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"university padua" Discussed on The Scholarship Shark Podcast

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"university padua" Discussed on The Scholarship Shark Podcast

"It and how your team can get involved? College is expensive, but there is financial help available. You just need to know where to find it with her experience in helping her son when more than seven hundred thousand dollars in Scholarship Money Pam, Andrews shares advice that helps high school. Students get into their dream, college and secure scholarships that will pay for it. Parents and deans is your place to gain practical easy to follow advice on the college process as well as tips from pass, scholarship winners, and now here's your host of the scholarship, Shark podcast Pam Andrews. Welcome back to another episode of the Scholarship Sharp Podcast I'm Pam Andrews your host, and in today's episode. I'm going to talk about student activism. So today is part one of a two part miniseries on student activism today I'm going to talk about the history of student activism some way students can get involved and then next week and Linda share a few scholarships for student activists, so there's a lot going on in our world right now, and at first you know early spring or late winter it was corona virus, and now more recently has been the rage killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer in a summer. That already felt uncertain. Some students are countering that feeling of helplessness with action so student activism is not new and has long been. been a catalyst for political and societal change, many movements have advanced because of student action and colleges the place where you can find like minded friends who care about what you care about, and it can also be the place where your beliefs are challenged, so let's talk about the history of student activism in order to help students understand their role as activists in this continuum. It's important to know the history of student activism at different times throughout the world while many students most likely learn about civil rights movement of the fifties in the sixties in history class. It is unlikely that students were taught activism. So, let's go back in time to the Sixteenth Century fifteen o seven to be exact professors at the University Padua wanted to cancel the student celebration of Carnival. That's their equivalent of spring. Break instead of partying. In Venice, students were told to ten lectures on aristotle now Venice Italy had had a reputation for political stability, a strong balanced government and I'm going to read you an excerpt from the book titled. Ritual and Renaissance Venice written by Edward Mirror a professor of history and Italian at northwestern university, so check this out. In January fifteen o seven, the serious-minded minded faculty at the University of Padua decided to lecture through the Carnival season, thereby to eliminate the liturgically unnecessary but customary vacation. Hoping perhaps to save their students from folly, and from the beckoning festivities of nearby Venice. that. Hope was a mistake. The students rioted smashing the classroom benches and beating any tutors who dare to discourse on Aristotle or gallant. Carnival was a time to be seriously playful and gaily disrespectful effect. These students fully appreciate it as most everyone else except their unredeemable e prudish or those who obliged to care for public safety and morality. The students of course did not want to miss the fun, but they're. Riots revealed more than disappointment. For an attacking their mentors and destroying the seats of their labor, they were themselves partaking in the Liberation of Carnival. Exercising their wills against their masters, turning the world upside down in a way they would rarely attempt at any other time of the year. So we see this as an early form of student activism and apparently at work because they didn't try to cancel their spring break again. So let me share a few other student, activists, moments and examples. There are many other times of of student activism in the US and around the world where students learn more about understanding, their role is activist and just a few include the Vietnam war protests. TNN Square Arab. Spring and Occupy Wall Street. So, let's talk about why student activism. Why is it important for students to get involved well activism help students connect learning to the real world, and it allows them to make an impact while adults may question the passion behind the students participation in a 'cause students, protests continues to be a way to make societal changes students who are aware of and concerned about the wrongs they see in society and view they view activism as a way to ensure that their voices are heard and a way for them to make a difference. Now. Let's talk about what colleges think about student activism. Well, research has shown that students engage in activism. Re educational benefits such as developing. An inclination to continue in their political aspirations well into their mid lives. They acquire a greater sense of social responsibility and identity consciousness. Studies have also shown that beneath contentions and dissatisfaction around protests, students on campuses with a culture of Activism and advocacy, experienced increases in critical, thinking civic engagement and a commitment to a larger community. Now some campus leaders, maybe student activism as dreaded fires to be exterminated where others view it as flames that need to be fanned, and for colleges that welcome it. They recognize that by expressing dissent. Students are constructing ideas that one day may provide solutions to some of our nation's most urgent and complex problems, so I'm going to Lincoln article by cataracts. Does Com titled Twenty Twenty Best Colleges for advocacy and social activism because of spending four years with other politically minded. Students is really important to you than it's worth the investment in time to find a school. That's a good fit. K. 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