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"united climate united" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

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"united climate united" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

"Is the boa is attached to the liner as opposed to being attached to the actual helmet in the system that functions around the helmet. So when it cinches down, it doesn't just create weird pressure points on your head, it fits cohesively and nice and comfortably. So you can wear it all day without getting a headache without looking dumb and shout out to burn helmets for sponsoring this episode of the show. If you want to buy one, go to burn home, it's dot com and use promo code out of 15 and buy yourself a Nick. Tell people who you are. Tell them a little bit about yourself, and then we'll go from there. Got it. My name's Nick sergeant. I'm president of so sports industry of America. We're a 70 year old trade organization that supports the winter industry with a mission to help the winter industry thrive. So that's about SIA. I'm a native vermonter. I'm from a little town just north of Stowe. Morrisville Vermont. Born and raised there, and I live in Park City, Utah now. My third time living here in my almost 30 years in the winter sport business. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's been a fun ride. And I've started in the winter competitive racing side. Working and living in Europe with the focus on World Cup skiing. And then I moved back to the U.S. and started working for Solomon when they were owned by Adidas, which was really fun. Experience and ride in the big world of team sports and sportswear and then winter sport. And from there, I went to Burton snowboards where I worked for about 12 years. Running the new business department. And licensing, partnerships, global marketing. And that landed me here at SIA where I've been for 5 and a half years, almost 6. And it's been a nice transition coming from snowboarding from Alpine from team sport all the way to where I am today. We're helping the industry thrive. We're creating research products, data points, we own a consumer show called snowball, which we'll talk about in a little bit. We have a climate platform, called the united climate united and we're just launched a climate lab this week in anticipation of outdoor retailer next week. And so we're really focused on consumer climate inclusion and researching data just to keep it very simple and pure. Can you talk to me a little bit about what exactly SIA does? I know you gave me like the quick, this is what it is. But what does this do? And I guess most people's relationship with snow sports industry of America is on the retail side, or at least from my perspective. So what does as I do one for the retailers and overall? Right. So most people in historically no SIA as the trade show. Right. And ironically, SIA created the whole trade show world. And if you can imagine 70 years ago, there were no trade shows. So essay created the environment where they retailer can see the product first from a wholesaler. Make an order, have that order delivered to the retail store, the following fall and so on and so forth, then the consumer gets access to it. Right..

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