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"university buckingham" Discussed on talkRADIO

"Had mental health problems which i think is utterly ridiculous and i would say patently untrue and there was a young lady who's on the television later today or talking about and she was talking about her she was quite shy she find it difficult to meet people she was anxious about her exams and this was being talked about as a mental health problem now i would describe that simply as being a teenager a normal part of everyday lives ups and downs being sad sometimes miserable being worried sometimes these are normal parts of the human existence all we not in danger of of seeing every negative feeling when we're not just saying life's wonderful today as part of a mental health problem is a real danger that by talking about in the room kind of way can become an excuse for not turning up at work initiate an essay not behaving kindly and well and responsibly towards others absolutely needs to be doing farm or there's a very wonderful and that every single listener should those who professor martin seligman who talks about what we should be doing to build up pass strengthen our ability to coats resilience not keyword now isn't it sounds lovely to speak speech vice chancellor university buckingham campaign was student wellbeing that report was produced producing collaboration with a release a charity which the expertise on drug and drugs law but can i bring in my guests peter edwards edwardson klay wesley bravery on this claiming they did you see this view is ideally snowflake students and we sort of laugh about it there's something in the paper today isn't about some a snowflake crying johnny this stop this stuff makes which would around stopping people going to be honest i think we legally allowed to do that but i think it might help more than a crying calls but we all endanger aren't we just sort of just hunting travec oh will they need drugs because their stress and that is be more understanding like no they're illegal you don't supposed to do then.

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