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"university chapel hill" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"You're back with Mark and Rob Michael back with filling in for Rob Kendall. So as promised, but assault your ear drums. With some sound from the view of Joy Behar and Ana Navarro talking about Nicole Hannah Jones, who is the author of the 16 19 project. She's just blatantly anti capitalists. She's an awful person and she see the worst. She's the worst of the worst. I want to know how you rank these people. It's like it's unfairly worst, but Hannah culture or I'm sorry. Nicole Hannah Jones was denied tenure at North Chapel Hill, North Carolina University, Chapel Hill, and a lot of people are very angry about this there, of course, saying this just like proves white supremacy or whatever they're whatever excuses they're trying to make for the fact that she didn't get tenure. But regardless, she didn't get tenure. And so joy Behar and Ana Navarro. We're talking about her and CRT and the fact that she was denied tenure take a listen. Conservatives whitewashing history because it doesn't fit their narrative sort of like they're doing with January 6th like I said before, right now. How about you know it's It's one of these topics that folks are using to gaslight right? There's all those freak out going on about critical race theory about the 16 19 project. I think education is key to stopping and confronting discrimination. If people don't understand what happened in this country in the history of this country, and why there's so much emotional baggage for some communities and why there's so much hurt and things that are happening now. We're continuing to see happen are going to continue happening. We just saw a video that came out this week about another horrible police arrest of a black man this time, and we see Anna, who died after being dragged and cuff and I also think the hypocrisy is astounding, right? It's canceled culture when it gets done to me, But when I do it, I have every right to do it. We just saw conservatives. Cancel list changed for stating history and that history from 300 years ago history from three months ago, and they canceled her. So what? What? That What's happening now is also canceled. Culture told with this woman, Hannah Jones, and so I look what I would say is, if you're going to moan and cry about cancel culture, if you're gonna be calling people, snowflakes look in the mirror. And see how you act with other people. You can't just cherry, pick these these terms and throw them out there irresponsibly. What I mean, Just what utter drivel from these women. It tells you that they're scared of what's going on the uprising that we're seeing from parents all across the U. S. They're afraid of it. They're trying to push back on. That's what I was thinking. As I was listening to this. It's like they're in defense mode. Which is good, because that means what parents are doing all across Indiana, you know places like caramel Westfield Fisher's Noblesville. And all throughout the all throughout the United States. It's working, so parents take heart because they wouldn't be saying this. And bringing it to light on national television if they weren't backed into a corner, So I think we're on the right track here. I hope that's right. I hope that you know, there has been so much national attention lately on critical race theory, too. I think that's I think that can on Lee be a good thing, because the more people are aware of it, I think and the more they research it on their own, They'll realize Wow, this is actually really damaging stuff. You know what I do Whenever I'm confronting someone like you know, joy, they are from the view. You know when you're salting my ears With that nonsense. Like when I confront somebody like that. I asked them the simple question is. Did you believe that America? Has always been and is a great nation. Do you believe that? And you're gonna find nine times out of 10 critical race theorists, and it is just a theory. They will. They will have a hard time answering that. Not really no, and they may try to spin and see what we can always get better. Well, yeah, of course, we can always make our union a more perfect union. But that's not what I asked. Do you believe America is a great nation? And most of them when you ask him that question. It'll stop him in the tracks because it's gonna expose how much they hate the United States and what we believe in what we stand for their trying to under fundamentally change who we are, and good, good patriots. Good Americans know we don't change who we are. We can make ourselves better. But we don't change the foundations and the principles of liberty for everybody so Switching gears. Want to talk about my you know who's the worst? Because I really want to know how you rank these people because it just seems like it doesn't It doesn't seem fair. But okay, Demi Lovato is driving me freaking crazy. You guys So Okay, So first, she's all she has the froyo incident where she goes in the yogurt shop, and she's mad because gluten free stuff is His first or I don't even she gets mad because it's not organized. The store isn't organized in a way that is precisely to her liking and standards. She gets mad about that, then she comes out apparently doesn't get enough attention from that escapade. So then she comes out what last week the week before and says, Guess what? I'm non binary and I'm using they them produce, so just like her, you really do it. It's amazing E mean, because this is just so This is just so dumb for real that she's like, I just need to really be different than everybody. So I'm gonna be they them now. So now if that wasn't bad enough already if she wasn't seeking enough attention already? She just put out an instagram post yesterday. Saying that people should not complement each other on weight loss on observable weakness..

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