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"uriel william" Discussed on I Mean... Why Not?!

I Mean... Why Not?!

09:05 min | 10 months ago

"uriel william" Discussed on I Mean... Why Not?!

"To this week's podcast cat let hey either massage as well. I think this is funny because we just released swell. MM swelled swells are so high your Hawaii. I'm just dreaming. We just released our podcast today for last last week's podcast and I love some comments coming in about your pants. I know it's finally funny so update. Did you get new pants now. What we're GONNA take all y'all bill but the thing is I have. I feel like those are fine. I'M NOT GONNA get pressured pressured in my pants and buying new ones we clearly have to do an intervention for all in ranch in it this dish intervention you ratatouille work on me no literally. We're going to have to pick the girl up sticker car. Drive have other genes so I'm wearing now. Needs toes are these to lose too. They're not oh my God my night they are to lose our other genes and the thing is they're styled a little bit. They'd be like the boyfriend Jay little bit more boyfriend yeah so those get a path. You know what I I almost did to. Piss you off or they. Literally almost word the white ones that are even bigger. Oh you would have been like hey what's up. She's wearing for all of you get a pass because they can be considered boyfriend jeans which I also wearing boyfriend jeans today and to big to me for me because they're supposed supposed to be see my thing is there's a there's a time and place for like really tight jeans like for skinny but mine were just like regular comfortable. I just wanted to say Jean Shirt type of deans which you wouldn't do anything about tight fit. It'd be different if you wore those boykin jeans and we would have given you like pass. Whatever whatever but it's been funny to watch everybody the comments early everyone's so curious about whether or not you bought new do now like that was fun then guys thanks commenting on all of the the commenting on the com- commenting hours funny but that was a fun little event last week though getting wet jeans? Keri got so funny how one how many times throughout the week I told people I got into midas pants the what literally like literally had to explain. It's funny yeah. Let's talk about Uriel William. Oh Yeah we get we get this tax relief Gary Walker but it made me so happy. I can't even tell you why Brawl Dahlia finally broke through with you. We had either way at a moment breakthrough for me this week so it was just tough to come to this conclusion but go ahead. We get a text from I'm Carrie that says okay out of the blue random like okay. I'm listening to a podcast on ingratitude in on a walk and I think I need is like so dramatic adage dot dot dot to dot dot dot order waiting and she's all dramatic a big huge letters planner planner and I literally was like Oh no way like did this really does come from Kerry at least green enshrouded it to like hold it again changed mind against it because I know hosting thing. I'll let the world know that we broke. We broke through yet break. SNL linked to go to like a planner resistance recovery so I literally what happened is so I sent her. She's like send me the link now. Before I change my mind they got it though right ordered it within minute well. Here's what's so weird is she. Ordered it in like a minute and I'm like how did you not spend like days 'cause me. I'm like the researcher and I'm looking up every like I want pictures of each page. I want to know what it looks like an all. You have options over honor biopsy yeah option. What's the best deal. Do you want the vertical because I was like well. You have to choose a vertical way out. This is a lot of the law and then she literally ah I ordered this this one I was like you. You're you're you order is expected to have but here's expected to have a sit down with her and give her. Her op wanted to say like an experience I wanted I wanted her to get the personalized cover covered. She cared around that later. Oh so here's the deal and then. She said she shows me what she ordered and I'm looking at it. Going you know you ordered the monthly plan like who does that like what's the point and and I'm like you didn't even have a we have a weekly section here weeklies. No there's not an might be big now and it's a monthly only okay so boring. I could have gone to the dollar tree and got one okay all the day care student so I'm like you know you're not and she goes does well. I have to start small and I'm like what's the point okay. I don't know I have a brilliant idea. I think you and I should chip in since she. I'm not by herself fire at home better idea. I think you should chip in me. A Louis Vitton never pull right. You know what we're waiting for you to buy that. We'll go with you. I I would be an eager for me to order my thirty eight dollars planners so you do you should Roy Com Jerry Palm. I broke through the planner resistance and I'm excited five really get it but I just hope that you're you know it's everything you need in because I get to actually plan out your appeared days now or just to look at no distant why let's get an ear nor sounding like of course minus sold me on the planner right because she's the hard sell right right. She can sell you anything I would literally be in the Sahara Desert and she could tell me an umbrella at about a pair of them because I'd be like like I don't know I might need this umbrella in the desert Sunday. 'cause she's good make sense. I mean even okay so I got a call today from no this week from my mom who's buying the prescriptive jobs I and then my sister said she's buying your literally and this is all because Mida she Chris Grills crat hate. Prescriptive script is we should like we should not we get nothing from this year but the planner yeah so anyway the idea but you want it for gratitude. No you guys want it for being organized and I feel like I got my phone for that right so you keep trying to sell me on that and I was just like I don't know I have my phone. I have I have a calendar in my phone and so and I have a notes page and I use those a lot and so I did just didn't feel like I needed paper planner for that but she was like she was a writer and she did this whole thing on gratitude and she was saying every day. You should open up a planter or whatever and you write down okay. She talked about Vision Vision Boards. I was like a out Christina vision words but then she talked about writing down and looking at your goals true you do and she talked about the monthly and this is what I thought was really cool. You Start Your Day off writing like sort of how you feel that day in what your plans are and what you just right for like ten minutes about like your goals for your day cleaner might it'd be okay because it's an errand contract when probably has the monthly has pages in within the months that have like blank pages or go all pages journal so I'm thinking it'd be good. They do have journal planners so journal gratitude planners that are for that permits credit now. Are you tell me I know you didn't go to Grad way back me the time to be able to explain things to you because just like a minute knew what you should be. You should be a life coach for planners like you should have sit down consultations with people oh you should and you should be this coach coaches people through the process of ordering a planner how my gosh saddest thing sit yeah consultation life planning knows. I nearly sure you sit them down and you say tell me what you want from your planner and develop this whole thing for them. They could send me while I do. Do you feel like I need to develop my own plane. 'cause I'm so specific by the things I need in it because even the one I have. I'm like I wish it had this or I wish it had space for you. You're good at it and I feel like if if you could get through my if you could get through my resistance you can do anything girl..

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