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"united methodist international" Discussed on Talking About The Bible with Rev. Bob Wood

Talking About The Bible with Rev. Bob Wood

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"united methodist international" Discussed on Talking About The Bible with Rev. Bob Wood

"This is Bob would talking about the Bible podcast. It's really good to be back with you. I've been out of the loop for several months because of a heart attack ahead in November put on bedrest and I wasn't allowed to do a lot so I had to kind of focus on the things that really needed to get done. The podcast is an important but it was a came to be something I had to put on the back burner but as I start the podcast again today. I am kind of cheating because I'm going to be using a sermon that I gave several years ago. At the giant Methodist Church analysts say Honduras called methodist beliefs. I hope you enjoy it. If you have a pin and you want to win with our fill in the blanks in the middle of your worship. She is a little separate page which says on the top of it methodist beliefs methodist movies. A lot of people that I run into when you talk to them about their churches. They know what their churches believe. I dare you to find a Jehovah's witness that doesn't know what his church believe they know you can find to Mormon boys walking down the street. Ask Him what the Mormon Church believes. And they'll know I'd hate to give test methodist asking them. What Methodist Belief Fair? I'm afraid there'd be a lot of failure this past week last two weeks. The United Methodist Church. Not We're not united methods methods church. The Caribbean Americans. The United Methodist International had been meeting in Portland Oregon. Anyone following the debates. There is clear that there's not a clear understanding what they agree on what they believe. But in our tradition tradition the Methodist Church of the Carribean in the Americas the tradition of the Methodist Church in the Americas before which was the Wesleyan Methodist Church. So we all still think of our us as being a Wesleyan Methodist Church all the way back to England. We have a clear understanding our beliefs. John and Charles Wesley. Experience in those of the other young methodist men was affected their teachings in their beliefs such things as their experience when it comes down to not knowing for sure if they were saved John and Charles and the others had worked so much they had show hard to make sure they were saved and yet they did not since it in their hearts a lot of people may be like that even today in our world you talk to people and ask them if they know that they're going to heaven and there's a lack of confidence in that they are going to go ahead John. In Charleston teachings spread across the world and their short lifetime missionaries went out with this understanding this teaching not anything new just going back to the scriptures not anything revolutionary per se. Not Anything that they thought of themselves. Not something that. An Angel came down and gave him a new book. They just started to read the old book that had for many people in the organized structure of the Church in England and gone away. You know England and their day when you were born in your community you were taken to the church and you are baptized and you were a member of the Church. England all your life. It was the thing to do. You weren't a member of the Church of England in some places you couldn't vote couldn't hold public office. Everyone had to be a member of the church in England and membership in the Church of England wasn't about anything about your relationship with God had far more to do with just if you'd gone and sign the paper and turn the right ceremonies and said the right things and John Charles found that not to really fill their needs in their heart their experiences both of them not at alter skate but both within a few short days in seventeen thirty eight. Charles on pentecost Sunday and then John Wesley. A few days later at the society meeting and alter skate changed their lives. They read something John as we read John. Read or heard someone reading something that Martin Luther had written about salvation by faith and it was really changed his life he no longer saw salvation as being something that you did something that God did for you. It wasn't something you worked in earned. If you've got enough points you would get a check mark in your name. We get in the life of life. It was something that God did through you are. I fill talks about one of the things that John and Charles recognized and that we as methodist hold true all need to be saved. That's the first full villain all need to be saved. Everybody needs to be saved is now for a special club. If not that something you can get by on John. Charles knew that real well you know. Their father and their grandfathers had been ministers in the church. You would think that. Not only the preacher son but the peaches grandson would obviously get you in heaven all need to be say. Romans three twenty three says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We all are centers. And we all have sinned. And we all aren't living up to God's expectation which is perfection we've all sinned somewhere in our is maybe recently maybe just a few moments ago maybe years ago but all of us have universally said. Romans three chapter chapter three verse. Ten to twelve says as it is written there is none righteous. No not one. There's none that understand it. There is none that speak it seeking after God. There are are all gone out on their own way. They are together becoming unprofitable. There is none that do good. No not one. And so on fourteen versus two and three says the Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any. They did that any for any they. Any that did understand and see God they all are GonNa side. They're all together became filthy. There is none that do as good. No not one. We may see somebody look at them and say my goodness that person is so good. That person is so holy. I'm sure they never did anything wrong. In the event that have race children know that not to be so little. Sarah is only nineteen months old. My littlest daughter. My goodness she can be mean. She thinks we're not looking. She goes in boxes or brother in the head. She scratches him. She's only nineteen months old and he and I say this now. I grew up in this around. Y'All our Jerry. By the time she's fifteen sixteen seventeen years old. I assure you she won't be able to stand in front of you and tell you she said because I already seen it now. That is true for all of us. We have all said. How many are the take to get in hell? Although won only one only way we can get into heaven on our own accord is to have never sinned in the scripture says right there we all have settled number two. The y'all and Y'all who've heard me preach for this past year that I've been here have heard all these points before because I preach methodist theology the second point in Methodist Theology. You need to note is that all may be saved every one of us can be saved. There's no one that is outside the bounds of salvation. There is no one who listened to the point where God's salvation cannot come to them all people may be saved a man in the United States who is on death row in my home state of Florida. If you had to put together diagram that would say or a history that would say this is an evil man. Well this man's history surely would. He was found guilty of killing two girls who are university students at Florida State University later on. He was found guilty of killing several others. And would it came down to the last few days of his life. He admitted to killing forty one women in the course of his lives you would think how could such a man he asked for Dr Dobson? Some of the older folks may have heard Dr Dobson famous minister in the United States to come and see him and Dr Dawson did the last few days of life and prayed with him to get say. Dr Dobson said it was clear that after he prayed that he stood before him a changed me. All of us can be saved. There's no sin that you have committed and you think you know. I know something I've done in my life. That is so horrible that God could never forgive me and I want you to know that. There's not there is not the unforgivable sin that Jesus talks about is a sin of rejecting Jesus before all else. There's nothing that we can do to separate us. From the love of God John Three Sixteen says for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that who so ever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. It doesn't say there are some people. It says the Gods of other world that who still ever believe anyone that believe in God can be saved. Nothing you can do. Nothing that you have done can keep you from. God's Love and God's salvation number three all may know themselves save all they know themselves saved. That's what John and Charles didn't know they didn't know themselves to be saved. They were working so hard to make sure because they didn't know that they were saved the experience that Charles had pentecost and that Jon had at Alder Skate. We're an experience of assurance knowing that they were saved brothers and sisters. When you're saved you can sense in your heart. The Holy Spirit and God's law the Scripture says there in Romans eight sixteen that the spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. That's the Holy Spirit in our life. Witnesses to us that we are God's children when people come to alter when they pray in their home when they ask Jesus blood to be applied their sin and they become believers and committed to Christ they since it in their heart. Though I stand at the door knock if any man will open the door I will come in and I will stop with him and he with me. Jesus is ready to enter your heart as we think so often all made though themselves. Say if you don't know for sure that's something that needs to be fixed. John and Charles felt it. We read there were..

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