue Basic Brecca Cathedral Nisa Kirke implemented daily cal will to evolve with the mink polygraph. Guy That budgets you but but it will save. Don't put together they somewhere else another car. Who Know Ma kissed looking for them is thank you thank you come with respect to come from it. Sped Markovitz said Faisal. Says mom you look coca. Medical tests can move about cheating while other dot com. We can push it to minimum Brazier Bonetti Who got us? You're a female FICA. Yeah Galina Cheeky Spare. Did you leave And cut billion robuck. Would you try to nail in Anthony Myself? If you listened to refugees taboo catechin kills even be to ZIP TO UTAH. Emilio Odyssey knowing to own nonjudgmental phenomena. So I'd inches pieces in simple cake. That who wins. Who didn't follow to car? Don't producer journey these book. I WANNA stackable and Eastern Base Dot Com Promo Sindhu coup acapella todd. Sitting in for my sympathy source Bhutan stagger life was his couture capet. Todd go on producing gene coverages overseas. If we need your vehicle does knits enough. My Shit producing cheaper sees by Tanu or search otherwise say Dudayev Vinci. Raised is imminent. Don't light but he's the passage Provo Sakic's could to quaker but don't mind the theme plot Monday Cracker Todd Monarch Program Jacob. A sinkhole Megan core. Handles you stuck at the cow to the EA strange Genus they say the dodgers as a curious quasimodo. The Moya up on the program be puts it PA equally ancient to plead safety a Scorpio beach. Ovidiu expect I bet on these basal to professional these were seven all gone to Keno Boorda? Coagulant tally you. You've got to allow Dick Dick. What seek you'll monograph gesture my people over you send out somebody AIDS as you know that this is large airy say who might be on the quicker that means you know when we went over the him in the Promo so Dabo. Equity dodging boom beige autocracy program. Show out there who Ecj case you for each Itar the profile Suva.

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Kesehatan #7 - Pemanfaatan Obat Tradisional di Era Pandemi Covid-19

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Kesehatan #7 - Pemanfaatan Obat Tradisional di Era Pandemi Covid-19

"My Sean? Law. Law about vehic up. In the broadcast Radio Fudgy. An in Congress now but the by the how I. Do. Goni would adopt taboo. Living. Cut It in a radio factory. Islam? Jd? deary. Their infamous Tzipora case, Lamon Dan and Budka Nasihah dumberer than video Islam me. Derry Aradio fight three syrup idea de la again nobody he day. BEC- NAMA. Burger Kitchen Martin. Kotaro. Then Kyrie me up connemara La Ponsa Blass so blessed Paulo some similarity. Blah Blah Blah so blessed polo some villain similarity gap. would. Doubt that me Yana after an. Uber. VIA WENT BACK I M S. De La Ronca Oprah Pentagon granola coffee. Maschera. Cut Markelle. Him Boca Lot of mastercard. Onto. The. Top dilemma data again. COTTAM button but Oman to Allioune talks who are too young sign up thing. The Demo Jet Anna or I'm younger than support the Lancia one tacoma. Salah Lawman to Japan ending on Sabaoon diarrhea among. At the burden. LETHEM Button but oh. MOM Morongo to. Die. Young. But Tom Patton. But oh mom. Was a hurricane on top. Mega, Girardin. Meaning to matter. APOB. Llamas associates super about to Demaim dentist enough. US. Marcona. Dancer Grammar. Be Rica Pusat Blonde Casa Hatton Salah Jug handing unblock who. Who Do Presidency Heart Mantra, Gitonga ending on. Sabaoon. Alad Markan McConnell Bridge but all of Harare instead of Hudson than thiede Morocco. Marlee slowly Jagger Casa di then Lincoln gun onto Monta gap lanphier Scott. Ana. But Sunita some bike and dinners hat unquotable Dundee to Ali Rodeo fire duty. satiny invested American frequencies, Millennium Point. Five FM then Produc- me the Alamo. Where we would find FM DOT COM. For Sewer Kabuki Dan Islam plus. Talk Talkshow. Interactive Report on GonNA WANNA. Mungo Miami. and. Saddam, appleton honey did you Could buy. Then among media. Dylan program at Tara Talk. So instructive. Special Doctor. Reprimanded you. They they. Don't show. Goodie talkshow interactive. A. On. World. This meal. So at Marley Kumarisami Tola He. lizzy Matisse Muscle had all of whom Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed but but But we're geared D- wound but added but you. Smart on younger by Alani de Radio that that. Go on and talk show 'cause I had then Dec- Jim at Malam. All Moslems up to dangle legal blocked where he would say he but the ending and dangling but less be will. said he boom but GOOSEN BUFFALO WAY JERRY? SCHOLLA's Lama quitting obesity jammed obamacare gear company pad and when the money and I. Get the Gun Rabin. Jonathan. Unions without Duhniah Kaz happen through a these. It was see Yama see below. Begin common yet. But Element in German. D'Amico feet nine the yet ow Koran. were. The. But the only he. Thin- Gabor and I woke up water moment. But Anderson Anthea said I'm glad and thereby weeks ahead while via Dan Shoe Rica's head under soothing incident, the Sir Minjah and yeah. Mama to he protocol. He had that the. Beginning but in the Committee some but then talk show initial and be Sir who median Lopin submersibles Paula Milne's millennia nor Levinson bless bless Boulos Lengthy Ganda. What's up to do guys miss at the Monkey. At anything active the Dunia Mia, who SNIA facebook Silicon Mount Bureauc-? Offended audio factory the Facebook.com Gary. Smearing. Radio by Regan ensued adopt was thing a near the guy? gladden. At the program Young said anything Eh Gwalior at the Bridge Ellen show in practice with Tara. GACY had than than do but Osama didn't yet discus. Quota Bulgarian Kelly, Nydia walkie Lee or a thou- diary. Of whiskas Mus will ask for me. It'll be the by Dinky Duck on Ma about pat myself at the Kanye Nicaragua see moon. Noboa. One GonNa Win Yeah a sperm up at the at the Ramada, their e Whiskey Smith's will army as lonely. To Paulo and. Author of Patio Mikey you wearing. Ethnic. Salama the. I'm this young show LNG. Tally neighbor humor combined. Abou me. Yes. I couldn't end among your Bob can get almost seem Uday there though bungling bunny your the spot it will be. Up. Wallet Bangalore Presumed Up. Dot. com. CA. When QIN TANGO AND YELLOW WE ASK Allah maybe even. Narrow. Bad Been. We'll keep there. He didn't Dennis Kazakhstan gotTa were any better to guests Mukhin the puskas Smith's will. And now, holiday was Gissin Deity Index at any given Economy Congo and corn this year Yep light ended up Jalen. said in the. Third Bypass Plan and. By Knox. Balloon Bundy ME, new. Back with besides. What is academic young. Up. Sandy depended woman data copied get Akiko lassie Judea that the Bowman Tony Me. That good puskas. Messy Michelle cut the top Yongan breathable. Identity. why did you win Alaska? Yeah yeah candies began in Stanzi Dunkin Mugabe. Bugah aligned Musical Montgomery, and like. UP ON AMMONIA. Museum. Wherever. Your Thumb Claw de was will armaments and it even Apple has began unit day young that Roma though that the bridges we're going to be a saying. Wherever, who went to your turned firmer in that means you need to pass the idea Massu Audio fast the. League Gandalf Toronto President the Orion Muscle. Mass for. You do you going? To. Give me a decent will. The way to be who were add A. Woman flat then or but ready. So now, the era under me inependence Kylie Yeah Bonfire, then Oba traditional now day at upenn Dominican that. Crab Masud Watson you support the knee economic it and to. The Ryan Gem margins. On there. But this by Gallon Orion on the womanly about Obama Hunkin up Jimmy Snow but Kim Yeah. During an Harger am not near you'll be Mahalia binding but reddish show. Now when I'm going to hand but and get them in your diesel we see buggy the Mangam at opening already. Indian Mohammed Yuga A. In. Hatton star some burden you Guy Maxima Expedia Nah woman five and Obama another young Besigye to. The. Added Security added link woman more they got. The La over but then Keita's had any silence on that moment to. Immune quit now today and th the. Do WanNa. By the me coffeenated any Massey Saddam data. Okay. Get along some Yang Oprah Ma, Tungawan Beaumont at Dan or but ready Shona the Era Pandemic Dodge Alba. Dec-. Can Auto Button ready show now at the NBA Mortem Winder at the now young it consumes you in the Sat, under will get the retirement look. At can immune give their. Tacoma Cupertino with originally. Originally originally took on. Dr. Larry beside that it. Why and we said Yeah Yeah. One on. My part can. Young. Added that. The, Guzman losses at. The Maroon. With John Move Your better addition I thought about. How about her about the Standard Continue CASCAL. Industry over beep but cost the Mangala Panamanian to. Your doctor. Knows who the on. Moore. The past booking. Denise over traditional Leeann. startline Eastern Europe Kanye. With. Original Pittosporum for, in Noda. Bagua Spinelli, tenure. Don. Now until or what about then? Some moving kidney link. Doubt forecast in the winter weather Maecenas. Up with. Particular Bukhara we won't call someone boom with. Your now I- money that hosts mistaken. Young Rita Ladder do good Jihad Kunyit. Would put him on better this to Pattani idea I'm walking myself. To Candy. Around Boston yeah. Yeah he used to be the. One got candidate and would you must up under meany over? Dipping Iran can get. Let me run you know negative Qatif, party don't put their too. Smart Onto Imani latter day you into winning. The on the Wu. It'll be pocket. What about OBA? With me here Mahalo not the bachelor. Duminy Randy. Through school year our. Our winning candidate and do booth reuss. When the missile. Opportunity Mananger now passanger winsor he thought. Some Lot. Oh, what the When took me? Get onto polling young burner plugging Nolan's garage any. Yano Napa. Pay Keller. Loan. Gallon. One Missing And Don. T. Gary Young Commando and collaborative petite this. Would it be the museum by knocking you wanted. Consumes zero. Masirah. Each. Her. Your the by gone. Item. Then, traditional. Adela Radhika and within solicited. Guinness Yarra Top. Yeah nagging me NEOM BOGEYMAN AMOAH THAN NEW AD young deploy tired from during the murder near yellow over traditional dating the directly in this moment but a hassle and then did a to one. Here, one we're going to get. The money can hold onto genesee listeners daily. Denise Yum. Yes Ma alarm younger Mustang. Busan threaten you throw bussan Joe More Komo Deanne at an Impasse? Sasser. Boo. That would what are we to? Reassure musty Ya got so much how Whenever my Sonya. Then adding with the the jewel burst, the facade Don Gonyea Adam and uppercut. Is he bill Aamir dairy lockup all Madeleine Zimbabwean. Yeah. Did you Lookin' young? The Cindy's I get the honey superstar Akon. Has Yet to give him get the. Os Andy. Make. Then W when Dumbo your name you bring up unread as Eli Wendy inaudible plans. Oblast. Civilised Blues Millions Blend Dia de la Prensa bless bless Paulo's. Get at the good facebook.com getty smearing at deal finally Kalo wound to over traditional young Maliki. So I could with us at the India Mastodon, the anjem and mural night or weakening kanye willing underpinning. Kotkin human get a get one atom or by tradition of income or unreal appending and citrusy get us. All to. Simple game on the. Dan Even Jamie besides. The Mwanawasa. Who Need? One Through Iran Syria Mira. monkou cloudy tikos warmer by Nazis have been rare women. Nicolo Button Young. Still Noise to Dimona to Capitol Parramatta. Tober Basilio me decrees, you don't have. To Goosey here yeah. Yeah. Hollow dairy didn't Rebury Blancas Hat than the era Blais. Anatomy Banana. Nydia copied similar listen grow Domino Guinean added. The didn't at thou the PUSKAS missing lyric. Plan on Hoppy denia get a plan at lender to copy at D legance swept. gone while into by Tanya. Day, according to reduce on and the Richard Kanye. CONTRO. Roma. Sake A. Dope an-an-and copy. must've what that's not be sent a desert by Jeff Yeah Yeah Yeah. He. Coffee. Any. pseudo-democratic. Boxing Amazon Amazon with. Massive blooms in. Britain. Round. By. Putting yet. So Lucy. When to? Massive data on the boxing. A. Way that it gives us against them wasn't than Reddish show now want to win ended the Saint Louis C.. Within, get the they. but we sat down mechanism Oh but at the Han who? Then the number down and give give with Gunshot Leon. He. Megani. It over traditional any when he got comfortable unto Warrior Misano can to digest properly to want to win got gone with the Motto Twenty Tacoma One. At the moon bacteria. To. Resell. gyger. Compliment bacteria. To. Produce the south to sell an. Antibody to with twenty yeah now. People are going to. The Rostom will. Do. Took Excel. And moment to upper. Seldom. Boo. Boo Macro popping VM Lipoma crop up through his. Gaylord Caylao do governor went to Arctic macropod Monaco gone purposely to meeting. Gaga. Agree but the Yeah Nearby where this? Yeah. But you got be. Busy getting wounded. While Amerindian Auburn's of Los Angeles Blues the applicable Dot Com Gary Smearing Radio Vij Arena Sleng. Get richer than pan the PGA in it and does To. Wound. Winning candy at the handle Bougie Diane, the end jared has happened throughout my has had then. Radish show. Now, one, the depend frequency asking you to quit the unique American singer Camale. Corunna. The law. SQUAD NON SMOKING BARA Daddy Adhikari does Kim Karan. Gorby. Such a participant on. Ted Begin any. Score Ninety one Manila bloody around Karanja. 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Sana the non week with the under he looked rallied then commander Ran Cassia. Marie. Slalom Casa di then Lincoln gun onto onto gap on a lot on fields score owner. In. RUN OUT OF MIND. Number Law. Butter squad on smoking. BHADRA HE AH. Adhikari does not run. Corby such a partly to sleep Aena Ted Begin. Any. Ninety conman. Around here. McClintock physically. Beside you got Richie, Pratt and Adana pass Larry Romulus Dumbarton do not to Manara the Benda atop Muka. Young Yongbyon Lion Lalo had a Neiman into Mata he don't automall break- all to. Bureau score on any Jakab some you BERKOVICI Latin hero. Orion. Say Hot. Could the cupboard cotton been around the other INVACC- Corna or by Jew gear dealers? Behi- I. The long John Bonnie feels CORDONA ABC united and I answered I'm not an mulder you monitor. Kanye BS Tongans, outdoor day nonstop wounded and. You're under obamacare Moscow. Why'd Ya come among Harrisburg Tacoma? To doom that mood Cakobau to. My bagging I thought. But not not Mata. 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Victoria Purman  Telling Forgotten Stories

The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

38:38 min | 3 months ago

Victoria Purman Telling Forgotten Stories

"Welcome to the joys of binge reading the show for anyone who ever got to the end of the Great Book and wanted to read the Knicks installment. We Interview Successful Series Authors and recommend the beast and mystery suspense historical and Romance Series. So you'll never be without a book you can't put down. You'll find this episode show notes a free e book and lots more information at the joys of binge reading Dot Com and now is Russia. Doria permanent as USA Today, and Australia. Top team be seven historical fiction author who loves to tell the stories of the forgotten equal the mothers and wives. The Wolfe's plan goes and nurses who pitched for the country during a war, and then with forgotten win the peace kind. Hi, there I'm your host Jimmy Latch and today the story talks about who latest book the women's pages reflects on the moment she knew who time to write had come. And tells us what she tells young writers who are just starting out and want to how to do it. A full transcript about chat plus to Victoria's books and we'd side can be found on. We've of the PODCAST for joys, of Binge and dot. com. Leave us. You call me at sense suggestions we love to hear from our listeners and will endeavour to get to straight away. But now he is Victoria Halliday Victoria and welcome to the show is great to have you with us hard ginny Hello Kiwis. Urinate late if they can't already tell. I'm sorry my accent's program very strong. Yes. Satellite it's a very cold winters. Die He Russell ten degrees today and rining Gosh that is called. You are a former journalist chained fictional. So annoyed people always liked know the Christian what made you change from nonfiction fiction and worst same any kind sort of monitoring realization ns portfolio bashes they will actually I started as a journalist in broadcasts broke Housing Corporation and I had actually life mainstream journalism and what is made advisor and did all sorts of communications jobs as if anyone's of them. So I wrote a provider advice on how to do with the media to a whole lot of people, government ministers, clots in departments and things like that. But I did have an epiphany I call up my midlife crisis I. I was in my life forty site was about about forty seven and my husband and I have three sons, and of course, anyone with more than one shawl probation lunch out. Knows that you not really you're on when the initial but my youngest one or two in twelve. And I it the lady was much when so there were twelve fifteen tonight saying. Quite made he was much at that age, and so I kind of had the time to reflect about. Drain on put away when I was fifteen years old I'd always always loved grading and I always wanted the band. And I kinda thought what if I don't? Take it seriously in stock now, I might lose my child's and I was too old for the miles Franklin a reward not that lead to batch I always thought I'm Gonna I'm GonNa the most Franklin and then I got to the thirty five year cut off so that that's close to me. So I got her I saw it is the ticking clock in his sense so I decided I would sit down. TORONTO. Bokan. Coincidentally. Really Dear, friend of mine double. Job as the director of They S Iras Cinta and that spurred me on to because it opened me up to that whole world of authors in Australia has a South Adelaide rather has a really vibrant literary. Sane and I think probably could head we have more published his than anywhere else in the country to be honest. So I started meeting people This is the time to tie at Lake into the great unknown and jump off that cliff the nets did. Antagonistic. Now, you've got a new book out the woman's pages and we will be getting onto that very soon but you started out with historic fiction didn't do it but it was a USA Today Bestseller Will Joe Timelines story, the three medicines station the nineteen thirties. Could you tell us a bit about just how you got started and why you choice our action writer stocks? while. I've actually written four or five minutes before that or not. That's that was sort of my on try into. The world. I've always done really serious jobs as I've been journalists government with ministers and everything was was complex and heavy and when I got home. I. Didn't WanNa read those sorts of things I wanted escapism. So I read a lot of romance and I read started to rate is mistrial really greasy mystery. Suspense Romantic stories and in others who? smarts. What I would call Smart Romance as opposed to say, really purely skype is right matt and but I, I really attractive May and I had smart characters and women that I recognized in them. Rights for five of those, and I just had an idea one die about this beautiful beachside location that very well that sit some of my books. And I thought what what would it have been like here in the thirties and that part of Adelaide around to harbor anyone knows it was a very big holiday destination for the well-to-do in that light. Before Monica's people would. Catch the trying down to the harbour for the during hot summer and the really fancy people with their servants with them. So it was. A very horsey toys supplies. So I kind of thought who are these people and what was it like so I just it was just a page of curiosity really and and then I I liked that shocks to position about the role of women in the thirties and the role of women and the status of women in the modern die. So I sit those things against each other about because. The restrictions for women back then were it's mind boggling really not the. Perfect now about sorts that was the fun for me is juxtaposed the social order of the of the thirties. Twenty teens is way when I write that book. So you are a USA Today and Australian top ten be selling rides I still doing the pre romance as well as the historical fiction. Are Kind of run out of time. Historical fiction, which is a really love is is much harder to rot me. So I need much more time and. My last three books in the one on just finishing now are earl sit historically. So the research is pretty intense so I. Still Operating Contemporary Riots I. Think it's really great to see modern contemporary issues reflected in books like that. But now I'm kind of obsessed history I think in another life, I should have been in the story. So I've really affect story for that reason I get a kick out of the research I love waving fats into my stories, and now that's where I'm. GonNa die and it was it was rewarded for me because the land goes as you mentioned was a top ten Australian bestseller so that was really rewarding. said the new one the woman's pages is very much embedded in the journalism world of the nineteen forties in Melvin at St in World War. And try a young woman who chilly who starts out as secretary. There are smart Chang woman who gets a chance to be camera report of are wet war what attracted you to the story. It really floyd from the end of my previous book land girls. which was set during World War Two about the Australian women's land army understand the New Zealand. Is entitled to land on me to cadet. Let's countries. Did it the concept originated in England in one actually now and Canada adopted the model as well and the Americas that book ended at the very end of the war when victory was one and when I was cheering with that book, I heard so many stories from people who came along to my Vance about what happened after the war. And I always used to say something like. The idea behind the land goes it wasn't just a man's war and people really warm to that idea and night cy all when someone I remember when my father came time or my grandfather, my uncle and and it made me start thinking about what happened after the war in Australia? What was it lot to recover from that six year? Period of huge uncertainty and sacrifice and loss had the country recover and and that's where the of the women's pages come in. I I used a device I suppose of having it through a famous journalists is because she could the is in is of the curious she could go into different pots of society and ask questions and bundle why and uncover the truth of the way those post war years were starting to develop especially for women. So. I created till a yellow I. I did I did lots of research about famous journalists of that area mistrial era and that was really fascinating too. So Correspondence Australian will will correspondence but they were not allowed to go near soldier. They role was was as part of the propaganda machine of the army relay to go and interview land girls and women who worked in. Factories and signallers and old is amazing jobs that women didn't during the war I was saying as kind of. A booster to two women I would not allowed to go anyway new troops or interview in interview soldier role. saw it was kind of a that was a afraid of in a and a confidence being appointed a war correspondent and then bow Ashworth very quickly. They weren't happy about it and I reflected that in my tractor chilly, Galloway. Die Ford and Ford but. And then Wayne Macarthur and the Americans arrived even more stringent about. Not Letting Shaimaa journalists and. As a nuisance and a distraction that I wouldn't way with I, accommodate them way with ice late. I would distract the main with a beauty in their their wiles. Nothing's small Blakey the war side. Yeah. That would confined to Australia and are afflicted that frustration in in Tilles Korea because I had recently entered a New Zealand historical the code taper talent when she did a PhD here in New Zealand on the New Zealand Vietnam Base I. She's a PhD in history. And she said something that struck me she stayed wars are not won on our on builds at one time and I was thinking about that as I was reading women's pages because I thought maybe you would have some sympathy with that statement. That's a really interesting observation I think though combating now is Second World War One. So it's a really interesting juxtaposition to look at if you ask your average person about why why will will one started people didn't really understand back then and to be honest I think we all know about someone being showed in Sarajevo but how did that lead to a strategy going to war? It's Very murky and it was very kind of. These alliances in Europe but would she was really? Really this? Yes. And I think strenuous sword. So. Under actual physical threat as well as existential bridge. Of. Diwan yet exactly and the Japanese moving down through an and the war in the Pacific was very real but she's absolutely rod inside hearts and minds of people at Hong, as to why to just 'cause I'm in Vietnam is the perfect example it saints that. Fire. Away. Ridiculous. What's What's what's that about and you know it was about spread of communism that's really hard to understand in the country so far away as. What was was much clear saw. Shaped probably spike about what changed things in Vietnam was the TV footage every not. For the first time, the war was televised inside people saw the death and destruction. Atta. Stupidity of some of what was going on and kills your toes a thousand words as they say so yeah, if you giant. People. Convinced of the rottenness of it I. Think you know you do beat non perfect example of that. The ones pages very poignantly portrays these women who just. In end fight through the war some some of the not receiving any would from there has been some knowing the they husbands become prisoners of war but still hoping Ham, Heim Needs Johnson come home and some of dot. We had any spoilers on who that is. Dan You get the irony that one whose husbands income harm often maybe even worse off than the ones whose husbands. So I. It's it's a very poignant story. Isn't it? A dozen? Sneezes the wonderful heavy in the Bible being hyphen for. A look sorry true and that kind of my research nights interesting to to compare it to coronavirus at the moment actually. Knock in the sense that people are separated and we don't know how long it's GonNa go on for came and I was only reflecting on that this morning. Actually I've got very close friends in mobile and family in Melbourne and and doing things like on. Surely this'll be over by Christmas, you'd come either for Christmas and. We don't know that actually and that was what was sick during the war will be either by Christmas. Christmas was just saying that that Tom went family important. So I just joined our how is families back here cooked six years. Really, dot and that kind of. A tried to explore that, and as you mentioned that there were all sorts of circumstances that women feist some some whose husbands time Chinese men and. For very understandable reasons about having been a prisoner of war and having tortured and others came home untouched but didn't want to come back to their wives. dyson is wives were abandoned. The woman is ill was established. We does there was also a huge cardboard of women whose. Husbands, left them with nothing ran off with other women. All become so unwell. That Thi- ran they were affected and what we would you know was cold on your season show Schulkin Mogo one. Yeah. We would now cy cy many of them drank as well. Sorry that to fight with a, I'm certain to fight with the after effects of what the had sane done. So the the after fake sleeved on for a very, very long time I. I used the story in the book it ahead it from the lips of the man, the man who had happened to it was at a laboratory can south wow and I was talking about that idea to the land girls about. What happened after the war and people were told to get on with their lives, but we know that. That wasn't as simple as sounded at this one man in the audience was shook his head and afterwards he came up to me and said. He was fourteen at the end of world. War Two and his uncle came back from Japan. Not from Japan from Pacific. A prisoner of war and he I shared a bedroom housing shortages after the war's everyone bumped together and he said I'll never forget the skies in my uncles back. And he was tearing up telling me the story and I thought this is seventy eased lighter. Obviously How did is mean headed families cut with a knowledge of what had happened and we tend to think now that people didn't know what was happening during the war. It was a shock to it was all a big shock at the end, but actually looking at newspaper reports at the time and not which tidy it. News. was leaking out about. Some of the terrible things that were happening. And whether people didn't want to face it or they did really know what's happening and didn't talk about it, it's not the fascinating part of that history for me. But you try to reflect that in the book about all circumstances, women found themselves in. Today. Well, was there one thing that surprised you in the research that you did sort of stood out that? Were quite shocked award hadn't expected the way widows would trade it actually it was pretty shocking to me the governor who is to band and back then in the forties in strategy, there was no supporting parents pinching for example, the those women whose husbands dumped them on their own there was a very small. Down at supplement and that was each. So, that that really surprised me on an in astronomy. We did have big big social changes in the nineteen seventies. Star don't know about New Zealand's experienced. Undergone here in Australia they supporting parents benefit was introduced and that was a life changing or for women who could could lay vol relationships finally. Knowing the head even the bare minimum night ahead support it was that an I wondered if wood is treated that way because. Those who who are left because it was a nasty reminder of about the downside of the war. We we tend to think that everyone come home from the war and that created the baby boom generation everyone was happy will bought houses in Australia blossomed and everyone had kids in all things with gripe but. I I was asked that question who grateful. I'm interested in navigating excavating the stories of those who continue to suffer hoot histories with knives. Is it comes through very strongly how Almost, as soon as the war was over on. Probably even before the mean landed back on Australian soil wants or. was shot late restricted and women to drop a by Dr Back to the way things square in that would told. Him and. The wives and that's your job. Now to look has a kind of sense if you were a single woman, you had To Steinheim will. Man Needed your job absolutely Iran and there were moves that went all the way to the high coarseness strider after the war to cut the wartime wages of women who had been working during the war. And then it was across lots of industries because the war was a great economic booster. said, lay the white things work. That's true. So the ports were busier than ever manufacturing was busier than ever the fading the war if it was known as task and transport logistics of getting things to the war if it were to. So yeah after the war everyone face the prospect of having a wide just. Keep going now that historical be sent attract way the nostrils the. Phone Gillis said how you said Bonna Gila on together. But you not actually wrong because there are actually three established wise to say that Biden gala a Gila Bangala. What migrant can't see it up on the banks of the Murray. River. So we talking now into the early fifties, but you have a very personal connection with the story. Don't you? Would you like to tell us about how that one painted? He was another base salary It there was a really personal connection to that one again asking the oath where the idea for comes in sometimes. You have an idea that's always been hit now the times you've no idea and this was one that I had always had this idea in my head my on the offense generation Australian of both my parents time to abstract from. Europe after the war in nineteen fifty. Nine forty, nine and nineteen, fifty, four. So my father was a refugee. From Poland and my mother came in nineteen, fifty, four with four siblings on In that big postwar starting to post war immigration program to hope United let's be Frank Watt. People. So to to ward off a threat of Japanese expansionism and because my parents were. Italy are paying that watch. At the time that were readily accepted. So I'm both of them were at camp on the Gila which had been army camp and still is, but after the war, it was down because we need to try and soldiers anymore. But it had lots of accommodation it accommodated nine thousand people. So in that post war migration boom, it was used as a temporary housing sort of cab for the wives and wives of migrants you time to a stranded it wasn't a. Lock Gates. Now of tournaments, inches and things it because there was one a housing shortage to so many people coming there were few of these around Australia in various towns in Sydney Villawood was unto where people were accommodated fade inducted into a strategy. If you lot even rudimentary English lessons until they were assigned were end up. So what happened to my grandfather? He he was given a job in light in factory, and that's how we whole family kind to be in that light and and I thought that was always nine that nine Gila growing up. It was always a when we're Geller we met people up on a killer or it was just such so. It was always there in my my family's story and Um one day I thought I need to rot that story because we don't we neither is Maga stories and again it's up to social history that I'm really fascinated in. The ordinary stories of waking people. And Those migrants who came a worked in factories closed as. kooks sometimes that were in a domestic in houses by setup fish and chip shops grosses they were an industrious lot of people and who'd never really read about the history and that has just resonated in Simon a paper I. Still Get messages today about one to two years. Later, the people said My. This is my mother's story on. This is my grandmothers grandfathers story, and they were on a Gila to and I always mood about it people who were they said he created memories May and and that was a real on actually. Tell by stories. It sounds like your book tours have been. A great Mimas of exchange of knowledge and hasn't helped you with understanding mutual. Absolutely on the end of the Bona Gila girls to I, kind of did an introduction about me and my family, and then I handed it over to the audience and the stories I heard were I wish I could them before written a book to be on us because everyone had a story? One woman time and said I was on the Sky Bruin with my family we can't Holland and the ship sunk in the Indian Ocean and she showed me on her phone before they're risking my the front page of every Piper Australia at the time and she said there's May on the phone. So it was, it was incredible and everyone. The beginning of that when those events, I would say he has a connection to Bonnie Giller unusually seventy, five percent of the Rome there's a handwriting rush. As an older on fine that. Absolutely. Hassles my well actually. Is. Wanted to toga stories. But moving away from the specific books Tunic Jiahua Korea. It's the ones that you've. John done more than any other that you'd see as the secret of your success I sank reading. A rating and in in both ways, one is for enjoyment and one is four resume. Probably is being curious. And I think that's mice journalists. Trying to journalists are there because they curious Wanted that happen what's going on Who made that? He said that why did they say that it's Questions at as journalists we know who, what, why, where, when, and how. Bachelor questions and I I think it's my curiosity otherwise diving to that curiosity China still do and. Enough hearing people's stories and allow finding out how how people think and how by work. So I guess to those two things rating and asking questions. And what your advice page young writers starting out I mentioned that you probably get. Quite a quite a few young writers who ask you what they should be doing what do you tell them? Do tell them to read. there. Are there are a lot of young people I want to be is but I don't actually raid and reading will. In a purely professional sense. Reading gives you an idea of what's being published. and. It also helps you learn. It. Helps you take nate and story. And you. When you read a book, You side I didn't expect that to happen. How did they do that way? Did that idea come from? We did that did I get that research? How did I find that out so What is the pure enjoyment and being swept away in a story which is also Raid and connect. Connect with erosion community I think that's really important. Every state has. Talking about New Zealand but find your local rotting center or book club or a Raja's group and connect with other rashes. I did that at the beginning of my career in light upright my best friends through that community. You share your successes and jaw rejections as well and know you you're. Crazy Russia. There are a whole lot of the crazy Raja's it should. One of the things that long size crazy writer science that practically every book has it stopped by moment win that convinced to that's nonsense and they're not gonna be able to finish would use of sympathize with that. Oh, absolutely on right in that moment now Bob Book the next year I'm at one hundred city thousand words and I'm thinking I'm not finished yet. When is it going to end and also that data? Is it any good I mean every I think. Every creative person thinks that at the end of that. Prices. Closed to your object to the. Absolutely you really do and you. Yeah, and it's not until I get feedback from my editor my publisher denied that it's Or not signed yet that state she's my face Raider and our white for that critical feedback. To. This is the joys of Binge Rating. So we do like to touch into what do you like to read particularly, what do you like to read for relaxation, but we binge eating what are your current favorite rates in that area? Well when I been raid I tend to go outside Mahjong. I'm I'm too worried that I will inadvertently steel applause or name or device or something. So I do tend to Red Crayon and it'd be literally fiction to what have I read I I love noble people by Sally Ruini. I love. David McKinnon's books Jain hoppers books. Henry Shell and then it bit of nonfiction as well. I have one on my pile. Just right next to me. It's our bodies the battlefield by Christina. Lamb in it's about the widespread use of right is a tool of war so to. Try to raid escapist and then also. Not, to fill my creative about what I might write about next I've kind of done my wall to trilogy the last of the. Ills the landfills and the Women's Tigers, and as I mentioned I'm writing about World War One. And the Baptist is immobile one. Yeah. I'm trying to take myself back into that era as well. So I wish I had time for reading every author probably says that Pot Tom as well and we have three kids and fought puppy. And a bathroom renovation saw. I try to do all those things in balanced y probably none of them very well. That's not BECO-. You're berry long successful career is there anything you would change if you could now looking back or that John and if you call it what a? Change anything to be honest I think I didn't start routing till. I was forty seven when it might be tempting to site on should've started early but actually I don't think so I think it happened at the exact time it should have I don't know what I would have written about if I've been much younger but I think I was ready for the or maybe I would have done it when when I was ready and been younger and ready but no, I think I would actually every it's like you know you. If you find your dream job, you finally found drain job because you in a job that wasn't your dream job and you decided to move on. Sorry. It's a bit like that. For me. It's about all the things I've done even the ones that haven't been successful built onto the next thing it's to me it's like building a wall with bricks. Summoned gotten that working out, but the next thing is bright and if I if the work that, I wouldn't have done that thing. So. Trying to building this building the MO, the more you do people, you make the more ideas you're exposed to, and that old fades that curiosity of mine about people and stories. I think I'd change anything to be honest. You've mentioned the will one book now. So what are your plans for the rest of twenty twenty June in either into twenty twenty one? What is on the cards? Story of the show. While this comes out I have a schedule of events around that the United Cross Fingers Toronto Vase pending then I will begin the editing process for next year's book. Let's between twenty twenty one, and then design time starting to rot a twenty twenty twos book. And Hopefully Jason Rating in the meantime but I have a book a year with relationship and delay tons of quite long. So I'm submit next Jeez book a year in advance. So that's my plan and so I've got I've got some rioting. And a puppy to rise. Any ideas about what the twenty twenty two guy debate at the moment Joel is that time? I think it's going to be about suffrage in Australia I just I think. That's my idea. Any more than that night, but it's dry Leah. Night parts of New Zealand with the first in the world to allow Women Vij. Women the right to vote but in in. Women were won the right to vote universally I think in the state elections in. Placing the world saw some fantastic women who? Fought for that, and in fact I then went over to the UK and advise the suffragettes about the campaign and funny enough because I'm writing one at the moment it was actually campaigning stopped during rural one suffragettes campaigning stopped but at the end of the war ever sit. With qualifies of course but so the war did have a profound change for women in the guy we of course had brought. Down under and across the ditch. Way before. I think. Stories. That must people die With a couple of young women and I mentioned that back in the old days if you were married to you lost your job in the public service. Now, we're really shocked. I just didn't know. And I said it wasn't that far away. So I, think there's lots of that history that deserves some h harm. To remind US how far we've come actually an it's really huge battles. We tend to think that just happened all these things that are good just happened. A giant just happened to be full full. You've mentioned the pandemic is it going to interrupt your launch of the women's in the women's pages match? Yes it it. It has meant I haven't been able to travel into state on a fuel listeners. Her way of Victoria is completely locked down is this quarantine arrangements implies needs throughout Queensland everywhere released everyone's just Steinheim, which is, of course, the right thing. means. I haven't been out of travel and ninety one has. A and that's a first world problem I understand I'm I'm hoping to. Events in allied have number six lottery visits and things and do lots of interviews zome. Kohl's in meetings and online things. Everyone had to give it in really interesting why look and some of that is really good because not everyone has the ability to get out in the evenings. Two guys book larch especially if it's long distance ally side by by being able to zoom in you wiping up. You want an experienced to people who might not. have been able to do that before. So they were up sods think it's been a difficult time for a whole lot of people and. Booksellers, oftens in that regard. So everyone's trying to make the best of the. Year. Yeah. Do you see it hidden any long chain impact on your word? I have two cy he's been very difficult to concentrate. Everyone is waiting at the moment for the daily figures out of Victoria to say how they going hang on that announcement every morning. So we'd I found I found it difficult to concentrate, and it seems kind of trivial to be worried about. Coming out when people are dying and very sick. So it's been hard. I think I talked to a lot of friends is well I think it's a very common thing and I've tried I can't concentrate enough to rate at the moment data. Usually. That happens when I'M ON A. Hard deadline in nearly into book. That's what I do I at the summer here I think is to. Just dive into my pile of books which is growing enormously. That'll make back into the mood and it's an unsettling time for everyone and that has affected the why we do what we do. Is is we are coming to the end of our time together side tell people where I can find you online and certainly no doubt that you say to sound as if you enjoy interacting with the raiders wake like finder. Oh people can find me on facebook as Victoria and Autho on instagram speak tour deployment on which you'll see lots and lots of fighters of my golden retriever dog. Is just. So beautiful and at my website I'm Victoria. PIMM. Dot Com. Less allowed to hit from raiders obviously fills my well and it. It helps when you sit by disc for long stretches of Tom and you hit them to kind words from someone at Flood Victory Look. Thank you so much for your time to die and all the very base with this launch too much journey. It's been pleasure by now. Thanks for listening to the joys of venture reading podcast, you can find all the details and links this episode. At DUB DUB DUB dot the joys of Binge Reading Dot Com. 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