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"university michigan law school" Discussed on The Michael Knowles Show

"That moment never occurs but you prepare as best you can. I know that day. I saved countless lives. I know members of congress as well as my fellow officers and staff were in and in serious danger. And that's my job. I don't think he killed countless lives regardless or that he saved countless lives. I don't i don't know about his claim about his training. He did what he was supposed to do. And maybe it was a fair shot. I don't know that an investigation or trial actually determine that but i don't think he saved countless lives. Do you know why because because no one was killed that day. Except for ashley babbitt. So you're telling me of all the people that were in the capital of all the people in all the places the only one who was posted a deadly threat was ashley babich. She was going to kill people. No one else. Not not the horn guy not the lectern guy not any of the other people. Just actually babbitt and that's why this unarmed woman was shot to death by this cop and no one's asking questions. I'm not. I'm not even saying the guy should go to jail. It is certainly the case that if it was a white cop killing a black woman or a pro-trump cop killing a democrat woman. The guy would be in guantanamo bay. The guy would have had his life he would have been docked we would have heard from him much sooner than this family would be threatened. He would certainly be in jail at least if not executed. But it's a black cop. Defending the democrats killing a trump supporter. So totally find there. Won't there won't be a thorough investigation abyss and there should be certainly should be he. He references strengthening speaking of training. The new york times has really descending to a new low against larry elder. You know larry. Elder the libertarian somewhat conservative candidate. Who's doing very very well friend of ours and doing very very well Running in the recall for california. So you remember. La times called him the the black face of white supremacy than the la times came out and said because he cleaned his gun six years ago that he's actually a wife. Beater is a threat to america. Or something like that. Now new york times upping the the anti here by calling him an affirmative action case. That's the line. The the new york times writes what admitted to brown university under an early affirmative action program. Mr elder the second of three sons. Stay away from california for years. Moving to the university michigan law school and becoming a lawyer and legal recruiter in ohio. He's an affirmative action case. He wouldn't have gotten into brown otherwise you see. He only got in because he was black. So says the new york times by that logic every single black person who gets admitted to any college in america just about isn't affirmative action case but they don't they don't refer to all the other lawyers that way do that you don't hear them refer to forget even the lawyers anyone gets into any college in the country. Nicole hannah affirmative action case nicole. Hannah jones affirmative action case joy reid affirmative action case maxine. Waters no in fact. We're told that you're a horrible racist. If you suggest that black people get into college because of affirmative action now we we know that. Affirmative action gives an advantage to black students. They don't need test scores that are as high. They don't eat grades that are As white students students so that seems unjust in and of itself. But we're told if you ever call a black person and affirmative action case you're a vicious vile racist unless you're the new york times doing it against elder in which case this completely cheap shot larryelder. Very intelligent guy. I suspect he could have gotten into a good school on his own. But clarence thomas made this. Point in his memoir. He said he was one of the greatest jurists in the country. Extraordinarily intelligent guy. He graduated yale. Law school top law school in the country and he had trouble getting a job because people thought he was affirmative action case. And that's one of the reasons. He hates affirmative action because he says i could have done it on my own new york times using that using their their own programs which they say are compassionate using it as a way to undermine this black guy on the basis of skin speaking of black men who need no affirmative action. Kanye west baby. I haven't listened to the album. Yep and he's got a new album coming out. It's called donde and i maybe we'll do an analysis of the album at some point. He's got a cool new gadget that he used to mix the album. That it's like this very innovative. The coincidentally a friend of mine built so. That's cool in and of itself. But what i want to focus on here. Is he had a listening party for this last night. And the central set piece was chapel with a big cross and the action on stage he actually had marilyn manson. They're kind of representing. Devil is marilyn. Manson is probably the most famous satan in the country and was representing spiritual warfare. And i just thought amid all the crazy madness. That's going on right now. There is a little glimmer of hope. There's always a little glimmer of hope even as the world the case which is that the most famous popular musician in the.

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