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History of Color  S2, Ep. 03  King Kalakaua

History of Color

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History of Color S2, Ep. 03 King Kalakaua

"Hello listeners a little heads up. This episode contained some swearing. Thanks for listening this story. You've entered into a journey with allegra and marina to people of color searching for other people of color and events that helped shape american history. We are not historians with degrees but are adults enthusiastic about the story of the others and how it affects america. Today this is history of color would welcome to history of color. I am allegra and ambrosiano. And this time we talk about king. Coca-cola also known as the murray monarch yes so Thank you because. I know that you having trouble saying his name on like you said fine off mike. So that's awesome. You did right. Yes at least and then we're going to have our guest as we did wrong but that's okay and continually taught pronouncing it right so can call a coward. I learned about this gentleman. While i was listening to another podcast and i was like in. They introduce him as the most interesting man in the world of the world in the world like the original one. You know what. I mean just because of all the different accolades in things that he accomplished accomplishments and whatnot and and i was like holy crap. This dude sounds pretty awesome. Yes so got. Unfortunately with at this time last year Kind of research him and it was hard. Find much i think about him from a stateside right because there's a lot i think there's more information in hawaii Particularly in the university of hawaii. Not a ton of work. And i. And i believe i guess might have mentioned that to in our interview that there. There's a lot or not in a research that there's a lot of Information has been gathered because he did have kind of a negative connotation whenever people brought him up or at least there was a lot of that along with people who pays him a lot of people who brought up a lot of negative May maybe like made them thought more infamous and famous. You know what. I mean right and P alani with whom we will be having our discussion on the second part of this episode Had a different understanding of the nickname. The merry monarch than i did win. I was researching about this This person so it's interesting because part of the reason why His information is contradictory is. Because it's going from english speakers people who were writing about him From the us or English speaking perspective versus people from his nation from his co. kingdom who were writing about him in native language and so there's a lot of You know kind of mixed messaging in regards to this this king and It's interesting because you kind of have to like decide who you want to believe. I choose to leave the people who were actual Parts of his kingdom who were reporting on things that he was doing and kind of like Coming from a he's not a savage he's an actual like pert living breathing person. Who understands what the was going on in the day and was trying very desperately to save his kingdom from being you know taken over by other countries including the us so you know that's the interesting part about how narratives get Disseminated you know. And how information can get skewed and the source in which the main source that we use to Do this episode is from a person who did a lot of research and Brings up the two contradictory Attitudes that people had about king Kalra and let me let me clarify something here about research like the time that we're looking him up. There was really only one book on him. That was In autobiography per se and it was written by a british. A british I don't know if he was historian. A writer whatever so to be honest with. I didn't want to get that book because it was basically a gentleman who followed him on his world. Tour can collect our went on kind of world tour to visit other countries monarchy's whatnot. You know he was trying to learn. But also the ambassador for the hawaiian people Because he wanted like you're saying he wanted to preserve his Kingdom his monarchy has people his language. All those things in stories. Everything i mean. He was really. He was an advocate for the hawaiian culture and to maintain its richness and history So to me. I feel like because of the sentiment by the by the west by the us and uk in particular there there is this notion that all they're savages. You know because they're not white and they're from highland. What are they know about anything while they had very high literacy percentage so the folks in hawaii were illiterate people and so they had many newspapers and magazines and different writings about what was going on in the day to day. life in hawaii in so there is information but in hawaiian right and of course the brits and the the the americans could care less about the native hawaiian language. Sure what they had to say. So to the point where They wouldn't let somebody like kinkel. Kauai like even write about himself. I think if. I'm not mistaken the or or did i take it serious as far as a native. Hawaiian were to speak on native hawaiian. So there's so there's that aspect of two and colonialism you know white supremacy. That's all those things tangled into one about in So but but calico had a lot again. He had a lot to say about his people in in maintaining the the richness of their culture. Correct so we'll get into a little bit more details about that as we read some of the facts before we do that I just want to impress upon you. Lovely listeners that we do post all the sources of information that we get Our research from in the show notes. So please don't hesitate to tap in there and kind of explore For yourself and you know. This is the The thing about Our history is that as things become more and more available than narrative does change and then we get the perspective of the actual subject as opposed to people who were speaking on that subject so in one less thing on that on that there is a book that came up this year which were fortunate to to find and get from The university of hawaii Now i'm not sure she's connected. Is hawaii hawaii. The writer is but she did extensive research in the native hawaiian language newspapers of the time to kind of get a better like think picture of who he was and how he was looked upon by both sides of the people who are for and against him in which included hawaiian. But but there's definitely a big contingency of sugar plantation owners who were white who who wanted to have more control of the islands including a next to the us bank. I said we'll get into it a little bit more detail. Just wanna kinda give that out there because it wasn't just like unfortunately for a long time it was very minimal things now. We do have a much richer piece of information out there and we have it in the show. Notes like allegra mentioned exactly so first off King david color coa is was born in November sixteen eighteen thirty six and his reign was from eighteen. Seventy four to eighteen ninety one cover was a man of many hats before becoming the he was postmaster general for lot commands privy council in term lieutenant governor of oahu from eighteen sixty five and then eight hundred sixty eight and eighteen seventy He was secretary of labor board. A legislator a divorce attorney and also format of native native hawaiian fire department number four In eighteen seventy and eighteen seventy one. Yeah lots of things in eighteen. Seventy four the king took a royal tour of the kingdom. He spent march april and may going to various islands to confirm his people support. Later that year in november he would go to dc to lobby for the mercer. Reciprocity treaty which king saw as a way to revive and validate his country during his reign. King david would promote and support the native language using national policy. The king was often called the editor king because of his involvement in support of the native newspapers. He loved technology and invested in the latest of the time of his time which was photography This was his way of driving his image. As a viable leader of an advancing an independent nation king david was also driven to create an initiative to increase growth of native hawaiians by promoting health education for young parents especially as a response to the high infant mortality rate. The hawaii had at the time. He was very focused on the preservation of his native of native lives in eighteen. Eighty one coleco became the first sovereign to circumnavigate the globe. And he did this with the intent to learn from other monarchy's and their governing system and structures right down to the uniforms During his world tour most of the countries he visited were impressed were impressed with his looks. His intelligence his jovial and open manner and his ability to speak english. As a as mentioned earlier the king was lobbying for the reciprocity treaty of eighteen. Seventy six which was a free trade agreement between hawaii and the us hawaii would be guaranteed a duty free market for hawaiian sugar plantation owners producers and Gave the us special privileges that other countries were denied so french. I think the french were kind of interested in this sugar plantation as you mentioned the u. k. There are people who were trying to get in on this whole market the later renewal of this treaty in eighteen eighty seven gave the us rice to establish the naval base pearl harbor by eighteen. Eighty seven the campaign to discredit. The rule of kara culminated in the bayonet constitution This was a law that the king was forced to sign at gunpoint by the hawaiian league. Rifleman which was made up mostly of white members working for or owned sugar plantations This league advocated for the overthrow of the monarchy and the annexation by the us The law took away. The land rights the native people engage voting rights to non native landowners. eighteen ninety. Three the monarchy was eradicated in eighteen. Ninety eight the us annex the kingdom and in nineteen fifty nine hawaii became the fiftieth state of the us. When the king died suddenly in eighteen ninety one in san francisco as his body was being returned to his home. Thousands of calcutta's people wept as his body arrived. The business closed in many mourned his death. So yeah that's pretty much. Just some Quick notes about king david As you will here we are having a discussion with our friend of the show. P alani who also studied who love for many years and lived in hawaii for many many years And she goes into a little bit of detail about her relationship with king david and How the people of hawaii had a different perspective on him versus how. Us and other non natives saw him and there was Just to add a little extra sauce. there was a a contingent of people who are as you said earlier. Moreno who were. Also natives who felt that king david was extravagant doing too much and wasn't really Being a good king and this was kind of driven also by the idea that they wanted to really profit off of this. Sugar plantation Market that was developing in hawaii. So i hope you guys enjoy the interview or rather the discussion And before that discussion there will be a small break. Thank you guys for listening. Listen are you wondering how you can help. Core temp arts continue to provide quality content as well as create new art. It's easy all you have to do is go to patriot dot com slash core temp arts and select from one of the tears. Starting at a dollar your support would not only help us with the day to day. Podcast production it can also help us to make more specialized content catering to listeners like you. Don't delay join our crew today. At patriot dot com slash. Tampa arts are eight. We're here with a lovely gaz. Pilon ni hi-p alani. Thank you for joining us on history. Color aloha allegra. I know it's so good to see you guys feel like i only see you on the little box. Matching hands it microphones i love it coordinated and not just lovely pilaniya friend of the show and i was. I was kind of like dropping little hints here and there. When i you know the podcast with peter our buddy friend of the show peter part static and i was like we're going to have somebody special. History color is a friend of the show. And i had told them off off mike of course. Because you know he's you know he's special he needs. He needed to know podcasting brother. I remember when he was just a baby. Podcast now blowing up on youtube for real got anyway Eater scared to you so we have you on pilon eib as somewhat aficionado on the subject of king david I will try to say his last name properly. But i'm convinced i'm going to butcher it. Also gonna the disclaimer. That i probably will put your names too but You know. I was corrected earlier. So i believe is can david coleco. That's pretty close. Almost coaching bowels language are pronounce. Exactly the same spanish so you have actually a little bit advantage. The differences the hawaiian language because they combine vowels. Things get dragged out a lot more than spanish. Your spanish words are really fast. So dick is king. David kalat color. So you just kind of emphasized that other syllable this allowable in the middle have a little disclaimer to your listeners Although wider gastein so honored to do this. I'm not hawaiian by bled. But by heart. I've danced for a world. Renown will love for over. Thirty years scholarships are all. I one of the things we do is we study. Why culture and language and wind. So that's what i'm bringing to history of color today and i'm so happy to do you guys man and i loved that dance form There's some similarities to belly dancing. Which is something. That i studied for about ten years So and and one of the studios. That i studied that when i was living in oakland in california was shared by a woman who had studied who love for a hundred years. Yes so when. I would go to my classes at night. I'd get there early enough to see the end of her teaching her class. And it's like. Oh my gosh i would love to learn that so yeah. I talked emporia area. Yes yep yep shout outs so that. We're here to talk about them. Though i would love to. But we're here to talk about Are king who was also known as the merry monarch. And when i was doing some studying about that i've found that And again you can correct me. If i'm wrong piovani but i think i feel i felt like it was more of a negative connotation rather than a positive in the way that history As told by like english Folk or non native folk were making it sound like he was drunk all the time and just partying and wasting money and doing all this kind of stuff. In the hawaiian people did not like him so it was very interesting to kind of delve into the history and get a different perspective and to be honest it was a bit hard trying to find Non white people that were speaking about him in a more positive light and more kind of realistic reflection of what his people that he was ruling over felt about him at the time. It was really really difficult so so interesting. You know like my training and education has all been from hawaiians stone to have no university of hawaii resources versus european or english resources. It really is about trying the story book right. Who's writing history so i. I do agree that we did. Learn about king david kalac. How're as being perhaps partaking in late nations that were brought to know islands by europeans rates. So is another part of co colonization and really destroy the home alternatives there But you know before. The europeans and americans made it to the line. Islands nola was a very religious and sacred practice in many ways right so not just storytelling but really the history of lands. All the stories of the gods and goddesses and so when david came to this was really the american protestant missionaries were there. Les missionaries were. They are and they essentially said that. Julia is savage native thing you know. Why do they not have clothes on. And why are they undulating their bodies. In that way and so colo- colorado gets credit for sort of taking underground many ways and modernizing hula. So there's a big shift when you look at the history of hula from a style of drum that they use costumes than she wear after day. it was really missionaries down. So they had full buttoned up. Blouses men and women both had long sleeves on and men actually were pants in slacks cheeks. Skirts on top so it was interesting. Mix a native tradition and modern music. So even rela- which came from or actually was part of ding king. Sorry king david kalac hamas era. It's interesting that you would say the european perspective on things. 'cause that's not what i studied so i'm so happy that you brought that is bullshit. Oh sorry that's okay. You told me that it's you know what they were gonna say. If you didn't say that i was gonna so how colonization goes in and destroys culture. Which is really. What's your podcast is all about right. So let's talk about somebody who's studied it from that perspective so i'll leave it there and take a breath of you asked me another question. I'm glad you brought up the history of hula in how it was like it was religious storytelling. Not just a dance. It's a telling of stories from my reading up and again allegra when we were researching the king. When i heard about them. We're talking. we're doing episode on there was really very Very anglo side. Basically you know. Like and the one thing i noticed that A book came out recently about him. And i was like holy crap book and i saw it and and the writer is someone who is specifically writing about the hawaiian outlook on the king through newspapers. researching hawaiian newspapers in hawaiian books. Because the one thing that i picked up on doing research is that hawaii was like a very like the population hawaii was Literate like mostly literate so even before like other parts of the world were not necessarily asked literate hawaiians work so they were basically having newspapers and books and whatnot in journals. Britain in hawaiian for a very long time. So the history is there. It's just a matter of who's looking for it. And as we know throughout history and again colonization even. I'm familiar conversation. Because i'm from nicaragua and understand that aspect of it. They always want to whitewash. Get rid of whatever. Nate whatever native history native ceremonies native flicked religions and whatnot. So this this writer who wrote this book. A tiffany nannying basically writing saying the the connotation of an seen as a negative light is because it is written by people who didn't know not and it's not like he was loved by everyone because there's also the defection of the royalty the royalty of hawaii against him but there was plenty of positive writings about him and the fact that he did push for the hawaiian culture to be acknowledged not forgotten and also try to bring it to the and brought it to the world so that was another big aspect of it and so he was pretty much larger than life. When you read about him he he was a. I mean not just maybe in height and size but also archer than life in the sense that he filled a room with his presence and he again the palace that he helped build had had had electricity before the white house. I mean there's all these little things you know like okay also and this is again colonialism here and this is this is something that kind of took me took me aback from my own perspective in my own outlook on things is. He's like oh yeah he who surfing and i'm like surfing. Why did i think surfing was white. Because that's how i see. You know what. I mean not being from hawaii not being you know any kind of pollination island of course mixed sense that surfing is from from hawaii and size pa any kind of polynesian islands out there where some or or tonga or whatever you know i mean of course that makes sense because you're in the freaking ocean you know what i mean and but let them tell it and you see it in any kind of whether it's Any kind of fill movies. Tv whatever surfing is white ns colonialism. So that was another part that that blew my mind cause going. Oh yeah that's how we feed into. You know what i mean. You're right. I mean i think white supremacy is the thing right were born and raised in the united states. And not say history. Grow up with by when you speak to native hawaiian. Hawaii was a sovereign nation health. And your point about literacy is so true. I mean newspapers books and when you think about some of the who that actually came out during this era of post missionary. They talked about building. the telephone. Wires may talk about electricity and they talk about railroads. They talk about the stuff in the hula. That was another way that they were really logging. The history of their great nation and it really is you know the missionaries saw as literally the work of the devil. So it doesn't surprise me that the literature the reading positions The king that way because they wanted to get rid of all of that they wanted the natives to submit to their religion and their lifestyle. And who i was such a critical location when he came to traveling around the world right. I mean right in the middle of pacific so if it's a war and they need to stop someplace right. Pearl harbor is right there. In one lulu there are strategic reasons. Why so many brown sovereign nations were taken over by european irs Say that again. That's the thing to at that time that there was sizing up of hawaii to be either annexed by the us. Or in all these things and you know like the part about the king that that i learned you know. We're still learning because i'm still reading. This is a pretty. It's a pretty substantial read by the way Because because as writer she she really did her research. And i mean i think she went back up in that era. Basically to numb a number of newspapers and books. Like i'm i'm like that's a lot of research Is that he didn't. He wanted hawaii to be to stay a sovereign country. It was his country. He wanted to be because we're talking about a time where devastation with whether it was the british in their us bringing disease to the island. So you have a lot of death you know. The population wasn't was having trouble. And you have the the monarchy having trouble too because so many other monarchs were dying and so it's it's a very on our on our recovering. We recovering him like besides the interview. Here we we we talk a lot about that. But it's just interesting that that all these things kind of come to a head you know and he was pushed basically to sign a treaty or to to basically give up the the amount of power he had a simone our uh-huh monarch under the a caller bayonet what they call it Treating believe so basically he had no choice because they're basically threatening his life sign. Sign this over. Basically signed the monarchy over and that lead kind of sped up the us coming in antics hawaii. So that's i mean it's sad because that's not what he would wanted. You know what i mean. It sad also that he didn't he. He died in san francisco. He didn't night dying in. He did not finish his life in his native hawaii. So it's it's interesting. How history can again like you. Were saying how it's shaped by who's really in charge here right who decides to take over the by lack of a better term propaganda machine of anyone because really it turns out to be propaganda. Because here's a fine example of white supremacy. He wrote along with some scholars from hawaii folklore from the hawaiian history. There folklore so so stories and mythologies from hawaii and because one of the people involved was white the newspapers in the west in the us who were I guess critics or whatever didn't believe that he wrote. It didn't believe that hawaiian it because they're two savage so of course they had to this white guy who did it and so then even give them the credit they will say the proposal or per they're basically say like i don't know i guess What's the word that they would use to basically make seem like. Oh yeah. He says he wrote but passively possibly he's a savage brown person do something. That's so articulate and intelligent right right. Meanwhile again literacy was a big deal in wii at this time settle in pride ray. Pride in their culture and who they were as a people and wanting to preserve. That was so important. So i mean you know just for context for your listeners. We're talking about the late eighteen. Hundreds here right. We're talking about a part of history where there was so much change. Going on in the world in terms of modernisation. What did that mean to the sovereignty sheet metal of synthetic while we overrun they got overrun by europeans. And americans who came in and really driven by read many ways correct to touch on that That era he was actually The first monarch to travel the globe. And what he was doing was Going to other monarch type Countries and gathering information He was really into technology or at least advancement of things and so he was going around to kind of see like the systems in which these monarchs were running their countries and how they were running them and even down to their uniforms even down to their like what their military. Or what have you were wearing. And he was just trying to gather information all as resource for empowering himself to save his people to save his land to save his sovereignty so very interesting many died untimely. He was actually in the middle of traveling again when he passed away so died Outside of his where Another thing just Bring it back to what. I really focused on. Is you know. When jean-claude colin traveled to europe. He bri- dance troupes to perform way. We're talking hulu groups that would like a ballet company so he didn't bring one or two women. He brought full on meticulously trained dancers to share their stories their music they are art with europeans and that was really against that they were offering to say look. We have something that we want to share with you. We are also trying to learn you and it's just as you don't hold sort of aloha spirit around exchange that they sincerely tried Sincerely tried to share the world time. I just think that's so beautiful young. I agree it's Just to kind of bring up a little bit About his skin because that was another thing that there is like this concerned that he was black or black and so i found that interesting. Because we're still talking about the late. Eighteen hundreds right and to be black is a sin no matter pretty much if you're not in africa if you're not in the continent continent of africa or you know somewhere where there's predominantly black people. Then it was basically assent and sometimes it was even a cinder but i found it very interesting that that was kind of like a a mark against him in certain circles you know like was he is e you know what happens is he really does he deserve to be this king and data and just because he was of a certain skin tone and he had a certain hair texture and blood and i was like. Wow this is so infuriating and also very interesting you think about. The history of the polynesian islands came all of them. Were colonized or settled by people coming from tahiti and sort of made their way throughout polynesia on canoes navigating by the stars when like see some europeans. Do that on a canoe but you look at politics. People and their skin is round. There's dark kinky hair you know. That is a part of polynesia in terms of what they look like and so color is is real whether it was the eighteen hundreds or whether it's twenty twenty. That is still something that gets in the way of how people other human beings right or so. Despite that we buy today was not similar from what are native people were fighting. Not just in the us. With our native americans. But all over the world whether you're talking about south america or you're talking about polynesian wayne islands and definitely right here in the united states so right right right i love the aspect of the hula. i think The interesting part about this kind of form of dance as far as a way of storytelling. i feel like it makes the story be that much more engaging in a way. Because you're telling this story through your body. And i love that. I love that so much and i find it very interesting and i'm using the word interesting with a lot of meaning behind it but what i find interesting about the fact that it was seen as savage or whatever is that it was just another language that they didn't know and so because they didn't know it clearly it was. You know there was a way to kind of villain is it. You know and i find that interesting. So i want to let you in something that people who study for a lotta years. And it's this notion of his concept and comma is of hidden meaning behind the words. So you think about a lot of languages. Many words we'll have multiple meetings. So i'll give you an example There's berries standard hula That people will dance whether you're a five year old and the fighter owns dancing it. You're talking about picking out plants in the seat writing style. It's just talking about seaweed and thinks you doing a new dance around and you're in the sun but a fifth year old is dancing and they're doing it with karna. The story is really walking around and picking on a lover instead of emotions that you do you may be saying. I'm picking a flower budge minna. Lower your fifty right so the beauty of hulu is not just the storytelling but to really understand the language of the counter in the hidden meaning behind it sometimes so women and men. it looks dirty. If you know the entertainment and it's fun and you can see the spirit of antezana watching the same song they asked. By different age groups the movements are subtly different and have a huge meeting. That's different and then swipes so which fine because it's nuanced and complex and it's not this american view of of hoochie coochie and sexy hulan rome. That's not who is who lays this art form. Where when i married hula. We didn't even dance until we translated the song. Hawaiian into english relearn the story we researched the place that it was written about. That would be a month. Roy even learn one new dance. That the best thing is if you're in hawaii and you go to that place where the song is about any dance there you're connected to the land you're connected to the ancestors you're connected to your Brothers and sister. That's how you can tell the difference between someone was released. Studied it and someone. Who's just kind of youtube video dancing. So i love that because you can't convey the story unless you know what the story is right and that has to be the setting the has to be the intention that ask the be the translation between the language. The a What is it native language of the story versus the translating it into not just dance but translating it into a different language to for folks who are performing this to understand so i love that i loved it. There's like layers intention. I think the perfect word for it will add your intention. Then it's really right right now. What i don't know is did King colusa cola cola. Can't get that can't get the end. Did he performed hula himself. Or was he like what was his real kind of practical knowledge of it. Yes i think you know. Most of the lineage not only could sing on pitch and write music and play instruments thing about david clarke. I is is known as the mary. Monarchy cousin hulu drunkenness. He's known for the way he danced expressed itself and they talk about him. Dancing with his heart move is way of living. Is story living the expression All the passion you can see it in his dance and that's really what everyone is fires to so there's this huge competition it's usually in spring. This year obviously didn't happen but it's very monarch in big island and allow trained for a year to perform four minute song on stage in front of the super bowl who led basically and it's grown so back now. There are allowed train in japan and try to get a bid in it and it was really created in honor of king david and what he did to revive. Hula and identity is so important to hoyas and really is the super bowl entire week of festivals and music and benders and booed. And you know the competition is fierce command of just when you watch those dancers you could you to marry monitor and watch so lowest or my neighbors to watch the comment or the men by you watch it and you feel it you feel it in a way that even translates years and years later. It's just a video. You could just feel the difference between dancer. Trade has intention as right. Just out of curiosity be alani Why did you get interested in houla. What what was your drive towards that. So i grew up in northern california central coast and there were not a to hawaiians there. i do have family. That's in boy. But you know mine. Knowledge before getting sued holiday was very superficial like any of the versus growth in the main math. On an when i got to college i met someone who actually had a holy club and talked about euro volleyball so i didn't even go in dance up the way the climbing right meeting people they were. All you know transfrom boy or they're going to college and very close knit group in their annual razor a luau and what i didn't know was their teacher was actually a world renown who led to draw hula. Which is a hulu teacher was based in los angeles and my the first practice kicked our butts. I made it most challenging athletic thing. I had ever done in my and i placed my entire life but it you train. Who could he go. Which is the ancient style. Hula your but your calves. You're you're quads are on spine your because you are in a bent where they call a high. You are then you need. You're moving your hips and you're trying to move your shoulders as time hints. I fell in love with just the trading party you and then as he started teaching us the stories i was mesmerized by just hearing this history in his storytelling so even after the first allow was over i started dancing for him outside of school and that was because i'm old now i mean my daughter train and she went to competition and so she's had the experience of going through the training and the physical part of it and you get so bogged to people when you work together towards a common purpose absolutely like any other athletic team or work group and so that was my family as a young adult and to this day my sisters live in indonesia and colorado and hawaii and all of the united states and we still keep in touch and we still know those numbers that we weren't way back when because you train so hard i can show you. I can still do the very first of all i ever learned. I know every word and every movement to this day. I and i think as you were saying earlier when i think about is you're learning the story from the beginning you're learning the basic foundation right like say in anything else peeling you know you. You do martial arts to disol- personal here. But when i was when i was studying that i had my my seafood would basically be like. Just get on your horse and we'll get on the horse for like i don't know two weeks so that's what we did and he's like you're not gonna do anything unless you're horses strong. That's kind of how you would say foundation and it's like what is a trope for like old martial arts movies like the young. The young one wants to learn all the moves crazy moves see the was basically showing them like one thing and they're like this is to. Why am i learning one thing. At a time. I learn nothing you know and then later on you find out well no. You're learning the whole time. So wax on wax off right. That's true right there. Just shouts shouts to peter in his co. Podcast interesting tell you brought up. We practice tula in the karate studio where i started. Trading i may Let us practice for free in a studio with lynn floors and mirrors and he was from koei so very interconnected circle when it comes to Hula and martial arts in the southern california area there's tons of so the who led trade me to be a good martial artist and being a dancer by. They told me that made it easier for him to cheat. Because i understand movement in ayurveda routines and disciplined. So it's all interconnected. It's all really select. And when i do cut too big of a four i always hulu moving there and something that is just for me to say as well as to my rinku. I love that interesting. Because it's not like you're right you're saying each movement it's it's more than just a movement right. It's it this besides the foundation and and and is feels like there's so much more there you know few just not really paying attention. There's more than what is seeing. You know like the whole time so spray. i mean it's fascinating and and again we're speaking earlier on on the king and how he brought it back in essence or was a big an integral part of bringing this part this part of hawaiian culture back when it was banned. You know for eighteen thirty. What i what i found out was banned. So you could have in essence loose a a very important part of hawaiian culture or maybe not lose a completely but definitely lose a lot of it you know and and just tying it back to imperialism. I know that there's way back when in my ancestry. There's there's indigenous. I just don't know whom because all that was taking basically got rid of you know and because of color ism where. I'm from like the goal is to lighten yourself right going down the line. That's kind of like one of the things so you have that and you have the kind of ignorance of what our real answers two years. You know So that. I feel like you could. I don't know what we lost because we don't know like really research to find that where in hawaii could have had that happen with hula. Right so i don't think it would probably got lost only because i think people because it's such an oral history right down the line. Maybe you wouldn't loss completely but it definitely would have taken a big hit. Makes me think like when when researching and when here not the first you know. Like what for instance. The british and americans were saying how completely misguided in just wrong they were in the outlook on on what what he meant to the to hawaii and the people of hawaii. Yeah there was a lot of as you were saying earlier. There was a lot of greed and money involved in in kind of Getting king david out of His getting him out of rain and You know in his struggle to try and maintain that You know we lost him in the right. I feel like maybe so much. More would have happened if he had stayed alive. You know if he hadn't taken ill and died suddenly but The driver to take this land and colonized. This land was so much you know there. Was this constant. You know chipping away that they tried to do of the culture and the people and the language all this kind of stuff. So i feel sad like why did he dies. I'll soon like what. What would what would hawaii be like. Now even live just a little bit longer. I'm sure america would have found another way to take it from him. But i wish that we had him a little longer just to see what he was about to do because he was really trying desperately to hang onto his people his culture you know and it really inspired nonetheless mar was we reveal colonie and she also was trying to hold up a she being imprisoned country in her own. Your own castle is essentially President and she tribes hardening onto the culture. And i think the interesting thing and bring it back to. Madonna was about about literacy. Is her people bring her flowers. But it was wrapped liberally newspapers degree. What was happening in the world. Wow so like they were smart to try to inform their que- as best they could in the europeans realized what was happening. But it really is the end of the monarchy and so the People still trying to hold onto the colors inches possible. They did so much When colonization right end when real fast. Before i forget one of the noted last the last words of of king david calico. I don't think i missed that dan. I think i'm gonna say what were telling my people. I tried so telling in what he was striving. What was he was driving for what who's trying to do. What was the driving force for him. Yeah i remember I'm going to go on a little tangent but it comes to a point. I remember when. I like maybe the second first or second time. I went to hawaii There was this feeling the strong feeling of coacher and richness and Beauty and like history. Even though it's been you know like systematically stripped away certain instances. But what i found interesting was There was. i don't even know the whole story. I don't even remember everything but There was a kind of em- passing moment where they're like. Yeah we show these little cute luau to like though i folks like the people who just come in and wanted to see a luau because they get some wash version of what they think it is but like the real one is over somewhere else and i was like. Oh i wanna know the real one economics rate i mean tourism is driving in carnegie. Now people wanna see pretty hula girls and sexy hula guy and hands and you know music. That's easy to power it and boots easy to eat foods that you're getting when you go to those shows and yet that's part of the economy people make their money and they're living off of tourism right or restaurants or hulu shows right and so i brought that up mainly because i'm wondering How much of even the little colonel of history and culture and Kind of all of that is still there you know like does it have to be kind of sequestered in hidden off for the real folks. You know or like i. I want to know. Is it being degraded. Each generation are these stories being passed down by generation. You know what i mean. So i think a couple of days. I think he has done a really job of servants resurgence of history and creating the educational component from an academic staff. So they're doing many of the resources that i had throughout these years of studying hula specifically really do come from university of lay So that's one piece right. The academic piece of the history. From hulas dan wade. There are definitely still allow. Who taken very seriously and train and study. And it's part of part of life in many ways and then when you live in hawaii there are holidays that are specific to different kings and queens and it may have the day off of work and so the names are there. There are still statues at represent. Many of these marks all of her particularly in honolulu which is the capital Streets named dr king. David cola and in mali highly. Anyhow he was the last king of molly so my name actually comes from a man. I think those kinds of things are just a part of living in hawaii. And i think the folks who are hawaiian they. Maybe a quarter. Hawaiian eight hawaiian a sixteen to but they do. A lot of that is a lot of pride because you know. Unfortunately the bloodlines are getting diverted. And it's just a matter of generations and generations of colonization. What's happening so. I'm so grateful to have so many friends who are native hawaiian to come in schools. And they're able to you know. Bring me into work in the community. And so we work around asian pacific islander native hawaiian health for the united states. And we talk about these issues native hawaiian issues. That are impacting them and their different. No the kinds of health issues that they suffer from are different in lot of it is based on how the diet has changed and so things like diabetes and gout are huge and it's usually related diet and because the diet change and bass food and all the other things that we did talk about her hours and hours folks are trying the native orange really are holding onto that and so many of my friends who came to the mainland to get educated. They go back to school. They go back home to hawaii with master's degrees and phd's and they are overly agitated and really holding on sue trying to preserve the culture. Right right oh well. I'd like to say that that can attributed to the king david apart part of it most of it. Keep that as a sense of pride reign as a sense of what can't lose the history of it Again with colonization depending on where you're from. There's a lot lost you know. And and i believe. And i know that there's indigenous tribes atlanta america for instance who are holding onto what they can you know in in and they're constantly under attack and part of the major like racism. You know besides color ism we have is an anti-indigenous like racism and that's my country too but it's all up and down latin america where the the biggest insults to call somebody like indigenous basically. That's a racist term rates terminology in. That's kind of part of it. And i think that for the native people of hawaii like that's awesome that they have this history. That's still there in that they that it's acknowledged in an preserved you know because that's that's so important. I nothing like not being able to know where really are from. you know. there's a lot plenty of population this country. That don't know exactly where they're from because they were forced or podcast episode reminded thirty five minute. I'm a vice president of Don't get me started. So i'll leave it at that. Then all different types of brown folks in here so yeah we could talk forever. Be alani i. I really feel like it. There's so much history. That's that that is coming up. We're learning about ourselves One of the reasons why we do this podcast is. I don't even know a lot of my own history of my own people of my family history so these are things that need to that. We all need to know. Not only as americans and our roles in colonizing other places but also what happened when all of these people from all of these different countries whether forced here or came here for some sort of freedoms what what part of that they bring with them and how does that help to make what we have right now. You know. so it's it's a lot. We could talk forever. But we're going to wrap it up so peony please tell the folks out there where they might find you if you want to be found that is. I am not public on instagram. Because barry i know why we could talk about that off my and we can another issue. Why i i am on twitter. He can find me at j.p. Rg q. u. I r. o. Me maybe i don't even know but we put in the show notes for you guys. Have i would like to say to both of you. I think this is so fantastic that you take so much care at time in these episodes job. Thank you for both of you for what you're doing because you don't have to take the time to research cultures and share this out in the universe. Oh thank you both for that. Amazing gonna make me cry. Am already hyper podcast. That could we're trying here to leave you. What i what. I'm saying in my organization right now. We're talking about diversity in the racial injustice. That's happening is that talking about diversity is not about slicing up the pie into smaller pieces. What we're doing is we're making a bigger pie. So thank you both. You are contributing to making this country in this world. A better place by all of this carrier taking. Oh geez all right okay. All right over here thank you. I appreciate that and thank you for joining us. I know time again. I know we're under in some areas. Some places believed that the covert has gone poof gone But also you know working situations are different for everyone And so is time is still crucial. Time is still something that you are giving to us here in appreciate the value deeply exactly a again with the research or whatever and time to put together is one thing but also guests to come and join us. They're spending their own time and willing to talk to us in and give us some like knowledge in in give us some a different point of view in and again kind of have diversity in there and have a little format difference here now. We're changed things a little bit here and we do like having guests come on in trying to do a little bit more of that if possible and thank you for joining us. It's wonderful and we're going to try a find another reason to drag you on just so you know any time we talk about serious we can talk about. Not sincerest please and thank you all right well with that said. Thank you so much for joining us. and Yeah all right. So i hope you guys enjoyed that discussion As always we can be reached on twitter. My handle is color underscore history of marino. I am at popular onto this at p. a. p. a. l. e. n. t. Do not hesitate a rate us. If you want review our show on any of the platform. She used to listen. If you wanna send us some suggestions and you don't wanna Tweet it you can send it via email at khartoum parts dot com or a history of color at court in parts dot com again. Five stars will be great yes please. We liked five-star five stars. All right guys. Thank you so much for listening We have several things coming up. So i don't know what the next episode is going to. We have a couple of people. We're gonna speak to sounds like right. I mean we do have a couple of books One half off the presses coming out this month or not the end of this month And you know another one that's been out and so it's pretty exciting stuff. Yes just keep your ears open. And i guess we got our guys. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for listening to an original court parts network protection to listen to more imports shows. Visit arts dot com.

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Episode 59 - ALOHANET

Advent of Computing

1:04:11 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 59 - ALOHANET

"I might be a little bit jaded. But there's something bland about the internet these days. Sure the technology is breathtaking. It's reaches amazing our lives and really the lives of everyone on the planet have been irrevocably changed. Just by the fact that the internet exists but at the same time the sheer scope of the network can make it hard to grasp. Its ubiquity has only made that problem worse. it's not just that everyone has website but it's also the infrastructure needed to support so much stuff online. You can't just make a checklist of everything on the internet anymore. Really you can get lost in a maze of pages that all feel and look very similar. And i guess that's a big reason why i always get drawn back to arpanet folk like to reminisce about the so called wild west days of the internet while it doesn't get much more wild than the extreme early days at arpaio. Despite seeding the data revolution that we're currently living in arpanet existed as a relatively small network. It was such a manageable size. It a map of the entire network fit on a single piece of paper. Now that's not just some hyperbole over its life. Maps of the network were made circulated and regularly updated over the years. These maps got a little crowded but you can still make out every computer connected to the network but don't be tricked into thinking that arpanet doesn't have its own secrets. Pored over these maps a lot myself. It's a fun way to see how the proto internet grew over the years. They just looked like a page full of squares and circles connected with straight lines but each node has its own story to tell one of the nodes labeled. Bbn is where colossal cave adventure was written. The node labeled hook into some of the first graphics based computers and often one of the extreme sides is particularly special note it shows up in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. It's the first computer on the map to be connected by zigzag instead of just a straight solid line it's labeled hawaii and it's where wireless networking was invented. Welcome back to advent of computing. I'm gonna host. Sean has and this is episode. Fifty seven aloha net today. We're examining a pivotal event in computer history. That's remarkably easy to overlook. The traditional story of the first message ever sent over. Arpanet is at least in some circles. Pretty well known. It's usually told as the first packet of data sent over the early internet. It goes something like this in october of nineteen sixty nine. A few letters were transferred over the first leg of the network rocketing from a computer at ucla. To another system at the stanford research institute thus the first network and the predecessor of the internet. We all know and love sprang to life of course as with all neat little stories. There's issues this doesn't get into the whole myriad of details that surround the early internet arpanet was the most high-profile network that the us government funded. But it wasn't the only project in the government's digital portfolio. The chronology of arpanet to internet is a nice and easy story. But it's only nice and easy if you disregard a lot of other projects that were involved with shaping the network today. We're gonna be talking about one of those projects. Hana was a networking research project that started in nineteen sixty eight by that time was pretty far into development at least four years. Maybe a little bit more depending on how you count the beginning of arpanet. Aloha net wouldn't come fully online until nineteen seventy-one but here's the important thing to consider a. It was crucial in pushing forward. New networking technology ethernet was initially based off technology. Developed for aloha net. Early mobile phones drew on techniques from a lo hana to handle data transfer three g technology. That's easier to consider obsolete instead of vintage that even has traces of aloha excited wifi shares. The same distinction. It's wireless transmission works by using technology developed for a low hawk. Net arpanet is often remembered as the forerunner to the internet and a lot of ways is but the specifics of how we use our modern network are pretty far from the days of the arpanet so should aloha net be remembered instead. Well that gets complicated partly because aloha an arpanet start bleeding together in really interesting ways. There were a lot of researchers behind the development of aloha net. But the one that was nominally in charge of the new project was norm abramson. Also he wrote the most about aloha so he makes a good touchstone source wise. Now if abramson had made a few different choices in life then he would have probably been more deeply involved with arpanet by the middle of the nineteen sixties. He already had an impressive career. During undergrad he studied physics at harvard. He earned a master's degree in the same field that ucla then he graduated stanford with a phd in electrical engineering. He went on to teach at both stanford and berkeley along the way he published information theory and coding. It's a textbook that covers the at the time somewhat knew discipline of transmitting and handling data. The point is abramson was at the right place and have the right set of skills at the right time that arpanet would have been a logical next project for him to become involved with but the timing didn't work out exactly right the wrench in the works here. Is that sometime around late. Nineteen sixty seven or early nineteen sixty eight. He packed up and moved to hawaii. Now i know. I certainly had a similar impulse myself but norm wasn't just running off to spend time on the beach. Enjoying the surf. He had received a job offer from the university of hawaii. Now i haven't been able to track down on explicit explanation as to why he accepted but i have my theories. Part of it was probably location. I can tell you that. Hawaii is a much nicer. Locale the exact vicinity around stanford. It's at least much warmer. Judging by abramson later actions. I think another draw was a sense of a challenge. Most university professors aren't just professors to teach for some. That's their passion. But usually they go into the field for a mix of teaching and research. How that ratio actually shakes out to the college of working at some schools are heavy on research. some care. more about shaping. Young minds abramson himself was more interested in research than purely teaching in one thousand nine hundred sixty. The university of hawaii wasn't particularly known for its research. Programmes it definitely wasn't on the level of a stanford or mit at least while that may have been an issue for some perspective professors. It could have been a major draw for others. It meant that you have age could be a great place to grow a new research project to start something exciting without the fetters of an existing program it also meant that some hotshot research professor from stanford could be a big fish in a smaller pond. Like i said abramson never explicitly stated this in the interviews and writings that i've gone through but that's my educated guess regardless of reality in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight norm started his new gig in hawaii teaching a split between computer science and electrical engineering. Not in the classroom. He was looking for some new research to take on and progress on that front would come surprisingly quickly. Shortly after settling into his new position abramson learned about a new department of defense project it was called project themes and as with everything dod related. It's a bit of a maze. Basically the goal of famous was to help give new research groups and smaller universities a bit of a financial push. the actual details are a little scarce. I haven't been able to find any specific announcements. But i can't tell you. The project demon was pretty wide reaching and it shows up as a funding source for a lot of research in different fields. I've seen papers funded by in medicine. Biology statistics even computer science word of project. Famous got to. Hawaii had a good good time. There was a growing group of professors who wanted to push the university deeper into research. Abramson was among the rabble rousers. But he wasn't. The only one norm and a crew of three other faculty began scheming up a proposal for well for something they knew. They wanted some kind of dod funded research program on campus. But they weren't entirely sure what that would look like. The crew eventually agreed on a proposal for a wireless packet network. They called a lo han net. The broad strokes of the pitch were to create a network built for the specific needs of the university of hawaii. Everything would be wireless it be used for digital data like arpanet would function as a test bed for new networking ideas. The dod jumped at the chance and just as a quick aside. That complicates team is the official. Aloha project was paid for by project themes which was funded by the department of defence. A lo hana was supervised by arp but arpaio wasn't paying for anything. I bring this detail up. Because reports on aloha related research have this mix of arba slash dod slash theme is funding statements on their front covers. It took me a little bit to sort out. What was going on there so i wanted to share that bit of work anyway. Abramson would some of the early phase of aloha like this quote. The original project had as its goal research more than operational needs of the university. I think it's possible that we may have justified. The research as researchers often do by pointing to its possible applications for the university of hawaii and other areas that had difficulty with telephone communication of data. But certainly the goals of myself and the other people who were involved in the project were research goals rather than operational goals in quote. That's all pretty vague. But it seems that aloha started out with only vague plans after all the group that wrote the puzzle were researchers looking for a project they happen to have a collective background communications technology in theory so they went with what they knew but even in nineteen sixty eight some parts. Aloha net were already set in stone. As stated the issue with telephone hawaii was crucial in defining the early network in the late sixties islands. Just didn't have a very large or reliable phone grid. Why should this matter for networking well. It all goes back to arpan. Its original design. So if you'll humor me. We need to take a quick detour to another government. Funded networking project the touchstone. I always use for design. Rationale is paul bearings. Nine hundred sixty four report distributed networks. It was written at rand. It's not one hundred percent. The design that the final network went with. But it's pretty close. Plus baron gives detailed reasoning for each choice that went into arpanet really early on the projects. Hope point was to create a nationwide network for military command control. According to baron's report this network had to be reliable. Able to function of part of the network was destroyed and as cheap to make as possible. His solution after meticulous research and number crunching was a fully distributed packet network. That's become the bedrock that the internet is built off of more on the specifics. The baron through to his work and that would stick around arpanet throughout its lifetime was the use of existing phone lines. They don't arpanet traveled through the same telephone grid that was used for placing calls around the country. Barron's rationale for this was simple. The national phone grid was right there waiting for use. It was cheaper than building new infrastructure. Plus there is a ready pool of knowledge for maintaining and repairing phone lines. Sure over long distances phone lines can get noisy but digital packets can survive a surprising amount of noise before they become useless. There were other reasons that arpanet was able to leverage existing phone infrastructure. The network was going to be used for host to host communications. That every computer that was connected directly to the network was some kind of minicomputer or mainframe. There's a little bit of complication with routing hardware. But we'll get to that later now. That may sound like a pretty obvious thing. Of course every computer on the network had to be a computer but that one design choice had two major implications and remember. We're not talking about personal computers. We're talking about multi. User systems host systems were shared hardware. They would only be accessed from local terminals to connect to assist him. Somewhere on arpanet. You had to get your terminal connected up to the university or labs computer then from there you could reach the larger network key here is that you already had to have access to some big computer to use arpanet. You couldn't go plug your terminal directly into the network and be online. So i'll each terminal doesn't need a phone line to connect up to the network. Each host does need a phone line. You could have a user terminals clicking away but they're all connected to the same local host so you only need one line to feed into the arpanet that matters because each host had to hog a phone circuit while it was connected to the network. This is all pretty broad and generalized but the overall design here meant that arpanet used as few phone lines as possible and minimal use of phone. Circuits was possible because it was networking host to host systems were networking big computers. Not terminals the point. I'm getting to. Is that our peanuts. Use of the phone. May at least if i sound like a really simple general purpose solution. But that's not entirely. The case are pundits design at least in part made it work. Well with the existing. Us phone grid. At least the grit in the continental united states. Paul barons ran report. Spins a good amount of time talking about the use of unreliable phone lines. There is a certain point where the network will just break down and turns out that whole why is telephone system was pretty close to that magical breakdown. Point arpanet was the new and exciting thing in networking. but it's technology wasn't as broadly applicable as some may have hoped the complicating factor. Was that the. Aloha team wasn't trying to network multiple big computers. They want to connect many multiple terminals to a single remote computer. There were already existing low tech methods for connecting terminals to remote computers but all of those relied on consistent telephone connections more than back in those earlier schemes. Each incoming connection from terminal needed to have its own phone circuit. That means that a call from a terminal would end up hogging part of the island's limited switchboards scale that up a few hundred terminals high. And you've run into a real resource contention problem. The solution and one of the first real concrete decisions made by project. Aloha was to just ditch phone lines in fact they ditched wires. Altogether it was going to be purely wireless so let me. Just summarize that really quickly so we all understand where we're at in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight a very small group of researchers started developing range wireless network. This is happening at the same time that he's huge. Collective of researchers and government organizations are still trying to get the first large-scale network off the ground this kind of goes without saying but we're dealing with something really radical here so that's gonna be our baseline in late. Nineteen sixty eight and early. Nineteen sixty nine. The aloha team started to fill in the specifics. The entire project gets a comprehensive progress report in nineteen seventy so. I'm going to be drying off that paper a lot. Moving forward just to get the lay of the land. The nine hundred seventy report explains quote. The university of hawaii is composed of a main campus in manoa valley near honolulu a four year college in hilo hawaii and five two year community colleges on the islands of awas hawaii maui and hawaii. In addition the university operates number of research institutes with operating units distributed throughout the state within a radius of two hundred miles from honolulu and quote even without all the specific arpanet details. That went over. We can see that. Aloha net will have to serve a very different purpose. The fact that this new network had to deal with inter island communications how it was developed in the short term that gave abramson and his colleagues a good excuse for an interesting project but long term it would have huge ramifications on the very technology that they would develop. It was also determined pretty early on that. Aloha net would use radio transceivers as its medium of choice. But how exactly would that be accomplished. You can't just pick we'll do wireless radio networking and have it be done. Well this is where it gets complicated to talk about the aloha project you see a low. How wasn't some early. Anti arpanet the two are intertwined in a number of ways but how they meet up especially in this early period of nineteen sixty eight nine hundred. Sixty nine isn't always super clear. I've tried to figure out how much the crew at hawaii new about. Arpanet and all. I can really get that. They knew something later in the project. Researchers at the university of hawaii would become personally acquainted with arpanet figures. Such as the after mentioned paul baran but there must have been some cross pollination beforehand once we get to nine hundred seventy and some of the earliest published works on a lo. Han there are citations to arpanet publications but this early period is still a little bit ambiguous. Anyway we can start to see the connection to arpanet in one of aloha nuts core technologies. That's the packet radio. Pactolus data was a cornerstone of arpanet since inception in this method. You don't send data as a long continuous stream instead. Every message is broken up into packets. Each packet is the same size and contains short header describing where it's going where it came from in a few more bids for things like error correction in arpanet. Of course these packets are sent down a boring phone line. That's easy for han. Radio is the only way to go. There have been previous systems that sent data over the air trick to it has always come down to encoding. The most simple example i can think of is morse code in that system. Textual data is broken down into a series of long and short pulses that signal can then be transmitted buyer or via radio. Skilled operators can even keep up a conversation. This way one person just has to tap out a message while the recipient listens then wants the message over the roles are switched and a new message goes back to the original sender. It's a bit basic but that forms of basic data transfer protocol for a lo han net. You couldn't just have an operator sitting at a terminal tapping out data for the computer. Although i guess would be kinda charming to imagine some poor intern. Sitting listening to boop some beeps on radio and trying to quickly type out data instead they needed a way to have the computer send its own version of morse code over the air in nine hundred sixty eight. There just wasn't an existing system. That did that so norman. The team had to create a new type of radio system known as a packet radio. Here we have a wonderful example of technology. That's named really well. The packet radio is simply put a radio that can send and receive packets of data instead of just rar radio signals. This is one of the places. Where the line between an arpanet gets intertwined. This packet radio system was based on what was happening back. On the mainland it goes beyond just shared use of packets though on arpanet there was a layer the tap between the mainframes and the wider network this was built up from systems called. Imp's or interface message processors basically the precursor to a modern day router. Aloha hadn't equivalent of the imp which they called the minute. Hunan now that name is always written in all caps. But it's not an acronym minihane is a reference to a hawaiian legend of crafty elves or dwarfs like entities. I've seen that. It may be a pun since i m p can be read as imp and ed unit is somewhat like a hawaiian form of an imp. The best thing i have to that is a nineteen eighty-four paper where in parentheses the author notes. That minihane is hawaiian for as kind of an aside. But may or may not have been contemporary either way. I think it's a fun joke. The minihane operated like the main router for a han net. It's app between a set of radio. Antennas at the universities fancy. Ibm data center. Any incoming. packets would have to. I passed through the same. Goes for outbound packets so this layer is where most of the actual action and work takes place crucially. There's only one minute on the network on arpanet a series of 'em's handled traffic why we're dealing with just one central routing device. The actual protocol is really simple. So let's go ahead and describe the entire data. Transfer protocol for a lo. Han net on the terminal side was a small packet radio and modem a message coming from a terminal was i turned into a series of pulses by modem then transmitted out on one channel by the packet radio. Then the transmitting station just waited for an acknowledgement signals sent on a second channel. If didn't hear anything after a set amount of time the message was rebroadcast. It over at the main campus. The minute who was just sitting around with some incoming packets now just to be clear the minute who it wasn't just some massive of circuits and antennas. It was powered by an hp two one one five mini computer and a massive wires and circuits. In tana's we're in this weird spot in history where we're almost up to the microprocessor. But that's still a few years off and all the men who didn't have to do anything overly complicated. It did need to crunch some numbers and make some decisions so it kind of had to be computerized once again. The parallels with arpanet are really clear on the mainland. Imps were made by repurposing honeywell computers each incoming packet contains the actual payload data. That's what you're actually trying to send. Plus identification information and something called a cyclic redundancy. Check or the crc the payload. That's self explanatory. The id bits are also pretty simple. It's just some information about what the mini who initiative with the packet and which terminal the packet came from but the crc is worse. A magic comes into play. Crc is what's known as an error checking code thousand intimidating but in practice. It's pretty simple to generate crc code. You just need to carry out. A series of divisions on the payload then store the final remainder from a final division has the crc in law back calculation was carried out by transmitting terminal. Wants the men who received a packet. It ran the same. Crc calculation on the packet's payload the idea here is that the crc algorithm is well known so if the data that was sent from the terminal is the same as the data that was received by the minute hoon a- than the crc coast should be the same to detect errors. Just compare the freshly calculated code with the code that was stored in the packet header if the two codes are equal. Then you're good. The minimum sins an acknowledgement signal back to its transmit channel and passes the packet back to the university's mainframe if the codes don't lineup. Then something bad must have happened to the packet mid flight to deal with this problem the mini who was programmed to take the best course of action. It just drops the packet. It doesn't send an act signal and it doesn't pass on anything to the mainframe. An error resulted in nothing when a transmission from the mainframe was ready. The process just ran the other way around. The mainframe sends a packet to the minute. The pack is broadcast out on the transmit channel and then a receiver to some terminal. Here's the packets. It's on the airwaves. Sees that it has its correct. Id and boom you have data coming onto your screen. If you just have one terminal on the network. Then everything's fine. Data goes into the minute. Hula data comes out and a student can seamlessly at least seemingly so type away at their terminal. But once you get two or ten or one hundred terminals then things actually get interesting. As the nineteen seventy progress report puts it quote. Packet can be received incorrectly because of two different types of errors one random noise errors and two areas caused by interference with a packet transmitted by another console. The first type of error is not expected to be a serious problem. The second type of error that caused interference will be important. Only when a large number of users are trying to use the channel at the same time in quote you see a lo han net and this is this is one of the really cool things about the network it ran with just two radio channels one going out of the mini tuna and one coming back in the channel that the men who knit transmits on will always be clean and error-free it has full control over that so it's not going to send more than one pack at once but it's receiving channel is where we get possible errors if two terminals try to send in a packet at the same time then they'll collide mid air. It's like if to morse code. Operators tried to take out a message at the same time you get dots and dashes but it would be a garbled mess. If you try to translate it into english it would be unintelligible. That's why the crc code matters so much if packets collide and the minihane gets some weird mess than the crc check will fail and the packet will get dropped. Neither of the colliding terminals will receive an ac signal so each will retransmit the nine hundred seventy report just says that the terminals retransmit after some ambiguous set time out later works clarified. This back off was a little more complicated than some pre-selected number in general transmitters used a random delay. This the retransmission were highly unlikely to collide unless somehow both transmitters rolled the same random number. And that's it. Thus ends the description of the aloha net protocol. It's surprisingly simple. It may sound a little bit janke but it works really well batch will. Aloha paper goes over mathematical proofs. That show that at least up to a certain point. Collisions aren't frequent enough. That packet delivery can be guaranteed. Now i know how exciting that is. A mathematical irradiation makes for some really good podcast material. But i'm going to skip that for now since. I don't wanna try to describe pages of math. Their math model basically shows collisions happen. Infrequently enough that they're negligible as long as you have under a certain amount of clients for the initial alohan net. Spec that magic number is one hundred. Sixty two terminals. That's the theoretical upper limit. But alohan net could actually support way more traffic than math alone suggests and this all comes down to the fact that computers operate way faster than humans do since all parameters on a low honda instant. We can figure out how long it takes to transmit a packet. Luckily for us norman. His co-conspirators already worked up. The math in their pages of derogations works out to thirty four milliseconds per packet. That's counting the actual data transmission and some added time for system overhead. Now go ahead and count to thirty four milliseconds for me. Maybe there's something wrong with me. But i personally can never get it just right. It goes by too quickly. Just around thirty packets be sent on the network per second while that may not sound like very fast data transfer compared to modern standards. It's fast enough that the aloha team was able to get away with some tricks. Now i guess this is a corollary to my last fun game but try counting how long it takes to type out. Eighty characters numbers important because a single packet on a lo han net could hold up to eighty characters of data to supply a constant stream of data from terminal minna. You'd have to type at around twenty four hundred characters per second that i can assure you is totally out of the realm of the real for human typing speed. The simple fact is that people spend most of their time in front of a computer. Either reading what's on the screen thinking or if you're a programmer swearing now of those activities. None of them require data transmission so the radio channel that terminals transmitted on alohan net remained relatively quiet. This type of data pattern is often called. I e since data comes only in bursts. The interesting result is that at least in practice aloha net could handle way more than the theoretical maximum. Load of one hundred sixty two terminals. Collisions were much more unlikely than the theoretical model. Because users weren't transmitting data constantly so the upper bound on aloha net just was never an issue. All this is showing. How the protocol despite sounding a little bit. Unsafe is actually very practical. Technically speaking you don't have a one hundred percent guarantee that a packet will arrive in a fixed amount of time. But it's still fast and reliable enough that you don't run into issues. The aloha protocol also made it possible to cut a few more corners which brings us to the actual client hardware. That's the terminal control units network. Had just one minute but every client terminal had to be wired into a terminal control unit or tcu. I said before. It's just a modem and a radio but it's a little more complicated. This was an all in one defies that actually handled talking in coordinating with the rest of the network. The important piece here is that a t. c. u. was much less complicated in much cheaper to produce than the single minute hunan a tcu consisted of a serial bridge that the terminal hooked into an eighty character buffer. Packet radio transceiver a modem and a small computer to handle all the hardware. The protocol wasn't simple enough that it could work without a computer but task on the client side was simple enough that they didn't need anything as powerful as minute minihane. Tcu's initially used small mini computers but once microprocessors became available then they adopt the newer technology. In all the only task you really have to do is wait to get eighty characters calculator. Crc and then send up your data on the receiving side. You just have to wait for some data to come in. It's not that complicated. So you don't need a lot of computing power or a lot of memory. Now i keep saying that. Lana used radio like that was some magic. Bullet can't rely on phone lines than just used the air. All your problems will evaporate in some ways. It was a fantastic solution but a radio based network count with its own unique issues. Any solution does alot honda at least in the initial years. Used you h f band radio. Uhf or ultra high frequency can get blocked by almost anything as rinku. One of the main researchers spearheading. The project explains quote since the transmission scheme of a alohan. It was by line of sight. The radio range of transceivers was severely limited by the diversity of terrain mountains. High rise buildings heavy foliage that existed in hawaii a later development allowed the system to expand its geographical coverage beyond the range of its central transmitting stations. I'm cutting that off before who gets into the juicy details. But that's a good reason. There were issues with hawaii's phone at the time that made it unsuitable for networking using radio. Different issues of a similar genre. The hawaiian islands are volcanic. That's how they formed in the first place so alohan. It wasn't just beaming packets across some enlist flat expanse. It had to contend with geological features. Perhaps just as importantly islands are lush with foliage. Someone who's lived in a forest most of his life. I can tell you that trees kill radio signals. Like nobody's business the latter development. The cool mentioned was able to partly solve these line of sight issues and introduce some new functionality. Initially it only had a range of ten kilometers which is neat but not all that practical as described in a nineteen eighty-one paper that i quoted above the next step was to produce a series of radio relay stations. This is another place where lo han nets radically simplified protocol. Really helped a relay station on the network was straightforward. It just listened for incoming packets. Put them in a buffer then sent them out since it was already broken into discrete packets. It was easy to grab and repeat at the relays leisure one. Little complication showed up in the relay station since every turn on the network was sending data over the same channel. You couldn't just store and retransmit every packet. You heard you'd end up with this weird digital echo but there was a simple way around this each packet had or contains the id number of the terminal. That sent it so. Each relay station was configured to transmit packets with certain. Id codes some practice. Terminals that needed to relay messages could be added to this list. It would only take two of these relay stations to complete the network and connect all the university's campuses together always groundwork was laid out buying nineteen seventy over the next two years the network grew and came into full operation. The minute hoon is start. Seeing real traffic is radio towers went up across the island's campuses. However it's not totally clear. How much traffic. We're talking here alohan. It was definitely in used for research. That's what all this paper trail points to. I haven't been able to find really anything about how students or professors side. The core research group were using the network. It may have been that it was used in some limited capacity but if there was heavy use than there isn't much written about that aspect of the project that aside aloha net saw major growth in the early seventies one result of this expansion across hawaii was at the network became very heterogeneous. This is really clearly shown in seventy seventy-five progress report that includes a diagram of a low hunt net. You have to whom it and its mainframe in the center surrounded by nine transceivers of varying design. Of course you have the original. Tcu boxes but you also have a number of microprocessor powered transmitters some use the intel eight. Oh eight others used eighty eighty but beyond that. We have so called concentrator irs. These are marked down on the network map as big boxes. These were mini computers that functioned as standalone machines. But we're also connected to the network over their own. tcu you like devices. Each of these concentrations had more terminals connected to it serving as additional access points for the network. The math probably makes it more clear. So i'll be sure to drop a link to the paper that includes it in this episode description. Basically we start to see a pretty strangely shaped network. We have a bit of the characteristic spoke and wheel shape of a centralized network but the concentrator adding a little bit of complication. it's almost decentralized but there's really only one core system that every terminal connects to contrast this to arpanet which is fully distributed in arpanet. Any note can communicate with any other node. Amps formed this mesh like series of connections between nodes on aloha net. You just have one destination. No point to point communications inhering to the network. This may sound like another little detail that we can gloss over. But i think that would miss a really important. Implication arpanet was a product of the us military industrial complex. The internet may have some more soft edges today. But it's still has this bellicose origin. Arpanet was designed as a distributed network because that made it more resilient to the destruction of nodes it was designed very explicitly to survive a nuclear war. That's always go back to paul barons reports when i describe arpanet. His writing doesn't hide the fact as much as some waiter research does alohan. It didn't have the same routes as it almost seems like a miracle that researchers like abramson weren't folded into arpanet early on distance may have slightly insulated the team at the university of hawaii and that gave them leeway to make different decisions. We've already seen how there was a lot of crossover between the two networks. But the founding goals of lohan had nothing to do with military or industry. It was a purely research focused network. It received government funding. It was administered by arpaio. But it wasn't started by arpaio. This gave researchers a lot more of a free hand in its design and implementation the networks strange topologies one example of this freedom i'm using some big theoretical air quotes but a law that can never be described as being as reliable as arpanet. If the minute who knew went down. The network was gone if the central mainframe went down and there was nothing to connect to if there is too much interference on the right. Uhf ban everything just stopped working. Every single packet would get dropped. That wouldn't have flown at all on arpanet. This was a totally different project. Now after going. Through all that in the early seventies did get a lot closer to arpanet. The wind network. Didn't change just design but it did get connected up to the continental system. The story of how alana joined the wider world is as far as i'm concerned it's up there with solve the fund sagas in computing's history abramson described the event in some detail in one thousand nine hundred eighty five report for some context in nineteen seventy. He went to washington. Dc to visit. Larry sports he was one of the key players in the design and implementation of arpanet. At the time roberts was looking to expand arpanet abramson described the visit. Like this quote. I was visiting roberts office in washington for discussions dealing with both technical and administrative matters in the aloha system when he was called out of his office for a few minutes to handle a minor. Emergency nine hundred. Seventy two was a year of rapid growth for the arpanet as the interface. Message processors imps which defined the nodes of the network were installed in the first network locations. While waiting for roberts return. I noticed on the blackboard and his office. A list of locations for arpaio was planning to install imps during the next six month period together with installation. Dates he continues. I took the chuck inserted the aloha system in his list and beside it placed the date of december seventeenth chosen more or less at random. After robert's return we continued our discussion. But because the rather long agenda we did not discuss the installation of an imp in hawaii. And i forgot that i had inserted an installation date of december seventeenth for us in the schedule on his blackboard in quote now did date approached. Abramson got a call saying that the hardware to connect to arpanet was on. Its way it seems that he was able to slip right into the scheduled expansion and the university of hawaii was entering deeper into the fold norm a little bit scared. Probably called roberts to fess up to what you've done but from what i've read. It seems like aloha net was already going to be on the roadmap. Eventually perhaps norms chalk adventure. Just push that date up soon. This unique radio based system would become another note on arpanet connected with the little zigzag line. I mentioned at the top. So what did that look like. How do you connect up to networks. That are so different and more importantly. What do you get when you combine. Two divergent technologies hooking aloha and arpanet together. It was a little bit harder than just pencilling installation date it involved. Another emerging technology the commercial communication satellite in nineteen sixty. Two comsat was founded. It was one of these private public companies that the government likes to spin off rand corp one of the research centers that proved influential on early. Design of arpanet is another example of private public lab but comsat wasn't a think tank. This company was concerned with monetize ing space as the name suggests comsat was all about communication satellites. The corporate structure chronology is long and confusing. It involves multiple federal administrations and outside companies. But none of that really matters today. Want to get to the cool stuff in nine hundred. Sixty five comsat launches. Its first satellite intersat. One nicknamed early bird during this seven year. Lead up to arpanet expansion. Comsat was building a small fleet of satellites importantly the company's ties to the federal government. That arba could get easy. Access to space bound. Resources also paved the way for connecting alohan neck to the mainland. The general rundown of how early com satellites works is pretty simple but for whatever reason finding precise details on their design is annoying my best. Guess is that no one is super eager to share possible trade or government secrets online. The net result is. I don't get to talk about the specific chips. That may be things tick. But i can't give a general overview of their operation in short. It's a radio relay but inspects there are fewer components but none of that affects their core function. You have a little booster rocket for adjusting orbits. You have solar panels and batteries for power and some early satellites. Have onboard tape storing data. If i can find resources. I definitely want to cover these things in more depth but anyway at the core we're still dealing with a radio relay station. Each satellite comes tricked out with a set of antennas for receiving and transmitting signals onboard. They're the circuits needed to independently receive boost and transmit a number of separate radio channels. The idea is that someone say hawaii can essentially bounce a signal off. One of these satellites than someone in california could catch the new transmission. The specific satellite that aloha net ended up using was. Ats one experiment. Geostationary satellite. That just means that it was on orbit such that. It was stationary relative to the ground. Responded on vhf channels which just like uhf operate on line of sight. The interesting part and one of the reasons that i want to know more about these early com satellites is the transmissions were sent as pcm audio signal flow worked like this. The university of hawaii maine mainframe was connected up to ann. Arbor provided t ip which is just a fancier router outbound messages were ran through modem then converted to a stream of digital audio and shot up to the comsat a satellite dish at nasa ames campus in california was connected to the satellites downlink and then it would pass messages onto the rest of arpanet message going into aloha. Nick followed the same path. But in reverse the p. c. m. channel that was being used was originally intended for voice communications. So we're dealing with a really really fancy and really expensive telephone system but this. Upc 'em really sticks out to me for those unfamiliar pacm or a pulse. Code modulation is an encoding scheme. Used to represent audio as a series of binary pulses. It's usually used for actual audio. You're gonna listen to it. Comes along with all the advantages of digital communication namely it's easy to boost or relay at it has higher tolerance for error that makes it great for long distance. Communications like beaming data off satellites. P seem is usually used for data that you want to listen to actual audio. That will eventually be turned back into analog waves. It's how audio files. Were used to store audio data as bits on disk data transfer using modems while similar to the realm of is kind of its own thing modems turn incoming binary data into a series of audio pulses. So there's some overlap but if my understanding is correct you'd still need to do some special tweaks to get a modems data stream to actually play nice with the specification. I might be over thinking. I might just not know enough about satellite relays from the nineteen sixties but stuck out to me as a little convoluted that encoding tangent. Aside in nineteen seventy three. We start seeing a net show up on maps of arpanet. The net result is that anyone connected to arpanet continental network. Could now connect to mainframes at the university of hawaii. But that's the bus interesting direction for traffic. Really going the opposite direction. Any terminal connected to a annette could connect to any mainframe on arpanet and that was all done wirelessly. The hop from terminal two universities mainframe was wireless and a half from hawaii. To california was all wireless once logged in. You could serve the proto internet without any cords beyond. Just the novelty factor. We're starting to see a really modern network. Topology forming the hosts what users are actually trying to connect to our off at some far distant location on some larger packet switching network. Most of the user is trying to get access to lives outside of a lo han net but the local wireless network functions as a distribution system. Not one hundred percent identical. We see a similar setup with wi fi. Networks you connect up to the nearest wireless router which acts as a gateway up to a much larger wired network somewhere else. It doesn't matter where because it's all connected at some point in this period we run into some sourcing issues. There just isn't a huge paper trail on the practical use of a lo han net. But that's just fine. The university of hawaii became a hotbed for networking experiments. They weren't as possible on the ordinary parts of arpanet shortly after the boring. Pcm based satellite connection came online. The team at hawaii was onto newer projects in nine hundred. Seventy three that year. Another open satellite channel was added to the mix this time using a lo han net standard packet based protocol abramson. Kuo and everyone else on the team finding more and more ways to show off their new technology and they're really proving that the university of hawaii was now a top grade research college. The work done on a lo han net also planted the seeds for a number of future projects. Ethernet is probably the most well known and a story that deserves its own place. I want to close out this episode by discussing one of the more wild projects inspired by aloha. The packet radio van. The actual project was called the packet radio network or pr net and was funded by yet. Another darpa grant. This project is equal parts hilarious and foundational for what we think of as the modern internet it also provides a great case. Study in how good designed can make technology more generally useful. The new project started in one thousand nine hundred ninety three right in the same period where aloha that was really hitting. Its stride was headed up by robert. Kahn another major figure in the development of arpanet. The rationale for peanut is multifaceted on one hand. It was an investigation of how packet radio could be used to form quick ad hoc networks. That is darpa. Wanted to see if there were military applications for the technology on any battlefield. Information is key. So i'm sure the idea of an instant network spanning a combat zone had major appeal to the military. There's also the more technical aspect to a net was showing the limitations of arpanet ridge. Wire design were a major problem so researchers were to see what it would look like to overcome that rigidity here. I'm drawing heavily from paper written by kahn. In nineteen seventy five the organization computer resources into a packet radio network. It's a bit of a worry title for the project. The paper could have just as well have been called adapting. Aloha net for fun and profit within the pages. Con gives a wonderful explanation of why packet radio. Networking was so exciting quote. The use of packet broadcasting techniques for interconnection becomes attractive on the number of mini. Computers or microprocessors is sufficiently large and the overall traffic flow is small. The use of wire buses packet broadcasting appears certain to be an effective interconnection technique however packet. Radio provides another alternative. That may be useful for organizing the communications among a large or even small number of computer resources regardless of the physical setting inside a box within a room throughout a wide geographic area in the main point here is that wired networks like arpanet are fine. They work but wireless systems like alohan. Neck can work as well. Plus they offer a level of flexibility. That would be impossible with wires on its own bats cool. It's the interconnection part that makes cons paper really exciting to me you see. Pr net wasn't just an attempt to remake alohan net on mainland. One of its major goals was to adapt the technology developed for a lo han net as a new way to link together isolated networks. We're starting to see shades of that with the aloha arpanet satellite link. But this was taking that to a whole 'nother level. The team in hawaii had shown that aloha nets packet. Radio system could be used to send forever you want. It was generic enough. That the data payload didn't actually matter it can be text images or even other types of packets also packet. Networking was reliable enough that it could be almost transparent. That's the whole allusion. The technology conjures to a human user. It just looks like you have a continuous connection to some far off computer but in reality there are only short bursts of data making up that connection so we have technology that's reliable it can fade into the background and it can provide a convenient way to let networks talk to each other. You could call it a way to facilitate inter network communication in theory. That could be used as the glue to create a network of networks cons. Paper has a handiwork. For this internet thing we can now affi- that to a more familiar word. Pr net was really the first clumsy step to create a recognizable internet. But that's just the theory. How do pr as project. Actually connect multiple networks well with a networking van. Of course what else. I'm not joking here. The vehicle of choice for this early internetworking experiment was literally of van on the surface. This may sound absurd. But this fits. Pr nets research goals really. Well the project wanted to investigate the possible use of mobile networks. What's more mobile than a van. Full of computer scientists and hardware. There's also a big convenience factor having ready to go van full of networking equipment. Means that you can travel around and perform research anywhere takes you construction of this packet radio van as it was known began at. Sri in nineteen seventy five. An old gmc delivery van was outfitted with experimental packet radios designed specifically for the project for computing power. The van sported and lsi eleven based machine. This was a microprocessor based variant of the popular pdp eleven terminals test equipment satellite dishes. Antennas and monitors were all jammed into the van along with air conditioning to keep everything operational so we have miniaturized and refined version of a lo han net the lsi eleven played the dual role of mini imp and host. Computer radio hardware was racked up right next to it. And just like a lo han net. The packet radio van was positioned as a test bed for new networking tech. The van would go into immediate service testing the breaking point of packet radio networking a few other packet radios were installed around the bay area with their own hosts to give. Sri a tiny network to experiment with this included. The obvious tests just probing the range that connections could be maintained at it also veered into more complex testing such as measuring error rates at varying speeds and observing. How changing obstructions could affect the radio channel over the course of late. Nineteen seventy five. Bugs worked out protocols Changed and the radio. Van proved its usefulness beyond any shadow of doubt. I think this is where we see. The blossoming what was developed at a low high net. You could almost say that alohan link with the mainland was a proto internetworking. Almost the issue is that the link between a lo han an arpanet was still using our protocol. Data just happened to be sent over a satellite feed and once on a low net there was only one host the mainframe that was connected to arpanet over the satellite with pr net. We see a more mature network forming in addition to the van itself. Pr net had multiple nodes each with its own computers waiting to be accessed. Those systems could all talk to each other over. Pr net and they could interconnect up to arpanet to access other hosts that dear listener sounds a lot more like a real internet as we discussed. Aloha net had a passing resemblance to a more modern network. Packet radio system functioned as a way to wirelessly connect terminals up to a much larger wired system but with pr net. We can see more than just a passing resemblance. There were real nodes on the network appear nodes that could communicate with each other plus you could also call out the larger arpanet the base technology. That made that possible. The layer the glued all of this wireless networking together. Came from a little lab in hawaii. All right that does it for our latest exploration of early. Networking is one of the less well-known chapters in the development of the internet. And i think that does the project real disservice. not only is aloha net important for understanding. The internet came from. It's also just a fascinating story. The wireless network project was started as a way to get the university of hawaii deeper into the research game along the way it became something much bigger than just that we also get a fantastic example of how to solve a problem the right way. The team at the university of hawaii faced some very specific hurdles but they came up with a generally applicable solution. Aloha net used a radically simplified protocol had corners that other researchers wouldn't have tried cutting and in the end it created something both practical and adaptable the same packet radio system that made it easy to connect a wa who and hawaii could just as easily connect the radio van to sri. There's a lot more. I could say about the legacy of aloha net a lot more than i ever expected. Actually a noteworthy emission in this episode has of course been ethernet it's wired protocol adapted alohan nets packet based system. I have good reason for that. Ethernet needs its own separate coverage once we start digging deep rental xerox stuff. It's a massive story that just has to have its own space to breathe. So that's coming eventually and before you stopped listening. I need to throw in just one. Quick programming announcement. We're fast approaching the first avenue of computing. Qna episode if you haven't been keeping up lately or this is your first time experiencing the show we recently passed fifty thousand all-time downloads so to celebrate. I'm doing a bonus cuny episode. That should be airing in about three weeks. I think if my math right. I'm going to be posting it on an off week. So don't worry if you don't like that sort of thing that it won't take away from my usual content in preparation. I'm collecting questions from my up until july sixteenth. So there is still time. If you're listening to this as it comes out if you want to know something about the show myself or topic. I've covered then send in your questions. I've pinned to on my twitter account over at avenue of comp or you can shoot an email to adam of computing at g. dot com now. Without the way we've come to the end so thanks for listening to abdin of computing. I'll be back in two weeks time with another piece of the story of the computer. And hey if you like the show there now a few ways you can support it if you know someone else who's interested in computing history than wanna take a minute to share the show with them even also rate and review on apple podcasts. If you wanna be a superfan you can support the show directly through adding of computing merch or signing up as a patron on patriot on patrons get early access to episodes polls for the direction of the show and bonus content. You can find links to everything on my website. Avenue computing dot com. If you have any comments or suggestions for a future episode then go ahead and shoot me a tweet. I'm additive comp on twitter and as always have a great rest of your day.

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Episode 7: Self-Education

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Episode 7: Self-Education

"Creative conversations podcast show where i dig deeper into the personal journeys and professional careers of influential and successful women. And how they're strays can inspire others to achieve success. I'm your host over salads and today my special guest it's claire cujo. The hd colonel retired and signal officer in the united states. Army claire. welcome to the show. It's good to be here. thank you now claire. It is a pleasure to have you on this show. What was your inspiration for joining the military. I joined the army. Because i wanted. I want the army to pay for college. So i had a four year. Rotc scholarship. I mean it was. It was a job that sounded interesting because sounded like it would be outdoors as opposed to behind the desk. I just being something i wanted to do. I was kind of a tomboy and the army just named like match all spin. Okay makes sense that makes sense now. You have been the united states army for over twenty nine years and worked as a signal officer. What communication and information systems. Did you execute the armed forces. One of my favorite jobs was as the theater network operations and security center director in kuwait in two thousand eight. Two thousand nine and that was a big dog the teen us as it was called or now it's called the region fiber center so the regional cybercentre job is to connect countries and then to connect the ford operating bases within the countries. So that will. That was a scene. Marge efforts and then my last assignment before i got out. Twenty eighteen was in the pacific and our network army network ranged from japan. Wii korea kwajalein island and wom some pretty large network. Well there's a lot of people on the keene. that's a large responsibility. That helps you also had held a position as a director for congressional affairs in afghanistan. How was that experience as a female military leader and what were some of your responsibilities. So that was a fantastic job. I was stationed in hawaii at the time. So other than myself about that at the time. you know. you don't want to go but you do want to go always wanna go all right. So that is all of twenty sixteen. I spent there. And i worked with a four star in afghanistan's mine and i was his as so i've prepared him because he has testified in china congress so i compared him through to congressional. Here's and then our general opposite that was in charge of support and hearing and some other congressional hoses. So i tend him for that and also i took twenty-five national delegations they call him co dell's where members of congress and sas come over and we show them what the money they're spending in afghanistan is buying so you take them to egypt to some of the basins and they get to talk to the commanders. They get to talk to soldiers. They talked to anybody. They want anybody interested in because certain members of congress have different interests in each place depending on what committee. They're on so they were able to see where the funds were allocated. Yes thank you. See what they bought. They bought up armor for These they can see humvees with up armor on them. That's great. that's great. Well that's my. That's an amazing experience to be abroad for a year in afghanistan. That's quite a leap. There i can say it wasn't my favorite place to be but it was. It was a good experience. Exactly exactly and now you are currently the president and ceo of nbc. Which is a woman owned and veteran owned business that provides national security and defense operations support. Can you elaborate more on your company services and who are your customers. Sure so we've basically run networks right now. We are working at the national guard as part of a team that runs their networks of ring fifty fifty states territories. And we also have some work at disa- the i'm sorry. Use an acronym anya. We also have some work in defense information systems. Agency which is the joint communicate the joint organization that is responsible for all the communications department defense. It's amazing that's a quite a job there to kind of oversee all that. Well we're not overseeing the whole thing we're just we're just a small part of the team at all happened and tastic fantastic and as a former adjunct professor at the university of hawaii utah disaster preparedness and emergency management. We see now many disasters happening. What considers his due to better prepare and handle current disasters such as the california fires and the recent louisiana hurricane. So that is. That's an interesting question. There's a there's a lot of people do emergency management. It's a big field and it's really. it's really popular in places that have a lot of disasters so in hawaii. We had the volcanoes you have squirm season. You have you know. And then there's water damage there's fires. There's all kinds of things that happened in hawaii and so university of hawaii to have its own program was a pretty big deal and then if you if you look around there's other schools that have it as well so and you can look into fema website. Like brother works at fema right now. And he's involved in every every disaster that's happening. He's involved and their website has a bunch of really good nearly good information on it but they also have courses so if you're trying to qualify for any kind of disaster preparedness last. They they have probably thirty to forty five is on their website. You just you just sign up for a username and password and you can take any class. We want so. I think it's a pretty good thing because people can use it on a resume so they can access the courses from the fema website. Yes yes and they're entirely free so if you were trying to build yourself up you can take these horses and say well. I don't know a lot. But i have taken these forces so i'm familiar with it. That's a very good excellent. I think the more knowledge to better. I would love to know you do as military leader a c company. What are some habits that help to achieve optimal performance. One of the things that i think is really important as self education. There's a lot of people across that. I am found that. I have encountered that. Don't self educate so. Then they're just waiting for my job. Once we to complete these tasks will they have to train me in order to do it. And that's not really a good strategy. The strategy bay my organization needs this hill. I can find retraining training here because there's training available. There's so many places people can get training now. Like ed x. is fantastic and dot com and there's training from all these different colleges courses taught by people online. A lot of them are prepackaged forces. But just to educate yourself and to make yourself more valuable to pumping as opposed to having company to train you. You know you can educate yourself in order to move off. So what i'm hearing is that you have to be proactive. And you're learning absolutely absolutely the the resources are out there and you know people just don't know they're there or they don't just don't wanna make the time to do it exactly but it's a good strategy to get ahead. That's good advice. Thank you as a colonel retired. United states army. What can you recommend to women interested in joining a career path in the united states armed forces. I think they should go for it. I mean i've had such a great variance in the army. And you just you don't you go for it. You have to be fit and have to work out and you have to make sure you can run because running as for some reason very important to people in the artie. And once i got and i was a terrible honor when i first joined and i kind of looked around and saw man i gotta step it up and once i started running a lot and doing well that all of a sudden you world's opened for me i mean it sounds really silly but you can apply to any organization you have to figure out what is the value of the organization and physical fitness was a value of the united states army. So therefore you have to be good at it. I think physical fitness should be valued across many companies and many industries. Because if you don't have your health you don't have anything so now that's that's true and it's easy especially now to just be stuck by a computer because when i first joined the army there were no computers there. I mean i guess they were computers but there weren't there was no internet and there is no people didn't sit behind their desk all day. That wasn't really what it was all about. And so now. I feel like we go to work and we sit behind a desk all day and some people never get off standing. What f. ghanistan a lot of people head standing desks like they think. Go over to. I don't know where they where they made 'em but they would go over there and just make them self a makeshift place to work so that they could stand up just taking breaks away from the screen. Not just be at your desk. You know possibly trying to incorporate some stretching or even amid after the workout. Something to boost. Because i think every time you work out think it's all physical. It's also mental. It helps reduce stress. Tension keeps you focused and especially now with everything. That's happening your health. Is you gotta take care of your health. I completely i completely agree with you. I looked into your things that you've done to as well in business with businesses and you serve on the small business committee of fca. How can small businesses struggling during this pandemic find more support to keep their doors open. So that's that's an interesting question. Because the i mean it depends i am the you know i'm engulf con- some government contracting so a lot of things slow down and it's it's the end namic and it's also the cr so when when they don't pass a budget because the election is happening now. The budget has been extended until the fourteenth into the somber and twelve the continuing resolution. Cr and so they they can award new contracts and or the government can't award new contracts and when trying to compete for opportunities and there's not as many out there as there were so i mean it's it's dog eat dog you have to. You have to make sure that when you submit a proposal or pricing that you have the best one because there's a lot of people submitting stuff because there's less opportunity out there so there's more people there's more competition for each job so you really have to make sure that what you submit represents what you can deliver and there's also you know people have. We haven't done this but the pcp loans have been around. And i don't. I don't know as much about that as i probably should but i was very lucky and the federal government allowed on my employees to work during the pandemic from home. Yeah the loan. It definitely helps us small businesses with employees with payroll pay rent and cover utilities. And i think now they even have loan forgiveness so some companies. You can look into that as well. The problem is going to happen next year. When the government has to repay all the money that it it took to pay for the pandemic. It's got it's gotta come from somewhere. So i think they'll being i think next year is going to be a pretty here at least in padres. I think we'll be taxed for as well car loans and grants and so forth so like you said has to come from somewhere. That's true claire. I wanna thank you very much for joining me today on the show. I'm grateful for your time and sound advice for achieving success for being such a positive role model for women. Thank you thank you for having me. Thank you describe to our podcast to learn more about these inspirational stories. I am in favour silas. And i'll see you next

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07-26-21 The legacy of Haunani-Kay Trask

Native America Calling

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07-26-21 The legacy of Haunani-Kay Trask

"Support for this program provided by gerd. Would alaska take a drive down the scenic highway past beluga point hike bird ridge and enjoy what gird would has to offer exploring your home state. Is the kovic safe way to enjoy the summer. Welcome to native america calling from studio eight six nine hundred pueblo. Unterrogation would dr johnny kay. Trask was known for her strong voice. Confused love for the people in the land of she was an author poet activist professor and founder of the kamako colonie center for hawaiian studies. She walked on earlier this month and more taking time to honor her and reflect on her legacy coming up. We'll hear about this coupe from some of the people who knew her and admired her work. We go live right after national native news. This is national native news antonio gonzales a minnesota court friday granted a temporary restraining order against hubbard county the sheriff and a local land commissioner in northern minnesota. The ruling requires law enforcement to driveway to a property used as a camp by indigenous lead groups opposing the line three oil pipeline replacement project to leaders of the movement against line three. Why known a logistic and tara house gop filed the order. it also requires law enforcement to stop issuing criminal citations against people using the driveway. They're calling the ruling a huge legal win. Hundreds of people have been arrested including the duke in the movement against the replacement project. They're concerned about impacts to water and the environment. The company umbrage says the replacement of line three is needed to transport oil from canada to wisconsin pointing to jobs and economic boost. Those in opposition are calling on the biden administration to stop the and are going to continue to fight construction. The standing rock sioux tribe welcomed lemme carvers and their totem pole to north dakota over the weekend there on a cross country journey to washington. Dc to raise awareness of indigenous issues and sacred site protection tribal leaders and grassroots organizers held event and standing rock to call on the biden administration to shut down the dakota access pipeline speakers at the event which was streamed online reflected on the fight against construction of the pipeline in two thousand sixteen which brought together native people in their allies from around the world to opposition camps standing rock tribal council member. Nola taken alive says unity is what led to people gathering at standing rock and unity is helping the lemme carver's on their journey speaking from standing rock sioux tribe. I wanna thank you and we continue to thank you. It was the spark of our young people who brought not only our relatives of indigenous communities together but they sparked that interest of all the world all the different injustices looking at the missouri. River are relative. many we tony behind us here behind. All of you here. That spirit still lives in that spirit is going to continue to bring our lumpy relative. Strengh oil began flowing in the dakota access pipeline in two thousand seventeen. The standing rock sioux tribe is continuing to fight to protect water lands and treaty rights leaders are calling on the biden administration to take action organizers of the totem pole journey are making stops at sacred sites along the way to dc. Mary simon is being sworn in monday as canada's thirtieth governor general. She's the first indigenous person to serve in the role of the queen's representative in canada earlier. This month she thanked prime minister. Justin trudeau and queen elizabeth for the opportunity. This is a moment that i hope all canadians feel part of because my appointment reflects our collective progress towards building a more inclusive just and equitable society. The queen approved the appointment. On trudeau's recommendation. Canada is a place defined by people like people who serve those around who tackle big challenges with hope and determination and above all who never stopped working to build a brighter tomorrow in other words people like mary. Simon simon is from northern quebec. She's an advocate for new rights and culture and has worked with the federal government on a number of issues. Her appointment comes as the country. Struggles with reconciliation and as more unmarked graves discovered across the country on the grounds of former residential schools. I'm antonio gonzales. National native news is produced by broadcast corporation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting for native americans affected by domestic violence. The strong hearts native helpline offers peer to peer support and resources it safe confidential and toll free at eight four four seven native program support by the national indigenous women's resource center. This show is supported by the fx original series reservation dogs from sterling harjo and tyco it reservation. Dogs follows the adventures of four indigenous teens in rural oklahoma preservation dogs streaming august ninth exclusively fx on hulu native voice. One the native american radio network. This is native america calling. I'm tara gatewood coming to you live from my own lands. She would do who ninety k. Trask was an influential voice in hawaii. She was a professor author poet producer activists and a visionary who inspired many native hawaiians to learn about the islands painful colonial history. She people to channel their anger and grief to speak up and clean space in places of academia politics and culture and she led some of the first marches in protests for the return of the hawaii hawaii to connect molly and always cares herself as a hawaiian national rather than an american and she helped to create the center for hawaiian studies at the university of hawaii in manoa where she influenced many students to become advocates for Connect molly rights and culture in this. In april of this year she was elected to the american academy of arts and sciences. A prestigious honorary society twenty nineteen. She received angela. Y davis prize by the american studies association and she was named one of the most influential women in hawaii in hawaii magazine. Komo hunan who money Passed on earlier this month. She walked on july third and we want to take the time to honor her work and legacy and you can join the conversation as well. You can give us a call at one. Eight hundred nine nine six two four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and today. We are gonna start off in honolulu on the island of who in hawaii with us today. We have no lonnie a good year. Kyw oh poem and she is a professor of political science at the university of hawaii at manoa and she is molly. Thank you for joining us for another native america calling Knowing lonnie allah has had thank you so much for having la and i gave a brief introduction but for you when you remember the life and work of doctor who kay trask. What do you like to share. I for the first of all. I just wanna of correct pronunciation of her name How how many her name On the part of it Refers to the snow or Those chilling water elements that are on top of highly okla- No the mountain of moee where her genealogy connects to on her mother's side and So she carries the strength of that with her and all the generations of her ancestors who emerged from and cared for that place So many trust In addition to being you know the a native daughter has she raced a native daughter of families on both her moms and dads side who are incredibly Powerful in contributed greatly to hawaii both in politics and education. The to kind of feels that she is most well known for. She herself really became one of the most prominent and influential tanaka scholars and activists of the late twentieth century She had a huge impact in hawaii But also her impact beyond the islands and she became known as an advocate or Human rights for indigenous race against All forms of racism and intrigue as And spoke you know throughout throughout the world but here in our islands in hawaii you know one of the greatest gift that she gave us remind us who we are and Often quoted base that she gave in nineteen ninety three where she says you know. We are not american. We're not american. We are not american We are hawaiian. we will diet hawaiians And that was something tiny that people were scared of. They thought. maybe she was. you know. Way out there But now today we we realized that So many so many of our people have come to realize that she was just speaking the truth that had been hidden from many of the folks of her generation and her parents generation Even my generation that were Dr right and who's going to be on our wins of hers. So she impacted as an educator soul many So many people were also now doing working in the field that you know she also worked in Choose prolific as a writer as a political theorist as a poet In her community leadership she was not the kind of scholar who just published in academic journals and was confined to confined herself to the to the ivory tower. You know she always saw. The university has a place of contention and she trained her student In that way that we should Use the tools that we got in her classrooms in other classrooms to make material change in the world for for peoples and to fight racism. Fight patriarch east fight injustice in various forms. I think i'd find their within in knowing lonnie having this kind of thing come to you through her teachings. How do you think it changed your own path. She gave me and many people voice. you know. She gave us language to speak About the injustices that we already knew and felt in our day to day life but perhaps Because of the kind of assimilating education that is prevalent in many schools in hawaii most schools in by You know we didn't have the language to speak about it. But she was one of the first people in The nineteen eighties for example to really speak out against racism in hawaii. The name that hawaii is not a multicultural paradise there. Is you know um crushing structural racism that goes on in hawaii So that wasn't something that was widely discussed in islands at that time you know. She talked about sovereignty and land Again at the time that she started talking about these things. You know Just what it wasn't popular discourse so nowadays we have you know that hashtag rate land back is Such a powerful freeze for so many to capture so many native peoples to capture. What it is that we we want. I mean she was. She was saying that. Very very clearly from the nineteen seventies onward that. What the court of our struggle is about is about regaining. Our latin that has been illegally sees from from us as a people and as a country interest hearing some of that too. What kind of push back did she get in. How did she face that pushback she A tremendous amount of not. Just push back but violence threats. You know she was fearless about sticking out Speaking the truth clearly became to power calling out individual you know power holders people in positions of authority within the state And she just had no She didn't mince any words. Talk about it and She was searching the targeted because of that When of and i were in College you know she would routinely receives death desperate for some of the struggles that she was in and speaking out against white supremacy And just generally you know. Took a lot of the anti hawaiian sentiments that was floating around in the larger society. She became kind of a lightning rod. for yeah for that kind of violence and energy in terms of the directed her in critique some herbal threats as well as the ways that she was portrayed in popular media as a you know just an angry irrational woman rate and those were kind of representation jack. She really tried to get her students. Who take apart and analyze why why. Why is the media representing us in this way or and her in this way. Not a silencing mechanism and. She refused to be silenced. And that that is i think why she's a such a hero just so many of us is because this light kinds of kinds of threats and and push as you say That came her she just refused to be signing and she inspired many in. We know that this extends beyond You know hawaii and even here on the continent When her passing became news. I know a lot of people Spend a moment talking about how much her work influence them. influence them in movements. That we have talked about on this program to that we know Her legacy is is really large in the people who were able to take from her words or inspiration on how she faced life. There are a lot of people so today. We are giving you this moment. Anything you would like to share about dr. How nonni kit. Trask give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number will meet others. Who were influenced by her work her words and if there's anything you'd like to share with them you can give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is number and is you hear more about the work. She did As well as the way she saw things and inspired others to speak up. This reminds you somebody in your own tribal community. Maybe you are that person in you. Have some thoughts for us. We sure hope you will join us. You can give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two four eight is a number. We look forward to your calls and your memories again. We do appreciate you tuning in today and these phone lines are open. Go ahead and give us a ring. Maybe you have your own tribute. You like to do right now. Now's the time to dial in. Go ahead and call one eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is the number. We're gonna pause here for a moment to tell you about what's coming up tomorrow but we will keep the phone lines live. go ahead. dial in now we're ready. New tv series has a lot of indigenous talent on both sides of the camera reservation dogs by sterling harjo and take away. Pt focuses on the exploits of four teenagers in rural oklahoma on the next native america calling. We'll talk with some of the people. Involved with this breakthrough series. And what it signifies for people in hollywood support by roswell park who know tribal communities face persistent challenges in health equity such as cancer and higher death rates the centre for indigenous cancer research at roswell park. Comprehensive cancer center is dedicated to advancing cancer research. That will lead to translatable science medicine and cancer care for indigenous populations worldwide. Are you at high risk for cancer. A no charge online assessment tool is available at roswell park dot org slash assists me. You're listening to native america. Calling interrogate would promise letter pueblo. We are talking about the legacy of ho now knee kay. Trask Today and she is a leader and also a founder of hawaii sovereignty movement She walked on earlier this month or this month and we are paying tribute to her life and legacy in. You're also welcome to join the conversation by calling one eight hundred nine six. Two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and you know what we are going to go to. Her words here is komo honi From june of twenty ten in audio recorded by muko oca-. I know she is speaking at the center for hawaiian studies at the university of hawaii at manoa talking about the direction the hawaiian sovereignty movement should focus on. Our culture can't just worn a mental and recreation. That's the key is. Our culture has to be the core of armed resistance. The core of our anger. The core of our culture is four. what drives independence in all of us. Today is resistance to resist what they are doing. Our islands and to us there. I repeat our philosophy as nationalist. Hawaiian should be an alternative. To tourism and militarism it needs profound cultural belonging to the land as our hannah. Our elder brother. Our elder sister are among those who went before we gave our people allina at original indigenous hawaiian alternative not democracy not jeffersonian him not reaganism. I know there isn't a single western country in the world that can be able they don't and again that was dr. How noni kay. Trask recorded in june of twenty ten. We are remembering her today. And we're inviting you to do the same with us. If you like to join us. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is the number. Let's go and take a call. We have melvin santee. Nebraska tuned in on. Casey y que melvin. Thanks for dialing in. Go ahead share your thoughts several years ago. We have a hawaiian doctor here. And he's toby only stores this baby. He told me about this. You know she tells you better university of a hawaii. Us his father was a well-known jesus. Why during the hawaiian renaissance. And that's where he had gotten introduced her During the hawaiian renaissance woman played a role. I heard so great that were spending today talk about what a person that it should be that much to your community Well melvin thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your voice and words on our airwaves today and you can share some two by dialing in one eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is the number and here with us. Today is no alani goodyear. Coppola who is a professor of political science at the university of hawaii at manoa pleasure to have her here also on the line to from Colle- on the island of wa. Who in hawaii is dr aaron ghana weak- right and she is an associate professor of educational administration at the university of hawaii at manoa and she is connected moldy appraiser to have her here as well and Doctor right thank you for being with us and you go by errands. Aaron welcome in. Please anything you'd like to share or any introductions you'd like to make i don't have a hunter for having us again to talk about our coup and her legacy. I think anything. I think roy captured in her control. Just beautifully was on any case. Meant to so many of us not just as this like political figure but also for me just a really influential just person in my life as well. She really influenced us Again not only in this sort of larger public sphere about ourselves about our history but also for us as individual kenaka about you know what power we have in our own bodies. Our own money like We heard her talk about in that speech. He just About what we can do right to impact the movement for people and again not just this are we level but also just as our individual selves a and for our own. Ah or our families Just teaching us how to you know. Be strong and be brave. Just like her. I think Also you know just wanted to emphasize to the idea that she really despite sort of this powerful figure that she project she also was just a a human who was faced because a lot of critique and when we talk about her bravery it means like you know just even the security of herself and become. Forget you know. She was under so much Pressure and stress. But that never let her. that never scared her off. You know she Just remained brave. I think throughout her life the things that she said where things are so many of us wanted to say And she was just a really powerful voice for for us for our la hui mom and just seeing the outpour of You know love in support for her work in in some of the words that she shared. When news of her passing came forward. There are many people who wait in. There were even signs across hawaii and people You know one of her. Her big quotes made it. You know to different places in full started remembering her. And just knowing her influence on so many people in hawaii and again like i said here on the continent probably worldwide to a for you aaron knowing how all of these words resonated across tribal boarders beyond. You know the island of hawaii. Your thoughts on maybe why some of this resonated with people who who were from different places around the world sure she. I think the way that she all she framed. Her analysis of hawaii was not just Isolated does she was really wonderful at connecting Coa e to the larger sort of global movements for indigenous rates. I think across the world Her work really just transcended insurance grasp. A lot of ways like the ideas. Hawaii is sort of just like a you know a small example of American colonialism fish sort of branch out just to help us identify. What are the connection. That i feel like Other people really resonated with that and honestly she they resonated with her. Just her strong presidents or strong boys I was a graduate student at ucla and cool in hawaii. And so i knew of her influence there. And i had heard about her influence across the pacific and across native america But when i was there. I really saw just How impactful she was eight. I brought her to ucla. When i was when i was a graduate student and We expected me. The you know. Twenty people to show up to her talk and the they had to move the venue because there were so many hundreds of people that showed up to see her and had so many native brothers and sisters and cousins that came across america to come into or at least on the west coast to come into your driving hours to come out and just listen to her talk And she had a way of sort of again Talking about hawaii ears like this a case in a way like a case study but also connecting just across lines and. I thought that was for me. That was that was part of her. Power was just sort of connecting taught that way in. Maybe there's some words of hers that resonated with you at an important time in your life. I sure hope you'll dial in and share one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number we are honoring the legacy of how money kay trask and you can join us by calling in one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. Let's go back to the phone lines. We have sean in hayman's springs new mexico tuned in on k. Unm sean thanks for reaching out go ahead. You're on air. I wanted to call in and say very sorry to hear passing. She was a good friend. i i met her in hawaii when i went to graduate school there in from in the nineties from ninety two to eighty six and Some friends of mine. Who told me about her. Talks in oklahoma that summer and I didn't know anybody there. So i just went over to her office and introduced myself and She was besides being very strong and powerful shoot is also very warm and compassionate Somebody that I felt the heading nice tie to and when i eventually became a professor at fort lewis college in granular but with there to just the to some of my classes and to give public talks and she was really an amazing person. I really will mature sean. Thank you for remembering her with us. A thank you for your call. They're out of heinous brings to mexico tuned in on k. Unm we now go to joy who joins us today out of tulsa oklahoma tuned in online joy. Thanks for reaching out you're on here. Yes yeah i'm joy harjo and i met an ak tasks because she brought me into We did it. Poetry reading with her and dana. Not only hall. And that was you know. That's when i first met hun any k. And we became really good friends and we used to write letters and the time of writing letters but she was an amazing gift and she's still is her poetry. I knew her as a poet and of course an activist but they they go together. You know poetry is a powerful way to speak beyond on you know. Political rhetoric and poetry was absolutely stunning and and Kind of rooted. It was another way that she would She was so rooted in the land and and one injustice and But she was there at the returning the gift the largest gathering of native poets and writers in nineteen ninety two in in norman oklahoma with quite a presence and as the other caller said you know very welcoming and warm and truth teller. But i count her. I'm honored and I i miss her weakness her the to count her as a friend of A friend but she was you know. And she was a connector. Someone else said who made a connection. Deep connections between People in many many lands and in many many cultures particularly indigenous cultures and we must pay tribute especially on this art side of things joy. Harjo thank you for dialing in Poet laureate of the united states. Thank you for giving us a ring and congrats on the work that you're doing a lot of strength to you for the doors. You're also opening good to hear your voice joy and knowing lonnie and aaron. She was a poet to tell me a little bit. More about this or anything you want to share about what Joy opened up knowing learning. Go ahead and start off okay. Let's see if we got aaron with us airing. Any thoughts I first of all yet. Mahalo joy. Harjo i mean i remember her coming to university of. Emc her student Any always spoke so highly of of joy and I am not a poet. And i wish i was there to talk more deeply about her poetry But i think for me what it did do for her. Poetry did do was just opened up a new way of thinking about the world for me. her poetry really did sort of span. All of these different Feelings and thoughts that she had about her personal life but also obviously about the movement as well You know just like her speeches. Her poetry was also very powerful. But it could also be very is the i feel like we're her For the you can see the multiple sides of just who she as as a singer and and Where you can see really more soft and moored decided that people i think Where the previous caller had talked about where it was just more of that warm and loving and gentle person For me one of the poems that she that really resonates with me is this idea of weaving baskets of resilience and The way that it goes and she talks about. That's part of her job as she. Everybody knows she never had biological children. But in this poem. She talks about how the work that she has done in her scholarship in the community has sort of spawn. These daughters sort of her of her brain and her teachings. And so i feel like i. You know the the three of us here have definitely benefited from that kind of mentorship and how she taught us to also be mentors to other young younger folks and younger not just in sort of age wise but in terms of just growing of consciousness With our people and how we should look at our legacy of as well just our personal agassi's so for me like that's sort of the the takeaways from her poetry. No as a poet herself so she much better sort of merging deleting that legacy we are back and knowing anything you want to share about the poetry of how nonni yeah thank you. I think i was. Maybe a bit star struck speechless. Joy harjo head called into her online. Two hundred and grateful for that I just share a couple of things you know. I think one one thing to share is that this was So her mom was a teacher and an artist and her mom really encouraged her to be come to express for all of their show all of their siblings honing in her siblings to express them themselves in the ways that they saw the world in various forms of of art and poetry was with her form and so she was a poet since she was a child and that practice of being able to write and capture emotion and Her relationship with the land and water in particular Was you know something that. She cultivated over many many years of her life and became a sanctuary. I think for her Against the kinds of attacks that we've talked about. And i said you know it was a place. She could express Deep grief he wrote about the death of her father her Cousins of her classmates She wrote poems to her sisters. You know her hans it on Her lover or partner So it was It was a way that she could express personally but she also wrote very You know the critiques of tours of you know the if you can imagine what it's like to live in a in a place and then see it over the course of your life. I see or native home then transformed over the course of your lifetime and inundated by millions and millions of tourists every year. I mean it was in those numbers. Continue to rise. And i want to stay on this but we gotta take a break. We'll get right back to it coming up after this but again if you would like to join us one eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native. Go ahead pick up the phone. Now's the time to dial in smoking. Gave me copd. Which makes it harder for me to breathe. I have a tip for you. If your doctor gives you five years to live spend it talking with your grandchildren. Explained to them that you're not going to be around anymore to share his wisdom and is love. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'm running out of tar. Copd makes it harder and harder to breathe and can cause death. You can quit for free. Help call one eight hundred quit now. A message from the centers for disease control and prevention. Thanks for tuning. Into native. America calling interrogate would and we are focusing on the life and legacy of the late dr. How nikkei trask and there is still time to join our conversation. We're at one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and with us on the line. Today is knowing lonnie goodyear coppola who is with the university of why minoa and nowy do do to give you a moment to just kind of finish your thought we were talking about tourism and also what Komo how ni brought to this issue. Yes She was a fierce critic of a mass Corporate driven tourist industry as well as the military in hawaii and the ways that these two industries have Harm toy lands and peoples in in various ways of you know but she famously said in many of her public talks. Don't come to away. don't come to hawaii because when you come here on you know. Corporate airline and you stay of corporate owned hotel and go to corporate chains. Corporate owned chains are here like all of that money is going back out of the way so it really is an extractive industries in so many ways and it has made it Impossible in some cases fresca visit places where we Once we're able to fish you feed ourselves It has also resulted in resort being built over sacred burial site And it's an industry. That just perpetuate economic inequality in a way that She also wrote about gendered. You know and is About the prostitution of of public is what she Now the analogy that. She's so talk about this industry so she would be I think one of the best ways to honor her is to continue to use her analyses and also extend them and we're still seeing In the midst of a pandemic you know a massive influx of for in hawaii. And i absolutely know that she would say don't come. Don't come here Particularly during this time you know until we have control of those Of our lands of our country of of the ways in which people travel to the island. it's not benefiting i didn't not benefiting yeah i know that people can relate to some of that and just thinking about Some of these places and and respectfully visiting the land. I know you got lots of thoughts on that. If you want to join us give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two four eight is the number also here today. Joining us from I lay poodle hawaii. We have my new koyama and She is a professor at the university of hawaii at manoa teaching at the scheider college of business and the center for hawaiian studies and she is gonna kamali our pleasure to have her here minu. Welcome to need. America calling allah cocoa mahalo. Not for having me. Thank you in minu alternative to you. We've heard a lot of great words and just trying to understand more about what how knee brought to the world And still things that we can learn from her teachings or words anything you wanna share First mahala to my two sisters for doing such an excellent job in highlighting Many of the strength and the legacy of how k. for all of us And so i just wanna say mahala for that They've done a very good job. She was multifaceted. There's so many things we could talk about. But just hearing this brief conversation and others calling in like joy. And and melvin. I believe what's his name Fabulous it just kind of brings a little bit of tears to my eyes because it's unstable fresh and rock traveled on But i i guess one of the things that i was inspired by listening to everybody's conversation was that you know she. She not only reminded us of who we are who we are as lovie As made as people but she further challenged us okay she she challenged us to go to a higher level of consciousness. Something that that rises above or a really pushes through our brainwashing or indoctrination as good old american kenaka goodell's american hawaiian surf saved by the almighty United states of america And unfortunately that brainwashing and indoctrination as Resulting a lot of harm to our people as our own nation as their own king done and as soon as native people So i think that we can portent she that consciousness. She would say things to just make you think more critically and she was just brilliant that way you know. She challenged you know You know the power players and what they dictated to us was supposed to be our reality and she was so bold and so courageous to be able to do that These power structures exist today. like noise was saying you know if we look at the the corporatization of hopefully if we look at the people in power there generations You know a few generations That come from the genealogy of missionary and business people that landed here that ended up making their lives. Here and there million dollars here off of our people off of our culture of our enough and the military who comes still occupies more of our land base. You know from a racial perspective than any other place throughout the continental united states And they do that on purpose because they're trying to keep us in our place and tourism. Of course she. She really talked a lot about tourism in the harm. It's done to our culture to our people and of course all three of these power players tourism you know corporate and military Always put forward the idea. We need them there because of jobs. And because of the economic boost that'll give to hawaii I i really want to piggyback on. What noise said about tourism right now. And i wanna take a little further and say you know we don't want tourists here at all. So i'm you know when i'm of I'm also a student of how. Many k- i'm i'm honored as both winning. I'm honored to be able to also say that I built a relationship with her and we were friends. We would go out I'm a non traditional student. So i'm not as young as the other two and and she and i could relate to how we were raised In this really oppressive of society. And that is why. I i go so far to say know we really tourism has caused so much harm to our iena to our people You know yeah Economic boost if you wanna serve tables and change dirty sheets and dance a hula with the headdress. That's somehow not tied to hawaii culture or wearing a coconut bra which was unheard of You're really into Enjoying a false narrative of our culture than you would enjoy healthy but for the most part not just hawaiians but local people here who have made this place their way. They don't want the tourist here. We have been Collie out to the so-called leaders of for by e to make changes to honor community. I and now that the pandemic is somehow calm. Though it hasn't in ee It's back to business as usual. So that's very disappointing. But it's not Anything that may feel surprising and how many k. If i might even say alone with very good family friends let singlehandedly. You know lead this this idea and force of higher level of consciousness who we are. She was not just intelligence but she was brilliant. You know she was unfold. She was courageous. I mean and as some people have talked about how she was beautiful. She was friendly. You know for people who were able to know her personally You know her. Her reputation was not just one of being committed. An ominous sincerest but she was inspirational. And she and i both so much to her and because i can see why manu there's so much learning today and so much more i still need to learn In intake about some of the work she has done in the words that she has expressed. And i know a lot of this is resonating with many of our callers today And this is a time. You're just taking a moment to think about the work of Dr nonni kay. Trask and in what she brought to this world a we appreciate that too and when you are ready to share you can always reach out to us. You can send us an email comments at native america calling com and of course we don't want this hour wrap up without saying that we know there many people who are grieving the loss in in our thinking thoughts for her on her journey. So we appreciate your thoughts there too. Of course our thoughts go out to her family and anyone who a life was touched by her work so again. We appreciate you being there and manila continues or anything more. You'd like to share. I i did. I am thank you for giving me that moment. I just want to mention that You know everyone talks about You know what a four she was she was truly was fully here she was an elemental force Which for us in hawaii means not a gentle rain but but you know bombastic and and a thunderstorm Then she but she was a poet and she always telling me. I'm gonna put i and she giggle and and i would laugh because no one thought of her as that way except those who knew her personally You know and she did have honest reflections of her. I'll and showed multiple sites in her poetry. And i i think it was Aaron cohen who was talking about how she didn't have children and one of the quotes She didn't say which i was expecting her to say was that she saw herself as slyly reproductive and reproductive she was and we are all in many ways. Her children and she has birth another generation. Because not my generation but the next generation is much more informed. Much more Knowing about all of these occurrences at embracing who we are as kenaka moly and not afraid to stand up and to make that known. I just wanted to give her that last. A bit of You know kudos on on some of her words that she's used that means so much to us and they have kona. They have hidden meaning for those of us who well. So thank you so much for this time. Thank you and we are getting close to the ended our and we know there's a lot more that could be Aaron i turn to you please. Continues there more. You'd like to share. No i think gosh my sister. My sister's in our law who we have really expressed i think so beautifully just the complexity and the impact of her her as a person For each of us but also for her on our me. Our nation of people I think that if there was one thing. I wanted to leave what just like. What am i most favorite quotes from her And and my new yes the slightly reproductive. I totally. I don't even forgot about that but one of the most favorite quotes from her is Struggle teaches us. We can control our destiny if we try and that really sort of speaks to for me to her to her legacy That struggle is not something that is it can be challenging and all of that but it can also teach us again like what we can achieve. And i think that's really important for folks to remember about her is that she she taught us. You know who we are but also we can be with doing this work in learning our history and learning the applications those That history and our contemporary politics right. She helped us to not just critique the president but also think about what does have a look if america to me. What is how it looked. When i is healed. And his clean out his free of militarization and and this voracious tourism industry Her work is really generated for me. Like i i see it as like just this outpouring of love for people and then for her land for our land for hawaii But i just wanna remember what people remember. Not just like that sort of this again. Because oftentimes the media will portray her rate. Is this just just an angry. You know hawaiian women and vilify her in that way. But just like that anger and that passion comes from this just profound love and you and i again going back to her poetry. You can really see that. Like her poetry. Just shows like how deeply she she loves her land and how much. She loves her people. And it's really you know there's grief in there. There's anger in there but there's also again just like a reflection of her perform aloha for for us and i feel like that's one of the things i would like folks take away from her work. Thank you for that and no money. Goodyear coppola We wrap things up. But you're working on a project to educate more on her a life and work real quick and context. You'd like to share. I just wanna add onto what kono by said just to say that the the quote that comes to me right off the top of my head i want to leave with is that she said we are the alternative. You know we are the alternative who masters we are the alternative to militarization of our lands. we are the alternative to waikiki. She said and you know she gave us dot howard who have faith in who our ancestors were in who we can be in becoming more and more like them. In understanding har- culture is political and our politics has to be done in a cultural way and she reminded us that we are the alternative. Thank you for that and that does it for our thank you to everybody. We heard from good thoughts to you looking to get your high school diploma. Southwestern indian polytechnic offers native americans ages eighteen or older training and preparation courses for the high school equivalency diplomas in person and online beginning september. Sixth this charge programming testing fees and other resources will be available to help with supplies and living expenses. Space is limited. Application deadline is august. Sixth more by calling five five three eight two four two eight seven or at s p i dot. Edu who support this show tyrod teaching nap during the ming align and noah after our healthcare coverage car dick tool womanizer sucking raunchy ensure kids. Now dodd gov knock a hole under one eight seven seven kits. now we're not kinder knee center. For medicare and medicaid service. Native america calling is produced in the annenberg national native voice studios in albuquerque new mexico by kwon broadcast corporation. A native nonprofit media organization funding is provided by the corporation for public broadcasting with support from the public radio. Satellite servants. Music is by brent. Michael davids native poised. The native american radio network.

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Poetry professor helps students process climate change

Climate Connections

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Poetry professor helps students process climate change

"I'm doctor. Anthony leibowitz and this is climate connections craig. Santos perez is a poet and a professor at the university of hawaii manoa. His first semester there a decade ago began during an extreme he way later in the term storms and flash floods battered the campus. I could see the look of concern on my students faces where they had never witnessed this kind of weather before. And so i knew at that point. I couldn't just teach the classics poetry or themes like love and death. But i also had to teach climate change so santos peres developed a class on echo poetry that he now offers every year students learn about issues related to climate change such as ocean warming species extinction and wildfires. They read poems inspired by these topics and they write poems of their own. Poetry and literature in general has the power to show how climate change is impacting. The human experience santos peres says engaging with the topic in this way help. Students feel a deeper connection to the people and places affected by climate. Change it can empower them to express their own feelings about the changes. They're witnessing and perhaps even join. The environmental and climate justice movement. Climate connections is produced by the center for environmental communication to hear more stories like this visit. Climate connections dot org.

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Life-Changing Transformational Coaching Experiences With Bucky O'Neill

The Coaches Corner

45:57 min | 7 months ago

Life-Changing Transformational Coaching Experiences With Bucky O'Neill

"So i want to start this entire episode with the story. something. I normally don't do but i want to make this a little bit special probably two or three weeks ago. I was in nashville. And i was in this experience and i want to share one thing. But you don't know this is that morning. He was friday morning. I quit coffee like cold turkey. I was drinking four cups of coffee per day. And i quit coffee cold turkey and i did it because i got really frustrated. There was no coffee. My hotel room. I realized how emotionally got about it and i was like this thing has control of me going to quit cold turkey so i have a pounding headache by nine pm. And i'm like. I'm going to do anything to keep my energy up and like hope they can get it. Make it past this day. And i experienced your your experience your your our there that you and your your wife leded like the power team and my headache was gone. I was like energy than sixteen cups of coffee every coat and if the day wouldn't have started that way i don't know if i would have honestly that day would have been a struggle headed pounding headache bef- like right before ninety and people were like ruffling papers around me and i was getting annoyed. I'm like everybody. Just stop probably a bad day to quit coffee. But i i do things the hard way and winter this experience it was beautiful really beautiful and at the end you this one question paraphrase. I'm not sure exactly you acid. Everyone was really high vibration. High state. people are crying really connected really high like love and joy and just everyone's connected. These are entrepreneurs. You're talking to like very logical goal driven ambitious people and they're all like crying and hugging and this is so beautiful and you ask this one question of like. How much better would you business or how much better would be. Or how much more could you create. If you could live in that state every day and it like i was sharing with me dive deeper into the practice of not just my gratitude but like where am i emotionally vibrating at and so i really wants to talk about that in this episode for anyone listening because i was going through by when i could have gone through it but i think the best way to just introduce you would be through my experience through you and everytime meet someone i write down one word so i can remember the name better but also have an idea of who they were and i wrote down one word your name which was transformation. And that's really gonna be the topic of our discussion today so welcome to the show bucky o. Neil beautiful thanks for being such a pleasure yet. The way you crafted. 'cause i was thinking about it later. I'm like to craft something that for forty five minutes or sixty minutes in bring someone from completely cold in the morning to that place. i knew. Take some level of mastery that instantly. I was like a need to learn more from this gentlemen because this guy is a masculine scrapped creating transformation. So that's why. I think i had that word beside your name before before we get into all the goodness i. I do want to ask you one question. Yes what what's the the next level mean to you and where in your story did you start experimenting or wanting to level up because you've been leveling for longtime man. I researched you. You've been living up for a long time. So what does the next level mean to you. And and where's your start with where you start living. Yeah you know next level for me really means the next level pollution of who you are greater expression for you are a greater sense for you are greater connection with who you are A greater impact in who you are so all those things are tied to the next level where that started for me was kind of really early on. I think. I grew up around sports so always had that very specific like. How do we really get to this outcome of better in specific craft And all i did really. When i made the shift of personal development was take that same psychology that i had you know spent years in sports and shifted it to personal i just started looking at myself internally i was lucky enough to be around environments in around mentors and to the exposed pretty From a pretty young age about sixteen years old To like real personal development work in workshops and peer mentors ships in looking at what life was really about who i really was what i wanted to create in the world and it just. I just took that energy. That i was that it was so focused on moving to the next level sports i just turned it inside and said hey loom i really am. I really what's important for me. What do i value. How could i create a greater life for myself how to create a greater expression. That's the game came you know. And you know that continued on and obviously there's levels of that and there's depth. Tha that you know once you start to get into that game of asking yourself where you really are. You realize like wow. There's a lot that i don't know and there's a lot that i could connect to and it's amazing. How would i connect myself that. My external life changes or my perception of the external life. Changes that physical body changes that in my emotional body changes So yeah that's for me. The level up is you know it always starts internal but it's a deep work of looking like looking at. Hey how do. I take this all to the next level and i've had different of this throughout my life whether that was becoming a speaker firewall constructor or getting married or getting divorced or having children. I think we have these benchmarks in our lives at least for me anyways to look at to say you know. What can i be doing differently. Here how can i. How can i shift. How can it be more integrator expression of who i am and i think life is always working for us in that way And if we are open to what's taking place in our lives and we understand that life is working for us that regardless of the obstacles that were facing regardless of where we're at in our lives. We can always find that space to say okay. What is this what is you know. It's like michael. Beckwith is like what is looking to emerge from me. What is what is this calling me into what is pulling me into what is life. Beckoning me four In this moment. And i think you know any respectable soul any respectable human being When they feel that urge they can understand that context They answer it. They answered and they say you know. I know that i'm here for to be doing more in the world and that what it is doing currently Just it's not serving me in the ways that it could be love the l. so when people are asking themselves the question who am i think i had that moment i was sixteen and my buddies were out partying in i drove had a firefly like this little two-door firefly drove it up this off road mountain and i was looking over the whole city. Sat there listening to enigma. It's like this like trance music. I'm looking at it. And i'm like who am i and i got so confused and it's been like a question that has come in and out of my life but one one scary thing is their levels to the question of who am i so if someone starts because for a coach in for billing brand in for putting a message out there. I think it's really good to know thyself but one terrifying thing for me was like oleszek question. A year from now who. I was a year ago is totally different than who i am. Now hundred percents though. It takes pivots shifts. Cutting things out sometimes lost revenue. Which was really painful for me to like a line with who i am but you also find that the more you like tackle this question the faster you change and so there's almost like kind of chaos you leave behind as you change. You have to make sure that you line. Have you experienced or any any thoughts around that if that makes yeah totally You know. I think one of the things that the universe is always working for within us. It's this sense of greater alignment. I think in integrity is principal. Not only based on values but it's a universal principle And you know my belief around it. It's and it's interesting right like there's different levels of this. So when i talked to people from a business perspective and they're looking to say hey i want create more like business or i want to have more congruency in my life. You know really. The feeling that i was speaking about at the end of that talk was a feeling of congruency. Okay but that's a pretty big ask for more people like way congruency. What it means that you're doing things that feel good for you doing the things that are right for you to do your speaking into things that need to be spoken into you know. A lot of people live their life in an emotional suppression as an example. A lot of people have their life in a spiritual suppression. Lot of people live their life in a in a identity suppression just suppressed in general and sort of the outcome of that event or the sequences of those experiences was about opening people up to understand or to reconnect with who they really are from an energetic bean standpoint and honestly there's a lot of this stuff that i know that i know but i don't have a specific definition of if that makes sense. There's something happens when people open up. There's a space that becomes available. What that space is you can call it. A bunch of different things people can call it. Universe people call god people call a divine but there's a space that opens up for me. That is an essence of someone without someone's true self and looking to do in the cracking experiences getting people to open up in a way that would give them access to the deepest parts of themselves and to reconcile any trauma they had around that and in that reconciliation. There was a freedom and there was a joy that became available. There was a new level of expression that became available because of the healing that was associated to that little child or about little essence of themselves. That they've kept safe for so long So you know. I don't know exactly where the question was going with that. But i think levels of understanding ourselves You know this feeling of congruency in our life realizing that life is always working towards congruency life is always working towards integrity and whether we like it or not that that's the direction that we're going into and we can either go with the flow we can fight and scream and all that kinda stuff One of the things that i that i think is really important to understand in general. Is that you know. We don't always things. I said for a long time is is that my best plan or my best life was never high planned it. My best life was never i planned. It is that we are not necessarily the driver's of ship. And if you can surrender to aspects of that and to realize that you play a critical role in the expression and the fulfilment and some of the direction but also to surrender to like. There's a path that's happening. There's a flow. that's happening. That i'm a part of and part of my part of my job is to stay within the flow and to realize what i'm in and out of it but i'm not necessarily the one that's determining where this flows going And i think that that is a that is a big distinction of for most people when it comes to. Hey i think it needs to be be this way or i think i should have this much. Revenue are should have this type of relationship with this many kids all the expectations of our lives Soon realize that. Hey you know what you're you're not the driver of the ship and it's okay for you to relinquish control and in fact when you do so is actually when you get into the alignments of your greatest contribution of your greatest service of your greatest impact of your greatest expression and to take that pressure off your shoulders. I know that it's okay as an entrepreneur as someone who's logically built in focus and you know have has been successful has treated a new life for themselves with this mindset of gonna get up every single. Dan do the things that i gotta do to let go and to release that control. Say oh my gosh. This is where i have the most impact. This is where it's the most the most joy the most fun. That's a big deal do you. Do you feel like say A process so. I i got into spiritual communities when i was in my early twenties but none of them were entrepreneurially focused and so it didn't fully resonate with me. There was a little bit from what my experience of it was a little bit. It was it was fairly passive. When i moved into an entrepreneurial communities michael beck with him and i i love his sermons and i think my first real experience with something deep and profound was There was somewhere before and then through press and smiles and then and then you guys probably do a lot of work and it's just it's cool to when you start blending it with like i feel like there was stages like at first as hustled grind stage where you have to push harder but eventually you're just like i need to let go of this and surrender has been a the end of last year. It started becoming a theme of like. How do you surrender yet. You still have targets objectives meetings. You're you're working with people that need to be systems and processes. I'm guessing this is a a sliding scale that you're always playing within and you're using a whole bunch of tools. Not just one tool of surrender surrender. Its tools yeah. No no no. It's definitely tools. And i would look at it. More like Energies and i'll also look at it more like gradients. Okay and i'll go back to the metaphor the because it's one that you're familiar with. There's a there's a gradient of comfort in expertise within Someone's level of of prowess within a specific energy So if you remember the event the way that we started was really high energy can we started within high really high energy. We started with the music we then played. We played some games. We went straight into play. And the reason why i wanted to play is because everyone's association to fun is a lot easier than power so if i would have gone straight into power it would have been maybe a little bit more of a disconnect but play. That's easy we can all play. We can all have fun. we can all express. We can all be energetic. But then i moved from play into personal power in that. Personal power mike. My goal was to push the energetic envelope. So that there that it forced in opening game now the reason why. I'm sharing this in this way in a gradient. Like this and there's a lot of things that i'm doing as the orchestrator experience which is a little bit different than in our lives right but one of the things that i would pay attention to in my life is where am i feeling stagnant. Aware my feeling like there's a in my business. And what is appropriate energy for medium approach with that is going to treat that opening or that breakthrough to take place right. Sometimes it's play. Sometimes it's power. Sometimes it's surrender sometimes. It's forgiveness sometimes. It's quietness stillness. Some thinking time let me just take some time away and allow it to do what it needs to do but the awareness to understand what's going on what's being reflected back at me. And how do i match that with the appropriate energy so that i can move that through to the next result some beautiful question i've heard in a while is what is the most anyone listening. Hope i hope we're taking notes like i can't force you to i'm taking. What is the appropriate. Energy is a really beautiful question. Really beautiful question. Can i ask you a little side. A side note here is is. Why do this work a. It's not really a choice. Honestly somebody choice for me. I was born into. And i didn't realize that i was going to do this. Work prior to right now. Honestly like i thought i was in when i was a kid. I thought i was gonna be in the nba man. If you're listening you're not seeing bucky but he will Could be you could be in the nfl. Like he's he's a strong boy so that that was my ambition right. And then i and then i you know fell in love with myself. Honestly i was i was. I was literally that kid that you know didn't believe i remember the fourth graham. All taylor story was in the fourth grade. And i was going to a spelling test and i had to write the word shirt and ended up writing the word shirt except for i missed the are right and the teacher thought it was a big joke and i thought it was doing it on purpose in the me after class fourth grade. That moment in like what school's not for me and i made that decision And you know. I carry that all the way through high school all the way through high school to the point where i almost in graduate high school And then part would happen is i got introduced. This program called super camp where i got some strategy. I got some strategy in some new ways of thinking about myself around education and as i started to apply that strategy. Wow things started to really change in my life right. There's a trajectory that really started to take take place. I got into the university of hawaii and graduated with honors. I ended up. Getting my master's degree was all these things that took place That really changed the way that i perceive myself in my life and i think the reason. Why stay that is that life isn't unfoldment right and we're playing the game of life. We realized like. I said earlier like we're not the stewards of the ship. And we trust ourselves and we trust passionate. We trust life and we know that life is working for us. It's gonna take us in directions that we never would have expected. It's going to take us down pass. Why did i get interested in energy will. Because i was interested in learning more about myself i was interesting. More learning more about spirituality. I lived in bali for five years. And i was interested in learning about religion and learning about space and how to whole different space became a facilitator one of things that i really understood that was the most powerful gift is to understand the energetic state of the room and how to guide people from an energetic level through these different experiences in those became my measuring points where people energetically. What's the feel of the room. What's going on in space. And they just opened my awareness. You know people talk about six senses. The egyptians talk about thirteen senses. A right was it opened my awareness feel at a different level and i think part of what transpired from all these different things as is true for so many people in their lives is that it's led me down different corners and different avenues and and different focal points of like. Wow this is really interesting right now. And you know honestly. This is not necessarily a topic. I talk about all the time but it is one of these things. That's huffily waited in the things that i'm doing all the time whether that's coaching okay. Whether that's facilitating whether that's working with other With other leaders or entrepreneurs or whatever. I'm constantly tapping in to the energetics of what's going on within myself and also what's going on With my business so on that because you talk about feeling and gauging where people at meeting the route was probably makes you a brilliant facilitator in probably makes you. That's probably a superpower like sprite. A big chunk of white. Good what you do when you go into a a corporate setting. i'm going to be. I don't know if i can share. You can share a lot of stuff. But you just work with google with google or maybe you still do when you go into a setting google and i know their workplaces is pretty ahead of things. Though as is right like they treat their employees. What would you call it like a kind of a word. it's sort of. Yeah it's not like little cubbies where people are miserable like. It seems like a president. Is it okay. It isn't it isn't a so when you go into a place like that and you're working with. Are you working with the executive team. Are you working with leadership team cool and you have to meet someone. Who's maybe really in the weeds very business-orientated and maybe that's not true. Maybe they're not alec guests that maybe sometimes in the corporate world it is that and i know i go through bouts where everything's very analytical data driven emotion less decisions based on pure data and if the numbers line up and if this makes sense we make the decision and then everyone's while you open up your heart and you see the humanness of someone all that goes out the window and you connect to that level. What's what's the experience like that or is there. Is there anything we shift from that. Because i think we can all learn from. That is how you approach it totally. And here's the thing that i want to clarify that. I think it's really important I think one of the things. That differ really long. Time is I used to play this role of a chameleon. And i always try to be someone that i thought was going to be accepted by others or thought or tried to present myself in a way where i was gonna perceived well or produce. What i thought was the great outcome And that's different than what. I'm talking about here There is a level of authenticity that always has to be maintained. The authenticity is never compromised Regardless of coming from a place of power or place of forgiveness or what ruled where. I'm coming from from the energetic scale. Mile fantasy is never changed in that That's a really big distinction. Doesn't mean i don't speak my truth. It just means maybe that. Speak my truth in a different way. Like it's a big deal as i wanted to google for the first time you know it was part of my biggest challenge in accepting the client is that i had all the sphere. Worry that you know. I was going to have to compromise myself and big corporation. And you know they're going to use me and all this stuff and it's and you know honestly what i've learned in i'd been there for Just about a year now. We have another year long. Contract will probably be there. I i mean honestly going to be a lifetime client And what. I've learned which has been pretty cool about it. is had such story. And the more expressive. I am the more passion than i am. The more truthful i am more honest that i am As a pertains in my expertise right And what. I love doing what i'm really. It's it's interesting because that relationship is built on my what i call my pure position right. It's built on my gift. It's not built on me trying to fill a role trying to do something that is skill set. But it's built on my gift so because of that. There's there's more. There's more room for me to be in that authentic expression as compared to like. You've i was an employee there and i was just trying to do a job. That's kind of a different relationship. And i think one of the things that i would suggest in general is that you build relationships based on your position. You build relationships based on your gift whether that's personal relationships are whether that's professional relationships is that you build these partnerships based on pure position. And what you'll find that there's always more room for you to be the expression of that because of the nature of the relationship so so the pure position piece thanks for sending the pure position piece is coming back to the question of like. Who am i trying to for that. It's a big portion of that two parts who am i. And what is the conditioning of my life. Been all about so. I believe in something called design contribution as like there's a greater intelligence and that everything on my life so based on the idea that life is happening for me than everything in my life has been on purpose. My parents all the interactions everything through high school. Everything as a kid. Everything in my career all the divorces. Whatever there for you right whatever's there for you has been there purposefully for you to be able to get the lessons that you need to get for you to have insights learnings and expertise so that you can serve others so that you can serve. Others is a big part of becoming an expert or becoming a coach consultant. Today's today's market is. How do i really understand my expertise. How do i really understand my true. Not just things that. I've learned not just courses that i've been to even though those things are included right but there's an overlay of all those things there's an overland my life story there's an overlay of my passion. There's overlay of my career. There's an overlay of my trauma. And i take all those different things and there's themes that start to show up to why these things have been important to me. Why have i been focused on these things. Live and passionate about these things and what those are. What those things do. They lay clues to who and how you're meant to serve. I think you know. Our greatest arteries outcome is human beings is concentration. It's serving others in the ways that we've been traumatized in the ways that we've Or the challenges that we've been through serving people with the distinctions in the insights that we have from our life and professional and personal experiences. is really a big part of the value that we can that we can Gave onto humanity. I love this. I love this so for anyone. Listening to this is great. one of our what. My best videos in the best lead manage the best things we've ever done was it was like identity work. So how'd you get into marketing. It was all about like. Us ovary analytical analysis. Wait wait wait. There's there's my story that goes beyond just like the back of the book. Authors story there is like so much debt right. I can help differentiate me from everybody else my little mannerisms and everything ends so. It was one of the most like our best pieces. We've ever done that. Video still gets views. So i'd like to touch on this just a little bit if you're cool with it. Yeah you're talking about pure position talked about like investigating who i am. What do i bring but also your designed contribution which to me when you're like your entire life at everything that's happened to. You has built you in a way like your happened former create. Been for you and your your gift like you're the gift you're the creation of that. How do you package it up. You talked about your story your passion all of that but if you were Or maybe you can be a real life example of that if someone did ask you. What is your pure position or or what do you bring that. No one else does Whichever way you want to go belts it if someone was wondering that of just like men none of my stuff gets and if you like. I'm just lost in a little more tact wealthy to cuba I'll get a little tactical and strategic. I think part of the thing. There's a step. That's it's not just about identifying right so it's not just about identifying the story and saying hey this is a story this is traumatised. Went through this. Why passionate about it. But it's also about reconciliation and making sure that you're actually healed from it so that you can actually share it as a gift and not as a trauma You know the the sharing of the story is a big part of an not only sharing. The story as is what i talked to you. Facilitators about don't don't share the story like a bullet point like you're like you're going through your listing it. Share it from the point of memory as you're remembering it and the two things that i always talk to people about. Is that every video that you do. When you're sharing a story you should be looking for two things as your alcom. One is connection okay and in order for people to connect part of what needs to happen. Is that you need to tell the story from memory so that people could feel like it's not your story but it's theirs and they don't have to have gone through the same physical experiences to have the same psychological outcomes you don't have to have you know written shit on a on a fourth grade test to understand the trauma and the pain that's associated to beat. A young person is feeling like you can't spell right or that. You're not good academically or that. You're not smart with that. Something's wrong with you. There's a whole list that becomes available a whole list of problems that become available when i tell a story from a place of connection. The other thing is resonance again. Hit a point of resonance. When i'm looking to is. I'm looking to embody the emotion that was associated to that story as that version of myself experiencing it so member in the fourth grade and being held after school and then running out to recess for the last five minutes going to play basketball. Might friends and feeling so embarrassed and ashamed that i was stuck in this classroom with this old lady for the last twenty minutes doing something that i didn't know that i did wrong. And being blamed being ridiculed being shamed for this thing that she thought was so disgusting that i had no idea about as an eight-year-old at mate year old okay So part what needs to happen is that you need to have a level of closure healing with the story so that you can actually express the story and then in the expression of the story in an expression of the stories right part of what happens is you're message or meaning your problem. Your aspiration the offer starts to take shape you know. I really believe that. In order for us to craft a message or the crap in offeror or to really get clear on a client avatar is that we got to speak that problem. We gotta speak that aspiration. We got to get into the expression and those a real time feedback. That happens organically as a real time of like. Oh man i was. You know when people start telling you like man. You're telling my story or that that resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing that right like and that's a threshold that you have to be willing to cross as an entrepreneur or as an individual to really answer that call like. Hey you know what. I know that this has been painful for in the past. I know that it's been traumatic for me in the past but i realized that this is the greatest way for me to serve and aware. I learned that actually was speaking on stages. Because i would get on stage and i have my you know for a long time. I had all these scripts that i'd memorize. And all this stuff on this was really early on and then when you're in a ten day workshop you know sixteen hours a day there's multiple moments where you just don't. There's nothing else you you you're outside of what you've planned right so when you don't know what to say what you say well for me i i got into let me access the resource of myself and let me access the resources outside of myself and this is what. I love about storytelling. All kind of stuff. Is that as you start telling stories. And you're open to the telling of the story you also start to access the resource outside of yourself. So that the way that you're speaking about something now is no longer just your interpretation or just your words and that level of connection that level residents would someone's like man you. Were you know the way that you were speaking to a lotta times. I'll say hey that that actually wasn't me you know i'm looking to actually remove myself from that story and just be vehicle to be able to express whatever's there it's the same thing i'm doing right now about so beautiful because you've articulated that better than i ever could in did four years of acting than game like method acting deep acting techniques and everything you're describing here was when i started realizing what storytelling was. And how do you become aviv. Ellen vessel to tell the story through your little role in whatever it is. You're in and how that seamlessly went into. I started learning marketing and fell in love with that game. I'm like these. These two things are exactly the same way. You've explained storytelling. i just have. It circled three times for anyone listening. Who will share some links to to bucky stuff. You can go into that world but anything you can on storytelling. I think it's a study worth or it's a it's a. It's a place of study worth putting attention to storytelling. How do you tell a story. And so i think that's fascinating. Because i just made it so clear to my mind of how acting shaped this series of events that lead into marketing because it's so so closer than you also mentioned this thing of surrender. Don't think he used the word. But you were saying you were on stage. You would start accessing. I guess truth like in a way. You just got rid of everything and you're like what what's time emerged through me. What's coming through me. Which is what major great speaker facilitator and a coach. You don't you may go into a session with something planned but yes you're you're not so rigid in your thing. Something other than through podcasting to like. I don't even do. I want to have a conversation and like whatever emerges emerges and sometimes beautiful sometimes. It's okay and failed but maybe it is. I don't. I can't control that. So i think that's so beautiful. The way you articulated that is is so clear. Yeah part of You know when it comes to my business when it comes to advanced or when it comes to the group experiences part of what. I do what i like to do is actually the opposite. I go more structure. You know. I feel like everybody can get eighty percent right. But what separates like really the greats from rest is the other twenty percent is the fifteen percent is ten percent and what you gotta realize. Ten fifteen percent isn't actually them but what they've done or this might philosophy anyway. What i've done is i've structured it so tight so clear that it actually gives me the freedoms you step out of it and realize that hughes structure. This is what it's gonna look like. This is the play by play literally by the minute. That hour and a half session was planned by the minute by minute. Like i knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew exactly the energy. I knew exactly what was looking for to indicate that it was okay to go to the next one if i had to push harder at it create more space or what needed to be done but that happens seamlessly because of the level of detail what that does is. Give me permission to step out of the context of the schedule of the flow and just to be in flow and to be influenced. That's where a lot of the admiral of like. Hey this is what's showing up. Let me speak into this. And it's not necessarily. I guess there was a point where you know. It's like a qna. It's like someone asks you a question. You don't know what that question's going to be you're just put into like okay cool me. Let me pull out a response right. Where do you go when you are answering that question. Are you going from your head while what you think it should be. Are you coming from experience. So you coming from your heart or you coming from a greater sense of consciousness and i think master Mastery at a facilitator level or on a coaching level or at speaking level as an actor whatever it is any type of public speaking comes from this ability to access that consciousness outside of yourself consistently and in fact for long time the whole goal of everything different siltation standpoint or from a live. Speaking standpoint was to be in that space a this. I love that so much brings back in like the acting days. The best actors. They prepared where they knew. It wasn't about the words anymore it was even about descript wasn't about the blocking it was they mastered so well and then they could and that's one reason i know why my career was short. Lived is still more in the words. And like i was eighty percents prepped. Which never let me to fully. Let go in the moment. Sometimes you'd have the beautiful moments. And when i watched the masters i was like they could. They could read the script backwards by the time to get into that room. And now they're free to create their art. So that's what you're ultimately talking about. Yes so and i think life life is like that i think businesses like that i think relationship is like that and you know we all have our different areas to work on you know. And that's that's part of the thing that comes up when you say Levels right and what does that mean to live in congruency first of all. It's an infinite ascent. There is no end to that. So just because i'm you know speaking to things in this way does not mean that. I don't have challenges in my life does not mean that. I'm not growing in all areas of my life does not mean that i'm not growing in my business in my facilitation. You know what what you have to understand what i mean like. It's a pretty big ask and it's a pretty big question to like. What does it really mean to live. Congruency congruency is something that it's is is constantly recalibrated. It's not something that you hit and then it stays right. It's something that you that you that you work in effort energy into a single day and if you don't then you're gonna find yourself out of alignment overtime distance so it's a constant. It's a reshaping of my life. It's reshaping of my relationships. Reshaping of my business. It's a reshaping of all my patterns. And how do i create the patterns of my life to lead me to congruency consistently could could you could. I could i to expand on that in anyone listening. Could you maybe help us out with. You've already given me really too powerful questions but one If you're assessing yourself so when you go back and you're looking at like i don't know how often you assess yourself or like where am i. Add or what needs to change toward a do it on a weekly on saturdays Like micro every morning then at the end of the day like those are really micro. How was the day. My energy was i. Did i express courage that kind of stuff. But when you're assessing yourself which i'm guessing you do your self awareness processing yourself. What are some of the questions. you're asking yourself to dive deeper into. This kind of congruency alignment your true self. Your true purpose true direct. I think it's been an interesting season in my life. I've just recently had a baby. And i've had adopted two children in the last three years And it's been a long. There's been a lot that has come up. There's been a lot had. My dad passed last year. it's been an interesting season and i think we all go through interesting seasons and You know i think in those times it can be difficult to. I'll give you my experience. My experience is that emotionally. There's been a roller coaster and it's been hard to calibrate where it's been hard to calibrate what works and what doesn't work. It feels like just chaos with covert and the kids at home and the two dogs and all this kind of stuff. It's felt so chaotic. But part of what. I come back to is. I come back to one of my feeling on a regular basis. What are the noticeable impacts of my life. What are the times where like. Wow that feels really good or like you know what am i. What am i actually feeling. I get enough awareness and enough texture in my life to say like this feels really good or this doesn't feel good. And what are the things that need to do. In order to shift. I trust a lot in in in life itself. I trust a lot in the divine the orchestration. That's happened around me. I think part of what has kept me away from that over analysis or that consistent analysis of of recalibration of where i'm at is just because it's too heady like it feels like it's still much agenda that's associated this that i have to feel this way in order to get to this resolve feeling this way that it's it's like i just feel like it's it's your too much preconception that's happening in the work like that as compared to like i trusted him in a process. I trust that a minute flow. I trust that. There's an unfoldment here. And what i have to rely on. Is i rely on my emotional wellbeing. I rely on the people around me to support me to see things outside of myself. That i can't see And i trust on the feedback that i get from the world around me whether things are working. Things aren't working whether i need to move towards something or to move away from something And again you know the the beautiful part about that and also the challenging part about that is that you realize that you know it's not your plan and sometimes it's really difficult not to be attached to the outcomes that you believe are the best. You know like my dad. When my dad passed you know it was during covid. I sitting outside. I was outside of my my. My my sister was pregnant. My mom was seventy three years old. My my brother-in-law's he's a surgeon so they're really like intense about the kobe thing. I flew in from l. A. to hawaiian. I couldn't even go into room with him because everyone in my family was so crazy about it right. They're like. I had to sit outside on a ladder of two story building to look through this like clouded window to spend time with my dad when he was passing away. And i did that for two weeks while i- quarantine in hawaii before he passed you know and i had all this emotion about like it should have been a certain way and all this kind of stuff. It's like what he do right. What do i do i you know. How can i- recalibrate that. Do i have conversations. Now i spend my time trying to recalibrate into re the situation or do i just accept the. Hey this is a process at There's a gift in this for me. it's all happening for a reason. There's something here for me to really get and let me focus on what that is. Let me focus on what that getting is so that i can actually grow through whatever that emotional spiritual experiences for me of just updated. Thank you for sharing. That is really beautiful. I just updated transformation but added next to your your name surrendered. I think those are two words that really for my experience of you some yep. I hope that does really good justice. And i hope that i hope that's a compliment and you're not like anyone who wants to dive in deeper into guys work i know lee was on the podcast while ago And you guys are such a great team. It was really inspiring for me to watch you do your work and even into damage between you. Two in the relationship between you. Two from an outside perspective was really beautiful. So if anyone wants to connect with you you guys is work. Where could they find. you know. make sure. I have all the links below in the description as well. The easiest thing to do is just to connect with us on social media And the reason for that is. I think what i love about. Social media is there's a real experience real texture there and if anybody wants to understand who we are on the work that we're doing like that's really the place to find us It's just buckle neil Where i'm most president is on facebook. Just find me. They're like or comment or something like this semi a message But i'm happy to connect with people in and i really liked people to connect that way. I'm just so that there's a little bit more context to to what it is that we're doing one hundred percent. That's your personal facebook. I'm guessing yes i spent. I spent quite a bit of time. I prepped for every interview. Probably overprint but i was going on facebook. I went way back. Like i was going way back on her stomach. Idea where you come from an in who you are and it's really cool to see some paving the way leading the way for coaches including the transformation experiences so make sure you check bucky and every episode with with one question. If you said when you were starting your journey where did you first start when you really can like thirteen. Fourteen is when you got some information that changed your learnings and kinda started on that journey. Correct about sixteen. Sixteen thing if you could go back to that sixteen old. Maybe some of us listening here. Who are just maybe starting their business or they're they're really in it like you're in like there's there's shit going on ed's maybe we don't know how we're gonna get out of this in the cove in all of these external forces. Yeah if you could kind of telephone or just show up like a genie in front of anyone listening right now and maybe maybe we could just close is even imagine this bucky showing up in. He's got one word of wisdom one nugget. what would that be one word of wisdom. The first thing that came up to me with just a brief just breathe and to connect get outside of the head and the story of what you think is actually happening and connect into who. You really are so much of the worrying. So much of the fear comes from the things that we project the the interpretations the stories that thing that we say. Hey this is what this means. And this is going to lead to this in the salad to this house. Leads to me experiencing this thing that i really don't want how do i take a deep breath. Get grounded in it. Ym and realized that life is always working for us and if we can get the gift of who we are and how life is looking to serve us then there's always a bright side to the future just breathe. I love that i love that. Neil thank you so much. All the links for bucky stuff is going to be below in the description. If you've been listening than awesome if you wanna watch you can also put by the youtube channel. In some of the episodes i take the best of the best. And i'm going to do to critic compilation. We had grant card own. Who is definitely one type of character. We had greene who is philosophical. And just like he's a genius in my eyes. And i'm going to create a little compilation of like the whole spectrum of ways of being and i think that'll even had so much more power so apply work on that over the next month but as that comes up. I'll let you know as well bucky and will create some kind of beautiful compilation awesome lucas. sir appreciate you. Thank you so much all right so as always wanna finish off. The episode was saying. Thank you for listening. These episodes are one hundred percent free and the dedicated to helping you build your coaching business. Because there are out there just waiting for you to reach them waiting for you to give them a result so do not give up on your dream and never give up on your business again. These episodes of one percent. All i ask in return so you give it a thumbs up give it away. Give it a little bit of love in the comments. The reviews sharing with one or two coaches who could use help building their coaching businesses. That say thank you for listening. And i'll see you on the next episode.

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Earths Solid Inner Core Could be Mushy

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

18:19 min | 1 d ago

Earths Solid Inner Core Could be Mushy

"This is based on series twenty four one hundred nineteen for broadcast on the twentieth of october. Twenty twenty one coming up on space time and you study says solid in a coal could actually be quite mushy europe's space rod to fly in twenty twenty three and this is mas ingenuity helicopter such as the road ahead all that and more coming up on space time. Welcome to space time. We'd stewart gary and study suggests that earth's in col- might be mushy rather than solid data based on seismic readings going back to the nineteen fifties indicates the planet's core comprises a multan line nickel-metal article surrounding a solid metallic in a co located. Some five thousand one hundred and fifty kilometers beneath the surface however new research suggests that this solid in sphere is in fact endowed with a range of liquid soft and hod stretches which vary across the top two hundred fifty kilometres of the inner core. The findings reported in the journal physics of the earth and planetary interiors on you more detailed seismic data eliminated by earthquakes and the crust and upper mantle and observed by seismic observations across the earth surface. Seismolgy offers the only direct way to investigate the in accords processes see as seismic waves generated by earthquakes moved through various lays of the earth speed changes and they may reflect or refractory depending on the minerals temperature and density of the lays. They're passing through it on the tone for features from the inner core yours is utilized data from seismometers directly opposite the location where the earthquake was generated using japan's simulated computer basis. Five pairings to broadly. Cover the inner core region. Tung algeria indonesia brazil and three between chile and china. The study's lead author reap bala from the university of hawaii says in stark contrast to the homogeneous soft iannello is considering all the models of the nicole. Since the nineteen seventies the need data suggests adjacent regions of hard soft and liquid or mushy iron alloys. In the top two hundred and fifty kilometers vienna core the findings place constraints on the composition thermal history and evolution of the earth the study of the accord discovery of heterogeneous structure providing port new information about the dynamics the boundary between the inner and out a core which is important because it impacts earth's magnetic field. See the earth's core acts like a dynamo generating the planet's protective magnetic field with shoots the earth from the sun solar wind and space weather events the researchers plan to model in accord much finer detail using the simulator and compare how that structure compares to various characteristics of earth's geomagnetic field. This is space time still to come. European space agency space writer space plane to fly in twenty twenty three and nasr's mas ingenuity helicopter identifies potential interesting path forward for the missions. Perseverance rover all that and more still to come on space time. The european space agency's proposed space writer orbital space plane is not expected to undertake its maiden flight in late. Twenty twenty three. The reasonable spacecraft which will launch on a vega c. Rocket is designed to deploy and retrieve payloads up to eight hundred kilograms in low-earth-orbit like it's american x thirty seven b pat space ride. It will also serve as an unmanned space laboratory capable of overall operations who periods of several months. The space ryder system is based on the vega sees of on plus stage and aces intermediate experimental league. Or i x v which flew in two thousand fifteen the womb plus upper stage lack this space riders service module providing power attitude control and deorbit engines. It's i v. Heritage will be fitted with landing gear and a multipurpose environmentally controlled category bay with twelve hundred liters of payload volume and access to six hundred watts of power supply as well as thermal control data handling and telemetry capabilities are the features will include sophisticated avionics maneuvering in space in the orbiting. The three hundred kilogramme reusable lifting body design will provide a smooth ride back to earth with a soft para for landing is director of space transportation. Daniel neuenschwander says the spacecraft will be capable of being reused for at least six flights affected today. Your europe does not have this capacity and in fact at ease are we already technology demonstration of reentry on earth which took place a few years ago. Experimental vehicle called. I agree and based on this experience which was highly successful and launched by vega by the way We are now developing space writer during Lowers orbit operation in microgravity vehicle can turn maneuver according to their mission it has and then at the moment in time you start the re entry on earth in fact you have dedicated angle of attack. You start to enter into the atmosphere. This is what we call a lifting body. meaning there are no No plane type of structures. It's just a body which has a certain animal attack enters into the upper part of the atmosphere at high speed we call it hypersonic and then the speed is decreased through drag and when it starts to become subsonic you have lowered significantly speed. And once you have reached a certain level you can deploy para foil and once with the poise deployed. You can have a precision landing on the runway somewhere in europe. We do a call for opportunities and we will have different flight opportunities Planned for example in microgravity research. So if you're coming from a university that's for sure. An opportunity like In material sciences or pharmaceutical field biological that large-scale second we will work on commercial opportunities and here. We are already quite good. Exchanges again with the pharmaceutical industry and we will look for further In-orbit validation and demonstration of technologies which have to be tested and qualified in-space before they go on big and costly mission directorate space transportation daniel knowing fender and this space time still to come messes. Mas ingenuity helicopter identifies potentially interesting path forward and later in the science report. Just feel flushed with success after discovering a twenty-seven hundred-year-old donny. Oh that more still to come on space time is mas ingenuity helicopter identified a potentially interesting path forward for the missions. Perseverance rover like other mas missions ingenuity and perseverance of being stationary. For the past couple of weeks as the red planet passes through solar conjunction the period when mazas orbit moves the behind the sun as seen from earth making radio communications difficult now with operations getting ready to resume. Perseverance mission manages that taking a close look at the south sita region which is showing signs of significant scientific interest based on ingenuity. Stater recess. Believe this site could potentially be a treasure trove of complex geology providing information that could play a valuable role in the patient. Search for pass microbial life on the red planet ingenuity obtained ten images of the area as it flew over the south city a region at an altitude of ten meters. The one hundred sixty nine point. Five second flight was the longest and one of the most complicated undertaken by the tiny one point. Eight kilogram robot copter. Since the mission. I landed on the ancient dried up river dolder inches row crater bag on february eighteenth. The lettuce flight included model way points as ingenuity flew from relatively nondescript terrain outside south city into much more varied terrain inside then back out again looking for signs of layered sedimentary rock that could have been deposited by water. The flight spotted intriguing rocky outcrops accessible to the rover and safe routes. The rover could take into him back out of the area mission. Managers are always concerned about the possibility of getting bogged in a sand dune perseverance project. Scientists kim fowley from this jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena. California says that from a science perspective a new south city r- images are the most valuable ingenuity taken so far this space time anti-matter take another brief look at some of the other stories making news in science this week with a science report and you study ones that at least four in every ten heat related deaths around the world can be attributed to human juice climate change. The findings reported the journal. Nature based on data from seven hundred. Thirty two locations including australia side is found that thirty seven percent of warm season heat related deaths can be attributed to atherogenic climate change and that increased mortality was evident on every continent for australia. The figure was in line with the global average at around four in ten heat related deaths or about one percent of all deaths. A new study is found that human pollution is leaving many vulnerable and endangered titles at greater risk of disease a report in the journal plus one looking at endangered sea-turtles found that human pollution the oceans is compromising their immune systems leaving the more vulnerable to illness. The study's authors say. There's a wine knowledge gap between sea-turtle disease and the microbes that are causing them and this is posing a major threat for six out of seven endangered sea turtle species archaeologists have uncovered twenty seven hundred zero toilet at a dig site in jerusalem. The ancient outhouse was founding what appears to have been an ornamental garden filled with fruit trees and aquatic plants. Scientists say the jewish. John was made of limestone and designed accountable contemplation pottery and various architectural items including stone capitals and columns that served as railings for windows were found knee by the primitive party. You security patches and bug. Resolutions have been ruled. That apple products google chrome and windows. Eleven with the details on these stories and more. We're joined by technology to alexandra royd from it. Y dot com. Yep launched iowa an ipad with fifteen point zero point two. They fix the seventeenth. Major zero day vulnerability in iowa's fourteen and now of course we die with fifty now. Ramada zero day vulnerability is a bug were suffering vulnerability that is unknown to the company and is not yet fixed patched and uses patched with this either and if the hackers how to exploit properly they can then load any software that went onto your phone or tablet they can copy whatever data that could bio. New activate. your cameras and microphones. I mean they effectively have full control of your device and this could now your case everything. Yeah and in the case of the iphone and ipad there is no security software like norton internet security or krona cyber protect time office. And even if you do have those particular protective programs on your pacey or mac. Those programs don't know about a zero day vulnerability that can't protect against it either so it wouldn't even help you to have that sort of stuff. I have heard of that sort of stuff way. Protect you against vulnerabilities that known but not yet patch by you but protected by the particular programs on iphones and ipads and there were also other patches for example if you had copied some photos from a message sent you. Are i message program and then you deleted that message thread. It would delete the photos that you say to your fellow so that was a bit of a serious book but that's been patched also the ability to restore a backup onto a new iphone attain. Muddle the new ipad mini sixth generation using finder on macaroni cheese. On a pay. Without this fifteen point i point to that restore not of avoid which would mean that. You wouldn't be out to store your device unless you were doing it from the clouds and it wasn't just apple either Google chrome and wind as well. Yeah well little patrick. Full major bucks was year. They vulnerabilities that were newspaper. Articles saying delete google crime now which were then abetted to say just update latest panicking hero or anything. For those also zero day vulnerabilities. That actually could use that. You how to exploit the bugs to load frontier onto your computer and attorney important when you tap on a little tree on the right hand side of the google web address by and then you see the menu. You go down to help. And then click on about google chrome you'll vinci and updates screen and you'll see the downloading and installing but until you actually shot google crime down and restarted again. Your browser is still vulnerable. So it's very important to once you put up talking to other close the programs down with therese dot your computer so that the patches are installed and our operation. I must admit. I use google but i use it in five fox not crying. Well a lot of people so now using my age which is basically the same coat. Is google crime that has microsoft's ability to spawn you as opposed to bugles which is probably not that much of a difference but i do know that a friend had an old the seller on computer running windows ten and we were trying to run beans and stan which a couple of subscription video on demand programs in australia and on google crime that will stopping and starting and you could see it was chugging along but on using edge it was actually running just fine so microsoft is clearly optimized crimean to take advantage of whatever internal knowledge it has windows works to make it run a little better so just as far as the best present to us on a mac edge and of course five zero but age is probably the best use browser to use on. Your windows. Machine netscape thursdays. Yeah do you have an mosaic. I mean i was using all those back in the early days. I still remember things like gopher and the wind sock three point. One was something for the windows. One on thursdays for a long time ago me now. of course we're onto win. Eleven and as you mentioned has had some bucks to one of the one of the box was causing. Amd processes to deliver slow performance by that three to five percent in certain apps and five to fifteen percent and certain games something to do with the level two cache properly written in the car that marks i am. They have to fix which they're going to do those problem with intel network cards where there was some sort of bug where there was a memory leak in microsoft edge. Where eventually you have to read what you get it to plug that little little small boxes and things as winners living another good reason. Why you shouldn't wise rice up that to the latest operating straightaway so as to let some of the bikers behind i. That's alex our roy's from it y. dot com and. That's the shut. The now space-time is available every monday wednesday and friday through apple. Podcasts i choose. Stitcher google podcast. Outcasts casts spotify cast. Amazon music bites dot com soundcloud. Youtube your favorite podcast download provider and from space time with stewart gary dot com space times also broadcast through the national science foundation on science own radio and on both iheart radio and tune in radio. And you can help to support our show by visiting the space time store for a range of promotional merchandising goodies or by becoming a space patron. Which gives you access to triple episode commercial free versions of the show as well as lots of burners audio content which doesn't go to way access to exclusive facebook group and other awards. Just go to space time with stewart. Gary dot com for full details. And if you want more space time please check out our blog where you'll find all the stuff we couldn't fit in the show as well as heaps of images new stories loads videos and things on the web. I find interesting or amusing. Just go to space time with twit. Gary dot com dot com. That's all one word. And that's tumbler. Without the aid. You can also follow us through at stewart. Gary on twitter at space time with stewart gary on instagram through space time youtube channel and on facebook. Just go to facebook dot com forward slash. Space time with stewart. Gary and space time is brought to you in collaboration with australian sky and telescope magazine your window on the universe. You've been listening to space time with stewart. Gary this has been another quality. Podcast production from bites dot com.

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87. Case Report:  Giant Coronary Aneurysm Presenting with Heart Failure  University of Hawaii


1:08:28 hr | 1 year ago

87. Case Report: Giant Coronary Aneurysm Presenting with Heart Failure University of Hawaii

"Worldwide cardiovascular disease affects the lives of hundreds of millions dedicated cardio nerds everywhere are working hard to fight this global epidemic. These are their stories. Welcome back. Carter exists other than dan. Thanks for joining us. As we toured fellowship programs across the country as part of a cardi nerds case report series produced in collaboration with the american college of cardiology fellows and training section. Each episode will feature a cardiology fellowship program. Fellows from that program will present and teach about a fascinating case and share. What makes their hearts flutter about their program. Each case discussion is followed by an e. cpr segment from a content expert and a message from the program director before we dive in. Just remember who. We are an independent educational platform. This podcast is not meant to be used for medical advice. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of employers. The case you're about to hear is one hundred percent hipaa compliant we thank you for subscribing to and supporting the cardi innards. Our mission is simple to democratize cardiovascular education promote diversity and inclusion empower everyone to learn and teach from the basics to the advanced while fostering wellness and humanity. If you believe in the mission consider supporting us on patriot dot com forward slash cardi nerds every little bit goes a long way and now without further ado. Let's continue on our tour with another fascinating case from amazing cardi nerds colleagues friends. We are so excited for today's trip as we fly over on our magic carpet ride to honolulu to join friends and colleagues from the university of hawaii outy fellowship training program in this beautiful state. We get to learn. Today from doctors. Isaac mizrahi math limp. Tedium shot eddie. And shana grave guys. Welcome to the show super excited to chill with you today in hawaii and dive into some cardiology. Would you mind. I telling everyone who you are. Sure hey guys. I'm shana. I'm a third year fellow at the university of hawaii. I'm originally from new york. I did residency at kaiser in la. And i'm going to be heading for a fellowship in july. I guys is. I grew up outside of dc. Did my undergrad at austin med school at tel aviv university sackler and then came to new york for residency and here in hawaii aloha. Everyone my name is not emerged. From thailand i did into medicine residency here in hawaii and i am very happy to stay here for cardiology fellowship. Aloha everyone. My name is michelle born and raised in new york. Went to med school. Mount sinai in manhattan then kept heading. West did my residency presencia kaiser in san francisco and Blessed to be here in hawaii at university of hawaii it's Tastic in thanks for having us team. It is such a pleasure to be with you guys all today. I cannot imagine a better place to discuss. Cardiology then and be in hawaii with all of you. I'm imagining myself with you guys on the beach somewhere. But i'm gonna let you guys tell us. Where should we discuss this case because there can be no better place than hawaii to discuss some cardiology. I think that's why a lot of our conferences end up truth. You're absolutely right. This is a beautiful place with so many wonderful places to discuss cardiology. We had a discussion amongst ourselves as to where we should be discussing this case so to speak in. I think isaac came up with probably the best choice. It is if you don't mind sharing awesome. Sure i thought we would take drive up to the north shore. Grab some shaved ice overhead matsumoto's and catch the big wave servers that applied. We talk about this case. You guys are awesome as you can see right now. I'm just like nonstop grinning ear to ear just imagining where we are right now. Having a good time shaved ice. I used to say a big mahalo to all of you guys for bringing us along took enjoy the day today. There's one person with me right now was my wife and i promised her to take her to hawaii. And this is my compromise right now. I'm not i get you out of that one. So thank you for taking my wife or nights hawaii. It's been longtime She's very much appreciative of this during taken together we're looking forward to hosting it absolutely in this time after this you'll love your am. I'm imagining you my mind. If nina is smiling or frowning right now we better get to the case before recovering effort. What else would we be doing with shaved ice on a beach conservatives servers but taco by cardiology guys. What are we have. I'm glad you asked my friend. So we have a super exciting case for you. We have a sixty year old gentleman. Who's coming in with a chief complaint of fatigue shortness of breath and lower extremity swelling. He's been having progressive fatigue for about two to three weeks and worsening disney especially on exertion. And he's been endorsing a sensation of his own heartbeat. It's beating fast or his report. What are the things. Can we tell you about him. Yes oh you know. Progressive fatigue worsening dystopia and palpitations is certainly concerning presentation. And when i think about how to put a picture together. I think okay. Let's formulate our problem. Representation which is our epidemiology. Who's our host the duration of symptoms because temporarily will help us narrow the differential diagnosis and clinical syndrome so we can zero in or hone in on the diagnoses and so in this situation. I'm building an idea of what the clinical syndrome is. And the time you said it sounds like itself acute on the order of weeks. But i don't yet have a great understanding of the hosted so i'd love to learn a little bit about the epidemiology in terms of past medical history social history family history so we can start thinking about the base rates of disease that would account for this patient's clinical syndrome and the duration of symptoms. That such a great point and we'll definitely go into that right now is the past. Medical history is significant. Hypertension hyper liberty. Mia he has proximal. Ethan with chats mask or three. But he's not on anti coagulation for unknown reasons. He has severe peripheral artery disease and in his past surgical history. He's had a bypass in two thousand fourteen as well as a triple eight repair. He's taking a tunnel. A tortoise atten am loaded pine and aspen no allergies or family history worth noting and he continues to abuse tobacco. He's been smoking about one. Pack per day for thirty years but does not drink alcohol or consume any illicit drugs or medications. Thanks for shot so this really helps start. Honing in our understanding of who the patient is and why this patient will be coming in with symptoms. One question. I have is. What's setting are we in right now. Is this acute in the or is this. A patient is coming in is have accused symptoms in the medical office. Just because it will help us understand how to triage this and with the level of concern should be but then also rebuilding a story for somebody with a number of atherosclerotic risk factors as well as a rhythmic disorder and so we can start conceptualizing. The symptoms within the context absolutely. I really appreciate the back that you're creating a picture of this patient and trying to summarize them well because that's super helpful especially when we need to communicate with other providers other consultants. We saw this patient in the emergency department and it was myself and one of the other fellows who engage with initially so when is he patients with chuck up breath in the emergency room. I also like keep my different show brought s. Well i always think about life threatening conditions such as pulmonary embolism or spontaneously moth. Rx our new monja as well. So i'm not gonna jump to one against system. Wanna he ought option. It's a great point. Neth just interject about his history. It's interesting that a six year old already requires somebody surgical procedures vascular disorders. Looks like the might help. In determining what direction we should go the actual. I think that's a really important point. That was just made that. This patient has had significant vascular disease burden and taking a step back to. I'm it was sitting where the context of where the patient is presenting. Also the timeline significantly now with cardio pulmonary disease. We all try to narrow in on a syndrome is a heart failure syndrome. Is this a patient. That's presenting with an arrhythmic genetic syndrome and with these constellation of symptoms. It's hard to just put your circle around one thing and say i can really get an idea. This patient is having an arrhythmia or ski mia or a d. compensated because of a scheme year. Various things. but what i do see is that there seems to be an aq- on sub subcu- presentation a least of a constellation of symptoms that fits heart failure. And when i think of acute heart failure or sub acute heart failure. I agree that i think is really important to make sure that we're not missing acute life threatening causes and i try to break down into things. Okay if we're thinking that this is a hard failure syndrome is it impacted in the myocardium the endo cardio the pericardium or is there some kind of rhythm issue that could be contributing to it and everything is on the table here. But i'm as much concerned about myocardium especially in the setting of potentially q. Coronary syndrome or even in these times right now is there some kind of infectious process. That's led to some by standard level of myocarditis or pericarditis. Is there something that is affected the endo cart him as patient that a chronic schemic disease had significant mitral regurgitation or is patient with significant vascular disease now developed rutile and he arctic regurgitation that. Everything's on the table. And i think just making sure that from the history so far that we haven't ruled anything out is critical as we take our next steps in terms of the physical exam the diagnostics and will really excited here. What's next current. Love the way you have such a systematic way of breaking things down and it reminds me of what we've talked about in in the past the five failures so we think there is a cardiac problem we can think. Is mike heart failure coronary failure. Electrical failure valvular failure or pericardial failure. Insult almost you know. We think about in organisms approach to assessment and plan. This is a tissue approach to cardiac pathology. But i agree right now. We are still very premature early. In the case we can still think about pulmonary causes human logic causes for all we know this could be hyperthyroidism causing hell petitions disney and shortness of breath. So there's a lot to tease out. Here we definitely more data from physical exam bloodwork and so on. So where do we go from here. We're in the e we've got symptoms. We've got a history. What do we find. That's a great question. And i really loved us sort of buckets that that we put our differential diagnoses in how we approach is patient when we have a sedation. I think the first right answer in what to do next is go. See him and really do a solid physical exam. And that's what did we found that. His vitals were significant for a heart rate of one forty his blood pressure ninety five over sixty respiratory rate of twelve and he was setting ninety seven percent on romero like he wasn't in any major distress while he was resting his j. B p definitely was elevated at least a twelve in terms of his cardiac exam. He was tackled kartik with an irregular rhythm but his valvular sounds were normal and he had no murmurs or rubs or gallup's his lungs were clear. His extremities were warm and welp refused. He did have a little bit of trace bilateral pitting edema but nothing significant and in terms of his neuro exam. He was in old times three cranial nerves to through twelve intact. It was very engaging with us. No abnormalities and i think death. He looked into some of the physical exam findings especially in the setting of acute. He comes in heart failure. Net would you mind speaking on guests edessa good to me his physical exam Very notable for elevated. Jvp he does have some tacky cardia and lower extremity bidding diva the clinical pictures off acuity compensated heart failure. The jvp is pretty helpful in terms of the physical findings to assess winter Feeling pressure here. S you from the escaped trial that jvp modern twelve centimeters water was associated with pulmonary. Capillary pressure modern. Twenty two millimeter mercury although the sensitivity and specificity is not that high s bo we talking about sixty five percents since the dvd and sixty four percent specificity. So if you see one that kind of help to fit this clinical pictures. But if you don't see one you cannot completely rule out a cutie compensated heart failure. That was a great breakdown. Nathen new sean. Thanks to win over the physical examine fallen. All right now is in addition to knowing that the patient probably elevated filling pressures. Is that this patient on the scale of sick or not. Sick patient is sick right. A patient is tech kartik with an irregular rhythm so perhaps isn't h position. We know there is a history participate. you'll fibrillation. the patient is hypertensive. Now we don't know what they're based on their pressures are. But i'm seeing a heart made a one forty and a blood pressure of ninety five over sixty. I am pretty concerned about this patient. And if this is angel from relation. We'd wonder is this primarily driven by hr fibrillation primary arrhythmic disorder leading to hypertension. Because there may be some other structural abnormality or is there something driving and adding research to drive a fib are vr. So for instance is there sepsis hypothermia therapy e we said look at his patients not in the office of patients. Ed sorority worried but with techique hardier mention elevated filling pressures. I m running to the bed trying to figure out what's going on. I can't wait for the set of data because we have to figure this out quick and it does help to know that the extremities warm at least on that framework of cold versus warm and wet versus dry so far we think that this may be on the spectrum of a warm and wet Presentation and then. I think i wholeheartedly agree with you. And just in terms of logistics and thinking. This is a patient. That's ill and i'm starting to prepare my mind for what i would do next if this patient became more d compensated so i know where my daughter is in the room. I know what my personnel is in the room. I know where the medications are that. I'm going to have to administer what my. Iv access is while on trying to figure out what the ideology of this patient shortness of breath. Pitting a dima abi mild and treason tation is making sure. We're working on two different tracks. The cute management and the diagnostics so in other words the patient's clinical status is about as turbulent as the waves are surfers or writing in front of us right now. So this isn't time to pause. This is time to act. I really like what you just said. Especially identifying a sick versus. Not sick patient i think is a skill that takes a lot of effort and time to recognize. Somebody who is ill and this gentleman is ill even though he looks comfortable in his bed so we have to take a step back and we have to act and not sit on the patient so to speak but it's also important for us to take a breath and summarize the patient well and i think the way i would characterize. This patient is that we have a sick sixty year old gentleman with multiple. Cad respecters crippled vascular peripheral artery disease. He was presenting with signs and symptoms consistent with acute deconsecrated heart failure and we also mentioned a few other differentials. Would anyone have any thoughts on what next studies. We should get shown interested to see what his chest x. Ray looks like ekg and some basic laps. And we have that for you. My friend you mind. Walking us through the chest x-ray. Yes so the chest x ray looks like there's no privacy d- surgeries only structures are intact increase vascular markings without evidence of pleural effusions and a prominent Knob without significant calcification. So this story of abdominal aortic aneurysm. It's important to keep in mind that any disease anywhere throughout the makes zest so maybe worth looking at with further imaging. He's got an enlarge cardiac silhouette with the cardiothoracic ratio that appears greater than a half and double contour sign on the right heart border. So it's concerning for atrial enlargement so just a point about the chest. There's a lot that can be gleaned about cardiac history just from looking at. That's perfect thank. You is definitely our films are a little bit more accurate in assessing card size than our ap films and a lateral film would be helpful as well. But i think you summarize all the major points about this patient's chest x ray and i'm glad that you mentioned that. This gentleman's history of aneurysm disease in his abdominal order. It's not a localized disease and we can see it elsewhere as well. So thanks for bringing that up jonah as our local electric physiologists that we come to on a daily basis for ekg interpretation. Would you mind walking us through this. Ekg police shore so this ekg looks to be demonstrating atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response. Which fits in with our physical exam. Finding with the irregular cardiac rhythm there is left axis deviation it looks consistent with lifting titular funicular block with the little cuba guard and one in av l. and little aren't big s into an abf. There is poor are way progression. Which again could be normal variant verses possibly indicative of some Infarct as well as curious alternates which we can see often in some tackle cardiac rhythms as well as evidence of luck gigolo hypertrophy with a ab elvis greater than eleven millimetres. Thanks sean offer great. Ekg read proceeded to get some labs. His hemoglobin was fourteen point. Seven white count was eight and platelets were to forty. He had a potassium of four point. Seven his creatine was one point. One the iron are was one point four. His bnp was one thousand. One hundred and nine his proponent was negative and his age was also normal. And nath i think you had some thoughts on the bnp. Would you mind sharing them with us. And may i ask. The einars is one point. Four is certainly not normal and this could be from a variety of reasons. Either it could be a nutritional problem with patients. Just not taking in Vitamin k foods. It could be a bad mccain tags for the patients not on orford to assume that they're not consuming rat poison a consumption. The patients quite sick and septic. Maybe seeing things like this but one concern here in somebody who Maybe human damocles unstable is their liver dysfunction as a consequence of either congestion or a low profuse state. We have liberty and time lapsed by chance. Yes that's a great question we got. Lsat's and they showed a mild elevation an ast and lt No significant biller. Banalization or al us and that leads to be a little bit concerned that the patient might be a congestive state these. Ast an t elevations might be consistent with a congestive hepatitis but fortunately they did downtrend so because the diner was elevated to result of three point nine seven and given the patient's history especially with the shortness of breath we decided to pursue a bq skin. So i'll throw it over to isaac is. What do we do next in terms of working up this patient. What studies do you think we should get next. So we brought up acute compensated heart failure and i'd love to see what the echo shows to help in that regard. That's awesome and we're not ready for you to walk us through shirts of this. If showed reduced function with woolmer sniper melody's in the interior a lateral walls and thinning echinacea's of the basil mid-september. They found some interesting incidental findings on the echo. There was large four point. Five by four point seven centimeter round extra cardiac structure one with heterogeneous x. eco-tax sure in the groove and the second with an interior located adjacent to the ara. This is very interesting. i think. The wall motion abnormalities. Look like rca Disease but could be the different show for extra cardiac fighting's so when you find findings the echo that are unfamiliar. It helps to determine based on the anatomy what they could be so based on it being in the navy group through potential structures a dilated coronary sinus according to Circumflex will be sitting in the post. Ab group or an absence and as far as the collusion structure. We see the coronary sinus back as expected in the rv inflow which is separate from the extra cardiac structure that was felt all points in. I know we were talking a little bit about the x ray or by tying it back to the x ray the chest x ray. There was a drill enlargement seen. It was a moderate to severe dilation on the echo as well. So i think. Our studies corroborate one. So guys. I just think about where we are right now. We've got a patient who's coming in with a history of significant atherosclerotic vascular disease with a sub acute progressive syndrome of disney palpitations and fatigue. He is in eighth. Fit our vr and hypertensive and our echocardiogram shows thinking about the five failures. We have a low action fraction motion. Abnormalities says do onto a corner distribution and some sort of extra cardiac mass at this point. One you said that the basil septum was thinned in canetti can so this degree of chronicity to this coroner distribution while motion malady. In addition there are no st changes concerning frisky me. On the ekg and proponent allocation which. I'm assuming we retract over a period of time not indicative of acute am i but this does raise some questions to what degree is potentially in old coronary ischemia or in the territory playing into this current at presentation. And what is sexy structure. Is it an incidental. Oma is rather playing into the current presentation. And what are the next steps in elucidating. What the differential diagnosis is here. And you know surface. Echocardiogram is certainly going to be a little bit limited in reconstructing three dimensional relationship structures with respect to one another so cross sectional. Imaging is probably something that would further help. Elucidate what we're seeing missing. And in addition to that some form of functional coronary evaluation may help as well a functional. Anatomic so i would probably pursue a cross sectional imaging to identify or better understand the structure as well as some sort of coronary valuation. United think that's exactly the way i was pursuing this and just to hammer home the point i think we have to figure out is what we're seeing. The reason. the patient here is shorter breath. 'cause we all will see something an echo like this and get excited about the differential like you guys went through this dilated coronary sinus. A coronary artery. In your resume is aneurysm of cirque. Or is there some other mass contributing to this patient's presentation. We still have this sick patient in front of us and have to figure out simultaneously the acute process and also these findings at the same time. So are the findings. We have responsible for the acute process. And what are these findings. And so i agree with that imaging process. And i'm excited here about what you guys suggested yet. And you know as we think about possibly cross sectional imaging for this patient and just again thinking about the patient's heart rate right because cross-sectional cardiac imaging whether you do a cat scan or cardiac mri in this case may be cd scan. I there's a challenge. How do you image moving structure right. Isn't it just gonna come up blurry. Imagine you have all these. Ct chests emotion artifact that degrades a resolution and diagnostic ability but for cardiac imaging the image. That position is gated so that you acquire images at the same portion of cardiac cycle according to the ekg and so in that setting sure we can put on some ekg leads and gate image acquisition to the ekg for a cardiac cycle but if the patient is going at one hundred forty. There are a couple of things that make that challenging. One is an irregular rhythm and to is teke cardiac rhythm and this patient. Both has an irregular rhythm and a technocratic rhythm. and so i think controlling the fifth. Vr may be more pertinent right now especially because this concurrent hypertension and i think about the edge. If you're unstable get the cable in wondering what did you guys do. Again there is certain impetus to figure out what the ideology is but also impetus to Acutely managed the patients picture as you see them in front of you on the hospital. Bed because clearly whatever's going on has been sake progressive process and taking care of the acute. Humor dynamics is going to be more important about. I think that's a great point. You raised the acute. Humor dynamics are important to have a handle on. Fortunately for this Gentleman we were able to read control him successfully and he was able to tolerate the further studies. We went to next. You brought up some great points regarding ct especially the difficulties faced with c. T. when a patient's heart rate is irregular and fast a so. Our next step was to plan for cardiac catheterization especially in the setting of a new cardiomyopathy and acute. He comes in heart failure. Actually in the shop before we're able to take down we had to take a look at his telemetry as he was found to have some. Why complex a cardiac so. This was quite concerning and we needed to address this pretty quickly when we took a look. There seemed to be a wide complex. Tampa cardio with apparent av dissociation which definitely made us concern for ventricular tech cardia. That needed urgent. Intervention was tell us a little bit more about the way we would approach this type of rhythm when we see it on a telemetry. I would love to. But i know that my friend now. He has a budding interest in physiology. And would love to talk about even more than i. Would you mind sharing a little bit about your workup of s bt with a barren c vs bt. Yes so it's quite common debbie. Cd's why complex technical cardia especially during in the night during calls so the first thing. I tried to look for us. I look for ab dissociation. If i see any evidence of av dissociation it is almost always we. T- second thing is i look for. He s duration if the cure is duration is more than one hundred and sixty milliseconds is also suggest we s bell or if that why comtex techy cardiac hasa right bundle branch mythology. If the duration is more than one hundred and forty milliseconds that suggests bt access also help in terms of distinguish between bt and s s bell. So if you see rice superior access the also suggests sweetie they are also offered algorithms including ruganda lead evie our algorithm and lead to criteria that you can use to distinguish between beatty ns. At with Thanks that was a great breakdown of how to approach. Sat with T in come across us all the time and just one clinical rule if there is a history of the skimpy apathy accordingly artery disease than the overwhelming. Chances are that this actually is bt rather than svp with baron see and because veto usually carries a more of a hema dynamic significance upfront. If you're confused is at or the other than maybe best to treat as a bt upfront especially within the context of this patient doesn't have a known history of cad. This patient has a history of atherosclerotic disease in other vascular beds and now we also see a quarter distribution walsh morality with at least some area infarct probably with the basil septum involved. So i think if i were to put my daughter down at probably manages upfront. Bt while trying to sort out there other signs of it being an sat as well so that's a great point. I meant it wholeheartedly. Agree one of the maximums of medicine that I've been taught from some of the electrophysiology. My own institution is that if you're suspecting that it's not veto. Sat with charity. You're wrong because the majority of the time especially patients than with a ruthless garage disease or even any history cardiomyopathy. The chances likelihood in the base rates are going to be higher for not so guys. What did you end up doing for this patient so he was cardio voted out of this abnormal rhythm and the underneath it. He returned to censor. Yeah and just a note that this patient rhythm initially was a mono more fake ventricular ticket cardia polymorphic t and some things are considered for polymorphic. Bt would be an increased likelihood. it's either from escambia or a long queue t with aren t but amount of morphine vs probably more likely to be scarred mediated but either way it is helpful to look at the post cardioversion. Ekg to see if there are new signs of kimia or other ideology. It sounds like there weren't any. But what do we do next in terms of figuring out what's going on because our level of urgency and concern is going up up with every turn an agreement with you. We thought that the best option was to take this gentleman to calf and Cap is near and dear to my heart. Because i want to go into rental. And so either. Carter cath is near to your heart that really now. I think this would be the point. Where dan would just be shaking his head telling your such a cardio chart so i'll try to do that for damn got answer dance. Dad jokes with cutting jokes. You know there you go so we took this gentleman decaf. We performed left calf with korean geography. And we had some significant findings. We found that the proximal portion of his led was calcified and dilated. And there was a high grade stenosis close to his receptacle. For the circumflex. It was a caddie and dislo portions of the vessel. Were providing a collateral flow to the disassociate and that is always something we should look out for on his injured grams. Are there collaterals. The fact that we saw collaterals from the circumflex. Rca meat is concerned for rca lesion and finally after engaging the rca. We found a massive aneurysm with tim. Zero flowed It was tadic aneurysm and it was challenging to fill that vessel with contrast. How my gosh guys. I'm looking at these images. And all i can say is an borrow a phrase from our friends at mayo clinic gupta you. Y'all have open up the episode notes and take a look at these images. This is extremely impressive and truly diagnostic. A giant coronary aneurism couldn't agree more. We were definitely surprised. Folks definitely take a look at the images you'll see especially when you look at the images of the right coronary artery. How the contrast Dumps into a very large vascular structure that turns out to be an aneurysm and really. We saw this even on the been graham. That there is an aneurysm of the right coronary artery. So it's worth checking out sean. Thanks for walking us through this. Very impressive coronary angiogram. And we used a couple of terms that may be worth defining for the audience. We said there's a coronary aneurysm. Aneurysm and octavia just to define them and be a little more precise for the audience of moving forward. We think of a coronary artery andrews him when the size of the whiff of one segment aneurysm segment. Is one point five times the adjacent normal coronary artery and win. It is focal indiscreet. We say a coronary artery aneurysm ca. But if it's diffuse than we think that is coronary artery acta in so this patient when you look at the images. The left circumflex as an example of an attack coronary artery whereas this rca this focal. Aneurysm is probably more of an example of a discrete. Aneurysm and then we can further classify andrews into resume or a few four mannerism and the terms are are actually fairly intuitive. A secular enters looks like a sack and so the transverse diameter is longer than the longitudinal diameter and a few form. Aneurysm is exactly the opposite with the longitudinal diameter is greater than the transfer steiner. And so we said. An aneurysm is wendy. Diameter of enron segment. Is one point. Five times normal at giant coronary aneurism has been very defined depending on whether we're talking about pediatric age adult age. But you can say that. Essentially if it's four times greater than the jason normal segment that that's probably a giant coronary aneurysm. And this is definitely going to be. I don't know what the dimensions were. But you can clearly say this is definitely more than four times greater than the jason normal corner and so he's trump's are useful just to be able to one study these patients and segment them into different populations and also to convey information from one to another so very useful to look at these images. And i think that's a really good point in terms of having terminology to studies patients. Because i'm sure you guys will get into this. We really don't know what to do for these patients. This is a data free zone largely driven by registry data in case report so it is a big decision of what to do next because we know that aneurysms can present as different symptoms symptomatic acute coronary syndrome stable angina engine within the realm of acute coronary syndrome. And you have this patient on the table in front of you. And i have to make a decision. Do i proceed with an intervention. Do i take the patient off the table. Do i need to investigate. More for what this aneurysm may be and we maybe talk about that a little bit later. But in terms of thinking of buckets. Aware this aneurysm becoming firm and what the ideology is may influence. Whether you're going to intervene right at this moment or come back for intervention afterwards. Because there's different pathology including vascular coronary disease connective tissue disease infection and so it is a big decision about what to do next and i'm really glad that patients in your hands down at the university of hawaii. So what did they do next. What did you guys do next. I'm i'm absolutely blown away by these images. I can't stop staring at him. And just keeping loop on the player here. Because i can't believe this is what the rca looks like. And i'm just. I'm really excited to find out what she did next. Yeah i haven't even been able to touch the shaved ice. Because i'm just on the edge of my seat or beach blanket. You brought up such rate quinson. It's such an amazing sort of discussion. We just had on the importance of naming pathologies correctly and it changes are differential. It changes are workup. When we have coronary teasha versus vocal aneurysm. Disease that adds or removes a lot of different diagnoses on our list that we should be considering. And i don't want to take the spotlight too much away from a nathen isaac. We're gonna talk about this and a bit but to better further characterize or coronary anatomy are order in the heart. We've got a c. Ta coronary study and it showed elect dominant coronary artery system with extensive cal. Civic atherosclerosis there was a thrombosis. Te quelled millimeter aneurysm near the proximal. Led right near the first agony branch as well as an inclusion of the large first admiral branch itself. There was severe psoriasis within the mid eighty we were thinking maybe it might be secondary. I article bridging. Which is a whole different topic. That's very exciting. And there was a large predominantly. Thrombosis circumflex aneurysm. That measured up to four point seven centimeters. The rca turned out to be paint. But with a large mid rc aneurysm. That was about four point. Three centimeters on coronary c. T. so multimodal imaging truly turned out to be helpful to better characterize this gentleman's disease. This is simply amazing. I i i'm sure he does Some more learning. i don't want to steal from. I just want to say i'm having palpitations. Just like this patient was trying to figure out what to do next here. So better get his pads on i think. Did you want to summarize the case up until now just so. We have a good framework of what we're dealing with share so in summary we have a sixteen year old male presenting with acute heart failure and newly diagnosed cardiomyopathy. He's gotta left heart. Cath that is vehemently tactic. A arteries with focal aneurysm. Disease and t coronary that corroborates socio findings. Now you're looking at fornari. Arteries that are at tadic renders. Do you have a workflow in terms of how you think about these pathologies in. What's on your mind as to what's causing them. Thanks for a great patient. So the pathogenesis the date. The connery's is not willing to stewed at behalf very limited data on this but i most common association that received this activity coronary artery. Disease is the courses that died us. In terms of the mean management in terms of controlling and risk factors modification in terms of at roscoe thick disease curry artery aneurysm can be related to connect to shoot disorders. Curry adriana resumes can be related to inflammatory disorders such as kazakh. Abc's or ottawa's khalidi s- s. Well corey sees can be related to infection as well. Sasha syphilis or it can be directly related to focal audrey invasion from bacteria micro bacteria fungal organism as well with an era of pci artery. Aneurysm can be related to iot janik from party or catheter. Relation at last. But not least we need to also think about a drug use. Substance use cocaine can be associated with the battery s bio or not. I think that's a a wonderful breakdown of potential causes of coronary artery aneurysm. And you know what i found helpful for me is when i see something unusual. I always think what else is going on. And so that doesn't apply to coronary. Artery is in your resume but kind of zebra diagnosis. in general. and to me coronary artery aneurysm. I say i see that. But what else. And when i think about what else. I'm thinking about as roma's pointing out some base rates of disease and we know atherosclerotic disease is probably the most common culprit of coronary artery aneurysm but other pathologies including vascular connective tissue disease infection but always go back to the history of the exam. The patient social history to define that. What else so in terms of masculinity always asking about their childhood history. Does this patient had any history of febrile illness or that was a week. Maybe a a loose date that they had kawasaki disease. And as we know kawasaki diseases potentially a cause of coronary artery aneurysms. A lot of these aneurysms do regress. And they're related to the fact of what the original size of these aneurysms were. We know that locations tend to be in the proximal ability. Rca this was a young woman of Japanese or indian sat not that it's excluded to the area. Maybe thinking about takayasu. And i will be making sure that i've asked about symptoms clock -cation a pulse insists especially in upper extremities and of course there's other rare things like p a n not lupus can potentially be a contributor but again more commonly leads to cardiac disease talking about pericarditis myocarditis myocardial dysfunction unlimited sacks and then of course the other big bucket the connective tissue disease in amongst them. Especially now that. I've seen several cases of this more fans now mar fans. We typically think of involving a the arctic routes and leading to dissection but at the pathology can also involve the coronaries in itself and we have to be aware that about about twenty twenty. Five percent of patients have no family history. And they have d-i-n-o-v-i-t-e mutations so while we'll take a good thorough family history. It's also important to know that we look for this. And then what. If i open took inside a look a patient's mouth and it was a board question and i saw that it was a by at uvira then again similar to my fans. I may be thinking of something like louis. And of course ehlers daniels type four amongst other ideologies and as we learned for ut southwestern episode there are infectious causes including syphilis. That can lead to potentially coronary artery vascular. Lightest and eventually aneurysm amongst the many infectious causes so again. When i think of aneurysm or something where. I say that's the thing i've found. But what else is accompanying it and helps us narrow in what the cause may be in for this patient at is significant purple vascular disease. And so i wholeheartedly agree with you. Guys assessment that's likely the culprit here the keeping an eye to the other potential causes yet. Thanks guys and this is just a masterful discussion the ideologies of coronary end resumes. And it really is like detective work. I think for many of the that. Sherlock holmes appeals to us. That medicine is very much so like detective. Work in this situation A lot of the caused the outlined. Fcd inflammatory causes whether it's arteritis fast lightest infectious and the connective tissue. Diseases are tend to be systemic diseases and so they tend to not just be isolated to a coronary bed. And so i would wonder. This patient has a chart diagnosis of perfil artery disease. But if you could actually hear would be an opportunity to verify what was the morphology of the perfect artery disease was actually a dissection or an aneurysm or something else that could actually map onto a shared ideology with jain coronary andrews them. Because it's not clear to me that it was necessarily atherosclerotic just from the one liner and of course the other hand would be A direct injury. 'cause according to an resumes like somebody who had a balloon a standard break therapy for instance. That would obviously cause localized injury. Not be systemic so thinking about the ideology is very important thing about how you're going to approach the management of his patient but also thinking about how it is that a coroner hinduism causes disease like we have the corner. What about it causes symptoms and defining that also is going to be helpful in identifying the next steps even though we don't really have a lot of data to guide us so thinking about the acute pathology linked to coronary aneurysms we can think either acute thrombosis thrombosis developing within the courtroom andrews. Them the ambling. Distantly or coronary aneurysm. Rupture acute ways in which according to animals can cause illnesses thrombosis. Embolism and rupture. And then there are more chronic. Syndromes that a coronary aneurism can cause when is just luminol stenosis. Which can be from worsening of a leering rumpus progression of associated at the roma or maya fiber plastic proliferation almost like intimate proliferation. That causes luminol daring and stress induced kenya and symptoms similarly you can have worsening micro vascular disease which is also known to be associated with coronary aneurysms and will cause stress induced ischemia symptoms or because his andrews can become quite gigantic china resumes. They can also cause compression of local structures. Is he can have compression of one of the chambers like a right atrium causing issues with dystopic flow and filling. You could have compression of the groove causing of intrigue valve regurgitation incompetence. And so you can have issues later compression itself and this is where cross sectional imaging particularly would be helpful so in this situation at least from the anger and by the way the shot your injection filled up that probably better than my injection would have so awesome job but it sounded like it was essentially a thrombosis. Aneurysm digital flow dismay. Persuade us to potentially this patient antiquated elation. In addition to other structural inventions. So with all this in mind we've defined the anatomy the clinical syndrome we've thought about this causes and what specifically let symptoms here. What was your management approach for this patient. Ultimately we treat what we had and that was a he comes in heart failure so we diaries. Empty you bellina. He improved in his symptomology. We got cardiothoracic surgery on board as well as our other interventionists possible but unfortunately ct surgery deemed him to be a poor candidate for surgery. A so we manage a medically with anti coagulation. Guideline directed therapy for heart failure. And right now. We're considering him for possible heart transplant. While on a shot that is a really surprising turn of events and that can really see that you has put a lot of thought into the management plan here because this is not an easy syndrome to manage. I think probably out of the scope of this a lot of time. Here for this podcast. But we'll just should make a quick mention. His almond was briefly. Eluding to that. Managing this with pci is not a simple step. There are quite a number of different things that we have to consider whether we're gonna be placing a covered. Stent whether we're going to be coiling the area of the aneurysm. Whether we're going to be able to seal off that aneurysm well and also whether the actual approach should be reception and cardiac surgery. There are a lot of discussions that need to be taken place. A multidisciplinary team is necessary. And seems like you guys involved all the appropriate parties and really appreciate that. It's patients within your care and wish him all the best burned up. We're really lucky here at the university of hawaii. That are cardio. Thoracic surgeons or interventional lists general. Ideologists are already imagers very tight collegial group and so we discussing share patient work up and management options with them on a daily basis and they're so helpful at the end of the day. We just wanna do right by our patient and take great care of them. And i really think here. I'm very happy in. I hope i can speak Nath as well. We really feel that. We're giving our patients the best possible options in care possible. Ah so really appreciate the talk through up this patient in. We're also hoping for the best for him yet. Thanks guys. I mean this is just such. An example of cardiology probably has the most clinical data published and available of many of the disciplines within medicine. But there's still so much art in so much unknown which Simultaneously is why cardiology is so exciting. Because we're learning so much but also it can be challenging in that vein so important to really function as a team and make the best decisions we can because here's a situation. Were engaging with vascular medicine. Interventional cardiology imaging experts cardiothoracic surgery. Invest heart failure for possible transplantation. There is so much going on here and we just made the best decision. Become for this patient at the center on that. Note at love to hear from you guys. Why you all love cardiology. Why did you decide to become cardiologists. And what makes your hearts flutter about training at the university of hawaii besides the hawaii. That's a great question. I could probably do our podcast on all the things. I love about cardiology and why i went. I love the fact that. For a oregon. You know generally the size of our fist. Such incredible implications were a patient in terms of its pathology. Physiology is don't want to say it's the most important organ even though i want to But the there is something in cardiology for everybody whether you like a electrophysiology and the science behind how electricity is conducted through the heart whether you like the mechanics and physiology that heart failure folks deal with the pharmacology incredible. We have so many tools in our belt to make patients better from a formal logical standpoint and for those of us who love procedures. There is no shortage. We are working very hard. I think to re basketball rised. People ablaze people fixed their valves. All from Access in i think that is just phenomenal. Both for patients and for intellectual curiosity so if anybody out there is considering a sub specialty. I hope they give time to think about cardiology. I also want wanna thank everyone cardio nerds for hosting us today. And i'm so grateful. For isaac and nathen sean for putting together a great case for us today. I'm so glad we're able to share it with you. All this is part of what i love about. Cardiology is just the variety of really interesting. Pathology that crosses disciplines and it does involve a collaborative approach from like you mentioned. The other specialties. From the carter three surgeons to the interventional docs to to the imaging. Docs throughout all the different disciplines. Coming together to coordinate. The care of single patient and likeness. Sean said that collaboration is something that we really do. Value over at the university of hawaii and something that really adds to our education and training here all the different attending from those different specialties are so invested in our education and it really adds to our experiences. I am particularly you know as someone going into ep very drawn to the intricacies of the conduction system. The heart and the variety of the foll adjusts the system itself. And that's just one small part of everything that we explore during our fellowship. So i've had such a great experience working with these guys and just talking about it all with you guys today so for me. I always get super excited at how cardiology seems to be pushing the envelope. In terms of frontiers of medicine in every sub specialty. We seem to really advance to another level every five years and seeing that progress within a field in less than a generation is Super exciting will really drew me into the field. I i-ingenuity were -iety of practices in cardiology. You can do multiple things into cardiology fill. You can see a patient in clinic or if you like fast pace patient you can see a lot of patients in emergency department or in the inpatient works. Also you can't practice in the setting nasty read imaging spirit is gonna be echocardiogram or c. T. or cardiac mri. So i i like being able to practice in a variety. Keep me busy. It keeps me invested in my education and tried to learn more about reality being here in hawaii in the university of hawaii fellowship program. Here i feel like i am in an extended family here because everyone including factor. These are approachable. I left to spend tally. Michael fellows both in the hospital and also outside hospital s pell. I like to go out with my fellow to the beach. Go to a good restaurant here in also enjoy having outdoor activities by co fellows. Also i can always fi supports when i need and i don't feel like emma load here in hawaii. I just have to against second. Would nap was talking about what we have at. The university of hawaii i think is very special in our training in that we truly are. Will you hear that word a lot if you will start talking about the university of why but we truly are in omaha. No hana is the hawaiian word for family. And that's something that's really that's really strengthened where we are. It's it's great to be at a place where we truly enjoy all the people that were working with And have that support among our co fellows and also between the fellows and faculty it does also help to add to our training being the main referral center in the pacific basin so that we have all the specialized cardiac care from interventional to electrophysiology to structural and advanced imaging and to manage the patients that are flown over to us from over from all the outer islands throughout micronesia and polynesia. So it's really a special place to be training. Well initially shawna isaac nath. We just want to thank you. For welcoming us to your universal of hawaii ohana and we are welcoming you back to the cardio nurse ohana you are part of it now we. This was such a wonderful episode. Mp personally thank you for bringing my wife to hawaii. Now that i said. I brought her there so i really appreciate you taking on this journey to your wonderful state and i wanna say again from the bottom my heart. We really really do appreciate you guys spending the time with us this afternoon. It were totally our pleasure. This was such a wonderful experience and we hope to be back soon. Inc thank you so much for having us. We had a great time. You guys i have to say mahalo. We are so thankful for this discussion. We learn so much. It was just an absolute joy and current. I don't think this makes up for it. I think you still physically have to go to hawaii. But on that note now that the shaved ice and the pinochle done how about we make like a h myxoma and plop into that water. And when i thought about that about forty minutes in just in waiting to say that you know. I'm thought about that. The moment the cardio nurse series came out and university of alkali sounds signed up. That is a perfect right end and now for the pr and message to applicants by program. Director dr depends on banerjee. Who was a specialist in advanced heart failure also an educator and mentor to all of us at the university of hawaii cardiology fellowship program. Hello my name is deep energy on the advanced heart. Failure director at the queen's medical center in honolulu hawaii but more importantly on the cardiology fellowship program director at the university of hawaii. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in. This cardio nerds. Podcast invitation from the cardiac team including koran and a myth. It's exciting for me to piggyback on. A case presented by excellent fellows sean Sean isaac nas and provide the e cpr discussion. But also tell you a little bit about why i think. The university of hawaii program is a compelling place to train for any cardiology fellow. The two most important aspects of the case to me are the pathology of the case itself coronary artery aneurysms in also approach to complicated cases that we have this era of multimodality imaging but also multidisciplinary teams starting with the approach to difficult cases. I think we have to keep in mind that we have a patient in front of us and prioritize our approach based on manifestation of that patient's presentation in particular in this case there were myriad symptoms and signs that were abnormal patient presented with fatigue dismay palpitations but also ended up having an abnormal chest x ray in abnormal echocardiogram normal or angiogram in normal t t angiogram with some Cardia thrown into the middle of it. All i try to approach a complicated case like this the same way. I would approach code except in a code situation. You don't have quite as much time to generate a differential diagnosis and make decisions this case. The signs of symptoms were those of heart failure. And though the abnormality on imaging was glaring. Crying out for attention. It was not the most proximate concern rather than think of this. As a coronary artery. Aneurysm case with incidental heart failure. I would rather think of this as a case of hugh de compensated heart. Failure complicated by coronary artery aneurysms. It's subtle change in approach. I think one that leads to more. Comprehensive approach is better for patient care if when shifts the approach to thinking of heart failure as the root problem explorer the differential becomes broader rather than thinking of just the differential for coronary artery aneurysms. Remember also that difference can change. Be refined as you get. More information is completely fine to go back to a patient and ask for more information. Delve further into the patient's history family history and perform more of a physical examination. I think in this case going back to the patient to look for other potential causes of course aurea newsome's such as inflammatory disorders might be helpful and further. Genetic testing might be helpful for example to use it as a potential underlying connective tissue disorder. Such as more fans or lowest dietz as was discussed by the fellows. It almost goes without saying that that extra information gathering includes further diagnostic imaging in this case. The c. t. coronary geography was instrumental in determining whether the extent of the coronary artery aneurysms but one might hypothesize that we should look even further afield to other vascular beds for example and perform even more investigation of the aneurysm themselves. There have been reports of vascular. Sound assess the mural part of the aneurysm and whether there might be invested thromboses which are more precise and sensitive than corner and geography alone regarding the pathophysiology of coronary artery. Aneurysms itself. I would echo the previous discussion and reinforce what was stated before that this disease state to a large extent as a black box. There isn't much information. And i see it similar to order rb two sections attendance quarter rb. Dissections there is now a much more interested in as we gather more data. Hope is that as more data cruise with coronary artery. Aneurysms will have a better idea of how to manage and treat them. It's not a very common phenomenon. And can be an incidental finding on about five percent of coronary angiogram. Although as mentioned before we try to be precise in the definition of coronary artery aneurysms versus coronary acacia today is not clear that those definitions matter in terms of making a difference in patient outcomes or howie manage patients the differential or Biaggi's at my cause coronary argon arisen is fairly broad. And as mentioned before include underlining genetic susceptibility ornery artery disease connective tissue disorders local trauma and host infectious ideology. In our case given the patients known peripheral vascular disease most likely ideology was the same risk factors that caused that perfil vascular disease led to the patient's coronary disease. And i think it cannot be emphasized enough that to modify the progression of coronary artery. Aneurysms most important thing to do is to treat the underlying causes and risk factors such as hypertension dyslipidemia herethe relation of these lesions. I would emphasize once more. That multi modality imaging approach should be taken. You can't rest just on coronary angiography geography. Which has its limitations and the extent of the leashes can best be defined by coronary cd and geography. I think that intra vascular ultrasound. I mentioned before is a very promising modality to define these lesions and essentially direct us toward the best intervention for those lesions if needed. The treatment of these lesions is not based on randomized clinical trials but rather in census and common sense. I think everyone could agree. That respect the modification is important if there is an obvious thrombosis. Seen in the aneurysm in most people would anticoagulant with oral anticoagulant. prophylactic regulation was due anti platelet. Therapy is more controversial as there's no established evidence for the same think it's begging for a clinical trial or an enterprising fellow to look over a database determine whether that approach might be beneficial pricky. Tennis intervention is really been examined only in case reports. And i think again. It's obvious that in an acute myocardial infarction. We would use that intervention to prevent a poor outcome but as with any intervention on the coronary arteries. Sometimes you can do more harm than good equally with these complicated lesions coronary artery bypass grafting as we talked about can be an option and can directly excise the aneurysms bypass them but this is a diffuse process typically rather than a focal process in this case the process was diffuse enough that that was not an option and sometimes you do have to think farther afield. I'm a heart failure specialist. So i always think is this process so severe in so inexorable that we have to think of her dad plantation replacing the whole heart rather than to manage this on a condition without treatment option. I'll switch gears now and about the university of hawaii cardiology fellowship program. I think it's a great place to train. And i'm very excited about taking this program to the next level with our fellows. I think there's one thing. I could say about our program that differentiates it from other programs in the country. It's that we have a balance. I would say of emphasizing l. development and nikola proficiency with fellow wellness. I think we're a program that really values are fellows and not just as trainees that also feature faculty until all of our fellows that pretty soon they are going to be practicing alongside us. Who doesn't make sense to treat them any differently than we would treat fellow faculty member. There are very few programs in the country where fellows get weekly meetings with the program director that happens in our program this forum faculties accessibility. Allow fellows direct input on any aspect of the fellowship including active curriculum in clinical rotations gordon didactic curriculum in clinical rotations. We feel that based on. Those are philip are very well prepared for any career after they graduate from our fellowship that's evidenced by our one hundred percent for pass rates and the positions as attain after they graduate including general cardiology positions as well as any sub specialty fellowship. We've had fellow go to heart. Failure fellowships at rs electrophysiology fellowships at harbor. Ucla in adult congenital heart disease fellowships at ucla invitational fellowships at mount sinai and it has imaging fellowship at columbia university of equal importance. To the fact that our fellas go on to do great things is the fact that they come back of our fellows who have graduated since the program's inception more than half of come back to hawaii ice in the majority of those have come back to practice at cleans. I see that as a testament to the incredible environment that we've created here that i would say is collaborative and welcoming and also to the fact that the training here is great and we want to stay on here. After they've completed opposed by saying that the philosophy of cardiology fellowship and cardiology. Division is pretty important in our philosophy is one of service. You can make a big difference here in hawaii and we certainly aim to do so. We have a indigent clinic that we staff the queen. Emma clinic the whole hospital in queens hospital was founded by hawaiian royalty to feed the native hawaiian in the people of hawaii when there was no other hospital for them and we take that very seriously and so i would hope that any application here would take that loss of service seriously too. Because that's what makes this place special to me. And i think everyone in cardiology fellowship. Thanks again to the cards teams to our fellows for an excellent case presentation and discussion and please reach out at anytime. If you want more information about the university of hawaii cardiology fellows mahalo. What an amazing episode a huge. Thanks to the fellows and faculty enriching with another terrific discussion. An incredible addition to the cardi nerds case report series. Be sure to check out the show. Notes for all the case media available for review key. Take points and discussion points and links to the program. If you'd like the educational takeaways graphics delivered directly to your email sign up for the heartbeat the coroner's newsletter by clicking on the link in the episode show notes think the acc felon trading section chaired by dr notion reasons for their incredible support and collaboration canned a very special thanks to our phenomenal production team for elevating the platform column. Tommy unicef rick ferraro. Evelyn songs and deliver geese internal medicine senior residents as the johns hopkins hospital as well as the team command. Head mentor and university of maryland. Cardiology fellow car. Decide if you love the show as much as we do be sure to spread the word reading on your favorite podcast platform and consider becoming a patron of the show on patriots. All right. that's the time to make like in ans- split was either. I was going back and forth. Maybe we can take a poll later. It was either like an mixon and plop into the water or make like an s. Three and gallup into the water. But i think that makes sense it really well. Either one. i'm proud to still be associated with you and to give today.

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Hard Truths: The fight on Mauna Kea

Axios Today

12:27 min | 3 months ago

Hard Truths: The fight on Mauna Kea

"Good morning i'm nine labou. We're here with you on a saturday with the latest episode in our special monthly series called hard truths examining systemic racism in the us today inside the fight to build a two point. Four billion dollar telescope on the highest mountain in hawaii first trimmers. It would mean the chance to answer deep questions about the universe. Scientists see the site as a perfect scientific place for them to be for indigenous hawaiians. It would mean the desecration of sacred land building. A massive structure. Monica is not something that aligns beliefs more than a thousand years ago polynesians look to the sky and the stars to find their way without any instruments or maps. Those stars eventually led them to mount akia on the islands of hawaii at almost fourteen thousand feet above sea level. The dormant volcano is the highest point in the of hawaii which makes it a coveted place for astronomers but it's also a deeply sacred place for native hawaiians. They see the mountain as the place. Where the earth meets the sky and the point where the islands of hawaii formed there also already thirteen telescopes on monaca. Three of which are in the process of being decommissioned. Astronomers have been trying to build this new thirty meter telescope on the mountains since two thousand fourteen. The opposition from indigenous hawaiians isn't just spiritual it's also about what they see as the continued disrespect of their lands and their concerns in this case in the name of a massive telescope that they say won't benefit them in any tangible way and many native hawaiians take issue with the way the debate over building. The telescope has been framed as science versus culture as a hawaiian. He's been trained at scientific methods. There's a culture science and their sciences in every culture. What i want is a different kind of sites when that is actually inclusive of other wrote. Here's aurora kagawa. Vivian is opposed. Doctoral researcher and scientists in hawaii has been active in the movement against the telescope for years. What i saw on what experience at the university of hawaii. Eleanor was this trope. That winds are backward. It's donate people. Just these undeniably racist jokes to knee. If that underlies people's assumptions about why there's resistance to the telescope. It's fundamentally wrong. You know if someone else's calls themselves scientists need to take intikhab a whole picture. We're going to hear more. From roy later in the episode. But i hear some context behind this telescope. Project is the t- emt international observatory a partnership between various national and international academic institutions and funded largely by the co founder of intel in two fifteen. Tnt began construction on the telescope and the native hawaiian community immediately pushed back to protect mount. Akia calling themselves the protectors actually space editor. Miriam kramer has been covering the story for years and so they stopped construction. I mean they blocked the roads. They kept a presence on the mountain for months and months and months and basically forced the parties involved so the state government of hawaii. The folks managing the land on the mountain and the thirty meter telescope organization. Back to the table to kind of look at these issues around environmental protection and basically like trying to find some path forward for the telescope. Has there been collaboration between these people who want to build his telescope and these indigenous communities there are. I mean there are lines of communication open. But i think that many people in the native hawaiian community were not did not feel heard in that process. And this these protests have basically been the result of you know years of many ways scientists not paying attention to those folks who they rely on for this land and for their work and not seeing astronomy as also this sort of human endeavor which it is because it affects people it affects the land that is their home and what scientists say. Scientists see the site as a perfect scientific place for them to be. I mean monica has historically been the site of telescopes that are able to track asteroids. That can help us understand dark matter dark energy and answer these sort of big scientific like cosmological questions about how galaxies form and how stars form and the thirty meter telescope they say well take sharper pictures than the hubble space telescope will help dig into dark energy and dark matter in a way that other telescopes currently on the mountain and other places in the world actually can't so they see it as sort of this next era of big telescope astronomy and the emt is a huge part of that to them. Is this also an argument about science and who does science and who scientists for. I think that it has really highlighted. The fact that science has for a long time seeing itself as disconnected from communities that it extensively serves and that it in many ways uses to performance science science. As a whole i think sees itself as sort of an objective. Good as this like noble search for knowledge and truth. And i think that this controversy in particular has shown how that sort of attitude can lead to exclusion it can lead to the exclusion of communities that could benefit from the science and that could participate in in a meaningful way if only their knowledge was respected in two thousand nineteen. The hawaii government allowed. Emt construction to move forward. But as protests grew more people started paying attention. I'm not against science. But i am against irresponsible decision making in science. I'm even celebrities like jason momoa into wayne. The rock johnson came to mount akia in spoke out in support of the protectors. Like the protests against the dakota access pipeline. It became a national story and movement in fifteen seconds. We'll be back with one native hawaiian scientist's view of this fight. Welcome to hard truths. I'm nyla voodoo. Scientists aurora kagawa. Viviana grew up in oahu and visited mount as many times as a kid. But it wasn't until later that she started to question the telescopes on the mountain and who they helped and who they harmed in two thousand fifteen when construction was about to begin students at the university of hawaii. Manoa where she was. A student started organizing. Sit ins to protest the thirty meter telescope you know. I didn't think that it would really change the trajectory of the telescope. But i participated. Because i said we need to stand up for something believe in and i believe in the. I didn't think it would influence anything. But i knew that we had to get talking about it. What was important to me. Was i saw the weight that all of this was having on. My men teas that they were being publicly told by their physics professors in h minimum class. Like the wrong. I had a confrontation with the physics faculty. And he's like a hawaiian. Shouldn't support them telescoping. Excuse me professor i think. That's inappropriate. Heated be telling me they should be lead in what they should. Do you know like as an educator. It made me very angry. Because i have for many years like supported. Recruitment of native students into step fields. And at that point. I decided i would not anymore recruit students to broken system. And so that's where i started seeking about what my role is what i couldn't couldn't do Of lake talking to others who are also feeling very bravery stressed out about monica. And i i don't think those things become into public view that all the fact that we're having this interview to this like wow okay the fact that we can have a conversation with nuance wick nuance because in twenty fifteen. That wasn't happening. It was it was in the local news. I wanted to talk to the reporter but they turn the camera on the guy who said all points need to be supported supportive t and they didn't wanna hear once i read your medium post where you wrote that. You said that this is a battle for the soul of science. Why did you say that you know at time. I wrote the essay. It was when i knew that people were going to be lying on the ground chain to category and that there'd be heavy equipment and i was you know i was really afraid that we people would be harmed. You know physically. I mean that statement is drawn. But i wanted to make the point that he even as academics and scientists where we think we don't deal with people basically don't like what we do doesn't affect people negatively. Were only here for good things. Like that's not necessarily true a lot of the disciplines i am around. You know a lot of this one. We're not trained in ethics. we don't have. The tools frameworks for dealing with israeli. Hard questions that a lot of times. I think you just say oh no. That's for someone else to figure it out. So i'd like to see like our fields of science do much better including this kind of reflection discussion in our training processes so that we can do ending. It's not just a put brakes on science but to more thoughtfully navigate these power tools that we've it's not just astronomers who are having to reflect on their methods. There's examples of similar debates happening in botany paleontology and more like many other institutions. The scientists are having to come to terms with how they've benefited from and pushed aside communities of color in the past as for hawaii in this story. Construction of the tnt is stalled. The organization behind the telescope is waiting on a major industry report that helps the astronomical community set. Its priorities to see what the recommendations are. On the telescope. One possible outcome is at the thirty meter telescope. We built on lapoma one of spain's canary islands. In the meantime indigenous scientists like aurora are working to re imagine the relationship between western science and the indigenous methods that go back thousands of years. Excuse today is brought to you. By axios in pushkin industries. This episode was produced by naria marquess martinez and edited by alexandra. Not alex d'aguilar is our sounded junior. Dim bobkov is our executive producer. Special thanks to axios space editor. Miriam kramer science editor. Alison snyder executive editor sarah. Helen goo and hard shirts editor michelle salcedo. We've got so much more about many other aspects of systemic racism when it comes to science at axios dot com as always. We want to hear what you think you can email us at. Podcast at axios dot com. You can message me on twitter at nine labou or you can text me at two. Oh two nine one eight four eight nine three nine labou. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and we're back with the news on monday.

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Tourism in Hawaii is approaching pre-pandemic levels

Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio

10:34 min | 4 months ago

Tourism in Hawaii is approaching pre-pandemic levels

"This marketplace podcast is supported by equifax the world's digital infrastructure company looking for the choice and control of hardware with the low overhead and developer experience of the cloud deploy x. metal in minutes across eighteen global locations from silicon valley to sydney. Just add metal. At metal dot equinox dot com this marketplace podcast is supported by out systems the application platform that enables every company to innovate through software out. Systems accelerates the development of business critical cloud applications build the difference without systems for more information visit out systems dot com slash action. Is there meaning in the seeing and sawing on the stock market of late. I'm david brancaccio. Arguably the single most powerful economic policy official will tell a house subcommittee on the pandemic crisis today that he thinks the current spike in prices is temporary. Jerome powell chair of the federal reserve will say the economy has shown quote sustained improvement according to his pre-prepared prepared remarks. Someone else is in the camp of people who think inflation right. Now as acute not chronic is paul christopher head of global market strategy for the wells fargo investment institute. The question some people especially those old enough to remember the seventies think. Oh here we go again. inflation is going to be rising consistently interesting sustained way for the next decade. Maybe we're not in that camp. We don't think this is the seventies again. What about constraints on getting the work done on the availability of people to take these jobs. I mean some of that. Is people rethinking. Their work lives and so forth. That's not something where you flip a switch and everybody just piles into the labor market. Yeah that's right. There are several factors going on here. People rethinking their work lives. Do they want to go work in close proximity to others. I think that'll pass for a lot of people over time. Another simply child care with the schools. Having been closed it was difficult to find childcare. We think that will probably ease as schools reopened in the fall and the third of course is the federal extended unemployment benefits that rolls off in september. And we think is that happens. You'll start to see more people. Come into the workforce you know there's probably six or seven million people who left the job market between february of last year and today so those wages go up. I think you'll see a lot of those. Six seven million people come back into the workforce and that should temper some of that wage growth paul christopher the wells fargo investment institute. Thank you after shaking off. Its dizziness of the week. Before and going up one point eight percent yesterday. Let's see the dow as we do the numbers. It is down seventy eight point three tenths percent. The s&p is down a tenth percent. Nasdaq is down by a scant. Nine points at the moment actually six points the key tenure interest rate just moved above one and a half percent still super low but back to the theme summer which just began right has run smack into this shortage of labor in philadelphia. Forty percent of the swimming pools won't be open because they can't find the lifeguards at a much larger scale. American airlines cancelled flights this week stranding travelers with the airline blaming staffing shortages in hawaii. Visitors are now coming in at pre pandemic levels thirty thousand people a day. Businesses welcomed the demand but are struggling to keep up marketplace's carolina reports just months ago. Hawaiian beaches were deserted says university of hawaii hospitality professor jerry gruza and then the wave came so it's a wave of tourists right now. That's partly due to vaccinations and international travel restrictions. Hawaii is less of a hassle for americans than say paris gruza says but now there's a labor crisis unemployment in hawaii soared during the pandemic yet these days restaurants and hotels are scrambling to rehire. Folks left the industry. A lot of people left the island by which he means a wall who they're near waikiki. Beach is a cafe called bread and breakfast owner kayla. Warren says customers are lining up and he's scouring craigslist. I ran ads for two months straight and got to applicants and neither were qualified for any of the positions they applied for warren has scaled back the menu and hours. He's not expecting the rush to cool off this season. I'm caroline champlin for marketplace this marketplace podcast is supported by bambi. Business owners know that. Hr issues can be a real headache and expensive. An hr manager costs an average of seventy thousand dollars a year. Bambi spelled b. a. m. b. e. was created specifically for small business. You can get a dedicated. Hr manager craft hr policy and maintain compliance all for just ninety nine dollars a month month the month. No hidden fees cancel. Anytime from on boarding determinations they customize your policies to fit your business all for just ninety nine dollars a month go to bambi dot com slash morning to schedule your free. Hr audit that's bambi dot com slash morning. The dow three point four percent. Drop over the course of last week rattled. Some investors used to the heads. I win tails i win. Character of the stock market of this era it was the biggest weekly drops last fall but then yesterday the dow in one day erased half of the losses. Marketplace's nova sappho is with us. Now what can we say about this. We'll a number of analysts. David are saying that. Hey maybe the market overreacted. Last week i love one of them. It to the wall street journal saying the market is in a very fragile emotional state. Who's not and why is that. After all fundamentally not much as changed out there this week last week right We still have an economy on the upswing. Yes there is inflation heating up faster than expected. But we've known that for a while but you know inflation is the big bad word on wall street right because the resulting higher interest rates could send more people towards bonds and hey markets last week kind of freaked out after the fed held two days of policy meetings and signaled afterwards that yes maybe possibly it might raise rates a bit earlier than previously thought. Twenty twenty three to twenty twenty four. Well that apparently counts as terrible news. These days david. We're gonna hear more from fed officials today. Nova watch out for more seeing and saw maybe perhaps also fed church powell's testifying in congress this afternoon right and two other officials speaking today too. We know from powell's written testimony that he's going to say is a lot of what we've already heard before. Spiking inflation is likely temporary. The economy is mending so perhaps going back to these old standards. The oldies but goodies will help soothe are fragile and emotional. Markets david wright. We'll see novus offer. Thank you the house. Judiciary committee is set to consider a package of antitrust bills tomorrow. Also critic of big technology companies with twenty-first-century view of antitrust law was sworn in last week as chair of the federal trade commission is washington. Fix to break up. The tech giant's marketplace's. Nancy marshall genzer takes a look. If you're an antitrust lawyer with an interesting tech this is your moment. Similar exciting period. Since i've been practicing over the last thirty years alicia bats partner at the law. Firm fakery drinker. She's not representing any firms that are targeted by the antitrust forces in washington so she can watch from the sidelines and what a show it is. Republicans accused the big tech platforms of censoring conservatives. Democrats say big tech firms have abused their market dominance out of people in capitol hill are upset with big tech. So i think when they've had so many hearings it would surprise me if something didn't come out of the hearings. The house judiciary committee will vote on about a half dozen antitrust bills prohibiting tech giants like facebook and google from acquiring competitors or forcing them to sell businesses. One bill would increase the budgets of antitrust enforcers like the federal trade commission. It's new chair. Lena con is a tech critic who does not pull punches and harvard law professor. Jonathan citron says cons. Tough line on tech has something unusual. These days bipartisan support. There is an openness to at least visiting these questions and looking for remedies one of those remedies breaking up. The big tech companies are wound sunder. A rajin teaches entrepreneurship at new york. University he says that idea is driven more by politics than economics. That doesn't seem to be a tremendous amount of logic to the consumer benefits. That will come from breaking up big tech companies or what exactly yup set of big tech companies would look like tech. Lobbyists are already making those arguments as they prepare to battle against antitrust legislation the potential of increased regulation or more investigations or lawsuits from a newly energized federal trade commission. I'm nancy marshall genzer for marketplace the founder of the dating service bumble as acknowledging. Her people have been through a lot recently. A new stock listing. Lots of growth during a pandemic ear. Whitney will heard old all the company's employees to take a paid week off this month and covered the bossom. This item if you like consider it done. I'm david brancaccio. Marketplace morning report rape yet. Merican public media. Hey y'all i'm cresa host of the marketplace podcast. This is uncomfortable. Getting scammed can often leave. You feeling angry or ashamed. But for one man after he got scammed. It left him wondering wait. Could i do this. Yeah i was. I was definitely scammer. Like with With a footnote. Let's see okay. What's the footnote scammer. That cheats cheaters. This week. We go deep into the world of an online scam to see the lengths. People go to for money when no one else is looking. New episode of this is uncomfortable. Drops thursday wherever you get your podcasts.

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Prof. Lenn Goodman, Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University

Scientific Sense

44:08 min | 8 months ago

Prof. Lenn Goodman, Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University

"Welcome to the site of accents. Podcast where we explore emerging ideas from signs policy economics and technology. My name is gill. Eappen we talk with woods leading academics and experts about the recent research or generally of topical interest scientific senses at unstructured conversation with no agenda or preparation be color a wide variety of domains. Rare new discoveries are made and new technologies are developed on a daily basis the most interested in how new ideas affect society and help educate the world how to pursue rewarding and enjoyable life rooted in signs logic at inflammation v seek knowledge without boundaries or constraints and provide unaided content of conversations. Bit researchers leaders. Who low what they do. A companion blog to this podcast can be found at scientific sense. Dot com and displayed guest is available on over a dozen platforms and directly at scientific sense dot net. If you have suggestions for topics guests at other ideas please send up to info at scientific sense dot com and i can be reached at gil at eappen dot info. Mike yesterday's len goodman who preference for philosophy at vanderbilt university. He gets published over two dozen books in jewish islamic and to lhasa in gooding books on truth and justice political philosophy bio philosophy and competitive philosophy. Beckham-led it's pleasure to be here with you girl. Yeah thanks for doing this. So i want to start bone of older people entitled signs and god you say religion like scientists Seeks to tim attorneys reality but the different day abstract from allegiance focus on that often unconnected usa and sign. Soc- causes ethically proximate causes So totally disputes then misguided and as scientism in seeking displays. Religion is misguided. You say so what do you mean by that Scientists have do displace. Religion covers had misguided. Well i think it would be valuable to distinguish Scientists who are trying to understand the world from scientific people who are trying to claim territory in that In that realm men and feel uncomfortable for whatever personal or historical or biographical reasons if you'll uncomfortable with religion Maybe they had a conflict With their family or something and they and they want to preclude religious discussions and they They think of religion as as a competitor as reform of Ignorance and and a response to to fear That's generated by that ignorance. If we think about values. I think there are there different kinds of values. Certainly there's a value in understanding but there are different kinds of understanding The scientists typically wants to understand causes in a Often in a mechanical sort of way but if you if you look at biology for example You're going to have to look at Ad values and causes of different silhouette. You're going to have to look at Causes which are purposes Think about think about physiology or medicine nor or a evolutionary balaji. You have to understand what function and oregon or an organ system more behavioral or physiological process might might play in order to keep an animal alive in order to keep a lineage of animals going We start looking at the. Ed causes in a broader sense than than merely mechanical. I think what religion is interested in is the question about the value. That's being served whether by mechanical causes or by talia logical causes a in in what purposes these and why are their purposes at all and why why and how can purposes be served religion. Religion is looking for ultimate s- sometimes scientists are looking for what's ultimately smaller. What's ultimately simple and one of the things you flied when you do that is that the simple turns out to be not so simple. The small turns out to be very complex. basic principles turn out to require higher principles and Science science has France verges into religion and religious verges designs but that leads to territorial disputes. Oh you're preempting my territory and you have no business talking about values when i really wanna talk about how things came about. Rather than why they came about yes. I something big lead in the in the realm of signs A little bit like religion. Gun debris signs You know there's lot of confirmation voices The experiments tend to have More of you know estimates designed to confirm something to be no. Yes and the confirmation blazers like if you're not in the club and not pursuing things that are established You tend to be you know sort of pushed away from that. So am legion has made similar Similar characteristics might problem. I need a signed this knowledge. Biggest dispersion so i got a lot of conduct to this discussion lend but my problem. Religion is that it appears that politicians and crooks generally speaking a use religion to lord people because tool debut and sciences sciences. Used the same way. It's it's kind of one of the problems about the human nature We can look back on the salem witch trials or the inquisition and And see how terrible it is and oftentimes people have difficulty seeing that their own behavior might mimic some of those exclusionary and oppressive tendencies Not oppressive on my part We on our side of the good people we believe in truth and love of simplicity and inclusion and good things So it becomes very difficult for people whether they're scientists were religious people or whether they're scientistic on fanaticism fanaticism. In general is a is a human ailment. And it's been it's been used in all kinds of ways i can. I can tell you You know about people being burned at the stake and the people who celebrate the maters who were burned at the stake gut You have the martyr's memorial in oxford where i was in graduate school We remember Latimer and others who were burned at that very spot not too many hundred years ago But the people who who did that burning were were not above a having it done to them. That's what i think we. I think we need to separate the vices of religion or of scientism from the virtues of it are Religious people like scientists. Want to know the truth. But they're looking for oftentimes a different kinds of truth and And they become intolerant dot oppressive when they think somebody is precluding the discussion that they want to have and that british can become a very nasty It goes on now and it. It has gone on throughout history. But i think it's i think it's a human weakness rather than a characteristic of science as it should be or religion as it can be and should be yet when it's interesting. I don't know not about this land. But i would imagine the medieval times To be an atheist Was a video ski venture I would think right. You are basically against the grain so to speak And i wondered in the in the current time Do they not have approximately eight point. Three billion people in the world do we know What sort of the religious non-religious break s in that poll invest ten times population. I will i think you've got this thing. Wish sincere and informed religion from From ignorant than be to his amend and just going along with the crowd and and went on to start doing analysis of your senses of populations is gonna get very tricky. I think i think you're right in suggesting that. Most people in the world have some kind of religion but But even within the various confessions you know again be an example of that I taught for many years before coming to vanderbilt. I taught at the university of hawaii. And and i had a colleague who was a a foremost scholar of buddhism and in his view of looking at the texts of early buddhism. He found that that the buddha himself in the early texts represent that tradition. Were were raytheon. Mystic there was a religion all right but it wasn't a god centered religion and he made a big point of hell ever When i travelled a to taiwan and gave some lectures there. I visited a or everybody said you had to go to a night market. They went to a neck market and it was. It was vulgar and lots of neon in lots of shops and so forth but in the middle of the night market there was a temple. Was something over two hundred years. Old beautiful carved stone and so forth and in that temple wasn't alter in front of that alter were hundreds and hundreds of little icons all lined up and joss sticks. Were being for for the Paper money as symbolic Artificial paper money was being dutifully folded in left in front of the mess symbolic and there were people there whose piety and sincerity. I could not possibly doubt but the idea that my colleague had the buddhism was essentially atheist. Dick was refuted. They're right there. Were there were dozens if not hundreds of those little gods worshipped so popular. Religion is one thing and philosophical. Religion is is another and And similarly i think one has to do that analysis of distinguishing Shall we say crowd behavior where people want to exclude others that they somehow regarded as critically different from themselves from of from from open loving enquiring sorts of of Understanding one doesn't have asked to believe that somebody is an idiot or a rich in order to understand that that person might have come to differ beliefs and different practices and evan brought by different traditions and upbringing to a different way of life. At a different way of thinking. And in my in my opinion i do a lot of comparative philosophy. A in my opinion We can learn from each other without having to become relativists and without having to Just simply adopt each other's views we can we can gain from each other and the the wise people of every generation has done that They have they've been open. They have learned from traditions which are alien to their own and yet and yet have truths in the man and virtues in their practices that are worth Acquiring though i could think about religion sort of framework going back to the buddhist philosophy But if you think about that as a framework Just like salafi dan You know it becomes a bit. Abstract trade so can be can be have religion. Without god's in in the popular sense is god's severe are there are religions there are religious without god but one of the funny things about that Human people seem to go looking for god's so so you know in the former soviet union it was That was an area where people were being persecuted for being religious and if you were serious religious seriously religious in In the soviet union whether whether it was as a christian or a jew or a muslim you could be. You could be sure that you were being spied. Upon many of the russian orthodox which was the recognized official religion Or official religion in the soviet union was atheism. But but the many many of those who still intended participated in a russian orthodox church had to realize and deal with the fact that many of the officials there were there to spy on them and to garage ix of the of the government but one of the things that you found in in that situation was that people who were good party members and Huge to the line of being Just as they were supposed to be very mystic They became subject to all kinds of very rapidly spreading and l. widely accepted superstitions. You can see it. Most visibly if you visit a cemetery with raves. From that period they made quite a cult of the dead and there were all kinds of interests in Necker massey and and all kinds of superstitions. He has be some of them. Some of the newly invented superstitions. they were trying to fill up a kind of spiritual gap by their own. imaginative practices or just borrowing from traditions. That they might have heard or gotten a little confused about so. I think in spirituality as in nature the you know how they used to say. Nature abhors vacuum. I think that's true of the realm of spirit as wealth of people people. Try to fill in What they feel the lack of. And i think one of the values of a religious tradition is to try to provide some kind of intellectual and moral discipline on to marshall and make sense of an and guide those those human appetites for Or something that goes on what you can type your smell or eat. So you know going back with the paper contrast between science and religion in science again. I don't have the statistics. But generally find hyper bush diagnostics. Eight years And so it supposing that is that is true immutable side scientists. Yeah those supplement that destroyed that. Are you really drawing an equal balance. Between science and religion. In other words. I think religion is like signs and bicycler. I think they aren't like each other in the sense that both religion and science are humid inquiries at human enterprises As far as the prominence of atheist agnostics system among scientists are first. thing i'd say is not as common as you might suppose. I was just talking to a physicist from another university. The other day Who's very involved with catholic scientists and there's a very high proportion of scientists who are serious catholics. A who are serious there. Others who are inquirers are trying to find out what it's all about. I think one of the reasons. I can think of two reasons right off the top of the top of my head. Why why that. Atheism cement agnosio would be. Relatively common among circus is fashion. People are very fashion-conscious. You said at the beginning. We don't want to be left out with honor. Thought to be different We we conform are thinking what we think will help us fit in. It's not something that just just girls. In gironde schoolgirls in engineering school grades would do well to some extent. Yeah that's one thing fashion. The other thing is that for some scientists. And i'm thinking of the really large minds among them the ones who are really widely enquiring They the scientific enterprise plays a similar role in their lives to the kind of consuming role that religion plays for other people are not scientists so pumped some people literally people in poets and some people are scientists and they're filling their filling a need they don't always want to describe it as a ritual need but i think to some extent it is and they. They may find religion unwelcome. Because it's telling them how to fill that need. They think they already know a way to fill it. And they don't want to be told and they don't see some of them. Don't see a complementarity come. Liberty is very important for example. I two examples a one very obvious. One is einstein. I is dying Did not have a strong religious background but he did have strong religious inclinations and he had the idea that that in in studying nature in the broadest and finest possible way he was getting close to the ultimate structure of things that he was not adverse to saying that that he was in some way seeing the mind of god on the other scientists. I would think of who's a little less famous but very important one think of theodosius john ski. Who was the the creative mind who really really founded neo. Darwinism that is to say. Back in the twenties and thirties on evolutionary genetics. Were at each other's throats. There was competition The geneticist didn't like the fact. That evolution was so teleological and the evolution. Est didn't like the fact that Mcclellan genetics seemed so deterministic and an intended to look at things in terms of of mechanical. Causation what happened. What the jonoski did was. He was able to create a synthesis which all students in biology today take for granted between genetics evolution. Explain how genetics provides the the matter and the tools by which evolution takes place. Nobody was a student of biology. Today would deny the importance of that that synthesis. I think that the jansky was a synthetic thinker. And i think that his being synthetic thinker was part of his religious background he was he was actually russian orthodox not not in the absence that they were spying at each other over here in. He wasn't in the soviet union. Very spiritual kind of man and i think his spirituality. I don't think it was the source of his interest in evolutionary genetics. It was a scientist. But i think that the idea that things seem to be enterprises. The seem to be at odds with one. Another could be brought together in a higher synthesis inspired him to create this emphasis scientifically and to see that it was parochial and mean-spirited to be afford genetic said events that lucien or four evolution at advanced genetics. And that that creative moment in science similar to the synthesis that is that was looking for between when he was looking for unified field theory that that desire to see a the wisdom in all things and recognize that wisdom might take different forms. That self i think is is an area where where a scientist who is. Broad spirited. enough can a can be inspired by religion alone. Many of the do get very territorial as i said. Yeah so so it makes you say that is that is rare. So you talked about fashioned. Sort of driving signs The the need to conform as sort of ice said. I said driving scientism whether fashion drives science side. I i'd i take exception to that a little bit. That's a fashionable view. In fact usually gets fathered upon thomas tune a little more sophisticated than that but But i didn't want to stop you. please go ahead. No i was just going to say you could make the same argument for religion to rights. Yes and vice. Religions fall over definitely. And that's yeah. That's that's the. That's the the human flaw that we're you know we're you know what aristotle said mandated a social animal feeing. Social animals doesn't mean that we need each other through drivers. The granted mix bread. That's part of it. Being social animals means we care about what each other thank at people who pretend not to Are often the ones who care the most. So so the plan. You one of the arguments you're making. Is that these. Things could be complementary If you really look at it in a in the broadest sense And not have preconceived notions about it right. And so you mentioned in the people example big bank or smaller turkey and darwinism So you know big band jazz. You know we don't really know what happened before tight stopped and hard to know how to know. It was a long time ago and finns were very different. We know that yeah. Yeah we know that our our conceptions from scientific side of religion and and vice versa. I think that is that is some miss missed. Opportunities is that is that have you think how well. Here's here's what i would say. Let me let me say one word about big bankas molly first of all because you know i study. A lot of medieval thinkers muslim. Jewish and christian medieval thinkers. And i teach about that. I read about that. These guys would've given their eye teeth if they could prove if they had any of the evidence that we have about the big bang yet we know because of the doppler effect that the universe is expanding and if we project back we can find a moment of an initial singularity which is powerful evidence for the idea that the universe began there are other possible interpretations but the most likely one is that the universe had a beginning. If any of those guys that i study who lived back in the eighth ninth twelfth century if any of them had known anything about that since they thought it was not they they thought there was no possibility of having such evidence of stubbings apple so long ago before there was anybody to watch our we do have that evidence now because of the because of the redshift and the That would have been very very exciting to them. That would that. Would that would have shown no decade could have been a big ban an and then there was a big a big crunch before that of the big bang before that. But it's kind of unlikely the big bang is such a strong singularity that That it gives us reason to to believe that it all began. And then you're theorist would come along and said it didn't all just begin for for no cause. Whatever if you're a scientist you ought to believe in explanations. And they're different kinds of explanations. We have to ask ourselves how it happened. We also have to ask ourselves why it happened. And one of the one of the big lines that you can draw between science and religion is that religion is more interested in the in the uae than the than in the how and science is more interested in the how thick. But if you think the if you think the question if you think the the lines have to be drawn as battle lines between science and religion think about science and our big about science. They're not usually at each other's throats various religious art and there's also anti religious art but a lot of art can be appreciated as art it doesn't preclude analysis and it doesn't preclude feeling it's part of it. Let me say a word about evolution. Since yes you raise that in in my book creation evolution. I i'm on an argument to the effect that That evolution on is another way of to use a crude metaphor another way of seeing the hand of god at work because evolution has a a has provided a way by which purposes can be served and one of the fascinating things about evolution. Is that one of the things that evolves in the course of evolution is not just the complexity we could see that geologically as the fossils get more and more representative of more and more interesting and complex organisms not just complexity purpose itself evolves. So there's a visit dynamic in evolution. which are you have to be able to look at that With religious is to see that dynamic as something which is As i said before Indicative of the hand and the handiwork of god. That's kind of very interesting to me. I mentioned one one figure that i know so realistic Will be interested in that. Tyrod the shutdown who was a paleontologist in the early part of the last century catholic priest a very it was considerable little heretical by the by the church because he was an independent thinker but he thought there was as he put it a in the in the labyrinth of evolution. If you try and classify all the different species he thought there was a thread. Ariadne's thread was the thread that she left behind to guide theseus through the labyrinth and find his way to rescue her. What is the. What is the thread. That tyrod Diana's so interested in it's the rise of intelligence is the rise of intelligence. You don't have intelligence in rocks you don't have your Makes an interesting point about insects insects because they have an exoskeleton that can only get so big. And we've seen some big ones back in the bishop museum in honolulu. I used to see the really big beatles but they can only get so big because their exoskeleton would make them to having to get about if they if they got much bigger than that constant limits on size they have limit on cranial capacity. And because of that all their elaborate behaviors turned out to be social behaviors. That is to say the bees termites they. They elaborate their their culture genetically rather than by learning introduction as as of mammals through it as we humans do especially yet so so. The insects represent a this. This far you can go into development of intelligence and then you can't go any further whereas in the human pace evolution has allowed us. I can't say to develop our intelligence because we were still make our dollar than in all of those terrible things but it has allowed us to get to the stage. We've got into and hope to be able to go further one thing that we don't find in science quad science is hope. Remember ever wilson. The great entomologist From harvard talking about how beautiful a sunset over the water is and and how how he hopes that all the different insect species will be preserved partly because his studies partly because he loves their diversity and variety that love of the diversity and variety of insects at then come from science at might motivate science. That's a religious and moral dimension which scientists because of fashion to a great extent preclude from themselves. They stop themselves from saying something about beauty and something about hope and something about worrying about our fellow creatures in our fellow human beings weakness. Nice under under all right is that is the mounting job right and so really could take like is a big bank of smaller g Big banks of big bang and darwinism dad It doesn't necessarily mean the substance into structure right so if you give religion something else they would utilize that in marketing. Pro all is i think. That's i think that's a little unfair You know this notion of marketing. We market all kinds of inventions. And what our markets after all their mechanisms for serving Human desires those desires can be whole similar unwholesome. They can be a desirous for necessities or desires for luxuries. They can meet his eyes for helping others or desires for. Suppressing others on marketing marketing. Like logic is is is very Topic new out. Science appears to do really well in the contemporary sense in incremental extensions and be seen to be losing the ability to make really big changes. And and i'm sort of agreeing with you and i'm asking you. This question is is that because scientists are less willing to move away from you know sort of a position of comfort and look at things that might consider to be you sort of personal. Well i can take a stab at that But but it's a question about the psychology and sociology of the sciences. And i think like any human question. you'll find a variety of masters depending on which scientists you're talking about. I would sat out in answering that question by saying that What's what's new and different is that necessarily better. It's I don't think to mention dimension. Newton again newton's work will ever be surpassed it. It's fantastic work But it gets absorbed in einstein's physics just as the trying to absorb einstein's views within quantum and does if string theory proves out They'll they'll probably enlarge it rather than a abandoned What quantum theory has been trying to teach us odd. I think i think that Women kill me. For thomas cunanan his yet structure of scientific revolutions. Which is the the book that gave us. The expression a paradigm shift was was saying that there's a routine science and then there's revolutionary science and has a historian of science. He was trying to explain what makes the difference and part of what makes the differences that people have a different way of looking at things. You can see a little bat in genetics. For example the the real revolution in genetics In the twentieth century came from cybernetics. Not not because severn attics. Twenty think about genetics per se but the language to talk about the transformation of information in thinking of a thinking of genes as bearers of information was was extremely fruitful. Way of thinking about what what the is doing. We're not just talking about the shape of the molecule. We're talking about the function of the molecule. What good it does for the organism and for the lineage of the organism. But there's a tendency. I think because we Get excited about what's new. There's a tendency to disparage What what kuhn was calling the though the sort of work day a scientist but you know gil. It's the workaday scientist who is Finding a way of maddin cancer or developing Sometimes we have a little break through the the new mr innate vaccines that they're using now the pfizer modano. Vaccines are based on a new concept. approached doing vaccines that we didn't have before Is that a product of routine science. Not quite that was some very creative work going on there. I think that I think that there's a lot of different realms in which creativity can can work The shoemaker when he repairs your shoes can do so in a very creative way when he comes across a problem that he hasn't seen before and we shouldn't which disparaged that that day to day workaday you know. Watch watch the gardner. When the gardener does his gardening or her gardening. And you'll see you'll see aesthetic appreciation. You'll see values. You'll see a problem being solved in a creative way Sometimes breakthrough sometimes. It's not about breakthrough but it still is still not the anything of meaning or or Pedestrian yeah. I am saying that linda. I'm trying to a different point because you know the people you talk about complementarity between science and religion No in some sense. In contemporary views they seem to have sort of moved from each other rate and light. You'll reasons for it. So i'm also posing the question. That was complementarity important In making framework type ships in in human knowledge. I don't know the answer do it Don't have data points around it but we can speculate but but you know Sometimes sometimes we get creativity from seeing one thing in terms of another and we bring up from a different realm of experience. It's a lot like what poets do when they create a metaphorical expression and they and they and they say oh this is like that and and got they show you an aspect of things that you had observed before and that's true that's true of science. If you think about pastor you think about your think about helm holtz on a great scientists. What they what they often were doing was bringing knowledge experienced from one realm into another and putting it to work some of the scientists image. Tonight's time before some of them are very mathematical and they can think in very abstract. And then bring those have tractions vowed to very concrete applications. So as to design or devised or propose experiments that would confirm their theoretical expectations off. It's a form of thinking. We tend to think of science in terms of analysis but analysis is only fruitful when it goes hand in hand with synthesis and bringing bringing one area of experience to bear on another is is one domain is one way in which A synthesis can be very effective in very creative right right and so in conclusion. Land if you want to leave one thought before anybody. What would that be in the context of science and religion I want might one thought. Is this keep an open mind. Keep an open mind because because if you're religious be open to the possibility that there's a deeper intellectual and spiritual and moral truth in science and if you're scientific don't be scientific and joke figure got it all just because you're using a different language and a different pair of is if you will. I'm your friends and relatives who look at the world in a more spiritual right right if he can bring those together in a complementary way does right out of that could be much more than the than each yes and it's also more loving right excellent. Yeah this has been great length. Thanks so much for spending time. My great pleasure. I enjoyed it. I this is a scientific sense. Podcast providing unscripted conversations with leading academics and researchers on a variety of if you like to sponsor this podcast please reach out to in four. At scientific sense dot com.

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Providing Families Interactive Virtual Physical Education | Brooke Jackson, Founder of Rising Wild

PDX Executive Podcast

28:52 min | 9 months ago

Providing Families Interactive Virtual Physical Education | Brooke Jackson, Founder of Rising Wild

"Support for this podcast is provided by kresa. Cra says the occupiers champion warriors premark corporate real estate advisory firm exclusively serving startup businesses and major global organizations like as a portland pillar for over twenty five years kresa partners with its clients throughout the entire project. Life cycle the workplace strategy and discovery through the deal transaction and project management delivery of space kresa partners without conflict in applies integrated expertise to make your business better go to cressa dot com slash portland to connect with the portland advisor from that cast creative. I'm dan brewed. And this is the pediatrics executive. Podcast the show where. I talk with inspiring leaders. Who are shaping. The future portland oregon. Every week i sit down with business executives startup founders and community leaders to dive into their career journey and get insights into the impactful work. They're doing our slice of the great pacific northwest. Everyone thinks the ex executive podcast. I'm your host. Dan brew non. Today i have a guest. Two has a company with two little kids. I really excited about two and to learn more about so Brooke jackson's the managing director for marketing. Group runs company called rising wild brook. Welcome thanks for much. Podcast you've bat baton. I think a good place to start is always tell us what about the company in mainly some of the things offerings. You had what you're doing pre cove it and then we'll get into you know how that's transformed. Were now with some of the new things. You're doing yeah definitely Allah has changed with my business. We're what we're doing right now is because of covid but really proud of what we've able to accomplish so the background and So i was raised in the future sound. I went to the university of hawaii. I played golf For them cool Always been an athlete so started their Got a degree in psychology and business entered mark at the marketing world in portland. doing experiential marketing So two thousand eight. Two thousand nine hits agency. I was with dissolved. And so i kind of had the opportunity to figure out what i wanted to do. So i founded what marketing group in two thousand nine so i was a product of the recession but the luxury of portland is these great companies. That are in portland so we landed a great first client nike out. The shoe did a nike football. Which release rewarded. everything so. Bolt does event and experiential marketing. Bill brown experiences Activates sponsorships Very much so in the in person live event world in the industry has evolved considerably. We started with an specializing in modular kind of experiences. That across the country and certainly event experiential marketing has evolved. But that was our space two thousand thirteen. I had my first child. We are clicking along the agency world servicing. Some great clients like gortex. Bruin locker spe nike can be a great companies like northwest natural. So but we always knew that. I knew personally that servicing clients wasn't into it's a passionate fund but we i really was interested in developing a service or product. We can deliver straight to cut Consumerist so we've been brainstorming How can we come up with a service or product or an event property And so lots of ideas but in two thousand sixteen we acquired an existing event property called kids obstacle challenge in so obstacle challenges in obstacle in adventure racer families and it was a very small and grew it to what is truly the largest obstacle adventurous for families across the country of over one hundred fifty thousand attendees over the course of the year So an incredible incredible time of growing. What was this very small mom and pop adventure series into you know one with thousands and thousands of people each day that with great partner so amazing sponsors that we activated at these events and so really we were clicking along really Eighteen is a great year nineteen even better than of course twenty twenty was supposed to be year five. The big one when the lights turned off for us in the event world with covid nineteen Suffered there because is someone who my background is. In event smaller conferences and Always liked to for people who are outside the world when your whole business relies on people getting in person especially something like this you were doing obstacle course reset hundred thousand. He told What was that like. I mean literally is like shutting. Yeah yeah i you know. Then if you're an event that you are prepared for whatever you know nothing you're always prepared for something to go wrong. I mean that's what events are all about and that split the excitement in the buzz. Why people were in this. You know and i'm but we win. When kogan happened you know it was like okay. This is just another obstacle in other fire. We have to put out And we took a pretty comb approach to understanding it. But you're right. The the the lights went out. The revenue stopped. Suddenly one day So that was obviously a huge business problem but we waited as long as we could. You know nobody has the crystal ball and we certainly didn't in february and march and so we actually didn't Fully throw in the towel until may twenty twenty Meanwhile of course our team was frantically working on what is our hit we have to pivot. We cannot hold events and it was becoming very clear all of our brand clans on the bolt marketing excited. Of course we're having the same experience so So it was a very complicated time. We handled it very well so proud of how we managed it because it was We had so many relationships existing customers expecting these events sponsors expecting these events so Rising oil is was our pivot and in a matter of months we essentially developed a brand. New business are rowing that right now in having a blast in the process. But it's been a wild nine to twelve months yet will get thrown by you know. I kind of laughed with because you know you you internalize it like. It's a whole new. It's not it's just. It is a pivot. This is building from scratch in a matter of months with complete uncertainty. we'll get into the business model for this because i think it's huge learnings from it in the way things going forward so getting back to. The event part relied experiences. No one has a crystal ball. Where are you at now with those things. When you think you know the one you run your own. The obstacle course with ram fight sue. Yeah yeah i mean what luckily we we have the luxury of not only are on ability to you know put on these events and but also we work with big brands that rely on field marketing experiential marketing and so we kind of have that insider scoop is what they're what they're thinking they're working with ron experts to understand what does the future hold bottom line. I think field marketing experiential marketing will forever be changed. I mean certainly. We're going to get back to it. We as people long and want to be together in mass kind of gathering situations but You know if we look ahead we had always thought. Twenty twenty one. We'll be back at it. We're just now with the vaccinations rolling out really starting to evaluate it and because our events for you know we had up to ten fifteen twenty thousand people in a given day i mean that kind of production requires so many months of planning. So we're already at that very key time where having to make decisions. Can we pull off. An event certainly wouldn't be till q. Three or q. Four at there's know event properties speaking as an event property owner. You know we rely on sponsorship dollars obviously customers implicates but there's a lot of uncertainty with what brands are going to be doing If they're going to want to be taking that risk there's going to be to gather people in q three and q four. Not knowing truly the efficacy of this vaccination rollout of it so or looking were hopeful that q. three q. Four is something that we can do with in our for our particular obstacle course races notes kid oriented summer season for us. Fortunately we're going to be beyond that but Either way whatever we go back to whether it's win it's with obstacles or adventure racing or whatever it is it's going to look different amid virtual experiences are happening and that's what rising while is all about and It's gonna be really interesting to see what these types of events kind of the shape that they take when they come back here. I think we're going to look back on this. You know probably five ten years feel how the heck did we get through bars like. You know someone in your industry some of do a much smaller scale. And it's we're all rolling with it and making decisions but some have stop. It's like this is insane. I think it's important than mum. Luckily with the new relief package came through. There is you know. They're they're considering venues and events uttered any brand or eagerly awaiting the application process for the because events we we can't sell take out food or you know we can't sell take out there saying that we just simply can't do no we're looking at fortunately in eighteen to twenty four months if not be able to ultimate product and for companies to be able to withstand that. It's i mean it's kind of impossible you have to find the evolution of and hopefully there's more support that comes down the pipeline for event event hours planners the thanks for sharing that i mean it's it's for for people are not in industry that there's a lot of pain out there For some folks on that side and so you know that being said there's opportunity and so this is were i. The rising wild comes in so tell us about that. Yeah so mild rapid response to covid nineteen but also something that was in the making so we knew we had a growing community with kids obstacle challenge and we knew we were so seasonal That we wanted something that was more recurring serve to our community yawn the season and you know through ideally some sort of recurring revenue kind of model so rising wild was not in the works. But have you been thinking about things. But certainly cohen pushed us to develop to this surviving rising wild. It's an adventure and fitness program and virtual community for kids and families It combines mobile app subscription box We were very passionate about while being forced to create virtual experiences. That we still brought the physical. Because that's our world and what we believe in or also just sort of an organization that believes in you know as scream free kind of experiences as we can for children so our mission is really get kids outside and moving their bodies more and using their imaginations So a lot of our programming involves free play in sort of an unstructured fitness And we do this through guided by our super cool raising wild heroes outdoor themed characters don sage sunshine and grit and Through them that they sort of serve up the content in In the sense of movement directives for the kids and families. I'm it's through whom we tell stories of adventure and the outdoors so we're really just trying to create a product that obviously attracts children and families like but also that can be naturally inc in help foster in early appreciation of movement for families. It's just on the site. And i love how it's structured. Tell me about how it's been received because the nice thing. I guess when you're doing this you built you've built a community with these events you've been doing and so i assume you know the messaging to them was with this How's it been going. Yeah it's been great. It's like. I said it's been wild From you know for agency to event property owner one and then going sees me event property to ask and subscription business model owner has been a very exciting and big learning. But it's been going very well. We launched Underdevelopment not till june. We launched in september of twenty twenty So we've been around for a couple months now but while over a thousand subscribers Which is very exciting for the how quickly we've moved and i think the feedback has been you know exactly what we want. Certainly there's a lot of refinement you know that we can do and better. Understanding of the market but on the feedback has been great As far as certainly right now in our in this pandemic environment and landscape for parents just giving them another thing for their arsenal to keep their kids moving but really the things that are that really make me so happy is that you know so. Many families are saying. Wow you know. I couldn't get my kiddo to move or exercise and now they keep begging to do more challenges than overly appreciating the format And the simplicity of our app and how it works and that's been great so awesome. I mean as someone who was young kids spin a complete challenge for you know so and things like this. I'm really excited to to try alanon for my family I would love to dig into some of the business learnings because again you know going through an event motto where it's this is a one time thing like you're in you know with being an event it's it's building the ship over again every year in a way i mean you have processes Things but there's a lot of it is you're kinda starting over each year So realizing hey but a subscription recurring revenue. Come my goodness. This is a great opportunity. How i mean. Obviously you're just starting. What are some of the learnings shifting near your model Well as a we the luxury of being with marketing on his our base and understanding very Well brand and marketing. That's been helpful. Although certainly that in itself has been number one learning really is we became masters at you know driving down. Customer acquisition with our event property Really shoestring it to get these thousands of people who are who are often before like. How did you do that with such Marketing dollars digital thing that we've become very sophisticated at but that's been the number one learning is understanding how customers especially in this environment. There's so many uncertainties and lots of folks Virtually lost their jobs but to tau to Get people to acquire. A subscription is very different than a one off so understanding that this is a considered purchase for them on minutes recurring for them. So there's the process to get them to see and by his different then. Let's do this event. It's we're running out of time was different marketing strategy So that's been a learning you know there's always room to improve That in working on it each day and driving down our customer. Acquisition costs Learning and then just building. We're a content engine now so we're not only having to learn to be essentially a small tech business with the app store but You know any ecommerce. Business also Content team you know. We're having to build a drive content. That's programming for the app. So that's been another big learning the infrastructure in the things in the team that we need You know in the business and hired so many great people over the years but you know it's a complete change up as far as who our internal team is and what our needs are and then just finding the resources need for this particular business model With the venus version box nuts physical kind of component with having a product To drive content to actually like facilitating through the app. Spin been very interesting for me as a as a business owner that you over like. This isn't a good way because you're managing It's really it's it's it's a lot. It shows you your leadership. What do you think. I mean just for me. I can speak from anecdotally for me personally. All this is you know your your consideration. Or my my family's bn consideration of something that subscription an ongoing. We've just been all about emmy this. It's kind of the pandemic kind of knocked down the walls for a lot of that So in a way. I would think maybe this time has helped consumer maybe psychology around these subscription type services. Are you seeing that or yeah. I mean and we know that was one reason especially at that mean we certainly could have developed raising wild as something other than a subscription model but we knew that subscriptions have just been on the rise and certainly with cova. It's just they've they've taken off it's absurd. The numbers The growth of that industry But lower hopeful for as you know what i'm passionate about is You know trying to get kids to move more and kids have become sedentary Now more so than ever In what we hope is that while we're kind of unfortunately forced into the sedentary lifestyle right now that More products and more just education materials and articles are gonna start coming out about the the the concern. What is this epidemic of childhood and just sedentary lifestyle and so our product is really serve. families Be that really quality product. That's not only a product. Keep kids moving and to use their imaginations and explore but also Healthy community health online community. And what i think of like healthy screen time I very much so raise. My children were very anti screen kind of family and That kind of paired with Sort of allowing kids to you can move freely and independently and that's how we've created. Rising wild is. It's like a healthy family option. We want to encourage families to do this together. but hopefully through this pandemic. There's there's been time for parents to realize that. Unfortunately our our kids are just sitting too much and hopefully with products like ours. they'll start to realize that We gotta get kids movie more. And when we're focused on when we're at home in tennessee more we understand how these kids are sitting too much on their on front of their screens. Way too much. So hopefully they choose products like raising wild and others that come up through this. It's just outside more and move because we just have to get him doing that. Yeah i mean it's it's a huge problem to be solved. So i think what you're the service makes a lot of sense and you. You said you you move you move to portland or the company started your business thousand nine thousand. So you've been you've been through two hits of the economy five so long things. I always like to ask about to just running a company in portland. And i'm sure we both love the city. We love the area the metro area. What are some things about it. But some talented yeah So portland's fantastic place to build a business very lucky to have been in portland with a new business in in two thousand nine because that was really went in my opinion. Two thousand five two thousand fifteen win portland was just a beautiful city and it still is obviously. But i'm just with the All the new business and the restaurant scene and everything so very happy that i got to experience that and it's become such a fabulous place for small business because there's so many Amazing for us benders allen Come to the city and so we've got. We've we've been committed to using using benders here in portland so all that spin has been just a wonderful way to kind of Business now having been supported by portland has been great I'd say you know we've always been on the central or central industrial east side. Which from a talent and employee standpoint has been very cool place to be You know in the last probably five years we've seen unfortunately a lot of More crime in the area You know homelessness has been a real big challenge for the industrially side And that in itself has been hard as a business owner especially in the physical world where we have physical assets we manage clients vehicles and event assets in the worries of having to be in the city and unhappy worry about staff and vandalism and things. It's been a challenge for our business for sure. How's that been a Assume you're all remote now right work in what your plans masking everybody because you know the answer. Obviously but what do you think the future of your workplace is gonna look like. Yeah will certainly right now with our focus being on rising wild you know We are virtual end. Our staff have have proved that we are capable of doing that. We've always been a very collaborative group with experienced marketing. Everything we do is so hands on. We've always been able to or very nimble group. We can kind of solve any problem but it really does require people coming together to do that. And especially with these now second startup. That collaboration has been difficult. But louis But we we reluctantly had a lot of the tools in place to transition seamlessly into the virtual space. I expect that we will remain virtual Because right now there's no reason to right now. Our business model is We have inventory. We waste sell are rising wildcards on amazon retail for business as well. I'm so it's more shifting into that next warehousing kind of space kind of what the office space looks like to deter. End time being going to be Probably predominantly virtual even when we get back into the normal normalcy. Yeah everybody everybody asses kind of heggie in a little bit because no one wants to say we're going back or fully remote is kind of like maybe it'll probably like a hybrid thing. I'm curious to see 'cause. I think once were all safely able to ensure. I'm kind of curious if you're gonna do. I think there will be a lot of people who get back to the office but obviously a lot of people who like august. I don't wanna keep you do all that. So it's we're getting spoiled a little bit. I guess early on were kind of surveying folks than i think. It's kind of fifty fifty inch what i've found. Is they love working from home. And then there's the other that they just need interaction and they want that commits unionise Be a part of something more The fiscal office space. So that's going to be tough for companies to decide how they manage that but certainly think companies are forced to be flexible has a new offerings early. Get employees the luxury making those choices. Yeah there's no going back. I remember even a job. I had an kind of previous life. I ask said you work remotely once one day or two days a week. This is you know six years ago now and how we we. Don't if imagine a company saying that. Now i mean why. Don't wanna work right now. Everyone is gonna and it'll be interesting. What portland does you know how portland will respond to. What has been really an exodus of these large cities on the people meter. smart hands hoping and believing. Obviously you're going to be able to get employment in virtual space but it'll be interesting to see kind of how portland will be re shaved With people giving the city and probably they believe in more Larger cities in portland. But my take on that. And as someone who i've been moved here like two thousand six by grew up in oregon. So we come up your portland. The law in the nineties and kind of feel in the nineties where it's like you have these random weird businesses downtown because rent was pretty cheap. That's i'm looking forward to that coming back back with portland yes the crate as a substrate or you know what you like so. I'm super confident that we're going to get some of that flavor back so i'm super. I'm very young. i think i think it will. I hope it will too. I mentioned that two thousand five to two thousand fifteen times on portland was just beautiful thing and i did a ton of traveling with my former agency in early in my when i started bolt and went to just some crazy small medium size towns But every time. I flew into portland. It was just link. There is nothing better than portland oregon during that time for. Sure and i don't know if i say that right now just because it's been it's just gone through so much but i think it will come back and it'll be a great opportunity for new Folks in the restaurant scene to hopefully make a mark on what is City that appreciates beer coffee and food right to see what the weapons let's going away. We'll brickwork in people find info on rice while Yes check us out at rising. Wild kids dot com. You'll be able to find all about what we offer Said reseller are physical adventure and fitness cards on amazon and hopefully more retailers soon But yeah you're our website and we can. You can acquire a subscription to our digital or full subscription. honor our store a brooke. Thanks so much. I appreciate your time. Thanks so much. Pd ex-executive podcast. A production of that. Cast portland oregon. Podcasts agency that partners with brands to create custom podcast you can learn more at that cash dot com and please take a moment to subscribe and rate the podcast as well.

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Katrina Ghazarian, CEO and HR Disruptor, Changing the Way the World Thinks about HR  Episode 158

How'd It Happen Podcast

1:02:47 hr | 6 months ago

Katrina Ghazarian, CEO and HR Disruptor, Changing the Way the World Thinks about HR Episode 158

"Welcome to episode of one hundred fifty eight of the how did happen. Podcast hosted by mike nella testa in this episode. Mike welcomes katrina gazarian. The ceo of game day. Hr it full service human resources agency where they do things differently to build a winning culture for their clients led by cool people game day. Hr is disrupting the hr industry redefining. Hr's role in the success of fast moving startups big investment equity funding companies and established corporations take the culture quiz on game day. Hr dot com to see if your company has a winning. Culture katrina hosts. Hr sucks a podcast that came to life because companies every day are not putting their most important assets first employees and customers. Hr socks is about the good bad and the craft of today's workplace with the goal to make you a better leader and happier professional. Mike and katrina. Cover a ton of great stuff in this episode. Like the power of having your internal thoughts and feelings matching your external behaviors. The path being true to yourself. Why working on yourself is a much harder path than building. A business how company valuation can change after an employee liability due. Diligence process the opportunities to change. Hr from being the struggler to the most valuable player and much more decades of hr only being engaged when things are going wrong. There's not enough. People that have had a positive experience with the hr department. And so what happens is hr started to themselves from everybody else. Which is a huge disservice because of all the departments of an organisation. Hr is the one that consistently touches every single employee in the organization when you're is located department employees don't trust you and then the people above you don't trust you. They don't trust you to make the right decisions and give you a seat at the table. Then employees don't trust to tell you what's really going on because they're they have this fear of retaliation or being fired or whatever that looks like and so over the decades. I feel like the. Hr departments haven't done a great job supporting the people of the organization and now here's katrina gazarian. Welcome back to the how happened. Podcast as you heard the introduction. Got katrina gazillion. Is that the right way to say your name is okay. So awesome katrina welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Yes so i I heard katrina. It was on jason. Do some underdog podcast jason while dr. Yeah and i was just blown away by the by the conversation. She's got you and you will. You will be today as well. Because she's got this fantastic energy and approach to things. That i i wasn't expecting and i just i listened to the whole thing and i was like. Hi gotta conversation with katrina. So fortunately she agreed to that and she's here today. So katrina i start. Everyone of my podcasts. With the same simple question had happened for you. you know. it's very interesting. Because i feel that people define success in different ways you know. It's i think a lot of people want to hear about the financial part of it and building a company and meeting all these great people and doing all of these great things. But i don't particularly feel like i've made it in that sense I feel like there's so much more to go. And i'm i'm learning every day on what it is i want to do and how i wanna do it. However what i will say is success to me or at least how i define it for myself in my own. Life is my internal thoughts and feelings matching my external behavior and so in in layman's terms. That is being true to yourself. In a maya opinion the journey in the work to get there is a lot harder than building and scaling accompany because building in scaling accompany. You know there's there's a few ways you can do it. It's basically a calculation of make more than you spend. Keep and keep doing that over and over and over again however when it comes to being true to yourself being comfortable in your own skin being impeccable with your word and loving yourself unconditionally. Which then you know your bucket full and it spills onto loving other people in accepting other people as they are unconditionally. That is a lot hard like a much harder. Pass in my opinion number one. Because you know there's it happens more often lake you have to keep reinventing yourself over and over and over again with a company can grow it. You can scale it salad. You can replace yourself like in your life your personal life. You can't replace yourself. Rates dislike us. I'm sure it's very difficult. So i as much as i'm sure people wanna hear about how it happened with the company and you know how i started it and why started it and how i got to wear it. Got to where it is today. That was more of a personal journey for me than it was a business one. It was really my own mindset and my own identity that helped me push through a lot of these barriers in business. And so i think if if you want me to answer this question about business wise. I started the company when i was single. Mom my daughter was three years old. I was spending way too much time working out the office. Not enough time with my child. I asked my employer. If i can just change my schedule a little bit to where i can. Leave the office Earlier pick up have that time with her and then you know. Jump back on at at night and finish up my work. They said no because they just at the time telecommuting and remote working was not as popular as it has now become today and so i just decided that i was going to put my thirty days resignation in that i was going to become an independent. Each art consultants mind. You haven't had that much experience in it i had been doing. Hr at a higher level. Maybe for about six months wasn't a lot of time. However i do understand people and i'd like people in a seemed to get along with people really well and understand them. I've always had a pretty high emotional. Iq in the rest. I thought i could just google and so in some capacity. It's not not true. And so i pitched my employer at the time my services a i knew that i did stellar work for them. I knew that they were really sad to see me. Go and so i told them you don't have to lose me. We can transition me into a consultant. Instead i will handle all of your hr. I don't have to babysit the office anymore. You can have different person like sit as the office manager for example and they would save money instead of trying to replace me and it's just you know no one. I'm your replaceable. of course. i don't care what anybody says And sure enough. They went with it. And so i walked off that job with a full book of business essentially And they didn't really have to grind and go find new clients. I really stayed with that portfolio of business for a couple of years. I didn't have to do any type of business development so In two thousand. Eighteen to the clients that i had went through some pretty big equity transactions. One of them did a private equity round about one hundred million dollar valuation. The other company did a forty percent exit eighteen million dollars and they had only been in business for about a year and a half and so those two transactions kept me really busy because there was just a lot. I had to do in terms of due diligence and getting them through the process of mitigating employee liability recruiting for key management personnel. I mean there is a lot that had to be done and so when meet when we came out of the fog of those transactions in one of them was published many times because they're a franchise concepts in so they were in entrepreneur magazine inc and all of these different publications and one of the founders was forbes. Thirty under thirty. It definitely catapulted My services into the realm of being able you know operating at a high level for hr. To where i can help startups or any other type of company that is going to engage in any type of equity transaction. They knew what i had to do. And i can do it well for them. And so that really created this niche for me in the market of consulting it wasn't really the handbooks and the forms and the terminations. It wasn't really that it was more of the strategy of how we're going to approach these situations collecting data build initiatives around that data understanding costs versus budget prophet versus losses balance sheet. So i think that really helped me. develop a reputation of being the high growth. Hr consultant in the market. And we'll congratulations on that by the way but before we get more into the hr you said something earlier that i wanted to get back on and that was when you were saying well you know most people might answer this question about how their business you know got started and took off. You went back to yourself properly and you said Being true to yourself was sort of the most important thing and it made me think when. When did that become the most important thing to you. Because i was thinking being chewed to yourself. When did i start thinking about being true to myself It probably wasn't early in my career. Because i was thinking more about doing what other people wanted me to do. You know that's the way you get ahead so what what is that. How did that. I come to you or when you know it comes in layers it. It's not like you wake up one morning and you're like the i'm gonna be true to myself like it comes out of certain situations and certain times in your life in so i would say probably didn't have a huge jump until twenty nineteen okay and and that was because i we i started the company also raise capital for the company because i needed to hire like an executive level person to help with the operational side of it while i focused on business development and so brought this person on and She just wasn't a good fit and she questioned everything that i did how i did it. She questioned my abilities. You know because. I had no formal training. I didn't i mean i. I went to college. But i didn't get my degree in. Hr i don't have the certifications You know i built this being scrappy and working really hard and so i was questioned every step of the way and it took me a while to what was happening. You know because they weren't very egregious things so they were like side like little to my swink. Yeah and so before. I knew it i mean it started to grow bigger and bigger and i realized this company has evolved in something that i don't really lake and i'm the founder of the company and so i started giving pieces of myself up. She wanted to be co founder. I gave her that. I even offered her the ceo position because she just seemed really unhappy with like whatever it was that she was doing. She didn't want to have any accountability measures right so when i was like i need to know what how many hours you're working hours. You're putting toward you know clients and this and that because of you know we're startup. I need to know where investments are. I need to know like what our margins are an. I can't know that. Unless i know what the cost is. And so if. I don't have any access to the cost. How am i gonna know where we want to invest more of our time. And so it was just her. Ego was was just like way it was overshadowing the entire company and so At some point. I i came to this. Khan i you know it was. I went on vacation. That's what it was and and basically things were said in a staff meeting that the staff came and told me about you about me. Yes and so i. I felt like she crossed a huge line at that point right. You're now engaging the employees in whatever drama it is that you've created in your head and so everything kind of like came right into my face of what the heck has been happening over. The last year was almost a year. I believe and so that was really important as a very pivotal moment for me of like i am not a co founder. I'm a founder. I founded the company. I built the portfolio myself. I found the investors. Like i m founder and i am the ceo. I'm the visionary of the company The company reflects my brand her brand my brand director. It was in direct conflict right. I cuss i say shit. And ass. And i to- perverted jobs which is in itself in the hr space like pretty contrarian. I realized that. I'm not this clean. You know cuts highly professional whites in you know stock photos like that is just not me and i don't know how to operate in that realm. I only know how to operate in the realm. That i'm in and so when i when i tried to pretend to be this other person and i was reading my post like old post and i'm like like that is not me. I don't talk like that. I don't i it's just you know i don't pose for beautiful pictures unless it's my head shot of course But that's just not who. I'm a talker. I'm off the cuff. I give people like what is at face value. I don't beat around the bush. i do care if you're offended. And i will acknowledge the fact that you're offended. Now give you the space to be offended however we we're gonna keep moving you know and so once we ended up doing a buyout and after that everything changed the company. Was you know. Every everything was more cohesive. I figured out what our branding what route we wanted to take. I was off the cuff on linked in all the social media platforms and so now there was a huge consistency in who i was as a person as a professional as a friend as a partner like the way you and i are talking. This is how i talk to my clients and the way i talked to my clients. This is how i type on social media and the way. There's there's no difference you're not going to get different sides of meets all the same. I talked to my kid right like the same way. I you know when she's doing something. I talked her. She's an adult when my girl. I won't fuck you a if you talk to me like that like i'm and she's eight you know and i tell her i can't wait until you're a teenager so we can like rumble and i won't feel that bad 'cause you're going to be huge and so but this is like how it talked to everybody and and that was the journey that the the how i built that right was over time of being consistently stabbed in the flank over and over again until you realize like hold on a second right built this yes like this is this is mine and i gave you space because i wanted you to feel good but you are ungrateful and you are entitled and you are rude in toxic about it. And i can't deal with that. I don't that's not the culture that i wanted to build for this company right i. I didn't want to build gossip. And i don't want to build talking behind people's backs in that. That is in direct conflict. With who i am. I cannot keep secrets for the life of me. Like i cannot pretend for very long how i feel about somebody or how it feel about certain Terrible actress you can ask all my ex boyfriends. I'm terrible at lying. I always get caught and so at some point. I just quit trying to do it. Well that's a good idea right then. You have to remember stuff so it did she. Where did she come from. Was she someone that the investors fought was the fortune five hundred company. What it's one of the monopolies in payroll and hr and she was The dedicated rep for one of the the companies. And so we got to work with her on like that capacity. I knew who she was from that capacity but then when you go back and think about it was like i hated that company service altogether. I did not like that company. I was desperately trying to pull them out and so that was a very unintentional decision that the investors and i made because we didn't like the company to begin with we we liked her personality and we were enamored by that by her personality the way she spoke and she had all the credentials them. Yeah and so we. I think we felt like we all made the mistake of thinking that someone with like her would legitimize us as a business and we came in found at that was not the case right. It didn't like you can have all the certifications and you can have all the degrees. That doesn't mean that you know how to service clients in that. You know you have a strong work ethic or whatever that looks like so we made. We made that mistake as a team. Okay are was thinking as you were saying the you know that when you reread your posts and stuff it was like you were almost trying to trying to like live. Move closer to toward her. And it didn't feel right at all of my my. Yeah yeah abs- absolutely You know we we would have conversations with people together in. She would always have criticism of how i like. Something i said or the way i said it or end i think i think at one point. I was just like you know. That's fucking rude like you keep doing that. Stop doing that. You know like. I am who i am and i'm going to say what i want to say and i'm going to. You know i can sit across from you and in a very short period of time know how to disarm you. I know how to connect with you. I know how to you know. Bring humor into the conversation. And at the end of the day p. That's what people like about me. And so and so. Why would i change that. Because you say that it isn't right or because it makes you feel uncomfortable and don't get me wrong. She's not a bad person and i. I wish her well however she was not my person that was. That was somebody that was like not going to be a fan of mine because of you know whatever i'm saying doing makes her feel uncomfortable. And so at the end of the day. I i remember it just popped up on linden. I had posted something like if you think it hurts your brand. It's not your brand if being yourself hurts your brand. It's not your brand and so you have to let go of of this judgment of not only what what other people are going to think. At the end of the day these people do not make decisions for you and your life. you know they. They don't they have no power over. How much money. You're making how you feel about yourself. Your family like who cares like like you like. We've sure they're going to be people. Don't like you absolutely but the people who do like you. Those are going to be your people. And that's what's gonna be far more valuable than one hundred thousand people who kind of like you versus one hundred people who will champion for you every step of the way. Sure sure. it's funny how you i don't know if it's funny but you you've obviously demonstrated already that you know you cut right to the chase and you know you know who you are and i know you said you know two thousand nine hundred after this experience it really codified that i guess but how did you. It seems like something. That'd be hard for you to live through a year of that. You had you feel like you have to make a lot of accommodate accommodation. I guess to to live through that and yet and you did so you must have thought there was something on the other side. If you put the time in autumn maybe you could change her change. the what what. What were you thinking. Because i'm trying to a lot of people would sit through that forever because they just felt like well okay. That's just the way it's gotta be but you don't have that personality at all. I mean it's interesting because when you look back at that situation or any situation that you've evolved from your like how the heck like why did nice see that and this goes for relationships to right. You're like Like i can't believe. And i think that we when we feel that way. It's like regrets and it's not the case for me. I think for me. It shows how much a walled from that time. I was a ceo for the first time. No-one taught me how to do that. Nobody you know there was no training manual. No so i went along with it thinking that it was the right thing to do because it was important. That was the difference between the both of us was for me. It was important that the people were happy. And so i was willing to sacrifice myself my ego to make other people in in the organization happy but that was not being reciprocated whatsoever. You know and so it took some time but actually my mind. Investors had helped to at some point. They kind of like let me learn. Let me figure it out. And then i think at some point they will. I think it was when i was like. Do you want to be a ceo like you. Can you see. Oh but you have to pick something the as we did. This lake extra we. I didn't exercise We use eos which is from the book traction to organize everything. Yeah and so when you're doing the initial boxes in its you know visionary into greeter cells in marketing operations and finance right so Filling it out together. It's like me her in to investors in so we're filling it out and my name was on every single box in her nice shared one box just operations which to us operations client services rancor and so they were like this isn't sustainable like for me to be the visionary head of finance head of sales marketing and co head of operations. That wasn't sustainable. And so i like which one do you wanna do pick once. It was like definitely not that one. Not that we're night. You know like she just wouldn't pick and so i'm like. Do you want to see yo. What do you what do you wanna to do you know. And so at that point the investors were like like like. You're the ceo we invested in you. This is your position and so that was like the beginning of like of them. Feeling a certain way about that about her to of like this is too it's gone. It's gone too far at this point. Because she was on investing schedule she wanted. She wanted she wanted it doubled so i doubled it. She wanted co founder. Gave to her. Like i was giving her all these things that she wanted because i wanted her to feel valued in at some point. I think they just felt like it was too much it like. She was never going to be happy. And i hear you at one point say that you had to buyer out as well and yeah. We did a buyout So that's interested. Was she a co-investor. Or is this all this. The incentive units that you'd given her or it's just interesting that after a year of this whole thing. You've got to do that as well. No we gave her the opportunity to invest in a small amount. Yes oh shoot so. We allowed her to be part of the investment round. In then she earned. I think we just round even though she wasn't at the year to earn those options. We just gave it to her because we don't want have any. We just wanted the situation to be done and so definitely were like. Give us a number here. It is okay. So how did you fill out your address your accountability chart which i think is what you were talking about After she's gone so you still have this need right. I so what did what did you end up doing. I did it all myself. Still for y you know this is two thousand nineteen pandemic hits so i had to do it all myself. And then at some point I want to say. May i decided it was time to look again. I think had learned a lot of lessons from that situation. I had a better understanding of who was going to do. What in what this person needed to do. We did our core values which was really important. And then i integrated those core values into our recruiting process in our interview process and so we ended up hiring patty patricia santos who has co hosted some shows with me so she is now the head of client services. Got it and okay so let me go back before all of this happened you use you mentioned i. I did watch your head tax. Talk and that happened. What year was that. can katrina. twenty nineteen twenty nine. Okay so when all this was kind of up there. Yeah so first of all. How did that come about. How did that opportunity present itself to It was local. The tax even was local. A women's tech specifically and they the organizers. Were looking for a maverick slot. Which was somebody who started and built a business. And so i i knew i knew some of the organizers and so they invited me to be a speaker okay was well done by the way i really did i think you the can i go back a little bit before all this started you. I know you were involved in. I think it was coaching basketball coaching or something to do with basketball. And maybe that was a path you were going to take. You mean you want to you. Want me to kind of tell you that story. I'm interested in what was going on. And yeah so let's go back so i played in high school wasn't that great at playing but i definitely understood the game from cerebral standpoint and when was the market crash two thousand eight was when the market crashed. I was working at the bank. I lost my job or actually. I left my job. And then i you know. I i try to pursue basketball. I was doing internships in vegas for the summer league and then i ended up getting an offer for the mexican national league and so's trying to do that but it just wasn't really dependable and so i in order for me to get a job in the nba have my degree at that point. I did not have it yet. And so i went back to school while i was in school. My old basketball coach said. Hey we need. I need help with the high school team. That i'm at now which is in pasadena and so i went and coached with him and then at the same time i was being recruited as a football official and so i was doing all kinds of things in basketball. I was pretty much played every role at that point and i finished. I got to a point in my school where it was time to transfer to a four year. I got an offer from the university of hawaii to be the director of basketball operations. In then i found out i was pregnant and so through the pregnancy. I still coached. I was i was able to coach the at least the rest of that season and then i returned to officiating so i did both for a couple of seasons and then at some point My daughter's dad is is college official. Also and so the both of us being gone during that like three months is just so much travel were high-school college games in the evenings just got. It just didn't feel really good to leave our baby behind so much and so i decided to step down because he had been doing it longer. Consi- gave him the grace of you go after it. I'll find something else to do. And so that's when. I started with a third party recruiting company. Which eventually evolved to doing. Hr for for these clients scott and when you thank you for that and then when you When you went to start gained day. Hr which i don't that wasn't the original name right. It was something it was eight years eight. How did you. You mentioned that you An investor investment group or fund or. Something but how did it. So how did so. You're coming off of this working for it sounded like maybe a fund itself owned multiple companies. And you were helping them with. I'm not sure what was happening there. But but you came off in that because they couldn't be flexible with your time and yet you in a position evidently to attract the venture or some type of start up capital which is pretty pretty good. So how did that come about yet. They were my clients. Oh okay so they actually invested. They were like. Hey we see this. So i went from I think that's what the evolution was. I was there like recruiter. Than i became their employees than i became their service provider and then i became their partner and so i think they saw the value in in. You know there there. I would say Where they opened up there is was the employability part of due. Diligence is far more important than people are talking about on because the way it works is you can get an investor on the hook you know or a buyer whatever type of transaction. You're trying to do. Then you go through the due. Diligence process aside from them looking at your books. Your revenues profits your eba all of that. So they're going to go through that part of it. The other side of it is employee liability and so they're asking for every single document that was executed. Why in reasons people were added benefits. They're they're combing through every single thing that you've ever done as a company and so if they find that the likelihood of you being sued or having to do these payouts to former employees or current employees they feel like that's high enough they will lower the valuation and therefore their offer on the company and In the problem with with a lot of startups is they think. It's only about the numbers they think it's just the books later revenue. That's all they care about. They don't understand that there's this entire piece to it and so as we were going through the process we finish the process. The founders felt like more people need to know about this. 'cause it was one of those things where they felt like had we not had you hear like keeping track and doing all of these things we would have been screwed because at that point the one that did the eighteen million dollar exit they had like six locations across the whole nation actually was more. I think the route ten at the point in like four different states in so we had go to the stores out of fly out to the stores and try to collect all the documentation. Have everything prepared Luckily they were young enough to where it wasn't too taxing but what about a company that's like four years into it ten years into it. I don't know if they're i don't know if they're aware of of this. Process is other side of the process. In so i think that might clients at the time saw an opportunity now is that so. I understand the due diligence part of that from a could we have a coming or class action or something based on behaviors or whatever but is it also. It seems like it's also sort of a way to Do a double check on the on the on the executive team or the management team or the you know the the the owners because typically my experience with acquisitions. You've deal a lot with those people and they're always on their best behavior. You know during those meetings and sometimes when the cameras stopped rolling and the people go away. They're not maybe the same with with everybody else. I'm not understanding what your question is. Okay i guess is it is it. Is it also a way not not just to get a handle on what potential liability might be out there but also a double check on the people that you're buying the company from as well Not necessarily i mean it depends on what the structure was like is a structure that you're keeping the founders on or not. Are you replacing them. i i think that typically companies entering engaging in this large transactions. They have an idea of what they wanna do with the founding team in. Who's gonna stay. Who's gonna go For me personally aside from keeping them on task with like how. They're managing employees from liability in a culture standpoint There at i don't see. I don't think i played a role in that. Yeah okay all right. I was just curious. Because sometimes like i said people aren't really the same around people they want to take a check from as they are from people that they're working with or whatever there's a i think it's all i mean it's i think it's telling in in where the company has started where it's going right if i mean that's essentially they're going to look at turnover and they're going to look at like retain return and things like that and so if you have like an asshole group of guys and girls then that's going to be pretty obvious in those numbers by itself but if you have a pretty good retention rate in you haven't been sued yet there is no there isn't any claims against you. I think it's pretty safe to assume that the founding team is going to be okay at least like through the transaction in afterward and then you just can replace them after right you there. There's i mean even even this company will you know the client. I have right now. They're starting to replace not because they're not good at what they're doing but they've just got to a point where a lot of the original founders are maxed out on their experience capability to take the company to where it needs to go and so they're starting to like replace one each other with those outside c. suite though natural progression They're happy with that right. You don't want to start something else. They want to do other things that it's been four years since that transaction. So they're kinda over it. I'm sure right right right right. So your podcast which is really i. Listen to The latest one with the Surgeon she left her name right. Yeah so the name of it is provocative course. Hr sox i believe is what it's called and You've already mentioned a couple of times about how you approach to. Hr is different. And that's actually one of the things that It's hard not to It's hard to ignore the difference that you certainly hasn't been my experience with with with hr. But i mean. I had a company with about one hundred and fifty people and it was very it was it was. I'd say our approach was more traditional than than i thought it was good but as maybe more traditional but but the hr sucks thing in the why. You need your podcast. After it is interesting to me what what is it about. Hr that that sucks and and how are you sort of changing the game when it comes to what people think about it and and and what are you trying to accomplish with your podcast. I think so number one. The hr sucks came from this. I would say majority feeling from employees to founders and the c. suite of hr is just doesn't really hasn't really had a positive feeling about it. You know the positive association. It's it's you it's decades of. Hr only being engaged when things are going wrong. You know it's not there. Hasn't i mean can't there's not enough people that have had a positive experience with the hr department and so what happens is now you start you know. These philosophies are starting to evolve. And then you have these philosophies that are hr can't be friends with anybody which is completely false erroneous Because you should know who your people are being. You're serving them directly or they're your customers which are you know the employees in the c. Suites and so they started to. I think over time. Hr started to isolate themselves from everybody else. Which is a huge disservice because of all the departments of an organisation. Hr is the one that consistently touches every single employee in the organization whether it's through payroll or it's through a benefits or grievances or whatever that looks like They're the only department that really has access to every single person personally and so when you when you're Isolated department employees. Don't trust you and then the people above you don't trust you. They don't trust you to make the right decisions and give you a seat at the table and then employees don't trust tell you what's really going on because they have this fear of retaliation or being fired or whatever that looks like and so over the decades i feel like hr the hr departments haven't done a great job Supporting the people of the organization and so at number one. They're extremely short staffed right. It's the company has to get to a hundred employees before they hire one finally make one dedicated person and then on top of that. Hr professionals don't have a lot of support in the organization who you know when hr doesn't know how to solve a problem who they gonna go see the can't go to the ceo of like. Hey what should we do see owes too emotionally involved especially there founder of the company You know so. The hr doesn't really have a lot of support and then on top of that people in hr a lot of them just fell into. It wasn't something that they always dreamed of doing And so. I just think there's a combination of a lot of things happening that has been the detriment of the department You know just throughout the whole workforce. And so i saw an opportunity at least for me. I saw an opportunity. That i wasn't formally trained. I couldn't i. I don't know all of the labor laws in every state off the top of my head but it was really good with people because i really liked people. I have like an in january curiosity to know people. I wanna know like everything about the ruins. Your favorite color. You know your family life. What sport do you li- like i. I like to talk. People learn because that's how i remember things about people for the most part and so. I think that came from my coaching background. Because i had to give each player customized experience. I can't just sell all the players. Do this one thing and everybody will get better know some some players were better at other things than other people and some some kids. I could cuss that and the other ones would cry if i did. And so you know. I had to learn what motivates each and every single one of them. Not everybody's the same. So i took that philosophy into an organization where i wasn't going to put these blanket policies or these blanket perks and benefits across the whole organization. I was going to try to customize the experience. Much as i can for each person and then really have this mission of. How do i get every single person to perform and be happy in the workplace. Like how am i gonna do that. It was a huge challenge for me. And i really liked it because i have you know. I wanted people to be happy. Because the the results of that in an organization are tremendous right. You have higher productivity rates higher engagement rates. I mean the the higher the engagement in organization more profitable organizations going to be and so in order to do my job. Well i understood. It is my duty to the organization to drive profits in order to drive profits. It wasn't get rid of everybody who you know wasn't going to fit. I would say it was like. How do i make the organization fit for them. So long as they had co core values right like were like strong work ethic integrity. Things like that. If the some people are just assholes you can't help them. You gotta get rid of them. But but that's because they haven't discovered there's like an internal issue like they have an address net. And i would tell them that like you need. You need to like figure this out because no matter where you go you're going to be unhappy so get happy and then go find a place to work. That is going to like help. You be more happier right. It's going to maintain that for you right. Yes so You know. I i think for i think for me. Hr like there is a huge opportunity to disrupt the industry and that was really just showing more human side as simple as that sounds. It was like you know i was. I was talking to employees about like my daughter was telling them like funny stories. Sometimes i say bad words. Sometimes you know. I really showed once i once. I showed authoritative part of me where i'm mike. Hey listen these are the rules. This is what we're going to be doing. And i'm holding the line. Now i can show them more human sized so that they understand. I'm not some bitch. i'm not some like i'm not gonna just lay like lay down the hammer like most. Hr departments do. It's like i'm your friend. And because i'm your friend because i care about you. I'm going to hold you accountable to the work. I'm the hold you accountable to. You know the type of energy that that you're giving off to the rest of the organization because i care about you because i want you to be happy and because i care about you so much i'm also going to let you know when this isn't a good fit and i think that's i mean feels like part of the problem. A lot of people have with it though as they feel like if they let somebody in. It'll be tougher to have that kind of discussion or conversation if in when that needs to happen. Like if i. If if i if i'm your friend it's going to be harder for me to be hold you accountable. I guess i mean. Do you find that i mean i. I would think that that's probably well. People don't hold other people accountable. That's the problem. No okay yeah. People don't know how to do that. Their ego gets in the way. They're like you know. I don't you know mike is online shopping. We have this huge project do. he's he's online shopping or he's looking for apartments but i don't want to tell me his if i tell him something. His eagles gonna start attacking. My and i don't want to deal with it and nobody's saying anything they you know what i'm gonna go tell all the other people that mike is online shopping. But i'm not going to address it to your face so so one of the things is like what we don't do. We don't baby people either and so if you come to me and you're like you know jacobs tone really got to me in that meeting i would say did you tell him well. No and i'm like don't come to me then. Don't come. don't talk to me until you're an adult and you go and tell him first and then if he's like ravenous about it right he's like enraged about the conversation and then i'll bring you both in. We'll have that discussion but you have to be an adult. Yeah don't make it my problem before you even tried to do something about it exactly. Yeah okay it's so funny. You said that because the i've seen i have probably had that in my own company where. Hr became sort of like going to the principal. Even though we didn't want it to feel like that and at the beginning when you're hiring somebody that didn't feel like that at all but over time it. It probably did get to point where we weren't engaged all the time. We've managers were engaged all the time and when they couldn't handle you anymore you came to hr and it was like going to the principle's office. It was like you know this is going to be on my permanent record or whatever the thought process would be right right and so. That's why like i joke around. I was like the disruptive one in the organization. Because i would come office. And i'm just like walking the floor. How's it going for lunch like they. My nickname was the snack troll because they said every time. I heard a rapper. Like some opening a rapper chasing them down of eating. When you have you know. I made it a point to engage and i can tell you. Everything about every single employee I i know them. And therefore i know being able to to address. You know you know if they're if i'm looking at them they're saying something i know. They want to stay. They're not saying. I can pull it out ms. I know them that. Well and you as a young founder and ceo you you. I saw you mentioned the us earlier. And then i saw a post that you did on linked in where It sounds like you're you belong to this group called gen next. Maybe you're affiliated with it which is which gets too smart moves. Well i don't know much about gen. So i want to ask you about it. I just saw what i read but just being involved in thing groups like that early on seems like a really smart thing to be doing because so many it seems like so. Many ceos and founders. They kind of get. They're just so focused on the business all the time and they think that that is going to be the thing that works at all out you know And oftentimes the answers are in tools and groups and stuff that are available to you. But you just don't get involved with so so yeah some part of i would say three or four groups but is definitely the most important group to me because it's actually not about business at all. Okay so jedinak stay. There are three main social focuses our economic development education and security national security and so The group there's i wanna say there's around three hundred members globally at this point but it's not cheap to be in it either but the type of like work that you do with them the level of influence you have I mean there's political leaders there's huge. Ceo there's movie producers There's it's a really diverse group of people You get to rub elbows with them and really try to find solutions to problems outside of your business. And so they're in so the great thing about it is like i've been in two events where i don't know what anybody does. I just know that they care about the the same things that i care about which is homelessness racism equality like all the different things. And so you'll have like to our conversation winston and then you're like what are you. What do you do anyway it does. It's not the first thing that comes up. It doesn't it doesn't come up really. Yeah and so. That's what that group is about. It's it's really just using our influence to to do things better than say what the government is how they're doing it. Nc people that can help us. Do it So you know we. We have huddles in like other countries and there's different groups of people that will get together based off of shared values so so obviously of the three it like you'll find people who are more interested in one than the other like mine is economic mobility you know like how do we close this wealth gap. How do we radic. Listen so that one's really important to me. Other than outside i mean. Education is too but economic development. Abc's one i put my most focusing and so they're to create these cohorts of people who care about those things to really plan like. Okay who do you know. Oh i see. I know the governor who do you. I know the mayor of the and then we're like finding out how to create these initiatives. Solve these problems or to make them better. At least so that's gen xs is. It's quite amazing. Because almost everyone i've met is like pretty amazing like like lifelong friends. At this point. I probably talked to gen-x member like four of them every day. Oh no kidding. Yeah in rotation it's like yeah in a rotation and so for me being. This was a huge opportunity for me. Because i'm younger than a lot of the members also like younger in my career development. I would say that a lot of them. And so i am like the pee in these groups i have. I have to like raise myself to another level to engage and learn and understand and even even admit. When i'm like i don't know what you're talking about you know can you explain that to me And that was that to me. That was really important. Was to find people where i could. I m like the dumbest one in the room. Not even close to being the smartest one. How did you find it One of my investors is in why peo- which is like more of an entrepreneurial group but you have to qualify you have to do. I believe twelve million dollars in. I'm in wipe some familiar with okay. So he's in white peo- and he was introducing me to Of a like a contact who was does like investment banking and. he was like. Hey you should get to know him because he may have like clients for you so in this group chat. They're going back and forth because ones in white peo- the other ones in genetics. And so the gentleman was like saying how gen-x was than the other ones like no why peo- but anyway so but then on the side he's text me like you should really check out gen-x orca and so i reach out so meet this guy for coffee and that he talks to me about it and then i had heard about it through other people in in the orange county area and so he invited me to an event and it was a great event it was with one of the co founders of kick starter and it was all about public benefit corporations which i was i had a huge interest in at the time and so i started to meet with other members and have conversations with them and i would say probably took them three months to get me to sign on. Okay yeah so from a pricing standpoint. It's very similar to wipe o.'s price. Okay so i knew like okay. If i'm going to do this. I am going to dive all in. I need the. I need to learn everything and meet everybody. And see what everybody's working on and and it has been such a tremendous experience. Well congratulations you're you're lucky to have found. That ain't good so we only have a couple of minutes left. I know you said you had a hard stop. So i guess what i what i'm most interested in is you've got this. You've got investment backing. You're doing this kind of really cool different thing. You're working all over. Can you work fare people everywhere so if someone wants to work with with you what what needs to be going on in their life for you to be a good fit with for them and what do they do to to get a hold of you. Sure i mean if there's startup you know we can essentially customize execute their entire documents sweet from recruiting two n including the hand fully customize handbook. So if they're startup doing that getting their payroll platform built out on people into the platform if they're a more established organization It could be. Their turnover is high. Their engagement is low. So we'll come in and we will Help we'll put initiatives around increasing the engagement which is usually the benchmarking that we use as a climate survey to find out how employees are really feeling about working for the organization. And typically you get much more you get more honest results when a third party is doing it is you. Don't have to worry about retaliation and we do have client privilege. And so that is a great way for or if know people are kind of struggling with that any type of litigation lawsuits. We can help out with that So we don't really we have clients from startup. One employee to three hundred. It just really. We're very fluid. You know we if you have an hr team we love to work with other hr With internal hr departments and helping filling the gaps. That maybe they don't have time to do they don't have the experience of doing it And so we're not only doing projects for them. But were mentoring the internal. Hr team is well in kind of leveling up the entire department. We always say we want the hr department to be the mvp of the entire organization we want hr to be the leader not the straggler in the organization into find us. Sorry you can go to. Www dot game day hr dot com. You can connect with lincoln katrina gazarian. I'm the only one you'll find on there Or you can just email me katrina g at game day. Hr dot com. And if you do go to lincoln she's got one of the most unique summaries that that you'll see on lincoln so i didn't want to go through it today but it's fine. Go find it. And it's fun to read through so katrina. Thank you so much for being on the show today. Talking about your experiences. I'm i've i've enjoyed getting to know you and sharing at least a bit of your story. I know there's a lot more that we didn't have a chance to get to. But i'm grateful for for the opportunity today and i do wish you tremendous success. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed my time with you. Mike can't wait to hear the finished products or sounds good. How they by people ask me all the time. Why do you do the podcast. And it's a great question. Because i'm not trying to sell anything. I'm not the really. The only thing. I'm selling are the stories of the great guests that i happen to have conversations with on the show and it's also kind of lonely. I mean it's not lonely. When i'm having a conversation with the guests but afterwards you push you know the published thing and it goes out there and now it's it's you're hoping it gets to a lot of people but you know you're never quite sure there are stats but you can't. You just can't be sure and you're kind of sitting there thinking. I wonder if what i'm doing is valuable. And then every so often something like this happens and it re energizes me and it makes me think. Okay now. I know why i'm doing this podcast and this is a this comes from olivia baker thirteen who. I don't know who left a review on apple podcast of my podcasts. And this is what livia had to say. If you're looking for motivation inspiration and ideas of how to level up your life hit the subscribe button. How did it happen has a truly impressive lineup of guests and these episodes feature both actionable tips and deep insights and she goes on to mention some other really. Nice things about me. And i'm very grateful to bolivia baker thirteen for doing that but my point is that's the reason that i do the podcast. It gives me energy. It excites me. I get to talk to so many great people and every so often somebody like. Olivia baker thirteen puts a review on apple. Podcasts that i get a chance to read and it just brings a smile to my face so if you wanna help me with that. Feel free to leave me review on apple podcasts as well Even if you don't think the shows that great that's fine. Tell me how to make it better. And i will. I'm in this to to share great stories. And i'm also into in this to provide listeners with things they want here Up thank you. Thanks for listening to this episode of the how that happened. Podcast where we believe. That success doesn't happen unless you make it happen. You can subscribe to the podcast on apple. Podcast google podcasts. Stitcher or wherever you like to listen and while you're there please rate it and leave a comment as well. I love to hear your thoughts about the show ideas for future guests or whatever you'd like to share and of course you can always find me and mike mala tested dot com. See next time. Thanks again for listening to the how it happened podcast.

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5/19/2021  Episode 69  Making the Right Retirement Home Decision  With Dr. Jim McCabe

Women and Wealth

33:01 min | 5 months ago

5/19/2021 Episode 69 Making the Right Retirement Home Decision With Dr. Jim McCabe

"Welcome to the women and welt podcast with esther szabo. Esther is a respected leader in the field of personal financial advice with over twenty five years of experience after going through her own significant and challenging life changing events she overcame fear and self doubt to launch her own successful advisory firm now. Esther is ready to share her practical and personal experiences to help other women. Clear there hurdles and brave. Life's transitions in this way. She inspires women to lead. Fulfilling and confident lives. Hello and welcome to women and wealth with esther szabo from gates pass advisers. Today i'm really excited. I get to sit here and listen and learn with you. The audience because esther has a great guest on the show. That is dr jim mccabe and the president of the elder care resources. His company specializes in elder care and case management services over a period of thirty years. Jim has assisted hundreds of families in the areas of care retirement and long term care. Planning he also consulted extensively with estate planning professionals attorneys and financial advisers. Jim holds master's degrees from the university of hawaii and earned his phd. At the university of california berkeley. Jim nez wipe deborah. Make their home in pleasanton california. Esther you i'm doing great eric thank you. I'm so excited to be talking today with jim because i've had an influx. It's getting we. When i was about probably about fifteen years ago i had a number of clients who were either moving into a retirement community or considering it and then that's kind of stopped for about ten years or so maybe a little bit less and now there's like another wave of my clients that i started working with maybe fifteen twenty years ago. Who are now starting to consider or making those decisions and that's the topic of our podcast. Today it's interesting when we talk about elder care resources. None of us you know. And i look at my clients may be in their late sixties early seventies. It's just seems like not elders. You know we're not elders in the same way anymore. But we'll be talking about all of this in terms of retirement living options with jim so jim. I'm so glad to have you on thank you. It's great to be with you. Well let's jump in. Because i think one of the things that is tricky for people is exactly. Could you define a retirement community. I can and actually. There are probably three or four different models. We know about retirement communities like sun city in leisure world. Which are that. They mirror communities that we live then with neighborhoods and streets all the shopping that goes with that. Probably the newest and most popular option is a continuum of care retirement community or what we call a crc and these properties are set up. So that when i move. I don't have to move again if i don't want to. Because the campus provides any number of levels of care from independent living all the way through to skilled nursing and hospice care and this is often what clients are thinking of when they're thinking of retirement community because what what talk about in our meetings is one spouse is either concerned for the other spouse that i mean i have this situation number these situations right now as i mentioned that. They don't want to burden their spouse with all the ongoing care that the home will need and they have already received a diagnosis. That is they know is going to be over the long term to build them let alone they joke and i'm not really helping with any of the house care stuff now so it's not gonna get any better so they look at those those types of things and then others who are just saying how can i not be a burden to my children. But they're complicated right the the crc's with well the they. They are complicated for both good and not so good reasons. The complication on the good reason side is that there are communities that offer such broad array of services not only for folks that have failing health but for people who are still healthy who are looking for a place to get out from under the responsibilities of maintaining a home and move into a place. Where a lot of that's taken care of and also capture social setting when they can make new friends and develop new relationships. Yeah that social component is so important. Hasn't it. i mean that's one of the things where people say. I'm staying in my house forever but it can be lonely. Well it can because families move. Adult children get transferred to jobs in other areas. What what's interesting when you talk about working with your clients who want a plan a lot of seniors today who are still very healthy and looking at that plan are looking ahead to this. Is the one time. Pick that environment that we wanna be. Were the day to day issues. Are going to be taken care of and were freed. Take of our retirement time or leisure time because there's less maintenance responsibility and many many more social options for being with other people. Yeah and then how how. I've heard this a number of times in the past two years as well not two years. I guess it just feels like two years. Maybe the past fifteen months since covid hit is people go. I'm so glad. I'm not the hair because you're so limited in terms of your interaction. Well that partly that but now what. You're seeing a trend with the people that you work with and this is pretty much countrywide as we feel like. We're getting a handle on covid. Those people who were thinking about that move two or three or even four years ago are now saying it's time to go kick the tires and most of the communities have been very proactive about keeping environment. Safe and people are ready to go right and ready to go in terms of investigation. Yes and in many parts of the country where the housing market is so good for people who want to sell their home. It's even more incentive for saying. Start the process of planning this right so i know you have some great insight into an experience of helping people with this kick. The tire process that you mentioned could you. Could you tell us about that. I know it's we could talk for two hours but if you can give us a sense of how do people go kick the tires of one of these communities. Well they're usually three or four parameters that i suggest they consider the i of course financial and what kind of investment they can make and are willing to make secondly geography and if they're currently in an environment where they they love the culture and the lifestyle and their families nearby. Were going to consider that. It's something that's done locally. And then thirdly what's on their wishlist in terms of amenities. Do they want to be connected to a golf course. There are some crc's now developing in partnerships with universities where people want that that academic or that cultural connection that comes with a college that They can take advantage of educational opportunities in sporting events and things that are going on campus. That's near them. So because of course the work that we do in terms of providing financial advice. Let's delve a bit more into the financial because there are the different levels of in the different ways that money could be returned after wants no longer living in the c- crc can you speak to the different financial considerations and that's that's a great question that people need to be aware of a lot of these properties have what are called equity contracts and saw. I found a place that i like. And i'd like to get serious about the process. The property will sit down with me and we will vet one and other if you will. I'm going to. I'm going to look at what the property has to offer. Maybe what kind of business model uses. And they're going to be looking at my ability to afford this financially in the long term and they're also gonna be looking at what some long term healthcare issues might be. Once we've done that they will most models looked like this. I i give them a small enough money to reserve a space. When that comes up then i i ride a fairly sizable check and we can talk about amounts in a minute. And then that buys me into this contract for life care and then there's always a monthly payment that covers some of the other things like house cleaning and meals and expense. That i might have if i'm having a relative come and stay with me for a while. Now some of those equity contracts. Look like this i can get depending on how long there and the front end investment i may elect to get ten percent back or twenty percent or sometimes more all of the business models are a little bit different but that money comes back to me in one or two ways if i buy in and move and within a certain period of time decide. This really isn't for me. I can the contract and depending on how long it's been a good a certain amount of that money back. The other version of this is that. I'm there for life and once i pass away. There is a certain amount of equity. that's been maintained that Given to a beneficiary that i've designated at the beginning of the agreement and then those those amounts that are designated for the beneficiary from what i've seen they don't appreciate. I know that there's different ways. So we'll talk about that how the beneficiary receives funds but my understanding is. They don't appreciate from the time that they're paid so that the history is quote unquote guaranteed x. Amount of appreciation per year so they're just receiving if it's a million dollars to go in in two thousand and twenty one and the parents pass away in two thousand thirty five. They're going to get a million dollars back. They're not going to get a million plus any appreciation. is that right. Well the short answer to that is yes that usually the amount of specified however. The second answer. Is that each contract that i've seen in my work is different from the next one and as these contracts evolve. That's one of the things that we're going to do in our diligence. Only do the initial review is. What does the equity contract look like. Is there a that that money grows or does it stay at a fixed number based on what the original agreement was and then there's also those requirements were the were the by means they actually by the unit and the property has the ability to buy it back or it's upon the beneficiaries to sell. Is that correct. Also as an option those are rare Some of the models are set up. So that i basically purchase the building and the ability to live there but the folks who who actually owned the land will have discretion over how the sale of that property takes place once i pass away so it's a little bit like that model where it's leasehold if you will that i've purchased into this but there's another party at work who has a financial interest in the disposition of those resources when i pass away so it does require that there's a good review of the contract so people are really clear. When do you recommend that people obtain a contract and how do they go about accessing it. Well that the the kind of the the general parameters of that contract should be available to me. Once i contact the property talked to usually the marketing person and say i'm getting serious about this. I'd like to know what the business model is for your property in and what the contract involves and most the good majority of the places are very transparent about this because they recognize it's a significant investment and it's good business practice not to have there been any surprises once i've gotten into the process backing out a little bit more when. What do you recommend when people consider visiting a property. Well f- on the emotional side. I always suggested that folks do it when it still seems like fun. And that would be that you call and say like to come over and have lunch and get a tour and talked to some of the residents or if you know someone who's there already get them to bring you over for part of the day and and buy lunch and get a real firsthand. Look at what it is. The plus of that is that. I'm doing it at a point when there's no pressure financially or there's no timeframe for getting decision made in thirty or sixty or one hundred eighty days and some now. It's more focused on a lifestyle kind of review than it is on the demand for getting logistics done in a certain way. So you know we all have we talk a lot on this podcast. About how financial decisions there are often made emotionally but justified logically. So this is a this is very emotional as well as absolutely a a logical decision and i always wonder if people go once does that give them enough information going back to your kick the tires if they go once and if they review the contract and it you know we run the numbers. Is that enough on which they can make a decision. Do you think typically no once it starts to become a possibility and were not at the reality stage yet but once it becomes a possibility we start thinking about thing practical things like the just logistics of my things and how my time will be defined once i get there. If it's gonna be placed the time that i have in my hobbies and activities now i think the third thing is that that process of going from probably maybe to. Yes we're gonna do. This requires probably more than any other stage. That i'm really paying attention to the details and i'll give you two examples in the biggest one is does this property. Take pat's and i've worked with a lot of families over the years who found the place the it fit with all of the things that they wanted and needed and then they discovered that they couldn't take their their four-legged friends with them. So as a real game changer. In a huge disappointment other things include your your opportunity to have overnight guests or hosting social events at the property. you're bringing the grandkids to hang out for dan. Use the pool or the gym. Or whatever else is there so those are really good points in terms of community in on what is that like. And what is my experience and let's talk a bit more as the issues are i mean. Let's hope we all hope that we have the fun part and very little bit of the ill health part but what about those who. Let's say there's two partners that move in and one needs more care than the other. Can you talk a little bit about. How the continuance care lays out. Yeah that's and that's a great question because now we've looked at this. Property is a long term investment and commitment. Most of the ccr sees the continuum of care. Retirement communities have four or five levels of care and it looks something like this and the majority there is a independent option which could be an apartment or a stand alone house condominium. There's an assisted living resource which is available as my health fails or more commonly i get the flu or break a hip and i go to the hospital. Go to rehab in combat. To my my my cr seen now i may need to be an assisted living for a couple days or a couple of weeks to get that rehab finished so that can be either permanent move to assisted or temporary then. They're skilled care. There's memory care and then there's hospice care so we've we've now signed into an environment that will allow me to go from what i call elderly doing staying active and all of that to those real important services for skilled care and may be preparing for the final stages of my life. So it's it's. It's a nice comprehensive model. That's developed one of the things i do till my clients is make sure that if the campus telling you we have these four or five levels of care that they are offered on that site and i bring that up because i work with a couple. This has been many years ago that bought into independent and assisted and skilled care but the skilled care was done in a building another facility. That was six or eight blocks away so it made it harder for the healthy spouse to see the the not so healthy spouse regularly and that's so important because that's that's why i appreciate going through these different things because i've actually had clients have great satisfaction in the communities. They if anything they've said. Oh i could have done this sooner. And i would have been okay so i'm not so. My experience has not been one of disappointment. But i think there is in our minds it such a big decision. It's a life decision. We may be in our late. Seventies perhaps early eighties. Perhaps when we're really looking at this and all of us it's tough to consider all of these choices. And what a challenge to find out that your your sweetheart you have to go see them and you have to go six or eight blocks and what does that mean in it so important to look at these things the brochures sure look fabulous. The people are wonderful but we have to have these conversations. Yes and as you know some families are really good at this time to sit down and chat about a plan but there are so many families who aren't so good at planning that it's kind of an educational process that we take on so that they make the most educated decisions possible. How do you account for the family. And their input will usually when i get a call. People have have started thinking seriously about this. Or when you and i chat you you have someone. That's considering this as part of their plan so they they started thinking about the it. Sometimes the resistance comes from the children who don't want to see mom and dad leave this home that they grew up in or surrender access to a wonderful neighborhood that has amenities or as near the ocean or hiking trails and so oftentimes bringing the younger generations along to a lifestyle. Change that their parents or grandparents wanna make. That's been thought about an a very positive way. So when you say bring them along deeming bring them along to visit the site or bring the along through the decision making process or tell me more buff. That's exactly right both because it's it's true that when all of us have some visual sense of what that place is. It changes things dramatically. I'm working with a couple now. Who had that. We should have done this a long time ago. And here they are in an environment with the pool and a gym and hiking trails and the kids and the grandkids have really stepped up their wished to come and visit more often. Kaz grandma and grandpa place. That's fun and more importantly they're really happy with the decision they made about that move. That's so good because that's again it's all community and social makes such a difference in terms of people's overall wellbeing that that sounds wonderful a couple other more practical going back to the practical and technical when we're talking about these by ends and we're talking about the monthly fees. There is a part to address in terms of the possible. Tax-deductibility of these items is that correct. Yes esther you're so good at remembering what. The financial side of this is in terms of asking questions. The the properties are required to provide a written statement each year for their residents. That tells them what the profile is about expenses that have been made that they should consider letting their tax people know might be available as write offs and those formulas are beyond my expertise. Because i'm not an accountant. The paperwork that i've seen that my plants have been presented with is very good very complete and has all the data that you need to supply it to your tax person or for doing your own taxes yan. I've found i mean that's a critical piece of information that i often clients are not assuming that that's an issue to even think about because it's not it's not talked about in the marketing discussion. And in some cases it does not apply. This is not a hundred percent across the board but when we're looking at things like selling a home the capital gains tax planning for this planning for how much what is cash flow. Look like it can make a very big difference. If there is a deductible amount on the buying and the monthly in terms of what's projected to be left in a client's pocket paying these fees so it's a really important piece to get clear on again. It's not one hundred percent right. James not always all retirement communities well correct and for the population that we're talking about esther who may be moving in and has had little or no medical issue so there's a very minimal expense to what they're doing to manage their healthcare and then the other is going continue on this theme of the healthcare. This is a question we get asked often. Because i as i've talked about on the podcast and i'm sorry for my insurance brethren but i i hate insurance but i have insurance. It's something that we have to pay a lot for that. We hope never have to use and with long term care. Insurance i am a proponent of long term care insurance it has to be planned. It's not a black and white like everyone has the same program and for some cases people can selfish insure. So it's not again. An across the board. But i often get asked when i move in. I don't need my long term care. Insurance anymore is that correct. And how do you respond to that. Jim what would i tell them is. This is another example of what you're asking the question at the property of what am i paying for. So i've had. I've had clients that have been in both camps more who've been in the camp where the money that's collected upfront. And then in the monthly payment goes to pay a policy in part that is owned by the property. So what they're doing is collecting money. That go toward a premium if you will to fund my long-term care once i move into those higher levels but this is one of the questions that people need to ask. Which is that has to do with the the insurability profile. That comes once i sign a contract in the second piece of it is the equally important question. I suggest people pose which is to say to the person. What's not paid for in the in fee and the monthly fee. That i would give you if we get under contract because there are always going to be some things that are going to end up needing to be paid out of pocket. Just don't know from property to property what those are and i love asking what's not included because it makes it very clear so then if we ask what's included that's wonderful but it's an invisible question what's not included until it's asked so. I really appreciate just that question. I think is very very useful. And i've had situations when people do move in and their neurological capabilities have reduced so much that they're not a fit anymore for the property and maintaining their long term care insurance. Help them get into a situation that the long term care insurance then covered completely and if they'd let it go it would have created a very different outcome. We love these decisions and hopefully they are quote unquote final decisions or but everything changes. Doesn't it jim. i mean it's not like okay. We're done we don't ever have to that again. It the things happen. Don't pay they do. And the point that you just made underscores the request that if you have a long term care insurance policy call your agent. Tell them what you're thinking about or in most general terms. Ask them how. What i have now is a policy fits with The potential move into a c. Crc well it's good. That clients have people like you and me who love looking at all of these things to help. Support them along the way so as we wind up today jim. It's been fabulous talking with you as always. Do you have any resources that you point people to to help them. Start getting their toe in the water of this a bit a bit more. Yes i do actually. There are a couple things that i could probably then. I'm more than willing to share these with yesterday for you to provide or people can contact me. I have a retirement housing checklist. It has twenty questions on it and it just gives people a chance to start to get a sense of what that puzzles. Look like and a i hope. Minimizes some of the surprises. That can come up if we forgot to ask all of the relevant questions upfront. I think that's great because it's a one page document. I can be contacted for that at esther at gates pass adviser dot com or through the website. Contact us and jim. If someone needed to reach you how would they reach you. They can reach me through my email. Which is j. m elder care at yahoo dot com and my phone number. Esther is four eight zero two three one five nine eight four and you asked about books. I i can make a couple of suggestions. These books have been around for quite a while. But they're good solid basic written pieces about considering the move. One is a book that was written by a gentleman named bruce risley w. r. i. s. l. e. y. And it's called the seniors housing dilemma. Stay or move and again if you don't have a pen email me and i'm happy to send that information and esther all provided to you so that you have it as well. The second book is written by a gentleman named ace mcleod. And i really like that name. It's called senior living senior housing senior retirement. The best places for seniors to retire and it has a really nice overview. Not only of places to consider but questions to ask when i'm going through that decision process. Jim thank you so much you've given. I just love your practical suggestions and your experience and so really invite people to contact me or contact jim. If you're thinking about these types of questions to help you work them through so that you have really a strong feeling of confidence in your financial future. So thank you again. Jim my pleasure esther thank you. This is fantastic. I i love the fact that you brought up so many practical things to think about things i would not thought about. I'd hate to go through the process. Find a place. I fell in love with and then find out. You're not gonna let me bring my dog that that one little nugget right there was like oh man. There's a lot to consider so thank you so much for for all that information. Esther any closing thoughts from you today. The only thing i can think of for today is knowing the size of dogs that you tend to have for those who don't know eric tends to have great dane mixes and masters and all these gigantic creatures. So that would be quite a shock. If actually if you moved in with one of those i agree. It's good to find out as much as possible ahead. Well when i when. I do have mobility issues later in life. I wanna be able to ride my dog to the store. Whatever so we'll see how that goes again. Jim thank you so much for being on the show esther of course thank you for bringing him on the show last. Thank you go the listening audience. Thank you so much for tuning in and listening to the women and wealth podcasts. With us or salvo. If you've not subscribe to the podcast yet please. Click the subscribe now button below this way. An ester comes out with a new podcast. It'll show up directly on. You're listening device. This makes it much easier to share these podcast with your friends and family again. Thank you so much for listening today. For everyone at gates pass advisers the johnson reminding you to live your best day every day. And we'll see you next time. Thank you for listening to the women and wealth. Podcast be sure to subscribe to the podcast. So you receive notifications of new podcasts. As they become available check out the website at www dot gates past advisors dot com for more information this content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation. The opinions expressed immaterial provided for general information and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security.

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Prof. Maria Kazachenko, Assistant Professor of Astrophysical & Planetary Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Scientific Sense

40:07 min | 7 months ago

Prof. Maria Kazachenko, Assistant Professor of Astrophysical & Planetary Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder

"Welcome to the site of accents. Podcast where we explore emerging ideas from signs policy economics and technology. My name is gill. Eappen we talk with woods leading academics and experts about the recent research or generally of topical interest scientific senses at unstructured conversation with no agenda or preparation be color a wide variety of domains. Rare new discoveries are made and new technologies are developed on a daily basis the most interested in how new ideas affect society and help educate the world how to pursue rewarding and enjoyable life rooted in signs logic at inflammation v seek knowledge without boundaries or constraints and provide edited content of conversations. Bit researchers leaders. Who low what they do. A companion blog to this podcast can be found at scientific sense. Dot com and displayed guest is available on over a dozen platforms and directly at scientific sense dot net. If you have suggestions for topics guests at other ideas please send up to info at scientific sense dot com and i can be reached at gil at eappen dot info. My guest today is emphasis akasa. Changle who said who's in assistant professor faster physical infantry soins at the university of colorado border and the national solid ray trie lusa interest rates from the storage of magnetic energy in saw active regions to release that energy source frame with an emphasis of comparison and integration of observations dissimulations. Belco mayor gil thank you. Yeah thanks for doing this. So i want to start with you. Have number of different. Peoples came out lost Eighteen months. Of so i would start with one of them to set the context for our discussion challenges and advances in modeling the solar at most vr white people findings and recommendations You saying the next decade will be an exciting period for solar astrophysics As new gun and a space-based instrumentation will provide unprecedented observations of this must feel and helius fear the synergy between modeling effort and Comprehensive analysis of observations is crucial for understanding of the physical processes behind upset phenomenon before we get into the details of your work on the sun Maria could you just set the set the context for some sits in the demographics of stars and sites and each and those types of things you You've chosen a very hard question. Oh okay so let's start from the first the second one the basic one. Where is our son. Our son is actually quite. Scoring is a middle aged. Tom i would say white. Male starts very regularly start. Not much is going on it. It's declaw star on meeting that it's not a large star. Not a small star. I would say to medium start with a medium time off so so so media makes to say about four four and a half billion five year five billion years old. The massive one solar mass. How what's we're thinking. Thinking of other stars in terms of like solar masses you could have stars of one percents off solar Said ten percent of solar mass old away to hundreds of solar masses. So amazon is squad fairly is fairly small too little so so again. Sort of in the middle ten percent of solar mass that he small star a hundred times or massively big star In our neighborhood beetlejuice is is a red giant. Really big companies massive. Does that one have. I'm not sure. Bob is on quite bed with numbers. Some folks. I chosen the day star since i might sleep the nights in the know much about other stars. But i think you're you're right. It's a large much larger. Start my style. So you have focused on on the sun and and You have a specific focus on that. Bridging the observational data a bit more willing. And how mortally could actually provide some some sleeping sites. You want to talk a bit about how that how that game through so now as you mentioned in the very beginning we're living in the golden age of solar physics. What does it mean that means that only now with starting to get this huge amounts of data fraum very new types of mission where starting to observe our son with spatial and temporal resolutions. While about other stars. What do we know about cars. We get spectra for other stars which we don't see what's really going on on on the other stars on the subway really see old is beautiful magnetic fields we see all these beautiful eruptions wearing now starting to understand what's going on on the very smallest scales up to like ten to thirty kilometers. See this huge amounts of new information. We are now in this unique situation of trying to where we could actually connects the two domains of observations dispute observations. You dissolve in your scope observe and then the models that will typically builds in separates separately from observations because we have all these observations. We could actually try to connect to domains. And that's what i try to. Yeah so so when you say officer vacations. Dooby cap instruments telescopes that are continuously collecting data from the sun. That's an excellent question. We have time saw observations of the sun in any other stellar of ground. Based is anything you could build on the grounds on this on their on the earth where we live and then in space so Advantage of the ground is that we could build a huge telescope and observed with very high spatial resolution. So really see very tiny things at but then we could tell their clouds. There are birds are there in days. The nights all kind of implicit. If then you have spe face going. Stay you good sense smaller telescopes because it's expensive to send stuff into space. But then you don't have days you have nights. You could observe twenty four hours and you don't have problems like birds or clouds and then he also you could see in whatever wavelengths you you wants to observe. We have continuous data coming to i. Thank you reminding so in space. We have continued observations ten years ago. Actually this week we have a see. We have a second meeting celebrating. Ten years of cell solar dynamics observatory solo ten years ago. We launched soulard announce observatory. Interspace observes the sun matt twenty four hours a day continuously so we have all kinds of continuous observations soy Just one of these telescopes. We have a whole fleet of nasa missions. That whose goal is to observe on different aspects of the sun and its effects other planets yet and so these observations. I i would imagine if since the whole spectrum good the infrared as visible another frequencies absolute right and so one of the bandages off Disobedience readings that we want to observe some specific advantages to exit infiltrate. Yes each waveland saw. It actually gives you a completely different information. You look at x rays in your body and you see bones you look in infrared that your body and you see that knows cold when you go outside like now in colorado. It's mine send so each. Each wakeman gives you completely different information. And that's why we have so many instruments and that's one advantage is extending stuff sending telescope into space. You could see x. Rays you could see out ultra violets and these are the key wavelengths to observe solar eruptions. If you actually look at the sun from earth maybe would say is such a boring star. Nothing going on. Nothing is going on there. If you even look in there in this using the solar filters the sun you see just a pancake in the middle sky. So nothing's gone if you if you look if you were to look at the Into x ray glasses. You would see all these beautiful eruptions in then. County of bridge these observations to numerical modeling. You know the the humidity more league that that i have done in engineering or economics We have we have equations. The relate the how you bridge this to As so yes. Numerical modelling east key to understand what's going on. We can't just stare at the sun in say aw next. Solar eruption happens tomorrow although in the plastic. We're trying to do that Looking just at the size of sunspots the main thing that actually defines what's going on the surface of the sun. I'm agnostic fields so magnetic fields are What are those those. Are you know on the front. You have magnets and magnetic. Stick to your fridge so Similar kind of magnitude exists on on the sun and this is actually defines when woods at sunspots erupts win with a toss the large eruption. So what we do is we measure magnetic field on the surface of the sun so we basically quantify the fridge magnets on the surface of the sun and we look how these magnetic fields change every every twelve minutes in the case dribs evasions. So we look at this Magnets motion how twists. How did you see on the surface of the sun and using these we put that into our mathematical models specifically are we saw us on mom electromagnetic equations and then we used as some once that we arrived as boundary conditions for our three dimensional models of what we think is going on in the solar atmosphere so we use the observation of the surface of the sun and they try to model. What's going on in there. In the atmosphere of the sun so actually in the last six years we created this amazing model holds coronal global ablution remodel. A huge collaboration between nine uc berkeley. Stafford's looking martin nasi bolton university of hawaii where we tried to build this model to model this kind of behavior of the son of the solar atmosphere pay on. Let's talk about that so the koran global evolutionary model you say using hmi rector magnitogorsk Doppler data to determine crawl magnetic field evolution yes We get to the details of that so for my understanding maria so easy task. Sort of you have principles of from electromagnetism Another physical phenomenon. Fuss principles You can take that and then you can apply a three conditions on that. And then you're you're you're sort of replicate observations to sort of fine tune this models but what does the. What's the process of redoing offensively question. The main reason why we're doing it is we want to understand how solar eruptions happen and the main reason why solar eruptions happen is because of the certain configuration of thin but field in the solar atmosphere. So there is the certain. Three dimensional configuration magnetic fields that leads to rush so ideally wants to measure the three dimensional magnetic fields to figure out when they're option what's happened. The problem is that we can't measure the sweetie medics yields. We can't put a thermometer or cometary. The solar atmosphere dishonest too far in its too expensive. Extend any so the only way for us to find this three d. magnetic fields if bill more we have measurements on the solar surface and then basically we have a moral us to extrapolate find the swede dimensional structure of the feels. I remember i don't got this right. There was some plaid or is it already inauguration to to get something in orbits around sun sets up eating a satellite park solar probe it. One of the most amazing missions of the of of current nasa helix strike missions is has been launched eighteen to study the properties of plasma needed. So that's the case where actually satellites will sleep amendment thomas. Her in the solar atmosphere five five percent of the distance two days to from from the earth to the sun soaked will burn the sun the solar atmosphere but before it burns tell us everything about the solar conditions. So this is this is michelle. You have something in orbit around the sun so that they can do. Multiple excrement is so there is solar dynamics observatory that observes the full disk yet magnetic fields and actually could go to s deal websites and see. How does the sun looks today. How does it look at me. How does it in ultra violet. How does it look in visualize and one of the magnetic fields then you could also loo look at the observations brown parker solar broke. That's the mission that has launched into the sun to burn inside and this mission tells us about the actual like the in-situ School at nc two measurements so the actual sir. Mamata measurements of the solar plasma. And so what scientists. What we try to do is figure out how all these observations match each other. It's actually not very easy problem. You see a very tiny fraction of the sun using this easy to measurements. And it's a big problem trunk to connect what's actually going on with this in-situ measurements. So if you take a cross section of the sun copied it looked like other sewn that specific names so actually that stay against the Cardiff solar research. That i quite swell under suits. We know that the structure cernan has added a helium four. that has already burned and then outside is hydrogen that keeps burning convene converted into human. So that's the kind of the core of the sun it's just predicted it keeps burning Outside said the energy is transported from the court to the outside layers. You have a radio zone Convection zone where is this. All this energy gets out towards an accident actually takes lots of lots of years for For a single To get out of the solar core to the solar surface yes so created the core the sort of bums around for years before for thousands of years actually get before it gets radiated and bad slowly next to all the way to the moved all the way to the solar surface. Yes the sun is still a sort of a pure hydrogen helium burning Okay b. medals in. Yes so this this hybrid into helium. You said the the coolest quotas helium so the bones fueled so to speak Yes so you. Basically in the beginning of stone formation you have a bunch of hydrogen and as this huge cloud Off stuff collapses You have a higher higher temperature. Insiders as the temperature. I guess to a certain Critical temperature hydrogen starts burning and getting convergence human. That's actually how we gets all our energy. That's nice and sunny and warm outside. Yes so going back to the paper. The the model that you described here the coronal global evolutionary model. Could you talk a bit about that. some more so moral actually uses the oxidation Feels on the solar surface onto recreates. Was this to read a mentioned structure of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere. And what we try to understand. Try to understand. What's the wheels structure of dan. Solar atmosphere When there is an explosion happening when there is a solar eruption there of course lots of observations of solar but this model is kind of the first models that uses observations on the solar surface to create this time dependent mortal of the of the solar structure the grown structure up the east is a structural model. Maria desert actually has some predictability. Could you use a model due to predict when sword frames so it's used as the observations So mom you can use it really for predictions because it's used observations boundary conditions so you would most likely see their option Before we actually use the observations such drives the but this moral is absolutely essential for understanding when players happened because Since we don't have the information about the structure of the fields we cannot really a figure out why eruptions happen. And then secondly these kind of wodel's are absolutely essential as as a starting point for more large scale models. What when they solar russian happens on the surface of the sun. dan in some conditions it propagates disruption propagates outwards towards earth. And what. we still don't really understand how this propagation of eruption of this crew of this koroma's material happen so we use a more realistic moral near the sun As a starting point for like hugh new searing models in between sun and earth than we would also have a much clearer understanding of what happens near earth when this erupted material. Mitch's us yet so you take care the is drive. Treaties maggot or run in these models. Is the oats magnetic field. The interaction with the sun is is is a big enough to even think known for unfortunately not so all of this morning that we are doing is close to the sun so all focused on the sun. We're really trying to understand what happens. The way this close to us but still unknown subject are made started son and when so we try to understand the properties of the eruption and why eruptions happen in. Once it happens it's a totally different story of how its effects they are minus year. It and I guess us magnetic field has been there been disorder. prayers happen In some sense we are protected from it. It's a bit by the magnitude. Actually not so little bit completely protected by our nita's here and that's one of the reasons why we are still me and you are still here on earth because our earth this year protects us and it's actually very interesting holiday. What's happens at this interface between earth meters year and helius fear when the solar ruptured happens. You need a specific configuration between the magnetic sales at the at this interface so only when the next deals are directed in the opposite way. Are you get our laura in all these problems with electric grids but if you have parallel magnetic seals meaning the stuff that comes in has magnetic field orientation same as the earth Nothing happens it just it just struggles around. Saw so yeah. We should be thankful every morning. Say thank you here. Says what's the mechanism that creates this magnetism In the sun is the movement of articles. How having sanctioning. Oh we don't still understands out when and how the eruptions would happen. So the prediction moral predictions moral still Getting improved everyday. But what we understand. Is that this. Energy comes from the energy of munich fields. So basically you could imagine that you could think of the solar atmosphere as a bunch of storage of magnetic fields. This twisted magnetic flux tubes what we called that store this magnetic energy and when the configuration of connecticut field changes. I know it sounds very abstract and weird but when it configuration basically changes than half the conversion of the magnetic energy into into heat. Yeah so it's a bit like This is not a good analog. But these magnets storting energy magnetic flux energy at and some process then released those energy into heat so the almost i mean exclusively use this analogy twisted rubber bands. Imagine if you take scissors and the twisted rubber bands then then you'll get that. Yeah yeah You so you. Cut the paper active region iranians during cuisine. The cuisine Periods new insights from sun as a slow maitre Last comments energy do solar active legion certificate radio during during the speed so solar active regions Is there a specific part. So basically the whole son inc. Most of the sun is quiet but then they're the centrum. Cd's where the magnetic field is very strong and these are Sluts and the suspects were discovered longtime hundreds of years back. Because you could actually see them. If you take telescope with a solar filter you would see this ugly black spots and these are the places where next yields are very strong and these are the places where typically these eruptions hot and so in my paper what we did this we evaluated. How much energy is lost. Finally by these activity centers called active regions. And we actually figured out that i. Of course you could see this Active regions with instruments like solar dynamics observatory loops and beautiful features. But you even see these Active regions in spectral measurements. Will you just observe. A son is star so if you just count him on the lights in different wavelengths than you see that the amount of light floodgates and you could actually use the going to need to observe sunspots on or star scores on other stars so so new. The some spots is the energy output high. That depends on where you're looking at if you're looking in that tra violet or x rays so is hot our wavelengths. Yes you see. You have more lights Wavelengths you actually see have less lines like for example indivisible. some sports are simple simply like dark spots a heavy information so all starts behaving this way on expect like you said starts spots. Yes so one of the reason we did this study because we want to understand how the amount of light changes in different wavelengths and this year this was the first kind of study to analyze this kind of behavior and one of the main reason has been done in. We want to extend our large amount of knowledge about our own sun on the other stars. The number of certain august to the sunspots right they come and go in in. Sort of predictable. I yes so you have a so. Our son now has said this. Eleven year cycle oxidative cycles. So sometimes the sun has many sports or acting regions. Sometimes it has not and now we are closely entering the next solar cycle where still in the minimum bots in three to four to five years. Expect many sunspots and also many mutual arrest. Do we have a theory. Why why they're let's fears explaining why there are these cycles but we still don't understand why we have eleven year cycles and not five or six years cycles and i i guess From all the data that you have If everything is not very stable right all the a appears to be sort of explaining. What i'm one of the reasons are there. The solar scientists said they have questions so they know where they would like to look for specific things. And that's the may that's kind of the main philosophy the drives Build a building of the new missions for example we didn't know much about solar Between the area between the sun and the earth that's why we sense. The parker solar probe We didn't know much about solar polls. That's why european union. Some eastern nasa has last year cents on solar orbiter To look at solar polls within known much avowed of the Almanac than really really small scale features on the song. And that's the main reason why we're now building on hawaii. The deke is solar telescope the largest solar telescope in the world. So we know where to look for but we still don't know many answers to many questions. I know that a lot of Efforts going on to create its houston device on earth of the general electric city Expected to learn anything de la la was do sort of translate into practice. frankly yes Outside of my expertise about the sun is that it s a free energy so users can yes. And if the weather's yeah so i went to finish up with one of your recent papers Inferring depth dependent prosper motions from surface observations using deep will noodle network security. Could you describe so. What's up here before we talk about the training. This study that has been done. But my collaborator might was though got been. Watch him blade. So what's we have been trying to do. There is to figure out how we could actually use these beautiful learning methods that became so popular recently and the invent ends up in solar physics knowledgeable. Hot topic as you could imagine. And one of the longstanding problems of solar physics has been now how to determine the flows on the solar surface. Ha this stuff on the solar surface. That's something that's very hard hard to figure out from the so we so one approach to resolve this question east to use simulations where you could trade your neural nets work on the flows on design official laws that apply to the actual son to see what are the flow is the actual son. Of course you would get flows. That would be very similar to what you are trying to your neural network on in the simulations but the good thing about this flows is then you could use them for a bunch of applications for example for data driven. Motoring mike karuna global evolutionary model. That i was talking before so this kind of analyses extremely useful for as a tool for understanding the solar so suggest for my understanding. So you're doing some sort of supervised machine nikiel so you are eighteen. Flus and at using those simulator cells as as labels to train a yeah not actually using the intensity images oath solar surface and basically this intense team looks like at video off of the poorest on the stove you see bubbles their stuff flowing around. So the question is what's what's the velocity. How many kilometers per second measurements of each cell and the simulations did tell you exactly that this point is moving. This feed point is moving at this field. So basically you train your neural network on these Intensity and speed data than applied to to the actual observations to find the speeds friends will not a These constitutional networks. There your work. Yes okay and so So what you feel accessory creating the network was out so the action of the actual lost fields. Okay have some potential predictability than again. You can take a picture and you use the train network to To predict what the us then he applied is neural network on the data. And then you find what's the actual velocity and then as Relations you could easily test the performance of your methods. You test your. I applied to the real son interesting. Interesting approach so in conclusion maria I know that you have done. Lots of work in this area What sort of most excited about this. We look forward. I know that nasa has missions coming through right at smart data and so we look forward five years. What do you think would be the most So for me my own research. I'm most excited about a results. From the deke solar telescope that is being built in hawaii and that will start observing not any time within a couple of months and these times go will observe the sonnet the highest spatial resolution. Ever ask. Why would you want to go to even higher spatial resolution and the reason for that is. That's most of the sun is actually quiet sun so there are these regions of activity where a flare happened. But then most of this on. Is this absolutely quiet area. That in fact is not quite a tool so with this. New mission called the solar telescope. We will for the first time observed the small-scale magnetism and eat will allow us to find out how much energy goes through the solar surface. How does this up. How is energy gets converted into hits as you might have heard one of the largest solar enigmas is why the solar corona soho. You will further away from the un and then instead of getting cooler in actually gets hotter. Why's that with dylan know very well in so the hope. Is this one of the things that this new telescope will Help us answer. Is this question of whether this groom heating exists on the sun and other similar types of stars not looking outside of my area of research You know in signs. Everybody's focused on his teeny tiny problem even in this area of astrophysics such as solar is people are now are very excited. About new frontiers of what's going on between the song and earth ways Hideous fear arca solar probe is taking real measurements of what's going on. In between and the recently they have discovered that the magnetic field. There are very are. They changed the direction all the directions all the time. Even fire away from the sun in. Why is that nobody we knows. We also don't know what's going on the polls so there are lots of things happening on now in the sun. And that's why i would like to conclude with the same thing started with. We're not really entering the golden age of solar physics. There are lots of questions saw that we need to answer very soon. Yeah it's it's really interesting The The sunday note neighborhood be something to understand deeply. What the right things that you mentioned. including the heels fear it's sort of analogous to Be door no oceans or yes and and tedious field as you mentioned has some implications for Exoplanets extraterrestrial life. All those hypotheses that jamaica swap. Yeah yes wander. Standing these i think is going to be crucial. Excellent really enjoyed it much. It's my pleasure. This is a scientific sense. Podcast providing unscripted conversations bit leading academics and researchers on a variety of topics. If you like to sponsor this podcast please reach out to info. At scientific sense dot com.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"The desk knocking off. The cops are without knocking off the cuts and that's three points You also can strike the pull and if you knock the cups off in the cups hit the ground Those were points also and then on the flip side when you're playing defense when the cubs get him next lyles to pull off if you let them you're scoring points also so you know it's kind of a quick paced game and there's a lot of action which You know makes it pretty fun now for people who know about your background. You're a guy that was drafted by the red sox out of high school but you you played in college but then you had Tommy John so the big leagues were like. Nah We'll pass in fact you had to go on drafted. I mean what? What was that like when you did? You think you would even make a forty man at that point. I Never Lost Hope. I Never. I never sat there and said like my dreams are crushed or my dreams are over I think you know when I come in after my second odds our second year being healthy and not getting drafted as when you know. I think reality kind of started setting insane. I I don't know if I have a chance this and you know thankfully I got that opportunity to just go play baseball. Which is all I wanted and you know once I got that opportunity I felt like hey if I if I play good I still got a shot and you know fortunately I was able to run off three or four. Pretty good years in a row and You know then I kinda started becoming a possibility of I might crack bigwigs here. Yeah finally make a name for yourself with Tampa Bay and then go to the Yankees. That must have been something being in pinstripes. Although you had to be clean shaven right yeah. It was You know my wife was to make fun of me all the time with clean shaven but the Yankees was As definitely something I'll remember for the rest of my life so it was. I wish I pitched a little bit better but you know it is what it is and You know it's definitely a great experience of you know an awesome team. A just a phenomenal phenomenal organization. While you think about all ended then you could say hey I pitched in the big so the rays and the Yankees and then you went to the the angels. Of course we're Jebsen was but you know. Dfa DFA DFA. The padres claim you. And what was the light bulb went on? Was it just learning the splitter? Because now you're an all star you you lead the majors and saves your era is miniscule. I just think going into that year. I had some things that I knew if I could execute them that they would work in a big way was definitely one of them but I also got much better shape You Know I. I think I was mentally ready to Kinda conquer big league season and have success. I I think I cleaned up some things mechanically You know the ball is starting to go. I needed to go and I just felt like I had a concept of what I needed to do on a daily basis in the big leagues and in order to have success. So you know I was fortunate enough to I. I got an opportunity was kinda trying to file those things and you know with them. They were on board with one hundred percent with what I was to do. And kind of encourage me and helped me along the way you know here. We are three years later and You know I it's kind of propelled me the next level. Speaking with Kirby hates talk a little more about up. Check here in a second. But you're proud a Hawaiian especially of course from Hawaii. It's your twitter quite Kirby Koiwa high school and when I think about baseball there I think about a guy got to know Kurt Suzuki. We Remember Shane. Victorino as well. How hard is that to get noticed when you're pitching Colli Highschool? Yeah it was. I think it was a little bit different back then. I mean now you have everything that's on you know online and the Internet and everything and you can stream videos and and do all that and You know it wasn't necessarily like that back then so you know I'd have a few scouts here and there come over and see me But the big thing was that you kind of had to leave the island in order to get you know in front of a little bit more scout so the only way to do that as a preseason tournaments that we'd go awhile who and You know you have to win. Your League can go play in the state tournament somewhere It's Kinda like everywhere else. I guess in a sense that you know if you're good enough or if people are talking that they'll find you and they'll see you But I I really never got notice until I left. The Island and I went played in like a little showcase tournament in Arizona Before my senior year. And you know once I did that I started getting some letters. Some phone calls and stuff like that but other than that. It was just the University of Hawaii and Like HD small division to school. They're very cool. And now with the padres and a lot of people said. Hey you know petco beautiful but they just want to kick the old beach ball around Molin. Aj prowler came in and of course he tried to make a big splash. And it didn't work. Kinda rebuilt now with the HOSMER DEAL PAYING MANNY GETTING TOT TEASE GETTING. May and then for you as well. I mean you were in trade rumors every day and everyone's like the padres hold onto. Yates and keep building or do they. Cash in on him with a year left on his contract. What was that like? Hearing your name and trade rumors every day. You don't really pay attention to them. I mean you know they're there But Look Aj was very very honest with me and going in. He's like listen. I don't WanNA trade you but I have to listen on offer then. If somebody's GonNa give me an offer that I can't refuse yeah I'm GonNa have to trade you and as a player you respect that and you kind of understand that and You know you know. It's you know like I've been around long enough and I've seen people get traded. I know exactly how it works and you know you. You've probably if you do get traded. You'd probably grade the trade dot yourself But you know as far as like me being on the field and stuff like that. That's the only thing that you can worry about. You can't focus on something that you really can't control. I mean if it happened. It happened if it didn't it? Didn't you know I'm thankful it didn't happen? I'm happy to be a pod grand Looking forward to continue being padres no doubt about it and know it's of course the people in the bullpen with you. It doesn't affect you as much as a closer obviously but the three batter minimum. Unless you get out of an inning how. How have your fellow relievers taken to this news? I don't think anybody really knows how it's GonNa play out yet You know I think managers they're gonNa you can definitely hold guys on the bench a little bit longer and pinch hit him and not necessarily worry about You know the different type of matchup but I think we kind of have to get into the season and slit. Kinda see how this unfolds. How much different it actually makes. I mean you know right now we can be thinking that it's GonNa make a total different when we get playing. It might not be that that different You know obviously it takes a lefty lefty matchup kind of out of it a little bit. But you know if there's two outside doesn't really matter so I think you just have to kind of go and play the Games and see how it all unfolds. Have you heard anything different from the rest of us about you know? Maybe when we start playing in July there'll be a universal D. H. and they'll be kind of a west coast division in front of Empty Stadia is basically what we're hearing. Yeah I mean I know as much as you guys know honestly I don't really. It's hard to say anything for certain. Everything's changed so much. I mean I think you know until they kind of get some sentenced on Something that you see that they can feel comfortable with moving forward. I think that's kind of you can wait for and I mean I I really. I really have no answer for that because I really don't know all right now on remind Everybody Cup check and you can go to cup. Check GAME DOT COM to check it out and a lot of people might think. Oh my gosh guys like tweet and Longo. They don't need any more money. Well this is the thing you guys with the sales from this. You're giving back to the titular cancer society so this is altruistic as well isn't it yeah it is. I think when we started this we all feel really good about it just based on background. You know we've all known somebody Especially in our league that has kinda you know. Been through this or recovered from this. We had this opportunity. We definitely and You know I think it's some kind of close to home for all of us and We feel really good about it. You know being having this partnership and working with the Particular Cancer Society. Finally Kirby have you ever been asked by someone a teammate or someone from the outside hey you got to invest in this and it was the stupidest thing you've ever heard or did you miss out on an amazing investment because you thought it was dumb all this was kind of the only investment. I really I've been a part of You know there's kind of buddies and everybody's like hey we're getting into this and this is something that I didn't want to miss out because this thing it's a big I didn't WanNa be the guy sitting on the outside saying I should have done this. I should have done that. I just you know I was like. Of course I'm in. I'm you know I WANNA be a part of this. You know what I'm thankful because it's It's been really fun. And it's been a neat experience and it's You know far from super different than anything I've ever done before cup. Check Game Dot Com plant in the backyard played at tailgates. Play it at the beach very easy to set up. You don't need to be a great athlete to do it either. We've been speaking to one of those though. Kirby it's the All star closer for San Diego Kirby. Congratulations on your staying power hitting it. Big and We'll catch up with you down the road man cliche from you on thank everybody. Thank you all right good stuff. I'm Rick Tidwell. Come on back on sports okay. I just need you to listen to me. I know that a lot of times mom. It might not seem like I'm listening to you but I am. I hear you and what you say really doesn't matter to me. I mean let's be honest. No Kid likes rules but I get why we have them. 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They got him from Miami for a first round pick and he reset the market. You got a three-year sixty six million dollars extension but now they figure to make even more history with a whole lot more money. If and when they finalize a long term agreement with the Shawn Watson remember the rumors Hayes GonNa go to New England and after trading John Hopkins to Arizona. He was like basically not so much New England. Come and get me but it was like I'm listening. Well he's been lying to go past. The current number one in comes to money. Which is Russell Wilson? The Houston Chronicle is reporting. That the Shawn Watson deal will be guaranteed forty to forty two million per season which would be two hundred million per five seasons. They said it might be two hundred million for four seasons that would give him the fifty million dollars per year right now. Wilson is thirty five million per year and of course he passed. Jared Goff who passed it goes on and on Garoppolo who passed car. Alaska goes on and on. But if you think about what Patrick. Mahomes what he's going to get. I mean Dot Prescott Right. Now is still without an extension. If he plays under this franchise tag despite one more year of experience in Watson and a better medical track record then Watson so whatever cowboys want to offer to Prescott? They better do it now. Because if to Shawn Watson gets forty Mil Prescott has every right to say. I deserve more than that. And as I say you go back Rothlisberger. Thirty four Aaron Rodgers thirty three and a half KIRK COUSINS THIRTY THREE CARSON. Wentz thirty two. That's a pretty big jump up five million more per year than the highest Guy Russell Wilson. I'll tell you what I'll tell you what I'll tell you what he's pretty damn good all right. I'm Rick Tuttle. Thanks for tuning in tomorrow. We will see you and nine a m You're listening to the Hanta News. Feed radio network lie at Hartland. Newsfeed DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions. By you follow us on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's all by concern at if some areas cities states. Or what have you jump over those various checkpoints and prematurely open up without having the capability of being able to respond effectively and efficiently? My concern is that we start to see little spikes that might turn into outbreaks acting. Vhs Secretary Chad Wolf is at the US. Mexico border touring new wall. Construction being installed in Arizona and California during the Corona Virus Pandemic Wolf last visited the region in January. This is USA radio news nature changing the world one life at a time once you start taking it if you stop realize how much it was open you because all those pains stuff starts coming back. I've always felt very tired in. Just don't have any energy and that's all changed. I can't remember the last time I felt as good as I do now. Right now. Balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order go to balance of nature dot com today and use discount code. Usa Are you tired of high cable? Tv rates sign up for dish today and get a five hundred dollar bonus offer while supplies last loss. Lock in your price for two years. Guaranteed call all American dish. Your dish authorized retailer now. Eight hundred six one zero five seven three nine eight hundred six one zero five seven three nine. That's eight hundred six one. Oh fifty seven. Thirty nine offers required credit vacation. Twenty four months early termination fee as frictions apply call for details after denying he knew anything about the FBI. Investigation into retired. Lieutenant General. Michael Flynn former vice. President Joe Biden corrected himself when pressed on. Abc's Good Morning. America by host George Stephanopoulos. Those moves investigate. Michael Flynn number one number. Two this is all about the version this game. This guy plays all the time. The country is in crisis run an economic crisis a health crisis. We'RE IN REAL TROUBLE. But when later asked to follow up he says. I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him. Being prosecuted okay. I'm sorry I was aware that there was that there and ask for an investigation. But that's all I know about it. The details are out regarding the new house. Democratic Corona Stimulus. Bill that they're set to vote on Friday. Some of the highlights include five hundred billion dollars for state governments and three hundred and seventy five billion dollars for local governments. You're listening to USA Radio News at the American Veterinary Medical Association. Annual Convention in Washington DC. I spoke with Dr John. How Av a president about one health? One health is really a collaboration between physicians and veterenarians or public health officials for example Minnesota or state public health. Veterinarian deals with a sore matic diseases rabies for example animals or sentenced for humans and humans are sentinels for some infections. And there's more valuable information. Avia may dot org. Republicans are hoping for a sweep Tuesday in special congressional elections being held in California and Wisconsin. The contest grabbing. The most attention is a special election taking place in California's twenty fifth Congressional district. The district was held by Republicans until Democrat. Katie Hill's victory in two thousand eighteen although she had to resign after a controversy regarding intimate voters of her that were published along with inappropriate relations that she had with several staffers. Minnesota Republican senator. Tom Emmer is not very happy. That some of the new voting centers are in more democratic areas of the district. He joins Fox News and says he believes the Democrats are trying to steal the race. It's pretty clear they're trying to rig the election Brian. They see Mike Garcia retired. Navy fighter pilot about to flip a Democrats seat in California for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight Put IT in perspective. President Clinton was still in office Mike has a lead in. What do they do five o'clock on Friday the La County Los Angeles County clerk announces? They're going to open an in person voting station in the second. Most Democrat area of the district. I five o'clock on Friday. Open it on Saturday. Morning during the pandemic so Very clearly intended to try and sway the election the other way for USA Radio News. I'm Timberg guys you manscaping right you know. Tidy up below the belt trimmed. The yeti every guy knows the tree stand taller. Shrubs are trimmed and nine hundred. 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You're listening to wrestling observer by with your hosts Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper V. How's it going everybody Bryan Alvarez here on Wrestling Observer live? We are here every day Monday through Friday new civic three eastern Sundays Three Pacific six eastern boy. We've got a lot of talk about here on the show today. The Lisa of which is the rumors. Yesterday were true. Lynch is pregnant. I was very skeptical yesterday because in fact every single month since November. There have been rumors that Becky Lynn is pregnant and she entered a tweet yesterday and she just talked about how she wasn't injured but she had something that she needed to say tonight. And I think people reading too much into this I was wrong is pregnant. She is no longer the Iran. Women's champion he is going home to be a mother. The story line is that Becky Lynch went to you. Wwe officials and told them she was pregnant and she asked them to well. She may not have told them that she was pregnant. Storyline but she asked them to up the stakes for money in the bank. And not tell anybody about it so therefore when the women did the money in the bank ladder match and ask climbed up there and grabbed that briefcase. She was grabbing the briefcase to become the money in the bank holder. She actually climbed that ladder and became the new raw women's champion. So Oscar is the champion right now and Becky Lynch is going home and it's a little bit weird because Becky Lynch in storyline is pregnant in story line. She's engaged to seth rollins yet in storyline. Seth rollins I think as Jesus. I'm not sure is definitely not Jesus but whatever it is Monday night messiah the I mean. He's he's undoubtedly a heal. The father of Becky. Lynch's child is is taken Ramos. Cheerios head and careening his eyeball into the corner of the steps. It's a little bizarre. But anyway we have lots to talk about from raw and so much more we will kick it off. 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Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike on the Sports Byline Broadcasting Network Shield Right Elber is here Wrestling Observer Alive via also of wrestling observer dot com. Talk about here today. Becky is pregnant. Which is wonderful news for Becky Lynch very heart warming segment this segment with her. An Oscar was awesome Oscar. One person told me that I didn't know I don't know if I believe that or not. I mean I guess it could be true but I mean she. She was there for Oliver Spots. I mean she got the belt. She laughed she celebrated. I guess they could've told her. Listen do all of this stuff and then get back in the ring and then Becky's GonNa tell you something. I don't know what the what the idea would have been but one way or the other. It was very very real moment. And then Becky goes backstage. And all of the wrestlers. They hug her all the baby faces. By the way I mean. This is a real pregnancy but like the baby faces love Becky but the heels are all toll jerks about it except her husband. Who's a he'll I I presume? He's not a jerk about it but I mean he wasn't there to hugger he was. He was just there being disheveled all night but anyway I mean the one negative and it's not a negative involves becky in her life is they've lost becky Lynch. They've lost the man she get round for a long time and we don't know when she's going to be back but very happy for her parenthood the greatest thing in the world. I'm sure Mike would agree. It's the best so very happy for her. And Seth and she noted to people magazine she is always always always she said repeatedly always wanted children and she figured out this fall that seth was the man she wanted to have babies with and she she had this feeling in April and she took a pregnancy test and it came up negative but she thought no I just have this feeling and so she got a different kind of pregnancy test. I guess a digital kind. The kind that in all caps just says the word pregnant if you are pregnant and in fact she was pregnant and so that's where she has been and that is the update Oscar. Your new women's champion. It was awesome. It was a truly organic moment on the show and again. I don't know if they how they told Oscar but it doesn't really matter what's going to be interesting off. You know when it comes to onscreen is going to be seth rollins and in deciding exactly what tack you WanNa take. They did not shy away for mentioning that you know he and Becky are together. I think everybody knows that they didn't try to shy away from that in the story line. They may charade mysterious. Brought it up to him and you know it was mentioned in pointed out a couple of other times. But it'll be interesting to see exactly how they keep those universes together and exactly how they decide. They want to go ahead and play all of this off once becky leaves and is not on. Tv next week. Are we supposed to basically forget about this until we see the documentary on the WWE network? Are they going to incorporate this? As part of Seth rollins new character as he is he so distracted. Now trying to be the Messiah trying to take all of this this locker room on his back that he's carrying and now now he's got this to deal with or how exactly they're going to play. This is going to be very interesting. Including whether they just drop it like it's nothing and he moves on and we go on with and Buddy Murphy facing the world and then we're never to hear about it again until nine months or gone so a lot of other news on the show as well as I mentioned on this very show last week. The very good possibility of a brand splits era draft. I mean we're back to we're back to I GUESS. Now they're calling it the what is it. What's it called? Got Some brand to brand invitation. Last time it was the wild card rule this time. It's the brand to brand invitation. That's the actual name of it. Yes they wonky as well. It's always walk. You the wild with this. It's very wordy. That was dumb as well but I mean they always have to have some new name for this wacky thing so this time. It's the brand to brand invitation. You're GonNa hear that a thousand times in the next couple of weeks or just get used to it or stop watching the Brandon Brandon invitation. I guess means that the brands are just you know you can go wherever you want so it. Starting with drew McIntyre versus of all people. I mean we got. We got a record. Low second hour record low third hour and the big changes on raw Monday. Were we gotTa Branch Brand Invitation? We got the announcement the Baron Corbin. It's coming to raw. We got the return of the ICONEX. Who had the worst women's taking him title run? I mean there haven't been many champions but it was by far the worst we got the new push of of Jenner Mahal. I mean I liked raw last night but I just I couldn't believe my eyes some of these things so yes Barron Corbin's coming Iran next week and I guess he's facing drew but I mean Dave said it's a non title match which is even worse because at least title-match through just beats him and that's it but non title match suggests to me that Baron Corbin might win then we've got burned corbin regularly on raw. Feed Him with drew McIntyre. I hope that's not the case. I don't think so Charlotte's yes. Do you really think that that's going to be the case I the way. They're mashing dramatic entire over. They're going to bring you over gender and have him take an elevator. I doubt that I could see maybe a non-finish and I can even see them. Knowing how long all of this is going to go on you. Want through to beat people in gender probably drew talking about Baron Corbin. I mean they're in Corbin. I'm sorry gender again because gender. Looks like he's going to be in the background but they're coming over same way. He doesn't necessarily have to beat bearing corporate. Although that would be nice but this could one split off into a feud between Barron corporate and allister black it very well could carbon black. Well look you may not like it. I may not like it but the matter of fact is is and tried to kill him in theory but there was of course the miracle of architecture that you had noted on twitter last night where he only fell six feet to the secondary roof. But that would be something that I would figure that. They're going to want to tie up at some point. That Alastair Blacks characters are gonNA tie up but there. I would like to see him. Go and get demolished and has kicked off his drew said but if we get a non-finish and we see this for the next pay per view special event. Whatever it's going to be that's not going to shock me either because we don't know how long this is going to go on for and he is going to need a lot of opponents to beat up as long as he's beating them up that's really all that matters at least to me. Well not to me. I don't need Barron Corbin onto shows. I know I don't need to see Baron Corbin three times a week because I just. I'M GONNA pay per view as well Charlotte. Now what can you do? They blamed that they had a whole story. Line where they blame the tanking of the company on him and they stole pushed him up for yet. You guys remember that Barron. Corbin was blamed when the last time they had a record lows so now they got record lows it so Beirne Corbin is going to be on two shows. I mean come on Charlotte three shows Charlotte now on raw and smackdown. She'll be on smackdown coming up this Friday also on Friday even though they noted that you don't have to come to the show if you're concerned about crony virus you do not have to come to work. Well semi's Ain't took him up on it and now Friday. They've decided well. We gotta make ruling about this intercontinental title like the inner kind title means anything. It means nothing but they said you don't have to worry about your spots. You don't have to worry about your push. Well he's going to be losing his intercontinental title on Friday because he has chosen not to travel during this corona virus pandemic. So that's coming up on Friday. And yes as Mike noted the explanation for the deaths of Ramos. Also Black Ray says. I got thrown off the roof and two seconds later he said I landed six feet down. That's impossible if you know anything about physics. Anyway he fell on a second roof as it. Alastair Black and thus he was fine and they even wrestled on raw on Monday night. So that is the explanation for that and and when we come back from the break I swear to God last night on raw raiwind for a six one nine and seth rollins who is on the Apron. Because Seth rollins was into the match he was in the tag match he grabbed Ray. And this was a disqualification the dumbest finish the absolute damned dumbest finish but believe it or not. There is another secret rule. That was broken in that match. And that's why there was disqualification. I am not making missile. You remember that that we can't do to sage ruled the secret sable while there's another secret I tell you about it after the break wrestling for life don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm really worried about him is addiction. I haven't seen them like this ever. I never wanted to start using. I knew the drill but I was out of options. I just WanNa tell them. It's not your fault there. Are PEOPLE OUT THERE? Who can help? People felt your pain. They know what you're going through. This has to stop. 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Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper v on the sports byline broadcasting network here as Chad with my twitch homeys Aaron on fire today twitch dot TV slash affordable do video so last night on raw last night on raw by the way. Did you know that earlier in the show? They did a spot where where both of the iconic together hit a double team move and that was the finish. You were that no. Yeah the the rumor is they took the REF. But here's here's what happened last night so after that a little a little while later there's tag team match. And it is the deceased ray. Mysterious and the deceased Alastair Blacks. The late Ray Stereo. They're facing the risen. Seth rollins and Buddy Murphy is just dude. I guess so. They're doing this match. And Seth standing on the Apron. He's all disheveled his his his. He does not have a gut but like he's not even trying to suck stomach in his. He has the closest thing. You'll ever see to a gut on Seth rollins. His hair's all messed up. His boots are untied. He just staring off into space. He's broken seth rollins and somebody Murphy. The he'll has to go one onto against the two resurrected baby faces. It's already ridiculous so like he's valiantly fighting as a heel and then he actually gets the heat analysis black. Even though it's one onto and ray makes a big comeback and ray elbows or knees or something Seth Rollins. And Seth falls off the apron so raise running wild on Buddy Murphy or. I guess as he has now just Murphy. He can't be a buddy and he goes for the six one nine. And seth grabs him and throws him on the ground in the REF calls for the bell and I was like people ask. Did you cry during the Becky Lynch deal? No I didn't but I cried during the D. Q just I was so aghast. What I saw is the match. He's a participant. How many times when I review a tag match do I write? It broke down into a four-way and like all the guys who are in the ring at the same time. But this time if seth rollins grabs Ramos Stereo to competitors in the match it's a disqualification. I believe my eyes flipped out. Hold on Mike. I flipped out and I later find out I later find out that there is in fact a secret rule. It's Vincent McMahon rule. You got to think about Vince. Think about all of the Times that they've advertise somebody and then they've just changed it the false advertising they announce a match but they give you a different match. They shoot an angle but then it just goes nowhere. They changed this they changed. That is like the guy the wind blows and he changes his mind. And you just changes everything. Okay well this guy. This guy is dead stickler for this stupid rule that I'm about to explain to you okay. So in a tag team match and I'm going to try to explain all of this you because it's so ridiculous. Okay so you know how you tag. And then there's five seconds we can both be in the ring at the same time right so if I take you okay. For five seconds we can both be in the ring as the referee counts to five. Okay all right so if I tag you for that five seconds. We are both allowed to beat on the competitor. It can be two on one for that five seconds. Okay however outside of that five seconds you if your not the legal man you can not touch the other teams legal. Man and Vince is adamant adamant that this be enforced. So if you if your legal if you're legal you're allowed to hit the other teams illegal man but the illegal man cannot touch the legal man. Okay you got it so far so ray. Because he's legal is allowed to it. Seth on the Apron. But Seth on the Apron is not allowed to hit ray. Okay now. Seth can hit Alastair. I believe because they're both illegal so legal cannot hit or legal candidate illegal illegal cannot hit legal but illegal illegal. You got all this Mike. So Vince is so adamant about this. Rule that like when the wrestlers put together matches. I mean there are spots that they want to do. They can't because they will violate this. This rule here now granted granted. Even I said all that you're still allowed to break up a pin so elite goal as noted can hit legal to break up the pin. Now if if if the illegal man tries to make a pin and the ref isn't paying attention and illegal man hits the illegal man. I think that's a disqualification. So if if you're on the apron and you step inside and you punch the legal man even though it has no bearing on the match. That's a disqualification. What if someone is pinning your partner and you step in and break it up? Which is a save. That is legal. I'm not I swear on a stack of bibles I'm making this up. That's why last night ray went for the six one nine. And and Seth grabbed him and threw him on the floor and that was his qualification. Because of this crazy rule that did you ever know about this rule. I didn't know about this rule. I mean they have rules and I guess they tell you about the five seconds and everything like that but this is. This is an insane level of sticking to a rule to give you this result. So that's what happened last night. I'm not making this up. I know this isn't good for the radio. But I'm holding up for the the fans at home on twitch a copy of the NWEA's official wrestling roles as sanctioned by the national wrestling alliance now granted. This is a this is from a few years ago. Like nine hundred seventy four but as you see. There's there's new rules that have been put in place but you see all the following maneuvers or a legal and everything but I mean I see nothing about that at all and on top of it. I just thought it was brutality. I thought it was. We'll maybe it was like how did was grab them and trump him on the ground but this is the problem I'm coming up with a justification in my head as to why this is the case because he will barreled amount of the ring and smashed them on the floor like it. Didn't none of it made any sense it. Because they don't ever talk about these rules and do anything with these roles. None of a mean anything in the Negro Confusing Situation. This stupid well. That's what happened everybody. So just so. Y'All know all right. Only are the real note today that will go to the phone calls and emails and we do have a phone call here fact. Let'S GO TO J J. You've been waiting for a while Jay. What's going on Hi you first of all. I didn't watch him. Ww Time and they got to a point of watching wwe. I watch it on. Dvr I kinda record it. And I watched like an our behind and then yesterday but it was awesome but when I first started I watched it live and that further on this is a rules. Corny hit Ouster on the head so fast for all through to the end and when she said pregnant I said Oh I said Oh shoot me go back and see when she was talking about and I think a lot of buses train that nothing is is real and wwe anymore so we either fast forward or we don't look at it will take you seriously. I don't know what's your thought on that. Well Yeah I wanNA thank you very much for the call so yesterday I mean yours was interesting. So Dave was doing daily update and he was talking about how the ratings should be up a lot today for raw because he said the pay per view bump and the return of Edge Norton and the Becky Lynch the Becky Lynch announcement. Okay so of those three. I mean first off. There has not been a pay-per-view bump in four ever so I'm not expecting any of you bump for this show now for the return of edge and Orton. I mean that could mean something I mean. We saw edge an ordinance. I mean we've seen them on the show I mean W he's got this weird thing like we had the return of Becky Lynch twice since wrestlemainia. Because she missed a week and then she returned the next week. So I guess that might. That might mean something. As far as the Becky Lynch announcement I mean. They sent out some stuff on social media. But it wasn't like they announced it on smackdown raw last week the pay per view last night. I mean the caller right there. I mean he watched it. He thought there was going to be some sort of angles so we started skipping forward. I don't know how much curiosity there's going to be over the becky lynch deal. I was very curious. Okay and obviously a lot of people that wrestling closely. We're very curious but if you look at the numbers that's like that's what we're down to is the people that follow very closely. If you're a casual fan. I don't know if he had any idea that becky was going to make it announcement last night so my gut feeling I mean. Last week to in the hours were the lowest of all time my gut feeling is the number is going to be up this week and I think that most of it is going to be because of the becky lynch pregnancy announcement at the beginning of the show. They announced it. I'm sure word got out and all of the normal places. I'm sure people tuned in Ed recaps throughout the show. I think the number is going to be up this week but I just and I could be wrong. I've been wrong before I don't feel that in twenty minutes here. I'm going to be sitting here explaining to you that this was like band show is way up. Two point five million viewers or two point three million viewers. I think it's going to be very close to last week. But will be a couple of picks up now probably about it. A break in a moment more wrestling observer life. Do you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two federal student loans. Then you may qualify for new programs offered by the Department of Education. 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Live with Bryan Alvarez send Mike Semper Vivey sports byline broadcasting network all right rebecca the show. The phone lines are jam packed. So let's let's keep it moving here. Everybody Hi you're on the air what's going on. How's it going man? You remember when the product used to be hot and Vinci's to embarrass himself multiple times in episode at and you wouldn't put the rock and now with right. Well that's what I hated about the money in the bank match how he's seventy now and he just completely punked out Daniel Bryan and eighty style and he wonders why aren't as over as he used to. Well I wanNA thank you very much for the call. I mean I seventy four. It looked every bit of it and I liked that segment. I thought it was funny but yes I mean it's it's been you know. The funny thing is his greatest. His greatest storyline of all time was he was the boss. And the top baby-faced flipped him off and beat him up and then they lost that guy and so like he does the same storyline but the top. Maybe face never gets one over on the authority. The Authority always wins. Like can you imagine i? I don't WanNa waste everyone's time but I mean Q. Magin being someone who hates their boss and you know in the ninety s you watch w. e. and you've got to see stone cold. Steve Austin beat up his boss literally every single Monday night on raw. Without exception every single week. Stevenson beat up. Vince McMahon. Or somebody on that show and you got to live vicariously through him. Because you hated your boss. Now we live in a period where you hate your boss but you watch raw and your boss is humiliating all of the wrestlers. And You wonder why. No one's watching. I mean there's a million reasons but that's that's got to be way up there. Not only that one but look at deacs with Vincent chain. Look at Jericho Stephanie. There's none of it's the authority rules with an iron claw at all times and there's no velvet glove the you can slip in at any moment. They are going to be on you and beat on you beat on you and then transfers to other things you know heat and it's just a bad trap that they've gotten themselves in and you see what the result is. There's no room at any time for more than one person whether that be Roman reigns or whoever that person is going to be at that moment and then everybody else be if they don't do a very good job with ever creating any threats and it's unfortunate because they need to show that that little bit and when his Stephanie Ever showed it especially with the women's division where you can China and even more intense light on it as go to Gary in Ohio. What's going on? Hey out much There's a lot of this questionnaire Has done every change their status on Using the word wrestling I mean even any Orton and edge angle. I think I heard that word using more than six months then I six months than ever. Well I wanNA thank you very much for the call. I think in general the ideas still. You're not supposed to say the Word Wrestler. But there was a very specific reason why they were using the term wrestler. And if you don't know it's because they started with a last man standing match and their next match is going to be a wrestling match. It sounds ridiculous when I say but reindeer and did such a fantastic job last night making sense of going from a last man standing match to a wrestling match that I actually really liked it now. It was ruined the end of the show. And Charlie Caruso actually got in the ring and said and I quote. Well Gentlemen if this does happen it just may be the greatest wrestling match ever ever the greatest wrestling match ever like. Why did they put her in the ring except like to raise my blood pressure? They were going along so well like edge wants to move on but then randy shows up and rainy says you debuted at Royal Rumble. There were twenty nine other men to hide behind. Then you beat me in a last man standing match pummel my head with chairs. But you know what you said. I was the greatest wrestler. I don't think that you can beat me in a wrestling match. So he is challenged him. No gimmicks no wacky rules. Your Grit doesn't matter. He says I want you to wrestle me in a wrestling match and we'll find out who the better man is. So that's going to be the next match presumably edge. You had to think about it for a long time. He never even answered. Maybe he won't accept the wrestling match but I thought that segment was great. I thought it was awesome. So two three rows. And that's this whole feud has been about that you take the match out of the mix and take the fact that there no fans there you know out of it and I think it's been fantastic and like you mentioned just as good of a job as he. Could you know going from one extreme to another including going backwards in theory when it comes to the violence in the ratcheting up of the matches? So we'll have to see how this thing ends up. I bet it's is. It's as good a classic as they can. Have you know it'll be very interesting to see exactly how this thing plays out? I'm actually really excited for it. Charlie just took away from it at the end you know. They do a lot of creative editing. After the fact in racing history and all that sort of stuff we talked about that and those somewhat last week but you know just knocked that out of there. She looked at the camera. Did it too? And I don't I don't even know why. They thought that that was a good idea. When they just could have left Randy and saying that dropping the Mike in letty linger on edges face. They did that anyway. It's not like Charlie said and they cut. They went with that long. Lingering shot with Randy's tongue hanging out of his mouth and edge looking completely confused and bewildered so just completely ridiculous to throw that in there. It was unnecessary. Hopefully you'll never see it again. Let's go to Anthony in Philadelphia Anthony. You're on the air There was something from the opening segment of all that. I think people overlooking so agree or disagree with me Misra Alvarez with the way Becky was putting Oscar over and supporting her and Oscar embracing Becky at the end of the segment. Not only was that Oscars official baby but Becky at Lisa's temporarily passing the torch of your the top women's baby face in the company right now to Oscar and if you dare say Charlotte I'm canceling my twitch slump. Why would you do that? I WanNa thank you very much for the call this Alvarez. Listen if I tell you that they think that Charlotte is the top baby-faced woman I mean. What do you want me to do about it now? Here's the deal. It certainly did appear that Oscar is going to be a baby face now as the women's champion but I mean if you're subscribe at twitch. I know you're pretty hardcore and I know you watch the show and like I mean come on. We can't we can't trust anything based off one show I mean. I hope that she's a baby face. 'cause she's horribly miscast as a heel but I mean Shirai for crying out loud use rise been pushed to the. He'll on for months now and she doesn't get one single solitary boo ever. She does a baby face entrance. She practically does baby face a matches the fans when they were fans absolutely loved her. They still pushers a he'll so now I cannot promise you that Oscar is going to be the top woman baby face. It looked that way but I mean do next week on the show she could be right back to being a heel again and I think we all know this. Get Mad at me for this. I don't even know why they bother giving her a designation. Just put her in there against people people are gonNA react to her in the the way they are anyway. She's going to wrestle the exact same match. Anyway there's almost no point. Just let her be Wilde Oscar against whoever wild Alaskan faces. If it's against Shayna fine if it's against whoever you know D- whatever the next baby face that they decided to set up against her either carry carry saying doesn't matter it doesn't matter who it is just let her be yourself are as Nikita. Yes Nikitas on the line. What's going on. Hey Brian Mike. Listen Just wanted to go back to one. Another caller was saying it was really really unique to see becky lynch segment on raw. Because we just don't get that kind of heart warming stuff on on. Wb programming. I mean every time something like this happens. There's always a he'll that runs in and ruins it. I mean For example when that's talking about her father I mean they just they they don't do this sort of stuff they take the opportunity to to get heat And so I was honestly expecting Someone to run in start hitting back with a chair. Maybe start kicking her in the stomach. and it was just a little. I'm a pleasant surprise but It was it was interesting that we actually got something nice and happy and warm and touchy feeling on Raw. You're absolutely right. I want to thank you very much for the call. I mean you think about it. Oh Roman reigns and his leukemia announcements. And it went right into Dean Ambrose getting heat about it and natty and her father as you mentioned I mean that is that is what they do and they didn't do it here and I thought it was great. I mean pro wrestling. They have the ability to do reality. And you know pro wrestling is is not real but fans still love. They love things about it. That are real and that doesn't mean doing shoot style angles and stupid stuff like that but they just like to see things every now and then that are real and that was real last night and it was great. There was no. He'll trying to take out. Becky I mean we did have Shayna talking about how I forget Schinas lying but I mean you know. Shane has just been a heel. But it wasn't like it wasn't in that segment. It was later on in the show. I I liked it. I thought it was great. Shayna was vicious last night. And I tell you what that was one thing about as far as any character development or regression on the show and the Viking raiders. Get me because everything that got the Vikings writer the Viking raiders over. They have completely gone in a one hundred eighty degree direction and not in a good way but when it comes to Shane the opposite way. Don't give her a bunch of verbiage. Don't give her any nonsense. Go out there and just throttled people if you are going to give her any verbiage make it like that because what she said to. Natty what she said to Charlie like that. She didn't even need to say as much as she did. The lines that she delivered were harsh in hard core and they were believable coming from that character and that face in that ability so if that's the direction they're going to go with her and have that be with Oscar in in in Shayna baseler. I'll love that. Hell here says illegal. Men Kick people in the back when they hit the road all the time. Well Yeah but you have to distract the referee. You have to the referee. If you don't in the REF catches you. That's his qualification. And yes I noted for whatever whatever you want to say about this rule for some reason it's okay to break up a pin. I don't have any idea why these are just Vinci's rules and there's a simple one. Where like if you wanted to make bad thing. You can do that in tag matches enough where people will start getting used to it and it's like. Oh here's the thing that we can manipulate later on as long as they don't do it too much which they will. I says what if the legal hits the illegal I can illegal defend himself hitting the legal. No that's what happened last night. Ray knocked seth off the Apron. So Seth put his hands on Ray and it was a D Q. That's what happened last night. This person here. I gotta read this because you know how many times over the last year we get the emails and the calls and the tax people going. Why doesn't ask quit? She's she's so underutilized. Why does she quit? They never do anything with Oscar Blah Blah Blah. I says OSC after last night is actually joined Bailey as only the second ever female Debbie Grand Slam champion with her accolades being annex t women's championship longest rate in history. Five twenty three days smackdown women's championship raw women's championship me. Women's take him championship money in the bank winner. Royal Rumble winner which Bailey hasn't even done yet. Oscar who months ago I had people ask me. Why does she quit? Oscar is probably the single most decorated women's wrestler in the history of. So there you go. I'll just throw this out here real quick and so I said she should quit much like Nakimora. She's at the end of her career. Whether you like that or not. So she's towards the end somebody like Yoshahara or somebody. Are you saying they have a lot more to go to be honest? I'm good way is at the moment it. I'm GonNa tell you how you can get real healthcare for as little as six dollars a day. Yes now you can get affordable healthcare for you and your family immediately and save as much as fifty percent of your current monthly healthcare payments are. Plans are perfect for people that are self employed. 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Do you think that? Seth being disqualified was more or less dumb than when? Bam Bam big lowest counted out in a falls count anywhere match on nitro. That one was a thousand times dumber. At least I'm attempting to explain to you the crazy. Vince McMahon rules and in his mind. These rules make sense. How do you get counted out of a falls? Count anywhere match. You can't. It's impossible but it happened on nitro. It happened on a show. That Vince Russo booked. Bam Bam bigelow was counted out of a false count anywhere match anywhere anywhere you know. That word means any where that means. He could have been on Mars He. He could've taken a rocket and gone to Saturn. He still could have been beaten but no could've been hanging out with Perry Saturn. He just he just all of a sudden went too far. I guess and was counted out of anywhere. That is stupid. Person Says Shannon called Becky's child miserable parasite. Yes she did so she will also say that about their kids at some point in their lives. Probably now we wouldn't around biology basement. Never she's she's a little angel first. Caller is thought on you BECCA segments. Probably the best thing is producing months in years. The last thing similar. This was the Daniel Bryan retirement. Speech Person Says Charlie Caruso two major strikes back to back night so what is going on with her who is handing her these terrible script. I'm pretty confident that like the storyline is that she's absolutely idiot. That has to be the story line. I didn't say in Real Life Mike. I said the storyline that is smitten by Angel. Angel wasn't even there. They've trust that it's he was there she we're out of time. I don't argue with me but thank you for doing the show today and all you listening. Everyone supports the by line. I'll switch homeys Mike Spare. We'll talk to next time. Wrestling Observer live. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live. Dot Hotline Newsfeed Dot Com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow on facebook twitter and Instagram's Skilling's gas for me the twelve twenty twenty five Mike Clifford President. Donald trump stormed out of eight corona virus. Press conference at the White House on Monday. Cnbc reports that happened. After trump became angry with two reporters. One Who asked a question about testing another who didn't get to ask a question at all event in the Rose Garden was meant to give the president a chance to boast about the recent increases in testing. Cnbc notes that trump announced. We are sending one billion dollars to American States territories and tribes the White House later issued a correction. The amount is actually eleven billion dollars. Many small businesses in states like Idaho. Shut out of the federal government's popular corona virus aid programs so the gem state is providing. Its own relief. Eric off explains the application process is open for the Idaho Rebound Small Business Grant Program which is aimed at helping businesses that didn't receive relief from federal payment protection program Elizabeth Belts. Kaufman is a photographer and owner of two birds studio with her husband. In Boise Weddings. Make up most of their clients. Even if she could access federal relief coffin says alone wouldn't help her. There's no way for me to make up that money. When events are going away and there be rescheduled and they're taking the place of events for next year. The state is allocating three hundred million dollars through grants up to ten thousand dollars for businesses such the virus set the US economy into a medically induced coma. More than twenty one million jobs have been lost. Research shows women lost six out of every ten jobs across all sectors in April alone. Women's job losses were five times higher than the total loss during the great recession. Nicole Mason with the Institute for Women's Policy Research Says Women Are More Vulnerable During Economic Downturns. Because even though many are primary breadwinners or make substantial financial contributions they make less money they earn lower wages compared to their male counterparts. And what that means is that in time such as this they have less money in savings and they also have less money to provide for their families. Mason notes that during the great recession men were the first to be hit largely production sectors such as manufacturing and construction because women are over represented in the service sector. Mason says in this downturn women are experiencing disproportionately higher unemployment and job loss. I'm Eric Gladys Mason. Says it's many workers will not get yours back right away. Stables checks and unemployment benefits should be extended until everyone could go back to work she has lawmakers can close gaps exposed by the pandemic by raising the minimum wage providing paid medical and family leave childcare subsidies and other policies to support working families and women this is PMS. After Maryland's governor. Larry Hogan refused to sign a measure to fund the State's new prescription drug affordability board last week. Healthcare reform groups now are urging the General Assembly to override the veto. The first in the nation board was established last year by lawmakers to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and effort even more important now during the Cova nineteen pandemic according to Vinnie demarco with the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative. He says he's disappointed. By the veto of a bill that provides a loan that will be repaid through an assessment of drug companies. It is just completely baffling. The Governor Hogan would veto a Bill. Which would pay back the state money and fund a really smart way to make prescription drugs more affordable. It seems he's taking the side of prescription drug corporations against people who need their prescription drugs in a letter. To general assembly leaders Hogan called the bill and other revenue raising bills. He vetoed misguided claiming they would raise taxes and fees on Marylanders which would be unconscionable in the midst of a global pandemic an economic crash. I'm Diane Bernard if you're feeling ill. There's a new symptom tracker tool from United Healthcare available online. To help you figure out if you might have cove in nineteen. The free covered Symptom Checker at C. Dot Com will be updated as CDC guidelines evolve. Dr Ties Television with United Healthcare. Says the first set of questions lists the most common symptoms fever cough shortness abreast. Chill in sore throat would be the initial questions that than individual get on the website. Follow up questions. Include symptom severity as well as ration- Suzanne Potter that system Checker also designed to efficiently. Answer People's questions from home cutting down on in-person visits to the doctor's office finally Andrew Sears. Reports families with children who are receiving free meals at school will be getting extra money for food while schools are closed. The second federal stimulus package passed by Congress. Included a pandemic e-bt plan to supplement food assistance for eligible families with children to replace the free meals they would have received in school according to Hunger Free America. Ceo Joel Berg that will provide eight hundred eighty million dollars for two point one million low and middle income New York families. This is a really big deal especially since it does cover immigrants including undocumented immigrants so some of the most vulnerable people are GonNa get help from. He says those already snap benefits will have extra funds added to their VP cards and those not receiving snap will receive preloaded debit cards for food. Purchases only use supplements to eligible families will equal the cost of school breakfast and lunch at five dollars. Twenty five cents per child per day. I'm Mike Clifford for public news service. We are remember 'em we're listener supported and Ron Line at public news service DOT. Org and listen to man is about to say yeah. Let's everybody listen. The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Cbs Radio Workshop dedicated to man's imagination. The theater of the mind this is classic Radio Theatre WanNa get away from it all a piece in the unexpected. The unexpected unexpected now. Here's your host talks relieving friend Harold. Perry Stars in an episode of the Great Gildersleeve has it was originally broadcast Samphan. Seventy four years ago today may twelfth nineteen forty six and Leela has a new boyfriend and you know this could be ugly. We thank you for tuning. In though on this Tuesday it is the Twelfth Day of May one hundred thirty third day of Twenty twenty two hundred thirty three days remaining until the end of the ten weeks after his abduction. The infant son of Charles Lindbergh found dead and Hopewell New Jersey on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty two. Just a miles from the Lindbergh's home six-piece Group of musicians began recording on this date. In one thousand nine thirty four known as fats waller and his rhythm waller contracted pneumonia and died on a cross country trade nip nerd trip near Kansas City on December fifteenth nineteen forty three. The Soviet Union lifted its blockade of Berlin on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty nine a formal North American Aerospace Defense Command Agreement signed between us and Canada on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight the beginnings of Norad Douglas mccarthur delivered his famous duty. Honor Country Valedictorian speech at West. Point on this date in one thousand sixty two and it was on this date in one thousand nine hundred. Sixty six Busch Memorial stadium home of the Saint Louis Cardinals and until nineteen eighty-seven the NFL cardinals. Opened in Saint Louis Missouri at Queen Elizabeth Hall Pink. Floyd staged the first ever quadraphonic rock concert. The Cambodian Navy seized the American merchant ship. Ss Maya Quiz in international waters in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy five was on this date in two thousand two former president. Jimmy Carter visited Cuba. That would like to express my personal. Thanks for the words off welcome. They were extended to me By President Castro former president became the first to visit the Communist nation fifty-nine Democratic lawmakers about the Texas legislature to a standstill on this date in two thousand and three by going into hiding in a dispute over a Republican congressional redistricting plan. Us Immigrations and Customs Enforcement conducted the largest ever raid of a workplace in post. Ville Iowa on this date in two thousand eight arresting nearly four hundred immigrants for identity theft document fraud and it was Let's see nine years ago today and evening with the monkeys. The forty fifth anniversary tour kicked off on this night in Liverpool England. The tour would move to the US. In June and July for forty five stops that turtle would be the last for Davy Jones who passed away of a heart attack not long after the age of sixty six among those passing away on this date in history John Cadbury? Who left his ekg recipe round? So we can have those also author Max brand film director Actor Eric. Von Stroheim actor Robert Reid whom you remember from the Brady Bunch race driver. Adam petty and singer Perry Como who had a wonderful career. In fact he had hits in the forties fifties sixties and Seventies. And he got started in radio in the one thousand nine hundred forty took a program on CBS. That was a what would what you would call a sustaining program unsponsored and he ran the fifteen minute program into a powerful singing career and a recording contract which he didn't have at the time born on this date in history of Florence Nightingale Statesman. Henry Cabot Lodge actress Katharine Hepburn Journalist. Howard K Smith the woman responsible for Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay ash English comedian. Tony Hancock Baseball player Yogi Berra who Who came up with some wonderful spooner? `ISMs along the time television personality. Tom Snyder and comedian. George Carlin the object of the Games quite different. The object of the game in football is for the quarterback otherwise known as the field general to be on target with his aerial assault riddling defense by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz. Even if he has to use the shotgun with short bullet passes and long bombs he marches his troops into enemy territory balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack which punches holes in the wall of the enemy's defensive line baseball the object is to go home then see George. Carlin could be cleaned. George Carlin who was born on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven. We lost him twelve years ago. Burt Bacharach who does know the way to San Jose and so many other great songs is turns ninety two years old today Billy Swan. Who can help is seventy eight? Steve winwood Spencer Davis Group and traffic. Who still knows how to roll with it. At seventy two from scarecrow and Mrs King and many other programs in movies Bruce Box. Lightner SEVENTY BILLY. Squires seventy years old as well today. Kicks Brooks Sixty five today. Emilio Estevez fifty-eight Stephen Baldwin. Fifty four skateboarder. Tony Hawk fifty two from facts of life. Tutti Kim fields fifty one from American Pie. Jason Biggs forty-two. He had a starring role in. Won Awards for Mister robot and also played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian rhapsody. Rami Malik is thirty nine. And from everyone and Captain America. Emily Van Camp Turns thirty four today. Those just a few of the people who celebrate the Twelfth Day of May as their birthday. And this happens to be your birthday. We're the four freshmen. And we just WANNA say we go back seventy four years to May Twelfth Nineteen forty-six Herald Perry's the Great Gildersleeve. I'm Wyatt. Thanks for tuning into this Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theatre. Maybe you can relate to this. A lot of people think they're stuck with their health plan. 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Don't worry about health issues remember. They helped me as the pastor. I'm concerned about your soul and helping you to make sure your family is taking care of life. Insurance is more affordable now than ever said. Don't make them wish you'd made that call. Eight seven seven four three seven four seven eight one call now eight seven seven four three seven four seven eight one eight seven seven four three seven four seven eight one very by state. Thanks for tuning in on this Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theatre from seventy four years ago today may twelfth one thousand nine hundred forty six Herald Perry. As the Great Gildersleeve Kraft Foods got eight presents. The Great Gildersleeve. It's the Great Gildersleeve starring Harold. Perry brought to you by the kraft foods. Coffee makers have a complete line of famous quality food products to can I do for you that? I don't know I'm willing to consider anything for a little conversation did you. I suppose I did yeah. He has taken a firm stand on a pretty big question. What's that reckless driving against it? I don't think I feel like talking politics. Pv fairly warm for this time of year. Don't you think I feel chilly? It gets chillier needing last night. It was so hot I couldn't sleep warm confounded. All you do is agree with when Kim. Yes you do. You had the weather hot cold warm and Chilean the last two minutes in conversation. Let's SKIP I'm sorry. Tv I don't mean to be disagreeable. It's just that I got my first slow track Martin. I didn't recognize you from the by me. I'll have you been have been just fine. Thank YOU MR PD. Have you got my prescription? Read all wrapped rankin. Now it'd be dollar fifty and five governor taken out of this rock mall now can't let you out of the five bb please. That the exact amount right hand letter buy you a present. Thank you can call again kids. Leela wait a minute busy this evening tomorrow. Will I mean anything special? Thought maybe we could go out to dinner something CIA. I'm having company for dinner and extract to be busy all eating well. How would it be if I dropped over for a while after dinner? Course believe that would live out there away but if you're just having company what difference with one more make companies mall. Three's a crowd. Can I take home style time? You do me a favor. Will you look out the window and tell me who she's with? Don't this on a customer. This isn't spying. I look my cell phone. Yeah I don't want her to see me. Hurry up. Graham young is he looked like a newspaper man on. He cracked a joke. She's laughing right away TV. What happened on Pretty Times? Say noma quiet tonight. What's the matter? I'm not usually noisy at meals. My boy no but you get really a few times about Sam. I never even noticed that had two have ice cream. I noticed but I let it go. I'll never make the mistake of thinking. I don't know this our coffee. No thank you Marjorie. What's the matter? I don't feel what you matter of fact now with coffee and I go downtown for a little while. If it's all right Buddy Leroy. I'll help you help. Get the stuff out of the kitchen. Roy Okay Great. A good kid birdies. Tau. What's going on downtown. Pretty a friend is taking you to advance. Its somebody new verdict. No one of our overnight waiver load my goodness Leroy. I'm guessing you're doing. Oh my word whole thing. Nothing for taking my lunch box tomorrow. We don't charge for favorite scores. I knew her. She does me a favor coming from careful watching buddies too much on that trae down sickly well only one out there and clean it up. Could you do me a favor? Shirty or we'll never mind. I can it to my father. What is it a mix both ms ransom yesterday and I got? I'll ticket pretty. Where is it they know her? Mr Guilty Koshi does. At least she might not worry about it on the now where it don't make no trouble Birdie. No trouble at all. Shades are down. Well no reason for me to feel like a criminal. I'm here on legitimate Aaron. Leila guess who wanted to return this mixing bowls she barred yesterday. Well you shouldn't have bothered bother glad to do it. Take it and thank you. Better let me take it right out of the kitchen. Then you won't. I'll just put it company still eating. We're having alcohol. Can't stay but I might just have one cup with you. I don't believe I've missed this Leila own. You're doing well mark. This is Mr Gildersleeve. My next door neighbor. This is Mark Twain. You glad to meet you are you. I hope you don't mind my barging in like this Leland. I run in and out of each other's houses at all. That's quite an exaggeration. Shall we go into the Paula Coffee? All it's cold. I'm afraid will in that case after you Mr Wade come on after you Lilac Oh call you. Leela key ally lacking pretty good. Can you make a joke out of my name? Must Wait I didn't catch you. Rock Morten P Gildersleeve. Let's go into the parliament. Shall we sit down? Oh sure you want to sit on my lap sugar. Would you rather sit on Mr Gildersleeve? Mock yeah I'm I'M GONNA sit right here and new bars can sit together on the show. I'll stand up for a while now and I'll take a stick of gum Mr Gollnisch. Leanne Choo thanks especially when ladies president. Maybe the lady will put your juries. Have a lack thank you. You can see him walk. It corrupted me. I understand your newspaper. Man Mr Wade. That's right a scribe. A News Hound Gentlemen of the Press. Rip Out the front page lady shot her husband. Put it back. It's only a flesh wound. Did Not Scream. Scream is right. Why don't you tell us some fascinating stories about your newspaper? Adventures Mr Wade saving all that stuff from memoirs through Dhaka's journalism with gum and camera. How would you say oh? Never Mind Lilac Baby. We're going to have a little music. I don't know if this is just that time. Five music I'd be glad to sing. Ma just likes me to played barring play for me Lilac. If your friend doesn't mind go ahead play our some sugar. Go ahead plan how to add on a not when we're on out Tonight at eight Eddie. That Donna win. We're alone pretty song isn't as the Gildersleeve. I've heard some better. Oh yeah that The the and we're but we're not alone. Ira Mr Gildersleeve. Do you WANNA fight. I WANNA fight for money. Marbles are chuck. I promised my mother I never tried you. Step outside for a minute. You big smart now. You stop this incident. How much shame to both of you. He started it. He insulted me apologized. Both you come on Mall Kind Mr Gildersleeve if I have unwittingly offended you. It was intentional. Track Ma. I woke not neil guest in my house under rather unusual circumstance. Well I'm sorry. Nets bed now. I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll play GIN rummy. It's lots of fun to get the Car table. It drive me. I'll help you LEELA. I'm already on the job. Wonder what they're doing by George. I'll go and see this shook. Shake Your Old Haussmann Cubo homes. Oh so it's that way is it. Evidently I'm not wanted around here. Well I can take a hit. Good night you silly people by the way. I'm sure you recognize the actor playing mark. Jim backus YEP in an UNCREDITWORTHY role from seventy four years ago. May twelve thousand nine hundred forty six the great Gildersleeve here on Classic Radio Theatre. Thanks for joining us on this Tuesday. And we'll have the news of the day from seventy four years ago today coming up in just four minutes right here on Classic Radio Theater. I'm white thanks for tuning in. We encourage you to participate in the GIFT CARD. Challenge these days. We all probably know of a local business. That is struggling to adapt to the current realities. Here's a small way that you can help by the Gift Card Challenge if you're able think of your favorite local business and then by Gift Card today buy it online or pledged to buy one as soon as you can. Every little bit will help. Restaurants have takeout or delivering. Many businesses have online shopping options participate in the Gift Card Challenge today by a gift card any amount and show your support for our local businesses in this time of need even for yourself to use it later day or pass it along to someone you know. That's on the front lines to what they can to keep us all safe. Make the pledge and Buy Gift Card today participate in the Gift Card Challenge Host Tag. The business use selected on social media and challenge your friends and neighbors to do the same working together one card at a time. We can all make a difference. Hashtag Gift Card Challenge Learn more at Gift Card Challenge Dot. Org this has. Joe Marks a few days ago. I was talking with director of Civil Defense. And he told me some things that I feel. Everyone should know. That's why I'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example that your chances of surviving an atom bomb attack are excellent? It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. A complete Feis aid kit handy. Keep a closed container of drinking water and your refrigerator enough three days. Be Sure you have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors. Make sure that every member of your family understands he is rushed to that same spot when there's danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now. I hope I can convince you. They're important he of family yourself and your community. Thanks for tuning in on this Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theater. An episode of the Great Guilder Sleep starring Harold Perry. It was originally broadcast Sunday. May Twelfth Nineteen forty-six in the newspapers of that Sunday. Seventy four years ago. These were some of the headlines. The government yesterday over the railroad freight embargo lifted money but slapped controls on the entire up. Coal output expected during the strike twos. The action covers captive minds as well as others and may withhold coal from industry immediately but it provides the government with an expected. Twenty million to twenty five million tons of coal for emergency users without resorting seizure of the pits. John L Lewis in the mine owners met meanwhile in what federal conciliator Edward Mcgrady called a very friendly and very cooperative atmosphere to seek the settlement president. Truman requested by Wednesday Russia. Making clear that the only stumbling block to a cord apparently lie in these snarl Italian treaty insisted again yesterday before the deadlocked four power foreign ministers council that agreements on all treaties with former axis satellites must proceed general European Peace Conference American sources said following yesterday's second meeting of the ministers of the US Great Britain France and Russia the Molotov the Russian Foreign Minister regarded the Italian creedy as an obstacle and that he did not think the ministers harbored fundamental differences concerning the Balkans Treaty Ordination Nation of the campaigns of three politically active organizations on behalf of candidates say consider liberal in the coming elections was arranged yesterday at a conference of their leaders. The organizations are the C. I. O. Political Action Conference the National Citizens Political Action Conference and the Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts Sciences and Professions. They created a coordinating committee of nine to serve as a clearinghouse for joint action for or against certain candidates. They also adopted a platform based largely on the Roosevelt Truman programs and heated by a call to raise the level of cooperation and understanding among the US. Great Britain and Russia. They decided to seek a big vote on the theory that it will be a progressive vote the Veterans Administration started slashing some of red tape an overall reorganization plan designed to double efficiency by eliminating useless forms and procedures is being tested in Chicago. Be a regional opposite. The present time by the end of the year the streamlined plan will be in operation throughout the organization. According to William T. comber director of coordination and planning comber saying would take four weeks in Chicago to be sure. The system is sound. It will be extended to one regional office in each area and progressively to the entire organization possibility of a plot to silence. American Federation of Labor President. William Green in a nationwide broadcast launching southern membership drive was being studied last night in Nashville. Radio technician saving discovered the wires piping broadcast to the National Broadcasting Company had been cut apparently just win green went on the Air George L. Southern Afl tentative said the matter would be investigated and meanwhile delegates to the convention asked if the failure of the broadcast was a scheme of disgruntled Labor leaders or a plot of rival unions John Harley of Washington. Nbc Announcer said. The fact is interesting. The trouble that put us off the air. We found three telephone wires in the basement of the auditorium had been cut. Charles Sumner President or rather chief engineer radio station W. Nashville. Who had handled the technical end of the broadcast said that the wires were being used in the transmission and the program was going out nicely for thirty seconds. He said whoever kept those wires new what they were doing and monkeys monkeys and more monkey. Some one hundred fugitives from a pet shop a jungle playground out of Lower Manhattan for several hours yesterday scampering. Simians CLIMBED INTO OPEN WINDOWS FRIGHTENED OFFICE. Workers Dashed over rooftops and squealed into light. Is they barged into stores in a firehouse? Monkeys had a field day swinging for map ARATU sliding down poles and generally tormenting frustrated firemen unaccustomed to changing such wildlife in those some of the day's top new stories as reported in the newspapers of Sunday may twelfth thousand nine hundred forty-six six on your radio. Seventy four years ago tonight the Great Gildersleeve which continues now on Classic Radio Theater. Wonder what Leila's doing over there now holding hands that guy probably Followed I can't just sit here if anybody wants me I'll be at the jolly boy bore Gildersleeve who are unhappy. Gildersleeve outwitted and outclassed sperm. By the one he loves he can only imagine what goes on next door but you and I through the magic of radio. We can eavesdrop. Who and to tell the truth. Gildersleeve is not far along. Pardon me madam taken. Don't stop just move over a little. I don't believe we've been introduced. I'm the guy you're in love with. Remember or do one meet so many remark. You don't ran believe the things you say although cynical remarks. That's not the real issue. We all wear masks. Oh but but underneath ish something fun I can tell it. Just as plain all the world's a stage all the men and women merely players that Shakespeare go getting literary again play. Leela MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE. Play on the way. I remember You tell me again who? Someday I'll write a novel you'll be sell it to the movies million dollars. Oh you win on no you win. I have great faith in. Y'All right and you wish to have faith in it to a million dollars. Let me see. Do you like hot dogs by a million dollars worth of hot dogs. That's a good one blood. I would just like you say this gentleman if a member can't come down here and spend an evening at this club without having remarks made about it on our commissioner Sore Headlinin harm get and no disrespect to either you or Leila just a little job and it wasn't a little Joe Matt against you. Take a little joke. Lloyd made a remark by Aleve. It a peavey here was a remark. Funny Joke in the world. I'd say it was a joke. Lloyd made a remark about a fellow member. And unless I apologize NUNC you care being gets a little touchy not think you either. Floyd apologizes or I go home. Apologize for what I done. Nothing what does a guy have to do to crack jokes around here get a license. Why why don't you just apologize? Put an end all of this be good. Why don't he be a good fellow? I take it you refused to apologize that I do think that attitude is going to be how close to be helpful shoveling P. I'm not having a fine time to reason reason with him. Anyone else going home judge. It is getting a little late. I think I running along with two boys nightline and nine during the night the night. Tv HOPE YOU UBER. Along judge night or head. I think you one little farther tonight. I don't care to discuss dead and drive your whole thanks. Judge do me good night with me anyway. Hitting into fights with everybody friends even. Do you think you're fooling you know what's the matter with you? Marry her when you cook always putting things off never can make up your mind. This young fellow comes in and out. Well what if he is Louie younger he got that I got? I got got that he hasn't got. I know one thing he hasn't got money. Yes by George. I offer more than he can. Newspaper Man Probably makes about thirty dollars a week. Come on Andy. Up Son you know by George. I'm not licked yet. Your sleep doesn't give up in a fight. I may all around with once. My mind is made up. I should have done this years ago. Seventy four years ago. May Twelve nineteen forty-six the Great Gildersleeve. The conclusion industry minutes on this Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theatre Unique Items for strange times. That's Patriotdepot DOT COM for instance. Where new and your friend are playing your favorite drinking games by social media long listening to Joe Biden about nothing you can win and stout with your trump forty five bullet shot glass and then hope that hangover by Porn Tim. Coffee in your trunk camper Mov Patriotdepot Dot Com is the place to find these and more remember Promo Code USA. They even have the trump's wall gnome to keep you company. 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And saying that you're the laughter of Little Children Rolling there. You're the sound of French. Taxicabs honking their horns in Paris Don't stand there listening. Leroy go do something. Bessie Mr Gildersleeve. Vesey excuse me go betsy. I may be a little late to the office. Package derives from jewelry. Put it in the safe. Never mind just put it in the safe. Let me see the ring the license Dick's call about the tickets. Leroy confounded. I told you to go away. Go go go to school. Go anywhere but don't hang around here. I don't see him. They can march. Go Away. You here I'm not listening nuts. The man has no more privacy in this. Yes birdie what is it that Anita owned a little while ago? Oh yes that's Anita. Did he save anything pretty? He said he going to have to be out this morning on church business but if you care to come over and talk to the staff news thank you very much. What do you all standing around staring at me for? Committed my boy youtube mightier Saddam. Don't go brady. This concerns you to ask Leroy. I wouldn't be surprised if your old uncle had some news for you shortly. Yes Sir I may have some news surprised if you hear some use I well. Aren't you going to say anything that kind of news uncle more? That's the secret brother. Here we go again. Yes you've seen different tonight Shanghai. I'm getting kind of tired of that. These you know any others tired of our well not tired exactly. But I'd like to hear something else Ma quite easy. Tell me I don't know if this is the time but well you're a girl Leeann. I wish you every happiness what I'm no good. I'm no good for you say well it's true. You shouldn't have anything to do with me. I'm just a newspaper man. You know. Newspaper men here today and gone tomorrow. That's what I love about known know what you WANNA to settle down and marry some Nice Guy. Somebody dependable Fella next door. Maybe what if he is a little fat? There's something Yana telling me. What is I've got a job in Norfolk on the legend? What you know what we said. Leila no strings obligations free as the birds. Both of US remember that. I said they never thought you meant it now. Don't you worry you'll get married one of these days you'll get married? Why not do it a gentleman? That's the trouble with women. Always recrimination fuss. Why can't we just be charming about this? No goodbyes and no regrets. That's the way now auto you what you do you sit down to piano there and play that piece you play and I'll just tiptoe up. Close the door so as not to spoil the Memory. What you say. I don't care whether you tip toeing not just be showing you close. I don't care if he's sitting there walk in there and I'll put it toward straight. I'll say to. I'm going to ask you give me just five minutes of your time at something i WanNa ask you. Will you marry me not next month or next week but right now? I've got the ring I've got the license got doctrine needing lay my hands on him. That's my proposition. Take it or leave. Smart Aleck says. I think. I'll tell him to shut up. I will too. It's him or me. The national me just five minutes of your time. There's something I want to ask you come in. Won't you looking for something? What's his name as well as I say. Leila when ask you to give me just five minutes of your time? Are you expecting actually very much surprised if I ever see him again? After the way I packed him all you told him to go away. He was amused another few days but no one could stand in for miles and that he had nanna. Viel good qualities gracious. I'm running on a new standard sedan to make you do run and get me an ashtray. That's no ashtray. Own Now. Auto terrible have one right away then now a Matt. Oh Let me light it for your love like Neon Shaka. Thanks mind if I put my feet up on this stu do move it follow. Yeah that's just a needlepoint. My Grandmother beat him crocheted. Now what is it you wanted to actually track? Mom LEELA I. Would you like to go to the movies? Well if you're a good girl just as soon as I finish this cigar run and get my things on national. I won't have to keep you waiting flushed out where my pride bring springhill. Absolutely when I go anywhere with you good alive. No use rushing into anything Millions in Europe and Asia are going hungry and facing actual starvation. Therefore it's up to us the best fed nation in the world to tighten our belts. We can share a meal and save a life. And here's how by only as much brand and other wheat products as you really need us rice. Fats and oils sparingly. Don't waste any food turn on your IOS fats and oils at the foodstore promptly plant. A Garden raises much of your family's food as you can. You are saving food for those who desperately need it when you buy less especially when you use up those leftovers. Listen don't eat so much we could all cut down a little. I know I could children abroad. Who could be kept alive by the food we throw out the stink? Think of that when we sit down. Great Gildersleeve is played by Harold. Perry it has written by John. Wooden and Sam Moore. The music is by Jack Meakin. This is John. Lang speaking for the Kraft Foods Company and inviting you to listen to and again next week. For the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve Unite. Everybody may twelfth nineteen forty six. The Great Gildersleeve on Classic Radio With Eater Visit Our web page classic Radio Dot Stream to learn more about classic radio collecting contact me and Here are programs on demand that you can also hear anywhere podcasts or served if you miss a day you don't have to miss a show just search where USA Classic Radio Theater Support Free Radio by painting this station and doing business with the advertisers. When you can't and please tell your friends the great radio shows are back. Classic Radio Theatre here on your favorite station in the USA radio network. We paid less for Craft Matic today than we did twenty years ago. 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I advocate for these families with united way to make the community stronger. I don't just wear the shirt I live it. Give advocate volunteer. Live united go to live United Dot Org brought to you by United Way and Ad Council. My name is Ruth Roussy. I volunteer with United Way Reading children to help. Prepare them for a better academic future. I don't just wear the shirt I live it. Give advocate volunteer. Live United Dot. Org brought to you by United Way and Ad Council. You'll the hotlines newsfeed radio. That would listen online hotlines newspaper DOT COM free sixty five and the hotlines newsbeat Alexa. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's gas for me twelve twenty twenty five Mike Clifford President. Donald trump stormed out of eight corona virus. Press conference at the White House on Monday. Cnbc reports that happened. After trump became angry with two reporters. One Who asked a question about testing another who didn't get to ask a question at all event in the Rose Garden was meant to give the president a chance to boast about the recent increases in testing. Cnbc notes that trump announced. We are sending one billion dollars to American States territories and tribes the White House later issued a correction. The amount is actually eleven billion dollars. Many small businesses in states like Idaho. Were shut out of the federal government's. Popular Corona virus aid programs. So the gem state is providing. Its own relief. Eric Take it off. Explains the application process is open for the Idaho Rebound Small Business Grant Program which is aimed at helping businesses that didn't receive relief from the Federal Payment Protection Program. Elizabeth Belts Kaufman is tug refer and owner of two birds studio with her husband in Boise? Weddings make most of their clients even if she could access federal relief. Kaufman says alone wouldn't help her. There's no way for me to make that money. When events are going away and there be rescheduled and they're taking the place of events for next year. The state is allocating three hundred million dollars through grants up to ten thousand dollars for businesses socially Kurla rotavirus set the US economy into a medically induced coma. More than twenty one million jobs have been lost research shows. Women lost nearly six out of every ten jobs across all sectors in April alone. Women's job losses were five times higher than the total loss during the great recession. Nicole Mason with the Institute for Women's Policy Research Says Women Are More Vulnerable During Economic Downturns. Because even though many are primary breadwinners or make substantial financial contributions they make less money they earn lower wages compared to their male counterparts. And what that means is that in time such as this. They have less money in savings and they also have less money to provide for their families. Mason notes that during the great recession men were the first to be hit largely in production sectors such as manufacturing and construction because women are over represented in the service sector. Mason says in this downturn women are experiencing disproportionately higher unemployment and job loss. I'm Eric Gladys Mason says since many workers will not get yours back right away. Stables checks and unemployment benefits should be extended until everyone could go back to work she has lawmakers can close gaps exposed by the pandemic by raising the minimum wage providing paid medical and family leave childcare subsidies and other policies to support working families and women. This is P. NS after Maryland. Governor Larry Hogan refused to sign a measure to fund the State's new prescription drug affordability board last week. Healthcare reform groups now are urging the General Assembly to override the veto. The first in the nation board was established last year by lawmakers to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and effort even more important now during the covert nineteen pandemic according to Vinnie Demarco with Maryland Citizens Health Initiative. He says he's disappointed. By the veto of a bill that provides a loan that will be repaid through an assessment of drug companies. It is just completely baffling. The Governor Hogan would veto a Bill. Which would pay back the state money and fund a really smart way to make prescription drugs more affordable. It seems he's taking the side of prescription drug corporations against people who need their prescription drugs in a letter. To general assembly leaders Hogan called the bill and other revenue raising bills vetoed misguided claiming they would raise taxes and fees on Marylanders which would be unconscionable in the midst of a global pandemic and economic crash. I'm Diane Bernard if you're feeling ill. There's a new symptom tracker tool from United Healthcare available online. To help you figure out if you might have cove in nineteen the free covert Symptom Checker at U C Dot Com will be updated as CDC guidelines evolve. Doctor Tie Sullivan with United. Healthcare says the first set of questions lists the most common symptoms fever cough shortness of breath chills and sore throat would be the initial questions that than individual get on the website. Follow up questions would include symptom severity as well as curation. I'm Suzanne Potter that system CHECKER also designed to efficiently. Answer People's questions from home. Cutting down on in visits to the doctor's office finally address. Here's reports families with children who are receiving free meals at school beginning. Extra money for food while schools were closed. The second federal stimulus package passed by Congress. Included a pandemic e-bt plan to supplement food assistance for eligible families with children to replace the free meals they would have received in school according to hunger free. America's CEO Joel Berg that will provide eight hundred eighty million dollars for two point one million low and middle income New York families. This is a really big deal especially since it does cover immigrants including undocumented immigrants so some of the most vulnerable people are GonNa get help from. He says those already receiving snap benefits will have extra funds added to their. Id cards and those not receiving snap will receive preloaded debit cards for food purchases. Only you supplements to eligible. Families will equal the cost of school breakfast and lunch at five dollars. Twenty five cents per child per day. I'm Mike Clifford for public news service. We are remember 'em we're listener supported and Ron Line at public news service DOT. Org USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Jack Benny Brown. Look I take your money or your life I've thinking and Molly Rankin. This is placid radio theater. The Great Gildersleeve Bob Hope show transcribed direct from Hollywood young Hollywood the George Burns and Gracie Allen show. Now here's your host. Why it Cox comedy this hour? The Jimmy Durante. Show with his guest. Victor more this episode originally broadcast May Twelfth Nineteen Forty eight health to all from wreck Saul from Hollywood. It's the Jimmy Durante. Show I think I think I ten thousand rextall stores who carry the complete line a tough quality rextall drug products. Bring you the Jimmy Durante. Show with Peggy Lee Roy bargain his orchestra the crew chiefs yours truly Howard three and victim or and here he is ladies and gentlemen wreck salt prescription for a pleasant evening the one and only give me the rampage gotta start off with now even when things you be better you even look at it and now a second number of seeing me boy. Chatanooga to Chatanooga too. I don't mind you're taking over the railroads Mr Truman should've taken driving lessons. I think any I think it was heading for the roundhouse. There's one place that Republicans can corner the railroad situation. The only thing in the news I read in the papers that you were made an honorary police officer. How come it was innovative Howard? Last Sunday I was at the Los Angeles please show and when I walked in the chief of police rushed over pin the badge on me my nose and anybody would black Jack like Dennis. Got Up beyond the force guys. Jimmy thrilled being an honorary police. Officer You be being an honorary police officers short. Cut THE LINE OUT ON. You didn't cut it out over here. All right mcpeek the line again. What a thrill. Honorary Police officer Jim. How would your labor and under a misapprehension making a political speeches fraught significant inconsequential? Look God but any man would average intelligence. Well Jim what do you mean? It's fraught with insignificant consequentially. He he didn't make it but getting back to the continuity when I stepped on the stage or as we say an asset the podium. I was in a dilemma. I didn't know whether the can't pain as a Republican or Democrat but the problem was south from the when the night down. I bent over to take a bone. What happens running on Lake ticket? It's not so good for a candidate can sheets for your campaign promises. Just how do you intend to swing the election your way ship our promise my constituents that if I'm elected I'll give every men women and challenge the company fifty dollars a week for life over Jimmy? A promise like that is impossible to fulfill show what hoover promised chicken in every pot. And I didn't even get the pact user themselves Berlin stocks for his college. I suppose you know your campaign is going to face. Its first big test in the California primaries. Have you entered? Well how it doesn't interest an incident connected with that episode. Yesterday I rushed down to the post office to mail my entry for the primaries. And just my luck get in the and back of a little old lady. And what happened you supposed Shea Time? I only got three minutes before the post office will be a new master. Assure kidding out. I'M GONNA kick three minutes before the post office closed. When the little old lady stepped up to a stand click and said I want to three to five ten ten five six eight six hundred them male especially delivery and money ornaments short and registered the clicks. Is You want tweet. Five five six eight two students on special a male living registered money and should order a little old lady. Said you're not paying attention. I said I want to trees three to five and ten five six eight six is an end mail. A special delivery and the money ornaments short registered taking a hitch in his tonsils. And getting a grip on us. Boy Sponge paying attention. You Want Tree. H Five to six six nine ten and then shook delivery and the register that plane a little old lady left in a Huff then. I stepped up the plate. Says what are you want? I said You may think this strange but I two to three street. I've seeks eight six mail special delivery and the money auto insurance registered with that. He slammed a little window right down my face slam the window right in your face. Yes enough the mailman in my discipline train my nose. I'll be happy to pay the excess postage. How'd you finally get your application blackmail? Luckily at the next one that there was a very pretty girl and when she told me to stamps I was so happy. I kissed recovering from exuberance She says Six years nobody ever kissed me before. How do you like that plane? Post Office all these years and she's been leaving out the best pot. You simply have a way with the ladies telling me Schnauzer. What is the what is the dazzling manner you have with the ladies? Tell me how how do you do it? I don't like to reveal trade secrets but this is how it works. I just say that's my technique which sweet mill of the language being. I couldn't but rain enough nukes and that way I played makes the girls rejoice. And that ain't all besides. I got a melodious voice and it gets results. Last night. I went around to him. Go Friend Lips stood underneath the window and began to sing Tierney bt Tabuchi to GDP father seventy father opened the door and Yeltsin dog. Go Get rover at ten. Nellie calf you see I just say with. Cpi fashionable and it's why is no need for you to view me online? It's very plain to see the answer to my chump. I to say with music at my tech I say it when using ads. Don't who Gossen sooner or later. They all get around the renting. What's that you will listen to the program? You like my piano plan. Meet me tonight. You can't please Come on got you will the mccumber eight be there at seven waiting could die at is only one way to handle women. Play hot to get some girl that Noah's freely spent I get the same result and yet it doesn't cost the I just stay with me and say yes. There's more to come with victor more joining. Jimmy Durante after this break for three minutes may twelfth nineteen forty eight. The Jimmy Durante. Show on Classic Radio Theatre. Maybe you can relate to this. 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Sunday was mother's Day and I can't help feeling said for the poor lobsters all country. You feel sad for the lobsters. Livestream laid millions of eight every year. She never get your card on Mother's Day. That's a very tender thought. Victor but what kind of could you send a lobster? Well I've already got one workout. Listen Happy Mother's Day or lobster mine with your Pale Green face and Bony Spine. Get readings on those happy may days. All you got to look forward to is a our sometimes. It's the Gallon. Victor Check attached troop. Jimmy what happened? I just stepped into a studio across the where to given given conduct GonNa quiz show where given conductive quiz show. Despite the quizmaster was giving away a washing machine remington typewriter a new automobile group and watch a refrigerator and an airplane. But I didn't win a thing because the question they asked me was. What kind of an animal goes? Meow Jimmy they answer so simple is a cat. I know but the sneak asked me how to spell it yelps. He gives hints all he told me was that it begins with a CA. Pick the forgive me for let my emotions run amok dishes interrupt. Shopping last Sunday was mother's Day and I was just looking at my mother's picture and they all family album. I'll neurology yeah. This one was taken the day. She went to the hospital victim. What did she hash? Mi Boy was my brother disappointed. He was expecting your bicycle. I see I see. I lucky for him. He got one built for two. Would you believe it when I was born? I only wait seven ounces. Oh wait a minute Jimmy. Nobody was ever born. That only weighed seven onset. I know of my nose hadn't weighed eight pounds. I never would've lived at Clifton Webb just the shit with my shots but victim. I noticed an all these baby. Pictures of you your frown. They used to father and tickle me but I didn't smiling. I was three years old. Why not I didn't want my mother to find out. I had no touching add up the baby again and sit in the woman's lap without having a Byrom mink coat. Jimmy looking at this album has got me thinking about your political career. You know you should have a wife. People like vote for a family man. Dewey stashing look no wine. Has Six children six children say that gives me an idea? Let's see it's twenty weeks to election if I could meet the gorilla my dreams and get married tomorrow then. Maybe we could use. You just can't beat an all established fun. Speaking from only hit comes a little GonNa Bright Group Program would any day record breaking record. Make Peggy Lee Jimmy. I surely do want to thank you for the Nice thing you've said about my record pegging when I get elected I'll appoint Xu twenty position. You want oh well. Do you think I'd make a good secretary of the interior your exterior and victim spoken like a gentleman DA? Peggy Victor thinks that since I'm a political candidate I should have a wife to take into the White House. I think it's a wonderful idea. What's wrong with getting married being joined in Cannibal Bliss? All right but it's too dangerous east. As before a woman goes to bed. She uses the Nikola Electric vibrator electric deuce and crossing under electric blanket. What's dangerous about that? How can a guy kisses wipe goodnight? Mike might get electrocuted. Jimmy I think question of this important should be put up for the voters. Why don't you start out on another one of our survey? Okay Victor. I'll do it for you. Victor maybe that was a pretty good idea. Had about minute politics being married. I have it in the papers last week. That even governor Folsom of Alabama took himself a wife. Dicta get on the other Mike Vick now over here. He's all over the joint folks. Wait a minute. Let me give you that line. I read in the papers last week. That even Alabama took himself for White Guy Jerry. After kissing every girl he met all these years. The governor folsom decided to get married. That's like the guy can only eat restaurant food so long then he wants a little home cook but I want to find out if the company feels that a man in the White House should have a wife. Are you ready to start to a peggy? James Polity the ends of the Earth you out. Atanas listening in two miles. The other side of San do to forty eight is great. He stayed is the reason we celebrate and Jimmy will see a web to be included in a family. Men might fit my plan for the family. You might go par nitric topic to take people straying away. We cast magic covered of dusty. What did you knock of the dirt out of it? I can't rug yes. She'll fought the only one who's been able to beat it. I got a million and the state in the forty eight is one place we must go. We're GONNA see about married life. That's the way we're doing we're here. It's The honeymoon shines on do not disturb sign the U. US. It's not going to one and pay. Nah Niagara Falls for you. Victor what better place that take a survey on marriage the Niagara Falls all mixed up with the floor. Go ahead pay six team. Let's start at this kind of brush man from the red skeleton picture of the same name but you just inhaled next lane but allow me do myself madame. My name is Jimmy standing. If besides this is the first time I've seen live bait so far in land library eight. I haven't had a Neverland Years Mcmanaman for public office. And I'm conducting a survey the I think it would help me get elected. I was definitely visit. Durante and you know something I am I might marry you myself. You caught me in a weak moment. When we have these weak moments all week I think of it the more. I think that marriage is the proper steps you take. Especially since Truman remodel the White House Watch model in the White House. Got The do with it. Just think you'll be the first president to have a lady in the balcony manufacture sneakers and let's go to any state in the forty is a different kind of family life. Going Look Down Victor. Saying how do you do when a while you to new out of you being etc you live in our election? It's a very richie. Peggy and will hear the rest of the song after a four minute. Break Jimmy Durante. May Twelfth Nineteen Forty Eight on Classic Radio Theater. Depaul University here. We do what others don't dream what others won't driven to leap forward determined to give back here. We ask what must be done for doing. We earned success to Paul University. Here we do. We encourage you to participate in the GIFT CARD. Challenge these days. We all probably know of a local business. That is struggling to adapt to the current realities. Here's a small way. 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And you told me some things that I feel. Everyone should know. That's why I'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example that your chances of surviving and atom bomb attack Exxon? It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important gape a complete first aid kit handy. Keep a closed container of drinking water and your refrigerator enough for three days show. You have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors make sure that every member of your family understands. He is to rush to that same spot. When there's danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and I hope I can convince you. They're important he of family yourself and your community and thank you for tuning into Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of the Jimmy Durante. Show with his guest. Victor Moore May Twelfth Nineteen Forty eight off. It's a very richie joint. Big The pegging. Go Point Bud and see what's new in new newport the playground but Jimmy. What are we doing here? I came to questions here. God Victor. He's the debutantes. He ought to know whether I shouldn't matrimonial marriage telling me sheriff the swim miles and miles in the ocean spending all day pulling beautiful girls. Outta the safe and carrying them in on your shoulders. How do you feel I'm pooped now? I know why they just have God written on his bathing suit. There's very little life flipped them. I wish I could swim like you tell me what kind of a stroke. You used. The Australian crawl now Pomona push what life pulling beautiful girls out of the fall day. There's them after I say them. I gotTa take them out at night. Monday chat beautiful blonde Tuesday red head. The brunette Thursday blonde again. I'm in Iraq is a room. And it's a vic the irradiators boiling Mr Lifeguard. We're conducting a survey. Do you think Mister Durante. Would have a better chance of being elected if we were married. I think it's a wonderful idea. Why would definitely eliminate Henry Wallace from the rate would eliminate Henry Wallace? Figure that out with you and your wife spent a year in the White House who needs a third party and each state in the voting age is the only way travel. Let's go somewhere a little different. I know the way Oklahoma. We can one thousand five hundred eighty PA. The how the people get all the news of the week. One Oklahoma has is Oklahoma by to see if you can strike at gushing a good place to connect your marriage survey. There's ten men to every woman his one of them now. What a woman relax boy. It's hot breath. Who would you mind closer on a steam? Some plans in this country hot Brett celebrating they wrote a Broadway play about knee. Wrote a play about you. What's the title Oklahoma Now? Streetcar named desire for connector. I'm riding at the end of the line. Say y'all kind of cute. Yes average beast rounded but we're digressing from the subject. Tell me Mr Houlahan. You have a chance of getting married if I had a wife and you make a pretty good husband. Your gentlemen kind. Now wait a minute minute. I wouldn't want to make a bid I wouldn't make a bad husband myself. I can only show what I keep our well. I know how to take care of babies and -gratulations. I hope you will be very happy together. We always apple. Last durant is great out. Rags be easily saw remember. Twenty-five percent of America buys it's drug needs rextall drugstores wreck is at large respected family of more than two thousand different products. You can depend on any drug product that bears the name. Rick Saul available and rex drugstores everywhere. Touche how it not like to add. I do my shopping at a record store ban rickshaw drug enough food the more he prefers to buy. Rickshaw. That song how what about you. 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Eight hundred forty two or on the web at finest known DOT COM. We'll close out this hour of Classic Radio Theater with an episode of the origin of superstition. All the way back in the nineteen thirties. This episode entitled knocking on Wood Lupus Decision on the air. A UH were Ladies and gentlemen we offer you another planet in the series designed to disclose the origin of popular superstitions. This one deals with the belief that knocking on wood will prevent misfortune occurring to us when we make a prediction. Hello Bob so back at last out of the conference turn out. Great and I've Got Ryan and company just one month I hope. What are you rapping on your desk? Far Knock on wood and be on the safe side. That's my model after all that deal hasn't gone through yet you know. Well you're knocking on wood will help. Oh it'll keep away those well-known evil spirits Not Truthfully Bob. You don't believe that do well. Yes and no. What do you think on them? Well for my part Bob. I don't believe that band of titles knew what it was all about when they started that superstition tartars yes. They're the ones who started that belief in knocking on wood to keep away evil spirits. You don't say why was always under the impression that it began after the crucifixion Now it's quite big in and its origin in fact if I remember correctly it started in Asia. Let's see about one thousand years before the Christ. That's news to me now. If I can just clear these cobwebs out of my mind I try and piece together. An Old Lama told it to me when I was traveling in Asia some years ago. I have it. There was a fellow by the name of Timour. Who was the son? -Able Magoo the chieftain of Tartar tribe? His tribe had constantly been defeated in battle by a beast of a fellow named Ku. This guy was a braggart and a merciless tyrant. And he had cut up. Timor's band so badly that only a fragment of it remained that Kyle reminds me of some of our Wall Street czars rather but anyway you had the idea that he was a god and so he decided to smash the images of his people's Gods and set himself up in their stead. You must have been in egotistical brute man he was one day. Tim Happened to get caught in a terrible storm while he was in the mountains and from the crackling rumbling of the thunder he conceived an idea he made his way down to his camp and hurt it into his father's Temple but all the people what gathered in fear of the storm and were chanting prayers to appease what they believed was the wrath of the gods and flared with a marvelous thought to my they have shown me the way to victory against the beast. Qaim how Tim O. The people out here with a puree of the gods well of our people fear then other men. Pierre also can imitate that led bulls dumping of the Gods. I can you when his band lead? People to victory blended my on. The guts have inspired. We must to do this. Listen people to the words of Kim on the God have given them. Great Wisdom speaks people. Do not the of the guards they have raised this bet din. Only that we may awaken. Discover pump them away defeat Lawyers John Displeasing US came on. The Heavens are black with Robert Nigh they do to like no way the evil ones and to give us wisdom we must find diplomats with which to imitate the sound of the fury of the Gods so that we may strike terror into you and his band. Help me my people. Com- we must find some optic. We'll give off the rumbling tone of God's here let us try this vessel. Nee To flat will this do to my my son. Nayef other but wait why not hollowed trunk of a tree. There was one but the file. Pit Chan Ming. Go and bring it to you at once. We will try then. We will pitcher to you now. Then I will get a piece of this top. Tiger skin tunic rap Estonians. Why do that Emma? This don't bother wrapped securely. In skin the tiger I will spike in rolled across the puck of the tree. And then my son I understand and that will reproduce the thunder and the rumble of God's will not. I hope that you are right here. We have the whole tree trunk. Tim well done now. Then listen as I started with this tone says the cops with us just like the fury of the cops named Sarah last my people victory Salvi Allah's listen carefully. We will attack you at once. Laura Chen Ning you three. Gather all the youngest boys and old men who are no longer have used in combat. Hasn't prepare more trees and stone. We take up arms go to the camp of Cairo powered by the boys and old men beating up on the Tree Trunks and imitating the plundering rumbles of the gods that will strike terror into the hearts of our enemies and they will not be able to resist us. Hey to operate Li. Oh I'm to the Camp Cayo along the beach cocked weird. I The great car you ruler. I got these guys be already have. I told you detailing down this I why would you destroy the gall? They have done nothing for the people who is preached a gain for you more grazing lands hundred old. I Have Russell Richardson victory. Your worship me down these images they are. What would you cut off to this thing? Who Go leave the Temple of the God? I show you flax. And now you should see Mike a great hire you. Behold I will destroy this. Imaging was and the punish pedestal shuttle reread image of. Kyle hand off. Now I will bring disaster night people and Nice and plus for me. Stop you to face. How does my feeling your? Hey Hey how you you will bring the route of the cards. Upon his through late his kill the high priest haddish. All those who again scrutiny. That powerful kind to us the engine of the Gods with Paul up his bench tackiness and we are just too late. Kim On all this must not have forsaken on my talk. One of Cairo's and kill victory is ours and so because they won that battle and many others after that Damore on these people believe that by knocking on wood they had frightened the evil spirits away and had ensured themselves up success in their undertakings. He then met them to hang pieces of the tree. Trunks by the doors of that dwellings and to knock upon the would before entering so that if evil spirits licked within they would be frightened away by the noise of the Gods and down through. The ages has come to us the superstition that whenever we make a prediction knock wood so the evil spirits won't hear us not much sense in it is there. What do you mean no Simpson? After all you'll have to admit it with the knocking on wood that gave them the victory set and Lynn not. Don't you realize that the knocking on the tree trunks probably wasn't even hurt by the other band for one tim on and his followers fell upon them already in panic of terror from the blasphemy of Ku when he murdered the high priest and shattered the idols besides timour caught them unprepared and immediately did away with Kai you their leader so you see timour and his band would have won anyway. That's right but right Joe. It's getting late three O clock and people. I hope our deal goes through actor leftovers you Bob. There you go knocking wood again and. I'm not taking any chances at all of the Freemen Land Company of definitely called negotiations all form Ohio man. Well I'll be the deals off too bad bob. Knocking on wood didn't help any after all did it. The deal fell through. But nevertheless bob still believes in knocking on wood. And taking no chances ladies and gentlemen the play that you've just heard is another in the series entitled the origin of Superstition of Wa. And Good luck to you. in Ohio Originally produced back in nineteen thirty five. The origin of superstition on Classic Radio Theatre Visit. Our web page for the origin of more old time radio shows classic. Radio DOT stream. That's classic Radio Dot Stream there you can learn about. Classic Radio Collecting Find. Our podcast bailed on demand and even talk to me. I mean that may be the least but if you'd like to chat with we'd love to hear from young so lonely. A classic radio DOT stream if you'd like to find our podcast they're available anywhere. Find podcast served. I tuned speaker the iheartradio APP. He's been on spotify to search for USA Classic Radio Theater. I'm Yif talks. Thanks for listening. Thanks this station support. The advertisers teleprinter great radio shows are back Classic Radio Theatre here on your favorite station and the USA radio network this year. Firefighters like five chief. 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Who didn't get to ask a question? At all event in the Rose Garden was meant to give the president a chance to boast about the recent increases in testing. Cnbc notes trump announced. We are sending one billion dollars to American States territories tribes the White House later issued a correction. The amount is actually eleven billion dollars. Many small businesses in states like Idaho was shut out of the federal government's Popular Corona Virus Aid Programs. So the gem state is providing. Its own relief. Eric Take Off. Explains the application process is open for the Idaho Rebound Small Business Grant Program which is aimed at helping businesses that didn't receive relief from the federal payment protection program Elizabeth Belts. Kaufman is a photographer and owner of two birds studio with her husband. In Boise Weddings. Make up most of their clients. Even if she could access federal relief coffin says alone wouldn't help her. There's no way for me to make up that money when events going away and there'd be rescheduled and they're taking the place of events for next year. The state is allocating three hundred million dollars through grants up to ten thousand dollars for businesses. Such the corona virus set the US economy into a medically induced coma. More than twenty one million jobs have been lost. Research shows women lost nearly six out of every ten jobs across all sectors in April alone. Women's job losses were five times higher than the total loss during the great recession. Nicole Mason the Institute for Women's Policy Research says women are more vulnerable during economic downturns because even though many are primary breadwinners or make substantial financial contributions. They make less money they earn lower wages compared to their male counterparts. And what that means is bad in time such as this. They have less money in savings and they also have less money to provide for their families. Mason notes that during the great recession men were the first to be hit largely and production sectors such as manufacturing and construction because women are over represented in the service sector. Mason says in this downturn women are experiencing disproportionately higher unemployment and job loss. I'm Eric Gladys Mason. Says it's many workers will not get jobs back right away. Stables checks and unemployment benefits should be extended until everyone could go back to work she has lawmakers can close gaps exposed by the pandemic by raising the minimum wage providing paid medical and family leave childcare subsidies and other policies to support working families and women this is PMS. After Maryland's governor. Larry Hogan refused to sign a measure to fund the State's new drug affordability board last week. Healthcare reform groups now are urging the General Assembly to override the veto. The first in the nation board was established last year by lawmakers to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and effort even more important now during the covert nineteen pandemic according to Vinnie with the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative. He says he's disappointed. By the veto of a bill that provides a loan that will be repaid through an assessment of drug companies. It is just completely baffling. The Governor Hogan would veto a Bill. Which would pay back the state money and fund a really smart way to make prescription drugs more affordable. It seems he's taking the side of prescription drug corporations against people who need their prescription drugs in a letter. To general assembly leaders Hogan called the bill and other revenue raising bills. He vetoed misguided claiming they would raise taxes and fees on Marylanders which would be unconscionable in the midst of a global pandemic an economic crash. I'm Diane Bernard Hill. There's a new symptom tracker tool from unitedhealthcare available online to figure out if you might have cove in nineteen the free covert Symptom Checker at C. Dot Com will be updated as CDC guidelines evolve. Dr Ties Ullivan with United Healthcare says the first set of questions lists the most common symptoms fever cough shortness of brass chill and sore throat would be the initial questions that than individual get on the website. Follow up questions would include symptom severity as well as duration. I'M SUZANNE POTTER THAT SYSTEM. Checker also designed to efficiently answer people's questions from home cutting down on impersonal visits to the doctor's office finally Andrew Sears reports families with children who are receiving free meals at school won't be getting extra money for food while schools are closed. The second federal stimulus package passed by Congress included a pandemic UBT plan to supplement food assistance for eligible families with children to replace the free meals they would have received in school according to Hunger Free America. Ceo Joel Berg that will provide eight hundred eighty million dollars for two point one million low and middle income New York families. This is a really big deal especially since it does cover immigrants including undocumented immigrants so some of the most vulnerable people are going to get help from he says those already receiving snap benefits will have extra funds added to their cards and those not receiving snap will receive preloaded debit cards for food purchases. Only you supplements to eligible families equal the cost of school breakfast and lunch at five dollars. Twenty five cents per child per day. I'm Mike Clifford for public news service. We are member Melissa supported and Rob Line at public new service DOT. Org The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen the story you're about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnet. This is classic Radio Theater Guy Thurs. I was a communist life so everybody. Now here's your host. Why it Cox Science Fiction this hour? Cbs Radio Workshop. This originally brought may twelfth nineteen fifty seven. The Long Way Home Chris Peckham up on taxes. You'll have one of those. Canadians is all all right. Thank you Johnnie down. We come to her and I don't know for Sure Domingo you in New Jersey if I remember my geography Newark New Jersey Noah here loose Alex just South New York yesterday. Be a pretty big town or used to be Cbs Radio Workshop. Dedicated demands imagination. The theater of the mind today the long way home a glimpse of future we trust will never happen a story of the fate of man to whom it is given to do what they have to do with or without understanding but with patients goodwill and a sense of comradeship. I scape that was a German song when I was fighting in North Africa. Thirty years ago every army take it over like every on me take up Song Word. Let mcclay one from. First World War. I think we learned this from. I've seen soldiers Spanish. I was having game and you say I that my own any sort of a United States nine ninety seven in which the apart twenty one flight. I'm on your mind Skins Kevin about them. Let me play. Hassan from second. Glad is an astro. Soon as I heard that one when I was real little kid shave. Oh boy you coming up after this. Let me give you really filthy vulgar army. June Roger this one practically took the world as armies have been doing come time. I'm afraid know that everybody do love. Also thought you might. I also head that goes at STU. I stopped me. Lem might have had in three days long ways. Act Pack Joe Johnny on First Platoon. Two zero seven zero infantry reporting Sir Democratic Senator Collins with technical experts yes sir. I play music quota. Terrible what we talk with general what cool it is man. I know maybe mayor we know you have your problems but we have worst ones. We have reliable information that an enemy force will attempt to landing somewhere around Cape. May within two or three days. We've got to stop uis force. May I ask general clocks? Am I supposed to know by all the KNOBBY NEW JERSEY? Our intelligence says it's probably general with his Germans Germans or whatever he's got now but even their outer Tibetans I can tell you where emperor rough time and so will you and your people be Mr Mayor if we can't stop them from landing. I'm sorry general but I still don't see how we are involved. We are a community of civilian. Let me tell you Mr Civilian. You had the good fortune to be. They had one of the few cities in the world that has at least some serviceable laws. Left now I know a little five fine before. And if makes landing here in New Jersey you not only will have of your walls left. But no people either Mr Mayor. We know that you've got gasoline stored underground somewhere out here and we need gas. You'll make it sound grim. There will be grim. Believe me perhaps all but what do you want me to do about it or knows? We've got enough tanks left but even those we are useless without gas and if we get gaspar trucks to bring up supplies that we have left or those we can squeeze out communities like yours. Mr Man we be just plain helpless. Let me ask you one question. General whom are you fighting? And why why anybody WHO's fighting? Us Course anybody. Why well I suppose I have to admit I don't really know too much about that part of myself because I'm a soldier I suppose because my government ordered me to that we have hardly any government left general. When will you last in touch with anything? One could call the government. The United States of America world exactly general. But I'll do. I'll turn one of our gas reservoirs over to you and let you do with it. Whatever you want and I'll throw in a bonus on one condition that is true much to make conditions the commanding officer of an army of your own government about the government. I wouldn't know generally I haven't anything from them for a pretty long time concerning your army. I'm not so sure whether it should be considered an army of the United States or just General Clarkson's army there have been I don't know how many dozens of armies like yours wandering around the world. These last few years clawing at each other and pushing each other back and forth across the condition that you'll get your troops out tomorrow morning that when I can accept we have an apartment around Cape May anyway if we can get your gasoline not is. Don't let the difference in our points of view mislead the general. We naturally wish you the best of luck you mentioned a bonus. Yes it's something. Your intelligence apparently missed just before this whole mess started the government and lives a few of the natural caves in the foothills. West of here stored some aeroplanes. There are about five or six left airplanes. I don't know how modern and modern modern man. What does that matter when there hasn't been a factory on the face of the earth producing anything at all for years? I don't even know if I'd still recognize Arab land anymore. Well they're yours together with the gas. If your army leaves in the morning you'll get a deal now. 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Just what our American values working hard to succeed loving God country and family being honest strong and compassionate supporting our Constitution and recognizing that we are blessed to be living in America the greatest country in the world our bill of rights protects us our freedoms of worship speech and privacy are right to own firearms are right to trial by. Jury are right to be free to live our own lives without some bureaucrat. Telling US what to do. Most countries don't have these rights wanted. No more it's all there in the book. Get your free book the US Constitution and the declaration of then. Read it again and this time. Share it with your friends are great. Constitution is the basis of all of our freedoms are inalienable rights. Get your own copy at free. Us Book Dot Com brought to you by the American Media Council. You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station the long way home from the CBS radio workshop made in nine hundred fifty seven minutes. Oj folks here. She billions letting decent close to. What can I do for you sir? And Ma'am Mr and Mrs William Harrison Taylor Young Man. I ain't no sermon. Just Sergeant Sajjan run OUTTA ME Lady. Never mind so I kinda maybe alright. I'd shut up you to. Yes ma'am well. You'll have to forgive an old ladies curiosity but it's been so long since we've heard anything about what is going on. We would have liked to have brought something for you. And your man call that. Ma'am the army is still takes. Pretty good care of us. Eight million white thank them. Ma'am there just road. Happy men get a little silly after march in a long time. You mean marching to long sergeant. I wouldn't know sir. We go where we have to go. But he's pretty vice sometime. Johnny your talk. You'll come from Cuba. Come all the way from cutting now. This eight thousand miles of water between Melvin and even the west coast of this blue incontinence meet a man to speak among children. I come from homes from all these but trying to this anyway. I thought it was American. Non General Klaxons army but all those foreign routes are in a war like this. You can't take too much accounting nationalities. Now Ivan the Russki here. We picked him up in Alaska. After that big fight we had up there. His own outfit with just about wiped out well. He didn't have no place to go so he joined up with us. And then here. He says he's a Korean seems. He came over with that army that invaded California under General Yom Antonio couple of years ago but he got lost in the hills. He had no way to get home. So we kept wandering around and we picked him up when we got pushed back through Washington state by those Mohammed Tons of General Abdel Alley me. I joined up with these chips in Canada after my own brigade was wiped out. Where else would imagine go? These days I believe in freedom recognised just like if I have to repeat my question young man. Is this supposed to be an American army? I sure it is commanding officer. General Clark's in that tent. Sergeant William the government undoubtedly read government. There is no government that I've heard from at least not even about taxes. Don't fuck no William Sergeant. Do you happen to be free from duty tonight. As far as OMA less we get orders to move out well. Our apartment is below street level and so we still have a fairly decent space to live in that last rocket did shake the plaster off the ceiling. But it's warm and quite comfortable and we have a little store of tea leftover matter of fact mother. I even think they're few battles of Bir. Homebrew of course say elbow now. It reuss GEICO. Catch you stop playing that tinker box. Even while you're breaking your leg it's a music local Party Avenue. We're not going to Kentucky. You can be carrying squirt gun over that shoulder to shoulder sheep one football one Mellon Ikea where it is never mind combat eight on Andrea years. Somebody should beat up this town. You say after we go from Chicago. Get Roy address. I guess you're right since. Oh the guys. I think this is a place we were looking for. Mr and Mrs Taylor. We were invited expected. Do please comment thank you miss. Oh look at themselves. Shut up with that. They arrived was Mrs Tayla Sydney that slutty tree with that bloody spear Pin Blahdy blahdy trunk and all in this so-called atomic. He's extrovert like squat. Roeszke Tom if he's he's no more activities comics could ask that yours might even live longer this way. I wouldn't count on too much. Co like we're GONNA get off. That reminds me of a fellow I serve within the Second World War. Well we just landed on this island but I guess he got himself lost or something and the next thing you know after we take this village there. He is sitting on this throne with or body. God's name is John Johnny. Johns mine. Is Martha Martha Waycross Cross? I'm only taken over mother and Dad Mr and Mrs Taylor that is. They found me at the intersection of broad street. Highway Red Bank after that first awful bombing was only about seven. Then your parents gone. I really don't know I'd Forgotten. My name from the shocker. Something so when mother and Dad registered me they take over. They put me down his way cross. What are you looking so strange about? I don't know makes me think of something. Make me smell. It even know what I don't know that's what I don't know that's what I'm trying to remember. Where do you come from? Sergeant from South Dakota originally Black Hills Country. And have you been home recently? Noman joined up seven years ago. I haven't been back since well. No I think at this time when we got chased off the West Coast. I get a chance to stop by the farm. See what's left in my family but the railway wasn't running so they sent us across through Canada. I don't know whether you're aware of children. But there's a beautiful full moon outside. I also like to go out and look at the moonlight talk about another bottle of beer. Then you are a gentleman Mr Thailand. Danny what are you thinking about? Just figured out what you reminded me of before being nice. I hope Braille Nice. I don't know if I can say it right but it had something to do with when I was a kid back home on the far it'd be the Sun. Bright Blue sky and the summer the smell of the green grass and the wheat and corn. A mother had be in the kitchen usually cooking up something good and always in the summer. That'd be that long brings my face and head noise gosh. I hope it's the reinforcements we've been waiting for. General Bob Smith upset. Reckon we sure enough. I'm moving on now lanes themselves. Okay Sir are mechanics. Can't find a thing wrong with them. So what is wrong? They just don't handle right. Well they fly at all after fashioned sir. Well maybe that's enough of a margin swith has amunition are is. We'll lead everything we can lay our hands under. Stop at both Johnny Are you as lonesome for homeless. You Sound Lonesome. Her Home Omits the Army Martha and lonesome. How could I be lonesome? I've been in this outfit since I was fourteen. Giving me an idea though help this one is nice to heard it from a fellow I went to school with. He went back home last year. He told me there are some folks that have moved into some of those caves in the hill right near where I was raised. And they're collecting. All kinds of things. Sounds wonderful seems there was a saint. Once in Italy is somewhere Saint Benedict I think and he collected all the stuff he could find when they had a lot of wars over there just to save the old inventions and ideas civilization. I guess well those people back home are trying to do the same thing Johnny. Are you thinking of going back to join? Martha man had himself a good woman. I don't know the army anytime. Okay Mr Mayor. You delivered the prions all right and you turned over that gasoline but the two just don't work together. The planes won't run on gas the way they should neither will our tanks trucks. I'm sorry general. But that's not our fault. The stuff hasn't been touched since it was pumped into the reservoir fifteen years ago fifteen years. There's no wonder matter general. You know what? Evaporation and condensation in an underground tank can do gasoline in fifteen years. I only hope that stuff is good for one. Middle least you did pass through New York on your way here all the day. What's it look like. We haven't heard from anyone who's been through there for year. Old Paul said anything left. We had to dig a road through the rubble for our thanks. Tell me something Mister Goalpara leave man originally the fifth Strand Division well corporal. You're not an neck. And why are you here? What did you fight? Why Madam Women Have Children? That's a woman's role in life. Maybe it's a man's role to fight at a they fight is man's live in on me. All I can say Bob. I'm glad you got here. I have a hunch this wolf is going to be pretty tough to like it. Wouldn't risk gleaming if he didn't think he was pretty well fixed. Radio think hit us. G2'S AROUND CAPE. May make sense to you got here just in time Bob. The mayor of this junk keep made me swear we'd move out in the morning. You mean major. Heke some gas stored underground before the war. Few planes hitting those caves and so we made a deal out. Turns out of course at the gas was full of water and the plane's practically refuse to fly on it. Still you know. The Oh saw beggars can't be choosy. Shot this on. I thought of it but how would I have found those supplies may twelfth nineteen fifty seven the CBS radio workshop? The long way home coming up in our next half the conclusion of the long way home and yours truly johnny dollar. That's coming up in four minutes on Classic Radio Theater. 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We can all make a difference. Hashtag Gift Card Challenge Learn more at Gift Card Challenge Dot Org. This is brought Joe Marks. A few days ago I was talking with the director of Civil Defense and he told me some things that I feel. Everyone should know. That's why I'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example that your chances of surviving an atom bomb attack excellent? It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. Cape a complete first aid kit handy. Keep a closed container of drinking water in your refrigerator enough for three days show. You have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now and pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors. Make sure that every member of your family understands he has to rush to that same spot when there's danger convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and. I hope I can convince you are important to your family. Yourself and your community. You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of the CBS radio workshop the way home may twelfth nineteen fifty seven tanks. I'm eighty four eighty sixes about twenty six my six trucks fuel rocket launchers enough mortars not tillery for a couple of Italians. I've got about fifteen thousand men just about a division and the way we used as an now. It's arming yeah. Well I'm glad you caught up with US Anyway Bob. I don't know whether even the two of us together be able to stop that. Wolfe still has better get ready to push out side. Adam found assembly. We're moving out into ours. What's that hey you guys back to campus sounded? I guess we're moving Black Hills of yours. All we move in. Johnny thinks she's invasion invasion. Who gave it on the double? I'm sorry honey I guess you I just can't go home. Yeah I know I did but I couldn't leave my out there now. Not when the guy's I for another battle might be a real bad. Don't you go and now my feel a lot better? Just knowing you're alive you know that I reckon they just don't seem like there's much time left anymore to do. The things people really wanted. Shot your call him on both sides on now you guys sit on holidays. Got Some planes on the side again if an Ghedini glad who needed gazillion. Beat you like Gary. Things are the fight without tanks risky. Shut up you is his general. Looks like two of them. Clarkson army once again as we often before our opportunity. Come as you know. I never keep secrets from me. I tell you frankly. Therefore this time we're up against the toughest and the smartest opponent many of you have faced general. Look on his special. Our intelligence tells us if they're planning to land near Cape May tomorrow or the next night but we have been reinforced by General Bob Smith and his army so with faith and confidence and courage and skill which you have shown so often. I know that we will continue to keep this continent. Say Bar are Wynonna. This one here pork like that. Yes Yeah Oh my black. Maybe I'll be back. Maybe you've been listening to the CBS radio workshop and the Long Way Home Glimpse of the future. We hope we'll never confront US written by Henry. Fritsch music arranged by Alexander Steinerte produced and directed in New York by Paul Roberts. William Redfield was hurt is Johnny Danny Alcoa's Ivan and Terry Keane is Martha others in the cast included Bob Dryden Joseph Julian Roger Dacoven Nat Polen. Leon Janney Guy Rep Wendell Holmes Jack Arthur and Ruth. Tobin may nineteen fifty seven the CBS radio workshop. 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We are all ready to get onto Pine Ridge for another visit with lumber that and now let's see what's happening down in Pine Ridge Lemon. Admiral quickly having that levels over the chain letters they started in. Pineridge Jones's the Hudson and were pouring in from all sections of the country. They learned that it is unlawful to start. These letters comes under the head of using the males to depart mile. Now they'll hello. They're trying their best to the hubs back to those live them in on brands today lum gone to the county seat as the about getting the hogs back but we find grandpappy spears abner down at the job down star and he been back long ago he left writer and this morning. Al-ahmed offer cold man popular. Take them all day to do anything and the cat trash. Marta Gallardo sipping all home back. They come from. You've got to do this on right around them to whoever them already or a and the crate. You don't even have to thank and I thank you better go before a game. They're paying out all that money. Experts Dargis getting them back. We ain't going to kind of keep our out of trouble. We're don't buy an older gay. Clearly Gas Dean argued with him for are we could get him to take that home back at he. Wrong man and I've got twenty some odd over at my pace oper worrying about getting in trouble over mine off what me and all my laundry started that whole town. I quite. They've got up. There comes when you don't Wanna a about it being again. Loda Buck and thing Leonard. Yeah I know he said all along better came all he wouldn't have nothing to do longtime fan he McCain and he wouldn't have it. I sorry I can't them online at twelve one home for twenty five and in a week. Good Deal Feller Dr Lennon. They're the ones that Khaki. How do they come in all birth rate? I reckon abner live thinking that down the thorny and had a book the Car Viewing Lum said he had to take it over here plate and cedric with down there at the end lane with a shotgun wouldn't let him on the plane that for havoc going going well did it. He got one little chain letter. That on GONNA pop. He was supposed to bring you both the call and off. But we ain't that number all that of that three hundred bushel folk song. If laugh all we know what they were doing why you lung team to get the hall. You'd want Olive Garden. You can get on told him Dayton very adding him running the man with a gun. He kinda give you. Bush corn our economy. Get Out of their chain letter enough on. I get them home back. Everybody having to go through the same thing on call me given the whole back in time to find out who all brought them to look at the county seat now. Going to all expensive shipping hoagie. Come in here back to whoever them well for goodness sakes. What in the word. You don't that boy isn't it? Kinda? Keep her out of the pennant to here that the government could law. We're starting on paying letters. We get the best way to keep out of or Phantom all back. That's not gonNA help anything in the back violated the law when you sent the letter out. Not when you the old in the gone there ya you mean a hit and again a to keep a Hong Kong I no. That's not gonNA happen. Any getting them back going es Carlotta Camargo go through with the now very word. Acholi me to know that for Lamin. One end of the county seat thanking Matt my ever we had them hauled back they come from all over the United States they want acne clean out in California. Yeah I hear that offer seventeen dollars them back about three hundred twenty one. Well I'm sorry. Go color to do this that the other day but I was just warning not the thought anymore in our later somebody going to get in trouble over and I'll be back band and the good thing I never turn them. All non-polemical in this morning opened the gate and kind of all. I'm an old. Why THEY ALL COME PROM? Maybe that they go home by their turn. Them loose had fee. Oh gone all the way home. A good thing never done in anyway at the bank after lime lamp mind got our failed in Pablo. Why can work a lot of hand? Pine Reagan Ida had Iraq dollar fide tournament. Right I thought you keep ever Hogan ever laconic get that. Nothing will be done or read about the pain. Let it be thought. And I don't believe the garden Laura because sooner or later somebody's GonNa get into. Don't you worry about that? I hope I never the one. I'm all well I get back. I just want to find out why fendrick go there. Gardening played with the job. I'm glad to come on me. Yeah I am to record. I know there's making a mistake. Kinda give all them hoes back by the way Ed nearly forgotten. I've got letter here if you come on them. Bring it over. You might not get down to the post today. Thank you can't do you. Follow me up five feet or handwriting. My boy and corner actor five-day return to fear Star Out Eighty Oklahoma passing. You Mall be proud to hear from him. Burke Aaron we've had from Him Paul Kramer Berties men work on he popping place we'll be following all ra console better. Open IT UP. And he went on and telephone the news. Go ahead and read it. I love to go. Hey our black people. All Fatty Microsoft fans everything more and I go know what the typewriter back that minorities took a plan have their plan and I wanNA thank all it all yeah charm wash started in hopes of bringing prosperity to you within three feet eight. Make five copy of this letter leaving all the top and add anything boycotting about here. I know van pap I believe. He sent you on pain. Were going on here to say and omitting a cop name and address be short. Offend that person can change in paper at a charity and thank you taking the country. I don't know now better can cataract but I. I know he ain't Shaker. Couldn't rick the letter and must be getting along or audrey wouldn't had a dime and looked at fenway. But you can. I reckon your lots of letters from folks and frantic mom coming up. Yeah yeah he's about new. I'm happy rain. We've been having a full of peaks won't on here you got back. I see they have any trouble. Had nothing else buttram. We're into it. Now Join Up. Edward Hakamada went in. There is more into them. Verdict takes a man was in there and he called the time. I got there there. Eighty some odd pants deal coming. I had to figure out how much it cost us to send them back of when they come brominated. Run the nearly six hundred dollars dollars and we won't send them back but Amar it'd be twice as many today. I know we can cut and now the corn has started coming in here now. I get that out now wine about. I've got some good news. Good news here all hand. He found that it wouldn't do no good fam- hogged Magnolia. No He's saying again. A Lotta get the hogs. The only thing can get you better. Pray starting in pain ladder. You don't think nothing to be dead about that. Dick said that your home my goodness we all in hopes simone on them Mauger News. We've failed on and on it again along the way on ever none well good for you and declared. He don't think we'll get no couple of quick granted. I know that was a good idea that chain letter but the minute. Oughta let me get to that telephone. Do I'm going to call up everybody. We talked to hinder token him taking them home back and make them bring them back over here to it. They already had more attention to take them back in the I like the old colors that finally solved the problem of farm relief for the Bell May Fourteenth One thousand nine hundred thirty phone interview if they do get fifteen thousand hogs may fourteenth nineteen thirty five eleven abner on Classic Radio Theater every now and I would like to bring a surprise and studio audience and ask them if they have Odd or unusual items which we call out if they do. They're in for a group of wonderful riders. And today we're going to Down into the audience and see if anyone has gonna go anybody here thought. I wonder if you want to get a lot. I'm talking about the nickel plated guide which you cannot be on faith blazes on up leave get down there and cyanide book you will Matthew He Chair. Chair Where you from lease that Nylon York. And how do you happen V? Here in a radio studio just a New York Stamos Times Square across the world possessing. GonNa repeat the question. Would you just you happen to be here today? From Sat Island and fitting the all with chronic relying. We just happen to want to ask that question about studio audience not figuring anybody would have won new. Yeah a long before I went in the army. We've got Before you went into the fourth part is there in the Second World War. I look you look. If you're thirty two or three Sir Paul I am like and but now getting back to the The through the find it comes in handy to carry this week. I just think home. It'd be more use. Well you never know when you'll need that's I always carry it with me. You ever been asked by a ratio masters. I'm on as if you had a conical radio now and then as I went at and I ask that I had one another Hala here whether going so you mean the two people in our audience in one day holidays when you asked anyone go here we can probably go a whole year having an audience that any member with possessor article in his one day two of them. I don't know if that gentleman will come. Okay all right out there you raise your hands and that was unfair to us because we thought we had would if you say. You're not ashamed of that. Serve many people do in the course of time when we asked them for a few minutes of that kind is up and talk with us but we were successful in finding that one man? He's on accuracy. There you have Bob and ray on Classic Radio Theater. We hope you will stop by our web page. Which is classic. Radio DOT stream that is classic radio DOT Stryene. There you can find our classic Radio Theatre podcasts on demand you can learn more about classic radio collecting and there you can contact me directly. Classic Radio Dot Stream. Come pay me a visit. I'm so lonely. Classic Radio Downstream or appeared. Liked to find our podcast. You can find those anywhere find. Podcast served I tuned speaker. The IHEARTRADIO APP even spotify just search for U. 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Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash recreate this is the liberty beat at SNL NETWORK DOT GOV in. The news has Kobe nineteen rips through the United States. A record twenty six point. Five million Americans have filed for jobless benefits since mid-march alone numbers not seen since the height of the Great Depression mid Press news reports at tens of millions have been laid off furloughed or seeing business dry up in a matter of weeks. The unemployment figures are actually a significant underestimate of the problem according to a new study by the nonpartisan DC think-tank the Economic Policy Institute. Their survey of over twenty four thousand Americans found that for every ten people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits in the last four weeks three to four additional people attempted to apply but were unable to navigate the system to make a claim to additional people. Do not even try. Because of the complicated application process adding the numbers to the millions of unemployed Americans makes the likely total of unemployed top. Forty million people off that from a forty year low in February ever wonder where we find all the news to report right here on the liberty meet visit. Snl S. DOT news to get the world's most censored media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media. Snl LS news makes a quick and easy. No apps no click bait just all headlines. Twenty four hours a day visit S. and L. S. DOT COM and get informed today without the corporate media. Spend your news now continues. The New York State Education Department has block schools from using a state funding mechanism to purchase facial recognition systems according to the New York Civil Liberties Union. The lockport city school district purchased a facial recognition system using state funds allocated through the smart schools bond. Act The program set aside two billion dollars to improve learning an opportunity for students throughout New York activists post reports in an ounce. Move the education department changed. Sba application requirements specifically barring funds for the purchase a facial recognition technology. The New York Education Department website now stipulates quote. The Review Board is not currently approving plans that include facial recognition technology or other similar self learning analytics software and won't in an email deputy director Education Policy Center. New York Civil Liberties Union. Stephanie Quayle called the change huge breaking defense a digital magazine that covers military issues reports that Israel may ask for its. Us aid early possibly in a lump sum that could be as high as seven point. Six Billion Dollars Mint Press news reports. That would work out almost twenty one million dollars per day from American taxpayers even though the US is approaching four trillion dollar deficit the largest in the world and Israel typically has a lower unemployment rate than the United States. The report by breaking defense. Israel correspondent area Ghozi an Israeli citizen. Who served any Israeli military and close to the Israeli security establishment? It goes these article states that because of the corona virus pandemic quote. Israel's Ministry of Defense and High Command have hammered out an emergency plan for an appeal to Washington and quote US aid. Israel is normally dispersed in October in a lump sum that is deposited to an interest bearing Israeli account in New York. That or`Sir Bank support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead you room. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips. Tools news stories and commentary on everything. Home Standing Topic Glued Green homes gardening. And we'll have to drink. You would yourself home. Remedies Alternative Energy. Survival isn't schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead docu room. This is the liberty powered by the S. and L. S. Network has in Alaska Word Dot Com. I'm Mike Moreau reporting for the liberty. Being reminding you spread liberty with a smile pretty sure that bill called me Limp Dick earlier than Tun keeps punching me in the shoulder pretty hard to. I can't tell if it's their way of letting me feel like I'm part of the group or making me feel bad upon myself. Tampa said while his coworkers verbally demeaned him and even made him feel physically threatened at various points in the evening they did so with large smiles on their faces making. It extremely unclear if his coworkers enjoyed his company or wanted him to leave the bar while. I told Jeff about this problem that I was having with my girlfriend. And he called me a pussy and then walked away but then like five minutes later came back with a beer that he had bought for me. What does that even mean purely? I'm invited over to Todd's house for dinner this weekend. I guess that'll be fine for more on this story. Keep checking the onion Dunkel. Yes is the onion news network This is free talk. Live Talk Radio you control. You can call and talk about whatever is on your mind that toll free numbers eight five five four five zero three seven three three in which tonight it's Aria an Conan and apparently mask are still the subject of the day There was the guy a week ago. Who decided he was going to abide the facemask requirement California by wearing KKK hood? Evidently he can't be charged. They have no grounds for charging him. I guess what would the charge be? I don't know it's it's a good way to troll people. I guess if you don't care about your reputation will be in California when they turn that into some kind of hate crime situation and attempted hate crime thoughts dot crime. I wouldn't put it past California to do that. But apparently they couldn't find anything even the even the thou shalt not wear a mask in public laws. Don't know they have one of those in California or suspended for the time being. I know they have one in Florida But I don't know about California and I want to know how those two laws interplay with each other right because Florida at the very least did pass a law forbidding people from wearing covering their faces in public. I think they look in the other way. I think they're just using discretion and not enforcing that. Yeah but still. It raises the question. If you were to be arrested for not wearing a mask in one of these days as many people have been. You could make the argument that you were just following. The law said you couldn't wear a mask I mean that's government specimens and it would be up to the judge at that point and whatever whatever Biased he is leaning towards that week with would take place would take precedence so at least those states the government has actually made it impossible to be a legally existing citizen. You're either breaking the law by not wearing a mask or you're breaking the law by wearing you pretty much are always breaking the law in somewhere in the law. The law excellent point but according to this article that you brought in Conan masks are making people are dumber more afraid and less safe really well of course and of course. The A lot of a lot of people are wearing because of safety reasons. They have been told somewhere along the line that it's all about especially if you're sick. You providing healthy people from being not spitting all over them right away. Which is solid reasoning? If I was sick and if you you know if if you lean the way that I do and that we all have it we there already had it. We've had it from last year or even last fall or we're going you know it's inner system and all they had to do is just give us the right test that happens to be either a false positive and or they the test amplifies the the little tiny little bit of corona that we have in us. We all have it. I think the fact that the most of the crew up free talk live has been going around in public as normal. Not Wearing masks not wearing gloves and not doing anything different but yet not one of us has been tested positive for Cup in ninety most of I'm not going to say most of us have been tested at all because we're perfectly healthy. Whoa this would. This new house ruled this new legislation. They're trying to pull down the pike. Hr Six six six six the trace act the last thing in the world you WanNa do is get tested in and to find that you have coded because they can get there but they could throw you in quarantine and they can throw up and then they would find out everyone we've been around and then they test you as well throw you in quarantine and and and and Vaccinate us with whatever Pulse they have Cooked up at the moment. But wouldn't you say that our continued existence as healthy? People is proof that the American people are being lied to by the media. You would think you would think at least very strong anecdotal evidence. All you have to do is look at the stats by the way which they are not that we should all be dead by which they are not displaying any longer. All the charts. All the stats. They've come out at their little. Their little briefings any longer to tell you what it's going to be. They'll talk about the curve. It's been flattened but there's going to be the second wave and whatnot So You keep saying inside and you have a whole contingent of this country. That are all aboard. I don't know about the statement that that we should all be dead. I mean even by the government so numbers no we shouldn't two percent of Did Not even that of young people not lot of young people? Well No. They don't say that right they don't and they don't say it's like two percent of elderly people harangue like that and they don't and they don't pick out the most polluted regions of this country. Either like New York which is just smog. Central Course people are GonNA get sicker in those in those areas than say fresh breath. Fresh Air New Hampshire Right. Which what are one hundred hundred people dead or something something like that? Only only a half dozen half dozen over under sixty many of them were going to die anyway. Correct from from the had some from the seasonal flu or whatever was that they were already ill from exactly when they came down with us. So what is this argument from? Reeds kind ability dot com. About how masks are making people dumber. Well this is. This is an argument. That is is more not so much. The health concerns but the the L. terrier concerns that we should all have in that it makes us first of all it's GonNa make us meaner and I already know. I'm not even wearing a frigging mask. I am when I go out in the public and see ninety percent of Walgreens as nothing but a face of zombies were in their mass. All giving me the stink eye. It's making me me. It's making me. It's making me hate them. It's not making you're choosing to hate them. They can't make you do anything. I'm I'm so unhappy with the situation that I just. I pity them be better. That's what I was doing two weeks ago. Okay now it's now it's turned into hate. Okay that's not a healthy direction. The Emperor I agree completely with what you're saying. The Empty Emperor is up there and his death star. Cackling right now yes. Use Your hate code in your mask. So you make masks right Because you work for a government agency. I work every I'm all over the place. I'm all over the place just office. Supposedly all everyone in my outfit is wearing masks. Us carriers. We basically go when we do our thing and then we get out there. We're just driving up and down rural rural countryside. We don't get close to anyone really. And when I get to your house and just on your package not throwing but I am Placing your hackers on your porch and then and then running off. She recently a complaint about damage packages. No no no. I'M A I'M A. I'm a good guy. I mean not sending them there. I get tips in Christmastime. I get cookies sometimes. Sometimes actually money. My guys are happy with me but no but I do have worried about getting covered from one of the cookies. I am not known to me. It's just it's just hey way to build your immune system. No one of my part-time a nonessential positions have demanded that we were amassed in the office. And I told him straight up whenever you do when not GonNa do it whenever you lift this this nonsense rule. I'll come back and do some work for you. So you walked. I'm up I'm out some already. That's one one job down okay. I have seen it. Think about transport. You didn't think about trying like a religious or medical exemption well I on Saturday. Okay all right so Saturday I was still on the clock. I'd been out all day and I went and stopped at tractor supply and Walpole And I had I had an armful of stuff and I was walking into the building and young lady says Sir Sir. Do you have a mask? You were walking into building the where you work tractor supply you shopping o shopping okay and stuff. You were coming in with stuff correct. Okay that was that was out. It was outside the woman said. Sir. Do you have a mask. I'm like I knew what was going on my no. I do not have a mask. And she's like well it's been mandated by Prince Sununu. Did she say that? She said governor scenario that all employees and customers where mass on has no. It is an absolute lie. Of course I had been out all day. This is the afternoon on Saturday and I knew I knew what the mandate was going to be but I haven't had time to To look it up and I was still on the clock so I took my stuff that I had and I placed it on the in the aisle and I walked out of there nice and I took my. I took my my business to Home Depot. So they lost a home depot still got their lines outside And Ninety percent of the people inside wearing masks but they have Jimmy Hart time yet One of our wants someone that we know went into the Kean family dollar The same day. I think it was Saturday or Sunday. He got thrown out thrown out or the sign on the door. Said you couldn't go. He went in there. He had his camera. He's got it all on video. Really in the lady accosted him and he got video of people in there. I haven't seen this video. Yeah we'll we'll watch it during the break all right so there were people in there by the way didn't have masks so maybe they had Said Asthma's Ma. I'm an old woman. I have asthma. Can't deal with this and they got I don't know but he went in there. He needs stirred it up a little bit. But yeah it's coming down There's a there's an establishment of Bedford. Michael's art store and asks mandatory masks even though we know Prince Sununu his His executive order doesn't say anything about customers. Having to wear masks yet. That hasn't come yet. You could always say no. I'm exempt I don't have to wear one to see how that goes. Eight five five four hundred fifty free. Do you want more businesses accepting bitcoin. Cash and dash now with any pay you EARN PASSIVE INCOME FOR EVERY PURCHASE. Those businesses finally financial incentive to spread bitcoin. Cash Dash. 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But it's an effort to move twenty thousand people who understand it's about demonstrating to the entire country. Yeah we can have a free market a truly fee market making it just a great place to live. It's the world's largest while Interests Libertarian Community. And it's only getting bigger that's amazing to be able to move to other people's passionately believe in being free and independent with the Free State project. Managing to do though is to put their money where their mouth? It's physically getting up across the country and saying let's go someplace. Let's demonstrate the power of these ideas. There's a lot of kind of philosophy that surrounds liberty. There's a lot of thinking about it and talking about it. But here in New Hampshire people are doing one hundred one reasons Liberty Lips in New Hampshire documentary by Free State Project early. Movers Watch it free at one. Oh one reasons film DOT COM one. Oh one reasons. Film Dot Com L. Dot. 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The first one tap solution for earning passive income with their multi tiered master knows that allow anyone to earn by supporting the divvy network when it launched launches because of Davies relationship with Western Union. Debbie will be in two hundred countries including the United States. You can learn more at divvy project DOT ORG This B I project dot org now. We're talking about masks here. And your particular experiences with masks cone and the experiences of this local who went to the family dollar here came but ultimately was not it turned out thrown out to point of correction. He was accosted and He caught some people in there. By the way who didn't have mass for whatever reasons did well. That's the right term. Hey it's literally true but I think it's probably a bit loaded. Women woman was fronted employees a verbal confrontation is to be accosted. She was ready to throw. If she was muscular. She would have grabbed him. She yes she would yes he would have he and how he got out of it was he claimed medical condition us right now. The other option is going back toward the other. Yes exactly the other option would be to claim a religious exemption and we're just climbing exemption and tell them the reason why because that's not their business do that and I'm wondering how many people who are upset with this this this new normal. This new abnormal are are gonna be able to do that because it's not easy. I mean no one wants to rock the boat. Don't go in there. It's it's it's someone else's I don't I don't It's someone else's property. It's someone else's business in their fares and they feel the girl who accosted him felt that you know she probably didn't WanNa wear the mask but she probably felt that it's necessary that you know in order to get past this we have to all hunker down. We all have to you know. Put Our put our muzzles on the fact that in the same video which we will link at discord freetalklive at some point or indie telegram. Chat that people follow. There's an old woman standing between the employee and the guy who made the video early no masks she is not wearing. He's checking out registers so she's been in the store the whole time. It's not like she's just so did she. Did she get a waiver? Because she's just an old person or did she claim some exemption as well? Well it's an old lady you know exactly but this white man who walked in. We can't have this but killing the world with his not wearing a mask I warmly. I I've had. I've had a couple of days to stew on this because you in there. I'm seeing more and more posts like this of people claim. Certain establishments are coming down with this this new rule and like I said I've already walked. I've already walked one job. I wasn't making a whole lot of money there but a little bit of my income was coming from that that place and I'm just I'm waiting for the rest of the hammer to fall. You know and we're not even we're not even at the mandatory vaccines yet. Nope that's common and they wanted. These people want it so bad and there are people who are so fed up with this nonsense. They're they'll be lining up. We will make them feel better. It'll make them feel like they're doing something. They're contributing in the well. No they just they just want to be normal again. They want to go back to work and they want to be out in public. They'll do whatever we couple of weeks back. We were making a joke about realize that wearing masks and public is literally keeping things from being normal. Exactly you're muzzled like farm. Animal Won't be muzzled. Exactly we're GONNA get into this article. Let's to talk about how they see us without our muzzles and it makes them angry at madge that low look. Oh my God does boat rockers. Over there well-poisoners. They're going to get us all killed well and here. I am uncomfortable. I'm also sweating and I'm and I'm fogging up my glasses because I've got the stupid muzzle on and look at that person over free slave on slave mentality. Well right and then I see him in the room tonight but Stephan in Ohio called last night and called me a jerk because I said I didn't care And you know what I don't care about all this fearmongering stuff and I don't care about how you feel about it. If you feel so afraid you should stay home Yushu. Lock yourself up and you should follow all the quarantine procedures you WANNA follow. I'm not obligated to do it. And I don't I don't feel bad about how you feel about it. Go on Amazon and get yourself one and bubble boy pumps and pumps them oxygen to it. You'll be just fine if you put a bubble boy fit on and you can't fit through the front door my business. It is not my responsibility to widen the door frame for you. Well it's my responsibility to take out my video camera and put that on Youtube. That'll be that'll be. That'll be next year's legislation Ian you'll have to comply with the way bubble boy and make sure your bathroom is able to fit him as well And Has Special Conveyor Belt Forum. Up in the bubble boy outfit. That doesn't sound like fun. Pee into your diaper there you go. I. Let's get on with the Arctic mask is making you meaner because you're wearing one you're mad at everyone else Who is it and you can't stay. You can't say with any certainty or evidence that you know you're right to wear one or the other person is wrong not to but that's what you're told their certain and you believed it so you decided to think they are and that's scary so you decided to get a mask and where and yes. It's a pain but you believe it's part of the noble collective effort to work together to do something big and I say it's a pain but let's be honest a good chunk of you excitedly. See your masks. As a fashion accessory that make you look cooler hotter or just more woke and when you look if I go through my social media right now I would say twenty percent of them are dudes women's with their masks on and they'll they'll have designs and they'll make social state they'll be they'll be making their own mass out of what it said some fabric that they got a Michael's or whatever and was telling you this before the show tonight. I got back from going to curry Indian here in town which is an Indian restaurant that takes cryptocurrency. And while I'm standing outside waiting there were of course other customers coming up in sadly all of them had masks on there were like three people So as the only person without without a mask on Oh also muhammed. The owner did not have a mascot. This is this. Is this pickup. Only the do delivery but yeah takeout. Not I'm waiting for what people with their masks. Do when they get in there sitting down then ten feet apart when they actually do open the restaurants. Oh He's going to be twenty percent only and you had to wear your mask until you eat our math. Were even going to go in and an attempt to got an article about that Conan. That's a good question but just to the whole fashion statement thing. There was a guy that had a smiley face. I didn't notice it about the girl who was wearing a mask did and she complimented him. I love your smile. And then he talked about how somebody else made it forum. Now the thing right like this is the thing that these people can relate to. They've they're abuse victims right. So does your typical victim on victim violence that you see and so they can relate to their common abuse and now they have little chats about their mass and they're probably and they were probably talking behind your back whenever you left. That says son of a gun so yeah. It's a fashion accessory to some. It's a it's a bean woke accessory but whether you love or hate wearing it when you see someone who isn't you take it personally. You've been told that the person doesn't care about your health and safety Mr Freeman Amy. We don't care about their health and safety their health and safety responsibility not mine. I care about my health and safety and the health and safety of people I care about but I'm not going to try to save the world. It's not my responsibility. True that let the individuals take care of their own health and safety. 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I just heard the best sales pitch. I've heard in a long time on an airplane. The flight attendant announced if you paid more than seventy five dollars for your round trip ticket. You overpaid this is brilliant. Because everybody on the flight paid more and I was struck by how all the road warriors stopped typing and reading and working and looked up. The announcement invited us to apply for the airlines credit card. And the sign up bonus enough frequent flyer miles for a free round trip talk about turning lemons into lemonade with some banks offering free credit cards. Seventy five dollars is an outrage for an annual fee but a bargain for airline tickets for more tips on communicating more effectively hit survival speech dot com where you can see how. I got the CEO of another major airline to shower me with freebies. I'm Holland Cooke. Looking for a great real estate investment. Consider New Hampshire which is Ground Zero for the Liberty Movement. Your first call should be to mark worden from porcupine real estate. He's more than just a real estate agent. Easier New Hampshire concierge. Where are the best places to live? Do you want farm city the burbs or forest. Do you want a duplex multifamily buildings? So that Renter's pay your mortgage their homes in all price ranges in New Hampshire and Marken help with financing to invest in liberty and property mark. Gordon can help park real estate. Calm the L. R. N. Dot. Fm Social Media. Channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon the decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find post from multiple. L. RN DOT FM show hosts together in one place follow us on twitter at Twitter Dot L. end on FM or better yet moved to the decentralized mastodon social media platform at toot dot L. R. N. DOT FM T. O. T. DOT DOT FM. I think you'll like it free. Talk Live the show where anyone can call about whatever they want and we do mean anyone. You're on free talk live hello. Helen thought almost three decades. Because it's a little creatures appeared my consciousness little they introduced themselves as Matilda and Mumford rabbit higher planet more quickly Kill Rabbit has a habit of using God's gift a free seat until the rabbit has a habit snoring in asleep but not before she does employer the word of shoulder keep. Is it the same yet? They he visit their word and way. And I'll tell you what. Why would they care about Jesus? They don't even live on this planet. Right how would they even know? Because Jesus Jesus was on horror he understand alone everywhere Dunedin Outside of Jerusalem and the other planets to free talk live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. DOT FM. You're listening to the best liberty oriented audio streamed around the clock on the air and online. This is the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. DOT FM. This is free talk. Live Talk Radio that you controlled you can call and talk about whatever is on your mind that toll free numbers eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you tonight. It's Aria an CONAN and we're talking now about masks and this notion that we're masks are making people meaner but as you pointed out not wearing a mask is also making him means making me meter and it wasn't two weeks ago but so. I don't think it's our fault. It's just this new. Social construct that has split people into camps and America is horrifically divided on every subject. So this is just a new subject for people to hate each other over instead of whether or not they're Democrats or Republicans or Christians or Muslims or male or female is just mask or not mask. I think I think my level my group. I think we're so insignificant that we couldn't be considered like the other. The other tried the other party the other the the B group Because I don't think a lot of people are where I'm at right now when when I was that. Just the whole not wearing a mask thing seeing when I go out and I see all these slaves and I realized that they they are they are the ones punching holes in the end the bottom of the ship. They are helping the powers that be. Bring the ship down even quicker These slaves are making it worse for the Freedom Lovers where we see through The charade will we see through the scam the hype and we understand. You know what this what this is leading to. And and I'm sorry I I. The these people are doing harm to me that they could be out in my yard Breaking wind making my windows with rocks. This is how I see them. They could this is not that different than how they see you then right because if they think that you're harming people by the fact that you don't have a mask on your saying they're arming you. By the fact that they do have a mask on that makes them obedient which is helping the system takeover faster I mean. That's it's a bit of a stretch. I see where you're coming from but I would i. Would I would caution you to to not become that which you despise and that sounds a lot like the emperor that what you despise him for his told me to harness my hatred because look Conan these people already existed all right so all the mask has done is made them visible to you so now when you see one hundred people now you know there's one of them there's one of them there's one of fifty of them you know they're they are right and either they completely agree with the mask and are totally indoctrinated or they're doing it to go along to get along because they don't WanNa be ostracized but either way I heard that camp. I hope it's that because when I go into to Walgreens and I see ninety percent was at ninety percent when I go into home depot in its in its above sixty seventy percent of everyone wearing these masks I felt it was like half and half and I was the other day I I don't even think has happened. Maybe thirty percent of people are wearing masks. Well I haven't been in dirt Martin Awhile but I know home on Sunday was really bad. Also working estimate business and maybe ten percent of people come in wearing math. That's eighty well the good. That's because you're in one place long enough to kind of see that but then again on the other hand you may be experiencing self selection kind of situation where because the people who are coming in are more likely to leave their homes to get food there also less likely to wear a mask because the people are really afraid. They're not going out good that's what they should do. They should sit at home and their little isolation chamber safe from the people out there. Not Wearing masks right. And when you can't pay your bills dolts expect that stimulus bailout. That you're probably waiting for and that's really that's what it's really boiled down to You know I think a lot of these people would wake up and have woken up a long time ago if they didn't realize that there was a potential bailout it right across the horizon. And that's what it's that's what it's that's where it's at people would come to their senses. They would come to reality if they knew that there wasn't they weren't getting paid that there wasn't going to be a bailout. If they knew that they were going to be absolute consequence. All right well I don't see him ninety year. Grandma might actually die this year from pneumonia but is that going to be. Is that going to be even any worse than a family of four? Two kids wife. We've been out of work for two months and we can't pay. We're never going to catch up to this If it did with that reality actually Bring US bring them back to reality. I don't know I just I so far. I think that it would but people would be. We have gone too far down. This Tread on me harder. Daddy bail me out daddy whenever I make a mistake. I share your frustrations in I really do. I just don't share the the hatred. I don't think I I think hatreds strong word okay. I think that I am so dissatisfied with him humanity right now. They're disappointing. They're very disappointing. There's no doubt about that. I mean I expected a little bit better but maybe I shouldn't have and but here we are and now were even. I would say even more in the minority than we were previously like before cove it. We were already pretty much in the minority as far as very very small segment of the population being voluntaristic Libertarian anarchist. Safe Free Thinkers. Now there's a schism within the volunteer. Is- Libertarian Anarchists? Because some of them want to stay home and they're afraid or whatever so now our group has split yet again as it has many many time and and here we are in the minority of a minority. Same at my my same That was just talking about just now. consequences you need to out. You need to get the panels. You need to get the way scales out needed to weigh the consequences. Is your nine year grandma dying worse than you not be able to you losing your home? Your children starving. You you being so depressed because of all of this that you go and shoot yourself six months from now because you can't handle anymore because life sucks so hard because of what you allowed to happen you can't you can't make that judgment for them any more than they can say one or the other for you and have the state has it has to be their decision right but the entire problem here is that they had the government come in and force you to accept their decision. Ona Oh no is better for grandma to stay alive than it is for the family of four to wake up homeless right. That was the decision. The government made with these lockdowns and the people went along with people when the people wanted it so we can't force otherwise on them just because we don't like their way. I mean we've no bad thing. And they should do their thing. Bad Mouth Government a lot in in the powers that be the people who are pull mysteries but you know what they wouldn't exist it unless they weren't representing the people actually wanted the people want this. The people selfish people out there are more afraid of dying then then actually thinking about Self Nikki reality. You're selfish because you're more concerned about freedom than the fact that other people could die right see. That's what we were getting from the hater that called in last night. Was You know essentially saying that? Oh well you know you're saying your freedom more important than society you're saying you know you're being selfish is built on freedom once you take that away that's the that's where we start going downhill. Yeah the downward spiral begins when you start removing freedoms from US and that's when it starts I would agree but they they care about a different downward spiral they care about. The one where people are dying because of freedom people are the way they see it. But you know what to all out there while you self esteem them. If you have to stop hitting them you have to stop calling them. Selfish recognize their humanity. And they're good intention. I'm a cynic everyone a selfish. That's that's my whole life. Selfish their value set is different than yours. I'm saying that they're being unrealistic. I'm saying that you're afraid of dying but what you're doing is going to cause so much more dental yes so much more impoverishment so much more prove that you can. I say so much more that this could be so much worse. If you haven't done this or is it's going to be so much worse because you did do this. Oh all hypothetical like is all I can do. Basically vouch sending out there saying this would have been so much worse. If we didn't have to log all I could do is throw a history book. This is this is what happens. This is what happens when you allow government to encroach on your lives like this and take more and more your freedoms it's already started. I mean they've already been Increased numbers of people calling suicide hotlines. We've seen a numbers of suicide people killing themselves specifically citing Depression over the the current circumstances. And it's going to be something that will become more apparent you they can't see it can't see the future they see only what's in front of them right now and what they see in front of right now is the potential for grandma to die and they love their grandma grandma and so they're going to just do whatever they can to help save grandma and that other in their friends area themselves in the himselves there saying for grandma but it's really they're afraid of dying that's GonNa be a factor acts absolutely. I mean they'll say they'll say it all day long. Grandma grandma no it's themselves because yes they're all selfish but you have to. You have to come to a point where you bring reality into the equation. What am I actually losing? Our My kid's GonNa Starve next year because of food shortages. Which is where it's going. You're losing all kinds of cool things that we don't get any more like concerts restaurants conventions this is free talk live. Are you afraid to go to the mailbox because a letter after letter from the IRS? Are they stacking on more and more penalties and interest by now? You know the problem won't.

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The Family Cookbook - Peanut Butter Muffins from U of Hawaii

Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People

09:54 min | 2 years ago

The Family Cookbook - Peanut Butter Muffins from U of Hawaii

"<music> hello and welcome to another episode of from paper to people the family cookbook. I haven't done this in so long that i actually forgot the name of the segment yes that's right and i apologize profusely. I lost my voice for over a month and by the time it came back. I saw that shukran wonder kitty had severed my cable. She chewed the wire in two so that i couldn't use my microphone so i sent away for another one and i got it it came and it it's the wrong cable so i had to dig around and i actually did find that. I have a very short version of the cable that i needed so i can sit here on my i bed holding my mic as if i were singing or something and i can record so here i am so i have a recipe for you you today <hes> i it has a little back story and then we can actually go ahead and listen to what it has to say so this is from the university of hawaii why and it's from about nine hundred fifty six or so fifty five or fifty six. Maybe fifty seven something like that. My mom started out in school after she graduated from high school in texas. She went to the ohio hieaux state university. The has to be there because it's a big deal. They get very angry. If you don't put the there so it's the ohio iowa state university and she was an occupational therapy and she had to get out of it because she sympathized and empathize so much with the discomfort and pain of the people oh she was working with that she couldn't do it which very much figures for my mom so she didn't know quite what she was gonna do but her parents who were military got stationed in hawaii and so she went with them and she decided to transfer to the university of hawaii now she was at this point right not totally thrilled with being in college in fact. She had no idea what she wanted to do and she didn't. I don't think really care whether she graduated <hes> so she got into whatever was sort of straightforward and easy for a woman at that time and one of the classes that she took cook basically because it was there and it was definitely expected of women and girls and particularly by by chauvinistic grandfather <hes> she took doc homework so this recipe came out of her home at class and all of her recipes are handwritten on recipe cards this if she's made them they have a check on them and if they're really good than they have a check star so this is a check on it so i know that it's good and i do know oh that she used to make these for me and for my sister when we were little kids it's a peanut butter muffins recipe and it makes twelve medium muffins so if you're feeling like baking and it's a transitional season right now all around the planet so it could be a good time for some light baking then then i recommend these peanut butter muffins from the university of hawaii here are the ingredients two cups of flour two teaspoons of baking powder one half teaspoon of salt one half cup of sugar two thirds of a cup of peanut butter four tablespoons of shortening cordoning two eggs lightly beaten and one cup of milk one mix and sift dry ingredients into bowl to to work in peanut butter shortening until well blended three add milk to beaten egg beat. Well four turn wet ingredients into dry all at once stir until dampened but not smooth five phil oiled muffin tins two thirds full l. and six bake at three fifty degrees for twenty to thirty minutes. Now there are a couple of things that i would think about this was in the land and time time of jif peanut butter those sort of lots of additive peanut butters that had a lot of sugar in them and they also had stuff that made the peanut butter. Stay congealed the old you know even if it was in the cupboard so if you're using a natural peanut butter i might forego the shortening altogether and see how that works wchs because there's a lot of oil in the the natural peanut butter and so that's one thing that i would think about if i were making this i would also oh really cut back on the sugar a lot. I would actually cut it to probably a hat from a half cup to a quarter of a cup so i i don't know about that. I would definitely play with it a little bit though <hes> i'm not crazy about super sweet things unless i'm in one of those super sweet moods and then i just eat fudge until till i'm slightly comatose but when it comes to a big good <hes> i think that's really the way to go so that is what we've got this week and that's is pretty much. All i've got lots of lessons plans for the next few weeks. I have some interviews plant as well. We're going to have a series of interviews news that build one upon the other so that we can talk a lot about d._n._a. And we can talk about through lines and we can talk about tagging and all of these new do things that are coming up in ancestry. I'm also going to upload my tree to my heritage and i know that i have also uploaded my d._n._a. Hey there and so i'm going to do my best to work with my heritage so that i can talk about that a little bit too then. I'm gonna talk some more about the plan that i have the project that i have for building trees for people who were lynched in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries building those trees and ancestry co-operatively with a couple of people and then flipping them onto family search contacting contacting the people who are descended from whatever answer larry ancestors that lynched person might have and letting them know that that information is therefore them so so that they can actually continue that research add their own family photographs and all of the information that family searched takes you know <hes> recordings things and stories and videos and that way they can take ownership of that family tree without having to spend a dime. I think that that's a really really important important thing. It's a plan that ancestors alive has to create this platform and to get into this and to bring as many people into do that. Research is possible. That's twenty nine thousand nine is all about. I'm going to be talking about that more and more as we get through the year of course i was going to be talking about that in february but hey in february kinda got loss so here we are toward the end of march and i'm trying to catch up. I'm doing my best so that's pretty much the deal. I also want to encourage you if you have any ideas for the podcast and he questions anything you want me to cover. Please get in touch goto ancestors alive alive genealogy dot com and there's a form there and fill out the form and tell me what it is that she would like the podcast to cover. I'd be happy to look at that and to see if i can't start to incorporate requests into what it is that i'm doing. Also i need your support. In order to survive live in order to upgrade this an order to feed the volunteer program that i am now starting to build with lynched person's and being able all to do that research and flip that research over from ancestor to family search the main way that you can do that and you can gain access to our facebook spoke group which is really really active now and very exciting and you can get some swag and you can have even more say over the podcast and you can just had had a lot of fun in the community is to join my patriotic army and that means committing to some small financial support on a monthly basis just go to patriotdepot dot com slash join slash ancestors alive. You'll see all of the support levels they range from one dollars a month to fifty dollars a month and there are all kinds of swaggie things that you can earn and there's all kinds of support that you can get along with it too so i strongly urge you to do that. I really need your help and i need your help all the time so thanks a lot again for listening in keep it in mind bay. King is another way that we celebrate our ancestors. Remember your ancestors on a daily basis love them and respect them and expect surprises.

university of hawaii facebook ohio hieaux state university hawaii texas ohio iowa state university King larry milk three fifty degrees four tablespoons thirty minutes fifty dollars two teaspoons one dollars two cups one cup
Charlotte Wilder (@TheWilderThings) Calls Tebow A Failure In Denver. Remembering Colt Brennan. Aaron Rodgers Turns Down Packers Offer.

One and Dunne Radio

23:03 min | 5 months ago

Charlotte Wilder (@TheWilderThings) Calls Tebow A Failure In Denver. Remembering Colt Brennan. Aaron Rodgers Turns Down Packers Offer.

"Welcome into one and done radio however you are listening to this show however you are making this show possible in your life's however this is all becoming possible in the world and a world. Let's go a gas shortage right now. Which is i can't explain that and so don't ask me to i. Just i don't know how i don't know i. The whole pandemic is just bizarre nuts so anyways on this episode opened the show talking about the More tim tebow talk. And this is the last time i talk about because you know it's stupid to talk about this point but it's one end might tibo talk on this show with that until it ramps backup in training camp right and then talk about colt. Brennan and unfortunate passing of him diet thirty seven and just one joy watching this guy playoff us as to why it finally closed show more air rogers. She denied a contract extension more money. Clearly he does not want to be in green bay all that on this show. Let's go now. I've done this where I've gone on social media. I've seen in read like tweets articles stuff. That doesn't really sit well with me the other day. Tim tebow as agreed to a one year deal with jacksonville jaguars to go and play as a tight. End in the nfl. He hasn't officially made the roster yet. He hasn't officially earned spot on. The team has even taking pictures for his jersey yet. There are five other tight ends on the jacksonville. Jaguars roster right now. So we wanted to sit there and think that tim tibo is going to earn a starting gig. It's not the case tibo is going to get an opportunity to try and get a starting gig but we don't know what's going to like. We don't know how he's going to look anything now. Remember years ago when tibo was first getting his opportunity to starter for the denver broncos. He finished he was took over a one. Four team led them to the playoffs and the rest is history from there. So what stuck with me. Was this tweet by a charlotte wilder. Who writes for ibew believe worse for fox sports and people sports. They said tim. Tebow is proof. That if you're tim tebow and you follow your dreams. You'll end up as tight end on an nfl team. After spending a few years in the mets farm system after failing as a quarterback for the broncos after winning the heisman now personally the failing as a quarterback for the broncos determine sit well with me. Here's why he had a winning record with the denver broncos eight and six levin to the playoffs with a playoff victory over the pittsburgh steelers and then he was replaced by peyton. Manning a hall of fame quarterback. I love this. Because i've talked to people about this as well and some people have said. Oh he was a failure. He's a failure. What makes him a failure in denver. Here's what i'm trying to sit there and point out and say what he did in. Denver doesn't make him a failure as a denver broncos quarterback. It's one. It was hard to earn the love and support of john. Elway where john. You weren't john elway's guy he wasn't going to support you now. I remember going into that off season. There was a press conference and john. Elway came out and said oh. Yeah tim tebow has earned the right to go in as a starting quarterback earned the right after what he did and people want to sit there and say listen. He didn't do anything he didn't. He had all those had a below fifty percent completion percentage. I get it. I've seen this stats. I understand but my thing is this. And i think tim tebow. Best on an interview with shannon sharpe shannon sharpe bass in the question of you are a core back you are. Your job is to football his like. I think my job is to win an compete and find ways to get away when it's running or throwing wherever over. That might be yes and we all saw during that time and i. I'm not one to sit there and deny it. Tim tebow the first. Three quarters of a football game was not exciting to watch except against the pittsburgh steelers in the play offs where he dominated that team for all four quarters plus and overtime right. So we've all seen tibo. I three cores for the most part struggle and a fourth quarter with a comeback of every game. The jets bears chargers. I'm just thinking of games at the top of my head. The dolphins i he will always come back in the fourth quarter. And it's fine because when i think back to someone being a failure coming back in the fourth quarter of almost every game doesn't make you a failure having a winning record as starting core back for the denver. Broncos doesn't make you a failure being replaced by listen if you got replaced by somebody that is clearly better than you at your job by like miles in stats in like super bowl ring. So many accolades a made. Peyton manny a much better choice than tim. Tibo in denver like that. You're not a failure that now if you're replaced by the jets if the broncos at trae for. I don't even know the time. If the broncos at trae for mark sanchez i know. It's funny because tiba went to the jets. And when you get to the jets during that. Time period is a trainwreck. Rise mark sanchez. Rex ryan toll train wreck in new york. But if mark sanchez has been traded from the broncos to or from the jets to the broncos and tintin will then lost his job to mark sanchez because they were competing for a for starting corner position because mar sanchez is better. Then you failed. Probably because you couldn't hold onto your job t-bone go to the jets being given a starting quarterback job. He knew his role was a backup. We all can see that so. Let's not sit there and say the tibo failed. I don't think you fail. And this is my thing and this is probably my last time. We talk about this before. Another big story comes up about tim tebow. Because you know when it's the media store comes up with tim. Tebow people blow up a portion. They either say he's to privilege or you know it's a race thing. It's all the stuff why he's where he's at whatever he's he's gone to where he's at because of he's only on the one i says before if he was to come back as a quarterback. Now we're having a problem especially to go into a different team. He's going as a tight end on an organization word. His coach is the only guy that would have even thought about giving him a shot. So this is my last bit of tibo talk until preseason because we all know during the preseason during bike. ota's and training camp blah blah blah. Whatever it is you're gonna see tibo it's gonna be all over. Espn because y- espn and all the outlets love to just blow love story. Social media will blow about tim tebow and it'll never end. That's the problem. People want to sit there and say table this tibo that. You guys are contributing. I know i am too. There's video but i'm telling you. This is my last one until he gets blown up again. Because i'm not going to keep forcing an issue but to my last statement is if we are going to sit there and say a quarterback with a winning record in denver playoff win replaced by peyton manning who has now become a hall of famer is considered a failure nano. What's considered a success. So colt brennan the hawaiian hawaii university of why core back from two thousand five between two thousand five hundred and seven recently passed away. Unfortunately in it was pretty pretty sudden. Those that don't remember colt. Brennan he was the quarterback again like was this lighting up the stat sheet and put the university of hawaii on the map as far as like a that time. A decent football program like university of hawaii was and today. They're just not really anything sad to say nothing for anything special. I'm not trying to be mean but it's like people who like the university of hawaii is not a football program. Was bag on. Coal brennan was playing quarterback so colt brennan these stats. Were off the charts. In three seasons he threw for fourteen thousand yards as a starter. A hundred and thirty one touchdowns in forty two interceptions this in his second season as a star it was fifty eight touchdowns twelve interceptions and over five thousand five hundred yards passing in fourteen games. The dude was just a stat sheet freak. I remember watching the guy on. Tv interesting this guy is a joy and fun to watch what he's doing like it was just. It was just so fun to watch this guy play. And i just remember like. Here's the thing when you had to watch the university of hawaii play. It was late at night especially on the east coast because they're in hawaii. There six hours behind you. So you're watching this team late because they're they're behind you six hours but i just remember watching it. I'm thinking this kid. I thought he was going to be a decent plan. The nfl he just never really he never really got anything going. He was drafted by the redskins in the six round. Looked pretty good in the preseason but again just different. Find any like way to make the team. He had a car accident. That from what. I st- i can tell ever since car accident in two thousand and ten he just was never the same mentally. An apparently there was like a. I don't know why his passing happened. Believe from one. I was reading. It was like a substance abuse thing again. I don't want i if it was substance abuse related. Want people to be aware and to know if you are ever in the situation where you feel you need help. Please go and seek it whether it's friends family professional. Please go and seek help if you're ever in need of it. I don't think gets talked about enough. Not only in algae now my show enough but in the world enough if you need help go and find it. This is ample he ever since like mentally. He just wasn't there after his accident. And it sucks because this guy was actually a very good player. And i just have to call out a new source. This this predisposes gusting to what rian see. Agc sports ajc's are ajc. Sports atlantic based bright newspaper website literally says like their headline is a quarterback in two thousand eight. Sugar bowl has died before that it was What was the other one before that it was core back. George defeat in two dozen as sugar bowl has died. You couldn't just say the name colt brennan was it. That hard quarterback colt brennan. Who played in two dozen. Eight sugar. bowl has died. What was so hard about that. You really had to mention the sugar bowl. You had to go. 'cause that's in georgia defeated hawaii in the sugarbowl and of course being in atlanta georgia newspaper account. Whatever it is. They had to make sure that they got the oh this they play this game. Just say just say quarterback colt brennan. Who played in two thousand eight. Sugar bowl has died. But no the one that the quarterback who george defeated in the sugar bowl is so sad. I i'm sorry. Aj ajc or whoever is affiliated with him. that's disgusting flat out disgusting. Just wanted to call them out. Because i can't stand when people at the right something like back that gross just say whatever stolpen anyways going back to colt brennan. I just want to say that which help his family. Which is family that breast. Over the best and everything that i just and i remember watching him play hugest so fun to watch and on the red skins back then. I'm the redskins. Because that's what they were. No people want say oh. Washington football team. They when he was on the team they were called the redskins. So just deal with whatever anyways i just you know. It's sad tragic Wish nothing but the best for his family in this time of need. So reports came out the other day let alessi. The feud between green bay and aaron rodgers is still going on and i don't think personnel at this point. I don't think iraj is going to be playing anymore for the packers. I think brett farve when he had his gut feeling. Think this point. It sounds like it's almost right. Aaron rodgers apparently had reportedly turned down a long term contract extension that would provide additional money insecurity for the future. There's quite a few reasons. Why don't buy this at all. I off the guy's about to be thirty eight december and he's already signed through two thousand twenty through two thousand twenty three so this year doesn't twenty two and twenty three so now making what forty one forty years old doing math right so we're trying to sit there and say that the packers wanted to give him a longer contract right. That's what we're trying to say. Okay fair enough. But what doesn't why. I don't believe it either about an extension is you have jordan love. That's why you trap to jordan love right. You drafted jordan love. Because he's eventually supposed to be. The guy takes over aaron rodgers right a wait a minute though. Sure love demon dress for any of the games last year right. That's right because we wasted a first round pick and a backup quarterback who dress for a game. No one aaron rodgers is pissed. He doesn't wanna be there first. And then secondly you're gonna tell me that aaron rodgers turned down more money. You're gonna tell me that. I think aaron rodgers turned down the significant amount of money that was apparently offered which reports are was more than patrick mahomes making. I highly doubt that. I just i highly doubt it. He's in a position right now where his team is has for the past two seasons one game away from the super bowl the past two seasons so the teams close. My thing is this. I don't think and i don't think this contract ever happened. I think this just blowing smoke somewhere. That doesn't need to be blown. Aaron rodgers doesn't want to be in green bay. This contract extension doesn't make any sense. You have jordan love who you drafted to bs replacement right. He's been a first round. Pick on this guy clearly won't be there anymore kluge or and loves now. Good enough to even be the backup jordan. Love apparently is not even ready to go and star in a game. It's funny though too because jordan love. When you look at these quarterbacks jordan love last year. And i wanna talk about trae lance this year trae lands played in one season. North dakota state k jordan. Love playing. I think last i checked two seasons at least a starter at utah state. Okay so now joined. Love has a penny more experience but is not ready to start but feels like trae. Lance is going to be really competing for the starting gig in san francisco visit that he has a my opinion. I know i did a buyer sell in the senate. And i sold trae lance starting week one but feel that it trae lance actually goes has good preseason that he's going to be the starting quarterback whether they feel he's ready. You're not jordan. Love naive and ray to start. Don't and we're offering a contract extension to aaron rodgers. When the whole plan is joy love will eventually be the starter. When you can't keep it back on the bench five. Six years a first round peg. You can't keep them on the bench eventually. You gotta realize hey. We wasted a first round. Pick in this guy. Let's see what he can do. I think aaron rodgers is just done with green bay. He's just saying again. I'm over this. You guys don't want to get better as a team. You don't wanna help me. I don't like the direction his team's going. I'm going to move on. The reports were that denver has been in talks with him or when the packers of being a tray done. The raiders is another team. I keep seeing and that could be the case. But i don't know. And i don't think aaron rodgers is actually something that i don't think aaron rodgers actually is something that's going to just one day wake up and be perfectly happy with the packers. I think this is done. The bridges has been burned. And there's nothing left for him to come back to and packers fans it's sad to say because all his does give you one super bowl ring in one appearance. Always one for one. The what he's done for your organization you guys have had honestly look at your quarterbacks you've had in the past by twenty years twenty five years brett farve aaron rodgers. Pretty sweet with the colts have peyton manning andrew luck one year banning or luck worth there but then we got luck and then he retired. Those nice it's nice when you have an organization that can transition from one quarterback that was their long-term to another was their long-term. It's nice you know. Had that happen all the time. I e the cleveland browns. We've had million but it's nice that some of that cremate you enjoy green packers fans and you enjoy this nice ride but at this point and i know early in the year i was like listen. Don't worry about rogers he'll come back. He'll be fine nine. At this point it's done for green bay that will do to episode of one and done radio. Thanks for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to the show on youtube liking comment on any views that you washington show as well on their follow show on twitter at one done radio against one d you an e radio and scratchy to the show on any other outlets that you do watch or listen to as well. I tuned spotify iheartradio wherever there is again. It's always appreciate on one and done radio.

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Educators: Patsy Mink

Encyclopedia Womannica

06:35 min | Last month

Educators: Patsy Mink

"Hello her wonder media network. I'm jenny kaplan and this is will manic today. Were honoring a legendary politician who throughout her career prioritize gender and racial equity in education. Not only was she. The first woman of color and asian american woman to serve in congress. She was also a major author of title. Nine let's talk about patsy. Mink hat matsu. Takemoto was born in pya. Maui hawaii territory. On december sixth nineteen twenty-seven patsies grandparents emigrated from japan to work in hawaii. Sugar plantations growing up as a third generation. Japanese american patsy witnessed heavy discrimination towards japanese americans and indigenous hawaiians when patsy was fourteen years old fighter jets bombed pearl harbor. Patsies father was subsequently taken by authorities one night and heavily questioned. Though her dad returned safely. The next day patsies family lived in fear from that point on patsy later said that that moment made her realize that one couldn't take citizenship and the promise of the. Us constitution for granted hats. He graduated for maui high school as both class president and valedictorian. She went on to study to different colleges in the mainland. Us before moving back to hawaii in nineteen forty eight. Patty graduated from the university of hawaii. With a bachelor's in chemistry and zoology patsies original career goal was to become a physician but no medical school would accept her so she decided to change career paths and instead pursued law she applied to university of chicago's law school and accidentally got accepted as a foreign student at the time. Patsy was one of only two women in her class in nineteen fifty one. Patsy earned her. Jd and married graduate student. John francis mink a year later. The couple had their only child. Patsy faced a lot of discrimination for being a working mother and having an interracial marriage many major chicago law firms rejected her application so her family relocated to honolulu in nineteen fifty-three patsy. He became the first japanese american and woman to pass the bar and practiced law in hawaii but many law firms in hawaii still turned her away instead. Patsy went into private practice and taught business law at the university of hawaii. It was during this time that patsies career in politics began. She became increasingly involved in the growing democratic party. In pre statehood hawaii in nineteen fifty-six six patsy was elected to hawaii's territorial house of representatives. Hawaii became a state in nineteen fifty. Nine and patsy won a seat in hawaii state senate three years later in nineteen sixty four. Patsy won a heated election to the us house of representatives during her tenure patsy push for inclusive legislation on affordable child special education and bilingual schooling. We wouldn't have a national head start program or even professional sabbaticals for teachers without patsies work. One of patsies. Most notable accomplishments was co writing and sponsoring the title nine education amendments of nineteen seventy two which requires public schools and universities to give all students equal treatment and education regardless of gender. I came to congress. Join the education and labor committee and we began to realize that although we had statutes on the books about equality and opportunity for everyone that girls and women were being left out systematically and patsy didn't stop there in nineteen seventy two. Patsy became the first asian american woman to run a presidential campaign. She ran on an anti vietnam. War platform that garnered a lot of attention. Even after she withdrew patsy then took a hiatus from congress became back in nineteen ninety to defend the social welfare and gender equitable policy. She helped create in the nineteen sixties and seventies in the mid nineteen nineties. Patsy and her colleagues created the congressional asian pacific american caucus. She continued to serve in congress until she passed away on september. Twenty eight two thousand two from pneumonia. Hats he posthumously. Won her congressional election. That november patsy was a prolific politician and activist. She worked diligently to expand education and civil liberties for women and underprivileged communities. She often felt. She was serving a dual role and congress supporting both her district and the total population. All month we're going back to school honoring champions of education for more on. Why we're doing what we're doing check out our newsletter manica weekly follow us on facebook and instagram at we'll manteca especial thanks to lose kaplan my favorite sister and co-creator as always. We'll be taking a break for the weekend talked on monday. This month of encyclopedia will manica is proudly supported by unc greensboro founded as a women's college in eighteen ninety one unc greensboro presents. She can we can. Beyond the women's suffrage centennial through performances films lectures and concerts g examines. How the decisions from our past affect us today join the experience. Learn more at she. Can we can dot. Unc g. dot edu.

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What Happens to Whales When They Die?


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What Happens to Whales When They Die?

"Our lives are full of decisions. Should i change jobs once the best school while the market turn play ads or skip at the wall street journal. We know how important decisions are so. We provide accurate reporting and insight without bias or agenda. Whenever you have a decision to make make sure you have the trusted information. You need to make it decisions. Define our lives trust yours. Visit wsj.com/podcasts offer to start reading for fifty percent off these days. You have to keep everything moving and reinvent the wheel with a hybrid. you can do both. That's why manufacturers are going hybrid with ibm with watson on a hybrid cloud factories can use to automate the little things so they can focus on the next big thing. Businesses that want innovate at scale are going with the smarter. Hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. The world is going hybrid with ibm visit. Ibm dot com slash hybrid cloud. Welcome to brainstorm. Production of iheartradio table and stuff learned vocal bomb here in nineteen. Seventy oregon department of transportation encountered a huge problem. More precisely the agency faced a predicament. The size of well an eight ton whale that november a dead sperm whale washed up on the oregon shore near the coastal city of florence. If you've ever caught a whiff of just a few ounces of rotting meat in your fridge you can imagine the that sixteen thousand pounds. That's over seven thousand kilos for that reason. The task of somehow removing that mountain of flabby flesh was assigned to the department of transportation. So how did the agency tackles such a gargantuan task. The department of transportation decided that the most efficient way to dispose of the well was simply to blow it up. Rigging a half ton of dynamite to the corpse. It seemed like a shirt thing that upon detonation the whale would instantaneously transform into chunks. The size of fish sticks. That would splash harmlessly into the ocean. But it was not. They're lucky day while officials and onlookers did witness an enormous explosion. The resulting debris flew toward land instead of sea. Showering whale guts on spectators nearby cars nine years later when forty-one dead sperm whales drifted to oregon shores. No one pulled out the explosives instead. Officials performed a makeshift cremation by burying and burning the carcasses over the span of two days in the case of beached. Whales like these funeral proceedings aren't exactly ceremonious carcass. Hold out to sea may wash up again and buried. Ones can release shark attracting oil if the area is uninhabited. Experts recommend the simplest option. Leave the body alone and let nature take its course. The main caveat to that however is remembering to slice open the abdomen to avoid a gase build up inside the whale the could cause a messy eruption yes deceased beached whales pan and the explode all in their own after the whale dies gases most specifically methane build up in the stomach and other organs. What usually happens next is at the skin begins to disintegrate. At which point the whale deflategate slowly as the gas seeps out but occasionally very occasionally the skin of the whale which is quite tough. Just keep stretching to accommodate the gas until it reaches a breaking point residents in taiwan. Witnessed this cetaceans surprise in two thousand four when researchers were transporting a dead sperm whale that suddenly exploded on a city street. This is why it's a good idea to stay away from dead. Whales should you go poking and prodding methane filled wale. You're giving ample reason to explode before. It has a chance to deflate. Naturally you also wouldn't want to fall into a decomposing whale. Do yourself a favor and pay your respects from a distance. however though it's always sad to lose one of these majestic and long lived animals wells that don't wash up to shore when they die actually benefit other ocean inhabitants because sparks the beginning of new life when wales dine in the ocean their bodies eventually sink to the bottom once. The body comes to rest. Biologists refer to this as a whale fall as you might guess other fish and sea animals initially eat the meat of the carcass however what came as a surprise to ocean. Researchers was the finding the bed wales support entire ecosystems in nineteen ninety eight researchers at the university of hawaii discovered that at least twelve thousand four hundred and ninety individual organisms representing more than forty three species. Were living off of a whale fall. The deep north pacific ocean but some of these sea creatures which included rare species of clams worms and eyeless. Trump weren't nibbling away at the remains. Instead the colonies were komo auto traffic which means they produce their own food via chemicals. Hemel oughta trophy is similar to photosynthesis in plants except it doesn't require sunlight which is why appears animals in places where the sun's rays don't penetrate the depths of the water further investigation into these novel ecosystems found that bacteria that overtake a whale skeleton feed off the bones which consist of sixty percent fat the bacteria then produce hydrogen sulfide those thousands of kemmel auto traffic sea creatures convert the hydrogen sulfide into usable energy to thrive and reproduce a few years ago ocean offers mapped out the development stages of these underwater phenomena. First comes the mobile scavenger stage when fish strip ninety percent of tissue from the whale fall after a few months or years depending on the size of the whale marine worms and crustaceans take up residence on and inside the remains marking the enrichment opportunist stage. Finally the self affiliate stage takes place in which the hydrogen sulfide emitting. Bacteria are established and helped nourish komo terrific organisms. That last stage will last decades similar environments occur near cold seeps hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor where hydrogen sulfide is released from breaks between the earth's tectonic plates to create the unique environment created from well falls to new species of worms where identified on a whale carcass living off of the whalebone and resembling pink glow sticks with streamers at first researchers thought. They could only see the females of these newfound species but they soon realized that the females harbor the males inside of their rudimentary bodies allowing them to reproduce exponentially. The words attached to the whale fall. During the enrichment opportunists stage by having large numbers of offspring these worms can propagate throughout the ocean encountering other wheel falls and restarting the process. These are only two of at least sixteen new species that oceanographers have identified at whale faults. Stays episode is based on the articles. What happens wales when they die written by kherson konger and what makes the beached. Whales explode britain by k. Kirshner on how stuff works. Dot com free stuff is production by heart. Radio in partnership with house networks dot com and it's produced by tyler clank or more podcasts. My heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Some cars are comfy on the inside but don't have power on the outside and some cars of the horsepower but none of the comfort. I used to think there weren't any cars that were the total package. But that all changed when. I got my honda. Suv it's rugged and sophisticated and right now. Honda has deals on the entire honda. Suv lineup crv hr v. pilot passport. You name it so if you're looking for a car that's the total package the only place you'll find it is at your local honda dealer. Hurry before they're all gone.

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