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"Get down on the ground, and I turned and I saw the back of this man. He had a girl. She was there at the time. The suspect Gregory, you'll wreck wounded five people before he was apprehended. The United Food Commercial Workers Union is calling for hazard pay for members working during the covert 19 pandemic and asking that members be prioritized for the vaccines. You're listening to ABC News News radio 6 10 W. T V and M. Allison Wiant. Former Columbus police officer, Adam Koi was released from jail this afternoon after a bond hearing this morning lowered his bond from three million down to $1 million. Central Ohio's largest medical center, has been selected as one of the best in a new ranking Wexner Medical Center, and it's more than 27,000 employees have been chosen by Forbes. As one of the best of the largest employers in the country in 2021. In fact, Forbes ranks the academic health Center number 14 out of 500, number two in the category of healthcare and Social industry's Wexner Medical Center. CEO says Forbes recognition is an Outstanding testament Their faculty and staff who demonstrate excellence in research, education and health care. I met Reese News radio 6 10 w TVs as the race to step up the pace of vaccinations against the Corona virus continues. Walgreens says they fixed an outage now on their vaccine appointment. Website Drugstore chain says it's restored its scheduling website after a temporary outage that was sending users to a page that said, updates in progress. It's not clear what caused the error. The outage comes just days before pharmacies like Walgreen, CBS and others are set to begin receiving shipments of covert vaccines directly from the U. S government. Marker. Malard ABC News The next school year could be extended for Ohio students. Governor Mike DeWine said today District's are considering adding to the number of hours that kids spend in school by possibly adding counseling or tutoring services. For those who have been struggling with remote learning during the ongoing pandemic. He is asking those district's now to formulate a plan by April 1st. But he does say that the students and the parents should also get a say in what then. Next academic year looks like and combating distracted driving. The governor also announced plans to address distracted driving with the inclusion of a new program in his state budget. The hands free Ohio plan would allow law enforcement to pull over any driver for handling a phone or any other type of electronic device. Under that plan, it would become a primary a fence for drivers who are texting, talking or sending videos behind the wheel, entering addresses into GPS systems or taking or viewing photographs or dialing phone numbers. I'm Alison Wiant, our next news update in 30 minutes.

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