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New York governor says Buffalo shooting was "white supremacy terrorism"

Fox News Sunday

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New York governor says Buffalo shooting was "white supremacy terrorism"

"Being charged with first degree murder for allegedly shooting 13 people Saturday afternoon Kendra is pleading not guilty Authorities believe the crime was racially motivated Gendron is white 11 of the victims black New York governor Kathy hochul is called the gunman a white supremacist who was engaged in an act of terrorism Finland is taking steps to join NATO Here's Scott Carr The decision was announced at a joint news conference by Finland's president and prime minister who note the move could take months to finalize as it would still have to be ratified by the country's parliament and approved by all 30 members of NATO The U.S. ambassador to Russia John Sullivan says Moscow threatening Finland over the issue is right out of the Kremlin's playbook The fact that Russia is a threatens in other countries like Finland should they dare to exercise their sovereign rights in shocking frankly Finland's decision to join the U.S. led alliance was triggered by the Ukraine war the Scandinavian countries shares an 830 mile long border with Russia I'm Dina kodiak

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