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"university chicago dartmouth" Discussed on The American Dream Experience Podcast

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"university chicago dartmouth" Discussed on The American Dream Experience Podcast

"Burton. That's a simple formula. It's pretty come together. But if you can understand that you're going to do much better yet talking good way to get invested in the market but you gotTa know how and you've got to know when how how to do it and who's a true fiduciary sharing who's going to really do the right job for you. Yeah I think this the very informative here. I mean. This is something that people can listen to again on these podcasts until they really feel comfortable they got it down. Because it's extremely important. I on that last point I would say in your 401k. One Case Watch out for turnover rings look at the standard and Poor's or the Morningstar that information is out there. You gotta dig for a little bit but watch watch out for high turnover rates in the fifty percent or above. That's outrageous right about two percent in. What is prompting a to to do that? Is it just because of a profit making is is part of it. Goes back to the stock picking track record and trying to beat the market. You you know. That's your active management. It doesn't mean it's active. It's hyper-active right. It's turning your portfolio. So yeah one term. I wanted to ask you because you brought it up. At the at the the event that we went to it was empirically tested and verified that pertains information information portfolios or the information that we use is an is out of the university Chicago Dartmouth. Yeah The efficient market hypothesis. This is some of the academic research so empirically tested means. It's been tested head over time with real people's money okay. So you're not just picking picking a theory of some sort and talking about it but it's been put to practice practice. It has twenty plus the almost thirty years of of testing and has been verified by outside third party. Audits GonNa like a double blind study. Exactly yes exactly. It's based on robust academic research. Not just any old theory. Out of some academic academic academia but robust meaning. It's done over and over and over and over and these these theories are proven over over and over and over like you say line study so empirically tested and verified robust academic research. That's how you WANNA put your portfolio's together fantastic okay margie. Thank you so much. This has been a great podcast. I'm getting a lot of information packed in so I hope folks are picking picking it up like I am and you are and that's it for today. We'll be back again next one stay tuned..

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