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"united grand lodge england" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

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"united grand lodge england" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

"That was because that's quite some time I mean not was was late nineteenth century and so don that that was when the court revival as well as exactly. It's easy even same time when it goes down right so it's an interesting phasing in history. I mean had free motions like Frederick Hockley and Gioja in John Yorker afterward. Wait I am Kenneth Mackenzie all all these kind of people and That obviously sell freemasonry as a gateway as the most spiritual gateway to look at symbolism examined that that that on spirituality in a way you know it allowed them to to research that and at the time that was obviously they they noticed it as well there was. There was the guys that join freeing mentioning because liberal. You know going going going. What's that term again from the eighteenth century where they could make you know people could be anything to spend your nights out a meal? Will you know dining experience and and then there was the deal. The guys that wants you to be more of a spiritual experience on unfound China in freemasonry free mentioned it became the gateway to other things for them and sometimes it crossed over the claimable. The gentleman still wanted light. Light minded discussion. Anaya ventured over could combat quite easily whenever they want six. I am of a foam that today's well you know. There's a Lotta Young freemasons that Sam the searching for something else within freemasonry that are attracting Mesa Spiritual experience that some some could be members SUV if the OT Oh for example all those could be visible the societies and You know they that that information to experience. I'm Darrel Journey. You know so. Yeah Yeah I have obscene. Not Seen recently the past ten years. I was going to say do you. Do you have to impression that over the last ten years I was going to say that. And there's a kind of revival again in deadens perspective to you would you. Would you experience that as well definitely. Yeah Yeah you know it known a lot of American free motions as well. I mean you see alon on social media especially facebook for example where they have. It's you know these groups. I mean there's debates about the word esoteric use of the word would reassure would would esoteric book lectures label at the final but Sam. Yeah there's many freemasons that's a revolting revolting. That journey shops shall we jim any to them and opens Haute not just to other side orders to examining themselves as as well and You know kind of examining themselves in a more spiritual way looking at how they they figure in the universe service in them and they recognize the symbolism within the lunch the workings of the lodge have have similarities. She's to You know the ideas and although the freemasons journeys for example about authorized authorize would wait and see I mean day. They entered freemasonry and went on their own. June's yes so it's very interesting. Musa on you could even debate. If organizations are taking the Gold Donald rix but several have have inherited so much at this ritual wise in the beginning from Masonry Arctic Greece. Or whatever that it's hard to tell so what's derives from. What in a way isn't it? Yes that's right. I mean I mentioned in my book. The genesis of freemasonry. How our? Yeah well early. freemasonry seems to Evesham Soto although philosophical ideas. It's it's gone the next journey. I think someone termed it in the river theory. Where where you've got all these little rivulets and Brooks going into one big main river and someone else turned the river theory which is very interesting and Yeah I can. I can see that me three mention because possibly started out. Now you know. As a normal speculative Society for stonemasons in inviting people in Albany. Eighty eight zoom kind of went on and adopted other days. You know Expanded and developed again from from two degrees. You went to three degrees as you know. In the seventeen twenty's expounded on symbolism for example and adopted the or the other philosophical suffolk ally days but generally seem freemason and going back to the seventeenth century. The Cambridge Platinum right example. You can see some of those ideas reflected in freemasonry pointed out in my first book. You know it is filter inland. Yeah but when you when you listen to certain certain well. Let's call him officers. This off of regular Masonic obediences surgeon. And then you get the impression that they don't want that part hard trough of masonry. I mean I've heard I've heard tie amd members of United Grandchild's of England say that we I have no spiritual background. You've heard of that as well so I find that really odd personally to be to be honest list a on a personal level but also even on a practical pragmatic level because as you said the last ten years have shown the kind of revival Oakland that fueled wouldn't that be possibility to attract more young and more interested than genuinely interested people. Yeah I think I I am. I can remember that speech now. It was After quarterly of the quarterly. It wasn't communications. Yeah I can't remember. He was now and I can't remember. I drove a four or five years ago said lead Sui see when resignations you know I can understand. I mean he probably won't won't mind mentioned Camis nine both of his Under the Masonic Alpha. Fantastic freemason coach. Julian reese familiar with his wizar- and he he was a great well. It still is great. Great Rich Steve. He he won the The the World Silva Silver matchbox. The Oh yes for immolation live relation. Yeah yeah ritual. Extend any books reflect a lot of knowledge and he was so upset by that that he resigned from the United Grand Lodge England and right and become a co Mason. You know uh-huh yeah and very closely Noah freemasons the that were set without on decide yes it sorta the laseyette. They're they're different. I it upset me a lot when I rent. But why would I quit an organization. I like because what one person says. Yeah that's right. I think from reading between the lines from local. Remember with the ways that I think what we're trying to do is this was tracked. The the kind of trendy is that might be. Put off by the spirituality not element Strange kind of vegetarian element. Yeah and they can be seen as as being a bit too you know how out of the GNOME show sure and certainly also sometimes handled the bid to too much of the norm. Yeah Yeah I WANNA my notes right in the middle ground and and so you know we're not we're not spiritual itself come join us you'll you'll you'll make some boats and but they they did alienate a lot of people with all think and I can remember reading and thinking you know a good few years ago now calcat member the four or five years it must be properly belong as well. Maybe even maybe maybe we know we h faster than we think we do. Actually because I was coming to your book the lost rites and rituals of freemasonry which particularly like of you and and because the first part of that book. You're talking about that exactly especially about evolution. Russian of those Masonic Ride Center. How old how occult revival has influenced the rights and vice versa? So that goes goes both ways of course what to say about that book will be less rights and rituals of freemasonry is again that that happened by by by complete accident. Rarely is that that was a break away from my my other words. You know what I mentioned about about the social changes a freemason and it. It was inspired by c-a-b-a conversations. I was at the time I was I was was talking to a guy in the states. GYCO PD Newman. Who knew and yeah? Well Yeah I think. Many puff costs for snow him. Yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah he's still around. Yeah he during this gives a bright boatlift came out that Italian is still doing some research on it and it was all his his his vision for that boat was how the MTA was used in Possibly used in executant rights writes like the Egyptian rights STROZ ADDICTION MEMPHIS MIDSTREAM. And Yeah that's right. Yeah and On there there was another riot. The masino rights were again possibly the ritual hinge something taken great description. Where will that it makes accent With the whites and black checkered floor and all the candles flickering in the atmosphere we got salkin about all the other old is when a drink is is is often you know that could about herbs and things in different types of wine so as a great great conversation and that that got me looking into a triggered me in a way to look into these other rights and A pixelbook the book of them authored weights is Cyclope Deon and had them all in. You know we'll entries Sir all these win wonderful rights that existed on the continent in the eighteenth century. I'm on a roundabout that talking to and Johnny's name Joseph Wages and yes shows radio and he he's name you'll you'll probably kill me over that a rollout great book about illuminated the very illuminating and the sent me a company and That that was great. you know I never really delved into those kind of rights before because I'd concentrated on English freemasonry and the developments of English freemasonry hours More concealed off in England. Shall we say you now and that allowed me. That book allowed me to look all these rights on on the continent in in debt for the first time and So that's how that came came about and then when when I was doing the publishes said well you should try. Try and bring it back to England if you can't because obviously a lot of them people go to buy. We'll be English. You know all while we speak English so you know you need to bring it back into England so I ended up kind of for for a couple of chances bringing it back. And that allowed me to discuss the Occult Revival Yorker Weights and and Hawks win on all these people that tried to delve into these loss. That's right to the eighteenth century and Try to revive them. You know slight Yawkey with the Sweden bogin rights. And and how one I think it was early that's trying to say ons and With with count cuddly astro and all these other figures in you know trying to get these details if these loss rituals and things dispassionate. So were out came out K.. Maria fascinating book. I believe because I think your book is really highly interesting and commended really spoke about a couple of projects that are up and running mentioned. A book will be published in a a few months. I think what any any other plans you have fanned d would like to talk about and what people should keep their. Is the ears open about yourself. And what's coming yeah. We'll Malaysia spoke the one. That's out now just out. Now is the journey through through freemasonry which which has all my compendium book that starts doing really well. The moment I am the they sound team may is ridiculed rituals of freemasonry which is kind of follows on from the less rights and rituals book rarely. And it's GonNa Similar Lakoba kind of envisioned. Three books that delve into these lush Mitchell's. I I mentioned the the cover because the cover of Los Strides Book. It's also completely different from the other books that you publish. It's well. Do you describe it. But we had bears the names of the four archangels which are related to elements and he does a sacred. John resigned on it somehow. So your intention between behind that right. Yeah we'll we'll we'll do to cover was was to blend an Dan as you mentioned before the acid Tarik freemasonry Andrea and the The regular and not focus on a free nation if you can try and blend symbol together. The reflected both and at the same time I am. I was giving a talk to the regular the Grand Lodge all Belgium and I am the guy that Organiz outfall me. He gave me all these rituals of off the rituals and they would they would never fascinating stuff you know. I've been big folder followed felise rituals which is great and there was an image of them. And you know the sacred circle with with the the four Iraq angels. That and I think that I may be full. And when when I was doing a PhD in University Louisville there was a girl it was doing a PhD in witchcraft. Believe that and she did a fascinating banks and she was showing me all these symbols because longitude. That was doing the freemasonry things. We welcome symbols while Dan. You know obviously and this and that was one of these symbols am I am the came out and you know the the blessed banishing ritual you know..

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