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"uranga jesse" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"Here happy Broccoli Day honey bee. Yeah I mean talk about like listen. I don't I don't often get onto my environmental soapbox but those those I mean talk about a single serve balloon. I guess they all are single. Serve but that was for a very brief at those are doing need renowned balloon forum. Catch us to a banner. Yeah A great yeah. Those are not. They're not they are literally not. They're not funny. They are not a joke. There are serious shit all over. Gs Prompt Ben. What well what they have to do is after the Prom Attorney Joe Parties that way they can put the P at the end of the word and now let's see you're making a second use of the letters. I'm okay with that poem. Want fucking bitch wife warm. Thanks to clean up the mess you just take out. The are Uranga Jesse map map so the. Us anagram deloris is getting Freddie. Frankie Frankie Frankie Dolores. Getting Frankie ready for Prom and she's like come on Frankie come down you WANNA see it. Sucks of Frankie. Look at you up. Mom's here mom. Would you bring cookies all right? So modern get your boot near but she got you a cookie so he opinions to your lapel okay. This is an E. L. Fudge. All right. That looks very nice. And you're very handsome with your E. L. Fudge cookie on your lapel. He's like let me let let let grandma only see me. Little increments is going to be too much for seeing the whole tax. Yeah it's like opening up the entire box of Mala Mars do much for grandma. It's like reverses dripping with grandma. Thank shirt. I'm so proud. Oh my God. He's at both I and all that Sita jacket and assured that both sides out. Wait till I tell you a Father Dolores. He's doing so well with his eating all his ice cream. He toasts it. I reduce half the calories running. Did you ever go to prom? Hail no no way I never went to Prom. Never asked never was asked hated. Hated everybody who went there. I read Kerry while people were at Prom not even getting ready for the second time. What people are a prompt because we know how that ends and if you down you're missing a good book did you go? Hell Yeah I wanted from. It had non sexual experiences but every problem when I went to five. Proms actually kind of high school. Thought displaced thought you fuck you oh? I was only too happy my junior year. I went to junior prom and I went to junior prom with Rebecca I can't remember her last name all of a sudden which is ridiculous because we're facebook friends and then I then. I went to a senior prom with the Kim mass. This and we That was a problem that was on a boat that went around Manhattan which was like a circle lines that was very glamorous and then then the next year. I went to my friends so I went to my friend's senior prom a in Connecticut and then I went to Mir I was Miriam Ackerman's data her junior prom. But then I had some sort of weird gastrointestinal cramping so. I had to leave after the problem. Which is so me and then for my senior prom. It was like a hotel somewhere. So those were my problems. Five problems but I was gave so very non-sexual and very platonic platonic experiences across the board. Yeah not me I was like your fucking idiots have fun have fun at your idiot dance. I remember there was a big controversy because Because I was like the prom the prom while I was I was cl- I was the class. Vp senior years. So I was like the at the class officers. Have to put together the problem and There was a big. I remember having a clashing with a girl named Meredith about what should be served at the prom and I was. I was pushing hard core like chocolate cheesecake and she was pushing hard core for an ice cream. Sunday and it was an issue. There was a big issue about that went to one. I think it was like a homecoming dance or something and my mom made me go. 'cause you know my mom was like a junior league and she was like mortified that. I was in like black combat boots smoking cigarettes with the the wall. You know in the back so I went to win the theme that I remember was Knighton White Satin. Because you remember that song no tune worth certain. Of course I love that song so that was the theme of this dance and I went to a and I was like no one's even wearing white. These fucking morons. This is what happened. Like people are too stupid even wear white like I can't I'm done. The theme of our senior Prom was the rose based on the Bette. Midler the rose. Well that's another reason. I did not choose and I did not use that theme I did not. I mean I. I put all my eggs. Chocolate cheesecake basket. Let's talk a high school dance and theme it after a movie about drug addiction and life loss sounds great. Yeah I did not. I was actually opposed to the theme because it was the theme of the problem the year before and I was like we're not doing the rose again and we'd love it. We love it. We're doing it again and you were on the closet back then so you're probably like. Oh my God please. Don't put that Midler in my prom. God knows our react. You're going to be triggering. Have it be someone very strict? Why can't this be a brooks and Dunn Prom okay? So Frank gives her the Teresa's house and he's a story about worship and then Melissa tells everybody Oh yeah we're going to the shore. Delors is doing the tread and gorgeous gorgeous. Like what I wrote. Why Not Gorka says why not why. I don't know 'cause I didn't write down the line before. Well he probably also he says why not. Everything like wants more Broccoli job. Why not like fuck with Melissa. Not Why not know? The issue is Melissa. Thinks that because they're reminiscing on the Jersey shore and Melissa she thinks that basically Jennifer and Jack in March. They're not sure that they're going to like the Jersey shore because they're not really from there and they're more of a Hamptons vibe the Jersey shore vibe so maybe that's why Joe is like why not okay. So bill and gender L. over ill during that thing where he just sits and watches. Jennifer get dressed any seven prim and proper with his back straight up his eyebrows alert. Yeah he's like honey. I'm home Where.

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