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"uss whidbey island" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"uss whidbey island" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"For tagging along today and some of the stories that we've been watching in the wbz newsroom this morning security is expected to be extremely tight in the city as sale boston approaches will of militarized boss was bombs on carrying around assault weapons but we will be presence there rate of sale saturday also this morning at the state house debate on the marijuana bill has been postponed there are certain things that we have to clear of our accu weather forecasts a nice weather continues today with low humidity sunny to partly cloudy seventy the coast eighty in boston mayor marty walsh is urging everyone coming into town for sale boston this weekend to take the mbta security going to be tight expected if you'd movie from one sparked when other just were work with us on this going to be a lot of scary down there it's one it's one of these for high security high intense events happen in city mayor making his monthly appearance on wbz's night side with dan ray last night and this morning wbz's ben parker is at hand scum airbase waiting for a helicopter that will carry him to the uss whidbey island off added that your landed crabgrass vehicle picutta logotype because the match up you know what appear or fail bought it in the fat get a look at what a better dr fail boat liked other built bought been shipped echo that won't be balked at work failed authored as we get it back it will be the location or berry or the parade of bail on saturday according to govern at matter walt ben parker will be taking that vessel on a threehour tore into boston harbor this afternoon we have you covered on all things sale boston by the way wbz's chris pharma is on one one of those tallships chile's as miranda he's right now somewhere in the atlantic steaming towards boston this morning he told us that he feels like the most popular guy on the ship because everyone on board would like to know all about boss where to go shopping order brand new v m give aid tbi europol wavered in the modern go dan thing reread trotted out you name it i've been asking and i don't think.

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