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NCAA rules Memphis freshman James Wiseman ineligible for 12 games

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03:58 min | 4 years ago

NCAA rules Memphis freshman James Wiseman ineligible for 12 games

"Never convince me that penny hardaway a was just by cannon out money to a mom because the mom wanted to move to be close to the daughter if the mom son was a mid major player. I bet that doesn't happen. It happened because James Wideman was the best prospect his age literally in the world. Okay so that's that's his version But even if you accept the more likely realistic not dumb virgin which is now he was trying to get. James is in high school to play basketball for east high school so he could win a state championship. That still doesn't rise to the level of what these cases usually are in other words. Penny Hardaway was a memphis booster. Yes and he provided money to a mother of of a student athlete. A recruit a student athlete true but it wasn't to get James Wiseman to go to Memphis. It was to get as many go to east high school and so that's unusual. That's not the way these things normally work now. I do think you can start to connect some dots here. Because Penny has said that he had no idea when he provided that money to James Wiseman and it allowed to move to Memphis. He had no idea that he was going to be Memphis head coach in one day recruit James. Listen to Memphis and I can't tell you what he had hit so I can't say that's is not true. I can just tell you that. I had an idea that he would be the head coach Memphis in fact on the day. James Wiseman moved to Memphis. I said this is why. You've got fire W. Smith after this season in higher penny hardaway it because if you wait another season as minority be signed to Kentucky but if you do it after this season after James's junior year of high school then at some point either before or during his senior year of High School Penny Hardaway could bring him and the other players that ever relationships with to the University of Memphis so it penny didn't have any idea it was going to happen. That's fine but I had a very clear idea. That not only should happen that it probably could and it actually did so. Oh I do think you can reasonably say and it was interesting because the incident late term this a recruiting inducements and I think you can reasonably caught a recruiting inducement. And here's how the eleven thousand five hundred dollars that went to wise. Mother is what led to him being east high school and him being at East High School at at least contributed to Penny Hardaway. Getting the job and I don't think there's any way to intelligently argue that that financial commitment mid-may that he made to the family didn't help him. Recruit James Wiseman to the university Memphis. I I don't WanNa go on off like ten minute tangent but like. How many degrees breeze removed is that from Mike Boynton hiring Kenan Cunningham to his staff geographic advantage in addition to a familiar one or USC doing the same thing? With the Mobley's you're providing a financial opportunity for the family to be closer to a geographic region. Now that's legal. I have no problem with them. Hiring you're like what like how many degrees separated really from all of that. No listen I'm with you know doing what Penny Wise Men's mother to get. Get James Wiseman eight really that much different than when I say it's less I think it's I don't think I think it's less offensive. Well here's here's the thing. Whatever were you think's offensive not offensive? I got here's the problem. One is allowed. The other is not answering. Wanted to boil down to that. That's what it's always going to boil down to and if you want to change the roles I've said it a million times. Put me in charge. GimMe all the power. I'll change all the roost rules tomorrow. But the rules are the rules as long as they're in place and what might Boynton I did is allowed. And what Penny Hardaway did is not allowed and it really is simple as that you can hate the instable a all you want. I Hate I'm too but this is an undeniable violation and when Memphis started down the path that started it created additional problems that they did not I need to create.

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