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"university warwick" Discussed on Fun with Bells - bell and handbell ringing interviews

Fun with Bells - bell and handbell ringing interviews

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"university warwick" Discussed on Fun with Bells - bell and handbell ringing interviews

"Could you put it? He always pushed US pushed us. Quite hard pushes caught so I rang my first pill in February and a couple of months later. I'd repeal enjoy that that's how he inspired us and then I went to University Warwick and obviously I'm near Birmingham so road pipe and Peter Boarder. Just great friends. An fantastic ringers. Pita told me how during heavy battles I wanted to be heavy bell ring. An was a bit like you you you you have your football or cricketing heroes and you think you never meet them. And when I read the ringing world so released fantastic names and I met them and they became friends. Isn't that fantastic Peter? Petri inspired me to do all sorts of things raining heavy bells and I was really lucky. I I ran the tenure Liverpool single hands to appeal twenty S and. I think I was the second person today. Any firm YUP say well done boy. He always call me boy. And then we'll tie well a legend Just inspiring drink coming His Son David. Equally talented and brilliant. And we're all family friends superheroes also my friends So Oh the things we did in Birmingham fantastic and the hardest thing I've ever done in ringing was give the tribute at Rhodes funeral a fantastic on absolutely fantastic thing today. And chatting wrecking and I was typical to road pressure. Right up to the end and so many others among my best friend David Brown. Just just fantastic but will. I love seeing now as a generation of Rina's coming through who have so much talent and obscene my loan. Thanks records broken. Mitch's fantastic said people always pushing the boss the heroes on only the ones who are in the past. But you can see the new heroes coming along by Tom. Hanks and Jack Page just phenomenal. Talent absolutely phenomenal so long may continue so here is heroes on. Aren't just people in the past? There are people in the future as well. Marcus there anything else that you wanted to cover that. We haven't covered there is I think I think one of the A one. What ringing ringing Disney the law change and I think we need to get past the institutions bitch all belong to the past to move forward and say this I mean ringing associations and say they have to change it just these boundaries county boundaries boundaries on relevant anymore the whale was very. I have more in common with rings and Adelaide. Then I do twenty miles down the road in Worcestershire. So I think that's important in how we read we have too many boundaries. Nothing they stop as moving forward and I think the next thing that's really important in ringing serious leadership and just leading large groups of people in leading the engagement with the church engagement Moscow's engagement with communities and that's a massive responsibility and I think it's starting to happen because that's one of the great benefits of social media that we all hooked up and people practice but it will always be slightly controversial because I think 'cause ringing is site based in tradition it sometimes sensitive oversensitive to change. So that's that's that's something I think about a lot. What do you think can be done? Well hopefully hopefully I get it right. We have a fantastic bandit was succeed. Joins about my think forty. I can never quite count everybody. And we have a young ringers and de very talented and my cat is for them to do things. And it's not just ringing pills ringing. Heavy battles is about leading people teaching ringing and every other week. I don't run the practice on the other rings. They do it. They may come to meeting with me about something with the Cathedral. So that saying the scope of the job because I think twenty percent of my time is in the ringing room. The rest is outside and so set about succession tool. So that is a fantastic place to be was pushing pushing to do more. And aband- has a set of shared values. And that's very team thing. So firstly the ringing room is safe. And then it's welcoming and everyone puts we before I am not so valued set which which I think can be adopted every way about we let Sam as radical. I think you know to to to to look up. We've got a most delightful young ring code. Sam Trigger. Who is who was ten a couple of weeks ago and about a year ago he found a little note off the towers where the towers stewards saying. I love your bells. Som- triggered A. I think he was at eight south to well. That's really sweet. And then his mum and dad go in touch with US and some trigger now age ten strapped Liverpool Cathedral. Ten with me. The young ring is competition me Ranga Cathedral and so I asked his mum said has he landed yet said about a about Thursday or Friday. He might come and it's moments like that. That is doable. Now we if we can teach ringing if we can have teaching central Sedro and do what we do. It was too. You can do anything anyway. I think that's what I'm saying. There are many twenty towers with a ten over forty eight hundred eight hundred fifty towers but twelve bells. So I'm living rarefied world and it's a real privilege and it's it's an enormous responsibility now. That ten year old boy can go to the cathedral and but he wasn't just on his own. He was with loads of other young ringers. Having a chance to bring on this great heavier bows and all credit to matt and Len Luke Stage and David Hull for they did that was just fantastic. And that was inspiring. They'll all go away with fantastic memories and have this belief you I can ring. There is not summit special and they come and ring. It was dangerous because all young ring is unfazed by was to Cathedral. I mean they really hard touring. They're just phased so I think that's how it's especially empowering that's the idea anyway apart from the task irregularly ring at what are your favorite ring of bells and Y has to be scenario And then and then lightened budget. However tomorrow I'M GOING DOWN TO COON. Flory which is in Somerset Natanson. And there are a lovely Taylor sex and his way evening. War is buried is one of my favorite writers again. I dislike going to unusual places like that but there are so many fantastic sales in this country and I think we all is such a privileged have access to all these fantastic places that that there will favorites. And if they're not in. Good NICK THEM UP. If they're really awful re cost them at their really historic. Keep them so all of it or whatever. I'm what remarkable things have happened to you. That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't taken it bell ringing. Oh the people without a doubt. The friendships the community the Sabrina Cool Acadia ups and downs. Sometimes that's very rab. The enormous support. You have an much. Children might be happy about for Bell. Ringing. So that's why is it is it. Is People the friendships. We talked about heroes earlier amid massive people in my life absolutely massive. And they do not and I say continue is always always people.

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