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"university illinois college medicine" Discussed on 106.1 FM WTKK

"Had a lot of different medical problem Lake Road and she LSS and then so what's happening is a lot of these health professionals in jobs in a way of different concerns related to climate change and some of them including medical students are now sort of pushing for the content and medical schools so that doctors can prepare to treat all of these conditions are so as you referenced the schools are not necessarily experts in the for the medical schools in the field of climate change so who teaches this stuff right now there are some experts in little pocket so how can a buyer meant is a relatively new scientific fields there are some excellent so there's usually a few in each school who are taking the charge or sometimes if they're learning on the job so the program will sort of sometimes approach out there and be like Hey you teach about and in the lecture and we were wondering if you could mention how is getting worse due to wild fires that have been occurring more often because of climate change and then they'll sort of help provide a lot of the information that the professor can then take and then incorporate into speak with Brianna habit health reporter at the Wall Street journal Darcy reference number of schools here like university of Minnesota university of Illinois college of medicine any these organizations doing anything specifically yeah there are a lot better giving the perfect thing mostly it lecture of an elective and then one of the girls and university Illinois college medicine of during their actually now running a diagnosis I provided that you do you know you have a person that pretended to a patient with the rest of the pound for the medical student can diagnose land and it's supposed to be a retiree from California and she is suffering weaving shortness of breath all of those things and the diagnosis is that she would have and due to be increased wild fires in the area so it's just showing in contact how might change conventionally implants are patient please Brianna Brianna abit reporter at the Wall Street journal thirty minutes now after the hour on.

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