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"us national institute health" Discussed on Dr Ron Unfiltered Uncensored

"You. Put the fish oil in the heat. It goes rancid immediately. This why is through the roof with no end in sight so they can't answer anything but the science can answer everything. So that's what I try and get people so I hope he will be. Yeah and professor may just get a little basic for a minute sure. Just explain about a mega mega three is making other to boils. Bodycam make parent Omega Six. Baron Amiga three all you need to know body can't make don't get it from food. Were dead now. What's the big deal? Twenty five to thirty three percent of every cell membrane and every one of your hundred trillion cells is parent to mega six and Carolina mega three. And when you do the Algebra in the body the ratio apparent Omega. Six to three is eleven to one so what he's saying. We're getting too much mega fix needs to go back to medical library and do some walking instead of just using her mouth. We'll never know what they're talking about. We need eleven to one in favor of Omega Six. Now the problem is just like I said the adulteration. The Megan six pathway is twenty times more powerful than mega three pathway. You make a threes to very very little and there's not a lot in the cell membrane regarding fish oil. Dha Epa last than a tenth of the parent Omega Three gets converted to be. Where is one thousand times more parent Omega? Three in the body then there is the VA and when you look at the recommendations by the medical and health profession of how much fish oil to take their telling poor patients to take four and five grams day which is twenty two five hundred fold times. Physiologic overdose perspective. You take two aspirin to get rid of the headache fright. Taking two hundred and tell me how you feel. Don't do it. I'm being facetious. You would die. They're telling patients to do this on a daily basis the brain uses seven point two milligrams per day. That's it that would be where I started before. I Open my mouth until someone how much they need to take. How much is the US? National Institutes Health and the Department of Agriculture. Both did some experiments with radioisotope testing. I had to read these journal articles three times because I couldn't believe how liberal is used after seeing what the recommendations were and nobody's listening so the truth is right there. Fenway care to read and I'm one of the very few that do but the people that don't see my work never get it and I get emails from around the world and a daily basis. About how horrible fish oil has been but they kept taking it because the doctor recommended and then when they stopped it until the paranoia will the difference was phenomenal and laze in general. Do just just think about what professor said You know we? We are using high pharmaceutical doses as like using ten times. If I if you're you're prescribe the antibiotic four times a day. One type of four times a day taking forty four times a day. It doesn't make any sense your poisoning yourself. That's why I love this. This professor and I learned so much from him because a year ago. I I didn't know there's myself I have to be honest with you. Everybody's been great and watch. It's not your fault but now I know betters. That's why professors here to educate us and about these parents. Essential oils. We don't we don't want to poison ourselves we wanna live long we wanna keep our some membranes pliable let them do their work He doc Dr Warburg also influenced Professor Baskin. I always follow. Professor were Warburg. I should have known this but I didn't until professor PESCA and brought it to my attention so I'm sorry to interrupt but this is so critical for our listeners. Understand that they're being poisoned by these visual Marine Lipid capsules deaf and it's not just zero. It's a negative twenty. You literally are killing yourself. I wouldn't care if it just didn't work and say okay sort of making money on you free economy so what you want. This is actually killing you in. The average patient is trying like heck to help themselves. But they're getting misled absolutely. And that's why you're here today and that's why I appreciate you taking the time out so we this is. This is great and I invite our listeners to tell their friends about this program as I said it can be heard on Alexis Apple podcasts. I don't know there's so many spotify blueberry we're on all laser gentlemen you can hear talk at any time so And also we have a youtube channel that this'll be posted to tomorrow. Dr Rod so You know this information. You won't hear that many other places I mean you could go to the doctor PESCA. And he's on Youtube also professor peskine. But you know they're all it'll be a one spot it'll be on block talk radio and all the other platforms and when you do so. Let's get back. So we have the being overdosed and poisoned With the fish oils that are recommended by physicians and so-called nutritionist. And so here what happens? These fish oils. This place the parent Omega Six pair. Free One example. The one is the skin. The skin is one hundred percent pairing to make six. So when you take a massive dose official your body just can't get rid of it it puts it in all tissues improperly and what people need to know is I fish. Oil spontaneously goes rancid at room temperature room temperature. It smells. That's why you go into a supermarket and the fish area smells horrible. That's the fish going bad and I what happens. When Hits Ninety eight point six extra rancid is unbelievable and Rowen sent me phenomenal article? The warmer the temperature the water. The fish lives in the less. Dha Epa this has of the fourteen times last so cold water fish living at forty degrees compared with the warm water fish. Living at seventy degrees have fourteen times last. Dha Nicole Water fish where we do and we're going the opposite. We live at ninety eight six. And we're taking more and more. We're doing the exact opposite of nature killing ourselves. Pg One is the body's number one anti inflammatory arthritis conditions through the roof. Autoimmune Diseases are through the roof and these are all caused by a lack of fully functional parent mega six because it's all process so it's easy to fix most of these health conditions where our own worst enemy. I. It's like I have a Ferrari. Which is the human body. And I'm giving a diesel feel. Whose fault is that. We're giving a superb instrument your body the wrong fuel you give it. The right fuel takes eighteen weeks by the way to get rid of the fish oil around the tissues. There's been studies on that it takes about a year to get rid of most of the damage if you look at Brown age spots. That's all white skin. That is oxidized lipids. In the skin those will also be inside the tissue so if you have eight spots on the outside your organs on the insider disease with the same garbage to just think about that. They're everywhere. Major article just came out a year ago. The cardiac enzymes with fish oil in humans are down by half in the medic Andrea which means the energy for the heart is cut in half when you take this massive fish oil will that congestive heart failure burn just doesn't WanNa work. We have a massive epidemic of that and cardiovascular disease is the number one killer so follow this Fisher did anything why are the cardiologists offices? All overflowing and they are all over flowing. You have to start using critical thinking my God is everybody. Today is an idiot. But it's not their fault because they're if efficient they can't think there is no critical thinking. Physicians Aren't taught this in school. All they do is looking at a study and never ever ever forget. Studies are subject to manipulation. Logistics and doctors don't know statistics I don't you do and you were wanting to one to to bring up absolutely risk versus relative risk. Yeah and and the numbers and and nobody. Nobody talks about it. Nobody talks about a fan. Did it becomes obvious instantly. The stuff doesn't Work Stanton for example the most highly profitable drug category ever fourteen billion dollars. A year has a ninety nine percents failure rate one percent. Great put that in perspective. I give you a hundred iphones. Ninety nine blow up in your face and one works good job. That pharmaceutical companies nine and then doctors defend this talking about side effects of of killing you either. I'm just saying it doesn't work and doctors offended. The reason is because they have nothing else that they know of well. Taylor is so so I really hope people will hit by website and read. The books read the articles and and really learn some science without science. You're gone and if you don't want to spend a few hours God help you. If you're going to have a bad death you know just kick off you go slow. There's no reason at cancer. There's no reason to get heart disease cancer by the way for rush limbaugh. You just mentioned doesn't know any of this doesn't know Warburg's work because if you have full oxygenation in the tissue not just bloodstream. You can't get cancer. It's impossible I'm GONNA. I'm GonNa just go on a little tangent as we mentioned that the I was GonNa ask you about this in an email. But what's your feeling i? I know you've talked to Dr Rohan. He wrote a great review for you also about the pork together. Peo- solution my co author is Dr Rohan Indika together. So so hey you know. He's he believes in ozone you do agree with his great but you need to have injected into the bloodstream. The oils you can just take and the body so the oils are ozone on daily basis. Twenty four hours a day you campy. Oh my gosh you know. That's our big who now who. I never thought that I. Wow all right so lose. A professor Pasquin is our guest. Today he is the expert on parent essential oils. So let's let's just talk with. Let's summarize right now. Visuals are deadly. They are poisonous and not only poisonous. Like professor says they're negatively boys are. GonNa you're GONNA have an earlier death so you you know you. WanNa get rid of those right away. And what do you replace? The whip professor the the plant based seed oils so like easily come from sunflower seeds. Flower Seeds Evening Primrose. He Flax Seeds Pumpkin thieves. There's plenty of places to get them. The key is you need to know the right ratios and some of the specific oils that you want and it's not a feel for amateurs and there's very few in it and it's once you get it and it works for everybody within thirty days so you will see the effects in particular the energy. You're just e energizer bunny all day long. Anybody that's over sixty. Don't think. Oh you get older. You're just supposed to die. Yeah and and have no energy and you know being a nursing home like Zombie. No not at all so we. Just keep getting misled. So these are these are dosed according to wait because it actually makes the tissue everyone of those hundred trillion cells. And you don't need a lot. For example one little teaspoon of oils is good for a person wing one hundred sixty pounds if they have nothing wrong with them. Now course you can take more if you have Condition you're trying to help. But a little goes a long way so it helps a lot of chronic illnesses.

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