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"united barcelona" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"united barcelona" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Dan Schwartzman joins us down as Juventus losing a big star Yeah could be Julia reports out of Italy say that UV star Paolo dibala will be leaving Turin this summer on a free transfer after not coming to terms on a new contract with the club The 28 year old was thought to have agreed to a new deal but reports say you've tried to then change the terms Dibala is expected to receive interest from Manchester United Barcelona Tottenham amongst other top clubs in Europe In an interview with ESPN Brazil Christian Ronaldo says he wants to play until he's 42 years old The 36 year old currently leading Manchester United with 14 goals in all competitions The Porsche international who is a health freak says he feels 30 in that he has to just listen to his body After delays due to COVID outbreaks Liverpool and arsenal finally playing their cab out carabao cup semifinal first like match at Anfield the match ending in a scoreless draw gunners playing a man down from the 24th minute on after grand taka was sent off at the red card Second leg is scheduled for January 20th at Emirates with the winner facing Chelsea in the final after the blues beat Tottenham Bouncer athletic oval getting past Athletico Madrid two to one in the Spanish Super Cup semifinal match in Saudi Arabia Nico Williams scoring the winner in the 81st minute Bilbao will next face around Madrid in the final on Sunday Coppa Italia A.C. Milan moving on to the quarters a three to one win over Genoa and extra time as does guarantee with a 5 to two win an extra time over Napoli a trade in the NBA two disappointing former lottery picks being dealt for each other the hawks sending Ford cam reddish to the Knicks for Ford Kevin Knox Atlanta also gets a protected first round draft pick via Charlotte while the Knicks get solved and he'll as well as the 2025 second round pick via the nets I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update back to Juliet Thanks Dan Well of course we're looking ahead to China's GDP figures coming through on Monday the nation expected to post its weakest economic growth in more than a year coming up We'll talk to Derek scissors chief economist.

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