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#413 - 2020 Preview & Pro Drifter Amanda Sorensen

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#413 - 2020 Preview & Pro Drifter Amanda Sorensen

"And the longest running off road and action motor sports. Radio show on the planet is coming to you. Live with the biggest guests in motorsports. Here is the only man on the planet who can pack this much dirt slinging entire entire slain into two hours a week. Sit Back Strap in and be prepared to get your ears. Glow here. Is Jim beaver. and down and dirty radio show our polaris razor. Welcome to this week's a general tire down and dirty show powered by polaris raise it. s right general tire stepping up along with Polaris Razor to bring you the best motorsports content in the country in two thousand and Yeah we are what episode number two into the New Year and I do have to say we got some massive massive news coming in regards to the show starting in February. We're GONNA have some massive changes before then you probably going to hear some sprinkles of some new Sound beds and Intros and Altos representing our new partner. We got a lot of new partners on board to lots of good stuff to come in the month of January from the general tire down and dirty show powered Howard by players razor. After eight years. We got a switch things up right. We gotta keep bringing you the biggest best content and all of motorsports and that is the plan today though shifting gears. We're going to do something a little bit different. You know we kinda ease in our way into the motor sports season this year. It seems like but then all of a sudden this week it comes boom Bam full force we got to car rally. We've got supercross. We have the best measure Parker to fifty I mean Daytonas out there twenty four hours the Daytona Daytona five hundred we got NHRA. We got a lot of stuff coming in the pipeline line in the next few weeks. But today we're going to kind of I guess kind of assess the situation. Where are we in twenty twenty in regards to motor sports? We've got my good friend. Leoni media director at the down under the show he's GonNa be on. We are going to do our first power rankings of the year this week on the show and then I'm GonNa have my good friend Rob D'Amico you know him from Fox sports at one of the biggest motor sports shows in the country. You know he kinda retired from national radio but he's come back into the podcasting world and he's going to start doing a segment on the show where we talk all things mainstream motorsports as well so rob D'Amico on the show today as well in our number two two and then we've got a good friend of mine she is a shredder she former. UTV Racer and Maude Cart shifted gears now. She's one of the top ranked female drifters rafters in the world and formerly pro to Amanda. Sorenson she is going to be on the show as well so we are slam packed today. Episode Number Two of Twenty Twenty. 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At Dot Com now and get your UTV or ATV dialed in which you here catch all the bag episodes of the down down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe all right now officially kicking things off on the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor and You know I just got done with the best in the Desert Park to fifty greg to get back behind the wheel my UTV VIP king in the Hammer's coming up in a couple of weeks ago. I don't even hot explain it man but my boy James Hill G motorsports I gotta give him a shot off because he is working miracles goals to give me a car in time for hammers. I've no idea what is in store for me when I get out there to. Koa I gotTa tell you. It's probably going to be a hell of a good time time. That's for sure You know I've been in the rocks a little bit doing some pre running. We are definitely Definitely I think we're GONNA have our work cut Out For us but you're number one. It's just getting to the finish line. That's all we care about trying to get to that. Finish line so yeah. So that's coming up. We Got Parker four twenty five in my hometown this week as well or this coming week as well. So we'll be. We'll be hanging out doing doing that. Probably hanging out with my good friends at vision. We own on our partner here. I don't know trying to sling some wheels the offered community but You know all that kind of coming up in the next few weeks but this you know this episodes episode is really going to be about forward looking in twenty twenty what to expect in the weeks and months to come. We got a lot of changes going on and and we'll probably be doing that the next couple of weeks just kind of forward looking because we don't what have you know indycar. We don't have NASCAR. We don't have to do a lot an ask our coverage probably a little bit more this year but you know we. We don't have those major motor sports phone in the one and and we don't do a ton of talk on that either it's more action motorsports but even that Formula D rally You know we don't even have snowdrift rally coming up yet. I mean obviously off-road oh no short-course yet just pretty much off road is the only thing that we've got to talk about so we're GonNa talk tunnel that Dakar Rally I mean. What more can you say the you you know? One of the the Globes most marquee motor sports events at just wrapped up and to Americans we. We've finally broke through the barrier. We had not just one American. Take the first ever. I ever in class victory at Dakar we had to. Oh yes ricky gray back and Casey Curry. Both taken victories at the Dakar. Rally on on two wheels and four K.. Securing the side-by-side Division. They call it something else there whereas via. I don't know something something crazy you know Europeans. It can't just be normal. We gotta we gotta reinvent the name of of something I can't call it. Utd your side. I buy side. We're GONNA come up with our own name European listener. Yes sometimes you guys tend to over complicate things on the flip side us. Americans tend to over complicate things as well. I've always found that funny right. Americans always go. Oh everything's in meters and kilometers an hour and man. Why why does the rest of the world have to make things complicated complicated? I'm like no newsflash man. Have you ever actually looked at the metric system so much easier. Then what do they call it. The imperial system that we're on here in the United States like there's no rhyme or reason anything you know twelve to a twelve inches to a foot and then there's three foot to a yard you know. There's what five thousand something feet in a in a mile or one thousand something feet in a i. It's like so complicated. As no rhyme reasoning the metric systems like ten ten ten ten millimeters centimeter. Ten centimeters is a decimeter. You know it just goes on and on and it's like you know it's so so it's so freaking easy and you know it's it doesn't take long to learn and I'm like yeah so uh Americans. I say that in regards to naming in certain things in Europe. Yes you overcomplicate it. Americans we over complicate things too. We are not immune to it. I will own it. I am saying it right here on the show. Yes we we over complicate things too. So I don't think I'm attacking you all attack US holiday long as well but I don't even know how we got on that but yeah anyways yeah yeah rally. We're going to jump into that Christley owner we're GONNA be talking a lot of Dacca rally in the power rankings. I'm assuming so. Yeah we've got that to get to and like I said before man we've got some massive massive changes coming to the show and it's going to be in if you're listening online. You're listening nationally. Everything is going to stay the same for you. But we're going to give you a massive massive option on how to listen to this. Show that you guys have been requesting for damn near a decade and we're going to finally be able to deliver. I can't wait till at that news out of the bag. It is coming soon. Mark My word you guys are going to be stoked absolutely stoked on it so yeah you know and so we've been kind of a whirlwind. I told you guys last week I spent some time in Minnesota over the holidays hanging out with Levi Lavallee the valley and doing some snowmobiling and then ever since and it's just like been boots on the ground like whirlwind Have the Parker to fifty right away. You know we got a solid finish out at this past weekend and really really fortunate to you know to finish. I finish that couple years in a row. Now and it's it's become one of my favorite events of the year only because it's one it's my hometown. I know the track well to it's perfect mix. It's perfect big mix of a sprint race in an endurance race. It's about five six hours. Two hundred and fifty miles and I feel like it's just that ideal ideal mix and to me that is that's perfect you know mid four hundred and it's it stretches a little bit too long you know something like ut world championships empey chips. I hate that anyways. That track but Yeah it's a little bit too short. I feel like Parker perfect mix ended up having a problem right off. The Bat man kind of sucked. I had a lot of people go what happened. Got A great starting spot. Did Start at twelve right there at around the top ten up thirteen miles into the race. Everybody's bunched up and keep in mind. They go to every thirty seconds. So what does that to every thirty. That's four minute Forty cars and what ten minutes. Something like that. Mike is my math right. Forty cars and ten minutes. Yeah four every minute ten minutes minutes yeah forty cars every ten minutes right so yeah. We blew a belt thirteen miles in the race. Everybody's bunched up literally like twenty. Something cars went by yes. I think we started out like twelfth. After we lost our belt and got a new one put in we ha. We were in thirty eighth place ace so we battled back from thirty eighth just kind of at that point. You know what I mean. You know you're fighting through dust and traffic and all kinds of stuff and we just got an our groove got an a rhythm rhythm and ended up finishing I think it was twenty first out of out of fifty five entries so About a back a little bit solid solid finish recipe start art the year. I know obviously hammers and a new car. Then we'll have the mid four hundred so we we've got a lot of fun and new stuff coming at you guys from my race program Do have to say one of probably one of my favorite things that I've been able to do this year and I'm doing a lot and we'll talk more about that you know and I know the show isn't about me but I got a good friend on the family forever. The Chapman family me a chapman. She's been a guest on the show quite a bit started working with her Quite a bit tonight. I gotTa tell you this girl you know. Obviously she's she signed with Red Bull you know she's she's one of those prodigy type talents But she's making a switch this year from short short course desert racing. I mean fortunate to be able to work with them and kind of coacher and you know and just just help kind of guide her and she went into a first desert parker to fifty. Most I would say. Ninety percent of people never finish their first desert race like legit Wa the car up break it rip arm off do something dumb to to to not finish their first car. Just one dry right. You know that that happens because your rookie and green She finished her very first ever desert race and probably Taiwan stoked on the position. I think she finished twentieth in the class. Nineteenth something like that. But I gotTa tell you anybody can finish their first desert race. So props goes out to props goes out to my good friend. Mia Chapman on her finish. There and I know she'll be race in the mid four hundred up next as well so looking forward to seeing what comes out of things is with her program this year. But yeah I don't know. Is that enough parker to fifty talk. Should we take a break and get into Get into things with christly onion power rankings. I don't know I yeah. I think that's probably a good idea right now. So Chris Leoni Amanda Sorenson Rob D'Amico we gotta loaded up show today. We're GONNA take a short commercial break. We come back. We are going to get into things with power takings at Chris. Leoni right here. On the down and dirty radio show powered by polarised raised him forgot to slide that general tire plug in their man. I'm I'm slipping up with this new a new arrangement general tire down and dirty show powered by players razor back after this. 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Fish Rally school is the place. Go for more information on registering classes visit dirt fish on the web at dirt fish dot com or to check out the latest happenings from dirt. Fish Fall on facebook instagram and twitter at dirt. Fish Rallied Roy. which here catch all the bag episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe describe? Welcome back to the general tire down and dirty show powered by polaris razor kicking off Our very first power rankings of twenty twenty almost twenty. Nineteen Chris but Chris Leoni media director for down and dirty show as well as works fry racing among many many other things Chris but twenty twenty. It's a new year everything that happened last year. Scratch erase it. duns oh I I know power rankings. Today we are you and I had this discussion before we went on air. We are including the I guess. Today's results of the rally. Normally it doesn't matter or we can record this anytime. dicara has wrapped when we're recording. So we're GONNA include the actual final results are. I don't know I it's been a crazy I can't believe it's it's already over but it's been going on for two weeks kinda crazy. Kris Jenner between Dakar updates between a NASCAR media day with I racing the thing between you running the park or two fifty. I think I've done more work this month than I did. In entire seasons of racing previously. I it's January and I've already ready for vacation ready for all the snow to melt. This ain't good. I'm Anita Nice Three Day weekend Napa. Let let me tell you. Yeah and we've got supercross going on. We had a one and we've had Saint Louis in the books. I know a two is upon us this weekend. Like supercross was fired. I mean we haven't even talked anything about Snow Cross. But they've they've been going on as well and I don't know it's it's Kinda crazy but Yeah I mean I'm already looking. KOA CHEER WE'LL. We Got Parker for Twenty Five Next Week K. O. H.. Two weeks out meant for hundreds not far after that another best desert sprinkled in February like I I don't know we got Daytona Twenty four hours. Who got chilly going on Chris? I don't know this is I feel like it was just Christmas dude but it is so we are already already so deep into motorsport season. Seriously I mean when I was a kid I remember growing up and I was you know growing up basically. It's just a NASCAR a fan in Indycar fan because you know being in the northeast. That's kind of what you knew if you knew anything you didn't really know offroad I mean you know you. Obviously I knew one but basically quickly. I just kind of knew the big three and all the traditional schedules and I always thought December and January. Where the most boring times of the year now like? I'm working harder during the winter months then. I think I've ever in the summer months. There is so much going on you. Just you know if you're a race fan who really just Kinda knows it. was those big couple of pavement series. You just you just gotTa look different places but yeah like you said I mean supercross already in full swing. The Chili Bowl is wrapping up on Saturday. I mean we just got twelve stages in the car and You know some big American names that I'm no are GonNa be on both of our lists man. You know if I didn't have a board in front of me I'd lose track of a bunch of stuff in as we speak. We already lost track of one of the big ones ones that happens right at the king of the hammers. Nhra Pomona Dude. We're already drag racing this year. I mean like how after all this we're talking about everything and I'm like Oh yeah by the way in each we're only a few weeks out. Wow Oh man. Yeah it's I mean. Don't get me wrong it's cool. I love the fact that you know. We don't we don't have too much of that off season because you know I know you get anti you know. It's it's like all right. When are we racing a race again when we racing again but you know ban we are? We are leading with strength. Especially now I mean there are just so how many top flight outfits probably more than ever in just about every series you look at a supercross race nine or ten guys can probably win it. You look at DOC car. I mean you know. Yeah it's an event of attrition and it lasts two weeks so you know like guys can follow up but there are tons of competitive entries that can go in that. I mean you know. It's so much different than it was even five ten years ago in terms of depth of field and everything. We're we're just getting some of the best competition that you know we've ever seen neither of our lifetimes and You know maybe maybe even for years to come. Yeah well and you know ten years ago. Oh you know there was. There was American Mark Miller who destroys trophy truck. You went over there and did some stuff with with Corp Volkswagen and You know there was robby Gordon in You know those two guys. And obviously there's Darren Skilton can't forget about him he went over did some stuff reiner Sierra. Went over for a year but you know it was it was really kind of it. It was kind of an outlier event. Now a social media we've got great TV and coverage like Dakar is a it's at the tip of everybody's tongues and it. Actually you know people in America take notice. They're paying attention and I do have to give a ton of credit to Robby Gordon. I think he helped. Recreate or re ignite you know I. I can't even say reignite ignite the the American fire for the rally but that being said I mean as we roll into things. I have an honorable mention and I don't think you're going to argue with this one and and I'm gonNA break check it out You know as we get into the power rankings but my honorable mention for the week is just the United States of America. Man Holy Crap. Did we go into the Dakar Rally. Chris US Casey Curry. We got Ricky Bray back. Not only that we got Blade Hildebrand. Mitch Guthrie Junior. Both of them took stage wins and side by sides. I mean you know so for the longest time it was can American win the Dakar Rally. I gotTa tell you we showed the rest of the world. Hey we're here to play for that reason. I just had I had to. I had to put his my honorable mention the United States man. Because I gotTa tell you collectively. We made a statement attack. This year. Certainly did Jimmy but I mean don't forget Schuyler house in the motorcycle. Had you know some amazing runs. Spend a Lotta time as a privateer in via top ten to three. So you know it's I I. I think it just proves that as a motor sports nation if the US really wants to put its mind to in event or a series of anything anything like that and go up cocker. We can do that. We haven't had you know quite as much luck. Maybe in Formula One as you know as a- as we would certainly hope American race fans but you know there's no doubt in my mind that if the US wants to produce a kid that's going to go to f one then we're GONNA have. How a Formula One champion from the United States in the next ten years? There's no doubt in my mind that you know somebody with the right opportunity but man. It's you you know I think the US was the only country those multiple deck our winters this year. And that is just you know that is an incredible feat. You know to go more than forty iterations rations of the event. Never have you know an overall winner As a as a driver or rider being American and and then have two of them this year. I mean yes certainly something special For the US and Awesome for those guys to be able to bring victories home for the Stars and Stripes. I tell you for sure so that said. Let's jump into things Chris and for those of you just tuning in power rankings. Something Chris and I do every single week we take take a one week window and we ranked the top five guys or women in motorsports in that one week window so Yeah so there might be somebody who is you know is points leader such and such. They might not make it onto our list. Because they're one week window. You know might right not be quite as good as somebody else that being said when there is a tiebreaker we will start stretching a day. You know two weeks out or three weeks. Somebody's like four for four or something something like that you know in the past month that may actually factor into the equation to break a tie but by and large we try and keep it at that one week window. That being said Chris I power rankings of twenty twenty. Who is number five on your list? Well we are heading to Saint Louis for supercross Jim. And we're your head that to fifty West Class and Austin foreigner. Taking his first win of the season recovered from injury over the off. Season wasn't able to score a title last year because of which was a shame because he really was the class of that field You know awesome to see him. Return to his winning ways there You know over the offseason anytime you have a writer. That's just been off the bike for quite a while. I'm sure everybody kind of asks well. How's he going to be when he gets back on? And and you know fortner certainly silence the doubters in Saint Louis. You know he's GonNa be the same title threat that he has always been in that class. You know quite frankly. If not for the injury last year I could have easily seen him as one of the guys who may have moved up for this season so You know going to be a big year for him I think. And and That's why he's number five of my worst. Well I doubt faulkner whatsoever. I think number five on my list might be a little bit controversial. I'm kind of anxious to see what Social Media says when this gets out there and I know you'll put this on the website as well but I am going to go to Saint Louis Number five but my number I five isn't who you think it would be. I'm actually going to go with Bam Bam Barsha now. Here's my reasoning. Why yes he won a one and then moving thing into Saint Louis? I think a lot of people doubted him. You know because last year he did the same thing he won a one and then he kind of fell off a little bit and things like that but you know rocks and give Iraq's walks in a lot of credit he's back he took a victory there but Barsha finishing second to me said more than rocks in winning because Roxane is who we thought he was going to be and it should be. I think Barsha doesn't get enough credit and I think for him taking I in a one and coming back with a second now rocks and he wasn't even anywhere near the podium in a one and I think it says more about Barsha your points leader fishing second and Saint Louis winning a one. I just for some reason. I had to have him on my list over oxen and even foreclosure Chris so I know Bam Barsha. He's number five on my list in You know I would love to hear what social media has to say once this thing hits now. I think that's perfectly reasonable. I mean you know with how much going on in the motor sports over the past week admittedly. I don't have Varsha in my top five but you know you're right it's we. We saw him win last year and we saw him kind of fall by the wayside. A little bit wasn't really a championship. Throughout the way the Cooper web was the way that Eli Tomac. was you know the way that those handful of guys at the real front of the field. Where for most of the year? But you know if he can keep that up you know he. He will be a threat for the championship. And I'm sure that all the You know all of the fans of that team all defense fans that have stuck by Barsha. As long as he has been in supercross would love to see kind of a Break Out in a strong performance in twenty twenty absolutely well. Oh you know what Chris we are up against the break here. We have you and I have four more to get to here on our power rankings but those are gonNA come up in the next segment because we are going to take gay short commercial break. We come back Chris and we will have our top fours in power rankings here on the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor. I'll polaris I writer Jim beaver Irish trophy trucks professionally hosted down and dirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motorsports events. I've seen it all and trust me. I've done most of it so when it comes time to relax on the weekend. 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ATV has what you're looking for and since we know you're in a hurry we offer fast free shipping to the lower forty eight states on all orders visit Super Atv dot com now and get your. UTV OR ATV dialed in. You're listening to the down and dirty radio show powered by polaris razor killer and no filler. Welcome back to the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor. Jim Bieber Chris Leoni hair get into our power rankings for the I. I can't say the first week but our first dose of power rankings in two thousand eight hundred thousand fire things off. We had team America. Actually the United added states of America. I had as many honorable mention on the week for their results in the Dakar Rally. But getting to the top five. Chris Austin Fortner at five. I had Bam Bam Barsha at number five moving on to number four on our list best performances of the week Chris. Who Do you got? Well Jim. I'M GONNA head out to Your hometown going to go to Parker Arizona for the Parker to fifty. And I'M GONNA give it to fill blurting Ended Twenty nineteen on a low note with the DNA and that enabled Mitch Guthrie Junior do swoop in and be able to take the UT turbo title invest in the desert but You know fill in returning to his winning ways. Parker was certainly one of the story. Lines of the past. Week for me You know it's it's so hard to win and and I and I know that you know this firsthand obviously competing in that class but it is so hard to win anything. Utd Turbo because there are so many quality entries out there. And I mean you see race fields with anywhere from fifty to a hundred entries showing up and doing their thing and going out there and it's so hard to be at the front of the field. It's so hard to crack the podium. It's so hard to even finish. Sometimes so you know to have won three in a row the previous year but then have to end the year on the low note Laughlin you know it it becomes something where I don't know you've got to get back on the horse. Listen Filbert was able to do that. Takes the victory so I've got number four. Well you know what Chris I'm going to go to the park or two fifty and I'm also going to roll with Phil blurting their number four. So you and I we are on the same on that vote and like you said I mean fill is become one of the Marquis guys class along with Mitch Guthrie and various various others but Great Performance Air. I gotTa tell you me actually racing in that race. The third lap was just hell on earth it was bad was rocky rugged it was a disaster astor it looked like some crazy lunar landscape. I mean it was just it was gnarly and part of that last lap at dark so you know and like you said said I race in that class and you know thing to keep in mind with ut turbo an and you'll see it pop up on our list from time to time this year. You know we're pulling sixty sixty entries at an event you know. Think about that sixty entries you imagine. If they're sick sixty NASCAR's event. I mean somebody takes a top twenty nascar and there's forty entries and everybody goes on. They had a good run. They were in the top. Twenty top fifteen. Really get around right if you've finished the top twenty in. UTV people don't really seem to consider the big DOC deal. I considered a big deal because look we've got sixty some injuries. I mean that's crazy. You know that that's the equivalent of like a twelfth place. Finish in you know in Nascar something like that. I think when you put it into perspective it really puts valued the finishing positions in ut turbo and even even more value to a win in Utd Turbo. You know there's twenty twenty probably twenty guys that can potentially and females take a win and ut turbo you know and so to me. It's what fills been able to accomplish. is nothing short of absolutely remarkable in the class. And you know he's definitely a legit Jytte number four on my list but I think we've probably have some first time listeners. To the show up this week I mean just know Kristen I ranked these. Ut Turbo competitors off on our list and we're comparing them with trophy guys NASCAR guys. Those victories are very very hard to come by. And so I think Chris we value those and we value the competition in the class. And that's why you're going to see them on our list and maybe some other performances in offroad that maybe finished higher in the overall not quite even cracking our list and we're going to side with Just the sheer talent. And you know and I guess you know sheer amount of entries in the in the class so both of us at blurt number four which makes me wonder. I wonder if our top three are gonna be the same are ordering or at least going to be the same. We're probably both GONNA shift some gears and head towards Dakar or at some point but who do you have at number three Chris. Yeah precisely Jim and you know. Also I'd like to add obviously we put together a desert power rankings formula that we're Kinda I'm going to use during the season Just to rank some of the offroad performances head to head and you know a win like the wind took at Parker is obviously going to do very very well considering string field and how many entries and all that but Yeah as a matter of fact for my number three I am going to go back to Saint Louis and and like you said he is who he thought he was going to be. But after the past few years man Ken rocks and being off the top step of the podium indoors for three three years that had to be just an incredibly special victory for them. Obviously last year he came so close but Cooper web nipped him at wine in one of those victories that really propelled Cooper's championship. But you know Ken rocks and returning to form taking that victory in Saint Louis. He has the monkey the office back now. You know now there. There isn't that kind of over you haven't won a race you race yet. You know that nagging whether it's doubt whether it's frustration. That's all gone so now we've got Ken rocks and go into eight to you. Know with a clear mind with a fresh mindset with momentum dental and you know it'll be interesting we might see Barsha and rocks and kind of the two guys the battle it out based on what we've seen so far this year or you know some of the traditional names the cooper webs now the TELMEX. They haven't gotten off to that hot. Start that you know. Some of US may have thought that they would. So we'll see if the cream rises to the top if it already has and I regretfully can't say that I've got Kenner Oxen on my list and you know and that's nothing nothing taking away his performance. I think it's amazing that he's back. He's battled through some crazy injuries. Just when you thought he was ready to go he'd get injured again. Hopefully this is a year that we see rocks in one hundred percent healthy because I think that battle you're going to see atop the leaderboard in supercross is going to be pretty wild but for that Though for my number three I am going to head to the Dakar Rally and I'm GonNa go with American driver. Casey Curry who is also on the show countless times but you know I- Casey is. He's one of those guys. He's very diverse. I mean he's world champion and short course I I mean he's you know he's gone and King of the hammers stuff he does jeep stuff. Now does some desert racing now. He you know he's doing Dacca Rally and who is in Morocco GEICO last year. Kind of doing a tune-up to Dakar. But for the Americans to come in in a side-by-side series obviously Mitch Guthrie Junior and and Blade Hildebrand in that same division in as well but curry to take victory from Americans I mean it is so so hard to win a car in any division. I just got to give a lot of prophecy. Casey Curry and I had to have him at number three on my list. Well that's interesting Jim. Because I've actually got Casey Curry at number two and that leaves. Yes I have one name left obviously reveal and you've got to and I'm wondering who I made of left off and I have a sneaking suspicion as to who it is but you know. Yeah Yeah like you said. Obviously a great performance from Casey. I mean I was able to speak with him about a month month and a half ago Just about his preparation Asian and everything and he said you know look like yeah. Last year we had fourth place. I'm disappointed with that. I feel that I can win. You know we've done the races. We've done the prep-work I'm you know. At the time he wasn't totally feeling one hundred percent about the car yet but he listed listed out the changes that needed to be made for him to feel that way and clearly. They were working because he spent so much of that. Rally in the lead You know well I think he I took it at stage. Three lost it briefly regained it and Kinda held it the whole way out and had one of the biggest wins on time this year. You're a little over thirty nine minutes a very impressive Performance from Casey Curry and You know a well-deserved first victory for the Americans and the SSP SP category You know for sure which is a category that based on him based on Mitch. Guthrie based Hildebrand based on Seth Can Tara once and she's old enough to run that event. I think it's a category that Americans are going to dominate for years to come. Yeah you know. And I think it's going to cause at least you know in side-by-side it's GonNa Cause is there. The rest of the world is step their game because I think Americans made a statement there. We we haven't ever really you know. Aj Jones is in that category as well can leave. Aj Jones out. Another American contingent contingent there but side-by-side category. I think that that's one. The Americans are gonNA staked claim to and make the rest of the world kind of step up their game moving to number two. Do on my list. Though I've got to go with another American driver are or writer. I should say Ricky Gray back taking on the victory in the hotly contested Motorcycle Division Motorcycle Division in Dakar. It's just a specialist. The car and truck division in some of the most iconic names and all of our history have got their start on motorcycles but four shifting into the four wheel vehicles but ricky bray back. I mean you know doing it for Honda. Put an a eight an end to the eighteen years. KTM is pretty much dominated the rally he became the first ever American champion of the rally. which only was very shortly? The Lived until Casey curry across the finish line. And then we had to American champions of the Dakar Rally Ricky Gray back and amazing run and you know one of the absolute toughest this divisions in the rally and you know you can sit for you know what I mean for. Fourteen days two weeks basically in a in a car and in truck or a side by side. And you know and it's tough but do the same thing on a motorcycle that is just infinitely you know. Infinitely you know many many times harder so Ricky Gray back. I've got to have him on my list this week at number two. Well telling me baffled Apple Jim because Ricky Gray back is my number one for everything that you just described. I mean I can't even fathom doing fourteen minutes on a motorcycle out in the dunes of Saudi Arabia. Much less fourteen days so you know certainly well deserved and you know. Also the defending men. Four hundred champion so it has been a fantastic past twelve months for him. He certainly made up for last year's mechanical the NFL he was in the lead. You you know more than did that took that meant for hundred victory. You know really focused and prepared for this race and let it pretty much the whole way so you you know very well deserved triumph and certainly Ricky had his vengeance on the deck hard this year. No doubt but now I'm real interested Jim because I have no idea who you are number one is going to be well. I think there's really only one person that he could have had on my number one and that's Carlos Sainz who took the car and truck got got category I guess. The car category called contract but in his X. Rayed many You know I think this. Is something really really special. You know he's fifty seven years old. Most people are retired by then I mean here. He is took his third career dead car. Victory overall overall which is absolutely insane for anybody. But he's fifty seven and then to top it off. I mean he's a two time world rally champion. who made the switch each to rally raid? After he retired from being one of the greats in the World Rally Championship and I think because of the era he competed in the WRC. His teammate was calling mccray I think sometimes his performances were overshadowed and a lot of people kind of forgot about it. But I gotTa tell you after you know wing to WRC championships winning three Decca rallies overall. He's fifty seven years old. I mean I think he's going to go down as one of the all-time motor sport greats. Like to me. That victory that just happened that puts him that elevates him he went from one of the best all time to literally he is in the conversation And like I said the guys fifty-seven that is insane to put your body through two weeks of hell at fifty seven years old and that's not taking anything away from women that's just fact. I mean for him to be at this level at this point in his career. It's just absolutely remarkable to me. This victory by Seines was just. Ah like I said it puts him up there. I think to me that puts him up there with names like Michael Schumacher and Dale Earnhardt and the list can go on some of the all time greats motorsport. No doubt and don't and don't forget Stephane Peterhansel you know even within the Dakar infrastructure where you know Stephon is one I think more than a dozen of them you know certainly a very impressive performance by Carlos You know no doubt it just for me like like we talked about like we run off with. There's so much steps in January motor sport that you know if you were just a couple of pavement series race fans you would have no idea about but for you to put a number one on there that I didn't even I couldn't even squeeze on my list because of what I was watching what I was focused on on man. That really says something about everything that's going on right now. It has been a big month and with more supercross with the Chili Bowl. Still Ahead with you know multiple multiple desert races coming up and then even once. That's done we start heading into Daytona. We start heading into you know all sorts of things things. It's GonNa be a great year. It's going to be a great year in racing whether it's two wheels or four whether it's pavement or dirt you know I am excited well and you know and and all that being said we're going to have to cut to a break but like you said I mean there's guys we haven't even mentioned it's because we kind of took a break over the holidays but Elliot's issue will and Snow Oh cross. He's destroying the field and you know we're going to get to that. We got winter X Games coming up. We Got Snow Bikes and freestyle. Talk about their. It's going to be a wild wild January here. You're on the general tire down and dirty show powered by police razor. And we'll be back with more right after this anywhere as possible. 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Welcome back to the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor like to welcome Ma one of my very very good friends. I would say a motor sports broadcasting legend. My good friend Rob D'Amico who rob I feel like this is kind of like twilight Zona. I know when I was just getting started. I was calling into your show. Now all of a sudden you're calling into this one But I guess the big thing is your your back on radio my friend and I think there's a lot the fans out there excited about that. Yeah I'm excited about it too man. Hey thanks for having me on first of all you know I was about a year or so ago I got And I don't know how to explain. It was an accident sick. Whatever it was I had this problem and explain what it is? You're in a second but I was in and out of the hospital couldn't couldn't figure out what was going on. I wasn't sure what happened. come to find out what I had would they brew t-ball artery dissection with pseudo aneurysm. Basically basically it's you have Ford our arteries and go to your brain. I'm sorry to come through your neck and to go through your spine into your brain and basically I told one of those out of the back of my brain. and Luckily he's looking guy. I don't know what it was I did not have a stroke. Didn't have any Problems but had severe headaches. My site was in and out it was it was crazy But come to find out a lot of rest a lot of time away from work. And that's where I kinda got disconnected connected with the radio show and the podcasting and all that stuff but all clear and Back in the game and loving every minute of it and totally Miss Edmund. There's no doubt you know raising wants to ten your blood. It has been there forever. Yeah well you weren't even you you Kinda like me. You're not just a host man. used to drive what Mustang staying and things like that so you spend quite a bit of time behind the wheel in addition to talk about what's happening behind the wheel. Yeah unfortunately no longer. Can I do that with his injury. Sorry I have. I'm not allowed to Race cars race go karts. I can't go on roller coasters. I can't you know anything that can jar the neck I am not allowed to do even driving's a little risky for me but obviously I have to do for my day job but You know it's one of those things that Yeah Man I used to love being in y you know not only talked about the game which you're in the game and that makes a difference because you know the INS and outs of the business you know you have the connections to go back. Oh you have An and sponsorship the big thing and you're shaking hands and kissing babies and you're there it makes a big difference and You know being out of that for a little while definitely we've heard but I'm back Just can't do some of the same things they used to be able to do. But I've found other ways to get that fix one of them and I know you're involved in this is is Irish. I love getting online and racing in the and I know that was a big conversation on twitter and you know social media over the last week and People saying that it's not real racing. It's not my opinion is hey this is. It's a lot of fun. It real racing no in the sense of. Hey I'm uh not working on a car I don't you know I don't have to build this thing I i. I'm taking it to a race track every week but that being said you are setting up cars you are are learning the track. You are The differences when they say. Hey that guy When they call them race car drivers? That's where I have a little bit of an issue. Even being a guy who reads his I racing. I'm not a race car driver. I mean I have done it before in the real world but virtually it's not i. Oh I can't call that a race car driver I can call it a racer I get on race but a race car drivers a little bit different to me and I can see some of the point on some of these guys that are arguing it but man I will say one thing. It is a ton of fun and it's a blasted the a part of that and I love every minute. Well you know what I think. That's what's funny because a lot of real world drivers I mean they. They spend time in the SIMS FOR YEARS NASCAR INDYCAR Formula One drivers. You know. That's that's something that that now like that technology was so unaccessible to to everybody else though. Simmers were just Uber. Expensive rancid the software's expensive Irish was kind of the first to really you know an arcade video games have been around for a long time Arcadia. But you know I really bring it to to the masses yet. You know young talent a chance. Get behind the wheel and see what you know. Some of these veterans have been doing in the SIMS. And I think that's what school now you know with. I racing racing. We've got a premier series. I mean you've got guys like Dale. Jr. Route Fenway J. G. R.. I mean woods brothers. You know the list goes on and I mean you've got some heavy heavy hitters involved in Sim racing. Now he's sports. I mean it's it's sad to see and then you know y you know six figures for some of the winners. I mean it's become a real real the thing in motorsport. You got one of the bigger teams. Jim beaver sport. I almost feel like kind of weird putting my name in I I look at these just icon names. I don't know how I if fit in there. We we definitely have a lot of fun with it. I know my teams actually racing in the twenty four hours ars the Daytona this weekend in Sim racing. So we'll see how that winds up but I know talking about motor sports. There's we got Chili Bowl coming up. Obviously twenty four four hours of Daytona Daytona. Five hundred coming up. I know just recently just literally a couple of hours ago our good friend Kelly Crandall Racer magazine dropped. Some interesting news is I don't know if you caught it rob but I've been saying this for years but xfinity this year is actually GonNa be running the road. Course at Indianapolis Motor speedway is a support to the brickyard four hundred. I've thought they ought to alternate years of the brickyard. Four hundred one year road course the other but looks like Roger Penske now owner of switching things up. What do you think about? CNS cars there on the on the road. Course I think it's awesome I love road racing. You know and and this kind of goes back to the first question you asked me about You know in. I racing in the racing being expensive back in the day. I've been a member of Iranian since two thousand nine and that was the first thing I got into it. I loved it. I was having a hard time transitioning because I was new into racing racing those mustangs and and Getting on the real world experience. It's I was so new to it I started late. I didn't get in a go kart or anything until I was almost thirty years old so I was late in the game so I had a hard time even adjusting adjusting into the virtual world. And getting on these gaming systems and doing that event like I said a member since two thousand nine made the transition. You know I I went into two Cardi and and real race cars and then into the I.. Racing stuff but what. I think they're doing here with the road racing in Nascar it to me he. It's right down my alley me and I love that type of racing. I hope that the you know the tracking these cars You know because you see Back when Formula One and was there or Indycar when they use the road course before the five hundred Put on a good show. I just hope these cars are able to do that. They also made some news NASCAR data about changing the technical side of these cars and taking away some of the downforce in shortening the the spoiler in the back and Shrinking can down the splitter in the Front at road courses and short-track. So I think that's GonNa be big They have to handle these cars and the driver will. We'll have to definitely drive the car more with the gas pedal which I think is great? You know we always talk about these guys you know super speedways Daytona five hundred Talladega. You Mash the gas and you just go And he hopes to stands a big one. That's the big thing those races and don't get me wrong exciting and they create. Read that edge of your seat racing because you never know you're on that ticking time bombs when something can happen like that but the the C.. This and I agree with you man. I'd love to see the the cup cars doing the road. Course they're at indy. And maybe In other places there are plenty of great road racing tracks around the country that they can do this on. I just hope they do pick up war that unfortunately I think Nascar's in the situation you know we're trying to short some of these races and maybe looking at the schedule coming up in in in twenty twenty two. I think uh are GONNA be some of the big changes to see when the new car comes out the one. They're testing now. I think they have a homestead test coming up shortly but I know Brad I'm sorry Joined the Ghana was in that car with team. Penske this is a car. That's the PR guy bill for this and they'll be Doing this You know over the next couple of months ONS and trying to get gather as much information so when they come to these tracks they know. Okay this one. Does this great. They race awesome here this tight race at this track and I think that's what they're trying to get the racing to the next level and I hope they do that because it's definitely needed in the world and Askar. Yeah well you know I. I completely agree with everything you said there. You know. I think it's it's interesting too. You'd mentioned earlier. You know talking about taking some downforce out of the cars. You know it making it more of a driver's type of thing and I think it's funny because for the longest time you always indycar chason NASCAR and they still very much are but yeah I know any car with this latest indycar you know. They took a lot of downforce out. Made a more of a driver series in it. It almost feels like NASCAR is looking at that. It's worked for INDYCAR. Maybe we need to make these cars a little bit tougher. The drive you know. Yeah and that's you know they've made this that statement before and then they they. You know going back to the car tomorrow in the car. That's you know they're currently using now and the different size splitters. And and you know this the spoilers on the back in the air inlets and you know just just. There's so many different things on these cars as they can change. I think Nassar's just trying to narrow down again because the gotTa control with the teams and you know the the twisted listed sister car that we had was mangled and twisted and now with this body it goes through a laser. You know at the racetrack. And that's how they inspect the cars ars and I think that's great. This sport is definitely the technology's there. Let's use you know for the longest time we didn't even have the we had carburetors. which is you you know so obsolete now that And what I think is going to be great with this new car. You know the bigger rims. The the shorter tire low profile tires. It's it's things you see on your daily car to translate what better with a stock car now. Is the car actually stockcar. No the bodies are much different. Chassis built much different but That being said they are getting closer. They are trying to make this closer racing. They are trying to put the the racing back in the the driver's hands again. Where you know? You're not just driving around with a car sticks to the racetrack you now have to maneuver it and know how to drive it. The next it's making these passes and things like that so it's important for Nascar to make these changes which more important than anything else right now and I know a lot of fans that have struggled with this but they literally have to change the economics of the sports on the team owners side. They can't be spending this type of money if they're going to try to make the successful because you know money buys speed we get all that man is getting out of hand and these teams if they can't compete at that level they're we're GonNa fall off and then we're not gonNA have teams and we're going to have these crappy Small one car team things coming in here and making a mess of the sport and bringing in you. You know Bob's super garage sponsors and it's just not gonNA have the same deal anymore if we WANNA make this a great series. They need to fix the the economics of this sport and do it quickly. Yeah no I completely agree with you there and You know I think We gotta jump to short commercial break here but You Know I. I think it's one of those that I've noticed and I think fans of noticed you've noticed it but Used to be you know. You'd have a sponsor and they'd be year long. You know you could count on Jimmy Johnson lows cars or the Jeff Gordon do pot dot car. Whoever's car you know what I mean and now you know that that's the thing of the past it's alternating sponsors and even Nascar can't even find you know you know one series sponsor for the whole they've got a split it up you know and I'm not saying that's good or bad? I'm just saying economics definitely definitely changed the sport but we've got to take a short commercial break in. We come back more with rob Di Meco here on the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor. I'll polaris riders. Jim beaver Irish trophy. Trucks professionally hosted down and dirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motorsports events. I've seen it all and trust me. I've done most of it so when it comes time to relax on the weekend. Nothing is better than taking time with my family in our razor vehicles. They've got three liability. I need to just pick up and go explore the desert dunes trail and have the capability to attack even the harshest train. 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At T- to general has a tire that will help. Get you where you need to go so let us take you on your next big adventure tweet us. At general tire Hashtag anywhere as possible because with general tire eighty where is possible when looking for a new wheel for your offroad vehicle car truck or UTV ATV the choice is easy you choose. What the pros use rob McCarron Keegan? kincaid and myself Jim beaver exclusively use vision wheel. Whether we're dominating Baja taking the cup at Crandon or shredding. TV's vision wheels. trendsetting designs and durability will set you apart from the competition and your friends checkout vision wheel dot com or at vision wheel on social media to learn more like what you hear catch all the bag episodes of the down dirty radio show on apple podcast and and be sure to rate review and subscribe. Welcome back to the down and dirty radio powered by Polaris Razor. ARSIA slipped slipped up. It's the general tire down and dirty show general tire stepping on Boorda's our title sponsor. This year slipped up there but we got robbed. EMECO on the show and rob we have been talking a little bit about Awesome Nascar News and kind of where things are headed. But I know before we get to the Daytona five hundred. We've got a couple of big ones first and foremost Chili Bowl. And then we've got the twenty four hours of Daytona but chilly bowman. Does anybody have anything Christopher Bell. Can You tell me rob I I got to say. I'm kind of passive sprint car fan. I follow it just enough economy. What's going on but Cibelli seems like Siebel and Chili Chili Bowl? Do Their on lock. Yeah it's funny you know. I'm not a big. I've never been a big dirt racing guy don't know why and never got really into it. I didn't follow it quite a bit when I was doing work with speed. And all that Sprint cars in the The wing the non wing all that stuff and even some of the stuff. They raised on pavement but These guys out here. You know Tony. Stewart Kyle Larson to some of the big names out out there for the guys that are really the superstars of the guys from the local tracks and and and travel with the circuit and racing four times a week those guys for or the bad assets of the sport right but you get a guy like Christopher Bell. Who's done this record and it has been there and done all that is coming back and just being a superstar for star out? There just shows his driving ability what he is what he can be my issue with him is obviously. He's making the move from the expanded series up up to the cup series and he's going to be racing with the will bind family racing but it in conjunction with kind of the. Jj are the Toyotas and things like that but That's my thing is that he is coming into the sport at that level level with a team. That's really not gonna be able to give them everything that he needs. Now he was jumping with. Joe Gets racing and go right from their awesome and that would be great degree pers- career but maybe they're just trying to get them into that steppingstone 'cause the next year or this year should say it is twenty twenty already The rookie class is spectacular. Cole custer moving up from the committee series Tyler. rettig the champion from the extended the series Christopher Bell these guys those were the top three guys in the extended series moving up and now going to be in the cup series. That is something mm to watch so now you get to see Christopher Bell. The Chili Bowl obviously has an opportunity to win there that would be cool for him to go in Daytona five hundred hundred and the Cup series and seasons and Race that rookie I don't know if it's going to be as successful as it was for him. In extended entity and dirt racing the Chili Bowl in all that because of the teams with. We'll have to see we never know. Yeah well and here's a question you know and this is just something that you you know kind of popped into my mind. Is You. Tell them you're talking about his young crop of NASCAR drivers come and I mean do you. Do you think we're ever going to see these guys with these long careers that go into their mid forties or fifty years old and cup. Because I feel like there's so many young guns and we talk about all these guys coming up and then I can tell you right behind him. I mean you've got Zane. Smith Myth Riley Herbs Haley Degan. You know that are a couple years away from running cup. You know what I mean. It's like there's always this young crop of talented drivers coming in and I feel like you know where those you no you. We used to see those long twenty thirty year careers at times you know. I don't know that we're GonNa see those again rob. I think it's going to get shortened down almost like ten fifteen year careers maybe the peak level. You know yeah. It's also a timing thing. So you got guys like Kevin Harvick who is. He can be racing a few more years but he's getting getting up there right. He's got to retire. Somebody's gotTa take his place. You WanNa be that guy. It's almost like coming out of the college You know like these quarterbacks now that are you know figuring okay. When is this Guy GonNa come out the team? Start talking to the the quarterbacks who are GonNa you know we'll get in this draft coming out here so you know in your senior year your junior year you know when you make yourself eligible to go into the NFL. Same thing with these guys. When do they start making that move? Okay I WANNA. It'd be inexpensively here because this gives me the opportunity 'cause you guys like You know go back to Elliott. Sadler moved up but then had to move back down You know there's a couple of guys that race with Junior Motor Sports. That does does the same thing. All higher moved up. That have moved back down. You know just timing wasn't right and I feel like some of these guys end up in that weird situation David. Reagan was one of those guys great race car driver. Just never really got the opportunity with the right team right right time and it just didn't work out and you have to go back. That's the problem and you have guys like True ex you know Jimmy Johnson. Megan I I think chase is going to be one of those guys that has a long career got with the right team GonNa be there for a while you know can make his moves when it's his the time to do that and use it to you. Know negotiate the right contract forms whether it's life contract at the same team or hey I'm going to go over here and make some more money. Did you know that kind of thing. It all depends and it's a timing thing and and sometimes that sucks for drivers because they are talented and it let's not kid ourselves we talk about Dada Christopher Bell or Tyler rediker you know coke custer these guys have got the talent in a moving up even go johnny John Nemechek and some of the Drivers Hey Hailey Degan the you mentioned this just some of those drivers there are probably when you mentioned those drivers another hundred drivers out there that have the same skills and probably do just as great as they can but we'll never get the opportunity to do so so that's it it's a timing thing right place who are you know moving up at the at the right time when this guy is going to move to this team puts an opening year you just never know and you try to plan it as best you possibly can Dan but sometimes it does not work out for you yeah so I think corey my life right plays I gotta tell you that is so true ruin in just about just about anything you know you start looking to the NFL and even guy like Tom Brady has become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time people forgot forget about you know your place drew bledsoe who was had an amazing career and just got injured and Brady was in the right place right time as a backup quarterback in the right system and boom here we go and nobody even remembers drew bledsoe you know but I it's just the timing had to be right but you know speaking of that speaking of timing twenty four hours of Daytona. I know that one's coming up man. You've actually got some personal friends running this thing. You know this is I I feel like you know in Europe is huge right and I feel like you know endurance Racing Ansa. I feel like this is the one big marquee event of the year and and you know I know they run Long Beach. They run petite law. That there's all these different events but I feel like C.. Bring you know but I feel like this is the one where really puts endurance racing at the forefront in this country rob Yeah I agree with you. And this is one of the races and people don't know my day job. I worked for the big green egg and we have a lot of what we call. AIG heads A lot a lot of these guys. Ricky Taylor Jordan Taylor. Juan Pablo Toyota. You Have Ryan Briscoe. Yeah Brian Honore Richard Westbrook all these guys own eggs so I got to know these guys on a personal level and a lot of them will be out there racing. You know Jordan left his father's team. Wayne Taylor racing now racing that brand new corvette which looks killer a loved it and I'm not a corvette guy but being that Carlos good And then you have ricky. WHO USED TO BE WITH HIS DAD's dad's team as well? The Ricky Taylor moved over with penske racing with Juan Pablo Montoya over there in a couple of those drivers Racing I with the accurate so a lot lot of cool things going on that story on there is that you have the different manufacturers the teams you're racing for twenty four hours now. I've done a twenty four hour rates in go-carts and I gotTa tell you it is tough you try to get sleep. You can't sleep you're up all night you know you're the fatigue and you go through night and day. We've we've had rain and I'm sure there's a possibility for that in the forecast there as well. It is Florida. You know it's not raining. Give it an hour should be But so you know it's just one of the things that's the cool thing about this is that you have all the different variables and then you have to have the car that last twenty four hours back in the day. That was a lot more difficult than it is. Now now the parts are stronger and things. Last they're still testing things and trying to throw things at the car that may or may not work Erkin bail during that twenty four hours gotta come in. Never give up though man you've had these racists go twenty four hours and you're talking split seconds can't have to finish. How cool is that? And that's that's pretty neat. Could be that competitive for that long with the different drivers in all the variables that go into that race. Yeah Yeah you know I always like to. We've got you know these guys that have made a home in in endurance racing and obviously like even the big known guys like he looked Creston. Neves as you know is kind of found a second home there. You've got the Taylor's like you'd mention. I got a good friend Colin Braun who made a career racing. But you know all that having said this is the one where the guys like Alexander Rossi come in and I think Ryan Hunter as going to be running and like you said this is the one where it's kind of like it all star shootout battle royale. Because you've got to. Have you know so many guys on a team to run twenty four hours. I guess that's what I like. You get these guys that you know. Maybe racing isn't quite in their element but they're good road racers and then you get seem come in and it's like I just feel like it's a list of WHO's who in motor sport you know I'm not Alonzo's come in and it's just to me that's what makes out events a specialist. Just you know no just the fanfare that comes along with it and everybody's favorites from all these other series you know NASCAR and Indycar everybody like converging right there at Daytona. Think it's you know it's something we don't get even elements and in Europe. You know it's cool. You know even going back history. This you mentioned some of the guys that come over and race and from different other sanctioning bodies and All across the world come over here and race with this Kyle Busch's actually racing with Lexus. you have Haley she's going to be Racing with I believe it is God what was the guy's name Chase briscoe she'll be racing one of the Ford mustangs over there In one of the lower series. But we'll be out there racing and and that's cool man. That's what this is all about and I go back to you know go back to Mario Andretti Aj these guys. They can jump in sit in any car and be competitive. I would love to see that again where these racers up today. Go and jumping these other rides. You Know Christopher Christopher Bell Tony Stewart this guy multiple champion in multiple series. How cool is that man? And we haven't seen that in a while and look to see them do that and and be those champions and then those different series because You know that was what was cool about back in the day the history part of it people go. All the racing was much better back in the day. Hello no it wasn't it wasn't as competitive The you know the it just it the racing back then guys were winning two laps ahead of second-place card to me that is not what we have. Today is great racing. Lisa you can go that twenty four hours and and have a split second one to finish or one-two-three finish which is really cool over that amount of challenge. I just would like to see More drivers from different series coming in and being that competitive when they're out there racing that school to me. Yeah I I agree with you and it's funny. You mentioned that cause I'm the same way and they're still these people that go you know champ car. That was the best cart. And this and that and I'm not so so much better than indy-car damn like have you watched any Qarase. It's amazing racing. I'm like I remember back then. There was there was Newman Haas and there was there was penske and other than that. There was a few others but unlike those races were actually rather boring. Yeah it's much. They're much closer more competitive even some the small teams can get in there. And that's that's what I think. NASCAR needs work on to some of the smaller teams being able to compete. Because right now there is those handful teams. You know the big you rousers. penske's the Hendrick. You know that kind of chicken there. The big teams and obviously they have more money in their speed. But you get every now and then we're at the Talladega or one of the short tracks. Were the smaller team has the chance. It's a very small chance but they have a chance. And that's you know that's the cool story glide. David David and Goliath stories. You know where these little teams can make a difference but yeah be more competitive. Nowadays is much better than what go back in the day for. Sure well rob. We are up against the time break for the second segment man. But I know you and I are going to be going to be doing this. Weekly here Kinda talking all things motorsports so I'm definitely looking forward to it. I know you've got some stuff cranking on your into or are you gonna be doing some of your own stuff as well so looking forward to those to start up man. Yes Oh that'd be coming up here shortly will be doing the my own show again back on it right now. We're doing some stuff with you And get ready for the season. We'll do my Own Show I have the website which has been running here shortly But you can follow me on twitter instagram facebook it's all at Rob D'Amico or OB Dam dam ICO. Jim Always a pleasure man. I'm glad you're doing so well and I Appreciate the time today. Yeah no problem always fun having you on Robin We. 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We're racing arena or something and you were shredding your UTV. ATV out there. And I remember like there was this one jump and I swear you were like the only person going to flat like you were just sending it off the table top over the backside like jumping a flat autism. craziest thing I've ever seen. Yeah I think I was a fourteen then. I'm seventeen now. So I was like three years ago. I was going to say it was a while ago. but Yeah well in that being said a lot has definitely changed on your end. Came up through. The offroad ranks of the made the switch to drifting. I mean tell us how oh that kind of happened because everybody kind of New Year's like a UT racer. I know you did Maude cards things like that. And then all of a sudden it was like boom union brother both Kinda switched. How's that been? And how did you actually make that transition. Because I mean we see guys like you know von getting junior now. He's kind of transitioning to offer a lot of people. Go in the other direction. Like you did. Yeah well I was racing in seventeen. I was racing. The side-by-side costs no work series. And then and we ran into an age issue with my brother so we were like okay. Well we'll take a break until he's old enough so I had a friend he actually runs they And also to experience you in town but he also does drifting he's like. Hey Amanda you WANNA take my car out and I'll lecture I mean why not so. I took his current to a local event. And matter of fact my brother was actually somewhere on the east coast so it was just me and my dad's out and I I was like. Oh yeah this is really fun. I told my brother about it and having my mom went and drifted their Camaro that they had as a rental car. And my brother is like. That's no fair. I WANNA do it. So he got back. We went out and we went drifting and we just kind of like once we tried it. We loved it. It was like it was fun. It's definitely Different different than the off road. That's for sure but as of right now I'm the youngest licensed female in Formula Drift. So you have my prote- license and my brother's youngest licensed male. Well you know all of that being said to. I know it's. It's quite a bit different because I've tried to drift before and then I've actually. I've actually done some stuff with Ryan Turk riding along with him and I got to tell you like sliding off road car and sliding drift car completely lately two different things and like form the drift. Like it's so like it's controlled chaos. It's so crazy that you can just place the car in you know. I don't know it's it's just just nuts to me like how has that. been kind of gaining that car control because it's a completely different driving experience than what you're used to off road. I mean honestly erasing the soil series with the MON cards we go those jumps and we saw the carson sideways the only differences. Now you're not worrying about Rut and you're not worrying about flipping thing but also on top of that. We do tandems which is when you have two cars and one follows the other one leads. And you're like right up as close courses you can with each other just mirror images. Yeah and that's always been kind of rabid especially when you see a really close run and things like that and there both drifting in Tanta makes is it Makes a rabbit. I know how so you've got your pro to license and I know you know it's one of the things that ladder system formula d you know. They've got a pretty red ladder system. I know the even in the past and some stuff out at Irwindale where it's just kind of like a local like Adrift Night type of thing. But how did you Kinda work up your the ranks to get your pro to licensed because getting a pro not licensed isn't easy and then I mean obviously going all the way to FD license Full blown. I don't quite know what it's called but I know that's even a step further. But how'd how'd you get to this point so There are different levels of drifting. Yes it starts at Grasser which is just like anybody can go out In dressed really anyone can take their mom's car for all they care And then that's just kind of more like we go play around have fun practice and then then falling grassroots there's pro-am so the pro-am series. There's certain requirements that you have to have your car You go in you. Sign up up and there's usually about like four to five depending on what series. You're in But competitions within that series and you have to place first second or third in the championship to move up to your pro to license or you can also petition into pro or into formula formula drift which some people do like people coming from out of state series so petition into formula drift. And be like. Hey look this is my racing background. Do you think I'm good enough. And they'll say yes so you they'll say no but How I didn't fall so also on top of that my brother Brandon? He was he was. We did this. There was a one time in however many years that they do this and it's the double elimination bracket where you have your winner's bracket And then if you lose in the winners bracket you go to losers bracket and you basically have to be you have to lose twice in order to be out and so it was the one time events events where they're going to give away a pro to license to the top three finishers and he. It's actually really funny because his rookie year and like nobody ever really heard of us. Who drove all the way to Virginia and I might have lost many gifts and we showed up at this event and it was like if you get first second the third you get your pro to license but the way it works is there's no qualifying so you pretty much go? You have your leader on then you have your follow run you. They choose who wins or loses but my brother was in the winner's bracket about halfway up. He got knocked out onto the loser's bracket and he won all the weights. The loser's bracket went over the top losers bracket and in order to win. You have to beat the winner in the winners bracket twice so he the everyone on the loser's bracket rocket and then beat the winter twice in the winners bracket and you actually got first place in goddess pro to Isis which was pretty cool but Me Me on the other end and I was like well. If my brother's going to too I might as well do pro too. I competed in the pro-am series the drift league and my first there's four vents total. My first I was just I had a brand new car. I was thrown out because my first year my brother and I shared a car. We had just like a we. We call it beater Cornell. This car is like the most toughest car has been through. So many walls has been like and it's still standing and it's so tough but We sure are for the first year and So I didn't really get much time and I was more about the UTV's at the time. I was like Hey I'm still go race works. I'm still GONNA go. TV's and My brother was all about the drifting and then as soon as my brother got his car. You're I got the beater car and I was like okay like the beater car wasn't really enough to keep up with the other cars and so we built me a car in when he team yet in twenty eighteen we bought my car and my first event was like my first time driving this car. My first competition now Out didn't really do so good that my car wasn't set up at all. In the first two months where soaping car setup and then my third event I ended up putting getting third place and then my fourth event think I finished sixth in points and the series and there's about like thirty drivers total but I basically went to my brother's driving. This is my background. And they're like okay. You can compete and produce so I got my license but it on top of that I also ran into another GIG where I'm driving monster trucks now. So saw a dream of mine to drive in worser jam and I was like when I was given. There's opportunity I was like yes. I'll drive I'll drive unfortunately have to be eighteen to drive from monster jam and I'm only seventeen so I've been waiting a few years Hopefully by the time of twenty twenty one. I'll be in monster Jim but as of right now I'm just I'm driving for Credit Christianson Hinson. He used to drive maxine and he has like four trucks and so one of my one of his trucks are going to be my truck for the year and I have my body wrap on it to and to one of my sponsors or all the sponsoring it and we named it boiling point. So that's also it's going to be I still do. It's GonNa be a big old trucks right. Yes it is actually really fun. I don't think I in the journal in Russian anything like monster truck. It's crazy. Yeah that's kind of cool too because Mosser Jam. I mean we've got a lot of amazing women in Motor Motor Sport and things like that but they've really embraced. This women's movement really bringing a lot of Rad women into the fold into monster jam and things like that. So that's got you excited because you know there's doors source kind of opening there all the time for women. Yeah definitely but So far this year I actually got a trophy talk to so we've been building trophy truck the past year well competing st so. Have a few things that I've been working on last year. It was just a mixture of everything like I was competing in formula drift. We did all four events across the United States so we started in Orlando then we went to Atlanta and and Saint Louis and that one more. Yeah 'cause uncle who runs a little bit different schedule than FD right some of the events of the same but it's not quite as big of a schedule right well it's So prone to accidents for events and then pro one has seven. I believe seven or eight and so the pro two and pro one are always at the same event. Same place same weekend just they have pro to. I mean four events instead of the other well and then with all this drifting stuff going on so correct me if I'm wrong like you took Haley digging for some ride alongs right. Oh yeah she. Her in a coke were out at willow springs. They're doing some legend in-car practice I think and she came over. She's like hey like let me get her on your car now like Oh. Let me nearly as monarchs together. So we've known each other nothing saying you know each other for for a while. Yeah you guys used to bang doors with each other. Yeah definitely awesome so this season you said you you guys are built a trophy trucks. So how's that been coming along. What's what's what's the plans so you're doing monster trucks you've got a truck being built you're doing some? FD stuff what I mean. What's your calendar? Look like this has got to be kind of kind of crazy. What can you tell us about this trophy truck? Windsor going debut. What's out looking like? It's my schedule's definitely stocked for this year but So my trophy truck. All I was thinking about Taking in this year easy and like dialing the truck in I was planning on racing the snow races maybe trying to go for a championship and the Tra class and Just get the truck dialed in this year. And then I know for sure I'll be race in the mid four hundred and also on top of that I. I think we're going to try. My brother got his pro one license. So he'll be attending the pro one events this year but I know for a fact. I'm going to be doing the SNORE. And then I'm also thinking about getting in one and just playing around and works. 'cause I personally I love the UTV's like Kinda. where I once I astounding you? TV Sport. I just. It's so much different than all the other one. But it's where my heart I love the desert races. 'cause fifteen it's like I flew away Orlando and I drove like six times and it's like the track is only thirty seconds long but I love just being in the cars. I am the car for like an hour at a time in the desert. And everything's just so like you never know what's happening at something new every time well girls Slane at utd racing. I know obviously you're slaying. It and you know you Kinda went on and started doing some other things but it's good to have you kind of spoke to come back to see what all of these other girls are doing. And and you know just killing killing it out there yeah definitely. I actually attended the loss around of works Were you just. You're just. They're taking it all energy race. No I I raised actually. I literally I think was so overwhelmed with the whole season. I was like I told my dad I said Hey. Dad Aren't Tuesday and the race was on Friday and Saturday. I was like I'm going to load up my car and I'm GonNa love my little brother's car and I'm GonNa take us supreme because it's only forty five minute drive from where I was at and I was like I'm racing this weekend. I miss it so much. And he's like all right do it so I also have younger. Brother who is is eight years old. He is getting into the one seventy stuff and he writes his go-carts. We've been doing some go kart racing but yeah we're all over replace so what. So what's ultimate goal for you just monster jam. Is that where you want to be out at. Some point is monster jam. Well on top of that. I also attend college so I graduated two years early from high school. And I'm going to college right now as a full time student but I don't know I don't know what my like. I don't know where I WANNA be. I know for sure I miss trophy truck thing. I'm super stoked about and I want to Try Try to go for some championships in the trophy truck. Because I know there's only if there's only a few girls out there in the trophy trucks which I think it's like Sir Price and I forget the other girl's name but thought and then formula drift is going going through a big change right now as far as bringing technology into the sport because as of right. Now it's a judge based sport and to explain it a little bit more Or mill drifts. Well all drifting. There's three judges line England style. You have to qualifying. We'll find runs. You go out you on your qualifying on the judge out of a hundred and they only take top sixteen the top sixteen scores go into to the bracket and so then from there. You have a leader on and then you have a fall run so saver example. I lead somebody else's following we do of course we're clipping points that we have to hit so we have to go through the course while maintaining line England style and the judges are judging and then I switched so now I'm following someone else's leading meetings and then we have run we go through maintain line angle style and then they'll choose if I win or the other person wins and then sometimes they'll do one more time and we'll have us go again but just because the drug free sport it kind of gets on the political side sometimes so so. They're working on bringing technology to help the judges judge more accurately but hopefully they should have all of that stuff implemented committed by twenty twenty one twenty twenty two which then. I'll probably go back and try to go for the pro unlicensed. Yeah yea I've been Fallen Formula Drift for for quite a while. Probably about ten years now on the show and like you said it's most of the time it's pretty cut and dry who wins but on a close battle a even when they do a one more time sometimes it gets really really tough so I think any technology they can bring in is definitely definitely GonNa benefit the sport and and and make it a little more clear cut as far as winning goes and taken that You know that kind of personal attachment out of it so but yeah well. We're up against time break. Amanda but I appreciate taking the time to call in. I know you know shoot you. You have a ton going on I guess mid four hundred's only about a month and a half out so maybe we'll see out there that's It's GONNA be exciting so eat. Thank you for having me all right. Thanks a lot of Anna Polaris writer. Jim beaver Irish trophy. Trucks professionally hosted down on the dirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motor sports events. I've seen it all and trust me. 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I can't do a live show at a hammers because the cell service is horrible but we will be doing a recorded show out at hammers with police razor so super stoked on that looking afford to make that happen and it's just a whole lot more we are cranking here fired on all eight cylinders here on the general tire down and dirty show powered by police awesome. Thank you guys for the continued support. Thanks for listening for eight years and trust me. We got big news coming in the next couple of weeks. So hang tight. It's GonNa be one hell of a ride here in twenty any twenty and Yeah we'll see next week right here on the general tire down under the show powered by Polaris Razor. Doc when you come to Colorado Arado the only word to describe it is like the first time your kids see a mountain town or explore an ice castle and think it's a winter wonderland Colorado snows perfect state.

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