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"united states department health" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

"We're joined by Jason Lewis in the next segment get you caught up on on a lot of the latest numbers out of the Star Tribune we did have for more corona virus related deaths in Minnesota and the known cases have risen to five hundred and three that is obviously most likely a wildly hello number because of how many people haven't even been tested yeah I know there's a lot of you know a lot of people that would like to get tested in Minnesota that have not been tested yet the four dads do represent the largest one day jump in Minnesota fatalities since the first confirmed case in the state on March sixth begin today is March thirtieth and the the five hundred and three confirmed cases include two hundred and fifty two people who no longer need to be isolated yeah I keep in mind too that when you're looking at those numbers because they're going to go up of the infection rate in the country what we really need to be start looking at is the number of individuals and the and the death rate because that number as we continue to test is gonna keep rising and rising and rising is a little bit dubious when you're looking at it you need to look at the the number of individuals that are admitted into the hospital being one and also the death rate different as well channel five Minnesota grocers association says the supply chain will remain open during the Copa ninety now breaking shells will be restocked store officials say the supply chain is catching up paper products eggs are still in high demand across the state but things are getting back to normal grocery store officials say you won't find hand sanitizer on shelves because it's all going to to health care workers there's a story I think had laid on Friday was a church that sound like in their in their basements I don't remember what it was from but they sound like just thousands upon thousands of boxes of face masks and they were ended up they were into pulling them out and be able to givens I think was a New York area begins as local hospitals is pretty cool the FDA has issued emergency use author authorization of the drugs to treat corona virus this was last night the hydroxy click hi Jack to the host on projects of lord when yes you're much better that the birds and I and I practice it a lot United States department health Human Services announced in a statement last night that the FDA will allow the drug to be donated to the strategic national stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with echo of it nineteen and again that drug keeps the corona virus once it gets into the body into your logs and keeps it from replicating and that's what's that's what's so important by it because I learned over the weekend to get if you go to Twin Cities newstalk dot com and the justice Andrew page watch this video how covert nineteen kills I'm a surgeon and why we can't save you and I know that sounds scary sure but the dude is spot on and he takes a very rational albeit not safe for work as he curses a lot but you know he's a surgeon allow it he really does go a break it's nice of you know let me know he was a little bit of credibility when you start using the potty mouth would be that as it may I don't judge you said sounds like you don't know you're talking about he has a great rate is a great job of of sort of of laying this out the thing that he said about it too and I mentioned it I mentioned I didn't mention this earlier is it basically comes down to especially for older individuals tiring out they say you can't you can't afford to have your basically your body gets sold worn down from having to force your longs to try to pump the oxygen in and out that that's a big part of why people die is that they've literally tire out to to death right in and and that you know anybody that's had somebody in their life to deal with any sort of illness or disease that affects the lungs and that way I'm sure you can relate to what what it is there is this constant constant fatigue every thing is exhausting you know even trying to just walk across the room to go to a refrigerator or something as simple like that can be can be painfully exhausting for somebody who deals with it with with any sort of lung condition that restricts their ability to intake oxygen I wish ginger I really do it is not it's not going to happen is not where we are we're far down the line with that but you know to sort of an answer to the individuals like us that that take this seriously question some of the more draconian measures and then also to the individuals who compare to the flu and think this is all overblown I wish we lived in a country that embraced sort of that libertarian mindset I wish we lived in a country where we could all see this for what it is take our own personal measures to protect ourselves be respectful to everybody out there if we can wear face masks if it helps do that you know and and leave businesses open because for all being socially responsible right I wish we could do I wish we could do that but we but as a society unfortunately it's that level it's a level of taking responsibility that isn't there and that's what a lot of people miss about you know what it means to be libertarian and have that libertarian mindset it means personal responsibility but lot of people don't extend that passed to themselves but I'll take personal responsibility for me and my actions and all live with those consequences but it's also an understanding that you have a view have a greater responsibility to society as a whole you have a responsibility to be a good citizen if you don't do that then people are gonna start clamoring for more and more government to control your behavior the idea is to try not to give government any right use to move in and say well we have to restrict this behavior because too many people are are being bad too many people are misbehaving and I believe that for for the calls that we received this morning right that have talked about me the flu comparisons and and even when I talked about a little onion on Friday on Friday show look I'm sure you would be responsible I I'm I'm I'm sure the vast majority of our audience are you listening would be responsible and would voluntarily stay home and only go out if you needed to if we left everything open but you can't UNF unfortunately the nature of the situation is we have a huge segment of the population that is still in school are still going to college that right now doesn't believe in this they've been with you know they're they're they're being indoctrinated into a liberal mindset you got a bunch of individuals that have just grown accustomed to depending on the government at one end of taking this you know well the government's not taking it seriously then why should I take it seriously because the government you know he they they provide for all these other facets in life so if they think that we can stay open and just be personally responsible then why do I need to worry about it that's a big part of the problem of why these measures are in place and we're trying to tamp this down Jason Lewis joins us next around miss any of justice Andrew Gasparri when cities newstalk dot com hi Chris Addison here is a look at the pros sponsored by unbound dot org rollover crash the remaining this when you go to find on the ramp from white bear Avenue to get to westbound highway thirty six of the rollover crash exactly got the vehicle back on all four wheels once again now the tow trucks on the scene there try to get the scooped up ramp is closed down several emergency vehicles still on the scene there south thirty five a couple stalls wanted ninety fourth this one is off to the right and then another one you're gonna fight at the Bristol parkway also off to the right currently it's thirty four degrees the next reports in twenty minutes on.

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