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"university kentucky 1920s" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"With last week passed in numb to it to all they don't ada them it's just like a doctor's note just the missing gafur and of course right yeah they're like oh all seem next week you know so i'm like okay so second time it happened i was like i just emotionally invested in these guys i can't deal with the reminder didn't even know death could keep you from a good golf match it would not l will tell you i am your lineup of pot yet gene who used to play basketball for the university kentucky 1920s something you're lining up your putt and gene loses control of his bowels and crap into that colostomy bag that he's got attached to go and you can't say anything to because he can't help it but you're trying to lineup you're putting you here you can't say something what am i gene this westwood like yodo louis tacky can help it i came i can't even left because he other guys aren't gonna find a very funny worry golfing with these bros to begin with one of my neighbor asmara mushrooms every time you went out there them no wait you could enjoy do have the best stories lay do oh yeah and they taught me how to try to not kill the ball urges hit it straight like they did it onto their i wanna drive it 250 and they're like grumman reviewed a 175 retina fadwa earned unamir to fair we're all of those guys better than you are every single one because they pay their patient and are not trying to kill the ball i would i would i would crush it past them and then from there aren't they would do oh nice seventy five yards outweigh seventy five yards la i would never beat them that's the beauty of golf that you could play in such a late eight year all yeah what's the best thing that can happy when you get older grandkids great grandkids yeah is that that's it our mainly great grandkids would be really cool right yeah but that's it like once you get past grandkids a great grandkids what are a good things are going to happen to you so all you have left in your life is a grandchild that's it while me yeah oh no i still got good stuff like what we know my son graduating high school right my son getting a girlfriend blue plate special blue plates specials early meals getting.

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