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379: Golden Mic

If I Were You

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379: Golden Mic

"This is a head gum podcast. Thank you to Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode of our show, Jake. I'm sure you're familiar that Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks options and cryptos all commission free. Yup. I'm sure you know, that while other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees. So you can trade stocks and keep all your profits and asserts abundantly clear to you that there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started. So you can start investing at any level. See now that now that I knew this simple intuitive design of robinhood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike, you can view easy to understand charts and market data place a trade in just four taps on your smartphone. You can also view stock collections such as the hundred most popular with Robin Hood, you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio. Discover new stocks track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for price movement. So you never miss the right moment to invest, but did you also know that robinhood is giving listeners if I were you a free stock like apple. Ford or sprint to help you build your portfolio. You gotta do a sign up. If I were you dot, Robin, Hood dot com. Cool toda. Tutors? If you have. Hugh show discount. Because of me twice. To give try but. If you have a problem. Show scott. The. Damn daniel. What do you think about that one? That made me feel cool and sexy as I was listening to you know, that was actually Lil Boosie Vert. No chan. Yeah. No chance. You're right. We saw him. Remember when we saw. No. When at that weird. Adidas pop up at the row. I don't remember that that was Lil Boosie Vert. He had seemed so grown up. Yeah. He was big Uzi Vert that night damn. Who's e you're so big now who's e you're a regular size. What I saw. I thought it was a medium whose Evert I thought he was a Cousy. That one who wrote this theme songs name is Michael he's been listening watching our stuff since the college humor days. He wrote us a little who's Evert own wonders the way, it goes beat hope we like it. We did like it. And if we liked it a lot we can shout out his Spotify or apple music. He goes by the artist's name boo Koo Hannah and the song's called something to you. Okay. It only has five hundred fifty listen so far and was hoping to get over a thousand. So I get rid of that depressing under a thousand thing on Spotify. Yeah. Let's double that. Let's double his listens. So he gets that. Like, the k next to the name is that what it I've never heard. I've never seen like songs on Spotify. That have that little under a thousand is it like the opposite of a badge. I don't know. I'm thinking of sound quote. I don't know what it looks like on Spotify. Yeah. Anyway, that's what it is. It's called. It's buco Hannah. And the song's called something to you. Right. So there we have it, right? I guess he goes by the name MJ, collegiate or Michael. So thanks Michael Colgate Colgate. Although Colgate Jit was way on he is collegiate though. Yeah, he is collegiate, but that's unrelated to his name. This is the first podcast recording post Miley successor Jorie. Are you wearing you're not wearing glasses right now. Today's the first day I'm trying to wear non prescription glasses. Oh, wow. Describe them to me, get them. I got him from where you're Parker actually shot up to one of our sponsors, no shit. It was actually a funny story. My I went glasses shopping with my parents, and my mom told the lady working at worry Parker that I do Worby Parker ads on my podcast. And then I was kind of embarrassed because that lady had not heard of our podcast, but then somebody else at worry parkers like, wait. Are you a mere? And I said yes, and my mom was like see every. Knows his podcast that lady used her friends and family discount on me. Well, so your mom embarrassing. You saved you cash yet. And what happened there is that my mom clock that and was like, okay. It doesn't matter. If I am barris anyone anymore. It ended up working. And so for the next however long now, I have carte blanche. Green light access to to save. She learned no lesson. In fact, you learned a lesson. Your mum will always Barras you. And now now she's going to double down. That's right time. You guys go to like dinner. I think we might be able to get a friends and family here. Long to cast yelling at a chef in a kitchen. Hey, everyone, my jackass son as a fucking podcast. What do you mean? You don't listen a bucket? Just holding a bus driver steering wheel until pays attention to me. Amir tell the fuck and podcast is called. Jesus christ. It only costs a dollar ten. What do we need a discount on that? Mommy eba. No. I no longer want to ride the public transportation with you. Anyway, as it stands I bought three glasses at Worby Parker gonna try them out. But I will say that today's the first day where my eyes are feeling almost like I actually have glasses baked into them. It's been a slower recovery process than you. Let on oh interesting. Well, maybe you just didn't have as strong as that. Well, what it is is like the worst vision is the more. They corrected the longer it takes to heal. So yours was like a very subtle small prescription change or anything. My really was like the next day. I was fine. Right. Did you have dryness? Residual dryness in the morning. No. There really was like it was I guess it felt like maybe a tiny tiny bit like blurry or like a light leak sort of happening. But it felt there was no dryness and halos or nasal burning a lot of nasal burning. Did you have where your sinus burnt where it was like you wake up you have choking? You'll rose Asia. Yes. So I broke out at some sort of ocular hive where the RAB sheeting people. So my pupil had a little leak, and it sort of leaked out onto my eyelids. So it like a black little a dark black stain trickling down almost like Garo running like, you're crying soy. You're crying soy. I was beefing soy. And then the way it worked is that the tears would flow up. I don't know if it was like an anti gravity post, Lasix, whatever the fuck, but the black tar would leak up. It was almost like a horror film every night because you had vertigo you were upside down. Yes. So I sleep upside down and inside out. I had vertigo right? That's correct died that ocular rose ation. I had that pupular airy leakage. And so for the last let's see I got the got the I got the license on April. First the seventeen cities the first day where I can smell hear or talk. That's awesome. I'm really and you're wearing the you're wearing the glasses. And. Yeah, war bees. Yeah. They're called the loose. The lucie. Because that's that's how your is in your head. I saw on Instagram you lost one for a moment. I lost. I lost one popping out. I lost one ball entirely, and then the other one feels small and sort of like willing around. It's like it's like a gun ball in a single Gumbel Gumbel machine. Almost you have one putty. I don't use the the lost one. And they they made us claymation. I because you didn't want the glass one you couldn't afford the glass. I e. Yeah. And he sort of he took the putty out, and he like rolled it on the Sunday funnies, and then he put it back in. So like where one I is there's nothing and then the other one looks like a spherical like a Dilbert comic. That's really funny. Yeah. It sounds like you like are hot. Now. I forgot how to talk at forgotten how to talk. So I'm relearning. Rush. I had a voicemail from you. And you were you were screaming I thought it was Hebrew. But maybe it was just I think it was Latin 'cause I was sort of the way the Lazic worked is that brought me to a point where I was de aging. So like I like I was living in like three hundred CE for like a week and a half. But it felt like it turn it in your follow up. Was it was the the gave you like the the little I exam, and then also the doctor did an exercise them. Yeah. So he did he pulled he pulled the demons from your from your brain. Yeah. He was able to like shove a crucifix close to my brain that like a lot of the demons came out. But some of them were just so frightened by it that they they've now like recessed even deeper into my corneal like ridge because I saw I saw AVI tells Instagram story in the middle of the night, you were crawling on the ceiling turned and you history, but your eyes are just two black holes. Yes. Well, and you saw the veins on my face, right? Yeah. I mean, I couldn't even see your face. It was mostly veins and ice sockets. And again, you were on the ceiling. You hit eaten your dog? Yeah. Luke, I consumed them because the Satan in my head that had controlled me post Lazic told me to do. So and felt as though his word was God. And that I was doing his bit right? But now it's nice because you don't have to you don't have to put glasses on in the morning. You can kind of just go today. I woke up, and I was like, oh my God. Like, this is the first time we're like I can read like the clock in my room, and I don't have to squint or anything. So that like felt really nice. And I was able to like, oh, yeah. I was able to like by non nonprescription sunglasses, which is like a cool little neat thing as well. That's very nice. So like, even though my recovery was a little slow. I'm I'm happy that I have done it. And I'm excited to get to this point. Because a lot of people say takes, you know, two four six sometimes three months to recover fully from lake. Wow. Yeah. Jeez. That's crazy. So you didn't. Have haloes or anything? I. Drive. It was like a little halo effect. No my side effects. Didn't sound like there is severe is years with the the the demon possession the dog eating. I did have I did have some kind of light halo wing during the day and some light sensitivity. But it only lasted for a day or two feared the halos. Because they reminded me of the angels that were coming to get me. I felt like for whatever reason spawn of Satan, and some sort of bizarre way after the Lazic and that those represented another angel trying grave my life. You are the spawn of Satan. We're not recording podcasts. Abou-? Dog if you play that part backwards. That's what it says. But it look forward to keeping everyone updated abreast, and yeah, no, I don't know how I'm going to treat glasses yet. But we'll find out together. But what is this after all, this is an advice show? It's if I were you the only frickin advice podcast hosted by two men with perfect vision. Neither of them the devil. Amir. I'm Jake, and we got some good cues today. Your brother's going through helping us out trying to find the greatest questions we have Mike is on the case has he has he let you know that this is a fun job for him. This an annoying job see into it as he fast. See I think he's good. He's I like, I haven't been paying attention. But I looked at are like good questions to have. And he's has there's three hundred in their damn damn days. Looking. He's doing it. Yeah. But I look. And they're all spam. Right. Well, he's he's sort of just he pulling the wool over our eyes. He's just invoicing us hours and hours and hours. He thinks this is a good question. Pure one ten percent off Father's Day sale from let's talk about it sixty nine. That's not a good. That's the name for peer one guy. Pierre a receipt from the goat app. He bought jeez. Using our credit card. He put good questions kind of like as a fuck you. I talked to you. Yeah. Okay. He has bent over a fucking table hand over fist stealing cash from us. And he's leaving just got a I just got a on my phone from from our Bank. Did you buy two? If I took it or tickets to two that must be mica. So I think I don't know if I bought them, but I. Okay. I'm not trying to I don't want to cover for him to covering firm. Your stand. One of the three either meet you were mica take. I'm sure it's for a good reason away. I'm sure it's a good reason. Good reasons that he wants to -cation. Here's another probably. Here's a good question Email, I'll see into Lou, motherfuckers. So he's he's taught in. Yes. Got a I got one flight information put it into good questions doing this. Okay. So he did buy three tickets one for me you and him. But he's the only one on the plane right now, I guess the flights taking wanted us to pay for his flight. But we couldn't make it because we didn't know about until it was too late. So yeah, that's why it's a write off. It's not good. I'm happy for him. I know you are. And I'm sad for us. Oh, here's an actual question. He found. All right. This is from an Israeli, man. So it seems so we'll call him. I don't know what's an Israeli name e Don E, D, O N, John rights. I'm a twenty five year old, man. And I have a son who is four whose mother is. And I who's mother I was engaged to up until recently, we signed up our boy for 'em may classes Haagen a- an Israeli Self Defense Forces training, six months ago as a way to build his confidence. Meet other kids, stay active, and he's absolutely killing it making new friends left. And right learning to kick ass along the way, I'm never felt more than when I'm watching him fucking throw down. But that's not where problem is his mother. My then fiance sucked his sense as black belt. Dick after practice. I didn't attend about a week ago. Then. Told me about it over ice cream that night after we put our son to bed. So the fiance told him about it. I can't tell if. Yes, I think, but I don't know if it's like they were broken up, and they and this happened in there, like friends, I think that's more. The vibe got obviously, I was blindsided, and I lost it packed my shit and left that night only to be forced to come to face to face with this literal mother fucker three days later at practice. I approached him after the class while my son was playing with some of the other kids, and I told him I knew and I asked him what the fuck dude, he answered with a smile, and what are you gonna do about it? I didn't say anything quickly left with my son. Seriously. What the fuck am I gonna do about it? My take my son away from the thing that he loves it, nor it and have to watch this guy. Teach my different kicks while knowing also kicked a load into my ex's throat. Oh my God. Or do. I try to go toe-to-toe with a guy who's a black belt. Israeli armed force trainer. Mother fucker fighting machine. My son has another class this week, then I'm taking him to and I'm panicking. I don't know what to do. And Amir's a chipmunk thinks whatever. So I guess he's not Isreaeli. But this this M, a Haagen teacher is that guy is definitely has thick eyebrows. A bald head and his stacked yet he's hairy jacked for sure he's Harry everywhere except for the top of his could fuck in down. There's nothing like a guy who's stronger than you, teaching your son. How to kick your ass and Nutting into your wife's. His words not ours. Right. God this is a real emasculating situation. Right. That's like my biggest fear is like standing up for myself and someone saying what are you going to do about it? Yeah. If the other guys drawn already did did what I was going to do about it. Good confront you gonna have a war of words. I thought you'd like fear that I was strong too. Yeah. I felt like you might instantly back down. What if it's gonna come to blows? I'm I'm frightened of that outcome. Fuck it. Let's do it the old fashioned way who has has more Twitter followers about a battle of wits. Quick give me a topic. And I'll wax philosophical, right? A limerick. I think I can make fun of your occupation. Because while you strong, you can't be making much more money than I there. Once was a man who fucked my wife, he tried to ruin my life. Take down. Oh, Danny look away daddy's hurt. Yeah. I think that the already the X when this started is is my theory. It would it would seem that if they were this if it's like straight up the guy hooked up with your fiancee. I just don't that. Just doesn't seem like what's happening. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like they had broken up. Now, they still hang out for the sake of the sun. And I guess the wife was kind of trolling him saying, by the way, I blew the sense. Blowing the sense as really if this guy did anything relationship. That's a really really good way to get back at him. My God isn't sense a feel like that's specifically for like martial art Asian martial arts. I don't know if like an Israeli self defense guys called the sense. What are they called? I don't know. I just always assumed sense. Say was like karate jujitsu, right? I don't know what the sense would be an Israeli. That's your native tongue though. Yeah. Everybody else just stole the belt system. They stole the geeze blacks. Yeah. They took everything. And then they just called it. What is it called hug know, not gotta asshole? Pieces shit Krav Maga. Guys type of Israel self-defense. This one is called Haagen, which is very close to hug Atta which is very slow. It is close to pass over. What are you doing for Passover forgot that I got to Passovers Easter this weekend? Wow. Joy of being in interfaith marriage. So you got you got the Sator Friday. You got the Seder Saturday, Friday and Saturday, cedar. You got the Easter Sunday through Sunday on you put a little Easter egg on the Seder plate. How's that for interfaith? That's nice is chocolate. Kosher for Passover. It is. Yeah. Okay. I can have chocolate mozza. Yeah. So works seeing it'll be a candy eggs. And then you got the bitter herbs. You got the basket full of candy. And then you have parsley Easter is the strangest Christian holiday just in terms of like the traditions. I it definitely makes sense. Like what it is what they're celebrating Jesus. But like, yeah. Like why on earth Easter bunny and chocolate eggs? You got to appeal. The kids. I think truly makes. No, I think it's like kids are like we don't want to learn about Jesus like, well, I will say that there's a bunny that gives you a chocolate. Yeah. Christmas is Jesus birthday use OC birthday with presence? And so like that one just it tracks. I know there's a fat guy from the North Pole with reindeer, and that's a little out there. But like it's still makes sense to you have no notes notes Santa lives in the North Pole. He has a bunch of elves working for him, and he and his wife make a list of Nadia. Nice people. Green light Christmas. That's easy. Ship it easy. Dun, Dun giant bunny dumping eggs were celebrating the day that Jesus came back from the dead now. It's harder harder. I can't quite wrap by cock around that one. Jeez this. I'm sorry. Your honor? I got a good one. I got a good way for him to get revenge. Oh, please. You gotta act like you don't give shit. Okay. And that's it. So the like, I blew the sense. And then you you sort of laugh you like act like really the fucking sense. Nice Sheila real fucking glassy. God holy shit. What next? Are you gonna eat out our fricken librarian? Now. You're you're fine. Whatever I don't care. Yeah. I wanna get another Sunday Sheila. Yeah. Yeah. This one maybe I'll have it with nuts. Oh. The problem is this guy already got upset packed up and left. So it's hard for him to pull back around be like psych in confronted the teacher. I think he's got to go to the other the only way he can come at this guy is to ruin his business. Okay. So he's not going to be able to take them out at the knees literally, but figuratively you go around to all the other children or the the children's parents children. That guy blew my wife. Right. I'm. Aller Cindy, cut her come here a little tiny little munchkins. Let me tell you. What your sense they did he's actually not all that wise. Belt, actually, hides the cocky, shoved down my fiancee's throat. Oh, my good Lord. No. You go to the other parents. And you say, I don't know what to tell you guys. But this guy. He had an affair with my fiance. He's and then he bullied me. So I think we should go to another hug on a studio. There's just twelve miles down the road. And I think there's a MUI Tyke clinic across the street, which I've been reading lots of good shit about. Also, I think I'm going to give this guy at two star yelp review. Hell out of it. But what you do my why Lou them? You know, Sheila. We were all at ice cream the other evening. Yeah. Did you notice things got tense between us I left my milkshake on the counter and stormed out. That's not like me. You guys know that? I'm usually cool as a cucumber the other thing you can do is enroll yourself at a number like ju jitsu or boxing studio in your town. And then next time he says, what are you going to do you just drop him because he doesn't know that you've been training. Yeah. That's like the sitcom answer you take your old self defense. And you challenge him to a fight. All right. Not win. But at least like own it like, no, holding your own a little bit hill respect you. Yeah. Is it more respectable to fight and lose or do not fight? It all to fight and loses. Morris respectable. That's like to to not fight at all. I think to walk away entirely is less respectable. But like to walk away and form a new plan. That's that's respect. Like, you know, you can't win. When a black belt is like, what are you going to do about it? So you have to kind of go off and be like, what am I gonna do about it? You can't just but you can't just do nothing. This is funny. Good luck. Dude. There's also the notion that if they are broken up, it's fine. So think about that too. I guess well. Yeah, that's probably more than likely that is kind of how he described it. So get over it. All right. Well, this guy did act like a dick or anyway, take a break. Let's take a break. We'll think some sponsors. We'll be back on the other side after this. Thank you to to. She for sponsoring this episode of our show. This is an exciting one. We had a Toshi in the office. And now we get to rant and rave about it officially that's right? We we were supporters of tissue before they ever gave us cash to talk. So we know and now you will that wiping your but with dry toilet paper does not remove all the shit. No, no does not. 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I saw one episode, and it was very sweet it was a southern man who was large who got a nice little makeover to go after his old sweetheart who wasn't quite interested at the beginning of the she at the end at the end she's wanted to give him a date. That's really nice. That's really nice. I've been watching season three and every single night. I am crying. It's so touching. And I love the show. It's great. And are you crying because these people are in desperate need of a makeover. Are you crying because you realizing that you need to groom yourself in a different way. And you just haven't even thought about moisturizing, and that's Pacific mostly crying because I'm. Thirty three. And I only learned what a French tuck is. You pull that definitely gonna start doing a French talk. I'm going to start doing a French talk with a French tuck does that mean you have to wear like a jacket or blazer that covers the back of it that hangs down low? No, I think that you can like remove the shirt and have like a French tuck t shirt, but I don't know. I'd have to ask tan, maybe all right into Dan. Quick question high. Yeah. No high town new fan, I'm fairly stylish. I just I'm curious about this whole tucking your button up into the front of your gene situation willing to hear Koroma's answer as well. You think you're gonna upgrade from a t shirt jeans hoodie style clothes since I'd been since I moved to New York. I did I spent the winter trying to be a little more like style conscious in LA just wear the same thing everyday. Whether it's always good. So you don't really I never really thought about what I was gonna cool jacket. Yes. So here I I definitely have been thinking about. Wearing different jackets and shoes. But like as weather's been getting warmer and nicer I've been kind of reverting back to just t shirt jeans. Most of the time, I I don't usually wear hoodies usually wear like a collared shirt, that's nice. But I don't know if that's like fashionable I- fashionable now is like that kind of like St. work where big baggy pants that are like cuffed. I don't know if I can do that. That's not me yet. Yeah. I don't know would you ever wear the baggy pants, the baggy crop pants. I mean, I assume I'll do everything that society of actually gets to. I don't think I'd wear tight pants. I got tight now. It's going looser. It's going box cut. It's going straight leg size sumo do that. Eventually, it's really. Yeah. Crop pants cropped loose pants is like in. I don't know if I can't I can't imagine doing it isn't I guess I will remember thinking that like all the way buttoning, my shirt all the way was. Bridge too far. And now you can't stop. Well. I don't do it anymore. But like, yeah. That seems like the least defensive fashion thing to me now. Yeah. And then what kind of our our people still wearing really loose t shirts with those even though their pants or baggy or the t shirts. Now getting tighter. I guess it seems like the t shirts are getting normal. Jackets are big. Yeah. I've noticed a lot of like really like especially in women's clothes like is this a jacket or like twenty yards of fuckin- fabric that you sort of shawl over yourself. It's like games over shaky. Yeah. Yeah. It's a lot of fabric dangling down to the floor. The looser the cooler Japanese street wear has me wearing a sarong and a bathrobe. And a little bit of sleet, though, with a little bit of sleep. It's always snowing around you, wet sleep Mitch. All right. We should also mention that our show in Chicago is getting close to selling out yet. Another bit of unsolicited advice is to grab tickets to our show. Twin invasion is sold out Doboy sold out high and mighty sold out. These shows are going fast pods also that too because to selling out I think we might sell out this week. So go to head gum dot com slash live or Jacob dot com. To get tickets to all the shows were coming to Chicago June fourteenth fifteenth and sixteenth. It's going to be fun. Yeah. Great weekend. I cannot wait was going to be awesome. All right. We got another question or two to get to this one is from un-american man who had the word cross fit in his Email. So on it, we call this guy. God blanco. I remember taking cross fit years ago in Blanco was the most Jackson structure. Oh, cool plunk. Oh, isn't that's from like streetfight? Yeah. No. That's blunk. Oh, okay. Was Blanco and Blanco rights long story short. I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year. Now, we've taken several trips together gone to Vegas a few times. But somehow, she's always invaded the idea hearing me hearing or knowing about her shitting, obviously, I'm not one of those guys that thinks girls don't shit. I'm not a fucking idiot. But let me continue one day recently. She came over to my place for a chill evening in when she came over. She said she had to head to the bathroom, but that I can leave the TV on. So I left the TV on and a few minutes later. I realized that she was definitely going number two, but pun intended. She left the bathroom didn't bother to make sure everything went down and stuck all over the inside of the toilet. She probably had a bad burrito or something. I don't know. So here's my dilemma, I went into a few minutes later. I saw shit all over and I was like Duff we are considering moving into to my place, I've been to her place, and it's a shit hole. So we're not going there. But I don't want my place, dad shit stained toilets like hers. I don't know. She can stand it at her place. Do I bring this up to her? How do I ask her nicely to clean up her literal shit after she takes a dump? I ended up using my toilet cleaner right on the spot where I went to P just because I'm a clean freak in whatnot. Longtime fan helped me y'all save my week every week. I listen to your podcast on Monday morning commute. And it makes it not suck as much. So thanks for that. Yeah. Wow. Do I bring up the fact that she has to clean up after her shit. I obviously know like, of course, you don't do that. Right. But she's probably very very sensitive to this whole shitting issue or she's like, you can leave the TV on. I'm. Just going to go to the bathroom. And then you go in thirty seconds later. They're shit on the ball their shit all over the bowl rice, Sheila my God. Now, I know why you wanted to leave the TV on. I mean. I think it's I mean, it's not it's definitely not worth bringing up days later, like the you can't you can't let something stew. And then be like, I'm gonna finally say something, it's it's I've reached a breaking point because then you seem insane. You've been thinking about like a tiny little shits smear for for like a week. You gotta you do have to call it out right from the bathroom as it happens. And if you missed that window, then then it becomes weird. And it's your fault. I don't let the poo still you can't do what the poo don't do follow up. If you guys actually moving together. I don't think that this problem like prevents that from happening, obviously. Yeah. If you move into gather, and she's constantly leaving the bowl smeared. Then as a roommate you can be like, hey, why? If your shit, but you don't have to say it for the one time that she she at your place 'cause also just doing it. Once doesn't mean that that's a habit you've been with her for a long time taking trips and this is the first time it happened. I feel like she's probably shit around you before. Yeah. Or you could do it in like a cute way. So it's not like a rule. You can just be like I smell. You left a little skit bark in the bowl. I mean. Yeah. That's definitely one way that that's really cute that'll p. I don't. Who's my little stinky, Queen who's my little stink Queen? You forgot to clean. You forgot to clean the bull shitting on. Shitting on the kitchen table. And this is what happens to little friends. Now, I made a mis- to here. Poops shit. On the full. Shit it again with your. No, you do have to clean the bowl, obviously. Right going forward. That's why we have that giant q tip situation Sheila. Yeah. I I would think that I would be afraid to bring it up days. After like, you mentioned she's bright very sensitive scared. Shamed. This is you know, I'm sure she wants to be as clean as possible. She didn't do it on porpoise. Nice. She didn't see the skid marks. And was like whatever the fuck. Do you ever use? Do you ever have to use that the what's that thing called the toilet bowl cleaner? Oh, like the the toilet bowl brush, yet the brush. Yeah, I used I mean are using it as like a biweekly cleaning or using it to like actually like get off some of the the the bowl duties, I guess, I guess both. But probably more. So the by weekly cleaning. It's definitely it's view and far between that I have to use it to clean off shit. I feel like I can usually do that with Pete. Oh, yeah. You just sort of treated as a little carnival game using your pita chip off the thing. That's right. And then after the after use the brush where you where you cleaning that Zet like in the sink in the shower doing that in the bath. I don't I'm done answering these questions. Yeah. You a lot of people just flush the toilet. They clean it with the fresh toilet bowl water. You use the brush, and then they flush the toilet. And then it's like all right now. Let me clean the brush with a clean toilet bowl water. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You ever get the the toilet. With like, the what is that blue thing? Like the blue little syrup that sort of it gets washed into the bowl every time you flush it the blue ever remember those I feel like those used to be a pretty popular thing. If feels like you're like bombing it stand up or do you? Remember the? What else what else the box, and you guys you ever you ever have a roomba. Remember, those the they they go around the clean the floor. Blue serum those first came out. Flipping through notebook else. What else are this just a suicide note hold on all right here ago? It's got two thousand flushes. Everything. Okay. Yeah. No. I'm fine. Good. I know heckling. Luckily landed on stage. Why did I come here? I I haven't seen the Blue Bulls that much anymore. I wonder if those were considered like a bad for the environment or something. Oh, I could definitely imagine. I could definitely imagine. That was that like something that you like the toilet water would refill blue. Yeah. It was. It was like that's what it was. It was you when you flush the toilet water come out clear, and then there would be something in the bowl. That would turn it blue blue that was getting clean seems like it's really bad. But I don't know why. Because the oceans already blue. I mean, how bad could it be? And it was a really nice blue those really. It looked like it looked like Bermuda beach. I mean, I wanted to I literally would my toes in it. And pretend I was like a white sand beach. Oh, I would splash my face with it. Just be like, oh man to be to be in the Caribbean again to me blue. The pirates life for me. I feel like a good gag gift would be it would be a Brown one of those. It'd be a good like gag gift. So like every time you clean, your your Fleischer toilet, and it's cleaned the Brown instead of the blue plus bleed. So it's still clean, but it looks Brown. Yeah. Like a prank. That'd be really funny. Prank to plan. Your roommate like every time they flush the toilet. It would just fill up really really nasty Brown. Yeah. Or like, golden. So it looks like chicken broth in there. So you flush the toilet. It's chicken brought the plop in a little a little Mott's of all in there. So it looks like every time I shit. It was it was a mozzarell- you cut up some carrots, celery, some onion would feel. I really would love to drink out of a toilet bowl. Like. Yeah. Like egg noodles with like it was like a hot toilet bowl with Motsamal suit. I feel like if we produce something again, you would like us to have like a perfectly clean toilet bowl with really clean water, and you could drink out of it like as as a set piece. Just a you would have that feeling is that. Accurate. Would you like to do that? What the fuck are you accusing me of right now. Something again, do I want to toil? There could think out of is that we always talked for ya. Always locked preoccupied with it. Yeah. I would like to drink out of toilet next time. We shoot something is that considered? Like, why is this? Gotcha journalism. I'm admitting to it. I want to drink out of a fucking toilet. We'll a prayer a prop toilet. Oh. Yeah. What is that like a fake toilet? Oh, no. You're where are you right now? I'm on a tub the next to a bowl, and you're not eating or drinking anything. Happing having a sip. And I don't think it will LaCroix or like, you're. Oh, you're you're drinking from the toilet bowl. Yes. Like LaCroix out of the toilet bowl. I'm having soda out of the out of the ball. Poured a grow at least is it a good flavor. Yes. It's a fine flavor. It's fucking grapefruit pom-poms flavored that's the best one. Yes. All right. And I'm bobbing. I'm bobbing for a little nectarines at the bottom of why are we like turning this into like this huge fuck in witch hunt. This witch hoax. You're saying that you're drinking a toilet. You said you're bobbing for nectarines fucking twitch hoax. It really is a witch hoax. So which hoax. Folks or a hoax a witch Hoke? Yes. Which which which hoax are we talking about which nice don't bring it up. You could still move in with her. And then you can disclose your Finnity for keeping the toilet bowl. Axe absolutely clean, whether or not she's left shit stains in it, which probably won't be a a recurring theme though, he did say that her place is kind of shit hole. So like if you talk about moving together, you could talk about general cleanliness, and you don't have to be like, by the way, you left to shit stain. That's good. See you say, oh, it's time. We should talk about our third roommate and she's like wait latte. And he's like we live with someone named general cleanliness who. All right. Those are leuthi. I'm gonna teach you within two toilet bowl maintenance. Meggett? It's tough for your basic training. I am general cleanliness. I do really prefer that the toilet bowl doesn't have shit stains all over the inside of it, and you will drop. Gimme twelve. I don't know. Untold. Lift a streak bowl. Nice. Thank you sound November to. Good. Really good. Actually, I know. It's like I was like fucking sleeper. Good. But like damn that's low key. Her was with with the golden Mike this episode at the end of every episode. We have been giving each other the golden Mike for the MVP. So I think this episode what numbers this three seventy eight or so so I guess for number three seventy eight I will be taking home the golden Mike for the episode have. I we have I ever gotten a golden Mike d thing. I think in episode. There was one episode where I did one episode. I think in the early days early episode, so and you hosted with Ben so that was an episode righted and take the golden, Mike. I asked you if you've never know, of course, you'd never taken it. And you've back and retroactively given out a golden Mike for every single episode. And you've won it for every episode except for the time worked in and then the one episode that you weren't in Ben God, honestly every single episode. I've ever listened to have the line of the episode. And it's like crystal clear that deserve the golden Mike three I have three hundred seventy seven Ben Halcion. And I have to do. I have the golden mikes, which is just given to somebody that had a funny line that up. Do you think be because it's nothing you never had a funny one. I didn't say you never had a funny line. Oh for three seventy seven and having the funniest line over three seventy eight. That's worse. Yeah. I think you're funny. General cleanliness was my joke, by the way, you just I did it for like a minute. And then you said, I don't know what I've been told. I want my toilet bowl. And then that got you the golden Mike, do you think that I deserve it a little bit for coming up with general cleanliness? No, I this. I think that definitely you can't have two golden mikes. I don't want to do anything this episode. I think you're really funny this episode. I thought it was really strong. I thought general cleanliness was actually really good. Yes. I came up with general Glenis, but I really elevated it to the point where it was golden Mike worthy. And before that for that you came up with it. I'm not saying you didn't come up with it came up with it. Give me the fucking silver, Mike, then like I want you have three hundred eighty trophies. There is no silver. I would give you absolutely. If I didn't do this episode and you had to yourself you'd have to golden, Mike. That's how funny you were this episode. You did a really good job. I don't know why you're upset. You've you've declared yourself winner. Which is this whole podcast has not been a competition up until now, and you declared yourself winner of every episode not every episode Ben sorry every episode that you. You think you have the golden Mike best fuck in line of the show. And I don't have any. Nothing. You you've done a lot of episodes of this podcast. You didn't really great coast. I don't I feel like you think I'm attacking you. You are not. Say you're awesome came up. I came up with general cleanliness, we both came up with general cleanliness. Oh, no shared IP way. Might do do general cleanliness shirt like a shirt of art. Yeah. Doing his sell a general cleanliness t this is fucking so beyond fucked free to shell to cut me out of the merch game. Yeah. I by the I was the one who said came with it. Do you feel like you you feel like you should be able to sell? Yes. I think that's fair. I think you're I think you're a really good coast. You're awesome at the podcast be able to do with that you. Thank you real thing. Real for real. Thank you. But I think when it comes to funniest lines and status golden podcast awards golden Mike awards. That's a lot of my. That's my game. That's my ship. That's where I that's where I am. That's the level that I'm playing. So I'm trying to like, you're not letting me say one thing can we? The. We open it up to the public where like people can vote on who they think is the goal deal. Like, if you your it's so unequivocal unanimous that you've won every single one every single one not every single one. I don't know why you keep on saying every single one because then one one. Okay. Three hundred fucking eighty bench shorts. One one of less than one percent. It will ninety nine point fucking seven percent and Evelyn's zero not one of them. I'm saying, let's let the audience decide. Maybe there's someone out there that disagrees. The maybe our fans. Golden Mike for one episode yet. If there's an episode where everyone thinks that you on the golden Mike, I'm willing to review that I'm not willing to concede it. I'm willing to talk about it. I'm willing to revisit that revisited this week. We'll you revisit at this week if they all say, the general the general cleanliness. I can't I don't think I can let that one go because I stand to make a lot of money off of this murder ch-. Yeah. Yeah. The t shirt tune the song the song. And I think I'm like I'm going to do a book. Just like, well, general cleanliness is a really fucking cool character, all you said, all you said was general cleanliness, I turned it into a character. I did the song. Yeah. Yeah. You did the song. And obviously, I would share if you had gotten the golden Mike this episode, but I have the golden Mike. So I just don't think it's worthwhile. Yeah. All right. Yeah. That makes sense cool. I'm really happy that we do this together. I think you're super funny. And I think you're awesome in. Thank you. Let's let's call it here because you have to edit this and post it and promoted on Twitter, Instagram and stuff, you have a lot of work to do. You have a lot of work to do. But. Yeah. Passover? So I have to like, let's let's try to get today. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Okay. I just yeah. I have to you'll spend time with your family will know. Yeah. I I was going to say that I was going to all spend time with family afterwards. I got a let's here. Let's go here. Work. I you're saying that you wanna do work and that you've got to get it done before your family time, and you want to call it here. Also, I agree with you. Thanks, man. Thanks, man. Tom. Do you have your own emails? Let's the address again. It's if I were you show. Dot com. Theme songs emissions. Remember the Email address? I just said it. That's if our show at remember what it is at Email. Dot com. There's no Email dot com. It's Jim edgy Email dot com. And what else do we need? We need the songs. Emissions. Do you think you said theme song submissions and questions? And if you want to if you wanna give me the Atta boy for winning the golden Mike this week you can. Tweet at me or follow me on Instagram. Just say good job on the golden Mike this week. If you're interested in anything. Wanted to if you're interested in hearing general cleanliness exploits and adventures follow general cleanliness on general, cleanliness Graham and general cleanliness at twit on Twitter. Advocate starter for general. You're not letting you do a Kickstarter for general cleanliness. You're not doing general cleanliness. He's this general that I know what he is talking came up with them. I came up with fucking general cleanliness. You can't do a Kickstarter. Don't you? Explain what he is to me Donau. Explain what he is to me. He kind of looks like mister clean with the scar. That's what I was mentioning to actually cool. Yeah. I really wanted him to be like mister clean with the scarf. P now. Opening theme song was written by m j Colgate closing one is written by a Luke McDonald. It's a it's a cover of a song. I don't quite know. But maybe you guys can recognize it his insta- is at Luke underscore before. Underscore. You underscore forget about me. That's a long one. That's a long. I don't blame you guys for not following Luke. Thanks to Luke. Thanks to Jay. Thanks to you guys. Thanks to the the golden Mike award winner for being on this podcast with me. Thanks recognizing that. I gave you a lot. And you're like you deserve. It. Your thank you was so dumb flippantly you acted like it was something that you expected slash desert. A really I really am humbled by my three hundred golden, Mike. I can't believe this unprecedented. Unprecedented streak has gone on this long. Honestly at this point. I'm not trying to win it every week. I would love to like share the wealth and spread that around but ache you maybe one of these. Maybe one of these weeks. I'll take it next to you wanna give me an honorary one forgetting for striking out for three hundred and eighty in a row. I can't help it. I can't. All right. I'll see next week. Thanks, guys. Hey there. Everybody Jake here, aka the golden boy proud winner of this past week's golden Michael ward. Man. Thank you. Thank you so much for the honor truly it really is. It's astounding really is humbled and awestruck and. I'm honestly, I'm I'm cheesed by entire thing. I'm right chuffed about it. So thank you very much. I just wanted to let you guys know that you can actually purchase your very own general cleanliness tea. It's really something. It's really cool store dot head gum dot com. I swear to God there's actually a t-shirt that you can buy own and proudly wear at store dot head gum dot com. All proceeds will go directly to the winner of the golden Mike award, which which actually I guess this week and for many weeks past happens to be me, which is pretty neat. Thank you again for the honor and for the cash and for wearing the t and letting Amir know who's the man. All right. Thanks so much everybody Challe. Then the should. They've been to. Think and I wanna answer Email. Podcast gonna tell you. Tennis amid five. Podcast.

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Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News (ACS Feb 8)

The Adam Carolla Show

52:45 min | 3 months ago

Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News (ACS Feb 8)

"Thanks for listening to the adam. Corolla show on podcast one. I'm jerry kelly and from jerry kelly. Podcasts i'm taking. Tom brady and the bucks over. Kansas city in super bowl fifty five at online has free odds and lines available online or on your mobile device. Visit online dot net today to spartans. There is no finish line for excellence little wonder. Msu is a leading research university and the world's top one hundred with thirty four programs ranked in the top twenty five nationally by us news and world report and number one programs in nuclear physics supply chain management in education. We united by passion to make a difference. See all we're making possible at msu today dot msu dot edu spartans will. We'll be rotten tomatoes. We'll do news coming up as well. I dodge dodge has officially opened orders for their new two thousand and twenty one rango s. Rt hell cat most powerful suv ever the most ever exclusive for two thousand twenty one features a seven hundred and ten horsepower. Seven hundred ten horsepower. New aggressive engine. By the way new aggressive exterior styling new interior with drivers centric cockpit. All buyers received a full day of pro instruction at bond ron high performance driving school deliveries begin early this year. I love boban. Ron so avail yourself of that. Dodgers ranked number one for initial quality and driver appeal for mass market brands by j.d power first. Us brand to ever be ranked number one initial quality and appeal in the same same year. See your local dealer or visit. Dodge dot com today to schedule your test drive today city. The gang makes that fits brad before we begin. You did mention that. Brian did just squeak out a win in the last three games. He's won the last three games by a combined. Total of eight points. Wow that's That's that's close. Let's get onto the game. We all love watching our favorite. Nfl players perform on the small screen but many of them have also appeared on the big screen so in honor of today's championship this week. We're discussing movies that feature former. Nfl players are first. Film was the breakout role for jim carey when the animal mascot of the miami dolphins is kidnapped. It's up to ace ventura pet detective to figure out what exactly happened. Things get even crazier when the miami dolphins players also start disappearing quarterback dan marino plays a key role in one thousand nine hundred ace ventura pet detective seen in this movie. That would not play. Well today effect It turned quite a bit. Jim carey discovers spoiler for this nineteen ninety-four movie that he is kissed. A transgender woman is disgusted. He is so disgusted with himself and the idea that he has kissed a transgender woman. That not only does he put a toilet plunger on his mouth when attempt to extract whatever she is infected with. He burns his clothes. Doesn't he go full like crying. Game that he he he unique takes a burns's clothes and then takes rape shower for again. Kissing a transgendered woman of wretches in the toilet uncontrollably. It's a good scene and maybe even deeper because it's really just kissing a man like you've found out that you kissed a man right and for that you must boil yourself and beasley notches. Yes simpler times. We've seen all right This is like funny in kind of innovative and showed jim heralded jim. Carey's a rival and he's out his ass. Yes such a rubber faced rubber asked was it was it fun. Did they like it is it. I mean it's nothing but it's fun right like it fun. I love this movie. And i was a kid. This culture touchstone. It said about what it wanted to do but where we at. Here i say the critics they. They're never going to give it a high score. Just because that's the way they are but the half now they can't even pretend like they like it. I say but he so compelling fifty three and lower than that forty one. Oh boy. I said barely fresh at sixty seven. I would be shocked. Us rush. ace ventura pet. Detective is uh rotten. Dammit at forty nine percent right next to the people have it at fifty. Seven doesn't seem that high for the people thought people cranking crash pleasing funny. Yes i thought next feature in nfl player. Who's certainly more famous is an actor. In fact he only played. Seven games for the oakland raiders. Back in one thousand nine hundred seventy hammer. But since then carl weathers says popped up and everything from rocky too. Happy gilmore to toys. Interested me stars alongside arnold schwarzenegger and jesse ventura attempting to fight against a mysterious creature with superhuman strength and alien technology in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven's predator on her. What the scores of this. I'm this is a good movie. i'll stand by movie. Yeah lots of good characters very diverse cast and they all had their own thing going on and there's all house also that great scene where he's sitting at the desk and they do the super sweaty bicep hand slap and he's like you've been sitting you're lazy. You been sitting at the desk. Why have pencils. yeah. I've got veins coming out of my fucking doubts. It's maybe the mainly est movie ever. Yeah could it be. I mean with jesse ventura last manly or worse movies but this might be one of the best manley movies ever made. Yeah would say black. Who is the glasses. Nerd guy went onto become a very prominent screenwriter. Oh did not know that lethal weapon. He wrote a number of movies. Kissed this bang bang. Alright so what's not to like about it other than the and we always have to. Kind of the critics have to poo poo genre. But if it's exciting and it's well executed and good. Okay all right god see. This is the problem with this game is. You're not trying to figure out whether this was a good movie. You're trying to figure out the temperament of the critics and this is also eighty seven so we'd had a few years of just dumb macho shoot. 'em up you know what i mean my baum up right under if the suffered a little bit all right. Critics are douchebag sixty eight. I'm real close to you. This should be really high. But i think that you know they criticize it for what they think. It is seventy well see. I was going to go higher. But then i started looking at that poster and it is tough stuff fifty nine. This is a very good movie. Predator is certified fresh at eighty one percent ice they did go for it it is john mccain and he did die hard is good and again we have a former. Nfl player whose careers exploded since he took off the jersey terry crews maybe best known for his old spice commercials and of course president camacho idiosyncrasy. Which we've discussed here on the game. But let's move away from football to talk about. The competitive world of ping-pong cruise has a small but memorable role in this. Christopher walken comedy about a deadly sports tournament hosted by notorious criminal from two thousand seven balls of fury jesus. They came up with the title before they made movie. Huge comedy with tiny balls didn't wasn't like this wasn't day fairly brothers or something it feels like a dozen it but i don't think that quality okay who saw this movie. No nobody i barely remember it existing. Yeah it was just kind of the kind of the title. Sure why they made it. Maybe the maybe the dodgeball. The dodgeball movie predate this. Oh that's interesting year. Is this eighty seven. Yeah dodgeball balls for this. I think maybe dodgeball ushered in some of this stuff. All right critics didn't like it. But how much did like it. I'm watkins always funny. I'm going to say twenty nine. I should have gone lower. Twenty two twenty two. Wow balls of fury is rotten. Oh yeah a- at twenty one percent. I needed that. Wow well speaking of notorious criminals. oj. Simpson before his film career inexplicably stopped in one thousand nine hundred four. He's acquitted. he's starting in a trilogy of films straight from the files police squad and that leslie nielsen stars. As frank driven. But detective attempting to uncover a plan to assassinate the queen of england ricardo montalban priscilla presley. And george kennedy co star in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. The naked gun truly favorite movies. Now i was gonna. I don't know this is one of the kind you want to recuse yourself because it was so the sweet spot a little kid and loving this movie and watching it for years on hbo. So i don't know if anyone else loved it as much as we man smart. It's so smart when they do. Everyone always kind of remembers the big stuff. But i always remember the little stuff like whenever they used to do this on police squad the tv show whenever they were in the office and they were talking to the lab guy. Who was experimenting this new shoes. That the big guy with the banana. That was great. That was unusual. Guy just walked through the door and walks around. He goes around the set. And you that kinda shit crack me up the most the remember that gina. Yes i do. It was it was like i don't know why that shit was so funny. I don't know if it was in the script. I dunno leslie. Nielsen just decided to do it. I don't think decided to serve on the spot. But i don't know why why the subtle miss of that like just that notion of didn't need to do it. The movie jokes that's simple throw-away so yeah it like an inside joke. Not everybody remembers it. Not everybody got it. But that's the thing like how many times in the grad family over the years. We'll just look at each other and go strike. Yeah right mark god. it's the best it's rickaby. we call each other recall palazzo very often. Truly love. this movie all right. So a pox on the critics or like Not funny you know. Because it wasn't woody allen or albert brooks or something. It was an incredible recipe because the notion of taking see. You guys aren't old enough to remember that leslie nielsen. And george kennedy and these guys there were all the heavies ever as they never cracked a smile. They only knew leslie nielsen as a comedic actor. These guys were being comedic. He's being very serious. I mean you've got to watch like airport. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven. C like george kennedy. You'll you'll laugh all the way through it but there's no jokes you know like the the recipe of taking all these heavies later in their career and telling them play the stuff. Exactly the same as you did through all throughout your career. When you're playing the heavy will just put different words in your mouth. Say exactly the same. God great okay. So what the fuck critics wise in this eighty nine percent. But it won't be but maybe we'll be all right. I'm going to say seventy eight. Ooh i was going to be contrarian and go with eighty seven but as soon as he said eighty nine eighty nine. I hope you're right. Seventy nine nne. The naked gun is fresh. Faulk yes it is eighty eight bingo man. Good yes and finally. We have a former player and coach playing himself in a will ferrell comedy about youth soccer when a team of last place. Losers is once again struggling. Mike ditka is brought in to show the kids if thing or two about sportsmanship co starring robert duvall from two thousand five kicking and screaming. Oh no hearts of it will ferrell's great ditka's great cause a kind of a natural but it's just a personality all right. Brian's got a lead here it's not insurmountable but it's a it's a lead movies are fun will ferrell's fun will farrell and robert duvall. This is a credit cat. have to assume right. Yeah but but it. It's funny all the will. Ferrell stuff is funny. God where the hell we. I don't know no one's ever said to me dude. You go see kicking screaming but many all right gene. I think. Brian's got a little lead here to brian. Skin have to kind of play up the middle. We're going to have to go round the posey here. All right i settled on a weird number. That all right. We either have to go really low a really high. I'm gonna go with an unnatural seventy-seven. We're pretty close. I don't think it's going to make up much room. Seventy four i shit. I should've went in the thirties now. Same thing higher. I thought i was going to high seventy three about this. This could be rotten. Kicking and screaming is rotten. Forty one thought fucking. Brian go fifty or something. And i just thought it was a kids movie lower bar but obviously i was wrong. Damn if you're gonna be dead. Everyone who says i cheat by thirty three points. Well first off we have to say. Congratulations gina grad. Keeping her streak of being on the podium consecutive months now third place with a score of eighty two well done leaving us. Adam and brian lots of separation between these two. Good the as man coming in with seventy one and good enough for second place. Brian wins with fifty four again damage. So i thought primes is gonna come in in the middle and i was going to go high or low. Got some chuckles. I should've went low instead of high. I was watching Hillbilly elegy over the weekend. Which is really. That's cute movie. it's not cute. I don't think they want you to talk to you. It's nice. I mean it's ron ron. Howard amy adams is great and glenn close is great and i wonder they're both nominated right or the nominated for golden globes or something like that. Well i think if i remember seeing glenn close yeah she was. She was great. Grandma amy adams was was great. It's twenty six percent front tomatoes. But i think it's just whitey. Being poor i because we don't know yet for florida project. We love whitey being there if you give me a twenty four hours. There's an extensive list. Like florida project of poor white people. Movies being critically acclaimed. I sought to out him. I'm sorry to tell you it's just not a very good movie. It's two stars out of five. No it's not it is. It is an i wouldn't call it. I wouldn't call it a good movie. I don't think it's twenty six percent. I it may be fifty percent or something like that. It's it's a percentage game for me. I think it's gonna it's not gonna be worth. It's not worth fifty points. It's worth twenty percent or something like that like it shouldn't be. It's it's okay movie. It's not a very good movie. I agree but it's still like fifty percent or forty seven percents not in the twenties. This seems punitive. Yes because there's two. There's two really glenn close is nominated for supporting actress. There's there's a couple of good performances in it. Which is amy adams and glenn close. You're right it's not a terrible movie and it's not certainly out the worst movie of the year it's just below average. What you're sending may vary. Of course i think so. My argument with rotten tomatoes is always that it's not enough to tip it fifty percent. It's enough to tip it. Twenty percent or thirty percent like it's enough to get it from forty five or fifty percent to twenty six percent it brings it. It'll bring it down. It won't it won't if a movie is great. It'll be good if a movie's good. It'll be in the middle. It's in the middle. It'll be that it'll be bad. That's depending on the theme. Like i think so. I guess my contention is if you took this entire movie and you just made it a puerto rican family then. It would probably be in the fifties. That's that's that's my take shaves a few points. That's that's my contention. it's not enough. It's not enough to take it. Take it down to zero. It just bit shaves fifteen or twenty percent off. You're right it's it's it's well done in the sense that it's ron howard movie and there's some good performances in it but it's not this needs to see a larger. Have you seen gina out. It's part of a larger discussion that we can. Have you know down the road but think about it. When's the last time. Ron howard made a really inspired great movie now. Love the movie. The the racing movie. I thought it was okay. But that's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about like was his last apollo thirteen his last beautiful like he is on a a streak of average to below average movies at two or three star movies out of five for the last fifteen twenty years i if go back and look I'm just i don't think he's i agree number for his glory days. Wow there's movies recently. That i don't i've never heard of well. Paradise inferno in the heart of the c o in the yeah main. Lost this fastball. Yeah this wasn't a great movie by stretch imagination. It wasn't even good. My argument is is not in the twenties but then there was. I thought kind. I'm trying to think of. What is the racing movie that you were thinking of dr driven. I rush rush rush. It was the driven. I think you'd go back and watch rush again. I think it's better than you your member. It's a pretty good movie that i mean. I like racing. So that's me but that was a well. That was a pretty well done movie. That movie's ten years old. Now eight years old. I mean that movie. That movie goes back twenty. Thirteen twenty Twenty thirteen so eight years old. All right we got gina grad and we got the news. And we'll do that right after this news. Gino breaks. we're crying protest. Politics craft solo joe biden gene. The news with gene greg. We lost another Believe septuagenarian somebody that could have been on our list from our game the other week actor christopher plummer has died at the age of ninety one he may be best remembered for the sound of music but i mean he. He worked as recently as twenty nineteen in the hits knives out which brian loved. Everybody i love. Everybody thought it was great. He had an oscar to. Tony's two emmys us born in montreal. He started acting in english and french. But when he got the role of captain von trapped inside of music That just launched his english language career Other notable films the man who would be king twelve monkeys a beautiful mind and I'm adding in the role of j paul getty because that's the most interesting because he. Brian came back up here. He he reca- they recast kevin spacey. When the movie was pretty much shot all scenes because it was mid scandal kevin spacey and he was he was really good and what was kind of an average movie. It three stars out of five but even imagine. I can't imagine. Kevin spacey doing that role that had to be christopher plummer for an oscar but still kind of underrated because people showed them that movie because of the re shoots and the kevin spacey thing and he was really good. Yeah do we need to do that. I mean do we need to re shoot somebody know. It just seems weird to me. It's called acting in. Also you're playing luce. Paul getty like you're playing somebody whose dad you're not. That person wasn't a great guy. Again was not a notable teddy bear. But if you do a heterosexual love scene and we find out later. You're gay do we have to like re-shoot it because you're not really heterosexual. It's acting it's just acting. let them let them act. Oh there's how many examples are there at this point for people getting pressured into turning down roles because they play another gender or another. Whatever i mean remember like how wonderful god was felicity. Huffman transamerica movies like that. And what's eating gilbert grape. And all these movies they just they cannot. They will not be made right now mean. Obviously it's a bigger acting stretch to play something. You're not you know what i mean so you could appreciate the effort more or the ability more. If you're playing someone is not i. it's a. It's a weird dangerous path where we take acting by definition acting as playing role pretending and we decide that that person has the mirror or reflect this and the real life. It's it's kind of weird. It's a weird conceit line like black face or yellow face like okay. That's that's not acceptable. But the your pretend your make believe as for a living tell c. thomas sowell that but even yes soul man. But aren't we all glad. Robert downey junior was in tropic thunder. Like didn't that got that much more. It was that much more interesting right tired than everything's on the table. As far as i'm concerned should be yes. Well some sad news coming out of kansas city not not necessarily super bowl related but a five year old remains in critical condition. At least as of saturday night in the wake of this multi vehicle crash involving cassidy chiefs assistant coach brit read The son of andy reid head coach and this is this is this is a bad one. So here's what happened Britain was involved in a crash. Thursday night that sent to kids to the hospital. According to the police department three vehicles were involved in the crash which happened on a go getting on the four thirty five for all you midwesterners. So here's how it went down. Police said a chevrolet impala was disabled on the ramp. The driver called family for assistance. His family members arrived park their car. Chevy traverse It's just south of the disabled car than the dodge ram. That read was driving struck. The vehicles Four and five year old. The ford five hundred. The traverse were transported to hospital. Five-year-old sustaining life threatening injuries The drivers of the impel introverts not injured. Just the kids. So we'll keep an eye on that. I would say this could probably get you out of trouble if you're driving a car that said ram on the front of it and you rear ended someone. I'd say that's not my fault. It's right in the number one number two warning. I almost got into an accident last night and it was. It was very close. Which is and. I've run into this a few times. You guys tell me there. Are there two kinds of drivers. That drive means sane and they're both sort of cut from the same retard cloth. Which is they're the people who are heading down the highway and there is the left turn lane or the median in the middle that space in the middle if you wanted to turn left into a business or whatever and what they do is they drive in the left. Turn the the left lane drive in the left lane and they start to break and they start to break and they almost come to a stop in the lane and then they move over in. My thing is move the fuck over and then break. Don't break in the highway and then move over. That's why they've created this space for you. Then there's the sympathetic breakers where going along. I was driving along the canyon. Last night has going through the canyon and somebody in front was like trying to kind of pullover and trying to get off to the shoulder and like clearly needed to slow down and move over. Then there's the person behind them you tell me who these homicidal escaped mental patients are. Who like kind of slow down and draw in with them like they start slowing down and just go the fuck around. That person is slowing down and they're moving. The last thing that person wants is for you to follow them. But they start kind of like sympathetically sort of moving over with them and slowing down. There's no traffic coming the other direction as an ambulance is coming behind them. Right fucking move over so these so what happens is i get into trouble. Look if i'm just behind the guy who's slowing down and moving over to the shoulder. I'm gone my problem is i. Don't want to get caught behind the posey who slowing down and moving over with the person who is slowing down and moving over and won't go round when van attempt to go round that person. Now i'm going around two cars and then at some point that person realize what's going on and it's usually right when i'm going around them and they go. Oh i don't have to stop or pullover. I guess it's like they've been mesmerized by these tail lights for the last three miles closer to laser. So get blinky. Well i'm just staring at these taillights and following this car. Like all the way through the canyon and now they're moving over and i'm going to start moving over to and it is true if you are racing car but this is under race conditions and you've got the guy in front of you like for two laps if that guy just wide and goes off the track you'll just follow him. You just go right off the track. That's how we're wired yesterday. Just like i'm on this guy's tail and this guy's going off the track and so my but anyway i car slows down starts to pull over the shoulder. Second asshole starts slowing down and sympathetically moving over to do the fuck it. I'm going around and soon as i start going around. They wise up and pull out to. That's all right. Cars are safe today. And plus i've i've professional drivers license so it you have antilock brakes and everything. So yeah. we're fine no harm. Well saying on the The nfl. I don't know if you see there was actually quite a few good Sketches from snl over the weekend but besides the game itself. People love watching the commercials. We all know that and snl has zeroed in on a particularly ridiculous take that many companies have on game day. And here's just about a minute from it in this sketch keenan thompson host the as james not that one brown Host the cbs pre-game show panel focuses on some kind of ads that people see. Here's two examples and to reflect the importance of this moment in history. You'll see impassioned commercials. This one almost brought me to tears in these times. What you stand for matters more than ever. We've learned once again that freedom isn't free but we must always striper equality and we must always reach for cheese cheese. Just striking rulli inspire. What the hell was a commercial cheese really makes you think right but look. Don't worry to balance out the so called progressive ads. we're also wearing some of the more conservative. Slant like this one had papa. John's we know you want real ingredients. No additives preservatives and no child sex trafficking in the basement. Sorry democrats you'll have to get your child. Sex pizza over at hillary's pizzeria. It's step by coupon today. That's a pizza really makes you think it's funny. The canaan becoming my favorite now on that show. Yes in twenty years. He's the veteran now right. Well he's the all time record holder. The is wow. That's a good Good lesson for all the kids. Which is he just kind of hung out. I first eleven seasons and then started to just sort of emerge. Doing the steve harvey stuff was really funny. I mean it's it just longest tenured since two thousand and three nice guy but it is sort of hang out show up and like i think so many people on. Snl get pissed off when they've been around for two seasons and the haven't gotten enough is this like there's probably a bunch of guys going. I'm going to turn twenty six and nine weeks. I don't need this shit you know it's like this fucking chill out. You blink your eyes. you'll be thirty. Just hanging was to on the show a long time. I think the free the second place record holder was. What's darrell hammond. I'm pretty sure we can look that up. Tim meadows one of the few guys who got his name extended versus shorten so robert. Deniro's bob deniro. But if you're talking about tim meadows in your snl guides. Timmy meadows. like if you're i feel real under the but you know if you're a dennis miller say timmy matters. You have to make it your own. They normally shorten it. And this particular case. One of the few cases where the name was lengthened. Yes darrell hammond. So says max patta surpassed tim meadows and then keenan is Surpassed hammett's yeah. Let's do one more. Snl sketches and they actually did a take on on biden and and You know Medicare and stuff but we could play that later but just because we were talking about that recently but this one's more fun as an stabbed cancel culture by having lull. Fitzroy played by. Mikey day and janet newnan play by. Heidi gardner stopped by weekend. Update talk about a new crop of people who are on the cancel culture chopping block. Here's a short clip. But there was one group who were seemingly immune children so we expose problematic kids and cancel them. I'm sorry cancelled kids. That's right we call them out on twitter. Here's an example. This pig's name is chasing female classmate. You don't have a weiner. You have a china time tree or you support classroom harassment and stand with predators this bile stealing piece of sour dough bread. Hashtag chase powell is over party. Yes news one more kid that pig. He's five and let me tell you he's going to have a hard time finding a job now and so this little rat we canceled we need to talk about oliver carson. This big is a homophobe. He asked a friend in this playgroup. Why she had to daddy's no mommy normalized bigotry. Much past this third panned. Why by kid looks three years old. Oh so you're sending him interesting. Yeah this is why we need comedy people because They make these sorts of points in a way that senator's setting collisions and schoolteachers. Don't really make them. When you see this you go yeah. Of course it's insane texas but so once you go okay. This is insane to cancel a five old. Then you have to go well. Then what age. When does it stop. Would it be okay to cancel. Eleven-year older seventeen year old. Like when do we get to. When is our cutoff. Yeah good for them. Lamar odom and aaron carter are going for. The two will fight each other in a celebrity boxing match. Accordingly m z the the forty-one-year-old nba star and the thirty three year. Old singer a already in training for the three rounder set for the showboat casino in atlantic city on june twelve. Dmz says the men have been working hard in the gym and that they're taking the fight berry seriously celebrity. Boxing honcho damon feldman says. This fight could be one for the record books. He says it's going to be a warm. Yeah lamar this one thing. You know when you hang around in hollywood long enough is nobody's first choice. You know what. I mean like somebody went to the carter camp and did you hear screech died. You have a new ponant. Like i mean this is how this shit works right. Oh yeah there's no where do they. He didn't start off with lamar. Owed titty. it's insane. Lamar odom seven foot tall. Yeah this is the who passed campaign right and harsh literally right. I think eric holder has some issues some mental health issues while certainly tax issues. When you do one of these are these fights there's always issues mostly financial. Yeah yeah so. We'll see if that actually comes to fruition but this is like you know how you talk about you know. This is all becoming a circus. The more we go in one direction the more we go in the other now. We just want to see celebrities. Beat each other up now. We just want to see celebrities fight for fun. Do you know 'cause matches draw eyeballs. And they're paying them. There's no more decorum there's no more rules. There's just kind of it's all this sort of theater of the absurd. So whatever sounds insane. We'll will this do it. it's kind of. It's kind of interesting because so here's a new chapter rat always think about it. Sort of makes me makes me think about cancel culture which is like years ago. Dennis prager used to say that the aclu is has a lawsuit against the county of los angeles because their lower case. Tease look like a cross and it was a joke. It was satire. but it doesn't sound so crazy now right doesn't it. Sounds kinda. Like i believe that if somebody had that in the evening news now it's still absurd it doesn't make sense but i would definitely believe that somebody is got a lawsuit out against the lower case t for looking too much like like a cross and we're just kind of there now with celebrities fighting and craziness everywhere you. You were talking about acronyms. Warren where the acronym is problematic as to a small number of people like if dennis changed from lawsuit to someone pendant op ed totally on board. Like yeah someone said that. Yeah so now it's just it's it's kind of on we're just living inside of a circus tent. You guys feel that way like when we were growing up things were pretty well defined. There wasn't so much craziness politically and then there was sports and the sports were the sports. This sort of freak show. That's going on now and you know though with all of this going on. There hasn't been like a celebrity porn tape that has dropped and along so to thousands. Doesn't it seem like there should be some version of that pam anderson kardashian. Something you know what we talk about the pendulum swinging the other way. There has been a lot of leaked nudity from celebrities. But it's been you know. How could you do this to me. This was private. This was on my phone. We've had that. But it's called not revenge porn per se but hackers. Phone was hacked. Right all right. Okay will since we're talking about the circus in pop culture. Let's look at a rapper. That probably familiar with. I could be wrong. Lil boosie vert show before your big. He debuted a new accessory on wednesday with a video. Which i'll show you showing off a pink diamond. Attached to his forehead now knows a big fan of a losey lil. Boosie vert dawson is wants to stop talking about. What do you do for the super bowl. Lil boosie vert jeff. Ross was on last week right and then it always always makes me laugh because the losing the circus. The jeff ross joke which is when i was doing the man show when the producers during the during the downtime would go to work on the black circus and at jeff does go that the greatest show on earth and it always losey vert greatest show on earth. Just act again. All right well take take another look at this dude. Play the footage when we talk about it because it's It's it makes your teeth. Hurt a little but He's he it. Looks like a body modification like they have those like dermot like skin dermot studs. This expert piercing expert says it looks like what he has. We'd call it. Vertical bridge piercing as in the bridge pierce bridge of a knows that would be an actual piercing with a staple shaped bar bell that enters at one point exits the other and then the big diamond attached to that. Now the other news is this is allegedly a twenty four million dollar diamond. Il-il uzi vert. I still feel like. I have to say that with a sources say again old man corolla bet when i was growing up. There's a lot of like how you ever gonna get a job with that tattoo. You're gonna get a job and now it's like no one wants a job. That's so that's good right. Job is getting tattoos or one of the one of the few times my dad ever spoke to me as when i went is mr t. For halloween and then. When i was done with the weekend of going mr t. is halloween and i when you're when you shaved your head like mr t. When you're done with the halloween week and you have to shave your whole head off to share the mohawk off the side mohawk off and the beard off shaved it all off. And i walked into the kitchen on monday morning. My dad just went. How are you going to get a job. Opening like the whole plan was get a job. Wasn't what job or you gonna get. It was a job that you're gonna get another whole industries where like not having like visible tattoos a lot like makes you in the minority. I'm talking about wrapping. Of course it's going to be a chef shifts. You see at least on tv. Who don't have a tattoo like the rock and roll. But now they've even i think they've they've changed the military guidelines. Because if you couldn't recruit people with tattoos visible tattoos now. You don't have a choice. Whose e vert tat. How being a model with a tattoo. You can be model with the tattoo when i was young. There's no such thing as a model with the tattoo now models can have all the tasks they want are still one more gina. Grand all right. Well this sounds like a great name for a punk band but it's actually an item going up on auction hitler's toilet so the second world wars most bizarre relics. It's hitler's toilet seat. It's going up for auction. Expected to fetch twenty thousand. It was how. How's that i'll tell you. It was looted by a us soldier from the dictator's private bathroom at his retreat in the bavarian alps. So this guy. Rag novel. Birch was told by senior advisors. Take whatever you want. Get whatever you can from this from this bunker which had been badly damaged by allied bombing eagle's nest thank so they didn't. They didn't call it that it just said a retreat. One of many in the bavarian davidson. Yeah i'm trying to think of what he had in the alps safety Eagles nassar's in the bavarian alps. But also who the hell's in charge of appraisals. Like first off. I was honey shitty. Yeah well you go. We have hit. Somebody works for Right like we're gonna put hitler's toilet seat up Okay is it padded or just straight. That's just a regular toilet seat. Wouldn't porcelain got personal attached to it or not. Yes yes let's to see we need com- mussolini's per day one for what thirteen almost fourteen grant well with with vague house chamber pot. Okay that there's not a lotta comps but let's see etiam means spitoon. Ethanol lost to be bag. That was oh nine. I think thing one for Right i'm going to say twenty. Let's make the twenty to twenty seven k. They go fifteen thousand euro two nine hundred thousand euro in case people went to break down. Okay funeral who. Who puts the fucking price of these things. Like i look if you're going to sell a dino ferrari it's going to be three twenty five to three fifty five all day long but how the fuck do you figure out. Hitler's toilet. Well we're gonna find out because the family selling the seat at an auction in chesapeake city maryland. And the auction ends as we as we as you hear this. So who's interested in this put in bids on this people that collect like first of all they collect world war two and nazi memorabilia. But what do you do this. You're just saying the same guy who remember the bar that kinda cool bar that hitler had with the globe thing right also. There has to be the person that's trying to assess the value of this to that goes like way out of bounds with the comsec. Newman's watch for seventeen point. Five million right okay. I'm just saying you could get two hundred and seventy eight of hitler's toilet seeds for one watch wouldn't that does that make sense. One million dollars is through the mass people. Yeah i i think what you do if you can get this thing for twenty grand is you just get it and you just install it. Put the seat right in your entry hall bathroom and then you throw cocktail parties and some people. There's some point with someone with down the hall just to the left right there in front of the kids store and they go and then when they come back you guess there's toilet seat you're sitting on rabbi. Whatever it is i. They're not all jewish so the eagles was in the bavarian alps but he could have had multiple pads right Okay yeah. I wonder if this from the eagles this you know what you're sounding like a lot like an interested bitter. Yeah i know i know. Here's the other thing too. I love architecture real estate so much. That whenever i see one of those like history channel's with hitler's henchmen and whatever they show footage of him walking up down. In the eagles nest like always guys are bloodthirsty. Here's a cool retaining. Wall is sweet. Patti's got up there. Yeah hitler's toilet. Notwithstanding your rich do you ever. Do you ever have this feeling warrior like you hear the price of something. I could very easily afford that. That could be something could have in my home like i experienced that with things that are cheaper. But it's like. I could have that. I wanna do. Hit the toilet but well. This is uncomfortable. But your child brian. Yes find cell test taker dell and sell i could but for now. I'm just going to buy. I'm going to buy an abuse. That's my whole thing not sell devastating. It'll be more devastating. That way all right so wait. This thing is already gone off. Max as as you as people will hear this so it's tyrod report this so i'll have an update can lease so twenty the estimate. Yeah i just feel like that's you know. Twenty grand for a rich guy is a big night out with bottle service. You know what. I mean with one other person. I think you could do this all right. Let's bring it home. gina graph. You got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. That was the news with gene grad last but not least we got gyco owned iran. We do one or the other now. You wanna bundle you take your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy and you put it together and you bundle geico. Geico dot com makes it easy to get that quote. See just how much you could save when you go to geico dot com so take your homeowner's or renter's insurance you bundle it up. You put it together with your automotive policy. Geiko dot com do that today and save a bunch of dough. Oklahoma city brick town comedy club february. Twenty six twenty seven. That would be We'll do live podcasts. Early certain belching live early. And then we'll do the stand up later reno. Virginia city brew house march nineteenth and twentieth. Stand up there and what keegan illinois genesee theatre may six go down crawl dot com for all you need to know and chassis. Ha ss y and check dollar moves there. Bryan you've got something more than yeah. According to new york post it is from the eagle's nest. You are still a couple of hours. This is where the man in the history channel comes in the all right. Sell telex. I'm am kurla for gina. Grand ball brian. Say mahala analyst you on twitter at a show. Follow us on twitter at out in raleigh. Also finding that out of your man. Facebook you can leave voicemail at eight eight eight six three four one seven two four four and you can pick up items neighborhood under emotional support animals available everywhere get it now with links adam. Corolla dot com. Hey geiko do you own do you rent. We do one or the other right you know. It's hard workout their own in renton. You want to save some money. How about you bundle. Bundle your policies at geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle the homeowners or renters insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you got so much do all ready go to geico dot com quote. See just how much you could save at geico. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com.

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My Online Boutique Is Dropping.

Crystal's Nightcap

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My Online Boutique Is Dropping.

"Hello to your beautiful brain. Bubble crystal crystal says back with another episode of crystals nightcap. Tonight trey songz is adult video. Got leaked lamar. Odom is a boxing. This unexpected celeb- taylor swift is getting sued. Little avert implanted. A diamond in his head and online boutique is finally drop in. Sit back relax. it's crystals nightcap. Oh yeah oh yeah. Happy hump day. Hope you had a great wednesday. It's been looking like a lob. The same stuff every single day from you guys know and i think for a lot of us to but we're still under saying things are listening to another episode of crystals nightcap wherever you are listening please subscribe to the podcast difference if you really like it. I am live on the radio in san francisco on rye while ninety four nine monday through friday seven to midnight on radio or on the free iheartradio app. You can take me wherever you are. I'm on multiple markets on the weekends. So check my socials which ones i met crystal process and if you can leave his comment and five stars on this podcast a wherever you listen a really helps me out to get my podcast on algorithm. Alright y'all Is going down. It is going down. I announced today instagram. Bab this friday. I'm dropping my little online boots. He i am so nervous. I am so nervous but seeing a lot of people who are putting themselves out there and trying to start their own businesses and be entrepreneurs twenty one has really motivated me knocking ally so today i was like crystal. Stop just thinking so much about this. Stop having someone stress about it. Everything is already done so put it out. Put out put out so i'm like okay. You know what. I'm gonna put it out. Everything is dropping this coming friday at noon so pretty much. The message of my boutique. And what i want from this is to just like with everyday items with everyday lifestyle items to be extra and be popping to shine more than you need to shine. Always that is what i'm hoping for. I hope that that comes across with the products that i have for you on friday at noon so if you have not yet go. Add the boutique instagram. Which is luck crystal shop. I'm so happy. We have five hundred followers we owe here during the dang thing so go adler crystal shop and i'm gonna be thrown everything on there and i'm gonna put put up the website and all that stuff so i'm really juiced crystal lock crystal shop jobs on friday at noon. California time p. s. t. You know talking about so. I'm really do for that and thank you to everyone who's been supportive and been sending me encouraging messages and comments a goes so much further than you think. So thank you thank you. Thank you all righty. Now we're gonna get into sharing. The cheese may anything celebrity news. Barrel stuff trending. We're getting into it right. Joe have you seen. Oh my god look at believe it's cheesman. We share an cheeks. May i'll all we have a lot to get to today and the first story has to do with. I think the number one trending topic. Today when i check my phone this morning. Trey songz trey. Songz is an singer and he allegedly had his new video leaked it was. I barely saw it because all day. When i saw trending i was like i. Don't wanna see wanna see. I don't wanna see and then ultimately i was like Because he had posted on his instagram A video of himself walking with a limp and he's like i walk with a limp because dot dot dot saw like okay. Let me check this out. Now whenever something from a celebrity leaks especially if it's a guy especially if it's like an be rapper. I always have my go-to person. Her name is eliza. She's actually selena from the morning. Show here on wall for ninth sister. I love la like she is the best person ever. I need to go take a flight to seattle to go with her but When i decided that. I okay fine. You know what i'm gonna give given and i'm going to check out this video. See what it's about. I hit up her. She is the new encyclopaedia. She has every single possible like leaked nude of any artist and celebrity. Especially like i said if they are a are a beer rapper. So i hit up. Liz and i was like liz. I need that trade video and she's like why do you think okay. Well i do so she. I tried to send it to me through an instagram post. But then that whole account got suspended so she did her civil due diligence and somehow got a screen shot video of this video now. The video is him and a lady doing some to him. I'm not going to get too graphic. But yeah i mean trey songz is rightfully so walking with a limp. Apparently but the thing. I want to say about. This is the whole double standard of leagues nudes like when a female in the industry or an entertainer or celebrity. Whatever gets her nudes leagues. There's always it's bad it's bad press. There's always people talking smack. There's always people saying negative things but whenever it's a guy that gets his nudes league people are always like applauding and happy about it. And like i don't like that. I really don't like the energy ultimately i i mean that is just a double standard. That is a thing in twenty twenty one. Unfortunately it's gonna take a while for us to be in this place but me knowing how trey songz is definitely loves attention. He definitely is full of himself. I've heard some stories about how he's not the greatest human being. I don't know him personally. This is all alleged. This is what. I'm hearing from other people that he's not always the best human being to females. Now let me rewind and remind you what kiki palmer said about trey songz and awful situation that she was put in when he tried to invite her over but then surprised her with the whole music video shoe like she was in of the music shoot but he was trying to like pull one on her inviting her over when he knew he had a music video shoe and did not ask her for permission and didn't even give her a heads up about it. She said that she felt very pressured by him. Not like sexual allegations type things but just as a human being that he just is is a little weasley and i mean i don't know that's just one story. There's also other stories of other females. I haven't had the best experiences with trae songs. Ultimately he is clearly proud about these. This leaked footage. I wouldn't be surprised if you leaked it himself. Because he is the one taking the video. He's taking the video of himself. So if you're a celebrity and you don't want your own news to be leaked then you're not gonna take news and if trade has a whole videos out here than i am not surprised that i got leaked. I'm like. I said he could be the one who leaked it himself. We do not know. But i do not put the video. Obviously up on the page. I will get probably fired for doing not but i did put his response on the site. If you want to check it out lack crystal sa- dot com okay. That was the song story now. We're getting to lamar odom. Okay so i. I am here for all of these celebrity boxing matches. I honestly am. I am happy to see where lamar odom. If you don't know who is. He was a basketball player. He was really successful at one point. He had a pretty long term relationship with khloe kardashian and and then unfortunately his life lifetime started declining he got he became addicted to drugs and then had to get help because it is an addiction and it is a i think i think drug addiction as a mental health disorder and he had to get help from home he then ended up getting engaged with another female. That hasn't worked out. They ended up breaking up but he's still trying to do his thing. He's out here soul trying to make some money and he's forty one years old right now about to do a boxing exhibition in atlantic city. Which is on the east coast at the showboat casino and he was looking for someone else. Another celebrity to box against him. And guess who is gonna box. Lamar odom aaron carter. It's been a long time since you've talked about aaron carter. The last time we talked aaron carter. He had recently become a dad. I know he was. He was going through some things as well. Poor aaron carter. I was obsessed with. Aaron carter when i was little. That was my first i. I was my first celebrity crush. Like i would have dreams in the in in kindergarten in the first grade. That me and aaron carter. Were having a sleepover one hundred percent and he too had a really tough like out of childhood because he had such a big he was a huge star wolf for what i think like. I think he was a star When i was growing up well he was even made it on disney channel. And all that he was selling out tours. He has a song with shaquille o'neil. He was a really big kid star and then as he grew up into adulthood as well with struggling with substance abuse issues. But i'm really happy to see that he is a family. Man now found an awesome girlfriend at one point had a girlfriend that was awful like not her but their relationship was just awful and it was all over social media and it was a hot mess but now he is in what looks like a more stable relationship and he has a baby and from the videos that i'm saying he looks a lot more healthy than he was at one point so i'm happy to see that. And if he is serious about this boxing match which was announced today that aaron carter is the one who is going to go. Because lamar odom lamar towers over this guy. So i don't know what's going go on here but to if you're going to be serious about a boxing match then you're gonna make sure that you're healthy that you're working alibi. You're eating really good foods so that you and if you're going up against lamar odom you better put in work. So we're gonna see how this goes the datasets on june twelve. So that's this summer. I see aaron getting knocked out within like the first three punches. I thought i'm going to be completely honest with you. I'm kind of scared about this. But i do watch it now. The other match. That was really really excited about that was supposed to happen. This month was a floyd mayweather and logan paul. Now this is going to be a big interesting fights. And i have reported about it and i did hit up my friend. Who's a really big boxing fan. And he boxes himself. I asked him what he thought about. The floyd mayweather and logan paul. He said that floyd has this. No problem that it's gonna be like a walk in the park a stroll in the park for him. This isn't even a competition. I'm like even with logan paul's heights and longer reach and logan paul's you know a lot younger than floyd. Not that that's really an excuse. But kind of you probably has a little more stamina than stamina than floyd. But also when i was watching an interview from logan paul he had mike tyson on and the thing that mike tyson was saying about. Floyd mayweather is at all. He does twenty four. Seven is go to the gym. Like that is his. If if you had a vice. That's that's his vice is spending too much time at the gym working out. So he's twenty four seven ready for a fight and even the logan paul. He has been training as well and is taking boxing very seriously. Floyd is just an animal. His hands are just way too fast. Has way more experienced is undefeated. So it's looking like logo to be taken down however the fight is now postponed so i'm pretty upset about that. What we're hearing is that it has to do with kobe. Nineteen issues dang this pandemic dang this pandemonium this panoramic this panini. I'm so mad about it. I was really looking forward to that. But yes the fight is postponed. Sure when but floyd is promising that it will happen by the end of twenty twenty one. So we're going to have to wait and see about that but those are some good fights that are coming up. Lamar odom eric carter. I never thought. I'd be saying not ever. But again. Logan paul and floyd so. I'm a beekeeping updated on that next. Let's talk about this. Morgan wallin situation. You're probably like who or you're probably like. I've seen his name. Or your populate crystal. Have you talked about him before. Guess i've talked about this country artists. His name is morgan wallin. Before in the last time. I talked about him. It wasn't for the best thing he was scheduled to appear on. Snl but the night before he was out like a party in alabama or something tennessee. Maybe and he was on snapchat instagram. Non face masks making people which is not okay. If you're gonna try to go onto television set so. Snl had to like postponed that performance then hit an issue apologies thing. I'm sorry that i haven't been careful during this panorama. It's like you're famous and you're out here on instagram swapping spit with brand rondos and you have snl tomorrow. Like what are you sir. As he did apologize and he did end up getting snl a few weeks later. But he's in the news for not something greats. morgan wallon. he was alan abouts. He was partying and he was caught on video saying the n. Word not the hard and word the software n. word and he's calling. He's very drunk. He's kind of talking about this person and added ball blah it. It was kind of like belligerent. Talk and it did get like i said it did get on video and people did post it and people were very very upset and i feel like everyone's taking this very very seriously because now he's getting dropped from everything like okay. Let me just give you a rundown from seven. Am this morning because this actually happened on. Sunday and i did see the story on tuesday i saw yesterday. I was going to pass on it but today's when like everything's going down Let's see mikey. Golan is a female black country artist and at seven forty five this morning. She was responding to people who are kind of trying to defend him She says when. I read comments from the country community saying this is not who we are. I laugh because this is exactly who country music is. I've witnessed it for ten. Gosh dang years you guys should just read some of the vile comments hurled at me on a daily basis. It's a cold hard truth to face but is the truth. She goes on to say that she questions daily why she continues to to be in the country music industry because it seems like. She's hated so much but she loves country music and She does it because she wants to keep pursuing her dreams and she wants to show that anyone else who is not why can get into country singing as well if it's their dreams as well and she goes on to list a lot of country artists that she feels does support her and the black community in country or just in general. I'm happy to see some familiar. Faces like brad paisley. I am in love with brad paisley. Summer's heat come to the babe on a saturday night. And i couldn't go because i had to work saturday nights on wild and then i think it was like my first year for my night show. I finally was able to see brad paisley like. Oh my god. I started crying. I was like thank. Thank goodness i've wanted to see brad peasy for so long. He's one of my favorites. Dolly parton is up there but she tied a lot of other country artists that she feels are allies with the black community back with the black community. But i was happy to see her. Stand up for that. So that was a seven forty five this morning and then at nine. Am us here at iheartradio. We decided to pull all of his music from our repertoire. And we just announced that. We're pulling the plug on airing. The disgraced country stars music in wake of him using the racial slur iheartradio. We have over a thousand radio stations in the us and that a pretty big deal to pull them out then forty minutes after that so at nine forty this morning his label which is a big loud label. Based in nashville. They decided to freeze his contract so they didn't cut his contract. I froze it. They said in the wake of recent events. A big loud records has made the decision to suspend morgan. Wallin's contract indefinitely. They go on to say that republic records which actually distributed music is on board as well and that. This type of behavior is not tolerated. Cmt country music television also pulled the plug on him saying that the removing any appearances performances of morgan on their platform then at ten fifty am an hour after that sirius. Xm told him that. The saudi satellite radio company is pulling all of his content from series. Xm and then ms communications also said that they are going to be pulling all of their music from their country. Only programmed radio station. There's a lot of people i mean. All these big brands cox group is indefinitely pulling him from their station playlists so this guy is getting blackballed from like everyone. In the music industry spotify took him stuff down. I tunes as well took his songs off of playlists now. He responded the day after this happened and said that he's sorry and that he's he promises to do better but i'm really happy to see that country music has taken a stand on this honestly because i feel like for a long time people have been getting away with this and then it just kind of get swept under the rug but and this is first off that one was found from a long time ago or two most recently but i think because this is so recent that's why people are taking a really big stance upon. I know there's people who are in tv and movies have been called out for using that word in the past. And i feel like they're like they kind of gotten slap on the wrist for it. But like i said i'm really happy that country music is standing up and not letting people get away with this anymore. I've been completely honest about myself and the use of the n. Word when i was in high school and even college a little bit. I would use the n. word. It's just a word that me and my friends would say casually not in a malicious way. But i definitely used it. I even sing along to it and rap songs before and it wasn't until i was on the morning show and people told me and called me out for using that word i legitimately did not realize health if it was to the black community which is not an excuse at all and i'm really happy that people called me on correct me on it and since then i have not been using it or saying it and i love i love to see even the kids on tiktok. The word comes up they cover their mouth or just. Don't just skip over it. Without wording ed's that's definitely the direction that we should be moving and we'll see what happens with this morgan wallin guy. 'cause it's not looking good ono. Someone is coming for my best e four. My girl taylor swift. Now let's put out a album last year. It's called evermore. And i guess there's a amusement park in utah called park and they are mad. They're upset they are now suing t- swizzle for copyright infringement. They're saying that. They poured millions of dollars into building their facilities branding and selling their own gear. Since the park was conceived in two thousand fourteen and when opened in twenty eighteen they have evermore trademarked for a number of different purposes like clothes and merge and they're claiming that taylor swift and her people knew. The evermore was snatched up but they continue to do their own campaigning. Anyway now taylor swift. She does have sweatshirts keys and all that jazz in the whole album. That says evermore on it and they are not happy about. An taylor's team is saying that this is a frivolous. Yeah i said that right that The ceo of evermore. He's just salty because he owes a hella millions in construction fees. So that's kind of getting added to the purpose of the claim But eh the owner. Saying i don't care. I don't care if i'll millions of dollars you stole my word. It was trade marked. And i sent you a cease and desist last year but now seeking millions in damages so this is interesting like i was gonna go on here. I remember this happened as well with beyond say and blue. Iv and wait not blue ivy ivy park which was a lifestyle brand that she wanted to put out and ultimately with that law case a lawsuit there was a man who he was he was always okay because he trademarked poison ivy park the same day as beyond trademarked ivy park so beyond as team claimed that he knew she was doing this. He did so that he can ultimately try to profit off of her and that's why the whole case she won like she completely won the case. Now in this situation it is a little different. Okay i don't know what's going to happen here. I don't know if he's going to get millions off of taylor swift. But he's claiming that because she put out her album now her like his theme park search engine like he cannot get any. Google clicks like no one searching for him anymore. Because when you put an ever-more taylor swift up. Let me see what happens if i do ever more park. If you ever moorpark depart comes up though and all the lawsuit news stories but yeah. I don't know what's going to happen here. We're going to see what's funny. Is that when you when you google evermore. There's a trademark symbol on the word. Like i'm pretty sure updated that quick. So we're gonna we're gonna have to see what happens here. If he really is going to be able to win this lawsuits. I would be pretty upset knocking ally. If i was him i would be mad. Are you serious. Taylor like this is a problem. Let me know what you think. Those details are the sites like crystals house dot com. And you can find me on everything at crystal says okay now. This last story has to do with gaining jewelry implanted in your face. I guess little evert. He is a rapper. And he's really big andy Rap scene hip hop game now. He was teasing that he was going to get this. Twenty four million dollar rare pink diamond implanted into his forehead. And i was like okay. I mean this could be like a sticker. This could be some hot glue could be some eyelash. Glue was going on here but today he did reveal his face. And it's a big ole pink diamond just in the middle of his forehead. It's like a tier tiered teardrop shape. It's on the page crystal saas dot com. But i i don't know about this first of all. I think that this is just a publicity stunt. Because the person who i think this is just for the jeweler like i think this is for the jeweler. I don't think that little lucy is going to keep this because let me tell you. I looked up his net worth and a lot of the times. These things aren't real like you can look up. My net worth says a million dollars like these things are usually not real but it does say is worth around sixteen million dollars so for him to have a whole twenty four million dollar diamond head. That does not make no sense to me. I feel like this is offer cloud for the jeweler. Maybe like a cool. The jewelers probably gins some some cool money. Some doe off of this. I wanted to see the procedure. I wanted to see how went down. And i know there are people who can get jewels put on them. I've seen people who have on their eyebrow or on the side of their. I even other chest. Some girls have like just like a stud that's implanted. It's not really a piercing. The has two sides just like it goes in. I tried to go on youtube to figure out how this is done. Like how can we get this implanted in his forehead but it was hard to figure out how it's actually done but given his forehead there. There's some dark shadow on the bottom which does kind of look like it is shoved inhere hair but around the diamond. I don't see much inflammation. So i am not sure. I don't know if this is real. We could be getting punked here but is this the new flex like stabbing diamonds into your own head and face. I wanna to say no i. I really hope not. I mean this could hurt like imagining like scrub your magistrate cleaner face. Every day how painful that one p. The diamond is really big. It's like it's bigger than almond so this. This is a mask. He kind of looks like an alien to. It does look kind of cool like it does look kind of cool but i think you can get this affect the sticker so. I'm betting that this is just a sticker and it's not going to be there permanently but we don't know boosie he's really good at surprising is like coming up with like different new trendy things so we'll see if this is true. Do you think this is true. Do you think it's real. I put it up like crystals dot com in a video of him getting it done but like you could see the the head and and the mark around like you can see that there's really no inflammation around. It's he's moving around and smiling. It's a really clear video that outlet crystal size dot com. Would you get this done. Let me know and also shows crystal growth. Well well we while they're at as episode of crystals nightcap. Thank you so much for listening. Please subscribe if you haven't shared the podcast through friends. If you're really liking it we were five hundred episodes. we have over five hundred episodes. I think it's at five hundred and four right now of crystals nightcap. A look at us like that is a work honey. We are putting in work. I hope that you are liking episode. Thank you to everyone who's been here or who new and who is still rocked with me this whole time. I love love love you. You know you can hear me every night right here on while the need for nine monday through friday in san francisco on your radio or on the free iheartradio app. You can take me wherever you are on multiple markets across the country every weekend so check on my socials for which ones and that is the on. That my online boutique drops on friday. I keep pushing this and pushing this and pushing this. But i was like you know what that is enough like. I just. I spent so much money on this and have spent so much time on. This is all being so scared about putting this out so friday. At when i'm going to drop everything and you are gonna be able to see what i have on my boutique instagram. It's at la crystal process shop way. Is it like crystal shop or is it la crystal shop crystal crystal shop. My bad lack crystal shop so go out that we have five hundred followers. Look at is. i'm so proud. So thank you to everyone who followed that accounts. If you haven't yet go do that. And i'm really excited twelve pm ours. Time in california on. Friday is when everything's gonna drop in one you can start. You know living your best life with this cute little things that i i've found these awesome products that i feel like you can use these things every day and just like add some pizzazz to your life. I think like. I tried really hard to pick things out. Obviously i love and would wear every day but that are just extra you know could do a thing one way and then you can do it. How crystal does and just be hella extra. That is the goal with my online boutique. Luck crystal shops. So go at it. If you haven't thank you to everyone who's been supporting me at love. Love of you. And i will see on the next one.

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Uzi Loves JT

The Breaks

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Uzi Loves JT

"Hey podcast listeners. Season two pause. Play the podcast about live music a global pandemic and what comes next starts on march night. In the meantime make sure you catch up with the first season of pas play on k. u. t. dot org or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm confucius and you're listening to the brakes podcast. These highlights from our saturday night. Hip hop show on nine in austin texas my co host fresh in our native off nights and we love talking hip hop pop hip hop history. And what's going on right now and just so you know. The opinions expressed in this podcast. Our own and do not necessarily reflect. The position of we took white white What about race. Which i love that you know. We really do daily into music. News facts and opinions so one day. We don't really get a lot of as gossip man. Because i don't know why we don't do it but sometimes you just gotta get out there and talk about man so i'm not follow gossip sites. I grew up a lot of women me my grandmother and my mother watched tonight and religiously watch my mom's scrapped. People magazine so after doesn't really bother me. It's celebrity gossip. I don't care. It doesn't affect me personally. You people like looking at like. Oh my god get breaking up. This is the end of the where i'm just like. Oh that's what's up greatly all coming but sometimes gossip. It's entertaining allows you look at it. I look at gossip the same well and get more. He's just entertaining to me entertaining invested into finding me so gossip wise. What's been going on if you didn't know losing rapper. Lose evert is dating. Jt who is what half the city girls in the beginning. It was rumored that they were dating. It will be handsome stuff and then finally they. They were dating mainly by the fact. They always argue on twitter. So yeah that's that's how it was confirmed gossip sites. I saw that they might be dealing with each other. Which is funny. Because i like what five three i think. She's like the same height. Sounds like okay. I didn't think that jay hard jt who just got out of prison for like a year ago. Jump to lose evert. But the hawks for the hot won't i guess. Oh man you like what you like exactly. So i guess the other day. She tweeted that she wanted crab legs. And of course just like they do. He tweeted back away and she tweeted. Thank you they them up. So they had no way. I guess lose ex girlfriend started sharing screenshots. He's saying he wanted to be with her stealing the jay jay talking about his natural and and then of course. Jt got upset starts happening twitter. This is not like this is twitter. And so you know. Jt would have to beg to be with. Nobody i'm just gonna why blah blah and an uzi trying to save face which i'm not mad at one eighty so started self glenn we love it and so in the last few days lead s.'s. That incident our argument. They've been tweeting pictures. Instagram the showcase their love the video. Odium out shopping. And i was trying to figure. I really wish to figure out who. Because i'd like to same high and low fifty at times so just say it was hard to distinguish who was who and i bet relationships to still weird to me. I i just didn't i just don't get it. I get he has money but she also has money so it has to be something else there that she likes about him other than the money especially to ruby or diamond or whatever. He got his foe. Hey man oh. He's planning the best vision impression. I said i don't i don't know them personally so i can't speak to their individual. You know attraction to each other with their type is i see south side and young miami. The other half of city girls that kind of makes sense to face face to get be kind of you know he's real. He seemed like a real hard type of paul's beligerant. But like when it comes to like the j. o. At come but i mean it's cool to see them. You know be open about it. Kinda young what. Twenty two twenty three. I own an avenue. Maybe twenty five year old but jt. Kb you five. Maybe like twenty four twenty five but still riding high. 'cause you say called calvin prince but i don't think like if somebody say he understood with jay. Jay z me by that. I don't think. I don't think jay would j meant by that but i'm gonna let with low key running with the narrative that whatever whatever he i think he j just more like you kind of have his energy in the sense of you being yourself and owning who you are in your in your style and you that you're not until i prince most most walk. His brands of is definitely receiver. And let them know there too. So this is gonna be so off topic but it kind of stopped about. I'll watch eddie murphy interview with jimmy fallon one of those guys funding who's funds. You'd be filing jimmy fallon at least funny. You found that. Funny i salute. Because i'm a fan. I laugh at him. But jim found that funny it. He was interviewed. Eddie murphy and then murphy confirmed print story. That was told on dave spiel. But it's been confirmed before the basketball. It'd be basketball you a. I think i read that. And i was just like what do you mean you describing how you allows prisons like all american. Play high school basketball. What are you talking about his dad. He could really hoop. Yeah eddie murphy. Murphy told him blouses shirts versus blouses. Murphy's like i mean a gordie say prince kicked ass bay guy that they had it on this under squad name who really play basketball but from the club having basketball shoes and prince gave him some like two sizes too small labor like walking around with barely move. I notice told her shoes. They was also very excited to be wearing shoes. Think so but yeah going back. Jt lose Let's get into it again. It's just wanted. They always do it on twitter at the time they do when they're right next to each other being the funniest balk which i mean. We've all been there. You've been relationship especially when you're young and social media. I'm going to somebody the other day mentioned. There's no worse distract than somebody's number. One song their my space page like your data girl had number one songs. I bought friend number two. What's this mean. Minya are old enough to remember. My base in his heyday. Definitely ask some of those incidents happy. All of us are probably dated before. And you've got to do what your significant other cryptic and they're like right next to you. Know what we try to say. I definitely have. i'm just. I'm just quoting a good tweet. You follow me long enough on twitter. You definitely know that i have. I most your tweets about equipped messages towards women. I'm not gonna let i go through it again. They really don't be man. Just be particularly what's up with opera house cleaning literally be over here just jamming. That'd be but like using thing there's also the other side of the people human. You know what i'm saying. She's from emi. Fairly is the fact that they haven't got into a full blown fistfight on on instagram. Live calls for celebration. I fully expect. Absar wasn't gates. You've got out of federal prison. Yeah i definitely think. Jd can take time for my favorite segment. Because i tend to learn something new every time. Hip out facts So today's ago today's go. Say the documentary. I gotta store. Detail dropped on netflix commander. The first the first looking slows at monday tuesday is what am i normally. I'm beginning same with fresh. Because we're both huge hip hop fans. We tend to well for me when it comes to biggie two pac. I haven't got excited about a document from him in a while because the me cut so short in historic being told so many times. I've always hesitant to jump into a documentary about the. Because i don't really learn a lot of new stuff but kudos to this new documentary. It was very very very well. Put together in very good very formative. I learned some new things from it. Which leads affects so my first one being also the anniversary of biggest passing coming up was that i not realize that one of biggest mentors growing up with jazz musicians who lived next door to him in brooklyn neither the guy. Apparently you play miles davis's and all the other great jazz legends and would help Biggie in musicianship in just you know helping make artist which is fine because alison community. Big puff daddy. Or did he had said that. Biggie didn't sound like the other rappers for him so he had gotten it from somewhere in which say waiting to jazz musicians speaking on biggies ear for music and rhythms and all that good stuff. So i didn't know that i was pleased with his documentary. And like you said. They gave us things or facts and have people who we hadn't heard from before in previous documentaries because this is going to be the signing rehash story about big and i was gonna cut it off but i was glad it wasn't that Switching gears my hypothesis about biggie. What it is. My first one is about a fellow new yorker. I say fellow new york from new york where it would be exellent. New york yagi. So the super producer the alchemist for those who do not know. I started out rapping in a group called the hooligans with who with who is now a actor. Scott can you might know him from a being tweeter from varsity blues. He i think he also is on a new rendition of hawaii. Five o he's denno. So yes you're talking about James concern yeah. Scott caan wrapping would alchemist group. Are hooligans take. I knew i think i knew that i think i knew that i found out maybe like a year ago a year ago and i was like ios et tweeter. Yeah i knew that. I james constantly just like him but i think i now i know for sure. I saw it in passing interest. So the other day ludicrous on instagram post pitcher flying a plane. Flying a plane made area code jokes. You gotta have play. You got different in different areas. Whatever so ludicrous one of my favorite rappers in the early two thousands of ludicrous credit for his rap career. Because he's done so well and movies movies. I mean fast and furious crash crash. He was he was him. And who else in the movie Down cheeto everybody. Everybody terachi was and it was very good movie that that talent hectares high was in it. i got. I got an umbrella. But yeah ludicrous. so before. He was a rapper. Level level in atlanta co host was la la la la famous being powered the actual taste movie former wife of carmelo anthony. That is their connection. Because i remember growing up la like my brother. Ludicrous is coming to the show to new single. My brother i thought she was. I bought a region but yeah they were both in radio together and ludicrous. He said that he got into radio. That was he figured the best way to promote his music at the time which didn't help helping because he put out his debut street abbas incognito which fun fact also majority of back for the first time in gog negro set maybe three or four songs and when he put out the album he sold over one hundred thousand streets just off. The strength of the fact have been doing from the radio. Big chris level level he also debuted a lot of sadhana. He debuted like an hour later records when he was on a radio you debuted. I forgot glucose. She's been radio a i and it was talked about on this. Show hip hop uncovered. I just finished watching this pad last. Weekend okay. So my next fact. Last week i spoke about jay both of the young bloods being first cousins. Two hundred three thousand of al so another young blokes fat. Their their first official single hit single. You weigh the remix a young la- wayne and according to jabot. That was the first feature little way had ever done for anybody on anybody else's saw this come out You weigh remix. Came out ninety at home. Our remember by the way was okay grandma but that was like two thousand. Yeah but he they. Both said way was like fourteen and it was his first official feature that he had ever done for anybody. He's a baby within the studio told him He was like your waiting here for the version. He basically kind of like push wayne addition for like started wrapping boy just and sabrosa started just rapid and allies. Stop stop you got it. You can just go on and then going into movies. They win the booth and he finished it in fifteen minutes that nobody's evidence that was a child prodigy. When it comes to wrap this is true. I mean this later years not been as as been stellar testament to his greatness with weighing eight over here so there's also the anniversary of the day of the massacre in his second album after gift. Your dad drying. Damascus doesn't get celebrate celebrated as much. I feel mainly because give it to die. Tryin was considered a hip hop classic and so can me copies which. I think the high ceiling album of all time. So the massacre continued of physicians dominance. At that point. What i realized was that you know for the first album out of the production. We're not allowed. Production was kinda scott. The place for the second abbot. A lot of production was focusing. Mostly on tech. It was kind of under dr at their time. High-tech was involved in that album. High-tech was famously part of the group. group twelve quietly. I'll I mean i can't think of the name of it and i just brought up heartache. Like not to. Cincinnati enable yeah. He did the blast together. I'd say in the kind of revolution of the name it album. I believe. I think honestly they want there wasn't named group was just. Dj high taking title. Khalil's i remember the bought the ab war he wore wouldn't stop playing. It will take. I don't think they had named but a lot of people know. Heartache is a very talented produce. He wasn't aftermath. Dr dre at that time. Dr drey alleged. He's one of the greatest of all time if any genre music. But he's sometime he doesn't make as many beaches people at least let's we let the public years so at the time. A lot of things that were coming out from aftermath would handled by high tech. So i take it handle a lot of the production on the or at least oversee that album. Of course dr dre is to create it. Because he's dr torri. But dr dre it was high tech and got him danger danger produced into producing a lot for timbaland at a certain point so That's that's why the name but yeah that's my hip affect. Uh i'll be honest with that would have to scott because i was like i thought about the i'll come up with you. Dig around for more after this quick break support for this. Podcast comes from austin energy for customers wanting to save energy for what matters with whole house energy improvements and upgrades help make homes more energy. Efficient details on rebates at austin energy dot com slash go slash tips and now it's time for second segment of the night unpopular period. Mr fresh himself. He definitely wait a minute. What we can all right. So we've been talking about. Jay z a lot. The past couple of we talked about in the previous segment. We talked about him last week. He's a very big big very big annemarie topic when it comes to hip hop and along with that biggie. Also very big topic. We discussed hip hop especially when jay z. Nagy brought people tend to bring up. The big people tend to bring up the argument of what jay jay z. If biggie was still alive so my probably opinion. I guess it would be the. Jc would not be jazy. If biggie was still living biggie died at age twenty four. Yeah four so twenty. Four second album came out of ninety seven life after death which was great. A great double disc as futures pointed out has has point before in the mid to late nineties. Nobody was touching bad boy. Nobody like i a special east coast. Yeah you say what you want about. De puffy sean. John shaun koen. Whatever you wanna call on wherever you wanted to call himself. Great producer great producers may had an era man really worse sampling hits from the eighties. Making everything go crazy like litter jagr equipment circuit you off. I know now we look back and say you know mid nineties late nineties east coast head you know. Naasi puff j you know mob deep knowledge once again. Nobody was selling like puff. Daddy bad boy. Yeah like yeah. That's a great point though. Be mindful like at all the critical acclaim upon coming out Before it came out but make it sail the way you thought that they thought it was going to sail without a critical acclaim and all these famous produces the cue tips in large professors working on an album. It didn't it didn't sale like it was a critically acclaimed album as great as mob deep. Was they sale like biggie. So like they weren't touching ready today. Like greatest. I mean who. Thanks but i don't think they. I don't even think wu tang so like or even had the the mass appeal. I should say that biggie. In bad way they didn't. That's the thing if people did kind of still didn't sell more bad boy they were going like three or four times platinum easy. Yes oh when it comes to ajay biggie. Being feature owned brooklyn's finest on jay's debut album like that didn't help it sale like reasonable doubt. Jay z reason with that was a classic. Should've went triple like it. Took a while reasonable doubt to go platinum a few years later thing. Yeah it took a while to go platinum and grew out. It was a great album. It took a while. And i just don't like biggie. Was still alive and still wrapping at the high rate that he was like it would have been tough for for. Jd become superstar. That jay is not to say that his albums would suffered or the creativity. Or i wouldn't have been great or that he wouldn't have made a blueprint or he wouldn't have made a life A hard knock life. But i don't know if they would have cut through as easy as they did without big being there like Confused dismay pointed out is kind of ironic that have to be disease for our went platinum. Like i don't know if he would have went platinum. All cut through some of those songs would have been as as revere if they're living socially i still would have been a horrible zone would have been long. It still would have been horrible the horrible video but even even that last point that at that time there were wrappers especially east coast rappers chasing the bad boy motif. The bad boy sound the bad boy look like bad boy will sell it and you wanted to do so. Guys kinda mimicked. What was working in puffy. And his formula for a biggie. For mace for the locks for black rob it worked it just simply work and i don't know if like i said if jay would have cut through as easily as he did before like it was great to see big in the video with him and day presidents playing monopoly. Real money in asia. But as he wasn't he wasn't selling anywhere near what biggie was telling at all so it's tough to kind of say would he have been with he not having upbeat. Jc would have been the businessman that he is but the superstar. Best rapper alive heralded robert that he is. I don't know. I don't know if that would have been they. Would they would rang true if big still living wrapping the way that he rat. And i've heard clark client say Big was the better rapper. but jay. Better jason j. bitter lyrics. I i kinda. I don't know if that was true. I think that was clark hands by of just being jays guy. Yeah 'cause for me. Big is the greatest rapper of all time. James grace rapper. Who still alive. Would something jays even say it. I think it's such a what if types of area because you just because big either was alive or passed away does it take away from the intelligence that jay z. Hey as jay z. Didn't become smarter because fast so there is a very very very good chance. J. would've still been the we know today. Going back to your point. I do agree. It probably would have just happened. A lab later it would have taken the bad boy rain to simmer down a slowdown for people to appreciate j. The same way people didn't start fully appreciate gnaws until like people you're one of the greatest rebounds while time in by the number say different exactly reason without a great album by it first came out because nobody could get past you. Last popular opinion popular opinion. Not too long ago about prints feeling way to. It's michael or feeling intimidated by. Michael mentioned that if that is the case breath away because he couldn't get past michael because i could get past michael so i think i would say the same thing about biggie. Nobody could just get past bad boy. And biggie only people that could somewhat compete with that. Was death row. Which of course everybody knows the store between death row and bad boy which i think kind of fade into their issues because they were both the two biggest things going all of music but jay i. I don't think jay would still be super rich. I think jay would still be on. Say i think jay would have would have had the foresight to see. The south was coming not to take away from because we can't say that big didn't have at four he did do osama both that could haunt me right when they were blowing up so true but i do think jay would eventually did. Big paper would have happened. But yeah. I do think it would have been more of a steal started. Sharpens steel type situation identity identity. Think he would've stayed the songs an album that were made and they still would have been made like he's got a big pimping still would've happened. Because i think jay like you pointed out had the foresight to see that the south was on the rise. So i still think he would. He would have jumped on the how remix he's doing did that and like juvenile still came to the to new york and perform. Hi four hundred times in the tunnel. I still think he had that impact. I just don't know if it would have cut through as quickly as it did without being be here we'd be and still being alive for x. And you can't take away the fact even after pass and jason get lord. He'll dax like steel was like he just had a straight shot all the way to the top after after being. Yeah so i mean i mean. He went through an outcast selling selling so they were selling selling get a pass. Eminem nelly came like a lot of people came at jay. Z's like really people said a lot of record so i would also compared to like ludicrous situation. Ludicrous was the biggest southern autism. The time the biggest one of the biggest southern all the time these see the rise of ti and i do take their issues. Kind of stemmed from ti. Being the upcoming guy. Trying to take over the south. And lou. Chris being the reigning king of the south and legris eventually moved on and they became friends. And he's a take away from ti success ludicrous and after pass away for ti blow up ti bloom. Anyway right so. I would say the same thing about being j. j. would've blown up but it might take longer like god forbid they got ludicrous but had ludicrous. Something happened to him and ti was left right after trap music. Kind of don't wait of course you tribute to probably would've sobhuza. Two thousand and three with dr came. Ludicrous was steal the king. Also the music especially after. It's because it's kind of started waiting. Dan you see like oh we go my window so once again when it came to sell it in the south. Nobody was getting past outcast. So yeah and i think i think at a certain point with bad boy i did. He would have shifted his focus toward everybody else. That was there. I think he would looked like biggest. Cool i've got to worry about. Be big is going to be big going to do what he's do. And our gotta worry about the product so let me focus on a mace. Let me focus on a black rob. Maybe focus on the locks. And i still think bad was had. The same issues have been allowed. I think the lac st would've looked at it. And now i'm not recognise shiny suits i think black roster would have had the same legal trouble that he had and i think maze probably still what ended up quitting and going to go preach i think bigs passages putting more of the attention on those artists and the pressure on them to live up to that legacy but like i said they would stay at the same problems it would stop. Maybe maybe this huge maybe maybe big. It convinced the locks to stay. Maybe i think he probably would would have done a lot more convincing. Who is that. They wouldn't stay with because of be. I still think they would have had an issue with the whole shiny suit. You me too with that. Being said that another reason why jay didn't feel further away towards base. 'cause he was like we like bigger better. I don't know you. But so i'm not gonna let you just come. Take this crap king or crown. Irving i could see that. I can see that from being from them. Being around being in having a relationship would be then here comes j. And he come here comes this guy and then you say hey. I don't know about you. Being the native new king of new york let we let big big was big was the undisputable king of new york bigheaded. But we're not going to let this guy from harlem can come in and take their time. That's not so i can understand j. tabby competitive and be like now. I'm gonna ask him he the king may slashing on it and they need to keep to not after being that. We're not we're not gonna do now definitely can see that. I definitely can see that. So before we officially end nj they were supposed to do a whole project together. The commission the commission and i still think they would have. That would probably help prepare j. into the spotlight and now let us gentlemen it. Is that time of the show where we gain a little bit more wisdom than we had then we had last week here is confucius says with confuses jones new try to give some decent visor. Live advice for. I've been through. It helps somebody else do whatever they're going through positive or negative so trying to say this going deep into detail so for me. I don't like being right all the time. People think that being right all the time is like this superficial egotistical viewpoint of life it kind of is to be fair but to be right everything usually means something bad is going to happen which kids to be the case when i speak on things so for me if i say something like a fresh fresh you might wanna stop wearing cotton it's not good for skiing muskie and breakout. I rest black people. You're like whatever i like. Cotton i'm gonna keep wearing. You probably say to ten years later. You skin look like spahn for me. I didn't wanna be right. But i told you not to work on. There's a lot of times in my life. I'll say like hey this is not gonna play out the way you think. It is and people. Don't listen to him so going on right now. It doesn't directly involve me. But it's just funny because i called it so many years ago Person did something to me financially and nobody listened to me the way just misunderstanding and then he turns around now is currently homeless because he did something they're financially set him back. I didn't wanna be right. But it's just funny that i was in life. You know it's okay to give advice okay to try to help people out and helped them on their path. The best way you can't if you're able to do it in a selfless way but it's okay to meet some time abe. I'd wanna give advice. I do wrong. That's what it'd be right about It's also because when you get that type of your ego kicks in because you don't want to be wrong like one time. I got into a huge argument applebee's by pork stupid argument. How would start it. I think it's the bacon cheeseburger up to me. Let's get applebee's will be no fans fine dining but you know it's like at the time out. I wasn't wrong. What is bad for you but be attacking fresh while here. The bank making cheeseburger probably wasn't the best way to go about. Especially at that time had freshman brooks is probably best had more than likely that based meal so just like there's nothing wrong with being right. It's about how you go about doing it now. Somebody don't like me right. that's the brakes. Podcast is the production of kt x nine eight nine often music experience. You listen to the brakes. Show live every saturday night from ten pm to one. Am plead subscribe rate in review. This podcast on itunes. Or wherever you get your podcast. This podcast is produced. By confucius jones. Fresh analysts bit mcqueen. You can follow on instagram twitter. We are at the brakes. You can find more episodes at dot org slash the breaks. Our theme music was written and performed by austin's own dizzy brown production support provided by art. Leaving so hey this walker lukens. And i'm zac ketan zero and we are still the host of the song confessional podcasts. We are aren't we. We've got our newest new season out. Well now that's right. It's called seventy two hours. Newport and it features new songs from kat edmonson band of heathens. Jake lloyd wild child and how mouth go. Subscribe to song confessional. Now wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Tridtrent Gum 2/3: Mike Lindell, The Stimulus Package, Vision, Morgan Wallen, Britney Spears

The Daily Zeitgeist

16:09 min | 3 months ago

Tridtrent Gum 2/3: Mike Lindell, The Stimulus Package, Vision, Morgan Wallen, Britney Spears

"Miles sorry to coffee on me. You gotta warn me sorry to startle you. I want to tell people about that. You know how. I got you that book that tells our story about how we met and then gave birth to a beautiful podcast and live happily ever after. Yeah and i have frame. So that's something that hate to break it to you but that's something that everybody can do and it's actually super easy. I know it looked like it was a ton of work on my behalf. Did i was able to go to love. Book online dot com and designed characters. That look like us. Based on our outfits our hair favorite hairstyles and we have a special offer for our listeners. Who visit love book online. Dot com slash. Td's e you receive a special twenty percent discount only for our listeners. Love perfect gift for anniversaries birthdays. And of course valentine's day go to love book online dot com slash. Td easy everyone is michelle williams. And i love being able to share my story with you on my podcast checking with michelle williams where my guests and i we give real as we share the ups and downs of our mental health journeys. And i love you to join me. Hey is going to be your church and your turn up so listen to checking game with michelle williams every tuesday. A part of the black effect on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts presented by pepsi zero sugar pillow the internet and welcome to this very special episode of tried trent chewing gums. Good one classic looking around the room for a short show title and got my a tropical pineapple twist chewing gum. Somebody wants made fun of me for having like fruity chewing gum. Like what are you like ten shove it. I was ten at the time so it was like. Yeah why why do you know all right. Let us tell the people. What's training by the way. I'm jack. That is dj. What a ghazal most all. Let's let's tell people what's trending please. I'm here for it. Yeah so newsmax is trending was trending has been trending because they had the my pillow. Ceo mike lindell on And they're also in a in kind of a unique situation because they're very scared of the Voting machine company. What's what's the name of that company. Again dominion dominion. Yeah i got one of those cease and desist letters from dominion that has scared the pants off a lot of people And so now yeah i. That is my question. Why if this is what it makes. Newsmax do why. Why aren't they sending these season. Just as to every trump family member and to mike lindell but let let's hear this appearance because he comes on talking that shit and they Have to shut it down. Hokey cokey joining us and welcome. So what what happened with your twitter account to pin from twitter. So he's leading. I mind was taken down. Because we have all the election properties so many machines we have our percent proof. And then i took. They took it down my recital since one of the news was my. Thank you very much mike mike. You're talking about machines that we're newsmax of not being able to verify any of those kinds of allegations we just want to let people know there's nothing substantive that we've seen and let me read you something. There were some clear evidence of some cases about fraud and election of regularities. The election results in certified. Just reading off of the letter from legal can kind of guess where it goes from there. A dell starts flipping out and say to you. You're worse than twitter. Man and the guy actually gets up and the the anchor from newsmax as like we can we not do this anymore and walks off and like so they cut to him and it's just an empty chair just like i'd presumably just like walks muttering into traffic somewhere That's really wow. That's intense. This also reminds me i love it. You know little inside baseball for the fans here. We have this problem on the show. Sometimes where the gate of someone's mike like off when someone else's talking and i just love that especially for this video. His mike keeps getting cut off by the gate. Because someone else's talk exerts really. It doesn't become that usual. Like to like equal voices shouting match that you see on punditry sometime where it's to brad rabbi cacophony. I can't listen to it. It's literally michael adobe right now while getting just having Yeah and everything he's saying ally but as you can see he's still screaming. Yeah so you know. The trump world. The trump media apparatus is in a weird position because He had them gassed up on lies and and now the objective world is a kind of having a resurgence there. It's having a moment. Facts are having a bit of a comeback at the moment so the world. What a world. Yeah anyways. The stimulus package is trending biden. It's kind of been true stories. One biden's pushing it through without like giving into like the gop. We approve it with like a third of the dollar total and he's was like well. I don't really need jal so fuck off. And but now also he said he has said that he's open to lowering the total dollar figure of the package by targeting the payments the direct payments to a smaller group of people so basically like Less people get the money. Young people get the money fontham. Yeah very very cool very cool. Do they take into account the cost of living where you are or is no. I don't think yeah seventy five right for the first one just flat across the board. yeah anyways hopefully. He doesn't get to both sides the on it but is chosen. Gosh is lunch pail. Joe has a who who knows. Whole vision is trending Because people are comparing lose evert to to him because he got a this feels like a fake story that we're going to find like been gassed up by his publicist but allegedly he got a twenty four million dollar gem embedded in his forehead. No way was that twenty four million dollars. I just i could not department. That's just like that's cubic zirconium. Look i took my. I took my magnifying glass to the screen real close. I'm just saying yeah. They say the best way to enjoy a a diamonds. Magnificence and luster is through a computer screen with a magnifying glass. So it sounds like you're. You're an expert a really really good computer screens. Yeah that's true one of the greats best computer. This is really dangerous. Why would you just put twenty four million dollars on your person. Advertise it to the world and it be a thing that they have to cut cut out of. Your head seems inadvisable. But maybe that's what makes it such a flex. Yeah yeah exactly. Come come at my forehead. Truly i'm not looking forward to the first time that he had bangs and just like projectiles off his forehead and then like ten security people run scrambling right can be head bangs. I think the first time he had bangs. Oh yeah was like. Dan wonder you talked. That was that was a couple of years ago. They looked great so yeah he did look good. I thought this i for sure. Thought vision was trending because of a wand of visit right. yeah morgan. Wallin is trending. This is somebody who my brain has reacted negatively to like Amputated limb that is My body is rejecting. i am go there. He was trending earlier in the year because he was a country singer. It was supposed to go on. Snl but was caught partying His maskless face off in alabama rate days before his appearance and they were like. Hey man we don't want you here him and so. He ascended in classic. snl fashion. They did let him come on eventually. They were like you've learned your lesson. Connell trump morgan wall and and then he released an album. That is like breaking all sorts of streaming records and is very very popular and he has now been dropped from his label for the n. Word at a friend. On the streets of nashville. I believe So i guess the world is not going to stop until I know this asshole name And i i don't know man unfortunately for a moment. Yeah let's let's hope that's the end of it. One would hope we'll see if any of these leads to their morals. Britney spears was trending because her social media manager just came out. This is one of those stories where i clearly am not up on the latest. Hot gas So her social media manager came out and just debunking all these Things that didn't were not things. I needed debunked personally like so my my understanding the britney spears social media thing is she is using her social media feed to send messages saying i am pt being held basically against my will by this conservatorship. And a please help me End the social media manager. She came out and was like well. Here's the thing that you guys are wrong about. She does post her own tweets an instagram posts. And that was always part of the thing. i. I assumed that she did. And i assumed like the story doesn't make sense if she doesn't i guess there was a contingent of Freebritney gang That believed that a social media was like interfering and Her social media manager came out and said not interfering britney has always been in control of her her gram and then once your job. I mean not nitpick here but it's like she does all her own staff. It's like the one that you do. But anyway i digress. And then she says breeding is not asking for help leaving secret messages in her social media. She's literally just living her life and trying to have fun on instagram but she does like post a picture of britney and his worrying posts. Like this might make you think. She's asking for help but she's not but she is posting all of the things you thought she was posting just seemed like i don't know a non denial denial on that specific detail. The la covid rules of a denial right. Yeah she's not. She is okay but she is posting that stuff and it is cryptic but it's not cryptic. She hasn't signed me even though i am her social media manager. She's having fun. She's also posting it. But i'm still here yes. She called the posts concerning or cryptic and then said they were posted by her and then said she's not asking for help or leaving secret messages concerning critical. You should be concerned. But she's just having fun so everybody just get over it Very strange very strange shadow. After britney is well freebritney Yeah and that is some of the stuff that's trending here. It's wednesday afternoon We d we did it I don't even know what accent that was supposed to be For me We are back tomorrow with a whole episode of the show until then be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Wear a mask. Wash your hands stance. Don't do nothing about what tennessee. And we'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye peace hey mile jedinak i wanna talk to you about urban stems. Yes yes we have. They deliver modern bouquets. Stylish dance next nationwide for those of us who don't always plan ahead. Nationwide one hundred percent happiness guarantee and they're stylish they. They're on trend. Say you're not going to be pulling up with some wack bouquet that your significant other won't wanna instagram. these are bramble arranges. You can take your pick from a variety of modern bouquets at urban stems dot com and choose your own vase candles chocolates and more at checkout So guys shop at urban stems dot com using code daily fifteen for fifteen percent off your purchase. I like that's daily one. Five four one five percent off your purchase. Show you right haze aac gang. Whatever you're funny. Peacocks got it exclusively. What do you like. Bears beats battle star. Galactica looked office on peacock. It's there you can stream every moment from denver mifflin in explore bonus extras and even exclusive exclusive plus. If you're looking for more classic hits you can stream every episode of parks and rec two and a half men. Oh if they had two and half manhole on every season of snl say and if you're in the mood for something oh brand new checkout peacocks original comedies like ap bio and saved by the bell. Good so yes. We've talked about on the show. V good for all this and so much more go to peacock tv dot com and start streaming today.

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Howie Mandel, Mike Epps, and The Double Bachelor Party

KFC Radio

1:23:13 hr | 2 years ago

Howie Mandel, Mike Epps, and The Double Bachelor Party

"So another addition of casey radio brought to you by new amsterdam vodka summertime which is that fourth of july you're drinking you're bucket cocktails all summer long and see official drink of summer drink marshall sports drink of nhl yesterday in buckeye you could shoot suited you in a drink it need to put it on the rocks you gotta have it in martinis said in a few shots this weekend did you know partaking in the alcohol drinking i was yes yeah you're good at that pretty good well the thing about new after we don't even have to be that good last year markets move that's voc a and what is you're you're drink like a it was a great some lime juice new after a little while a lot fm lacroix and a some reason i believe bill beauty then you've got the pink whitney so a go get yourself some a new amsterdam drink mules rocks like i said all different forms new amsterdam vodka get did you drink on a we are sitting here back back in action at the casey radio studio tell you what if you are slow go today is all seen this hey i got a haircut you're wearing a suit is john john lost about ten pounds off his hair he's got the trinidad and tobago tie dye shirt on i'm in my divorce court suit it is just hey hey wonderful representation of where the show is that you cannot there is nothing more awkward shout out to go back like throwback to my cubicle chronicled days where when you go to an office wearing something different more looking different and it's just it's twelve straight hours with the comments while you're at the office it's like now at normal jobs everyone was looking like i'm looking universal dot com slash casey look i just have a suit and tie certain tie on it's like a used to be if you wore the same shirt as somebody any office living all comments on it all day long whatever today i wore a suit and i mean i have not talked to anybody about anything other than what i was wearing every comment directed at me he was like oh what do you do it like erica laughter my face and said i can't take you seriously like literally certainly a this is a serious health this is total opposite i just wanna take me seriously now as well so what professional now she's laughing at me 'cause i'm in a suit everybody knew people i think they felt obligated visible just like you look like you're wearing a suit today kevin thank you vince make a comment move along very uncomfortable the whole day but then also so a case he said that girls like it on instagram so yeah i mean su su su life suits a fucking play that was you're idea when we first moved to new york fights that even wear a suit once a week and you did that approximately eight zero zero times did that no no time now but it's still something i think about i'll never end up doing it but you'll never know this puts s's and yeah how sharp in this idea that that yellow is really when you get this in the store forrestal sports it's a very nice shirt really a cnc really does play i mean look at us both reflected a we've got a live show coming up this week wednesday night so if you are coming to caroline's be on the lookout a christmas stuff and i'm gonna be up there on stage with us i dunno details and mental look it up i think it's seven dirty doors at seven thirty show that i don't know so a follow along on twitter will put out all the details on social media and in carolina says seven thirty seven thirty one to figure that out yeah we were very unprofessional we don't know any of the shit a we have ainu opener are old opener were supposedly francis said that a friend to really go through enough that i like france me to man i mean i was just starting to get cooking with him to hopefully i'm gonna do some more like stand up stuff within but you know he helped me with my stand up routine and then we were talking about getting on stage not together but like as part of his shows and then it was like well put that on hold a you were you did you talk to david i mean before erica no that would say a i don't think they consulted anybody just went versus where do i i got a text me saying he did it but there was no like a what do we gonna do about this should fire him made that decision on his own i would have liked to at least make gonna make a case for keeping i dunno dave dave you doesn't usually listen to anybody but its own got rightfully so what he's built and i do think that maybe because he's so swiftly reacted like i don't think there's been much blowback on barstool actually everyone's handled it very well like it's not like francis is like francis almost in other words it in the people were kind of right away over it you know a and i don't think barstow caught that much heat and maybe that's because dave acted so swiftly like some aaron hernandez shit just like well some room and then that way they organization doesn't get any flack so maybe had he suspended him catch him on board people would have been writing articles enforceable condones this and all that shit but i would have at least like to make the case that like he is a talent worth keeping it was one of those things to where it was like which is whatever but we don't need to get rid of them altogether yeah it was like the the news was different right like yeah something renew jokes were tried and then like well i'm racing ambulance it's the reason that already existed yeah with that should not have been touched end you know i think had he done a little more research some of those like well he read yes gave gave some hope but like they had a a you know if they have the press release like within the hour that means there are other articles saying this isn't hand so if you're gonna touch a topic that you have to be like rock solid ironclad clad bulletproof done all my research and he admitted to all these things on on various podcast and conversations to me like he knows he tried to make something funny that wasn't funny he knows he didn't like prepare enough and a and he touched a topic that he shouldn't have so you know nothing i'm saying that he doesn't know but my whole thing is a fraud marshall has always been intent and i don't think he wrote it in like a hateful malicious way i don't think he was saying anything like i could see some other people internet being like well some inflammatory shit like if you're if you have a sugar daddy you deserve this you you put yourself in danger that to me would have been like what the fuck are you doing i know what the fuck france's were trying to he's trying to take a dark thing and make it funny that doesn't always work it doesn't work but i understand these attempts like i've done it before maybe not to this extent and so maybe that was kind of a case i would like to make is that being tenth at the end of the day with the taken article and put a barstool spin on it he took the wrong article when he tried to put a wrong spin on it so that email say i realize how few people were allowed to write anymore anyway they're like yeah i mean it's it's like only oh jeez right everyone else's getting job is on it to m i think it's basically just like deer original people and then in caracas and coli onto yeah and then everybody else should approved it's not an easy time it'd be get margot no that is they that is anybody who is coming at keith like they editor in chief role here is not like you reid everybody's work and you babysit the menu handhold dumb he did that for a while he actually wanted to continue with francis you wanna have francis did not have the the training wheels off a i believe dave very publicly headset like like i think he did on radio yeah fuck upkeep like that's not what we do here and so you know he gave you understand it is the role is different here but it is like when you hear the title title her and she is gonna fall on you a that's why i think that we should just changed the title right he was he's a writer overseas some shit and he manages like are traffic clicks and all that but he's not leading everybody's work that's just not what we do here especially once you've been around for a couple of years you get you get the keys to the car and you get the drive in good yeah so i mean yes and they traditional role you're editor in chief something like that would be more like why did this guy catch it when you understand how we work in here is just not that way so anybody who thought that that was keeps fault is a just know it certainly was by but i understand the confusion being like litters right which was if i think they should clear out yeah like i feel like you've just catching a lot of heat and dave's not saying anything but a key is much more of a a blogger who oversees things and not i just reid everybody else's work and sorry i mean that's a look at what he's doing now revoke the publishing privileges gotta fucking blow so a logical they like my house that who who would do that reading blogs are we gonna listen to us talk about that sounds terrible double but they only a the funniest bit of content come out of this francis he had to go meet his girlfriend's parents for the first time that friday so he would like happened in the car go meet them for dinner like you know shaky girlfriend's dad hand like hello sir how are you son like what do you what do you plan to support my daughter you know like well i just got fired for mocking a dead girl tough i mean meeting meeting parents in general can be dicey when you are eight like you're you're heads spinning yeah you're not even fucking worried about them right now you're like oh i just lost my job and then but then when you realize you do have to worry about them you realize the conversation is gonna be that you realize that's all anyone wants to talk about i mean that is gotta be cancelled the hell out of our figured a way out somehow someway it's actually deliver what i'm surprised it's just a matter of time yeah but i literally well he he was like i mean all things considered they they they understood he's like apply tweak that for my for my routine is on the flagrant to buy gas like you know about those settled it but that just the amount of that you've been riff on that like hey if you've ever had and awkward moment leading you're girlfriend's parents i'm sure you have me let me tell you mine is fucking amazing that's what's good about what we do and certainly what stand up comedians do is like the worst year life gets the better you're yes i've said a month ago when something bad is happening demand like fuck yes this is gonna be a good though and let me tell you something john that better be the case in it is the case in a couple of years i'm gonna have the most successful stand up special of all time 'cause i just had unlimited well of bad things happening at the figure out a way to weaponize these bad story because it's just let's go well the suit says at all really wraps it all up and the nice little above a all right we have howie mandel on the show today who is quickly shooting up the ranks of my favorite guests favorite recurring guest i wanna have alley in here like once a week who is possible i'd make up a third cochair i want him all the time we talked a hand we talked to his daughter very funny moment where she called the show in the middle interview 'em just a very funny dude and now he's playing ball little bit first time he's a little hesitant now i think he now he gets it and he's just fucking around with us so mandela my guests on the show a so a little double whammy for you but first will get into a fourth of july recap will do some voice mails do these interviews boosted lord who support changed my life i i got the boosted board rev be scooter working on getting a second scooter i drove that thing up to grand central and then i took it on the train and brought it home and i wanted to go out for a little little night little little little joy ride i mean it's i i haven't only reason i couldn't i i was charging it but i it was like 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do you think it's just cool in case i gotta keep a notice i think it's like yeah it's like it's like george bush should the two thousand one world series the cool thing is like it was it was put together kind of lettuce law like saturday morning after saturday night and i'm like fuck out give shit why not be fun and we went and it was it was clearly it's like the kids are like look like i'm gonna play professional baseball the the like everyday star shortstop lives like matthew they had a bunch of i think what the what sort of like his leagueleading it yeah yeah it's like it's it's the same li i forget what the league is called unfortunately but it's the same with the newport goes one so it's it's not it's not capably one of those like you felt like seventy five games and seventy eight days in the summer right so i think they like every night a fucking cool we were hanging out before the game out there and a of all the players the the team they were playing with just like packed to the gills will still like they were just like every time they announcer like get onto the starting lineup in between these names they would just rien kfi listeners dude i would i wanna just be on the bench in one of those teams wanna hang out with the summer and just fucking they were having a lot of hockey hockey teams have a lot of fun but like a minor league baseball club is just like forget what playing will be on the bench yeah i just wanna have a blast they were the company on the bullpen out like i was with my family fuck i like going on yeah there's lots of but i dominant i wasn't confident we guaranteed straight i was actually do for so they actually saturday morning but friday actually been playing catch my brother just read clubs out my parents out there and resign in the backyard but it felt good has like a pocket homeless thing and a and then before the game i joke around with the players at it's like the strike as like dude i'm feeling so fucking good i might those centerfield i'm like i might go by the way might be yeah he do a crow hov lane no one's ever done that only done i filled first outfielder says first pitch you have another first sit up there and it was like the whole time i go down fuck you up people practice like playing catch and then when they get on the mound they're like wait a minute it's different no doesn't really fucked me up i i like all i was not worried like my family's china bus eyeballs adam we're like you should i think it's rare that you wouldn't be any most people really get nervous and it's like if you if you played catch and throw a ball like you do yeah but i think he gives it gives you a little perspective on like players like in a big moment you know yeah yeah you got a normal person gets nervous to go throw a ceremonial first pitch magin if you were in this game and it's like the world to throw honored pitchers and all the good so a but you said you went up there like calm cool collected i was i was calm until i stepped over on the field reckless when i when i step blind wait till they do the jump over the first base line as like a block and the coaches his told me like they're gonna let you fucking habit if you if you don't strike the end unlike the other team like the the vineyard sharks of taking the field and but the other team state the state on the baseline that's where they were the national anthem city looking like oh wow yeah and i was like oh boy i i kinda just like once that one's like starting to get it over with yeah yeah well i didn't really get up there i do like a wind up arena dies on foot on the rubber problem you have it was you probably should have taken a moment to collect yourself yeah i should've i kinda just like you like you didn't it wasn't short short is the real it wasn't why anyway on my phone on me i tweeted it but a d a y just like mother it was big catch it into any they could see like laid out to stop it and i was like do come i go fucking frame may be wrong in the batter's box there is no rain but he he went all out before it got his chest in front of a man of big game did you ever i've i've considered and it's a double whammy like doing a bad on purpose then one you know because like i just did it on purpose until you go super viral no big things like that i mean you could you could just airmail one like down the first base he said when everybody's gonna see it and then you can then i could be like yeah well no i mean i could have thrown a strike brothers used opportunity go viral i think that some tell if you're if you're if i just i just threw it over the backstop yeah like what the fuck do you weren't trying to throw a strike you just throw this in the fucking a it's a it's a rare things like anybody would ever gets you on any level and i think that people think they could do it or they like it's almost like he talks it until you have done it or been asked to do it and it's a whole different story i bet you a job scott like roast it's like a week straight on his you like you skated yeah i mean i i had i realized i was like it was the pitching coach 'em back he he had the video so like i think i think like the vineyard sharks i think there's so many people were with me behind me so there might better angle of it the one i reach we just from the from the dugout but a guys what was the reaction you know a team like bowling is that it was funny because like it was they were in the moment you were you laughing right away or you like embarrassed no i'd laugh right away when i came back and gave me the ball is he a lay a we gave me the ball i fucking just spiked it cinematic well i mean it really is just outside of that is not easily go right after the firing squad this breakdown pitching ninja here yeah what about a fifty six feet and a you know almost hit the the lefthanded batter bingo right let me go good yeah but i mean again it's it's something the mets kind of offered it to me before and i just i don't wanna fucking even it's it's it's too much pressure if this becomes like a fun thing it's like a it's like well if i do well no one's gonna care and if i do bad it's gonna be yeah you know immortalized forever all right let's get through voice mails which was brought you by bark box you love your dog yes yeah right i mean if if you have a dog i thought about this you think there's anybody who has a dog who's like all right i probably all you're like a dog person right i could see people having a cat being like yeah like my grandma died and i had like take care of this catterson i had a dog number like three days ones when kidnapped it no no like in school and it was like it was is demonic those crazy i had i was having nightmares about the dog becoming demon eating meat and would you give it back as a cab elder you as like seventy other white house you give me a dollar it wasn't really wrong with you with the furry what the fuck do you think i could handle i mean i seventy john brought over how maybe maybe like worst of the dog owner prospect i went back and i was like oh you got mad at the town is wrong with you don't do any sort of screen game listen i'm a child kind of bothered a those like a black lab it was it was just it was for all the old like no such thing is that dog's only better owners don't believe it stuck with like a demon well good matter owner but i mean i don't even have it long of like i i i new real quick you like us who john you're handling and that's all i had a one night i woke up and sweating and i had picture i remember the nightmare so vividly were like it's lit edits backer lou and like a demon rose up out of it and it's just a demon dog i mean it's bigger this is stranger than a dog demagogue and as it was like and then at eight me and i woke up i like i like we can't do this anymore this we can't you can't go this this is not this is not working having another name and yet you and i do mean dog i on the workout that is that's the smart would 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as possible so i lasted about three and a half hours in the beach when she want us they all day we monitor pick us up i'm stumbling throughout the house so yeah you know talking to jim risch mazda that take a shower brutal murray law just throwing me out pulsing overhaul basically doesn't wanna see me again so dumpster yesterday anyway single from this like how do i called in a girl that i know this is over yeah i mean i i my mom asked you to take a shower or two in her home you are so done is out this is the ships have been burned demand it is don oh i would love for all breakups it'd be like like this is great yeah yeah there's uncertainty none and like you could you almost even could like like like it wasn't wasn't a great performance by you but i almost think that's like on them that it's like yeah she told me i like one bed and she don't mean you could almost been yourself into the sympathetic figure and there's no like oh should i should i should i try this shit is done it's their fault kind of her fault and you could be single yeah is that this isn't a family that you want now just sometimes you just know they're like okay like we we wouldn't have coexist and i'm glad we knock it out now if it happened this it's happened with the family that like that you would that you were mentioning west like the dad would have busted you're ball you would have come down for breakfast the next day and people would make fun of you and like you know everyone would have got over it if they're the type of people would be like unique shower and then they get you with rubber out the kick you out of the house to kick you out how how much you out on the street it is they wrap that those one of those things where as he was telling that story he should have ended up voice over like i was gonna ask her get her back but i just heard it all said it's not happening now even anyway talking to you yeah value that you should use some of the in your brain should have clicked that this is a waste of phone calls as you i dunno minutes still exist but you wasted minutes on anytime minutes but bro this is a good thing when you when you as a guy can be like like you look and happy or like certain that you're gonna be single during the summer that's great yeah i guess i i love girl or something like that but if you're gonna have i would rather just have this be done and then you could go have fun summer evening blacked out for three hours and go home you want you know everybody else's rules the play by and you're gonna go whoa what made you think it was okay impacts on a piece of how counter you john what makes you think that i'm not gonna get blacked out of the beach at a beach party if if i'm staying with their parents i'm i'm i agree with you but i'm gonna try and keep it a little bit together and luckily for me i can be those two things kind both exist at the same time i went through the house like i would never do that i can't i don't stumble i i have equilibrium is too strong idle and my address again you have no fucking idea how drunk guy yeah and i i'm i'm fine so i won't happen to me but even then someone's beach house and you're like knocking over seashells in the on the fucking shelf and stuff like oh you know we were at the party on the beach like likes yeah i mean i think if you're just what the girl and you're all the like the young people hanging out and you know come out of the gates too hard that happens all the time in a actually easily it's a race to see who couldn't get their first let's see who's taking care of the rest of the night especially during the summer you're at the beach town whatever but if there's plans to like go to dinner with family or meet the parents afterwards or whatever i'll just spin this and says you reveal now someone refit you right you're telling my daughter roofing what the hell what kind of dari raising you're embarrassed you're you're you're you're embarrassed by me what about you think i'm the bad guy stumbling around she fucking skin repeatedly tried to rape me that would be poised you are that's that's burning the ships and then fucking feeding the shore the ship the sharks make sure there's no we can't even we can't even mangled together some makeshift you san i'm sure there's there's nothing left of it i'm gonna accuse you of daughter being arranged daughter is eight but rapists and drug at me an end sabotage and you're and you're hanging legal take a shower you come out i watched a sell off of your body from raising such that's backed up all the young lady you could burn their fucking house down after that and they'd still be more the dog being seriously bring bring down the mirror in the bathroom looking at this thing kind of parents were you raised a girl like this year i see never sat down and had the talk with her don't raise one you must have just missed that day i parents technical whereas even get it here you know who else about it yeah these things come to the parents down this is not something that kid does on their own without a little parental gave her these murphy saying hey guys did it i know what's going on here it was user china rate you're dumping almost fight i'll leave but joji cabrini addict named me ever again to come calling growing back a guy so yeah hell wherever you show hours tomorrow shit faced give it a try did it again how what okay you see five super producer beat me 'em got a question for yeah 'em so i've got kind of two different friend group said got a i'm from the midwest so i got kind of like a country redneck my friend group from high school and then i kinda got my club going out friend groups i kinda made after that i'm kind of wondering if down the road if that leaves grounds from either have two different bachelor party and one of them's definitely outgoing outgoing bars one that's on the star little yellow like colorado mountains and start going camping trips something like that on my brother live really about the clubs team either so i'm wondering if that gets me excuse to have few bachelor parties in how would i think they might be onstage that hey i need to patch party aguire thoughts on so if you are if you have to bachelor parties you come across process the girl who has like birthday month you know what i mean like you sound dramatic when i get what you're saying i i get it when you have two groups of friends i don't like blend well it probably would be better for everybody have to you know it's like i'm gonna go wild wild friends and my like calm friends older friends or whatever don't have to like dread it and the the fun guys are gonna worry about hiking in the mountains it's probably better for everybody but i do think you're gonna come across as like a like a check the you're dramatic yeah i i think there's an easy way to solve this one group of friends i saw yoda just one out people earlier left there too many people these days have like johnny right who many set the friends yeah yeah one set afraid of i mean that's why i always laugh out of his twenty guys elementary school friends high school friends cal trans work friends you know whenever friends as it was for fibroids peop just to keep his circle small yeah who's credit why no one wants to hang out with that many people i don't care no one likes that many people don't understand is this i got a buddy baker's offense its way east timmy timmy it's like there's just there's no way that you could be this like diverse of a purse you know but you like this but you also like this but you also like that and also to more no you did a big faker yeah yeah you're gonna millionaires you pretend like whatever like just like what you look like you even like hiking not just cut out this whole fucking hiking group of friends but i i could get down with the idea of f a a calm thing in a party thing yeah i think that's fair i think you could that would be interesting if we could just like stablishment that 'cause then you wouldn't be asked what did you hear that tom's on two miles learnings you're also can't be overlap you can't be asking someone to go both like i paid paid from the flights were one and we also want i'm doing the one a talking through it you tell you fucking hiking friends were partying four weekends and that's it yeah even if they fucking and if they if they could dial it back good for them and if they can't you take a hike by fucking self that will walk to the fuck environment yeah that'll be all right well all while we go to the bar even going hiking you wake up early what we all like you know drag records that a bad batch of parties i've been i've been preaching this rollout like the whole like we're just gonna like golf or like or hikers some shit like that you're bachelor parties activity based fuck out of here i like fucking strippers and doing blow but like it's just the time to like drink and just it just drink i mean i don't think golfing constantly activity but you know it's like you also a geyser do golf golf all the fucking time it's gonna golf again when we decided dial back and i said well i guess i was i mean is fair well i mean when i went on a bachelor party last year that was golfing i just typical gulf yeah i mean i i did the tubing we talked about a couple weeks ago like you know he could've just been on solid ground drinking and it's like i can't even hang for like the big weekends even that that after we get pretty common like the second third night i was like i'm just done so i'm not i'm not i'm not gonna be the guy was like yeah let's fucking all crazy but a bachelor party should just being for party yeah and then the word i don't need you know when when tony almost like hide and seek and shit i think people just kind of they they they feel like it's it's it's to hedonistic satisfied and then should be exactly like i'd rather do it's it's always always so we're really well we gotta do something so were not drinking hold on why i don't even like the dinner when people like oh look saturday will have like the nice dinner it's like that's a tranquilizer darts at the face right you know and again i can go out this a steak dinner anytime when i can't do is like anymore but the way life is like cut loose with all my friends so let's just you don't have to be crazy you know the fuck anybody under new drugs you're not like going a forty eight hour bender but like let's just pretend you're in college again you know what i mean like wake up late start drinking party again couple of days and go back to life other than ours keep it simple stupid can't keep one group of friends and one group there's no way you like that many people man and there's you know at that point there's no way they all like yeah you know like like when you get you high school friends together with you're other friends epi like we don't even like they definitely don't like each other that's what i'm saying just put in groups of friends that's what i mean like they were like oh we gotta hang out with john's college friends those guys are fucking idiot if you're if you're like other group of friends i like them they wouldn't be another group of friends right who madeline rather yeah yeah they're just they're clearly not likeable people that's why they're you're other group of friends there you're alternate so you're back up there the beep land that's that's not what the bachelor party sportsburry like you're oh gee friends have fun one group of friends one stupid non activity based weekend done let's get into howie mandel he's brought to you by quip a my quip toothbrush i got one john doesn't know what would we we saw saw you there you say you're at the bar we saw the quip people and they were gonna get john one will guess what they actually did the girls yelling at me because they sent it to me a box of like no joe like eighteen and like it just the vaulters just warmed stuff so fast i just i open it up and it was a comical amount of russian accent pointed out it's like if if literally like anybody here wants to russia had one and they all like okay yeah okay so good so good so everybody's got a quip toothbrush except john so art jeeter sparkle in because the quip toothbrush it has the two minute timer john's out here in washington dc like ten seconds i got i put on my little i put it on and it vibrates it lets me know switch over oh side it vibrates let me know switch the top vibrates when it's almost over two minute clean my shit is sparkly white pearly whites looking fresh christian yelich has a a quip has like two or three all that surface area so up you wanna have yourself a bright smile which is i believe we establish hair as as number one but the smiling about two miles at close a distant second but now i i think it's only rarely i think it's a solid to but i think the difference between two and three of them like a huge drop off in a big debate smile is a very very important to look good and get ladies and get the fills girls get him and i spoke to a it's accepted by eighty eight shout out to a kevin mcallister they got the kids brushes i'm not gonna get free shipping on any equipment kids clippers daddy okay kids you you grow up a little later and get get you're you're a huge quip on gonna get quip dot com slash kfc g e t q u i p dot com slash kfc the brush heads a get replace every three months on a dentist recommended schedule so when you go to get quip dot com slash kfc you get it for twenty five bucks and get your first brush heads a refill free so get you brush her twentyfive bucks get your first refill pack free at get quip dot com slash kfc howie mandel stopped doing i feel like this is like an episode like a podcast episode of property brothers were you know at the end you have their reveals in hd in hgtv reveal like i sat with you in the room that you know what were they wrong in this is like jordan veal i show up a little while later oh my god you gotta do the thing where it's just like oh here's to the lady we need a light and new lights right yeah you you make bonkers apparently might have we been told these different makeup we don't have any make beautiful i on toronto all natural and not make a good review man i am powdered not here central it's summertime in new york no matter what do you doing nothing yeah it just looks like are you working here is it's just somebody with a timeout it looks like there is he got a little crock yeah he used to work rocks on his feet we call them crocs and now he took it upon himself to where i think of them as jewelry now apparently innovation about hair wow it's here kaka one is a crock bliss yes it's like a necklace what is it so that's a crock list you homicides when you blow eighties rocket in the middle of this is a necklace meets a crock h going now he shows up to work properly dry last august i don't know you don't have the pins in it you don't buy these accessory crock feels a little the little i just know jim that sounds racist laid out the hoping it's what i call my testicles i always get ju ju bits mixed up you bet a who like and i i 'em i really don't report of my testicles if you don't have it anymore how i you know i don't paoli i do you know i talked about when i was a win as a kid i took the little houses from the monopoly set mhm and a lewd them with the model glue all around my testicles shot up no i did shut out like i did i dunno i dunno rita when i get on wednesday i'm just not a punchline but it is what i want it i always wanted my very own called the sec larry is what i say i thought you i thought you invented like the jazz like that's the thing that yeah now years ago don't they don't do it anymore no doubt i i figured i'd never ran into one the wild but i just thought it was never the jazz i've i've never i've never met a lady who has been job i never i do if i dunno i would just say that if i ever encountered did that and it has like rhinestones on it so when i first when i say i would i would be like this is beautiful i i hate it but i feel like this is amazing i love the i felt like i had moment i don't know if we talked about this before but you know when i first start a dealer no deal mhm which is now here's wednesdays on nbc and cnn ten yes thank you and you could win ten thousand dollars just from watching at home from your couch in your underpants ten thousand dollars the home viewers oh yeah you know when i first on i would i don't know her i had the soul patch we talk about the so you know when you i thought that was on the do not outlive but the show with such a hit that you know at the first time it was on ten years ago that 'em i don't know what they're called but the hair removal places the women yeah yeah yeah the salons that they be you so you can get the runway you could get eight brazilian hand you can get that how come on in and this is true and i even have the d a salons this calls coming you're taking calls producers they never no one had ever call but that's how important i am has just written literally ripped out of we re is finally it's kind of a highly mandela interviewed tell looking hot phone your producer who is setting the levels that just looking at the phone yeah i did what i did and then they kept going out i don't know how to work the phone new phone it looks like from the nineteen seventy robert adult and they don't know how you can today with the old phones but anyway my women designing john is like you so the salons from across america have sent me v a i have the menu where you get the howie mandel del sole patch at the same time is that what's happening in my flattered that's as good as a star on the walk of fame is better well how many of you think walked in and got it i don't know i i wasn't i i didn't license it i didn't own it but my son is old and he's right so my son was baited i mean that's the last place you want it to you that you know that's not were you wanna see her father that for you is like yeah what's the problem pal knocker man who's my daddy i think now you know what on earth did you have the the no i know my buddy so if they get i said can you look it up soul patch became on a menu item howie mandel soul patch how would you know how mandela soul patch further lady through ladies you gotta be the one of the biggest honors i've ever heard of mold i you know i think getting a sandwich named after you like your favorite deli isn't honor getting eight awac under the same way way way better than mortal man women die within the sand in iraq on any affiliated in third anything coming up now just made a story out there no idea i wish i brought the menu i wish you were we knew that we were gonna talk about my testicles and that's why we could've told you we were gonna go there yet where we end up talking about things here so quick but we get their land the plane i don't have a lot of time so i'd like to get to i got again trying to limit the time here at places like this right this is a nice place this is not about how long have you been in these big some a month a month there's some look good or bad no i just there's a lot of it's there's a lot of clutter for one month well broader from you'll herrick sir i would've loved the cd moving van from other play well let me throw out almost everything i think it would just like either you the numbers throw anything else i just can't seem carrying a lot of that shit found one will do are they must have been like must be going through hell 'cause when you're moving you get like the couch out you get the best out and you're always like almost done and then you just all the garbage and this takes two days they had probably months worth of damage and have the new tenant they're just spending the day going what's that what's that smell honestly i don't think there is a new tenant yet for that exact reason i think it's largely bill is empty i think people are so not plus melba when people were coming in to look at it and see it wasn't a show play it was not no deal people were riding around on scooters yelling at each other like they're like oh this is a a a daycare center where we're at least a heavy chinchilla just roam free this chinchillas now since residents superstardom he was part of the stanley cup run through saint louis blues right he just became like the super fans right who works here but for a time this chinchilla you should just roam freely about thee office like going to the bathroom chilling things up it it probably would have been like are ceo would be in meetings and it will come running off on her couch and stuff like that the the chinchilla yeah whereas the chinchilla when you moved he lives with him so he brought it home boy it has since been you know it's all over the all over the country now yeah yeah yes i it's i mean you got the show a animals do things i mean this guy would be i would just say star i got this guy boris would have been a superstar running around cabana mandolin thing that's very big instagram's i could imagine which i turned into it's not my instagram site it was just something that i enjoyed watching and i went on nat geo at ten o'clock on saturdays howie mandela's animals doing things and my sons and the two he's the animal expert so you already really and how how did he go to school or no no he didn't go go i talk about my actor i have a standup special on demand but i talked i think i talked about this is true it's not even a joke my wife wanted him a my son alex mandela at alex mandela and he's a blogger and all he's got a big digital presence but she wanted him to be home schooled and 'em i'll just said he wasn't accepted and i would i i was in his room when he got the notice heart that he knows are handwriting's made it really tough you you you you are a as the newer ones now though yeah their own family here i think the animal family thing going wow so does that mean i'm gonna get some sort of yeah haldeman here's why should i mean they'll go through the roof map out the ratings animals doing things on just my son do it i don't have a windy windy they get the australian thing right no bendy isn't you just said dear wins the reverend ready ernest isn't it that the daughter oh yeah well i sit in australia things right you are being when is it all i wanna i wanna hair arguing a game show where the answers don't have to be right enough they just have to be it's called close and so what you you like this instagram account you sunday the animals and you could just approaching followed they doing things i know i don't but i can't imagine warren's doing things drunk people doing things babies being drunk people i've seen an animal's doing things so i had that and i went in that geo wild and i said hey this is a show and i'll be part of it and i so i'm part of it is also not available just bring ideas and i called our or i have well look i hear this shit hole and then boom you move that's what i would have allowed man yeah it's you know that we had an interview probably after you where the action bronson who's rapper i think things went awry and he told kevin he was gonna throw into a fucking wall a really really who's being serious oh yeah definitely serious so what happened a lot is wrapped up interview at that point i'd ask a question about rapper he i had some beef was he didn't wanna talk about it and then a then he told me get thrown through fucking wall which part i proceeded to like try continued interviewer so the book you wrote about that a stumble my way through it and he was like i i wanna fucking kill you just like okay i think i think were down here and then wow we were laundry i will be incredibly ongoing comfortably if you watch the video i'm just staring at the water bottle trying to make myself to be somebody out the dry were just as good as a partner like well at least we have producer who does not does not like my crime here across that you had right before me i'm trying remembered the rapper that said he was responsible for all of us soldier boy put some respect on that nave don't ever forget it right but deal i was like a rap sandwich yeah yeah exactly if you got but despite the fact that action bronson threatened physical violence and i attempted to hide to just tired of paying off into a water bottle 'em i was still the most of the interview just because how i knew you were gonna see where i was mortified that i was in that obviously played a part of us being like we get the fuck out of here now see what i do power you have you i am if you didn't come through would be still wallowing in that fills you know this is a beautiful it is nice beautiful friday night the place now you have 'em another show you have too many so annoying you know when you see how much more money and fame do you need man i have i have with me yeah guys we did see i thought a lot about like famous rich people use accumulate a hundred grand that's not that much for you and that would like seriously helped me out right now that i could give you an annoying when i asked like but some big iron out so well any that you wouldn't even half the payment so can we know what i'm saying i could i won't i won't why not why not because if i give you a hunter granted want it to be a gift one okay and the fact that you the last word ruined it because that's what i had planned it enough that's that's what he just has to happen yeah but now you're making sure that i came in here today so weird because i said regardless of what i'm hearing a blog talk about let me just give one of the hundred that i know it i know that's what i said to myself as i was coming in and this'll be like a viral moment everybody's gonna be talking about yeah just kfc the one where howie mandel gave the hunter granted didn't even want anything back by you ruined it fuck oh i'm so goals are still here like maybe still gonna do not like no no you ruined it guy blumenthal i hear money on common ward on new phone in with a briefcase next on dealer no deal style it could be considered promo it's a write off cnbc's extra payment he's come in with one briefcase it just has one number on it and you'd be like which reminds me like mind that one it's a hundred thousand and then cnbc at the but the bill yeah but my problem was not the presentation my problem was everyone missouri you while you were an i want it to be out of the goodness of my heart i wanna go my god you know did you listen to the podcast mental game somebody well i don't wanna say no no because now it's gonna be they ask for bringing me ready to start again that you do not do it there's no no money for you guys just do it i'll be like hollywood with america's got talent going into that i wanna do that now now i'm gonna do this guy neil show next and he's getting a hundred grand and you're in new york i don't even know his name right now neil neil go i wasn't check it was just a straight out of that well how well what about what it by 'em you are i mean you were you guys really are you should do that more often used random podcast listeners out there if i if a what if i got on america's got talent but if i had a talent for you do you think you have the talent no but i in columbus i have one what is it a backwards is that a talent or you didn't like rates one two three six w b u t s r p o n m l k j i g f e d cbs goes by hunter tactical button that's going on that is a real town you know i learned it in high school there was they are they i guess urban legend a rumor conspiracy whatever you wanna call it that when police pulled you over if you're drinking and driving that they would ask you do you off the backwards in hope so you would say i can't even do that sober and i was like i'm gonna get away and this one real quick i'll just going off the back and even like dr don't i went to boarding school i didn't even car but just in case you know you gotta you gotta play over the future and you get off so you get pulled over the cop says to you can you touch your nose in you start screaming screaming and they go your fucking drawl yeah i'm taking you away so prepared for something that's not gonna happen boarding school and you came up with the lie safety thing just fucking weirdo i i don't know a lot of americans they went to boarding school new england is very popular new england is it popular i mean for all my friends win whether it's very popular a have automatic so you're you're rich no no you parents do this where they in a insurance insurance yeah we we didn't do we've never wanted anything that you don't even want the hundred thousand dear mattress okay ready yeah hey you gotta give it up real quick what do i gotta do you could the snake over people this is visual to you see why hammer down i don't want an audio of him going just rub this guy that's a that's a paper it's just it's a real favorite yes okay so now we're gonna what do you do it and make it disappear for you how would you tell the people who are watching visually gorgeous listen to a lot of stuff in my hand you stuffing the paper that i just robbed into the hat i gotta get it in why you're doing it right over his i don't really know that won't work over there by you're right you're giving giving you more of a one way oh my phone's ringing we deal with them who is calling me hang on i'm right in the middle of a magic trick who is this high it's my daughter i'm on a podcast tell you guys give me a hundred grand what i'm putting you on speakerphone it's my daughter i how his daughter this jack she also has a she also has a she's a blogger jaclyn scholtz i met on barstool i met while the kfc radio is the show that i'm on right now it's jaclyn scholtz jaclyn everyone go follow jasmine subscribes yachts described the jaclyn right now jaclyn scholtz what what should they yeah yeah deadly promoted yourself now joplin you who you know who would you call by accident who did you think you were calling and then you got bad getting creepy all right bye bye bye now you're relying on casey radio wow oh and now we're back with more magic magic you know what you're even made the excitement of the magic trick disappear if you don't wanna do that is gonna like half a magic you know what did he do awareness no the momentum gone you pull the plug on the great i love what you're gonna do watch this paper picking number and then go home you're gonna go home thinking what what could have been happening that paper not only ever found out antenna magician drake's magician address w talent like a comic who only had set up guys wacko bar and now we have a magician here rob this paper suffered in my hands daughter until you're out of here yeah great at a lot of eyes that i did that with my mom this weekend what you're just called you a girlfriend and i call it though i would argue with my mom and i said shit like we argue about the bruins and it's a six fighting for you when you're mom mine and she got and i was like yeah i mean obviously i i was i will damage but yeah we're at were at one point on father's day and i was like yeah they mock jesus fucking in price and my grandfather there are far oh he doesn't like jesus fucking christ stuff it was a disaster you're grandfather's jewish no he had a what do people why do they even work here and we're just wander off tourists with i phone walking in and out and kind of open open code moderate together field at the same security ju oh no i guess like the actual security and they're saying that people first of all nobody asked me anything he just walked right out anybody could be on the outbound side styles wondering if you could be on the show and you were there was one other guy that's it just you to like almost like announce rush i don't have it on is that sprint for a lot of i a rambling amount of people there are some people here they're dumb people there's a a publicist in one guy that's pretty pretty lean yeah well i would imagine the rapper they wanna kick the shit out of you have a lot of young yeah they were they were already get my yeah i a i roll alone that's it america's got talent is a i mean if he's in fourteen season of the nbc ninety you ever a we we do we do like a eight seven central you're you're you're you're recognizing this this guy doesn't know anything until i knew i find new roads minus nine o'clock is is cnbc tonight's was wednesday nights on and you'll see it's all my fault if you don't have too many too many too much going on and crazy a you ever get sick of being a judge so never like and i love it never gets a good judge well when we do we do barcelona once a year to try to get like a you get you get a job you're if you win i don't like doing it i don't like when someone is basically showing me like their life's work and in angling for a dream and i and i'm like nah that wasn't that good that you're judgment sometimes knack sometimes can't you be is there anything positive you could say sometimes there's not man though i know i have that deal which i find something positive over sometimes if if i have absolutely nothing positive to say zero positive to say they give us the buzzer and you're gonna answer i didn't even mean not even really hurts more southern go extra my facebook will fuck you have even though if i'm you know when we when we have one at home my wife has one on the nightstand sheba's view one time talent is not shining tonight while you're talent shown through here a great interview that could become and through that will we actually before we all have we have a birthday the birthday booze cruelly do okay which is your birthday november twenty ninth right and you get you will tell you all the celebrities who shared do you have any idea some of them are that have the same birthday today you get to pick the crew to go out with you don't know anybody that has exact i feel now is the most value might know some of these people because you're so rich a chadwick bozeman i have met him right yes anna farris chris i have not met her i'm a i'm a fan russell wilson the quarterback of the seahawks oh yeah wired sierra a rapper the game who yeah it's a good one oh wow cbs louis wow in don cheadle wow so pick two of those to go out with uber users in the game and pick the game you wanna party with the game really gonna be really follow ups how terrified already plus one kunsi arkham yeah yeah you know what they want good answer could add another one that's the two people there you go good wife all right last thing before i let you go on on eighty i guess it's two things here one when they're telling the cry stores are you ever like missile night and from me well first of all you see a lot of those stories they create a package will go what the so tell me about yourself and then they start talking and goes we don't even know dumb mm i mean we don't know the cry story because we are judging we tried a judge on their performance forms that being said in this is not a cry story the we just had a wrecker this year on digital there is this kid gabrielle unions golden buzzer was a this kid cody league in this kid walks on stage and he's got autism is winning two years old but super viral yeah yeah is it got odd he has autism and he's blind in my heart was just breaking his i thought this is if this goes bad it's just sat back and he sat down a piano in blue the place a crush the he crushed it an within twenty four hours he had two hundred million hits online so that's not a that is one where it it wasn't it's not a sad story in watches it is a maybe a very aspiration or inspirational story for people who i always have excuses why they shouldn't try right this guy but you know sometimes somebody will try i guess the tell us the story story verbally that's they think is going to make us laugh again what she's like oh i don't get accepted to like the college i want something that's not it on one of the other shows and i won't mention which one 'em but it was dropping eight is not on it's not not on anymore i did see on a i think it would live at the apollo on that first episode you could probably find it but there is a a singer on and a a young girl that was about the singing they i think they were emulating it seem more like an snl sketch timmy she goes she's always wanted the saying but at 'em for five years old and then they cut to the mother and it's here is welling up the doctors a confirmed that i will just say she had psoriasis gonna catch he's always wanted the same kind of takes their mind off of her skin but that was doing it that that was not even real so you know i think that's really landed on think real it's real look that up now you're getting more pictures of me all right a so you got animals doing doing things you've got america's got talent and you've got a of course dealer no deal dealer no deal wednesday night end live a standup special and verse twenty years on demand shoes i know it's just stop just call me how yeah that's another big shout out to howie mandel who a best in the business it really again give us money one day i thought i had a shot had a shot he's gonna be like here's a grand i thought i was gonna just get like some money like whatever cash he had in his wallet or something one day howie mendez gonna give me a cash gift i promise you that my quest my guess is up next very another very wealthy man mike epps talking on his interview about how puts it just fall from the sky what's that 'cause he is so rich and famous like got pretty nice must must be nice walk outside not just sports he found this guy a mike fc interviews brought to you by candid did you know that you're teeth move as you get older yup yup yeah you get you braces you fix everything you're all good they're always moving and kevin you're not gonna get adult racist mustard i mean it'd be joe girardi member that nobody took back i got a binder and braces that's what joe girardi would walk 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seventy five bucks off what's up mike epps a kfc radio featuring mike epps kfc see up in is where the kfc i know everybody i always ask parents named me kevin francis clancy not realizing that initials were gonna have my whole fight on housing i dunno i really don't know they never thought it through i can't see them become big after you were born now is around i think it was around british he's been around but yeah man so i'm kfc's iraq iraq and there's a there's blue like friday type shirt i'm like man that's a good vibe here yeah man you know a little three's company seventies a we were just watching the special last night out on netflix now a an you had a very funny a new idea in that in that you dick dies is before you do yeah 'cause you dexter spraying everywhere and also weird shit starts have dick when you get older i mean i haven't experienced as you may not be good murder congratulations adulation congratulations thank you yeah but you know that's the truth that i hear a lot older guys they tell me hey mike they'd be warning me my dad all them yeah man off only bellevue's mergers you can oh what the hell does that mean like there's like an expiration date only got it you know it's like being an athlete almost like yet you have you're prime you're rookie season when you're you're you're prime while you're cooking bait and then you gotta retirement gonna hang up slanging return running up and down the field all get sad cnn maximum have anymore even trying like jordan the wizards you know it isn't what it used to be man you know where we still who you got the stats tobacco and now they you know there's all sorts of pd's deck now to so you get older woman had the drugs you still keep it going yeah but then you gotta worry about other things like a as a gesture and he's gotten it out yeah yeah i mean i could start early twenty two decades i'm couvert now see that's what happens you take a fee alice and then you like oh man how screwed this girl for our she doesn't wanna put ten minutes ten minutes she didn't even want our in a you know now you've done the next day you lower back hurt and then you've got asset in engineering firm taken appeal oh man god is hot right here you're drinking water man you came boom boom all of that the show off for girl only one at anyone in the way that sounded like like a a rather personal so have you ever what'd you think like oh god that one's a lot what what do you think the the the number one sign is or the first sign that you're getting old person like it you know like i don't feel old you know what i mean and i'm not even saying i believe one hundred and you are i think age is a is a is a state of mind you know i i mean you wanna say that but you had a lot in especially you have a lot of like old i do not old old topics you talk about moving in with her daughter at some point you had a you know venial guy in the gym that feel like are losing their hair you guys like they're a lot of things about like the the it seems like you're you're thinking about it often so i don't i don't think you're all but it seems like it's on it's on yours i'm well they make they make great joke yeah they make the best jokes in the world in you know a is a very safe position for a man to except you know what do you mean safest i'm forty nine years old i'm cool i'm like i don't wanna never be the old guy on the look oh yeah yeah well that's what's great about being a guy get older you you could weaken age a you become a distinguished gentleman you've got more money in their pocket you got more experienced even like you know you go graham you've got the silver fox look going as we get older it's almost a good thing yeah that's chicks get older is what i'm talking about a lot of other people other than myself in the special they make good joke but i'm nado or nor do i look gold or silver telling yourself that my van convincing yourself i still look good again listen listen you say you just got married end its nuclear wedding yeah snoop get the bt awards severe wedding that's gotta be like the nicest thing i've ever had that the biggest match that's a lot of pressure to man it'd be like i mean you know wedding better brand yeah we brought it we gotta whispers there we got w fresh she i was they're they're looking fox legit the best gift will be very very walked up to me and gave me ten thousand dollars by jeff jeff there is man yeah straight cash strike care what did you do it and vert put it in the bucket you i'm waiting on will call me back for it so i have it if you go back well what you don't know what he gave promised they give you ten grand but no imminent yell i i have seen i've seen him and he's like oh come here and i'm like yeah what's up we walked onto the van and he just pool ten thousand miles on gun i don't want your money he ran where i couldn't give it back soon so i still got the money so that's yours dude you wanna bang the us will say you know what you give it to me i'll get back to you next time i see him deal no i can't do it at the drive in the worst give them a nobody comes there is there anybody that didn't give you against nashville gifts i won't we won't gifts did you did you do like the please give to charity instead or you know we're more no gifts as if felt so on are tending to take gifts i and i'm in a position i'm you know i'm a good now that now a normal he'll get married it's like you fucking remember everybody gave you what they gave you a man a oh yeah we want jammed on having a main no guess we could go buy whatever we want a good spot to be in a way we want it you know it won't feel like it gets it gets weird when people buy you stuff gets awkward yeah you know because if the worst the worst thing that could happen is they get upset which you 'cause you don't you're not acting historically happy about you know what i'm saying like damn you don't like it like i said yes yeah all right well times you want me to say i don't understand i mean i know around here at least take the headband with these rhinestone that's that is to get cash when you get actionable gifts wants that shit man and his right arm clock get the fuck i got a phone i don't need that alarm clock just gimme gimme cash gimme it's whatever i literally get cash i prefer did don't give me anything ever i with my family members were like i'm i'm thirty now so the only the only non cash the only thing is very awkward well it in like i could ask my like six year old cousin they were both opener presence like you almost thirty year old man job and there's your opening legos and we don't leave out like that i understand birthdays and shit christmas i get when it's your wedding and you just drop fucking boatload of money on that shit any recoup costs and the wedding you want you want those guess you well i'm saying door door i'm i'm not mike apps rich i need that money or but only fucking christmas gift i don't need birthday gift stupid give us some sort of an odd and there was another funny bit in you're a special you you really especially like it yeah yeah i feel like you a pretty clever and smart and witty leeson you're acting in movies and shit that don't nothing to do with school i think television taught me really yeah my education that is i have an easing navy's television what shows like specific i mean i wouldn't say a specific show but i learned how the talk in a be watching commercials then i educate myself to television because i didn't go i learned from school you know but i would learn to listening you know absorbent mhm you know just while it might just put in front of the tv go learn away yeah back in the day cutting off tv with back in the day was educational believe it or not they have shows on they'll teach you all the stuff that you need no i had a problem with comprehension that was my problem so aka rita book and couldn't tell you what i wrote with every and you know so i i was really a self tall guy i taught myself how taught myself how articulate words when i can sometime i'm still off you could still listen to me until like hey man you know he's smart but it's a it's a unorthodox way yeah but i it becomes almost relabel in a way you know what i mean like people get that i mean the the book fence is is is totally different income essential waste so much rather have common sense of books by right idea tv media bias where you came from 'cause you said tv was educational what am i good friends in el salvador she learned how to speak english through a tv and i just learned like graham right yeah like silly to tv but now but now it's like the furthest thing from that you know what i mean yeah i love being in and specially because now the girls that are like girls that are met used to laugh at me especially they can't even look at me man that's gotta be i bet you going all the reunions i'd be catch everybody they don't even wanna see me coming in they knew how they felt about me back then i'll they call me dirty boy and all kinds of stuff that's being that's fucked up but i used to go but you know what i used to do this shit i used to i used to go to a a salvation army and stuff like that and the thrift stores and by micro 'cause rich white man would bring in those izod sweaters to third world wants and are violent for the moment go to school girls thought i have money saved you making a man you know what i mean you have my little collars out and i learned how to dress off of that like i learned that offer three's company and stuff i put my little sweater on foot archie bunker you know what ages ten is this the wedding this is the ring iraq system going gonna say that's a hell of that'd be a hell of a married man you know what i mean down the it was the it was a countdown to lock down on lockdown now i can't even think the same way no let alone do very well you know you gotta keep a secret no man you can't even think even though it's all it's turned into to action for like get you in trouble yeah and i'm in show business and coach you just fall off the air like where did that come from how do you handle that he's a cool out there hit me head for no reason i wasn't doing nothing and nobody oh is that there is that the card you playing like honey listen all right and they just fall that guy i don't just walk into really air sports wherever the girls this i'm like oh god a good one city out my faith in humanity the race is what a lot of like this yeah you know what i gotta ask you land area they clark thoughts and prayers got the new netflix it's horrible like you have a tough life i really like i pity you i rarely pity you it's just a sad existence that you leave man you son of a bitch if you were just in a lot of justice but you and oncle drew you exert review get tight with kyri it'll give me some inside scoop smith with ongoing whereas i mean you know i'm i'm i in the group man so if i work which you famous you just famous and we work together yeah but he ever say anything like yeah man i maybe i catch you later in brooklyn when i played for the nets who's playing i dunno i'm asking you do you gotta tell me where's it going he gonna pop up somewhere ain't nobody gonna believe you'll probably go he's gonna play on mars man he's crazy the weird news we're in dallas and something that he said he had that line oh you see that he did they ask where you gonna do any good coaching and he said nominate thirty years of living on a farm in texas would no no electricity he's a weirdo interesting weirdo but a weirdo hey man everybody don't wanna do it the same way you know everybody's got different ways of doing their success you know what i'm saying maybe that's his way of staying saying yeah no i don't know what it is i don't think the cousy falls in the sky in dallas you know what i mean you get you get out of our oil money random now at all i mean let me ask you one question or something there's one party a special right right at the very beginning just confused the hell out of me talking about the smelly smelling nipples smelly teddy's i never encountered that my life you you've found a lot of smelly td's and you're life well a city can be really i mean you know i mean it's in a place where they get it can draw its own smell but if you let a guy like i tell women all the time make sure god brush his teeth before so get ready because you could leave a td it could be a city juice the forms he's got he's got a sense of the stomach is what i'm telling you you keep talking about td just a little bit more he he might let him sorry buddy armpits to no no i'm good now it's like once i get that one cop out or is that was fucking tough though my descriptive meli that was already well i'm saying if somebody's got like a dime root canal oh right he's right teeth and then they go zaidi do you see now if he if compute right yeah he he looks like all the time anything that kinda gross about see now if you wanna go suck continue right now she would have a a to be a problem there'll be a problem you're merman fuck y'all did you got myself a headache no not really a you 'em i dunno where if we're ever gonna see this movie but you had d a distinct honor of playing richard pryor right is that movie i ever played richard pryor in the movie i played a little bit of prior in a nina simone movie almost got honor yeah it was it was the play the play the king of comedy is that i see you're number one who would you put on your own you the number one i don't know nobody funnier who's on like you're you're top five are like you know handful of guys you would put as if you're inspiration i'm do have a top five but he's my number one you know if i if i could say i have a top five be him in the beginning the king of a man well i mean you're very funny guy yourself the special is a manhole atlanta like man you watch it i did it yeah we were watching yes quiz me charlotte to man i have home the black on black on black with the chain you look real good maria by that was a flex by the way you put that whole bit in there just do that right you're like so i'm laying in bed like this and my daughter and like oh i see

nhl buckeye lacroix whitney john john casey amsterdam official bill trinidad kevin vince new york s ten thousand dollars two minute seventy eight days forty eight hour fifty six feet three months
The DrewFilmedIt Interview: Working with YNW Melly, King Von, Lil Uzi Vert & More

No Jumper

26:15 min | 2 months ago

The DrewFilmedIt Interview: Working with YNW Melly, King Von, Lil Uzi Vert & More

"No jumper coolest podcast in the world and drew in film it than any film film. Are you doing doing good. How you excellent man. Let's hear very talented. Young man I'm sure you saw tracks interview when Basically just like was talking about what a big role that you have in his company. And i was kinda surprised because i've seen you how you're doing videos but i didn't know how big your involvement was in the whole hundred k. Brand and everything so. I'm glad we have this conversation shellfish we from his right around florida here and there in a car definitely. so what. What part forty from saint pete safety okay and so what was your childhood like. And how did you even like. When did you first even have any kind of interest in doing something creative Fires the music industry ask the. Let's talk about where you're from exactly. Nah basically i grew up playing sports. Really want to school playing sports. Nothing too crazy and then starting to the music thing around like fifteen sixteen. Okay bought a studio engineer. You know the studio engineers in the home. I got one of those all. My dog came over after school recorded. I was an engineer. So that's how i really got started in it. She's got the videos. Because i want you. To the video blow up the images becomes foresaw. I bought a camera and got get debt or were you just a huge music fan and you just were were you thinking i gotta find a way to get into this game and the engineer. Things seemed like it made sense. I not i love music. I do it. Because i love music so right now i can't make music. So did you know any rappers at that time or anybody like that thought had any potential. I mean yeah rod early on you know rob probably young people from the city orca but the big i like personnel decided was little mouse orca. He came into city little mouse. remember him. yeah that's Okay so you you sorta like was a thing where like even when you were in high school and shit like there was just a lot of rappers in the city and that shit was all around you so it seemed like a logical thing for you to get into. Were you intimidated at all or did you have any like good entryways into it. I mean not really. I just kind of start my own leaning kinda it with with what i have but yeah everyone wanted to be a rapper. Ro everyone always wanted to go to the nfl nba. You never thought you'd be rubber. No never even thought about. I didn't that i never did that. That's good that you know that something. Sometimes you never know anything's possible. Just dream definitely okay so When you started doing videos though did you have any kind of inspiration to do videos or where. Where did that idea come from or who. You were looking for insight. It was really my dodgers camera to the studio learned the first the first video i try to shoot. I took a photo. I was taking photos the hotel. I was lord. I hate to tell him that. I got no footage. So i was taking photos the whole time. Data was videos. Oh my god. That's so fucking funny right there all but it's okay how're you. How do you go about learning to use the camera and stuff that we just on youtube watching tutorials and shit class right definitely and so. How long did it take before you. You kinda were getting good at it and say six. Moore's felt comfortable making a good video lease two year by like i feel comfortable and doing it. Yeah what's the key to make a video when you're operating on a small budget creativity. Just tell the story made. The sombat song is go to feeling just finding a lot of moments. They're just like exciting on camera. And it's like i. It becomes really really hard in a really short period of time. Like come up with things. That will actually look interesting on camera. Especially when you you know you've seen a million you know alleyways you've seen a million guys sitting on their couches a million guys sitting on their porch. Whatever it's like show you know. That's why i feel like people ended up relying a lot of like guns and drugs and stuff because it's just like something to look at. It makes the shot more exciting cup lot. You feel you feel kinda rely on that kind of weird. How consistent begun. Thing isn't videos now. That i was i was always going buy on internet. 'cause all the guns point out the camera that you don't even shoe videos like that at all anymore and you try to avoid. I try to avoid. It happens here. Yeah because it's kind of crazy like once rappers get big enough. Then they kind of have to fall back with it. Show ethnic that happens super consistently. Okay so did you have any big Videos come out like early on before the the meli thing because the main thing was the first in this soda really blew up right. Took me to the millions for show. But before i mean i had a couple of here and there at a six figure range couple of hundred thousand and stuff like that were but yeah once meli was the i am. I think i touch okay so but when you have a couple that are doing a couple of hundred thousand you start having a lot of people hitting you up trying to pay you to do videos. Woman should around the city. I was kinda like there was a couple of others around when i was doing it. But like i was describing to work in after work go do a video to in day mining which is kinda here. They're definitely it's kind of like there's a lot of different paths that you could take if you wanna videos like i've seen people who. They've got their own youtube channel. They'll shoot a video for any motherfucker that wants to do a video and you know they they just kinda grind it out like that and they're probably making good money just doing a million fucking videos or on the far end of the spectrum. You have coal bennett. Who basically like took doing videos and created an insane brand over and basically by focusing in on being rare. Not have you ever tapped him with him. You might see somebody who are looking at as like kinda inspiration for what you were before right there have. Yeah yeah it really is an interesting thing because like the video offers of kind of like come out of the shadows you know it. Used to be like hype. Williams williams was like the one name that everybody goes to from the nineties and shit. But now they're like you can create a youtube channel. Create an identity for yourself a totally like building your own brand. You're kind of an artist in a way. Yeah in another way. Definitely yeah okay. So how did you meet melly. What was that. Like the first time i met him. I met mealy. I i heard about going to the beach on a regular day and one of the girls hours with play on my mind so when i heard on life luda hell is. Is this your hardest. Hail so i ended up. Dm in him and he was locked up for what he was locked up for at that time and track had dm back from his page. So the main tracked started talking and he deemed me in school. So i walked out of class. I was like i'm done with school. This walked out of school entirely shit but like all calm on the phone. But that's how. I felt that way. I don't eat the nose and then So i'm tom goes on several months. Mean track will go around florida. We shot two videos for nearly seven seventy and catching feelings. And then he got out of february in february time and he brought me along ever since he got up right by. How did you guys hit it off. So well what do you think it was about your personality or what. What was your impression of his personality. I couldn't believe it. He just. I went to miami days. There was in miami with him. But i was cool. We've chemistry was far shoe and fun and just despite all we had was fun but it was. It was a weird kind of become a part of his team. Did you feel you became a part of the team. As opposed to doing your own thing and like going out and trying to find videos to shoot everyday i can say that but did you believe in them so much that you just before he was even out. We were shooting videos for him so he was like why these guys out here doing this. I don't even know him shooting a video for videos when not around you were just shoot and all this other random stuff well. We brought some family members inside. Made the song field. How they'll be slang was in there so we may be slama. Molly we did. Okay right that makes sense Okay and so then. How does your life sort of change up from there. Like i mean molly went from you know when you met him. It was like very very small and then within a year. So it's like he's just gigantic. Just blown the fuck up at the blue oliver we. We believed it when it happened it happened. Then we've kinda did it. Yeah no definitely. I mean it was just crazy to see that like i mean you know. He's somebody that i saw. I believed in early on. But even when i believe in an artist. It's like to see him. Take it to a level that big as always fucking shocking because so many people believed in over the years but then they didn't really like have the smarts or whatever to really make it happen. One thing i'm at bellido. He never stopped working though he never got too comfortable using studio every night. China shoot a video every morning before the studio. I was an hours in the studio. Ed in the video shot in the daytime while he was recording at night last week just kept kept gone. So did you shoot the murder on my mom video now. Okay so they had somebody else. Shoot that you just to the behind the scenes that was there. I was kinda like learning how to do a bigger production. Michelle's they'll coming up and stuff interesting so have you. What's that been like just kind of like learning to shoot more and more involved videos. You can't shoe shot how you used to. You gotta have host shot list. You gotta have. Everything's timed it's a whole is a whole nother like aspirin. I was like dan. This is kind of hard because you then you start like dean by creative you by creative. 'cause you gotta worry about this actors ready to go on to those a lot going on usually. It's just me and the camera and me go run around the city. I guess i never thought about how involved gets them. So do you have missed doing the single shot. Sorta videos where it's you and the rapper knows my videos. I just want for hot boy companies ago. Definitely we're going to talk about all the different artists artists that you guys are dealing with one hundred canned stuff but when did you become introduced to the idea of one hundred k. As this company. And how did Would you think of that first couple of years but now it was a case since the start something went by and it just turned into like artist blowing up the track of that name before you came on board okay from very early on like it was just decided that you know exactly what when he had it. But i heard it for show what you think it was. Yeah so we are that time highlight seventeen. Thirteen definitely so what you know. What was your like an are. Thanks for the brand and everything but how did you. How is your role in. It changed over time. You're supposed to be the video guy. I and has that changed. Came up as a video guy but yeah a lot of change in the office every day doing stuff. I didn't think i would be doing but since the start. Trump was like that cameras. Not go in your hands for Going gonna be at your hands soon. I yeah right so so. What kind of stuff are you Working on now in terms of the label and stuff like what the involvement like if you not shooting videos what kind of other ways do you find. Time to cover. Is there producer agreements. are there. make sure ours are posting on their page. Just kind of the whole brennan. A whole has made everything runs smoothly so when you go into the office our day like whereas year do you have a schedule of shit to work on or is it just kind of like picking and choosing all the different things that schedule but i pick and choose throughout the day. Which when i'm gonna do. I try before i go in there. I know what i'm going to do throughout the day. Roy editor's video. But by one o'clock i wanted a video don's i can go focus on this Definitely so hot boy. Where's he from and okay orlando. And he's how'd you guys meet him heavily me. I met him in a actually. Kathy's or i think that's the first time i met him but i know about him since high school. He had a couple of hours songs. That kind of we knew in the city but Yeah minimum one hundred k. Office might and so what what do you. What do you feel like one hundred k. Can like offer with somebody like him. The house a couple of poverty songs and you feel a guest star power. What made you wanna work with him in the first the day that loyalty is that vibe you get from someone you can just go have fun. Shoot shooting male yellow again Connects team chemistry. Do you feel like what kind of stuff do you feel like you guys. Add to his career that he wouldn't necessarily have gone on his own motivation and it seemed that's behind him that he knows he can trust. And just keep doing what he thinks best for him. That's why i feel you for sure. okay so how has your where. Where were you when you found out about melis legal situation. And how is like euro role changed since Since all that have energize because he coming home just on the phone them as you guys came in show. How do you talking to talk to him here and there for his album gotta go crazy and stuff so we just going over video ideas seeing what he wants to do for. That hotel is that to get creative and make a video while. Somebody's still locked up with him is easy. 'cause his mind's already flowing he's already thinking about it so he's hitting you with ideas. Yeah but he the other day and he was. Brian have no idea for this video. does not make any sense. You can't think of one. I do route. Yeah i blew my mind cause he comes up with ideas. Were you have to sort of get creative on. Listen to the song. Think back deep into the lyrics just kind of figure out what he's talking about. He sounds crazy positive when you were just on the phone with them. It was kind of mind blowing. How people usually sound prisons and never see him negative really. I don't think i as it is about some something little. See that's interesting. 'cause like when like vlad was asking me the other day about how About when i interview me and was like. I was like you know when i met him. He was like super high energy. There's only around them. Two times i think he was super high energy when i met him. And then when we do the interview he was like a weird like quiet mood. And i didn't necessarily know why but that's interesting. You're saying that he's always got positive. Energy had food that day But also a lot of rappers when you do an interview you know they get a little defensive just because you know there are a little worried that there's going to be all this crazy shit. You could potentially ask them about their nap. They don't know what they're going to walk into. I guess oh yeah definitely and with somebody like him. Has those legal shit. It's like you just start the conversation out like we. We gotta be careful here. you know. i'm not trying to fuck ask you anything that you're gonna be you know that's got fucker situation up close and you don't want to do an interview that you're then going to be able to put out you know definitely so Okay you just upload this anyway. King von chief keith. Studio session the other day. Just got meli. Like wow in out in the in the studio just wrapping with kanye watching and king vons their way before he blew up and share right behind behind just he just chilling harder. The studio session come together. What do you remember from that. That was a little while ago but it was just really malian county going back and forth freestone over some tracks in getting the together see feel themselves out. You know and i only did anything that night. We'd is their freestyle and that was just hanged up. Even in the studio he reached out. I believe he reached out to me. Where was that what city. I think that alan was florida. I think it was in mind. Okay think so. And so what do you remember from like observing kanye like seeing melian like like what was their connection like. Can you feel kind of listening. Meli was did like ten feels freestyles back to back right can go not really compete. Going right is the energy. He gave his whole thing. Like that's one thing i was said is the assad track and him in the studio where he recorded this whole crazy as freestone then track on came in afterwards like cut out parts and like arranged different really but with our existing freestyle from from a while ago lily last night. Really damn so usually like that Yeah i mean he just free staff piece it together. That's crazy. So how well did you get to know. King ron. I just like what was your impression. Same thing the chemistry who grew really do definitely. How'd you feel when you found out about avenue. I couldn't believe but he kept guy no yet super super tragic Okay what about shooting like the freight obeying and Dirk video recently which that that was one time the like just her your fucking tag a million times because i keep watching that video because i love that song so much. What as the. How'd you end up shooting netherdale. How'd you meet freight on. I'm at fado early on actually met. Frayed i did a documentary with him. In my mix tapes. I went out to his city like a while ago. Yeah before he was. I really fared afraid. Oh i did a documentary. We had linked okada. It was just kind of vibe and ever since then we just stayed in contact and shot several others several of other videos. And just bill de connection like i'll pull up on him have fun without even know business. Shit yeah so you just rolling around in his city with him. Yeah yeah because we shot in baton rouge but the top video was shot in florida. We shut florida. Do you ever end up in situations where you a little worried for your own safety where you feel like you know some some. She could definitely go down here. Anything could have any second. So yeah i think like that but i don't think so. Yeah it seems like you guys are surrounded by some some real ones. Yeah definitely Okay what about a baseline. When did you realize that he wanted to be a rapper. And what's up in line. To though i mean he took it serious and then we shot that one video slime dreams. All his house aren't his own bid outside in the front yard and it just hit millions or they oh shit he could do something now. Then we start going crazy. He's we started doing videos and there he became. These does seem kinda crazy. Like he's so young and he has all these young kids that are like really really really excited about him now. I picked him up from school a couple times in the car. Be surrounded really even school. He's still not nine crazy being rapper. That's going wild Okay so Are you in the business like finding new artists. Are you really looking for. New artists are recently signed new artists from cincinnati. Okay change baby Sounds familiar he haw. He's really hard. We got him out. One hundred followers really. So that's what it's all about. Just find somebody like early seeing the image really disa- chemistry and what we got them early to right. Because i mean if you find somebody and they've already gala called million followers different. Yeah you got to build them up. Though that's the that's the hardest part. Have a fan base. How important new thing. Social media's in terms of like how involved you get in saying like yo you're fucking instagram is whack. You need to do this this and this idea that. Sometimes angular avidly impose archiving. Yeah it's very. I think instagram or that. Now tiktok take a big thing now and take on the to be doing all that kind of different shit them and every time. I post a video on instagram. It's on every other site right. They all together definitely Okay whether i wanted to ask you this. What is the most cliche shit. The in music videos like what is the shed. They like your the most sick seeing in the music video. Actually just like anything like you know. People think it's tight. I think this is a really good idea to do this in a video and then it says in reality Gun in the video. Yeah it gets kinda played out a certain point although it's a big big part of people's lives but it's also kind of like why does it have to always be pointed out the camera. Yeah sometimes you can tell that they really feel like that's like maybe a little bit more in those voices. No thumbnail definitely noticed. The trend could definitely be many more as for the gun on the thumbnail trick. What was it like. We're gonna losey shit. I'm gonna say it again. He reminded me of Person told him that to let's face after filming merely right now really would who seem to think of that now. He would just let my brother. That's my that's what he kept saying if you ever worked with kodak or like nah no you haven't really wait a minute. He's finally out tap. In so i know a lot of his people that have. You're definitely when you decide to get the the iced out grill. The permanence um it was a phone call with track. Honest reassures his phone calls. I'm going to get him. He's like you should get him next week. I was in houston again. I'll modin but i was really one of the poll us right hand. You can do it. You can't pull that. They are got the pullouts among like fucking is dot. One one i i i started getting money were two times on. I never put it back on our loss them. I feel like if i put it back on right now that it would probably not fit right like my teeth must have moved around. Move to six kind of like definitely. Have you regretted it at all. Is it feels good for life now. It feels fine when you're eating and shit you can't taste the food until i get hit your tongue and show you buy into sign already. Taste that right away. That is weird. Yeah got used to it though. You work on tuesday food through your teeth because i got taken out to get clean eight thousand omega fuck. That's actually really interesting. I'll work on that. I got that more like your teeth kind of like help you taste food back. Gotta flex so. What do you have a plan in terms of new stuff. That's on the way and whatnot. Build-up that's on the roster who else who else is on the list as a whole list there. I'd have to pull out the name at the top of the list of people who are dropping shit coming up soon meliha boy so merely for show hot boylan We just got these new autism. Our mantra there's some arab artists. We dropped the video for them like a week ago. They hard though they real hard and then Like i said we got slime. We got thirty. Deepen them by the whole grammy. Yeah how'd you start working on. Might right how we get our. We get thirty forgot artist. Yes they love the another working with got any advice for young people that are trying to get into game doing the music video. There's really you chatting with some different creatively. i'm the time not really use affects. I feel like effects are played out in a sense Make it realistic. If you're going to do it. I really just say tell. The story made the somboon than what the song was already. What it was Anything else you want to say out there to to the people out there really is coming home and judean film film. How come about who said the church checks life. Oh i see oh the company as well. Okay but We're we're the slogan itself comfortable. I honestly think it we just we just on a video set one day and we're like one of my dogs like exit for like he did it because we're talking about the lights because he was holding the lights and then check out our no june film right really at the here. I really like it. I i oh when i put in the video. Are they like you because it sounds kind of corny. Everybody else sucks film besides me and then and then we ended up putting the videos and that's what people started noticing me by that time i was like okay. Maybe a word and start building a brand like that. I like it now. Who are your grill artists that you would like to fuck with if you can shoot a video for anybody tomorrow. I had no adele or billy dreams or something and she would. I got now. I feel All right drew appreciate dramatic show. Jumper world texana youtube sound cloud. Itunes like comment subscribe. Check out druze youtube channel as well. Toss him and subscribed on the comment on our behalf. No dot com if you wanna support appreciate ya.

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Sister O'dell, LA County DA, Lil Uzi Vert, Trump and more.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

1:32:15 hr | 3 months ago

Sister O'dell, LA County DA, Lil Uzi Vert, Trump and more.

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Don't yuck somebody else's yum make sure you subscribe and shannon. Today show is pre recorded. Mackenzie soon joel Bill turn turn pro komo. Uh-huh show will good morning effort potty. You're listening to the voice. Come on dig me now. One on steve. Harvey got a radio. Show yeah man. Born god has been good to me. I can't really count it all. You need them. you know. it's all in perspective. You really can't count. All the god is don't for you if you look at every little thing. It's unbelievable the things he's done for us. How many times we were through something without even talking to him about he just he just blessed us with it. How many you know is is so much that the fact that you wake up in the morning the fact that you still have a place to stay the fact that you're maybe struggling out here but guess what you still going to work you. You know living check to check but but you're making it all you got. All the plates spinning you know is hard. You got a lot of plates spinning. But you keep them up to someone evan. I near one break but he put to mow backup. Look a little bit better and you got to get to spend them so it all works And then you got a lot of people who are just. Kate seem to mentally. Put it together as to you. Know why their life is in a position that they wanted to be. We talk about this often terms but trying to angle which today you know maybe issue. Have you ever thought about that. Maybe it's you maybe. It's no external force. That's at fault like you keep making the excuse to be you know so. Many people are here well. If this hadn't done this if he hadn't done that if she hadn't done that. I would have been further long. I wasted all my time my years. This man and he did this and i could have been here. I could have been there and this woman. She did this to me. If she hadn't done ask. I could have been here and how could have been there. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's not really that external forces that you keep making it out to be see. I've done this to myself before the once again. I'm talking to you about something i know about. I've done this to myself before. I've had the reason i wasn't where i wanted to be. I had it figured out as some external force. I had worked it out in my mind. Clearly it wasn't me because of so and so or this hadn't happened in. They hadn't done this. I would have been further alone the road. That's what i was saying but wollo hold on. That bar learned a valuable lesson minute. See if you don't ever let it go is going to be hard for you to go if you don't ever let it go. It's going to be hard for you to go. I was listening to bishop. Td jakes one. Day and i heard him say you drive your car. If you keep looking in the rear view mirror you go outside and try. Try to drive your car but keep your eyes in the rear view mirror. All you're looking at all you looking at it. That rear view mirror is where you passed or should have passed something. You should have moved on from. All you do is looking in that rear view mirror at what happened back there. If you don't stop looking in the rear view mirror you're gonna crash your car over and over and over again or you got to slow it down so bad in order for you to keep looking a net rear view mirror if you don't learn to let it go. It's going to be hard for you to go forward because you keep reviewing the past. The past is the past. And i know his heart man. I watched a show in this lady said well. I just can't forgive them for that. Well guess what guess what. God may have already forgiven that person. That person may be extremely remorseful. Could have gone to god. And god's forgiveness fort years ago but you you sit here and you keep hanging onto the i k ever. Forgive that Then i heard. Bishop jakes come on. Show one time and say some that really really struck. You keep drinking the poison way known your enemy today. He said that. I just shook my head and will. Wow you drinking the poison. Wait known your enemy to die. Revenge is poison to you. You know if hatred is poisoned to you unforgiving nece when you won't forgive a person that person could be going on what they life may two right with. God don't know how you feel in they skipping through life now you make adjustments every time you see and it takes energy man. It takes so much energy to hate. It takes so much energy not to forgive to that. Come in the room. You got to stay over here Oh hey calm now. You've got to make a situation over here. They come into the house. It's family reunion or here. They come where they're going to be in the basement. And i'm going to bill on the floor. I wanna go ahead and get some barbecue shiite to add the barbecue. Stand all i want barbecue. I just eat potato salad. People might take themselves all out of position trying to make adjustments. When if you it would simplify your life if you would let just let it go. Maybe you a way. You need to be cosmodrome. External forces altogether. Maybe you now where you need to be causey you. 'cause you won't let it go. You won't move forward. Look this lady's let's say you've been in situation with the man for years. It didn't work out for whatever the reason. It just didn't work out. I got what you say he did. I got what he did. I got he All of that yada yada yada when you give. Philip did not get you through. It did not he allow you to survive it. I got you got some cut. Sonya i got. You been a little bit bruise. But did he not get you through it so not at. He's freed you from it now. He don't went on. He got whole another family over there somewhere. He now he tried to make it right because maybe he learned mistake he made and now he's trying to be a better man he just trying to get it right now but you sitting there holding on to it. You drank into pausing waiting on. You intimated that so now. Instead of you enjoy the blessing of finally being freed from a situation. That was not healthy. For you you create an even more unhealthy situation in your mind by hayden by having revengeful thoughts by hoping he falls on his face. Maybe you even doing something to the other situation to make sure they struggle. Oh man you drinking poison waiting on your enemy to die. Maybe you a where you ought to be in life not because of your external forces but maybe issue. If you don't let it go is going to be hard for you to go. You can't keep driving your car looking in the rear view mirror come on man. Forgiveness is not for the person forgiveness is for you. you're listening to morning. Show the joys of tax season pulling out all receipts filling out endless forms and trying to get it all submitted before that all important deadline the only thing that can make the whole process more fun is identity. Thieves somehow got a hold of one of those tax forms with your personal information. 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Now if some problems or some situations beset you that has no reason to stop it from being a great day because god is in a problem solving situation be set business you dig so what befalls you today. Your relationship with god will cover it and you know because it's covered every other situation you've been in so why not make today a great day. Welcome to the steve. Harvey morning show. Shielded be set me. Lord set me. Good morning steve. Nobody here this morning To houston is swamped under the weather. But somehow king princeton manage to fight through and find a way to come here steve. I'm here. I'm only. I'm only strain but i'm here. Pine stump stuck in houston. Stop no power no water so we pull inform. Yeah and steve let. Let's go ahead and say this now at the top. According to the national weather service over one hundred and fifty million people are all under some kind of winter. Winter weather advisory. This is all due to extreme cold. The snow the ice throughout the country. The storm left at least five million homes and businesses without electricity and the icy roads led to pileups on the highways around the country. So we're praying for all those affected by the winter storm in just telling everyone to be safe and tommy promises. He's going to get his generator. This year we generate. No no not as you friday i. I'm tired of gambling man. I'm talking to tell us. Tell me what what happened about this summer. I can't stand it. But i'm gonna say come. Oh i came on so me and my family your radio station his who is you know. Some powerful murata boudreau beep. And i brought my little my little. Got my little radio portable box and his working hooked up at his house. That took iowa the head but we finally got it together. You know black people trying to hook up electrons. It is not good. We don't know what we we we we we got hooked up. We'd been all we've been but we'll see what time is his something here. We've been talking about three o'clock this morning trying to get at own second. It sounds good so we could we. Could we tell you the the roads really are bad. I troll them. They always say they always say when you go when you go over braised as bad but you know when you go under. That's just as bad. It's slippery man. Your car can turn out and you thank you. And then there's people that'd be flying like why. What what her usc and flam by everybody minimum makes no sense to me because people in the south who don't get snow. That's eight realize that dr differently into snow. They think daybreak state thanked asking. Stop looking. flip your call all right coming up at thirty two minutes after the hour. We're gonna do ask the. Oh the chief. Love officer with steve harvey. Right after this. You're listening to steve. Harvey morning show time for c. l. o. The chief love officer steve. Harvey the clo- as the nephew call them. You ready sir. You are all right. Lakisha in hampton. Virginia says i'm in my late twenties and my best friend and i bought a home together. Her boyfriend moved to art city a month ago and he's been staying with us. She said it would only before week but he's still here. He's chipped in financially and that's all finding good. But i don't want his money and i don't want him to get comfortable here. I've told my best friend. He's gotta go and she said it's her home too and it's okay for him to stay another month if he needs to. How can i get him to leave asap. Please advise well. I don't think you can because you are owned the home. You have no agreement that you can't have guessed overnight. Guest you have nothing in place to says how long you should have guests. So i don't see how you can make him leave On another note. Who buys a house. Would they best freeze why you don't do things like this. This is probably the biggest purchase of your life and you knew it not with fiance now with your husband. What would your best friend. And y'all wanna have other lives. Yeah yeah so. I mean i don't know how you can get them lead and her best friend ceelo is correct. It's her house to deal so each my house and not going to be able to get him to leave until they're ready for him to go and he might stay forever. All right felicia around naked. Walking around naked it helps felicia in charlotte says my husband and i've been married for eight years and he recently got an suv with cameras in the headrests for our four and six year. Old to watch movies when they take road trips yesterday he drove me to get coffee and as soon as he cranked up and plugged in his phone. I heard sex. Sounds coming from the tv yes. He started fumbling to turn it off and he turned bright red. He said it must be a glitch in the entertainment system. I think he had a woman back there watching porn. Am i jumping to conclusions. Suada minute but you said it was connected to his phone. Yeah he plugged yes soon as he cranked up the car and plugged in his phone. She heard the sound well. I mean that's a bluetooth. I think i don't know if it has anything to do with him. Having a woman back there watching poland. I'm thinking he's got porn on his phone. And a bluetooth picked it up and ran it through the system. You know because unless you have this stuff downloading in your car somewhere. I'll see how that can be. It's the bluetooth is what comes into play to me. I mean because what if the kids were with them. You know what i'm saying. I mean but i mean the whole thing is supposed this with the video right exactly see. I don't know i don't. She's a little slow about was he sitting in the backseat watching poll with another woman. Another one what are you talking about. Yeah yeah he could be there back there watching it by himself or didn't have to be shutting. The headsets to get on the headsets in the car has come from somewhere. Yeah yeah so. He was fumbled with your phone. It was bluetooth phone all right so there you have it man was bond nine annastasia in seattle's says we're moving on. I'm a thirty year old married woman. And i love my husband but i fantasize about his handsome brother. He's forty with the six pack of carved out back and muscular thighs. And when my husband and i are intimate i'm imagining myself. And his brothers. Big chocolate arms. I even mumbled his brother's name under my breath once during sex. I watch his workout videos online. And i get all tinguely. This all started a few weeks ago. Do you think it's just a phase or should i seek counseling help me. What do you want us to do is suggestive phase or do. I need counselling you need to quit. Won't and you'll brothers your husband's broth lefty help. Stop watching his damn video. You'll sell up a quick call and his damn name. You know that ain't been how about that. What do you want. Yeah yeah this is something you can control for. Sure thank you all right. We're moving on paula in boston. Says i'm seventy one. And i'm i'm back on the dating scene. I've been a widow for twenty five years. And i surely okay. She's seventy one. Her name is paula. She's out of boston. Seventy-one she's back on the dating scene. She's been a widow for twenty five years and she was casually dating a younger man for the past two years. She said we had a few times and he stopped calling me all. I'm attracted to her younger. Men between the ages of fifty and sixty and getting one is not a problem. I don't want to be just a fling these men. How can i prevent that from happening. A younger me want you stop being fling you fleeing because you allow it you allow yourself to give flow your your your body or your relations or whatever you wanna call them at seventy one comes with a price. What is this you have every right you too old for this she high you gonna do for two years and then he stopped calling you. What what you think is going to have. Y'all wouldn't have relationship what nobody defined anything. I don't care how you get if you can't define the relationship you win. You probably ain't anymore. Sabio got fifteen years. You got to lease half the fun profound saying that again. Because what i hear now what the ceelo said before we run out of time. Come on feel all i said was if you can't define the relationship probably 'cause you ain't in one there you go all right coming on what i see. It is if you save. You ain't got a fifteen year left going to get any run that bring back with the nephew right after this. You're listening david. Harvey morning show coming up at the top of the hour. We'll be here with our national news and an update on the winter. Storms across the country. But right now nephew is here with. Run that frank back which you got your child. Support is late okay. This late. you'll child. Support is late. let's go. I love card. Yeah what's up. what was it. Preston man In meaning me your ex. Mammy and we've been kicking it for the last three months i'm Man killed by the we not together. We're not together. So why are you calling me okay. No that's cool rector. I understand that you tell me the child together somewhat. I don't care if i went to you do me not together. I don't give a damn about what. Okay okay no no no. I understand that what i was calling you buy. Was you know you kinda behind like two three months on the on. The child support me and i tell i tell i was gonna handle the situation you know so i don't need you handle nuts. You know maybe worried. About how many months behind. Who the hell telling you all this anyway. We're when can we expect. Another payment is what i'm asking about. Don't you ever call my phone with that. You understand me. Don't call my phone. 'cause oh my daughter man trying to enter and handle all need you. Oh my back. And only the on my back and by dan's house for because i do for my daughter man so don't call my phone with that. Okay okay well. Is it working right now. Man you listen to what what. What what's your name trusting pre oppressor. But i'm saying this right now and i. I do whatever it takes to take my daughter man. So don't you worry about my my job security and what i'm doing okay wh- thank you. Can i just when just come by whenever you get paid next task so i can pick up. Know the child's man. You need to come by no way. I tell you what you bring your around. You've come did you. Directions right now you bring your own over here. 'cause i wanna see yellow columi- damn talking about my damn daughter. I mean we're looking at for the well being of the baby man. That's what you think. I've been doing ever since she came in the world. That's what i've been doing. Ever since she got here then looking out for her well-being in some come getting pitchy won't tell me about my daughter will do quite well whereas you're three months behind man that affect i do everything i can for my daughter so for you to sit up here and call me talking about three months behind. I don't even keep up with that. I sent money. When i can't i am for my daughter i do for my daughter i do for myself so thank god that you're saying that mean i ain't got it at all but give me a second and i'll go but don't be calling me about my daughter and talking about them through behind. Okay well look i i. You know. I ain't working right now so we really need to go get the money on. Hold on hold on hold on. You ain't working. But i might you call me by some money but you land up with to get out and do what the hell i'm doing. That's what i can't understand it to you but it's one that me and you wanna come to meet with i. I was going to handle this situation back being behind on this. you know. there's little child for the situation. That's what i'm saying. I need you to going on and give me a dayton and when we can expect a pain okay. I'm giving you a date right now. Bring your over here right now and pick up the pain. I got it for you right now. You just tell me what kind of car you drive. So i know 'cause i i wanna i wanna bust the pull up in my driveway by mistake. I do everything for my daughter. My daughter don't have no one on the lease put shoes on. Feet cuddles on her back some good enough some guy do everything for. I don't need you at my daughter. don't need you it. I pick up at school with every day and take her to her grandmother. How so you're here by two or three months behind qassim with that. I see if i were three months. And she would i. That's another thing With me and i talked about. We're not gonna need you to be taken from the school. no. I'm getting it from the school. I wish i would catch up in my daughter's school picking up my daughter me. I don't even know who you are a told you. My name is preston but no president. I'm telling you what i want. You know what my daughter that. I'm going to talk to. I know 'cause. I want you know where my daughter man you understand me. I don't you know vast me and my daughter man. If i came in new my daughter. I'm a whoopie. i'm letting my daughter. No it's in. The baby is getting the loan fan. Man what i'm saying. We just need you to send money man you doing. Yeah i'm glad out doing good because she anyway but don't put my daughter in the middle of the may man. I'm just happened to be in between. That's all man but you need to get out and look in between she and go find you. Somethin' find you a man who is sitting up there probably on the couch. Eating pol pot toss. I've only had two of them. Pop tarts man. That's a you won't be having none of them. 'cause i bought that for my daughter man and i appreciate you eastern on it so you need to get off feed themselves like i do. I feed myself and my daughter and probably deal. I wanna talk to you about our child man. I would south chow. That's my and i'm taking the million do. Hey don't you say that man ever say that to me man. That is not child man. My child let me tell you something. Kids don't put you into the phone real close man. I'm my job. I'll tell me what do you ain't been here the whole time. He tried to walk up in here and talk about our. I'm her daddy man. I'm just trying to be a good stuff automated and get the child. The i've got to get married. I you ain't no saying that. Say i'm gonna talk to been held. I get on hold on hold whole nine. You don't talk. You know you understand what i'm saying you talk to me. You're dealing with me. I tell i was going to going going to make me not like i tell you know i went to. We got a child together. You just gotten to call talking apple you talk to me from now. You talked a preston. I'm deal with trust me. Let me tell you something. You don't call you deal with me. Do you understand what i'm telling them. Not dealing with a you only thing. I'm gonna deal. Which was my foot up. Bill de with you. I've got one more thing. I need to say human. How wanna hear nothing else. You've got to say play everything you had to say. Let me tell you something you want to up. We have right now. I put you with the man in charge. God get you a job about it. Won't work with you man. I don't attitude. You need to work with somebody because you ain't nobody right now. I got one more thing i need to say. You listening may say hey. You got to say that his nephew. Tommy from the steve harvey morning. Say man. I don't care who bound play about my daughter man so his nephew. Tommy from the steve harvey morning show. You just got pranked by. You'll cousin kendrick man. Oh man. I'm it's all right now i don't play by my daughter likes that as my world man. That's my man. All right yes. He does a man. What is the bad is. I'm talking about the bad radio. Show in land. Man the steve harvey morning show I you crazy entertainment in our national news. Update with an right after this. You're listening to david. Harvey morning show. Hey it's carl farrell from the harvey morning show on the iheart park cast network talking. At and t. Here's a question. What's it like to feel lucky. We've all got lucky friend but one who wants a big new tv and boom suddenly the tv's on sale. They drive around town and boom. Suddenly the perfect parking spot is right there. It's a great feeling with things. Go your way and now. At and t. Is giving everyone that. I just lucked out feeling every day. Good things shouldn't only favor the few and at and t. 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He explained how he spent the past few years paying off the diamond so we put it on layaway. I guess you say paying off the diamond. And now he came to the in how he came to the decision to put it into his forehead. He said these are his words. I'm be real. So i'm picking out a diamond and we were going to put it in a ring but i'm a be honest. I'm little uzi. I'm turned up so twenty four million on a ring the stupidest idea because i'm looked down in ring and i know me i wake up in odd places and different sceneries. What so since. He don't scenario stupid right him see. That's that's why he got that do the reason he gave putting it in exactly why he got first of all look man not to sound like an old fogy but can i tell. Y'all something if you get your hands on twenty four million dollars come on. Do you know what you can do for yourself. But ain't got a dime in your forehead the homes you could own. Do you know the fund. You could set up for your future. Do you do you. Do you understand how you could travel i. I can't twenty four million four something to sit in your forehead that is of no value sitting there. It's man you saying. Do you know. Do you know if my cousin seat is down he gonna reach fo. Do you know that. I'm just trying to you. Do you know if my seated damn dime he reached our ceaseless. Yes he is he getting got. I'm john i know where you're going through certain hoods and now you got twenty four million stone but you gotta understand. He's twenty six years old with that. Okay that's fine but when my cousins thing you pull out the needle no plans. that's it. he's saying. I hear what you're saying. Surely he said he put it in layaway. Which means you don't have twenty four vailable right people available. I know rich people and you got to do that. But i'm saying is that twenty five twenty six. He's not even thinking on. that level obviously was heard. This is when you shoot a gorilla. Glue the diamond. Not that's which suited the if you wanna make show it. Don't come you gorilla. glue that damn diamond. Now you straight you can use glue own your order back over twenty four million dollar ring. Y'all s stupid gabbling to asia. Man this dude is just talk dollars. Yeah the jeweler said that is a trendsetter. And he won't be surprised if it becomes a trend. We don't think the drolet lose it all right so let's move on because it is time for me. San come on those gentlemen miss an troop. Thank you guys. This is and trip. Well the big story of course is the weather. Let's get that out of the way thirty. Say that some two million people are without power today in texas alone. Some twenty people have died due to the storm. Four people killed by tornadoes in north carolina. There were also tornadoes yesterday. In parts of georgia and florida it also snows in chicago. The last eight days straight. Now the war begins. Donald trump is lashing out at gop. Senate leader mitch mcconnell. He's the senate leader but he's not the senate majority leader anymore. Mcconnell of course voted to acquit trump. One senate impeachment charges but he made this statement soon after no question if president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the of the day. No question about it well. Trump released a six hundred word statement yesterday calling the kentucky republican a quote dour sullen and unsmiling political hack. And he had that. The republican party can never again be respected are strong with leaders like senator mcconnell at the helm a former trump white house official tells reuters news service at trump and mcconnell stop being best buds when mcconnell openly declared the joe biden had won the presidential election in mid december despite trump's insisting that he won and now in just one term. The republican party has lost the white house and both houses of congress. Meanwhile us senate plans to hold. Its first hearings looking into the january. Six insurrection at us capitol. They're making a date for that. The by the administration is pushing to make the federal minimum wage. Fifteen dollars up from about seven federal prosecutors say that a white north carolina man threatened president biden a series of disturbing phone calls twenty seven david kyle reeves has been charged with threatening a president. No word of freeze belongs white racist group but if convicted of threatening a president reads faces up to five years in prison and a quarter of a million dollar fine by the way he says he was just expressing his free. Free right to say whatever you want whenever you may wanna put down quaker oats for this one after cops and philadelphia. Say they arrested a guy finding deep fried body. Parts in a u haul track and dumpster the philadelphia enquirer says forty seven year old to array Airing another person pulled over by cops. Investing robbery after searching a truck and then a dumpster. They say they found a dismembered body in a trash bag along with the person's hands and feet they've been deep fried finally assigned at times and rather disgusting the los angeles police departments launched an internal investigation. After an officer reported a photo of george floyd us to make us sick and racist valentine's day card last week with the caption. You take my breath away. Apparently being circulated among cops the chief there is embarrassed. He says and disgusted now back to the morning show. You're listening to david. Harvey morning show guys. Women crush wednesday and ashley wednesday as well And sister odell is in the building where mace crush williams williamson. Yes ma'am guess what. It is commodity modest. Everyone morning stroke. Hello thomas yes ma'am good morning doing my mother's fine fine how you talk to in a couple of weeks okay. Yeah she's doing well. I'm you know i'm taking care of that's my job. Soon as we get off well you does do a good job and taking careful breads on. Y'all time for what. I don't know but you know. Yes ma'am oldboy us a good boy. Well good morning sister you. Oh wonderful. One a was going. Oh well i mean first of all before we get to anything. I did want to ask you. How is your valentine's day. Just candy candy and flowers from erie. Wome's really are you dating anyone in particular sister. Rotel i keep some man you know who shot his daddy okay. So he's the one that gave you the candy and the flowers. Yes yes yes gays mccann in and roses jonah. From the company you did on the commercial for a one eight hundred flowers one eight hundred lower reading and he added issue ten dollars got twenty nine And they were lovely called him. They made a mistake. Sit thirty two. But i didn't say nothing. Figured they was making enough to hang on four flowers. I sell it back efforts show. That's right that's right well. I'm glad you had a good lovely and wizard romantic your valentine's day now that really just you know into flowers and everything you know i was. I wasn't really at home. You know 'cause. I got the vaccine. You know. 'cause i'm essential work auto workers say so. Sure of that is essential. I went on. I aim sign up. I just told you. I am central. They say what are you doing. I save so we're that's not essential tabs on more essentially heaven. If i get shot you probably gonna go to hail chicken on to shout. Came back twenty one days later. Same woman she said i know. Just come on the well. That's a good thing that's a good thing. Well we'll dell appreciate time coming up in thirty four minutes after the hour We got to tell you what's going down with the lapd. We'll talk about when we come back right after this. You're listening david. Party morning. Show while the los angeles county district attorney's office is investigating several. Lapd officers after they allegedly get this guy's circulated valentine's day card with george floyd picture on it and the words you take my breath away. Now this was to mock the final hours of george floyd life as a minneapolis. Police officer knelt on his neck and repeatedly cried out. George floyd did. I can't breathe. I mean what a horrible story. What a horrible thing to do. George floyd released a statement to the lapd saying this is beyond insult on top of injury. It's injury on top of death. The type of callousness and cruelty within a person's soul needed to do something like this evades and is indicative of a much larger problem within the culture of the lapd we demand that everyone who was involved is held accountable for their revolting behavior. And that an apology be issued to the family. Amen to that. I just you know the people. The spirit of some people manage really sickening. You know like. I'm i get tired of hearing people now say this is not our country. How countries better than this. No this is the country we live in. This is exactly is exactly who this country years is not those people that climbed to capital wall. That's a big part of this country. It's not everybody but debt and that is a part of our feudals. This sickness that pervades. The internet is a part of our coach k. k. k. It's a part of our country. I mean you know when you see this cygnus when people walk in churches and kiel. We'll walk in schools and killed people. It's it's not who we are. Okay then why keep happening right You know we don't want to admit that that is a part of what this country is about but that is the deal you know. Don't want to admit that we need a real gun laws. We don't want to admit because we have this stupid thing called the constitution that we think is such a righteous document that allows for this president that got away with inciting this riot is because they read one word in the constitution. You can impeach up president. But then they went to. He's no longer. We ain't got to do it. We constitutionally can't do it and they jumped through that loophole. Just like jump through this loophole. Not all of them just ten ten but but but you know another thing you know you you you you sit up and you say we should have freedom of speech but if the of freedom of speech hurts keells defiles another human being. Why should you have the freedom right you know. And they use that in president trump defense his the freedom of speech. What are you kidding. Me but now kathy griffin. Oh the comedian. When what she said about trump and does is what she thinks. Funny how showing his head cut off. Now they have. I visit her. George lopez does a joke about it. The fbi visits him but now when he do his freedom of speech there 'cause deaths yet he off the people they arrested say they got their orders from trump. Exactly right this is the country we live in. Yeah it's a part of it. It's not everybody but it's an element. It's like half you know it's almost like the have who voted for biden. Those are not those you know. It's just we're divided. We're just divided and everybody does voted for. Trump is not that way. No they're just publicans but trump the republicans to a whole 'nother level. Yes with republicans. Yeah he he bought out the dirt. The dirty side of the republican. He really did. He really really did. gladis gone. Do not look forward to him. Trying to run and twenty twenty four but they are gearing up for twenty twenty two. You know they are gearing up for that to try to get more republicans in the house and senate and the house all right coming up next the prank phone call. The nephew is here with the prank phone. Call right after this. You're you're you're listening to morning. Show coming up right about four minutes after the hour as always. It's my strawberry letter for today. The subject is. I don't think we're really cousins. We'll get into it. Don't worry we'll get all right. We'll get it right now. The nephew is here with today's today's prank. Phone call you. I got report mansuri. I got repo man. Everybody's had a repossession at some point or another in your life. You had something. You walked outside of your driveway and it was gone to happen. How good i pocket right. He's repo man. Let's go hello. I'm trying to retake police tarya. My name is Robert them with the collection agency. You do own a sierra. Two thousand and three. Gmc truck my correct. Yeah okay. we don't show that we've had any payments Within the last. I guess about three close to four months now and we want to try and stop have come in and repossess it. Maybe we give you a chance to bring you payment in but we haven't had a payment from yoon about four months now pay much attention. Oh thing i i don't know yet to rectify from my worry about that. I'm with they've they've turned you over to us. I'm with collection agency and we haven't gotten anything from i. Don't show any Any paperwork here on the computer at all that we've had any payments within the last four months that's why they don't know how they turned it over the mission. They can't never tell much much over the pay. Oh i don't even know how. Well i understand that. So what happens is if you haven't paid it in a certain amount of time it actually comes over to the collection agency. And that's what they've done. They've actually sent it over to us and they've given us Pretty much all the information on you. I guess it's a gold this type of color Sierra two thousand three gmc truck from our understanding correct trust. Okay now what. I'm going to need from you today. Germany is for you to come in and make a payment to us this evening for four months so we can so so. We don't have to come in and repossess. The truck. And i don't want to have do that. But i if i have to send a wrecker out. Ti of your address on file as well. I don't to have to send any about half the pick it up. I sorta yeah not coming in my hand. I'm not paying for for no full month. I don't know that's a done deal. I don't want to get back and forth with you. But i'm telling you exactly how it's going to go. Now come out there and repossess it myself. But i'm telling you what oh slow slowdown and not even where we gotta go with that. They'll be screaming and fussing and chaotic and come get it yourself and all that the much much. That's going to be that. Hey let's backup. Because i'm a man just you mean it's it's going to be that what you're saying. What are you what are you what are you saying. I'm i'm telling you. I pay my truck and and that's fun. I know i've already stated to you before. I'm with agency and let's get one thing straight. You don't tell me i tell you now. Hey don't call the phone. it don't make no sense. You know over the phone or whatnot you can come come to the trucks. Mytalk right here i work. I'm like hey you come try to get. I'm already aware of where you work. And the whole nine yards. Now i i'm trying to be as cordial with you can trump. So you know you should have dropped out. It'd be like all right. I'm gonna check with somebody else's check with somebody else and make sure i'm right. I think i'll be. I'm telling you you haven't paid anything. That's what i'm telling you. I've got it listed on the computer. You've been turned over john agency and you haven't done you haven't done it you stupid you you you raising your screaming over the phone today. Do me a meal. You know good but you ain't get no money for me as much. Well matter of fact you cook up. I'm on what's going to be. It doesn't make any difference sir. Get repossessed tonight. If i don't get four months payment brooke definitely if i don't get more months payment brought into me collection agency you're truck will be taken care of matter for the best then you kind of kind of much putting them into photo pundits who quit cursing at me. That's what's got me to do outside you over here and get obviously wait for. Look you know what. I don't give a about this job. I'm ready to come kick your. That's what i'm ready to do. Call him back i. I don't need a little scared paying up the phone. You stand here like a man and your problems. I'm take me. But i call them. And i'm doing my job the same way you're doing yours will make you want to do your job come. I got one more thing. I want to say to you before you go. You listening that this is nephew. Time from the steve. Harvey morning show. You just got pranked by you. Got you got a teacher right man. I'm telling my coolest. I'm trying to get to see. Told me. she say that boy loved that truck much transportation man towards you. Gotta i gotta. I gotta tell me brother. What is the ban. I'm talking about the bad radio show in the night. He's he it a little bit like junior to me when he got really bad. If i remember. I think in new orleans i think louisiana. Yeah that was crazy. What you think steve. Well i'll understand. You're coming from coming. Because when i lived in not only with your transportation was your home again. They was looking at to So you had a partner that you've been you've been repo befo. Brief just was was into you. How long have you watched chest. But lemme ask that quinn two years ago. You're skillful to years. So you had a park somewhere. Different all the time then. I'll catch a bus home. I had a bike rack. Put on the back of it. So i could talk somewhere. Ride the bike home. The ride your bike back to it to work somewhere else. You do better pain. I know do you were in shape. I was ted baxter. This early black people to handle bike rag on the baggage ako creative freeze house waco could remember way to heal. Oh you're gonna come to cards driveway. So i can go to work so i don't want to the wrong house while steve while what was all in there what did you have any closing know. Just musto out just financing would fit theobald. When i lived in. I just drove out of state. Good luck this would be for. You had all you had to have license plate. They hadn't come up with the stick assistant yet Yeah okay wow was your was your plate. So with joe plates really. Oh plates was what does that mean exactly. I know like three ohio tags in my car so even if they did find the car immediate three different license plates in the cost like gas. Then i think they saw me. I go a little bit and changed. Okay let's get out of here We'll be back with more of this way. You can hold no public offers right strawberry letter coming up. I don't think we're really cousins. We'll get into it right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning show. Well guys. it's time now for today's strawberry letter and listen if you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter to steve harvey. Fm dot com and just click submit strawberry letter and we could be reading your letter live on the air just like read this right here right now. Okay boggle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the strawberry letter. Thank you nephew subject. I don't think we're really cousins. stephen shirley and high school. I liked a girl and she likes me. We talked on the phone and hung out together all the time and her mom and my mom were close to so she always was at my house or hers. By the time we graduated from high school. We were even closer. And i told her that i wanted her to be more than my friend. She's always been really close to her mom and tell her everything so. She told her mom that she and i were dating. Her mom told her that i was her cousin when she told me we were related. I felt strange because we had kissed a few times. We never questioned it. Though we stop dating and remained very close cousins. We still did everything together and told each other everything. By the time we were in our mid twenties we had both had a bunch of bad relationships and always ended up back together. I realized that i loved my quote unquote cousin. And she's the perfect woman for me. So i finally asked my mom if we were really related. My mom said we're related somewhere down the line but there is no way for us to find out now because all of the older relatives are deceased. I told my mom that. I'm in love with her and i want to be with her. My mom told me to follow my heart. I couldn't wait to tell my cousin how i really felt and i was relieved when she told me she's been in love with me forever since then we've made love a few times and i asked her to marry me. She wants to do a search of our family tree. i. I don't think we're cousins. And this is only postponing our happiness. Should we search for answers or not. Well i'm with you on this one. I i don't know. I just don't believe you guys are cousins. I don't believe. I think maybe you know her. Mom told her that because she didn't want you guys dating for whatever reason and you know i don't want you guys not because i don't want it to be true or anything i just don't believe your mom. Both of them are telling the truth. Even your mom. Federal related somewhere down the line. She didn't even know and she said there's no one in your family to validate it. But i mean there are ways you can search to find out. It's just. I don't know suspicious the way they handled everything in the way they told you. And for that very reason yes. I think you should find out if you're related. I think you should do the surge. Knowledge is power. The truth will set you free. What if you wanna have children down the line. This is something you should know whether or not you related There's a lot to consider. You need the facts that you can make an informed clear-headed right decision and nothing just based on your emotions like your mom told you just to follow your heart. It sounds like you don't care though if your cousins or not and your mom's certainly doesn't care but your girl wants to know and it's important to her so i think you should the search and you know whatever you guys find out. Let the chips fall. Will you know where they may I don't think you really cousins then and if you find out that you're not then you can move forward steve. This is a short response for me. Because i don't even understand. There's no advice to give this letter light. You know normally. I have section while breakdown what somebody said and what the other person said is not at that in here and he just wants to. Should they search. That's anyway it ain't about that to me if if your mother if the woman she's really close to and you ought over each other's house if ain't show mother sister and and that woman that's not the system this girl that you dating and okay let me put the rovers and your mama are not sisters. Her daughter is the woman you love then h okaz so not s established right there. So this y'all cousin somewhere down the line. Black people know who has happened. All over me is dead. Black people know what's happening now. What didn't happen is wanted him in in the family straight also had a child out of wed lock and one of your aunt's or mama's is now everybody did stuff. Y'all got bibles over old. Bibles in read. Who you ain't gonna see your name once you don't see your their openness shut case they know all old people dead. How how man. So what are we talking about here. So i don't really think a case of if you do the search what you go find. You're not gonna find anything and you already went to girl. She in love with the girl. I mean she which you i mean what. What if they want kids. They're too far down the line for that to affect anything. You're saying. I think the way wait and month remove. It was something dangerous. Two boys mother would not have said. Follow your heart but the other mothers was the one that said their cousins. I think she said it because she didn't want them to date. She just said that. Okay tell her mom lasko ask them mama half but even tell how these she can't even tell how these other two is related. The two women was their relationship. They're just they're just really close in a very yeah but they did it do they. Did it right yes. They said it in the letter in the letter. We'll have part two of steam coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour subject. I don't think we're really cousins. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to your show. I come on steve. Let's recap today's interesting strawberry letter subject. I don't think we're really cousins. This guy was in high school. He liked a girl and they she liked to talk on. The phone hung out together. I'll time her mom and my mom were close to so was always at my house. Never once in this letter does this say her mom and his mom was related. By the time they graduated high school. We were close. I wanna be more than friends. She's always been really close to a mom and tell us everything so she told her mom she and i were dating her. Mom told her. I was caused food. What's your mama related to visit for. Took to the boys mumble. So now what echo folk me. we related. I felt strange because i had kissed a few times. We never question it. Always stop dating and remain closed. Everything together through a bunch of bad relationships always ended up back together and then he said i realize i love because she's perfect woman for me so this do go ask mom if they really related. The mother said y'all related somewhere down the line but ain't no way to find out 'cause all the old relatives are dead. What okay what are we talking about this. I told my mom. And i wanna be with her. Mom told me follow my heart so then he ran told the girl who is he thinks his cousins high really felt. He was relieved when she told me she'd been in love with me forever. Well there since then. They made love a few times. And i asked her to marry me. She wants to do a search of our family tree. I don't wanna come up and getting bash. You know half these people you think is gonna show up at the win well as you know. I'm s bursting. Decide anything you hunt. Frederick frederick was great. Great great great uncle. Frederick frederick douglass boy you gotta afro just like she wants to do a search and to say. I don't think cousins and this is only postponing our happiness she. We searched for answers. Okay let me play some tee saw when you get through searching. It ain't going to change one thing you feel about this when you get through searching. It ain't going to raise the fact in low with each other and y'all been together it ain't going race nothing no matter what the search site and if you find out you somewhere way down the line how far down the line is it to how many people got the dice. Shave ever distance is dead down the down. The line is the but show mother and her mother ain't even related. So what are y'all talking about. See i think her mother didn't want them to date because immediately when she told him that they stop dating. If there's no relation between the two freeze well there could be happening because maybe just friends and the two kids and other family. Yeah yeah. that's a possibility you know. That's why i don't think they're cousins. I don't think it will hurt anything to do. The search what. See the problem with that. Is we talking about two mothers though. See once you have mothers involved in a no. You ain't in this. This woman is the mother of the board tall. Your heart is mother of the girl right. So how are these two kids related. How missing some it could be through. Could it be through mair. Two women were married to the same brothers and some more reids. That could happen. But i i just don't think they're related the kiss. You take test one time. What is the name. Ancestry dot ancestry one. I just did a test. I just did it. People do mind plum mean. That's what i'm saying. You don't have to have living relatives you know so. His mom said everybody's did to prove whether or not their stuff on my mother's side but it goes back to my father and his stops down the lining. Here you can see a fan. i gone. He loved widow to do. She loves him she wants. She's the one that wants to now have to consider which is mar martin children and everything are you out steve. You done awfully why it right us hard to raise. Anyway that you have a situation where a nun wrong with him. All right listen dive. You can leave your comments on today's letter on instagram. Steve harvey fm and check out the strawberry letter. Podcast on demand coming up in ten minutes. We'll have some headlines some trending topics and we'll do that right after this. You're listening party morning. Show our guys. We've all heard. By now. That on saturday the us senate voted to acquit donald trump in his second impeachment trial This came one month and a week. After the deadly insurrection at the us capitol on january six now donald trump. And attorney rudy. Giuliani are being accused of conspiring in the far with the far right group. Proud boys and oath keepers to incite the insurrection. Civil lawsuit now filed on yesterday the missile rudy and trump basti of friends even though trump has paid them right. You'll pay me. We re the free at all We're no longer friends Anyway i was saying. A civil lawsuit was filed on tuesday in federal court by Democratic representative bennie thompson. Okay thomson points to trump's words and tweet in the days before the insurrection accusing trump of mobilizing supporters to attack congress in an attempt to prevent congress from certifying the twenty twenty election results trump will be subject to discovery and depositions which may potentially expose details and evidence that weren't released during his senate impeachment trial. So they're still trying to make someone pay for you know all the damage and the deaths and everything that happened on january six in the capital which is a good thing you know. A lot of people said they may have more luck. Let's say in the courts then they would in. The senate is the only way to make this work. Yeah a civil is just like you know you've got it is different. It's a different set of laws. When you file something civil you can be held accountable for other levels of accountability when his example the oj simpson case. He got off with the murder charge. But he lost in the civil corps right because it's a different level of burden of proof and you go at it from different things. He has to be held accountable for what happened on that day. And you would think as we talked about off the air that since there was so. Many congressmen and senators lives at risk. He has to be accountable but guess what them same senators whose life was at risk voted to acquit. I know that's the weird part of me now. But they're still holding on to that base and that's what that's all about this the cowardice. Oh the republican leadership they're more afraid of donald trump in anything and eighteen votes are going to convert data. I don't think. I think they misplayed this muscle to well okay. We're moving on coming up at the top of the hour We have some sports news for you right after this. You're listening to my name. Is rita k. I am ellen bernstein brodsky. This is your grandmother. What emmanuel and podcast about the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren as my mother would have said taka who wouldn't have wanted a jewish grab the sometimes she accidentally livestreams. We're like who's going to tell her up just hearing about this. Now listen to call your grandmother on the iheartradio app apple podcast while eddie you get your debts all right. We mentioned at the top of the hour. Juniors out today the nephews in junior this time that sounds with say you know what we got some sad news today we have a thirty eight year old former. Nfl wide receiver. Vincent jackson was found dead monday in brandon. Florida hotel room According to the hillsborough county. Florida sheriff's office. Vincent jackson last played in the nfl in two thousand sixteen with tampa bay buccaneers. Police said there were no apparent signs of trauma and there is an open investigation into the cause of his death. Buccaneers owner and co-chairman bryan glazer said in a statement. That jackson was a consummate professional and his greatest achievement as a buccaneer or the four consecutive. Nominations he earned as walter payton man of the year so iheart go out to this young man right here all right. We don't want to miss the vincent jackson. Now watch me. Flip the script and other sports news x. Nfl stop pacman. Jones was arrested early monday morning in cincinnati at getting into a huge fight in a bar. Tmz sports released the video of the wildfires that lead to the arrest of thirty seven year old pacman jones. The video shows several people throw on. Boss kills while bystanders screen. For everyone to stop back. It wasn't clear. Pacman was throwing barstools or not but he was visible in the video as the fight. Calm down one. Witness stated pacmans onto rise left the bar around one. Am and when they tried to return security wouldn't let them backing insult. Pacman a grisly pushed his way in and then knocked. The security got out literally kicked the security guard in head multiple times before before staff stepped in and broke it all up. Pacman was booked on one count of misdemeanor assault. That's what's happening in sports right now that i don't think happened in sports. And how dare you overlook the grievous sad news. That's coming out at a texas. Let me point this out. Not only has two quarterback deshaun watson requested a trade. We know bay watt. We know that asked to be released by the texas. The texans have released. Jj watt they have your best officer player going your best wide receiver going. And now you'll best defensive player man you such a skull outstanding student every body votes out of houston right now. What the hell is going on this. Go down the list westbrook. Don't chris. paul is gone. James harden has gone yes d- hop is gone d. j. Jj watt is its own today wahdan. Yeah and and the shawn watson has gone. We're not to sound watson has not. The sun is not left yet. I'm sure we'll be going. He will yes but it has. It's not official yet stuff all his twitter feed and everything. Okay that's my. That's what you holding on listeners. Do whereabout show team. What is cleveland. Whereabouts was playing in the playoff. Y'all is was at the hell. I miss i this all the time. I need you try to spoil gloss over. What's happening with the texans. That regular ass football tea industry judas morning. I'm not gonna do this what you want the same thing. Okay don't do it with me this morning. okay don't all i'm saying. Is this whereabout cleveland. Let me figure out what to do with these texas. I bet you figured it out. What is going to coach. You ain't got no money to keep nobody surely you ain't gonna be in sports anyway. Require in about a damn generator about the damn texans. I think you've come out. We'll be back in twenty minutes after right after this. You're listening to morning show a brutal winter storm has hit a huge portion of the country dumping large amounts of snow. If you've been watching the news you've been seeing below freezing. Temperatures icy conditions all over millions of homes are without electricity and the icy roads lead to pilots on the highways around the country. Also a deadly tornado ripped through southeastern north carolina. Late monday night causing major devastation and claiming three lives sad to say So we're just asking that you guys please stay safe. You know as you wait for power to be restored in your home's Time you know something about that firsthand ado ado. Pile was going out several times in my house Power water has gotten really really low. The the roads are really bad. You don't know what's slippery you think you know and that you know. That's what they call black ice. Yeah people out there drive in you know you see people who got the has its own scared and he just trying to get somewhere you know. I'm assuming there's something that you you gotta get to and and people are driving you know trying to be carefully and then somebody come up on the side of you hit it. They hall in sixty sixty five miles an hour. You like. are you kidding me right now. You see really driving f s come on man if we could just be safe in and look out for each other. We'd be alive better but you got some got some idiots out there that just do not want to play to save game. Yeah and that's true. Please stay safe while you wait for your power Contact her support network. Let people know that you're okay. Check in to see if they're okay. Just be safe. Be safe please. We'll have more of the steve harvey morning. Show coming up in thirty three minutes. After right after this you're listening to your show. Time for c. l. o. The chief love officer steve. Harvey the clo- as the nephew calls them. You ready sir. I know you are all right. Lakisha in hampton. Virginia says i'm in my late twenties and my best friend and i bought a home together. Her boyfriend to our city a month ago and he's been staying with us. She said it would only be for week but he's still here. He's chipped in financially and that's all fine and good. But i don't want his money and i don't want him to get comfortable here. I told my best friend. He's got go and she said it's her home too and it's okay for him to stay another month if he needs to. How can i get him to leave asap. Please advise who cares because you are own the home equally. You have no agreement that you can't have guests overnight guests you have nothing in place that says how long you should have guests. So i don't see how you can make him leave on another note. Who buys a house with they. Best friends don't do things like this man. This is probably the biggest purchase of your life. And you do not with your fiancee now with your husband. What would your best friend. And all y'all wanna have lives. Yeah yeah so. I mean i don't know how you get leave. And her best friend feel though is correct her house too. So that's the deal. So right my house and lille not going to be able to get him to leave until they're ready for him to go and he might stay forever. All right. felicia walk around naked. A walk around naked. It helps felicia in charlotte says my husband and i have been married for eight years and he recently got an suv with cameras in the headrest for our four and six year old to watch movies when they take road trips yesterday he drove me to get coffee and as soon as he cranked up and plugged in his phone. I heard sex. Sounds coming from the. Tv's yes he started fumbling to turn it off and he turns bright red. He said it must be a glitch in the entertainment system. I think he had a woman back there watching porn. Am i jumping to conclusions bad. He's wait a minute but you said it was connected to his phone. Yeah be plugged. Yeah as soon as he cranked up the car and plugged in his phone. She heard the sounds. Well that's bluetooth. I think. I don't know if it has anything to do with him. Having a woman back there watching paul. i'm thinking he's got porn on his phone and a bluetooth picked it up and ran through the system. Because unless you have that stuff downloaded in your car somewhere. I don't see how they can be. It's the bluetooth what comes into play to me coming up in our last break of the day and of course we'll have some closing remarks from the one and only steve harvey at forty nine minutes after right after this. You're listening to party morning show. Hi this is bill clinton. Please join me on my podcast. Why am i am i telling you. Why am i telling you this for conversations with some of the most fascinating people on. We'll talk about ideas. It deserve more attention. About how science. Technology design or improving our lives and about why we should be hopeful and optimistic about our future. Listen to why. Am i telling you this. On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. All right here. We are are left break of the day on this wednesday again. We gotta tell everyone to be safe out there if you're somewhere where the weather's really bad and it's black ice out there all of that. It's really good to get somewhere to do his show from Houston but you know what we've been doing because the covert is having everybody do it from home and so nobody's getting on planes so college junior day out. Tommy got rich friends so you know. Stop debt rich. Uncle got rich fiercely went over one oday rich s house. They got radio set up in the house. I'm working on tonight chateau chateau's around chateau so. Hey you can just had projects indiana chateau apartment. Anyway be out please and also ash wednesday by the way. Yeah it's ashwin state. You know i know monaco potanin show 'cause you know she kept making it she got into thank put on your they put a bigger one on monica's head they say they putting them on with With tips kiss him this year because well oh monica for here. They're gonna use a paintbrush. Which and why are you saying that i know why you because the size of a full head you know you put a q. Tip up there you're going to just thank. She frowned so unless you put bangs on her forehead big. Didn't you up okay. Should we go down the list of what everybody has all right. You got big ass right after the full head you gotta high but if if you put all i worst feature one on one body is a q. Okay monica's fo- head surly big is this. What are we going to take you out my hopwood. Now what part speed you gonna take dip pick. Lips are knows. Pick whichever one i'll say. Lips lives yeah okay. Let's go with joe profile. We are heading. got my book. Okay we go. Pete moving where we're casey you high until you wait. Let's picture this person. Okay big forehead. Big is big lips omega drawn up and high but that is crazy. Sound we gotta get. We gotta get junior in college features. What's what's the Judy got good. I like to put down what he has left in places him to let go. Oh man why doing voice you gotta put that in there when you go okay dog on pick from okay Apac keys in a hand because he kill car. We're going to have that okay. A criminal record not ever criminal record. All hustle was allegedly allegedly crazy. Looking person i was going to be one. Chrysler ron up. Yeah the south is going through right now. You know the biggest thing. I don't think i'll know about it. Pipes are bursting in all these houses. That's what's really going. Pipe submerged and so you got people if you got upstairs downstairs. Water just wants pipe birth. That's it and especially if you don't know how to turn it off his really mad It's not good right now. We had pipe bursts in my house. One time we outhouse house for a year leaving. I believe year ho year year for them to fix it because they have to go inside. The walls oughta sheet rod on. We were out of town. What happened in the kitchen and were out in town for a weekend. So that means water going down down down. I'll kitchens on the third floor about house really. Okay let's go back to that right there. A lot of relating with you win the how when the piper it turned when you got to third flow and you'll kitchen was on the third floor that when it turned we will witchy. We all like to win the pipe bust that we which is when you told me you say the kitchen with on his main level of the house on the main level that the living room dining room all that but as third lebanon but it's two levels under that and how many levels above to mow that fat. You doing the mayor with me. See yo- busted pipe. We now go except when when we come. You see sir. What center man out he went. Oh my god. That's crazy steve. Oh and by the way. I saw your instagram For valentine's you and marjorie. that was. Yeah i flew into aspen. You really did surprise. Because she came. Include she jumped on whitney jumped on bobby that time he got out of jail. Jeff can we. Can we use that as a good people. She came saying angel thompson. I guess tomorrow. Took all steve harvey contest. No purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal. Us residents at least eighteen years old. Unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit steve harvey fm dot com. You're listening to morning. Show when the big wireless carriers start trying to get you to splurge your tax return on the latest nonsense this year. Just tune it. Out with straight talk wireless. You get a samsung galaxy. S. eight fifty one for just one hundred ninety nine bucks on america's best networks straight talk wireless available at walmart savings may vary see straighttalk dot com. You care for the house. The kids are future. 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Episode 153: Traumatizing Black Pain


1:15:04 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 153: Traumatizing Black Pain

"Shell talk sophisticated melody. We gotta men and women black culture yet as to get as bill talk. Napa cash boise government-owned asia. Be back next week. We gotta go one next week to ya so shadow booze and berries really do to live with me. It's only hit. So can you know he'd be inspiring me now is like you know what we're gonna do. This live real. Quick is what today's friday night. So people are up so shallow. Terry by who's upright now who can possibly join us. Live if you watch the now oil after appreciate your shadows and berries macy's you'll get your booze and berries apples and berries b. o. z. E. bear and berries is and should over your man black on. I said absolutely. They blackie black owned. So shout out Definitely go cops. Valentine's day right around the corner. I haven't listened to episode one fifty to go check episode one fifty two. That is lovers guide. Valentine's right around. That was a very good episode talking about a lot of valentine's day ish. We found out a lot of things and it sparked the conversation that we did on our tap happen live on thursday shot to everybody who checked the pin tapping live The boozy betty. Schnell your hair. Shell out for tuning up for joining us. Live shadow mitch. At put impacts up or something like that right Check her out. Only meese on. Instagram analysts banana pudding. Banana list banana pudding yes. It was amazing so Shadow for joining shot of a man turns at sea battle today right now in atlanta right now. They just bought out. Amc to do a whole judaism. The black messiah movie. I missed that book. Shot up to everybody. Who's present for that. But that we definitely definitely definitely when you hearing as we haven't seen it already check that out. That is my mission tomorrow. I didn't get a chance today. But tomorrow i'm definitely watching like the though i didn't see okay. You got me me. Why are we going to make it a thing. Have a movie night demain sad. That's the bet. But valentine's day date watched radicalize so if you tuned into the The lie we did depend tapping live and the topic was are women using trickery to secure man's affection topic good energy on national to every person they come into on that topic who's commenting on the live etcetera etcetera got a lot of feedback my perspective right and i wanna know you know you wash it after. The fact is that love in relationships is warfare and all is fair in love and war is would a woman told me and i had no idea did i was participating in war it. I didn't even know within war when it came to like relationships. Like i'd never even looked at it like that but sat. Oh mayor Oh don't worry about a rule. Look check that out. Look at the feedback. I want to know what you think on. That wants to a man some really really inspiring like we use the word trickery right because if you listen to episode one of the things that we talked about was women you know. Probably being all made up in the first that novelty period of the relationship whether it'd be makeup whether it be hair nails done or this or that or whatever the case may be so much so that like and then after a while after someone got used to it maybe ages stopping right after. She's got the guy he locked in a lot of those things that one day prior to or in the beginning in stock so we use some of those as an examples of the things that happened episode. One fifty two and to be fair. We did also mention things than men could do. Asia with canada. Hypocritical as he's not here sake. Use the were hypocritical. Because she said women ain't aren't doing that's not trickery but i was is still a guy. It's like baby girl i got you pay all your bills. I got you re locked in. And then a year later he like i. I'm good now. Going fifty fifty fifty fifty or better yet. Your your your turn. You would look at him. I would go. I don't subscribe to that but again. That's my perspective. On what do you think about my perspective about this warfare thing. Nah i think it makes absolute sense and to that they put known as they won't they gotta do they got to use what they got to get what they want. And there's a lot of men are here. that's not you know. Ready to get into these Real relationships so they have to beat these men in with whatever tag today see fit. Yeah and chata lockdown situation would sure that man up to where he can make a full commitment so they can start the family that they want and it's so interesting you say that 'cause shadow lane. Once again was there was able to broached his topic with a bunch of different people and one of the things that i heard from one was this. She said you know she was raised in particular way right and we don't use the word rights. Use the word right. She said i was raised right like like. I was raised to do the right thing. I was raised to do the right thing. Be the right way. Be the right right right right right right. And then she sees the women who are actually winning are the women who were more strategic in their approach. They they approached. They're like hey look. What do i have to do to ensure that. Would i envision come to fruition right and she was like yo like men aren't asking enough questions right. Men want to be tricked. If we're using that right. She lied because sometimes they don't they. Don't ask the questions right. She's like ask yourself this. Why does a man who like. Let's let's say entertainment industry. Whatever they date the same woman. That woman is able to date multiple dues within a certain industry and keep going. Why is that possible. She said because that may wants to be tricked. He wants to believe that it's just because he's him he like. He's not asking enough questions. Like why are you here. Why is happening. I think men men know what they have to use to get what i mean like you say his welfare so playing again to like we have to go and get the money and then some men have to pretend that they get the money because we know that it was going to track the women like we use the shiny shit the flashy should to bring women closer But i think we ought fully aware that these things that you know you gotta surround yourself with as drawn onto the women like you know there are times when you can meet someone and they just genuinely want to be with you for who you are and nothing to do with the The extras but for the most part like we know like a woman is looking for security. So we have to. We have to go and find that we have to be able to provide that. I definitely agree with that part. I think that's the one thing that i also noted as i was listening like there's two different ways that you can look at it right if i genuinely want to be there. Gillian won't be which you. But i also know that i got a coach. You into being who your true self is in works best for me. I'm gonna go that route. But i'm actually there because i want to be there to and be with you and his other people who just wanna be beneficiaries at. I need to do what i need to do to get messed up in a position to just be a glorified beneficiary of the fruits of your labor the fruits and whatever this union is or whatever the case may be but see. This is the thing though. We're men when we you know accomplish that goal of acquiring the things that most women a looking for in a main and we see that a works like ban. I didn't need to have this type of money on that. Drive this type of car or you know look like this so where this type of jewelry would like all fake fact lashes. Should i wants to get that. Attention is hard to just settle on the one that it worked on. Now you wanna believe test out like down like how like how strong is my game like how. How can i really make this work to to benefit me. And i think that's when we that is that's when we struggled because if i could get shoe shit i might be able to get. This might be able to get what we don't want to let go you because just in case over here and it don't work so that's when we find ourselves like like like juggling and then the problem happens when we actually get the results that we looking for now. You're able to joe because the women actually buying and then you start to get fully yourself and then you start to lose. Sight of what was really. What would you trying to accomplish in the beginning is just all about the satis satisfy flesh. Then you really get caught up in this game. I think i've been guilty of that. I think i've been guilty if you are man that figured this out at a young age and a worker you we're all guilty of all guilty of it because if you if it works i mean we young like how was saying like we didn't have the pressure of like when you get that that good one you got locked down so you can start a family. Yay we just to be happy for the moment. Yeah so once we figure out it works then. We start the rental rampant late because once they work other people are attracted to it. Absolutely i think that when i say i was guilty of the i feel like i've experienced in my life and it took a lot of maturation to be able to experience having a focus right and we can take back to like high school or something like that. When you're really younger right there was an object of your effects. no the woman that you alight. yo. I need kisha on the why he should. He's airy by had occasion. I actually had occasion. You know what i'm saying. I was like all keys. I say but it's usually kisha shadow keesa from bellio china. Kisha him being shot of all. The cases of the world sat out the key. Shout talking about he's from belly but Nevertheless you keep saying you like yo. I want qisas so you don't want everything you can look good for. Tc but as you look and go for keesa you got you got rene lost boys right now. Don't you go into your dms bag. don lewis. Sean lee yes. He goes through that a star piedmont. And the next thing. You start peeping you. You might end up getting kisha but as you got keesa on your way to get in quiche it. All it is a 'cause they also value kisha so when they lay if kisha what him. Oh god some special. I gotta give i give him a chance. Came our fuck asia and that's really the problem to the women start fucking over each other. Which makes it worse for us. We're eastern week. Figure out that move like got wait. You should own your girl to be with me. You know that's actually happened at ritu story in my life when you say that your true story i actually experienced. That actually happened to me and i didn't. It was probably one. In preview times ever happened to me but it was like the first time that i realized this shit is real. Maybe i should realize as warfare longtime ago because this is zack. Hab a woman was interested in me. And i'm out with my boys. Or whatever and salvat we bumped into her and her girlfriend and the woman is interested in me show. Love gave me a hug. Sometimes women got this thing. I'll know may not know hate on women like they would drink like one drink like it'd be like this mostly juice in like a sprinkle of something and they they wanna they wanna do what they wanna do. But they'll project on you so they'll be like oh my god you make you so bad real extra by like okay. Whatever right and she doing that whatever. It was that her girlfriends sitting there watching the whole time. Then like i think a week later i run into the girlfriend. I'm like a a and she's like talk to you. And i'm like what's up and she's like i'm gonna keep it honey. Would you like. I really like you. She's liking you. But i really like you got an hour No slam out. No fucking bob with this one. can you trust it. I can't trust that. At some point. You have a change of heart not not even a change of heart is just too. That's that's that's a that's a wheelhouse. I don't even wanna be if if that's your girlfriend and i'm introduced to you like that's mark and then you will hate on your girl like where we're going to go together. We're going to be wearing amount. Mallaby what you around your girl knowing that you're going to be like yo how you gonna choose my girl when i was the one pressing out even want deck on energy it especially at that time. I definitely didn't want that kind of relationship. That blossomed matter that type of drum. A chick who i was talking to came. Come check me is at the. We will know our situation but she wanted to come see me. She homegirl with me when a home girls no son by the energy she has. She was jumping on my brothers bid that that that attracted me to her next thing you know we in a full blown You know what brings us to this topic so sensitive topic. We're going to tackle it anyway. Just because we can. And we're putting it in i so we don't put an air about this topic right here. How do you think creative ways or do you think is even possible to manage a new friendship with someone of the sex when they are strong. Chemistry answering this. As the merryman. I'm gonna take. St workweek answer is is difficult as fuck ainhoa if no real answers. No yes i believe. Yes you can manage if you're disciplined enough if you are. If you're disciplined enough to be that disciplined is damn near impossible. If you're with someone who is providing like nonstop chemistry like you you feel yourself like yo. I'm actually fallen folders. Person my advice like if you are in a real serious relationship is to dead. The friendship like gotten run run. I'm a master who later master. I'm not going to have a master of what. I don't do well that and it's hard. It's hard even make that decision because there's very few opportunity meet very dough. People at all just period dad is true and adult person of the opposite sex and is just like just like mary jo. That is so true. I'll keep it a hunt. It's like some people risk at all. Some people do risk it all sometimes do meet people that you like damn like we just click revive. And you're like yo. I wish we could but it's so good that it would i can. I know they wouldn't take much for you for for for me to fall over the age. You know what i'm saying. Because i might be in a transfer bad. It might not be so caught up in the chemistry. That i'm not even thinking about everything else you know what i'm saying like dash shit is fucking like the only thing you can do is cut and run. You know what i'm saying because you're chemistry so dope that you can go to that person and be like yo. We good friends right. Yes but listen. I can't eli. I'll be feeling. I'm feeling you too but yeah you know my situation right. Yes i would never do anything absolutely. S say that they agree with you letting you know that this can still stay with an bounds and that keeps you like thinking. Oh maybe we could knowing in your heart like still it. Don't take much but but they kind of like presented like the ball is in your court. Whatever mood you oh no. That's where we're going go. That's the type of energy that type of energy at all like that. Dad run from. Because like this way when i was younger. I thought that i could do everything i thought. Let me say younger. When i was more with less mature. I thought i could do everything. I thought i could manage all the relationships. I thought i could be like this is my situation is what i'm doing and you just respect the factum being honest with you you. I'm a stay on my dana on square. Just keep telling you this is what it is and think that i our do not knowing that every fucking thing i'm doing only augmenting the situation. You know think chemistry. They had my smile is your smile is going to work. The just a hello hug is going to be something or oh you call today. Oh shit okay everything. Nothing means what it what it was supposed to be. No more yameen and then i had to realize look may when you find yourself in that situation g like you got two choices you can even stay at fi and eventually get burned or you could just say fuck it. I'm going to run for my dear life. Al care for like a sucker out. K if i look like i'm scary and i've been caught all at north like yo-you scary. She away by women disrespect when it got upper. Hand all over the world like or they'll say shit like you you can you handle that right reverse psychology and. What's the worst the worst the worst this crazy because like as men as you mature you actually need to have the guidance from women in your life cramming so you wanna have like this you really you probably need is relationship like someone who can who can keep it real with you who can check you someone who you can confide in but like when a chemistry is just like super strong like sometimes those those moments when you just like i just need to get this shit off my chest my find yourself vulnerable and shit and i think it hurts. I think it's more. It's more difficult when your relationship is now on good terms or it's blow bumpy at the time because they always understand they always get him right they always because javad so well they say the right fucking thing all the time and plus because they're kind of like the remember. Marion you mirroring you. So they also agree with the flawless in your partner. So they've like i. What did i do that. That gouveia issue you see goofy and the next thing you know she helping you tag team again. Sure girl hell yeah details year. Got run the devil's in details. Don't tell the devil all your details to you. Know what i'm saying. I call them. The devil is just a or sometimes. Can't hope sometimes you can't help sometimes jennings count. Nah i definitely agree with you. I think it's a it's a very very. It's a slippery slope right. It's a very slippery slope. so the guest. We're basically saying no. You can't manage to to to the person that is attempting to manage it. I feel like you put unnecessary stress on your life as you inviting constant some tation into your life that does not need to beat it. Because it's gonna make you situations like even if it's a reversal of women. It's gonna make that feel weird because just imagine if your girl has a best male friend who she has a strong chemistry whip and they getting jokes that you just don't get they laughing and kiki coochie crunchiness dislike fan. Which is saying what you're saying if that happens. She got a best male friend and they got these little inside joke but you know they. Chemistry chemistry is beyond just is not even brotherly system. Chemistry is like out no like if they were together. This shit will work vibe. What would you do. I've never had to deal with this personally. So i'm just going off their imagination. I think i think the hater ad never been able to my show up. I'm a hate i'm like. I'm making him feel uncomfortable. Like damn i can't come around tony. They're not going to be. Because if you crack a smile you crack a ass. I ask you just laughing gillette. Oh it's funny how everything's money now. I'm not now. I feel you. I feel like. I've actually experienced at where myra my woman has. A a great relationship with a man that it wasn't me right and they got each other. The jokes in the way they talk to each other is nowhere near what we do. And i just like the beginning. I go allow was john hayden inside. I was like then in the end. I was kind of like you know what. I don't wanna talk to her way way. They talk right if i talked to her. This i'm not looking at it with my girl but rivero but then to you know it made me you know so interesting I was reading a devotional reason about relationships and wanted to say one of the one of the said the number one healthiest habits. You can have in a relationship is half fun together. The like the number one healthiest habit that you can have it that you can have in four healthy relationship right. How far is to have fun with set to be able to have fun with one another and it's so funny i've seen a mean right. Where woman was like. It was like a cartoon right. A woman was sitting all her guy. He had a breast ow. And it was like a cartoon like you know like a newspaper cartoon clips so it's like four pieces so that one is just abreast out and then on the second one he got his hand and he's about to do some in the third one about of by gets four when like he made her breath until like a balloon jurassic. sem and. i was like dad. You know what i'm saying like that's dope giddy. I told you. Understand that. And i want to but i still. Let's let's ask another question. How do you think what do you think is required to be able to have that unfiltered fund with germaine. I let what i'm talking about last week. I think that level of comfort like when you two are comfortable around each other being comfortable. I think allows you the space to you. Know what i'm saying. have fun. You know what. I mean When when you when you're with someone who doesn't take everything so serious Being able to laugh and joke say have a similar sense of humor Being able to joke on yourself yet. A mean wh what would that person. Yeah in. I think that you have a very similar sense of humor. I agree i don i. I've i've never really did well in that department because my sense of humor is quirky young. Saying you gotta get could be on one like our say. Gimme five haney. All the georgia shows up is an amazing guy where you damn near drew having fun she take you. I'm trying to tell you. I don't know maybe because i'm in my head alive. I'm in my head a lot. I'm real logical kind linear sometimes and sometimes those just being able to see things outside of which not like there with your boys while you get like that with the girl i can be i can be. I have my moments. Like i be having my moment. I think like that's so if i was gonna say that's one thing i would think i wouldn't work on in a relationship that i wanna do better at is being able to be sillier in a relationship. You know why i think part of growing up. It was so it was a strong emphasis on being cool. Remember there was a while back right. You might remember. It was a mean what it was a pitcher. They was like harlem niggers with the girls right and posted on the wall hands in his pocket and she's like draped all over him like he's too cool to grab his girl right. It's like if that mentality like you so cool day. Its own cool. Almost you know what i'm saying. You so cool that you that you tight you know and i think like i put. I had put such value. My kunis right that interrelationship. It was about being who always saying cool thing always being cool always like never letting like never being too funny. I'm never laughing through crazy. You're never going through whatever like just taking myself way too seriously and then literally over the years learning how to remove those layers because i realized they were false. Light the coolest part the coolest is when you're yourself until talapity because you can be thing right with where that's especially was young. Because i went you know we come from the same era. Come that those same precious being cool and i will always find that like the girl that was dealing with one. You know like we go out with someone will be around like people's in she would want to show me all got this guy he so dobie so cool or whatever and i'll get around and i'm just so chilling quiet here. Maybe like he don't talk like up and i'm just sitting there observing everything my my personality type is. I have to be comfortable with you. Got to trash that. I could trust you with my silly got. You know what i mean. So before i can even show you'd got i feel like you are worthy of receiving so like me and her beat together like in the crib and it's just laughing joking Geeking out but like when we out in public is like. I'm posturing i'm i'm i'm holding my cool down like i can't get goofy because then you might try to play me like and i'm not going for that. Now i want you to to misconstrued that so that that that is my main priority as i got older. You know what i'm saying. I'm being in the late now for such a long time that i was able to mitch mature out of. Is that a little bit with her family. We'll go to like family events or whatever and it takes a while for me to like warm up to and then they don't even get my my butt. It's hot it's it's hard. It's hard to just get your silly goofy bag with with all necessary. Trust i again. That's the part of me that i want to beat at like when i get on the podcast like it just comes. I don't even know what it is about being here being maybe around definitely comfortable. I'm definitely you. We see back with each other. They even amongst our circle like you going to get you going. Get a different tony. Rather than like other people still in the service. I'm like more reserved more and it takes them awhile. Tony funniest shit never knew that. Like yeah this. Nigga is a cloud awards out right but it has me i just want to. I want to improve on that area and the comfort comfortably day. Maybe not relying on other people to make me more comfortable Right or in a relationship not relying on her and cause is the same thing. I would tell her like. I would tell her. Like don't like be you don't look for meets a make you but then you realize that there is a responsibility to have to helping that other person you know. Get comfortable but sometimes you don't know you don't have a roadmap like you just don't even know like i don't even know what you need. What do you need to become to argue uncomfortable. Because you're not telling me uncomfortable. So how do. I know you're going to make you comfortable. You know what i'm saying. We grasping at straws might just be overcompensating. And as you might making yourself trying to true true true and that might actually you try to hard as but can cause then the be uncomplicated. That is very right and they like doing all right. Or if you ask. And i'm gonna ask her to. I'd be like oh you. Are you straight win here. Like what i was like. What's going right why you keep asking me that. I'm like now when like. I would've make sure i'm doing to ensure that you good and they're like now you don't have to keep asking them like i. Could you know what i want to be able to do in any room is took control. The shifts who fun in on a main like where. I'm not so reserved. I need to analyse everything before. I feel comfortable. I want to be able to go in and feel like i must turn. Let's turn up and be able to shift energy in the room. Like i want to be in control of that whereas like now and i go into the environment. I'm school were how it already is. And i'm going to go with the group of that. And i feel more comfortable create in that around my people rather than around strangers because like those people that you like you like maybe a family member or friend where like no matter wherever they go the other light of the fucking party i. I appreciate their companies. Right right i appreciate confidence like they. Joe men on my say centers going offend somebody but please understand the is not to offend anybody right. It is actually an admiration of mine. Right when i see feick this necessarily gay women gay men there. Some gay men like the like they walk in the world like this is me whatever they own whatever they own yom saying. Kay would they dress like what they wear. But they've presents they bring the whole full personality are nash. I'll be looking like an admiration of the confidence in oneself. They're not conscious of what anybody else is. Fucking thinking they walk in the room and they are themselves like i'm in this bitch. Yossi me. y'all gonna hear me. I'm here and when a god is i'm out and i'll be looking like yo dose it but i was going with that one but now i 'cause i can think of a character. He he was a gay do but he was a hood. Do a lived in a hood. He can fight like he grew up fighting all his life and he was tough he was fly and he was able to to like demand his respect for gaza his His sexual preference like men respect to him and women respect them he he will cut people up always cracking on people but he was all he was and he was funny. Yeah you know what i'm saying. So have that level of confidence in a room. Like like speaks volume. Because if it's if it's our i would imagine him being able to walk in there cracker joke on somebody everybody's laughing and win every by. Oh and now nobody gives a fuck. He doesn't properly department outside from the private life partner issues. The thing for me is because because the thought process here this already. You already know that people are going to judge. People are already looking worried about the wrong thing. I got cut through that shit. That's what i'd be thinking about with happening here. That makes you able to cut through. That's really don't give a fuck nece that like like i have. The quality really does not giving a fuck that level of not giving this is like is like supreme level. Like i don't. I don't i really don't care what you think whether you love me a hate me after this moment. I'm not gonna take another negative energy whitney. I'm here to have a good time. That's a very good point you brought before we get into that. I do agree with that. I her carlos. Miller shuttle carlos miller say this About not giving a fuck. And i realized i like a lot of time. We start listening to people who like are really like against maximizing their potential. They have reached a point in their life where they no longer give a fuck is so funny leslie jones. We went to her show. That's what she said. She got to a certain age and it was like fuck. No more right. I don't give a fuck about none of this shit. I don't give a fuck about what you think. I'm gonna do the fuck i wanna do right and i'm just like damn like powell them and that brings us to this topic the importance of self mental health evaluations right. You know what. I'm saying or more importantly than before we go there. Actually the importance of not absorbing other people's energy. Dass where we wanna go okay like. That's what i was thinking about that like that that. When you don't give a fuck anymore you no longer even take. This shit did does not support the fuck. You don't like gaddi. Some real shield. How do you get there you need. You need that level of not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about you You also have to be able to understand that wherever of the people are usually going through has nothing to do with you even if the energy is directed at you so if you're able to put that block between you two to wear like okay. I understand that you mad. But i'm not taking this personal like. Yeah if if you want to have a conversation with me to help you rationalize this out. Then we can have that but you just about to be mad and angry. I'm i'm not going to allow that to happen. So i'm going to ignore you leave but either way i'm going to take on that negative energy because the toxic nine. That's that's so real. Like i think about that all the time about like i have personnel. Like if you're impact right. If you're in phonetic individual you have the is like a gift and a curse you have the gift of being able to feel other people's energy understand that energy and respond or consider them constrain your response to them. You're considering that emotional feelings more that situation. The problem is sometimes. I don't really leave. And you wanna hold on so a wind up changing how you maneuver or impacting how you are in that particular moment right or you may be doing. You may be feeling a particularly because you're empathetic. You'd think that other people are feeling what you feel. You know what i mean but some some people are so toxic that they need to transfer that energy from themselves to reload company to other people because they wanna feel free like you haven't seen someone just go through a rage and then after they have their raise. I feel better because that should all have no concern for all the people who had to observe that you know saying absorbed like shit you good but now i wa- punch a hole in the wall. Yeah and and and that's what you had to be aware of and you have to like like is this person just trying to like translate responsibility. A whatever they experiments over to me now fuck you hold onto that you give it somebody else get a journal write their shit down and even if you are impact like you really need to be able just to say. This has nothing to do with me. If this person is not coming to me to have a logical conversation on how to remove the paint or like what solutions they can come with and usually. That's not what they want. They just want to get that shit off. But if you if let's say you are you have You are accountable in some sense relationship. And you've done something rounded offend somebody or transgressing your partner. What have you some kind of way. And they have a legitimate beef. Would you right but then in legitimate beef it also triggers other things how to think that the other did other things that anything to do with me. Okay you met at me about less. Had that conversation and a lot of times when a couple of gets into a disagreement is the bombardment of everything that they've been dealing with that comes behind that one issue all now what's likely to happen now. And that's how like you seen the movie Malcolm memory love that movie. I watch it again. I watched a good ten minutes of it right. I come out the shower wife in a room. She watching it. I'm sitting. i watched like ten minutes. And i'm like joe damn he because remember asia was the project. We gotta watch this movie. So i like oh yeah. I'm watch this suri watching it ten minutes and i'm like damn he is going in her and she says something to me and now just like wait. What initially sparked argument between her. Not where she say it. Sometimes you talk to me like that. I talked to you like this. Got be kidding. Me is no way possible is no way possible. Because he's right now is crazy this. She wanted going in her bag to. I didn't even get into that poor man and maybe that's where the where for her. It was the balance like she already watched some of the movie. It was like this is how we can and everything that happens in relationships but as you mature you get to a better place you have to be able to listen less discussed the real issue like i don't even wanna talk about what you did to piss you off like two weeks ago and that's not what you meant now. You just wanna throw any ammunition that you have at me because you want to win the war. We're still at war even from the beginning of the relationship to the and we always at war right. Yeah so you have to be able to and that shit and take some type of control of light listen. We're not going down that road. Were you made to them on a dishwasher announced on the dishwasher. I'll be right back and nash should be the end of it but we're not just gonna have these unnecessarily transfer of anger. Yeah because you're in a bad mood. Fuck that get that. I get that i mean when i watched it first of all. I'm like that's way too much energy. I respected the dialogue. The writing of that was very very very brilliant but my natural the cool factor would have came out. I thought what are we talking about. Are we talking about. Oh i let me. We leave it at day. Because i'm not arguing. I'm not going back and forth with it. I'm not going. Petty will start pulling things from the back to bring it to the front seat. Are doing that conversation because you you got to figure out what you really want to talk about because right now you just you just throwing darts at a board right now because at some point we not even talking about with the. What are we really trying to get to. You know what. I'm saying from what i saw. It seemed like they went in a place where they want to destroy one another. Oh my god they they. They like he wanted to release. Yeah like like he. He won like like. Do you really wanna win. Argument that bad to where you crush your partner he was like. I'm a like a twig or some shit like that like when she was an tub smell. Look dumb it's like whoa. It was like you know you think it's about you ain't about shoot. It was about this chick. Fuck this chicken. Then there was about the is about. I was way too. Har- is no reason for you ever to try to diminish everything that your partner believe. No like was the strength of their purpose. Within this relationship you wanted to suck all her value out of it like within a few few synthesis. And there's a dash it. He likes what she said. Because i'm pretty sure. She like her character probably went on him to yes he did. She did but i missed that she basically he's like you should be thankful right because at night basically he didn't think her and she felt like she was his muse for the project film. They gave him the sorry spoiler alert. The gave him the the The critical acclaim that he was receiving right and he was still unhappy with the critical acclaim. The the good critiques that he was getting but he didn't think her at any point and she felt she should have been think and then what made it would like insult to injury. Is they get back to the house. And he was hungry and she makes him the kraft mac and cheese. He's cressida heard about kraft mac and cheese while he's dogging her like she's like yo you thank me. And you're talking simi. While you're eating the same food that i fucking made. You cannot be bragging about like that. That seemed like he was mad at me. The fact the fact that you made me some craft craftsmen meaning. I'm taking it like god. Damn you may. I just wanted mother fucking award. War got nominated whatever it was that he got and this is what i get. He should have thanked him. That's what happened. Yes but how. How mu how am like listen. Go watch malcolm. Maria i think. And that's another thing too like his eagle might not have allowed him to to recognize of value when he said no. He didn't look the part that i saw right up. But if you have some one going along with you for the ride right there with you even if you know what i'm saying they didn't contribute directly to it. They will a part of your life so if they still contribute to it. You know what i mean so this is your girl or you may throughout this the process of you doing a project and you went to you get to this stage. What you went from. You always need to think that person. I should be standard whether you feel like they. They didn't contribute in a physical way but the fact that they were in your life unless they were hating on. You like you need to stop it. You need to stop it. You need to stop it like give them some. Some recognition is so funny. We say this. You said what you say because it made me. Think about some instances in situation. I've know about yuli seattle where people come into relationships. Where it i think. It just focused on the undervaluing. It could be based on age. It could be older an older person dealing with the younger person. I don't care if his male to female a female to male and they feel that they're inexperienced lessens their ability to to to to hang in certain arenas with them way. You'll know known about this. If especially if i if i have a older do a girl when she was younger a woman when she was younger and he put her onto a million things like he never values like. It's hard for a. I've seen in multiple cases harder for him to value her opinion on a myriad of things because he he puts you on everything he taught you everything and vice versa. I've seen the same thing. And like we say like if a woman is taking care of a man like she had the time she's not really really valuing the other things you may be contributing or or european which you bring because of what she does for you and if she values at significantly greater than what you are providing or whatever the case may be so when we're looking at malcolm arena. It's the same thing. I think he looked at her like. You're nowhere near where. I've been you ever done what i've done. You're just this. He devalued or have a value. You had a low value on what she was about a where she came from and then he didn't he never thought she'd on her level although she was the complement to that he needed in life. And i think it's a to the end. Your watch it. Tell me which. I think because like you said like sometimes to to to have that confidence you had to somewhat to allow you to even teased him in the first place so that older man is what they're young woman like an for you to have that confidence you for you to be the teacher she to be the student so she still. She still helped you. She still helps you in ignorance. Of what like like like helps you get into that role of being a teacher providing information and then there's the checks and balances because now you really about your shit. You gotta make sure that you're put an accurate information so now maybe you starting to double check your facts. Doing more research is making you become more thorough with your teaching because now you have a student so true. You know what i mean. Appreciate you saying this like with with homeschooling You know what. I mean like before all this you may. You may be trying to pull some from the back of your brain not to get your check but now that it's like you're full time teacher now. I gotta make sure this is not just some shit. That's in the back of my mind. I can have my factual now do the research and not only am i going to research. I'm going to teach you how to do. The research that you too can become a teacher correct. That's strengthening you. So i can't like we should over to the case. Like i can't be like devalue the fact that you come to me for information you're helping me be smarter to even provide you with information facts. That is a fact but like let's go. Let's let's transition over to the to what we were going to talk about in mon. Go just importance of self mental health. We take net evaluation that movie to yeah because that based on malcolm maria it just seemed like dowa something that was there to like. No one did that self vow. You know what. I'm saying to do that like where. Where am i mentally. And my good and my stray among my off was going on me. would what are your thought process on that seat. The with that. I feel like we all had to admit to ourselves that we all need it A lot of people don't choose to they feel like they functioning in society They don't need to talk to shrink. They don't need any medication the so they're good. I mean everything's going fine but like sometimes you have to check in with yourself because it could be something that's just you know building up saying over time it will have up so you have to do like these these eve out every once in a while to see how like how to wire because it might be something that you trying to be so strong about that. You're avoiding it and that could be a real issue that is never going to go away. But you're trying to be strong and you don't want to deal with it and you are convincing yourself like i feel like i did this with this is to get a little person with the relationship with my pops being in my life To maneuver through life in the to cope with that absence. I had to convince myself that. If he were in my life he possibly could have made it worse so i didn't need him so him. Not being there was better off than me but the fact me now fast forward become a fault in knowing the points of a father in son's life i could have benefit from that relationship regardless and not needed and that was something that i was safe from by probably like developed. This idea idea like around the age of eleven twelve up to light thirty years. Oh that's a long time to just like. I'm not going to deal with it. It's so interesting. You say that and i can piggyback off that because i'm in a similar situation where the absence of the loss of mine My pops i i deal with it from a grief perspective right like from the moment it happened. I wasn't able to shed a tick. i would want to like everybody around me. he's doing. I'm like oh. I want to do that. 'cause i need to do that so that i'm like everybody else because this is what you're supposed to do right but i'm not there but for me it comes out or like teetering but i'm still controlling it because growing up the one thing that you know saying out for the vote the ones they grew up like this your crime was a week was a week trait. They knocked that out of you quit and it wasn't necessarily a parents. It was the the area the environment you grew up in. Nobody start which is start with your parents and maybe even relationship where your pops or or where's like they look at a situation and don't even feel like the not here to get this like. Oh you crying you better stop flagging something. The crowd about that doesn't got that so like a at a very early age and then you go outside you playing with friends like the one who cries is the weakland. Yeah like you need to be able to take fallback that trip that scraped saying or whatever and be able to discuss yourself and especially with young men like you have to be you have to become invincible at a young age visible. You got gotta be super tough and but like like that pressure in that baggage going into like it's men who who had to zip shit up and didn't wasn't able to let that shit out until they experienced some ru pain. Yo that that's real shit. I mean even like like. I said for me. It was also environment like that. Weakling idea was real like it was like like done. You got man up early like they ain't worth you cry. thank me. That ain't your you've got more disa- physically trying something hurts you up. There hurt you it as you cry you went to the dote you cry and then you got hit for you because you're not supposed to cry. Why are you crying. Dane worthy oh man. So that's dramatic though. It is go through that right. Like i remember. I told i remember. I shed a tear. I have family pass. i had everybody. It's for a good dude. That i knew girlfriend of mine. Kelly calvin yongsan fabra arrested. Please kelly that ninety one. I went to the wake. I didn't even cry. i would made me cry. Was walking out of the seeing other people in grief coming to me for constellation like grown men led yo tears of pain and grief in like yo g. I'm like get the fuck off me. I'm like no matter our strong before you got you. So now i'm crying. I'm mad and i'm crying. Because i was a had like i was good like taty here. Like you understand walking out the funeral home like like. Oh oh oh let me go this like do a chain and now let the first time and i was like damn being tough is traumatic dash. Haub were last year hard. And i tell people like if you lost people you know what i'm saying i'm we i'm thinking showed in the tub absorb nash it. He went in and she thin and then he hit what the look over their smell and even a small face like she was trying to be tough. Like you're not going to hurt me not go hurt me. But that's shaped like he knew that shit was. This is crazy so mental health day. That's why i think now there's a find me to talk about this like we sitting over dinner as we just wrapping chop it up and someone next with observing it. Listen to joe like like the fact that you can talk like this is real. And i'm like thinking like my best. Men are men who are able to really articulate the ideas films emotions like we're not devoid of that and we know how to do it in a very substantive way is clears able is understood right and for me right especially. It's like you just. I'm castle psycho evaluating myself. What am i bringing to the table. You know what i'm saying. And what is somebody else bringing instead. It's able from that perspective. Because i'm like look i don't want taxes to hate argue and let me start day. I hate hate hate arguing. I hate arguing. Our won't be what you want being stuff. That just chaotic consisting but no solution like are we really talking about here right got it makes sense so like the self thing. That's been a therapy. I've been curbed my friends to go to therapy. I'm like yo like people. Something bad is look at it like if you believe in coaching in sports sports metaphor every got a bunch of skills coaches. And you gotta head coach right head coach. Go do the overall game plan and you got a bunch of skills. Coach is gonna help you. Perfect areas of the game for the benefit of the team. If you are the team any and everybody to involve in your life in that capacity is only there to help you sharpen those skills said if you had a mentor. If you your parents or you know ankle Og a girlfriend or wife who all these people should be people that are built to sharpen you if you're a biblical partisan i- sharpen i so you got to continue to put iron in your life where iron as finding and keep it near you at all times because iron ain't gonna be week for you at all. Myron will never be week for you. I never going say well. Iron is going to sharpen you like you're right but you know what i'm saying. So you gotta keep that iron around you and that's way. I commend you attribute. Because you know like the fact that you are able to find individuals that you can trust to even mental you. That's often me as really hard for me to just sit late. Because like as i start to open up i have to. I have to trust that you are able to guide me to a better place. Give me some type of insight. And if you show any weakness of vulnerability to where i feel like like. You're not even that to me. Why am i even talking to you. Yeah and i commend you for being to get out of your own way instead. Allow these people you know saying dude as a profession to be able to help you break through those barriers. Help you to understand yourself as fresh really would is about you. Help them helping you to understand the yourself in a solution that you need for your life. I think for me that the underlying root of all is this right. I'm trying to get better at living on my true to live true. I feel like charlemagne always says it like you know what i'm saying for more public standpoint. When you're able to live your truth what can somebody say about you because people usually use your troops actually hurt you right right. What they do. People don't know about you. They try to use that to make whatever. But if you're like this is my situation. And i understand how i got here. You're accountable you're responsible to yourself the necessary what it is. You know what i'm saying. There's nothing more than you can say or do to me. And it half. The time i realized in my life had the situations that i've experienced in my life. They weren't favorable. No-one did it to me. i did to myself. You know what. I'm saying like you didn't do anything semi that allowed to happen to. You know what i'm saying but the game plan is where where's the end goal if the end goal may not be perfection. But that doesn't mean you can't strive for so do what you gotta do to get there. You know what i'm saying. And then honestly i just want to remove. I always say like. I think that i'm not i don't i feel like A friend of a friend is a person that can help. You see the whole board right saying to your life and say all right. I'm not here to tell you exactly what to do. Because sometimes you get friends always. I'll tell you what to do and it always should. They wouldn't themselves but oftentimes or they underestimate or undefeated or neglect remember what to to To include the fact that the thing that drives them to be a certain way. S just with you right like some people express like it's like find someone who's like i'm i'm very book smart but hardly street-smart like they're not they're no longer street smarts they don't even daycare even remember landmarks right but they're super book smart right if they're talking to. Somebody always talk more often. I in that book related way but they never acknowledge the fact that i may be strong in some areas weakened others right so the point that i'm making here is just at the underlying gotta understand that we're all striving to be great right. We're all striving to be better than ourselves and we have to be willing and desirous of being better right so when we talk about doing that self eva for your mental health is about saying okay. Look i might be strong here when it comes to my mental health. But then i might be weak here right. So what can i do. How can i improve the name constantly. Checking back on those areas of weaknesses so that i can be stronger overall as opposed to anything else right and talking about like the transfer of energy so you find yourself balking on people. You know what. I'm saying constantly getting into a low Petty arguments which girl you know extra on The yellen like when discipline the you kids or whatever after that moment charter to understand where that comes from because a lot of that comes from what you learn what you were taught so the way that you expressing yourself in an argument and that way could be what you saw when you a kid Maybe possible into tamaz like that. Maybe moss off the pops like that. An and that energy is now being replicated. An in your life and you don't necessarily want that so you have to have these constantly wait damn to show that little male little too too aggressive. Let me go in there and apologize to him and not only. Just apologize off an explanation light. What you just experienced is not show full. Yes this happened. I was disappointed. But i should not have handled it this way. Where are the really wanted to get across. was this. so how do we come to a perfect solution. I mean because i don't i don't want i don't wanna come at you like this and forgive me for that. I'm not perfect. You know what i'm saying. I'm working on me. And i need you to understand that. 'cause you play a part in this order which girl or your man would depend on the situation you know what when i went off on you. That wasn't about you. i'm mad. Did they come out at the gym is there was some surface shit that you were unaware of. And that's what led to me. Give that understanding in that perspective. Sony that person can understand. Like you know what. I didn't appreciate that but i can see that you're working on yourself. I can see that you you know like you're aware of it and you want to do better and you apologetic for and hopefully we can move in a better direction brings us citizen point. We're going to close so new segma- here courtesy of your boy s. Tony says we gotta do better. It's black history month. Not just been seeing a lot of foolishness going on thing that we've been paying attention to at least this. We gotta do better. We don't want a lot of nonsense and a first thing on the we cut do better was hype and attention that We saw a round little vert getting Supposed to be a multi-million dollar twenty something million hours like i'll be going to give it a twenty two flat number twenty million dollar diamond a pearson to his forehead so he looks like An adventure i think. That's what his goal was. That was go because there was another rapper. begin sauce. Welcome to the got the thing. So i think he wanted to And when sauce walk got it he says. I mean nobody can't top. There's like what are you going to do. what's it gonna do it. You can put one full hand you looking like and i think maybe lucy had this idea. Maybe was inspired by that That little came out people. People i do better. If we as a community want to move forward right we have to understand a we. We are granted opportunities where we have lump sum of money. Let's put that money energy into door. Some shit to uplift us all do not spent versatile means you agree. We don't believe it's a twenty million real real piercing but even if it is a ten million even even infants of five hundred thousand million dollar. Whatever why we're putting in some shiny shit to put in your mother fucking forehead just to draw attention to yourself. You're already a celebrity. You don't need it. Facts people already paying to. They already know your name facts. Why not use that. Like invest in some fucking apartments. You know what i'm saying in your community like some some some some businesses to help where you came from that area now draft. You know what i'm saying. Like i'm pretty sure you come from some fucked up beginnings and i saw that should not just couldn't believe though if you had twenty million dollars to blow and that's what you choose to spend an all black people we gotta do better. I'm not a believer. you think. it's like all cap. I think it's all that i think it's all cat. That is the definition of food to me when you. You are definitely food. Only streets period cove it or not. You're you're definitely food on somebody's going to come for. There's no way that you walk around with twenty four million dollars or twenty million anything on your head on your head. We as you live walked breezy. Nothing that no one is going to take penitentiary. Chances to take that both you and minds you lose is a pint sized human being a. He's a very small guy. Fac and on top of that. It's just like and then on a on a strength of everything right. I just feel like if you're going to do it. Just fucking do it. Which means that if you beat out like so much. Pr rounded that. It's like oh come on. I who are we. What is is a way to draw. Tendency does an album coming. I'm speculating here. But there has to be an album coming. The label is going to be looking at this. Like all right. How can we create this buzz around this. And then you're gonna have this cover with disdaining who knows it might not stay there for a while. But i'm skeptic like i i can't tell tone i came across his video of T pain on youtube. He got something he'd been doing on twitch and he was just talking about fake jewelry and industry one thing not. The question was posed to him. Like what is one thing that you would change. And he was just talking about kind of like the goal nana get along mentality of the industry. Everybody fake friends and but he brought the idea fake jewelry ever on. How if this person's wearing fake jewelry. Then you gotta wear fake jewelry or say that all your jewelry is real and their jewelry israel so you can work but if they have you out somebody else or your outing how. It actually goes them. People will wanna work with you. Wanna be with you night. When i was looking at t pain's to think about him at the time. He was super high super. Everybody wonder walking when he hit their big as dumb ass chain. He wrote and he said it to the big ass chain. And then you know. I'm looking at shit and i'm like i cou whatever whatever and then big ass chain has gone it may have been real may not have been ru but we come across too many instances story where you you finally celebrities who are saying that was fake. That was and it makes sense to me. Your real shit. You keep it in safety deposit boxes and stuff like that like i met a guy said on the podcast before who had A fifty thousand dollar a rolex are. He is a former Line play on a d. Line for miami. He fifty thousand dollar watch. He was like. I don't even wear like his head is why am i out in the world with a fifty thousand dollar watch rhys all day every day for nothing is granted. There are people who do wear expensive jewellery. Ps and things of that nature. But i'm just thinking to myself if a person is can do that with fifty thousand and i know people would hunted thousand or pieces that are like yo I'm only wearing when i'm out tonight right now. We got somebody who says no. I wanna pierce my forehead with something. There's going to be here forever right because it's the piercing. Maybe maybe it might be detachable who knows right where he made it a where he writes. There might be. It might be detached. We go pop dead. I removed the jewel. Encasing holding the jew in place like still sitting in. that's the stupidest stewardess. Fuck the point of emphasis is day in black history. Ma black people. Let's do better. You're one of the things that we definitely have to understand. His dad from a generation wealth perspective or just a wealth gap perspective that we are behind and i even as a consumer of all this garbage like control. Your diet people like yeah. Stop spending time. I know that we're talking about right now and it's really just coming from a place of light yo. I'm fed up. Felt like we have to do better. Likes like come on. Let's let the i want to point out. How ridiculous shadow justin credible show. Everybody who just joined us. Live our dude allowing record in. But i did shell out eighteen the judaism aside a black messiah joined go their line. I know that was here but But you're right but we just have to. Like and i know you like you ain't really won't go into but even like the girl the gorilla glue girl like i. Wherever she did. I felt personally that she was doing it for attention. Because she's video documenting the whole thing the entire time so it feels very plan to me And type attention. She was actually able to raise. I believe like sixteen thousand dollars to go towards the expenses for she would need and she wanted to get into procedure done for free but the amount of people pouring in like into this girl putting the gorilla glue here. But i don't i don't know maybe maybe it's the way that my algorithms work that i don't feel like there was enough like why did you do that dumb shit. That was the first thing about why like. How did the accident happen. Why did you do that dumb. Just like this. Why do we give a i so like. We're not pick up in crowded in the grocery store. Hardware store weber. When things you always do is read the directions. How do you apply this. What is in this. They always have warnings on the gorilla. Glue tells you would type shit that do we'll tell we bond would together but whatever you put your hair should not even be in the same vicinity of what you would put on some type of hardware appliance or like how. How did you get. How did you get g- gorilla glue solution unless it was playing. I don't know man i address. We gotta do better. We gotta do better if you need. You just gotta do better like the certain late listening. I'm not is three. I we just gotta do better. Yeah like so. We got to start thinking more collectively. I think that's the main message is wanna put is a lose loes everts situation. Lowly work brag. Do you think libya life but understand that this. There's those with came before you there's going to be there some. Come after you do what you can answer to to to lift up those who come behind you. We as black people have to start thinking about the collective not the self. It's hard in this capitalistic society. Very hard were dealing with a lot of classism and things of that nature but we just definitely your property in your community. You are boston at. You would have spent twenty four million dollars in property buying real estate in doing that to uplift your fucking man to everybody who thinks of everybody so again. Black people goss to better. You gotta do better. You know what i'm saying like it's it's just gotta to do better. You know what i'm saying and we'll see we got more we. We shouldn't have more. We're going to have more you'll saying so there's a new segment. We gotta do better yet especially black history month going nick so we have the second. We want to dig. Listen episode one fifty. Three to put near podcasts. Gatto assess you boys. D george de catch me. Alana is jewish cash online at bt. Be and you catch. Asia asia online at a eighteen twenty three As we say all the time as it got books out career for christmas and we're playing against go cop that right now. They're both available on amazon. Says got the lovely april's november got candles. You've got ruined freshness guy with shea butter you got it all these candidates in set their ambiance. And your move your valentine's day and after valentine's day out the capital smelled looking called market. But yeah definitely go. Check that out at april's november on instagram or april-november dot com got here putting their podcast merged guy heads. We got these fist collection. We've got him in multiple colors till yellow orange and royal blue guy still black mad at sees that we still get going on definitely black history month. We just put us on that. All these products here are all of us. All black related like i really need to collect all four infinity stones. I need to collect all fours black. Half we need to be putting our fists in the air and if you have one of these we promise not to put you on the yes. We needed to betty. I need a giddy. I so yeah definitely go. Cap cod one of these cabs. Hit us up on pens school podcasts. Or hit us putting their podcast dot com. Those are both links. You catch both of these on Well check us out. We sat everybody shattered. Everybody pay comb. Everybody lists his guys. Got tony of you know about ready. I see i seen i seen. I seen melody grows disappointed definitely.

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JAN 368: WandaVision Ep. 5 Review  The Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer (02/10/21)

The Jock and Nerd Podcast

1:49:17 hr | 3 months ago

JAN 368: WandaVision Ep. 5 Review The Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer (02/10/21)

"This week on the jockey. Nerd podcast peter kendall and katie mcgraw hosts of the gaming podcast. The weekly jump. Join us to geek out about one division episode. Five gator got a new trailer for the falcon and the winter soldier. Keanu reeves may have been offered a spiderman villain role and lows. Evert has come up with a new way to waste millions of dollars. What's all that and more in this edition of the jockey. Nerd weekly for monday february eighth. Twenty twenty one. This is jason museum for reasons. Best left between you and your therapist. You're listening to the jock and nerd podcasts. Smooch to the new ch- employees. Hello welcome to the jock inert podcast where we give you comic book and superhero tv and movie news reviews and whatever we choose. My name is imran. My name's anthony. He's he's nerd and joining us fresh off his halftime performance at the puppy bowl while he was wearing a diaper on his head It's rug boy what's up. Rugs wanted to be like the weekend. I want to have something face. That was obscuring. It and you just wear a diaper on your head. When i work at a red. Yeah i thought that was you i saw. Do you come up with that stuff. Prior like the what do you do run. How do you is this all off the top of the head or do you write it down. I have a method can take ten minutes earlier. Like what kind of stupid relevant thing can i come up with right before the show starts now. That was a clever one. Oh i think we should end the show here. That's it this last talking to you. We'll see you next time. No also joining us two very very special guest from the gaming website. How do i jump host of the weekly jump. it's peter kendall katie mcgraw. How's it going is. Hey hello and narrated nation you call your people th-that converters think it's the nation that's our facebook. He's still on the. How do i jump thing. Well let's start right there bucarest. He took he went. He took a break. I feel called out. Thought you'd call out. I just don't understand what's going on. I i to know i want. I'll have. Peter explained what the show is real quick but we have a long history with peter kennel. Some of the longtime listeners may remember him hairs the backstory. So far peter. Kendall's first appearance on the podcast episode. Twenty jews shit. June of two thousand fifteen. Who do you want to the topic that episode. Tom holland had just been cast spiderman. Isn't that crazy. And then you are a couple times. Your last appearance third episode ninety eight in may of two thousand sixteen and then tragically lost at sea after castaway basketball for a while. Yeah it was named spalding. Because wilson would have been a copyright infringement. Peter walk into a quick. What is the weekly jump about and who would enjoy it. Yes so we are out of a job. I've we've always enjoyed. I've always enjoyed reading about the new games knowing about what's coming out. And i've always been known as the guy like people always ask me. Hey what's this game. I heard about. And i wanted to do a weekly wrap up show so if you know about games you're generally interested in games but you tally either. Have the time or the interest of reading long articles like we read all the time. And you wanna know what's going on and what you should play. We also specialize in india games. So we'd like to pop up games that you may never have heard of or never even would have considered playing so. Yeah just really a pretty rad we. Every week we we talk about the the forefront of gaming news you heard a game stocks. We talked cool about the website is every week. We have writers and we pop up articles every day about weird indie games. You may not have never heard of in is really nice to draw attention to the independence of fun weird games. Yes that's what we're doing. You guys are great at shutting those out and every time i'm on the show i got turned onto some fun. You games and someone asked him about the game that they had to recall play. You don't wanna get into cyberpunk twenty seventy hoping episode. Yeah complete complete. The story i did. I played on. Google stadia. played it out stadium. That's right shed. Google stadia had very stable build. I had i had problems. I had glitches but the short story is. I didn't have any problems that i not expecting from hike. Those massive titanic open world games like skyer him or the winter sunlight like glitches. Were around but i was able to finish it. Yeah i played it on and i didn't. I am at the point where i could finish the game. I want to. But i got a bunch of side stuff that i gotta finish. That's how i don you'll never get last time. I want want to though. I didn't have any game. Breakers i have like maybe like two three different points where like just stopped in the kick the camera outside of the level. I was at and shit like that but like otherwise. It was not that bad of experience. Main complaint becoming from the last gen consoles in. I have not played anything online. Ps four xbox one so and those were apparently the experiences where people were having game breaking bugs every three seconds. But i can't personally speak those real quick. I have a question indie games. Can you throw out like two or three indie games. I mean i know haiti's is big right now whether to they are worth noting. Why don't we just play it. I'd like to like this one because it was a lot of fun. We just played it on our youtube channel. Which is how do i play. What would you. let's plays any games. But it's called the c. Out of the blue games and it was Like i want to say like it was an adventure puzzle game a lot of fun a really cool story so call seems really good. If you like that kind of missed. I tasted adventure puzzle with a really good store in ending that broke our hearts soul really hard and to get a a little bit obscure. This can be launching. We're going to be writing about this on our website. I think on wednesday. There's this website called it dot iso. It is the india of india's people literally like if you boy want to develop a game you can just upload it on each i o aloe to the game and just upload on there and people can download it for free or give you a little bit cash. They want to. It's very very indy. And there's a really cool horror game made in the vein of like old school. Game boys gameboy color era. It's i can't exactly pronounces. But i think it's a dennis e. Ea d. a us data's and it's a really cool like indie horror side scrolling adventure but in like the fact that it's gameboy and like the way developers can like do so much but such limited resources is really impressive. Cool solid solid indie. Talk to listen because we have a lot of listeners. That gamers we really talk about games so that is awesome guys give us that and why he found someone that has more energy than imran. Well oh boy today monday. Monday's i'm finding to bring my energy on monday. We've just moved recording days. It's a little a little bit tough. I'm working on it. Criticize criticism again in run. Its man he's he's got no confidence whatsoever. Prop up peter. Kendall's jesus i'll take over the whole podcast please. To all last night the four month old kitten. So i think that's why we're just going pure adrenaline. Yeah you're just you're looney right now probably episodes over. We are asleep on this couch instantly. Let's get through this rugs. My sister is learning coding. she can have her. Maybe whip a little rock point game the roadway gave his job right it's just watching movies and masturbating and drinking have. That doesn't three the three things that you do enough. A lot of really cool said indie games that you do shit like that. I love sad weird into games. Play your game. It would be like cyberpunk without you know but it would just be prostitution one. Quick last plug. We talked about this two weeks ago. It would it be interested in this. it's called. Watch me stream my mental breakdown. Oh it's about a twitch stream like trying to become professional toward streamer while disappointing his parents in failing to rent delightful. And if you want inspiration to your game boy. I'd try that out. I'll okay needs to be like new netflix. Show living it right now. Did that game is very that off the list. Look good gaming tips right off the top. Let's get into a couple of things. There was a big event Yesterday it was. There was a marvel put out a trailer and Built a whole sporting event around this trailer weird weird way to show trailer. Why are you gotta have morning. Show me the trailer. Of course talking about the falcon and winter soldier before we get into thoughts. Katie peter. it's been a longtime side. Talk to you. Peter about the. Mcu how are you guys in the current mcu right now we we blasted through all of one division. Recently the thing is with with endgame and then the quarantine starting get seems like it. Was this weird very like natural like stop everybody because like there was a large gap before yummy marvel content So right now. I am excited in hesitant. Look at it feels like as i was reading comics like there is so much different. Weird stuff coming out and i am now scared that i can't consume and i so i i don't know i think i'm gonna start getting picky and choosy with the mcu. If is not spiderman. I'm gonna watch everything spiderman katie. how about you. how invested. I watched everything. I've seen about how i want to say. Like three and a half oltra adventures movies. I've seen i did. My friends have to midnight. Showing i was like all go and having seen the first one like a while back and then i fell asleep. One point woke up and everyone was fighting. But i'm caught up on on that saga. But i like spider banks like spider-man's man all those but i i like it. I think it's cool. I don't know all the intricate details. That will not only news like all his reference to that thing. This will be good then. We got someone. That's more casual. I love that. They can check us. And i do love that perspective. I think it's important because we're on the inside so much Well look let's start with the nerdy. Anthony what'd you think of this first trailer for falcon and winter soldier. I don't think it's. I think it's a second trailer. We saw trailer during the investor day. Remember yeah but this one says official. They say okay. Maybe it's second trail anyways Yeah i mean. I thought it was good. I enjoyed it. it's more. It's one of those things where you watch any go. This is a a disney plus show. I thought this was a movie. Alex is film the way the action look so Looks looks good. And i'm glad to see Zemo is going to be in this again. It's they're playing. A buddy cop. Comedy action thriller know. So we'll see. And then i i did read some things that they're gonna tackle race issues and things along those lines could be a little deeper than what we're seeing on in the trailer rod. Boy what did you. What did you think of the action. Some of the fight scenes looked pretty intense and to par with when falcon swoops underneath the truck. That's pretty sick. yeah. I'm looking forward to it it. I liked the the little. The little shot zemo. Mass mask is great. They're playing. us agent really close to the vest. And there haven't really exposed that or even shown the guy's face at all dude in the captain america costume. Clearly yeah well. Let's kurt russell who is us agent. They haven't shown them at all so they're keeping that kind of little secret there as much as possible. So there's gonna be some surprises. I think it's going to be good. It looks like the production values there. So i'm all dialed in for that. I can't wait for it to start. So i'd like to see a high action. Show here this thing has action and comedy. Bits two that. I thought were like the staring contest. It's funny and it's weird that they're in therapy together. What what what is your take what you think of this. I keep it rolling. We didn't watch the trailer. Said guys did not sorry katie. Who is sexier. Sebastian stan or chris. What about anthony. Mackie or maggie. This i can give you insight here because sebastian. Stan was on gossip girl. Which i did. What sexy looking. He's he's honky. What are you think about. Anthony maggie. Cimarron just doesn't want include the main star of the show when you look at the top billing thoughts on anthony maki anthony mackie. The the black guy he was an altar. Carbon is huge ours. He's got a giant giant normal arms as well as everyone in the mcu they do. They're on the marvel diet. There is some easter eggs. There's a of moderate poor in here guys which is wounded x-men location. I love seeing like you. Said zemo mentioning. I gotta finish my plan. You know his plan captain. America's civil war was to just take apart the avengers from the inside. Kinda did it. He doesn't he's done so what the fuck is now. That's going to be great. I mean you see sharon carter which is also great agent thirteen and it was the girl with the mask on. That is like some girls that they're called sons of the flag or some group. That baron zemo is possibly going to manipulate to cause some chaos or something. They got beat up by girl. And i'm like oh yeah that's right with the no. Are we going to be dealing with some patriotic extremists. The if they may be going there which is good to be wild. Considering this show was supposed to come out before. Juan division it got flipped. And then also. I wanna know if sam's gonna take they give him the super soldier serum he's gonna be captain america. They got more that serum have to take this year. The whole point of this. Is that the lost it and they they couldn't make more caps. Yeah so i don't know how. How does he become captain. America you eats them at the power that way or something goes into the to university is a little bite of what did you make of. Sam catching the shield like edited. Weird like falcon through it wanted. But why are they trying to say like is he gonna fight him for the mantle of captain america. Yeah i don't know what they're getting with that. i mean. i thought it was already kind of established that falcon was eight next cap. And they edit it where he throws it. He's cooley throwing it at the tree and then also in cages bucky catch. I think it's just a just playful editing to set up a look the conflict between these two and them not being friends and marvel's really good at also specifically editing trailers. Throw things off all the time. Yes they cut they leave things out they put things in a very shady very shifty. You gotta keep your smartphone. People we doing listener. Let us know what you think. Join the conversation. You can join our facebook group. It's called jock and nerd nation. And if you want a place to talk about wanda vision in a spoiler fashion with spoiler threads of every episode of division. I'm as lots of fun. Hair is a piece of news. I put in specifically for peter kendall it combines many things i think you have an opinion on their peter headlines spiderman three star. Tom holland describes uncharted prequel to naughty. Dog's video game series. So as you heard. Tom holland is playing the drake. Just gotta bring me on. aubrey time. Tom holland has a news story. Peter comes on out so starring mark wahlberg directed by ruben fleischer. This movie who's done all zombie lands and venom. And this would be what's been shot this movie last year and it is coming out until a year from this month. But what are your thoughts on the uncharted. A movie to begin with. I'm excited. I will when we were. I whispered you gotta stay inside. Do anything we played all four uncharted games like back to back like three weeks. And i really enjoy them. I love tom holland. Super fucking excited about it. I was once called gatekeepers with my opinion sharded movie by a certain lady here. Because i i don't know i'm i'm confused and concerned and i'm curious confused concerted curious snyder description and keeping 'cause they did his origin story a prequel. You're going to be a baby like they. We saw teen drake we saw. We only saw a few specific timeline. The gaps other gaps in there they anxious to want to see him jumping around and open up big ancient dusty doors. Yes i'm gonna wanna watch that and making quips. Yeah we'll see. I wanna watch tom holland. Awesome yeah i think it's going to kind of riff off. The thief send beginning where he's like a little kid and his brother getting him into trouble and stuff. So is there any mention of a brother and like the cast lists or anything. I know going that route even or he might already be an orphan. No sully and everything. You don't think that he's going to have a shitty brother that gets in trouble. We didn't see the shooting brother into a four their word flashbacks to him in three when he first met sola and i feel like that might be the movies going to get separated when they're little because he thinks he's dead and then he meets much later on sunday the aged him up. Yeah i dunno doing mark wahlberg going to be. He's going to smoke a very large cigar. I would imagine it is a great idea. You can do so much with. I would imagine they're just gonna do of a unique standalone story with the characters. I would and i think that's smart. They released an image of. I think we talked about a while. Back yeah yeah well no an image also just like like a map and like old things that they were gonna do their own like original story. I forget who they referencing. They're referencing some old explorer south. They're doing their own thing and he's he's gonna punch people. Oh i wonder. He's if he's going to effortlessly kill hundreds of people like he doesn't the game probably not probably not just feels like this baby like a baby nathan von his hair. Better not move ever should be solid and never move antonio banderas an un credited role in in this movie. They haven't There's no caste named for him but he is in its. It'd be really weird. Playing his brother will be will be very very high so you don't mind them not you don't wanna see something from the game because they already seen it makes new play inside the should do your own thing with like video game. Movies have a pretty bad track record. Hello if you're going to do your own thing with your own thing with it. Gets a nice little indiana jones. Use for big action. Movie will be fun i do. I did love how they released all the uncharted games on playstation for free because of the pandemic they were like. Here's all the trying to download all of them. It started playing. That was a lot of fun. We're playing the collection. Yeah it was totally free house like this great the finding free the final add on the two girls lease only because i know this kind of rolls into the next story. More sort of spiderman. Universal related is this. I guess this is a big rumor. But it's a fun rumor to discuss. Apparently there's a rumor that kyoto reeves has been offered the lead role as craven in. Sony's craven the hunter movie which is part of their sony. Picture universe of marvel characters diverse which is separate from which is very exhausting to say in a long term and i remember while ago there were stories. The canneries wasn't talk with. I thought he was in talk with marvel with the disney marvel for a role in talks to. He's street. chat with him about anything you want. Rugs john craven. What do you think this work. I don't think it's a good idea. I really don't i mean i think i love keanu. But if he's only female name like craving his craven's got the accent and he's notoriously bad at accents watched. Have you ever watch dracula. It's the worst accent you've ever heard. I'm sure he could do whatever you really want. I don't think he wants to do it much. Maybe he's like hell. Yeah i wanna play craven but I don't know. I just. He is a bad ass. He's fucking john wakeman great but it only works when he doesn't have any lines that saying one line. Those movies are amazing. I like the mix i like. I like craven. i like. I like them having them in marvel. Yeah i just don't like sony's side could eat even the fact that sony's behind this makes me go out like that's where we're wasting kano on dune. Were doing him as craven. We could do craven with someone. Else's urban would be an amazing. Or and peter you you imagine you want them to do the the cravings last hunt storyline but if you're in sony's universe where they don't even have a spiderman yet how you gonna do this. I know this all. Those movies are so weird if venom if if we can go off anything from venom. It's that they always have to like ten. Essentially leave gaps open. 'cause likes to slide spiderman in whenever they kind of there's that moebius movie how that's gonna be that same weird vibe i have been saying since like as the first after the first tom holland spiderman came out that specifically wanted craven the hunter because he's the best characters ever and i want them to do them right and they seem to be doing different than the classic spider man villains and it makes me upset that they might be jumping to his own movie. I have wanted like a straight up like avenger style sinister. Six movie which would be cool like that trying to for years. Probably not now. But i agree with anthony. Craven hunter is great. I don't trust sony. I don't really want the venom. Sequel is i mean. Come on man that could put asan seats. Are you going to get to be craven. Other than what. Karl urban z. The cachet the keanu does urban already. Been if they're doing him in marvel doing everything marvel sony's connected somehow. You already played a character in thor. I remember there was a rumor going around a while back that they were going to make craving the hunter. From what kanda he was. Get there these theories going around. That was going to warrior kicked out so if they wanted to have someone who could be from uganda and have like that crazy. We'll conduct technology as well and also just like i want to hunt this fifteen year old boy game. That would make cool so they were. Take that out of everything. And then in that case fucking sterling k. Brown is what i want is craven hunter to. He's got to wear the fucking leopard pants and the little the little shoes. Why don't they just. They should just take craven and wonder woman eighty four him and just cgi cheetah looking income a lion and suddenly like fails badly first and then you knew that. Make that moberly movies played one of those animals. The jungle book. That was the dark jungle the jungle. Book the mogul one. Look up animal. i don't that. His version of the jungle book was jungle book chemo. Google the google the animals and directed that once Circus moberly legend of the jungle. Yeah look on my animals. That is a leader. Anything i forget who who is in what role but what they tried to do is they wanted to add the human characteristics to the animal faces like you could fish. Al was playing an animal like the actors and they looked really. We all got tonight. That that's what i'm advocating. Is they do that for that. I would just tank the craving movie as much as possible. He's tang if you're gonna have keanu great and i would argue katie. Maybe you agree. We are in the midst of keanu science. This is the kiana side. See him come back from those john four. He's doing matrix for this guy. He's everywhere punk. He's park. He is a legit action. Start doing his own stunts up there with like your tom. Cruise's the fucking world. Yeah he's he's he's exploded. I worked with his actually worked with his one of his stunt doubles for john wayne film and he looks exactly like a really nice guy but looks freakishly like have to. One of the stunt doubles was and then went on to direct a bunch of movies jet ski. I think So yeah little waste of this rumor. We'll see what happens This next story. I think is just funny and ridiculous and we're going to talk about one and the second and You know people are fans of vision. There's one a huge fan of vision Specifically rapper whose evert saying those three words together. It's odd little revert song. Give me name. I had own sour cream and onion. Those everts do skeet skeet or skirt. He's scart it's great. That's all. I know his songs. If they played them. I would know his songs. But i don't know how you got sold that you don't even know any little vert songs tour lift. Life's earlier that's a. That's a good song. I i don't know those assets you honestly. I don't even know even looking at the names. I don't remember the the the songs they'd have to play. He's just if you have the the prefixed lilia. I automatically right you all done mike while you are. Your height is not the issue here. It's your apple myanmar's how was there. A big blue's evert wasn't mediums. Evert tiny second. Is there a little horace. Like did he go horizontal also. Is there a little mac. Ten different guns. I could go on anyways. little berg. Got a twenty four million dollar pink diamond embedded in his fucking forehead. Oh long do you think whoa shit where someone's going to jack him and do exactly what they know stared. Dan walked thin. Someone's gonna concave his head and pull out of him for every like the style. Is this going to catch on. What do you think i mean. No that's not the catch on i. Would i still think. That's a cubic zirconiums faith in humanity. That does not gonna be a bunch of idiots copying this guy i still. I still hold out. Hope that People aren't putting diamonds in there fucking forehead. Apparently there's a quote here. This one stone costs so much. I've been paying for it since twenty seventeen. That was the first time. I saw a real natural pink diamond. A lot of 'em's in my face. What does that mean. I can't put this anthony. Can you translate. What's what did a lot of money. Instances the same because of all the plastic surgery. She'll just bought some game stock instead of really what a responsible way to spend millions of dollars in a in a time when people are unemployed and starving stuff great. Yeah that's really embedded like the people get horns in things. The implants concert jewelry. Two girls stick gallagher coachella. Just like stick on pasty. Spur glitter. Wow you know that twenty. Four million dollars could have bought him. A lot of jockeying there'd swag which you listen. Look what made you decide to put this up. Because i thought it was ridiculous. I have it is but then then peter kendall had given me a follow up article that sort of ties into a segue to this. I just thought this was ridiculous and Why why what is going on. I guess i guess we're talking vision. Put the fucking mind stone actually in his forehead but he should he could have. He should've taken at twenty. Four million dollars went jogging near dot com slash shop and bought all t shirts and masks and mugs and magnets and pillows with our logo on it. You guys have masks to asks are and look if you anybody listener. You need a new mass. This week february tenth to twelfth there is a sale at our shop classic shirts on sale for thirteen dollars. Everything else up to thirty five percent off so masks on sale this week get it. Put it on. And then you'll have us on your face which is always great last thing in the news. Peter kendall. Why don't you lead in this story. You send me this earlier today. And i was like oh my god this is such a heart wrenching and amazing story gotta go in and maybe a better way to spend millions of dollars. Yes so apparently. There is a spider man. Memorabilia collector named has the nickname spider. Steve and the sad story is that he is. I'm so sorry. I didn't have the article on the moment. But he is dying of some sort of rectal cancer since election day. Twenty sixteen everything in one just bad about. That's two way. I mean he's on day sixteen point and the way he describes it he isn't he wants to sell all of it to one lucky buyer and leave all the money to his family. He's selling his entire spiderman collection. He's been collecting spiderman comics since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven every single issue end appearance of spiderman from nine hundred sixty seven to two thousand and two an appearance includes spidey being the comic or even an image of the spiderman logo in the comic. Wow and he's got anything besides a qr code. He said it's considered an appearance. He's got toys. He's got original art. Here's a seven point o. Graded amazing fantasy fifty fifteen and then he has a point. Oh amazing spider may one and nine point zero and if you go to his website. They're all there but the man wants to raise money. The comics itself saying estimated at one point four million dollars and he wants to get the money for his kids to set up his kids because he has been fighting this for a while now thinks. Since it's he's nearing fortunately end his fight which rough. There's a video you can watch at his website. Which is spider dash. Steve dash collection dot com. I'll put it in the show notes and he talks about how long he's been collecting this. Peter like this is i mean. How much do you connect to this. This is the guy who loves fighter like we do. And what an amazing collection attempts anyone else to look into it and buy more. He does have a full section of spiderman nudes that part of the story spiderman nude. Did you say appearances in dirty magazines. Apparently some of these are drawn by dicko. Shit if you look under appearances section there is a nude section and he the images are defined on. The website is coming soon. He's not oslo. These immigrants a will be my favorite thing. Is that the legacy that you leave behind. The your kids have spider nudes. Dan loves spider radiance. Fighter did you millions of dollars da guys a lot. People know this guy spider. Steve and i just is extremely impressive. I not that much of a collector. But like extremely impressive. The cataloging like he has every single issue rated and in order just like any. He's a guy who was a lawyer for a long time and live. He wasn't just like feverishly collecting things he'd like live the life and also decided to keep buying spiderman comics. It's really cool. it's amazing i think. What do you guys. We pool our patriot money together. Listen our support the patria our fans would be so proud of us so happy that we're using their money to boost up the show but just suspended his last wish. Help them out would come trying to do some good in the world menu. If you all come on. I will cool. Hey if the listeners sign up for patriot we can get hit. This goal we will. I will put the spiderman news out there for everyone. How about that. Amazing spoof heroes four swimsuit issue. Mary jane naked with spiderman tattoo. Come on what is the price that you want. One point five nine. Yeah he wants to sell it all to one person early a couple of bucks that well so they see said the comics alone. One point four million other items is probably another million. Nude pictures of his dig at news is a million alone right there. It's worth the price of admission. Okay everyone let's take a quick break here. We're gonna come back and get weird in westview right after this listeners. 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Well their bottom is is very That comes out semi regularly. I am doing wanda vision. Instant reactions for every episode that is bonus content only on the patriot and erase the entire show. Yeah it's like a recap reaction like fifteen minutes. I fifteen minutes get the fuck out on thirty minutes. Oh look at the time. The last one was fifteen minutes. You mother fucker. I'd like a five minute drive. I'm let me hear what imran essay by the end of the five minute drive. You're still like the first two minutes near a lot of things fucking heaven in this episode. What do you want me to do. Anthony uber are putting more oscar. Worthy movie reviews. What did you do this week. I did make nice ended. News of the world That's the tom. Hanks western puts the tom hanks west on apple tv. Plus now i pay twenty bucks. Oh oh that's timings western. A main is the david fincher film about the making of. I've seen the main. I haven't seen it. Yes oh i did pretty boring. It's also very slim you're slow. It's very sweeping forties movie making. It's very well made but it's not all that one asks a nerd about citizen kane and like old school. Hollywood like Maybe enjoy it news though. Yeah it is okay and stack of movies on our table right now. Because i'm a for words. Get to watch and small won't recommend any of the movies that we watch monari stick minorities killing. I wanna see that. What else will we got. News of the world we got we got you hear a lot of. We didn't get to promising. Young woman is also young woman. I was not okay for two days after promising. That was great. Are part of the screeners devil. All the time download time was also tom holland. Thomas come back. Everyone was sad ever season was having a bad thing. I tried to watch that on that. I could not get the yes like. I don't know what is happening. And i did not suck devil all the time. I definitely had a tone yes. We'll of sorry. I was just gonna say this week juice in the black messiah come out twelve. I mean i can watch watch. Anybody wants that That movie that just came out on netflix with wants her name mary. Yeah i'm gonna watch it this week. John arguing the entire send story. Actually it is. I think it's like the black and white marriage story. It's up from what i read. It's getting a lot of hate online. Isn't he's a director and she's an actor and they're also a couple. They really move in the industry arguing. Hollywood movies about hollywood. So do they like to give these things. Oscar's nominations so all right good stuff wasn't talking about fan club talking to dot com slash patriot. Whatever let's get to the review this week one division episode five. Here are your spoiler alert. This one's called on a very episode and again great title appropriately named peter and katie. Let me start off by asking you. Did i watch all of this job. Because you're coming on the show or were you can watch this anyways. It was the next on my list. Because i was i was slogging. My way through cobra kai and i was joining us. Like i was enjoying it. But like play indiana. Yeah but we were going to go into one division next we would not have watched it as quickly coming into the show because it did have a little devil. All time pacing for the first few episodes. It's not that fucking slow relax lowdown. Oh my god when it picked up and definitely picked up and it was. Yeah but no. I guess technically watch the quickly for the show. Yes but we enjoyed it. I appreciate you too. Yeah thank you very much better than the trailer. Yes yes yes yes indeed. Okay well look. I don't know where to start. You guys pick out a fucking crazy thing. That happened that stuck with you. We'll start there. Jesus anybody anyway. I wanna hear i wanna hear the new one. I the and katie's perspective on wanda vision. Yeah not not as nerdy. Yup i i know. I assure you i definitely was a little sort of like confused about the pacing in the beginning of the show like seems like they wrote a sitcom but the jokes are kinda modern interesting idea and then once it started to pick up and i was like oh the real world and now. There's this happening okay. Oh no. I'm interested gotcha. Amid joying it. I think the way that they've decided to like. Shoot the show. Actually the interesting talking about this most recent episode. They almost a wash or a filter over the camera and made it look super eighties or nineties. It was shot like an old tiny camera was old-timey comparatively so. I think the way they're shooting. It's really cool. I like. I said i didn't get all the references. Like every fucking commercial. Peter had to be like all right. That's the logo octa person. Shit let me explain to you. Ten minutes did that affect your enjoyment though. Not getting those things in the beginning it did. It did but once. I was enlightened. I began to pick up on things a little bit more. 'cause i like. I said the pacing was awkward for me in the beginning because it felt like it was all about the easter eggs. But now that there's more clot tying going on. I'm more invested in it. What did you guys think. Then i guess let's just start with the biggest thing no wants to pick a crazy moment. The craziest moment is the end. So did you. did you did. What did you guys both. Think of katie. Did you understand the reference at the end. They did have to explain. Was the movie that i fell asleep during. Didn't realize it was a different actor. Three cool warning cast works flawlessly katie. Pretty funny the recast. Yes would you have a peter. Yeah no that changed the ends interesting. And it's it's all like how we've been taught like similar what we were talking about. We were talking about like general like spiderman movies in all the marvel movies. We are trained to theorize the hell at of everything. Like why did they recast discovery cast. Something is it that we're in full on the territories are like this like the reanimated corpse of her actual dead brother. That looks weird. Like why is he look different. Like is it another person pretend to be that person like the makeup. My number one theories that the kids made them. Oh shit. Because i thought the kids may be made the dog out of nothing the nasa so thing i sorry she was you know. A lot of people want like the doorbell rings and she goes. I didn't do that. And i legitimately think she is not doing this because she is just as surprised as everyone else i. I thought that they were just doing a clever like wink wink. Like hey this is we have. We can do this with the fox actor. But it's just the just a red herring just playing. That's possible through the recast. Quicksilver breeze not the quicksilver from the fox universe. But now as i thought about. I'm leaning more towards that. This is the quicksilver from the filed. Universe avenue busting open multi-diverse stuff in. He happened to just come over. I think that's deliberate. I think when they do stuff like that. It's all for a reason. I think that if they if it turns out to be nothing. I really highly doubt it but i think the whole show is trying to push towards this multi-diverse thing so so i think that this is a the first chip to fall. That kinda gives away the barely. Does the mcu not continue a plot thread. It's not the not the star wars movies. Exactly everything means something. This is a seventy billion dollar cameo essentially if we were waiting for when we would see after disney bought fox. When we're going to see the first inkling and it is. But i had all those same questions like she knew him as aaron taylor johnson. Is this the first appearance of a mutant x men in the proper. They still fucking with us a little bit. I would like it to be. I would like the whole like a especially with multi version that. Lsf going on all the online theory seemed to be pointed and the x men of frigging awesome. And i would like them to be started. Shoved in more. You know it's very possible. I've seen some theories. You know the house of m storyline. She says no more mutants yes. I think there's i read some speculation instead of saying no more mutants there will be mutants or something. They're doing some more mutants all the mutants but if they bring it over and bring quicksilver over then that means that this quicksilver his dad is michael fast. So it's going to be showing up and which fucking one. It's it's going. Have to be fast bender. I guess it's got to be fast. I don't think we've talked to him yet. But there is the idea that there's other people involved not just wanda ended in this is being manipulated and That's another thing that they're dangling over our head and we're probably going to get the hopefully see something tonight or tomorrow night. I think you think it's thursday anymore. See tonight you think. He broke his multi verse. Yeah i'm in the older universities. I i bought house of 'em recently and i just read it and it's it's very good. It's brian michael benghazi of course and it goes by very very quick eight issues and that one there is somebody that is behind it like i say who it is thought it was. I also read a theory that they might just be playing with us on that. Evan peters is actually they re they. It's murph isto. yes it could be someone else. Quicksilver to to throw her off. And it's a he's he's actually mephisto. There's been a lot of mefissa is being thrown around. And i'm currently also still obsessed and curious about agnes. Yes when we are analyzing stuff when they were like when sword was like casting the whole show the agnes card was like totally blank so they still don't entirely know having a nice year. Well let's talk about that in the beginning. When they open the sitcom clearly. I love the family. Ties inspired set. We'll get to the opening in effect because this eighties genre. This is my jam. Fucking nailed the eighty sitcom reality but in the beginning you guys house growing pains a little bit. Everything switched together but in the beginning agnes breaks character as she is on a sitcom set. Wants to take it from the top. She's addressing wanda as if one is the director of the show and division sees this. He's like what the fuck is and on wanda's denying it because he throughout the whole plan to hold the babies which is clearly though she came in here to touch the babies maybe to give them more magic because then they start fucking aging. What i think she was just trying to throw wander off the trail a little bit. I think that wanda knows that she's got something to do because she always appears something. Yes doesn't vision. Say that or as he's he's like what's basically what's going on here so She's basically like letting wanted to know that she's in charge. I mean there's there's a lot of hints like wanda saying that she's not controlling everything in the indian guy. What's his name on. Norm gets zapped back into like reality. He saying she's in my head. He doesn't say he doesn't say a name. He said shit her to make her stop. She's at a red hair. I mean it's not one completely only might be. Agnes that part i thought was great because i love the power that now vision can step people out. We can get some answers but how they got to that. I thought was a little clunky where you're in the area in his workplace and they have computers now and they have the internet. And there's a fucking commodore sixty four. I have one of those wounds. Fucking the plug it into the television and to make it work but then he zaps the email because they get email from sort of. I was like all right sure fine. He's now that unlocked it. I guess i wanna go back to the opening. Because i fucking loved this opening credit sequence live. Painting is exactly like family ties. They did the same exact thing. And these are sitcoms that youtube peter. Katie you're probably too young to watch a sitcom fan. Actually i yeah references. Come on okay. i forget about and rewrite. When we were talking about the fifties and sixties. You grew up watching at also. Anthony absolately lucy little honeymooners. I the thing was. I would turn on nickelodeon as a kid expecting still nickelodeon and you would get nick at night. And i was just like okay. This is michael odeon. I guess just to watch. I don't know why they're showing these things but all right we're line a little like feeder nerd. Note that i can throw in there. I believe bobby and kristen. Lopez have done all the theme songs for the show. So far did frozen and avenue q and all that all this one is great. Because it's like. The melody is straight from a growing pains mixed with a little family. Family ties In a miniature little full house frigging has. Now it's a tv show within the tv. Show her sisters. Yes playing a character that's referencing or she's the sister of the character that they are trying to tie into looking great guys. Talking about nick knight. I've sold that. I've watched these shows fucking live. I run oh they first aired. They're sitting prime time watching it. That's how old. I totally forgot that she is the sister of the olsen twins third. Show me that smile again. We cannot skin pass fucking baby vision. All this could dethrone baby. Yoda give me a baby vision tv. Show what are you doing. I loved him as turkey. Vision and easter bunny vision. And and he's just looks progressively sadder and grumpy in all the photos. I'm we also learned kind of confirming the wanda's grief is what is controlling. Everyone as monica says she feels in grief. So all of this is wanda working through her grief. And the commercials. A lot of people pointed out that they kind of reflect infinity stones. Each one and of course. They're a critical moment in her life. This law goes paper towels a fucking brutal way to the civil war incident logos which wiping red liquid with these towels. And what is the tagline Along the lines of like clean up the mess. You don't expect when you make a mess you didn't mean to chicago. Paper towels like these are the same to actors in these commercials. And i think they're her parents. Still have to be yeah. I didn't think about that. You thought they were just lucky. Background their parents. In fact there's an easter egg when Randall park jimmy. We'll goes through like he gives you the whole backstory. This the first time you hear the name of their parents irena oleg maximov new. What their nanny. They wouldn't name them if they didn't wouldn't come up so that's definitely a good cool theory. We were reading about the the toaster commercial. Yes that was the beeping time bomb. Yup ultra yeah. It's also fucking crazy in dark each one deals with a traumatic incident in her life and And maybe lines up with an infiniti stone. I haven't theory about why wanda this whole thing started. Okay is that they mention that vision did not want to be made into a weapons s yet a dnr. Maybe maybe wanda found out that they were making him. A weapon went the style shit but then but then like actually doing that probably brought a bunch of emotions to the surface and she couldn't handle it. Well what's what's curious about. That is the shield director who now is just like the swords director is now like it's almost too obvious that he's the bags. He's calling her. But i almost feel like he is it because they're making it so obvious that he is but he he drops the the line. Oh well shed nine days ago wanda slow vision and it's like wait a minute you like. You conveniently job that now and you guys are all standing around like this is a mystery so there has to either either that just bad writing or they're like it's also setting up something like he's got something going on as well he said we've just been given permission to show this. That could be bullshit is what the line was but holy shit when he showed that video nine days ago wanda smashing into the facility taking the corpses body our like. Oh fuck is where the started. Now apparently this was going to be the scrapped. Post credits scene in avengers endgame. When it ended you would've seen want to go in and take him but that is his fucking dead body that she's reanimated and he's walking around. Yeah that's we were. We were talking about this before of what you guys. Theories are if vision it seems that vision is straight up alive with his own consciousness. Do you think that wanda is still the battery. Powering him and she snapped him off. Whenever like if it's amazing that is a good class. She's the power source because he was originally created from an infinity stone. She's like siphoning her own infant power into him. Is he fully his own sentient beings. She fully cannot no longer control. That's a very good question. I have an answer on the other side question. I that from what you see with the with the pants come. Kevlar rewriting reality. The reality gets gets Rewritten and i think that whatever else that the other factor is the outside factory of there's a fist or something else involved or or what's her name involved agnes. I think that all of that stuff can make things out of our control because there's things that she clearly can't control like your kids. Ag themselves magic. Her babies cades so Yeah so there's things that she's that even though she has part of it she doesn't really control they're just in her reality. May vision is is Operating on his own at this point. I don't think she's the battery. Okay i think the reason they're in that location is because there's something there that whoever put this together that is helping vision. Come back to life. Because you're right. He clearly he has his own consciousness. Which is strange because he saints like you. Don't get to make those decisions for me. I don't know who i am. What's going on. He's he doesn't remember. He doesn't remember anything. So i had that thought i was like. Who's who's who's running the consciousness. Is it him. but i don't think she's the battery. I think maybe the maybe there is a shard of the mind stone buried in the location. Maybe she puts together the mind stone back together and she's using that little. I don't know the reason they're in west views because only here can she make vision alive and create reality as in her babies and things. There's something. I'm not sure it's only there. I think that. I think that they're trying to create a weapon with vision. Oh that's what they were doing. That's sort is sweating. Doing wanna came in fuck shit up and then they had. They sent an agent in there and they haven't revealed that yet or or they who the agent or somebody a to try and really like listen maybe we can use this she can use her to reassemble the vision or something like that. So i think that they but they didn't anticipate that she was going to be able to alter reality to this point and do what she's done that that came out of left field to they sent that drone in was armed. Gonna take a shot and then how fucking band. S what she way we finally see her outside of the fucking bubble and she's like leave me the fuck alone. I have accent he. This is the first time she's done this accent. Cinch fucking age voltron in twenty fifteen. There's actually comes back. And she is so powerful. She's wearing that s red coat and she turns the guns on them. And it's a lot like x. Men movie when ito yeah he did that. Shit wound made me think of that. And then the bubble goes red. And i didn't know what the fuck that meant. No i will say having not really known many easter eggs or references or things like that there was one line that stood out to me just from a writing a sampling when she said this is my home now. I don't know that was just. It implies a lot of things it applies either. You've chosen to live here. You can't leave here. You implied a lot of things in one line. So i thought it was a zinc and we were also talking about how the the entire bubble seems to have turned red or like or scarlet. Yeah were talking about how she has not actually been called the scarlet which yet. Yeah and there's that line where the guys like the nickname. no nothing. yeah and they start throwing out like they're using a casual way to say her upper magic or abilities now so with this like bubble. I feel like she might be when they fully vilify her rightly or wrongly gene. Mike finally get the label of the scarlet with kind of what i like about that. Though is character in the comics is a very complicated character as many shades of gray and for the most part the mcu kind of had some characters but most of their characters are like good or bad right. I like that. They're potentially going the route of coloring her scarlet or gray and making her character like something that just isn't going to be neatly fitted into a hero or a villain. She's she's doing some bad shit here. Even if even if she's being controlled she's somewhat of an active participant in all of these people being captured in away from their families. And not knowing. What the hell's going on or is she though maybe Yeah i mean. If i mean we'll see right. It sounds like she could stop it with the life that she has with encouraging her to keep stay in this reality and a lot of it is to have kids in town maybe made a deal with someone. The davila devas correlative. We forget about dadi but she was also named that. She was bleeding. Red to who looks just like madeline. Kahn she does. I know i know that that's a good. I love a couple of weird things tonight. I'm tired young frankenstein young frankenstein break. Yeah yeah she's great man Monica says she knows an aerospace engineer. Who is this gig wounded richards. I think it's too soon Then i love this moment. Monica acknowledges that wanda be fucking thanos. Gingrich something we said last episode at something watching endgame. You're like she fucking hit him. And then the jimmy. Woo goes yup and monica changes. The subject beef only knows when she was little and captain marvel. They were close. And since then carol denver's common gone and save things and there's been a blip. They've must have had some kind of fucking falling out there Because she don't want to talk about. I think that maybe she was a psycho. She came back to earth and never even stopped to say hello postcard or an email interesting her. Her mom was six There was a theory online. She never came back to visit her mom. Oh was she salty. That's even worse that brain scan. Nothing showed up blank. Yes she has powers now. You got her powers she. That's clear she is. She is she goes. Let's look we need to run more tests. And she's like i'm she's just energy that's gain was just white blown out meeting. She's just energy Towards the end before. We get to the evan peters x. Men revealed that was really great. This argument they have a really creepy and unnerving. Because they're having this argument. Vision is finally confronting her and wanna. Here's what she does do. She starts credits. Fuck end the show and they and they walk off and he's like whatever this is it's got stop and they walk off and continue their argument and they're about to throw it out. I was like oh shit. I give the air and attack boats and then he mentioned there's no other kids in west view and everybody comes down and then she does have a point. She's like you think of controlling everybody. Walking their dogs taking their kids did we do we do. I don't think there's any way she could be because darcy earlier also said if she is making all this real. That is way more power than we've seen her do. Maybe she's getting help from someone else. I don't know but also is it possible that that like i've heard thrown around that that she may have created this but that the power within her subconscious sorta kinda wild. Now it's taking things and just doing things without her permission necessarily right. How your brain runs your entire body. But you don't consciously make glue low. And she created it all but she cannot maybe she's not directly influencing every single event. Now that's that's actually that's possible. I do think he's out of control though and she's thing i think another thing. Though that they've they hinted at it agnes kids. You can't control them or so. These kids are going to be a problem because they're aging up themselves right away. I mean they're gonna be thirty eight by the time the show time the next episode ends and prior episodes episode to they keep hinting at like four children. Let the talent shows for the children so like whoever has a plan of this one. Yeah he wanted the kids to do something. They're the weapons right. Maybe i think by the end of this they will be like the young avengers age to be wiccan and speed. Or maybe they'll get rewritten. And they're put back to like young adults in their their. they're younger. I mean they could. They could get up to like twenty twenty five still young. So how about this. If wanda can bring evan peters she can also line d'arcy said where she goes. She recasts pietro. So fucking gig wounded brilliant on so many levels because yes they recast. Va tro. we know. Aaron taylor just like wanda but it's just it was so fucking mind. Burned all my god. But if she can do this. Peter kindle cheating easily bring andrew garfield tobey. Maguire willem dafoe alfred. Molina jamie foxx everybody in the next spiderman movie. No problem this idea can't jennings in general has been so much fun. Yes she's great began. This is this is probably opening up. I mean literally being the first thing in the next phase the mcu and we know so much multi shit's going to go on logically quote unquote. It makes sense to her. Just maybe lose too much of remind multi verse shit started. Exploding all broken. A couple of episodes two broke girls. It's been unlike cable. I don't know if you bet on purpose. This is a funny show. She's really good man. That's like a straight upset com From years ago and i was like onto broker sitcom fan. I'm excited about next time. Is that the next decade going into it was like ninety s and early two thousand sitcoms which are specifically my jam so decades we go into the jetsons. Then peter what What what do you want them to rip off in the nineties. If if if the family dynamic is now mom dad two teenage s kids. They might go like improvement ask. That was like eight late eighties early nineties and roseanne. They can't go friends. they can't go seinfeld. They can't go frazier. Sadly which is the best sitcom made that a revival on paramount with kelsey grammer. Did you see that i have. I can tell you another pocket. Didn't want me show is going to be. I think it's going to have a podcast. That's a separate. It won't be it won't be a radio show. It will definitely be a podcast. But i'm gonna go like a home improvement. Roseanne kinda route. They're they're gonna do a modern family. Who is the neighbor. Who's over behind the fence. Now wilson. the buddy wilson. That'll be fun. Listen attention to detail. They put into these decade. Decades of sitcoms is so good and this eighty s was definitely my jam. Fucking did it justice. They hit it right free headed right and they always used to do the the view on this very special episode. You'd get a cameo kamil. I think family ties at tom. Hanks mentioned that. I would be remiss if i did have some notes about very special episodes. And sitcoms do you want to hear some of the top ones. I do have one. Also the eighties was the kind of the era where they started tackling a lot. More serious subject matter in the sitcom throwing in like tom. Hanks had a drug addiction seventies. Like what's eight. Seventy two seventy to eighty eight as a little bit more up prominently. Here's your notable ones. Different strokes had two very special episodes. There was the bicycle man with gordon. Jump from w. care period cincinnati. There's three and three boys into his bicycle shop. There's one called sam's missing which is later where danny cooksey gets kidnapped. Oh there's one we're dana. Plato gets assaulted. Oh there's a dana. Plato assault one. I forgot about that one. There's yeah different strokes just every every yeah different. Svu that doesn show all in the family that episode titled edith's fiftieth birthday. I remember watching. This reruns ended a nerve. The shit out of me edith. A rapist breaks into the house and sexually assaulted. Hit on the stanley. Fbi and it's re- it's it's in front of a live studio audience. It's like watching a play. It is it was the creep. Holy fuck i'd ever seen this episode. It was real family ties. had to There's one called. Give uncle arthur kiss where mallory gets a little too much attention from a co-worker over fathers where he works and then another uncle one. It was called say uncle. This would actually involved at lisa's brother. Ned mentioned play by tom. Hanks who was he visits. He's an alcoholic and he slaps alex. Keaton hid while drunk. I can't is that the meanest character. Tom hanks ever played. I must i mean. He got redemption in that episode. But that had to be. I can't imagine from. He's always the nicest guy in the world. He's never been a better guy. That's a good time that must be the only valid This great punky brewster. I remember those and it's called sherry lifesaver. Her friend. sherry gets locked in abandoned fridge in a lot as they play. I didn't see it's the room special episode very room. And of course this what you guys may know jesse span caffeine pills saved by the bell. So i love special episodes all right. I mean a couple of easter eggs. I love you. Know the the whole recasting and the kids aging is something thing that happened in eighty six cubs all be a brief one season and the next season. That could be like five five months. Have gone by or and then you know the switch. Out like Vive unplugging I prince they just switched mill explanation. That should happens all the time. This is funny. There's a new m night shamlan film out called old and it's like this family going on vacation to a beach like all of a sudden. The kids start aging. They planned this commercial for that. Yeah it was very If you see this super bowl not to take off the rails you see. The subaru commercial has really creepy m night shyamalan and all the kids aging up and then the title just pop soul title. The movie's called only heard about this movie. It's called it's all and i thought it was a funny coincidence. Couple of other fun. Easter eggs in tom. King vision series which is an amazing series about the vision creating family of synthesis aids and trying to live in the suburbs. A lot of it. They was influencing the show as well as house of them their dog. Which is a robot dog named sparky. Just like they named sparky here and then ph zero. I did like how we came in with a new york accent. It reminded me. Nick who was malary's boyfriend on family ties us a big dumb like greece dude and they never understood what mallory saw at him and nick starred in an episode of family ties where he got a dog and died soon after from an exit also family ties. Also i just did other show dens of joy podcast episodes coming out. We're balcony finds a dog and he teaches the dog to do the dance of joy. Super says yes. So yes you super. There's larry go. What does that mean he goes. Dog what did you think He's like what are you doing super day super so again. The dog plot is something you see in sitcoms and last easter egg vision in the beginning. Mentions he's reading them. A charles darwin book that is about human evolution are they linking this to mutants I don't know i'm trying to remember the right. Now it's a we'll make ninety s cartoon network talking dope good. Would you guys want an x. Files style spin off featuring jimmy woo and doctor darcy lewis. Yes because they're pitching the marvel. Oh that was fast. Them very not necessarily want it. But i wouldn't be opposed to it. I'm indifferent air They have great chemistry and if they're fine if they go around investing investigating weird shit in the mc kinda show. Everyone will be talking about. But i will never want tell i mean when they when i saw that online too and then someone commented and went. Wasn't that agents of shield colson. But better because you can reference the shit that this is what they wanted to do it agency for seven years and they could do it and now they're just daring. Hey we got clips from the movies we got the actors just fucking on forget all that other shit maybe chloe bennet shows up at some point. I don't know now. Don don't tie into that oggi's somebody else. She's i like you know i do. Have one thought though overall just coming off of this episode you know. I think there's benefits to to what netflix does. And in releasing everything all at once but with mandalorian and now this like this the way they're releasing these shows it it only can happen the way they're releasing it right like if you watched this episode. Now we're talking about it for a week and we're speculating on what happens. There's all this buzz if you release everything all at once. This type of episode is just a footnote in your viewing experience that you probably talk about for a and then you forget about it for especially the way. They're building this with all these easter eggs and assists. the conversation. as we've stayed with four is nine weeks of you know. And they're just building more and more buzz as long as the episodes are good and they can continue to build upon the previous episode. This format actually works. Better in terms of keeping the buzz. Last making the buzz lasts longer than making. It seem like an event this is. This is fucking comic books people. It's a little bit of story and a little bit of time. So they w wait a month. Yeah it's a little bit quicker but yet you take that one comic split it into four things he got here episodes so they've made everybody in the comic book readers in terms of following along the story line and trying to get everything. Peter katie. you guys do any voice acting over there. I wish yeah we try. Do try really hard to get into. No it's tough. I know everybody thinks they can get and just be a fucking voice actor from home. Yeah it's an with the way the industry's going right now. That seems to be the only thing. That's really a veil even more bloat rated because everyone yeah would love to. I've been watching anime. Since i was a we child. Mcgrath's other thing wrong with me. I actually like this like grown men playing card games there yelling at each other so i would love to. Why does he like this goth teenager. Ninja kid who's means running back and forth. What is willing oser a transition s you get a job with disney guys. Maybe you get a job with disney marvel. Here's something you don't want to do is tell twitter who the fuck you're voicing before you're supposed to spanish voice over actor last month rodri- martin who does quick so evan peters x. men in the x. men movies tweeted that. He was excited that he was going to be reprising the role of quicksilver in one division. Last you know how this is a problem He appears to have been fired as the credits for this week. Episode of wanda division reveal that he's been replaced by manuel gamero. So good for men. Well bad for rodri- that's like the joe is the actor joe. I'm thrilled to finally leave it. Just be quiet. You had to delete all his social media accounts When it was too late because people screenshot shit. And i remember seeing this a month ago and i was like oh shit. Evan peters is going to be in the show it. I'd say So that's something you don't want to do and then The last thing is just we were talking about multi verson This rumor william to fall has been reportedly spotted on the set on spiderman three. So everybody's going to be in this movie. Got into your head that we binge watch all three spiderman. Oh yes yes when we were stuck inside and still are second. But i love those great. Bring them all back either. You could still be in this movie. Apparently everybody's in this movie. Good i i would love to be and then last on before we close this out. Do you guys think this is the best episode yet. Are these getting better. Where last episode land in terms of your favorite episodes so far they they are getting better now. I know that this show has been getting some criticism for its pace at the start. Which which i can see. I wish there was more stuff like this in the first few episodes and now that it's it's like the the ball is rolling. It's getting more and more. And i'm actually excited very much for the next episode. I think it's going to get better. And better and better. I feel similarly i. I was upset at the pace in the beginning. But i understand why they had to do that. Because they have had to establish the format But i really liked this last episode. I felt like i was sitting in a theater watching vendors. Well like i said don't know a lot about but i'm always exciting fall asleep. Didn't know i'm digging the pacing. Anything you what do you think about the pacing in this episode. iv liked it from the start Yeah this for me was after this episode house. All my buddies. Did you see that episode. This is crazy. What do you think's happening. I saw meme online where it was like. This like people at a church right in the first episode. Was this lady's sitting at a church episode into the episode. Three was a person behind there with a gun and episode four was another person behind her with a guy episode. Five was somewhere like in the gun with a frigging sniper. Rifle has gone on all. It looks like escalated. Hopefully by nine and maybe a tenth episode. Maybe exactly so we'll see. I mean this is The hinted earlier at like a big reveal. I don't know if they just blew it here. And there's more so we'll see scarlet What's her name Elizabeth olsen did say there's a big luke skywalker type reveal coming. I was it. Is there something else rugs best yet. Or what do you think yeah. I liked to show more now than i did. At the beginning. I think the beginning i know a lot of people liked it. I thought it was excessive. I think that it could've it could've been woven together better like it is now like right now. They got the perfect. We even balanced. They got a little bit of the show. You still get the nostalgic. You still get the you think what happens is after you make the joke of it being the show a couple of minutes of it like it's old like you don't need it anymore so i'm glad that they kind of figured out. We're gonna do the fun intro. We're going to have a couple of jokes heparin back and forth and but at the same time deepen the story progress. The plot explained things answer questions. Make new questions here so all of those things are are working for me. I thought it was brilliant to split it in and out of the bubble because what we say last episode everyone is caught up the the the jig is up right. We've everybody up. Do you really want to spend their full half an hour in a sitcom and i realized i kinda did but i didn't because jumping back and forth and now because now we're following things inside and outside I hope they keep that up is fucking fantastic. Yeah look good stuff okay. We're gonna do some quick news from the nation or news because we have guests rutley. Don't tell thanks joplin just blame. The dog We leaned the dog. Yes leave the cat. Cats part okay are they. The worst confirmed that cats part. I did not know that something else. We learned right now on the notepad. Yeah i didn't know who knew audibly up. I know i wouldn't say audibly it's know you just feel calling. Spnfz going silent but deadly. You can hear it calling. Ah that's what it sounds like the cat from break from in the air tonight. We actually have a fucking voicemail. Everybody who uses a fine no. Well it's record the thing and emailed it over here this. Hey what's going on guys. It's your old pal jimmy. The gig here longtime listener supporter of the nerd. Podcast going on five years of listening to the show. I think you guys as always for what you do have a reached out in a while. But i'm extremely motivated to do so today because of this fucking movie tenant i cannot get over how frustrating this movie is back and listen to anthony back in september when he saw it. Just got around to watching it last weekend and i need more man. I need more analysis. You guys to break this thing down in enron. You said you watched it as well roadways gotten to it yet but have you watched it. What movie hannett you mother fuck. Leila's have you watched it. no. I haven't therapy for this movie because it was so frustrating normal so far possessing this movie man I i am a big fan. Obviously love all the dark knight. The dark knight trilogy enjoyed inception. Memento his past minolta. this one man is just. It's one thing to make us think as an audience. But if you're having to plot summary while you're watching the movie and you can't even the dialogue audio issues which i personally had on my said he did it. But i couldn't hear half the dialogue so that interested in my frustration but more now so this movie behind So if you guys are thinking on definitely yes pursue that. I needed therapy. I've asked her stuff in the past. You've always delivered. Why ask for of use on. Throw it out there again. Man eater review tenant whenever you guys can get to it and we have to do this. The jimmy he's pain. Can you hear it in his voice. I feel like god i. Someone someone's praying to answer has have our guessing tall. We actually talked about this last week on our podcast at enron. Oh yeah i felt like you. You save this for us like our entire host. Show thing for patriot. Patrons only is that double job where we basically like dug into ten and hard. And you know what was jimmy. Jimmy jimmy the gatt rape yes opinion. Yeah i'm glad you guys agree because i agree with everything. Jimmy was just saying it was. I think about two-thirds through the movie. I kinda i went to peter and i was like all right here me out who rubber pants and it's not a very well written. I sent an empty theater. And i was like. I wish i could ask him. What did he say. Can we rewind that. There's nobody wants nolan. Keep doing the thing where he does. These exposition dumps in people are in one location and the sentence continues in a completely dialogue is just exposition. It's nothing but exposition. Every bit of fucking i always. There's a little bit more from can't wait to watch this movie. Got to watch it twice twice a little bit more quick recommendation for the nation. Go back and listen to the two thousand nine hundred review of godzilla king of the monsters from these guys definitely good prep for the upcoming godzilla vs call movie. Great review went back and listen to that again after watching the movie last week as well so awesome awesome. Were guys. I always keep it up to me. The gig out. I'm going to go back and listen to our review to. Because i don't remember what the fuck we said in any of these shows ever roy instead of watching the movie twice watch the movie until halfway through and then rewind it and then watched the first half in that also works. Yeah lots of to the middle. And then just rewind watch it. I'll do whatever you tell me to do. Think we need to help jimmy. It's clear he's in pain. We will we will get in. I've wanted to talk ten minutes. I remind me. I need to discuss the shit out of this movie. It's so confused. I have friends that did enjoy it and i. It makes me coz. Chris has said once he found out that the main character was named protagonist. In fact i was like exploited explaining it to crystal. You're on and he's like after. You said version. I was out. I don't know editor during the of to shed. That's not possible. The one thing. I'll give credit hour is like nolan's made it to the promised. Land right like he gets an unlimited budget to do whatever the fuck you wants with big studio money on the big screen and wild directors. Well he'd left wonder brothers now someone else to blame somebody outside. It's confusing alpine. One another's look i. we're going into. What are we watching. We're doing whatever. Yeah and if you would've told me to watch ten. That would have watched that. But instead yeah i watch space sweepers what that flicks korean film. It is stupid. Don't watch. But i was curious to check it out because the production value looked enormous. Who i have felt like. I was watching guardians of the galaxy. Or something shit was like really on spending shit of money on this fucking thing so i was like. Wow i'm like why can't we. Why can't japan make some cool action movies in. Because we're talking about how japan's godzilla movies are like so under budget I'm like look at the fucking money they spent on this or i don't know how they fucking did but it was a movie. It's about a a supposedly a four year old girl that that is a weapon and everybody's trying to get their hands on her and they want the. Yeah that's that's basically what's going on and it's in the future and people are living like that you can think of like there's a world that the people live up in space where all the rich people live and all the poor people wanna shittier like. We've seen this number eight trending in the us today on netflix. Watch that okay. It just was interesting to see the production value. And oh my wow. This is pretty fucking an attempt at like a hollywood movie on the net flicks all right. Well peter katie. I gonna have you shot on some indie games but ruggs asked you in the beginning and already else. Oh that's right. we have had a whole stack. But lately we've been we've been playing a lot started the youtube channel but what we actually were playing like just before we started was who is a journey to the savage planet. jeremy planet. that's right it's a lot of fun and super fun. it's another first person adventure here. You guys number two metro. Is it castle vania metro. I ask rolling pitt Thinking well now. Metro vein is basically refer to games. That were inspired by metro in the original old air. You have a whole world and as you unlock certain upgrades. It allows you to get a double jump. These areas appaling hook. You can go to these areas. It's a metro s game with a great sense of humor. You work for the fourth best space exploration company for and you are dropped off as like person number seven eight five two eight hundred. They just don't give a shit about you you're strapped up on his fucking planet. They expected you to die wise. They're a bunch of sent sent life on this planet. Go fucking scan it and try not to die. It's it's really fun. It has a great sense of humor. Yeah it's fine every little Like card when you find new plant or being has a funny little blurb. Nah it's just that it's it's a really good sense of humor but in terms of Something that we watched very recently. And i say very recently because it was like over the course of today's have y'all seen bridgeton what the fuck is bridgeton. And why is it so popular close. What is the deal with the eighteen. Hundreds porn Girl took gossip girl and doubt naby and married them. That would be the show. The gossip girl metaphor is lost. And you guys as well only watching gossip girl recently because of katie's well and i'm fucking not gossip girl watcher. Essentially it's all these people living their lives in. You know this london town or in gossip girl. The upper east side and essentially there is a writer or blogger that knows all of the gossip and all details. All their lives publishes a like a weekly newsletter society about everyone's okay and somebody in the town is lady whistled down and the duke. Yeah then having a fair break. It's just it's a lot of sex in a lotta anger and eighteen. Hundreds very witty cuts at each other. Everyone's just very it's great. I'm in another suggestion of something. That you i don't know if something else. Were watching where we also have been marathoning animates recently. Looks rudd's loves anime. Rugs is the big adamy guy. Here attack on titan i. I watched it when it was on tv back in the day. And i made it like maybe a season and a half and then i was like okay At school might go back to it at some point. But i just hop onto something else. I'm like watching watching cowboy bebop on. I'm watching this new This other one called the heroic age. I haven't seen yet that. I heard a lot about so Watch some older stuff okay. We were just. I was showing katie. You've hockey show. Which is one of my favorite enemies growing up a which one is now. You have your show. It was all the spirit. Detective teenage punk kid. Who gets killed in the first episode spirit gun. Abc's it's shown inanimate tournament arc is basically like you know nardo spirits bed guide which it's how but we've been watching attack on titan because it's in the final season and also promised neverland just really good really dark and i think it's only it's only gonna be like two seasons at the elevator pitch for that for promise never land okay so i can't give too much away because of a give too much away. It ruins the reveals but essentially there's a bunch of kids living in an orphanage and once they reach a certain age or it so decided they leave. The orphanage may never see them again. Because they're getting adopted seems to be some dark shit going on and they started to unravel what exactly is happening on the evacuate pretty cool. They also are they're constantly starts in because it's again like world war two You know that kind of time period. That like every anime takes place where it's like. What in kendall it and stuff like that steam. Punk kind of yeah. Eventually you start realizing the kids are taking these intense tests on like kind of higher tech tablet kind of things and you can start telling that these kids are extremely intelligent and then some extremely stressful things are happening. And these kids are some of the smartest protagonists. I've ever seen any animal while giving a lot of fun. What was going on my list. Sounds like a by banks. Cold honest neverland. It's about michael jackson. Just have you watched hunter x hunter. No that's when. I always hear of it. I haven't watched that one yet. I that's another one of the epic long ones that people keep talking me about. And i'm like i'm like when they hear academia and when i've seen a few episodes people trying to get you to watch jobs. Bizarre adventure also resolve any favorites ankle. Whenever i talk to anyone was the anime. I get one piece joe joe and there's one more i forget an new ruto. I can't stand some uninjured wearing bright orange now. No i'm sorry could you anymore. Orangish on principle believe it. no. I don't matter into pok mon or you ios or anything like that. Someone who is into you should yeah. I like the. I like the old stuff and jelly. In i liked all that stuff attack on titan. I'm gonna. I really liked it. But i want to go back into it because i kind of i kind of felt felt like i saw it all but i throw one more out keep very enemies fucking be stars of you watching that also star. No i've heard things about it. Flex i know i know what it is. Yeah i i've seen. I've watched the thing. I don't know i'm a check that one out. It's weird like it would boil them out on to. So i want to go back and see the thing is i watched. Watch them all on. Tv when they were on like this was on cartoon network at night or something adults in and a commercial breaks and they were edited. I think so. I was like i want to see the actual. You know the duck the unadultered versions of also. I'm going back and watching a lot of this old shit. That was that like ten fifteen years ago. I if you want adulthood versions some adult anime. Oh god this is pretty cool. Anthony anthony excited when he say anti solid recommendations those guys. I know we have a bunch of listeners. You dig animates. I appreciate that. Thank you i. I got something for all you got. I got something right here. Yeah the person. I think you look like. Oh that's the lincoln in the The notes so is this. A on a grill juliana. Gill have you heard her. No no that's one has never heard. I got to look it up right now. I put it in the in the. Let's see what has been from anthony. Yeah how did you get to this. Obscure person here saw her and friday the thirteenth as and i was like i'm trying to figure out what her name was because i was like. This is the person i think. She looks like she does a lot of television. She's in the resident into the dark I psych the movie. The mindy project rose would get the blind. I just looked shoes. Captain america's civil war. She's tony stark's assistant a little bit. Maybe a little bit the blind and she's got she's got a big cheekbones similar to you. I always get you get without fail. It's miley cyrus. Oh yeah. I always get that one. And sometimes i get scarlett johansson but when she was much younger like not marvelous scarlet. Marble scarlet remorseful. He's just not that into use carla olson a little bit maybe a little bit of was before the cheekbones and the chin lady i thought of was the the girl from cobra kai the but like a younger version of her them. Oh what's her name. Robbie elizabeth shue no no not elizabeth shue rob robbie's mother the his. I don't know what it's got. Pictures of. Robbie who was lawrence was an actress. No that's the actress named portrayed by shannon michigan version. Her does she. she looks old. There see that one so those were the two that i had but definitely see a little bit of miley not nowadays but like you have dimples like I don't know you need a couple episodes of during the show got started off stalking peter. Because i hadn't seen his face in a long time. Yeah yeah gonna want to thirty-five looked you fuck you get any celebrity Nations as a kid. I would get macaulay culkin line. And then as i grew older i would get jim carey. Oh really gymnast. I don't see either of them. It's like whatever jim carey here. I just get little kids thinking. I'm a mascot for a sports team and they want me to take my head off my face my face peering katie. Thank you so much for. Haganah guys are at julia was so fun to hang out with peter again. And katie Just lovely tell. I would so i was just telling you guys show Last week with chris. Who i also love chris. Guide knows shit. Can you tell the listeners where they can find all your stuff and maybe what's coming up in the future. Sure we are. How do i jump. You can find his. How do i jump dot com. There's links to all that on our website of the podcast called the weekly jump. It's on stitcher. Itunes google podcasts. And say it's on twitter. Hd one jump hd number one jump instagram hd one underscore jump. Yes we have the weekly podcast. We have patriot on exclusive things. If you want to check out our patriot on patron dot com slash to jump. We also are doing our current. I contest right. Now that's right. We are the contests on patriot. But you do not have to be a patron to enter. We're giving away or a giving away a chance. Catch just jumped into a plant. Good chance to win. A google stadia premier addition. All you have to do is write us. A haiku about google stadia and will be announced on february eighteenth. I don't know why a high q. Anthony i can tell your question right. It's a tradition that started and how to jump. Anthony was mentioned before a jump like seven years ago. Thirty five years ago. And then i'm an actor primarily. So i was able to i i was on a cruise ship for a year and then like some stuff picked up but i was able mccain able to restart it in the next phase of jump which i think is much more imprinting. We have a lot of free time right now. We're not working anymore. So it was some weird tradition. I don't remember how forever ago when we would get extra keys. Redeem someone wanted to make a haiku. So it's been a weird tradition that we give out copies of games to the best has and what's the format of haiku so we were all remember from our. It's five seven five five thousand last night and is going until february. Eighteen s important and i do is write haiku. Joe if you're on the patriot and page and you're like these guys seem like super cool and i would love to support them. You can do that also while you're there but you do not have to have access to my new favorite thing fan fiction book club a great one last week Fan fiction book club which was themed streetfighter and there was a there was a a pretty good fight. Somebody made someone their best ship. It was It was a joy and we pick fans fiction every week and we just go to town with control issues in my story. Oh i know you guys. The show is great. I'm so happy to see it. Come back peter. And i will argue that. This reboot is better because you have katie. So fuck take elevates. We're doing this time around like we said before a youtube. Your bag we're doing. Let's play series on indie games. We're just having a lot of fun together so we thank you so much for having us. This was an adult. I do my pleasure anytime and the listener can listen to my appears on your show. It's a soft entry where you can hear me. Pretend to know things about video games Just paid you off our to heffer. What is this well. There's one that was like wolf. Copy of the video game that s where maybe populists earth blood. That was the clip. I had to promote the podcast. Was you become. What's your opinion on. Stadium good is it a by not. I still not there yet. I personally have had feelings that game streaming is going to be the next huge thing. It's the future and they the the person who wants game streaming is very like middle-class gamer. Who wants to high inexperienced entirely. Want to buy a five thousand dollar. Pc it is currently the best streaming service that you can do. The library has gotten a lot bigger. It's pretty good. You play on your phone your laptop plan an old shitty as long as a strong internet connection. You're good sometimes not even if you have a strong internet. Yeah tell once a while back and we played a game on hotel what well. It's it's good if you want to pop it. It's also. I think there's misconception right now because you don't need to pay for it it's essentially esteem or something. You buy games on it and then you just play them as a ten dollar premiere edition of you pay monthly where you can get like higher quality versions and like deals and saw but you try it right now. There's there's some cheap games. Go on stadium dot com by game right now real quick and try out. You don't need a controller. You can use a keyboard mouse. You can use any control you plug into your cast and a dream yeah run. Wow i remember rugs. We're you turned me onto this and it's just a fascinating concept in. Just wait and see 'cause like when it came out. I was like she's going to be either going go bonkers or it's gonna completely fail. I fully played. I've been playing full games on. I played all of him into all of cyberpunk playing all of the savage plan on it. Like i'm playing four games on it. Shot itself in the foot a little bit in the beginning because the library was so limited. But now it's really expanding the starting to do some exclusive which are like bigger budget bigger names. So i actually think it's my my mind has been changed as well. I think it's actually really worthwhile. Destiny just got on there and that's one of my major games that i play in some like. Oh cool you. Complete anywhere can transfer over all your information as long as google continues to support the product. Because as you know. They bailed on many a google product you know. That's that's really going to be yet. But i think gaming is is a big industry. So they're not dumb. Well thanks for all the knowledge morning on the weekly roads work in the listener. Find you online. You can find me on twitter at boy where i am now. Currently just re tweeting other people's tweets. Because i'm too lazy to think of anything that's what you do on the twitter listener. Check our show description for links to everything The weekly jump out to support the show everything we talked about and make sure you share this with your friends text. The person texts this episode to someone till random arango They they podcast. My name is my name's anthony. He's the jock he's with people. You next time racing talk.

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Susceptible to Strep

"Boy everyone happy. Happy happy podcasts. It's we've fell on mondays. Is monday after superbowl superbowl monday. How do you feel super bowl. I feel i don't watch football almost at all. I don't think i've watched more than i. Watch the super bowl of clay and people were talking about how the game sucked came isn't great. It wasn't a great game. I don't know how good the game like. I thought about the game at the end with seattle in the past and the intercept. Like they can't all be that no. They're not all going to be that but they're not always a blowout either. It didn't the thing with the super bowl is never feels like a blow out because it's so like over there and then this guy this guy's hurt and then him and it now there's so much garbage going on that you never think i should turn this off. The commercials are part. Part of the thing. That i wanna say. Now i mean the last twenty five years. I remember when they were the commercials. Such big part that you just. It's like worth watching football. Fan the blow. It is a little it just. It feels a lot more lackluster then. Yeah as an event. I didn't find it especially good any better or worse than i normally find it. I felt bad for mahomes like it just felt like if felt like a star in a shitty movie. Yeah fuck. that's that's that seems like. He couldn't he got no help anywhere and And the end the brady thing. I guess you root form why i. Because he's old we what in what sense in the game or just a story like the old guy. He pointed out he got fired by new england. Basically new england. Like you're too old. Were done and he. That's what happened. Basically yeah they thought they had issues with like the What's his name that jimmy no like. They wanted some sort of like someone to start as quarterback. You're fired he's fired. We want the young. It's good story like we want the young kid and he's like i got a lot left in the tank. Like hell you do. I'm going to florida. And then he goes florida and he wins the championship. Since it's definitely get guess and he's gonna give a lot of guys in their forties the courage to go out and blow out their knees and tear their acl's and you're going in three weeks you're gonna see a lot of old dudes on crutches. Tore their their achilles ten trying to do something they shouldn't have been doing And and you didn't like particularly any of the commercials. I didn't like i felt like civil is a is a once a year where famous people go and fuck up their legacies for money. Just hey you wanna come and bomb. Salam i i'm ashton kutcher. A four million okay. It wasn't me. That's how i should have done it. Well no the problem was so fucking the problem. He should not have sang. He sang and they should have done a duty version. And if you need to auto tune it auto tune it yeah auto tune might have made it funnier. Yes with him. Singing yes it would have made it bearable because it was almost unbearable. It was the longest sixty seconds in my life. I would yeah. I that was the longest sixty because it was. I think he's got four. I think he. I think they probably split. Six is what i think so. Yeah that's where we go bad. Geez no you're getting good money. Levin adam levine called me when he was on his way to i guess what he made against yes. They hired the performance. do they. don't get paid right. who the performer. The weekend didn't doesn't get paid. Why is the weekend not get paid in One of them. Because it's good it's good. Pr it's just paper. No you don't get. I mean not like hosting the oscars you. Don't get one hundred. You don't get you get for. Showbiz is not a lotta money here. But like ashton if mula nash or splitting six or eight and the weekends getting nothing is there's not there's no justice but we all know the weekend can be in a commercial next year and make the money. There's so many commercials. But i don't like the by the celebrity kimmy get because for the chairman. The chairman goes. What are we doing. My kids love them. Yeah and then you go. Hey i got so and so it feels like something and you can show it your a lot of times. they'll i you know the start to a commercial. They have to to live events for the company where they have to show and be like hey or saying or whatever whatever they do break dance whatever they're known for and so there's like it's a package and the other thing is you immediately. Forgot the commercials. Yeah they have like drake. Drake was in the state farm commercial barely remember and he. I bet he made more than anybody. Even though we had one line he well. He was in a lot of the commitment. He had more lines than rudd did. Yeah i remember a couple years ago. Rudd had a bud light ant man and an acura and made must've made ten million dollars had to so but the the reason they don't work and i was explaining before we start rolling. They put into many jokes. They they they're so worried about covering like getting into this person and that person and that gag and that that there's no pace at all too. I did one last john. Chrissy and chrissy was shitting on rich people. And it's too fast for the jokes to read. And i told him and they didn't care and john christie get so much money that they didn't really care either. The ending was cute. Open the door. Say sexiest man alive tada and nice and it worked for the company. They blew out the website the computer for smoking but in terms of like an artistic endeavor. It's basically hello celebrity. Come ruined people's memories of you money or hoop. What's i like the lemons. One the lemon lemonade one. Oh yeah that was good. Yeah it's funny you're right i don't i'm like it's starting to get enough. You're like what has like the other. Lemon commercials in themselves are hard to remember. I actually remember a lot of commercials. Well i remember to air it eight to ten times before anyone ever. Yeah people still are just seeing chase commercial and it's like It's been if they're really good a really like if they fall in the middle. obviously we don't remember commercial. Is that really bad. i remember them too. So it's just if they're infamous or good you saying that you don't like the series ones. I hate the. I hate them so much. I don't understand why not because it feels like it's so manufactured pulling your heartstrings google. On like years ago that the person was just googling life changing things how to buy a car how to go on a date how to propose and it's just like shut the i hate it. It's so cheap. I also don't like rom coms at all. I hate them very much. So i just. I hate manufactured. Oh yeah or you know. We got dad's doing hand-held refugees. Dust deportation is always. There's a use of prize. Your adult mom with her fucking tricycle from ninety. I don't i don't like it. i'm ontario. Hello hello advertiser. I've got a hit. Well the bigger issue is. It's hard to know what they're about until the end now. That's what you said. Yes because if they're good they can really be about if they're good and then it's like. Oh beer beer beer. They're always like ear and family. No mere pointed out on twitter like the the one that my route was in no idea what that was for. Yeah on the one with all the celebrities. There's a bunch of different apps for paramount for the new paramount streaming. One patrick stewart and games gordon. Yes over yeah. That's for paramount. Yeah everything is. It's a hard transition with the softies that i didn't mind the paramount one. Actually i was like oh i wanna i'll i want this. It's a good. I like when they do realistic representations of a like a channel and it's fun So that in that made me actually want to get the channel. Do you because you do a lot of commercial directing do you pay attention to do you. Pay attention to commercials for now. Of course yeah. That was a good one well. You don't do sketches and comedy stuff. Yeah or is that means that the commercials they don't the chances are they're not gonna work. What about gyco. They're really hit. Miss the guy. The woman tracy morgan got the highest rated the one from last night it was the number one rated one of the they rank and i watched it was like that six jokes that should work and didn't like they just none of them popped right. It was just like it's true. Because i didn't get enough of the tracy morgan. I wanted to watch the decent jersey diesels in mirrow interview. No that's three maniacs. that's maniac. I'm many he out. Maniacs them to their speech has whole thing. It's so good anyways but Yeah that one was okay. But that's all it takes. I watched what do i watch them for. I gotta say. I don't really watch them any differently. Everybody else mean. Like i can tell all the like on the paramount one. I'll be like oh. This is pretty good green screen. Meaning like they're none of them. Were together yeah. I did think there was a wide shot in the paramount. One where i was like. That's a hard wide to get love. And the reason it's hard to get is because you have to take a guy who gives you know time the culbert anybo- whoever anybody in the commercial and go stand over there and we're going to fill me from eighty yards away. And then their next audits motherfucker. Get a standard great. But you're like yeah we could have and they probably did in truth but it's hard to get wide because you don't want the person to be like somebody told me a story about johnny depp. Doing michael man movie like public enemy and at one point michael man michael mines like real artists and at some point. He was shooting the backup. Johnny head for forty five minutes finally come on man fucking back of my head just get somebody else. My head's not that unique. But that's what i watch for but then you think about it. Let's just take me. 'let ashton kutcher if they split six million dollars muggy. You're gonna stand all guy would know. I know that's not how it is at all but you'd think standing so someone can block and figure out your light. Let's just say an extra half a day's work would be very much. How long commercials should take lebron. Come down with it. Doesn't that film heard again. This is like what i heard. Lebron when he did space jam was surprised. How long shit. Yeah you remember on the spring commercial. I had to. It was an extra day of just planning the day forget. Yeah or co any one of these commercials. I get three hours. it'd be. I go in kobe. The rundown of the day. I was like at nine forty five. You're gonna sit down. That's where they are now. Ten o'clock you're gonna bring into mak- ten thirty. You're gonna get your photos taken so when they have to do shits in celebrities defense depending on the director a lot of time wasted on those sets yes about like why does not need to take why people wise taken so long. Why is the cost so much. And i still think that it's crazy. She's like this doesn't need to take this. On someone's lolly gagging for decades. It's not you can only the whole thing about lighting. yes so it's just. How long does it take to set up. Yeah lights and walls moving lights and walls. You can only do it so quickly. I mean then again in my back in the golden era they would film a movie and twenty days yes and they all looked like they look they look like they all look like our podcast every conversation wall. Let me tell you something. He cut to a close up. I'll tell you something you're going to hell i'll tell you. Why are you going to help. There was no. There's almost no three. Caesar's there's movement on establishing shots because there's no stars in them so i know i remember when we on the the spike commercial it was. The weirdest lebron gets this. But you guys don't one guy was filling had to fill back. Are sprite like glassware. Glass bottle with water. I found out on the corona commercial. I just did that. The they use the these different class for the hero bottle. It's hand blown. And i'll go on did not know that don't know the spreads were hand blown. Also they were not They look like just like mexican coke bottles. You like squirt. Anyways was bright but so one guy would just fill it back up with his hands and with lebrons he would go and put on gloves. I was like well. Why wait a minute. i don't want just it was like. Oh talk over. Lebron hold this spit like no wait. Do the glove thing for me. And i was like excuse me. I'm susceptible to ship literally said that i am. I'm really that i was like that. Is you've got white girl. I for the white girl awards. That's absolutely up. That's on the shortlist for the nomination catches are going to launch. Where you promote your work. I people need to wash their hands. I was like well. Let me i start to the guy go. Well it's a hundred degrees out right now. We're in the valley it's august that's not a strength words. Well it was september one hundred degrees anyways. Needless to say was like. Let me not embarrass neil. Yeah you. I invited you. You're my special guest was my that was graft corruption auditioning he. Maybe you didn't. I didn't toy boy lot hardship. Sorry you're i m says you didn't say that the audition i don't remember that several of the trip So super ball obviously rest and power king commercials rest power. Even the woman's cedric and pose malone total waste of all those people. I didn't even make what the fuck is this. What is the. you don't even know you. Can't you have to figure out like what are you guys going for. Okay the which one cartoon is okay. can kind of felt like a be better use of yes. It was a good. I want to say. Mike myers is one of the greats of all time. And i remember when. I saw it wayne's world in the theater as for me as a film film student young film students i walked out and said that's the best movie i've ever seen and i still kind of believe that Wanted to one two was great though. So good but carney one bet the thing that made me laugh actually was the baby. The baby's baby fucking funny. Maybe they and it's a callback to joke that they did in them about like. I would never sell out when you think there's advil bill. Yellow different is from the first one. Advil little yellow fucker. They doing in this and it was unbelievable. Also funny little yellow for it does coverage like this which i don't remember what love wayne's world read the script austin powers and was like this is fucking genius was up to direct the love guru. Who met with. Mike myers at his house and within five minutes. He did the walk behind the couch. Thing like i was like. This is fucking unbelievable. Why didn't you go. Why did i drink the movie be did it didn't workout maybe on didn't work out Now can use feel Can you feel black history month. can you feel it. Feel different may equality inclusion flood. Whole can you put the link to the lot people keep hitting me up for it. I don't think there is like send you a link. Put it up there. Just put redocking somebody. But the thing is the thing i'm like. It's there and we didn't make him. do that. Actually live than play. Listrik a delicate music. I swear. I think it's only just like active listening. Feelers that wanna listen to. I don't think that's i just don't be mean just listening. We'll be funny. Wipe you'll have to talk like this all know it'd be that would be so funny if every white person had to seek a stereotype witchy south still got something to say is I note i wrote it down and you wrote it onto. What's your target. Sorry can you. Google black history month's target t shirts one. You see the t shirts that they came up with their to highlights across. I should give you a link will sorry about that. Yeah that's right and it shows all of them in there they're rough so basically let me let me that was all the black place from target So the shirts are bad. Read some nair backlash bad but not take him down. Maybe don't do that. We can just read the title. Read some of the titles Yes yes yes. There's there Worst once hype. Macy's up well mass in a bottle working on my mess. That's a baby shirt. Yeah to my black people. I love you you going down to the men ones. Let's see they keep saying mass in a bottle. There's some that are there so don't let what you've been through distort what you see that one like. That's a little complicated for teacher. Furthermore we are yeah. I don't. I don't like him. Say that i'm not gonna wear them. Sorry shaida they had a thing of like malcolm hell at langston. I take that like and and and thing shirts earth thing. Black book e. r. r. thing short and be okay earth black early thing or anything Seven of them are just like kids. You have put more effort. It's like these corporations were cornered like a corner and like hey. Hey i'm cool. I got a black t-shirt would've would've races have that. How about this message in a bottle. I got a message in a bottle do shirt. Because they're in minneapolis. Still think black people were calling for like. Hey we're cool this you good you good question. Mark just poof. It's just embarrassed. I what corporations seemed to not understand. They don't need to do this. This one is the worst. Racism tried to steal my joy period. A collision point tried your green called green. Just think you talking to me now. Are you reading teachers like giant embarrassment and it's worse than any super bowl ads. I know you say okay. Would you take all these shirts or or meal and ashton me on your way. They used to be show guys at guantanamo bay the meal and ashton commercial instead of waterboarding and they gave up a lot of secrets. Let me just tell you right here. Hold secrets yeah i. They don't need to do this and it started. I didn't start it got significantly. Worst aren't george. Floyd the corporate. Like hey a now it's just. Lgbt pride woo. we're cool and but this shit is unbearable. This is when it got it got worse. It used to be an aggravating embarrassing. And then george floyd made it horrific. And that's where we are. And i would say to. The many corporations listening quit. Just give money to black people. Just give money to black charities and by the way. Mackenzie bezos who. We talked about mckenzie. Whatever scotus her name her thing is. She just gives money to charities and doesn't say what to do with it. They can't even respond to her. Great which everyone's pointing out like this is what it should be just here. Take the money you guys have to do with it. I don't care what you do with it because guess what. I didn't earn it. I didn't i don't deserve this cartoon. Money the yeah. I heard for black history month. Pep boys manny mon. Jack are going to change it to malcolm martin and bernie mac. That's what ours they're named man. And malcolm knock martin mac And other asian history apple released an ad that said our screens are black for a reason. No they kidding no And the helman's mayonnaise released an ad added said even though people don't like us people so they're all trying bianca. I'm doing a desk. Peace without like i have a tv show. I don't ones. I've thought of days. So cutout right you gotta do this. Just give them the blind people or higher by people or something or don't like don't tell security not to by people around until march i yeah baked policies yet make great. Paul's don't need the t shirts. And also you know who makes money azures target So anyhow Covert is still around bianca. What ditch yeah. You have israel random. What did you wanna say. They got the dank here. What you're talking about. The the other was something came out last night. I this was a few days ago but it's basically they found a way to. It's it's It's like a respiratory medicine so you breathe it in so people who were moderate and severe all three hundred forty one nine out of thirty and then the the it was the thirtieth just took a week. It took longer most study. Yes they do most of them take three to five days and it basically. I didn't realize this. But there's a kind of immune response storm. That happens which is made time cytokine storm. That is basically responsible. What kills people. Just an overreaction of your immune system so it has cured all the severe patients which is nice. Yeah they're doing in greece now. They're like a. They're testing it out in greece. Seeing what the results are there. I just i. It is nice that there's everyone is still trying to solve this thing. I agree feels like vaccine boom. I have a few theories. Okay tell me by the way they did a study jimmy. Car- sent me a link with the in quotes. They did a study and study. Was he is the funniest comedian. They literally did a study where they date. Which i've always wanted to do twenty comedians. Who gets the most laughs per minute. Who gets the biggest laughs from the most people permanent is that the measure. Yes and jimmy style lends itself to that. Yeah but it's still got to feel pretty good. Congratulations lose jimmy car. We made you a podcast. Okay here's my a couple of about kovin. Come on open. Did i tell you about. Have i talked so much. Sue i did i tell you about the world theory now. Okay remember where the world's steven spielberg when it came out. Like two thousand and two i but yeah right tim robbins bunch of people. The end of it is really the end of the big battle and then there's just a postscript that says like in the spring it went away just a weirdest fucking ending. It was like what what what do you like. It was awful. But i something tells me if we can get in front of all these. The new ones the reboots. I feel like it's just gonna were gonna wake up not one day but it's going down like five percent day at this point and i feel like at a certain point we're going to. There's going to be less than five dollars. People a day hospitalized in may or something. Yeah that's the well. According to my model if they if we get the vaccines going it said like very little covert in the summer. But that's excludes variance that excludes variants the south african one and the british one that that or assumes that madonna and and pfizer can take it on right johnson johnson with only one of them. Johnson johnson no. No it's the it's the astrazeneca. Yeah that one stay stopped the vaccine in south africa because it wasn't working through mommy ocean. Yeah so so. I feel like what you feel first of all. I'd also as much as people were complaining about how it's the rollout was. It's fucking kind of amazing. How many vaccines are giving taking between a million two million a day now on even including like saturday. I don't know how they did it. Wow saturday gave out. One point nine million which i don't know it means that they're giving out vaccines on weekends. Which someplace they're not open on the weekends. A lot of places someplace that. Give them out from what i hear not open. So i'm sam impressed to the government if you're listening government good job and it's only going to get better i are you. Are you impressed enough to help your boy newsom because things are going down in galveston That's the point. My point about news is based on his rollout of everything based on how we handle within lockdowns and all that shit is it was not it was unwinnable in essence one hundred percent. He's and they're just madame because he's good looking to dinner that night he. They're very mad about french laundry. But i mean this is a campaign that started by like they're awesome. They're always trying to but they got. They are going to get the votes to have a recall. Yeah and he's going to get re he's not gonna get kicked out. I really it's going to be a total waste of time and we're all going to have to vote. I'm absentee guide. You can make it. So you're always. Absentee neil participate. Dan means you're just means you don't have to go to you still vote. Oh yeah you mail in. Yeah that's what i mean. What did you think that. I don't know i for some reason. I just thought yamin absentee dad. Where i was can tell the government. I'm gonna vote. I'll be up tuesday. Never show i go away from me in the parking lot. And then i don't show but what i will also say third fully is the while the government has to be cautious. Science has to be cautious has to be. There's gotta be some incentive for getting vaccinated because at this point they're like even when you get vaccinated you're still you can still give it to people so you gotta say as like then why would i bother like there's gotta be some incentive. I thought today. I oh this is separate but they should connect in order to get vaccine. There should be a powerball. They should combine them. So if you wanna play this powerball it's three hundred million dollars you want in. You gotta get vaccinated. It automatically goes up the amount of people that want the backs automatically goes up. They've made it so you can only the really bring up is because they've made it so it's only worth getting vaccinated if we heard immunity. Otherwise be just as worried as you are now because it's not one hundred percent thorough. We don't even know if it does if if you're if it transmission for the vaccinated even though they madonna one after ten days the first shot. It's two thirds less their positive that that was in their study but they but they make it so hard to find. Yeah and they make it. I was like no forty percents. You're thirty five after the first. There's so much there's so many numbers to the point. Where i'm like sounds feels like i'm in the marines like fuck. You put a mask on all right now like it's gotta be washing your race. Sorry sorry can i get vaccinated not posing so they gotta do better with making it attractive because they just make it like. It's your duty and it doesn't help let doesn't help but you gotta do. What about the paint. Everyone shakti pop. Well that would be. Yeah that'd be. It would be one point five trillion dollars one point five billion which at this point were made a money apparently be one point. Five billion nets. Virtually nothing in to the american government. Weren't so much that now it which the whole thing about the people who don't want the checks the stimulus. I wanna yell them like you know it's your money that's what i it's it's either you weren't someone said it's hard to know but it's are all coming out of our taxes. Why wouldn't you want them to give you that money. I said that to that exact same argument so we almost rarely get a return on our like. I'm most of our money does go to defense. Most of our money goes to things. So this is one. That's actually coming right back to you in a time of need. Why are you upset because brown people are getting an awesome. Yeah it's like now freeloaders. Yeah i'm not a for these brownies rallies. Yes so they got him it. Because it's got to be there's going to be a point to i'm not saying if you get vaccinated. You should have to wear a mask. But i'm kind of saying that like it. Otherwise wouldn't that would be so right. I know there's a whole thing of like we'll go and we don't. And why should i what someone got mad at me for for my prisoners point about like a little on the fence about prisoners getting it before people furious lost listener can that they didn't leave wanted to get mad. But what the you've got. What do you think of first. World countries all having all of acts and third world countries. Not and. what do you think we should do about it. It's one of those home. I want to just world. And i want i believe injustice and shit like that happens in on my what. I don't something in me isn't flaring up to stop this. It's what it's basically turned. All of america into white people in america are america is in the rest of the world. And no one's going like this is we gotta give the woke us of the wo- car but they're not. There's not much of a movement behind. We need evenly distributed these vaccines out to the entire world. No no person should come before another person like you know. Technically you know just world is a good way to start is not young people. Don't care which is now. You're white people walking wealth and away now just remember you are susceptible disruptor up since you're white person couple now you're and et cetera et cetera. Bianchi here here's spotify. Yeah i think so. Yeah yeah it's It's a joe rogan's network gel rogan. Podcast i'm kidding So spotify we all know. It's a audio platform tons of music. And now they're they're big big big into the podcasting game including but not limited to joe rogan. Michelle obama Up people like that but you can listen to but you can still listen to music. So it's all like a uniform like the layout platform thing. Spotify is a huge catalog. A podcast on every topic. Including how neil feels he thinking and on spotify way bianca. What's happening over there. Were you a bad girl. Spotify's girl on spotify. You can follow your favorite podcast. You never miss an episode. Premium users can download episodes to listen to them. Offline wherever you are and you can share your listen to with all your friends on instagram and other social media if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app for how neil feel on spotify or browse podcasts. In the your library tab and make sure to follow how up bell so you never miss an episode of how nimble k. bianca right great. Okay bye hi guys bredon here would be aga and you know we we For broadcasting we use a platform called anchor. An app called anger which bianca also i do as anchor nice. So it's like. I've said before it's fair. It's you can see they get you ads and then you can see how much money you're making off of each add each episode. There's a. there's a tab on there that literally just says money it's very simple and if you have a if you have a very linear mind like uncle nail you. Do you love a button. That they've wanted says episode money and analytics. What do you want easy. You know what i mean go. There's a mandatory call to action here and it says download the free anchor app and go to anchor dot. Fm to get started again. The call to action is follows. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started. This is a new ad guy. This is a new read after a year. We've figured let's break them off all right. God bless little lucy. Vert got a diamond in his forehead thereby finishing his conversion to cartoon villain he already had where he's on the news right where he's like. This guy is a genuine weirdo. Yeah that's you don't that's automatically on the on the admissions form for the mental hospital. Did you put a diamond for it. Yes come right this way. We have some medicine like. There's no way you can be healthy and do that. Well what do you think what. People do body modification stuff. Well i find that people do like that. I call him allow I'm in the biz. I'm in the body. My business So most of the most avila do intense by are one thing that they have in common. Is they all have bad personalities and he seems to have a robbery you can rhyme so if you can write your own rhymes. You're not a boring person. No he's not boring. i just think he's more in the. He's just a weird guy and maybe a slight mental illness. That'd be my guess. I had to guess he's a little something. Didn't he retire. Also a of shit. Yes he's he likes attention. Yes i think. I think So it's just. I mean if it gets snagged when people have four forehead caught on things all the time so. He's immersed struggle. I mean it's good if you wanna headbutt a window. He's going to be the first the first door. That's so sent a little busy. Vert they hold them like a battering ram. That's he's going to be used by. Lapd drug bust. He's they're gonna hold them like a dwarf and do battering rams get. He's gonna make money back on that diamond pretty quickly because all the battering ram twenty six million dollars is that that's the other thing is i want to go. How where'd you get that money. Apparently he's has more money than he addressed it. Because everyone's like. Why would you spend that much money on a diamond. He was saying so much more money than that. That does nothing. That's not possible. Why isn't that both. Because i know. I know people with hit songs. Hits and it's fucking hit has hit careers. They don't got twenty six million dollars for a diamond in order to have twenty six million dollars diamond much money. You had to make sixty five million dollars before taxes and everything else so in order to get. It's so much money. I that's where i go. I think rappers have a different. They're part of a different financial stream or something. Where like how do you do that. And then they always end up. Eighteen months being bankrupt. You glow make sixty five million dollars on the like. He can't make that kind of money he just can't like a the maroon. Five people can write like he levine. Could afford a seven whatever the fuck. It is twenty five. I just wrote it up. I just upgrade. Thanks appreciate it and also the resale value on a forehead diamond. Not what you lightly us. Not not what you want. When there's a little bit of goop a little bit of goop on the basis You're not didn't spell twenty six miles me put a down payment on it you this. Yeah he's got no he doesn't know he does not unless loan or lease. It's hey twenty. Six million dollars for it would happen. I don't know i promise you. He doesn't have twenty six million dollars so funny to give it to anyone. Do you think it's a step like jacob the jeweler like this season. Yeah it's a it's a it's on. It's it's it's like when they give it to the actresses. Yeah like and the guy said. Put it where i can see it. And so he's there all right to fuck four but between the battering ram money. That he's gonna he's gotta make money but it's a good investment but he's a little iffy little iffy but i did like the song i kept saying now. I do what i want. Now i do what i want now. I knew what i want. It was appeared distillation of what being nine years old is like now. Bianca did you watch i. G live no sudden actually talking about it was pretty big story. She did you live where she talked about. The capitalist capital terrorism and she was talking about how she thought she was going to die and she was hiding in. Katie porter's office. There's shot from it very very attractive. Woman katie puertas office. Now right wing people including michael rapaport for some reason i know on this was We're saying that she was lying. That like it hasn't started yet has line. Didn't make sense and but it's like well. What do you think she was safe right. The like it's actually almost she. She's also on the stand like it's fine. She gets should be exactly. What has she knows right. But i'm saying that. I feel like we can allow some discrepancies with like the exact time. When you're afraid for your life choose honey. Katie puertas office and so what was the lie. People calling that she was in katie puertas office and they were they were in another part of the capitol and that was three tenths of a mile away technically through tunnels but again. She can't think she was safe. Your biggest critic has to go here. She was adam. Schiff was on frank podcast and he said that during the the terrorism that republicans said to him. They can't see you like you. Especially gotta hide and imagine hand pelosi. Yes if he was a hot woman and and if you think that isn't under fire because she's a hot woman she believes verbatim the shit that bernie beliefs and nobody wants to kilbirnie or pill whatever they wanna do to her. So there was. I'll bernie goetz so little criticism from the far-right because people face and town as we learned from my influence book two months ago. He's good looking. She's good looking and has a scratchy. Yeah and and it seems entitled worth bernie seems like well yeah they he earned it somehow but the fact that they a it's somewhat some things are just not worth calling out where it's like. What's your argument that she didn't herb store doesn't do you believe she's a congressperson weddings principles so you agree she was a congresswoman. How safe do you think she was that day. Well now i would argue that. Her makeup tutorials hurt that. But you know. I'm against makeup dorrell's I do. i'm the michael rapaport of her makeup. Why right underneath it. That's one of those fights just isn't worth having to me am marginally marjorie taylor. Green did get kicked off of her. Kenny committees so not by republicans by democrats but she get really because she was voted. She can't really be kicked out of her. She can't be kicked out of office right the well she could be. It takes sixty seven votes. He can't play with us. She can't i mean they say like she's a feckless and she was. I was watching. Msnbc and they were saying in a good way like she can't bring money back to her district and it's like well. You're not the problem. There is that other people can that because they're on the committee. Yeah they were. They're fine with that and are excited that she can't bring money like you know. This is not good for us that there's if you're on a committee you can bring more back to your state just just saying so donald you can tell us lawrence. Yes now i. He's probably my least you can tell. What the anchors think of themselves some by their theme song. Oh what is his his is like very it's like orchestral and sort of literary 'cause he's a hollywood guy and a he thinks it's like a merchant ivory moving like he thinks he's like he's like a smart hollywood personally with tastes in class and digging. Brian williams is military music. Because he thinks he's in the military as we learned. And i've always said this. Brian williams is doing a tom. Hanks impression and has been from day. One put them next to each other. He's doing thomas. That's so unequivocally doing tom. Hanks like kind of funny and studious. And we're going to get you on the other side and my guests have agreed. And i would just like to say that might white free to. It's he's doing tom. Hanks and all of his brian williams masturbate to himself doing intros for his panel. He loves like he has a pulitzer prize winner. And he's here with us. He has agreed to do another segment. He's he. I don't i don't i watch i gotta say i think it works on me but i but i don't like rachel maddow. What did you think of is a her theme music. is you know. six grade detect. Harriet the spy by her. What she thinks herself like i'm a scrappy little spitfire and i get the job done. It's like she doesn't even have music. It's just like wow. That is yeah. That's because she's always on the move did they. Don't have the music and cnn Dan didn't and then an breaking news. But i don't know what the beginning of of don lemon is there for a feeling it would be saxophone would look. That's you can get away with that. I look if i do that joke. In february this whole thing gets shut down the and then What's his name Chris hayes his is The intros or so weird world tonight like why are you yelling like john mclaughlin and i totally like magog yet. So we're like do. Don't do just don't do that. I don't it doesn't doesn't matter you're not you. Don't hello tonight. Palmanova or just. Do the fugger news weirdo now. So that's all. I have to say about that That was the second one called. Msnbc a audit of style What's the country music kid who says the n. watling. Morgan wallin a theo von type. He climbed out of the theo von swamp. He keeps saying the stop wallet. Morgan wallin i can't like he said it. A can you the circumstances which he said it was like people were making noise at jurong van. And he's like. Hey bert was just as bad. It was just like bad sloppy but apparently his his record sales are through the roof. You're kidding you you mean thing rewarded for being. Yes skyrocket sky rocket that was that was what some country music fans are waiting for like. Is this guy real. And i'm on. He said it all right. Let's go down then tickly down one three home. They rose twelve hundred percent last wednesday once he said know so. That's the thing it's not a country music not racist. It's just except in this one when a guy said the n. word and was rewarded. Now they opposite. Marjorie taylor green. He got put on committee. Yes he got put on committees. Take care of this pussy ass motherfucker. And then he goes on to tear this pussy s and i don't like it i don't like it but what are you gonna. What do you mean. No one's surprised. Except for. Maybe why people. I don't think well yeah. Clearly they were. They were on the fence about them and then once they heard him called the call the wild here his side. I don't wipe it works surprised. No i think roll. I think i can't want whenever i hear. White people say the n. Word like in in a situation like this. Like what the fuck right and i and everyone knows my has true. It's like what the fuck are you had the decency to say as a thing onstage. Like here you go very decent of you and you couldn't have been nicer har har to gold but y- this just the funny thing is clearly a neighbor like an nosy neighbor with a cell phone now on his no more than so docs him but the the thing is i mean that's when no one was looking when he was drunk uninhibited and he didn't think anyone was looking. Yeah it's just weird. It's a weird. There were black people around. It wasn't in response to why we're at person. He was telling john. Take care of boy so much. Just real comfortable it just. It's so it's when you think about a country music star says a nigger freely is bad writing but as we've learned this year the world is bad right parasites by the way. Somebody tried to compare parasite to white tiger. Because i like white tiger you yes and guess what my problem pairs i was. The workers were the parasite. Nobody like this kid actually said like i'm dick in white tiger where he wasn't looking for sympathy like i'm fighting fire with fire. Hello i'm hello. Capitalist literally says white people are yesterday and futures is brown and yellow like great great great yellow yellow and then he said morgan. One has my permission city. It's a weird movie called it now. Guy got a face transplant. The i will. We search face transplant. Guy got the first full face transplant. Four days ago in jersey mental list. Will you know what's funny. They made them just look like a blogger. Like that's where my face mask thing comes in a hand my face when i don't get it. This is the new race. Yes and they talk like that. Like dizzy of eyeballs maybe not They just made them look like he's got. He's a coal news. They just made them look like he's got. He runs a of film website. He looks like a film buff. Yeah oh this is the it's going on here. Those were parents. Oh yeah yeah. It's not bad. I had the dark is sorry sorry. Sorry there's i guess they're still sorry. We did everything we could eiser too. Darn take it off Yeah yes cool. yeah i mostly just. He looks like blogger. I was. I went down. 'cause i'm i'm a dick. I went down a rabbit hole of these random stories of people getting transplants and then taking on personality traits of the donor. What how bad. How crazy from what i understand. The story was relayed the quotes of the black. That died and older white gentlemen got his heart. I just wanna beats oddly enough. The black kid was a violinist and they knew they got his heart from a blanket and the quotes are a little dodgy. The quotes are saying. Well we didn't think So basically all of a sudden her husband's started listening to classical music at never listened to classical music in his life or cared about it and then just started taking on certain traits but the quotes were like. We didn't think it was. It was a black kid. So why would he start listening to classic especially this month and and then they said you know he started invited. He's never invited his black friends over his co workers over never really had much to do with them outside of oregon and started forging french. That's all movie with denzel. And bob hoskins called heart condition where there's a heart switching movie and i don't remember who got what but what's the premise denzel gets. I think bob hoskins gets his heart or vice versa. An i didn't watch. But i know that. That's the premise. I don't like switching movies. I bought this old sixties. Movie poster is to racist like this needs to be in my hands. And we're it's safe pinhas. Funky ron because of during the the petroleum shortage. I'm like i'm you'll becoming haul petroleum. Pretty europeans is the gas. We call it the gas. Okay you know what it's actually patrol okay. So by the way the in the documentary lady. Dale there's a there's footage of the gas shortage in the seventies interesting and a woman's just complaining. They should have said they were out again and they might as well just put vaccine in people walking. Stop complaining about anything. They they're incapable anyhow. Go ahead so. I bought it. And it's a poster. It's a movie in the sixties. Cold change of mind and a guy needs to blame brain brain transplant and the only available once from a black man in the whole movie is about. The tagline is a black man's brain white man's body and there's love making seeing the wife scared it's will. Will you look up heart condition or you want your face been waiting heart condition just heart condition. Heart condition denzel washington cardiac arrest heart disease. Who did what this looks like. Twins every post beautiful Hit to rizal rivals compelling competing the same work area and their community to help bring down the drug rate gobi to find a mysterious man that shot and killed napoleon stone Denzel of course napoleon stone. The blanket shot. You're not la. Oh didn't do well made four dollars less an eighties hoskin. I don't know nominally bitcoin. It's four million dollars is not good Hoskins please police. Sergeant jack mony a racist bigoted cop and plays napoleon stone irresistible persuader. An ambulance chasing lawyer. Who moony hates. The feelings are mutual. Sound goes on to date moonies ex-girlfriend oopsy daisy who stirs up the pot between the two moons. Here's a bad habits such as overeating. Smoking and drinking finally catch up with them risking his health and live at the same time stone. It's gunned down in a drive-by shooting which happened to eighty percent of black characters before nineteen ninety-five after suffering a heart attack. Moony wakes up to find that his new heart was want stones and the dead lawyers. Ghost has become as constant campaign. Oh he's he goes dead. He goes to at and here they. They just flipped it by adding. The hard element is a comedy. I think it was supposed to be. They tried to make bob hoskins like in. What's the animated one. The people of who framed roger robert. I mean that's an drive. it's a cool movie. Szekely bob hoskins. Being did not help it. He's gonna like generic like hey but he's also british so that's why i never bought it because like you know this clouds british humor suckers get yet dennis farina in there. Oh my god rbis in peace and power power greats. Dennis farina when he died his heart went into sebastian stupid. I've always said. Sebastian is dennis farina. That's so was like. Oh it's dennis farina jokes you're going to be a billionaire and sure enough. He just put a dime in his face. Sebastian put a diamond in face. The d. c. The diamond A face transplant. Okay guys we gotta talk kong china vagina. Did you see them other feigen. Yeah i don't understand how people still think that they can get away with it. I think you can play it. Because i mean it's it's kung fu fighting is out of the will like you're not allowed i food vagina egg from final saliva. They become a bad messiah. So i've never gonna hurt tie on the gods the board you're going to shop aboard. Yeah promise i love this. Here's the problem all kung fu kitty. Kitty flus fine. But if you're doing it kung fu janna call compu kitty. It's same fucking it comes. Sounds like it's already been out like those that already sounds like something. What is kong fu kidding. Set a new kitty. I feel like it's something. Kung-fu kitty isn't it. A restaurant now. It's it's the number one thing is a is a. It's a video on youtube of a cat. Natives put at it sounds birkat does. It's so it's not like that's a and then not selling a young like jade exit. You like you only so you can do cable kegalle stuff adjacent stuff but apparently it's a class. Well they also say you know which raises some questions. Are we doing classes now. I think its virtual. I mean you don't need a mask on your posing So they're saying that jade eggs in your pussy is ancient chinese secret when it's not. There's actually no evidence that chinese people put jade eggs of their pussy. Somebody's for storage. If i know anything about the chinese they're they're brutal people. Who would do some shit like that. Just like why are foot it. And then that's their answer. Yeah i guess. Goop said it was like the secret concubines to put the eggs up there and this is a whole other issue but and i think i've said this before when beyond say had the lyric about bomb ass pussy i said to my girlfriend is it's all bombers pussy. There's no no we don't want it. No don't ruin it that you know. Giant china is better than another one summer. little looser. now yeah yeah like occasionally for the most part. It's like once in a blue moon. You'll get like whoa but not any any noticeable market way. Neil don't ruin our fantasy fan. i'm tr- i'm wanting you know we need the first of all. It's it's a little intrusive. Appeanas goes us and shoves all of our organs up and down. I don't think it shoved your organs down now there's are not like what did you do with it. It's just like i don't lose out but yeah when you talk. I'm just saying that like i. That's why we need to feel something of really time watching videos and coming up with funny shit to say okay. Okay so they just they don't. This is so no-one said maybe this isn't a good idea. I think they're just like chicks. I don't think there especially smart. I don't think they're in marketing. I don't think that. I don't think that they had any history of good videos. Or i mean this is a classic of skits are not for everybody now. Racial racial skits. Not these you got tender fucking fucking a tender hand that you can fuck up racial shit like this and i think they're white people. Both white one looks asian in the video because of her make great makeup. Pretty cool that extra mile today makeup. What should they do go away. I mean they were never here. It's what i can go back to whatever. They were washing cars or whatever they were doing okay. There's i don't really have idea for this other than there was a list on red white. Injuries really made me laugh. these are things in the e r that the percentage of people that suffered from them were white cejka. They are skeet shooting. One hundred percent white speech. I shouldn't say. I'll say skeet shooting injuries. And we'll assume it means participants snowmobiles. Ninety eight point three. I now i will say i bet with like snowmobiles. They're so fun. Yes if they if they fuck with them. They would like the same way like on the south. Yeah yeah and and he's like little devil would have all kinds of fun. Have you ever driven a cd. I did yes in costa rica. Yeah and but they you got when you rent a thing like that. You got to hope that the kids are high and are irresponsible. Why 'cause they'll let you do shit. They wouldn't if they're just like if the bosses there. It's a way worse time. They'll take the most one ever had in. My life is jet skiing in puerto rico on waves and with like a bunch of nineteen year old puerto rican kids in charge survey the best the most of my life and it was in two thousand three headed. It's been a while it has had. I know i i'm done. I've done jetski sent but that you can't wait outside You can go close. There's so many rose. Whereas this was like i don't know so like five feet waves. Wow jetski was so. I was laughing as in mid ass. I knew i was get crushed and it was making me laugh. That's so and i would like da and of course roller hockey not surprised. They made it to ice hockey little roller hockey Tree stands hunting. Like hiding in the in the nook dislike waiting for the the the blinds and they're in the blunt thank you. I guess the blind collapse calls from the people who brought you snowmobiles. Utility vehicles ninety six percent white injuries tarpaulins. Which are just tarps. How what did you. What did you do hanging up tarps. And they do that. Black people even eh power routers. What the finally five percent. That feels like a generator. That feels so Garden tractors splitter. Exactly what you think it is how you yeah which i gotta say. One of my worst fears a blade accident. Yeah woods i took woods set a class which class never heard of it. My wh you acted like we were it was. Everyone's been offered woods wait woods. No one's heard of this. So there's woods worth. Many readers are driving into oncoming traffic listeners of driving oncoming. You didn't take woods almac saying like normal. I've never heard of it. I've never heard of it. We all know how which plus woodshop yes. That's the thing. yeah i just. Oh you're you're like fucking short. Y'all y'all take him one. Smoke this jay and hit woods shop. I didn't they didn't i went to catholic high school. So then how. We'd like woods and metals. Sorry woodshop and metal. Shy took shame classes and everything even to this day. There's contraptions that scare me. They shouldn't have them in school. I mean i don't. I saw there's just there's a scroll saw this you have to that. There's a type of like sander so it looks like that and on one side of it the downside is were you saying things and whatever and if you put anything on the upside it's like five gone into the ceiling scrape to the bone There's just so much that can maim you. Yeah and and disfigure you and a lot of different drill. Bits and saws. Yeah now the flip side is. I'm i'm i'm a wealthy old woman at this point when it comes to like doing walker. Yes i'm although i did now i didn't i got some. I'd put up some wallpaper was kid and do you feel. Do you like when you do something does it. Does it feel sad on. We're going home depot. It's it's the right place okay. Gummy white saying my talk. I talk about going to him. Talk about it on our podcast award. Winning podcast i talk. It's great and i want. I almost got a drill bit. And i actually did buy and returned it and might have to go back and buy another one because i had another worker here and i had him. Put it in stud. I hung up some painting. Kevin christie's works above my bed. So i found. I guess drill. I don't i want to get one. I had one in return. Because i was like. I don't think i'm going to need it. And now. I know you always need a drill yet. But they're what i couple things there. One hundred bucks would just kind of a lot for a phantom black and decker one. That's forty five bucks with like a bunch of bits cordless cordless and it has the cordless in it has the like The magnet and has a light simulink. I'd love to par with that. Okay yeah i need. I need i guess by one divo- yeah but they're all they're all the ones i saw. Were like one hundred ten weird. Okay i'll send you the one. I i'll look at the one i got an or i use it once a year. Just that's what i mean. Like and again i make a decent living i just. It seems like a waste of shit to buy kind of to. I love i. Now my h- my home is full of dump shoot. I brought a two hundred dollar shock. Collar from iris so but i refused. Do you wear your running out of risk to real estate kind of weird. I'm waiting the from. Pavlov contacted me. Oh why because. I mentioned it. Oh cool and they have a new addition coming out of the. I attach it to my this watch. Yeah so helpless. No way looks. It's goofy helps you'll say So what else. Why archery of course caller wood-burning stoves appellation. This one got me. And i realized that it's actually wider than normal skiing water skiing. Which combines while you're skiing water skiing wasn't in terms of injuries the think about you don't see a lot of people waterskiing or are they better than white people at it. Oh you're saying that they're not getting injured because of their natural huge in muscles that they have from yes and they're buoyant all of a sudden black history month. You're gonna swim this month God made you buoyant this month. Do you believe the buoyant they see theory. I always told it via wipers. And i know that's what i'm wondering like what is the. There's of course what why what people tell white people and then there's what blind people tell other black people know. This is about what why people tell black. You know what i'm saying. There's things that bible will deny up and down and then on the side of me like i don't know the side part i leave you. I just don't know no this one. I was at some hollywood party. The ben is boosted by people. Like libels other forever but then they were mad at chris for saying it in front of white people. Yeah well i don't know because this guy was like. oh yeah. I have friends from compton and they can't swim there too. Dense flash dense your bone density. I was like he was complimenting. How willow. Swimming i just. I learned a lot swam slam away. small small world. Chris line to swim during covid. A lot of people acid to sebastian and john lennon all took swim lessons in the last couple of years. It's so fun kid and you know who might be next. You don't notice limb. I know how to swim. I just not. It's not impressive. Like if a girl wants to fuck me. I cannot take her swimming gizine. Paddle isn't gonna my isn't going to. I was on team moist. Since i can high school notion. That's where a lot of what does that mean you swim. you'll swim. i swim like at pass. The waves swim gophers. And like you keep saying like swim. Oh like what do you do like. That's where you swim like. I need to swim laps. Excuse me so. Where's the pacific. Your kind of like. I like going all the way down in back as far as i just like really far up in back freestyle now. The question is such a good work out. is it hard. Fuck is it. It's kind of workout. What does the bodies. What i like eight does lease impact. And it works doesn't do you get lats all the shit you want. I got it but there's no right but you think about the olympic swimmers. They got less. They're all like shredded but he's also butterfly really. It depends on your stroke. I think but but when you do swim it's the only thing that not the only thing but you lose fat and you tone up simultaneously. I was but it takes a long time. What does the bachelor saying. It's a year to learn swimming. Yeah i don't know maybe once you're an adult maybe it's it's just if the face fear a lot more than when you get. Are you afraid of the yeah okay. Of course i how do you. How are you not afraid of the ocean. How is anyone not afraid of the ocean. Nothing i would argue. There's nothing more. Terrifying in the bering sea is frightening. But i mean. Are you afraid of the peer. Like just swimming out. That's an issue. I don't mean invitation. The afraid of just venice. You go out like it'll never happen. I think even. If i take lessons i feel your can't feel this Unless there are waves like body surfing. There's no incentive for me to swim because it doesn't look good and i don't get anywhere fast. Okay aside as mode of transportation. And i look weak. Yeah really need a swimming pool a gym membership and then you know i know i know i would but i don't think i could even learn. I would need a lesson for sure. Because i don't i could do what i see on. Yeah and as much as i say i don't. I can like if we race. I've won races so it's not. Oh i just don't what i'm doing is the point. Is i have no idea what i'm doing. So people like you curved. Of course i- curved. I don't know i don't know how to do it. Yeah but people do saints a good workout. But then he Injuries no didn't oz chisels or planes back into all log splitters if you if you don't learn woods than your if you don't know we don't know tractors. This goes with garden. Tractors tractors and ninety two percent. Ice hockey ninety two percent whites and snow skiing ninety two percent once so stay safe black people. It's your month doc. Watch will great. Did you watch essence a very good movie. Good story interesting. And it's the story of the two women who killed kim jong un's oh yeah brother in the airport. Oh yeah that's so wild. Yeah deep dove into that okay. Maybe you don't have to watch it just the prank show which is so. It's what she's saying is so they killed. I mean this was in the news but they kill them and then said like we thought we were on a prank show. And you hear that. And you're like that's insane you go with. That's insane but is it like. Is that in saying that there are enough. I'm funny shows. yes there are enough prank shows. Now that you don't know and people wanna be famous like there's plenty of reasons that could be true and then they go into it and it's it's true. Yeah a while they were held and then the government had to don't don't say anymore because it's they go into the whole trial okay. Yeah it's i forget why. He wanted his uncle because he was talking. Greasy straight up. It's not as uncle his brother. I thought it was his his are you. It was kim jong il son his other son so they differ moms. Oh they there was at one point the brother was going to be was going to be the president and then he started playing some ambience shit where he he was currying favour with kim jong un or kim jong il and then kim jong il died kim jong on got the job and then kill the brother anyway. 'cause fucking psycho and but it's it's the you know my takeaway was women in asia. Our fucked that was my big because nothing lead them to doing it in the first place. Their life sucks so bad before right. One of them was that had been just like just like neil. Even i was disgusted. There's disgusted there isn't really suited. Show that he's watch called scare. Tactics baldwin was the host better and they just scare people in one of the pranks pool. Is they pretended. The person was on a fake prank show and then they would do something that would accidentally kills them one right and then the you know show show within a show like and that's all i'm like it's so why would someone think they would. That would actually kill someone. You know what i mean like. It's so wild that it could just work they. You know what. I don't wanna get into specific in the documentary but the thing once i heard it i was like oh. It wasn't their first prank guys. That was like oh damn. That's deep taste. Just do some like they. They i mean you wanna talk about yet so that it was just interesting shit. It was interesting in that how innocent they were and and yet there was no stopping the trial even though it was like yeah but did matter. Apparently i. i won't help anything. But the what they use the poison linked. They didn't really take care that it wouldn't have also poisoned the girls. They didn't tell them. Don't touch your face yeah They knew it was bad but they didn't know was. Vx most poisonous substance on earth. That you cannot get any no one like government habit. Yeah for rainy day. That governments hold onto it kids in need it Frontline did a china. China virus kovin lou the they and it's the same it was. It wasn't boring but it's the story of corruption government corruptions always say yeah was lying and then slowly but surely being like. Okay you might. They said you can't. There's no person to person transfer for a month. They said that like there might be and and there's another guy who was on mar who thinks it was just straight up created a lab. I know my brother talking about that. And because i mean you've been i don't care. I don't think that they released intentionally right. That's the problem elaborate stupid but it is like that some. What are you gonna do shit. But we're talking about it. And i've been to those markets and lovely there so so basically the what is the mucous membrane around. Our type of covid is either from a bat or some sort of reptiles lizards. So they were saying that That because the way they keep them in wet markets okay. We'll maybe it did come from what we were just debating it because he works for. Cbs news huge told me how there's other examples of weird ass vid strains popping up in places where think he was telling me in denmark. I don't know a placement the minx. Yeah where they keep the minx really close together to kill all the means because they were developed like a form of choline so he was like it could have been in a lab because the thing that the guy said weinstein set on mars show. Is that the reasoning. Things that make having a lab is because of the way it's mutating. It's like live a mutation. That doesn't really happen in natural weird. I it's above my pay grade. I'm not you know what nails citizens britney didn't love hulu net new york times didn't love the dock is not remarkable. Half of one i have. I feel like if you're the first half was just an mtv. The real hollywood story but the second have i just didn't know it's fucking weird. I feel like either. They know something that we don't know about her mental health that they don't want to get out like i would thing that that i was telling well this before he got here was the reason all of those goofball fans think that there's some like britney doesn't do those kinds of emotions the reason they've never they can't believe that she could be sick is because they've never seen actually sick and doesn't know how they react doesn't know how people meant illness behave which is some are really good at covering it up and so they can so they say stuff like i'm sad i wanna i don't want the conservative ship and you go off. She said and then you don't know what she's like. The cameras aren't rolling. Like there's a very good chance. She's legitimately mentally ill. There is but when you watch it you realize okay. Got that point but right. She's not saying for to go a she saying. I don't want my dad. Oh yeah they should switch the person that i have no problem with and because a lot of the time from what i understand you really have to be like out of your mind. You know to have this for them not to lift it one. You're you retain a lawyer. You're petitioning for it to get removed. It just feels like there is some. It's hard to undo. It's hard thing to do your but we trust you to headline like two year residency in vegas to me. I mean what's more nerve nerve-racking figuring out like being in having more control over your life or standing up in front of millions of people night after night and onstage. So it's my life is worth falls apart. I'm i'm. I'm i'm a rookie life. That's the thing it's like on that stage. If she was suffering that bad shows would be terrible. They would be kanye west. Yeah but none of it's her shows are connie did some good shows he did whilst mentally ill and he did some very odd behavior show left he left one because if your wife got robbed complained para she leaves with that one. But there's some that i'm just saying there is. This is relevant in this discussion. Here's why i think he's relevant. Because do you remember. When i posted a thing from sunday service and i said Like kanye is a great guy when he's not mentally ill but you can't say he's mentally ill you sorrow and you can't say that he's not mentally ill then. He released an album called. i hate being bipolar. it's awesome so can. I say he's mentally ill yet. It's these fans. Get it in their head like you can't talk about this person that they don't know they only know through their albums and i happen to know a little bit personally. Say i think it's It's like the story told you my best friend. At the time her sister had mental handicaps sort of. maybe doubt. I don't know and i would say mentally retarded. i dunno. They said we say special. So then i said special but sometimes people don't like the the the raw run on the unrefined sugar they want. They don't like you're right but connie's mentally ill. I think to people's homes meet. Oh i don't. I mean what should i call them unwell. That's too vague sake now. That sounds like he's coughing mentally. I'm fine with it. But i think fans are very give cool. Doesn't change the outcome at all to one bit. And this is aside but during the during the one of the commercials the heart wrenching commercials about the special about the girl without legs. She's olympic athlete. I have the thought that coaches for the special olympics. Most of their days yelling at handicapped people which has got to be pretty satisfying. 'cause went else. Can yell at handicapped people you want to. Am i right fans. Did you watch the lady in the dale. I didn't watch it. Looks good tonight. Rate is at its four parts. Which i love you thank you. Thank you for the material. Thank you for occupied my time It is great. And i won't say anything else about it. It's crazy back when you could really when you could really get away with it like fraud like it. Was the the lady selling three wheel car. Does anything basically she said that. Motorcycle rock Selling a car. So why would you send it. Bag didn't want the podcast. Then i just remember he got it for you. Chris rock me three wheel motorcycle for helping tambourine and the guy delivered to my house and i. He told me what it was. And i go. I don't want wanna and he was like what are you talking about i got. I don't want the motorcycle and he's like well it's paid for. I was like. I'm not taking it because i knew once it got in my garage. It was never leaving now. And he's showing me like what it is. So what when you when you were firm. What did he say. Well yeah i find. There was a button on the thing. That was anti-skid and i was like i gotta push a button not too skinny I would hope that would come. Standard roasting the guy. driving away. The fuck you have to wear a helmet in it all the time. So it's like two sidecars good now with three wheels. And i finally said i'm not taking it like what should i any goes. All right i can tell you what i can bring it back to the dealership and we can sell on consignment. And i thought i'm gonna twenty seven grand and then it turned and then like a month later called the dealership my. Hey where's my money right and then you didn't. They were like you know that thing where they keep putting on hold and you're like that's something i'm getting fucked somehow and the guy's like oh you didn't hear they gave it to somebody else so righteous up nearly one. I'll just give somebody else. That's a really funny that you still call to make my mind. I wanna get a drill bit the money. Let's do some emails. R. s. t. l. e. question. How important is it to be pursuing your passion versus working and spending a lot of your life waking life just paying the bills. So i've heard neil go on and on about his crayon boever's blah blah drives soon qualifies neal's achieving his with financial comfort. That brings a serial round comedy but wouldn't consider yourself a community and i hope that's right. I'd say you're a new media superstar in the making not sure if important to you or not qualified chaser dream So my question. How important is chasing your dream versus doing something to pay bills. Do you both think you're doing what you love every day. And if not how important is that even do what and the uncle tounkara lobby well. Here's here's what. I've learned about dreams a lot of my dreams as i don't know if you heard when the guy said pursue my dreams and i said like i'm just getting started. There's nothing worse than a person. Who's like i'm just getting started. I'm this surface with my dreams. Shush it Lot of times if you if you think about it your dreams lot of the dreams that i pursue our dreams of fifteen year old boy and i'm just still pursuing them. A part of me thinks that at a certain point you have dreams and then you. You are pursuing them. Because you just don't wanna lose like well i started. It's like a bad money. The sunk cost fallacy thing. A so i would suggest the best way to pursue. Dreams is think about. You're why and why it's like. And then what. and then what. And what you're probably looking for is some some level of fulfillment or acceptance or appreciation from other people. If you can do that yourself you can save yourself a lot of time. You can save yourself like a decade of odd thing that you might even succeed at but there's just it just gets to the point where you get. Like what do i. For instance. I look at trayvon who is on my group tax. And he's got a he wrote short. That's like trying to get an academy award nomination for shows short from whatever and he's got a movie that eat yourself was supposed to do and i the way he talks about it. I'm like i'm member. This feeling of like i'm going to. Yeah it's this thing of like. Look it over the wall. Like i'm getting over the wall and what he doesn't know as most of the people on the other side of the wall are the biggest cox. Because you've ever met and you don't want i just had this. Don't wanna spend another second with any of them right. So therefore i go. I don't care about movies. I don't think they're better than tv. I don't i don't want to do that. It's not a thing is by but it a lot of that comes from having seen what the bit played things out to their completion and realizing like oh okay not like that was foolish to do but you just of see the limitations of kind of everything. Yeah so that's what. I would suggest somebody who's like think about what your why you're why that's your goal. And then from their work backward into like well do i can get there in my own right because they just give myself the pat on the back instead of like i end today i finally feel but having said that the acceptance three. Mike's felt fucking awesome. So i don't know that i would say that go. Santa goal is a goal in itself in that. I like stand up every night. I'm not doing it to my special is gonna come out and a like my buddy derricks in of itself thing on hulu came out and i can see him reckoning with being occupied by this thing for three years and then it's out and it's not bad it's great it's like very well received in cetera et cetera. But there is a like the side like in being john malkovich where they drop them on. The side of the highway is what do you what do you what are your. What's your arc with all the stuff i think. I don't know i think you need to get. I just think everyone has a spectrum of should. That's in their wheelhouse. And there's one end where you'd kill. It wouldn't take much effort at all and there's one end that would be the hardest thing that you could. You could possibly achieve skill set and your personality type yada. And so i think really depends on a lot of factors are where you where you put the marker on the spectrum and i feel you know kind of like artists sort of creatives are always at the hardest end because it's just such a crapshoot but it's weird because you have to have some cues that somebody else besides you in people who love you. Think you're good at what you're doing so if you just cannot find some level of success or logistics end up if you i know people who i get a feeling not like anybody anybody to know but open mic irs or people have just been hanging around the store forever or something like that. It's like are you gonna make it or you gonna pop. That's the thing where it becomes thing of like. I'm not gonna give them the satisfaction of seeing me. It's like no one's gonna notice. Look at the walls of the look at the hallway in the in the in the at the store or look at when you're going up to the the or for show and look at everybody who's lined who lines the walls headshots. You don't know most of them. You know one out of five and at some point every all of them had the same by the people on the wall are a lot of them are people that made it just. Because that's how they put the pictures up a lot of them in the hallway. Maybe on the steps they are. I think it's the opposite really. Also i'm like but what i'm saying is the ratio if you went if you look at the average rundown from the store sometimes it's david letterman and gallagher and they'll time of ten people you've never heard of but that actually did something. I mean there is not. Everybody is a letterman and recognizable name. Even though they did have moment when they were involved in stuff like that. I just mean. At what point do you reason with like. Where's your line in this enter. You're chasing fifteen year olds. What if you haven't done xyz by the year fifteen or something you know like it. I don't know but then you hear like a the mayor in story. Those are the ones that these stories like. I was walking like angus. That movie scott discovered in a mall. You know those ones. Keep people dreaming young. Keep the i. Well that's why i don't like the oscars because it because it promotes people without talent to move to la. Anything is possible if you're eleven out of town on the looks department any and a woman. You're right anything is possible for everybody else is stay. Stay where you are. I said it's the best advertisement for extras. In the history of the world. It's good is the oscars for come out work background. Everything is like date the odds of your they all tell you know they were. They were doing pretty good. There was a lot of them have been acting forever. Who knows what distribution company owns that movie to get the come on. Come on you talking about. And i went to the oscars and did not watch a lot of did not watch a lot of the award show. It's so fun at the bar. It's of the real show. Because i went to the last oscars actually and guess who i saw kazimierz by they say neil's right you've got may hello ni. Ardo and banks are gone back into sun. Listened i've gone back and decided to re listen to all the episodes from the start because i'm a maniac and just can't get enough. I'm currently on. Get it how you live and i burst out live in this week and when you guys were talking. About how corona viruses no big deal and just hysteria. Sure you would laugh as well. We all fell the way at the time. anyway. I just wanted to comment on. How different. I think neil is after the last week. Someone said neal lose his edge. And i wholeheartedly disagree. I bounced back between on the old episodes. New ones and neil is a changed person for share but still super funny and winning three part i just he seems way less petty and stupid shit rolls awesome way more anyway not a question but it uses observation be nice to will but don't actually be nice because when shit on it's so damn funny shit you know there's no question i just wanna keep better person crazy not so much better than i need. Compliments on the air good goodbye. I'm not that much better. Don't get it twisted into neal. Brennan says a form letter. Dear neal brennan. I'm letting you know as a black woman who prefers white men. My boyfriend who. I adore love of my life echoes. What bianca says these white men really feel like they own these buildings. I think she's talking about government buildings because in truth white men do own most. My boyfriend put eight years into the armed forces and was discharged just. She's honorably but he would never do the violence but say he sympathizes because veterans have been thrown away by both parties. Democrats and republicans to the middle class feels abandoned disenfranchised great. Show keep up the good work. I'm fifty my love. Sixty just wanted to give you a window People are feeling. Love your humor. Neil debbie I don't i cannot speak to the military. All i know is that i know the. Va's very poorly run. Yes no in the military. I would just say. Stop it with the hero shit just mention. Where does all the money go. Poorly ex ina bombs into raytheon chip. Let's give it to like. Yeah i mean interracial yet making people the bomb where they keep. The bombs of horrible. Ornate looks like japanese candies and a and yeah that they shouldn't rely on jon stewart to get them funding and you know what i mean like where you're where it's so crazy and yet they all claim to we love our troops. I'm sure fort life fort. life doesn't sound good like the camps. No well yeah it's not. I mean they'll what you're getting you get a pension you get a lotta shit. Yeah fairly quickly. But you're counting on a corporation you're counting on not a corporation county on unknown entity. That's not good was not good to your forefathers in the military so know that going in do your research do your own research it's q. Said excuse military so yeah. But i'm glad that day the amount of military guys that are being found out it's like twenty percent or something that were military ex military or law enforcement food by. You've got mail. Hello neil and jar banks as an excellent moral compass. How do you feel about white people wearing kangol hats and twenty twenty one. You know what it means. If a white man's wearing a kangol and twenty twenty one it means he is bald stop. I'm positive if a white man's wearing a kangol they're always bald kind of you like he like that guy's bald pro. I promise you that goes. Ll was always ashamed of the shape of his head. Apparently that's why he wore one kevin spacey's bald destr- travolta wear them. I don't know tarantino's bodies says notre. Same jackson bald people. A younger crowd couldn't tarintino now. Oh this is hilarious. Billy crystal bald. Yeah they're all. I mean a young mcintyre or an in a kangol baseball hats are terrible. Not bruce willis loves the come item. Some items of clothing needs to be racist. Just this you don't want us or whites. Blacks only blacks only do rag kangaroo directs very much anymore. Not like they were like. Oh three four hundred the south lately. Good point good that good that you've got man and be on a thirty year old tree and raised in the us. My girlfriend is white from southern. Indiana has a good heart after the capital riots. My girlfriend didn't like that. I called the domestic terrorists cracker ass crackers or vanilla isis by the way. Yesterday was chris birthday. We owe chris rock crackers crackers. He gave us crackers crackers. He gave us the friend zone which people don't realize his he's at his daughter's don't realize it that he's like you know i did that. I invented their friends. What else are you giving tiger woods. I mean he's got a lot of negative verses. I mean yes yes. Da da da da And he's great And no sexist champagne room and so much such still figuring out how to wear a mask. This is birthday news birthday. But he's still for his birthday. I gave fast class. Her main pushback was her saying saying that it was saying cracker ass crackers as bad as the n. Word a lot of family she grew up with around are hardcore right winger. She voted for biden in two thousand. Twenty one yes sir but social injustice issues. Still make her uncomfortable. I plan to marry her and told her that. You just won't understand what minorities deal with until we have kids when speaking about racial issues. What are you guys suggest to help her. Understand that the people she loves aren't as good as she thinks there. I mean how. Do you tell someone that i don't think you can. Yeah it sound like you just have to wait for your father in law to call your son the n. Word and then she'll realize like wait a minute. This is way worse than arrest crackers. The crackers like an word thing is so weird. it's just not it's equivalent. also. I think people think it's because y will look like saltines or something but it's really just a cracking. The whip anyways redneck just because they would get rednecks in the they being the field with life. So it's like wow now if she gets none of it hurts white people. It's all just describing things also room care. I mean all you It's their historic words and the history of white people versus by people is. There's just can't we can't be injured. You can't interest with fucking can't crackers crackers. Like i just think he's not talking about me whenever and they also know dated. Yeah packer would. Is that hardware guys in like peckish rocks with their sleeves rolled up what and trying to run one to sotos off the road Just going to have to wait. You look at what you're asking. How do you tell them. How do you tell your wife that her family's shitty you have to understand if you really wanna marry her. Those are your family to these people that he doesn't think are good. Are going to be related to your kids so think about it. brother ended tonight poisoner. The hardcore rose voted for biden. I mean she'll come the what you're asking her to do what you're asking like. Why do is when i said when george flights your resume people hey clean out the garage. So she's like yeah fuck the fucking garage and she one day she might but your sons are going to have to help our goodbye. You've got mail and bianca alycia niara twenty six year old white man. I recently was With friends and asian woman my age. Who i just met accidentally open my phone saying she mistook it for hers. When opening it she saw. I had used a black flecks emoji and a black queen emoji with my girlfriend. She called me out for bad behavior. And i explained to her. My girlfriend is black. I'm aware of digital black face. And i only use it in our consenting relationships. My girlfriend has said she doesn't care. And we'll send me widen when i work out etc. The asian woman still said. I need to stop even though she wouldn't have known if she didn't go into my phone without permission. I see this as telling both me and my girlfriend how to behave in our personal lives now. I have stopped other problematic things. I've done with consenting black friends using certain words around the house a certain word around them in the past because of the potential society unprofessional repercussions. They told me they didn't care. Also eventually i just felt mad corny doing it so my questions are i. Don't think he used the term. Ed corney So my questions are one is is behavior society seizes problematic. Still bad to do. Even if your friends significant other consents to it. i believe. Friendship allows good-faith transgressions. And two if you don't see a moral problem with consenting transgressions is is it still best to stop the behavior to keep my straight white house out of trouble. It's a very good question. I would bet you and i differ on this. I don't think so because we talked about already. Not the black. You can send a black fist to a black person. No i guess we do design this if your girlfriend is black. And he's going to the gym. Know what i'm saying is like we go finish outside. You can send a black emoji to your girlfriend. Because you're representing. You worked out your black muscles. That's what it's doing if you're if you're a black queen. I'm not going to send you a white queen because then it lacks representation. That's there's no. If it's i'm all for tation in emoji emoji precipitation now the transgression within relationships. I have an were defense that you're not gonna buy but here is what i would hear isn't possible and we're defense reading this okay. Even though he's is for that but he brought up extra credit if a black person is calling a white person the n. Word in a friendship the assumption as this is no longer about race it's about belonging you know what i mean. Clearly it doesn't mean you black person. It just means that you person i fucked with so therefore i understand how a white person and i never fondness for myself this from you. Know what i'm saying. A white. I understand why a white person then start saying it because it becomes not about race it becomes about a blogging. I understand the psychology. Or there's just world there's just words you use amongst your friends that as soon as you. I had a friend who's indian and she would do an indian accent with me all the time. We would do it all the time together. And i started doing it when she was not around and i just felt like. What am i doing doing this. Of course i agree with that. So i'm just saying. I understand how things can get away from you. If they're playful and lighthearted about race am to where you get a little too familiar outside of the company yet i understand. But what the question becomes. Is there such a thing as too familiar within the group. If it's it's a bit like be dsm. We're i've yeah by. Like if i don't want him or her to say the n word i'll tell i think it's well. It's diff- okay. So the the girlfriend boyfriend thing was already said you know of course racist in a relief from what better place. Hello you can just be inappropriate on all levels. And as long as i can be very bonding experience. Right and as long as person's catching what you're throwing and can throw it right back and there's an understanding is none of our business. But i don't know i dated a british guy wants and he kept saying scotto. I was like dude do you have. I don't. I don't like when you say i don't know why you're even though between us. Whatever it's not like. I he was also. A white person says ghetto. The they're never right. Where it's like what woody mean and they. They'll explain it. And you're like i gave him. I gave him other words. Like i don't know where you may not seen as bad here. But ghetto your. I don't know but at the same time that was wizard boundary. I wasn't cool with and then he was like i'm so sorry my bad so if let's see i was cool with it. Is it anybody else's business. I don't know. I remember even barkley talking about dan marley. A white bathrobe player that he that he's cool with that he's still friends with they pay together saying like dan marlene. She's on the golf course but he was saying like were cool. They all got in trouble. It was one of these things where it was like. No we can't none of us can but then okay but the problem is let's say i would. I didn't mind if he said keto now. I'm not really checking a bad behavior. Do you gotta worry when you leave the ranch as it were and he says ghetto. Run a bunch of people that have an authorized him. So that's the problem. So do we just you know. Let's not even. Let's not get into a bad habit. You know all about setting habits beyond to bianca was papers and she got her desk in order. Yeah i think it's a case by case basis. But i think the asian woman i think about face ide- it makes it so asian women can't open your phone also. I accidentally met a woman. Berated me about my phone she went into. That's like not first of all. I don't want to show. That woman is susceptible to scrap. I'm not saying she's acting susceptible and she's got. She's on her way to make a good by my little neely and my big dog bionics every episode active listener active listeners taken off i'd like to ask how the capital of fuck do i stop offending my girlfriend. I've come to the conclusion that she's really sensitive and or insecure. This doesn't overshadow how important she is to me and how much she brings to my life. Who wants same things out of significant others. We were loyal honest passionate. Absolute best friends. How ever i offend her constantly and this is important but really triple trivial things I was surprised. She didn't know who. Neil young was or when apartment searching i dislike a place she liked she she she let me read that again. I was surprised. She didn't know who. Neil young was or when apartment searching i dislike a place she liked she gets completely deflated and thinks that i think she's dumb and take differing opinions. Personal attacks can't figure this out simply not speaking isn't an option. What the fuck do i do. I love never miss an episode. Let me know if you need more personal inflation to include this episode as a navy. What are you saying mir. What a nightmare concept like know who the fuck wants offend someone when you're trying to have a good time playing with the ball and ends up on the roof can't believe yet but it's it's worse than that. It's like playing tag and anytime you tag. The person they cry say that you offend them and the point of being relationship half of it is just to be on the same page in laugh. at least. That's the goal my opinion and she's so why she so brittle also what was there not signs. She was this sensitive sending people. Don't come out of nowhere. I think there are things that you put up with in the beginning and don't think you just think they're gonna go away. They're never going away. They're never going away their babies kits they don't multiply your not gonna basis. The this is the thing i've come to. Women are just wildly sensitive. I started thinking that women are weightless and manner gravity so you just constantly like oh remind christian. Your course you're never you guys never really do agree with you. Believe in horoscopes. You believe in like fucking airborne. Shit like i just think that man and a woman i think long distance relationships just goofy shit relative to men. I just think you are excluding men from a thinking about all this shit. i think. Horoscopes eighty twenty women. Demand that's fine but horoscopes are neither here on the show. I would suggest that you're more likely to find a woman who sensitive than freely. I personally would argue that. Yes that is so. I fundamentally disagree feet. So you're just dealing with a woman. Automatically is going to be more sensitive and the expectations. My expectations of my male friends are nothing and and their expectations of me are nothing when i'm in a relationship with a woman. The expectations are roughly forty times. What they are with next closest relationship. I'd sometimes and you've done before we're you try to project out his in your sexual dating relationship and you compare well with men. They're like this. But you're not fucking dating trayvon you know of course. Not and. That's the difference. Yep you have a good. You don't have good intel. On how sensitive men are you know what i mean because i'm absolutely but what i mean. You say it with such certainty expectations. I'm putting my expectations of a woman. I'm dating sleeping with and versus their expectations of me. Yeah and the. There's a huge disparity big disparity. No i understand that. that's the in. i don't know where i am. Maybe i'm low. Maybe i'm high but that's the thing that guy's the adjustment for men is that your even just walking to the store it's like i got up with a woman i gotta like. If there's a thing bushes. I gotta and like women can read into everything whereas men just don't read into much women re everything is a referendum on how he feels about that joke used to do about like you're not ready to be a father and the what. How the fuck did this happen. That's the difference between men and women in my in my experience and as a guy you have to know that going in. So i guess the reason why i don't see it like that is because i think both sexes. I don't think it's a sex thing which i think you do more so because of sorry. Yeah gender thing. I think it's a if that person's expectations are more a traditional male female role. And you don't fulfill that like you were doing an act out that i don't know the listeners can't see but it was very like let me hold this madam all that shit. I had a girlfriend get mad at me for not on the list of thing i didn't i got her into my show but the venue didn't notice save her seats shit. There was standing room. Yes i would be mad to. I'm not gonna lie. I wouldn't be mad at you. I don't know you. Ll be mad. That i would go. I don't like san well or you could go. This is so fucking cool. That ticket sales there are no seats. Left are moving your neck. Because i can't like i'm leaving. No i just thought guy would ever leave his girl show because he didn't have like. That's what i'm saying like just this behavior that you know i that's brown for leaving you the same shit. You'd literally came to my birthday in the moment they ask. If you you're like. I'm leaving because i don't wanna go to clubs. I understand it wasn't it just a bar. I'm just saying that like that. Was that was the love of my girlfriend. Cool when i'm goodbye. Just because i wasn't gonna wait at a fog imply Comet was on that level. But what i'm saying is i would leave if my friend a party at a club and i wasn't. We weren't right. I was saying. I was just saying on that level but here first response was. I'm leaving the show if my boyfriend didn't get me know i'm saying that you're my friend. So that's why i was You know when it gets to fucking cedar point. Is that with men and women if your expectations are more traditional. Then here's the same thing goes with me. I'm a lot less traditional of a girl especially to date. And i have the exact same thing. They think trying to wear the pants trying to challenge them. Not i've had guys not like want me to dress sexy and an outward personally and i remember i went on a date with a bunch of his friends and their girlfriends and they were dressed. One was pretty provocative. And i was like you would. You would be so mad. If i and he's like yeah but he's she's just by his side not saying anything clo- i do think there is this huge sensitivity with men that we don't really address or they don't have this like stereotype that goes along with it because women are traditionally more emotional when a guy feels challenged the emotions when a guy feels like any same vein. That a woman feels. Oh he doesn't appreciate your when when when that version with a guy happens. It's the same level of emotion. That's the only reason why i was like well. I think i said this last week as a liberal man. I have no rights. When he. Because i can't do anything that would be slightly interpreted as anti-feminist. Hey so i'm in the relationship where every jump ball goes to her. Every and i can't even say like the fuck you talking about because then like that's abuse gas lighting. And why but okay. i'm just thinking about. Why do you have to pigeonhole yourself into. I gotta be the nice guy. 'cause sometimes it feels like you're white. Knuckling it every time goes on you not. There's not that many nice nice nice guys like you're explaining that's why sometimes we differ fundamentally because it's like there's a lot of assholes out there that don't subscribe to have to this treated this. Hey you know these are my standards is what i astrid. Argue most guys. When i hear about other guys in my jesus quite like you don't sometimes take that into account. When you have an opinion about women all i can do is talk from my own experience but you also are a really like you're considered like a very nice guy generous nice kind of can like okay. You're right. this is a standards for things. You're right. I'm gonna treat you like this even though you're being a dick or your you have the audacity asked me to get my own all these things and you silly like. I'm just going to choose to still be the nice guy but you know most guys doing that. I agree i can never be snap. I will say this the next morning when the girl up to show ya. I started crying and was like i'm so sorry you're right. I was a total asshole. That's fucking better so you didn't so you didn't actually break. I did and i broke up with her for like ninety seconds. Okay and then. She said i wouldn't take me back. And you're like what. And then i broke up with a sixty announce on other charges goodbye. You've got Heini mogayon podcasts. Youtube version on thursday. The highlight for me. I live in germany with an american couple. Who are maga- supporters. I got a job here with a master's degree in european foreign policy and was looking for a place to live and they were renting out the top floor of their house. I thought it would be easier to live with americans than germans syndrome. Not germany two. We would understand each other. And there will be no language issues to my surprise. After i moved in i realized they are nonstop watching fox news and tucker carlson and so on. They're extremely racist. Fancy white people who moved to germany. They even have black face figurines on the shelves. They bought a new orleans. Lord however there racism does not include me. Because i'm a blonde fair skinned non muslim turk. They'll say it like sounds braces. When i say that i find this inconsistency very weird there. Racism seems to intensify when one skin color is darker. Yep that's how it works. They talked to me all the time about how foreigners come to germany and stealing jobs as if themselves are not foreigners. They complain about socialist democrats in the us but they let the free healthcare in germany. They're full of such inconsistent ideas. The even asked my opinion about usa politics. Since i'm a political scientist my question is do you think that. There's a way that i can communicate with these people and point out how ridiculous they're being or do you think there are a loss. Is there any way to communicate at this point Moving on an option I've to write to you after neil's analogy. What republicans and democrats being like roommates who cannot leave and must find a way to get along. That's you know every once in a while. yeah. I don't. I think i've been thinking about using the trick of going like i'm interested in your thing. I wanna be your thing but about this way. what meaning saying like i'm open to being conservative. Okay i don't under-. I can't figure out a way to justify being anti socialism but pro pro mila madison flow. Or whatever anything. Yeah pro. free medicine from medicare medicare for all. How can you explain it to me. In a way that i can understand it and then let them. Let me tell you something every time you do that every time you give always because i think people feel more empowered fighting against but when you just give them floor it's like when rick ingram would always try to like sniff out. Trump supporters in the audience is like. What's your what's what's your favorite policy. Trump's nothing and it was always very funny because the point in absent level and they can't say muslim and the wall. Yes probably. it's just what it is but a so. It's it's muslim coming this friday on. Cbs premium them on paramount smell. No that's a good. That's a good tactic. I've never done it. But i've thought about it as i wanna start doing it because my first instinct is just get mad and wanna yell at mike. Now let's try to use some jujitsu and see what they say. Adam shift was on frank podcasts and he said someone came up to him in the airport. He's like lot of feedback in the airport and he goes the guy was like. Hey this collusion stuffs. You can be honest with me. That's bull bullshit right and schiff. Well imagine if hillary clinton it chelsea gotten an email that said we have dirt on trump and this is part of our campaign to help you and he just laid it out as hillary and the guy was like. Yeah you're right. Everything is a time to kill the closing argument. Why you're absolutely right and it's like oh my god glasses Yeah yeah also just look like yeah just try to try to engage say like you i wanna be. I wanna follow your things. I can't figure out. Can you explain that to me because it looks like contradictory. But i'm seeing it wrong. It's funny when she said that thing about she d- doesn't include her. When i was getting bought out of a place longtime ago and for the last few months the landlord lida serbian and there was a lady she was older white lady who is coming to la to make it in was forty five. Jews from australia offers. I got another extra. Thank and so everything. She said was extremely racist but ten degrees in the different hemisphere like latitude. Latitude longitude not black people. She's local hate launches. Height the indian. It is so terrible. We remember who are black women. Yeah i just told her one nine like she hate us but she was born in a different hemisphere. Local local team like the local team in the local like run. Glory for that. Against all right. I can do that. Yup wayne we'd say that we pretend it's their accent. Okay cool there against our way of life even though we both live in houses next door to each other and we use the same septic system. Okay cool goodbye this again. You've got a new me. Thanks for taking the time to read my emails. In the past it makes the listeners. More invested in your guess than others shots fired. Don't know it who. I'm in the military and was the direct supervisor. One of the first trans soldiers in the army. He was treated very well. The information was kept confidential to the point that most people thought he was a small guy and not someone transitioning to mail a small emotional man. I could go on and on about how well he was treated. But i wanted to address both of you. Asking why any transfers would join the military. They pay for the transition. Scott go all the hormones all the surgeries all. The mental health appointments all of it. I can't imagine how expensive years worth of testosterone weekly therapy and one of two surgeries would be are one or two surgeries the pearson. I knew joined the army female and left as a male at zero cost. You want your ads there. All weirdly weirdly progressive for the army. Yeah i i think it's a bunch of shit. I think it's like that and they're beating up the transplant. I think both happened in iran. It's seen as a mental health condition and it it's free to transition it's like okay. Which where do you want to. Yes you're trapped in your. I made the mistake of saying that. It was mental condition on some podcasting gun. That didn't go but as it is considered mental health condition. It's basically like you're born in the wrong body. Choose which body one k cool. Let's go the the lady in the dale made me brought into sharp relief. That transitioning is a nightmare. I wouldn't wish wanting to be to the desire to transition. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I would rather them watch the ashton. it wasn't making. i would truly rather have. It looks like it's just awful. Yeah so our heart goes out to you. Hain biggie in the brain and neil. It was interesting to listen to describe. How your panic attacks. This guy this guy basically just said that. He thanked us for talking about mental health. Shit uber's it's like you can't do it. I said the podcast has helped me overcome my fear of treating the disorder with drugs prescription. Otherwise still figuring out what works but the process is started to thank you for these caja. Good days nobody talks about mental health except for me and charlemagne forty times more popular goodbye. He since day one throw the youtube full up on the big screen work at home. Love that like it kick shit shit kickin this a good one. I was surprised last podcast when he talked about daughters and fathers who have never met then they meet as adults and end up hooking up. I've thought this was the case. I thought this was the case once in a blue moon but guess not. I dated a girl both of us thirty two after a year. She told me a shocking story. He had sex with her biological father. She'd never met before several times over a two week trip to finally meet them. I told them she told me she was twenty. Two at the time of the trip. They talked online many times before hand and started flirting then. The night she met him they had sex. She said she bought lingerie with her and his eyes were just like hers she. She gave me more. Tim i than i needed like. She looked back on it fondly. Oh my She said he had a daughter from another marriage. Just a little younger than her and they they call each other sisters right away. God knows what What that would've would've went if she did not tell her mother that day she got back like the had even more in common. You can already tell. We are not dealing with the brightest bulb and her mother called them. I guess she told the mom. I the whole thing blew up. And that's all she said. I tried to put it back. Put in the back of my mind. We saw each other for another year. After you really only mind keep going broke up. Organically over her. Want to get married and have kids that day. That day was not wanting kids till way down the road You also gotta worry about. Of course her fucking the kids. That's the big worry that you got In this one it's called young masturbation. This is just another section of his letter. I'd another front girlfriend that set at nine or ten. She was climbing a pole outside somewhere on a playground and it happened said. She climbed up paul every day for a long time. Funny thing is later in life. She became a stripper. Crazy world. love eubanks in the way you do. Some hand and shoulder chefs during the podcast. It makes me do them with you. You said he s going to see thompson west. Palm beach at the improv. It were sixteenth florida. Just don't care. But i'm taking fiji water to go. Look as don't promote other comedians. There we're not. I want to hear about it I don't want to hear about these. Other problems grows a. Actually it's disgusting. Thank god. I had a very normal as a child relationship with my dad. Because i don't know the things i've read after our after our podcast. I wanted to make sure that wasn't nonsense and it. Just it's like a weird psychological thing. People love themselves this of chris. I wanna fuck fuck version of themselves using is that i thought i think it's partially narcissism. I think it's partially why. Look for a father figure when you can fuck the father itself. Why fuck on the metaphor when you can fuck the object. Like i'm personally not into it. But i get an advocate. No i just. I just thought the way families bond and connect when you don't have that at a young age that family bond becomes the roy. Moore's go okay. We can do this the hard way. So launch ray parts. Wild do and i just stopped at the good part and a mom called the dead. Yeah i mean but all the way also how do you tell them on mike. Hey remember richard richard. You fucked up so daddy issues okay. I think you're either going to get way better or way worse. Because i fucked daddy goodbye. You've got mail okay. Here's one k greetings day on. Thanks for sharing. All your stories about iowa's a forty eight year old white guy in atlanta and i'd been curious for some time atlanta and may have an opportunity in the future to do to try some to come to la. I've talked about at link with my partner and she is hesitant term. Main point is this. Americans want a quick fix for everything. She understands the insights that both of your sharing and how impactful it can be but she questions whether or not you and others are doing the work of deep diving into yours myself doing deepa and deeper dives i relate your experience with What i what. I think has been lifelong therapy. Neil and all the modalities medications around and up to share with us listeners. She doesn't deny those things. But after watching one of the recent unwell netflix's episodes about itchy further questions whether is being administered in ways that the original shaman intended there's no original shaman and also says americans he's original. There's no want original shaman. Shaam shaman. Jeff there's i is the brown people right. They're also they would like it to be more widespread brown people. And i like how she's saying like there are they doing deep dives or the brown people doing deep dives in the jungle. How what are they doing in therapists or they they do in there doing what are they doing. There's other points we can make no. But i'm saying no i'm she's saying that she's holding them up as like they're doing it the right way. What are they doing. They're not doing anything other than just being in jungle people will. This person doesn't wanna do it in their finding yes. I tell you saying that you shouldn't do it either. Here's the thing. I'll say. I'll say it's not easy. It's the did you listen to my fuck. Hell he died. It is very much akin to surgery. It's the the the recovery period yes is so vital and it's so scary and it's so important to actually see results that she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. And that's fine because i didn't know either but i think if it's calling you it's not call on you then. Guess what you're going to be mad at you for trying to work on yourself. You need to do that. What work some people are like that though they they're intrigued. You know your damper. Because they're like. I don't know why it's like why why not. Yes i just. She doesn't want to do you want to do it. She's being a hater behavior and and And it's you know the good news. It's not easy. It's not an easy thing to do it. We made it sound because especially because the first time was like very joyous that it's like ecstasy or molly or whatever depending on how old you are And so i mean. I don't wanna say fucker but like what what ask her. What were the. The natives are doing in the people in the jungle. The shapiro trap. She i got in his free. There's not going to be an answer. And also that they tried to put a damper on it and all they could find one bipolar guy did it and killed the shaman. So like you have your bible. You can't do so. Otherwise it's been around for thousands of years and a good and and generate regenerates brain cells. The only thing in the world that doesn't all it to some people are get crabs in a barrel. They kind of are interested. They don't want you to try because then they're going to you got to just do it and the funny thing is whatever improvements you have can be. You know evidence enough. We don't need. I don't we don't need their support. Were were eight mile. We're gonna wrap yellow nine mile. Whatever in rapin regardless brennan the rap content regardless it's a court at a. I don't have we don't have to take the ship so i hope you like the podcast. Because it's now it's over goodbye on me into.

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Episode 27  The Drinking Episode

The PoorMansPoetry.com Podcast

1:10:55 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 27 The Drinking Episode

"Finally do something alcoho- along with just flip it around see down. We don't ever ask the nutting them. Naked got down like robbie raised never doing versus episodes better than his chest simply cedar and if you tell us on which is rapidly women who's never be at eat. This is in the lead right. Every single thing got for me and i'm happy years. Competing does not bother rebound. And that's the most bragging rights crack rapid city trying to get the swagger right came by asking. You should do just got back from searching. Keiko's hold on that only make it out with no puck and nubia able like shell my lawyer contract kill you know pre fabric desma negative share right here for thousand killer cells. Afraid of few let get go get. This is us mega. Trust scheme up much on a pussies mega man. New knew know what was that. I never knew jim. Jones had opportunity signed drake back in the day. He turned it down. It was drake. Yeah thought it was. Who did i heard. J cole a hurt opportunity to sign j cole opportunity. Drake to 'cause. I couldn't believe that your because he was introduced to drake by by somebody but he wasn't in his i guess he wasn't in his anr. Beg us the artists at the time. Who is that. Jim jones but he will maybe not at that time but he did get into his anr bag. But one. i do know to be true is like jim. Jones does have a great ear for music though. Yeah he definitely definitely agree. Yeah and i'm not gonna lie like he sees right one of the ones i i see why he signed the right nation Release you are 'cause. He has africa talent He's been the most consistent And he just been easily been bag like jump jumping in his bag for while so. Yeah i definitely want to give Jim is flowers man for real for real. If i wish you wouldn't assign roc nation do why because it's like it's so contradicted to re- to everything that he went towards this. Is i mean we we just starting off the podcast in any way but yeah this conversation but I just feel like you know. Jim being part dips it. Jim being from harlem that whole roc nation thing now is all like a brooklyn jazy type thing being that they did beef back in the day. I and i just always. Jim has always been independent before he got into this rock basin deal not all the way independent but he has because he was empire and he kind of liked it. Yeah he was. He is with What was that one Back in the day to everybody was on he. I thought that was empire He's been on empire. But i'm talking about like when he first came out there was caught. She was on cash records. Cutch everybody everybody was on now. You know what. Do to light the way i see. I think jim. Jim is seasoned enough. I think it was a real calculated. Move because that was an opportunity for new york really kinda like come together because he was actually able to. I think bring cam in j. together and then it was on stage together. I think it was. I think it was definitely calculated in should be taught like man like new york is on the scene. Man shot at everybody. He never left the scene of scene. Bro y'all was in y'all started like the side gave the scene away. Yeah yeah even a week. We've i mean. Granted it was it was taken. Yeah i but south Got something to say they have something to say but it was also a lot of bullshit to say to not like it was all everything coca trek coming out of new york but the but we are pursuing percentage was a lot better than this. The south was putting up. Proudly hundred bricks in the south was probably going twenty. Four hundred while while new york would probably go eighty hundred yeltsin. So it's like we're so so again at this time and those effects i want somebody can come into bait me on legs delete. Somebody don't lay. I like a lot of the south music. Don't get me wrong. I like all different types. Of course. I love all music. But he's leaving nobody. We'll tell me that we south we outcast. Yeah we had phil mob. They was doing a thing. Canada Then you know we had that king krung area would would a would a That's the era. I'm talking about right there. The king of the cronk era and the snap and tap in pop and snap and all that did they know that was y'all selling. Yeah we were selling the clubs but nobody's respecting that man. Everybody was ready. 'cause like respect the money but you're people respect you. I mean look thing but at the end of the day is all about the money when it comes down to. The industry is all about the money. We got to come to that conclusion. And you know me. I'm a love of bars. General right right when i say this may like saban was holding it down for a long period of time in is quite evident that like a lot of is starting to try to sound like it was from the south somebody because they wanted to sell because they because because you know what the machines the industry folks the people in offices they. They saw how much money they could make if they dumbed down and dumped it down and they dumbed down. Yeah so but that's not where the art is in. I don't want you guys to think that. I am passionate brought kind of broader breeze though if we could be crashes ti ti wayne. Brady wayne in ross. Bought the bridge but for this out but at the same time you still ahead. Ceelo who dropped phenomenal albums. Who actually got like he right. Outcasts who. W i mean pretty much from the very respectable people we all respect him which are the first ones out of the south that we really respect. But usually your referring to the air just in general like you're saying that that not even just because even even during even during the outcast Era and and the u g k era and you know like when they will come out. It wasn't just those three. It was a lot of other ones. That wasn't getting signed a lot of other ones. Would you know in the mix tapes selling stuff out of their trumpeted causes a lot as a lot of math. It's a lot of memphis in a lot of the Tennessee boys that didn't put on. That day was hot. That wasn't that wasn't really wasn't popular. But they will happen in their area in their reason because like you know. A lot of people came from that trunk aired o. P. came from that trunk. Era ludicrous came from that trunk. Air right right like a lot of off but using respected. I do about east speaking about late. Cats like me i just wanna get this either way. I'm speaking in In the round of art only. I don't wanna go into the bag of you. Know like who can who sold the most you know like who had the most popularity. I'm going into who actually took the time to actually deliver us a good body of work. Who wanted to have a message in what they would delivering us. Giving us the giving to the people i should say got you I get it. I mean half time. I feel that. Besides the notable ones that we know from the south There were a lot from the south. Who didn't care about that. They just came into the game thinking. Oh yeah you know what. I'm saying i can. I'm gonna make me a little bit of chainsaw. Mcgahan throw this together through together. You know what i'm saying it's popping. That's what i'm saying. I'm not deaths. Best era of hip hop that. I see uh kind of like currently in like. I love depend. You're right you're right. I love depend in alabama at a point where that that's where the art really comes into play for me because it's kind of like you're painting a picture absolutely no. That's not to say like a monk. Who writes in his. Hey or j. Zita writes in head or somebody who takes time to crab mentally before they get in the booth right. Not taking away from that. Do but i really. I desire to see somebody who put a pin to the pay and as not boxing. Anybody 'cause you got you got authors like when we have vp owner show vp. Don't write on his mood okay. But he's still drops good music. I mean he. He drops relatable music right right. Just that for me and again. It's just me because you got different. People like different things I just respect the pen right and me. I think i respected i respect. I respect the pen. More than i respect All the other avenues in the lanes. But i do. It took me a while to realize that. Yes there are lanes for everything. There's a lane for everybody to capitalize tend to make their money off. You can still be dependent pet. Yeah and yet. Yeah you might not be able to sign a major deal you might. You might be able to. Yeah but even. If you don't sign a major deal you can still be independent and sell your records and tour and probably still make just as much money as somebody. Who's major true and that's doing that. That's a different lane doing a different type of hip hop rap music right. I think it was a matter of fact I don't know the guy name. And i shouldn't really be speaking on this because i don't know his name but it was a cat from savannah that was torn with yellow busy. Like i never knew he was at it was at my nephew. House sat out today. young man. he y'all find out. Let us know find out you know that man is but yeah i could find out his name zimmerman nephew real cool like he eats her. We yellow visi wrecking the day. Like i guess on yellow beasley. I started out like he went on the city. To city would People like that like they against just how it is when you get opportunity knocks you just got to answer the door. He got you. Yeah man that was a good way to start pockets out. How do weekend was The weekend was pretty. My birthday was yesterday. so he's old. I'm not all that. Oh ma'am young into some of these young guys look at me. I'm i'm not gonna tell you my age. But how do i look in the face about twenty four because i go like some people. They're gonna like a teenager. So yeah we dare yeah. We're getting there. We don't look at this as are kind doesn't doesn't crack Ages well yeah very very well so yes shallow to me and my birthday was yesterday and get you gotta relax. It wasn't jae birthday. It was it was not but yeah so Usually birthdays on super bowl. Weekend man but cova messed up everything this year super bowls this coming weekend and i usually you know just my birthday weekend is usually just like a i just either. Just chill and relax on with the guys on with my girl my family but in audio a little bit of that but besides that i just chill who you win the super bowl. that's a hard on this verse. The new really. Don't care but i can't say i hate tom brady anymore because it would. He just didn't his last game. This last Last brady's to go. But yeah i don't i don't if he if he beats mahomes than i'm going to have to give it to him. Yes he's the go put thing is like i'm not even gonna like you know i've been rocking with the patriots for likes us now. Okay like i'll i'll admit like got onto the pages bandwagon. 'cause randy moss went over there but i recognize it organization. And you're like they can i. You know what. I'm saying Ever since even randy moss went to oakley your places before he made his exit stage left but yeah. I've been rocket with. Ellison's dan but man like that boy mahomes man like boy Things differently yes boy. That boy is amazing. If tom brady. Yeah baby tom brady poos this here of new. Like he's gonna go down in the books because he he left one organization that he was been with To six rings total. Yeah to actually go to a whole another organization the very g angle to the super bowl man. That's that's that's that's amazing. Y'all did you hear about the On a on another note did you hear about the the player from seattle. Who oh yeah. What is that guy's name. We've gotta find him. But yeah i know exactly what you're talking about meeting. He beat that girl. Yeah he did it. Because she didn't from the article that i read allegedly light. He beat her because she didn't want to bow down to him and he got into it. In what i read was i. He choked her so bad and be her so bad so she was unconscious when she woke up. The word is ray with my god. He's still alive. That's crazy right and i saw him down. They gotta put him now. His name was chad wheeler wheeler yet chad. Any he's out on bond know what he got out on bond wrote like. I'm just given him his last days just because of who he is at me. He's he pleads not guilty. How could you plead not guilty when you be the living daylights out of their black woman man light and and and the thing is like i'm not i'm not against some not four interracial dating like you are who you are but like is evident like man some of these people he he's a clown for that i'm sorry he's real clown like he's a piece of trash to me like i mean i can't really loud weirdo realize i can't really express nothing else outside of that towards situated man. I just prayed that she recovers. Because i saw the pictures of ours. Disgusting man. my and i'm like wild like Widow take me like it's gonna take everything in my soul like somebody has to really do something to hurt me on my family facts for me to do something like that to a guy let alone a female facts brought you you. You're a professional football player. You not a little. Do like bro. don't worry about it. I'm seeing the pitch of right now. You're going there with all that hair and everything like that. They're going to get you in that jail boy. He is grass. Boy yeah it. That's what he did get dig bam. He cut from the team yesterday. Which was which was amazing. But my thing is the way to. Nfl is in people who run it. I'm glad did the who's to say he may not get picked up again. It all depends on what happened. But and you gotta relax man. Yeah i like online. I hope nobody pick him up to the end of his career Hobie actually goes to jail. I hope she presses charges against him yet. I don't care if you white black spanish puerto rican asian a whatever you wanna be. Why was she pressed charges on him. Though i don't know i just know i'm just saying like in general like you know usually when you when you when you do physical harm to another human being you know they get traumatized and you know know you know. We should forgive. Forgive times they have that in most no attachment. I've never exactly so worker. One-time who who had a domestic violence incidents. I don't know the whole situation by she needed does to help her. Get our stuff out of there but it just seems like those types i mean. She just seemed like she wanted to kind still stay yet. She didn't want to leave you. It was like you don't know the mindset of those people sometime and they they people people live in a people. Don't face reality the way they should. They don't face head on they. Don't face it to the point where you recognize that this is. This is a traumatizing situation. And i'm putting myself in and not disaffected me. But it's affecting my surroundings so it was like why go back like i don't see it like i and i hate to bring this guy up because i still think he's a phenomenal artists. Like even the r kelly dot. When i saw it was a few girls that actually escaped an end up going back. Yes i was. There was some parents that our that came the next to get the daughters out and the doors. They wanna leave. Yeah that's what. I'm saying like like you get accustomed to. I think it's more of a. I think it's a psychological psychological thing more than anything like because everything started with the mind like like the their mindset like main event will change eventually might now like people like that and that's why say like Counseling is where it's at for me. Absolutely i go see accounts. I'm not gonna lie. Like i was actually thinking about it myself. Man i mean not i. I have no shame There's nothing absolutely wrong with me. But i do think that me talking to somebody would be better may. Of course. I talked to my family. You talk to my fiancee but you know. Sometimes the extra help is needed absolutely absolutely. Yeah i'm i'm i'm a boy like i say bro agassi. One wants some white man between like between actually going to the gym working out physically working out mentally may getting everything prepared because my thing is like one thing counter said and you know i'm not gonna speak too much because this confidential but bro. When you he'll like you're not only just healing yourself. Hill in annexed seven generations because that. That's that's the most support thing like people of color. Men like slavery was not too long ago. And i know i talk about it often but it wasn't too long ago so you're right. It's a lot of stuff that had been passed down that you i and everybody else in the uniform man reynaud. I know anita hill for some things discern but yeah man we're going to go ahead and take a quick break in their from right back to you guys are back ladies and gentlemen appreciates guy staying with us by birla left. Yes yes i yeah. We just got off the nfl nba man. You wanna get into them. Be a little bit man. I think sounds you're gonna take it out of the way. I don't know about that. I mean i see. I see jaylen brown playing better. You see tatum ec. Tatum off against the ladies the other night. Now i just don't We lost by one point. Y- against the lakers against a lot. Y'all ago regular season team. I'll say we don't do but y'all gam has jaanus org. Well you see possible to get john. It is bomb saying getting past Brooklyn ain't nobody game has proclaimed on. I don i think it is not just because i'm i'd i hate brooklyn. I despise them. I you'll see ya see what's going on here. He sees knicks fan. Well wait what part of new york city from queens. Okay yeah i'm from brooklyn ny geico my bad obama. He's still reverend file. Never respect brooklyn in brooklyn doesn't want to ship this year with the next two years is over they're going to beat a fucking sacramento kings. Done this that. Were not chris. Webber and bloody diva like going down like like. They're never gonna win anything again because then they're going to be broke and they're not gonna have anything like their their window to win. A championship is the next two years. But gonna jay z. Was smart to put at forty forty club in that arena. I just wanna put it out there. That was a smart move yet. Hove yeah of course. Of course it was begged then right macey. Maybe of course of course. Check out the podcast. Y'all got to check out the podcast. Chidol uranium we don't care if you sell it we don't we still in another thing if he's says i'm going back to apple music bro. Informa- already thinking about it but that's neither here nor staleness. Nba tucker grew yemen but What else been going on nba. I mean i heard that they might have a all star game. I one day just in eastern conference or however. They're gonna do whether team captain of team. Captain you know team. First team or lebron vers syria heavy. They gonna do. You know they probably gonna do lebron versus yanni's ri- right Yet but i'm not going allow this time around east may take out Band gotthard over there. But you know who's looking nice over there that was looking trust couple of months ago some who pg pg three easier. he's including the clippers. he's tham Yeah he was. Would that i mean. That's the reason why the clippers got last year in the bubble but he is hoping now is like he. He is a totally different guy he is he went back which mean he says. Three right no. Pg three ot pd three bedroom. Honestly here. I was wondering why you're looking baffled over. The house. votes sat on the season. I was lost in the south. Then don't worry about job back. Good now owned one thing. He did do differently from on centers like he. Actually he'd take the time out this summer. That really kinda light work on himself even though it was everybody on the corning who's that. Pg three seriously e-. I think he tweeted. 'cause follow me on twitter tweet at yo like i'm really gohar but i still. They need some help. Dobro like clippers. You still think they need. They gonna come out and come down to those two acre teams to la teams. I believe in the west lakers. And that's how they wanted to be a match up. They want to be damian lillard You know who. I think you know who i heard might go. Today is trade talks. Oh draymond draymond green. Yeah because they're saying like draymond draymond on is unhappy. he's unhappy about having to do so much offensive. Workout dan oakland. Yeah so it's like. If he goes to portland he won't have to do as much offensive work like he can just like distributing. Be the old draymond of what he used to be. So it's like yet State team is breaking up over. There i don't is. It's been breaking up sense of clay. Clay went down for the second year in a row. Now man katie left. Fuck you katy. Kiki went down. Win occurs dot com breeze then mr Corals either yeah. He got steph curry i mean. Yeah that's his name is very he's He's a little weird one little these nba young moo young boys. They some weirdos that boy that boy george free young not even him. Even i don't i don't know maybe it's because i'm older man. Yeah we owed. i'll be looking at. I'll be like damn but was ideas. Corny when i was young. Like how do these do. These boys even be getting girls. I'm not gonna say another word. Be girls don't even. I'm pretty sure they don't have a problem. Oh yeah i'm pretty sure. Because they got the money they got this money to get this money but the decades. Besides that was i i was watching. The tiger documentary tiger was baseball. I mean a the gulf gone player has mass at baseball player. My no now think of detroit. I just realized this is totally side. Note but this man is all clean hair with the dip. Set down down to the hat shoe. And i'm bermuda with Twenty year old Chin house is all good man. I hope my lips saint trapped up in you. Good you good man man. We good over here. I got my do rag on hand houses you eight. This is his humble of. Because if i was at my house. British have a whole seizure and some giaga pain so they don't have no pockets. Camby's don't judge me. Sleep is winning time. Oh man bose we just talking about and get back to nba specifically else specifically we the game at talk about how new cats draymond in portland talking about We got off dream unimportant. We started talking about the new year. The new category. So i mean yeah. I don't i don't different. We going to say different. I will say that. I'm not gonna make it. I'll just say maybe it's because i'm out of touch. I don't think i'm so much out of touch. I try to be pretty in tuned. Try to keep my ear to the streets a little bit. You know we we we. You know what i mean. We try to hustle and bustle like harris s. So yeah we but i get care tapping everything now. 'cause i'm not gonna lie One russell westbrook before his lockdown on all this other stuff the way he was dressing. He should have been quarantined yet. he he was. He was doing I don't know. Does he have a stylus. Or is that him dressing. But you gotta style is bro. Ten fire him spire him like he went to city. Transit just went to go crazy with all the different seven put price. That's what it is. They just be looking at the high price tag. Maybe a yeah you know it is not at this this this is made by this guy. I gotta have it. Because i don't think there's no real limitation on anything nowadays even when it comes down to fashion when it comes on your outlook on life. There's no there's no set standard is like you just of do what you feel right right and as the esta problem because the area that we grew up in it was certain standards it was certain stuff in certain ways that things should have been done or all we check about it. It'd be like so what you got going on out here looking going a real quick. They'll put you in your place but yes a different like is there more. How he d say open minded and more lenient. They give you more leniency. Nowadays than listen. I'm cool I'm i'm still gonna talk about. I'm not late. Yeah that's another thing too. People would need to have more of a backbone. You can't just be so sensitive to sensitive. Nowadays man stop being sensitive rowan like they're entirely too there 'cause everybody based thing That's the issue and there's nothing wrong with being sensitive being overly sensitive about issue. I got the wrong thing. I was having a conversation with my cousin over facebook. And i was like like it was a it was it was a hefty guy that had something small long. Okay and i was like. That's that's not. That's not going to work like you know no no m. cousin. That's how i felt when y'all hit a podcast podcast please. We was it three thirty two minutes in you hit that sound. That's how i felt when i was like. Oh my god. I cannot believe just like that but it's like there was like well. You know you can do whatever you want problem because there's no set standard on how things should go right right thing should be in general People just do whatever they just doing anything like like you know what this is it today. This this is hot. I'm gonna make this pop pop it not at all losing vert would dominate I seen that. Joe isn't if you need to stop. That was cat. twenty four million. That's cap to that. How much they say. The diamond was twenty. Four point for me if you put if you get a how did they even put that in. That little thing doesn't if you ever no. I don't know what you're doing if you ever go to sleep around me. Yeah i'm mum's national dominant. I'm running in. take a sledgehammer right to your forehead. Boy is coming out of there about mitt. I promise you would hose at a downward joking but stood out. I don't think that was a very smart move now. it wasn't a smart move widow. Whatever but i mean there's probably kept like like the kids say you know but i mean but why why do you have to put on like that and be like. Oh yeah. i got a diamond for everybody. Wanted trend nowadays. Nobody wants to know nobody wants to. You are one foot fetish loser. Phil matt you. But that's how i feel but that's how that's how that's how it is nowadays. There's no set standard within the community in general so is like you just you just kinda just go with the flow. Might that's the problem you go with the flow. But you're not being the flow. You let me you go on. Get along and i'm like you can't everybody trying to ride away down one Because they own way as you know exactly exactly what movie was. I watch another damn old as movie. But it's one of my favorite movies point break and key honorees. He was he was out there trying to learn how to surf or whatever and wanted to surfer boys. He's you know he was out there trying to jump on a on his board and get on the way one is for boys. Came in points a minute face. He was like get off my wave. He's like he's like trying to ride my wave us like this is my way and he was like i get it. I ended i totally understand it. And that's true like you got you got but as that's the thing everybody's on the same wave- Everybody on the same wavelength operating the same frequency. No was being different. And that's why. I like if we was to bring it back to hip hop people like side is is a honorable Outstanding they're standing out people like a kendrick yoyo kendrick. We need you to drop you right. J. a drake we lick and for all the heavy hitters one. Absolutely it's time for it's time for change. Each other changed the climate as far as like within the music industry. If it's my personal opinions. J cole and drake do which i'll been doing but kendrick we need you. We need you. But i don't want that back to africa mumbo jumbo kendra. I want the. I mean you. You can give us some of that because because of all less than going on if you give us a double album. I'll love it but give us if you're gonna give us an album. Give us an all around album. Don't give us that that Kicking knowledge back to africa. You don't want to hear that. No more kendrick we wanna. Hey you spit we wanna hey you go for it and not even go as somebody but we wanna ahead you spit we wanna hear you make different types of songs besides what you did for these last two albums everybody put three things have been a right now. I love that how i'm not gonna lie. I think he could he could Entwined both definitely. Yeah he dan. I think i think he will. I hope he does now he to like. Because i'm not gonna lie like you know. We agree a lot when it comes down to here. But i love that. I love that back to africa. I like it too but it's overdue. And that's what i think because he gave us two albums. Yeah it's it's it's like. I mean especially what you being a new type of artists and i know that's not the type of or maybe. It is a direction that he wanted to go because in his crazy they really have to do that is crazy. How if you pay attention to round time. He dropped it. Look all of the happen at it. Opened up the door for a lot of people because if look at it all right boom candy drop all those albums pertaining today burnable came on seeing afro afro afro electric afro beats all the wiz can became popular. It became very popular. Can't kendrick wasn't doing those type of No no but he was a trendsetter could actually open up the that way if you if we look at it from that perspective thank of i gotcha. You know what i'm saying. Because nobody else was really owning that and they're like beyond says she dropped the joint. 'cause like how found okay. I ran into the lion king soundtrack bomb and she had saint john's yet whiz kids she had burned. I was actually fire. Stat- no the the the the movie heard depiction of the movie. I'm actually gonna watch that again tonight but man like my favorite song when i'm next next episode. That's going to be interesting to find your way back. That's my joint okay. That would that have. That song has so much to do with me. Yeah that's that's actually how i find. Not because of the song but me listening to the song lyrics in it was like yoda. That's luke's i found my way back. Not saying out the out there. But i was but that goes on and that goes back to the art and it was talking about earlier so yeah like like what like we were saying. Kendrick opened up that. He's like he. He opened up a can of worms So it's kind of like he just sitting back watching the food of his labor. 'cause everybody jumped on it j. electronic in it was like a lot of people that were just coming out talking about blacksands. Able to ask save everybody. Wait everybody's into tour. Everybody is definitely waiting to tour. But but kendra. He has to give us something. Oh because he he's the only one hasn't But this is another thing Kendrick is his. Worst critic. Kindred i know full-fat kindergarten sitting on music. Everybody knows candidate fan. He's sitting on hold. Td otd is sitting on music. Everybody's win you have to drop something. I don't get care. We don't want no mediocre. Now like kendricks. He's he is at a different tier. Two were it's not. it's not if it was up to him. He dropped something but it's not up to him because he's not he's not totally independent. He's a may. I heard he was making moves. You know but i you know being on the label situation that he's on the label's probably like nile. Like we gonna wait this out and we're gonna try to maximize all that we can out of this album so but as yet you gotta drop something screw even if you drop a lucy like job at least do that. That's all these. Jay colin kendra j. eightman dropping singles fully last year. And a half or whatever. Yeah but drake's. I'm not a lot like i think i think man i think drake mr seasonal. What isn't such as how as far as he usually drop like you know like drink-driving in can drop whenever he wants to drought we. We know that we know that. But i'm just saying you know. He's the end of the year like that winner. You know. I mean you know what i'm saying. I was listening to early jungle. Drake i hope you give us something similar to jungle hours. My asthma arm joint. I was listening to views. I was listening to Which track that is off of views. Ma'am my partner had texted to me. And i'm mago lama. Be real man. Nobody got that boy nobody. Nobody got nothing on that boy. Right there drake got drape yet a song views. Okay yeah that whole that whole album. I do like the album. We don gonyea a whole different realm of things than we rented. Cough the nba. But yeah. i'm yeah we did but you know we didn't we do. Yeah yeah we. We didn't chop it last week. You know i had some. This is two weeks in a row. Oh yeah my guy here. Yeah yeah. I had it was i apologize. Fans a had got tested positive for covid A oh the next game started eight. We good i'm sorry. I had tested positive for kobe My whole house did everybody corentin. Everybody is great Shots do karimun got to be kidding. Yeah i was. I wish i was kidding. Everybody man oh my do kareem. He blessed me with some elderberry. Mullen and i had the ginger running through you know Issues telling me she she's like you don't wanna 'cause we had the second you told us that year we Made some pineapple in ginger real quick about brings. he's about to bring you all over Lisa was on his wife or day away. The open the flood gates open to overall. I swear to god. I do but is this guy because like i didn't have no symptoms. Bro i saw a lot of people are saying nowadays like like a least a lot of people that i'm running into that have been saying that they've been and that's why i think to an extent like they messing with the numbers. Because i'm i'm hearing. I'm hearing that. These hospitals getting paid to save people who don't have it have it like they're receiving a check all citizens political men are dumbing down a dollar. They give out money to everybody on the celebrities and stuff. That was saying that kobe didn't then people got paid the city guy. Coburn i believe. I'm a conspirists conspiracy theorists the to an extent. We both know getting my bag. You back episode. I get in my bag. Yeah yeah but yeah like. I'm i'm convinced bro. I'm convinced that people will people was getting checks because like the hospitals are getting checks just because you saying that. Job displeasing co i think. I don't know how i heard. It was like a couple couple down. I believe it definitely sold him. You just think about it. I mean like if you if you use your cranium s. Why satelite the whole vaccine. I feel as if like the body has the ability to heal itself regardless if you taking care of yourself we didn't vaccines created there were manmade and there's nothing wrong with whoever has vaccine. That's something that you see fit to do than by all means do whatever you see fit to do for yourself as i failed her right right but if you if you pay attention to the human anatomy if you pay to your body itself it heals itself like you got people who had colds flus and everything like that never took anything day may life and it was able to heal so whatever it is that going on with your body like a. I sincerely feel that it has abilities ill is. Oh that's just me. I agree but everybody's body is different train everybody immune system yet is not the same. You know some people own breathe the same some people's heartbeats different true some aging. You know so it's like everybody's unique absolutely absolutely but what can we do. We go hand take another little break in. Come right back to you guys. John we are back we are back. We are back like we never left. Yup yup yup sold the next topic. We are getting into today is of course. You guys guessed it versus battles. Did you watch the kisha cole. And i'm not allied no at denali. Watch it. I'm not a. I'm not really like. I've said this before probably but i'm not really a big fan of versus unless is like somebody major no to ashanti. No days no no milan. We love you guys music. But like i'm kinda mbo. What you but i okay before we go there i heard in his is possibly. It could be propaganda. Could be not travis scott versus future. I did hear that too. But i think it might be a little propaganda year. 'cause they're saying that It's not gonna. I don't think i i would think that would be the one that probably would have because neither one of them can really lose from that situation like game but neither one like if the if the people will say future lose travis scott fans going to be like if if future fans travis scott lou. I mean travis scott one future fans gonna be like so. I don't know how. I just said that guys but you. You get my drift travis. Guy and save future laws future fans wouldn't matter yeah. Exactly they're not gonna care influence to other Verse but i'm not gonna lie. Future too many his tramps guy. Yeah he does. You mean travis. Scott he got. He got this last album. Not gonna lie. This last album was a heater but the the two albums had two albums before you. He probably has a total of three to four songs. Put the i'll give you five five songs. Put together off those two albums that were being. I'm gonna say this. I actually appreciated a bird. Chirp plant burgeoning. Travel transplant bryant. I appreciate it out. I i appreciate the album like that was in that album. Every time i listen to remind me when i was going to antiga 'cause that that was a very i i will actually listen from yet brazen that's the i haven't listened to going to antigua. I was on the airplane. Man let me get his guy. Try and this is something different i you. Some difference arming airport. I'm doing everything this is all. I'm listening to the hotel dan. I actually enjoyed our man. Okay but i still don't think he could future future future got too many feature guy underground his like how yes and you know how like gucci underground hits been on like futile listed under greatest hits hits are really hits that not just like oh you know like the two the two around the corner no no. These are bodied heavy. Everybody was planned future. Future future was hot. Like real real hot. Not sam travis. Scott wasn't hot but futures Let who do you think would be the next verse battle. I i know. I really don't care. I only want the only one i would wanna see is only one. I'd only versus. I'd wanna see basically is if somebody behead beef before in the past i was actually be or like a gucci angie battle. Yeah like something similar to that. Or if not i just wanna see drinking cognac or drake. And hove if not. I don't wanna see nothing else. Besides it i don't know he tweeted. Okay okay tweeted out. Say okay if then if we do versus battles i wanna see the loin guys that you are not the low end guys but like the guys. That aren't as possible guys aren't as popular. I'd wanna see like a west side gun versus a who Versus like a beanie siegel or something like then as kind of mean or the or jada. Beanie see like i'd wanna see. Jaded hat would be debbie. That would be like even know. Jada clean beanies clock clock base. No no no but it depends if they if they did five songs five or ten songs. You might be kinda close yet. But but twenty songs. twenty he he. He's he's a fish shock festival. Go twenty exactly he is but you know what like i was telling you of air saw were eight ball. Mj g get eight twenty together prepared. I would love to see if if if he was here. A huge kerry versus a Our definitely wanna see our love to see that on brandon. I do not know all of their catalog. By know enough to where i wanna see. That man like wicker's. I'm look we'll you know like like we speaking about as far as like the south and stuff like that like like i was talking to my do e man like when i was working at gulfstream and he was telling me like he was out. I mean. we'll talk later added brief. It was brief. Like i was gone with the wind real quick but now He was telling me he never heard. Md gt Assigned diddy you. Let me like a lot of people. A lot of people from other really. Don't don't know the cat gonna have the rowdy on now. I get it. I don't play. No gangs was acting in. The video are no thought he was. he was diddy. diddy diddy especially on the head with lloyd. That was what happened in law. And i know lloyd is totally independent now. He dropped that the true album. Recently i loaded travel. Yeah trouble shots all the authors really going independent Absolutely make trying to get all the coins. I'd they deserve willow they deserve but yeah But not if west. I was to go also battle like like i would have to say like i gotta go back to that. We had one side gun but he would have to go against like somebody new school that has like gutter music like that. And i don't really see nobody like who from new york. Ns i locate. Like i would. I could put lane about east. That i could see that. But i'm not going out with our would benny Against davey davies surprised. Clean up because because Just because he has material he that's endless. Get i mean just. Because he's been out a long has more terrier but he has if you look at if maybe he's been more mainstream years longer than they stream out. Say that i agree. But he's got some joyce now. I can't front on these guys on the giants but did you hear Gills in a in a versus battle. Let's yes he can do us. Bleak was one of my bleak. I'm not gonna lie. League at a cattle does have a catalog thing about blay. So i'm from new york. You guys not moved down here. Tenth grade Now allied jay z. Before i moved down here hard. Knock life to came out while i was down here but i wasn't always like the biggest jazy fan. I like. jay z always always like daisies since his first cents filling. It like i remember when these era Andy martino. Whoever that was on the radio plane i love that ever since they played on the radio but when i moved here to savannah hours more of a bleak fan than i was of jay z fan. Really yeah i was more. I didn't really become like a huge. Like biggest jay z fan until probably like woes that on. Put your hands up being single and inviting three. Yes i didn't. I was like i was like standout Until volume three yet. 'cause i'm not gonna last my cousin jay z's bootleg jay He had the bootleg copy of volume. Three like probably like a month before. I came out and i told i can't and i guess yeah. I guess you saturday cousin probably go with yes. He tried not he He lives in florida. And you went down there for the for the christmas sam. It was overweight. He has now where we got. I mean because i don the asthma. Asthma dog but not Memphis heart myth had his run of joe's had his run But if you go hit for hit meghalaya thank you. Wells might give it to him boy. S close one. If they go ten ten yes going to be a close one to wells was I know Fame like i was fan to since like Will since since the first time. I heard him when it was memphis trick daddy. I forgot the other cat. That was on the scientist when everybody was riding talking about Ryan clinton i know song you're talking about that one on his way out though yeah failure but look you know how i do like listen to that. And then i will go back. Gotcha gotcha gotcha installed listened to. So i was. I was into. I was in memphis. Yeah not heavy. Heavy but i was into enough to be like yo. He's dope like. I can actually listen. Memphis rely cool. 'cause like i love. I always always loved up. North music. always love up. No moves But gills when i first started listening to dwells. Bro i was at your kid. Got it the annual dwells is a special case he Year i just don't i mean tempa ten. I'm going to do as you go. You probably miss. Nah i probably would Twelve don't have now see Joe's myth can nano see but then dwells can pull from diplomat albums. He can pull from hassle jim. I'm from cam album. Because he got they can only pull from hove albums. That's all he can pull from. Because the thing is the reason why jim wells county say he will go the reason why meme said he alleged. Ul's because you remember when he was like yo cameras taken over the rock and you know he was like yo you know what. Let's go ahead and get that done because bumps pretty sure both of them can use the little change right now and that would garner a little attention regarding a little attention so especially with dwells just getting not just getting out but you know his first time being on a public platform like that for him you know the the masses but again who do you think dip set a goal vegas since we talked about jewish. Who do they have to go begins blocks. That's the only person people must be real. I love locks Shit row yea i mean. I don't think nobody's gonna farewell again. Jim or if if jim is the gym is up there talking this in. But that's okay. But i like i said this is why they want to get on a versus. Because we spend time on we realize we just hypothetically talking about all this and there's no real winter is really not yeah bush diversity absolutely but but there was who was a job in may know they had a vs on clubhouse mayhem resume clubhouse and that platform is nice. It's kinda differen- granted is only the audio format. But but it's like after after joe plays music and after main plays music then you have the rest of the people in the club house. They can connor voice opinion and be like nine. Okay like i think joe win. I think may no one see like with with other verses yet you have the little engagement. You have your conversation down at the bottom but that's going up like a ticker you least when you hear everybody talking you you can you know people can come on and be year. People can come on and be like okay. This is the clear winner from that round. You know like the one you know like with so one joke domain everybody's Sat at number boy button man. Speaking of that he is joe sat out. The joe manages. Joe's has been an inspiration for me in through motherless points monday in my life I probably was. I didn't even realize i was probably Depressed at one point in my life but listen to joe's mood music's in all his different mix tapes. There's those kind of helping different types of situation thinking about different types of situations. How i thought about them as He's helped me with those and just like its racing with his music. How he's gone about doing his business. And just what the podcast. But on today we found out that joe. He took the j. b. p. network over to me on the so we just wanna and he has also joins the company as head of creator equity cels a yard. You know yeah man. So he's gonna be yeah. He's easing his bank. Joe joe on the of joke man. Joe makes music man it. It actually helps you get through a lot of breakup and stuff like that way that to joe. That's where he first got into me. Because i i'm not i'm telling the story here when and this is like fifteen years ago. I'm showing my fiancee. Won't remind me telling the story but yeah this is when me the one of my best mastermind wedding. We were just Roommates in my ex from long time ago we were going through problems or whatever but moon music to had just came out and we were just going to miami for mortgage weaken. The that saturday morning we leave in eight o'clock in the morning but me and my girl at the time we have problems in you know. I'm me being who i was at that time. A can savage on holdover. Somebody i mean. Some of the girls you know somebody yellow fund yeah not not fund that we just. We just got a car in house. When i was smoking weed. Heavy heavy heavy back. Then you just got in the car. We smoke than listen to movies two hours. And that was my first time hearing him since the joba insistence pump pump. Pump it up. And i was like. Oh where has this dude been for the past two years. Yeah i was like yo. Joe is my favorite rap. I was like i love you. Joe joe but you split you speak to me. Yeah yo know for real. Like man. People people slip on button on but but shot joe man shouted j. Bp zada moves. They're making man shot at to Everybody man who doing podcast ran for real gear. He inspires us may be able to go on patriot on served starting to Make stuff happen in. Yeah be a subscriber. You can provide like five to twenty five dollars a month. We might be on there pretty soon. So we we need this. Money's we doing this week. I i'm pretty sure you guys can hear him. We but we got over fifty million people in background helping us. Do you know put all stuff together man. So shout out. Yes shot all those people behind the scenes. You know for real. It ain't nobody behind assist me myself in. I i do this. it's not really do. I'm trying to do this now. We doing it. We do making both of us. We doing this guy me out. Of course i came in. You know come through Do what does what you What are the top three. Got out. Abor our ip cecily tyson absolutely One of my grandmother's favorite actresses when my favorite actresses. Yeah you you definitely. You've done a lot been delighted. showed a lot of love You've been aspiration for many many people. you definitely left your mark on the industry as a whole Shot you out. Shut your whole family out May y'all letter live in peace Recipe let live in peace that in ninety six years old ninety six years old. Sarah just give a little moment of silence and also the Sam sam cooke. Yeah ninetieth birthday recipes for him. And also hank aaron. Yes passed away from cove on january. Twenty second the hammer hammer and hank. Yeah he was. If you guys don't know he played twenty three seasons in mlb and He played the braves. Yup milwaukee braves in atlanta braves. He's wanted the best one of the first african american baseball players recipes. All those guys. Give him a moment of silence. Sir hi Man own shoot. What saturday got on. Just some new music to some. do you hear that. I'm pretty The fat joe the sunshine song I listen to it. Shot joe saturday. What he's trying to do Seemed like calico galley put that together a seemed like a galley. But it was. You know my thing about it was what timing it was wrong was the wrong time it was. That's that's a that's outside song outside. A house is summertime type song. And even though i was i was rocking to you know where it was. I it's wintertime. It's cold it's thirty degrees outside because i saw the video where it was in a miami in colorado sample in that was like baio in miami cars. Top down you in miami a whole different climate and man. I didn't even know there was a video. Got to check it out now. It was just it was on instagram. Okay so it wasn't like a video video it would just you know celebrating a new single and stuff like that right round of the top down. I mean but it is what it is like. It'd be dealt for the summer but yeah like you said time everyday absolutely absolutely one on. Take a little break. Come back to the people to do. We are back we are back. We are back it's Not forgot what we left. Off but cecily tyson. Yes rest in to sicily tyson. Sam cooke and hank aaron hammer aaron. This go yeah song the besides that other new music that came out. We also did one of these songs jamming those my joint. If you got about the norian conway a method man song. I land Outta line talkin. On slang. Or i go. Lie like yeah. That's the joint. Wait wait you know. I don't know how i feel about conway. Man shame machine mitch. Yeah he did his thing. Man method man always coming through with the haymakers. Don't like it was but it wasn't like the he a here he like. He ain't going. Like i eat it. I don't i don't think he was. I don't think he did what he was supposed to do. On this. i agree. I agree because i is no. We're not doing that now. evident bush Not that was that the beween Youtubers out you facts. Click subscribe light. If you don't pull a volume of course but now on man you know i take. It takes you five o'clock that morning. How's the prize you. I was surprised. You responded Because when i sent you a bizarre early asthma really definitely gotta get some batteries for this thing ago but now man. I i listened to listen to the song i enjoy. The song house apprised. What he did you know. Sow entertainment baby. Entertainment conway is going to conway. Shattered to the Y'all know how we doing Obey cardinal Zelda's you sir. Yes sir but yeah. I i i like this noriega stage with everybody. Did they thing nor we actually was actually trying to spit on that. I did you notice. Noticed up. try you try to put together here. Because he who he was. I agree with you. Know what i mean is is is no different from view in a room with some cash that you notice some spiders. And like i say man conway did it staying bro conway delivered. I kind of feel like the order. The song was should have been different. I think com. We should've went. last medicine. went to say i agree. No definitely agree with and if it were to win the song. Thanks that we know each year we live right. We already know. Yeah man yeah you you know you know. There's no song during chance. You know that we long way man. But menace biden solid gaps. You i we just gone closed out y fan. Lucia newman. Bill dances situation with that. Yeah quick story of from what. The storage were saying like He was in the car driving. Somebody had a young boo allegedly hanging outside of the window. Dumping his young boy got shot in the head by whoever instead of rushing to the hospital. Jot dimona pay mona payment man. And you know that was dad so that happened back in december Praise goes out to young man. Family man Pray a bounce back. And i mean but you know. Some people built for life stabbing for the consequences absolutely so same thing with that. Boy push ice the he was Free legimately arrested but Apparently has now become not this friday so everybody doing stupid behind dance. So i really you know i don't i. Don't pay attention to them to them. Goofy today goofy shit. It is movies. Hang a lot like he game. Paid off this angle. Yeah oh that's him that ready to get started Everybody doing that's him. Yeah i didn't joe. I'm out of touch goofy goofy. But you know locally. Scientists shouted the gucci man. I feel dumb and lizzy do last thing Shoutout to who cared. He signed a rock nation. He is he announced a new mix tape coming. I don't know how that's gonna work but Yeah yeah we'll keenum ready to see what happens with that. Is her appreciate you guys tuning in episode twenty. Seven is again which gonna call that with today. My boy cat name Jemaine elliott I don't know who that is. But i'm a trust what you got going on here. You're not being my love. You know mullah bag. A song is called ocean drive So shot into this show Everybody subscribed purchased immersion. and get. what is i own. All i'm swagger now know sanjay already know concede age. Just want to see that too much to the way to lease nauseous. Baby shot. joe. Be dropped anytime you buy your mom. You look shit.

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102: Ben Thomas  Next Stop WIN a GRAMMY

Self Made Strategies

59:25 min | 5 months ago

102: Ben Thomas Next Stop WIN a GRAMMY

"You're listening to all new episode of self maze strategies visit self strategies dot com for episodes information about our guests and a whole lot more. Welcome to a new episode of the self-made strategies. Podcast our guest on this episode is a grammy nominated engineer producer and mixer from philly. He graduated from temple university in two thousand eighteen with a degree in entrepreneurial studies and innovation management with over four years of professional experience. He's known for his work in the hip hop r&b and gospel music genres in two thousand seventeen. Ben had the opportunity to engineer insecure. Attract which featured jasmine sullivan embracing tiller as well as work on. Brian mcknight album genesis. This work earned ben. Three n w. c. p. image and soul train award nominations since then ben has had the opportunity to work with artists including lose evert post malone tidal sign. Jeremiah lil dicky meek mill and chill moody to name a few in two thousand twenty. Ben opened his first commercial studio. Space in philadelphia named after five studios. Ben has earned his first billboard number one. He's also received his first grammy nomination for best country album for his work on ingrid andrews debut album ladylike. Currently ben works out after five studios and is the co owner of nice things. Music and independent record label and management company benz also former governor on the board of the philadelphia chapter of the recording academy and is an active member in the recording academy outside of music. Bend spent time editing podcasts. For iheartradio's art of the hustle hosted by ryan leslie as well as audio mixing work for the online. Tv series single anxious here for your listening. Pleasure are the self made strategies of benjamin thomas. Hey ben how's it going. Yeah good thanks for joining us on this episode Really cool first of all to have a fellow temple al. I went to temple as undergrad. And it's great to connect with another fox grad and see you out there hustling and doing big things. And i think that's really inspirational to other temples students and other college students in general because you've recently been nominated for a grammy award and we'll get to that story a little bit later in the podcast. But there's a picture of you floating around the internet on social media of when you graduated holding up a sign that says next stop and you fill in the blank. And you said winner grammy. So you're calling your shot. i love it. You've already been nominated for grammy. Two years out pretty incredible. So let's start at the beginning. How did you get into music. Production and engineering to begin with So i started Incredibly young started in probably in middle. School you know around twelve or thirteen. Just learning about audio and Stuff like that. And then when i got to high school i Got involved with bike. The technical theatre group at my ice went to france in north winds philly germantown and From there kind of was doing the sound for an assembly is plays and musicals and stuff like that and then A friend who wanted to make you wanted to rat and so he asked me if record as wraps and so we took on the microphone from the video game. Rock band like mike came with and put it into my laptop and we. We begged our math teacher to let us use his classroom during lunch. So we china's classroom studio for like two weeks during lunch and recorded some dad's song but from there. I kind of started understanding. This might be something that. I wanted to do so my i grew up. I played bass guitar and drums in a band that The early two thousands alternative rock cover band like weezer modest mouse type stuff but a at a music teacher. Jasmine on his had a music teacher in torch on Nominated me for The summer can't call me can't on which is will summer camp. I think they still do the recording academy on runs and so we selected to attend that new york for someone to studio is. This is really nice studio. called converse rubber tracks essentially congress. Bill is like state of the art recording studio that they would let different bands us for free Marketing congress but I was in the audio engineering tracking. That's when i really like studio. I saw the first time i was like are. This might be something i want to do. Something from am in mom mom would let me turn basement of our house into studio and so we Me her friend who's contractor for a couple probably about two months because he would come like in between jobs on weekends ability vocal booth closet window in In a basement and so two thousand first iteration of After studios in the name of came from like school. And i had to like go. Only news stuff after five governing And then from there. College apple is with a lot of different music programs I got accepted to a couple of different ones but financially Other reasons temple just made the most sense Even wasn't going to meet directly studying music and then temple on doing finance stuff as well. So i'm working. On management company on as an intern data analysts making spreadsheets. All day I was around two thousand. I guess winter two thousand fifteen like the beginning to thirteen on. It was like the second semester freshman. Year when i started meeting. People starts when i'm at chill and jason It's my Will will in david rec philly And i started building with them and Started working regularly. I was their in house engineer at their first studio space for almost two years Designed to stay says that they currently have a knife dolphin studios I'm just kind of been a part of what they've been doing very very beginning And then i two thousand sixteen. I'd say know maybe talk on all the users sundering together at this point. But i got a Up to intern at Philly in studio breed It was owned by a couple of different people specifically one person on the any bell. He's a is he produced a Golden individuals scott vivian green and productive. Not and so. I kind of became concerned at studio and communities wing and then a couple of months interning turning points i want him specifically tied assign came to philly to do a session. Everybody said no. I said yes an assessment. Well we got a bunch of songs Looking release and around that time Had also approach me and he said that on jazz solving. You want to come home. And he bought her. A bunch of equipment asked me to go to her house and set it up whatnot And so i went and set it up kind of showed her how to use it. And i kind of picked up on the energy that you might not be are that interested in recording herself And so i decided to reach out on a limb and just ask her. You know if you don't wanna record yourself just call me. I'll come back and I didn't think much of anything. Maria and then two weeks later she called in that led to a very Very successful working relationship worked probably for about three years. I'm and on a bunch of songs and it's great. Now that's menam some even some songs we didn't do on seventeen Reese on which is great and then from there graduated Turned down some corporate gigs strides to make the music thing happened. I live by temple had a two bedroom. Apartments or one of the rooms was a studio on and then moved into a different studio space So working milk boy then eventually In two thousand twenty. I opened up. My own studio was presented with a bunch of different opportunities opportunities to Kind kleiber with With louis opportunities. Cloudy week no. I guess i opened my own space which was originally Spokes to be my own personal workspace. i was trying to shift my career a little bit more in the direction. Being a mixing engineer producer just recording. But then on. I was presented with some really great recording. Opportunities has on so Assigned to pivot from having my own personal space toward at to Becoming a business owner and turning after fought us into a professional recording studio and now we have or on employees. Three engineers in one assistant engineer. So it's been a mental shift to go from being of fiercely independent person now. I am I have a team that were that we work together. I don't i don't really like to frame it as like all i'm the boss and they worked for me. 'cause this is it's a it's a collaborative process. It's where team And i just wanted to provide a place to empower them. Give them a chance to you. Know not only bring their own sessions in but also for me to use. My brands brings sessions and bring working in very big on Making sure that everybody is fairly compensated. So you know made the conscious decision to even if it met Less money from my pocket to make sure that the engineers that work on my studio or compensated More than they would be at any other studio and just you know. Try to help provide some opportunity in toronto. Really nice and comfortable place where people are those. No that was fantastic. I think you you pointed out a lot of really cool things that we're going to unpack on this episode because you know to go from being a college student and having this dream of working in the industry and then the music industry which is really tough now. Philly in general is kind of a fertile ground for all things audio and a lot of ways right you know Very popular music creator city has of rich history in that space in all types of genres and different types of music so it is a good place to do it but at the same time super competitive industry and i love a lot of the things that you talked about first and foremost. Let's talk about the name after five studios which you mentioned came about because you were doing it after school and right now side hustling is really a lot of ways. The key to building your own empire. I think in the world that we live in doing what you gotta do. During the day to pay the bills or to get your education or to progress in sort of the common way but then tangentially to that being able to elevate yourself you have to be willing to put in the time put in the extra and put in the extra hours when other people are binge watching netflix. Or doing whatever they're doing right and that and that's exactly what you did after five studios really represents that as a brand. So what's your advice for someone who's just going the traditional route right now. In maybe they have a propensity for being a creator for being an innovator for doing something different and by the way this applies to entrepreneurship. Generally this applies to anything right even if you wanted to start a side hustle as your own consulting service. These tips and best practices really apply. So what was your method for staying the course of putting in all that extra time and all that extra effort to get to this eventual. Payoff that you're on the path to now. Yeah i mean. I think that. I don't like to being myself like exceptional or have some. You know special talent. I'm not like i'm not. I was a naturally gifted to to the best. An engineer aroma. Like on perfect. Pitch musician or whatever As i have. I was always very comfortable with computers and i do. You know it's it's control of the computer an effective way to record song But i think what kind of separated me from my peers and and others I just have more. And i think that's really what it comes down to with anything. It's just you need to do it like more than other people. And i think that's what makes you good at something. It's not like you can have talent but you have to put in just a ridiculous amount of hours. I think before. I got the bigger the bigger opportunities i was able to get this year. I can combine. We say that. I've probably done over thousand sessions and probably recorded over a thousand songs at this point which from and for me that that happened because i got that because i i had that space early on and i was able to start working with friends and you know the studio. My mom's basement. We didn't have maybe twenty call. Ci- i over time twenty different people that i didn't know on but it was mostly just friends would not but I think i got my internship. On at a at a studio eighteen had just turned nineteen where most people start inserting studios at twenty two twenty three or twenty one so i just started earlier so it just causes me to put in more time. I think that's what it really comes down to with anything. It's just like there's shorts you just have to put in more hours and everybody else and that's what eventually you'll eventually get good at it just by and not just like putting hours and just sitting there. I'm a big believer in consistent deliberate practice. I think that is what separates it. If you're trying to do something exceptional and unexceptional in the way of like prodigy. Or i just think that anybody who wants to like people talk about all the time. Well i wanna. I wanna make a million dollars so i wanna have pasadena calmer i want to you know get nominated for a grammy or go platinum or like. Sell an ara piece for that thousand dollars a year trying to be exceptional. That's that's the exception to the high exception from the norm so if you want to be exceptional that's fine. You just have to know that in order to do that and you can have to put in on a war to to do something that is extremely out of the norm. And that's kind of the look at it. I think it comes from consistent delivered practice. It's not just like a big sports fan big basketball fan and Past like ten years the younger ones really shooting a really really really good at three point shooting. And it's because back in the day sixty seventies eighties people you know go to. They go to the park to play basketball on. just play. pick up games and playing high school nuts but now you have kids starting at age eight. Who are doing rigorous shooting drills. And they're shooting from mississippi spot. Where because and you hit. The backward has to be sufficient comeback like that delivered practices. Gonna make really good so for me. It was like it wasn't just. I would evening friends and we know we were really trying to learn how to record the best songs. Okay how can we you know but these parts again okay. Cool if we do ten vocal takes to learn how to pick which specific ones will work and then just deliberate focus practice over and over and over. I think is makes you get anything. Yeah that's a great point. I think you're hitting the nail on the head there. Anything is possible so long as you're willing to put in the work that time and the effort to get there right and a great example going back to your mba analogy is for example watching the documentary on net. Flex the last dance with michael jordan. Obviously of being the feature of that about the bulls run at the six championship. And whether you look at michael jordan. Kobe bryant lebron james any of those individuals who have excelled at the game of basketball or at the highest levels of athleticism in general. All of those guys put in insane amounts of work in are always willing to go the extra mile above and beyond the already exceptional talent in professional sports to begin with right and that's sort of what sets them apart. I think you're right. But that's the thing that the after five concept emulates in a lot of ways because that's the idea that you have to put in extra time. It's not just the time that everybody else has already putting in. It's the fact that you're willing to take those extra hours of the day where you're exhausted from all the other stuff that you're doing or where you know you're beaten up and you literally pull yourself up off the couch or whatever and say. I don't care if i have to work until three. Am tonight to pull this off. I'm going to do it because that's my passion and that's what i'm trying to drive towards right. Yeah i mean even for me. When i was in college i was pursuing a double life at one point because ever since i was in high school and i wasn't when i was in high school we had a single junior project so For the month of january a genius had no school and you could in the purpose was to pursue an independent. And i can do whatever you want you could. As long as it was supervised by an indelicate was it who worked. The wood shop teacher and built tar was a girl who went and she ended up like being an intern on saturday. Night live and she was on the episodes and so am i was. I was very dedicated. Basketball's i i had to be back at school every single day. Three for practice and so My basketball coach on who's also my mentor. And father figure he for. He became a basketball coach. He used to work at nasdaq in philly. He set me up there. And that's what i was. I was introduced to the world of finance and investment bank. I was pursuing. i wanted to do And so. While i was in college i was interning. A studio and working as a intern analysts at its wealth management company. So there were days where it was a class you know or even or even go you know. Go to office senator steady in the morning. Eight nine stay there until three. Go back. Take a class. You know one of those five thirty eight classes or whatever. Then go to the studio. And i'd be there until five in the morning and then you know i did that for probably six months just everyday you know Even right now in the current. You know things. And i'm working on. I think i probably had Four days off in the past ninety days. So it's it's it's that i'm being willing to put in extra nana work because i think like i said before. I think everything is just a proxy of time and you just keep doing so. You're going to get better at it unless you're doing it the wrong way. And yeah and it kind of goes in a lotta ways back to that old napoleon hill adage something along the lines of that which the mind of man by man we mean humankind can conceive it can achieve right. And that's the concept but what's missing from that is that you have to conceive but you also have to put in the time in the hard work and just put in your reps right. You're not going to go to the gym and in five minutes on day. One walkout looking like schwarzenegger schwarzenegger looks like schwarzenegger and was able to do. What did because he was able to work out harder. Put in more time put in more wraps do the mental. Prep do everything. Immerse himself in this passionate pursuit of what his goals were in a lot of ways. You're very similar in that context. I mean you say humbly that you're not exceptional. But i think that one of the things that stood out to me just now in our conversation is that you pointed out that tidal assign came to philly looking to do a project and everyone else said no and because you said yes you got that opportunity right. So tell us about that. Experience so ty dolla. Sign's coming philly. He wants to do some work. He wants to put in some time in the studio. Why is everyone else saying no. And what was the difference maker that got you to say yes. I honestly don't know. I think so a lot of times Ofi especially during the summer we. If you work at one of the bigger studios you get a lot of major. And that's how. I started getting credit. Early on is because it's a lot of is gonna come through and allows tangible happen is an artist would be on tour and they'll get here early and they'll just wanna pull up to the studio and work on something so that's how i ended up working alone this hour just because they thought here a little early and wanted to come to the studio. I don't know who they called. I don't know why they said no Or i don't know i just called me i i. I don't know i wasn't involved in that part. I got the call. I was with a friend of mine at the time you were in his apartment. Kinda just hanging out recording. Soften the call. I and i was like your evening like okay. You know like there's this opportunity. I'll be back later right. Sure like yeah. I'm i'm leaving. You know he's gonna you know whatever like this is what it is I think that. I think it's it's a mix of not only do you just need that Hard work but you also there also has to be a. There's a certain amount of luck that comes along or opportunities present themselves. But i think the comes in the opportunity presenting itself. It is in on you to do what you can to keep it. I think that it is important that we you know mentioned what part luck plays in anybody who's successful like you have to have certain opportunities get presented or certain things break your way you have to and you can do things to try to increase your chances of luck and so. I can't say that i i knew this. When i made the decision. I can say looking back on it. I had i was in high school. All i wanted to do was go to. Nyu my dream. I grew up in new york. And i had a really close undermine who's a year older than me went to their like creative program somehow create it was and how great new york was and i was like. That's what i wanna do. So i applied early. And i got accepted with a full scholarship but not for the board so full tuition but not not in the music program on still out of it would probably cost me like a hundred thousand dollars by the time i graduated And i made the conscious decision that you know my mother's sacrifice a lot for me and she sent me to the best school and everything i i couldn't. I couldn't add tab and to do it either us And so. I chose to go to temple and in hindsight it was a great decision because it allowed me to increase likelihood of getting the lucky outcome. It's almost like to make another basketball analogy. At the end of the season. The worst teams get the most ping pong balls. And so for me. What i did was by being in philly at the time it was. It was wasn't that long ago but john overton sex. Xm ios different time and I was able to become knee. Eighteen nineteen year old kid that was trying to figure this music thing out rather than going to new york n. Being one of a million. I was and i was able to get taken under the wing by a lot of the. Oh jeez year and getting involved in the recording academy and going to their networking mixer and being this person in meeting operas meaning people. I should have not been meeting then. They're trying to help me because they they're seeing part of themselves in me some young kid who's willing to do literally anything And so it kind of it. I think it made more opportunities present themselves. So i think that's what i mean by like i was able to kind of increase the number of ping pong balls. I have that something would happen. That's an opportunity would present itself and whenever they come. You gotta just like kilolam. Like i'm i've always been an above and beyond. I'm gonna go super above and beyond on anything even with my studio. We're very big on hospitality. So com sax waters like we keep it like not just like. Oh there's like a candy like spent one hundred dollars. A day after halloween on halloween candy like we have box like there's chips and waters and waters and coffees and everything no. We did alcohol for a little bit but I didn't want to put the pressure on my on my team to have to like we had minor coming out and say no. We're not putting the pressure on you guys to know who's owners not but we have. I spared no expense when he came to hospitality. So like i paid extra to have central air installed in both rooms and You know to make sure that the space look nice and comfortable. Because i think those are the things that matter. Even when i was doing session studios. I knew that a big artists was coming under. Mike broke college. Who did this one. I would go out of my own pocket. Like i remember. We had somebody come through under. Who was. I went article by the fruit trays on a bottle or two. I'm gonna to go above and beyond so you have a memorable experience and you remember me even if it's just one day you know. Yeah that's a brilliant point. And i think going back to what you were saying about luck while it does play a role. I think people attribute lock a lot of times to a lot of the things that you talked about which is all of the time that you're putting in an effort that you're putting in to build up to this opportunity that presents itself all those things lead to the opportunity to begin with and then being able to strike when the opportunity is there and being able to take on the opportunity is sort of the difference maker and people call it luck but i think a lot of times. It's more so that curiosity to just go and play in the different space that you're not really comfortable you're used to and to go outside of what is the norm into try to do something different from other people which a lot of times is criticized from the outside. Have you faced that level of criticism throughout your professional career and throughout your professional career. And when you have faced that criticism where people. Maybe you're in the finance world. And i'm sure that when you're working in that space with a lot more traditional and sort of conservative career oriented and minded people. Some of them might look down upon the fact that you're spending your free time in the studio trying to do something else. Some of them may not certainly but a lot of times. I think there's this stigma that you're not following the normal path and being a team player and just falling in line and doing what you're supposed to do to build. What other people's image of a traditional career is so when faced with that if you've ever been faced with that kind of thing how have you overcome on. I would say that. I was actually pretty blessed that i was working on. A company called a financial resources and it was a. It's a wealth management. You know they you know they do. Mutual funds an engines and all that stuff do individuals may also do at small businesses and stuff. But i was really blessed that he is a family environment. You know it wasn't a huge company. That was maybe forty people there And they were incredibly supportive of what. I was the point where i mean. I internet for the summer between freshman year and sophomore All of sophomore year. And then some of junior year for two years and i still and this has been there probably three years. I still talk to. Some people are incredibly so my biggest reporters on day one But i think that came from. I was the best internet ever had. So i wasn't that i was. there was no slacking. it wasn't like i. Was you know skipping out. I'm not coming. I know like. I would stay at the time they went through. They got bought by a different company so they went. They went through a merger and Me and my boss at the time were the only two that really had the excel data skills field transfer all the state's new company and him and i i mean i work weekends like we would. We saw one point. Stop coming into the office. And we'd just go to his apartment so be able to focus and so i wasn't. It wasn't like i was asking them to support me And i wasn't owning minded bargain. I was going above and beyond doing work at home coming in staying. I mean i. I got cool with the with. The cleaning stopped. Because i'd be there so you know so. It was easy when i was a couple of days. And i need to go and do this fine. I put in the effort and the work to do a good job on on what they asked me to do. So i never really got much push that i guess the only real push back on criticism i got. I got some criticism from Some friends points about like why. I would work with artists that weren't as talented But you had to put in those hours so every session. I did with a rapper. That nobody's ever heard of is the reason i can do sessions with rosy in with me and with postal on us up that because i had put in time and perfected my skills on those sessions. You know But that was that was really a little bit of pushback around A lot of people. Some people told me to you know. Go take the regular job or year to stay money and quit anybody. Whoever tells you do that nobody ever does that. Get into the cushy corporate environment regular check you got benefits you know nine to five in and you don't want no one ever walks away and i'm like i i'm twenty two. I was like whoa. So we're second happened. It goes bad for two years. And i go and take the same a i have my degree. I've mike's you can't take it from me. Was the worst that could happen. Like and i'm i. If i if i had known or not known if end of my life i could have saw the alternative pat and was named just did it. You got your grammy nomination at twenty four and i had taken the way. I would have been devastated. You know like what was the worst. I was going to happen. So i was like whatever and that also was beneficial by me choosing to go to temple and not having the debt that would have if i had went to. Nyu weighing on me. So i could make a clear decision without having that does great point and great advice and i think one of the things that stood out to me. There was that concept of. What's the worst that can happen. And that really applies. Not only to people who are twenty. Year olds but twenties thirties forties fifties sixties seventies eighties. As long as you're alive and kicking. You've got that opportunity right because as you said you can work during the day and take a little chunk of your evening out seven days a week or five days a week or just on the weekends and just put in time on whatever you're passionate about i mean we live really in one of the best times ever for that. We're you're in atlanta right now. I'm in philly and we're recording this over zoom call pretty effectively for the most part a couple of things here and there but for the most part you have the opportunity the ability. The equipment has become super democratized. I mean you can record four k movie using an iphone you can go off im- by an osmo pocket or something like that. Which is a little camera that you can fit into your pocket and you can record some pretty amazing shots doing that. You can get relatively. This is seriously right. He's holding up an iphone by the way you can check out this episode on youtube. Of course so make sure you check out our youtube channel. You can see ben. I talking over zoom. Yeah exactly you can pick up. I mean there are plenty of hollywood filmmakers who say all the time you have more power in your pocket right now to go out and create a film if you wanted to then i had when i started my career right. And that's the idea is that you can really just take a little bit of time each day. If you took an hour out of each day you'd have three hundred sixty five hours put in at the end of the year right one hour each day so i think that's pretty incredible. What you've done with your time. I do want to talk about. You also mentioned earlier that you had to go from this mental shift of being an independent. You know hustle hungary Putting forth the effort looking for the opportunity. Kind of guy to building this organization that you've bill through after five studios with adding entre adding other engineers and other individuals to your team and you've had to learn to work more collaboratively with others for there are a lot of entrepreneurs. I think struggle with that and that's entrepreneurs in the creative space whether you're an artist of any kind or a filmmaker film producer or if you're an entrepreneur in the traditional sense that you you know build something or start a business or provide a service or whatever it is it can be tough to be that i run everything in the back of my mind by myself. I know exactly what i need to do to learning to delegate to others especially when those individuals might not do it. Exactly the same as you would do it right. So how have you made that shift. And what's your advice for other individuals like that. Yeah it's been. i'm not saying i'm perfect at. It's been hard. I've been meaning to Get with my sis. An engineer for hats leak to show her how to schedule. The sessions online. Haven't gotten to keep doing it. I don't need. I can't do it anymore. But yes so. The the first thing for me was picking the right team And having a a deep trust in them i was. That was the number one thing. I just pick the right at at took. It took a little bit longer. You know we. The whole studio process took long. It was supposed to be abou a month starting in may and we didn't open. It's october fish. Construction into september. It was but it worked out I team talk. Three engineers. Justin miller joseph buchanan and julian hairs Justin was the first person i was. Justin is a really close friend of mine. He's a great engineering and he is just talented. He's very talented. And he's very responsible joseph. I knew from working on another studio and also because i knew his very close with he's also produce unbreakable because management His managers actually one of my mentors Scanning cruise these leaks Mostly works with us. Mostly known for working with nick no but cruises the been invaluable mentor to me for us. Two years of then. Julian i had known from just around And it was kind of random because he called me asking me a question like about. I dunno some software or something and then i was like what are you doing. He's like on this. And that new place. Oh you know we had a meeting and everything and then on my assistant she goes. Why join beach. She's been working with me for three years now. Two or three years But it was about picking the right team trusting them. And then i think i had a slight advantage because i spent so much time in a corporate environment i was able to bring some of those things in because i have a more traditional degree in its study. Young music was in business school and even urged all the regular classes and so I was able to take certain things. I had seen in and bring them in. So for instance after fire. It's very Technology base so. If you want to book session you say book your session. I am put in and you be ending its tax. They can decide. Oh can i do this. Yes no yes they had. No they hit you asking you to text back. Here's a location. Don't bring a gas masks like you know. Here's where here's everything you need to know. It's very hands off where a lot of studios are more like. Got a call in talk like i wanted it to be as hands off as possible and i wanted to take other effective practices. I've seen in other small businesses and other businesses worked so we have a we have a weekly Call every monday at twelve every monday until five minutes every monday twelve. We're going to get on the phone. I'm gonna say we're doing this week. Like many question to to just interrupt you for a quick second. That's something that. I've implemented as well in my law firm and in the production company that we have on the side for podcasts production. As well i've started doing all hands meetings as well every single week. We have specific times that i meet with my teams at the different organizations that way we can stay organized. We can know what's going on. I can have a better sort of mental picture of what other people are doing. And what i need to be doing to support the team and that to me is well has helped with that transition between you know all the work. That's in my head. That i need somebody else to take care of so that i can focus on whatever efforts need to be done to grow my practice or to grow the production company or for whatever reason or to prospect podcast guests. Whatever it is. I have going on right. So that's been a really effective tool for me. Have you seen that as part of the difference maker for yourself as well. Oh yeah it's great. It's just everybody. Can you stay on the same page about like what's going on especially with me being you know traveling and being an ala It's just like just little things like are we are. We oughta snacks like like we need more water. Like is everybody cooled. Isn't going to need anything. I'm outside just the and it's also because of the To not rua other than like doesn't from six to nine and justin has its session for ten to twelve. They're only going to run into each other right. They're they're not gonna work. They're not going to collaborate together much. You know but that it's kind of we're building kind of trying to get everybody to ryan and and team together and and it's going well with that on the other big thing for me is Leading from a place of i understand and a deep empathy for you know the swat. So i'm big on like i'm in a really great position where myspace that i that studios We are blessed to pay a flat rate for electric use. So there's no variable call or the room to have one session or one hundred session so to me. What that means is if that if there's not a session on calendar somebody better be in there doing something very big on that. So there's no session so there's no session today until now it's twelve o'clock eastern time. There's no session until six. It's free for us like if you want to go and you want to work on something if you want to go and you have an artist that you're developing. They don't really have a budget right now. You guys are working together. And you're you're trying to build their career and their time bill. That's what happened with me. Why you know worked with for years. And then he ended up getting a record deal or somebody like armani. Same thing is great. Friends of my. We worked together for years and neither of us at any money. And now you know. We're able to sean sean. And i went from either us having any money to him. You know being able to get a record deal. And then now he's able you know they're able to pay for this year. So i'm big on those types of things or if you have that person that you're working with and there's nobody here just work like i don't care you know and so that's where we have the balance of we have these weekly meetings. And we're very organized. Everything's very scheduled sessions are scheduled in built built-in buffer thirty minutes. You know everything has to get approved what we also groups at where it's like that's all i ask just undetectable. Everybody knows what's going on. Ios anybody here now article. I'm going into ongoing until the session at six on us room. Get that's how you get better and it's better for me 'cause now you're better and it you know i'm from just leading from a place of understanding an understanding that there's more to this than just. How can i make the most money possible. I'm willing to compromise on my margins to buy snacks. I'm willing to compromise on my margins to pay everybody more and and you know i'm willing to you know a lot of times when you when you do with record labels are other businesses you know invoices can take sixty to ninety days. I'm willing to front that money. Because i can do that from the business and and not make you know. One of my engineers wait three months. That's not fair. I'm willing to put that upfront and i'm not gonna take a cut because i'm doing it now. We're here to make good music. And i could give everybody studio time for free. I totally would. Yeah and i think that's a lot of what helps to build loyalty. You actually have kind of a triple bottom line sort of structure to your business without saying so formerly at least right where you care a lot about your stakeholders which is inclusive of your clients of the people that you work with of your outside collaborators. All those individuals are really important to the lifeblood of any organization or any endeavor. And i think that that is. What's helping you to succeed so much into build loyalty not only from your own team but from the outsiders organization. Yeah and then. We're just really trying to provide a been mean blessed travel and see different studios and kind of see what they how they operate and whatnot and so i tried to incorporate best practices that i've seen in other places And just very very big on hospitality. I put more money into the aesthetics of the place then into the equipment made sure we had very very high quality equipment. The rooms read it. Well has great kucic treatment and everything. It sounds good but more into revive. And you know be aesthetics and everything because and just that but also making sure that we have everything that's needed because the thing that kills a recording session faster is not having one of those low iphone adapter pieces. Somebody's somebody can play something off their phone. Compared to not having a fifty thousand dollar like Speakers on the wall has not gonna stop your session not having that or headphone adapter or having an extra cable. Those things are going gonna make your session stop you know so i care more about those things in the The experience you know great point. Now let's talk about nice things music. Which by the way can be found at nice things. Music dot com or at nice things music on instagram. If you wanna check them out. Tell us how that collaboration between yourself and until moody came about and tell us a little bit about your experience in preparing events with them and some of the awesome things that have happened yes so on too nice. Things is chills brand on chose my My older brother. You know one of the first people that i connected with And some me him. Attorney and other and jason. Berger who's the best to entertain attorney in the world but also the best one in philadelphia We we on music in two thousand fifteen originally as a record label. We were our our main thing was. We weren't gonna necessarily science specific artists kind of sign their projects and an is. This was a different era where it was a lot harder to get distribution than it is now Now you know with stuff like united masters and stuff. It's a lot easier to distribution before you had to really know somebody or just take the risk of like two cores that to get your music on all the different. Dsp's so we originally started like that music work with some great artists A eventually kind of pivoted more into doing events and so started off with some stuff. It's southwest southwest and what not and then eventually We were approached into seventeen to buy wa welcome to america to do a stage at their free fourth of july. Then that with the park wherever you so the first year we kinda have to scramble Because we found out that we were able to do this june. So we gotta scrambled and bootstrapped. You know got some artists on was really great experience with great The second yes the second years when we really kind of kicked into high gear so they gave us two days on third and fourth song third. We were able to do a great event that chill had actually done ten years prior. I think Called boroughs like nice things and so that was a are and music. Event centered around women. Women empowerment fine creators. We had off l. varna headline performer. We had some great artists out there too. Great vendors of sierra green. We capacity space. I think there's probably about two thousand people up there maybe more It was a great great day. Great is a great vibe Everything went perfectly. There was no hiccups. Some issues everybody had an amazing time. And then the next day we were able to have an event at we had a concert at the parkway and then headliner which was deejay active. Who's don't want investigation. We toured with janet jackson in which a goal and everything he brought out freeway. Pd crack and brief steve's in chill and delpy and it was probably about five thousand people out there at the end of it Some great benders trucks and other really great performers highlighted some other local businesses And it was just is really cool and then so this year we have to a virtual event and so we were able to have online stage and interactive in which was cool and it's hopefully You know twenty twenty one and twenty thousand twenty two we're back out with wa wa also out other events Trying to kind of build off the brand chose dirty established. Do things around union is beer and his music and clothing. And kinda just trying to really provide some high quality of infinitely but then also just all three in our own way are trying to still help provide opportunities and stuff for emerging artists the city as well. That's awesome really really cool so when you do something like that when you're creating a big production that's got so many moving parts and so many complex things that go into it. What is your process from going to idea to manifestation. You have to raise money in between. How do you get into that. But let's let's go from literally you want to do this project you have this big bombastic idea. How do you do it. Yes we have some other great people that help us You know women earnings lots on it up. She helps us a lot with the planning of these things We have another great marketing genius on named charlotte lander. He has a lot of really grates up in philly. So i'm gonna be the right. One to ask on. A lot of fundraising has to do chilin. Jason's network is twenty times mine. They're also a lot older than me. I would hope it would be but Their network is it's twenty five minutes. They handle a lot of that. My role in a lot of this is going back to my previous background handle finances. All the spreadsheets. Make all the presentations. Powerpoint and all the pitch decks and occupy wall money So a lot of a lot of that Help be kind of with finding the artists and then i do a lot. They do a lot of the behind. The scenes work a lot of these events. I'm running around with my head. Cut off person at the unit. That's that's my role. That's just my personality. I'm also the youngest so cool. I remember at our fourth of july of that It started raining halfway through the show on. And so we have kind of like a ten minute rain delay and then before Before they could go back to stage so we don't have any towels. I'd like went to the table. Gravitate clock ran on stage. Like all my hands and knees mopping up the water with the. That's i'm more of that person. They handle kind of the fund raising and what not. It's not really my strength. I think we kind of. I'm very big on like do what you're good at and don't do what you're not gonna gary v's talks about that like double down on your strengths and on other people to fill in engineering aren't rated you know on twenty four most of mine. That were doesn't have any money. So so are you're getting you're getting there though. So it's we're getting there. But yeah i think it just comes from anything. Big is not big. It's just a series of small steps. You know so even like with my studio. It wasn't just like go from like empty rooms. A studio was like all right. Cool contractors air conditioning equipment k. Cool let's get this thing painted all right cool. We have now. Let's decorated rx decorate. Will now we will find people to work here. It's bunch of little steps that eventually lead to a big one. It's not just like here to five thousand people you know. I think that's the process that i use for most things that's worked well for me and it sounds like it's part of your processes well is start with your goal for example after five studios being the goal in the back of your mind and then work your way back to what are the first incremental or baby steps or whatever. You wanna call it that. I need to take to move down the path to that direction right and it's sometimes really just that simple in. That's what ends up tying everything together here to the luck that provides you with the opportunities that them provides you with the success that you ultimately achieve now tying this episode neatly into a little bow. I'm gonna bring it all the way back around in ask you to call your shot again so called your shot to get to the grammy nom. You've done that now. Let's hopefully you win the award. I'm rooting for you by the way. But let's hear you call another shot. What's next what can we expect big on the horizon from you. I don't know. Grammy thing is so easy. It's easy being what do you wanna do. I wanna make it was so easy. Know to say right but hey calling your shot and going out and doing it mad respect for doing that. I think that's such a cool thing to manifest something. I don't know what's next right now. I'm really focused Someone apparently doing some early working on and Continue to grow the studio. We got another room so original idea when it being a one room space for me to of go and chill and creates now. It's a three room space with a team of four people in two different. Not so we're going to do with his third might be another studio probably will be a podcast room. I'm not sure what we're gonna do yet. so i don't know i don't know what shot the call right now. Really focused on Kind of building getting better. I'm big on Learning and just constantly. Getting better i would. I do feel like i get better every single day. Be like the best song. I worked on his the most reasons on i work on. I like it that way I think now that's kinda slowed off a little bit. There's other variables and make certain songs better than others but it still needs from my performance. It's best one is the most recent one something. I'm kind of working on right now. Is we're working on the after five academy which is going to be a free summer camp that we're going to do this year For high school students from underserved communities. We're gonna have probably forty six students we're gonna do Out of two weeks worth of completely free programming around music and music production. Just really trying to You know give back to. Because i feel i've been interested blessed and at a lot of great opportunities writer for me on me to do what's right So i'm really looking forward to that and hoping that goes off you know as a success msn nine. I just wanna like you know. See what happens with this with his grammy. I can't believe it's and country music. See what happens with that You know hopefully you know to just make great music not even really about these accolades. A grammy meant something to me specifically because of the recording academy being central to my life so whether i feel it i have made it through every rank that they could possibly have a winter. Their high school camp and i was a campus ambassador for college program. That was a regular member. And i was on the production and engineering committee and then i became the youngest governor ever. I think i was gonna say that. I am competent. Nobody else served on the board of any chapter twenty three. So i'm just gonna run with it on and became the youngest governor ever and then so it would just. It felt like the nomination a combination of of all the work i had put in an and all of the opportunities of the recording academy has continued to provide for me too. That's why i was Why i'm more excited about that Right now it's just about insinuating to grow continuing to You know provide opportunity for other people. That's been really great. I think out of everything that's happened this year. Grammy and know how to billboard number one and all this other stuff. I think the thing. I'm most excited and most proud about is that in in the midst of a pandemic i was able to take you know three of my friends and and give them the opportunity to continue to sustain their careers that more than anything else almost them. That's pretty awesome and your propensity to help the community that raised. You is something that's also near and dear to me. It's why i teach at temple. It's y you know. I tried to get involved in community initiatives. I feel the same way. Grew up in north philly. Came from a background. That would be considered underprivileged by most people. And you know. I've been one of the lucky ones like yourself. I feel the same way that i got opportunities that you know i was lucky to get and i want to give back to that community. That sorta raised me exactly the single mom in harlem before it was nice. I feel like if you play my story. One hundred times it goes in the opposite direction and since you know because of all the amazing people family friends teachers mentors who supported me like i have to do that. And so that's where we got the summer camp and that's also where we have like The for me. I'm like i'm very open. Anybody anybody can ask me questions. I try to answer every call every on a little slow but like you know i. I really try to be a resource for for those in philly who are trying to learn production engineering. Everybody has a number. They no question this call. I got some homing as me hound. Doing they just call when they got questions. I'm cool with that call. That's totally fine. You got questions. Call him and try answering. You know because. I people have have so this knowledge into me. And we're gonna do it. They're like right great point. So that's ben. Thomas productions dot com. If you wanna check out ben's recording studio that's after five studios p. h. l. dot com and. That's the number five in there. You can also check out nice. Things music dot com in nice things music on instagram ben. Thanks so much for your time looking forward to see all the cool things that you have on the horizon and good luck at the grammys. Thank you. I appreciate it.

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Clinton Sparks - How To Be Unforgettable and Well Connected


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Clinton Sparks - How To Be Unforgettable and Well Connected

"You're now tuned into the addicted to Success Dot Com podcast where geniuses, entrepreneurs and next level game changers shared their juicy little secrets on achieving massive success. This is the advice you wish you heard years ago. Be Prepared and take note as we expose the real nece and the raw of what it takes to be successful on addicted to success. Dot Com Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the addicted to success podcast I'm your host Joe Brown and I'm here today. Get familiar. Aj Clinton sparks. This box has sold over seventy five million records around the world. He's worked with beyond. Say Lady Gaga DJ SNAKE EMINEM. He's worked with diddy. He's the DJ for. Did he back in the day I've known Clinton for damn near Seventeen years, and to see the way that this guy is continues to climb from success to success is insane I would love to climb into his mind and pull it apart and share it with you. Guys Today Clinton. Thank you so much of being here. Man I want to hear all about your new book, and let's let's dive into some interesting stories. Who will before we do that? Seventeen years ago. How do we meet? Seventeen years. Okay So I used to have a radio show called the stadium music shore as in Perth Western Australia on a radio station. Quote Groove, FM. and. I listen to you, a mix tapes get familiar mix tapes and I introduced your mix tapes and your music to one of the. Radio show managers and said you gotTa get this guy on radio down here in Australia so totality Alesia, Mandalay and Shia ended up reaching out to you, and then we connected you jumped on. A slot as well. That would that rate in Australia you then flew out to Perth and did tour around us, and yeah, you and I met in a casino in Perth and you're I think you'll. You a gambling at the table. You play poten. Remember that yeah. I came up to you. Man and we had a chat knows asking you about your APP that you'll going into. You had some involvement in grand theft daughter that game, and some other things going on and yeah. That's kind of how we kicked off. We had dinner together with a group of US and. It was just really cool man you know, and and it wasn't like a group you file. It was just more like. Damn I could see the way that you showed up and it was relentless pursuit for success you, you literally are addicted to success. Gift on a curse. I want to know what's driver like what's driving behind you. What's your motivation was pushing you? I don't know I haven't insatiable appetite to work in win. Still in help, other people right so I've always like that so. Since I was a kid at the two things that stuck me. The most was I never wanted to be broken in Hungary again in I also never wanted anybody to have to feel. Go through what I went through, so I do my best to try to help others up with other people and show them the blueprint, so you know I figure if if I could figure out how to win big, then it's my duty. And it also fulfills my desire to WANNA. Help other people, so it's funny because throughout my career when I would always give out free game in China, teach people things. work in always come back. May, why did you do that like? Why did you give yourself from you like that? Are you willing to do it's? It's probably one of those comedies is happens, wrote my career. That is odd as they find out. Give Them Game I. Find it odd that they found it odd that I was giving them again. You know what I. Mean so like I have no problem giving my blueprint to somebody. Else's showing them how to win because one just because I helped. Helped doing it doesn't mean I'm not GonNa win anymore. You know what I mean I think. A lot of people feel threatened by teach everybody else this negative. Knock me out the box or like. There's no room for me anymore by two things one if you're, you're always going to be no matter. How does somebody else's to the more people that you make great? They remember that so now. You've built a massive network of people in resources that you can tap into. As you continue to elevate becoming even more great is one of the chapters of my book is called mastering art art standing for automatic resource thinking so when you build up. A massive network resources and you had issues problems. You need answers. Then you just master art automatic, resourceful thinking man. I like that. That's such a great breakdown yet when I met you back in the day, I think one of the things I noticed about you just looking back at it now with my more mature mindset I guess. Is that your plan to infinite game? This grand vision that you you're always focused on in the way that you create in the way that you network in the way that you connect with others, and and put out there and a Lotta people playing game there so short minded. They're like I need to get this deal. I need to like the hang so much expectation on this one thing whereas I can tell you you see the bigger picture. Have you always been visionary, minded or like. How do you view your vision for the future? Yeah, knows funny. You say that because. No one's ever said it to me like that before, but yes, and I'll give you a story that can show illustrate at what I was young. So when I was on the radio in Boston I finally got a radio. On the big station hot any seven and I got radio show. I would I was just focus on like how do I. Make An impact? How do I just be Super Bowl? How do I make people really get familiar with right s in fact when I came up with the tagline lawyer, because when I got on the radio, I wanted to have a tagline that was original unique, and when I got on the radio at the time, folk master slacks was like the number one hit oxygen world, so everybody wanted to sound like him at all to drop offs and they all. Need is. Like everybody wanted to be justice. Cool, if not cooler than artists that they were interviewed right so. When I got on the radio back then, I listened to the mainly Jalen my station. 'cause I wasn't the number one guy. In the number, one guy on the competition station now we were all friends and I'm kind of always the guy that keeps everybody cool and friendly with each other. In everytime I was listening to them on the radio. It always eat zone subliminal shots at each other and always say GAM- number one in Boston and New England, and Boston. Listened to the monetize I think like. Why do they have to say their number one? Just let the people say you're one right? The guy took them out to lunch. You guys France in new look at the H. I.. Why is he asking this? New Idea, of course they can. Why do that is always started shooting each other on radio? No, he don't know him. Do you go sale. They're trying to claim the number wounds, which means you're trying to knock the other one out of the box I go. Let me give you guys a piece of advice. Will you guys sitting there? Competing for the number one spot in Boston on trying to be the number one in the world so justify my goals alone are already eating. And then focusing on just being. of saying no and guess what the streets as saying that number one. Saying so it's in the you know. As time gone. They laughed at me. Brother reweighted like. Clinton and serious guys watch. You'll see right, and then as you just said if I was stock from twenty years ago now of constantly being out, I've never had a united scope. In those guys have you know one minute alway now in the Denver for long time tonight stock research again years later, but you know I didn't say these things that you cocky properties I said like guys. Let me show you how to just be without waiting. It's like now. Instagram near will act like they're dope. Instead of actually being go yeah I've always dance. You Question Yeah. Way, bigger picture than just like now which is. What my goals away do I see myself? With My. Whereas in five years. It's really hard to answer that because I don't have an angle. There is no end so i. got you know what I'm saying? Why helping people never know N Unia, cheating success, never know am secure life theories. Financial Future never ends, you know defending happy and building happiness around me never ends, so there is not like final goal. There is just steps to continuously elevating to happiness and success. Yeah, you know what's interesting man when I was in the music industry, a good ten twelve years back, it was really. While it was such like a sobering moment to see some of my like high school dream oddest doing nothing in the studio, but two then. Growing up often seen him as a superstar coming into welcome and finding out there on that third or fourth album, and they're getting to a point where in desperation, 'cause not hot like they used to be, Anita hit I, need a hit and he could tell like wow man. Some of these guys have a window of opportunity. It's like they have this shine for three four years on top of the charts, and then the they're struggling after that to try and stay relevant. However you stay relevant. What is your focus being? Stay relevant. Well. It's my my passion and devotion to success. Really you know I don't like to be less one of those people that don't know how work is my big Asian. Idol I'm not the person that way. Melania break working hard like I wake up like Sucre pumps to do more things like actually. It bothers me to be taken away from doing work. Like like I get freaky day when I can't do work. So I just liked look at. My ultimate goal in life you know. Overall it's not this one like defying all my overall goal is just continuous. Goal is to just do Dole things and be happy. in doing dope things like you know whereas producer platinum records awards than companies, or it's you know teaching people how to invest in two different industries or writing a book or whatever it is I. don't see an end. I'm not a one trick pony united. That's one of the things I got a busted through the glass ceiling. Knew. There was a time when I was at my peak Dj. Like look. I'm really in entrepreneur. Disguised as a grammy nominated multiply producer EJ. You know what I mean like I just use those things to get into doors that I wouldn't have been able to get into because I know that people like to be down. The cool in making hit records makes you cool so. Cool people will welcome. With us, big bankers are as big investors. Exceeding does because they wanted his shoulders with cooled deutz right so we can do cool shit. You don't have to be at their level of rich or their level of you know academically intelligent graduating from Harvard or Stanford us up. They had a different superpower. What they has a power that they could never have like. You could go to school allergic. They can't be calm cool. They can't learn how to all sudden may ten years of music and working with the biggest hearts from the world like the. Do you know what I mean so? Win like that want to hang out with people like me, either Mabel to have the conversations that I really WanNa, have like hey, you guys know that you're leaving money on the table because you're missing out. On your missing on a talk with demographic or geographic, we speaking, you're not doing the right thing here. And then when I start really speaking on that level I can't tell you how many executives CEO's as stock said this lines me. Aren't you a DJ? I have to say that it's one of the things I do, and they're like then happens. I ended up having meetings with them, and it turns into something bigger, and I ended up closing seven figure deals. You know the needle show doing things that they never thought of it, or they asked me to speak to their whole office. It happens on like now. He's past couple of years. A really kind of the the the becoming of what Clinton's was meant to be. If. That makes sense because you. Know we know as a deejay producer. They don't know me all things I've done behind the scenes. They don't know like you know. Dj Calendar for instance when I flew down a meet with them. Show them how to market himself outside of Miami, 'cause nobody knows, do I write so it's like really show you do this or when I found it. Keeping Gigi snaking based reporting in Paris in two thousand seven couldn't even speak English and I. I signed him and I introduced with a little job. In that we all these records you know, I can tell you stories and stories and stories of things that I've been behind that have helped shape in shift the culture that we're a part of today, but you don't know it because I just did it for the good of culture, and I just did it for free. You know what I mean like before like this wave of entrepreneurship. Courses or books or gurus like I already was that I just there was no such thing as federal name. There was no such thing as all these came around or became kind of the jargon. We all speak from SEO's. At our Human Seo. Art Gassing early two thousands united, mean. So I just I'm good at forecasting trends on good understanding. Paying attention to different cultures. What people industries don't understand about a jogger it how to make them understand by being able to translate across the board. Yeah Clinton. How dare you be multidimensional. You'RE DJ as if you call and everything. That's pretty interesting. It's funny. You know. Partners on on the other line right now. Finishing up my website, clint spots dot com right and it's funny. 'cause there's so many didn't have access social media was who goes website? She's Nice Plug Nice Plug. When. You go to Google. Is a website anymore. But I don't too because. I realized. Like how much is so funny because I don't look at me the way people write I look I. Still Look at these I. Like a broke Dork from Boston at still just trying to get people familiar right I'll look at myself as accomplished at a look at myself as like a sound investor or millionaire or I. Don't look at myself and I wake up every day like I'm still the same kid when I was nineteen. Just trying to get people familiar with me. Try to convince people of Dope things that they should be doing, or they should be a part of a why this idea of having so great. This company should use it, you know, and I, that's why I just kind of. Ford into what I basically I worked. My whole password used to get to today. Today is having differently. INC which is my marketing agency and consultancy, having a book and being an offer, you know having no. To many things haven't let's let's let's breakdown download because for anyone. That's new to you on this this podcast episode. What are your revenue streams? What what are the elements within your business so that? If anyone's listening to like wow, really love to like. Look up more on Clinton because I wanNA. Learn how he has been able to build what he bills because I know your book which we have share how to win big in the music, business Behind you there to see it man I'm proud of you. Dude, because I know what it takes to write a book, it's not it's not exactly the most fun adventure. Important. What else is big is Chart Teams David? John wrote the foreword Daymond John All right. Yeah, you know even. He said he goes and four for anybody. Like Florida he voted. There is so complimentary I couldn't even believe that he says it's. It's something you want your dad to save you. Know hopefully you can get with. Up to write about me. But I've no Dana also for like fifteen years. Bookies Floor as like really you'll do that. He's like Kimmy better not have someone else do it. So Nichols back to me again. Realizing like on worthy of you writing forward. Like, it's almost. It's almost like I have. And I want to talk about this for a second because I think a lot of people. Suffer from. This misses a personal thing. Depending how you grew up, you know the lack of love or whether he was sexually abused, or you'll bullied. We didn't have a father around or whatever it is. That plays a huge role or what you think about yourself. How you value yourself. Where you stand on, like your need for love, what kind of law will kind of luggage except as a dysfunctional laws? Right in I, think that's the big problem. In what am I driving forces why I worked so hard? Because I have that kind of hey, look I hit her rugs injured. So you've always shine approved that you were there. Be Overly. Wherever, I work whether it was what I were at ups worked at a paper company with. Eastward Organization where reckon on Radio Stations Reverend. Is I always try to work myself? So prove that are worthy to pay attention to you know what I mean, and that comes from my lack of love, lack of attention in I. Don't think I'll ever get rid of that. Much of other people of their at suffered from that you by donors Stanley, suffer from it and don't understand like how big of a role the place in their life, and so people are able to figure out using a superpower other people you look at it like. They never feel valuable. Don't dig down out of refine the value of themselves or their superpower because they're always. Going to be when I was young I didn't get this in. It's like I've learned you know many years ago that it's not. It's not your fault. It's not my fault, so why am I gonNA. Live the rest of my life holding on Shit. That I didn't 'cause. It's not my fault. It has a strip myself of. The insecurities I strip myself of feeling not worthy right so I know better now when I still suffer from the residue of that next live. Yeah well. This is a good man. I'm so happy we went there because I've noticed you getting more more vulnerable. When post on instagram follow each other and I I see it coming up and I'm like wow, that's Clinton. Because you'll revealing more and more possibly self, which also means that you're also accepting those parts of Utah, and that's what it comes down to you. Do these interventions at our live events and we coach people through this? There is an element where if you? Are Hiding in avoiding it. You can layer it with what we call overcompensation every success where it's always looking for that approval. If you're aware that it's there, and you do the forgiveness work, which I know, you have because I've seen the what you've posting your content. You've worked with the acceptance of forgiveness new shed vulnerably. Then you change the story around it, so it's not. Not Looking for the love, it's just like now. You've got this patent within you of how you're motivated by into achieve, and it's really cool because you're counteracting it as well with Shaw with gratitude with surrounding yourself with good people right where you don't needing approval from them, but they're just like pouring loving to you as well so you balanced it out in a way. Yeah, I mean it goes back to what I said earlier not want to feel what I felt so once I realized. This is what I'm feeling. Realize other people. To and then I realized I WANNA. Make them feel up in. Appreciate it, you know. I don't want people to feel that way. I never want to get a 'cause. So. This is something I can do to show. People are like one of the big things you know I talked to a lot of people man in. Feast out talking about. Say something so significantly profound to myself. Now might go over by damp so this one time. I was talking to this couple that were in turmoil and I could see what was lot. It's it's funny. 'cause I can clearly see issues in I can so clear I can see resolution right. The trick is a lot of people I know how to fix this. The trick is really fixing. The trick is being able to understand the people that you're dealing with and how they don't have fix it. It! So that's where the real skill comes in to recognize their deficiencies right, so I we were talking and then after we're done talking. She's crying and she's like Oh. My God this conversation changed my life. You know we're going to start this long journey to gain better and I said that's your first call. She said what I go. It's not a long journey to healing. It's merely a decision. Side right now that I'm not gonNA hurt. Anymore I'm not gonNA. This affect me anymore I'm not. GonNa Act Negative. I'm not gonNA react in these ways. Just decide right now. If we lead stable in your whole life will change. It's not this ongoing years and years of trying to work on yourself. It's a decision. That's it. I see like my dad is going to be talking about that. Would you've been derby for forty fucking years man. Like. You still broke. You know what I mean like. Why are you still going? Like you're the same fucking. Everything to go bothered you four years ago. Is Bothering you the same way today? You're doing it wrong. You know what I mean like. Right I know how to help people get to the point of. Understanding. Shortcomings their flaws how they receive things how they conveyed. It sucked right. People get people have built these grooves right in in the reactor reactionary groups. So this you go that way, so does this automatic legal that way right known jumps on the terrain. It hasn't built a groove yet. It's so much beautifying on that rough terrain where an inevitably you'll make the whole flat. Where now like you have so much open area to decide which way I'm going to go with this then you're not stuck in his who I'm going to get angry. I'm GONNA react negatively. I'm GONNA GET NAP. It's like no, no you. Know, what? There's no groups anymore. I'll look at this from a completely different rating ever located and I'm GonNa react totally different for me, so I can be better at my life. How many people do you know? Hold onto anger. Hold on Libyan. Mad At somebody or you know they want. Revenge are not mean or like just been dictates like why if you realize? Because a lot of people think that would so does the mean or rude that if that was their intention, they don't realize this person might just be fucking broken and they don't know how to actor. So. If what the minute you let somebody take control of your emotions is the winning the minute you're in charge of your entire life in every Silva. So when you decide what kind of person you want to be, there's nothing anyone can say or do that can ever? Swayed for being that bad. If I decide I'm never. GonNa, get any relief indicative I don't care for shot. My kid like that's what I decided to kind of man. I'm going to be in. This is how I'm GONNA handle. In the most caring loving non Celta stop away way theories that makes go. Now Yeah, it does of course of course I agree, and I think a lot of people living in lower consciousness at the lower consciousness scale you have. Shame and guilt and anger and resentment and blame. They're very like even those words when you hear it like doesn't feel good, right. The goal is to move up the ladder right closer to God, which is that prosperity that abundance that clarity that creation and. look man I used to work in the music industry and I'm sure you could probably say to specially in hip hop. There is a Lotta eager. And there's a Lotta I'll battle you beef. There's like you know I'm better than you. I got more money than you. I did this to your check. Whatever it may be an and a Lotta that conversation goes on can bring us into these low of APPS. And I noticed that it has an impact. ON SOCIETY WHEN WE LISTEN TO MUSIC! Like doc movies of killing and violence and everything else and to add that on top of people's programs. They have developed from a young childhood. It's it's pretty tough to have a fighting chance so somewhere along the line you worked out like hey, this year doesn't work for me. In that process, it's more than about going. Okay cool will. What is it that flies? Miep brings me into that high tension snus. Like what is it that what stops me from? Staying in the lower consciousness, so that now I become productive in society for you. What was that turning point? Because obviously you started to get into Dj, ING and producing music. I remember you even working with Eminem in the basement. Where before eminent was eminem right? I'll tell you the moment that I figured out the key to life. I was like twenty one twenty two years old. And a few years earlier I had so many gap wasn't around. He left when I was like four or five and then. I didn't like when I was fifteen. My Mom said you know Louis Him because I was. Of that asked I was getting arrested too much to my mom. Go with your dad and suckers. So With my Gat in the years that I was there with into high school, there was always this one line he would say. That would really trigger a pissed me off in that line was do something wrong. Get in trouble at school. He'd say I didn't raise you that way. And I used to get pissed off. fucking raising right in, so we kind of butt heads over that. In eighteen, thousand eighteen, we had the big father son fight I, and I was just set up with him, saying stuff like that taking credit to shit, he didn't do. So when I love going to be away that her dad knew. He was like yeah, you'll see one day the happens. You luck you. Never, talk to me! Give the rest of my life. At a couple years with by. Because I was resentful angry at him, not being around. Narrative sporting events like the only kid I hit a home run. Everyone's cheering and I'm the only kid who's got no paradox along the game was over. Everyone's getting caused the parents getting ice cream sitting there on my shitty bike. Ride home itself. Get jumped by some kids. I got sexually abused many years because my dad was around, blamed him, not being while intact. So, that was good. Riddance him. Stop talking. About Twenty One, twenty, two search, becoming more mature. I thought to myself one day. What is it that happened to my father? That didn't allow him to beat a man I needed him to be. A was around and then when I really dived into that in realize you know his father will be shit him. His mother liked abused him. He was sent to Vietnam why all of these tragic things had happened in his life. How can twenty four year old kid like handle at coming back from Vietnam and having a kid? How now he's a full blown alcoholic when he comes back to Vietnam so once, I realized all the horrific things he had to go through I went through feeling. Anger resentment to feeling empathy. In, that was the day I figured out the key life. I went to my father in Talks Room. I listened, and I was open heart with an open mind, and I became I, built me a my father to become best frights. I forgave him, and you know even when he would do say little things, because I realized. My Dad doesn't have the same set of tools. Is I have? For Resolution right slack here a mad. He doesn't have those right instead I'll just use my to try keep caring, so that's what I would do years. And then we became best friends became a man and several years later I had saw him. One time out to dinner. Any pulled over on the side of the road. And you know his hand on my shoulder, a withdrawal which up tell you something. Why and he goes, it just want to tell you. That, I was, so it was I came full circle that argument. We were eighteen years old as the fact that he held onto me saying that too so long right and then finally owned up to it like you are. Father was I so? You know. We became best friends, and then out and do that route able I doubt if you go to verity for forty years like he is all the way by because he can't like offense right so I will try to help up years in then just recently this year this past year like after twenty years of being best friends. Broke up so you know. My Dad Gad Kit. Handle the fact that I was sexually abused and I watched Michael Jackson documentary in a kicked up feelings that like I never knew. I had right so I had I. don't know if he's not like the kids around by agent stuff like whether it happened or not. They said things that were like I've never heard anybody say these things or these feelings that I had before error, so I had called by. That talked about it in. You'll first night we. Talked in, you know. He talked about a in the next night through a two part series in the next night. I watched it in these due to talking about yeah. I don't really have good galasie for because of. All, my God I've never heard that before. That was my situation. So what I call talent all of a sudden. He was angry at what's going on. He's a day I'm so sick of hearing different scientists, story and I'm like what are you talking about? something in Egos. Yeah you know your brothers, and then you and your sister are like Dad. You're supposed to be my dad and my best friend. Whether you believe me are not. Usable. To say look. I don't know what happened on. Those Sundays might help and I'm going to be. That's all it matters, not taking sides. Here sides if he's hurting by job duty as a father and a friend. Is it just consoling When he needs the period instead he says the sheet that was foul. That Angered me and then I six stopped accidents. The now he cut, not abandoning for the second time I like glue setting your tax. That was like yeah. I talk to my therapist at the va she. She doesn't think it's good for me to be in contact with you anymore. It's too much stress. Take you and your family take of decision I'm like. What kind of a man as A new but like here. I big like a pass all the bullshit and my whole life has been as successful as had been in his greatest. It looks to the world like I. Mean Real human, just like everybody else man I I went to fucking bag. Most of my life was shit in dealing with like a bad hands, an ideal that accordingly and I made as they say, take lemons and make a I just I've been made fucking Zillion, fucking batches of lemonade. Did. And I have my girl, you know. When custody my son, I had a daughter. With labatt divorce. On on the rates, everything's great in the. My Dad tells me fuck off yet Makamba. Jesus like how many how many times you have to go through this real life traumatic. You know the means. Does it ever fucking? Yeah well you know the thing is. Ultimately leave. Where the only one that has control over life. Right and We get to choose how we respond to life and. As you're saying how you respond how you react how you either what you're feeling of you, so that's really the superpower does any advice to last me for all the time is what Beasley advice because this bites will be. How do you should bigger music industry? How do you think are some entrepreneur starting company or Other. Nationalities, until. been find out this part of the part on being in control of your emotions in defending your happy, and it's the thing is. People don't talk about is defending. Happy people spend their whole life chasing what they think. We're made them happy. Right annoying the happy things around him. 'cause chasing the other thing they think is going to make them happy right for example. You have a white that luxury. Does everything racially entire with you? You're healthy. You have your bills paid. Get your happiness is becoming a famous rapper in less that happens in your mind. You'll never as happy as you want to be. And it's like people overlook the beauty and the happiness. That's right here in. They don't defend. That won't chasing this happened. So what happens is while you're chasing that happy. This happy goes away. Will you nor this happy neglected that now resents you so now chasing it happy. I may never have a happy that you don't know if it's going to give you the happy you want you know the happy that you work hard for the first place in you didn't defended. So. Once, you understand these car keys. The life everything else is easy. You know what I'm saying. Like people savings, there should be grateful for your health. You should be grateful that people kinda take grain of Salt Lake. The A I gotta go do this, but it's. It's a real thing man. It's a real thing. Yeah. What's good you practicing his presence, right? It's like be mindful what you're at. And I think a lot of people always just so in the future or the hanging onto the story from the cost, the not present what they have right in front of him. You know you have a beautiful wife. You have a beautiful child. You brought into the like it's a reminder reminder like wow I get to be you know part of this. What's going on right now? Whether it's good or bad or whatever it may be and I get to be so grateful for have, and that's part of that I call it mature success because. Early Twenties. Even when I met you, it was just my biggest thing was. A crusher with my radio shore get get a deal. We go to subsidiary deal under Atlantic records flats will Miami Twenty one. We had this big high fly life, and then I realized I'm like this, isn't it? You know and I wanna ask you this man because I this is good. You're really opening up and I love this. Do you feel like you've conquered the industry like. Do you have had that feeling? Sometimes we have conquered. There's so much, so it's not fun anymore, and there's other things I wanNA do now like. Do you ever get to that point and if you have, what do you do next? How do you kinda reinvigorate that vision for yourself will answer is yes, which is live your original question? How do you? A relevant. How do you keep having so many ways? Successes is because I. Don't keep beating a dead horse for instance. I've been grappling the past year like. I think just never DJ aggregate. You know what I'm saying because. I've done. I can do as a DJ I've made millions of dollars travel the world that work with the best people admitting articles written about me a Dj, the biggest for rarely to Boston Garden duty like I found other artists like I've broken many records. Big Shaw's Rick Ross cars like. What else do I want to accomplish a DJ? I did it all. Stanzi. What am I gonNA? One day be a fifty year old DJ. We know what I mean like making love kids. And by the way, there's nothing wrong with that. If that's your undying passion, but that's not what life hatchets like passionate, just work in continue to elevate so even when I was DJ. Was To be the best fucking DJ world. It wasn't just a DJ so I. Knew Nobody fucking seeming when it comes to mix tapes? I'll tell you right now. I'm probably the greatest. Makes details ever live? Next degree later it will. His creativity originality. Making events on my mic six. Crushing it? Did what I do next. What I'm saying and then even building the biggest state website in the world you, the bees ecommerce website be genie dot com. Like needed that Ben when when I that site and I. Other site one of my friends who resigned to Chicago like what am I gonNa do now, and I was like Bro. You should be aggregating site that like gets all deals like shootings, stabbings and fighting's at all hip hop clubs, because all these kids never see that shit like that was the beginning of world star hip hop, so it's like this soul a of that like you look at me as a DJ, not just you, but like Salai in. It's like you don't know how I've moved. Culture however moved business. How a salad CEO's is some of the biggest in the world in gave them advice and never realized how valuable migration was because variety. You know mostly ears. I didn't realize the way thought was unique in special. I thought everybody thought like me, so people were saying like Oh. My God like your brains crazy about like I would just put it off play. I don't know what you're talking about. It was easy thing to think of. The knee lighting. How did you think about you know what I mean like? What are the? Book that says. Well people would imagine making it I couldn't imagine not. It was like it was like that mentality I. Think probably having written early on my career. You know when you go around studios noses. Stories of major wreck executives, everybody has spock story. Cut So anytime you go to advance or a party or studio session. Between the time Clinton say it's like with the comments here for. Oggi's in Arizona is still around is they'll tell you that. It was just like the audacity that Clinton had. To come in the rural studio. As if he was just as important as anybody in that room, it had just as much value or war value to offer in wasn't afraid to offer. Not I, mean I think that's was kind of the nucleus of my successes? deejay producer rely on, because I didn't feel like anybody was bigger better than. Being out being right pompous egotistical I like we're all just fuck is trying to do dope shit. Like I would still about me I also talk about you. Here's the problem you know is still about me and that's what I gotta get you familiar with. The same level we both go the value that we can offer each up so that our kind of walking in kind of committed that angle to make the realize one of the things I did because a lot of time to sit in, listen in, really pay attention to why valuable they need to see. Things like number is on your social media. How record sold and then to their? That's a valuable person right so. When we atop no, but what I would do we. Don't radio shows. My. Syndicated radio show to kind of go down a region in America that labeled Laden's would send artist go to these radio stations for the week, so they go to Boston genetic, your Baltimore so I made my show Id. Why in every city every week so that run into FERRALL IN BOSTON? In Connecticut and New York and then tiny. He gets New York inactive friends. You know the. Music Industry Monosso two three times. That's your boy now so life well, wait. How do you become friends for ship? But they can see the value that I often because Holy Shit, this guy's or gang radio stations it would be advantageous comedic friends a pair because I need him to play music. Joe. That's kind of how as a whole? There's a whole chapter book about being able to add value to others, which makes it yourself invaluable when you're able to advise others. I've never win in China local. He'll when I never asked anybody for favor unless I could. Give something of equal or greater value. By asking for it. Yet you know we could go into. How do you make money in the music industry and you could say you can make money in this and this and this and this and that, but that's not useful advice, because I feel like the principles of what you're sharing. Is What really needs to be applied, and so many people try and skip the principles right. They don't WanNa. Hear that they don't want to hear. It's about creating value like yeah, but what's the strategy? To get you know six figures a year or million like how like it's not. It's never that man and it took me even just in my. Strategy that's the point that's part of the strategy. Sure. She Code that you know. They WANNA buy things. They WANNA. Buy plays by fake life. Manson, it's like Bro Life. You're lying to yourself like none of that's real, so we're in the the principles and values book I. Mean obviously they're wrapped in using, but they're transferable to any industry including personal relationships, but not the example. Shop is here. The famous doesn't make a great a great. Make you famous near most people chasing instead of greats, but but famous doesn't make you grades, but great will make you famous, so you're focusing on the wrong date. Just do great shit back to my story. When I was on the radio I was just great in the people made me things I didn't have to look around. And saying I'm famous, I'm frames. Must be great because he's. So. Shop I've ever environment that you know. What I what I often say is like there's a difference between great, because big is like lots of likes. Lots of followers great is getting people results in life. And and could it so warped man? I don't know what happened along the ways somewhere along the way social media screwed a server and I think so. Many people want significance. They lead with that. It's like I. Need to be no one. I need approval I need to be valid I need to be relevant instead of going. Wait a minute. What's the value I bring to the world? When I was in high school, I remember because I was a class. In. But I was still popular in cool, but I wasn't like a cool. The cool, good-looking jobless. I had a different right. Now, there was somebody said to me like Huckabee. Come never hang out with like you know the cool kids. Know outside of school is like that at least joke around and. There was wondering why he jokes about everything, and I said to them. Well. Would you rather be funnier cool? And they said I would rather be cool and I said well. That's that's odd and I'll tell you why I would rather be funny. Here's the reason why. Cool is not funny. Funny is cool. I go see I'm doing one thing and killing two things one action. You're fighting the trying to be cool in a world that everyone's trying to find to be cooling. A look at Kevin Hart look at the clock could only celebrities that cool as fuck because they're funny issue. If, they came on just trying to be cool with funding that. Nearly mean so. It's the same theory of painful. Edgy g-great. Famous doesn't make you great a great cents. Chapter in here. The only thing worse than having no goals is having too many goals. And and that's another problem with a lot. We get one handful of. He will sign I. Don't really know what to do or how to do it. Then you got these other people that just fucking tightening seventeen things are doing and you like do. What are you like? Who Are you? What are you trying to be a look at your bio? And it's just a cluster fuck of sock near the already that they're supposed to do business with you or who you are or what I'm supposed to be a fan of. In that again goes back to social media because people think need to be doing. A hundred things to seem like they're cracking with worthy to pay attention to what I'm an investor, an entrepreneur of a spokesperson, a rapper I still new ad I do this. I got I got a candidate competently. Not It's like how the fuck you at twenty year old. Do doing all that successful. You're not. It's a lot so right off the right off the top by the way not cheating twenty, you will get it super ambitious to do a bunch of things, but like get your sugar, because I'm a huge fan of doing multiple considered, but seventeen years you know I'd always I got a lot of outward, but it all made sense with each other like I said going back to being a human seo everything I did singing back something else I was. Totally conscious. Wasn't selling tires and over here it peaches over there in fucking having a car wash down the street. All made sense all those things reporting from the other thing what I was on television producing records Hallier Urban, Congress site doing the biggest clubs in Vegas you know. All these things they all made sense right talk about book I talked about how to make sense. If you want to do a bunch of things, I teach you how to make sense of it all in. Make it all work and help each charter. To grow each business, they can help one another A. Real excited about the book is so much of that. Every I wish, I knew someone told me when I was coming up in. It's literally the formula strategies tools. Everything you need to know man to win big in the music business, but also at rice. Yeah I'm Tony Robbins talks about this. He says it's about compiling decades into days, and this is what it is for you. How many years have you been in the? Would you say in the music industry learning these things? How many decades are in that book? Twenty. Twenty years two decades. Guys, you listen to this right now. It would be a no brainer to grab that book, and and even if you're not into, let's say you're not in the music industry. But you're in some form of a service based business, or you're a content creator wherever it may be does gems in that book. I'm getting. I'm not in the music industry but I'm getting that book. Dude and I'm going to dissect it. Is. Honesty like it. Really like I guarantee you read. Is You'RE GONNA call it by. This chapter was crazy because. It's a compiling of like what I've learned what I know experiences stories that I've been through that big big point of getting relit like more. In I'll give you an example of what I mean by right Stories everybody in there from DJ snakes. Ralph. Little Ditty. To eminem candidate website so many stories, but it's not an autobiography. It's not like hey. Let me show you how cool! People have stories with. Getting points across in-depth, I'll give you a link. I'm sitting. Every Ross's house in this happened. Had He did this? It would have worked out, but he made the mistake of this. And that's Kinda. What or is coming to play? Like is too many stories I mean I ten bucks for a stories. You don't even things I've been a part of weakness watched like from from hip hop to divide audience the influence our audience to now. We're GONNA start. Start having sports like people go into things without being misinformed misguided and mis- educated into your point earlier. When you see your map on top and then flop. Because he didn't him business, he didn't have the right education of the right tools. You have the right team. He didn't have the right financial planning eating networking pension. You don't understand sustainability of yellow going none of these things in of all in this book and by the way it's an easy A. Book it's. One hundred ten pages like it's an easy read. If you sit down. It's an hour forty five minutes. But by that's all books should be. Again you get. One hundred hours five minutes and I guarantee you. Will you read this book? What you'RE GONNA. Feel on fire. Joe A crush to new going to have so much knowledge in education. Understanding of what you've been doing wrong in Wendy. Even in my intro I talk to work Dope Shit. Latching. That really want this book does by the way I'm here for the long haul. This isn't just like a book is free so not sitting here? Party off to sell a book like the book is free and giving the game away free in by the way I'm using the same. A lot of people do to like. Bring you to other clotting stuff, but then. You can learn everything in for this, but it's also kind of like you know Jordan stop listening to coach where he's at the top of his game. He's not going to practice. No, even though he was fucking killing. So this book can help you kill it, but as I go on. With my course, it has over sixty five videos from the experts in every. About video directing like a director Ex, you will learn about big announcement of five-time Fabian. You were alerted about starting. A Yo. GOTTI YOU'RE GONNA learn about at active youtube videos. People like stays rug, west teen million subscribers not. The head of music should allergy twitch everything? You need to go there in the course, so it's never going to end in a always gonna be. ALWAYS GONNA be building new products that people that are part of my community. It's Never GonNa end I will make you a fucking winter whether it's in music or it's just. Going GonNa make you winter. Yeah. Get Familia I love it I love it. Exactly, so the books called how to win big in the music business. Make sure you check it out Clinton. Where can we find the book? And also the cost that come with the book is like an additional thing that they jump into. Separate except Reno's other things in there by the way you know reading, Washington, adventist these courses are seem all these things before like I've always been the air dying like scam arts of always the air dilates for should do right so like I've seen course seen all the finals. I've seen clipping. I've seen all lead magnets right now. I. Don't want to give you a book. That was just like. I'm to give just enough game. I give you. Game in this book right in like I said. If you WANNA, keep you WANNA get bigger and stronger is other things in my products alone than it'd be offering in life final those alone, forget. What the courts, the products alone will change your life. Let alone the course of sixty five video, so you can get. The were started pre orders today actually. When they music. DOT, com we? All might late in the snapchat is being face looks accident sparks Dot Com. USING DOT com. All be there are going to be doing. Physical copies of the book. By autographs. Side collector's edition sign in the sell those now, but if you don't want to buy those shoot about my signature, and you don't WanNa, Asep, you just want a free book and you'll be. The book free plus, shipping and handling. All this twenty years plus shipping I did the. Exactly Yeah Awesome I love that so much dude! Thanks a million. You've been dropping nothing but gems of wisdom throughout this whole interview I love that you open up that you went vulnerable. I think it was a great opportunity for people to get to, nor you know the man behind the machine and the creation that you've made it's like we're all human men. None of us are perfect love that you showed all sides of you. It's it's amazing. We don't usually get that on interview, so it's. It was really cool to experience. You've, gotTa, get it out. You gotTA. Get it on your. Lease with a lot I. Mean Look at. I gotta go. But. I, just want to say like this. The whole world of people have broken in her. Office. Right in. WanNa. Get the best people relating to them, and it's about like open the door to talk right so great job it like he did it with me. You're do man fan. Fan of addicted success fan of you on fan of like you know the conferences that you guys could help teach. Other people might on the people I. We need more people like you in the world I appreciate you for being you as well as had any on here to help promote. My can help people gift from. Thank. You received that amazing man sir. Just real quick potting woods of advice okay. At the end of every interview, we always else's lost question. The question is if you want to deliver your last thirty seconds speech to the world. What would that lost? Thirty seconds sound like? If you can learn anything for me. It's not. Hold on Garages. Don't stay mad. Don't let anybody try your happiness. Don't chase wrong happiness and don't be blind to the happiness that is around you. A lot of people want to build a legacy and they wanna be famous, and they want the world to recognize them, and they don't realize it. These people alive that already at the at world and people ask the time with my favorite title of everything I've ever done and I always tell at. On so that's my happiness and I know that it's there and I'll defend it forever. Find your happiness and be sure to defended.

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Fathers Day Edition (Prince Paul, DJ PForReal, Larry Fessenden, Jack Fessenden)

Talkhouse Podcast

38:38 min | 2 years ago

Fathers Day Edition (Prince Paul, DJ PForReal, Larry Fessenden, Jack Fessenden)

"If you like music podcasts and do you should check out Cyrus or as Tang, clan would say, the O Cyrus of this podcast ship. It's a network of thirty music and culture podcasts at dive, deep into bands, genres, and artists interviews. You might enjoy under the scales. The helping friendly podcast or beyond the pond all of which go deep into the culture of fish. Do you think they're gonna talk about the dreadlocks? I had halfway down my back when I used to follow fish, Nick. I think it's inevitable and they should have you on a regular guest. You can also check out the broke down podcast, which explores the rich history of the Grateful Dead. Nick do think they're going to explore the time that I literally took a pair of corduroy pants and sewed Abell bottom of patchwork into the side, I think it would be a crime to not include that some point. Maybe we can also sneaking their fear of a craft beer planet, which combines discussion about the beer industry and music. Oh, Cyrus is creating and curing music and culture podcasts. For passionate fans, whether or not you have dreadlocks you should definitely check them out, check him out. This is Carrie brownstein DD. This is Darren Aronovski. You got to lose right here. Thanks to Tyler truck the list for enormous Brits, all of your when your Seth Meyers Cosma. And you're listening to the talk house podcast. Is up. I'm your host Elliott Einhorn, welcome back to the talk house podcast. And I want to give a big shout out this week to all the fathers out there this week show celebrates you to join me, another father Knicks awesome editor in chief of talk has film. And yes, I have brought life into this world. You're welcome. Make we put together a very special show this week to fathers and sons both creators in conversation. Yeah. Not too great. Pairings. Of course, it's a little weird that it's both to dudes but one of them had to be a father in each. Yes. And we did I wanted on the record, Nick, you and I put out a number of asks, two, daughters, and fathers. But for whatever reason it just didn't come in bam. Next year next year. Now, I am super psyched about the two talks that happened for today's episode we have a menu might recognize from our intro. Not just this week, but every week, prince Paul aka Paul senior, and his son DJ p for real aka Paul junior who DJ's for lose revert. These are two dudes at the forefront of hip hop production over the years. We've also got Larry fastened than a legend of the horror scene. And his son Jack who is absurdly young and of surly talented. We'll get to that in a little bit. But it's kind of unfair. Let's kick things off with our first talk from the Paul's now, Nick, I dunno. I always shout this out. When principal comes on the show. He's been on with DJ premier. He's been on with the flaming lips Wayne Coyne. But Paul is seriously and legit. A legend of hip hop production. He's been a member of steps Asana, cancel boy, modeling school, grave diggers and recently Brooksville with lady bug mecca Paul has produced a number of hip hop. Most iconic records, including all my favorite day, sold joints. Paul's most recent record was the redux that was in two thousand seventeen. Yeah, I love the dude. He is legit legend. And also, just like the nicest guy, the nicest student so funny. And if you need any sort of convincing the talent runs in the family. Beets are hidden his blood DJ P for real poll son is killing it right now. He's little verts DJ and based on everything that we can tell he is. Absolutely, crushing it right? He really is. Men DJ p Farrell has been spinning since he was eight years old. He started producing at only thirteen and since then dude has rocked from the most iconic stages and festivals in the world are awesome. The to Paul's caught up earlier this month and act to say this conversation was very insightful and very, very funny, dare chemistry is way bear, the Mike chemistry with my dad. I got lash. I don't know. They're funny and they interact so well. And there's some moments of revelation, I think as well which is pretty special there are there are we get to hear about their collaboration about pushing wants comfort zone and never taking the straight path? They also chop it up on faking it till you make it and Paul's first ever DJ gig. Opening up for Wu Tang 's the Geneva row DJ P for real joins us from a studio in his hometown of Atlanta, while prince Paul was a hell of a good sport the studio that we'd put him in Long Island didn't fuck in open on time. Nick, the engineer didn't show up on time. So Paul called in from his cell phone. This is a man who makes it happen. He makes shit happen. Should we roll it? That's relative. Hey, what's up? This is principle, and I'm here on the spa day talk. How special that we're doing with my son DJ p for real power BI people? Hey, how's everybody doing? Only Paul senior. He's pulled junior. And I have a couple of questions for the squad as they special. The first one is what is the most important artistic or otherwise lesson that we learned from each of it. You wanna go for. So basically what I have learned from dad, basically. Right. Yeah. Yeah, I'm going. I. Yeah, for all right? I mean wh-what have now learned I mean I agree with what you from Washington dishes, too. To recording in the studio. Right. I mean, but I, I guess the most Arctic thing I learned from you is stepping out of your comfort zone, instead, stepping out of the box as far as like production wise, or even DJ. You know what I'm saying? Like even based on your production. You, you, you never stayed and against the straight path you. Did you own thing, which I guess was was made you great in your own lane? You know, saying, I kind of adapted that, you know, the same thing, especially my DJ, because, you know, if I bid of everybody else, I guess, I won't be the position I am now. Right. And not to sound cocky, put. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Oh, we could that I take credit fall accent them dishes dishes, crunchy. No. Yeah, we washed them Joyce again. There wasn't. It was a right. Hey, at least one. Thing. I taught you. Winery. I would have to say what I've learned from you as probably a generational thing. Now is you can actually fake until you make it, you know. I. Respectfully, I've seen, you know, kids like your home, a nice Dijon. I'm this, I'm that. And then have the skill set yet, but fooled everybody to believe that you were night time. Learn how to get nice which was a few years, and then actually lived up to your own height. I've never ever ever. I never thought that'd be possible. I never thought that was going against the grain from how I was raised. You know. Any other thing. But you've taught me that you can actually do that. Like you, can you can advertise that you're an expert at something not be an expert work, your way to it. You know what it's is, is letting everybody know that one day, you will be great, and you could do if you put your mind to it, you know, saying, and exactly what it was. You will miss. The into exist is exactly what exactly. We'll go to the next question. How was it to experience your father, or child, and their life through there are? How was it to experience their life through their art? Yeah. So I would say, just based on because, you know, I grew up with you and I sing you make a lot of the stuff that, you know, especially like psychoanalysis and, you know, th they lost of grave digger stuff because I was a kid, but I still seeing you make it. But what I remember you making for whatever reason is the politics of the business. Right. And for some reason as a kid when I watched you working out, it made me wanna maybe one against Zimmerman in focus on, you know what you are actually doing. And you know, stuff like that. And if they're on is I was kind of locked in, like, hey, I want to do this. You know what I'm saying? Like, hey, I, I wanna produce I wanna to take this serious. I wanna DJ because this looks fun. And I actually like watching you do it. You know what I'm saying? So I would have to say for me experiencing, I guess, through your art things you've done. There was man. When used to do those those stories on my space. Oh man, I forgot about that. Like randomly make them do. Good stuff. Yeah. And really put sound effects to it and actually get a follow on my space. I forgot about that would be credible. It was enough for me experience and watch that and wanna do Negros on ice. Which we did, which was really an offshoot of you doing your mice base thing, but. I and I would say another proud moment for me is watching you on stage with with little easy, and man, and commanding the crowd, you know, I was like, wow, this is. You know, this is truly amazed. I never thought that would that would happen in that capacity. You know what I'm saying? Like, let alone myself not shortage shorting you. But I was just deprive like yoda's like thousands of kids and they're listening tool. Hey, but, you know, it was crazy with that every time I DJ I was thinking about with the Paris or whatever it was that. And that wasn't that call. I was like twelve thirteen in that closed off a women's dance, top of the tables, and everything. And us I was like look p look how to cry ads to every song. I'll play if every time I DJ I, I, I don't think of that same as that time. But that's why think about like, watch how to cry reacts, I'll drop this song or this on whatever. So that one time in my life that moment in my life when you did that little Zach when you told me what was going on? And what's going to happen when each song played I carry that onto every time I do anything period. Howdy, like man. That was that was a teaching moment, taking your son into a club trying to disguise them as over twenty one and Harry, I, I was like, what? Right. You know, but I'm glad it was about people lesson, you know, and or at least a learning experience, and that was, that's what I was there to teach you and it was fun. It was fun. Okay. And here's a final question, and that is, what is your favorite memory of the other person's art or processed for half? They show song the etc. Oh man. This is a few. You know, I guess what was the Roger said. That's how always in France and within that club and. That, that that was more so like an eye opening experience. You know what I'm saying? Like, wow, you know, I if, if I'll play this song at this time you know what I'm saying that's gonna react, if I stop it here. And put this song right here is it may it made it more mathematical to me in my head. The oh, what I'm saying because actually seen live. So, so that actually like it changed the perspective of DJ for me. You know what I'm saying? Like, hey, if I do this, this time I could change this and decide they're gonna ratify. Did you know what I'm saying? So that's how I kind of incorporate everything into it now. And when I DJ do anything, but besides that we went to Africa and you went to speak at. Yeah. Yeah. To be. I guess, you know, I guess certain certain areas, I guess, I tend to listen more rather than we're at home children to career. You know what I'm saying? When you told me yeah, you know, I stepped Asana can deal outsold in grave diggers. I'm listening. I guess when wins in other settings know saying like out the country or whatever it is. When you speak in that, whatever I tend to listen more, so I guess that, that was cool for me, and it's going to South Africa that was that was like a big thing for me. 'cause that's like. I guess, for anybody go to South Africa's a big thing, you know, all at the country period. It was South Africa. And then you speak into I guess the kids, whatever that, that was pretty cool for me. I like that. Kinda like may I wanna I wanna do this. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. I'm surprised. You remember that what I'm saying because that was a while. There's a lot of things that you don't think I remember that. I remember. Well, the good stuff. Man, I took you all over the place bad. Like, like how we talk like, like we got it like that, right? Power is. Not it will spread out through time they'll spread out through time. So. Hey, marriage to hook you up man, you up. But I would say, I would say for me, I mean, there's a bunch of them, but one that really stuck with me was when you opened up for the genius. Yeah, it was your first real DJ gig on your own. It was now mind, you, I'm still thinking, like you don't have the skills to pay the Bill. So I'm like waiting for you. The fall flat on your face. But how really I was really impressed. When you got your little DJ set together, I have the I have the playlist, I still have a yesterday, muscle deejays together. And you put out like man, I never played that. But I didn't wanna critique. Let me let me let him was saying what how come how come you would out there in Brooklyn opened up the genius started DJ and killed it. He knows crazy. What goes bury? Those very song, I said that wouldn't work. Away. I, I think one of them soldiers like who was it? I can't think it was a biggie song. Yeah. He saw it was like a it was something else to doom or something. It's not gonna work. You just say, like I never played that or I never played that before. But hey, you know it might work. They might. It, it the gimme the loot. Give me a loot. That's exactly what it was. It was giving him back. That was probably the first thing we did was negroes or night, now's the first gate, you didn't a big crowd. I forgot what, what, what, what was the knitting factory in Brooklyn factor? Yup. Oh man. Yo man. That's impressive. Man, I, you know, I respect for you. And I was terrified. A member. You said, I remember you got off the stage, you sat in front of the stage and watch other goping leave me. Hey now, now, now, look at you man DJ in for thousands of kids speaker for the people. Cocky, mac? Confident go confidence. I guess this up decided day special, and I just want to say, I have great kids, which is my son right here, people real my first born, and also my daughter Layla, who I would love that had on the conversation, but she's in school. And you know, being smarter than we are. Right. But I just want to say man, it, it's been it's been it's been real have learned a lot of things that I did know on this conversation. So. And, and I like to say thank you death for show me the way in musically. And, and of course it's being a great father and, and. Yup. And happy, Father's Day. Making pay I would tell you this thing. But if I told you the same that I mean, you didn't tell me something. I don't put that until university it, you know. I got you father from DJ style. Right. There you go. All right, from Chris Paul, and detailed p real. You'll have a very happy day. And we are out my mom. I love that. I feel like I can really learn something when those guys, I also want to learn how to do that sign of the end won't Bong. I also pretty much just want to hang out with the polls all the time. Yeah. So I guess we should move onto my dudes. Let's do it. Let's do it for the talk house film portion of today's episode, Nick you and I got to enter a studio that was also a museum of horror memorabilia, yeah, it's pretty amazing. Larry fastens office. We wanted in there, not knowing that it would be such a special place. There's books and DVD's wall to wall, there's horror toys and figuring my I mean there must have been two hundred different figurines from, like five versions of Godzilla for different aliens. We're going to post a little video, I took on our Instagram at talk house. Yep. We absolutely had to capture the specialness of that place. And you will see that on our social go hit about. We also captured the really special relationship that Larry and Jack Kev. Yeah, these guys are pretty amazing. I mean, Larry, of course, is a legendary director of low budget horror movies from habit to win to go to the last winter to his new movie depraved and through his company gloss. I picks. Also foster the careers of a bunch of really great directors from Taiwan to Kelly right here, and he also because he does everything acts and was most recently seen in the Jim Jarmusch movie, the dead, don't die, as I believe in some be. Well, Nick, you talk about the way he's fostered careers, one of the careers that he's fostered most closely, his son, Jack. And you know, this kid is pretty remarkable. I call him a kid because he's what nineteen now he's in college just barely out of high school. And, you know, he, he started directing his first feature, h fifteen finishes, sixteen this movie stray bullets, and he's now prepping his second feature foxhole and he's kind of a remarkable kid. He's way, more mature both creatively and personally than anybody. I ever knew when I was age, it's a super super accomplished, and another multi hyphen it, he's also got a band that he plays an end producers for called holiday. Yeah. And you got a little vinyl gift. Yeah. Jet gave me one of the records. I can't wait to listen to him in now Jack. And Larry tell some amazing stories. And like the Paul's in our first segment, somehow, combine, real heartfelt emotion, and hilarity. Yeah. I mean one of the things I really love the kind of combines those things as the fact that Jacksonville Coles, Larry daddy, even when they're on the set. Yes, he does when we first came in. He said, daddy, the talk house is here to see you there. Just just adorable. It was very cute. They touch on so many things like the very distinctive quality of having to independent filmmakers, as your parents because Jack's mother is back Underwood who's also stop motion animator and production designer, and so growing up in that curious world which to most people would seem unusual, but going up around it Jack was this, onset the whole time. And that leads to some great stories about some of the things he did is this precocious little kid, interacting with filmmakers, and having very strong ideas about whether they're doing the right thing, or we're not yet, we get to hear about Jack sobbing uncontrollably after movie he'd been hearing about half his life got made. Yeah. And that wasn't like ten. Ago that was like a few months ago. So that's a great story and his getting scarred by what Larry was working on pretty inevitable. I think there's some great stories about that. Also why he hasn't seen a bunch of his dad's movies interesting insight there. Yeah. And Jackson to retire Zahar director in his mid t. Let's give a listen. Let's do it. I mean, I've grown up in this, this cinematic household my whole life. My mom is stop motion animator and also worked in production design a lot. And my dad makes horror movies. And so I grew up visiting their sets you know, steak Lynnwood very memorable. One bitter feast I had to live in a closet, because our house in Woodstock New York was turned into a the house for the crew. And also the set. And I remember I drew on the wall murals of cameras and stuff. My mom just texted me a photo of one. I think that was ten years ago this summer. So, yeah, I've, I've grown up in an independent film household my whole life. And now I'm in the last several years, I've been getting more seriously into making films, and it's I'm lucky because, you know, where my parents big time Hollywood producers, or something, it might be hard to get my foot in the door that way. But because they're used to making small movies for low budgets. I've been able to sort of. Become a part of that system myself, too, which is really lucky. And if I think of one thing, I've learned from my dad. Well, I actually don't, I'm going to say so something having to do with that. Use what you use what you have and what you know and don't you know, don't underestimate what you can do with just those things. I guess, of course, one doesn't wanna bring once kid into a world of pain, and anxiety and yearning, which is all the emotions one has trying to raise money and make these low budget movies or any kind of movies. I've been lucky enough to work. Also in the Hollywood system briefly, and it's funny, I always say that it's a hierarchy in show biz, no matter where you are. You're still yearning for more for more power control, and, and respect. So that's an ongoing experience. Actually just being an artist working with my kid is a great pleasure. I I've always liked to mentor. Young people because I'm extremely opinionated and the only place I have powers with people who were younger than me. So I can tell them how I think, movies should be made. And I follow a model that I base on sort of Hitchcock, which is to say that you design your film, and I think this gives kids away to understand how to even enter into this strange and multifaceted, art form, where you have to have a vision, you have to be able to answer. Why are we trying to do this? Why should it be a close up while long shot? So I really love speaking about the language of film. And I think I've brought Jack into an ability to think that way and that gives people their own agency, and a lot of the filmmakers, I've worked with have graduated to positions of power, like Thai, west and, and Jim Mickle, Kelly Reichardt, even who I worked with when she was just starting out. I'm very much revere. For the director in my producing work. And the fact that it's my kid is just sort of an incidental thing I take off my dad had well a little bit. It's always there little bit. But mostly, I'm just they're serving the singular vision and making sure it's not indulgent, which can always happen anyway. So that's the process it's pretty funny onset, because I still call my dad daddy for whatever reason. So. Whatever we're doing anything. You know, more professional making movies wise. I still call him daddy. So then the other crew members asked me will can I call him daddy, too. What was what were the nicknames on straight bullets? We had a funny. Yeah. Well, there was it was like my friend Quinn was puppy, bro. I was prince fro. Right. The little prince and then what was I, I was. I don't have any bro. I'm thinking. Yeah. Week three Nick TMI. Well, my dad always likes to say that instead of tossing a ball around, when we were when I was young, we would go out with a little point, and shoot camera and make movies. And I would have, you know, my friends over, we'd have our Nerf guns out, and we'd run around and tell little stories that way. And I actually made this series called the endless search, which was maybe a an eight or ten part is kind of unclear they've some of them loss in the archives, but it's a little short film series when I was like seven through twelve probably of my friends, and I just endlessly wandering around searching for something that we never find with nerve guns, of course and walkie talkies and that was through making those films. You know, my dad would shoot them on little point, and shoot camera. And then we'd edit them that day, that's kind of how I learned the craft how, I learned, you know, come up with the idea shoot. It edit it. We just do these things in a day and. I'd be able to watch our work. And I was really excited by that. And I'd explain I mean for me it was thrilling because I had a complete cast of people and all my camera moves are as carefully crafted as anything I would do in a major feature with a fifty man crew. I just loved being able to think on your feet and say, oh, we're going to start with a close up. We're going to pan back, and then you guys start running at that exact moment. And then this'll become a, you know, a steady Cam shot and all these was fantastic. It was good for me. What were you getting at the about the endless search? Oh, I don't know just that that was that was one way. You taught me how to just do it gone. Do it, you know. Yeah. And then, you know, this the other story, which I do tell maybe too often is that Jack's, first movie was as ambi- film, and I was proud as a father could be. And then after it was over it was half hour movie. I want my first like real short that. I write once I was more interested in film. Yeah. And. I mean it's on I tunes, right? Yeah. It was released with stray bullet Senate et, plate of Woodstock film festival, despite it's like yeah. Right. In fact, the only reason Jack made a features because he kept coming up at these half hour shorts and his mother said, why don't you just make feature if you're going to keep doing this, no one wants to program, a half hour movie, and he came to us very, you know, couple of days later and said, I have a feature idea. So that was that was an unfortunate result. But after Jack samba movie he came to me, and he said, daddy, I'm not sure I'm gonna make Haarer movies anymore. I was heartbroken. And here we are we're making a war film next. Yes bananas. Yeah. We're entering pre production on FOX hole, which is going to be my second feature hoping to shoot in August of this of this summer, twenty nineteen and it's a lot of pressure on the producer, because we've got it's hard to explain to actors and stuff. Well, we have to shoot in August because he's going back to school. Go back to school like the twenty ninth or something, one creative memory that stands out for me is we were making stray bullets and I was the cinematographer and Jack is in the movie. So I was shooting it, and we had discussed, obviously the design of the film. So the frames were basically what jacket wanted, but it was a great moment when there's the story of a character that I play getting a bullet wound tended to by the two other criminals in the story. And because Jack wasn't in that scene, he was able to take the camera, and I feel like it was the moment where he graduated into a filmmaker because he was filming. We had these beautiful old lenses because we wanted sort of a more dreamy aspect to this intimate scene. And, and he was doing focus because the room was so small that only he could fit in with the three of us, and it's a sentimental scene anyway, because I'm the boss. Yes. And I'm probably dying and the other guys are trying to help me out, Nick gonna cut the bullet out so it had all this great texture, and there was a lot of blood and, and then the music, and I'm stammering away, and it was very sweet seen an intimate, and Jack filmed it, and I swear to God he grew two years. He walked out of there. And he's like, that's filmmaking. And yeah. No. I, I do remember that. I even wrote my college essay on that, but I think, you know, on that shoot. I was fifteen and, you know, most everyone was older than me, especially, you know, I was working with James la- grow and Johnsboro, dacas, even Kevin Corrigan for a bit seasoned actors. And so I had to sort of, you know, find my strength throughout the shoot, and that was that was definitely in a moment where I think I did at least the most sort of specific moment that I could say and I think it really just had to do like you said with my being in there alone without anyone else literally being able to fit into the room. In terms of thinking about my dad is a filmmaker when I was much younger and how that affected me. Well, I do remember one one time he was in this room, editing skin and bones, which was sort of a TV special that he did. When I was probably like eight or something seven or eight and it had what's same Doug Jones. Doug Jones, Doug Jones as this creepy wend ago, sort of turned when to go guy after he comes back from a hike in the woods, gone wrong, or something anyway, I've, I don't think I've ever actually seen it because it scared me so much. But I remember peeking through that door and seeing him edited in here, and then it totally it's scarred me forever. So I you know, it's, it's great that, you know, my dad who makes horror movies was able to of course. I mean, of course as bound to happen, just scar me completely, as, as a little lad, but, you know, there's also the memory is a proud father. Yeah. And there's also the memories of when, you know, he would show me Hitchcock or murder on the Orient Express, especially scared me, because of the, the flashes in the beginning during the kidnapping scene anyway, so old movies that were critical to my film education. When I was like eight and nine and sometimes I would have to, you know, come come into this room, when we were, you know, after I'd gone to bed and sleep on the little couch there, 'cause I was too scared. But, you know, it's funny, I've never I haven't seen a lot of my dad's films because I think when I was younger, it was always like against the rules to watch habit or when to go. And now there's really no reason for me not to watch them. But it's like this weird thing. I still haven't seen a lot of them and yet I know like everything about them. I feel like I know them inside out except I haven't actually seen the movies yet. And so, I really have to get around to doing of it's like I've never seen berry linen. There's some things that you almost save or not having seen yet it's something to look for to in life. Not that my well, yes, you know, me and Kubrick, same shelf in many households. But the thing that you have seen the last winter, which is sort of one of the more bigger. But productions the other movie we haven't really mentioned that I think was seminal was, I sell the dead, where I was the actor and I get into the guillotine, and that was kind of quite an amazing shoot and actually. Back under would Jack's mother was the production designer, and it's an period piece. So it's quite an extravagant production. We had horses and goats and Jack was a little goat boy. And, and I was being dragged through the public square. And there's that great story of when I called. Okay. So, when so Glenn mcquaid, the director of I sell the dead. A dear Irish friend of ours. They were shooting the scene on Long Island beach doubling for, you know, the English beach or whatever, and they had zombies it was like a big day. And Glen asked me if I wanted to call action for the shot. And of course, I was really excited. So I, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I was eight I think seven or eight, but he, he just said, okay. You know, whenever you're ready and I said, go. And then everyone kind of like look at each other, and then say did that they. Yeah. Well, actually, I remember on bitter feast, which was a very low budget film by Joe Maggio with Josh Leonard, and James la- grow. I remember you started telling Joe what to do, remember in the street and you're like, I don't know why you're shooting it this way. I mean you were like Sixers I was ten on where I lived in the closet. Right. But we had the shoot. I do not remember that. Yeah. Bill. I mean it I'm sure you don't you're in the fever of directing and I had an apologist to Joe and say, I'm sorry about my precocious kid telling you what to do. Oh, dear. Yeah. I always used to be sort of a Bossie used to blassie kid. But now, I I've, I think I've let that go, but I do still have a, a mode. I click into and I started explaining my, you know, my story or something like my friends will tell me like Jack like stop like you're looking into your director mode. Like just just tell me what that, oh my God. My god. Another memory, which is actually so recent that I haven't even sort of considered it a member. Yet was, you know, shooting depraved my dad's movie that shot about a year ago and had been trying to get made for like a decade. And I remember he first told me the story when you're sitting in, in a like a seafood shack and Cape Cod, visiting our my grandparents his parents, like many, many summers ago, I was probably like ten or something, and he told me the story of this modern Frankenstein, tail and I thought it was so cool, of course and I knew it inside out again. Never had read the script, but knew the story inside out, and then he, he was, you know, finally able to make it last year and he had this crippling back injury. So he was like this hunched over cripple, the whole sheet, which was kind of comical, but sad anyway. So that was, it was so cool to finally watch him work again, on something that I've been aware of, you know, how passionate he was about it for so long. And then to to go to that set was like so cool for me. I was just going Gaga. Over the whole thing, all over again. And then during the premiere the second credit started rolling, not during the movie, but the second the movie ended I burst out in tears. Uncontrollably. And I needed to like grab onto the person next to me to like, find my bearings because I don't know. I think it just hit me so hard to, you know that story that I'd known for so long. I knew how strongly my dad felt about making it an hour hardy at worked, and you know, I was there for every, you know, a retirement act famous actor turned him down. I was like he'd like daddy, did you hear from the game of thrones guy like I remember this fantastic thing I think I saved speaking of crying now I'm gonna tear up just from my little kid. There was a piece of paper and he said, I know who's gonna play Polidori and I flipped it over, and he'd printed out a picture of Ray Winstone. I remember that, that was, like, was my favorite move department so many times that we thought, maybe Ray Winstone being my picture, cut six dream continues. So as you see have raised a delusional child. It's a really quite tragic. The father son bond. No, it can be told. Why fasten than Jack faster than danke was really, really cool to visit their Dan to hang out with those guys really was? And thanks again, to the pulse for joining us, here on our special Father's Day extravaganza at the talk house podcast, yet, whether you're father or just plan on being one soon. Happy Father's Day. Hope you have a great day today, shows recorded by a number of people PJ p real was recorded by Luther banks at Patrick studios in Atlanta, our own Elia Einhorn, they banned sitting next to me, recorded, Larry pheasant than Jack Fenton, and Fenton skew in New York, and the fabulous witticisms that comprise, our intro and out trove at were accorded by Mark, the producer here at hook and fade studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Thanks, Mark listeners, make sure to subscribe to the talk house podcast. We have a very cool episode coming up next week. Indeed, we have lake bell in coversation with santio who gray episode the talk house podcast theme song was composed, and performed by the range. We have a few fun pictures from today's episode on our socials. That's at talk house. Nick on this special Father's Day edition. Let's send a little love to the girls who call us father cordelia, Conway, we love you love you till next week. I'm Eliane horn. I'm Nick Dawson. as and fathers Nilda.

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Ep 17: The Silhouette Challenge

Off The Meatrack Chainz New York Podcast

44:54 min | 2 months ago

Ep 17: The Silhouette Challenge

"Was good everyone g money. Stacks aka lonely nomad aka greg anita rookie of new york. And i wanna talk to you about anchor anchor. Show anchors hosting site phone at which is on by spotify and easy is awesome. Way to make a podcast. Why you're wasting your money pay for a hosting site to promote your podcast with limited storage is forget about it. I'll explain it's free with creation tools. That allow you to record edit monetize adding music intros out trolls uploaded episodes with unlimited. Storage of your podcast. Rifling phones computers laptops and tablets. You can make money from podcast with Minimum listen to ship is everything you need to make a park including the listeners. Supporting your show that way. You can listen to the episodes of marshall off the meat. Red changed new podcast. The unfiltered comedy show about stories makes with entertainment. Music realized segments and much more. Now where can you find. Follow and listen to the show you ask. You can follow the podcast on facebook. Instagram at off the meat red and ny podcast on facebook and instagram alongside with myself. Which is g money stakes. Five fifty five in queens new york on instagram as well from for more updates upcoming episodes announcements. You just name now where you can listen to. Podcasts is on anchor. Audio burst breaker potter rama. Listen notes spotify. Stitcher deesor paci cer- podcasts. Podcast addict player. Fm tune in google podcasts and remember we are also on amazon music iheartradio and youtube. If you have a dream of becoming a podcast like myself at individual friends as caused with me go download the free anchor app or go to anchor F. amt to get started now if anyone has any questions host anchor Tell them that gee when he starts from often meet wreck cheney your podcast since you yoyo five four. Three two one welcome back. Welcome back everywhere from all around the world including canada. Usa areas of long island. Including the five boroughs. Of the bronx brooklyn manhattan. Staten island and queens. This is your host with the most. Gee money stacks aka lonely. No aka the greg. Anita aka radio new york. And you're listening to altamira chain new podcast episode seventeen. We have a great show for you today. For starters if you knew to the channel youtube on clay world right here and you missed out on any previous episodes was all you gotta do is subscribe to the youtube channel of g money. Stacks five forty five clinton norfolk bell to be reminded of when the show goes on. The air live upcoming last drink episodes previous recorded episodes and of course on the on the episode including the topics which was being discussed. Also don't forget to share show. Don't forget the share to show your friends along with the streaming platforms. Several which i will go over in the second So so like. I feel like we would normally start on. We ask around. Light house are weakened everything so you mentioned. Week is right right tavern. In on just went to work. I think was being office next week. con dragnet. But you know it is man. Sounds like sounds like the jobs kind of draining you out man. No no no good. Just you know i like. I said i'm going to office. Maybe once every one one week one week every month or a week my mind. My we waited a farm. We've come from needs only previously. Where waited far wisconsin from five one seven five weeks so i got going once one week. Okay gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha. Gotcha gotcha gotcha office and do what we could do at home. Yeah what about you. Object weekend Week was was marie. There's a write in a special or anything like that Work was a little slow stuff. Yeah i you know. Usually jobs usually slow at this point. Don't usually go. Well accu w get joint starting at which one to start off with g money stack. Glad you ass man in this segment chatting on the justice. First topic is in regards to in regards to dot the phil and dot the rise before before we recorded. I was asking also live on. What will he do if he found out about a scammer using his photo to sell bogus products that he never even heard of authorized whatsoever. So i'm about to ask you a question to like if you found if you found a photo was being used by scammer for bogus products that you never even heard what is what is cbd oils or anything like that. How would you. What's the first thing you would do that. Coast to you might even know. It may be difficult to catch the person who's doing this period various number one. Someone steals your reputation basically when they're using your name to well accident. Ucf face so they're ruining your all presence gotta be hard for you to do a lot of things law so the first thing i would do i would be angry i want. I guess everything calmed down. I got my wits. I will go about the ways of protecting myself but my my folkston To be very angry about you. Do you like that shit. I'll be pissed to even though i may know who the exact person that's actually doing this shit too. 'cause 'cause from for what that the rise in dr phil were saying is that you know scam is. They have fucking tricks up initially to to get away with things of what they're doing they hurting people in a in in the worst possible way during the slant demographic everybody's losing their jobs in anything and it's i just find it so mind boggling. How did they sleep at night knowing that doing his own. These poor people in everything. Mind bob la. That's my mom bob. Great scammers thieves and people like that to me. I not respecting getaway to something like that. Because i was just talking when someone steals your identity it takes a lot but you'll get your identity back here so i remember. I dropped my wallet. This was a home mom back and it made about three hundred dollars worth of charges. Three hundred dollars zeno. So you know the bank. They gave me my money back No i lost my license by sheri- car the alaska that's suck suh hassles man. Is that really sucks right there man. We'll ask so. How did you say on some. Take you to get your thinking back. Well i got everything within the well amount of tom. Next day i was able to go to I went to the bank and took out a little bit monday with yoga. It's like maybe a week in order for me to get my car. That was a messed up situation. The funniest thing about it is these guys were so stupid that they they use the car now. They tried to pay one of the accounts. So should i saw pai winter and nowadays you could just so i went on facebook. Check will was. I've seen the drive to make the job. Tried to let them know. Like i'm not in the business of getting young black people in trouble. You know if. I give you my wallet back. You know i worry about nothing else of. He denied it. Or whatever. So i had to go get my money back the best way i thought and now bizarre legitimate waking the bank the bank the press charges out on the web and that none of my business now is out of my hands. I gave away long but yeah So for listeners. Out there and those is watching right now like like we went all we want to actually address the the idea the idea that a scam could actually get away with things. We want this guy. Be some tips out there where we can avoid getting scared. Like what are the warning signs. Don't liking your liking your case like what were the warning signs that you knew that this was going on. I mean i from our respect. That's what i really found out scam game with people with running all these scans with the credit cards and stuff like that and i knew people inviting the credit card scams with back in the day and i'm very inquisitive so i'm one of those people that were get on a line and served so being computer science in computer science. I've learned about the dark net dark way. So roy read about it and read about him. Selling pieces are. Id breach information and stuff like that. So that's what i learned. I learned about while Don't doubt about these man For me it's based on it's based on. It's based on a person's pitch on how how persuasive they are. They used the us date makeup stories about like you know how. How such as such Such and such You know family family related stuff in on other stuff is just. It's just it's just sometimes. I'll be wondering like are they being real or they just say i should just to just to mug me out of my hard earned money which is crazy to me audi the man you know. I wonder so. So we gotta figure out like we had the We had to really you know. Tell the people listening out there. Licensed tips on how to how to steer away from Could if you know that that a product that you never even heard of what's the ever what is like what is something randomly if this is a random product that you never heard of and everything don't buy it same way with Same way with If same cologne perfume whatever. That never heard his brand before what is. It's crazy to me man. Like i just you know and and and i hate hustlers two especially those by the train station. I'm i'm i'm i'm trying to help this lady. Get to the j trained by jimmy casino. Right so i was trying to. I was trying to Guide her to the to the escalator where she get the j. Trine everything in this guy out of this lice. Skin idiot out of blue comes at At of us in there anything. Tom all He he hustling in on. I play nobody first of all you got say the fog is already watching all these fucking hustle is doing all this crazy ass shit you making money off of poor people. That's already already suffering man like lake like yo this. Is this getting on my nerves right now man like you can't you can't find a legal. You can't find a legal way to actually do your hustle. And she lay komo man with the guy which means that he was hustling. He just walked up hustling like this. He said he said he was But we about to exit door the exit door where turnstiles on everything and now. It's trying to guide her to the j train because she was going to brooklyn because what happens us going to new lots avenue. And i wasn't because i haven't taken a train in law automaton wasn't he matured. The j. train goes to new lots avenue last checked but but at the same time though man like i did the best i could to actually help rotten everything. If it wasn't for that idiot how do you. It's a rub me mom trying to help this this lady. Who took the twenty four with me to cashews cashews on. We meet to parsons boulevard. Because i was trying to get the q. Five and everything. 'cause go home from work and for the most part i didn't like how to guide it. This like his approach though dallas. Just a no no right there. The people be is should makes no sense to me. Man you with all the money and and some random guy blue interrupts into russia helping that person. Because because they're hustling in the train station. All pleases never really happened to me. But i've seen them happy. You sunk you just want to go home. You don't want to be read harassed actual month. I've seen it but you know. Let that stuff. Bob tried to not pay that type of stuff. We on though man who eats on. Anyway i digress from understand fucking topic though man yo. The one story that really one story that really of struck me is lose. Evert i wanted to get unwanted guests. I wanted to get a live on on this on. And how he feel vert wasted twenty four million dollars on a diamond piece his forehead like yo. Well how do you focus how you fucking like. That's crazy to be rely on my own mike. My head says when a dime in you know 'cause twenty four dollars though lab is crazy. I can't even imagine. Imagine of trying to take the dominant office forehead and blessed us gushing out and shit. That's not going to be a good look though my cut your head off a door left my legally. Cut your head off twenty four billion unless they do this ship for clout that that's like putting a target on walk around twenty four million dollars on your head forehead all places at least nine on top of your head though where your hair grow. I can't i can't. I can't really imagine grade. I can't even imagine one of my friends. Who has arcane A diamond on his own his or her forehead or whatever. That's means ridiculous view about that shit though. I'll tell you what. I was going out with my friends. You know he walked out added damn diamond in the midway night. Really like you know. What are you doing man. You know like. I go out with you know you look at people differently. I once went out. I but you re. I went to the club when he just happened to be his. And he's like one of my people in some. I wanna regular basis and You know drinking and next thing. I know you started to dance. Open not the cat. Daddy did man. I really like really like little. Realize all types of stuff like i couldn't even explain it you know and i didn't look out after that man i really dead but now and you'll love the way us in them dancing video. Chris breezy dances. I'm like letting he needs space on the danceable that that's kind of rare though man you really hear you rarely hear somebody. Actually you know being a little being a little you know weeded out and everything and then started doing some dance moves. Imagine somebody trying to do the michael jackson cattani do some people take it stolen. You take stuff. Siri face just like really bad. Crazy bill maryland. Good god with the next shit. Happy with what else in your we. The next topic has to do with the suet. The silhouette challenge. I'm pretty sure you probably heard about it action. I single it. I i is more than just here and i haven't seen it It's like people. If i ma- people Map he would would do in anyway. Was evolving this coli berry. Cohee very actually started doing a bunch of channels and everything and then no not the buses will. She did the buses challenge in mash. She did the yom. The silhouette challenge and there is a particular song. That's being features you on there. I don't know if you heard this. I don't know if you heard this but it's coiled. Put your head over my shoulder. At first i thought it was i. I thought it was by the platters. But i think some my revamped it shape but i forget who was the beep What what is the saying that I haven't heard it to be honest. You am not heard that they got no but they have all these challenges. That i i. I can't come off. Imagine exit one in your home. Girls doing the sue alleged downs and everything and they played that particular song in your how house you sentence only slowing down me. What i can't this shit. I am a rhythm signed shit too and you'll be only if only it depends on what it depends was sunday. Plato like if a reggae shit the does it. S kind of different but When i'm out when now in college because we use data parties and sit poolside cafe and everything. Yeah when the guardian in long island city queens which is far from. Mta headquarters in work at which is in queens. Give people my may be. I know long island city queens. Because he's a cute thirty nine the sand. But i want you on what these people are going up to my job for me like we're be live at man i'm not. I'm not giving the street address. Though i'm not giving street address. I wanna do that to you. May just let them know. Know anybody come up job talking some craziness i i'm gonna let them know you know my hand. Sales is all right. Get ready for. That can nullify tonight. Oh man and i i ve. That's gonna be really who's fighting by yum yum yum. Some do mandatory talented. No you ever abney. Sounds like a rush. That sounds like a russian name from jerusalem. Ohio abney you slowest. I think that we got late on the night may year is so I didn't even know this. Fucking still at china started in january fourteenth by tiktok user. I had no. I had no idea which is crazy. And then if features the filter that you put in the background and everything while you playing white playing song everything. I had no idea about this until you get to know. I mean i don't mind women days but a do i don't know go red. Yes it sounds a little strange to me man. And i know i didn't know that was by the platforms to platters. If i'm not mistaken planet like that the platters the plan is the jad ladder. Because that's how that's how a lot of music artists be using They'll use an instrumental right and then they'll they'll flip it. They'll flip it to you. Know make their own by adding other beats to it. Though it's kinda like it's kinda like a rebooted colorado reboot in remake or some shit like that making this. Yeah i m pretty sure he did to. Noting silhouette was loose up next form. Teed money still lacks. They lack your whole up. How would you feel if you if you knew somebody like one. Your home grows oil one year home girls and your arm girl doing so. Let challenge and stuff like that. This song put jae. So how would you feel if you're one of your home. Girls and angry girl to this storm called a head over my shoulder. Big how would you. How would you feel if if you if you don girls and your girl did sue challenge su song. Put your head over my shoulder. it has like a red background to look though. Ill sorry about sorry about that. Folks to paly be live has been having some technical difficulties. So hopefully he'll be back so So with that being so with that being said hold on areas. Yeah what happened. You want breaking up man you right. You can't hear me it. You might get your microphone back. Yeah once again is sorry Apparently be last technical difficulties. Would it would. It would sound and everything so just bear with me Hopefully womp womp while. I'm waiting for him limited. Get to make you just get to Something right here. If you would like to be a guest on the show whether you are whether you are a dj vj producer black own transcended has his home business or any or anything like that was the ever All you have to do is go to often meet Chains ny podcast at dot com. That's often meet Chains new york At jimrome dot com. Also if you will and also if you would like to make a generous donation to to support the show and everything all you had you had to do is go to in the bio in in facebook and instagram. Which is which is often meet rat change and why podcast which is the same name as it is on instagram. So so when you click on the link or you have to do is go to the first spot where he says where he says. Support the podcast by manage by making a donation. And it's going to take you to a place where it leads you to weigh lead you to to debit card selection. So we're not saying we're not saying break the bank to make us happy and everything you just give what you can. What is like what is doubt what is five dollars. What is what is nine dollars. Whatever it is That will be appreciated now. Unfortunately i don't know what having would be live so While it had to do while had to do is i'll probably had probably had to end this pot a little early Hopefully if things go well off way thanks. Go well Let's go to this last story that i wanted to do which is in regards to should pell. But i'm gonna have to save that for matt. Say that for another time because i don't know what happened would be loud on service and stuff so i mean get to the streaming platforms real quick Okay so not for you to listen to podcasts All you have to do is go to the lincoln. The bio of facebook instagram of off the meat rat chains ny podcast in industry platforms includes pot. Aroma acre spotify audio burst deesor tuning player. Fm chaser stitcher podcast. Podcast addict breaker. Listen notes don't forget that you can find the podcast on amazon music. Google podcasts iheartradio and of course they used to s speaking speaking a youtube. All you have to do is described to the youtube channel click notification. You could be reminded of when the pac has goes on the air upcoming lashing episodes including the previous recorded episodes being posted. Comment your thoughts on the episodes including the topics that was being discussed shared a show shared show streaming platforms with friends like download infrastructure platforms. Subscribe rate comment like Download city show. Which if friends along with the streaming platforms whatsoever Now i'm sorry that. Be lifetime technical difficulties. So i'll save the day chapelle topic for for the next episode so so As a measly just said Dismissing technical difficulties and stuff. So so with that being said i'll go over the streaming platforms once again. Which is which is anchored spotify. Oil birds desert tuning player. Fm potch acer stitcher Speaking of anchor If you if you want to Become a podcast. Let myself along with my co-host and everything all you all you have to do is is download. The anchor app now anchor is a hosting site alongside with with the with the phone that's owned by spotify. Why are you wasting money. On strict on a on a hosted site that it that they are charging you for limited unlimited storage is forget that forget about it. Let me explain. It is an app that gives you the tools of when you can get get ways to edit distribute you podcast monetize your podcast in also distribute podcasts streaming platforms like spotify in the dream platforms whatsoever. If you have a dream of being podcast myself all you have to do is download the anchor at onto your computers. You get phone android. Your iphones tablets. Whatever so you could get started if anybody has any questions. A who sent you to acre town g money. Stacks from offman meet rat. Change your podcasts. Since you and also don't forget to tune into too often meet grad chains. New podcast on acre. In case you missed any of the previous episodes whatsoever And and on youtube as well. So like i said will streaming platforms right now. Which is at anchor is wanting them to so so acres spotify already. Birds caesar tune in play. Fm potch chasers stitcher podcast. Podcast addict breaker. Listen notes amazon. Google podcasts iheartradio. And you too. So i'm sorry that be left has technical difficulties with his aunt Everything so i was gonna talk about the day chapelle thing but i'm going to save that for the next so with that being that being said i'll light to thank everyone on the youtube world right now that's actually stuck around and kept Embiid with me so thank you for tuning in. Thank you off of watching in. Thank you for your time. I'll see you next time on. T. money stacks a see in the next episode. It amount aches and love If you liked what you heard all you gotta do is follow the podcast. Calm about the topics and what you thought about. The episodes of often rack chains new york podcast on facebook and instagram. So you could be a part of the discussions for each topic every week. Plus if you would like to be a guest cohost chiming on topic ideas and views. Whether you are a rapper singer. Black on trendsetter has a business producer. Actor actress dr. Dj vj need advice that you want us to re on air and other career fields. You can email the show at often. Meet wreck chains ny podcasts at djamil dot com. That's often meet wretches. And why podcasts. At mail dot com o f. F t. h. e. m. e. h. e. r. a. c. k. c. h. a. i n. z. n. y. p. o. D. c. a. s. t. at g. Mail dot com. In case. you missed any of the episodes. Don't worry i gotcha you. Can you can download it. Favorite roads like subscribe and rate. The reason we're asking we ask for a five star rating is because we inform you about the stories show are real as far as the subjects being discussed in propositions we have in each episode of the podcast inspire. Motivate sense of humor is important key here because i believe laughter is the best medicine when it comes to dark times. We want the show to be a safety net of purna smile on your faces whether it's having bad days losses of loved ones work and other difficult challenges. The show will be there for you no matter what you are not alone in this case comment on the episodes with the topics shared the pockets and streaming platforms of anchor tune in stitcher. Spotify breaker deesor. Podcast pod. chaser. Listen notes player. Fm pot aroma. Podcasts google podcasts audio -burse and no forget you can find podcast on amazon music. Iheart radio and youtube also. Don't forget to subscribe to the youtube page g money. Stacks five fifty five. Click on the notification bell so you could be reminded of went off the meat rat changed. Your podcast goes on the air live upcoming last week. Episodes previous recorded episodes like comment on episodes with the topics. Share the podcast including the streaming services with your friends. I'm g money stacks and thank you awful listening tuning in sticking around with us and watching us on you too. Thank you so much this really means the world to me and and we have over two thousand views so far seles keep going. Spread the word to your friends about off. The meat rat changed new york podcast. So you know the announcements the updates of upcoming episodes. We'll keep you up to date so thank you very much for listening and watching peace and love.

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Rumorz, The Inside Look At A Brand New Rising Star

Rap It Out

29:09 min | Last month

Rumorz, The Inside Look At A Brand New Rising Star

"Hey everybody nice egos again. Welcome to a brand new episode. Reverend al today. I'm here with a special friend. A moon rock. You know the one. I interviewed a while back. This is rumor saying hello. Everybody rumors nice to meet you. And thank you for taking your time onto to those. Thank you for inviting me. Lem fear problem and you think your move rocks for recommending you. So why don't you introduce yourself out there. My name is rumors. artist's name i go by that My actual names hunter. I make rap music obviously but I'm more of a lyrical guy myself. I really liked the message within songs. Song i've been doing it for good five years now than recording for three. And i'm working on a novel as we speak doing the final touches on it. It's called memento mori. Which is an album. All about being scared deaths lou dark okay. Hearing of kimmy kills a lot of long high highs on it but there is also those lungs. Okay harry maggie's eerie since can make a living. Ooh of ooh okay. Let me take a braver. That does something to a dark place. Okay so central brand new to me. It's says your brand needs everybody Let's start off with a few questions from your past past so package with music star for you on so i've always had a love for music growing up. It really didn't hit me until twenty thirteen. I lost my uncle and mac miller. I got introduced into his music and that he had one song. Just titled remember which was all about losing someone you love and it just really struck a chord with me and i started writing poems. The saddened the other and then about twenty sixteen. I got out of a bad relationship with my buddy who's also an artist. His name's kid dreamer. He told me. I should start writing music. And i've just been doing that and been love with it ever since. Oh how why. No idea. And i did happen to you Are your uncle. Weber's name was i love. How inspiration came from mac miller. He's actually amazing artists. I've heard multiple times some glad the Music came from him in the fourth loss. Arpita amac miller tale right. I think for that little response. So what would you say would be your big inspiration. Inspired you to get into music inspires you. The most all as i said i'm going to beat the dead horse here but mac miller is just. His music always struck a chord with me his honesty and just having that ability to have an outlet to write about my problems. Oranges may tapping music. Because i'm more of a keep it to myself. I'm a people person to where. I usually don't like talking about my problems. So having that outlet of music to really just kind of put it on the page and have it reach out to someone else and hopefully help them or impacts them in the future. And i love how mcmillan has a huge impact on you and your life especially music really. Yeah i'd put him up. There is mine biggest inspiration. there's other artists. I get inspired from He's he's the top i art. That's on my list check. Oh i haven't checked out in a while so he's going on my list. Alright this question Do you play any instruments is just an opinion question I actually do not. But i wanted to learn how to play piano for the longest time. Just haven't to have the time or money to go pursue piano lessons or thank. I'd love to pick up just about any instrument to be honest. Definitely one of those. I would love to learn piano. That's a very popular instrument. I've noticed as nephews. those are really popular runs. I can vision you playing the piano and your music kind of corresponding with the piano. Guppy really nice. I really am a sucker for alami. Piano instrumentals granted. you know. there's some just has to be done in certain way. You know i feel you viliamu definitely i. let's see okay in the alternate universe. What would happen if you were not a musician. That's a toughie Honestly i see myself doing the saying like i would want to be a social worker. That's something like a therapist to help other people. Because i know. I've needed one and that's kind of what. I'm pursuing in college now just as that backup plan if i don't make it being an artist so i definitely say that I used to wanna be a canvas or work on the radio so probably one of those three things. Nice little choices. There surprising though. I have not heard chemists. Nar of work on the radio. That's a new one now. Heard those in a wild. All what would i said. The radio stations are dying business sadly because of all streaming platforms this end. The other by really isn't profession. indeed. I mean down here in texas. Those radios are all over including the car and grocery stores restaurants. Not it is still all over. But i'm kinda starting to see it. Die out with the rise of how big spotify has gone. Oh yeah. I definitely see your point. I can see venues radio As a radio host got the nice radio of boys. Well thank you. I let see all. I'm excited here. This one's needs a martin going on my list okay. Well it'd be your dream. Collaboration all since smack past i'd really have to say i have like three top warns one kind of seems almost out of the question out since he retired but logic. I've been a big fan of logic. he you know. I've heard him dip over the years but his retirement album no pressure that was a great return to forum unpopular opinion machine. Gun kelly. i love his music. Even the most people hate on them for his Eminem beef and then most likely j cole are expected. Say eminem of the other nice ones lists to our long list of people from all interviews. You can't see you have a long list of artisans. Sorry what are you saying. What was that. I was saying for eminem. It's like yeah. He's the greatest lyricist. Don't get me wrong. I mean he has proven his ability. But i don't know. I just have really been in an end to his music since like the revival era. I i feel like he's a great rapper. But he's not a great artist he just doesn't sound sonically pleasing. Oh really how. It's just like his hoax in such like that in just how he structures his songs. Just kinda bro me off i. It's hard to really explain but wanna go out of my way to listen to an eminem song hs nine times out of ten or at least it's newer stuff i say reply and i'm following a. How do you feel about the mom rapid right now. Those amman rooms right now So i used to be like one of those. I eight memoir rap type people but now it's like you know everyone has their own differently. It's great to hear new voices. And you know i'm not gonna bag on anyone who Beano is inspired or falls in love with her relates to one of these bigger artists. I just have a problem with how drug use is glorified in rap and as someone who's lost people due to drug abuse and have seen so many of my favorite artists or started in general die to drug abuse it. It's i just feel like that. Should stop replay. D like any of them are in rapper. Right now or like whatever on. There's quite a few modern artists. I really live with a houston. A little skies a lot. I'm not that big into his newest travis. Scott definitely he. He's a great artist. I love listening to his music. Course jay. id another great rapper. Whose not doing the modern traps down. I've really started to like little uzi. Vert juice world. When he was here he had some good songs like a polo g against the baby to name a few all right. Why am i list. If you're if you could see on my wall right now you can see have a lot to get to know kidding right Following on the topic of music Being a musician and all heavy ever gone through a writer's block. I go through it constantly in. It's always trying to push myself to make more music. I feel i get into this rhythm of making songs Stops in it. Takes me quite a bit till i really want to ride again. And you know i feel as almost twenty year old. I just haven't experienced a lot of life to have soup. Were many topics to talk about. You know a lot of it also just that period of not being able to find the right beat. Has i really need that right. Beat to release. Set the scene for what i'm going to write and it usually. I get inspired by the instrument. Oh i see retrial. On youtube being beats. I'm on youtube constantly. Looking for beats. I have like three or four different playlist. that just stockpiled. Two hundred beats per platelets type thing. I'm always looking trying to find different. Sounds oh and have you tried making your own be I've tried dabbling in here. It's really confusing the layout of nfl. I will say My buddy proficient profit another great artists. We have alana music together He makes instrumentals and he's really gonna semi down one day. Helped me figure it out. But i do look forward to making my own instrumentals and really making my own sound. Because at the end of the day is an artist. I want to push the boundaries of what i'm capable love and expand. I want a mesh genres. I want to just really make myself. You know i. I completely understand that. For rail though i come community ebola that fail the same way. You do so identifying fail you. It's one of those things where i feel like i. Can you know. I can wrap to rap but i wanna do more than i wanna make. Unique sounds really one. Fire took a bad our lease the concept once again. It's just artist. I listened to Mac you know he was too strong. Winds logic spread out i mean. Mg cages went number one with a alternative rock album pop punk album out of the blue all wasn't really out of the blue. But you know it's just like things like that it's not trying you whole myself into one sound. I see i see through your hands and speaking of your head. That's where we're going next. That's where we're going next. I hope you don't mind as picking your head. Coaching i okay. Let's see eight sec luck things going on my room so my So in your own opinion How would you describe the minute that you typically create That is a toughy. I feel like it is very personal. Most of the times in your face like hey. These remind motions. These are how i deal with them. i would say i feel like you're rappers. Rapper the rapper. That people who appreciate the art and the skill would appreciate. But you know that's kind of me being a less than humble. I guess you could say on music for the soul and you know once again. It's just it depends on the song. I have Like i said for sal my songs that sound like. You're rapidy rap stuff. I of songs. That sound like travis. Scott sound i of Deep part fell. Pulling your heartstrings songs. It just depends on my mood when i make the song really. Also i'll i see edger mule kind of determines what kind of music what kind of music that you made your mood of determines sat or dislike whatever you want to. It's kind of a mixture. I'm i'm not going to sit here and try to write a happy song. While i'm super san in the dumps you know i. I'm one of those people. I just feel like you should be genuine and your art. I'm not gonna make a happy song less. I'm feeling happy saturday. The other those days were it's at inbetween. Sure i can make a sad song and just kind of really put pent up emotions that i've been dealing with for a while into that song while most of the time my mood kinda does dictate the sound. I make i see steep how your affects all that s pretty deep is so the. I definitely felt crawl. You were saying side to take a breath and not know about what's so once your creative prophets like how do you rap song your way Really it's just finding that instrumental that speaks to me in putting those thoughts towards i. It's kind of like difficult. But i just find that instrumental on. I just kind of right at their own. I usually one do super picky about need to go back Right this one lyric. It's more if. I can't really do it all in that sitting or you know kinda come back to. It's a finish it up than i'll scrap the song. I'm i have a lot of songs that just coming in scrapped. Along the way this out of the other I just do what sounds good to me. And a lot of people you know they will try to go out of their way to like do the super precise flows for their songs and me. I just kinda do what i feel. The beat aids are alley. Yeah usually don't right with the flow in mind for that song. It's kind of right to put those lyrics in that song. I see of course little mind that the song needs of flow. This and the other you know i. I switched from flows here and there response bear in. This is a fine question. Can you free style this discipline question. I'm just asking nothing really portraying anything just in front of a question. I'm i'm more of a turkson myself. I don't feel super perfect with how my freestyle sounds. I need to improve on that. A lot of it is rarely just having the thoughts already on your mind and a. It's difficult for me. I will say my mind runs way too fast Oh i see. I see god got to you all right time for something really fun. You like fun. I i. This is tradition that all rappers. The tansu its rapid. I'll show ks you're rapping ability in either free styling teasing a key. Thing is a song teasing versatile song later or doing other wrapping out of our throws on your have while bag. I can definitely teaser song or straight from here. I don't know how audience holiday will sound. I'm not used to doing it over the phone But i do the rin here now. That's fine without the instrumental. Most people do a cappella. You're fine all right. This is one from. Upcoming album is called interstellar. Yeah the most. Glorious five nine four guys in towards interstellar soham in a bulma highs among the clock is ticking in more fine all the time as a compensate will not to remind. I'm confined to this. We dubious complex. I got next to follow the with that lesson. Drop dead on arrival to land. What's guyton was god. Said beckham bush from efficient. That's not got this ring without any team. Involved independent for both resin. Gary fall by the zipper went a call. They all in awe being jaded can do a lot to your soul. I'm getting faded. Help mitigate the toll i'm preaching greatness. Hope i can reach that goal when finally famous w able to play my role like That was pretty good. Nikolai job mandate. It's not gonna buy thank you just a little teaser of what's coming from the album. That's definitely one of my favorites for the rap. showcase cited. thanks cool man. thanks for that. That was really amazing. Thank you. I try to keep up grind. It's working all right now. Here comes something. I like to say the up. End credits Where this is your opportunity to shadow anyone Saying words or or and or any advice you wanna give to blah their kids up. There will first and foremost. I do wanna shout out my group of music friends who always support me or down for me that of course being moon rocks my buddy jessen who goes by proficient profit. Y'all should definitely go check them out. He has a ep dropping in. I do believe for gays called the loss projects. One point four on. And i just want to thank my family for being very What's the word. I'm looking for encouraging the me and my music Especially my mother. She's always let it blossom and hasn't tried to get in the way of it that's been amazing And advice don't do drugs. You know you can have bad days. It feels like nothing's going your way you're stuck in your head this on the other days they end up getting better. It may not be today. May not be tomorrow. It may not be next week. But if you keep pushing your days will start to get better it. It takes more than just waiting. It takes that motivation. It takes you know it takes a lot of things. Your friends are definitely good impact on that this salary alert. Just don't let a bad day get you down in. Yeah i can say about myself without me problem. Thank you for coming. Thank you so much really appreciate. And i hope everyone listening to this has an amazing day. They're going to like you better anyway. Yami all make sure to check out. Our social media follows toco. Updates all podcasts google or everything labral podcast. Serve the refresher anna. Make sure you with new rumors. He pretty good. If you don't tomba's town He's gonna cry about it firing now you got what he does not want to remain cried down. The instagram is at rumors with the z. Two one seven r. u. m. o. r. z. To one seven iago our. Please stay tune everybody Not say much but there is something very exciting coming In a couple of weeks or months depending on how. I feel a new start coming. Stay tuned for monaco. Be sure if he'd ever been updated and Y'all good one very soon and Mixture tickets advice good advice. Y'all hey good. And i was. Y'all very soon follows also social as the ovaries.

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GSMC Music Podcast Episode 109: Music Lesson on Neil Peart

GSMC Music Podcast

27:05 min | 1 year ago

GSMC Music Podcast Episode 109: Music Lesson on Neil Peart

"I want to know the latest and hottest music hitting the airwaves. Don't be left out. Listen to the golden state media concepts music. PODCASTS G. Keeps you on the loop with everything you need from pop rock hiphop top forty and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists concert and tour dates. It's so much more listener further because this is the gold standard in music podcasts. Thank you for listening to the GMC music podcasts and brought to you by the GMC MC podcast network. I'm your host Gaelic Brown. The Music Lover Constantly seeking positive music. If you like what you hear be sure to subscribe to carshow on your preferred podcast platform in writer review. Those reviews helped the show. Also follow the G. S. M. C. Music podcasts. On twitter edgy. SMC underscore music. Now let's get into some music news. The Neptune's are reuniting full-time Chad. Hugo and Williams are the dynamic producing duo behind twenty four billboard. Hot One hundred top one hundred hits during the late nineties and the two thousands. The two never broke up. They were just less active as a duo. Obviously for L. took off and became a became mainstream with hits like happy from the despicable me two soundtrack and being on the voice and Hugo has always been the man behind the curtain but in a recent interview review with Clash Hugo revealed. The two are working together on a more permanent basis. They are working on a video game soundtrack. And recently did some work with Miley Cyrus. Jay Z. Blink. One Eighty two low Uzi. Vert Brandy Ray. J and g easy in two thousand nine billboard ranked the Neptune tunes number one on their list of top ten producers of the decade in two thousand eighteen. The Neptune's were nominated to the songwriters hall of fame as part of the twenty twenty class. Now personally Alison Neptune's Back in that time late ninety nine or late nineties early two thousands thousands for me. When he came to production and producers it was all about Timberland and the Neptune's I was on Timberland for awhile. You know he was there first first. And then the Neptune's came out with these like space sounding like just super dope beats and it's like who were they who was this plus. It didn't hurt that both for real and Chad are fine For me I personally had the biggest crush on Chad Even you know would cut out pictures of him from magazines but they made hits like Mace. Look at me why you over there looking at me Woma girl stand here and Clips Lips. When's the last time top down chrome spin but my fav- clips and Neptune song is grinding grinding? With the Teenage Girls Harlem shake in their little hearts out in the video vein. There are the tracks on my grow Khalifa's Kaleidoscope Alman cut out there. Yeah Yo Yo yo Yo. The song yell as for Auto Women who've been lied to brought him in and I know Oh yum in lied to you over and over again as the Neptune's Boesch show have some classics in a classic ask Neptune sound if the beat sounds like it came from outer space. It's probably because it came from the Neptune's it looks like rowdy. Rich may be one one of twenty twenty s break out stars the young rappers. The box now sits atop the billboard hot one hundred chart after a heated chart battle of Justin Bieber just as the box rose to number one his mustard collaboration high fashion made a huge leap of its own. Jumping thirty five slots to land at number number thirty five on this week's hot one hundred chart now. It's his third top forty hit as a lead artist on a more or serious note. Hip Hop icon. Russell Simmons is not only being accused of rape but there is apparently a documentary. Being made that is scheduled to be released east at this year's Sundance Festival drew Dixon Silly Abrahams Alexi. Norman Jones sat down with. CBS is this morning and detailed. How the mogul allegedly raped them? Dixon worked for Simmons in one thousand nine hundred five when she said he allegedly attacked her. I literally early worked for him. He was ordering the car and told me to come upstairs and pick up a demo. I thought it would be in the his apartment. I thought it would be in his apartment for I five total minutes. That's IT and he showed up naked wearing a condom and tackled me to his bed while I screamed and fought and said no and cried. That's what's Rape Jones said that she knew Simmons before he was famous and that he raped her on their first date in nineteen ninety-one. This was is a very swift attack. And what's going through my mind more than anything was why because I liked Russell and I you know will I would have just kissed him. I would have made out with him. I would've he didn't have to attack me. She said he raped me. Right up against the Ethin- wall she actually said the real word. Excuse my language but he that's what he did. I had to keep this secret now. Simmons has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. Dixon explained why she was hesitant about going public with her accusations against Simmons who co founded the Record Label DEF Jan Black people have very few heroes to spare not many of us get to the level of success of a Russell Simmons which is why I was so proud of him. Dixon said he is a media. Mogul he has millions of followers. I have like a thousand and and he is using all of that muscle to try to drown out our voices and this is a sad story for me because Dixon is right. Black people have so few heroes especially living heroes and I had a phase in my life where all I rot was fat farm shoes which was his brand and his ex wife. Lyons baby fat but certain men have gotten away way too long living reckless without any regard word to the mental and spiritual damage. They are doing to people they force themselves on so black. Why whatever use your voice and tell your story now? Let's move on to some lighter. News Twenty five there have been twenty five James Bond movies no time to die. Being the twenty-fifth breakout artists. Billy eyelash is confirmed to perform the theme song future and Drake are back again. With another collab- life is good. Which is listed as future single? There seems to be a few drake references that allude to his beef with push a t and Kanye west genius speculates that the the drake line about his release date refers to a Combo he had with. Connie prior to Drake Scorpio album release. Drake says he revealed the release date to Connie then he wakes up one morning to the news. That good music would be dropping weekly projects around the same time Scorpio was supposed to drop. There's a visual available. Able to future in Drake's life is good now. We're going to take a quick break and be back with more music news. Always on the go but the day. Just be more without your Hollywood Vince. Foot golden state media concepts that are ten podcast take care then all inclusive look pop culture. Welcome back to the GMC music podcasts. On your host Luca Brown. Let's continue on with them. Music News Mac Miller's estate released his first post humis single did news. If you're like me and are not familiar with term post you miss it means. The song was published after his death. Mac died September twenty eighteen and was working on the album now entitled circles when he passed circles was supposed to be a companion piece who his last album swimming. His estate put out the following words at the time of his his passing Malcolm was well into his crosses a recording his companion album to swimming entitled circles. Two different styles complementing each other completing a circle. All swimming in circles was a concept he had been working with John Bryan who after hearing some early versions of the songs cleared his calendar to help Malcolm. I'm fine tune them after his passing John Dedicated his time to finishing circles based on the time in conversations with Malcolm. If you're interested in reading the entire statement it is available on genius. The single good news has a lyrical video as its companion. After releasing leasing rare last week which is on track to debut at number one on billboard's two hundred charts Selena Gomez says. She is in the happiest place she's ever forbid at in her life. She hasn't released a new album. Since Twenty fifteen's revival and in the interim she battled lupus underwent a kindi kidney transplant made headlines for her relationships with fellow popstars in opened up about her struggles with exile eighty in an interview with Billboard Gomez discusses cusses her new album and new self growth. What a why? I am extremely excited about. This is March six. That's right the date March six many more jobs her first studio album in ten years. Depending on your age you may may only know Mandy as Rebecca Pearson on the hit TV. Show this us. But I know her as a teen pop star driving the green bug in in dancing and escape park. We'll sing in Crave and file you Missing new like Ken lay in her popular. Nineteen Ninety Nine Song Candy. The Tin track album. Silver landing is a huge departure from the Mandy. Andy I want jammed. This collection was recorded. Live to tape with a full band in the studio in the same studio in. La and produced by longtime collaborator Liberator. Mike Viola with husband Taylor Goldsmith and former Riley highly member. Jason Boesel. I wanted to make very California -fornia sounding record something that fills sunshiny aerienne natural. Something you could listen to driving up and down the Ph the the pch with all the windows rolled down on beautiful weekend. Day Moore said in an interview with billboard not quite sure where P. C. Ages in I live in California maybe to southern California thing but anyways I distinctively distinctively yes that's sometimes say words and unlike. Is that how you're supposed to say it. But I remember that nineties early. Two thousands golden pop era of Teen Girls Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears and Mandy Moore Now Music Wise Mandy was the less successful one but her transition position into movies lake. A Walk to remember is where she really shined and she has been able to stand the test of time with her acting skills something her counterparts parts and don't have on their resume movie producers. Were not come in for Britney Spears after crossroads but they came for her Co Stars Zoe. So Donna who was famous for Avatar Star Trek in guardians of the galaxy in Teheran Manning who move forward did hustle and flow and orange is the new black and we never saw crecy Magyar Star in a movie again after burlesque now. My favorite manny movie. Our favorite movies were her saved with MacAulay. Culkin and American dreams with Hugh Grant and Dennis Kwok. Dennis Quaid just wanted him days all so right now she is killing the game alongside her amazing ensemble cast with this is us that show makes me weep every freaking freaking time. It's the editing and that damn tug at your heartstrings. Music there are absolutely stunning. Images of Jennifer Lopez Channelling Madonna Donna in a photo shoot for guests in Marciano worldwide campaign the hall of fame classic. Twenty twenty will be inducted on May second at the thirty the fifth annual rock and Roll Hall of fame induction ceremony. The twenty twenty class includes Depeche mode. The DOOBIE brothers Whitney Houston. Nine inch nails tells the notorious B I g and t rex depeche mode nine inch nails were previously nominated. They each get on get in on. Its third try. The rest are first-time nominees with biggie. Haven't been eligible for the first time. Despite winning the Fan vote they've Matthews van will not see induction in twenty twenty now onto the Grammy Hall of fame. Recordings that have been recently inducted included public enemy's enemies nineteen eighty eight album. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back which fell to receive a single grammy nomination but is now widely reviewed as a classic and in the hip hop community. It was always a classic just like spike. Lee's do the right thing which spotlighted the group's music no diamonds in nineteen sixty nine smash sweet caroline. Good Times never seem so good which additionally was passed over the grammy nominations during its time but has long been a sing along favourite recordings that were celebrated during its time included Eurythmics nineteen eighty three. Synth pop smash Sweet James Ominami which clinched the duo a best. I knew artists nomination that year. Nancy Sinatra's nineteen sixty six match smash these boots sweet dreams tone. I try not again. These boots some may of walking there. We go so one of the first songs uh-huh with a strong feminist edge to be had to become a mainstream pop hit it was also inducted. It's the first induction for Sinatra whose father Frank Sinatra has fourteen recordings in the hall. Several other twenty twenty inducted recordings were featured in popular films Lake Dick dells and the Dell tones nine hundred sixty to hit misery Lou was featured in Quincy Tarantino's in nineteen ninety four classic pulp fiction. I'm not sure if that's how you pronounce misery. Do but you notice on when you hear it is that has that famous guitar. RIFF and the entire track is instrumental except for sounds the Stanley brothers and the clinch mountain boys. I'm a man of constant sorrow Arrow. I mean man of constant Sarah was revived in the two thousand Coen brothers. There's film o brother where Art Thou which won the two thousand one grammy for album of the year and the that song is literally the only thing I remember about that movie. uh-huh Elton John's nineteen seventy-two hit tiny Manson was a memoir was a memorable. It was memorably spotlighted in Cameron. Crow's two thousand film. Almost famous low key. Almost famous turned me onto Elton John. I knew of him as a kid but he was way before for my time and he is a British white man so he got no place in my household growing up but after watching almost famous in hearing tiny dancer. I I did my research on Sir. Elton and my first thought probably went something lake. Oh that Lion King Circle of life guy so that wraps up our music news. When we return we'll get into some music history with no pert searching the vast jungle of podcasts? Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast. Bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion cooking cooking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop blurted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guarantee not to build that podcast whatever it may be visit sad. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. Yeah well come back to the GS MC music podcast. I'm your host King like a brown. It's time for some music history Canadian prog rock trio Russia's nope nil Kurt is known for his technically demanding and precise rhythmic drumming style born in Canada on September Twelfth Nineteen fifty. Two two part began learning the drums at the age of thirteen. And by the late sixties early Seventies. He immersed himself into the sounds of such rock drummers. Murs as the WHO's Keith Moon E. LP's Carl Palmer. Yes bill broussard and legendary big band drummer buddy. Rich in the early seventies the up and coming ban rush who had just wrapped up touring behind their debut. Album was looking for a new drummer. Pert was granted a tryout Out it was immediately asked to join with pert now the drummer and lyricist. The band focused on more challenging material. Russia's new musical recall direction wasn't initially well received with nineteen seventy four's fly by night in one thousand nine hundred ninety five caress of steel but the band and forged on in struck gold with the nineteen seventy six concept album. Twenty one twelve. The record tells the story of a young man's fight against a future world world where rock music was outlawed Russia's commercial success continued as the band composed more heavy metal tinged prog rock classics six. Nine hundred seventy seven's a farewell to kings nineteen seventy-eight hemispheres nineteen eighties permanent waves. In nineteen eighty one's moving pictures as the band continued to sell out arenas and make hit records. pertz influence on rock drummers became immense pert added author to his title when he penned the books radiance over the rockies in masked rider pert dealt with two devastating blows in his personal life the tragic deaths of both his teenage daughter and wife year apart from each other in a January twenty eighteen interview it was revealed that the band would no longer make music after forty one years of creating January seventh twenty twenty per passed passed away after spending three and a half years battling with brain cancer. Now I'M GONNA keep it real. I didn't know anything about nil until he passed. I saw the impact his his passing had with friends. I've looked up. Some of his drum Solos and dude was abused. He didn't have the standard amount of drums. Dude was beaten only thirty drums. Maybe even more. I mean there was a lot going on and he was getting it now onto our say song wrong lyrics now these are lyrics. We grew up singing and never gave a second thought about what we're seeing but hindsight's twenty twenty especially with the Metoo in time movement also culturally. We're more aware of prejudices and as a society where you're trying to be any more inclusive so looking back at older lyrics can be jaw dropping an humorous experience now. I got a recommendation plan for this. Say What Song Lyrics segment if you have any recommendations tweet us at G. S. M. C. underscore music now. Let's examine the lyrics from guys nineteen eighty-eight piece of my heart. The chorus goes. I do love you you can have a piece of my love. It's waiting for you girl. It's true you can have a piece of my love. It's waiting for you girl. It's it's true okay. Based off of this chorus. This is a sweet love song. A man is offering a piece of his heart. How precious ashes? Let's continue on to the first burs. Baby you can't have all of me 'cause I'm not it's totally free. I can't tell you everything that's going on baby. There's a few things in my pass. That should not be explained. So you China's serenade me with WHO. Yeah but then you tell me I can't have all of you because you ain't totally free dude ain't no such thing is not totally free. I'll you free are you ain't then you go on in reference your past and tell me it shouldn't be explained do why did you bring it up then all right. Let's continue with these lyrics. I'm asking you baby. Be with me for a little while please. Hush no questions asked lay back and relax girl I do love you. It's true aright be be with you awhile is you take me out you wine and Dine Emmy or what. Please us no questions ask. Is You Shush me. Incoming lay back and relax so you tell me I can have a piece of your heart not all of it just a low piece then you tell me to shut up and now you demanding that I lay back and relax. I do love you. Gross True Homey. You is confused news on. What love is you just trying to bang now kick off your shoes? Lift your pretty head. Darling it's waiting for you since we're here now baby. I'm giving you a piece of me. You can have. Well Homie me that piece of me. I can have Angel Heart. You just trying to give me do I know. I know that this is wrong but the feeling so strong. I wish this could last forever but it wouldn't be the same. Tell me who would be to blame. If we was hurt. All over again you. How many you is the blame? 'EM Face with your wounds lose please. Hush no questions asked lay back and relax. I do love you. Oh so you're GONNA ask me a question. who was the blame? I'll try to answer your question and you shook me again and tell me to lay on my back okay. So despite the slow instrumental in the RMB's who is in the chorus singing. I do love you. This ain't no love love song. This is a song about a man serenading. His side Schick a song about a man who has a girl. He Ain't trying to sing about it nor is he trying to sing to his actual girl instead. He's trying to woo his way into giving some vitamin D Intel and a girl to shut up in the process how sweet R&B Nineteen eighty-eight. It was. It was so romantic so romantic. Call now if you have a say what Ed Song Lyric. Please tweet us at G. S. M. C. underscore music and yet just may here to lyrics on the shell. I definitely appreciate appreciate your time. Thank you for listening to the G. S. M. C. Music podcasts brought to you by the G. S. M. C. podcast network. If you liked what you heard subscribe up to our podcasts. And if you feel compelled writer review and so next time I'm Gay Legal Brown. The Music Lover Constantly seeking positive music. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts music. PODCAST part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network you can by this show and others like at. WWW DOT g s MC PODCASTS DOT com. Download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play this type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies into music from Sports Entertainment. And even we are you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have a taste program.

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XSET's Wil Eddins and Clinton Sparks on Music & Merch in Esports

Esports Network Podcast

25:45 min | 7 months ago

XSET's Wil Eddins and Clinton Sparks on Music & Merch in Esports

"Three, you know. Hello and welcome into another episode of the E Sports Network podcast in partnership with Reuters. As always. I'm your host my dreams. And today we're talking to the other half of exed co-founders. The organization will eat ins and Clinton Sparks. Will Eddins. My apologies exit is a new Esports organization founded this summer from three former phase Executives, including both will and Clinton. The organization was founded on a mission of improving diversity and inclusion in Esports, and they've quickly added roster upon roster and a lot of top games. They have a top fortnite team as well as strong rosters in pubg global war zone Rockaway and more. They also have a long list of traditional Sports athletes including mean assess Kyle Van Noy Adrian Colbert and more for our guests. Personally Clinton is a popular DJ who worked with many famous artists including a ludicrous Big Sean and Lil Uzi vert and many many more over his long career in 2018. He joined FaZe Clan where he worked as VP a business development before splitting off this summer to be co-founder wage. Head of business Dept for exit he's also set to appear on e-sports that works do show The Gamer hour with Chris Puckett in the future couldn't welcome to the show. Thank you very much. And I appreciate that big intro get a round of applause. You need to have more DJs on this show cuz that really UPS our quality a lot. I like that song actually hear ya I could hear it. I don't not a side effect. I actually have people in my house ready to applaud on Cube. I love that. I expect nothing less wage at our other guests will is a merchandising and fashion Guru. He's helped develop High selling merch for legendary dance group Jabbawockeez, as well as working at leading Sneaker Boutique toward Lifestyles Norcross over here in Las Vegas Nevada enjoyed phase in 2017's DP of apparel and special projects and that phase he turned the popular org into a streetwear brands that has been seen all over popular culture as celebrities in all areas have embraced gaming now as long Founder of exit he will work as the chief of merchandising and Licensing and worked to build another brand into a fashion icon. Well, thanks for joining the show right on right on but by the way, I had a story called institution in Vegas. So that's pretty much what I'd like to highlight here rather than crossover shot. You also check out institution in Las Vegas. I suppose I need to go check it out on the one based in Las Vegas. So I'll have to go check out institutional know all about it the next time I introduce you can tell you everything about institution as well. See ya happy to be here man. I mean, it's chat showing me too. Me too. I wanted to do the show ever since we had Greg Selco and Marcola Road the other two co-founders of exit on this podcast a few months back and during it they talked about the expertise that will in Clinton brought to the org. And so cuz we already had that podcast we discussed a lot of exits focus a lot of their their focus on diversity and inclusion where they place Open Future for this one with Will and couldn't I want to talk about building a Lifestyle brand and also just the overlap of celebrity with gaming that we've seen and how that also translates into Church Street. We're so starting pretty broad couldn't I guess I'll start with you with someone who has deep into the top level of the music industry. How have you seen Stars changed their perspective on gaming the last few years. It really feels seen a lot of acceptance of gaming and embracing of gaming from a lot of the most popular musicians of the world. Well, I mean, it would behoove them to get familiar with the community in an industry that is as large as gaming in E Sports is because they have their music which is also a big component in streaming and gaming so it would be advantageous for them to get familiar with that wage base. So they can interact with those celebrities are streamers and games over there to get more exposure for their music but a lot of a lot of athletes and in artists are Gamers themselves off. So, you know used to be two separate things these guys over here and those guys are over there and you know throughout my career. I've always been the bridge between different Industries and connecting them together. So that's one of the things that we did really big at our last organization that we intend on doing even bigger here at exit. So, yeah, I think gaming in in in I said this before gaming in music has always been always been basically dating they've been like a booty call and it just never committed. You know, I mean, I think just now they're actually realizing like, oh, we really love each other like why why are we like hanging out more about Netflix and chill? So I think that's kind of what's happening with music and Gamers and streaming and and musicians all together now, It's been pretty crazy. I think a lot of it started with the Drake and ninja fortnite stream, but prior to that people like Deadmau5 were on Twitch way before it really took off as a platform and there's you know, quite a bit of sampling of video game music over the years and tons of this different crossover will as you've seen it from a merchandising and fashion perspective. We've seen Esports and gaming has become things that a lot of artists like to wear onstage that athletes are walking into games with how have you seen that change and how and building as somebody who built phase into one of those brands that have seen odd the chests of many different celebrities. How does the crossover of celebrity into gaming help you from a merchandising and fashion perspective. So I you mentioned the juju moment with Drake and Travis like I mean, I remember being in the office with Greg and Clinton just saying like wow, this shit is validated now, like like the mass. The youth in urban and pop culture is not Embrace Esports and gaming. So I was like, you know, since we have such an extensive background in a parallel fashion, I was like, we need to start reaching out to our friends and family that are also still like, you know, not very like familiar with e sports but like if we were to reach out to them and let them know like Now's the Time like do projects with the Esports organization like we would break ground. So I mean getting getting product onto like whether it's celebrity or just like, you know, the day-to-day gamer or the cool guy or cool girl in school. Like I just thought like we just need to, you know, reach out to Heritage brands that you know, the E Sports gamer communities are ready have a brace and wearing on a daily and just you know outfitting and working at it into their you know, their closets by merging, you know, that these sports or gamer brands with them. It's it was it was a no-brainer, you know, like people, you know, people walk all you know walking sneakers and he's he's all day but our Nikes but how cool would it be if it was paired off with an E sports or gamer bread, you know, so it was an easy. Was it easy marriage? So to speak absolutely those Partnerships are so crucial when building a Brand New Jersey too big a massive icon and in the same time frame. Coincidentally, we've also seen all the major athletic apparel Brands Nike Adidas Champion Puma all do a lot more work in Esports and gaming in general. So there's been a ton of those crossover opportunities as you now move to exit where you've got a new brand that was created just this last summer is now working at a bunch of different games side a bunch of celebrities or some of the challenges in building this new brand into one that encompasses that same level of passion that you see for other stray dog. Brad's at the gaming world, right? I mean, I don't think there's any there's any challenges if you don't mind me jumping in there cuz we're dope and we're doba what we do and we plan on different people build stuff. So I will can add on to that. But yeah, I mean he's right right, but you know, we we've learned how to Pivot and understand what we're doing is super new in that we don't have an existing. We didn't have an existing audience. You know, we we came straight out the gate and we knew if we were going to do it we had to come with some heat or just something where it would make it a great impression. So I mean the challenges are a like a month. It's going to be trying to find who your customer is and what they'd like and if they would like, you know, the things that we're presenting based off our tastes and you know the design that we're putting out so it's like you're you're basically throwing out a line and seeing what kind of fish you can catch right and then the other thing is, you know, supply chain like pre covid-19. Big problem, you know Finding inventories and and blanks and you know even just working with companies during this time was like the the time lines and production often times where hard to work with so we had to we had to work along those lines and figure it out. So we also be at home about it because those problems would be a lot more devastating to people that weren't us and I don't mean that in a cocky way. I mean in a way that will has been in that space for almost twenty years. So his resources relationships and connections to be able to put things through and make them happen with a far greater than somebody else that was starting from scratch and he says we're starting from the bottom. We're not starting from the bottom in that respect. We're starting from the bottom and building a brand and in introducing people to new Talent off, but as far as like understanding the culture understanding how to merge and Collide cultures together how to run merch programs how to build Talon develop Talent how to build infrastructure wage. They're bringing a cool content and and content creators move already done it, you know what I mean? So we've been to the past three years. We helped build one of the greatest most popular names in Esports and gaming and there was a huge part was turning that into the business that it is. Now, I mean prior to us it was a bunch of just popular kids that were just super popular made a great name for themselves, which is awesome, but they were not a business and they also were not being pushed and being culturally relevant to the mainstream until we came in and were able to do what we've already done over and over again, which is shape and shift culture and then merge them industry and sectors into that space that the majority of the world was not familiar with so we've done it once and we're going to do it again and we're going to do what even bigger than we've done it before. Yeah, so just right off that way like we've done it. Well, we we've seen things and we've been said yet. We've said been heard know from Brand. So now I'm going back to those Brands and you know reaching back out and giving Brands and companies opportunities to work with us. But yeah, I mean, I would even like to say like like between all the organization out there doing Street where it's amazing. I like that you guys, you know, recognize what what you've seen from the other organization we worked at and thought you could do the same. I applaud that I think you guys should keep off but like yeah, we have a different sauce over here and we have different relationships and they're authentic since we've been in the business for so long and that's what makes it easier for us to get you know, get things going and cracking or like yo, I mean for me like I'd like to embrace, you know other teams and orgs and possibly do a collaboration log. At some point and and not make it you know where it's like we're we're competing for a market share. I think we can do it together. I mean in our past we've worked we've done collaborations with other brands. So I mean, I think it can we can do the same over here, you know, definitely bring in all the different e Sports organizations that gave the companies that work in the various different spaces. And yeah, do your point you all have moved pretty damned fast with all the stuff you've done, you know, you can tell this is not an organization that just popped up out of nowhere. There was very clear direction from the back side of a bunch of teams from for fortnite pubg mobile war zone rocket League Valerie Pro as well as all those influencers content creators. So it's been pretty rapid fire over the first six months of this new org, right? How are you internally? How do you see the two arms of the modern Esports organization the content creators the celebrities as well as the table. Your competitive teams it off the times there's crossover. A lot of the competitive players are also content creators. But internally, how do you see those two facets playing off each other to create success for exit? Very easily and very natural and organic, you know, you just make sure that our players know each other make sure that we internally share accomplishments celebrate wins. Keep everybody informed communication is key. Right and every company can fail without good communication and when you have good communication, we're we're sharing say with the E Sports athletes what these content creators are doing or what you've accomplished it. You know, it's a camaraderie where people can now celebrate one another and vice versa. So when a team wins and we tell our content creators, they're out there celebrating them online and publicly and then internally telling them, you know directly. So it's really just keeping everybody in the loop. It's really communicating with one another and it's celebrating together at as a as a full family team. Absolutely is that winning package is something that Esports organizations need a little bit of just be like, hey, look we're dope. We're winning things and that drives a lot of the interest a lot of the other content creators or wage It is it not really a prerequisite for Success like it might have been three or four years ago in the Esports organization where we see a lot of oryx who'd really don't put competitive successes. They're made focus and they just don't like em are just hubs of digital influencers. Now, do you think when it gets still important to the modern T Sports org? Yeah. Absolutely. If you if you have Esports under your moniker is one of the things that's important to your organization, then of course it is and I think the reason why that has happened is because maybe in in pop culture it's not as cool to be an e sports athlete as it is to be an influencer or a content creator. So therefore you'll have some companies that really just focus on those guys and don't really highlight the E sports athlete as much as they should in or could if they break their content creators more involved and got the more excited and understanding what's going on in the competitive side of the company. Definitely. There's there's a big overlap there where it's like you don't see people focusing as much on the competitive side what I think that there's something to be said for that, you know, it's great. But winning is what gives the organization a lot of staying power, you know, people want to see people who are the best at what they do and if you can point to that that helps you build a brand that off. Well that a lot. Oh, go ahead. If you have something right I was going to say, you know, if you're if you're a call yourself a family, right and it's like a lot of people throw the word out like brother and and family and and stuff like that without really, you know, abiding by what the true definition of those words mean if you have a family and your brother graduates from school or you know, your sister starts on business in your own family. What do you and your parents do celebrate that right you go to dinner you talk about it you call up you say oh my God. Congratulations on this is net. So, you know, it's it's no different than a real family then when you starting a family Like exit to know, you know, all the good things all the winds and the celebratory things that we should all be acknowledging. But also if someone's going through something, you know what I mean? Maybe someone's going through a tough time. Maybe someone's feeling depressed. Maybe someone's feeling bummed out. Maybe someone took a loss harder than we realized that person would take a loss. So, you know when you when you build a tight-knit family, which is what our intentions are huge that you know, it's not one of the other it's all on the same. We're on the same gang, you know what I mean? So whether someone wins because they got you know a million Subs on YouTube or someone wins because they just you know, one of fortnite Duo championship in fortnite. It's all the same. It's all winning. It's all it's all happiness. It's all forward progression and forward motion and and positivity and doing great things together so long we don't separate it the way that you're a defining and and I know you're defining it that way cuz that's what most people do. I mean we are at another organization where like, I don't even think anyone even knew who like the prologue Is where like the content creators? There was just a big disconnect between like here's the guys that play actually Sports in this organization. And he was like the guys that just create content and influential and just like, you know out here doing a cultural things really big disconnects and I'm not even sure if like, you know one side knew what the other side was doing. I'm sure the Esports players wanted to be part of some of the cool events and stuff that they're influences were a part of but you know, the other way around wasn't too often until you know, we brought in a new team. We all went down to Atlanta and shared that on but overall. It wasn't really like everyone didn't know what everybody was doing. It's been impressive how you guys have not said the name of said organization yet this entire time. I just got a throw a shout out there. It's been very nicely dance track. We went down to Atlanta cheered that bought that one team it's great. But I know you guys got a wrap here soon. So I want to ask one final question. That's about your new full capsule last name. By the way, just so you know, like that's not a shot or anything negative. Oh, no, it's just kind of like you really talk about your ex girlfriend when you're banging your new girl, you know what I'm saying? I suppose. I don't ever mention my ex girl's name in my house. You know what I'm saying? So I would I do that but I mean we all know, you know, that's your job. You could bring it up, you know say say I have faith like everybody knows at this point. I believe I've mentioned it before but the people that don't know and you know, those that don't know people like you, you know do a great job at you know, really identifying a highlight the importance in the value that we brought to settle organization, which is why I think exit is moving so fast and people are paying so much attention to us because they know without most of those things from bringing in Branch from the NFL to Bear break to Champion to offset Swae Lee Pitbull Yo Gotti Troy Connor all these big names raising the Forty million dollars like all these powerful things home. To help a company succeed and Thrive we played a massive role in that even happening. So people that know know that so when we come over here and we're doing exit I think that's why they pay so much attention, and if they did that they're imagine what they're about to do now with the social good component with their understanding and ability with merch building affiliate programs and all of the things that we've done in one at home and over again. We're about to just do it again. I mean one thing we leave out a lot is that will and Greg Greg who's the CEO of exit was the founder and owner of Karmaloop, which was at one time the world's great-niece largest street where fashion website will like ran merchandising and Licensing over there as well and I was doing marketing. So like we understand how to you know, how to cross culture together. We understand how to bring Rapids over here and athletes over here and fitness people over here and fashion over here like we've done it. It's like we can do it in our sleep. So now that we have exit we don't home. I think about their we have to convince somebody like why this is cool or man. We have to teach them like why this strategy has a long tail value to it or a man. They don't understand how to grow the value of the company's valuation by doing these three things on man. If we take this one step back and gives us five steps forward like we don't have to worry about any obstacles or anybody that doesn't understand how to do the things we've done already over and over again. Absolutely. I think that's that's a great Point. Well, I want to give you a chance to talk about that merge about this new apparel line that you have the the classics full One Merchandising capsule. It was helped designed by excess creative director Dennis. Cavallaro of Crooks & Castles. Let me talk a little bit about what you wanted from this fall line and what you're hoping topless with the new with everything that you're working on with the merchandising strategy going forward for sure. So I mean look, I mean what you see from the Classics Collection is based on faith. Word class before has to be something that's going to be going on forever. Right? It's you can always go back to that as a classic piece. So most brands and all the all your favorite brands that you know of or have a core logo and a text logo, which is embedded in your brain and lives in your closet. Like like every Heritage brand of you know, moved forward because of these, you know that logo so like we had it we had to embed that logo just like you would like a Boston Red Sox logo or a Yankee logo or like a Nike Swoosh like God, that's how you identify with the brand and we're coming out the gate and that's what it's going to be like For now, I'm going forward. So that's what the classics clashing was based on. So it's basically a lot more so moving forward like every every month drop or once we get a little bit more elaborate with our with our products our product offering you're going to see logos in there with our new product that's coming out for the November drop off you're going to be seeing fall color tones a lot of fleece and we're in the beginning some tchotchke accessory items and you know, a lot of these things are just going to stick to what's involved. And and that's what we know. Well is Trent, we follow those Trends and we like to introduce those Trends to the E Sports World and gamer world and we cetera and yeah, and you said Thursday and we'll do it do it from the lens of you know, excellent. You know, I mean look, well, we're trying to build a brand that you know other teams and other personalities whether wage No e sports or not. We'll know and love and embrace. You know, like I'm sure there's brands that are you know, primarily based around other sports or other communities and Thursday, you could be curious about it, but about those whose cultures but you like the brand you see the products that come from that culture and you want to just dive into it and where it that's going to be like for exit like oh you might be curious about e-sports or want want to be a part of it. But the first thing you're going to do is like I want to buy exit hat or t-shirt because it looks dope and it fits with any other of the products out of my car and it represents dope and represents though. I mean, it's just what it said. I believe you said baby get familiar. Yeah, it's it's it's product that it's going to it's going to go with all the things you already have currently and especially when we start rolling out our collaborative projects. You're going to see the kind of life. We hold and Industry. I'm all about my fault own. So I'll link their capsule collection down underneath this podcast. If you want to check it out see what they've got right now and then be on the lookout for that release in November Clinton took your one of the best hightman and organization could hope to have I want to give you one final chance to shout out everything that exits doing what you want to listeners to be on the lookout for from the organization. Yeah. I mean, we do a lot of things. I mean you named a lot of the stuff, you know, everything from our merch drops from our our domination right now in in some of these game titles, there's so much stuff that we're doing behind the scene Mitch that there's no way I could give any inclination to some of the sauce that we're about to dump all over the world. But the things that we're working on our game-changing are innovating are definitely going to put us as Leaders job. In this gaming and Esports space and is definitely going to open people's eyes to what the possibilities are to do or what the possibilities that can be done and how to better run an organization get a better treat the talent develop the talent and how to merge some of these cultures together and how to do right by Brands and Elevate amplify Brands objectives. So, you know, we got some really big announcements from our social good side of things to our talent in our partner announcements to investors to look at we've only been around for twelve weeks, you know, I mean, we've done more than twelve weeks and some people have done in 12 months 12 years, right? So like if we could do what we've done so far in 12 weeks, imagine what we're going to be in a year, so I'm just really excited for the world to get familiar with what we have to announce and off, you know, go check out, go get laced up without hot new merch get familiar with our roster and get familiar and rep the set baby. Oh, I love it. Yeah, y'all jumped onto the scene with the New York Times article and have hardly slowed down sense. Just adding everybody you can rosters influencers everybody off between excited to see what was on the future for exit going forward. It's on a wrap the show up here cuz I know y'all got to go but this was Will ins and Clinton Sparks from exit. Hope you guys enjoyed this conversation happening big stuff happening exit. Exit. Thanks and have a nice Mitch. I love it. Thanks for coming out good and great talking to you and you too will

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GSMc Music Podcast Episode 107: Garth Brooks History Lesson

GSMC Music Podcast

30:47 min | 1 year ago

GSMc Music Podcast Episode 107: Garth Brooks History Lesson

"I want to know the latest and hottest music hitting the airwaves. Don't be left out. Listen to the golden state media concepts music. PODCASTS G. Keeps you on the loop with everything you need from pop rock hiphop top forty and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists concert and tour dates. It's so much more listener further. Because this is the gold standard in music podcasts. Thank you for listening to the MC music podcast brought to you by the GS NC podcast network. I'm your host Gay Legal Brown. The Music Lover Constantly seeking music. If you like what you be sure to subscribe scratch our show on your preferred podcast platform and rhetoric view. Those reviews health show also followed the G. S. M. C. Music podcasts on twitter at GMC underscore music. Now let's get into some music news. Neil pert you know pert. The legendary drummer and lyricist from rush died at sixty seven years old after a battle with brain cancer the Golden Globes aired Sunday January fifth. Both in Elton John's. I'm GonNa love me again. From the rocket man soundtrack won best original song. It'd be beyond a spirit from lion king into the unknown tone from frozen to Cynthia. Rear blew a rebel. She's a dope performer. I really need to figure out how to say her. Last name. IRREV- Ariba does he really believe. That's IT Cynthia. E Rivas stand up from Harriet and Taylor Swift in Andrew. Lloyd Webber's beautiful ghost from cats. The apparent the tabloids are making a bigger deal over the fact that Elton John Stumbled on the stairs on his way to accept the award. Now I know he is a Sir Sir Sir Elton John But homey is still human and therefore he stumbles like the rest of us so let's instead marvel over the fact that the last time he received the award was for the lion. King's can you feel the love back in one thousand nine hundred five now. Additionally Rocket Rocket Man Star tearing Eggerton walked away with the award for best performance by an actor in a motion picture musical or comedy and in our final piece. He's of Elton John News. He announces that he is donating one million dollars to the Australian fire relief. Now Ozzy Osbourne kicked off twenty twenty with his new new visuals straight to hell. The artists had serious health issues in two thousand nineteen which is probably why he's sitting in the entire video but it doesn't take away from the fiery images surrounding him now. His wife and manager Sharon Osbourne revealed that he plans on going on the road this year with his no more tours to and his album ordinary man will feature recent Golden Globe winner. Elton John Now the Bonnaroo festival all that takes place June. Manchester Tennessee has announced. It's twenty twenty lineup. The festival that historically includes jam bands has been a one one eighty from its twenty twenty has then one eighty with its twenty twenty lineup. The lineup includes Liz Liz. Oh Tall and tame impala headlining now Liz. Oh is the first female to headline the rest of the lineup is a lot more. Contemporary and urban than past festivals calls with run the jewels. Megan stallion the baby and Nellie scheduled to perform a rascal flats and houses their farewell tour in in conjunction with their twenty year anniversary. The tour kicks off in June and runs through October. Additionally the ban promises new music this year now book clubs are becoming increasingly popular in the hip hop community. The late nipsy hustle was a bookworm. And an often mentioned the books he was reading or had read in interviews and songs so a fan compiled a list and it went viral after nips passing now now almost a year after his death. There are four chapters of the marathon book club that meets once a month in Oakland New York Washington. DC YOU and L. A.. Now artists no names so her name is no name. No Names Book Club grew tremendously in Twenty nineteen. It's an online IRA community dedicated to uplifting people of color and their voices they have six chapters would plans on continued. We need growth now rapper. The baby was arrested and released on battery charges. He spent forty eight hours in jail after members of his entourage allegedly attacked a concert promoter who reportedly shortchanged baby on a thirty thousand dollar payment. After only receiving twenty thousand Rosen. The baby's crew allegedly beaten robbed a man of an iphone seven eighty dollars and a credit card before dousing him with aspel juice oh sorry. Dousing him with apple juice Rodeo appleton's not orange juice why now. How hilarious is this story? That's so straight comedic. Gangsta Ish right there. Now the baby insist none of it. It is true when he addressed it on his social media pages. Now rumor has it that rapper. Lil Wayne is engaged to Australian model Latisha he sees Thomas now weighing continues a poem beautiful women and Amazing Women. I will never understand because I know it isn't his looks. WCHS lease Pinon. Nah It ain't just me it ain't looks it can't be his so he must have an incredible edible personality which I don't know him. I love him as a performer. As a rapper lay. Dude is legendary But you don't really and get to see most of his personality so maybe it's just his lyrical skills alone. That's ruin these women. I mean maybe due to just wrapping twenty you. Four seven keep because relationships going like he does everyday household activities while rapping like he's sweeping the floors talking about young money. I have no idea how he's pulling them. But congratulations congratulations to low Wayne and Latisha now in dance dance. News Griffin has added has been added to win Las Vegas Roster of exclusive. Dj Residents for the twenty twenty season and and Mariah Carey celebrated landmark success of all. I want for Christmas. Is You which earned the queen of Christmas. Her nineteenth number one billboard board hot one hundred hit Coachella unveiled its twenty twenty lineup on Thursday. Evening with headliners Frank Ocean rage rage against the machine and Travis Scott Landing Top billing now surviving R Kelly part to the reckoning premiered on lifetime one year after the initial release three part followed up its premier Now I didn't watch surviving part. One had no idea there was going to be a part too. I mean I'm pretty well Informed on what's going on with our Kelly I saw this tape of him. Peeing on that young girl Way Back in the day USA Living Houston Club job in there. Were literally playing it on the screens. I had no idea what was going on on. Just Danson now get my groove on to win stood a walls rose in this image is playing and I'm like what is this so I was turned off from the because I mean this was like prior to going viral viral this is when people literally relate had bootleg. DVD's that they were passing around and it was all over. The place. And I was disgusted and I I cancelled our Kelly. Way Back then so no need for me to Lake Rehash all of this For but for those of you who are interested the story or have absolutely no idea. What's going on? You might WANNA check out part two so Yeah but apparently apparently this three three parts. And it's basically what's going on with our Kelly now so it's Him The charges urges that currently has him Gel. It's everything that they didn't cover and that first part hopefully there won't be a part three because because I'm sick and tired of this Lock the man of the away. Too Key I hope all the women who were involved in this matter seek help get help if they can be hooked up with some free counseling or something that would be because He messed up a a lot of minds a lot of minds. But you know what that's a wrap on our music news when we return we'll get into some new releases always on the go but the day. Just be more without your Hollywood Phipps foot. Golden state media concepts that are ten in podcast take care of all inclusive look pod courtship. Welcome back to the G. S. M. C. Music podcast. I'm your host liquor brands now. It's time for new releasing Now if you haven't seen that in K. Lonnie's good thing video. You might WANNA check it out it's fun has though choreographer Sprinkled with some laughs just atip as if the song was already a hit. They recently released a remix package with young Swedish producer producer. Oseran Dutch veteran Mark Benjamin Grant in Seoul g doing their reinterpretations of the songs folks. Clearly you can tell me charting Cornell sees names item. I have no idea who these people are but I'm pretty sure it still caches. Fourth Studio Album. High road is set to release January thirty first and the North American high road tour launches this spring houses manic album scheduled for January seventeenth release and not following Saturday she will be the musical guest on. SNL tickets for the North American leg of the magic tour Kicks off in June and the tickets go on sale January seventeenth now albums that have dropped twenty twenty include Britzka cells now or never. Aha Gazelles. One Eighty Selena Gomez Rare Georgia seeking thrills lane eight brightest lights and moneybag. Yo Time cert- now on to the top ten songs and United States. According to Apple Rowdy rich has the top three in with the box high fashion featuring mustard and start with me featuring Ghana number four Jack boys out west featuring young thug number five five mustard ballin featuring rowdy rich number six the baby bop number seven low Uzi Vert food sell shuffled twenty twenty any number eight low baby. WHOA number nine Justin Bieber Yummy and number ten juice world and young boy? Bandit choose. World are at P.. Now let's compare that to the top ten songs globally rowdy rich. The box sits at number one in the US and globally however however Justin Bieber's Yummy is number two globally instead of number nine like it is in the US now. If you haven't heard Yummy that Song just dropped in twenty twenty twenty and I mean it's been just greatly anticipated. Bieber fans are mad excited about this and as long as now added to the globalist is tones and I dance monkey at number three pushing rowdy riches high fashion and start with me down to number four and five number six. Is Jack Boys Out Wes. Number seven to baby bop number eight mustard ballin now wasn't on the US Lewis Arizona Zurve as Roxanne at number nine globally and number ten. Is Lou Lil Boosie verts but sal shuffled twenty twenty. I have no idea what sal I. I'm assuming that's how you pronounce the now. What have I been jamming clearly? Not let's out shuffle twenty twenty. Because I don't even know how to say it but I was recently introduced a UK robber storms. He and his blinded by Your Grace Park to video that dropped in two thousand seventeen now Kirsch in hip hop head and although he doesn't label himself as a Christian. Rapper lyric speak louder than labels in those. Those lyrics spoke to me that led me to discover his latest album. Heavy is the head which dropped late two thousand nineteen so I've been jamming album. standouts for me include crown rainfall. Rachel's little brother do better. Don't forget to breathe on it featuring Ed sharing and Bernie boy and lessons and if you don't know storms he said he's a UK robber. And from what I can gather just looking up and doing research late. He's major ager over there late in the UK. He is a huge wrap celebrity and he's starting to become more global of global appeal. So they definitely happy. I was introduced hand now for my Christian hip hop albums. I'm working my way through Jerry. Manas legend of Lotus waiver. Three for sure jams. But I'm still identifying the standouts same with a gazelles one eighty now. Christmas dismissed day. I was pleasantly surprised with KANU Sunday. Service choir dropping Jesus is born. I've carried that album into the new year. My standouts are revelations eighteen wine and father stretch now if you were living under a rock or just have some extremely busy life where you just have no idea what's going on in the pop culture world Kanye West made a gospel album last year. Jesus King to me. The album is fire. I love it I do still jam it but what really like made it. Legit was the fact that he had this choir and he had this. Musical Director Comes from the Gospel World. So it wasn't just like conyers like I'm just is going to put together this gospel album in not involve any of the experts in pros and you know people who are established in this on genre and community At least you know he was smart enough to include them so his choir is buyer. And if you ever saw the Sunday service whether alive or just on Youtube because Youtube has the entire service and The service itself I believe is like around two hours. Maybe a little bit longer but his Jesus is keen album was lake just thirty minutes something to that effect so it's like what happened to all the songs that were performed on an an and Sunday service. Well what happened to them. Is there here on. Jesus is born so this is strictly just The Sunday service choir and all the songs that basically didn't make Jesus as Kane but it's not like they're throwaways because they were actually a part of the concert live show and like I said choir is doubt so if you need you know few like Gospel or if you just need me pick me up some feel good music this is. This is a good album. Now my throwback song is seven. Oh twos I still love you. Produced by the Neptune's you're not familiar with seven two. There were a female. R&B Group in late late nineties early two thousands and they come from Vegas Hints seventy-two But they only had like a couple of albums and they were amazing. But this I still love you you. Oh my gosh the production. The beat is incredible. It's like it's classic Neptune's Neptune's is ferrall To All you knew people who may have just now discovered furrow because of happy now robe induna Spain four decades and the Neptune's were like the newest and greatest production team In the late nineties early two thousands and this Song Lake is so unique. Just Gosh and I still love love you so someone had sung that Hook. I'm doing a play. Currently does that rehearsal and one of my Playmates just started seeing that hook unlike seventy-two got download it and so I just been jamming that song for the past week but one of them like their first single was was steel and I lack. y'All stay low and MISSY ELLIOTT IS UNATTRACTIVE which missy La Neptune's those were my love's back then like anything missy Elliott. I watched just just because it was missy I listen to it just because it was missy. So she's he's on that track. It's still classic if you want to You know have a good throwback look up seventy two I still love you and check out that St low as well now now I have my John Ritter Music That my heart beats for those genres are wrap our Christian hip hop and worship music. But I'm attracted acted to great music regardless of the genre. So that's why I like to know what you're listening to what you recommend. I should check out. I don't know much much about. EDM and I was recently introduced to bore Gore in the track. Choke me not a song. I would have found my own but I definitely understand his appeal. The lyrics are kind of Raunchy explicit but that coupled with its booming sounds add to the appeal if you have a recommendation for me. Hit me up on twitter. Her at G. S. MC underscore music. When we return we will get into some music history searching the vast jungle of podcasts? Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. Search the golden state media concepts podcast network is here. I'll thing less than a podcast lists with. Endless hours of podcast asked Harvard's from news. Sports music fashion cooking entertainment fantasy football and so much more stop flirted around and go straight out to the golden state media concept podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. WWW ABUDAZI GS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download items soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back to the. GMC MUSIC PODCASTS. I'm your host. He Brown it's time for some music history and James Garth Brooks. Yes we doing this. Garth Brooks Garth Brooks was born trail garth brooks February seventeenth nineteen one thousand nine hundred sixty two and Tulsa Oklahoma his mother Colleen Mc L. Roy Carroll was a nineteen fifty s era country singer. The family she had talent nice. We're all children were required to participate. Garf- learned to play guitar and Banjo casually seeing but his main focus was athletics. He received a track. Scholarship to Oklahoma state. University garth brooks self titled Debut Album was released in nineteen eighty nine. It peaked number two who on billboards top country albums in nineteen ninety he released what would become his signature song and blue collar anthem. Friends in low places. You know langer places don't know the rest terminal Kundun will sees sell nineteen ninety. That's when that was released off from the second album no fences four songs off of that album including low places hit number one on the hot country Song Charts Brooks live. Show set him apart from other country artists because he wrote because he wore a headset that allowed him to run all over the stage and have high energy onto the age. Now now's twenty nineteen Brooks's now the only artists in music history to have released seven albums that achieved diamond status in the United States. Sir Passing the Beatles former record of six. Those albums are Garth Brooks ten times platinum. No fences seven times platinum rope rope in the wind. Fourteen Times Platinum. The Hits Ten Times Platinum seven's ten times platinum double live twenty one times times platinum and the ultimate hits ten times platinum since nineteen eighty nine brooks has released. Twenty two records Brooks retired from recording recording and performing from two thousand one until two thousand five daring this time he sold millions of albums to an exclusive distribution deal with Walmart and two two thousand five Brooke started a partial comeback giving select performances and released two compilation albums and two thousand nine. He began garth at win win a periodic wind concert residency Las Vegas encore theatre from two thousand from December two thousand nine to January two thousand fourteen following the residency Brooks announced his signing with Sony Music Nashville in July twenty fourteen. In two thousand fourteen. He began again. His Comeback World tour with wife in Musician Trisha Yearwood which ended in two thousand Seventeen Brooks has been on the hot country songs chart every decade since the eighties. That's rate the eighties. Nineties two thousand and two thousand ten's and now the twenties with his single dive Barr with Blake Shelton. Now I just remember being a kid and watching Garth's live performance on TV. And yes. I remember him dancing about skipping running all over the stage with his headset. I Dunno the kid so it didn't seem like odd in unusual to me maybe also because is he was really liked the first country artists. Besides billy race I heard that her really new So other artists you know coming from like the rn be rap world late. where's headsets and dances around? You know watching Michael Jackson Janet Jackson so that didn't look odd to me but in the country world's lay he started that but he just had the energy in that low places. That was my jam. Late I don't know just like drew through like this little black girl to just really love her. Some garth Brooks I guess it was just like his stage presence. Just wooed me now. Let's move on to our next segment that I like to call say Song Lyrics. Say What Song Lyrics or basically the lyrics of songs that we grew up singing and never gave a second thought about what we were singing. But hindsight's twenty twenty especially really with the Metoo and time's up movement also culturally here in America. You know we're more aware prejudices and as a society we are trying trying to be more inclusive so looking back. An older lyrics can be jaw-dropping and also a humorous experience so I saw a clip of singer. John be performing on the soul train awards and that triggered me to take a trip down memory lane. I had a huge crush on Giambi. Ah He was though by and had all his albums my favorite song of his features to another man that I thought was fine and in love live with. I guess I was boy crazy But the song is. Are you still down so I thought I would listen to it and driving in my car. Listen to this song. I was stunned by the lyrics. Just take him back and how it sounded like the woman that he speaks on. The trike never consented to having relations with him. It sounds like she only did it to please him. So let's examine these lyrics wchs from nineteen ninety-seven verse three says. Remember that evening. Yeah are you still down. I know that you were too scared ready to go all the way please but you did it to please me crying. It was raining when you gave it to me. The the more I see the more I feel inside and I know one thing. I'll make it back to where you can fly watch the time go. Don't cry tomorrow. It was a better day. What you crying for? Let me dry your eyes. Thank you burn out the chorus with two boxes says girl. It's alright babe. Come on come on. Are you still down. Because it's there in your eyes. Don't you want me don't you want we. Are you soda okay. So they're leg lyrics that I highlighted lake. I know you were too scared to go all the way so you know nausea was scared but you did it to please me so you knew that she was scared. You knew that she didn't WanNa do it. She did it for you to please you crying. It was raining when you gave it to me so as cry. She's crying so we knew she was too scared. We knew that she did it to please you. And she cried the whole time and she's crying. What are you telling her? Don't Cry Tomorrow Better Day and then you ask her what you're crying for dude. You know what she crying for. She did not consent. That's why she's crying. Then he says girl is going to be all right so you are inside out of her. She's crying she did not consent. You ask you what she crying for. Even though you know what she's crying for the girl is GonNa be alright because it's there in your eyes. She never consented. Would it was her is she. Didn't nothing Burghley. came out and said I consent. He's going is there in your Askar on no sir. No Sir. Her that is not consent. You not see something in somebody's eyes and be like. Oh that's ago. No so John Your lyrics indicate that she never never wanted you in that she was never down. There was no con- sent you forced yourself onto her and and then you made this sweet classic song about it may not be like Something to laugh about Holt because essentially I mean I don't WanNa be too harsh and released a live but essentially John be right this chick. It's the song is classic lake still like. Mu Grew up in the nineties. or You just love you some nineties. R&B Everybody knows the song they're going to be saying civil for decades. We've been singing the song that gave zero consent. And so if you have a say what song please tweet uh-huh uh-huh at GMC underscore music and you just may hear the lyrics on the show. Now I indefinitely appreciate your time. I thank you for listening to the G. S. M. C. Music podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network. If you liked what you heard subscribe to our podcast in if you feel compelled Radha review and so next time Julie Brown the music lover constantly seeking thinking positive. Music you've been listening to the Golden State media concepts music podcast. Part of the Golden State media concept's tips podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. WWW DOT GS MC podcast dot com download our podcast on an IT. stitcher sound clad. Google play this type in GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast this network for a movie to music from sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook thank acute and revolt program.

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