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"urnov jake" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"I don't really have a lot of money. But i like to drink. That's a good point. Hank but the great thing about giving blood is if you give blood you get drunk off like half beer towards so he actually very economic are you saying. Are you saying that like the people who have been doing outreach to try to get people to donate blood have just not been doing their job. They haven't been doing their job. He's been getting the message out there. I think you know what i think happened. I think a lot of people tried to do the whole thing for clout last year and they didn't have any follow through on audit. They weren't able to actually enact change. I think that we could actually encourage people here. And also if you if you donate blood you get like a little light headed if you mix that with a workout. You feel like you're a god. Almost you feel like you're this big behemoth of a man. All you do is watch football and eat meat. Tall sports i'm mueller. You are mr moon. I eat the most meet in this room. I'm just thinking that like you know you could save a life if you donate blood some down to think about i'm in i'm in county beserk of blood cult. We call it the bbc. You know what you you sold me all right you. You are a great salesperson when it comes to this. I'm just trying to be an ambassador for a home count right down. Mr meet counts for one pint of blood all right. Put me down for one. Yeah all right. My fire fest is that we would to find house in. I'm old and i'm tired. And i'm fucking like my. My whole body hurts from playing wiffle ball and wrestling with billy in the pool. Also i think that because we haven't been out in public doing things like taking pictures. We were just getting roasted every picture that was posted yesterday. People were just going over with a fine tooth. Comb being like look at this. Look at that look at this. Because that's what the internet loves to do and we haven't given them a chance to do that in a very long time. And there's going to be video coming out to great going to selectively edit that as well. i don't know i'm worried about myself. Yeah i mean it's not good it's the ba- the worst part about being fat is when people take picture of you. You look even fatter also fucked people that are like you don't have a six like i said that a week ago brought that don't have tackle and people like you like you have a six. Pack of my. Yeah i know. that's i said it that. I'm working to get this guy to do this for me. Awol's next time you wanna roast us post a picture yourself in the reply. I'll re tweet a good roast if you look hotter than all not only a picture of yourself a picture of herself standing at the exact same angle that standing out. Yeah this is. it is anglesey's and big time. And i'll i'll let you know that. I think all the pictures that hank posted online today. We're candid shots. That's always that's always real treatise really letting it all like of breath yes descending sideways were reaching out touching her knee because sore and we're definitely at the age where just spinning a day outside. If i'm outside for eight hours in a day the next day. I feel worse than any hangover. You could possibly give up. I don't wanna say i'm an indoor cat now. I wanna see we're victims in any way but we do get bullied really hard on whenever a picture drops when the new pictures drop. It is a row show. It's bad any of what. Unfortunately it's a row show. Every time i look in the mirror every morning. So i see it. I know i've got to tighten it up. We'll get better. Mr meat is back but yeah playing wiffle ball and wrestling with billion. The pool was along. What else do we play. Demi amen fun it was okay. I enjoyed demi rose okay. It's hard like there was a lot of moments when we're playing jimmy where it's like. What are we doing here. I got a couple. Who is crazy was. Jake was dominating at jimmy and he didn't even have his glasses on. I know. I think jake just wears glasses. Because he thinks it makes them look more professional. There was a moment. And i'm sure if you want to go see stool seed sell there but We started just playing a game of like football rugby hybrid with a greased up and just wrestling wrestling. Billy and after like twenty minutes of it. I was like ow. My wrist hurts owl. My knee hurts. Like why am i wrestling. Twenty two year old. This is a very good way to hurt myself. I realized it was about time to hang up when i glen. E balls apologized to me twice for kicking me in the ball at that point. And say okay. I don't i. Don't i don't be have my virility and fertility stolen via glen e balls. Big toe was hanging off. Billy as you try to get a water out of his hands like what are you doing with your life which was a great host. He's being out there people pleaser. I do wanna go to his house again and again especially in the summertime. More local ball. I love being in long island. We gotta stretch on his pool. Yeah he did say long island long island people. Now i guess because they love us out there All right billy. Urnov jake. And then billy billy wrap it up with fire fest in a recap couple. Things shot out the matches them three minutes. Twenty five seconds in the billy balloon popping electric nearly almost through darts at us. But that was very funny. It was bad. Beat too because he was done at about two minutes or so and then the last one was real doozy Second earlier in the show. You guys china with paul rebel about a potential proposal. Oh i'm here to say breaking news. This is breaking news. I can't do it moves. Go ahead go ahead. I did it really do it. Those it.

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