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Are we living in the Brooks Koepka era?

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05:01 min | 3 years ago

Are we living in the Brooks Koepka era?

"<hes> on. Would we go. We got five topics number. One has everything to do with Brooks. KEPCO ABC Brooks won the W._g._C. Fedex Saint Jude Sunday forget how he did it or who he beat he won. That's a matter of fact it is his seventh to her win. Six of those have come in the last three years for them have been major championships. He's number one in the world. He's going finish this year at that spot unless someone goes crazy and so I asked you to think about Gulf history are we living in the Brooks kept get era yeah. We are undeniably undoubtedly. I think everyone still getting used to it. I think Brooks kept guy is even still getting used to it. I mean listen what he said in his press conference after his win. Yesterday he said you know it's always nice to squeak out a victory over probably the best player right now the best player referring to rory mcilroy who's clearly. I'm not the best player right now. We'll get more rory in a second but there was no doubt who the best player on the golf course was yesterday once he made his Birdie Putt in rory missed on number three there was just this sense of inevitability <unk> gravity. Whatever it is that happens when kept good takes control of Golf Tournament? Usually we see that a major championship in this case it was a flat W._G._C.. <hes> but it really underscored the sense is that when this guy is on he is the king all right so then for the twenty tense. Let's talk about the Erez I mean I think there are three yeah. I don't know Oh man. I know what you think this entire conversation yes. The beginning of the twenty tens. The first era is the tiger hangover your is tiger for one is still dealing with the wake of his infidelity to he's not playing as well. He's got all these injuries so then the second era is the Rory era rory takes over he wins four majors in in. I don't know five years a bunch of other winds on both tours the European tour and the P._G._A.. Tour he is number one player in the world. He is the second coming they say of Tiger Woods whether yeah that's true it's probably not then the third era I think is the Brooks era in which I mean there is no Jason Day speed or D._J.. Iran what do you think well. I mean it's funny. I looked at this 'cause I was thinking about in article. All this happens sometimes get deepened articles that never quite make it to fruition but this whole idea of you know this game of thrones were there is a power vacuum or board guys were battling for that top spot and not just the world number-one ranking but truly truly like golf's heavyweight title belt the championship belt. You're not just number one by name but you are undoubtedly the best player in the world by any definition and it went around and around and around in this post Tiger Tiger Post Rory Era D._J.. J._T. Speed Jason Day there. I mean they're all these guys that were rotating around. Justin rose got in there kept. I got in there for a second <hes>. It's not until recently we probably at the P._G._A.. <hes> that Brooks really staked his claim to the throne. None of those dudes had it for more than one year now speed is one three majors was makes you think there is an era their speed era <hes> what he won on them during an incredible Twenty fifteen year yeah twenty sixteen he didn't he didn't play well in twenty sixteen. He won a couple times on tour but that was it twenty seventeen. He gets his British open and his anything since like D._J.. A._J.. He wins at oakmont. Here's a great year after that then he doesn't win for a little bit of so Jason Day has like seven wins and twenty five starts really hot for one year fades after that Justin rose gets the number one wins onto a couple of times fades after that these things they don't. There's no sustenance yeah well. I think I mean you know you said if you look at these quote Unquote Erez if you look at deejays era you need signature wins to define these things and the W._g._C.'s we have learned they you know for for all the the might the strength of field they cannot carry a player's legacy there to there to flat. They're good window-dressing in for Brooks kept good. That's exactly what this is. This is what this is best is non major win right. It's over strong field limited field but still really strong field. It's over Rory mcilroy the number three plan player in the world but it really supports his body of work in an important way for how we look at Kapka and I think that that made yesterday huge for him numb number one in the field in strokes gain putting by the way yesterday and for the week he gained what almost ten strokes putting this week so you know watching him. It just looks like oh he's not missing missing a shot in sitting in the middle of every green managing his way around now yesterday he got up and down all seven times that he missed the green <hes> he gained almost three strokes on the field

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